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Rivera Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.03

Address: 2000 Liberty Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (38):

    1. Ashley L.
    This place was great. Wonderful, friendly staff, and  beautiful, spacious rooms. The fact that all the rooms are suites was very nice. The kitchenette was very useful. The floors are hardwood which was also a nice surprise. The flat screen tv's were an added bonus as well! The only issue is parking. They only offer valet, which is $30 a night, or metered parking a few blocks away. Neither of which is very convenient.  Overall a great place to stay, though. :)

    24/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Johnson A.
    Nice contemporary hotel with good customer service. They have a free happy hour from 7-8 but the bar aera is very small so it can get packed easily. We took the Washington street bus for 25 cents/person to get to the Art Deco District and Lincoln street.  Their WiFi is free but is weak. Overall I would come back.

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Jennifer U.
    Amazing place!!! I was staying with a friend in Downtown Miami and decided to leave to stay somewhere in South Beach. With not sure what was going to happen next, I came to the Rivera Hotel and had a blast. I was staying here by my self and I still had a great time. The rooms are meant for two people but are beautiful and extremely clean for the great price. There is always someone on staff and Angel, the night service worker was great company and very helpful in helping me locate my lost phone.

    The Rivera Hotel is apart of other hotels in the area. So if you decide to leave you will be welcomed into their other bars. They have a great happy hour where the happy hour includes free strong drinks. I am a lover of Miami and I can not wait to go back so I can stay at this place again.

    06/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Stephanie M.
    This hotel had a great look/feel and was very accommodating. The staff was very friendly, especially Amaury the bell guy and guy who checked us in our first night, David I think. The location to the beach and shops was convenient and the complimentary beach chairs were great! As well as the complimentary happy hour! Overall it was a great vacation!

    17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Max P.
    Terrible customer service, refused to compromise whatsoever just worried about getting their money! I would hate to have other issues to deal with them on! Booked a room, drove to the hotel and had to change plans. It was noon, 3 hours before check in and they were pretty much sold out and the boat show was in town, so they would have sold the room no problem. After waiting for Customer Service for an hour and half they refused to allow me to cancel, or even pay a fee. I won't deal with a company that runs a business this way, I suggest you save yourself the headache!

    21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Elise S.

    The Riviera Beach hotel ruined my first experience of Miami and I can't get those 4 days of my life (AND MONEY) back.

    I am regretting not spending more money to stay somewhere with actual customer service. Here is a breakdown of how bad everything was:

    1. CHECK-IN: It took them almost AN HOUR AND A HALF to check us in. I don't understand what was being performed to take so long, but it was so irritating that I was calling surrounding hotels like Delano to see what their availability was. After we got our keys, they sent us to the wrong room; we booked a suite for 4 people but were given a standard room, which, by the way, NONE of the keys worked. We had to bring our large luggage back down ourselves. We were finally given the correct keys to our correct room in their building directly across the street. Once we got into our room, we noticed a used Q-tip on the counter. We requested a room change because that's disgusting.

    2. THE ROOMS: The décor of the rooms are cute but lack functionality; there is barely any lighting except for the bathroom and the trash cans are miniature sized. I must say, the beds are made of memory foam and are comfortable. They got ONE THING RIGHT.

    3. MORENO'S - THE RESTAURANT: The manager (I can't remember her name) was excellent but everyone else was screwing up left and right. The first time we went to brunch there it wasn't crowded at all but the service was slooooow. We were sitting for 10 minutes before I went up to the bar and requested a menu and the waitress responded, "Oh, I didn't notice you guys sitting there!" Lies. We were directly next to the kitchen and couldn't be missed. The breakfast ordeal took forever. The next time we went to breakfast was another annoyance. I requested a BLT with no aioli because it makes me sick and when I received my meal, which took forever to come out, there was aioli all over it! I told the server I'll just take a plate of bacon and eggs instead, thinking that it would make my food come out faster. After everyone else finished eating, I finally got my food--but it wasn't a plate of bacon and eggs, it was a breakfast sandwich with bacon on the side. I was too hungry to re-request my actual order, so I ate it. The restaurant has horrible service, it unnecessarily takes too long, and they get things wrong!

    4. NIGHTLIFE: We wanted to go out to The Dream club and a woman at the front desk said they have deals with the promoter at the club and could set something up. We gave a $40 deposit to have a happy hour at another hotel where we would be picked up by limo and taken to The Dream. We got to the hotel and the limo driver said they were not going to The Dream. WE WERE PISSED. The next day we talked to the girl who set it up and tried to contact the promoter to no avail. She said she would reimburse her out of her own pocket because it was her mistake. THE HOTEL IS MAKING ITS EMPLOYEES REIMBURSE PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS! We told her it shouldn't come out of her pocket because it wasn't her fault. Meanwhile, the manager is standing next to her hearing this exchange and not saying anything about the hotel covering for THEIR MISTAKE. The manager said she wanted to give us a bottle of wine and a voucher for Moreno's (oh great) to compensate us for our troubles. Nice gesture, but not fitting for the horrible experience.

    5. OVERALL EXPERIENCE: This made such a negative impact on our trip. This was our first time in Miami and we were celebrating a birthday. Every headache we had on this trip was caused by this hotel. I HATE THIS PLACE WITH A PASSION. The passion runs so deep that I AM WRITING THIS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS. Seriously, have these people ever had a crash course in customer service? I don't think so. PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST. THEY WILL RUIN YOUR VACATION AND PISS YOU OFF. The least they could have done was comp one night, but why would they do the right thing? IT IS A PART OF THEIR ROUTINE TO ROYALLY SCREW UP YOUR STAY. You know what? You're better off sleeping on the beach or sharing a cardboard box with a homeless person on the street. I highly recommend doing that versus coming here.

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. TJ M.
    Small cute but terrible service. Takes more than a call to get things done here. Asked for new towels nothing happened till we called the next day again. If they improve the guest service I will reconsider but for now I'm not planning to come back.

    09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Nathan L.
    Not what I expected but what a pleasant unexpected surprise. So different from the average cheesy south beach hotel. You expect everything to be white and chrome but not this swanky old school Mediterranean feeling beauty. The hotel is made up of three buildings all with their own personality going from classical to contemporary industrial and one being original Miami beach Art Deco but all unique and sexy. The on site Cuban cafe and bar seems like a place Hemingway would hang out at or maybe frank Sinatra when he wants to get away from the rat pack. Perfect Martinis and mojitos. Lots of young sexy ladies. Live music with room for dancing. I thought there were tomatoes on the tortilla but then I read the menu and realized there were not but the owner overheard me and brought me a plate of tomatoes. I think his name was Nathan like the famous hot dogs. Can I move in?!!!?

    01/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Christine E.
    Great property and location for the money.

    Service was terrible from the moment that I walked up to the shuttle. To get on the airport shuttle you have to show your reservation information. My phone had died during my flight. The driver had me carry my own bags (I wasn't allowed to put them in the back with the others). He called reservations to confirm. He would not help me with my bags off of the shuttle either.

    I arrived early and was told the room was not ready yet @ 1pm. Arlene told me it would be ready by 2pm. I sat in the lobby. At 2pm I noticed others were being checked into balcony rooms. I asked the guy at the counter and he said - Oh... she misinformed you. He was standing there when she said 3pm.

    The room was spacious but the shower has no doors, curtain, etc. It is open to the rest of the bathroom so you cannot place anything in the general area.

    The restaurant has a very limited menu but the two times that I did go there the service was great. It is interesting that the hotel ice machine (self service) is the same ice machine that the restaurant uses....

    We did valet parking and again Arlene at the front desk made it a nightmare. I called for the car - 30 minutes later no car. Found out that she didn't call the valet. She confused the tickets and then at the end of the stay she tried to charge me for 2 cars. I called the front desk because by 5pm we had not received room service. Once again, Arlene didn't reach out to housekeeping. Thankfully I ran into the housekeeping manager in the common area.

    Due to Arlene's lack of customer service... I will find somewhere else to stay next time. Miami has so many great properties. It's not worth the headache.

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Chelsey R.
    Cute hotel, love the room and location.  Only down side was the noise.  The hotel did nothing about guest partying in the hall.  It sounded like our door was open it was so bad.

    21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Greg T.
    First day!!  Found out about a $15 a day charge for things they said were free. AC in the room didn't work. $35 a day for valet parking. No hand towels in the shower. Manager had zero personality!!  Happy Hour every evening from 7-8, bootleg Run, Vodka, and Gin.    This only day one!  More to follow tomorrow.

    29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Liz V.
    Super! Stayed at the Rivera Suites - great value for money, service was friendly and attentive. Free drinks during Happy Hour - restaurant food was superb. Rooms were clean and nicely decorated and had all the necessary amenities. Will recommend this hotel.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Nathan L.
    Nicest hotel in south beach. 2 pools a def plus. Just a few steps off the strip far enough away from the riff raff close enough to the action. The owner of the hotel is extremely hands on and gracious. Helped us with our luggage. The staff was really sweet especially Jenny who always had a smile and honestly wanted us to have an amazing vacation. Great smile and personality. The rooms are all different but the one we had was very industrial chic with concrete raw ceilings, grey tones, and pops of color. The bar was awesome with live music and the owner slash singer was very charming all the ladies were around him. The next day he was with his kids weird but whatever.

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Cyndi B.
    Thank you Pedro, for making us feel like a million bucks. You're a charmer :) You made our stay so fun. From the time we got in (business trip) to the time we left, we were treated like we were the only ones in the hotel. Yummy, complimentary espresso made by  Amaury. Cutest staff ever bringing our luggage to our rooms, opening the doors and helping with the heavy lifting. Thank you Alejandro, Amaury and Eric! Check in staff never tiring or our million questions and giving great advice. Thank you Jenny and Arlene. Night staff just as amazing. Recommending places to eat and making us feel like they really cared. Thank you David and Kevin. The owner was so attentive to our needs, not to mention, he's an AWESOME singer. We'd like to join the band :) We'd stay there again in a heart beat. Loved the atmosphere and free drinks from 7pm-8pm, Great rates. Comfy beds. SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!!

    08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Alexa C.
    I absolutely love this place. Location-wise it's brilliant because your two blocks hidden into the trendy area . Walk two blocks out and it's south beach mayhem, so it's like pick your poison. From the second I walked in, I was greeted by Jenny who checked me in efficiently and courteously. I had dinner at Moreno's which I LOVE. Afterwards, when I got to my room stuffed and ready to hibernate I was greeted by the coolest room ever! I guess my mama upgraded me without telling me..can we say penthouse? Wao what a charm. It's so worth it and the decor is this fancy dark wood ambience with dim lighting. Let's put it this way, I didn't want to check out. Española way, Lincoln road, Washington and Collins are all just a brisk walk away. Thanks to The Riviera, I was everywhere I had to be in the drop of a dime. Thank you Jenny for making everything so perfect for us. I definitely plan to come again soon.

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Christine S.
    Was staying in west palm and wanted to go to south beach for the day. We ended up having a few too many at the clevelander and looked for a decently priced hotel that was still cool. We found this place for under $100.00 - best decision we made!

    The hotel was awesome, a little rough in the neighborhood because there was a lot of renovations being done outside. We came in and there were a lot of people waiting around. We were upgraded for free to the suite? Not sure why but we had no problems with that! The ambiance is fantastic, darkly lit & newer furniture. We walked out to the pool and although it was closed we sat out there for a little bit.

    We were exhausted but knew we wanted to go out. We both showered. A little tough to do FYI because the shower door is glass and goes down to the floor? The floor was soaked. We decided to lay down in the king size bed and relax first. BAD IDEA..  one of the comfiest beds I have ever laid in. We ended up falling asleep & didnt even go out! Highly suggest this hotel :)

    18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Court S.
    Take a peek at my photos and you'll see why I'm giving this hotel 5 glittery shooting stars!




    Anywho, this hotel rocks!

    I got the king size suite, equipped with 2 plasmas, cow skinned rug, large gorgeous bathroom, etc.

    The hotel provides free wifi, poolside continental breakfast, and vouchers for beach chairs on South beach. The decor of the entire hotel is contemporary and trendy. I will be staying here from now on. The staff is friendly and attractive (always love being helped by attractive men!)



    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Cheyenne R.
    The rooms well very clean and huge, we expected just a standard room and we check in to find it a little suite. It was great !! Our check in lady was very helpful and answered all questions. The hotels hold your stuff after check out so if you need more time to explore you can with out luggage. Kawanza Nelum was so friendly was helpful with our luggage and even told us on our way back to call him so they could have a taxi ready for us right when we returned. Definitely will be returning back to this hotel on my next Miami trip.

    12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Sangmin Y.
    FANTASTIC!! This is my first time to Miami and I can say Reviera hotel is the best. Pool looks so good and the bar is unlimited at happy hours. Rooms are perfectly clean as well as its gorgeous interior decoration. I am here for my business travel but feel like having a vacation!! Most of all, staffs in this hotel are amazingly kind and professional. Especially, Neka and Maria treated me and wife to a wonderful service and gracious hospitality. Thanks to Neka and Maria, I think I will totally love Miami forever.

    13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Jay R.
    Amazing rooms. The people that work here are helpful and nice. Feels like a hotel should actually feel.

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Karen M.
    Thank you Alex Guzman for making our stay there unforgettable, to Maria for upgrading our room and to Pedro. Amazing Cuban restaurant and the best happy hour in south beach with jade as a bartender who made the best Cuba libres and jasmine the sweet waitress. I definitely can't say enough about this place except I can't wait to go back!

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Shanna J.
    It's OK, but just OK. Room is really small but boutique, but the restroom is really confusing, the sink and toilet is separate,  and there is no door for shower. Really inconvenient, you cannot wash your hand immediately after you use the restroom. Check in is very slow, but the front desk is nice. Plus, the waitress in Moreno is hot.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Tyler F.
    Ive been traveling my whole life and this place surpassed my expectation by far. It was our anniversary, I gave them a heads up and they had set up a bottle of prasecco, with a card. The service was great, they accommodated everything I asked for and was very pleasant. They let you know that If your not happy with something they will do what ever it takes to make it better.

    Very, Very memorable Stay.

    16/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Joanna A.
    Beautiful hotel! We stayed in the penthouse suite which was huge and beautifully decorated. The service was great... Darko was very helpful and sweet. I would definitely stay there again!

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Danielle B.
    So we stayed here this past weekend for the 4th of July. The location and style of this hotel is awesome BUT I experienced worms in the bathroom after day 1, the shower head was coming off the wall and the front desk employees were very "dry" as in not interested in my valid complaints.....After they moved and upgraded us to a top floor balcony, my experience improved and they MUST have told maintenance to extra clean the room because it was PRESTINE!

    08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Feven A.
    First time visiting Miami, Florida. Since I get to the airport until I left the hotel, I don't have anything I found I can complain about. From the hotel design, very modern and the bed is the most comfortable bed ever. All my back pain and stress was relieved. The staff were amazing. My two favorite staff are David Valencia and Jean Marc. The  bar and pool set up is very creative and well thought. Also they have happy hour that you can't miss. They also have signers that come and sing. Very relaxing atmosphere and you can sleep without any street noise. I'm differently commingled back here again.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Greg W.
    Unimpressed. Mattress was lumpy and worn in. Insulation was poor between rooms, and I could hear people walking around and toilets flushing. Decor was pretty cool, and the location was great, but the room was definitely small. Also, they charged $35 a day for parking.

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Karri R.
    I recently stayed for a couple nights. Absolutely loved the place! The environment was great! The rooms were beautiful and clean. My only downfall was the area to get ready at was very small. Tiny sink and very small vanity. The astonishing thing about my stay was the staff! We were greeted by Shamika and Jairo when we arrived. They were so nice and accommodated us with the hot spots to party and eat. Before we started our night Jairo was even nice enough to take our picture. While we were there we enjoyed one of the 3 pools. The rooftop pool. Wilfort never stopped. From making sure every chair and bed was clean and had a clean towel and every guest had fresh ice water. He even took our picture for us. Honestly I will always stay at Riveria from here on out when I frequently visit south beach. Loved this place! How could I forget about the free happy hour for guest from 7-8!!

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Tim I.
    Jenny was a superstar, and helped salvage what started as an awful trip in Miami. My friends and I were there to celebrate one of our birthdays and had a terrible experience at another hotel. We promptly checked out, and managed to book two rooms at the Riviera. Jenny attended to us during check-in. She's very friendly, efficient and helped us get settled into our rooms.

    The hotel is in a great location about two blocks from the beach. Rooms are very nicely decorated, modern and clean. Cleaning service was a bit slow that weekend, but we loved the two pools and lounges, and the short walk to the beach.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Kim M.
    Absolutely gorgeous room and very friendly staff. We were upgraded to a suite and it was well appointed even had a kitchen. Building 2 had a beautful pool that was like a hidden oasis. The hotel is in a great location, close to everything but just off the main roads so that it was quiet. Will definitely stay again.

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Joseph C.
    Lobby/Pool/Other Common Areas: 4 Stars
    Room: 3.5 Stars
    Service: Can I give 10 stars?  20?  Infinity stars.

    We decided to spend a long four-day weekend in Miami for our third wedding anniversary.  We debated whether we should spend the extra money to stay right on the ocean, but in the end I'm glad we chose Riviera.  The lobby and restaurant are gorgeous.  They were obviously recently renovated and it shows.  The pools are lush and luxurious feeling.  You really feel like you've stepped into an even more tropical paradise than Miami.  You also get free lounge chairs at a beach club on South Beach.  It's a short 2 minute walk, and I don't know how I've been just laying on a beach towel all these years.

    The service was beyond stellar.  I booked a regular room and then my husband called back without me knowing and told them it was our wedding anniversary.  Without any extra charge they upgraded us to a VERY large suite (more like an apartment) and gave us complimentary wine and chocolates and of course the standard flowers and swan towels.  Very cute though.  In addition every single person we encountered from the valet to the front desk to the cleaning staff was just delightful.  They always had the answer to our questions and were very polite and courteous.  They always went the extra step for truly stellar customer service.

    Now to the room, my least favorite thing about my stay at Riviera.  This review is for a suite on the second floor of building number one.  The other buildings look like they've been remodeled more recently, but I can only speak to what I saw in my room.  Riviera touts itself as a 4 star hotel, and the room was 3-3.5 stars.  It looks like it was professionally decorated at some point, though it was really done in poor taste, but that aside it's very worn.  You can't say you're a 4 star hotel and then let your furniture and paint be worn and dingy.  It looks like no one has painted in 5+ years and the furniture was scuffed and rubbed raw from so much use.

    And I know this is just personal taste, but even if everything was brand new, the place was decorated like a vampire nightclub.  It was all incredibly dark, which is not what I expected in sunny Miami.  There's a definite gothic feel.  If this were a nightclub it might have been fun, but how everything is arranged and decorated wasn't very practical for actual use.  We had a HUGE suite.  It was gigantic.  And we never left the bedroom because the rest of the suite was just such an odd layout.

    Still, I really enjoyed my stay at Riviera Hotel.  If it weren't for the rundown, used-to-be 4 star rooms I would have definitely given my overall experience 5 stars.  As it stands it's still 4 stars, so that just goes to show you how fantastic the staff and pool really were.

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Rita I.
    A shout out to the staff of this fabulous hotel, especially Jairo Perez, who went out of his way to make our stay fabulous.  The room was beautiful, the pool was restful and the location was perfect!  I will be back.

    14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Rhonda D.
    BE AWARE that I had a piece of jewelry taken by housekeeping out my bag.  Hotel claimed nothing was turned in.  LOCK UP YOUR STUFF.  Housekeepers CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  Hotel was sufficient but rates is comparable to a 100$ a night quality hotel- nothing more.  Agreed that I should have locked up my watch however it was DEEP in my travel bag hidden!   My mistake but travelers BEWARE

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Donald L.
    Awesome rooms, atmosphere and staff!!! Perfect on every way!!!!

    You'll love the feel of this hotel both the rooms and the inside/ outside common areas!!

    15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Spice Of Leia R.
    Riviera Hotel has its own definition of sophistication with a dash of modern character of a boutique hotel. The hotel is about 4 blocks to the beach, and close to the center of SoBe, yet a hushed spot away from the crowd. Their amenities are secluded and a homey modishness of Miami. The rooms are set in classic industrial touch. This hotel is a first-rate boutique hotel for couples and families as well. They offer the Classic Rooms, Balcony Rooms, and the one-bedroom apartment like

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Jeffrey L.
    This review is for the nice staff and Amaury Guzman who is the main front guy just doing his job and making sure everyone is having a good time. Thanks buddy for opening the door, carrying our luggage, and getting valet when we actively came in and out of the building.

    27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Allan G.
    So our stay was for 4 days. We loved this place and after walking all over SOB we were even more thrilled with our choice to stay here. For the price, this hotel is spectacular. The free pick up at the airport to the great staff (especially Pedro, Darko and Amaury) we felt well taken care of. We upgraded to a balcony room as our first room was tinny. Worth it! The proximity to the beach is great and it was really perfect to be near the action but not in it. The fresh fruit everyday was nice, the pools great, the coffee delicious.

    The only negative was the happy hour which was just okay (too many people in too small a place, plastic cups, waiting forever just did not live up to my expectation).

    Overall, a great stay. I highly recommend it!

    29/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Bianca D.
    I recently stayed an entire week at the Riviera with my new baby. Upon arrival there was no parking. I asked the valet if I could park there for 1 hour for check in and to unload to my surprise they said..YES. So now I am wondering am I really in Miami?? I then head to check in, the front desk and lobby area has a retro vibe to it. Jairo greeted us with an amazing attitude and even took time to acknowledge the baby. WOW!! now I am concerned that we may be in the Midwest..

    The valet unpacked our car and helped us bring our luggage up to the room. The room was different décor then I'm used to in Miami. Usually everything is white and ocean blue but this suite was blue and gold, think the movie Four Rooms with Madonna and you can visualize the room. I liked the spaciousness of the room I could work while the baby slept in the bedroom.

    I loved the on-site restaurant Moreno, the staff was super nice and accommodating. I pretty much had business meetings the entire trip and then the weather turned cold so I didn't get to visit the pool. Oh well, I will def check it out next time. For  me and my family this is a perfect place to stay if you like boutique hotels.

    All of the guest services was great from valet to the front desk and beyond.

    A special THANK YOU!!! to Jairo, Arlene & Neka for making this a great stay. I didn't miss the Miami snobbery one bit.

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0