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Harrison Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

Harrison Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.00

Address: 411 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (19):

    1. Johnathan S.
    The best budget hotel I've ever stayed in on south beach, the only negatives are no pool and no elevator. We knew this before hand and were okay with it since the location is great and you can't beat it on the price. King beds are excellent and Also during the night we heard not a peep.. I was surprised. I gave it 4 stars because for what it is, it's alright.

    19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Amanda B.
    For the one night stay we had before our crusie, this was a good hotel. Very artsy, tile and marble everywhere. Our check in went smoothly and they were very nice - even walked us to our rooms. The room was huge - I see that others complained about the size of their room so maybe we got lucky? Our bathroom was also huge. Plenty of room for three women to get ready in. My only complaint is how LOUD the maids were in the morning! With all of the tile and marble, everything felt like it echoed - they were yelling and chatting all morning so that blew our plans of sleeping in. Also, the AC wouldn't stay on for longer than 20 minutes at a time but we weren't hot enough to get up in the middle of the night to get someone to come mess with it. When we told them as we left, they definitely seemed concerned and said they were sending someone in immediately. The definite plus about this place is the location - there are a ton of great places to eat within walking distance.

    09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. MeChan W.
    I needed a place in South Beach for one day we had just come back from a Cruise and was leaving the next morning, so i didn't want to spend a arm and a leg for one night (ex. Loews, Ritz, etc.), So i looked for a bargain/decent price that wasn't a rat hole. FYI if you've never stayed in south beach beware of the so called resort fee some try to charge for being by the beach smh. The price came to $114 tax included and i booked through expedia, when we got to the hotel the reviews are correct it is a small boutique hotel and it smells like fresh paint (didn't bother me). Check in was 3pm we arrived at 10am the girl at the front desk was really nice, she let us know our room was already done so if we could check-in free of charge. The Hotel does NOT require security/hold deposit which was great!!. The room: It actually does look like the photos just remove all the perfect sun light and photo shop but you can tell its old. I'm a Ritz kinda guy but I'm no prude (now my wife that's another story) you get what you pay for, If you need one night MAYBE two for a decent price this is the place for you, but if I was in SB for 3-5 days i would have been at the Loews or other nice hotel up the street. The location is great 2mins from the beach/ocean drive, all the staff was great, helpful and nice. I did hear the bass from the music everyone speaks of but it didn't bother me. All-in-all it an OK hotel.

    27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Chris K.
    First the good:
    1. Close to the beach (just 3 short blocks to the cleanest and least crowded part of the beach).
    2. Close to Collins, Washington and Ocean dining and shopping
    3. Free and reliable WiFi
    4. Satellite TV (hundreds of channels, unlike the 30-40 at most hotels)
    5. Fairly modern. Flat screen TVs, decent bathrooms, etc.

    Now the bad:
    1. Dirty. I may be used to 4 stars, but the cleaning crew was just weak.  A peanut sat out in the hallway for several days; there was hair everywhere in the rooms, stains on hallway carpets, blankets, etc.  
    2. Needs touching up.  Little things like caulking, paint, etc. go a long way.
    3. Noisy.  No carpets in rooms means you hear your neighbours walking (especially when walking with shoes).
    4. Not many amenities.  Older, small hotel without things like a fitness centre.
    5. Short staffed.  That's probably why the room phones don't work.  There's really no one there to give guests the kind of attention they deserve (e.g., front desk infrequently staffed, and they are slow to respond to issues).  It's really not the staff's fault, as they were all very kind and hospitable, but they could use some help.

    In sum, I will not stay here again, but it's definitely a good option for people who want a cheap room close to the beach.  Anyone who doesn't mind staying at a Red Roof Inn or a hostel will probably love this place.  I'm just a bit spoiled I guess.

    05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Amy J.
    I was pretty pleased with this place, considering the price.  It was definitely not a deluxe hotel.  But considering how inexpensive it was, and how close it was to the beach and other night life activities, I was happy.

    The room was pretty basic, but clean.  They could have cleaned the floors a little better (since it was wood, and felt a little dusty, like it hadn't been swept in a while).  But the sheets and towels were very clean and exactly what I would have asked for.  The windows could have used blackout shades, since it got light pretty early.  But overall, the room was great and there wasn't a ton of noise from other guests, staff, etc.

    I booked online through a third-party site, and the check-in and check-out were totally seamless.  Always nice.

    The final selling point was the location.  It was close enough to be walkable to the beach and other highlights of the area.  But off the beaten path enough to be pretty quiet.  A lot of the lower-priced hotels I looked at were either attached or really close to night clubs and bars, which didn't seem that appealing.  This place was nice in that we could enjoy ourselves, and then walk back and get a decent night's sleep.

    10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Star L.
    I am an easy traveler. I do not expect room service, a view, expensive linens, I'm even ok with a surly staff . I stay in 2 star Vegas Hotels and love it. I have no idea how anyone could give this place anything better than a 2.

    Maybe y'all got a different room, but ours didn't look like anything in the pictures.

    Stayed there a night before a cruise, didn't have time to find anywhere else.

    There were what looked like some kind of fluid stains all over the sheets and pillow cases. I covered everything with the old scratchy towels and slept on those. The blanket it in the closet was covered with various people's hair. -_-

    OH MY GOD!
    I live in the heart of a city and goood GOD! People are Crazy when they say that the club near by is not a big deal? WTF?!?!?!?
    It was as if it was IN the room (like I said I live in the city and this was just insanity!)
    We had to crank the a/c (couldn't use the hairy blanket) and covered our ears with pillows and towels. which made for a FREEEZING night as we had to have the loud a/c or hear the DJ tell everyone to "SCREEEEEAM!"...Until 5AM! 5..A..M...!!!

    Either you folks are nuts for saying it wasn't a big deal or we just got put in the torture tower.

    The staff was friendly, but that and the price was NOT worth this kind of a night!

    That is all. This place needs to get it's act together, advertize correctly, clean up, and warn people about the rooms that sound like a Non-stop Jersey Shore Mating Ritual!

    19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Reshida K.
    I'd done alot of research on South Beach hotels and it took me a while before I selected one because they're all boutique hotels, each is unique and very different from major chains (and you know what to expect from the major chains).

    I booked with the Harrison via a third-party website in order to get a better rate.  Here's my rundown:

    THE PROS...

    - Located in a quieter area of south beach.  South Beach is a party town, however when we're at the hotel, we're ready to wind-down, and that's exactly what we were able to do here.
    - Clean linens!
    - They provided beach towels.
    - Reception staff very pleasant; referred us to restaurants nearby, held our luggage for us after checkout and got us a cab back to the airport.
    - Very close to the (non-crowded section of the) beach.
    - Cool lounge area in the courtyard.
    - DirecTV in the room.
    - Fridge in the room (free ice in the courtyard).
    - In-room safe.
    - Remote controlled air conditioning in the room. (freezing AC, yay!)

    THE CONS...

    - Reserved a double queen room, however received a double DOUBLE room.  Disappointed about that, however it wasn't a deal-breaker.
    - There was, what I'm assuming was an extra blanket, in the closet... unfortunately it appeared dirty and had hair all over it.  Very gross.  Luckily we didn't need it.
    - There was no bath soap provided.  Luckily we had our own.
    - There was only one washcloth provided... very strange for a double-occupancy room.  I put in a request for more, but ended-up getting it from the housekeepers that were on my floor at the time I returned to my room for the evening.
    - Housekeepers came around really late, like between 4 and 5.
    - There was a really strange glass partition built onto the side of the tub, converting it into a shower-door.  Only problem was, it wasn't an actual "door," just a partition, which meant every time we showered, water got all over the floor, because there was no "door" for us to close.  We had to put a towel down, otherwise there'd be a puddle after every shower.  
    - Room had a fridge, but no microwave.
    - No elevator and very narrow staircase.  Luckily the staff offered to carry our bags.

    For the price (paid less than $100 a night), i'd definitely stay there again.  There were many "cons," but the pros certainly outweighed them.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Theresa S.
    Stayed here for 3 nights during March Spring Break. Overall a decent experience. Great location, clean, good customer service at front desk. Key cards for our room did have to be reset everyday for some reason so that was a little inconvenient. Decent hotel, reasonably priced, great location and convenient.

    13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Yara C.
    Completely fine for what it is. I would go back in a second because I love Miami Beach and this place did the trick. It is cheap and the location is spot on. Nice and quiet but still only blocks away from anything you could ever want to do regarding nightlife. Not the cleanest but clean enough and pretty much what I expected for the price. Bathroom was fine and thats always what concerns me the most. Small rooms but totally fine. We had an ugly view of the parking lot but I didn't care because I came to Miami with my boyfriend to party and have a relaxing time; not to sit in the room. Ideal for the young couple who wants to experience Miami Beach. No elevator! Would not recommend for older couples. If you are on a tight budget this is the best option because of the perfect location and decent accommodations. Some front desk people are very helpful (like the guy) and some are not (like the young girl). I only encountered 2 front desk people. Booked through Booking.com

    24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Ryan B.
    When I found out that I was going to Miami for a conference and that all the rooms at the main hotels were booked, I had to go with plan B. Find somewhere decent to stay.  After logging on to bookit.com I found a deal to stay 4 nights, rental car and flight for less than $1000 for 2 people. What a bargain! It's not a a Hilton or Westin, but I have to say that I was very pleased with the accommodations and location.

    It's a good 15 to 20 minute drive from the airport in South Beach. There are good restaurants around the corner and it's walking distance to shopping and the beach. If you have a car, there's a parking lot behind the building that charges $25 a day. It's actually cheaper to just head straight to the entrance and leave it with the hotel valets for $20 a day. Their a cool group of guys that are very courteous and don't expect tips for some reason. I tipped them anyway.

    It's a boutique hotel. It's kinda small. There's no room service and the maids are really slow. I noticed that they didn't get to our room until late in the afternoon. One day they didn't even make it at all. And then a manager or someone came knocking on our door at around 5pm asking if we still needed service. I just turned him away. We had been out since early morning and I needed to unwind.

    Our room was actually spacious. It had a kingsized bed, 40 inch flat screen tv, small desk and a couple of chairs. An '80s painting of a Japanese Geisha decorated the wall. The closet was a little strange and tight and the bathroom was ok except for the fact that they put in some fancy sink which was basically a square with a giant bowl on top. It was a little difficult to keep your toiletries on it. There was no dresser. I found that a little odd. It reminded of the little hotel rooms in Europe, but with more space.

    Free wifi was provided, but didn't really work in the rooms, You had to take your laptop to the courtyard to get a signal. If your a techno geek, the alarm clocks have a special dock for you ipod/phone.

    So if you want to stay in South Beach in a hotel with no elevators and close to a lot of amenities, this place is A-OK.

    15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Emmeline A.
    Four stars for being exactly (and I mean, expectations = reality exact) what we were looking for, and a little bit more - SUPERB service!

    We were looking for a place to stay for just one night in South Beach, before staying in a hotel in DT Miami for Weekend 2 of Ultra.

    My expectations were fairly simple --
    1) Find a room
    2) Reasonably priced
    3) Centrally located in South Beach
    4) Clean room to get ready and sleep; ie minimal time in room
    5) Not going to get robbed

    Honestly, the bare minimum, right?

    Regarding point #5, I'd read so many horror stories here in Yelp about people getting robbed, almost getting robbed, and being disgusting living situations for the price range I was looking for. "You get what you pay for" was the most common phrase.

    Well, the room was about $260 for 1 night during WMC/MMW, and so relative to the prices that were popping up for the remaining available hotels at the time, this was on the 'cheaper' end. Yes, you can in a pretty nice room for one night in Vegas for a lot cheaper. BUT this was Miami. South Beach. (Bringin' the heat.) During a major music conference week.

    This was also my first time staying at a boutique hotel. In other words, I was a but weary of what the conditions would be like, and skeptical that our experience would be good - which is part of the train why I'm so pleased with how our stay at the Harrison went.

    Now, to line up the reality of our stay with my expectations:
    1) A room was available! I booked the room about 3 weeks prior to the stay, which was pretty late considering the enormity of events that week.
    2) In my opinion, pricing was reasonable ($260 after taxes/fees). I had another hotel in mind which although was cheaper, was in a seemingly residential area in DT Miami, when we wanted to be in South Beach. All things considered, $260 was reasonable.
    3) Fantastic location. A block or two away from the beach, Collins, Ocean, Washington, food, drinks and pretty much within walking distance of anything we wanted to do in South Beach. Very much convenient location in South Beach!
    4) Our room was as clean as it gets. Freshly laundered white sheets and fluffy pillows topped our King-sized bed, which also had extra cushioning on top - the kind that you sorta sink into when you lay on it, almost Tempurpedic-like. There was a desk, two nightstands, plenty of lamps, and a big flat screen TV (not that we planned on watching anything). The room had clean, dark wide-paneled hard wood floors, and a large mirror for getting ready. The bathroom was tight, but clean and supplied with the necessities. Towels clean. Good closet space. Room was air-conditioned and cooled prior to our arrival. It was exactly what we needed and wanted: clean and comfortable. Only gripe was that it used a key instead of a key card, which made me a little nervous. Which leads to my last point.
    5) We didn't (I repeat, did NOT) get robbed! Seems silly, but it was a worry of mine. Staff always seemed to be around, and it did feel like a safe location.

    BONUS) Terrific service! We were greeted by friendly, extremely accommodating concierge. We were early, so we gave them our bags, and he showed us the restroom so we could freshen up and go out while the room was being cleaned. We called in a couple times to check if the room was ready. Upon returning, our bags were carried up with a smile and any questions or needs we had were met. Check-out was also easy and friendly, and they offered to hold our bags again while we ate before leaving South Beach.

    Honestly, I was expecting mediocre/bad service after all the reviews I'd read here in Yelp on the smaller hotels in South Beach. But I was pleasantly surprised.

    Future boutique hotels beware, I have high expectations now.

    04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Sonya Z.
    Nothing to complain about. Very friendly service, clean spacious rooms, plenty of hot water, nice modern bathroom, etc. I was only here for a total of like, 5 hours, but I slept pretty well with those 5 hours and they weren't too mean to us about oversleeping check-out time by 2 hours. A friend hooked us up but I think the prices are pretty reasonable anyways.

    15/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. KaSha W.
    When we first checked in at Harrison our was not available so we put our bags in this back room  which wasn't very secure it was open like it was getting remodel but in five minutes wait the room was available. Walking in our room was very weird because my boyfriend said "this room looks janky" I said "no it's fine it's fine." Than that's when the problems started, the shower came up to my knee as it was running filling the tub up,so that was number one. They gave us a different room where we can use the shower because there were no more double beds available. This was next-door  after that they thought were using two rooms so they locked me out of my first room with my belongings inside. After I move the third time to another side of the hotel the lights were flickering in the room because  a fuse went out and we had two lights to work with and I had to get ready for a night event. I Will never return to this weird establishment

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Ana S.
    The tv didn't work asked the front desk he said he wouldn't be able to come to the room to fix it, the fridge had someone's old food in it and stank up the room, and there was hair all over the bathroom floor. The front desk still didn't do anything about it. To top that off their wi fi was soooo slowwwwww...so much for a relaxing in the room.

    03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Anae' G.
    What a beautiful hotel! The gated entrance is so cute, and the courtyard that you walk through as you go to the reception area is so cute. It's a nice small and quaint hotel. This is not for people that are looking to stay for long periods of time. If you're a college student looking for a nice little hotel and you find this on something like bookit.com , then it's perfect. It's a "I'm not going to be in the room that long" kind of hotel.

    It really is located near everything. Right around the corner are restaurants to grab a nice dinner and right across the street is a CVS which is very convenient. A lot of friends we go to school with were staying on Collins and at least 10th and above. We were by far closer to everything as far as Wet Willie's and Fat Tuesdays.

    The hotel employees were very nice and whenever we needed something they were always there to help. They store bags which is great when check out is at 11 and your flight doesn't leave until later that evening. They have valet service which we didn't need but the valet men were very nice. Staff is always willing to take a group picture for you lol.

    The decor is very weird yet cool. The reception area and the courtyard pops with red. And just downstairs are their suites and rec room and that area is very cool. The rooms have a slight Asian theme which almost contrasts with the old Hollywood theme but I am not complaining at all. The shower was a little weird in that there isn't really a door but it's just glass covering most of the shower. The sinks are so cute. The glass for the shower just makes it a little difficult for multiple people to use the bathroom to get ready.

    All in all, this is a great hotel. Nice staff, great location!

    20/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Amandine S.
    The hotel more than did the trick for my short weekend in Miami. The cons are outweighed by the location.

    The phone didn't work in our room and the valet $30 a night was extremely slow. Also our TV remote wouldn't work but I didn't come to Miami to watch TV. The bag storage area is literally an open room anyone can walk in to so make sure you don't have any valuables. The windows don't have curtains just see through blinds so if you stay out until sunrise like we were you're not going to be able to get great sleep.

    Right by the beach. Close to great restaurants (ex. Tongue & Cheek- great brunch), they provide beach towels which is great just make sure you get them early bc at 11 they had run out. The bed was comfy and the room very clean. Also, very quiet.

    ProTip: the women's bathroom in the lobby has a shower so if you go to the beach on check out day you'll be able to rinse off even if you've already checked out.

    It's pretty typical of the little boutique south beach hotels. Super 50s and a little old feeling but once you walk around the area you'll see they're all the same.

    10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Lissy W.
    I like this place. It's a stonesthrow away from the beach and bars and restaurants yet quiet. The rooms are a good size, the beds big, comfy and clean, the aircon works a treat and most of all the staff are exceptionally friendly and accomodating.
    I liked that my room wasn't carpeted, it's Miami! Who wants carpet? There was a coffee maker in-room, no fridge though but an ice machine downstairs in the cute courtyard. The bathroom was well stocked with plenty of towels and nice toiletries. The maids were great and my room was made up nicely every day. Yes, there was a bit of plaster coming of the walls and there were blinds only, no curtains, but honestly, I don't spend time in my hotel when in Miami beach. I want a clean bed and bathroom at an affordable price. And thats exactly what i got. I would certainly return to The Harrison.

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Jai B.
    when We arrived the patio was full of leafs and it looked old, as if it had not been swept in weeks. Then once we walked it there was a smell in the lobby like an old wet basement. I checked in with the hotel manager who was nice and helpful he carried our bags upstairs. I booked a double bed for my friend and I, once we get to the room there was 1 queen bed so I was sooo angry. I went back down stairs to inform the manager and he says the owner is British so when You order a double bed it means 1 bed. Which made no sense. When I asked what can be done to rearrange for us to have 2 beds he said that he would have to charge $25 per night extra so I WAS EVEN MORE PISSED OFF. Once i got to the room he called the phone in the room to say he figured out a "trick" he can get me a double bed. LIES he could have been switched my room he just wanted to charge me. So we get a new room which was a double bed GREAT. I decided to use the restroom only to discover tiny little spider bugs all over the white floor. I freaked out.. Needless to say they were every where even on the desk. The maids came to "mop" the floor but that didnt help and they hardly spoke english. I ended up getting disinfect spray and 409 from the store to clean the tub. This hotel needs to be updated so bad it was a waste of money and No one should have to deal with this. Please dont book here, and if u decide to book here be sure to check the floor,bed and desk for little bugs.

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Kurt S.
    It truly is a respectable 50's(??) built hotel with 'quaint' rooms and nothing more than the most basic amenities, yet surprisingly quiet and comfortable.

    Its OLD and SMALL and offers nothing more than an Ice Machine downstairs, but its quiet, affordable and in a great location.

    Very friendly staff, but the ODD issue all of us had daily was that our key cards needed to be reset every day. The desk staff said it was due to being near a cell phone or magnetic device but I wasn't buying it. Having numerous days left in our stay, I decided to test this theory...that wasn't it. The only day I didn't have to reset my key was the day I refused Maid service. So I guess her master key is what causes the issue???
    I'm not sure if they just wanted you to come down everyday as a 'Safety' or 'Security' feature, but it was beginning to become very annoying toward the end of our stay.

    Other than that, If you need a hotel that's affordable, quiet and with no frills, you'll love this place.

    PS. Park in the lot next door to the East. The Hotel Valet cost is the same per day rate and they take at least 20 min. to get your car. We needed to come and go A LOT and the lot next door was very convenient and only took seconds to walk to.

    12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0