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Hotel Victor in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.67

Address: 1144 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (73):

    1. Tricia M.
    I scheduled a massage because of Miami spa month. I drove up and was informed there was complimentary valet parking. That was a nice surprise! I have been to other spas during spa month that the valet was additional. I was escorted to the spa area and was given a tour. It was smaller than other spas I visited but it was clean and nicely decorated. They asked me to pay first. One thing I should mention that turned me off was a sign posted that if you used your debit card or credit card to pay for services there is a 72 hour hold placed on your card. I cant see how they could do that if the debit card is directly linked to your checking account. I never heard of such a thing. I paid in cash. There were 2 rooms a steam sauna and a cool room or relaxation room. Again clean and nicely decorated. I especially liked the cool room it was dimly lit with really comfortable couches and there were several magazines to read. I relaxed there and sipped on cold water with fresh fruit in it until my massage. The girl who performed my massage was named Mi whah. It was the best massage I ever had in Florida!!!! She was amazing. It was a mixture between deep tissue swedish. I could barely get up. I was so relaxed. Then I went back to the cool room for a little while. After that I went to the rooftop pool. I liked the pool it wasnt huge like Icon Brickell but bigger than Espa it was a nice size and the view of Miami Beach is gorgeous. There were lounge chairs and also couches with awnings above them. There was a waitress if you wanted a bite to eat or drink. Everyone there was very friendly and professional. I had a great day and definetly would return!

    06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Kristin L.
    I can only comment on the spa, and their massages, not the hotel rooms.....but I had an AMAZING massage here. I mean, really, the best massage I've had in a long time....seriously amazing. I can't remember his name but my masseuse was phenomenal. I'd go back tomorrow if I could. He was very attentive and gentle but also had a fierce neck/upper shoulder rub which I really needed. I walked in all stressed and with a kink in my neck and walked out totally relaxed....ahhh. If only I lived in Miami I could get massages here more often....

    06/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Jenay M.
    I stayed here about a month ago and was really impressed. Although it is expensive it is super classy and not overtly pretentious. The decor is a lot of espresso brown and orange which is quite beautiful. Oh and they're pet friendly. There should be more pet friendly hotels in SoBe.

    16/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Whitney H.
    This is a review for Spa V at the Victor. I came for spa week on July 25 and I was sadly disappointed. My girlfriend and I decided to indulge in a spa day. I got the 90 minute facial and I will never go back again. First the women kept calling me Wendy which isn't a big deal but when I got to the facial room the steam machine for your face was CRAZY loud like it was broken. She left me alone for a long time with this awful machine so I couldn't relax at all and when she came back and I inquired about it she made up some excuse, but turned off the machine. I don't know if you have had a facial before but steam is essential in the extraction process and she preformed mine raw or without steam which literally does nothing but hurt and make your face red. I mean yes i wanted the noise to stop but I wanted the steam!She should have replaced the machine. Also, This women was the loudest estetion ever. Facials are suppossed to be relaxing and she kept slamming things down and shuffling through stuff; it was was miserable. My facial also included an eyebrow wax. I had been letting my eyebrows grow out forever because I needed them completely reshapped and after that facial I have to let them grow out again. It wasn't awful but it was not worth it. So the facial stunk but onto the rest of the facilities. With our facials the spa facilities were inculded and I was so excited.... but again let down. All there was was a steam room that's it. So I going to spa month again this weekend and me and my friend are going to Canyon Ranch thank g!

    12/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. nicole g.
    I am one of those people that bring their own sheets to a hotel and i have to say Hotel Victor is one of the cleanest places i have stayed at.  Maybe bc it is relatively newer i dont know but i love it!  Great decor- great rooftop party for guests- great green apple martinis-great staff.  Good time!  Stay there next time you are in South Beach.

    23/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Jordan N.
    Party-funk chic

    26/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Lindsey H.
    After reading the yelp reviews on this hotel I had very high hopes. I stayed at Hotel Victor for 6 nights with a girlfriend in Mid September. Originally we had booked the basic room with a king bed. At check in they upgraded us to two queen beds with a pool/ocean view and balcony. Once we got to the room they delivered a cheese platter and bottle of wine, which was a very nice and unexpected surprise. The blue cheese was outstanding! We were very impressed. We also had a very nice empty refrigerator in the room, which we filled up after a quick visit to Whole Foods. Then things kind of went downhill from there... We went to get ice and realized they did not have ice machines on each floor. Every time we needed ice we had to call the front desk and it would take 20-30 minutes to get delivered to us. After this we decided to check out the pool. LOVED the pool and we really enjoyed the view of the ocean. I wouldn't recommend ordering drinks by the pool, the frozen ones were $19 and had NO liquor in them. We ended up stocking up in the room and made our own. Our room rate included the American Breakfast, which was very good. However, the service was severely lacking. We'd wait for ice tea refills for over 15 minutes while all of the waiters were gathered together socializing. After day 1 when we got our room cleaned we were beyond disappointed with the maid service. They basically only made our beds (never got top sheets, only fitted sheet and comforter) and replaced the towels. We ended up calling to get a better cleaning and they did an OK job the rest of the time... but still never really cleaned much of anything and never replaced our used water classes, which seems like an obvious thing they would do. I did mention to Natalie at the front desk that Saturday was my Birthday. So on Saturday she had a bottle of Champagne delivered to our room. Such a nice gesture, we loved Natalie, she was so so so helpful and sweet! On our last day we decided to treat ourselves to some spa treatments. We went down to the spa and waited for 10 minutes before seeing anyone who worked there. Once we told her we wanted to make an appointment she frantically looked at the computer and said she'd have to call people in to do the massages. We left our phone number with her and she called us an hour later saying they could fit us in, but it wouldn't be for another 4 hours. At this point we lost faith in the spa and decided against it. Oh and I can't forget... SMELLS... oh the smells! The lobby is a sort of muggy perfumed eucalyptus smell. And the restaurant smelt like dirty gym socks, which forced us to eat outside and sweat through our breakfast, but it was fun to people watch out there. Overall, our stay was pleasant enough for us to still have a great time and we made the best of it. The hotel just didn't have the service and cleanliness we were expecting for how much the rooms cost.

    18/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Evelyn K.
    I love hotel bars, and this one is superb.  Tropical beach hotel's bar has a very Caribbean Island-y feel to it.  Upscale, spacious, warm and outdoorsy, with the sky as your roof.  Very relaxing atmosphere makes you feel like socializing.  Sophisticated, slightly older crowd mixed with 20-somethings.  Not really a place for dancing - more for mingling, schmoozing, and meeting new people.  Another of the boutique hotels for which South Beach is famous.

    01/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. A P.
    Tried desserts at the Bice Cafe at this place.
    GREAT Tiramisu and chocolate cake (melting pot of chocolate!).
    Staff is lousy and soooo slow - but just get the desserts and nothing else.

    30/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Teresa M.
    Spa V at the Hotel Victor will always be my favorite hidden treasure for ultimate relaxation. Underneath the noise of Ocean Drive, it is not only beautiful but every detail is looked after.

    Ari is wonderful for my stretch me massage- I am renewed and ready for anything and feel great for the whole week if not even the next two weeks. Their steam room is a must alone, co-ed with eucalyptus in the steam.

    The cool down room is just that, with curtains to make it as private as you like. Locals are given a welcoming discount as well (quite the encouragement for me and I did take them up on it often).

    They are located in perfect walking distance to any desired destination Miami Beach has to offer, and their jelly fish theme (even in the lights) is a pleasure to see as well.

    13/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Aimee C.
    Hotel Victor is perfect, it's just around the corner from the mayhem but situated far enough way to have a hidden oasis.  I love the jellyfish....

    The rooms are well appointed with dimmers on the lights, gorgeous tub for soaking and a rain shower... (not that I spent too much time in the room)

    The beds are luxuriously king.. with plush pillows and just the right amount of "tension" for a bed that I'd prefer to call a playground.  The staff are attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.  

    For someone who grew up just around the corner, it's nice to know that SoBe hasn't changed much and is still my highlight of South Florida.

    10/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Ile F.
    I loved its lobby and would like to use their colors for home deco.

    The combination of lime, purple and aqua color in the lobby lent a soothing touch to the trendy furniture.  The jelly fish swimming in the tank reminded us the ocean just cross from the street.

    22/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. avalon e.
    4.5 stars.
    Hip decor, rather quiet pool side lounge except for Thursday night "lingerie shows" attracting the uber chic and entourage d' king-pins.
    Open an outrageously-priced bottle if you want to keep your table, or you will be kindly asked the leave as the show is about to start.  Doesnt matter whether your party is occupying ONE WHOLE FLOOR for multiple nights' stay (read: tens of thousands $$s) .  The thursday-night event is not for the average guest.  You have to carry some weight ( in case of the ladies its the opposite, 5' 7" min, 110lb max) to see and be seen.
    Bring ear plugs, noise of rowdy people and car alarms @ ocean drive will keep you awake till 4am most nights (unless of course if YOU partake in the noise making action )
    The Coed SPA's ads, particularly brochures of the steamroom suggest SEX, but I only see the likes of
    desperate housewives going in for treatments.

    03/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Renee D.
    Your bar bill will probably be more than your car payment - but the atmosphere almost worth it. Super loungy and hip - weird Spa - gym is slight - but drinks on the roof with your honey - super sexy!

    05/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Jen C.
    My mom and I decided to stay here for our mother daughter trip and were extremely disappointed. My mother had the pleasure of staying here 6 years ago with my dad and 2 other couples and had a wonderful experience. However, this hotel has recently changed management and has gone completely down the tubes. The service was horrible. They had no doorman or bell hop to assist us with our luggage, no poolside servers to take drink orders, and our room was very dusty. We were so disappointed that we stayed one night and moved to The Lowes which was a world of a difference! The Lowes has impeccable service, beautiful rooms, and a gorgeous pool. Unfortunately, we will not be returning to the Hotel Victor.

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. j h.
    Hotel Victor...stayed for 3 nights in double queen bed rooms.  Both with balcony that looks down at the pool...also full view of the Atlantic Ocean, which is across the street!  At the edge of Art Deco district, Who can ask for a better location!~?  

    We had a pleasant arrival; Jose took our baggage (the most polite person!) and Andrew helped us checked in (wonderful servicE).  The room was not ready since it wasn't check-in (4:00pm) yet, so we changed into our bathing suits and layed out on the sunny beach!  The hotel contracts w/ some folks on the beach to provide complimentary 2 chairs/towels per room...very comfortable; we could have stayed all day!.  

    The rooms were greaT! small, but this is south beach so it's expected.  Clean with comfortable bedS!!!! they were so soft!  The rooms have an open bathroom plan, meaning the bathroom is only separated by a curtain.  Hopefully you are comfortable enough with the people you are staying with, because you will be able to hear everything!  Turndown service was a plus; loved the flavored fortune cookies!  Towels/toothbrushes/ice arrived promptly.  Service was for the most part excellent, making us feel like VIPs, but this was not consistent .  More than once, the people at the door would make eye contact when we were on our way out, and just look away! they didnt even bother to open the door.  Other times, the door was opened without hesitation.  Most times, the front desk very helpful...couple times not as much.  Some of the staff probably need more training....

    Lastly, double check your charges; we were charged for valet parking (no one even had a car!) and use of the minibar (no, we did not partake in candy bars and cookies), but these were removed immediately when we spoke to someone.  Mistakes happen.  All of this can definitely be forgiven.

    Overall, we loved this hip, trendy, hotel, and the jellyfish tank that goes with it!

    14/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Gfiddy F.
    This seemed to be the only non-gross place in Miami Beach.

    27/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Niki B.
    Athough Hotel Victor is not in my usual price range at all, I did splurge last summer on a long weekend there and it was well worth it. It's such a feel-good hotel from the moment you set foot in it. I can only recommend it. The only flaw I can manage to find (if I absolutely must) is that the pool could stand to be a little deeper (but apparently it's a safety measure to keep inebriated people from drowning in the deep end).

    05/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Grantland D.
    My husband and I went to Spa V for a "couples massage."  The attendants were unprofessional, and the masseuses didn't know what they were doing.  The guy who worked on me appeared afraid to touch a woman (and let's just say I don't have problems getting into VIP areas at clubs).  Or they just pulled in someone off the street.  He actually put his fingers in my ears!  I've never had that particular maneuver done before!

    When we showed up before the massage, they gave us a tour including the coed steamroom, which seemed sexy, but  they had it closed it down by the time we were done with our massages.  Why give us the tour if we are not going to be able to use the facilities?  And why didn't they tell us when we booked the massage or when we showed up that it was close to closing time, or that we would not get full use of the facilities? Quite a letdown.

    And to add insult to injury, Spa V automatically added a 25% (!!) gratuity, and gave me a hard time when I said that the services didn't justify a 25% gratuity.  As I said, really unprofessional.

    I would not recommend this place.  We stayed at the Delano, and the spa services were far better there than Spa V.

    24/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Derek F.
    love this hotel, classy, clean , and chic

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Kingpin X.
    This is by no means a perfect hotel, but you have to forgive it's short-comings and give it five stars for it's more outstanding qualities. It's rather expensive, the rooms  are very tastefully appointed but are on the small size, and the "continental" breakfast is stupid (I will elaborate)!

    But it is a beautiful hotel, moodily lit in orange and cocoa, art-deco, jelly-fish sconces, with an omni-present sound-track creates quite an experience wherever you go. In fact, it is really pleasant to rest for a few minutes when you arrive back from the heat, sweat, and hustle of South Beach scene that is just outside the hotel and calm yourself in the air-conditioning and watch the range-lit  tank of live jelly fishes as they rise and fall, rise and fall, as if in synchronous harmony with the omni-present music.

    Actually, location is one of the big draws of the hotel for me. You can pick your direction according to your mood.
    Step out side the door and you are just across the street from the green park which leads directly to the beach.
    Turn left and there are a few, relatively quiet bars and restaurants (which are excellent venues for spending a relaxing afternoon "people watching") and some stores - a few block further and you will hit the main drag and some excellent shopping on Lincoln Road.

    Turn right out of the Victor and start walking an the sidewalk gets progressively more crowded with restaurant and and bars and, if course, T&A! Within two or three short blocks, the party is in full SoBe fervor.

    Breakfast was OK. The omlette with fingerling potatoes was just OK, The oatmeal was weird - not sticky like oatmeal should be - more separated like a oatmeal cream soup. My biggest peeve was the was the "continental" breakfast, which was just dumb. $18 gets you a cup of coffee, a teensie-weensie fruit smoothie, a glass of orange juice, and four huge danish pastries and croissants. WTF! Who can or would want to eat four danishes?

    Breakfast would also include another dose of the omni-present music. By this time, you will have notice that the music, while it gives the impression of endlessly changing, sometimes evena appearing to adopt a jazz or rock style rather than the normal new-age ambince, is just the same theme played over and over again. Also, strangely, while the music  seems ambient and calming, you will by this time refer to it as "that bloody music".

    I would go back here, given the chance - largely because of the location - but I would skip breakfast.

    The spa is, apparently, excellent and the exercise facilities *looked* shiny and new!

    09/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Jim P.
    Don't go. Our room smelled like mildew, there were ants in the room on the bed and their computer system took 15 minutes to check us in.  On top of all that, the waitress at the pool screwed up my order. The only benefit is the nice pool!

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Nicole H.
    Hotel Victor allowed us to check in 2 hours early to maximize our beach day, and promptly upgraded us to a suite on the 4th floor overlooking the pool and Atlantic Ocean when we requested it. We were pleasantly surprised on both fronts, as we had been expecting neither!

    The suite was one of the nicest rooms we have stayed in... Very comfortable king bed with marble tub/ shower/ bathroom/ gorgeous. The balcony was small, but we were anxious to get to the beach and pool so didn't mind and were appreciative to hang out and dry clothes regardless of the size.

    15/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Kelly T.
    nice place to hang-out with friends during the week to unwind, have a strawberry mojito and listen to the live band.

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Sukie H.
    I stayed here for a couple days and loved every moment of it.  The Hotel is in the perfect location (I was within walking distance to everthing). The front staff was so helpful and the food was awesome.  I Loved the decor and all the jellyfish :) we had a get together at the rooftop one night and it was fab since the weather was perfect.. they had the coolest light effect too.  
    The bed was so comfortable and the sofa i only used as a prop for keeping my clothes ..very relaxing stay!

    08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Ryan S.
    Hotel Victor is a very young, trendy South Beach destination located next door to the Versace Mansion. The decor: art deco accented with bioluminescent jellyfish. The guests and staff: no one over 35.

    Although I spent only 1 night at the Hotel Victor, I needed only 1 glance to fully understand Victor's idea of "at your service". Within the mini bar lay the some upgrades to the typical accouterments of your standard over-priced refreshment center. The Umpa-Lumpa sized liquor bottles were replaced with full sized bottles of Petron, Grey Goose, and Crown Royal. Among the cold items sat a chilled, pink lover's mask.

    Among the standard nuts and chocolate in the pantry was a "personal massager". That's not to say that I discovered one of those wooden alien tri-peds found at Bath and Body Works. This was a massager of the lipstick shaped, battery operated variety.

    Truly an extra special touch.

    13/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Jessica W.
    So $700 a night is a bit much....screw it, you're in Miami with an ocean view and your sliding door opens into a cabana next to the pool - how dope is that!? Plus, your next door neighbor is Versace's spirit, that has to count for something. But yea, the rooms are really tiny and random fixtures were broken here and there, but overall visually chic. The open bathroom did make for some uncomfortable moments though, thankfully the bathroom next to the pool was right there.

    The pricey room service was slow - but the smoothies and morning after bloody marys were awesome though. Great location next to the Versace mansion - if you have the opportunity go inside - it's amazing!

    Watch out for the restaurants along the street. We paid $700 for a seafood lunch without checking out the prices first - and the quality was sub par. There are much better place off the ave.  The concierge at Victor was a delight - I talked to her almost every day we were there and she recommended some awesome ethnic places to eat. Make use of her local knowledge!

    05/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Shawn S.
    Boutique hotels rock - this one is really great.  The best location, right on the strip.  The rooms are great (but dark - had trouble determining if those socks were blue or black, even during the day).  A collegue tried a massage and agreed with other posts - best she had had, and she is a discerning spa user!  I wish I had!  Decor in lobby and rooms is very chic, pool overlooks South Beach.  The only watch out is if you want one of those long - loungy pools like the Delano - this isn't the place for you.

    25/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Danielle F.
    Hotel Victor is a relic in South Beach. Centrally located, this boutique hotel has a lot of great qualities. It also has some real short comings.

    Rooms are small. Very small. Tiny if you will. So much so, your bed is practically in your bathroom. That said, the bed is comfortable and the space is visually fun and appealing.

    The hotel itself is stunning, with a great bar and lounge area. The food, not so much. I had a few decent things on the menu but the misses were real misses. And at 30 bucks a pop, who can afford a miss?

    Perhaps the worst thing about the food here is breakfast. They charge you $7 for an egg. $7 for some toast. By the time you are done, you could have bought a fillet minion.

    And the kicker? Your eggs are dry, the toast is bland and you feel guilty about indulging yourself with terrible food when there are starving children in the world. And you don't even care if your company is paying for it. You still think its abusive.

    I still like Hotel Victor for its vibe, funky patios, and the overall fun in the place. With so many other places to eat in the area, avoid the food and enjoy drinks at the bar instead.

    30/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Steve L.
    A colleague recommended Hotel Victor......nice suggestion: great location, attentive staff, quite most hours of the day.

    Our room overlooked the pool and had a partial view of the ocean beyond. Small room, but very complete and comfy.....bathroom, however, was choice (marble counters, soaking tub and rain shower!)

    Enjoyed the Spa and a workout each day, then a steam (it is a co-ed steamroom but towels did not drape anyone that I saw :) Very pleasant and quiet, which was to be expected.

    Room prices are HIGH - but the clientele is equally set.

    Unlike the TIDES (near by, and quieter) or the Ritz, up the street....this is a great spot to unwind, be comfortable to all of South Beach....and soak up any/all atmosphere.

    11/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Jen K.
    Sexy, sexy, sexy....

    We paid an outrageous amount of money (by my standards, not by Sobe standards) to stay in a pool bungalow room for 3 nights, but it was totally worth it.  We were in Miami for Winter Music Conference/Ultra Music Fest so we were looking for a fun hotel with a party vibe that would not attract a Jersey Shore-esque crowd (ahem, National Hotel).  This one fit the bill.  

    The staff, including the manager who checked us in, were incredibly courteous and catered to everything we needed.  The lobby was cool, but pretty dead the whole time we were there.  More jellyfish than people.  The "ice" bar near the front door was never running while we were there, but that was fine since all the action seemed to be upstairs on the pool deck.  We asked to check in early, which I truthfully didn't expect to happen since South Beach was packed at the time, but they managed to get us in the room about 1.5 hours early.

    Now the room, wow!!!  I have stayed in everything from Days Inns to Four Seasons, and this ranks up there as one of the nicest rooms I've stayed in.  See my pics, they say it all.  The coolest part was that the pool bungalow rooms have dual sliding doors, so you can almost open up one whole wall of your room onto your patio (which has a small outdoor shower, a loveseat and two single seat patio chairs) which leads straight to the pool.  Each day we were there, there was a party/djs on the pool deck, so our room virtually doubled as a party VIP lounge.  Needless to say all of our friends wanted to come hang out at our hotel.  Only weird part was coming back from another party one day, opening up our patio doors, and finding two girls huddled down in our outdoor shower blowing coke.  So don't go for a pool room if you like a private balcony.  And for goodness' sake don't bring kids here.    

    The room was wonderful.  Yes, it is structured for zero privacy (curtains separate the tub from the bedroom, glass doors separate the shower and toilet closets from the bathroom, and a sliding mirror panel slides from behind the sink to open onto the foyer) but it was perfect for a couple.  Very sexy.

    The stay started off wonderfully with a complimentary bottle of decent prosecco delivered to the room.  Slept like a baby even with all the sounds of South Beach, but if you are a light sleeper this may not be the best place for you.  Loved waking up in the morning, having the gorgeous pool to ourselves most of the time, lots of comfy pool recliners and couches.  

    The rate we booked came with complimentary breakfast in the Victor Cafe which formerly was called Vix.  This was the only meal we ate there each day but it completely exceeded expectation.  The continental came with two mouthwatering pastries (a croissant and a pain au chocolat), fruit salad (not the cheap crap, had papaya etc.), a glass of fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, and tea or coffee.  It was the perfect little breakfast to start our days.  

    First morning we got massages in the spa.  This place is worth going for the spa alone.  In fact, if you are staying in a nearby hotel you should come here and have a treatment.  We were pretty much the only people awake in the hotel around 9am, so we had the place to ourselves.  We used the hammam steam room with heated marble seats, which was amaaaazing.  I want one of these built into my next house. Afterwards we went to the chillout/cooldown room which was super soothing, and hung out for about 20 minutes before our massage.   Our couples massage was simply incredible.  There are no words to describe how good I felt when I came out of there.

    The stay was excellent, the staff flawless, and it was truly an experience to remember.  If I wanted to be extremely picky, I would say that the drapes in the room could use a dry cleaning and the patio furniture could be replaced, but I am very much reaching to find fault with this place.  The only thing preventing me from booking my next stay here is the pricetag.  Will be saving my Hyatt points for it.  Maybe next year, Miami!

    07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Sara N.
    The Hotel Victor was OK. It wasn't anything special. We stayed there for a weekend while hanging out in SoBe. On the positive side, it was a convenient location, the staff was friendly and helpful, it wasn't too noisy for being SoBe, and they have an awesome artist performing at night. I thought a DJ was playing and it turned out to be live music. On the more negative side, the rooms are very dark, and the hotel definitely need an upgrade (they apparently will be renovating soon). The smell in the hallway is terribly, it just smells humid and moldy, but that's to be expected from many Miami hotels. I probably wouldn't stay there again until after they renovate.

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. Melanie C.
    In this cheezy area of the strip, Hotel Victor is the classy version of cheezy where you can grab a drink and people-watch.

    29/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Rob E.
    My wife and I are big fans of the Loews and that's where we usually stay.   We happened to catch a good rate at the Victor so we gave it a shot. If we had to pay their full rack rate, probably would not have stayed here.

    Anyway, the Victor is in a pretty good location, that's if you want to stay on Ocean Drive. If you are looking for something off the strip then stay past 16th and Collins.

    Upon arrival we were greeted by a bell boy who helped us with our bags from the taxi and told us he'd hold the bags while we got checked in. That made me a bit uneasy since the bags would be outside and not with us in the lobby area.

    We arrived earlier than the standard 3pm check in time but the good thing was that our room was ready so we got ourselves settled in early. We requested a pool/ocean view and that's exactly what they gave us. Overall the room was clean and served the purpose since we really don't stay in our room too much while on vacation. Everything worked properly and it was updated and trendy in style.

    If you want wifi access, see if you can pickup a signal other than the hotel's. They charge a whopping $14.95 per day for access, which I refused to pay.

    The pool overlooks ocean drive and stares at the beach.  Great for people watching and nice and quiet.  We definitely were not interested in staying at one of those loud party hotel pools with a DJ blasting music.

    Drinks and food at the pool are expensive. We learned that the hard way on day one. But that was the first and last time on the trip that we ordered their mixed drinks or lunch. Throughout the weekend we had a pleasant experience with the bartender - she was very accommodating,helpful and friendly. Even went out of her way to change towels on the chairs after some rainfall, which isn't really her job.

    We had breakfast one morning downstairs. The servers barely spoke English and were all in slow motion. Food was ok - its kind of difficult to screw up eggs and bacon. Overall it was overpriced.  We opted for Starbucks for breakfast the other days, it was right up the street on 12th and Washington.

    There was a great live band that played each night in front of the hotel. Really talented guys and very entertaining.

    We enjoyed our stay here but for future visits, would probably opt to stay where we usually do, which is at the Loews.

    05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. B W.
    Nice ambient light and great staff.

    02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Joei S.
    this is really a good hotel. smack in the middle of Ocean drive, so perfect location, not noisy at all, but that may depend on what room you have, Bungalow rooms on the 2nd floor where pool and dj can be noisietr...but always superbly taken care of, even tho a renovation is due. the rooms are always mold free with great beds and super clean and well decorated.

    the service has always been really good.
    I do not recommend the restaurant BICE, not good like other Bice's, very bad. but hotel, esp pool area, outstanding views and overall, worth every 4.5 stars!

    searhc for good deals, we got our rooms, 2 nights for $296... really good price. i hear the spa is awesome, but didnt go this time.
    will def stay there more often.

    great customer service!!


    05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Danielle B.
    The hotel is apparently going through renovations soon, much needed renovations. I have stayed at better hotels here in SB for less than what we paid for Hotel Victor so  I don't think this hotel deserves a 4 star for the rooms, house cleaning and etc. Why am I giving 4 stars? Location is great, literally steps away from everything but mostly for  great accommodation from staff, specially from the manager of the night, Tyler (Sp?!). The hotel was kind enough to give us an upgrade but we were not very happy with the room next to the pool so we decided to go back to the original room (7th floor, pool view) and it was much much better, for us anyways. We were very happy with how we were treated.

    04/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Cups O.
    This place needs serious work. Summary: dirty, smelly, cold, weird. Nice pool.

    I am here for work and have had my complaints echoed by a few colleagues. I include details below. We are obviously not suffering, just continually unpleasantly surprised.

    When I first checked in, I got a room that stank of both bleach and mildew and was overlooking some sort of giant machine. When I asked to switch, the guy at the front desk said they would have a bunch of rooms ready in about an hour and that I should check back then. However, he could not guarantee me a switch or an explanation of why he couldn't guarantee a switch. I waited around for an hour, during which I discovered the dirty upholstered chairs and tables and window seats on the second floor. Ick.

    Then a nicer lady at the front desk gave me a better room. This one looks over the pool. It also smells, but not nearly as bad as the other. Windows are dirty for me and at least one other colleague. Also the bathtub/shower has the drain and stopper in the middle with a big raised piece, so that you can continually step on it and stub your toes as you shower and accidentally block the drain. I might expect a shower cap, but I would be disappointed.

    The hallways smell also a bit like mildew and maybe something to cover it. I wonder if they keep the lobby so dark because it is dirty.

    Furniture is very worn and in common areas also stained. We are in a conference room with a table that is both dirty and literally falling apart. Chairs are not clean. It is also very cold, as it is throughout the hotel, and the thermostats are way off. The food we had today was fine, but there was not much in the way of tea or hot water (in the cold room). Coffee was good, but there was no milk--only creamer. When we did get milk, it came in a dirty carafe. My request for regular water surprised the man who was taking care of us, although he was very nice.

    I might come back if they cleaned/renovated.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Talmadge M.
    Very helpful and attentive staff the accommodations were tastefully maintained, fine amenities and great beach front location. Quintessential Miami Beach!

    16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Byron C.
    8/11/2008 This review is about the Spa, I did spa deal which was a Scrub and massage combo, the Hotel/Spa was clean and attractive, Steam room prior to my scrub was great, The ice cold water w/ lemon and lime peels was awesome, My massues was a Kate Moss look alike, I'm about 200lb but the massage I received was hands down the best that i ever received. Proffessional and great. All in all I would of gave this review a 5/5 if it wasnt for how high the parking was $25 for less than 2hr, but its Ocean Dr so it is what it is.

    23/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Leyla A.
    Swanky, South Beach Luxury!

    Fabulous Pool!  Glorious Hotel Bar!  Nice Jacuzzi Bathtubs!  Awesome Jellyfish Lamp!

    This hotel is affiliated with Hyatt Corp, so if you are a Hyatt Goldcard member, you can use your points to stay here.

    20/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    We bought the couples massage on Groupon.

    Massages- were just ok. Therapists never introduced themselves and never once asked us about pressure. My husband and I were very disappointed in our massages-there was no pressure at all during our massages.

    Pool- went up to use the pool area which is very small. It was difficult to get chairs next to each other. The pool guy  knew I wasn't leaving finally got two chairs placed by each other.

    The pool menu is not what it says online it is the Bice restaurant downstairs. The food was just ok had breakfast entrees. Very slow service.

    Would not return...

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    43. Jessie R.
    This hotel saved our vacation! After an awful night at the Carlton down the street we rebooked 3 nights at the Victor. The floor manager was absolutely amazing! He was very helpful and made us feel welcomed. Our room was nice, great rainfall shower, huge fluffy bed and jellyfish lights throughout the hotel were so fun! I would definitely stay here again being responsibly priced and literally right across the street from the ocean!

    16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Jose S.
    Rooms are amazing. Location is great. Miami beach is a hit or miss place but this was truly amazing and they deserve their praise!

    10/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Itzela C.
    This review is for the spa. Okay, I've been to the Ritz Hotel, The Stardard and The Victor. The Victor Hotel ranks high up there in service, and quality.  My massuse Anya was AMAZING!! I highly recommend you see her when you visit the spa at the Victor. Over all, everyone at the Victor was highly attentive and wonderful. I will definitely be back!


    08/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Mindy G.
    Came here for a couples massage on an early Sunday morning. The therapists were good but didn't use as much pressure as we would have liked.  The spa seems clean and nice and was empty when we were there.

    19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Kathleen M.
    Move over, Viceroy, I've got a new favorite hotel in Miami.

    You see, I'm not much of a South Beacher. Sure, I love the Delano or walking along the beach but I'm not really into the Euro dance music, drugs, and partying all night that tends to take place. After a night at The Shore Club and taking a peek at their pool scene, I knew that wasn't my spot. I want a pool where I can relax and read trashy magazines, not one with a DJ and people who feel the need to wear jewelry and makeup with their bathing suits. The Hotel Victor provided just that: a serene spot with the right numbers of sun chairs and cabanas, soft music, a gorgeous view of the beach, and friendly servers who will deliver overpriced drinks and food to my lounge chair. I also loved the towels that fit perfectly over the loungers: it's the little things.

    As for the hotel, it's equally lovely. My room, while a little small, was perfectly appointed with jellyfish light fixtures and a super comfy bed. The bathroom was heaven, as I'm pretty sure the bathtub is the largest I've ever had the pleasure of swimming in. I don't want to think about the environmental degradation that took place while I was filling it, but whatever. I was on vacation. They also provided tons of bath goodies: bath salts, toothpaste, even a loofah. They set out earplugs which made me nervous but I honestly wasn't at all bothered by street noise.

    There were some random flaws in my stay (the minibar was strangely empty and it took a good 20 minutes to get checked in as they only had one person at the front desk) but they're really quite minor when you take the beauty of this spot in to consideration. I very much hope to be back.

    31/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Raquel S.
    Loved our room and especially our bathroom...very trendy.  Read some reviews about some sort of weird smell, but I must say, the minute we entered the hotel, it smelled like clean laundry...It smelled fine to us.  The service around the pool area was a little slow, but the view from the rooftop pool was nice.  The gym was decent and they even have a message area that was amazingly nice!  Worth the money to stay at hotel Victor, plus it's right on the strip and in the middle of all the hot spots.

    13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Christine C.
    If I get to choose all over again, I would stay away from this stretch of South Beach.

    Though you may have a glimpse of the beautiful Miami Beach from your room and you are staying amidst a part of the art deco history, the high prices are not reflected in the condition and quality of the hotel. And the truth is, most of the art deco history of the glamorous Miami in is no longer apparent.

    The bathroom, especially, was in poor condition. Prior to arrival, we had asked for a quieter room and of course they placed us next to a family with young children. The walls were so thin we could hear every last cry the kids made in the next room.

    Paint is chipping everywhere.




    Wall paper is peeling.

    The very used bathroom counter top.

    The worst of all is the leaky air conditioner and mildew.


    We asked for another room and the receptionist simply brushed it off with a "Hotel Victor is an older hotel." Luckily, the second room was in much better condition. The most important thing is that it did not have mildew by the air conditioner. At more than $500 a night, I much rather stay further away from the main strip of the beach the next time for hotels in better condition,

    And yes, there are jellyfish chandeliers hanging in the room:

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    50. Semra E.
    This is a lounge that can easily be overlooked if you're walking down the main strip, only because it blends in with the competition. The food being served looked fantastic, the service was quick and the drinks were flowing! The inside bar area is really nice and dimly lit, so everyone looks good. (good news for anyone there).

    13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    51. Ziva A.
    Great location! The hotel is next door to the Versace mansion. In addition, it's a ocean view hotel and walking distance to all the action with live music right outside the lobby. The whole hotel smells like flowers and fresh laundry. I loved the shower and the comfortable bedding. It's a great hotel and I would recommend staying here.

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Joshua R.
    WOW.  I stayed here Christmas Eve and it was absolutely amazing.  I stayed in a pool cabana ocean view room 211 and have nothing but great things to say.

    I did a lot of searching around and I am VERY happy we stayed here.  Walking distance to so many great places and of course beach is right out in front of you.

    Pool area is GREAT!

    Spa area is GREAT!  I enjoyed the steam room and cool down room.  

    The decor is great and feels bigger than a boutique but smaller than a huge commercialized hotel.  Its Just perfectly in between.

    All the staff has been very kind to us and helpful.  Denise is great and has been very helpful. (Front Desk)

    I would totally come back not think twice about it.

    24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Conway R.
    Where do I start. Never use the advance pay option. If you get room 608, good luck. It is the smallest $400/night room that you will ever see in your life. The bathroom is 12 INCHES away from your bed. No exaggeration. The manager Cree, lets just say she missed all the hospitality classes in College. 2 phone calls, and 3 emails, and not even the decency to RESPOND to a guest's concerns. Watch out for the front desk staff and room 608.

    13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    54. Jay G.
    Good hotel only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is that they don't have beach chairs included for their patrons. They just give beach towels.. Kinda cheap for a 4.5 star hotel

    27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Carla M.
    I did not stay at this hotel but we did dine there and yuck. Friendly service, nice view but the crab legs tasted 4 days old, defrosted and boiled over seven times over.

    15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    56. K. C.
    To me, the Hotel Victor has always been the sexy spot with low-lit tanks of Jellyfish - everything you'd envision for a meetup with a sexy stranger..  

    The newly renovated Hotel Victor is a sunnier version of Miami Beach, but it's someone else's interpretation. Interior designer Yabu Pushelberg ripped off the mid-century modernism of the new James Royal Palm, the white/gray palette of W, and even the Classic Kelly Wearstler tortoise shells of the Tides Hotel right on Ocean Drive in its Victor revamp. It's clean, but totally unoriginal. They kicked out Thompson Hotels as operator and whitewashed the decor, diminishing its quality as a hotel, and the property's distinctiveness all at once.

    Now the Hotel Victor has a bar that's not stocked with Bailey's, and a Swarovski-crystal encrusted gicleé portrait of Steve Jobs. My review: meh.

    But there's good stuff on the horizon: a rumor of a great new sushi restaurant interests me, and the same hotel owner bought the Versace mansion up the street. I'll be watching with interest ;)

    07/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Erika R.
    Went downhill in the past few years... Fat  front door/security guys are too busy trying to pick up on girls than to make sure you are safe or help you in....crappy service and food! Please find another hotel!

    01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    58. Jhia B.
    I've stayed here and enjoyed their trendy lobby complete with jelly fish aquariums. I love where the pool is situated which is elevated in the front so you can see the strip and have your privacy as well. The rooms were nice but my only gripe would be the bathroom doors lol since they are so close to the bed. The bathroom doors are frosted glass doors but there is a gap at the bottom and top of the door(you can clearly hear everything since the rooms are small). Front desk was pleasant and it's right across the street from the beach. I would stay again.

    08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    59. Bruno F.
    I just got done with my vacation at South Beach Miami. My hotel of choice was the Victor. I heard wonderful things about it and I couldn't wait to see if this was true. Let's start with the check in and first introduction to the hotel.

    First, parking is horrible and expensive. Valet is overpriced at $35 dollars per day. You can feed the meter at $1.75 per hour between 9am-3am, 10am on weekends Or you can park around the corner at $15 or $20 dollars per day. I cut a deal for $75 dollars for 4 Days with the parking attendant.

       Checking in was pretty smooth with no issues. Front desk was pretty friendly. However, she told me she was giving me an ocean view. But, I only got a partial ocean view from the side.

    I ended up getting the smaller room of the hotel. It looked like they ran out of room when they remodeled where they crammed a room into a small space. I had another room for my parents, that's how I knew. Their room was very spacious. Make sure you don't get Room 608.

    The room was very stylish and comfortable. The bed was super soft and I slept like a baby. I really enjoyed the water fall shower. The toilet area was very weird. It had a door with a window where you can be seen if others are in the room with you.

    The mini bar was overpriced as usual. Do yourself a favor and go to the CVS down the street and stock up if you're staying more then 5 days.

    I tired to use the phone for room service, no one answered. I called the front desk, no one answered. I did this for the first 3 days, I was not able to reach anyone. Finally, I said something, they sent a technician to the room. That did nothing, since on the 4th day same thing. No answer. Thank god I wasn't dying in my room.

    Breakfast, was included. Only two options available. American Breakfast and Continental, both under $16.  Now, what I don't understand is, everything on the menu was under $16 dollars. Why not open it up to your customers to have a variety. After the first 3 days of having the same thing,it gets boring. Something else I did not like. Toast was not included in an American Breakfast, Never seen toast not be served with your meal. I ordered some toast. $5 dollars. I thought that was pretty funny.

    I will say this is one of the nicer hotels on Ocean Drive. I know it was recently remodeled. During my stay, I had to listen to the construction crew as they were drilling and working on the floor below me.

    Overall, it was a nice hotel, but I will not be back due to the experience I had.

    17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    60. Exentra K.
    Great clean modern hotel at the best location! Great buffet breakfast, well stocked stylish minibar, ocean view pool, free cruiser bikes and wifi!  2 minute walk to the beach, at least 100 restaurants around, very fun happening area! Oh yes, great service as well!

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Veronica C.
    The location can't be beat. Walking distance to all south beach attractions. We got a standard room, it was pretty small especially for the price. For a couple it's ok, but no matter where you stand you are in the way of the other person. The shower is open, again fine for a couple but kind of awkward otherwise. There were sliding doors to the bathroom but that would also block access to the toilet. The room cleaning was great. Flexible and did a great job straightening and cleaning. My biggest complaint about this room is there is no good place to put on makeup. The bathroom mirror is too far away behind the sink, and the desk has no mirror. I ended up using the closet mirror which was kind of awkward. The mini bar is nicely stocked and prices are reasonable. The bed was comfortable. The noise level is surprisingly good. We never had a problem despite being near a lot of bars and such.  We didn't use the bikes, but it seemed there were 6 or 7 available for guests. Our luggage didn't come on our flight (long story) but they called us and delivered it to our room immediately when the airline dropped it off.  We did not try room service, spa, or the hotel bar/restaurant and it was a little cold for the pool, so can't comment on them. We did wish there was a hot tub.

    22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    62. Amanda D.
    This is what Miami is all about: chic, sexy, and sleek.  I could not find many cons during my 4 night stay.  The hotel itself is stunning.  As soon as I arrived at this boutique hotel, the busboy came and helped me.  The lobby is beautiful.  Not much happened there though, except for the night Elite Model Management were casting models.

    The check-in staff was professional and very friendly all the time. It didn't matter if it were night, morning, or afternoon: they always had a smile on their face and were genuinely nice.

    Our room was on the 6th floor. First thing I noticed is how the hallways were extremely clean   Ok, so one minor complaint is that the room was pretty small.  But granted, there was enough space to fit all the necessary things I needed: bed, flat screen TV, small fridge and a nice huge closet!  I actually liked the layout of the room!  The room was extremely modern and sleek.  Definitely the nicest room I've ever stayed in.  Everything from the couch to the bed to the closet to the desk, everything!  The bed was extremely comfy; usually when I stay at hotels, I have a hard time falling asleep. Not  this one!  The bathroom was super clean and modern, with a rain shower, marble counters and all!  Wifi actually worked great! I had no issues with it.

    Our stay at the hotel included complimentary breakfast at Bice, located on the 1st floor, by the lobby.  We could only choose from 2 options: the continental breakfast or the American breakfast.    The continental ($14) includes the choice of coffee or tea, croissant and danish, fresh fruit, and choice of orange or grapefruit juice.  The American ($16) includes the choice of coffee or tea, bacon or sausage, eggs, pancakes, and choice of orange or grapefruit juice.  If you decide to order anything else, you'll get charged, even if it's less than the $14 or $16.   This was the only thing I didn't like. But whatever, the breakfast was good and it did the job.  At night, we hung outside on the sidewalk where we sipped on some drinks and listened to a live DJ spinning some laid back tracks.

    There's one pool on the 2nd floor. The pool, although small, was very well maintained.  There are cabanas that face the pool and some chairs that face Ocean Blvd.  There is also a bar by the pool. The pool attendants, again, were all very pleasant and attentive.

    Also, the location itself is great! You're in the middle of everything and can walk everywhere. Nothing is more than a 10-15 minute walk.  However, be advised that if you do rent a car, the hotel doesn't have a parking garage/lot.  You either have to valet your car ($35/day), park on the street (feed the meters at $1.75/hr), or park in a parking lot down the street ($25/day).

    What I really liked about this hotel is that I actually got to relax; there was no loud music, no young kids acting like idiots, just normal people trying to relax.  My stay was great, and would not hesitate to come back soon.

    21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. LISA N.
    Super friendly service in a very convenient location.  It sits next to Versace's house, near so much nightlife.  

    The bellhop and concierge was unbelievably kind, made me feel comfortable coming in drunk at 4 am.

    The hotel is pretty nice, more on the modern side.  The rooms were a decent size, enough to live comfortably for a few days with another person.  The large oversized bath tub looked fun to swim in but the bottom of the tub was a little gritty from stained dirt, so there was no way I was sitting in there.  The sink was also clogged so it would take a few minutes for the water to drain.

    Also one of the elevators were broken so you had to depend solely on one.

    The pool gets shaded on one side the way the building was designed so make sure you come there bright and early and fight for the chairs.

    The only reason why I would go back if because of it's location!!! And awesome service...it counterbalances everything else lol

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Nina T.
    The best hotel experience so far. The morning front desk girls are super nice and very helpful, but that's a different story for the night shift but besides that all the staff here are wonderful!

    The rooms are a nice and cozy. Perfect for 2 people but if you're trying to save money and have more than 2 in the room it might be a little tight.

    They have an amazing continental breakfast buffet every morning (scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes) they also had cereal, fruits, toast, coffee and so much more! Not like one of those complimentary breakfast that serves pre-made eggs ready to be heated for service.  

    I would definitely recommend this hotel if you're planning a miami trip. It's super close to the beach and the bars. The night life is pumping and the restaurants near by might be a little pricey but definitely worth it. I want to plan another trip back here next year.

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Justin K.
    I'd give this place negative stars if I could. This hotel makes motel 8 look like a 4 star hotel.

    Let's start with the staff because they're the main problem. I've traveled all over the world to hundreds of different countries and 6 different continents and never been treated worse than I was at The Hotel Victor. The door men scowl at you when you enter. and the front desk staff wouldn't go out of their way to help you if you were covered in hundred dollar bills and diamonds. When I first checked in I asked for a recommendation on where to eat and the front desk staff seemed like she had never heard of such a strange request. Later in the night I called down to ask if they had movies to rent/on demand (which they don't) and the man who answered didn't know, seemed upset that I asked and then after talking to a colleague responded with "nope". Later I called for room service and couldn't get through. I called the front desk and was placed on hold while they transferred me to the kitchen. Not shockingly transferred means they put me on hold for 5 minutes only to hang up. I called down again, and the annoyed front  desk said  "we're sending security to the kitchen to check for you." Security finally found someone who took our order, after which he informed me he didn't work in the kitchen but he'd pass our order on. 40 minutes later I received a call from then kitchen saying that they were actually closed and couldn't take our order. Then five minutes later a very angry bellhop ended up knocking on the door and bringing us something that closely resembled what we ordered. I gave him a $5 tip which he scoffed at (they already included 20% tip on the charge).

    Trying to calm down I decided to check out the "private outdoor shower". I walked outside to find that by private they meant in the middle of the public swimming pool area with a 2.5 foot wall in front of it. I should also mention the door from our room to the shower wasn't sealed, but instead had duct tape haphazardly applied to it (see photos) I normally wouldn't mind showering in front of people, but I wasn't in the best mood at this point so I decided to check out the soaking tub in the bathroom. I started running water in the tub, but before I could get in I noticed that their was red nail polish all over the  the inside and it appeared to be bubbling off. I was so disgusted I decided to just go to bed.

    I woke up the next day with a sore back to the sounds of a baby crying. The duct tape that they sealed our room with did little to stop the noise of the baby and those talking and yelling by the pool. I was angry and wanted to leave, but I was too hungry to check out so I decided to eat downstairs at the restaurant called the Sugar Factory. My wife and I each ordered waffles (or I should say yelled our order over the blaring Latin music). 90 minutes later our two $16 2 inch waffles arrived. We ate them while trying to yell at each other over a Ricky Martin remix. When the check came, not shockingly there was 20% tip already added. Our waitress didn't bother to mention it and seemed disappointed that we noticed it and didn't add additional tip.

    At this point I was ready to check out and find a different hotel. My wife and I went to the front desk and asked if we could cancel our reservation without being charged for a second day (at this point we had only been there 16 hours). Shockingly the girl behind the desk said it was ok. We went up to our rooms to pack and were greeted by our bedside phone ringing. When I picked it up, it was the manager informing me that I would not receive a refund and that the girl at the desk was wrong to offer me one.

    I went down to the front desk to speak to the manager. The manager was beyond rude and told me that she was sorry that I wasn't enjoying my stay but she could not refund me for my room because it was too late in the day for her to book it again.  I pointed out that the hotel was empty and that my room wouldn't make a difference, she proudly challenged me by stating that "the hotel is at 56% capacity". Dumbfounded I pointed out to her that she just proved my point that the hotel was empty. She seemed confused and then angry. She told me she was done arguing and that there was no budging and that I would have to pay for a second night. Beyond angry I asked to speak to the general manager. She told me that was her (I later found out that was a lie), and that she refused to speak to me anymore about a refund.

    Needles to say my wife and I attempted to go upstairs and pack to leave and head to another hotel. Unfortunately, they had already canceled our room cards so we couldn't even use the elevator to get to our room. The "general manger" had to personally activate the elevator for us so we could leave.

    To summarize this hotel is overpriced, employees the rudest employees in hospitality and will charge you for anything and everything regardless of what happens.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Raffy F.
    I cannot explain how nice this hotel is! What even makes it a great hotel is the staff that works there! They are very professional people and friendly!

    My friend and I stayed here for 5 days in July and we had such a great time.

    The only thing they need to clear up on is the complimentary bottled water, which you only get on the first day there. It's only for the first night and the other days, you have to buy your own.

    Overall I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting South Beach. It is right on Ocean Ave and walking distance to the beach! Even better they have a pool that overlooks the beach!

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Jerry F.
    Nice rooms, terrible service. Was told our room would be ready at 3:00, didn't get it till 4:15. Bags, which they said were already on the way up, still haven't arrived an hour later.

    26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    68. Marcella L.
    I loooooved hotel victor. It's in the heart of ocean drive with sugar factory as it's main restaurant.  You can order their fabulous drinks and dessert as room service or pool-side. The pool is perfect, beds and chairs to lounge and tan away in the miami sun.( I couldn't have enough mojitos while soaking up the sun and laying by the pool with a beach view.) Went for 4 nights with my boyfriend.  We enjoyed it very much. I would suggest getting a balcony room if you do stay here. The room was very nice, beautiful bathroom. Tv in the room and pool view/partial ocean view. I would absolutely go back. The only downfall is that if you do go to the beach and want chairs/umbrellas, you have to pay extra and not worth it. I'd rather be by the pool with a bar, bathroom, etc. The service was excellent,  everyone is attentive. Will definitely stay here again...hopefully sooner than later :) It's in a great location and you do not hear the party scene from the rooms. If your thinking of visiting, stay here!!!!
    Miami is just a great place!

    27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    69. Scott L.
    This is a nice hotel with decent rooms. It's very clean, and you generally get what you pay for here, but there are a few exceptions like to pool bar that is extremely overpriced ($50 for a punch bowl drink that I was expecting to be $20 max).  There are a few things I would suggest improving.  

    The first would be the cleaning carts that are left in the hallway all day/night.  We stayed on the third floor, and the carts stood outside our room most of the time.  Besides being unpleasant for a $300 a night room, I'm pretty sure that this affects the egress path, and it's a fire code violation.  

    Another violation is that they lock the front doors of the hotel where it clearly says Exit above them.  We happened to mention this to the staff when we tried to exit, and they just brushed us aside saying they would mention it to security.  Sure enough the fire alarms went off that night and you couldn't get out those doors.  

    We also had a smell of an illegal smokey substance entering our room from one of the neighboring rooms for two days.  We mentioned it to the desk, and they advised that they would address it.  We never heard anything further on it.  

    We also had an issue when we checked in regarding our billing and resort fees.  We prepaid through a website that said all fees included in the receipt, and they refused to honor it.  I asked to speak to a manager, but the desk clerk advised that the manager was in a meeting, and that they would have a manager call our cell.  We never received a call, and ended up paying $75 more than we were originally expecting, which we are currently disputing.  

    I don't believe that I would stay here again.  There are a lot of other hotels on the strip that are just as nice, a little cheaper, give you better service, where you will get more for your money.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    70. Aire B.
    I was so very pleased with my stay at this hotel! I loved the spacious rooms and the way it was laid out.

    The free bikes were such a pleasant treat!! All of the employees I interacted with couldn't have been kinder!

    If I have to make one critique it is that the free breakfast is pretty bad, but hey! It's free :)

    19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Richie R.
    Be warned management will never be available for your concerns. I stopped by the front desk several times called and left an abundance of messages to get NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Also after requesting a late check out of only an hour extension I was badgered with visits from two people inquiring as to who and when I was given permission for a late check out.

    In addition, NOT LISTED ON THEIR SITE WHEN BOOKING, be prepared to pay the entire amount for your room plus your incidental few which is $100 per night. If you somehow manage to check in without your entire amount expect to be threatened to be locked out & thrown out a few hours later. My cousin and u were splitting the cost of the room and she was set to arrive much later in the night the front desk staff told me if I didn't pay her portion, as id paid mine earlier that day I would be locked out of my room pronto. I got her to wire me the money and when I returned about an hour later my keys had already be deactivated. I'd never been so humilated in my life. Nor have I had such an experience.

    We had stains on our carpet and bed. We had to call and request a remote for the television and once turned on the volume would not adjust. Room service only tended to the room once but they were very pleasant.

    If you enjoy attentive caring management don't waste your money here. They treat you like scum. Go elsewhere where you will be more appreciated.

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    72. Len R.
    Sevice at the breakfast restaurant is terrible.  63 minutes to get a pancake and whgen it finally arrived it was wrong.   They asked us to come back and said "we'll take crare of you".  They have the gall to give us a bill! after the invite.

    Unless you like to wait and wait and wait there are a lot better places like the Front Porch on 14th a& Ocean.

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    73. Ronald W.
    This is my favorite hotel in South Beach. If you want to be in the center of everything, this is the place to stay. My two choices are either The Victor or The W hotel.

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0