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Hôtel Gaythering in Miami Beach, FL

Hôtel Gaythering in Miami Beach, FL


Hôtel Gaythering is Miami Beach's only "straight friendly" hotel. It is located in South Beach where prestigious Lincoln Rd meets the Bay.

We want to help visitors to become instant locals!

The Coffee shop, Lounge, Library, & Self Service Spa serve as incubators for productive minds, as well as casual communal experiences. We promote "Gaythering" and socializing with activities and curated programming. Our amenities reflect the fact that luxury is no longer about spending the most money.

In a city known for its night clubs, loud bars and glitz, the Lounge at the Gaythering is the antithesis of what you would expect in South Beach: No red velvet ropes, No guest lists, No smoking. The ambient music is always kept at a level promoting conversation between old friends and new ones.


Established in 2014.

Hôtel Gaythering is Miami Beach's only Gay Hotel. It is located in South Beach where prestigious Lincoln Rd meets the Bay.

Behind its original facade, nothing has been spared to provide a unique experience. Our amenities reflect the fact that luxury is no longer about spending the most money. It is about getting the best value and being made to feel special.

We want to help visitors to become instant locals. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and passion about its community. We love to share this with our guests.

Our lobby is the heart of our Hôtel, a communal space where guests and locals can "Gayther" for a coffee, a drink or a bite to eat. It is a place where relationships can organically unfold thus creating a sense of community within the Hôtel.

The Coffee shop, Lounge and Library serve as incubators for productive minds, as well as casual communal experiences. We promote "Gaythering" and socializing with activities and curated programming.

Guests and local members might a


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Rating: 3.53

Address: 1409 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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Comments (17):

1. Mauricio G.
Hotel Gaythering is a great hotel located in South Beach.  We spent 5 outstanding days at the hotel.  It is located a short 10 minute walk from the beach.  Its near all the restaurants, bars, theaters which was perfect for those who do not have transportation.  The rooms are pretty big, and the beds are all king sized.  I would definitely come back and stay at the Gaythering!!!

14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Charilynn M.
Don't book with this hotel unless you can handle rude insensitive people.  Had an emergency come up and had to cancel 2 days in advance. When I booked it said 24 hour notice, like every other hotel.  When I called to cancel they told me it was 72hrs.  They made me continue to call 4-5 times for every associate to tell me they were not authorized to do anything.  I asked to speak to the owner because the manager himself wasn't authorized to do anything, (why is he a manager?) and he said he could not give out that info. I was willing to pay a fee, changed the dates and work with them.  They are charging me full price for a stay I won't be there for and tried to cancel two days ahead. No service was provided.  On top of it, I went onto the website and there are only 2 rooms available which means they will be sold out.  So they are going to pocket my money and sell the room anyways.  They lack any sort of compassion for people and are extremely snobby and rude.  Having me continue to call numerous times to tell me to keep calling back is wrong.  Stick with the corporate places, they know how to accommodate and work with guests.  These small places make the rules up as they go and don't care who the affect by it.

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Lindsay T.
My girlfriend and I chose this hotel due to it's amazing reviews. We were aware of a $100 pet deposit, but we weren't aware of an additional $150 deposit and a $25 pet cleaning fee. This was our fault, and we were not upset with the hotel for this. HOWEVER, when I said I was unaware of this fee the hotel clerk said in a sassy tone "It's stated online." I replied, "It's not an issue, I was just unaware. Let me run out to the car to get another card." Before I could go get a card from my girlfriend the clerk said rudely, "well I'm going to need to see his id." He assumed I was a straight woman, which is why I think he was so unfriendly to me. If you work in a gay hotel that is welcoming to ALL adults you should not assume someone's sexual orientation. And even If I were a straight woman that was no reason to be rude. Also, "I'm going to need to see his id" - you can kindly ask for it instead of bark it at me like I'm using some sort of stolen credit card. The other thing that bothered me was that this hotel claimed to be "pet friendly." To me pet friendly means FRIENDLY. We were told that dogs were not allowed to walk on any of the grass on Gaytgering's property and there were no clean up stations on the grounds. Luckily we brought our own bags, but we were told to take our pups elsewhere when we walked them on the grass out front. We have 2 small dogs. We would not bring them to a hotel if we felt they would damage anything or disturb anyone. Yet, when we checked in the SO KIND clerk asked me if our dogs get along and said "just don't leave them alone too long, they may bark." Really sir?! He spoke to us like we were children. Oh yea, and someone drew a penis on our door. Let's all make fun of the lesbians in the gay hotel. The rooms don't have refrigerators or an iron. Not a huge deal to me, but we did wish we had access to both of those things during our stay. Gaythering, your reviews were deceiving and your hotel blew a big one. I did speak to a few friendly employees throughout my stay, but unfortunately the rude comments made to us throughout the weekend outweighed the small amount of good customer service we received.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Urban G.
This is a review of the bar.
First let me say Hotel Gaythering is charming. I was given a tour of the facility and the attention to detail, craftsmanship and design did not go unnoticed by me.
The bar is a nice size, the music level is perfect, the a/c is nice and chilly so bring a sweater. The bar reminds me of NYC/San Francisco meets Berlin on Sobe. The decor in the bar features magnificent hardwood floors, wall paper around the bar, and gorgeous velour burgundy seating.  
The service is FANTASTIC! and that is saying something for Sobe. Everyone speaks english, there are no employees rudely having conversations with each other in front of you. The employees are all about the customer.  The two bartenders were handsome, charming, well spoken, engaging, and worldly.  
The cleaning lady for the restrooms clearly takes her job seriously as the restrooms are very clean (think OCD clean).  
Now on to the drinks- delicious, the way the bartender made them shows that he cares. Attention to detail is so sexy.
The crowd- a gaggle of gay men and a few gay women and maybe even some straight people but much like NYC or San Francisco the atmosphere is so progressive that anyone can walk in and have a nice time straight or gay.
There are quite a few televisions so if you want to have a drink to unwind and watch CNN they will accommodate you and change the channel for you. I was told there is a Housewives themed night on Sundays you can have cocktails and watch a Real Housewives episode. Watching Real Housewives is not my thing but I must say watching an episode at Hotel Gaythering sounds like fun.
There are also great Happy Hour specials.

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. K K.
This place is great. I had to book it the day of due to other accommodations falling through. I'm so glad I chose this one. I got to check in an hour early and do a late checkout.

My room on the 3rd floor was great. Nice and clean with some....interesting decor. It's very industrial chic like you would expect to find in an NYC loft apt. Definitely one of my favorite rooms of any hotel I've ever stayed in.

My only, trivial, complaints are there was no mini-fridge in the room. I don't think I've yet stayed in a hotel that didn't at least have a small unit in it. Not a big deal but it would've been nice to store some leftover takeout dinner.

It was a little noisy at night with what I'm guessing are patrons of the bar. However, the thick pillows in bed are fabulous at blocking out sound.

Also, the shampoo in the showers wrecked my hair. I usually avoid hotel shampoos  especially if they don't have conditioner but I didn't have my suitcase with me that night and had to opt for it. My hair felt sticky even after I jumped back in the shower a second time and washed like water was going extinct.

All in all, this place is great. I can't speak to the bar or the quality of the cafe in the lobby but the front desk staff was super friendly and I had a good night's sleep. If I ever need a hotel in South Beach again this will be my first choice for the price, location, convenience, and comfort.

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Stephen E.
Big disappointment.  The rooms are cute enough, but gay men expect a certain level of quality and decent service and this hotel doesn't have it.  When you call to make reservations, they mislead you about the ease of unloading your car.  The unloading zone is always in use by the staff for their cars.  The room we reserved, top floor with lots of windows, started leaking when it rained.  They moved us to a dark room in the back of the hotel.  It had a malfunctioning a/c unit.  And sticky lube spots not cleaned off the chair.  And the vacuuming in the hall is non stop.  What the heck did someone spill out there?  It's 8pm and she's still going.

19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Rob Z.
VERY CUTE. We stopped by the hotel after reading a magazine article about it and its owners. We met the owners who were absolutely lovely. The decor evokes a vintage speakeasy and the vibe has an easiness to it which differs notably from the standard South Beach "club" scene. It felt as though we had been there many times before and had just stopped back in. We had two delicious cocktails made with an attention to detail rarely seen anymore. At one point the bartender even re-started a cocktail when he did think the drink tasted right. Very impressive!! I hope that the hotel does well as it is a bit far down Lincoln Road but worth the trip.

08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Edison F.
At a time when chains have invaded South Beach, this is a refreshing, charming addition to the neighborhood. The rooms are cool and quirky. And, the location is great and at the quiet end of Lincoln Road. A short walk to all of the restaurants and stores.Just a $5 cab ride to the beach and bars.

08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Deanna R.
I had a wonderful and restful stay at Gaythering last night.  It was a delightfully decorated room with well appointed bathroom, love the scented shampoo and body wash.  The bed was so comfortable.  What style and swagger this establishment possesses.  Thanks for my introduction to South Beach!

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Dominique R.
We made the reservation via expedia and the hotel decided not to honer it when this was already paid in advance not even an effort to try to help or compensate the damage

24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Benslie B.
Pros: Super comfortable bed, loved the inclusive atmosphere, got a deal on a sizeable room, enjoyed trivia night and board games in the hotel, responsive staff

Cons: Noise definitely carried in the building, parking was non-existent (had to pay $15 to park a mile away), the spa was inaccessible during our stay

Recommend Hotel Gaythering if you're staying in South Beach, especially if you're looking for a gay-friendly location.

18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Rosalynn D.
Perfect is how I would describe our stay here. We came to Miami for a bachelorette party of about 14 girls. Service was amazing with their awesome staff. Everyone always made sure that we were all taken care of. From recommendations of where to go to getting a cab, they made sure we were set.

Our rooms were very cute and clean. LOCATION was everything for us and I am glad we were so conveniently close to everything.

Check out their bartenders. They are HOT. esp SJ (straight Jason). Hiyee :)

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Kay S.
Great room at a great price.  After all the looking I did, to find a stylish, fun, clean, classy hotel at their rates was a true find.  Room very comfortable, up-to-date, and nicely decorated.  The only bad thing is the parking is a short three blocks away, and we had to pay $30 for just over 12 hours overnight.  It was $20 for under 12 hours.  The hotel has one spot for guests to use for a max of 15 mins.  Unfortunately, it was usually not available so checking in with bags is a hassle.  However, I was so pleased with the hotel, I do not deduct for the parking.  My boyfriend and I (not gay) felt very comfortable here, so don't think that only gays stay at this friendly hotel.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Trevor K.
Overall, I would stay here again because the prices on South Beach are just so high and this hotel is extremely reasonable. The people were friendly, we had no issues (noise, WiFi, etc.) and the neighbourhood was safe, quiet and near everything. The parking drawback is common at most hotels, especially those in this price range.

The Hotel Gaythering was an interesting choice for someone unfamiliar with South Beach because it seemed to have a significantly lower price point, but still had the great South Beach location. Are that many people scared off by the vibe of the hotel? If so, that's great because it makes the prices lower for the rest of us! As a heterosexual couple, we had no issues giving it a shot, and the hotel did not feel unfriendly towards us at all. Sure they had the interesting vending machine items, the note about the fire extinguisher not being a toy, etc. but it's really all in good fun.

While the hotel does not have any form of onsite parking or valet, it seems that is the norm in South Beach. The only issue is that it is difficult to find a loading zone to drop off your luggage, so we just parked our car first. They offer a list of parkades close by at check-in - we had already chosen the 17th street garage. It received great reviews and is run by the city (about $1/hour). It was safe - our rental had the add-on GPS unit in it and there were no problems with people trying to steal it or anything.

Across the street is a Stop and Shop, which offers a great option for a cheap ($5-$7) breakfast that is made to order (breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, eggs, etc.). It is fresh made (and they also bake some of their breads/pastries).  There is even a walkout window, which seems really popular with the locals walking their dogs, and there is some seating inside. The coffee is fresh made and delicious.  They also offer lunch, etc. as well.

We did not find any sort of noise issues in our room (second floor, at the very back of the hotel), and there is a white noise machine for those that do. Our room was very large and was clean with one exception - in the sunlight you could see the leather chairs had something spilled all over them and were not really cleaned too well. Otherwise, the WiFi worked fine and there were no issues.

The location was good in that it was a short walk to the major sites and shopping on South Beach, and far enough away that noise was not an issue. It really seems nestled in a quiet area of the island, so you are never bothered by drunk partying.  We found that we only took our car out of the parkade to leave the island and just walked everywhere on the island.

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Brad S.
Gathering would be more tolerable if it even attempted to be what it's name implies, a hotel.  Yet from the moment you arrive you quickly discern that the word "hotel" isn't only absent from the clichéd branding on the building, but from the owners and staffs intents.

Checking in at the front desk, which doubles as an espresso bar, watering hole, library, restaurant, and spa desk, you're greeting with forced non-judgemental propaganda akin to the judgement free zone signs at a Planet Fitness.  Its one thing to be judgment free, another to force it upon you then throw up rather suggestive photos and artwork flanked by a vending machine selling purple plastic dildos (yes its there).

The rooms are loud ... passively acknowledged it seems by the owners as there is a white noise machine in the room which I had to use each night to drown out the clunking and slamming of oversized metal doors down uninsulated metal hallways - apparently an attempt at "industrie art".

So all this said, the hotel would do well to go all-in as a gay resort or just back out and go the hotel route.  Its this middle ground to be everything to everyone that while I understand the need to turn a profit and appreciate the attempt, it falls a little flat when you compare it to say an Island House for gay resort or a W or SLS for a neo-modern hotel experience.

Believe it or not I enjoyed my stay, and would stay again, the spa was clean and very well appointed and the staff super friendly, easy on the eyes, and always willing to help.  The location is a bit far afield to the beaches, and for this its also begging to be a Miami version of the Island House.  I'd love to see similar type of upgrades (pool, lounge area outside, more bar/club space) and then I'd think they'd hit that special zone.

A+ for effort though and very nice place to stay for gay travelers.

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Fidel C.
This place is the definition of crass. I really tried to give it a chance to appease my boyfriend and his friends, but I was so turned off at every aspect other than the bar.

Pros: the drinks are great, fresh, the bartenders are welcoming, nice bar area, TVs playing Bravo so you never miss the Housewives.

Cons: dildos in the vending machine right by the skittles (so nasty). My boyfriend and I went on a tour of the hotel with a staff member at the front desk and there was such a strong sexual overture to the tour that I was DISGUSTED. Is this a hotel or a bathhouse?!?! He chose to point out how there was enough space for several people in the public shower in the spa area. He then took us to a room and pointed out every sexual innuendo there was in the decor rather than the features and elegant design. The design IS nice but they completely ruin it by oversexualizing.

Yes, some members of the gay community do find humor in sexuality-- but not all of us do. This hotel is not representative of the gay community as a whole, as some of us are just people and don't always enjoy having these things wagged around in our faces. Too much potential here not embraced, very disappointing. I did not become a member because of this.

08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Alan M.
Great location
Great service
Great rooms
and overall inexpensive

14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0