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Edgewater South Beach in Miami Beach, FL

Edgewater South Beach in Miami Beach, FL


"Everyone has that place where they feel they can exhale, regroup, relax, rest and recharge before charging back out to their world. Whether suffering from mental or physical stress and strain we need a venue where we can refresh those senses and maintain our balance. South Beach, one of the world's most eclectic, vibrant and international destinations in the world offers myriad experiences right outside your doorstep which we encourage you to experience, but know that when you return you can disconnect from all of that and be you and find respite."


Established in 1935.

Designed by Roy France in the Mediterranean Revival style and constructed in 1935.  The original east facade of the Roy France structure survives and some portions of the north and south elevations. The east elevation was substantially modified in 1959, but the original east facade survived beneath the 1959 addition.

In the 1990s, the building lay unused and in 1997 the property owners came to the joint Design Review/Historic Preservation Board with a  proposal to demolish and reconstruct the the orginal structure.  This proposal was denied by the Board.

In 1998, the City of Miami Beach Building Official ordered the demolition of most of the existing structure.  The property owner came back to the Board with a proposal to retain and renovate the east facade and construct a new and additional structure at the western portion of the property, including a two-story addition to the original three story structure. This proposal was approved and work commenced.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.56

Address: 1410 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (18):

    1. Kate T.
    My bf and I stayed at this hotel back in May of 2011(I know, I'm late on my review). This hotel was awesome! Our room was HUGE, it was just a standard room, not a suite and it was 4 times the size of the room we had stayed in the 2 nights prior at the Park Central Hotel right down the street. As soon as we arrived at the Edgewater we regretted our stay at the Park Central and wished we had booked all 4 nights here. Being from California we weren't sure where to stay when we made our travel arrangements so we had booked 2 nights at PC and 2 nights at EW. Anyways, the Edgewater is newly renovated and gorgeous! The room was super modern and set up like a studio apartment, a VERY LARGE studio(i lived in a studio and this room was about 3 times the size). It also had a kitchenette  (no stove, but wet bar, microwave, fridge, freezer, cabinets).  From the moment we checked in the hotel staff bent over backwards to accommodate us. The only thing that was less than spectacular was the breakfast, but when it comes to continental breakfasts who's complaining? You're on vacation, skip the free breakfast and hit one of the cafes on Ocean. We will definitely be back to Miami and without a doubt we will be staying at the Edgewater!

    20/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Adam P.
    A beautiful hotel room that is basically ready to be moved into as an apartment. A unobtrusive and effective housekeeping department. Rafael from bell services is fantastic. He was amiable and professional and knew how to calm a storm. Some front desk staff members need to learn not to be flippant or rude to guests and their friends. "That's nice" is not a proper response to any matter being brought to their attention. Thankfully Eloy is kind and there with open ears and will go above and beyond to help any guest out.

    25/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Lindsay G.
    I am docking this hotel a star because of some of the front desk staff. The rooms are beautiful, gorgeous and feels more like a living room than a hotel room.  The front desk staff was a little rude when they noticed my wedding ring and the fact I was helping my friend check. People, I am not having an affair; I am just being a proper host. And if I was having an affair it isn't your place to judge. When I said this is just my friend or that I was from South Beach and the response was "that's nice"is the epitome of rude south beach behavior. Thankfully, the bellman were very nice.

    25/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Christine R.
    Great hotel room, great location, free wi-fi, beach chairs and towels for the beach, happy hour on the roof every day. I would definitely stay again. Room service was a little spotty - they didn't replenish our toiletries daily, which I normally wouldn't care about, but I actually liked the hotel lotion. For beach days, head to Sandwicherie around the corner. You will not regret it.

    06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Moshe D.
    It is extremely rare for me to give a hotel a 2 rating, however I have to do it to raise the hotel management attention to the very poor and rude customer service by the day time hotel front desk person. I should note that the evening front desk person Alehandro and hotel staff member Andre were friendly and caring.

    The Negatives:

    1. We arrived in the morning after a long flight. The front desk person (I think his first name starts with the an M) informed us that the room was not ready and he will call us once the room is ready. He never called us. He promised that will get a room away from the elevator per our request. When we finally checked in around 4 pm we got a room right by the elevator.

    2. The toilet had difficulties flushing right from the beginning. By 10 pm in the evening it totally stopped flushing. Hotel staff member Andre was unable to fix the flushing problem. Per our request he agreed to change us to another room in the morning (I was already in bed and was too tired to change rooms that evening). In the morning we talked with the front desk person about switching rooms as agreed and he told us that he has no room to switch us to, because the room that was promised to us was given to new guests. I expressed my great surprise and disappointment since obviously we needed to use our room toilet in the morning, we were promised to be switched to a room with a working toilet and check-in time is 3 pm, so why would they give the room promised to us to a new guest in the morning? The front desk person was very rude, he did not care about our needs and did not even apologize. We obviously paid for a room with a working toilet and his message that we will only get a new room in the afternoon was unacceptable. But the biggest disappointment was his rudeness!

    3. The toilet was fixed afterwards by hotel staff. It was explained that the day staff had tools that the night person did not have. A high quality hotel should provide the night staff with all the tools needed to fix a toilet flushing problem.

    4. The breakfast is limited.

    The Positives:

    1. Excellent location on Ocean Drive close to 15th. Beach across the street and park.

    2. Beach chairs and towels provided as part of the $18 Spoil Me Plan mandatory fee.

    3. Hotel staff Alehandro and Andre friendly and caring.

    4. The Delux Studio is spacious

    5. Happy Hour on the roof with beer and wine

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Asja A.
    On Edge.

    Im on the fence with this establishment, not in the venue itself, but rather the management and staffing of Edgewater South Beach Hotel prior to actually checking in.

    I booked this hotel simply for the location. Beachfront, in the heart of South Beach, accessibility to neighboring attractions, and its close proximity to the night life social scene...what more can you ask for especially if its for someone's birthday!

    The booking process went without a hitch. Simple and painless. That's a plus. However, trying to plan with the hotel management in planning something for my sister's birthday. On the website it clearly states--in black and white--under the site's Amenities tab ( edgewatersouthbeach.com/… ), at the very bottom of the page, they are able to arrange a "room with a theme".

    I directly contacted them via email and over the phone to discuss this option. Obviously there was the runaround and apparently a lot of miscommunications. I spoke with front desk personnel and he had a little 'tude that was rude and quite unprofessional. He apparently didnt know what i was referring to when i mentioned "Room with a Theme" option. 20 minutes into the conversation, he tells me that this was a "JUNE" promotion...WTH! Really!? With a calm, yet perplexed voice, i mentioned that why the RWAT option still be offered on the website.

    Instead of looking for a solution, he proceeded to give me an email address that i can directly speak with someone "who knows more about this option". Not looking to make this any complicated, i emailed Martine about this. She apparently didnt know what to do and instead forwarded my email to Kelvin Hernandez (Front Office Supervisor). Which was also a waste of time, because he wasnt able to rectify the miscommunication, but with no hesitation only offered to help provide a florist information. Ugh! what terrible serrvice!!!

    Lest to say the least, i didnt book anything with this florist or plan anything with hotel guest services. I was not looking forward to actually checking in when i arrived.

    The day i arrived, there i met Johnnie, a different front desk personnel, whom was quite helpful and very accommodating. While checking in, he assured me that i had the corner top floor room with a city view, which i requested while i made my reservation.

    My stay here proved to be quite hassle-free. The days staying here was great. I enjoyed the Spoil-Me portion of the hotel, free breakfast and happy hour on the veranda, not a bad view while having breakfast or cocktails with fellow Edgewater guests. I loved that they offered beach towels and beach chairs for your beach day plans.

    The actual in-person service is completely different than what i had experienced from that over the phone/emails. Aside from that mishap, i would most definitely come back to Edgewater.

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Patricia G.
    If the location doesn't sell you, the PEOPLE will!  Location is right smack dab in the center of Ocean Drive and literally a skip to the beach.  Towels and chairs were readily available.

    The people at this establishment made the stay THAT much more inviting.

    Kevin at the restaurant is just CUTENESS!  Such a helpful guy.  I can't recall the genteman who checked us in but again, such a helpful guy who was always ready to assist with questions we had.  Our bellman was just as amazing and helpful.  He was always ready with suggestions on eats, bars, happy hours and always with such willingness and a smile; Rafael is a gem!

    The rooms were clean, spacious and neat.  The only thing that we found really off was the bathrooms.  The shower to be specific. it was a partial window.door which had the water spashing everywhere.

    The one and only bad experience we had with this hotel was the valet parking took forever!  They couldn't find our car.  Otherwise, Edgewater, I will be back for sure!

    21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Derek F.
    Great hotel, great location

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Diane H.
    Great location across from the beach.   Not good for kids though.  Continental breakfast for $18 also gives you use of beach chairs and wi-fi.  But the breakfast is mostly buns and bagels with coffee & juice. I would have preferred some more fruit choices.  The employees are very friendly and sweet.

    09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Sylvia K.
    My girlfriend's and I stayed here for 6nights on a girls trip to Miami.  The hotel definitley was a good choice since it was right across the street from the beach and on Ocean Dr. where all the action is.

    The rooms are not all the same and light on the amenities, but we got a really nice one with an ocean view.  There is a continental breakfast every morning till 10am with fresh coffee, juice, croissants, fruit and bagels.  They also have happy hour each afternoon 6-7pm with wine and beer on the Veranda.  The hotel charges a $20 resort fee which includes the use of beach towels, chairs and umbrellas for when you are ready to hit the beach.

    It's a lil ways down Ocean Dr which is nice because it's away from all the usual crazy madness and it's quiet at night... a short stroll down Ocean Drive and you'll hit all the cool cafes and bars.  

    This hotel is in a perfect location to Ocean Drive and Washington where all the shopping is.  Everything is in fair walking distance and cabs can be found everywere in case you need to hitch a ride somewhere.  Front desk is very friendly and also very helpful so feel free to aks them questions about where to go, they can help set up any excusrsions for you.

    08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. M. L.
    George, understanding the the Edgewater is not a full service hotel, why do you advertise and charge as if you are? Edgewater charges almost as much as the Dream Hotel and more than the White Law and it doesn't even compare. Also, fact - Edgewater manipulates their ratings on Trip Advisor.

    16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Maggie M.
    Wow! We cannot say enough good things about the Jack-of-all-trades Front Desk Agent named Nan.  From the moment we walked in, he was accommodating and made us feel like special guests. He even ran around (breaking a sweat) assisting us with a few requests. The newly renovated room was spacious, clean and equipped with creature comforts like flat screen TV and mini bar.  The location cannot be beat and for lack of a better word is cool. Some perspective: we're young professionals in our late 20s who booked based on location and price.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Stacey H.
    Our family stayed here February 2014 before any holidays started so we missed the large crowds--fine with us!  Just what we were looking for!

    GREAT location and the staff were so friendly--especially Rafael--so informative about the area (cute little red car, too!)
    The bellman who assisted us, I can not remember his name, was extrememly helpful and courteous both arriving and departing!

    The staff were ALL accomodating and helpful--always ready at the door to assist whether we were coming or going.

    We felt welcomed.

    We stayed in the 2 bedroom suite--LOVED it! Spacious and 2 bathrooms--always a plus!

    Breakfast was continental and very tasty! Beautiful location on the 5th floor! Breads, pastries, juice, milk, cereal, fruit, iced water, yogurt and hot coffee. Perfect way to start the day.

    Use of sand chairs and towels for the beach (right across the street) were much appreciated!  And right next to the towel drop basket is a large decorative container filled with iced water--most welcome after a day on the glorious South Beach!

    Restaurant attached to the hotel (not owned by them) came in handy and staff very friendly.  
    It's always a good sign when staff are happy, too!

    We would highly recommend staying here and look forward to staying here again soon!

    17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Tom G.
    Don't stop for a drink!!  Don't!!  Nice looking large frozen drinks and a kind invitation to sit down.  And - 2 drinks for the price of one!!  Before I knew it -- $43 tab for one (and got one free) drink!!  Of course the mandatory 20% tip was added in.  The very best at ripping off visitors on South Beach!!!!  Stay away!!

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Patti W.
    During our stay the lobby area & first floor were under renovation (which will hopefully add more character to that floor).  The room was spacious with a comfortable bed & the bathroom had been renovated and was nice.  There were some minor wear & tear in the room but overall it was clean, quiet (& we were facing Ocean Dr.), and nice.

    The staff were all very friendly & helpful.

    We were able to catch the end of the happy hour which is a bit basic but nice on the roof.  They only had wine & beer options for drinks which my husband does not drink so he thought they should have a few liquor options.

    This is a great hotel option located within walking distance of all major attractions and right across from the beach.  If you valet park....be prepared for the large $$$$ charge.

    24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Pat O.
    The room was nice, well appointed, and recently remodeled. It was a suite..I'm not sure if this was a free upgrade or if this was standard. The ceilings were not tall..the height was fine, but if you prefer a towering ceiling this doesn't have it (at least on the second floor). The room was spacious and more than comfortable.

    The staff were very friendly, professional, and on point. Its amazing how much of a difference that can make in enjoying your stay. We felt well taken care of and respected.

    The location is great..we walked everywhere. It is on the north section of the art deco/south beach area. You are within the south beach nightlife, restaurant, shopping scenes but not too close to bigger, louder clubs.

    We would definitely stay here again for the; customer service, location, and value. The free happy hour was great.

    We were happy.

    08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Hena A.
    This is a small boutique hotel and strictly a 3 star.  They serve continental breakfast from 7-10am on the 5th floor (balcony view of ocean). The rooms are a good size but all rooms only have one queen bed.  Our room had a balcony which overlooked the alleyway.  The a/c was annoying as it turns on and off every minute but at least the room stayed cool.  The bathroom has basic amenities and has no ventilation but they do provide 2 thick robes to enjoy. The property has no pool or hot tub but since it's across the street from beach, it's not too problematic.  However, a hot tub on the roof would have been a perfect touch.

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Susie L.
    For the price, I thought it was great. All new rehabbed rooms, clean, ipod dock, great lighting/windows. We stayed 4 days over winter break and it was perfect. Smaller boutique hotel, free breakfast, free happy hour, free towels and beach chairs. Great location right on the beach. What more do you really need? Also, Dale hooked us up during happy hour and gave us nice recommendations from a local perspective, nicest guy ever.

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0