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Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, FL


- 430 luxurious & oversized guest room suites
- Beachfront Location with direct Beach Access from hotel premises
- 2 Family Pools & Hot Tubs- beach level
- Tranquility Pool & 2 Hot Tubs- reserved for adults, 7th floor
- 24-hour Complimentary Fitness Center
- NO Resort Fees
- Business Center
- Onsite valet parking with in & out privileges
- Onsite Washer & Dryer
- 24-hour Room Service
- Chez Gaston restaurant
- Lobby Lounge
- Beach side Pool & Cocktail Bar
- Espresso/Gelato Bar
- Sunset Bar & Pool Lounge
- Meetings & Events- event facilities suitable for your Miami Beach meeting, family gathering or social event
- Pet-friendly
- Same-day laundry & dry cleaning services (Monday - Friday)
- Complimentary newspaper
- Concierge service


Established in 2009.

Newly built and opened in 2009 your all-suites Miami Hotel is right on the Atlantic Ocean.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.44

Address: 4835 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33140
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (94):

1. Matt E.
My experience here was a nightmare and I will not be staying here again or would recommend this hotel to anyone. I was booked for two nights and had prepaid in advance for the stay. Due to weather my flight to Miami was canceled and I could not get to Miami until the next day..thus I would be missing my first night at the hotel. While I know that this delay had nothing to with the hotel, I was hoping the hotel would somehow accommodate me in some way as I had already prepaid for the nights. I did not expect a refund, but was hoping possibly for a room upgrade, voucher, anything to be honest to make my shortened stay a little bit more pleasurable. I called the hotel on the night I would not be making it down and the hotel manager said he would put a note in the system about upgrading my room if there was availability. When I arrived at the hotel the front desk employee, Melissa, saw the note in the system and said she might have something and would be right back. She went into the back office for a few minutes and came back saying they had nothing available to upgrade which I find completely ridiculous as it appeared there was something and whoever she talked to in the back said no.

In regards to the hotel, the room itself was nice overall however the cleanliness was an issue. The walls and couches were pretty dirty, which I did not report as we really only used the living room area to put our luggage and did not use the couches. The TV connection in the bedroom must have been loose because all the channels were fuzzy. The bed and bathrooms were the nice parts of the room.

Upon checking out, I notified the front desk staff that the only charge should be $29 for parking. The front desk person was on the computer for a few minutes and gave the impression that something was wrong. I had to ask him what was wrong and he said we were being charged for a NO SHOW for the first night we weren't there, even though I had already prepaid. He then went into the back office to talk to Jose and I would assume delete that charge. Low and behold, later in the week I get a credit charge on my card for the hotel stay I had already paid for in which I had to talk to the manager to reverse the charge..which I am still waiting on.

After a good 15 minutes of waiting to get checked out all we had to do was get our car...simple task...or not. It took the valets over 10 minutes to get my car and when they did, they parked it in a small lane separated by concrete pillars right behind a parked car with no one in it, then they pulled another car behind my car...blocking me in so I couldn't get out. Had to wait for a hotel guest to pack his car behind me and back it out...so even to leave the hotel it took almost 20 minutes. Based on this experience I cannot with good conscience recommend this place to anyone...I am not one to write reviews on hotels/restaurants/bars etc., but based on this experience I feel obligated to share this horrible experience with the world.

I would highly recommend the Gansevoort - a bit more expensive (do prepay if possible) but night and day compared to the Grand Beach place if you are looking for a modern, younger, party themed place.

08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Mary D.
I was going for 4 stars because I absolutely loved the building, but customer service and management are what make a hotel so I'll stick to 3.
A cosiderable drive from South Beach, this hotel building is brand new and gorgeous! Interior design is superbly done and the rooms are oh so spacious! We had an oceanfront room on the 14th floor, so I can safely say that we were surrounded by 250 degree views of the Atlantic. The room was absolutely amazing.
Beds were great, bathroom was glowing with all the mirrors and clean.
Customer Service is a different story. The hotel opened in December of 2009 so they need some time to get used to things I suppose.
Except for a couple of front desk people, no one in this place speaks English. You have to beg for them to come to clean your room. Internet connection is OK in the room. It turns on and off too much. Toilet got clogged during our 3 nights stay. the pathetic excuse of a restaurant also known as Chez Gaston's has horrible breakfast and worse lunch items.
Now, if only they figure out how to kick the management up a few notches I would definitely stay here everytime I went to Miami.

03/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Dcgirl T.
This hotel was beautiful, clean and  worth every dime we paid. Spacious rooms with 2 bathrooms. Very nice pool and  and hot tub area with a bar there and in the lobby. Beach with rental chairs and umbrellas right beyond that. The few bad points the hotel should address- bartender in the lobby actaully licked her fingers after putting pineapple and cherry on someone's drink (9/17/10 about 2pm). Not washing hands after handling money. My friends and I were already at the bottom of our drinks before this happened. NOBODY should have thier hands anywhere near thier face while serving the public. Much less near thier mouth. Yuck. Also, we were a group (6) of 25-40 year old African Americans.  Some racist/snobbish or stuck up behavior on the part of the guests- staring, shaking of heads, leaving 7th floor pool when we got in...and staff-slow to respond in bar on 7th floor, dismissive in lobby restaurant when we asked if "room service" menu was available, seated in isolated area of the restaurant. It's hard to believe how closed minded people still are in 2010. Wouldn't it be great if we just continued to mix and mingle until we turn the whole world brown? Negative rating based on staff, not the  facility, guests or amenities. By the way- the maids we met were friendly and the guy who dropped off our room service dinner went back to the kitchen to make sure we had all of the condiments we needed. Will enjoy it as a non-white patron if you have thick skin.

19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Alex T.
This hotel is FANCY! You definitely get what you pay for. The lobby is roomy and the route the North Beach is very conveniently located beyond the hotel pool. The room is ENTIRELY white which adds a fancy feel to it. The balcony isn't facing the beach but the view is better than what you're going to find down in South Beach. We had a view of the beach if we turned right...so guess it' better than nothing!
Our room had one king sized bed and a pull out sofa bed. The amenities are way better than anything you're going to find down in South Beach ..(well maybe not better than the Gansevoort)....but again, you get what you pay for....
Be ready to pay at least $260 (thru Priceline) for this deal and +$300 if you don't book it beforehand.
The hotel is DEAD serious about being out by 12pm checkout time....if not...it's an extra +$300 for (another night) you! The bellhop came up to get our signature for the extra day and there was a guard with him ready to kick us (3 Asian girls) out if there were any objections....REALLY??? Place definitely wants your money and not your patronage!
Also, don't leave your food on the balcony or the seagulls gonna get it! yuck!

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Khamlah K.
This hotel definitely met my expectations. Often, when I see pictures of hotels online, they look nothing like it in reality. So when booking this hotel, I was thinking they made the lobby, rooms, and views way better than what they actually look like so I wasn't too excited.  However, when we arrived at the hotel, it was definitely as portrayed on the internet... very classy! The lobby was immaculate.  The rooms were a good size and very clean.  And I absolutely loved the view from our room. I loved waking up and being able to get a great view of the ocean and beach to the left. I could hear the music being played by the adjacent hotel as well as the crashes of the waves on the beach. To my right, I was able to get a nice view of the city, not to mention the beautiful homes of Millionaire's Row.  At night, the city lights were amazing! I loved how the beach access was directly right off of the bottom (family) pools. The tranquility pool (adults only) was nice also.  However, it would've been a lot better if both pools stayed open longer.  The main pools open til 8, while the tranquility pool open til only 7.
And the staff were great! Each and every one of them were so nice and helpful.  I had booked a suite with 2 double beds. My boyfriend and his cousin went up to the room and we were surprised at how nice and spacious the rooms were.  However, there was one full size bed.  I went downstairs to inform the desk clerk of the mistake and she quickly and calmly appointed me to another bedroom. That day, it seemed pretty hectic with a bunch of people in the lobby waiting and talking (I assume they were all excited and getting ready to celebrate Memorial Day weekend).  So I admire how calm the employees managed to stay with all that distraction.
Another downside was that our floor didn't have an ice machine. Minor, yes, but a bit of an inconvenience.  And finally, we were a bit unhappy that valet parking (meaning, there was a nightly charge) was pretty much mandatory if you had a car.  The hotel's location was a few minutes from the South Beach Strip but it was great nonetheless.  We didn't have to deal with the busy traffic and the loud party goers walking up and down the streets.  Yet, it was the absolute perfect distance from the beach and not too much of a drive from the strip.  And there are many other nearby businesses such as restaurants and convenience stores.  All in all, Grand Beach Hotel is outstanding in service, location, cleanliness... EVERYTHING!

31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Linda L.
It looks clean and comfortable.  We stayed in the corner suite with a beautiful view.  However, the room service was terrible.  We requested for extra blankets and was told that it will take a while but nonethess they promised to bring them.  Well they never showed up.  I fell asleep waiting for them.  We also called for toilet paper and new towels but had to ask twice to actually get anything.  They all must be at the beach or pool because the staff are all taking a vacation like the rest of the guests staying at the hotel.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Sharon E.
i recently went to Miami with a group of friends (bachelorette party) and stayed at this hotel...all i can say is wow...great attention to detail...

THE GOOD...or better yet, THE GREAT:
:: price (for a new hotel it wasn't as $$$ as it's competition...old & new)
:: prompt service (door man, front desk, cleaning crew)
:: beautiful view (spacious corner suite with harbor side view off the balcony)
:: interior (white on white with mirrors...not in a tacky way either)
:: carpets (clean, soft & thick...unlike most hotels w/ nappy floors)
:: comfy furniture (seats, sofa...which converted to a Queen sized pull out, throw pillows & ottoman) as well as the bed (comforter, pillows & sheets) were all white...all extremely comfy...lets just say, the mattress & comforters were so comfy i wanted to buy it for home...(too bad i forgot to check which brands they were)
:: towels were thick and absorbant
:: outside pool area was nice & clean...2 separate pools (not sure if 1 was strictly for children)...and 2 hot tubs...the beach chairs were comfy...there were also plenty of towels available...
:: wireless internet available all over hotel grounds
:: airline kiosk available for printing boarding tickets

:: no water pressure in the shower
:: no real ventilation in the bathroom
:: the rooms were poorly lit

:: this one lady by the poolside posing for photos...
:: the guy snapping photos of the woman above...
:: not being able to book rooms here for another trip 2 months from now (another bachelorette party)...*sigh...

25/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Joe B.
Great hotel for the money. Sure, it's not the Ritz Carlton, or the Wynn in Vegas, but it's mid-way between the ultra high end hotels in Miami Beach for way, way less money. I lucked out and got the oceanfront Penthouse Suite for only $399/night as an upgrade when I arrived. Huge room, good customer service and room service attendants, clean, and great location. I loved getting up and going out on the balcony at 7am to see the sunrise every day. I wanted to go to the Fontainbleau hotel but it was going to be another 200 bucks a night for basically the same thing.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Carolina V.
This hotel is amazing. My boyfriend and I had a memorable stay we really enjoyed our view, Staff and service. Cant wait to get back. There is not 1 complain I have all I can say is that i will be back very soon. I wish them much success because they did treat me well :)

08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Tony A.
I have really mixed reviews of this place.  I stayed here my wedding night and while the room was pretty nice, and the views of the ocean spectacular, I was underwhelmed with the service here.  Every time i had to speak to a hotel employee I was disappointed.  My room service was botched both days, the front desk staff was kind of rude to me the first day, you name it.  The service just wasn't there.  Luckily the view was amazing, or it would've put a damper on the whole thing.

02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. lysa p.
Nice hotel. Very family oriented. I went with my boyfriend and it wasn't romantic, it was all families. The pool is okay, lots of kids. The room was clean and nice. Not amazing but not terrible. The location is off the beaten path and you NEED a car.

31/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Kate S.
This review is a bit late, as way stay there in May of 2010, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in.  I LOVED it!!!  We had a room on the 7th floor, and it was really nice!  Although it lacked that 2nd bathroom, it made up for it with the huge windows!  Also it had 2 ocean front balconies.  The pools were warm and inviting.  The restaurant (although not the BEST) was convenient and good for those low-key nights.  I loved that the hotel staff took drink orders at the pool and beach, and the bed was super comfy.  And I also liked that the hotel isn't in SoBe, so the beach is much quieter.  The guests are quieter as well.

I would give this hotel 5 stars except for 2 things:  1) They significantly raised their prices!  I guess since it wasn't completely finished when we stayed there, they kept their prices 'lower'.  I was looking to stay there again this past spring, but the prices were too high.  2) When I called to inquire about the prices, I also asked if we could request a specific room, and they were unable to do that.  I feel like a large hotel like that should have some type of computer system to 'block' that room for a specific date.  Didn't think that was a hard task!

Other then that, we loved it, and we plan to be back!

19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Jon L.
For the price, the room is nice and the view gorgeous!  As with the previous reviewers the room can be more clean, perhaps its clean but the all white decor reveal even the slightest filt.  The service was great and the restaurant in the lobby is adequate for the most part.  I will definitely stay here again, however hopefully the room is more clean next time around.

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Sam O.
This hotel was actually pretty impressive.  The location is great if you want a nice relaxing trip a little bit away from the crazy south beach.  The bus stop is right in front of the hotel so it's pretty convenient to go down to south beach.  You can't walk down to south beach but that's the price you pay for not having drunks screaming outside the hotel at 3am.

We had a suite and the room was huge with 2 full baths and 2 LCD tvs.  The hallways and the inside of closets smelled horrible though and the one thing that was a bit of a turn off was that they had white carpet and it was just a little bit dirty.  The breakfast buffet was a bit tough to eat because it seemed like it was sitting out for hours.  All in all it was a great place with great views, pools, and direct access to the beach.

04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Karolina K.
I stayed here for 5 days at the end of July for my boyfriend's birthday. The hotel itself was beautiful and the staff were very nice and friendly. Upon arrival we were able to check in at 8am which was fantastic especially after catching the red eye from Los Angeles.

We arrived on July 26th (my boyfriend's birthday). Tired and hungry we decided to spoil ourselves and grab breakfast in the hotel restaurant. BIG MISTAKE.
I had eggs benedict, which were average at best my boyfriend ordered French Toast which was by far the worst french toast I have ever tasted (honestly Denny's do a better job). Awful start to our holiday, we hopped on the bus and got breakfast on Ocean drive for a quarter of the price and everything was delicious.

I loved the over 21s pool up on the 7th floor, however there seemed to be no-one there clearing up after people had ordered lunch or drinks and at time it was pretty gross. Also everyone just left old wet towels on the sun loungers and no-one ever cleared them up. The lack of staff also meant at times families would come up and bring their kids, which again defeats the object of having a nice peaceful over 21s pool!

Everything else about the hotel was ok, yes the sun loungers were $10 each for the day but I'm pretty sure thats standard on any private beach in Miami. The hotel itself is lovely, I loved the rooms and balconies (we had a bay view), the carpets could do with some serious cleaning, they were very sticky.

Even though after eating breakfast I vouched to not eat in the hotel restaurant again on the last day of our visit whilst waiting for our shuttle to the hotel, we didnt really fancy getting the bus back into the city centre so we decided to give the restaurant another try BIG MISTAKE once again. Ordered a goats cheese and roasted vegetable panini. Interestingly there was no goats cheese in my panini, I pointed this out to my server who apologised and took my panini back, 1 minute later another waiter came back with my panini, opened it and told me there was goats cheese in my sandwich. I think I spread my butter thicker than the amount of goats cheese that was supposed to be in my panini. I told him I didn't want the panini and could not believe how rude he was to me. I'm not a food snob, however I expected a half decent standard of food in a four star hotel. Cost would not have been an issue if the food was actually of a good quality and tasty, but this food was ridiculously over priced and way below standard.

If you do stay here, do not eat here. there are loads of great places to eat along Lincoln road and Ocean Drive.

All in all, great location ( 15 minute bus journey to the hussle and bussle of Miami beach), nice hotel and great rooms.
The service leaves something to be desired, even though most of the staff are pretty friendly.

Grand beach hotel, please please please sort out your disgusting food.

20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Curser J.
This hotel is perfect, good value for money too, 95% of the rooms have balconies, the rooms have a fridge, 2 toilets, 2 showers, 2 flat screen tv's, a sink, a coffee maker and 2 wardrobes.  They also have irons and ironing board in the rooms along with a hair drier, and free wifi, the hotel staff are cool, the hotel has three pools, two on the ground floor at the back of the hotel with a walk way to te beach and an adults only pool in the 7th floor, there are 2 jaccuzzi's on the 7th floor and 2 on the ground floor.  There is also a gym on the 7th floor.  The hotel does take a $75 a night deposit fee which you must have available on your credit/debit card upon arrival, so make sure you calculate $75 times the number of nights you are staying, the only downfall is the deposit fee but you do get it back once you leave.  Only bad thing I have to say about this hotel is that the nearest convenient stores are like 18 blocks up the street, and also it took the hotel staff two hours to bring me a second glass to my room, other than that I would recommend and I will definitely be staying here on all my visits to Miami

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Daisy P.
Their motto is "affordable luxury" which isn't true at all.
I should have researched and read the reviews on the hotel. Their service completely sucks. My friends call me a "hotel snob" because I like to stay at luxurious hotel since I know it will be well maintained. This hotel is well maintained and it's nice but I would rather stay at an average hotel to get better service.
It is uncommon for us to have packages sent to our hotel but my fiancé dropped his cell phone when we went to Florida keys so he needed the cell phone delivered ASAP. When we went to the concierge he said there is a charge of $4. Wth?! Shouldn't that be included with the hotel rate?

When I first pulled into the driveway, we were confused if its valet or if we can self-park, so I told my fiancé to just park next to the cab while I go check in. Usually, the bell men would open the door; I walked to the hotel and I even said "hi" to them, but they didn't say "hi" back or opened the door for me. They didn't even ask "are you checking in?" or if I need help, etc. However, when I was all checked in, someone opened the door for me on my way out to the car. What gives? Maybe because I looked like a beach bum since I came from Florida Keys.

I've also had a problem with their reservation. We were going to stay for 3 nights; I booked or reserve the hotel almost 2 months before our arrival. They had non-refundable 21 advance purchase. I understand their policy but as we get closer to our trip, we've decided to shorten our stay in Miami. I only needed to cancel 1 night, I had called them to see if I can modify because it's not like I am canceling the whole 3 nights. The person I talked to was very polite and professional so I was feeling hopeful. They stated someone will respond within 24 hours...no one got back to me. I had to call and they gave me a different number to call then I left a message. I hate following up, I hate doing their job because they said they were going to have someone get back to me and they didn't. In short, they couldn't cancel but they will take 50% on my 3rd night even though I'm not staying here on the 3rd night.

Some info: $29/night valet only. $50/night for pet fee. $4 to retrieve packages. The cost goes on and on.

In conclusion, if you don't care about cost and service then you should stay here; however, look elsewhere. I wouldn't stay here ever again.

My advice to the hotel:
Please service people how you would like to be serviced when you travel. Also, just because they are nobody doesn't mean they don't review your hotel for others to read; try to change your "F" grade on BBB.

14/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
18. Graciela V.
First of all, let me say when we stayed at this hotel our trip was somewhat ruined by a tropical storm for about 3 days straight so really only enjoyed one sunny day BUT I have to say this hotel is actually very nice, the rooms are clean and spacious as well as wonderful views and the beach front pool is amazing - would have loved it more had we not been in a tropical storm at the time but I digress.  

I would so have LOVED to give this place more than 3 stars but I will refrain from doing so due to the following:  

1.  The food from their restaurant was pretty bland for what they charge - I just hate paying for expensive food that's just mediocre and we really had no choice other than ordering from a food delivery place because we had our baby girl with us and refused to take her in that rain.  

2. The other factor was location, location, location.  I WISH, WISH, WISH this hotel was between 25th & 10th on Collins or even in Coconut Grove where we normally tend to stay - it would have been perfect despite the quality of the restaurant.  The location of the hotel was pretty much in a desolate place where you really didn't want to go site seeing by foot and since it was pouring out, we really couldn't drive anywhere due to us possibly getting stuck in a flooding somewhere.  

All in all, the hotel itself is lovely just venture out to other restaurants for your dining pleasure and be prepared to take a taxi into other "happening" places in MIA or even rent a car to get yourself around.  You won't find anything "fun" to do in that location.  

Sadly, we will not stay in this hotel again just because of it's location.

26/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Karen Y.
I chose the Grand Beach Hotel for a few reasons: it is on the beach, it was not the least expensive and not the most expensive, from their website, the rooms looked very attractive - all white and huge windows allowing the natural sunlight to pour in with a view of the ocean.

*The common areas of the hotel are pretty clean and chic.
*There are 2 pools - a family friendly pool on floor 1 and an over 21 pool on floor 7.
*The poolside service on the 7th floor pool is good and the drinks (the patron margarita & pina colada) are very very tasty.  
*My boyfriend ordered the mahi sandwich 2 days in a row at the pool...it was that good!
*They do have 2 for 1 specials on some beers and cocktails during certain hours
*The balcony off the room was a very enjoyable place to relax due to the view.
*Comfortable bed.
*Mini fridge and coffee maker were very useful to us.
*Ample closet and drawer space
*Coffee/espresso quick breakfast bar in addition to their hotel restaurant

*This hotel has no spa.  
*The hotel restaurant does have decent breakfast, however the servers are guaranteed a 15% tip..I felt I had to wait too long after being seated to order my beverage.  Our oatmeal came out 10 minutes before the egg was ready... so they eventually brought the egg out.. but only 1 and we had ordered 2..not wanting to wait for the other egg, we just passed on it.
*The carpet in the room is white and is a nice concept, but the stains all over took away from the room.
*The bathroom is pretty.. but there is only a shelf .. and no counter space for us ladies to spread all of our cosmetics and hair accessories out.  I had to improvise ...so that was not convenient and the bathroom is a decent size so I am not sure why the decided against a countertop.  

Overall - we enjoyed our 1 night and 2 days here, though I will not stay here again.  I prefer a hotel that has a spa, that is not kid friendly (unless we are bringing our kids), and has a more happening pool.  

WHO SHOULD STAY HERE:  I recommend families or couples over the age of 50, or couples who want a quiet, calm enviornment.

26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. N P.
Great beach, beautiful hotel.. I wish, however, that the customer service especially for the restaurant was as good.

08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. TheNorwegian N.
Beautiful white, clean, spacious rooms; with balcony, 2 flat-screen TVs, and 2 bathrooms. Awesome service! The food we had at the hotel's restaurant was perfect! The beach is beautiful and clean, and the gym is nice. There are 3 pools + 4 Jacuzzis. The hotel is not located on South Beach, and taxi is expensive, but it costs only $2 for the bus. Also, the fabulous and very large Hotel Fontainebleau, with great restaurants and 2 of the hottest Miami nightclubs (LIV and Arkadia), is just walking distance away; and there's a Starbucks at Eden Roc hotel, right next to Fontainebleau.

Some negatives: 1) drinks at the pool/beach are very expensive (paid $15 for a pina colada that was not good), but I think the drinks at the adult pool are cheaper. 2) We had to wait over 1 hour to get the pizza we ordered at the pool, and we asked them 3 times before it finally arrived. 3) You have to pay $10 per day to borrow a sunbed at the hotel's beach; but we opted out on the beds, and used towels instead. 4) There are no stores around, but there's a Wallgreens with groceries located 1 mile southwest (walking distance, or take the bus). 5) The hotel is nice, but the restaurants, clubs, and pool area at Fontainebleau is way better, and the same goes for Eden Roc. However, these are also more expensive hotels.

08/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. K S.
The rooms are nice and large.  They aren't however clean.  They are all white, and every single item is stained.  The rug, the curtains, the couch, the ottoman, the chairs- literally everything.  But it is conveniently located and the beach is nice.

In terms of service, it was 50/50.  I'm not sure what his role at the hotel is, but Frederico did me a huge a favor while I was stuck in the hotel room with my infant daughter who was sleeping.  BUT the frozen breastmilk that I asked to place in the restaurant freezer- they placed it in the fridge and it spoiled and I couldn't feed it to my baby.  Any nursing mother knows how much losing 33 oz of milk sucks.  What's worse is that I confirmed with both the hostess and a waitress at the restaurant that it would be placed in the freezer.  Now my kid doesn't have enough to eat. I have to parcel out the remaining milk I have and hope for the best.  It is the sort of thing that ruins a vacation. As it has mine.

I think if you need something basic, in and out, this hotel is fine.  But if you are expecting to spend time here and receive services, you should be forewarned that it could go horribly wrong.

22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Jasmine L.
The concierge staff is very nice and gave us a free upgrade to an ocean view room upon check in. The room is huge with two double beds and one sofa bed, two tvs, and a mini bar area. Poor is 24 hours. The late night swimming is awesome. Also got access to the beach. Super clean and not crowded. Will definitely come bak!!!

08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Roxy B.
Great hotel. After staying at a hotel for business in the doral area we wanted our last two days by the beach and after endless Internet searches and great reviews on trip advisor's website we decided on the Grand Beach Hotel...for the affordability and location. We booked a bay view room on their website with an option of 8 dollars a night extra to upgrade to an ocean view room if at the time of arrival the room was available. We had a 19th floor room with both an ocean view and a bay view room- amazing. I thought they maybe photoshopped the pictures of the views but they did not! The views were spectacular. Our room was clean and very roomy. Two bathrooms, a tv in the living room and the bedroom. I saw housekeeping shampooing carpets in other rooms so they must've read the negative reviews on yelp. The staff was really friendly and helpful. Yes, valet is a little steep at 29 a night but very convenient to call ahead before heading down to have our car waiting right out front. We also rented two chairs and an umbrella for one day and it was worth it. We spent an extra 100 dollars total with taxes, valet, and the beach chairs/umbrella but we felt like we were in a high end hotel without the steep price of the other local hotels in the area. We will definitely return if we are ever in the area again.

21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Recep Baris B.
Nice hotel but drinks and breakfast very expansive though

24/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Florina K.
This place is soo awesome!! Such great sized rooms,  great comfortable decor, good breakfast, and phenomenal wifi which works everywhere, unlike some other hotels on the strip!

24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Vegas J.
Great hotel. Tough getting into valet parking. From there it gets better. Rooms are big, modern style with 2 bathrooms. Very clean and everything is white, floors walls, carpet etc and nice. Has bay in front and direct beachfront in back. Beach is quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Will definately stay here again.

11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Amanda F.
The hotel was fine and nice. Clean...large rooms, and right on the beach. It wasn't anything spectacular, new, or modern--it seems a bit seedy and outdated. With all of the choices in Miami, I would probably not return to this particular hotel, although there was nothing bad about it, it was just nothing special.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Summer F.
Grand Beach Hotel? More like Grand Beach Motel.

We came to Miami expecting a 5 star hotel but this is hardly a 3 star.  This is barely even a hotel.  There's basically a lobby, a broke restaurant with incompetent staff, a couple tiny pools and a beach where they charge you to sit on their chairs.  We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite with a view of the ocean.  The view was good but the carpets were black with dirt when they were supposed to be white.  There were some serious problems with the bathrooms.  One toilet didn't flush at all and they didn't even fix it when we told them about it.  The other bathroom's shower was weaker than an enlarged prostate urine stream.  I think this place used to be a condo building that was converted hastily into a hotel.  There are clearly better hotels surrounding it like the Fountainbleu which is similarly priced.  Bottom line, don't stay here.

14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Estilomina P.
Stayed here last month for 2 days.  It doesn't get any better in this price range.  I admit I'm spoiled and super picky when it comes to hotels because of the places I get to stay in for work, but the Grand Beach was great.   I will definitely not hesitate to stay there again when I'm in Miami. Firstly, it was really nice to be on the beach but away from the crazy South Beach environment during the day.  Our room was very spacious and modern with an oversized beachfront terrace.  The adult-only pool was soooo peaceful and beautiful at sunset, overlooking the bay and marina --plus the bar here has a good happy hour.   The downstairs pool is noisy and full of children but beautiful...just not the place to be if you want tranquility.  The best time to try this one is at night when it's desolate and it's cool enough to go in the hot tubs.  Towel and lounge chair service on the private beach was fairly priced, especially compared to what I've paid at Loews and Delano on other occasions for the same service.  All in all, a wonderful experience.

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Michael K.
Front desk was very rude to me upon check in. They gave us the wrong room twice. So I guess that further infuriated the front desk. Me and my partner were making "noise" and management came up to our room 3 times for loud noise, talking, then whispering. I'm sorry I paid the night for that room and do not appreciate being interrupted for petty excuses of noise, much less a condecidning tone by the management. Especially by the frot desk lady. It wasn't a party so I don't see how the guests would mind if we were fooling around on vacation. Truly made the stay unbearable because of management. Somebody needs to get fired and restructure some policies.

It gets one star because the Valet and bell hops were like Mother Teresa in comparison to the demons who worked in management

20/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Marilda C.
Great service, especially from Wendy!!!

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Jai R.
Looovvvveee this hotel! The waitstaff is perfect, the rooms are immaculate, the concierge knows everything, the bell boys are very friendly and protective of your luggage and the pool is the shit!

I stayed in the one bedroom deluxe suite. Wall to wall mirror to help with the vanity of Miami, all white carpet and linens, two separate balconies and two full bathrooms.

I am definitely coming back!

08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Andria W.
This hotel was AMAZING during my stay last summer! I'm planning another stay-cation for this August and I'm now considering this hotel again. Even though they weren't quite finished with the construction/ amenities of the hotel (none of the guest shops were open) it was still a fantastic stay away from the hustle and bustle of South Beach.

The room was perfect with a gorgeous bay view and ocean view! There were two baths (one much smaller than the other), a living area, comfy bed, balcony, two TVs, and pretty nice finishings. The staff was more than welcoming and the food from room service was pretty good, I guess... no real complaints. Pool and drinks were great and the lobby bar was pretty good also, whenever we caught it open. I'll agree with some of the previous posts about valet taking rather long, but I didn't really drive that much, just cabbed it a mile a two south for some fun.

I'm not sure how the upkeep has been since last year, but it was a great hotel when I was there. I'd totally recommend it to anyone!

17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Julia W.
My fiance & I came to Miami to celebrate my 30th birthday and chose Grand Beach Hotel because we had heard mixed reviews. The value was there (we ended up pre-paying for our stay) and we knew it was not 'on' South Beach and we wanted to be out of the 'clubbing' crowd.

I had called to reserve my room as I would be taking the red-eye in from Seattle and would not be able to check-in that early. So we paid for the night before so that the room would be reserved & ready to check-in at any time.

When I finally arrived to the hotel, I was greeted at the front desk and told that my room had been given away. I was jetlagged and tired and a little annoyed at being told I paid for my room and it was given away. When I was told I'd have to wait 3 hours for a room to be available; I demanded a refund on my previous night stay as I now did not have a room.

After some more key punching, she was able to find me a room but it was considered a 'upgrade' and so she wasn't sure she could give it to me. I waited while she verified that the room was available. I then went upstairs to the room and discovered that my fiance had originally had a bouquet of flowers & breakfast sent to my room (which was given away).

After much confusion and his calls to the concierge; I was called and told that I was going to be moving rooms (again) to a upgraded room and that my flowers & food would be waiting there.

I chose to take a nap and then called the bellhop to help me move rooms (I was not given any other option). I called the concierge and then waited. I had a gentleman dressed in a hotel uniform on his cell phone outside my hall/room for 10 mins talking on his cellphone. I couldn't tell if he was 'my' bellhop or not. It turns out he 'was'. I was a bit annoyed as I felt he could've handled his own calls on his own time vs. letting me know he arrived but wasn't in a rush to help me move.

When we finally did move rooms, he basically asked me for a tip and wouldn't leave. I felt very awkward as I did not have any cash on me and also don't like feeling the pressure. The flowers were waiting and food as requested. The concierge went above & beyond as he felt terrible the room situation was messed up and provided us with a bottle of champagne as well.

The room was beautiful and had 2 bathrooms but they were on the small side. The tub was not a 2-person tub and the 2nd bathroom was a standing only shower with a curtain and often got water everywhere.

The reviews about the hotel restaurant were pretty on-par. I ate there my first day as I didn't want to go far. It was spendy ($18 for buffet breakfast and not including drinks). The menu is very limited (pizza or burgers for lunch/dinner). The 'gift shop' is never open. When we walked by it; it was always closed and had half-open boxes as if someone was putting goods away and gave up.

We did get a rental car and the valet was very spendy. Even when we called ahead.. it was still a good 15-20min wait. There was always a consistent line of people waiting for their cars. Parking was nearby but did not have in/out privileges and we didn't want to worry about crime.

We did order room service one day and it was quick (burgers/fries). Nothing to write home about although not bad on price (most places charge $20 and up but I believe we only paid $10-12 for each meal).

I ventured to the 'adults only' pool my first day. They have happy hour at the bar and the drinks were great for the value ($4 for a blended margarita).

We also explored the beach our 2nd to last day and I agree with most users that the umbrellas/chairs weren't included. They were an additional $10 or so and so we opted to just use the towels. The water was amazing and it was nice to have quick and easy access from the hotel. There was a young girl offering to 'lotion' men on the beach but I don't think she was part of the hotel.

Wifi was 'free' but a joke. We could see the routers mounted up and down the hallway and were right next to one but it would consistently drop every 5mins or so. We used our mi-card as it was faster and consistent.

We had issues at check-out as the room fiasco from the beginning came back to haunt me. It took about 30 mins before they were able to resolve it and finalize my bill.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Nathan T.
The Grand Beach is a nicely renovated hotel with a good location that seems to be poorly managed. At their current rates, there are much better values in the area.

A few examples of issues I had during my stay... I pre-ordered breakfast for the next morning and it arrived 30 minutes late. When I called to check on the order, I was told that they had a large number of orders that morning but I did not receive any apology. Other guests I spoke with also had problems with room service deliveries. Given the prices on the room service menu, I wasn't very satisfied with the service. Also, the WiFi can be weak and connectivity spotty depending on which room you're in. The cordless phone in my room didn't work. And when checking in, the key cards didn't work and I had to go back downstairs to get new ones.

None of these things made my experience terrible. The room quality was fine. But they clearly have some management issues they need to iron out and at the rates they currently charge, I would look elsewhere for a better value.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Talisa G.
I would have given this hotel 5 stars but the $4 I paid for a can of soda at the bar really irritated me.

Upon walking into the hotel we were greeted by the friendly bellhops, throughout the trip they never failed to hail a cab, open doors and greet us with a smile.

The hotel lobby is clean and spacious, the open concept allows for sunlight to pass through creating the feeling of freshness. Decorated with plush white couches, a small bar and an espresso counter (which also had muffins and OJ in the am), I already felt great about my decision to stay at Grand Beach Hotel.

For a group of three the standard room was big enough for us. Upon entering the room there was a small kitchen/living area with two couches a desk, sink and refrigerator. The bathroom was decent enough for two girls to do hair and makeup at the same time (women would understand the reference). The room had all white linen, carpet and multiple mirrors which made the room feel bigger than it was. Also, Closet space was enough for us all to hang our clothes for the weekend. :-)

The food at the hotel was good. We usually had breakfast there always opting for the the outdoor seating , which was really nice, with a view of the pool and ample shade.

Though this hotel isn't walking distance from South Beach ($13 cab ride) I loved the fact that it was easy enough to get to but far enough to escape the madness.

22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Anne M.
3rd year spending our one week vacation in Miami and will never stay anyplace other than The Grand Beach Hotel. Their rooms are superb. The views are incredible. The food is delicious. The staff is super pleasant, polite & accommodating. The beach area is beautiful. They have a separate pool area for adults only which is where we spent most of our time. The regular daily bartender at the sunset bar is always on top of things. He even remembered us from last year! Nothing like relaxing by the pool and having lunch come to you. Overall this place is terrific! You will not be disappointed.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Amanda B.
I LOVED THE ROOMS! it is spacious and the bed made me not want to get up.. HOWEVER, they must have thought i was colorblind, because there was a bunch of old wine stains on the carpet. (the rooms are all white.). Nevertheless, ill stay here again but i hope my room is all-white as promised this time around.

Oh yea and dont get me started on the restaurant in the lobby.. Thanks to the priceless menus, i paid over 100 dollars for 2 filet mignons. it was good but i guess i should of asked for the price.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Melissa F.
We chose the Grand Beach Hotel because it is about a mile north of  all the craziness of South Beach. It was our anniversary and we wanted a quiet place to go  that was clean and comforting :-). We were thrilled!

The bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. It was heaven and the pillows were as well. I always bring my own pillow and I never used it.

There are two full bathrooms and that is a great thing! The room was large and there was a living room area. My husband tends to snore so I was able to go there and sleep and not hear him, so another plus. We had a great beach view and two TV's. The hotel is new and clean, like really clean. It was the perfect place for us to stay and if we go back this hotel is where we will stay.

I did read ahead of time that there food prices were high, so we never actually ate at the hotel, but there were so many places to go that were less than  ten minutes away. South Beach is close, but the parking is a nightmare, so we actually had better luck leaving the island to get great food. There was a PF Changs about 10 minutes away that was fantastic (they are not all equally good).

The staff was nice and friendly. They gave us a $5 dollar night upgrade for the ocean view which was nice. The air was cold, which is super important to me. We drive a very large vehicle so it was always parked right outside, we never had to wait for the valet to go up and get it. The valet guys are great as well.

Free Wi-Fi is awesome and it worked well. We did not rent a chair on the beach and didn't really need it. The beach is amazing and the beach views are stunning. This is a great hotel and I so appreciate how hard they work to keep things nice. .

28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Vinci Z.
We didn't get chance to live there because we are under 21.

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Sandra Dee M.
Thank you Grand Beach for making our stay in Miami so memorable. Our room was gorgeous and so was the view !

15/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Jonathan F.
A gorgeous hotel with beautiful accommodations and exceedingly helpful staff. (The security was quite respectful when telling us we were being too loud. The front desk helped me with a printing problem. The valets helped retrieve something from my car without taking the car out of the garage, etc.) We stayed here for our wedding weekend and we do not regret it. The food, while usually exceptionally good, was sometimes inconsistent, but never bad. The pool and beach front property was beautiful and a pleasure to use. We had a beautiful view of the ocean and Miami proper. I hope to go back some day.

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Nattie X.
I'm surprised this place only has 3.5 stars. I LOVED IT and am so glad we chose to stay here. A group of girlfriends and I flew into Miami from San Francisco for my birthday  and we booked a connecting room that each had a king size bed and queen size pull out and 2 bathrooms. It was pretty much a suite that with 2 Kings, 2 Queens, and 4 bathrooms! The place was clean and looked just like the pictures. We also had a big balcony with a view of the hotel's private beach. We made good use of the balcony and ended up spending a lot of time sitting out there and hanging out after coming back from the club at night.

The entrance and lobby to the hotel was slightly underwhelming and not exactly grand. In fact, it's a little dated, but I don't mind the feel (very old hollywood-esque). Doesn't matter much since the rooms were great.

The little cafe downstairs was also pretty awesome. The prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich is amazing and the gelato bar was a nice treat after coming back from the beach.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone that's looking to vacation in Miami Beach. It's spacious, affordable, and the private beach is just icing on top of the cake.

24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Miel R.
Anyone who goes to miami beach has to stay here! The hotel is really nice and clean! The restaurant is yummy and the pool and beach is amazing! I stood in the bay view room but it also had a view to the beach which was great! I loved how affordable it was, yet it still felt luxurious! I'm definitely coming back!

09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Benazir A.
We went the weekend of Ultra (even though we weren't there for Ultra) so perhaps that is why the service was so horrible, but this seems unlikely since the only people we saw in the hotel were older or young families with kids.

1. The faucet in our suite came off, literally just broke off.
2. The bathrooms were leaking or had some issue because the carpet all around the bathrooms was soaking wet
3. We called for champagne flutes and bar glasses; we called 4 times and finally got them 2 hours after the fact
4. We went to the hotel restaurant and one of the servers offered to take a heavy package we had up to our room for us, when we got to our room it wasn't there, we had to call in three times and have it tracked down.

The experience wasn't all bad though, the beach is right there, and the pool area is nice, regardless though, with so many hotels in Miami I wouldn't bother putting up with this sort of service.

27/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Gennesis R.
I was amazed with this hotel. I booked a room here for my birthday vacation and I would never stay anywhere else. The staff is amazing. Everyone is really sweet and courteous. They have great service and it's a beautiful hotel. Our room view was amazing and the private beach was like no other. Prices are average for a room and completely worth it. There cafe has delicious ham and cheese melts. I can't wait to come back.

09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Tracy P.
I had a great stay here for 4 nights

The room was clean, air-conditioned, and well maintained! The decor is almost as nice as my view was! I had a view of the bay and the ocean. Gorgeous! posting my pics

I wasn't a fan of mandatory $29/night valet parking but I never waited long for the car to be brought around. They almost gave my car to another guest when I was leaving - a little awkward

The beach access is phenomenal and the pool water is just as warm as the ocean. I ordered a Grand Beach Cosmo - one of the best I've ever had!

Since there aren't any restaurants to walk to and I didn't really want to drive, I ate at Chez Gaston a few times and used room service from the same restaurant. Room service was fast and friendly.

The quesadilla and the fettucine (sp?) alfredo were great! Every bill had an automatic %15 tip included which I understand because there were many Europeans visiting and tipping is different in the US.

I had a great time!

17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. M S.
Clean rooms, comfortable beds, well kept pools. We were pleasantly surprised. Room service was fast but Cuban sandwich not so good. We will return.

05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Noño Z.
We booked the ocean view suite for 3 nights, charged us 3 nights and made us to move to king bedroom.... The worst hotel experience ever. Vacationers be careful!!

28/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
51. Tiffany H.
What a fantastic hotel! Upon walking into the lobby, I was amazed that we were staying at such a nice place. Their tag line is "Affordable Luxury" after all!

Although North Beach is a little farther and you MUST have a car (Taxi-ing is pretty inconvenient), it's nice to get away from the craziness that's South Beach. And you're closer to local spots to eat!

We stayed in the ocean view suite. Pluses:
*2 full bathrooms!
*Balcony with an amazing view
*2 TVs
*Free wifi
At first the suite's all-white color scheme was a little off-putting at first but as my stay went on, it made me feel like I was waking up in fluffy white clouds in the morning. Maid service was always really thorough and clean.

Other hotel pluses:
*7th floor "tranquility pool" aka the adult pool with a bar right next to it. And they served slushied alcohol (think fat Tuesdays in Vegas) which I could not find anywhere else in Miami!
*Fitness room!
*Great service
*Steps way from the beach!!

Not so plus but it's okay:
*Valet is $29 per night.
*Room service aka Chez Gaston downstairs was alright. The food was really dry and took a while (45 mins) or so to get up to our room.
*$10 each to rent bed/ umbrella on the beach
*$12 drinks at the hotel - really?!
*Make sure to ask the front desk for a towel card! Wasn't given one. So when you go to the pool, you swap the pool guy a towel card for towels and when you return the towels, you get the card back.

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. bill l.
not a bad place to stay. The room carpet and once white furniture are stained, have seen better days. Fold out couch in suite is remarkably hard, short & uncomfortable.
It seems to be a family hotel for South American tourists, lots of kids running everywhere, almost the feel of a Disney resort so thats annoying if you were expecting an adult experience. As most hotels overpriced food, $30. for eggs and toast in the morning. In sum, decent accomodations, friendly staff, dont come without 3-4 toddlers in tow, you wont fit in!

26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
53. Fiona L.
Customers be aware!! Grand beach hotel charged our staying for 2 nights( the penthouse on the 20th floor) but we only stayed for one night and switched to fountain bleu. We went in to talk to them about the charge, and we spend an hour talking to 3 different front desk people. At first they kept pushing around the problem and then asked us to call booking.com . And we did that, and it is clear that the hotel is one who takes the payment. And finally the manager came out and just told us they are not going to refund us because they can't!! What kind of bullsh*t is that... They can't even give us a reason... They literally just took advantage of us, and we can't really do anything. Please be aware when you pick hotels in Miami and the hotel is not worth the money, the rooms are small as well.

30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
54. Dana F.
I came to Miami with most of my expectations based on a Will Smith song [1].  Grand Beach Hotel helped me achieve the outlandish bar tab that The Fresh Prince raps about - thanks to the hotel bar's unnecessarily expensive $15 mojitos.

So if it wasn't spending $15 on not-very-strong margaritas or mojitos [2], I was busy getting ripped off for a cabana ($10) and umbrella (an additional $10) on the beach every day [3].  Oh, and get this: if you didn't arrive at the beach early enough in the day, the private beach property would be sold out of chairs.  Yup, there weren't enough chairs on the beach or at the two pools to accommodate the hotel's guests.

Speaking of the two pools, one is designated as a "tranquility pool", where children are not allowed.  The two days I was at the pool, some obnoxious parents let their little children loose, screaming around the pool and splashing water everywhere.  The hotel management ought to enforce the rules for the comfort (and in my case, sanity) of all of its patrons.

The gym was also abysmal for Miami standards.  The elliptical and some of the weight machines were out of order or broken and rendered useless.  Isn't this the city where everyone cares about being fit and looking good?

So, this review makes me sound like a very impatient person.  I'll confirm it for you: I was on the top floor of the property and had to leave at least 15 minutes to get downstairs and make the local bus (the stop is just outside of the hotel) because the elevators were so painfully slow.

Room service also leaves a lot to be desired.  The hair dryer in the room had broken and I needed to dry my hair before heading out to dinner.  I called down to the front desk twice to request a new hair dryer, before finally giving up an hour later because there was no way I could make my dinner reservation on time.  It goes without saying, but I was also furious about the $7 glass of skim milk I had to order a-la-carte.

What was good about the Grand Beach Hotel, do you ask?  The service was always very friendly and welcoming - whether I was in an elevator, on the beach, looking to hail a taxi, or leaving my room, someone always greeted me with a smile and a hello.  The complementary water (infused with lemon or lime) that was provided near the pool made me feel less bitter about paying a small fortune for everything else.  The large mini-fridge in the room also allowed me to do some shopping at Whole Foods and at the local liquor store, subsequently saving me a lot of money.  The room was huge - it had 1.5 bathrooms and plenty of space in a "lounge" type area, separate from where the bed was.  The slightly higher price point kept a lot of the 18 year-old Spring Breakers away, but attracted a lot of people who need lessons in parenting (see above).

[1] youtube.com/watch?v=DvW-…

[2] Please don't call me an alcoholic, but I had the brilliant idea that my friend and I should make "tinto de verano" in our room before heading to the beach.  We saved a ton of money this way.

[3] I've stayed at shabbier hotels in the Bahamas and in Spain and did not have to pay for a beach chair or an umbrella.

09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
55. Bam R.
By far the absolute worst hotel anyone can stay at. Do your self a favor and stay clear of this place. I booked a "double room" with 2 double beds and traveled over 2000 miles to get here, only to find out that the "double room" description on their website was misrepresented. They gave me a single room and tried telling me that "double room" refers to a single room with double beds. If that were true, why would the description state "double room with 2 double beds?" The manager did not even attempt to resolve the issue and rather told me that I was free to leave. Really? After traveling 2000+ miles and paying $400+ for one night? I filed a complaint with the BBB and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, both of which told me that there were several similar complaints filed against this hotel. STAY AWAY FROM HERE unless you want to be defrauded and treated like trash. Very disappointed. Rest assured, a Lawsuit is in process.

29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
56. Monique D.
We had excellent customer service. Vlad Vazquez helped us through our entire stay. Very friendly and informative. We would definitely come stay again!

20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Nabil A.
Awesome experience , stayed there four nights April 17th till 21st, outstanding service, clean, spacious room king size bed  with two bathrooms and a pullout bed in living room, two tv's . And a million dollar view of the ocean.
Bellman Manuel was great extremely helpful he recommended few restaurants and each one was better than the other.

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Gen S.
I am still currently checked into this hotel and felt the need to leave a great review. This is my first time staying here and I am in love with this hotel! To start, for a miami hotel the price is very reasonable. The rooms are gorgeous with a balcony, a very comfy bed, clean bathroom, 2 tvs with a living room area, plush comfy rug! I alway sceave the rugs in hotels but i love this one! Lol. The staff are super friendly and accommodating. Our first day we arrived about 4 hours before check in and they had a room available for us right away. We were given a room without a balcony and when i complained we were accomidated right away to get it changed. It seemed too easy. The restaurant Chez Gaston is pretty good! Breakfast is delicious and very very reasonably priced. Free wifi is a plus. I see ppl complain about not having enough chairs by the pool. We never had any issue finding chairs. Yes there are alot of children at this hotel but they didn't seem to be bothersome. If you really don't like that they have an adult pool on the 7th floor. My only complaint is the $10 beach chairs and umbrella on the beach. I feel they should be included in your stay otherwise this is a great hotel all around. Oh another plus is it is in walking distance of the beautiful Fontainebleau hotel.

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Thomas B.
We stayed here due to the price, and while the service and a lot of the amenities were good, we would probably stay elsewhere next time.

Our room was mostly excellent - it was large, comfortable, two bathrooms, the shower had good water pressure, and plenty of storage. New TVs so we could hook up a laptop for movies. On the negative side, wifi was unreliable and generally poor performing. Our room was north-facing on the 18th floor, so our view was predominantly the AC units on the roofs of the neighboring buildings. The room wasn't inspected well before we arrived, and we found the TV remote had no batteries, a water glass was smashed, and the minibar was partially stocked, resulting in a charge to us for items we didn't consume (they claimed to remove the charge, but our credit card was billed for it anyway).

The direct beach access is cool, although as a private beach, there's little to do. Beach rentals were ridiculously priced at $10 each chair + $10 umbrella + tax. The two issues together meant we only visited the beach once.

The pools were nice, although the two beachfront pools were overrun with children. The "adults" pool is on the south side of the 7th floor, overlooking the adjacent buildings. No vibe at the pools.

Hotel location was our biggest problem. It is a few blocks from other big hotels (e.g., Eden Roc, Fontainebleau), but a couple of miles from anything else: bars, restaurants, shops, groceries, etc. We used public transit to get around, but the buses were consistently late, full, and slow.

Next time we'd probably stay closer to South Beach at somewhere with more vibe.

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Hamik G.
Great Hotel. This was my 3rd stay at the same hotel. This is the best place if you are with kids. I was very happy with the staff. Carlos our poolside server was very nice and the front desk manager Sharley Faria was very helpful.

30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Lauren S.
Came here for a long weekend to relax and enjoy Miami.

I can't say enough good things about this hotel. Here's just a few:

1. Great service (housekeeping and front desk)
2. Beautiful rooms (ocean views, very clean, very spacious)
3. Luxurious amenities (private beach, well-maintained pools and jacuzzi's))
4. Ideal location (walking distance to restaurants and close to South Beach)
5. Delicious cafe (highly recommend the gelato and croissants)

I couldn't quite give this hotel 5-stars because of the restaurant located inside. Ordered pizza and a tuna-steak/burger. Both were barely edible. The tuna was dry and the pizza barely had any sauce. Given the steep prices, I was expecting better quality.

Overall, it's an amazing hotel with plenty to offer. Definitely worth a long-stay.

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Gina B.
Tried checking into our ocean facing 2 bedroom suite upon arrival (6:30am). They couldn't accommodate us then because check in is at 3-4pm (although the hotel never informed us of that beforehand and they were previously informed on our arrival time months in advance). They recommended for us to stay in a temporary room for $25/hour till the suite was ready, then quickly retracted the offer because that was a service no longer offered by the hotel. After a tiring no sleep red eye flight and frustration with the hotel, we decided to buy a regular room for $300 for the day. This was ridiculous. We were not comped at all or offered any special discount/accommodation even though we were booked for a suite for the following 3 nights. Once check in was available we went to our suite. WE WERE NOT OCEAN FRONT! We were put into a suite facing the bay (still a lovely view, but not the one we booked). We called concierge and they gave us a worthless embarrassing excuse. We called Amex and they confirmed that we booked an oceanfront suite. We went down to the concierge where the man in front of us was having a discrimination with the hotel employee with the exact complaint we had, a booked ocean view suite and put into a bay front room! How funny right? Not at all.
We tried the restaurant for dinner. Took over 40 minutes to get out calamari appetizer. I suppose the waitress forgot. Our dinner was tasteless. We had an array of pasta dishes and the only one that tasted okay was the penne caprese. Nice $180 bill for an unappetizing meal with poor service. Room service- poor. We would order 4 water bottles and get just one delivered. Tried ordering a late night snack one night and their oven wasn't working (although they did send up a free-of-charge sandwich). Convenient. To top this all off, the plumbing in one room was horrible. The toilet ran 24/7 and wouldn't flush completely. The doors in the bathroom opened up right on top of whoever was on the toilet. Very flawed design. In the master room of the suite, the air vent would make extremely loud noises that woke up both my partner and myself. It sounded like someone playing handball in our ceiling. We called the front desk at 3am, they sent up an "engineer" who arrived quickly but did absolutely nothing. He simply switched the controls and could not fix the problem. We unfortunately had to stay with our friends in their extra bed in the second bedroom of the suite. How romantic huh? No, not at all. This vent problem continued for the remainder of the weekend and again no comps or discounts, not even an offer for anything for the extreme inconvenience.
The room service- left empty beer bottles in bath tub, half eaten day old pizza slices all over the room.
The hotel lobby had dirty couches and chairs. They were white and stained. Left dirty wet towels on common couches in common areas. Looked gross.
The only thing our group enjoyed about this hotel was the lobby bar. Oksana, the bartender was great and we loved her. That's literally the only positive thing to say about this entire establishment.
For the last remark about this hotel- the bellman/doormen never once opened up the cab door for any of us, and never helped to get a cab when we were standing there trying to get one.
This hotel in my opinion doesn't even deserve a full star.

02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
63. Jermaine P.
Great hotel, not in walking distance to Lincoln mall. You will have to catch a cab or the bus ever time you want to eat at any place that's not a hotel restaurant.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Allison P.
Ridiculous. This hotel has a website advertising that they have weddings there. It has complete catering menus and layouts of function spaces. I fell in love with the pictures, and was ready to book the space. I called to make an appointment. First call- I left a message for catering/sales- no response. Second call a few days later, someone ( I wish I had gotten her name) tells me " we don't do weddings here. You can go to the hotel next door." She was so rude, and the website was so in depth that I figured this can't be right. I called later that night and spoke to a lovely front desk manager that agreed that this whole interaction seemed strange and said she would help me get some answers.
5 days later, still no follow up. I email the front desk manager and everyone she copied on her email to me. Finally, a " catering and sales" manager calls me back to tell me " we don't have weddings here. We don't have a catering department and the owner took half of our rooftop terrace." I mentioned that they have a whole page on their website with contradictory information, including catering menus. Her answer was " it's the owner!" I asked her about my interaction with the front desk manager, and she said "she's new. She doesn't know."
Now totally dejected, I said the least I could have expected was a call back explaining the situation in less than a week. Her answer was " we have a lot of people to call and we don't work weekends."

Bottom line- I only covered the basics of all of this in this review. Spend your money elsewhere. The lack of guest service and professionalism here is shocking.

07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. J B.
This is the worse hotel ever...starting with reservations (located somewhere in NY for the Miami property).  I paid over 2300 @ $370/NT for this hotel...horrible check in...couldn't find my reservation...Took them 45 min to figure out where it was. No microwaves in the room...food was overpriced and not good.  Ordered a drink on the beach with about 10 servers who were standing around talking...that was never served (for $14 that was still charged to my bill).  Ordered the WORSE bottle of wine that costed $50, but it was obvious that it probably costed $9 at store retail value.  The room was dated!!!!!! The carpet in the room was dirty, and the furniture had stains all over it...looked NOTHING like the picture. The jacuzzis are small and always dirty....Definitely not worth the money.   40 years of travelling, this hotel is the absolute worse.  Don't even consider staying here...you will regret it.  Overpriced,  and terrible facility and service...

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
66. Nana L.
Poor service.
I guess 12nd fl ice muchine still doesn't working.
I don't want to go back to this HTL again.

10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. Unyime E.
Very surprised by the 3.5 average rating here.  The rooms are beautifully furnished with  roomy balconies.  I never do room service or dine in the hotel I'm staying in, so I cannot comment on that.  The hotel staff is incredibly professional and polite.  Pool areas are gorgeous and the private beach is literally 25 yards away from the hotel.  Yes, they do charge you $10 to rent a chair and an additional $10 for an umbrella.  I was fine with taking one of their beach towels and just lounging near the water.

The small café in the lobby definitely hit the spot after working out in the very nice fitness center on the seventh floor.  Freeweights, dumbbells, weightlifting machins, and several treadmills.  While I was there the ellipticals were on the fritz.

If you're renting a car, consider this: parking is among the cheapest you'll find in Miami Beach for $30/night.

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Douglas Y.
Beautiful suites with two bathrooms, living room, two flat screens, balcony with ocean view at a below average price.  This is a beachfront property with direct access to the beach. The pool area is on the smallish side, but who wants to go to the pool when you can play in the warm beautiful Miami waters.  The only complaint I would have is nothing is within walking distance.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Kuanysh D.
This was a great stay in the hotel. Although we had one unfriendly person at the check-in day, all others were very friendly. Hotel has 3-pools, one of them adults only. I did mot spend much time there, instead I went to the beach To enjoy sun and sand.

Food was decent. However, I would suggest them to add more options. Especially breakfast was poor in options. Servants are very friendly and are there to help, and not to steal money from there.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Wayne L.
We loved this hotel but were both saddened that we didn't really get to enjoy the amenities/room. We stayed 2 nights (Fri-Sat) for our wedding on Saturday just up the street. Valet, check-in, room service all up to par. I'm great at multitasking & the last 2 days before a wedding are crazy enough but valet magically had my truck downstairs EVERY time I was ready to leave making things move very smoothly. The rooms were lovely with 2 tv's, & 2 full baths, breakfast arrived on time & enjoying it on the balcony was the calm before the storm. Side note: no microwave in the room. We took a few pictures on the 7th floor at the adult pool area since the views were too amazing to pass up. The pools looked nice & beach entrance was ready for a relaxing day. If anything could be improved it would be the elevators. 3 out of 4 seemed to be "out to lunch" sometimes but the one working was fast. We live local so I don't see us actually paying to stay another night but I would easily recommend it to a visiting friend.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Rob C.
We checked in on 2/22/2015.  At check-in we were told our room wasn't ready and that our room would need just another 10 minutes.  This turned into over an hour and we weren't able to get into our room until 5:30.  As we turned in for the night we realized that we were missing sheets in between the mattress sheet and the comforter.  It took us 45 minutes and 4 phone calls to get sheets after which we made the beds ourselves. The staff is rude and unwilling to provide even basic service. Please don't stay at this hotel.

22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
72. Michael S.
This hotel has two options as I see it. Lower the rates or improve the quality.  We paid $500/ night including taxes and "resort fee". It may be worth half that. At this price level you expect a hotel to be on point.
Lobby atmosphere is pretty pathetic.  Sad bar scene.
In the morning we waited in line for coffee for 30 min- there was only 1 person in front if us (equally upset).
Lunch service by the pool was  bad- waited 20 min just to get a menu. Food was mediocre.
Pool atmosphere is fair.
Not enough cushions for everyone on the beach chairs- some people had to go without. And they didn't clean up the beach area with trash and dirty towels strewn about.
Room was ok but walls were paper thin. If my wife and I wanted to hear a baby crying right next to us we could have stayed home. 2 nights of continuous crying (felt bad for the parents but jeez we shouldn't have to feel like we are in the same room).
I'm easy going and I can overlook a lot but at $500/ night I shouldn't have to.

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
73. Roger A.
I stayed here for there nights in early April. Grand Beach is a very good hotel. Our king suite was great. Very comfortable bed. Two TVs. Separate living area. Balcony facing north with bay and ocean views. The best part = two full bathrooms!  Three pools, one on the 7th floor is adults only. Four hot tubs. Plenty of chairs pool side (but little shade on the 7th floor). Nice gym with modern equipment. Beach clean with plenty of room. Valet pricey at $30 a day but this is Miami Beach so it is par for the course. Grand Beach is away from the South Beach scene but close enough to get to by taxi or car. I give four stars to this stand out property!

05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Kevin L.
I just wanted to write a quick update.  Since writing my original review, the Grand Beach Hotel has opened a new location in Surfside, FL.  I thought I would give their new property a try.  My decision was based largely on the response I received to my original Grand Beach review from Miroslava.  I have worked with her to ensure my upcoming vacation will be great.  Keep your eye out for a future review of the new Grand Beach Surfside!

14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Stephanie H.
I did not get the chance to stay at my booked room at Grand Beach, so this review pertains only to the customer service aspect. I booked a king ocean front suite for myself and my then-boyfriend as part of an early booking deal, where I received 15% off but then was unable to cancel or receive a refund according to the fine print.  Unfortunately, the trip was unexpectedly canceled a few weeks before we were scheduled to leave.  I put off calling the hotel until a few days before the scheduled reservation, but finally got around to it last night (3/7) expecting to be told what I already knew, that I was losing my money. However, I was very pleasantly surprised that, after explaining my situation to the manager (I'm so sorry but I didn't take the name) he promptly offered to cancel my reservation AND give me a full refund. I was so happy I almost cried!  Thank you so much for understanding my unique situation and offering the refund. I am sad I won't get to stay in the beautiful suite, but I will be sure to recommend the resort to friends/family traveling to the area and will hopefully be able to stay there myself in the future....but with better company ;)

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. M P.
Beds are soft and pull out bed is a joke- so old and you feel the springs.  Bad design details & old - no counter space in the bathroom; no water pressure, shower does not drain.
Beach was great and pool is decent
Huge suite and spacious room for the price.

10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Bernadette C.
My girlfriends and I came to Grand Beach Hotel for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival and were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and convenient the Grand Beach Hotel was.  We had searched and searched online for a decently priced hotel during such a busy weekend and the Grand Beach Hotel was surprisingly affordable, so we weren't expecting much.  When we got there, we were happy to find a relatively modern hotel with great access to the beach and friendly service.  I would definitely recommend going back!

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Maria V.
REALLY liked this place! Quieter area than South Beach, but still close to everything (about 2 - 3 miles away from Lincoln St. and Ocean Drive). Roomy suite, very clean, beautiful beach and super warm pools! Loved the adults-only pool on the 7th floor, delicious buffet breakfast, really nice and convenient coffee bar in the lobby, valet parking was quick and convenient with unlimited in and out. Modern and updated but not obnoxiously trendy.

03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Daniel B.
I've stayed here twice and both times have loved it.  The staff are extremely nice and accommodating.  I had a car my second stay and the valet parking were very quick and efficient. The grounds are beautiful with several pools, 4 jacuzzis and a very good restaurant (with 24 hour room service)  But the main attraction for me are the very large hotel rooms each with a den/2nd sleeping quarters and many with 2 baths.  For the price and location you can't beat it.  If you get one of the partial/ocean view rooms, I recommend facing South over North. You get great sunsets and full sun during the day on your terrace.  But for a little extra the direct ocean front rooms are the best.
Looking forward to staying here again.

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Pam I.
Top notch!! This hotel/location is the very best if you want a relaxing retreat, but be close to the South Beach action. No need to rent a car and pay the pricey valet prices. Just hop on the bus that stops within a block of the hotel. Two bucks and a short ride puts you at South beach & Lincoln Road. My oceanfront suite had a large balcony, a pullout couch, two bathrooms, two flat-screen tvs and a mini fridge. Very modern, all white decor heightened the beachy ambiance. Very classy and upscale. I recommend this hotel for everyone, solo travelers, couples, groups etc. Very international, so brush up on those tri-lingual skills as you're bound to meet other travelers from multiple countries. That's the beauty of vacationing in MIA ;-) This is officially my home away from home.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. Bo L.
I chose this hotel for my bachelorette party and was provided mediocre service.  I went to the espresso bar and the lady who worked there Charlene was rude didn't acknowledge me and in the middle of helping us finally she decided to help another customer. At this hotel, gratuity is included in every check and I told her to take the gratuity off because she was outright rude to me and then she said no and threw my change on the counter. When I expressed my concern to the manager James he didn't apologized asked for my room number and said he take care of it.  On top of everything, tv cable was not working. I paid close to 3k for this hotel to be provided with worst service. I will never come back to this hotel.

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
82. MsBoom F.
This is one of the worse hotels I have stayed in!!! I'm a hospitality major and they were not accommodating at all. Bad customer service. The food was bad. They got us the wrong room. Waited almost a hour to check in for the wrong room. We asked for a wheelchair accessible room. Then we had to wait even longer to get the right room. The maids and the front desk were rude. The only nice people were the bell guys that handled our luggage. No hospitality at all.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Nicholas G.
I'm normally the sort of person that really loves or hates things, as you could see if you read any of my previous reviews.

This place is great in many ways, the location is amazing, from my over sized balcony I have views of both millionaires row, and Miami beach.

The pool area is very chilled out, and the bar tenders at the little bar there are great, very hospitable.

Every time I called room service they delivered really quickly OK!, this is the only reason I won't give them 5*, every bottle of red wine i tried to order off the room service they don't have, but they do have ones that arn't on there, not a really big deal just update your room service menu guys, otherwise a great experience so far and would stay here again.

31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Yasa E.
Love love love this place! The hotel rooms are beautiful and clean. Comfy beds!! The beach is crowded, but very clean.
My favorite place was the 7th floor roof deck pool and the bar attached to it. $26 pitchers of margaritas made it rather easy for 4 bridesmaids to get tan and hammered. Such a great spot during the day!!

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Diaz M.
The rooms are decent and housekeeping was nice.  Concierge could be friendlier but they were not rude. So why 2 stars? I could have paid $50 more a night to stay at fountainebleu which is nicer but decided to stay in sane hotel as my friends. I went to pool on the 7th and there were no clean towels. I asked Nickolai for towels. He looked me up and down and said you're not even in a swimsuit. I had my bikini top on with jeans. I felt so insulted. Is this the service I should expect when I pay $375 a night versus $425 a night at foubtainebleu??? I wont stay here again. And I would like a call back.

13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. Ann B.
The worst expensive experience I have ever had.  Lunch and drinks by the pool were awful.  The hamburger was raw.. The tropical drinks tasted like they were out of a can.  Room service was beyond awful!! Food tasted terrible and was delivered wrong!  Service at the pool bar and at room service was terrible!!

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
87. Guy S.
Nice hotel , more for family's not single people unless you need a bed to sleep in . Food was terrible don't bother with room service . But people there are definitely nice and helpful

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Elianny S.
We stayed  here for Columbus Day weekend and for the most part I really liked the hotel. My only negative experience was with the front desk staff. Prior to our arrival I called to add my friend's name to the reservation so she could check in since she was arriving first.  The girl reassured me that my friend would be able to check in. When my friend arrived at the hotel they did not have her on the reservation. The girl checking us in was not very helpful or friendly. Since we arrived prior to check in she told us she would call once our room was ready but she never did. Overall my experience with the front desk was not good and they appeared to not care about much about us as guests. Not once did they apologize for the phone mixup or forgetting to call once the room was ready.  Despite my bad experience with the front desk I enjoyed our stay at this hotel. I liked the open minimalist design of the lobby and our room was pretty spacious. We had a king size bed plus a separate seating area with a TV and pull out sofa bed. The best part about our room was having two bathrooms!! No need to wait for the other person to use the bathroom since we each had our own. The adults only pool on the 7th floor was great for relaxing and soaking up the sun. I also enjoyed the main pool area since it was adjacent to the beach. We also ate at their restaurant Chez Gaston and while our food was good it wasn't amazing. I had the fish tacos and they tasted a bit fishy if that makes any sense. The mojito  was really good!! This seemed to be the only sit down restaurant in the hotel but you should really get out and explore all of the wonderful options that are nearby.

This hotel is right on the beach and you can easily get around by taking a cab or taking the bus which stops right by the hotel.

16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Stephy S.
Stayed here for a wedding in Miami. It is right on the beach, which is nice. It has 1 restaurant, that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-hours room service.  I stayed in a suite, which consisted of a bed, two plasma tvs, full pull-out couch, two full baths, and patio deck. The two full baths was weirdly nice entity, even though it was just my husband and I staying there.

The hotel room was clean-ish. I had a spot (red wine looking) on my bed comforter, but since we had just checked in and were rushing to head to a rehearsal dinner, I didn't bother mentioning it to the front desk. Everything is white....so it is quite obvious when things are not looking good. The beige carpet thus also showed some wear and stains...There are four elevators. Be prepared to wait awhile to catch one.

The beach was nice, but a little narrow. You can rent chairs/umbrella for a fee. The resort's ground floor pools are canopied by many palm trees, but it is a bit shaded. There is an adult's only 7th floor pool with no shade, but limited seating.

The food was sub-par and expensive, not a good combination. If I had to eat several meals there, I would have gotten a cab and gone somewhere else. So for those who think they will stay at this hotel for a few days and just eat at the restaurant, be warned.

All the staff are super friendly and nice. Thanks to the friendly staff, the two bathrooms, and being on the beach, it made this hotel three-stars (vs 2-star review).

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Mary A.
A very nice place to stay with kids! The hotel is modern, clean and very accommodating. My family stayed here twice and visited on the third trip as well. Employees are so friendly and helpful, they make you feel really welcome the moment you walk through the door. The pool area is just great! With beach access, 2 pools, 2 hot tubs and a nice bar for adults to hang out, this place is great both for kids and their parents to have fun and relax. The bartenders here are awesome! Properly trained, they make the most delicious drinks you can get poolside. The coffee and gelato bar in the lobby is also a nice feature for a quick and refreshing snack. Overall, when visiting Miami with a family, this is the best hotel choice!

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Diari C.
What an amazing hotel!  I stayed here for 3 nights for an AARP conference. I was immediately impressed by their sophisticated decor, friendly cheerful staff, clean spacious well kept rooms, big plush beds, wonderful views from your hotel room and delicious food options...the list goes on and on. I've stayed at several hotels, but Grand Beach Hotel is the best and  made such a huge impression on me. This place definitely gets 5 stars in my book!

17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Jesse F.
What's important to me is clean, quiet,comfortable. This hotel has it and more. I have stayed here six times and it's very consistent. The room service is open 24h and is good, the food is fine; The pasta is not good but the rest is fine. They have  expensive items and not to expensive.
Pools and beach are good, the upstairs pool for adults its fun, plus the gym is next to it. Gym is good enough to burn the edge off. Valet parking is $30 day plus tip "I hate valet parking"
Public bikes just half block south in the public parking area.
Taxis are always there, bus right across the street.
English and Spanish are fluent.
The rooms have extra sofa beds with two bathrooms.
Good for families.
Try to get the deals, sometimes they give us one night free and so on.
Have fun.

01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Don R.
I booked this hotel after a lot of net research which all said it was a 4 star hotel. I booked a family vacation - 4 of us wife and I and adult children - for peak vacation time December 2014. I booked an ocean front 2 bedroom suite, one king and two double beds. The room cost for the the 6 nights about $7,000 which included a resort fee and taxes. When we got to the room we were extremely disappointed. The room decor is white on white. The sitting area had a love seat that was white and filthy and stained. There were no other chairs for all 4 of us to congregate in the room unless you pulled from the bedrooms the desk chairs.

One bedroom had a clock radio and the other had nothing. Missing from the room was Kleenex, hand towels and working light bulbs for the lamps. The rooms were on the small side and there was no real place for our luggage unless you put it in a closet. For what we were paying the room had no art work, no frills and clearly not a 4 star or 3 star hotel.

The kicker was the toilet for the king bedroom did not work and it was obvious to anyone it had not worked. Management on the third try repair the toilet.

To make a long story short we were there a half hour called the trump international resort in sunny isles and book a junior suite with connecting queens - ocean front. Much nicer 4 stars easily and it was the same price.

Don't stay here you can do better, when we advised the manager of our issues all she wanted to do was try to make it right even though we told her we were checking out, she did nothing to try and keep us. The funny thing is we met a few people this week who had the same experience. Be warned.

25/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
94. Markus D.
A nice hotel with great rooms in a quieter area of Miami beach. They offer two swimming pools - to keep track of the sun's movements there is also a "sunset pool" on the terrace on 6th floor.

The crowd there: mostly families, so don't expect a big party scene. But ideal for quiet holidays in a luxurious environment.

Talking about environment: You need to travel quite a bit to get to restaurants, bars or shopping. In walking distance there's almost nothing. The hotel food offerings didn't strike me as too exciting (although I didn't try them). Breakfast is expensive and not very special.

19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0