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Shore Club in Miami Beach, FL


Designed by famed British architect David Chipperfield, Shore Club is redefining cool on Miami's South Beach with its incredible landscaping featuring rich intense Matisse-inspired colors of the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. The landmark Art Deco lobby is conceived as a calming transition to the labyrinth of gardens with secret passageways, alcoves and a succession of different outdoor 'rooms'. Skybar Miami Beach, with its four separate bars set within the deeply sensual background of the colorful tropical gardens, is the premiere spot for South Beach nightlife. Revive at our 8,000 sq. foot Spa within the serene Zen-like atmosphere on our breathtaking rooftop. Terrazza offers authentic Italian menu items served in a poolside terrace dreamscape making it a dining experience not to be missed.


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Rating: 3.53

Address: 1901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (209):

    1. Nicole M.
    just reviewing the night scene here.  though i do love the pool in the daytime if i have friends staying here (very rare).  every time i come to this hotel i'm surprised at how pretty it is. out of all of the hotel spots this is definitely my favorite and i have to fill the craving once a month for the glamour and smooth style that is the red room and sky bar. for the most part i've found everyone that works there to be very friendly as long as you're friendly to them.  it can be a little difficult to get into the red room after midnight on a friday or saturday is the only hassle. and you have to go around the side of the hotel if you're not a guest.  and the drinks cost a bit extra (tips included so just pay on the card, don't add extra and call it a night). and if you get into the red room, you have to go back out to pee (make sure you catch the front door guy's eye). one star off for all that.  it's such a nice place that it makes up though.  high rollers can reserve a bed outside near the pool, and the waitresses don't grouse too much if you sit down near the bar or inside. i actually even prefer a serene weekday night there to the weekend scene. either way, there's also some good people watching.

    18/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Blah B.
    OMG.........I am totally in love with this place!! I just got back last Sunday and I want to go back!! Talk bout getting the 5 star treatment!! Their freaking amazing there and the place is gorgeous!!! I def. recommend this hotel to anyone!!!

    23/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Lily C.
    very inviting bar area near the pool.  the beds around the pool are a nice touch.  drinks are around $15-18, tip included.

    21/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Juhani P.
    Nice pool area, but not as great as Delano's. I took a swim on one chilly Saturday night, I bet you $5 you won't do it!

    09/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Drucilla D.
    I couldn't NOT give this place 5-stars. I had found out I was traveling to Miami from Chicago the next evening, late on a Thursday night. I wasn't able to make my reservations until Friday mid-day, and I still had AMAZING results. My friend and I wandered into the lobby around 1am, straight from the airport, and we were greeted by a very friendly staff and an amazing free upgrade!! From a regular room with two queen beds to an incredible garden bungalow!! It was awesome. Our room was right next to where the party was but even with the close proximity, the second you walked upstairs to the bedroom area (of the bungalow), there was no outside noise. I actually made a bet with my roommate as to how long it would be before we caught people making out in front of our sliding glass doors, but within a couple of minutes of our taking guesses, we were met by our security guard Mario who assured us that he was there to make sure that no one bugged us. I loved that. Room service was decent and Nobu was very, very good. Though the weather was not amazing, we had a fabulous time hanging out in the couch area Saturday night, chilling out and really enjoying the music. The music was amazing. Overall, a VERY fun place. I highly recommend it.

    08/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Danielle M.
    The nighttime vibe is amazing.  Taking a long stroll into the back area.   People are laughing and dancing having a great time sitting on the couches and chairs. Another cool place to visit in South Beach.

    16/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Katie P.
    Apparently this is the place to be on Friday nights.  The music was great but unlike the Delano, there was no dancing in the pool - and actually no dancing to be spoken of at all.  Nice to have the lounge chairs/couches by the pool - of course everything is very white and chic contemporary looking.  Everyone seems to hang out right at the walkway from the lobby to the pool so they can check out who is coming and going - it is all about watching who is coming and going.

    25/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Noelle Q.
    Drinks outside at the Shore Club is perhaps my idea of a perfect evening. Friendly staff, poolside lounge-y bed things, gorgeous flowering trees, there wasn't one thing I didn't absolutely adore about this place.

    15/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Amanda E.
    Stay here for Skybar, the fun pool scene and the great beach location

    Don't stay here for the sterile rooms (I'm all for modern minimalism but they are way too white), cement floors, impersonal service and terrible food

    The Scoop NYC in the lobby is convenient for quick, one-stop shopping. They also have a Me & Ro - great jewelry.

    The banana-strawberry smoothies served poolside are really addictive

    Next visit I'll probably try the Gansevoort South instead

    12/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Jeremy S.
    Cool rooms. Sweet lobby and bars. Pool and beach were okay but not stunning. I saw Pauly Shore, seriously.

    18/10/04 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Natala M.
    We spent one day at the Shore club -- and frankly i was disappointed. It's a bit run-down (everything looks sun-bleached in an old not chic way). The service was good, and the scene was hot -- overall i had expected a little bit more for the price and the hype.

    10/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Laura G.
    This was the first place we went on our trek around Miami to find a happening place. We walked into the hotel and the staff seemed very nice, we made our way to the back, by the pool it was semi-filled with people. All the beds were taken but there weren't a lot of people otherwise. My friend comes here all the time and she said its always packed. Maybe we came too late or maybe it isn't as trendy as it used to be. I don't know. But what I do know is that Miami is WAY expensive when it comes to a drink. And I'll stick to Chicagos $10 drinks...I gave it 3 stars because the outside was gorgeous! I'm from chicago so none of the bars/ lounges are like this and it was very different.

    14/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Rah Rah C.
    I  love the Shore Club! I wish I could permanently move in there.

    The Shore Club is astonishing for its ambiance! The pool scene, regardless of season or time of day, is always fun & the attentive staff makes sure that you always have a mojito (or glass of champagne) in hand.  I love eating shrimp while hanging out in a poolside cabana personally!   The hotel rooms themselves are quite groovy as well - though they could be a bit cozier, you know more cozy & sensual,  a bit less stark. I love the wetrooms. Reserve a room with a balcony, preferably overlooking the pool but beware it is not going to be very quiet.

    The restaurants, including Nobu, are perfect though pricey. Skybar is always fun & plays good music. Scoop boutique also has an outpost here, just in case you need a new bikini or party dress!

    Convenient location for all that exciting South Beach has to offer!

    Beware though...unless you are up for the party, you will be unhappy here. Even from locked doors & closed windows you will hear the loud music until the DJ decides to go home.  They really do need to work on sound proofing the rooms a bit better.

    24/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Yelper A.
    Great Pool Scene - Locked eyes with Robert Deniro - rooms are all about the minimalist expectation. The best  delight was the chair in the shower.  

    How do I become employed as the next designer of Sexual Genius??

    06/01/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Maggie M.
    Another Great pool!!!

    23/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Tracy M.
    Me likey...The sky bar at the Shore Club= super cool place to hang out on a warm night.  Just walking into the hotel you feel cool.  Minimal modern design on the inside is greeted by a mix of LA chic, South Beach vibe and a unique array of furniture including Indian inspired lanterns, a random assortment of furniture...and beds!  Seems to be a theme in Miami/ South Beach.  One thing I liked the most about the Sky Bar was that there was space and you didn't feel like at any given moment you were going to fall in the pool if it got too crowded.

    The DJ was rocking some great tunes all night.  As I sipped my $18 glass of vino...In enjoyed lounging on a bed with some friends staring at the stars.  we were there on a Sunday, so it wasn't crazy busy.  

    The biggest negative in my opinion (besides the pricey cocktails) was the distance form lounging in the stars to bathroom....in a dungeon downstairs and difficult to find.

    Overall vibe...5 stars....prices 2 stars....  I had fun and I'm in a good mood, so I givey 4 stars.

    14/05/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Jordan N.
    Classy chic (bright)

    26/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. R S.
    Great place to spend your first time in Miami.  The staff was really nice... we loved Tomas at the Concierge, he was so helpful and really nice.  We also loved Care, he helped us out a lot and was really pleasant :-)  The pool on Saturday was a LOT of fun and the pool and beach staff were great.  Our room didn't exactly look like the pics on their site, but it was ok.... we had no hot water our first day and had to ask for it to be fixed 3 times until someone finally came, but once he did come, he was really nice and fixed it within 10 minutes!!  The staff at this hotel was amazing, we were ALWAYS greeted with a smile no matter where in the hotel we were or what time it was.... Thank you Shore Club, our first trip to Miami was great!!!

    15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Gen H.
    Shore Club...oh how I loved the Shore Club.   Well, still "love" Shore Club, but not "in love" anymore.  This establishment used to be my favorite hotel on the beach.  It has a great location, awesome pool, popular bar (Skybar), and two really good restaurants, one being the famed Nobu. It's an all in one deal, so worth the price.  However, I have to say my last visit, 2 weeks ago, was slightly disappointing. Why?  1)Didn't seem as clean... walls scuffed up in rooms and it's looking older.  2)  When you go to a hotel like Shore Club you expect to be treated like a special guest...didn't happen this time.  3)  I used to adore the pool for it's chic lounge feel, now it's like an Mtv party in Vegas.   I'll probably head back again some day, but I think I'll visit Delano again before I return to give SC another chance.

    21/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Jenny C.
    Shore club is a great place to come and relax its clean, the service is good , the pool is nice and the service is good i like it because its so close to SKY BAR and NO-BU def make a reservation if your heading out for sushi at no-bu this place is good for a wknd getaway good time good drinks good service what more do u want??

    25/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Cristina V.
    Love the atmosphere here. Clean, fun hip, posh..I went here one time for a private cocktail party that was thrown by the pool...The service was good, drinks were good...All in all a nice experience ...Definitely Recommend

    18/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Christie F.
    the shore club was just wonderful. the staff went above and beyond and the amenities were superb. all of our requests were granted with a smile- from an early check in to a late check out. DJ at the front desk even sent a bottle of wine to our room to help celebrate our anniversary! we can't wait to come back!

    20/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Jon F.
    I am a total sucker for the plush minimalist chic of the Morgans Group, epitomized by the Shore Club. If you're familiar with the Standard, think similar but classier. Haven't stayed during Winter Music Conference but hear that it's an epicenter of the round-the-clock party scene.

    03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Adam B.
    The public areas at the Shore Club are great...lots of energy at the Sky Bar and Nobu is of course in a class by itself. But the rooms and food are ridiculously overpriced, even by South Beach standards. $450 for a small queen bed room with no amenities to speak of, a freezing cold concrete floor, and a view of someone else's roof -- forget it. And don't get me started on the food and drink. A small bottle of water at the pool was $8. Breakfast is $30 per person no matter what you order.

    The pool scene was weird this week; many more families than I expected. More like the Maui Four Seasons than the Hollywood Standard. The beach was great though, and the beach servers are extremely attentive. Concierge was a little weak, by contrast: they didn't seem up to date on the top clubs.

    Sky Bar -- oddly named since it's on the ground floor -- is a nice place to relax in the afternoon and early evening (though they really need to fix the hammock). And you can't beat the Shore Club for celeb sighting. Chris Rock, Pink, Pharell, all in a couple days. Plus the hotel is very close to Mynt and Mokai and the Delano (which has a better midweek nightlife scene and a better pool, so consider there as well).

    25/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. T N.
    After the umpteenth time, "yes I am staying in room 564" Hotel service and pool service seem to be on two different schedules. The room overlooks the pool (great for being naughty, but LOUD if you plan on sleeping before 4Am, ie, get real drunk.

    I love the minimalism, concrete floors and plasmas, balcomnies are nice, but what am I really getting for $1800 a night??? Carte blanch entrance to the pool parties at night and be able to mingle on a float in the daytime? I wanna be on the beach and do the real people watching.

    Well, all was fine, drinks on the beach were 45 bucks a piece - but that's what expense accounts are for! Otherwise, not so much!

    12/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. dan h.
    it's lost a little of it's cache since the last time i was there and Paris Hilton was on the pool bed next to mine, but it's still one of the classiest places in SoBe.  btw, i've met a lot of famous people in my days of living on the west side of LA and always made a point of saying hello.  i told an olympic gold medalist that i liked her shoes; don johnson and i talked long enough that he flagged me a cab himself when i left... but paris?  i couldn't think of anything to say to her.  "i like your work?"  no work to comment on!  anyway.... back to the shore club. the private beach area and the pool is top notch.  the Delano (a few doors down) is perhaps a notch higher on the pecking order since it still has a restaurant and a club on the 'A' list.  the sky bar in the shore club didn't seem to be drawing the crowds that it once did.  but make no mistake, for the money, the concierge, pool and private beach area are all great.  and it's only a 10 minute stroll to prime SoBe restaurants on Ocean and shopping on lincoln.  excellent place to go but you might want to see if you can get a room at the Delano for the similar pricing (probably not). the other places to stay which don't have a top notch pool and private beach are absolutely not comparable but probably much cheaper.

    16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Holly W.
    Coming to the Shore Club feels like coming home--you know, if you spend your days in a seaside mansion with flowing white panels and the smell of gardenias in the air. Everything in this hotel is perfect to a T. Not only are they equipped with the world's most amazing sushi place (NOBU) but the outside bar/pool area is the perfect place to spend your afternoons people watching, drinking and tanning to your heart's content. If you feel like venturing out another 200 ft from the pool area, you have your own private beach, white sand and baby blue waves to boot. I can't imagine who could be unhappy here, then again for 450$ a night I'd be surprised.

    02/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Tim C.
    We like this bar for the nice outside lounge but the price and slow service always detracts. Very eclectic crowd music is always just right!

    04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. JOHN C.
    This place tries to choose form over function, but fails at it....The room, which was minimalist and heavy on the stone and concrete (including the floors), seemed dirty and in need of repair.  Plus, impractical things (like a bathroom that's larger than the bedroom) made for a somewhat unpleasant stay....Then again, you're paying for location, which is great.  Decent, but not great.

    07/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Melissa A.
    Sooooo I got all hyped before I went to Miami from a load of people saying how great the Shore Club was... that I had pick a great place to stay etc. Now when I arrived I was disappointed. For the price you pay you would think that they could change the bedding to the pool beds so that they don't look so dirty and rugged. (discolored pillows and beds) You would think that the elevators would be cleaned spic and span. You would think that my room service menu would be in a binder nicely placed on the desk instead of sheets of paper placed on the corner.  I am also totally over the ALL WHITE look with a one color accent in the room; example pink pillows on white sheets and a pink lamp.

    I will say however that the SHOWERS were insane. I love a high pressure shower heads. I will also say that the Pool Party on Sunday is something you would not want to miss... One of the best parties in Miami (and that's just in the afternoon) Joe was a great manager and made sure that we were very well taken care of---overall we had a great time. But I definitely expected more from the over $500 a night room!

    02/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Cynthia E.
    What started as as lovely girls trip to Miami - ended in grand theft (my diamond earrings) and appalling follow-up by the risk and maangement teams of the Shore Club.  While the hotel may have beautiful exterior - with its white chic decor - it's all a facade.  I had a pair of gorgeous 4.5 carat diamond earrings - which my grandmother had left me in her will.  Two ludicrous events occurred 1) our safe was jamming shut - when we called the front desk to have security come up and fix the safe, the response was simply - "we recommend you don't use the safe", and 2) the earrings were stolen.  I left one morning to go for a run (45 minutes max) and left the earrings bedside - during that time, our room was cleaned - meaning the only key that was used during this time (as verified by security) was the maid's key - when I returned, the room was cleaned, and the earrings were gone.  The series of events that followed were an unfortunate security and police visit - completely ruining the trip, and a reassuarnce by security that "they would turn-up" and "jewelry gets misplaced all the time".  The warning to you - the hotel took NO responsibility, YOU as the guest will likely be ACCUSED yourself, and oh yes, I'm pretty sure this maid still works there.  Good luck.

    08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    32. W V.
    I brought a big party down to the shore club a couple of weeks ago and they did a terrific job. Rooms and service were great, pool and nightlife excellent, staff amazing. Bravo and 5 stars.

    14/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. art s.
    Swank atmosphere where the cool is mostly kept at a semi low key hum and the service is dignified but still friendly.

    What's good
    Lobby has the requisite airy, downtempo vibe.  Lot of open space, minimal amounts of sleek furniture with cool people lounging momentarily before hitting the pool/bar/rest of south beach.

    Spa is friendly and welcoming.  My wife and I both had good massages, and her masseur actually gave her what looked like a prescription with tips for some stretching, etc.  Helpful, and a bit beyond what you might ordinarily expect.  

    DJs / sound system.  All day long they have good mixes going, tailored well to time of day and the current level of 'scene' going on.  Whether it's accompanying brunch at noon or keeping people moving at 2:30 am, the music always feels right.  

    Room service / housekeeping.  Always on time and courteous.  Even had my room partially cleaned while I was sitting here working [good solid wi-fi connection, btw].  

    Haven't tried the most adventurous things here, but caprese salad comes with real mozzarella di bufala [then again, at $18, I suppose it would be a crime if it didn't].  Fruit is fresh, waffles are tasty, etc.  

    General layout
    Front to back is a series of open spaces around or near pools, with beds/lounges, low-slung stools and other pieces that might not work in your living room, but definitely work here.  Easy to feel relaxed and maybe a good 15% cooler than you usually are just by walking around.

    What's questionable
    The pool scene.  Totally depends upon your tastes, I suppose.  This weekend [Super Bowl XLI] might skew things a bit, blending the local beautiful folks and regular assortment of semi-glamorous visitors with all kinds of out-of-town poser meatheads and otherwise conspicuously obnoxious extroverts you wish would dial it down about 10 notches.  There's a weird mix of guys around the main pool - seems to be equal parts Jersey-shore caricatures, Borat's long lost cousins and extras from revenge of the nerds 6.  

    What I could do without
    The mob at the front door on a Saturday night.  Just trying to get in and back up to the room to call it a night at a modest/lame 2am, and I have to fight through a throng of misguided Brandon Davis wannabes.  Both immediately aggravating and also something that makes me sad for society.

    04/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. A B.
    Location, pool, restaurants, and lobby are great.  VERY PRICEY.  The rooms are terrible and from what management told me they are being renovated floor by floor.  Can't wait!  Our room smelled like mold everytime we entered, the bathroom door and chipped and broken wood and wouldn't close properly.  The phone had a broken antenae.  TINY closet, chipped paint in the bathroom.  If it were in pristene condition I could overlook the Ikea fixtures.  Maid service did a great job.

    All the staff were welcoming, pleasant, helpful, and personable (especially Nicholas-front desk, Darko-server at Ago, Dobri and Jackie-Skybar bartenders, and a few more that I don't know their names) EXCEPT for the RUDE, INCORRECT, RUDE, GROUCHY, RUDE, BAD MOOD, RUDE, did I mention rude Skybar manager KEVIN.

    He wouldn't clear 2 small incorrect charges on a bill and spouted off completely untrue information.  He just came across as a miserable person that hates his job.  Thank goodness the rest of the staff service overshadows him, I wouldn't go near his miserable energy.

    29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Noah P.
    Dirty and way too expensive for what you get...  Horrible service and non-english speaking customer service.  Music was atrocious and the pool had a dj in the middle who broke her turntables.  The silence was shortlived though...

    19/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. laurie c.
    Wish 3.5 stars was available, but i was feeling generous (as I'm sure was my problem last Saturday night when I tipped!) Is it true that tip is included? Jeesh, it should be for the prices but I can't slam this place for that b/c they are just following South Beach's suit...everything is overpriced down here!

    The pool & beds were very fun and nicely decorated but IMO not as beautiful as the Delano's outdoor area. But really, I was more than tipsy by the time we got here and started to get tired lounging on the beds. What made this place even more fun was NO KIDDING, Don Johnson, circa 1980 something was walking out as we were walking in!!! Too funny that he hangs in South Beach and goes to the Shore Club. My favorite ironic celebrity sighting of the year b/c it was so funny!

    13/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Halle T.
    I had a great time here, don't get me wrong.  I love the rooms-- they keep you both cool (with the light stone, cruise-ship decor) and hot (with the sexy rooms with large showers).

    But to be honest, I'm offended.  Just because I'm a borderline hotel-snob and will pay more to stay in the sexiest hotels in the best locales... doesn't give you the right to completely rip off your customers with ridiculous mini charges.  We're already paying quite a bit to stay in your hotel.  Why must you feel the need to charge $40 for an omelette and $20 for martini?

    27/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    38. Thi T.
    I was very surprised by this hotel. If you're on Spring Break, circa junior year of college, this is your place. If you're on a work trip, don't count on getting a good night's sleep here or having all your supplies shipped to the hotel correctly. The service is slow and the bellmen don't have a clue where your shipments are. Things get lost, people don't speak English and it's difficult to communicate your needs. The hotel personnel don't communicate well with each other and things get lost in the shuffle or in shift changes.

    I felt like I was staying in dorm or hostel in Europe. The hotel is too ultra-modern and doesn't have a hit of coziness. Unless, you're on the beach! The pool and beach at the Shore Club is beautiful! With two pools and amazing scenery, it was a great place to take a break. The hotel prides itself on its nightlife. It's a great place to mingle, and if you get bored there...take a stroll to the Delano, its sister hotel. It's night scene is an even bigger to-do!

    11/05/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Lemon C.
    I didn't stay here, but loved the outdoor bar as an evening chill spot! It has a Moroccan theme. They had the best passion fruit margaritas! On Sundays they have a pool party with house music.

    30/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Megan H.
    Okay so despite my horrendous experience of having my top shelf mojito made with Tequila instead of Rum... I still love this place.  How did that happen, you ask?  Well... let's see - I watched the bartender pour the liquor herself.. it came from a Rum bottle and cost $20 or something ridiculous (who cares - it's south beach - you don't come to south beach unless you want to spend money like you're made of it).  Anyway.. first drink of my mojito and I nearly tossed my cookies.. why did she make it with Tequila? WHAT?!  I swear I saw her pour it out of the Rum bottle... okay let's try this again.  I gave the drink back... watched for the second time as she makes my mojito - same rum bottle - same final conclusion - your rum is ACTUALLY TEQUILA!!!  So let's get it out in the open - The Shore Club refills their top shelf liquor with well liquor.... and in this case the bus boy (or whoever refills the bottles) confused RUM for Tequila... WHOOPS.  $20 for a mojito made with WELL tequila.. gross.

    I still love the shore club though... why?  why???  I have no idea.. I just do...

    14/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Style M.
    We stay here a lot.

    This hotel needs a clean up, I will admit but it's very cute. White everywhere with touches of color throughout.

    The rooms are large, beds are comfortable and if you ask for an unblocked view from your room you get a gorgeous ocean view looking out your room balcony overlooking the pol, the beach and that beautiful blue sea.

    Brunch is nice. The pool scene is good.

    Even though it needs a facelift it's still a great place to go.

    17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Jill D.
    By far, my favorite place in Miami.

    The Shore Club is a fabulous day spot for hanging around the pool, drinking cocktails and people-watching.

    As expected, the rooms can be pricey ($1,000 rack rates during the season) so this is not for everyone.  You must show your room key to gain access to the pool.  

    However, after 5PM or so, they no longer check for room keys and you can enjoy the sunset. The hotel is open to the public for dinner and after...

    13/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. victoria r.
    Have never stayed in a room here... I have gone by the pool and for brunch. It used to be alot better to me like 2-3 yrs ago. It seemed a bit ghetto to me last time i went. Their brunch outside isn't bad though!

    28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    44. nicole g.
    Love the Spa!  They do great waxing and manicures.  I havent gotten a massgae there yet but I definately will soon.  The staff is suprisingly very nice which is uncharacteristic for Miami.  Have some of the fresh brewed iced tea while you wait- its really good.  Make sure that you go outside on the balcony and just sit there.  On a day with good weather it is breathtaking!  I cannot stress that enough.

    My only spa complaint is that its a little more on the modern side when it comes to decor.  I prefer deeper tones in a spa but its Miami so they have to stick with the contemporary theme.  

    But overall use the Shore Club Spa!

    23/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Nicole L.
    Lovely hotel...great time..beautiful room and view and shower too!!!

    20/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. kevin l.
    Just stayed at The Shore Club this past weekend.
    Checked out at 11am and they charged me a late fee saying that I checked out at 6pm.  After many phone calls and conversations the census was that the system said so.  After 15 years of staying at Morgan Hotels I will never stay in one again.  Not about the money.  About the principal.  Customer Service is now being run by "the system."

    23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Elizabeth R.
    We really enjoyed our stay at the Shore Club. The service at the front desk and the rest of the hotel is top notch. The pool area is great as is the beach. I love the decor of the outdoor spaces, its very cool. The rooms were really nice, I just wish the AC was cooler...we prefer to sleep at 69 degrees, not 71-72....Also, another small issue was the slow elevator going up to our room, it took forever. I think next time we will request to stay in the main building of the hotel, I assume it is the newer one and possibly wouldn't have these two issues. We really liked the vibe of this hotel, it was very fun. I just wish there weren't so many smokers, but I think thats how it is at all the hotels in Miami. I love that this hotel has a Prive salon and a Scoop clothing store. The drinks by the pool are really really good. The restaurant terrazza is fabulous for brunch. They have the best croissants and lemon ricotta pancakes!!! Breakfast room service is also great with the same croissants as terrazza. The last day we got a caesar salad by the pool and we loved it, great dressing and the chicken was perfectly cooked. The people who work at the beach who gets chairs for you are really nice and helpful. We had a bit of a dry cleaning issue but the front desk was able to smooth things over very nicely and we are very happy about everything. The valet prices are truly outrageous but I think that is the norm around Miami Beach...When we come back to Miami we will definitely be staying here.

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Rani N.
    Sorely disappointed with our evening here. We were looking for a fun place to dance and have some drinks while visiting from new york and instead were treated poorly with rude service. For a Friday night at midnight there were hardly any people there and the crowd was not the most entertaining. We then were treated terribly by one of the bartenders who was condescending and plain rude. If you are looking for a fun place to go with good service this is not the place to be. One would think that in Miami with so many places that are essentially clones of one another in terms of being trendy a facility would try to make it self stand out with the service. Additionally when we spoke to the manager about the rude bartender we were essentially told they would take care of it and then brushed off. The venue itself is gorgeous with a beautiful pool, long alluring aisles of light between landscaping and very spacious.

    14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Twee V.
    Nice staffs and in a great location. The hotel is right on the beach. Room, elevator and hallway need to be upgraded. We paid 4 stars price for a two stars hotel. I feel cheated.

    03/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    50. Jason R.
    How I wish we could have stayed here instead of the Shelborne down the road.

    We spent a day at the Shore Club's Beach and it was great. The cabanas were a little pricier than some of the other spots, but it was worth it.

    The service was good, and the food did the trick.

    22/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Iris B.
    This place is one of my favorites in Sobe mainly for its ultra chill Moroccan style lounge and the infamous Nobu restaurant..never stayed here but saw a couple rooms..both very different...one on the ground floor was smaller and had a bit too much concrete for my taste (i just kept thinking of drunken falls/accidents and how much that could hurt)..but this was on the ground floor, and another room I saw was of the simple clean white aesthetic (typical of hotels of this stature)... I was able to see different rooms because we had a big party of friends come in from out of town... really great place for food, drinks, and hanging out with friends...

    05/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. SeaElle R.
    I think the nightlife and party scene outweigh the hotel rooms here. Very industrial feel, not very warm and inviting. Pool is nice, but not 5 star. It's great for a party though. All in all great experience and I recommend coming here for fun!!

    09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. patrick s.
    I recently stayed at the Shore Club with my brother for 2 nights. This was by far the best hotel i stayed at. The customer service was amazing, and i didn't have to be a star to get STAR service! Benjamin Simms made the biggest impact, and even the rest of the hotel staff followed his lead. I would definitely stay here again!!

    21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Erica S.
    Aside from the convergence of every man wearing a popped collar in Miami, this hotel was awesome. I booked through Bookit so I was already getting a room for cheap, but we were upgraded to a suite just because it was open and the staff was super-friendly. The suite was fantastic--a private outdoor area with outdoor shower, two floors and huge, open showers with Malin & Goetz bath products (sooo refreshing) aside from the slightly small second bed and lack of blankets, I really liked the minimalist look. The bed was comfortable after a night of partying and other than the strange lack of windows (probably for soundproofing reasons?) and natural light, it was a comfortable stay. We enjoyed the pool and the delightful bartenders who obeyed our orders to give us our money's worth and make our drinks strong, and the beach area was comfortable, right down to the food and drink service. I would come back here and check out the sushi bar and the spa here and spend a relaxing weekend in Miami Beach (if there is such a thing...)

    29/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Danielle J.
    Outdoor pool/bar area at nighttime is BEAUTIFUL! The drinks were pricey (as anywhere), but pretty good mojitos!  Great location and ambiance, when I found the majority of south beach dissapointingly tacky! This place didn't dissapoint, great decor, nicely on the beach, but slightly off the collins trashy/tacky area..just a nice, classy place; more south beach places should follow their approach!

    09/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Jessica E.
    The pool party here on Saturday is a great time. The music is loud, the people are ready to rock, and the well-made drinks are some of the more fairly-priced in the area. The place itself, unfortunately, feels like its losing its luster. The Moroccan decor in the outdoor areas is fun, but faded and worn. The pool area itself is decent, though less impressive than that of its other hotel neighbors. If you go for the day pool party, it's hard to not have a great time - it'll probably just feel a bit sleazier than what you'd expect from Miami.

    23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Olga A.
    By far, one of the best hotels in South Beach! Great dining such as Ago and Nobu. Amazing decor! Great celeb watching on the beach. Ask for Cynthia to serve you! She is either out by the beach (lounge chair area) or by the garden bar by Ago. Wonderful customer service and she goes out of her way to make sure you have the best stay in Miami!

    20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Jerrica J.
    When I go to Miami, I stay at The Shore Club. I love boutique hotels that are in the middle of all the action that South Beach has to offer. It is walking distance to all the clubs and shopping in the area. The spa treatments are wonderful. I love the decor of the lobby and the guest rooms are completely white with an extra sitting area so there is space to move around. I love the pool and the cabanas. Relaxation in Miami is here at this hotel!

    11/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Chris S.
    The most fun we have ever had in South Beach!!  My wife and I frequent South and are well versed in where we go... usually staying at the Fontainebleau, gansevoort or W...  Not any more... Shore Club was amazing..  it's location makes walking a reality and if you don't want feel like walking cab rides are extra cheap!!  There is a convenience store directly across the street which is something that we usually have to take a cab to.  The hotel is in great condition.  our room was beautiful!! great views! The pool was very nice and we had tons of fun... The shore club is actually on the BEACH!!  all of the other up-scale hotels in SoBe you literally have to take a day trip to go out back to the beach... not here..  as soon as you go out the back gate, you're on the beach!  loved it!  Thank you Shore Club for the hospitality and memories!! be back soon.

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Mike P.
    Best resort on the beach.   Awesome restaurants & Red Room is top notch.   I can't even begin to describe the pool party during the day.   I will definitely be back soon!

    30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. paul s.
    checked in after dark and was underwhelmed by scenery..wasnt til morning i saw how nice the shore club is..great staff here..girl at front desk was a bit ghetto..caught cleaning staff smoking weed in a stairwell..beach is beautiful..rooms were well appointed..every piece of furniture in this hotel is gorgeous..rent a jet ski on the beach...pool party on sunday is excellent..was told i had to pay $100 to sit on a beach bed after spending the day there already..the real gem here is breakfast at terrazza..best staff and amazing food..i'll be back soon

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Nicole C. R.
    i didn't love it - mediocre for morgans hotel group

    what i liked (in no particular order):
    minimalist decor, remnants from art basel in the lobby, friendly accommodating staff, location (on the beach and on Collins Ave), the hotel shop is Scoop (the nyc boutique) which was good for finding last minute pieces that was left at home, the spa (offers rooftop service), ipod docks in the rooms, chris at the front desk was awesome, the amenities of having two restaurants and a spa, the small gym was always empty!

    what i did not like:
    very loud at night - even after being out, total scenester spot (especially poolside), definitely over-priced, wi-fi was not free!!, hotel needs a fresh coat of paint, my shower flooded (but then they upgraded my room because of it), the concrete floors in the rooms make for a stark ambiance but the rugs in other rooms help, items for sale in room needs replenishing (clearly some of it is old and has been opened), overall just felt like it needed better maintenance of the place (perhaps too much partying has run it down)

    08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Jason T.
    This is not a luxury hotel - it is much more like a party hostel.

    Room quality was horrific.  Construction was terribly shoddy, rooms were damaged, falling apart.  The walls are incredibly thin, whatever's happening in the hallway is disturbingly present in the room as well.  No carpet in the rooms, but a strange concrete surface which overtime has accumulated brown stains.  You do not want to walk in the rooms in bare feet.

    Weird, gross smells abounded, the worst of which was some cleaning compound or deodorizer used in a futile attempt to cover up the smell of mold or fungus, or whatever else.  Traveler beware!

    06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    64. Cecile S.
    I was at the Shore Club recently for a WMC party. I had been here a few times before for their amazing pool parties in the summer. The DJs have been great both times. For the WMC party my friends got a bottle and the service was the best I have ever seen. I was truly impressed. The bill was outrageous $400 but it might just be the going rate on bottles. Not familiar with this. The outside was really swanky and everyone was dancing and having a good time. They also had a room indoors that was opened a little later with really good music as well.

    15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Jane K.
    Come visit for the beautiful pool and bar area, but do NOT stay here. The rooms are not at all what you'd expect - average, cold in appearance, and not functional. Because this is a big social spot, it is very loud. Concrete floors in the room and hall make it so much worse - every time a door slams it's like an echoing THUD. Likewise, any time anyone in hard soled shoes (pretty much everyone) walks down the hall, you hear every loud step. The hotel room's one amenity is a sound-machine, and trust me, you'll need it.

    Plus, the other guests are kind of idiots. Case in point, last weekend I stayed there with friends - 5 of us in different rooms, different floors. Our round-up of nightly activities:
    1) 4th floor, 3 am: Girl's key doesn't work. She handles this by walking down the hall and knocking on every single door until my friend called security.
    2) 6th floor, 4 am: 2 male guests bring back 3 prostitutes to their room. They decide they don't want the 3rd one and kick her out. She then kicks up a huge LOUD fuss until security comes.
    3) 7th floor, 3:30 am: I get off the elevator and am assaulted by a smokestorm - because a bunch of people are in one room smoking  (nicotine) up a storm. It was so bad that once in my room I had to stick a towel at the base of the door.

    There are a bunch of other hotels on the beach that have far better rooms at the same price. Do. Not. Stay. Here.

    05/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    66. Matthew C.
    Pretty neat setup at the Shore Club.  The pool itself makes for a great look at night.  Definitely a wide range of people considering how many can fit outside.

    Drinks were expensive, but were surprisingly stiff.  I just really liked the whole outdoor setup.  There's so much room for all.  

    Although I was wondering, does anyone ever fall in the pool?  If I lived in Miami, I'm sure it would've happened to me at some point during my drinking career.

    30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Kate E.
    Great service and outdoor area. Decent rooms with wonderful products. Great location. Could use a touch up but generally good.

    12/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Jamie A.
    I went here last night and Yay, I love it. No cover to get in. My drink was $15 each, so I figure it makes up for the no cover, but it was good and strong.

    The music is great, a mix of old school hip-hop, beats we hear on the radio and Michael Jackson (of course).

    I will definitely be back here, it doesn't get too crowded. Great spot for dancing, too.

    18/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Pete R.
    Pretty crappy is all I really have to say. The building is run down and old, the rooms are falling apart. I have stayed at nicer motels. I travel all the time for work and leisure and this is one of the worst hotel's I have stayed in a few years. I am talking about worse than 3rd world countries I have been in this year.

    But I guess you get what you pay and you pay for everything here. I understand that Miami Beach is expensive and caters to you, but the Morgan's Hotel Group is one of the worse nickle and dime resorts I have ever been too. To the Morgan's group you are credit card number not a person.

    I know what they are trying to sell and I did enjoy the pool the area and beach (only reason they don't get 1 star). The Redroom was overpriced lounge, loaded with shady people and prostitutes. The only saving grace about the Shore Club is NOBU which is excellent and I will review separately.

    As for the service, pool side was fine and very friendly. The actually hotel service was awful. It took forever to get anything fixed and I was there for 6 nights and had multiple things break. The first room we were in the drapes didn't work which sucks when you are hung over in the. I called 3 times to get moved and finally went down to the lobby to get it done. The next room was nicer, but it had its problems as well the drapes were stained, the tiles grout was gone and moisture was seeping through, the shower handle fell off and finally the Door Lock Battery broke at 4am and security had break into my room. It took them a hour to fix after I had called twice and finally went to the desk AGAIN! I was offered nothing in compensation for all of this trouble.

    Listen I know some people are going to think this seems ridiculous but I travel all the time and I have come to expect a certain of quality from motel, hotel and resorts. This is not one that met that standard, the Delano was amazing and I would consider staying there on my next trip, but with the way the Morgan's group treats people I think I would be better off at Lowes where girlfriend always stays.

    I was in Miami for friends wedding and we were all at the Shore Club, or else I would have changed hotels the first night!

    12/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    70. Cristina D.
    I got a massage from Harold today at the shore club and it was outstanding! It's the first time I have ever fallen asleep in a massage.  He was very professional and proper! I would recommend if you are staying at the shore club and looking for spa tratment book with him. A++

    03/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Justine N.
    I was pretty underwhelmed by the Shore Club. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't an amazing 5-star experience either, which is what I was expecting based on some of the other reviews and the hefty price tag on the rooms. So, if you do find a good rate then check it out, but it's not worth shelling out $500+/night.

    The pros about the Shore Club are definitely the location and the on-site bars/restaurants. But you don't need to be a hotel guest to patronize the bar or restaurants. The pool scene during the day was pretty lively, complete with a DJ and they have a private beach area too.

    The rooms are definitely the hotel's downside. I'm guessing they're going for that sleek, minimalist look. But the tiny rooms and the stark white decor in the halls and rooms make it seem more like a mental asylum.

    In sum, check out the Shore Club if you're looking for a lively bar scene or some good sushi (Nobu is on-site). But don't waste your money on getting a room here if you're trying to be budget-conscious with your accommodations.

    01/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    72. Cindy D.
    Stayed here during Memorial Day weekend and had a Love/Hate (but more Love) with this hotel.

    Pros - I LOVED LOVED the beach and the pool.  The pool was rocking from 11 am to about 6 pm and as the afternoon went on, it become busier and drunker!  Ran into Allen Iverson.. it was awesome chilling at the pool with him.  The beach was great and relaxing..comfy chairs and ample staff to get umbrellas prepped for us.

    Cons - The rooms suck.  The TV is at the side of the bed, so you have lean to watch TV.  Also, you can hear EVERYTHING.. when people are stumbling in at 3 to 5 am or when the maid is doing her rounds at 9 am.. it is HEARD.  Also, it's not comfy at all.. hard cement floors, leaky bathrooms, minimalistic furniture.  I love comfy, big furniture that u can just sink in and not want to leave.

    Luckily I only spent $125/night vs. the $525 they were charging that night.  I would not spend more than $250 for this room after staying here...

    26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Mems E.
    I love this place. As soon as we walked outside I squealed. It was night time and the decor was like an oasis of beautiful trees and plants leading to a bar and a pool. Probably the most fun I had in Miami was here.

    Loved the music and it didn't take 10 hours to order a drink. So much fun!

    05/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Q L.
    I wouldn't have stayed there if it wasn't the official sponsor of the film festival I was going to. The room was pricey and minimal. Almost everything was on sale in the room so you didn't even know if you could use the shampoo or soap.

    The pool was like spring break for 30s +. Every night I went back to my room I had to walk through blaring Top 40s pop tracks and bumped into people about to vomit or fall.

    Shore Club is the epitome of pricey crass.

    01/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    75. Thu V.
    4.5 stars.  The hotel itself is beautiful and the service is impeccable.  It is pricey at $500 / night, so you will get the people who like to play and spend hard here; but rather than those, you can have a really chill time at there.  It is part of the Morgans Hotel group, so you get access to the Delano as well.  

    Drinks and food are pricey here, of course.  Beers are the best bet at $7 a can.  Well drinks are $15 a pop.  If you are a player or a wanna-be player (which there are MANY), you can spend $700 to $2500 on bottle service (which is STUPID).  Food is stupid expensive too - grilled cheese is $18.  EIGHTEEN DOLLARS for melted cheese on white toast and fries on the side.  Yes, you heard me.  But, if you don't want to lose your pool spot, you pay it.

    The rooms are beautiful.  They maintain the sandstone flooring throughout the hotel.  The beds are heavenly comfortable.  If you get an ocean-view room, the doors open wide for great ocean breezes.  The higher up you are, the better the view.   At night, the music is bumping loud, so don't expect a peaceful sleep at 11pm.  The only thing I didn't like in the rooms were the shampoo and conditioner brands they used.  For a fancy hotel, they could have given Kiehl's or Fresh products.  The conditioner made my hair greasy.

    I'm typically more of a beach person, but that's not the scene here at the Shore Club.  It's all about the pool.  Surprisingly, you don't really need to get to the pool "early" to stake out your spot like some other places (that's because everyone is sleeping in / recovering from the night before).  So if you get to the pool at around 10-11am, you should be good.  The pool scene is SICK.  Great music.  On the weekends, they bring in an awesome DJ who mixed 80s with rock with hip hop.  

    Sunday is the craziest pool party ever.  They open the pool out to the public starting at 2pm, so get to the pool early to stake your seats!  When it comes to the public, they have "pool beds" made out which cost a $200 as well as larger pool beds which cost $500.  It gets crowded.  The DJ plays hip hop music, they bring out beach balls, the crowd gets crazy drunk and dance around in the pool.  They also hire an amazing drummer who plays along with the music in the pool.  It is quite a scene, definitely.

    In the evenings, the grounds turn into a beautiful, morrocan-decorated pool lounge.  Candle-lit lanterns decorate every nook and cranny, pillow seats scatter along the floor, pillowy couches sit underneath hovering trees.  It's a beautiful scene.  The Red Room is a popular lounge that is open to the public.  It is, what it is.  A dark, sexy RED-lit room.

    Overall, our stay here was fun (despite the mess of Urban Week outside - be forewarned, do your research and avoid this week for it's craziness).  Would I spend my money on this place again?  Probably not, but it was something that was fun to see and experience.

    26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Patty ..
    I was at the pool on Thursday, 11/25 and it was nice; no kids around met a lovely elder couple [founder of Landau Jewelry], lied in the sun, swam and had a few cocktails. Yes, they were expensive but what isn't in Miami?
    I would come back.

    01/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    77. Sally F.
    Musty, mildews stench in our room. Mildew scented pillows to match.  Low rent decor/green fluorescent lights in rooms, blasting house music 24/7 and lousy food. Nice staff beautiful pool area and beach. I guess that's what matters, since you're not in your room that much. Or are you? Maybe  you are. In that case, find somewhere else to stay.

    22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    78. Devan R.
    The pool party at Shore Club on a Sunday is nothing shy of sheer madness. From the moment you walk in you feel as though you entered another world full of banging music, chill peeps including celebrities and splashing water including alcohol.

    The Sunday I was lucky enough to be there DJ Oscar G was tearing up the decks with a tribal infused set. The pool was packed in and out with mad people and the alcohol was flowing. I really can't describe the vibe in this place, it's somewhat like a zoo.

    An absolute must, comparable to Rehab Sundays at Hard Rock in Vegas but on a smaller scale.

    21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. H W.
    This place is all hype. It is very pricey. I expected a very cool hotel but it was nothing special. Everything is just white and plain. It was pretty dead when I was here in mid-October. I expected more of a sexy and sceney vibe, but it was pretty boring. However, it was clean and the hotel staff were helpful. It is a good hotel, but I expected more because of all the hype. I give it 2 stars because it didn't live up to my expectation.

    28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    80. Monica M.
    Had drinks at the Sky bar with friends and it was one of the best times I've had in a long time. Great drinks, not as expensive as Manhattan, nice breeze, and a great view, I was tipsy in a hurry, this was just the start of our night. Plus it made you feel fabulous sipping a cocktail on top of a plush couch thing, though i can't remember what type of lighting was up there. A friend of mine who was passing through town stayed in one of the rooms which was nice but it was $700 a night!!

    16/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Ella E.
    This hotel was way overpriced for the type of hotel it is.  A "suite" is equivalent to a suite in europe - everything is small, not luxurious, semi- dirty.  Our suite had concrete floors, cracks in the cement and was about 300 sq ft.  It was a tight fit.  There is not phone reception in the hotel and the elevators all smell like vomit and cleaning products.  I will not be staying here again.

    16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    82. Natasha M.
    This place is gorgeous. Came here last night for a Luau party and it was crazy. Everyone was surrounding the enormous pool they have in the center, that changed colors so it was nice to look at. Everything was decked out with tiki lights and your typical Hawaiian party supplies. The staff was dressed up with grass skirts and coconut tops, handing out floral leis to everyone. They even had fire performances.

    EXPENSIVE drinks, but what can ya do, it's Miami.

    25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Jenni H.
    I was here in July for a week long bachelorette trip. I've never stayed at a hotel with cement floors, especially one for $500 per night. The rooms overall were modern,simple, all white decor but you don't go to Miami to stay in your room. The location is great, you walk out and you're right on the beach, layout - order drinks and food and shopping isn't too far away. Concierge is more than helpful.

    The pool area is happening - day or night - it is packed! Lots of hot bodies sunning it up, boozing it up. If its in your price range - stay here. Party, dine at Nobu, then party some more.

    12/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. DB C.
    If Jay-z and his massive ego can shout out to the shore club then I guess it's cool enough for me too.  No cover, great music, fun vibe and a gorgeous pool area.  SD clubs and hotels should take some notes.  The inside of the hotel itself is so pretty and exotic.  Candles everywhere and the whole place just had a really cool vibe.  Good for daytime or nighttime fun.  

    The pool scene is what really makes this place famous though.  It's topless, you see a lot of weird people and it's right next to the ocean.  
    Off the top of my head I remember seeing drunk Persian princesses wrestling in the pool, a couple of wannabe celebs, Miami socialites sunbathing and looking fierce, groups of New Yorkers being loud and annoying, multiple packs of female vacationers dying for attention, an old buff guy walking around in a speedo trying to get laid,  944 photog, a 200lb whale in a bikini and a 5ft tall version of Andre 3000, pink beret, tie, white pants and all.  The pool scene is definitely a "situation".  Possibly the best people watching in the country.  

    Feels more like Europe than America.  Dj's are bringing it like it's 3am at 2pm.  Not always easy to get into but I like that it's free and not super crowded.   All in all it's the perfect place to people watch on a Sunday or if you're still going strong from the weekend feel free to let loose , nothing wrong with getting tipsy in MIA, that's ritual all day every day anyways.

    19/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. Alisa M.
    We stopped here for drinks sat night. Cool place to go to if you're in Miami. Next to Delano which is a must visit.

    Hoppin music w good bar scene.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    86. Angela L.
    When you close your eyes, where do you envision yourself?, your place of comfort and all around a place that makes you feel "ahhhhhhhh"? I do... and the ONLY place I see, is the Shore Club. The signature white linens, deep blue walls and bright orange towels.
    Maybe it's the first class service from ALL of the staff, or just waking up to the view of the sunrise and the sounds of the ocean; but all I can say is that I LOVE this place and I can't get enough of it.
    Sure, some people want more, they need more elegance, and "foof". Then go somewhere else. This place is luxury in a clean and simple form. Nothing more and definitely nothing less.
    So to summarize:
    - GREAT service
    - gorgeous views
    - beds, pillows, and hot sexy ppl lounging around the pool with a dj spinning live
    - the spa is amazing (massage and manicure highly recommended)
    If I could live here, I would have quit my job and moved here.

    26/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Liston R.
    Awesome pool and great time despite the following...we had the "misfortune" of being upgraded to a room with an oceanview and a balcony for my birthday. Great room, attentive staff and otherwise nothing to complain about.

    The only issue we had was some fashion show that was going on around 2 am...we called downstairs and asked them to see if the music could be turned down and were actually told by the concierge on staff to "call down ourselves" to Ago where it was happening! In disbelief I called again and was greeted with the same response!

    To the Shore Club's credit, they took $100 off of our stay without us even asking, the manager apparently knew that we called down in the middle of the night. My inclination is that we weren't the only ones complaining. We would stay there again, but never facing the pool!

    30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Desiree D.
    I'm not going to take another star away for crappy front desk staff, although I should. I think for price you pay to stay here that all the staff should be happy to assist in any way, but the front desk staff seemed annoyed every time we showed up, and that was just to check in and out. The pool service was only slightly better, it seemed that we always had to go looking for assistance instead of being asked if we would like a drink or something to eat. We were also disappointed that the sushi restaurant was not open for lunch. The night scene was really cool and romantic, but seating was limited and prices were consistently high. This resort has a lot going for it, location, two pools a spa and several bars and restaurants. I would go back if we could get a better rate.

    28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Justin Q.
    This is where the cool people hang out. We had a great time. Cant wait to go back.

    26/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    90. Janet D.

    Years ago I said I wasn't coming back here because they wouldn't let a friend in. But I really was looking forward to relaxing poolside however the blaring house music and aura of I'm better than you hovering around the pool made me realize why I stayed away.

    If you want to wear your six-inch stilettos and waste your paycheck on drinks, this is the place to be.

    16/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    91. Ben R.
    Excellent hotel. Stayed there for a business conference in August. The Hotel was walking distance from the convention center, the staff was very friendly and extremely accommodating. The hotel is right on the beach and the pool is wonderful. I highly recommend the hotel and am looking forward to coming back.

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. G H.
    I wanted to love this place but it ended up being the worst vacation ever.

    I went for New Years 2010. From the very beginning there were problems. First when we arrived they sent us to a room that was already occupied, thank god no one was in the room just luggage. Finally when they did find us a room (about an hour later) it was terrible. First off the room looks like a hospital, blank gray walls, gray tile floors and that's about it and almost everything in the room was broken. The shower drain was clogged and flooded the room every time someone showered more than 60 seconds, the door to the balcony was broken and could not close all the way which left about a 2 inch space for 90 degree air and Miami sun to fill the room. We called to complain twice and both times they said they would send someone but it never was fixed.

    Our room was all the way up on the second to last floor with the balcony facing the pool and every morning at about 10am the music would be bumping so loud. The pool was nice but always so crowded and music so loud, I guess they wanted a club type feel at the pool but we could hardly hear each other. I like to party on vacation but I need a little quiet relaxing time at some point during the day. I was just annoyed in general. This place was also super expensive, not worth it. I wouldn't go back there if the room was free.

    20/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    93. Melanie C.
    Get a massage in the Spa from Christian. AMAZING!
    After my first massage I went back for a second the next day - it was that good! He's especially good if you have tight muscles that you really want worked on. Magic :) Definitely good if you're serious about your massage.

    16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Chloé R.
    This place is cool, but there are definitely cooler places to stay on Collins Ave.

    The pool area is fun and gorgeous.

    The rooms are eh. The floor is a linoleum that reminded me of the cheap tile found in public schools. They just recently added rugs to the rooms. The room I had had a gorgeous ocean view.

    The alarm clock was tricky for me to figure out. Ultimately I couldn't and ended up missing my flight.  This may owe to my being quite drunk and my usual technological ineptitude...lol. so heed my warning and set your alarm before you go out or arrange a wake-up call!

    the bathroom had an awesome shower...

    03/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. Tommy N.
    You're strolling down Collins Ave midday, sweating bullets, needing a respite from that Miami heat.  You see your hotel and pass by the Ferraris and Lamborghinis holding their ground out front.  You enter through the front doors and the calm, cool, stark white, mermaid like lobby changes your state of mind.  Welcome to the Shore Club.

    A rather unassuming art-deco building on the outside, the Shore Club is a well designed, hip and minimalist hotel on the inside.  The hotel maintains a concrete floor throughout the lobby and rooms.  Although some may complain about this, I like it.  It's a beach hotel, and where there is a beach hotel, there will be sand.  Sand on concrete flooring is no problem, as it can be easily swept away.  Ask for an ocean view room, as the views from the balcony are phenomenal.  Be prepared to hear music for most of the day/night, but if you can't handle that, then what ya doin' staying here?  The all white rooms are relaxing and easy on the eyes.  Sleep is comfortable on the plush beds, and the big showers are excellent for getting that SPF 4 oil off from the day.  

    If it's a Saturday or Sunday, get to the pool early, and by get to the pool early, I mean reserve a few chairs with some magazines and a t-shirt.  Having a chair/couch/bed by the pool is crucial.  The cocktail waitresses know where to find you; you have a prime beautiful people watching spot and you can soak up the rays to develop a nice bronze tan to show mom when you get home.  

    Come nighttime, throw on some jeans and grab a pre-dinner cocktail at Skybar. The outdoor space somewhat reminds me of the Private Park bar at the Hudson in nyc -   lots of funky antique garden furniture to sit on, including a hammock, good vibes and good sounds.  

    Morgans Hotels always seem to stand out from the rest, and if you want a guaranteed prime base camp for your South Beach excursion, Shore Club is a worthy choice.

    29/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Doug H.
    As others have said, this hotel is concrete and old steel.  If you are into that, good for you.  If you want to sleep comfortably, forget it.  The beds are not comfortable, and no matter how much you crank the A/C (which I hate doing), the room always feels "wet" since the concrete absorbs so much humidity.  I would not go back.

    08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    97. Kelly H.
    Beautiful! Simple lovely! The gardens were heavenly and the design of the hotel marvelous! Every employee is personable and accommodating hand picked by Morgan's. Food is good,location is the best. Couldn't find a better lie key understated upscale hotel in Miami seriously Devine. Would be sorry if I didn't get to enjoy the shore club again

    10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Marie P.
    Phenomenal service, staff is top notch!! Had a fantastic stay here, can't wait to come back!!

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Jen M.
    Lamborghini Aventador anyone?

    17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Renaud F.
    Nice. I don't care about the fake south beach style locations but the experience you get out of this place is great.

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Cj M.
    My first visit here was back in '06 and had a blast..my last visit here during LDW '12 was also what I expected.  I didn't stay at the hotel but I did visit the sunday pool party and got a large daybed in the middle of the action.  Location is everything and if you have it then the girls will flock to ya.  The music was good.  The crowd was ok.  Wasn't as hot as the rooftop party at The Perry or the Delano pool party but still was fun.  Overall the Shore Club is a sexy place to visit and and hangout for a few hours.  Nobu is the spot to take a date.

    06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Earlane S.
    Great vibe.  The pool scene is great.  Don't have the margarita.  The staff is really nice and helpful.

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. Andrea H.
    I stayed at this hotel for a few days with HS friends this past weekend There was 3 of us in a room and honestly we could have all slept in the king sized bed. We didn't have to b/c they brought us a cot. We got upgraded on arrival to Tower 5 which is the elavator above Nobu which was awesome (that's just how we roll haha.) The  vibe is laid back and zen. The hotel lobby has a white minimalist (or stark) feeling. Very doctor's office.  but exiting out the back door walking to the towers you are met with a beautiful fountain and a garden enclosed promenade aisle surrounded by flowers and foliage in brightly colored planters. It was like a little secret garden, I thought it was so cute and added a welcomed contrast to the lobbies sterility. Bed was very comfie, no complaints about noise levels (we were the douches blaring music all weekend haha.) THe only beef I had was that when I checked in they didn't have a bellboy to cart your (really heavy) bags to the room and instead I had to lug them up a flight of stairs to the next level cuz there's no other option.

    20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Davina S.
    If your into the minimalist look and feel, this hotel is for you.  I stayed here one weekend just to hit up the weekend pool party.  Granted the pool party was out of control, the rest of the weekend left me craving my home.  

    If passing through is up your ally, I'd say go for it!  It's a popular hotel to have a few drinks in their outdoor lounge because the place oozes sexiness as the sun goes down.   Opt for the bed, hammock or a hidden sofa and order up! Also I suggest walking through the lobby/outdoor area to get to Nobu; you just never know what your going to see!

    21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    105. Karen S.
    This place is very nice! We spent the day at the pool with some friends that were staying at this hotel for the weekend. The atmosphere was great. They have a party pool for those interested on mingling and partying a little bit, as well as a more calm pool for those in a more quiet mood or with kids. The hotel itself is nice, the rooms are good for a South Beach Hotel, good size and clean and what is best, right next to the beach! The hotel seems to have a party atmosphere at night since it has a few lounges and bars.

    23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. ODawg T.
    This is an OK spot. The rooms are closet sized but who stays in the room in Miami. Nice pool scene! I did enjoy my stay and the service was great! Very expensive and I am not sure you are getting a good value.
    Liked: Service, Location, Food Disliked: Rooms, Value

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    107. Amy C.
    I didn't stay at the Shore Club but my friend and I came here to use the day spa. (We were next door at the Marseilles which didn't have a spa.) It was the only spa around that would take our last minute appointments. My friend wanted a leg waxing and I went along for a massage.

    The changing room was a good size and also very clean and organized. My friend's appointment started 15 minutes before mine, so I laid in the waiting area sipping iced tea and staring out at a sky of blue through the sliding glass door. The spa's decor made it very relaxing; I could have laid in that waiting area all afternoon if the beach wasn't beckoning to me.

    My massage therapist (whose name I can't remember) was good BUT she kept yapping away during the session. Chatty massage therapists are one of my biggest pet peeves.

    After the spa, we walked around the hotel grounds which was very peaceful. We found beds (yes, beds!) in the garden area and laid in one for the novelty of it. Then we sat in one of the porch swings, just enjoying the silence before finally heading out to the beach.

    Afterward, I checked the rates at this hotel. I couldn't find a room that's less than $250/night. Some rooms cost over $500/night.

    14/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    108. NYC T.
    Not worth the money.  This place is RUN down.  Needs to be renovated.

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    109. Angela T.
    The Shore Club has a lot of great amenities and is a trendy hotspot on South Beach.  The outdoor area is the highlight, as it is filled with lanterns, hammocks, and beautiful landscaping.  The pool area is amazing and almost makes you forget about the beautiful Miami beach right outside.  The Shore Club has a great location on Miami Beach and it was nice to just walk right outside to the beach.

    Our partial ocean view room left something to be desired as we could only see the ocean by straining to look past two tall palm trees.  The terrace was nice and we enjoyed a nice view of the pool.  For some inexplicable reason, our shower flooded after one use.  The minimalist hallways and rooms could use more color and the concrete floor certainly did nothing to add ambience to the room.  

    The staff were friendly and helpful and although the minimalist style of the rooms is not my taste, I would stay here again.

    26/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Michael Z.
    The Shore Club is owned by the group that controls the Mondrian and Delano as well, both of which I believe are superior properties.  The design is minimalist with Scandanavian accents - truthfully, much of the aesthetics gives off an Ikea vibe.  That being said, the pool is really why you would stay here.  It is designed for people to gather in shallow water, with a drink in hand and show off their efforts at the gym.  The food and beverages are average quality with large portions and standard, inflated SoBe prices.  It rained during my visit but since everyone there was determined to enjoy their weekend, everyone made the best of it and the party continued despited the drops.

    30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    111. Shemario W.
    The Shore Club is probably the most trendy hotel on South Beach. The hotel is decorated in the minimalist style with dark corridors that make you feel like you're at a nightclub. Of course the hotel is located on the beach, but the main attraction here in the pool. There are enough poolside sofas and chairs for a couple hundred people. At $500/night, this place is somehwat expensive, but you get what you pay for...

    The rooms are small, but all rooms on South Beach are small. The hotel hosts major pool parties that turn the place into a Hollywood type scene. This is definitely the place to be if you're into the "glamorous" lifestyle. If you don't like the idea of a 24/7 party, the Shore Club is probably not the place for you.

    04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. Lucas A.
    Shore Club is for the young and sexy who love to see and be seen.   I just got back from my first stay there and I was impressed by the decor.  For the money, though, I would expect perfection in everything, ESPECIALLY the rooms.  That wasn't the case.

       The front lobby has an airy,  willow tree feel.  I should have taken pictures.  It's like a yard instead of a lobby.  The staff is friendly and very helpful, my only issue was with a housekeeper who lectured me about needing my 'Privacy' card to be on my door if I didn't want turn-down service.  OK...

      In the evening the pool area becomes a spot for adults only, complete with loud house music and the requisite wristband to get in.  

       My room was very nice, but again for the night cost, I expected perfection. Some of the tiling in the bathroom was shabbily done.  It was easily acceptable, but not perfect.  

      If you've got the cash, do it.  It's nice to spoil yourself at times.

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Maria K.
    Incredibly disappointed in the shore club.

    This is not the first time that I have stayed at the shore club but will definetely be my last time. The hotel is run down and definetely not worth the amount of money we paid for.  Our room smelled moldy and felt damp all weekend. Our bathtub looked dirty and you could see the areas where they had tried to patch up.  

    I came for a relaxing weekend and ended up in the midst of some crazy frat like pool party.  

    But the inattentive service was the worst. Completely disorganized.  Couldn't get the attention of anyone.  And when we did, no one seemed to know the answer to anything.  Everyone seemed so confused or maybe they just didnt care.

    Whatever the case may be, I am not coming back to this hotel an would never recommend it to anyone.

    05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    114. YourRadio K.
    More suitable for young adults in their 20's and 30's.  More of a south beach party hotel.

    Watch out for the $42/day parking fee!   highest in florida.

    24/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    115. Emily M.
    Very cool ambiance and great people watching. I wasn't thrilled with Nubo. I didn't stay at the hotel just went to Nubo. The service wasn't that great, we waiting a good amount of time for drink refills. And for the price the sushi didn't knock my socks off.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    116. V J.
    The okay- We decided to spend the 2013 Memorial Day weekend in SOBE, Miami. The weather cooperated and we paid to upgrade to an ocean front view room. This was the second time we were staying at this hotel. We noticed some changes in the room decor but nothing remarkable. King-sized beds appear smaller and I think they look like queen ( not even California king beds). The urban-beach weekend was anything but okay; love it or hate it you cannot be just okay with it.

    The good- Housekeeping was good and front-desk had charming, and helpful personnel. Complimentary buffet breakfast in Terrazza was healthy and most appreciated. The beach service was great as far as getting front-row seats if you got there between 9-9:15 am. The ambiance of Skybar is refreshingly new and lovely. The cars parading the streets in the evening celebrating urban-beach weekend were spectacular. And to see police cars was comforting.

    The bad - Drink services and food menu at the beach left a lot to desire. There were smiles alright but drink servers took forever to show-up either to take orders the second time around. The most disappointing thing was the much-raved about Skybar. Skybar drinks were bad. Serving in plastic was tacky and for the prices of cocktails and auto-gratuity the drinks totally sucked.Serving flat champagne in a plastic flute with half-naked serving waitress with a wadrobe malfunction that she was oblivious to, is not my idea of romantic evening.Street dress code for the urban beach weekend or the lack of it was shocking.

    The scary- Urban-beach weekend.

    To sum it up- I don't mind staying here again if the housekeeping and room service continues to impress but will not go to Skybar or recommend it unless they make radical, quality changes to their products-the drinks! I am encouraged to try other beach-front hotels too.

    31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Fiona K.
    The rooms here are like a hostel. Very thin walls. Very minimal decor - nothing on the walls. No carpet so the room felt cold since the floor was concrete. Not what I was expecting at all based on the lobby and pool area (which were both nice)

    The pool area is really nice and staff was friendly. If you get a deal on a room it's worth staying here if you are looking for a nice pool and a good place for drinks at night...

    27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. Adrienne K.
    Shore Club/ Sky Bar

    Fantastic table service...must reserve VIP to fulfill the overall experience...great DJ's...good crowd....long line at door....celeb sightings a norm...

    03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Shriya P.
    Stayed a variety of hotels in South Beach including Morgans' properties and was hesitant to stay here due to some of the reviews. I was really happy with my experience though and will definitely be back. Nikki at the front desk was very helpful during our stay. We chose the Deluxe rooms and were satisfied with the size. The pool scene was always bumping and there was a DJ the entire weekend. The private beach was great but I felt like 1 umbrella per room should be included and not a separate fee. The Sunday brunch at Terreza was a nice spread and unlimited drinks made it totally worth it. I felt like there was a good mix of people and probably more party focused but you can still make it relaxing depending on where you spend your time. There was nothing that made it seem less classy like some of these reviews said.

    18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Romita J.
    The Sunday pool party is a blast!

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Shawnee M.
    The staff  - excellent!  Upon arriving the front desk found a perfectly chilled bottle of white wine, gave us 2 drink tickets for the pool, and treated us like queens!
    The room - average.  We were facing the side of the building so the view wasn't great.  Beds small, decor has an simplistic ikea feel.

    15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    122. Pia M.
    Hmmm... I'm kind of torn in writing this review. My sis and I stayed at the Shore Club because of a deal we got through Gilt Groupe, however, if you are paying full price, I'm not sure it's worth the cost. The pool area and beach are awesome and the waiters were really nice/funny.  However, the actual rooms have a hospital feel to them (think stark white walls and unfinished concrete floors) which is the opposite of cozy (but I do have to say that the shower was amazing). That being said, if you go to Miami, you aren't going to stay in your room much, but I'd almost suggest one of the other high-end hotels on Collins Ave. (i.e. The Delano) or one of the cheaper boutique hotels off the strip (i.e Chelsea Hotel)... you can always pay a daily fee (I think it's something like 30 bucks) for a chair on one of the beachfront hotels' beaches.

    09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    123. Chris X M.
    Heavy on the attitude and the Wallet. I've stayed here a number of times with different types of groups and as a couple and always had a great time. Crazy hotel on most weekends with great party pools by day and night--SKYBAR.  Rooms are oddly sparse and somewhat bland--but most people go here for the pool, the beach and the party.  For nice rooms, consider the Ritz or Sagamore--however, for a party, the Shore Club is still near the top. FANTASTIC pool bar (SKYBAR), OUTSTANDING food at Nubu and the hotel is right on the beach.  Rooms are $600 a night in peak season, but you can get deals sometimes for $200 (small room). The hotel staff is sometimes too COOL for school and it sometimes feels like "attitude" is required. However, overall, the Shore Club remains one of the hottest spots in South Beach--great location, great vibe, hot crowd.  As with most Miami Hotels, beware of the "morning after" bill at checkout.  I went with a group of guys and had a huge tab I had to collect on.  (Remember, ordering a bottle of Vodka to your suite at 1AM seems like a great idea--until you have to pay the tab the next morning while recovering from a hangover.)


    DISLIKES: Attitude, tab, bland rooms

    Tips: As a hotel guest, be sure to visit the SkyBar (Pool Bar)

    20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Kelsey C.
    The hotel is a little dilapidated (dirty white paint, etc), but overall I really enjoyed my stay. Will checked me into my room and was very courteous, as was all of the other staff I encountered during my 3 nights there.

    We spent nights at Sky Bar and the DJ gets really good after 10/11pm. It was always packed every time we went. Mixed drinks are $12 each. One morning we ate breakfast at Ago and it was so peaceful being able to sit out on the patio facing the pool before beginning our day.

    The only 2 things I didn't like was that the music takes some time to get used to-- you can hear it from your room (I was on the 9th floor). However, it's a muffled sound so eventually I was able to fall asleep. I know there's not much you can do about that, considering there is a club in your hotel. :)

    The second thing was the "gym". It took me forever to find it-- I had to go down to the 1st floor, then take a smaller elevator to the 3rd floor. The gym is actually a tiny, white room which got really hot. I couldn't change the channel on my little TV but the elliptical machine gave me a good workout. I would go back to the Shore Club again, depending on if I got a good deal on it or not.

    25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Ingrid M.
    like Mosquitos? Hang out by the pool or restaurant!
    This place will always be the stepchild to Delano..and the rates are abt the same so its an easy call. I had a loft suite which had no frills. There is no complimentary coffee or sunblock (Im used to Loews Hotel). The one good thing is the salon Prive..patrice was amazing. Wonderful friendly staff. Tina at the front desk at Shore Club was also friendly and made our check-in quick and easy w an upgrade. But the mosquitos chased us away for good. Although beautifully designed, theres too much greenery on the property and makes it feel like a jungle...

    09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    126. Crystal R.
    So, I have been to The Shore Club many of times for drinks and a fun night out in a beautiful atmosphere, so I figured that it would be a good place for me to select for my wedding accommodations. I went to check out suites first hand today and amicably asked the receptionist if it would be possible to see one of their showrooms, not an uncommon request for such a big event.

    The receptionist looked at me while I asked my question and responded, "it's Sunday" in an extremely sarcastic tone and that was it. I replied, "Yes, I am aware of the day." To which she responded, "Sunday is our busiest day of the week and there is nothing to show you. You should come back midweek and try. You can go outside and look at the pool if you want, but it is crazy as we have our Sunday party."

    I was so shocked at the lack of customer service and the sheer sarcasm from the woman, that all I could do was to bite my tongue and walk away. She never gave me the card of anyone to speak with, etc. nothing other than short of being dismissed even though there was no one at the counter.

    I gave the hotel 2 stars for its beauty, but that means nothing to me when it comes to being treated as a valued customer. In fact, I should be grateful to the Shore Club, b/c they settled my decision and the W Hotel will be my selection for a secured block of 50 rooms even though it is significantly more expensive.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for and unfortunately for the Shore Club, it will not be in their bank account.

    21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    127. Deidred A.
    We went here during Memorial Day Weekend and had a great time.  The hotel is nicely appointed.  The beach team was very proactive and quick to help with umbrellas.  They have two pools that are just crowded enough to make things fun.  The hotel is nicely decorated and the main pool looks amazing a night.  They have a Nobu restaurant inside and an outdoor bar giving you plenty to do.  Our room was the only disappointment.  It was small and outdated.  Many of the light fixtures were old.  I recommend the hotel but be warned: it is currently in foreclosure.  While it will continue to be ran like a 4 star hotel it is currently up for sale and will be under new management after the summer.  
    Also Memorial Day Weekend is Urban Beach Week.  While Miami has done a great job of keeping things safe it is not worth the trouble.  Every urban person from New York to Atlanta comes down to South Beach.  South of Lincoln ave is like a different country.  It is a rough crowd to say the least (in the ghetto).  Stay north of the Julia Tuttle Causeway entrance and you get a lot less of the riff-raff during the Memorial Day Weekend.

    03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Cliff F.
    What a beautiful hotel, even by Miami Beach standards.

    I admit, I haven't stayed here, but I've been lucky enough to attend a couple functions and take in a drink at the bar every now and then. Service is always impeccable, the grounds are immaculate, and the decor/environment is beautiful.

    My latest Shore Club experience was New Year's Eve 2012, when Rev Run and Mel Debarge were deejaying. It was a really great night--in no small part was that due to the Club's excellent service. EXCELLENT music, strong drinks...what more could one ask for?

    Well...$16 shots of Grey Goose may be a bit much. Prepare to spend just as much on any drink you want.

    The outdoor area is host to a variety of different milieus, including a "beach", outdoor bar, and a quasi-jungle area. Something for everyone--each as tastefully done as the next.

    Shore Club's lobby is adorned with flowing, white curtains that divide up the room in to separate sitting areas. Very modern, very chic--which is what I would say the overall theme of the property is. Chic. Modern.

    07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Robb S.
    My wife and I stayed here for the last 3 days of our honeymoon.  I made my reservation via Priceline Name Your Own Price, so I got a pretty good deal.  That being said, I was a little surprised that this is a 4 star hotel.  Granted, I don't know what other hotels are like along So Beach, but it just didn't seem like a 4 star hotel.

    The first impression was the smell when you walk in.  Smells like the locker room at the pool where I used to take swim lessons as a kid.  Not pleasant.  Too much bleach or chlorine or something!  Thank goodness it was only in the lobby and downstairs hallways, and not up the rooms.  

    Check in went fairly smooth.  I was a little surprised when they said they were putting a $160 hold on my credit card for every day I would be staying, and that it would be released once I leave.  I've never had that happen before.  But whatever.  Gave us a great room on the 14th floor facing the ocean.  Amazing views if you can get beach side and a high floor!  

    The room was decent.  It was clean.  Concrete floor with an area rug.  Very minimal, as others have said, but there wasn't necessarily anything lacking that I would have wanted.  The rooms are pretty small, but that doesn't bother me because I didn't really come to hang out in the room.  The bed was way too soft though.  Felt like a futon mattress.  And very creaky too.  Bathroom was nice though.  I love big showers!  

    They had a big pool party while we were there, but that just wasn't our scene.  If you like that, it looked like everyone was having a blast, no doubt!  Instead we hit the beach, which was great!  Dean made sure everything was set for us, and had the wait staff checking in on us frequently.  Great service at the beach!

    Had breakfast one day at Terrazzo, and was not impressed.  Our server (don't remember his name) was horrible.  I was jealous of tables who had other servers because the other guys seemed to be doing great.  In fact, they were filling my coffee for me and getting things I needed instead our guy.  Clueless!  My wife ordered an omelet, and did not like it at all.  I had eggs benedict, and they were good.  Nothing special though.  The breakfast buffet looked like it might have been the better choice.

    Talked to the concierge about going out on Saturday night, and they were pushing some event where we pay a promoter, get some free rail drinks, and then get into a club without waiting in line.  That was about all they had for us as far as recommendations.  Felt like something where they were making a cut, so they were pushing for it.  Didn't do it and decided to venture out on our own.  Glad we did.  Had a great night at the SLS Lounge!  Highly recommend it.

    We hit The Sky Club when we came back Saturday night (actually more like Sunday morning around 2am).  Nothing special, but it was fun.  

    All in all, it was a decent hotel.  I'll probably try somewhere else next time.

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Hilda H.
    Great hotel, the cabanas are very private and secluded, very romantic to have a nice talk. The music is not too loud and you can drink, dance and have a great conversation, the benefits of lounging.

    14/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    131. Whitney K.
    Gossamer curtains, soft hammocks, brass post beds, and a thousand lanters.  This is the place to go on a warm night when you want to escape to another time and place. Easily one of my favorite lounges. Cool exterior, fun dance floor inside.  The drinks are not as memorable as the build out, but the atmosphere will make you forget what you're drinking in the first place.  Whether you're looking for a casual, low-key night out or showing off Miami's best to your new (and old) friends this is the place to celebrate and clink glasses to the good life.

    23/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    132. Alden W.
    I only give it one star because the staff was truly lovely. Otherwise, it has the ambiance and cleanliness of a parking garage (think New York City parking garage), and even the air quality in the rooms is MISERABLE (think intense air freshener and chlorine, obviously covering up mold). The ubiquitous concrete tiles are chipped, stained, and generally dirty, and don't look too closely at fabrics & upholstery: some of the stains look more DNA than piña colada related.

    28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    133. pracheta t.
    We came here for a drink in the afternoon and decided that this is my favorite place to because of all the cute/cool seating areas they have. The bed? awesome. Really unique seating areas and though we didn't go in the pool (we weren't staying there) it was still nice to be in that setting.

    15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Cindy B.
    Rather than describing all the great things that previous reviewers have, I will just say that I travel frequently and never have I experienced the great customer service as we did at the Shore Club.  From the bellman to the front desk, to the bartenders, servers, security, repairmen (no sound on our tv) -- EVERYONE rocked!  The hotel was clean, fun, crazy -- everything you'd want in South Beach.  We loved that they upgraded our room since ours was running so late and gave us late check out so could spend more Sunday time at the pool.  Highly recommended.

    30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. Nirav D.
    We stayed here for a weekend towards the end of February 2012. The lobby and pool area was sick. Nobu and Terrezza are great restaurants to have at any hotel!

    The rooms were tiny and the service overall was pretty pathetic. Everyone who worked at the resort thought they were too cool for school.

    02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    136. Shannon M.
    I've been here a handful of times when my girls and I were visiting South Beach.  Everyone is so friendly, great music, amazing atmosphere.  We went during Ultra Music Festival with our friend Joe that lives out there, and I couldn't have had a better time.  If I lived in south Florida (which I was considering) I would have been there every weekend.

    07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    137. S R.
    My review of the Shore Club is not based on staying there or even spending a single dime there.

    It's simply based on 15 glorious minutes I spent in this hotel's bar, which appears to be one  of South Beach's primo A-list-type hangouts, on a really busy Saturday night. Which I got into NOT by being a hot chick, NOT by being part of Kanye's entourage, NOT by dropping a wad of cash, but instead by wandering in behind a group of girls and simply walking to the back of the hotel.

    Based on that, this place deserves 5 stars. Mission accomplished!

    28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Boo M.
    For what this hotel was supposed to be, it was just okay. People I had talked to said that this was supposed to be a swanky joint and that I would be blown away. The lobby was modern and I do have to admit, lavishly understated. I definitely thought this hotel would be all that everyone promised. The front desk attendants were extremely courteous, polite, and helpful, and one in particular, LaToya, provided exceptional service. She even gave us an upgrade (16th floor) without us even asking...

      The outdoor areas are decorated in a sort of "Moroccan-Chic", which I thought was clever and cute. Once we got to the elevator shaft, however, was when things started to change. The inside of the elevator loks like a padded cell (yes, much like the ones they have in the looney bins), and they took FOREVER to get there. Once we got out, the hallways were painted a stark white, and didn't have much light. I felt like I was in some sort of a sex tunnel and that at any minute, I would be groped by a hand coming from the walls. The room was okay, with adequate space, but after looking at the accoutrements they provided - i.e., tight shirts, bikinis, panties, and two "mobile intimacy" kits, I suddenly felt the urge to go out and buy a black-light and scan the sheets. The music they play takes A LOT of getting used to, and they play that sh*t obnoxiously loud.

      The entire hotel felt like they had taken an old, dilapidated office building previously inhabited by squatters, slapped on a coat of white paint, bought some flowy sheer curtains and lanterns from Ikea, put numbers on the door, and started charging people. I think if I were 21, I'd probably think this was the epitome of glamour, but my overall impression was that it tried too hard to be a lavish, spring-break sex-den. Oh, and the hot water in the shower was luke-warm at best.

      As for the food, meh. There are a bunch of restaurants down on Lincoln that are walking distance, and you won't have to pay $16 for a pot of coffee like you do at the hotel. I know, they're out of their minds...I would've given this place 2 stars, but LaToya's service was so outstanding, I gave it three.

    04/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    139. Franky A.
    This hotel is a South Beach classic.  I can't tell you how many crazy stories I've racked up at this hotel from 2002 until present.  I've had some of the wildest nights of my life here and I'm sure that they're will be plenty more in the future.  This place has had it's ups and downs the last few years but it's always been a beautiful hotel.  They also have nice shops inside too.

    I'll always be a fan.

    13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    140. Saba A.
    Who doesn't LOVE the Shore Club? It's the classic Miami spot, but WOW. This is a must go no matter how many times I visit South Beach. Next time I visit, I want to go to Nobu inside. Stunning pool and lobby. Sexy people, sexy style, and a great beachy life feel with class.

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    141. Mel L.
    Friendly young staff. Skanky $800 per night room. Someone must have stubbed their toe on the ikea bed frame. Blood was on the frame and carpet. It was never bothered to be cleaned up. Carpet hadn't been vacuumed, windows didn't open and the pool is spring breaks finest. Chipped furniture, floors, dirty walls...need I go on? The star is for the staff needless to say.

    16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    142. Doug G.
    If you book Shore Club in advance of your trip and pre-pay, then in my opinion it is the best deal in all of South Beach. Yes, the hotel is starting to get a bit dated compared to some others in the area. However, the atmosphere on the grounds, to me, exemplifies the epitome of South Beach. The lobby is still impressive, the surrounding grounds, walkways, pools, and night time lighting are all still very pleasing.

    I still absolutely LOVE the bathrooms here - huge tiled showers with glass walls, nice fixtures, roomy, this is a perfect place for a couple to stay. It offers you the space you need and covers the necessities. There's nothing quite like hanging out during the evenings with your significant other by the dimly lit pool or courtyard; very romantic, soothing, and relaxing.

    Saturdays and Sundays by the pool are amazing, the DJ plays great music and the scene is great. The food isn't terrible and is priced just as high as every other high-priced hotel or resort in the area, and the service in every area of the hotel is top notch. The entire staff is very friendly.

    I think if I hadn't booked the Shore Club so far ahead in advance and hadn't pre-paid for the reduced rate, I may be giving it 3-stars. But for the price I paid, I can't imagine getting a better deal on South Beach. Even spending time at The W South Beach later in my vacation, I still came away impressed with what the Shore Club is able to offer.

    23/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Pam S.
    This place is INCREDIBLE!! from the moment you strut  through the Lobby area (with billowing sheer white curtains) to the courtyard that is lit by lanterns and lush tropical trees you know that you have either stepped into a music video or your about to have the time of your life... the music is coming from the pool area and this is POPPIN!!

    I can't tell you much about the cost because my evening was comped :) (attending a private party) but I did make my nosy self look at the bar menu and prices were high but COME ON where else are you going to come into a place and instantly feel like swaying your hips, popping your fingers and getting your groove on?

    There are hidden spots all over the outside area... in fact its sort of like a maze of sorts as you stroll pass the pool there are tables all along the area and cabanas as well. We went into the Skybar and all of our beverages were just full bottles and bucket of ice we made our own mixes right at the tables... I must say I can't remember much of that night as I was dancing all over the place and oh yea the food was good.

    Danced out the wooden gate to the beach that night I can recall and it was a gorgeous evening felt quite safe, not sure I would do that if I was sober but STILL a wonderful spot.

    Respectfully Reviewed

    02/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    144. Nathan L.
    Good friends.  Good hotel.  Good pool.  Good times.  A lot of the time going on vacation is about who you are with and not where you are staying, but having a kick ass hotel with a lot of people drinking/partying at the pool is a definite bonus.  While the party at the pool wasn't Tao Beach status or Hardrock in Vegas, this was a good time.

    The rooms are very minimalist...even to the fact that our room didn't have a ipod player. really shore club?  I thought this was 2011.  I thought that was pretty weak since my friends room did but I wasn't in the room all that much anyways.

    Bottom line is that I will be back...after I check out a few others first.

    18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    145. Audrey B.
    I called and left a voice mail at the Shore Club about the items to remove from our bill.  I followed up with an email.  As of now, haven't heard back and didn't get any money back.  Never going there again... see you at the W!

    10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    146. Susan N.
    Let me begin by saying that I am definitely not the average guest at the Shore Club. I am a 67 year old soon to be retired teacher in an inner-city high school and I was on spring break in South Beach.  When I called in advance I spoke to Lucy Martin, the manager. She was absolutely charming. She told me that it would be very lively at the Shore Club on the weekend. I told her that I was sure that the music would be better than the hip hop rap etc. that I hear every day. I was right. Yes, the music and "scene" were lively, but at least it was real music! If I had I wanted quiet and dull, I would have visited a retirement community. The majority of the hotel guests were very young 20 somethings, actually  1/2 my children's ages, and everyone was very friendly. There were some families with children.

    When I arrived in Florida, I phoned to ask if my room could be ready a bit early. Will, at the front desk, was so nice. He found a room and said that it would be ready, which it was.  From the moment I arrived, I was totally impressed with the hotel. The last time I had been to the Shore Club was in 1957! It has definitely come a long way. It's still in the same great location, but there the similarities end. My room was absolutely beautiful, with an ocean view and a balcony and a great bathroom. The bed was great, and that is important when you have a 67 year old back. The staff was exceptionally accommodating and friendly, from the managers to the cleaning staff. I travel often, and the service at the Shore Club meets or exceeds service anywhere I have been in the world. I loved the restaurants, especially Nobu.

    On my second day there, Alexandra Aubry, Guest Relations Manager, called to ask if I needed anything. I needed service twice during the five days I was there, once to fix the tv and once to get a refrigerator. Both times they were there in five minutes. When I left, Alexandra came to say "goodbye" and gave me a book about the history of Miami Beach. What a nice touch. I loved the facilities, especially the swimming pools and the beach. There are two pools. I'm a lap swimmer, and I was able to swim laps every day, at any time of the day.  The attendants at the pools and the beach were very friendly and helpful.

    Next year I will be retired, and I won't have to confine my vacations to Christmas and spring breaks. I can't wait to go back to this hotel. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who is young or young at heart!

    06/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. monica y.
    rooms are minimal and stark. the concrete floor makes getting up in the morning a bit of a shock since its cold to the touch. The shower stall is amazing and big enough to fit 3 people. The adjoining wall for the room and bathroom is a frosted glass so you don't have too much privacy taking a shower if you have a guest. The pool is very pretty with chairs and towels available for the guest. They dont seem to check if you are a guest or not to enjoy the pool.
    comp chairs and towels for beach, but umbrellas are $15. you do have to show proof you are a guest to use the beach anemities.
    i didnt check out the bar or lounge at night so I can't comment on that.

    28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Jessica G.
    Pretty much everything I could ask for in a hotel. My hubby and I stayed at Shore Club as it was recommended by the couple whose Miami wedding we were attending. We are 30-somethings with a young child who we left at home.

    Things we loved: the room, simple but stylish, super quiet and efficient a/c, the bath products and the bathroom were wonderful, all staff from valets to front desk to shop attendants, waiters and beach crew were all great, very friendly and accomodating. I loved the smell of the lobby, the cleanliness and style of the grounds and pools. The view from our room of the ocean was amazing. Even though we were right above the club that pumped music all night we couldn't hear it!  The jewelry shop within the hotel has an amazing collection and if you are a hotel guest they offer a 20% discount!

    Things we loved a little less: overall staying here gets pricey...complicated menu system for services (through tv) and sometimes it's not clear what is included in price of room and what you pay for.  Make sure to check or ask! Having a VIP section at the beach seemed a bit ridiculous and greedy...felt like I was back at the airport being asked to pay for more leg room. Really?

    I'm on the fence about the crowd and ambiance. It is definitely trendy and even pretentious. I'm told that's just South Beach so maybe it's just not my scene? Coming from the style desert that is DC, South Beach was a bit overwhelming!

    14/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. Kristin B.
    I absolutely ADORE Shore Club!! I recently spent a girls' weekend there for my 30th birthday and had the absolute time of my life. Latoya at the front desk was fabulous... she went above and beyond to make sure our stay was amazing. The atmosphere is just gorgeous, and thanks to Latoya we upgraded to a suite with an ocean/pool view!

    I read some reviews before the trip and laughed at the ones who complained about it being a party hotel. Ummmm... it's in South Beach... what the hell do you expect? And yes the rooms are minimalist but they are supposed to be! The beds were super comfy and the shower was enormous... great bathroom lighting too! Who cares anyway? We barely slept or spent any time in the room!

    We made friends from all over the world at the pool by day and by night we made more friends at Skybar... truly an eclectic mix of guests and partiers! Dinner at Nobu was delicious... highly recommend it!

    Of course things are expensive ($85 mojito pitcher by the pool) but again, you are in South Beach. Bring some cash to the pool to tip your pool guy, but don't worry about tipping the servers/bartenders because the gratuity in South Beach is included... which I love.

    There's a little market just across the street with fresh fruit, snacks, and essentials and cabs are lined up and ready for you if you decide to venture out further... but really, you don't need to!

    I will be staying at Shore Club again... can't wait!

    27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    150. Sandy C.
    The Shore Club is still a popular destination for nightlife in Miami.  They build a DJ booth above the pool and have some of the most beautiful people drinking and living the fabulous life around it.

    The Shore Club during the day is yet another story....

    We checked into our suite in the afternoon.  The lobby is pure white, like most Miami hotels.  They even have a Nobo restaurant on site at the hotel. I love how all the staff wear white polo's and once you arrive, you know you are in Miami and that you should relax, throw on a good pair of stunner shades, a bathing suit, and hit the pool side.

    Our room had amazing views of Miami beach, but again, stark white IKEA like furniture.  It was big, but every chair, every surface is hard and not very comfortable.  The bathroom is a little cooler, the floors are made of grey concrete and add an industrial architectural flare.  Did I tell you the view is amazing?  Panoramic views of the palm trees and sandy beach!

    So I try to forget the IKEA room and we head down to the pool, now in the evening, the places glows in jewel tones lanterns that hang from the trees.  In the evening, you'd want to smoke a hookah under the beautiful trees and lay out on the cabana's and have endless glasses of champagne and bottle service.  

    Walking through it during the stark daylight is another story....  

    The fabric on the outdoor cabana's are severely torn and tattered.  They really need to remodel this place and upgrade the furniture in the rooms to compete with the new kids on the block, the newly opened W, and classic Delano.  

    I will say that I love the location, the staff and service were amazing.  I love the "kick back" feel of the staff and hotel.  This is what it should be like, you're on Miami beach!

    I love nightlife at the Shore Club, it's a Miami Institution, but when I stay in a suite in Miami, I have big expectations of my room for the amount of money that you have to pay for being on the prime beach front estate of Miami beach.

    Shore Club it's time for an upgrade.  I totally believe in the comeback!

    16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    151. Kimberley C.
    The Shore Club can be summed up in one word....  PARTY CENTRAL.   Oooops!  I mean two words.  LOL

    With numerous bars and a huge pool party following it is very interesting, fun, great people watching and a good place to get smashed and behave in a debaucherous way.

    What I don't like about it is that the crowd is TOO mixed.  Over the years it has gone downhill.

    After many stays here and many pool parties here and great meals here, I was VERY unhappy with the theft of my watch (a very expensive one   $12,000) out of my hotel room.   After filing a police report and getting the hotel management to deal with the issue, there was no resolution.  If you have your valuables in a  hotel room safe.... the hotel is only liable for up to $500.00 and that's it.  

    It's all in the fine print folks.

    I have since then stopped staying @ the Shore Club but I will visit the hotel bars from time to time.

    Just remember, a word of warning to all those who are entranced with the Miami Beach glamorous night life...... you WILL get robbed.   Either directly or indirectly.

    Miami & Miami Beach are heavy in crime.

    Your credit card number WILL get swiped.
    Or you will be seduced by russians who will rip you off.
    Or your valuables will be stolen at the hotel you are staying.
    Or your car will either be damaged or even possible taken across the border & out of the country.

    RENT a car or actually even better.   JUST hire a limo service.

    Don't bring any valuables.


    call your credit card company EVERY day to check on your balance because you probably have some professional thief running around right now with your credit card number charging up the entire available balance and then some.

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    152. Venus P.
    LOVE this hotel. YES I will recommend this to EVERYONE, and YES I WILL be back! The staff is SO friendly and helpful! BEAUTIFUL place, WOW I'm in love the best hotel I've been to yet! I have to give a shout out to Jeremy at the beach service place he was sooo helpful and nice!

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    153. Frank C.
    This was my second stay here. The hotel staff is very nice and accommodating. The building is Art Deco. It is dating back to the 50's at least, so the building and property is narrow.

    The back of the hotel property fronts up to the esplanade that runs along the beach. This is a very nice stretch. The beach service for the hotel is very good.

    There are two pools and two outdoor bars. The garden area and pool area has low slung couches and day beds. They could use some more traditional seating as well.

    Two restaurants, one being Nubo.  

    WiFi is available for free in the lobby and around the pool.

    I have only been here during the week. I think this would be a pretty big party destination for weekends.

    Good location on the north side of South Beach.

    15/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    154. michael g.
    If you want to stay a nightclub pretending to be a hotel, then this is the place for you.

    During the day, the pool is a crowded mess.  Too many people, no beds, cigarette butts everywhere, empty champagne bottles and glasses everywhere.   At night, there is not a quiet spot on the whole property.  The music starts off loud and gets louder through the night until it is blasting til way past 2am everywhere.  Bass pounds through the walls into the rooms (I am on the 10th floor).  

    Let's face it, it is Miami, and it is a party town.  And if I was still 21, and rich, and spoiled I would probably have a pretty good time here.    But this hotel is much better for visiting once for a walk through, and maybe a drink than it is for staying at.   Besides the annoying club-like atmosphere, the rooms have 3 landlines but Verizon service is spotty at best all over the property, and they still charge $10 a day for Wifi.  On principle alone paying for Wifi in a full-price hotel is annoying.  

    Breakfast buffet is weak in offerings.  Curtains in the room are falling down.  Rooms are small.  And another issue, (which is not their fault but does affect the experience) is the sun -- it moves behind another building early in the afternoon throwing the whole pool in the shade during prime tanning hours.  

    The one good thing I can say is that the staff could not be nicer, and most have tried to make my stay as tolerable as possible.  Unfortunately the staff being nice cannot fix this hotel.   This hotel is part of a chain that gets it right at some of their other properties including the Delano and Mondrian hotels.  And maybe this is what works for this place.  But unfortunately like some of the guests at the pool during the day, the Shore Club seems to be a little bit past it's prime, is in need of a little work, and is trying just a little bit too hard.

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    155. Jason V.
    All of the common areas at Shore Club are very good:  The lobby is clean, fragrant, and spacious.  The patio seating at Terrazza was very pleasant, and the breakfast buffet is pretty good despite a relatively limited selection.  The pool area is very nice, and the service around the pool area was top notch.  Indeed, I thought all the face-to-face service was of very high quality from the front desk to the concierge, doorman, and even the staff member who saw me hauling my luggage in the hallway and called down to the front door to get a cab ready for me to head to the airport.

    Where I was disappointed was the room itself:  My standard room was unexpectedly small, and the primarily-white color scheme--while consistent with the style of the hotel--can be brutal on the eyes during the day with the sunlight (even through the sheer curtain).  I was also very disappointed when a bowl of fruit amenity I received (and consumed) when I arrived wasn't removed from my room after the first day of housekeeping service (it was taken out after day two).  On the plus side, I was skeptical of the bed, but it was actually quite comfortable, and the pillows provided were of high quality.  The centerpiece of the bathroom was clearly the tub that could easily and comfortably fit two, but I the water pressure for my shower was so frustratingly low that the water barely covered one-fifth of the tub space.

    Would I stay again?  I would probably prefer to try some of the other Miami Beach properties first, but I wouldn't be against another stay at Shore Club.  Prices for rooms did strike me as a little high, but (while it is by no means a value play) you have to wrap into that price the location, the easy beach access, and the generally high level of service that is the icing on the cake.

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    156. Howard C.
    This Hotel gets an F for customer service on the phone. I just called to talk to someone about setting up an event and I was transferred to the "front desk". After continuous ringing with no answer for 3 minutes I hung up and called back. The same person answered and I advised her that none was answering. Yes told me that she would transfer me again and I could advise them of the problem. (what?) She transferred me and this time it rang for 5 minutes and then just went dead. I took my business to another hotel. It's just kind of hard to tell someone about the problem when no one is answering the phone, and that happens to be the problem.

    02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    157. Lester M.
    I feel bad giving this place 3 stars. But it is very deserving of it general 3 1/2 stars. The place is not overly posh or Miami beach chic but is very relaxing specially in the back pool area. The main pool is large by Miami beach standards, and is where the fun happens. The back pool is surrounded by vegetation and is very relaxing and even though is close to the main pool and the music, you don't get annoyed by the noise if you just want to relax.

    They have a pretty decent pool menu although price. The drinks are very good.

    The rooms are of good size and quite comfortable.

    Overall, this is a very good spot to spend a weekend. Whether parting or relaxing, this place has both.

    14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    158. Jason A.
    Place is a dump. Run down, old, with a layer of paint so they can call themselves "trendy". Would never stay here again. I've stayed in best westerns that are more impressive. The W a better option in my opinion. Cool pool and dj, but the place is really cheap looking and feeling inside and out. Oh and not even HD tv? Try watching anything on a 27" flat screen from 12 ft away in bed with no hd. Terrible.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    159. Joanna M.
    I've been here last year during WMC for a party in what is now a mexican restaurant? hmm ok. I can dig the swing and moroccan feel beds and colorful pillows about. This year, I came for a bachelorette party over this past weekend.  Shore Club was not my pick but I heard great reviews about how the hotel was "nice" and I'm always up for new Miami hip spots.

    Pool: Although a cold weekend, we did get to sit by the pool and order beverages and snacks.  Our server the first day was awesome while our server the second day was kind of MIA and not as fun.  We tried to go in the hot tub and were kicked out 5 minutes later for a private event which 2 hours later was still not set up.  I may come back to check out the pool party on a day with nicer weather but I'm not sure it would be any more fun and/or fab as the pool parties at the Delano or Gansevoort (my favorite).

    Lobby:  Looks "almost" identical to Delano with the white sheer drapes in the middle of no where but worse.  Just executed in a "weird" way, I don't get it...

    Reception: Decent, helpful, but nothing special.

    Rooms: 2 persons per room rule which I thought was weird.  They make you write down everyone's name and charge you for extra people.  2 people per bed not reasonable?  Whatever the girls and I split up in twos and got 3 rooms (chaaaa-ching!) Like the minimalist/modern/all white concept of the rooms but that's a miami thing I guess.  Room was surprisingly quiet but not sure if the cold weather kept the pool noise to a non-existent?  Beds are comfy and room seemed clean although there is sort of a musky smell or is that like a beach hotel thing?  We got a kick out of the Room "kit" complete with tshirts, thongs, candles, and "intimacy kit" not that we took advantage.  

    Room service: eh- ordered stuff: jalepeno poppers, chicken fingers, water.  
    Chicken fingers sent up with water, bill $30.....wait! Call back room service asking where jalepeno poppers were?  
    They are out.  
    Ok well we paid for them so can you send something else up?
    "Guac and chips?"
    Food comes with bill....wait, no we paid for them....Call back room service for them to explain "No that was $15 for chicken fingers and $11 for bottle of water"....*silence*
    "Oh right"
    ...First of all, you could have told us that you were out of jalepeno poppers when we FIRST placed the order and BEFORE you sent the food up.  Second of all, are you kidding me?  What is this holy water from the Vatican? At least give me a bottle of freaking Fiji or something if I'm being charged $11 for a bottle of water not the bottle of lame brand water you probably filled in the back with a hose....
    There are no vending machines so if you want a non-$11 bottle of lame brand water or can of soda (for a tummy ache) you can go walk to a nearby Walgreens ....or if it is late and you do not feel like walking the streets of Miami alone as a woman, well you are just s*** out of luck!

    Location: great located a block or two from Lincoln Road and if you don't mind walking 8-10 blocks down to Wet Willies, David's Cafe for coffee, etc. great!

    Verdict:  Apparently we got a "deal" and spent over $1300 for a room for 2 weekend nights which hey for a hotel costing over 5/600 per night, I'd prefer someplace else like the W, Ritz, Fountainebleu, Gansevoort but hey, that's just me...

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    160. Jonah K.
    Nice hotel, good bars and people watching. I have stayed here and visited. The rooms are nice but the sound proofing is non-existent so you can hear everything. The pools are awesome and always a good scene.

    19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Maxine S.
    I've stayed here 3 or 4 times when visiting South Beach.  It has a stunning lobby with tall white sheers hanging floor to ceiling and white couches and furnishings throughout the lobby.  It's beautiful and a perfect spot for a photo opp!

    The rooms are on the smaller side, but they work well enough since you don't spend too much time in there anyway.

    The staff is always very nice and accommodating.

    The pool scene is relaxing and calm during the week, but weekends have a more lively scene.  Sundays are a "Shore Thing" where they have a DJ playing music and you get people outside of the hotel coming in too.

    The pool staff was always very attentive.  If you take care of the guys who set up chairs, they'll take care of you every day you're there.  They even remembered me from one visit to the next which is always a nice feeling.

    It's more expensive, but what in SoBe isn't?  I would recommend staying here and it's always my first choice when heading to Miami.

    18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Patrik D.
    First time in miami, alot of hotels to choose.

    SC is not chic hotel in general, guests not chic either, most "new jersey" people, in my opinon people out of style and cant "relax".

    Lobby: look terrible, totally out of style

    Reception very nice and helpful
    Concierge not so good, but nice

    Rooms: i asked weeks before with a room with a view, i got a room at ground floor and they didnt have other rooms. Beds nice and room xtremly good isolated from pool musik(very good). Bathroom was painted with a ugly yellow colour.

    Pool: younger people in general, poolarea much more simple then Delano or simular hotels.
    Beach: Nice beach area with chairs as complmentary.

    Breakfast: possible at terazza, very expensive buffet 35 dollars inc tip(nothing special for food)

    Dinner: avoid Nobu at the hotel, if you like tao, buddakan, spice market in NY you will be so disaponted, count on 80 dollar/person or more.
    Try Zuma instead, much better,

    I think SC is ok if you got a good deal.
    Next time i will try Delano or SLS

    12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    163. Lauren W.
    I am really upset to have to write this negative review as I actually had a positive experience during my stay at the Shore Club. We were able to check in early, really enjoyed our time by the pool and had no complaints about the room. However, when we went to check out of the room (at 4am) before our 6am flight there was no staff at the front desk to check us out. I figured this would not be a problem as I am always in a rush when leaving hotels and have never had a problem with the bill being sent later. It was to my surprise when we asked for the bill a few days after checkout and they had charged us $100 extra for late check out & $80 extra in miscellaneous mini bar fees of items that were not even in our mini bar upon arrival. My friend and I immediately started calling the Shore Club to try and get these fees removed. We were treated terribly by the staff - they told us that there is no way we could have known if one of us had ate something out of the mini bar and perhaps that we were lying to each other. A hotel of this stature should NEVER accuse their guests of such a thing. We asked to speak to managers several times and have only been able to connect with a dial tone or a voice mail box with no return phone call. We have records of leaving the hotel at 4:08 AM from Uber & our airline tickets. It is extremely upsetting when you go on vacation to relax and enjoy yourself only to return to an incorrect bill, terrible customer service, and accusations of lying. I hope this serves as a warning if you are looking to book this hotel. Do not have any expectations of talking to anyone besides the front desk staff if you have a problem with your stay, apparently there are no such thing as managers at the Shore Club

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    164. Robert S.
    Not worth it! Poor customer service and an arrogant and unfriendly staff. There are plenty of better alternatives for a party or the beach.

    02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    165. Katie M.
    A friend and I just stayed a long weekend in an ocean front 2 queen room. I knew from the pictures the decor was pretty minimal & lots of white. I didn't realize just how much concrete there was in the room & bathroom! I couldn't get over the floors, but I think the walls and ceiling may have been concrete, too. They had a large rug under the beds, so it didn't wreck your feet 1st thing in the morning, but the hallway and in front of the bed weren't good if your feet were sore or achy. If anyone was in the hallway or closed their door (which were all very heavy & awkward to open), you could absolutely hear it, and frequently people in nearby rooms, too.

    However, the view from the balcony was amazing. On the 11th floor, we could hear the party going on below us at the pool during the day & it wasn't too bad. The Sky Bar at night was very chill and decorated nicely.

    The bed & pillows were suprisingly comfortable, and the shower area with iridescent tiles was nice and large with good water pressure & hot water. A shelf or something for the shower area would've been nice to put the soap/shampoo bottles. Free wifi was very nice & quick.

    Housekeeping seemed pretty on top of everything & stopped by 2 or 3x a day with towels and to straighten the room. I never had a problem with service thoroughout our stay - guys at the door and front desk were generally very friendly and helpful, and room service even brought a requested spoon (no accompanying food order) during dinner rush within 10 minutes

    We never had a problem getting a pool chair with an umbrella or beach chair (included, but the umbrellas are $15), but the main pool area did fill up sort of quickly. A shower closer to the door to the beach would've been nice so sand wasn't tracked all the way through the pool area before rinsing sandy feet. The pool area was very pretty and had good music (but not club music) in the mornings, and afternoons had a DJ and a little louder music. Pool attendents were very helpful and always nearby.

    The beach was nice, and the guys working the chairs did their best to keep up with people coming & going and moving umbrellas. No hours are posted anywhere, but I guess they open later on Sundays because they were struggling to set up with about 40 people already there by 9am. To get a front row spot (there are only ~20, I think you'd need to be there around 8:30 or so. Sort of sucked that the jetski rental place launched from directly in front of the area. I guess for some that would be convenient.

    Even though we got a great deal on the room through an aquaintance knowing an employee, I'm not sure I'd stay here in the room again due to all the concrete (other places have nice beds & views, too). The shower, pool/beach, Sky Bar and location were the highlights for me, but not enough to stay.

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    166. Angela M.
    I really enjoyed my stay at the Shore Club and the staff really make you feel like VIP here. We didn't spend very much time in the room, which kind of reminded me of an insane asylum with the concrete walls and white furniture, so we spent most of our time at the pool and beach, and heading out for dinner and night activities.

    The pool service is very attentive. There was always someone coming by asking us what drink we'd like next and the food was pretty good for pool service. We racked up a bill quickly and had a great time.

    Every time we left the hotel, the staff called us cabs quickly and was very friendly, getting to know us quickly to make great recommendations for lunch and fun activities. We got drenched in a thunderstorm the last day and one of the guys at the front was super sweet to bring us towels to dry off.

    Even when we went for a swim late at night (3 or 4am after coming back), the staff came out to check on us. Just based on staff alone, Shore Club is a winner in South  Beach!

    28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    167. Melanie A.
    We stayed at the Shore club for Valentine's day and had a lot of fun. Nobu being my favorite restaurant was very conveniently located downstairs and our room was really nice. The rooms are up-kept as comparable to the Gansevoort where the rooms are already deteriorating and have a worn out feel.

    Shore club was great during the day to lay out and extremely peaceful. We will definitely stay again.

    22/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Justin C.
    The Shore Club, from what I could see somewhat late at night, was a really beautiful hotel that was unfortunately pretty deserted when Alex and I arrived. It's really hard to gauge the place based on that visit, so this is essentially a rating just on the aesthetic of the place and how relaxing it was to take in some outdoor scenery in a unique setting.

    I was kind of bummed they only had part of the areas lit up ( yelp.com/biz_photos/xVct… ), but the lamplight that was present through most of the other areas was really serene ( yelp.com/biz_photos/xVct… ). I loved sitting in the swings, even if they were a little damp, and the lounge areas seemed perfect if you came during the day to relax by the pool. I would be really curious to see how this space evolves in the daylight.

    Sitting there with my friend as we proceeded to get tipsy, letting the stars bathe us, and listening to the hundreds of little frogs croaking in the background, it was a brief visit that I hope to remember for quite a long time.

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. Yvonne M.
    I didnt stay at this hotel, but I spent alot of time there with friends this past week. I have to say... j LOVE this hotel. They had such a beautful lobby, it has a romantic feel with all these sheer white curtains and candles... And the Terraza Restarant had great food too, i ordered A raviola pasta dish that was finger licking good...
    This hotel also has a club, the Red Room, again, I didnt go, but my friends did and they said it was hot! i walked past several times and it was always jumping with people and good loud music.
    Last but certainy not least, the pool area... This was the best part. here are huge cabana type beds around the pool, and a bar. The place hosts pool parties and events every night. The DJ kept the poolside bumping and drinks flowing. We had a awesome time here, oh.. One other thing... They also took great care of the guests who wanted to go on the beach, they provided free bright orange towels and chairs whereas some other hotels charge.
    Next tme I visit Miami, this is my first choice in hotels.

    16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    170. Sina R.
    We didn't stay at this hotel, but we came to the hotel's patio area for a few rounds of drinks before heading out to the clubs.

    THE best Mojitos are served here! Their Mojitos have become the benchmark with which I compare others.

    I loved the layout and the spontaneous (to us, at least) bikini fashion show definitely perked everybody up ;)

    02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    171. Hamad T.
    I actually liked the style and layout of the hotel but one thing I consider a fatal flaw that will keep me from staying there again is the lack of service elevators meaning that guests almost always share he elevator with housekeeping staff and their trolleys and have to wait for one of the three elevators (in my tower at least) constantly. The housekeeping staff is also badly trained although pleasant and accommodating when handling requests. A for effort but D for service quality. At this price I would have expected better.

    05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    172. Ricardo V.
    The service here is incredible, worth coming back every time. If you ever have the slightest problem, which is rare, just ask for one of the friendly managers and they will make it right.  I've been so impressed at the hotel's staff's dedication to making the guest happy, especially at the pool!

    21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    173. Shelly K.
    Nice clean room and the pool was gorgeous. Service was good as well. I would stay here again. They upgraded us to Ocean front for free.

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    174. Kelly J.
    Hands down my favorite hotel in South Beach!  Stayed at so many other hotels along the strip and we always end up here even if it's just for a drink.  If you are in your 20's or 30's this is where you need to stay.  We come to Miami for the partying and this is perfect location for your home base.  All the staff are amazing and became like a part of our group.  Dobri was our bartender from day one and we will always be back to visit he is amazing!  Pool scene is so much fun and beach is perfection!  The great staff and amazing atmosphere will always make this our home in Miami!

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. Chris M.
    Just stayed the weekend at Shore Club. I stay at various Hilton properties every week all over the country, so staying at a boutique hotel was a nice change. You never know what you're getting with some of these South Beach properties, but luckily I already had multiple recommendations to stay here.

    Amenities: pool is awesome. It was quite the party scene Friday and Saturday, but I couldn't get a chair so I went to the beach. The beach club is nice. Chairs are included in stay. Service was good. A large bottle of water set me back $16 though, and a pitcher of mojitos is $70...almost double the Bentley Beach Club? The fitness center was better than expected, and I actually found some time to use it. I don't think a lot of the south beach hotels have as good fitness centers as this. Valet parking service was great. 10 minutes to get car. $42 per night. Scoop clothing store is pretty sweet. Lobby is very Miami. White white white. Outdoor area between pool and the lounge and restaurants is very relaxing. The vibe here is more laid back and zen than some closeby hotels, and I was thankful for that.

    Room: room was very basic and super small. Bed was way more comfortable than I thought it would be. Wireless Internet is included and pretty fast! Bathroom was kind of dated and the paint job in the shower was pretty messed up. The tub is huge, but shower head and pressure is not up to par with a $300 hotel room. The refrigerator is stocked, but no room to put your own drinks in, and automatically charged you if you move anything.

    Overall a good experience, and I would come back. The room is not the main reason to stay here...or anywhere in south beach. You shouldn't be spending much time in it!

    14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    176. A G.
    I'm sooo angry with the concierge (Poala-not to be confused with Paulo). I called saturday morning to have them make a brunch reservation a Bazaar and they informed me that Bazaar only does brunch on Sunday. So I went somewhere else instead. Later that day I called and asked them to make a reservation for brunch at Bazaar on Sunday. They called me this morning while I was sleeping to tell me my brunch reservation at Bazaar was confirmed. When I got to Bazaar, they told me they don't do brunch on Sunday and only do it on Saturday. So basically the Shore Club concierge fucked up two of my brunches. How did they "confirm" my reservation if they don't even do it on Sunday's??! I called them to tell them what happened and they were completely dispassionately like "oh, sorry, yea Gloutonnerie is amazing you could go there". They totally didn't seem to give a shit whatsoever. Also, I ended up going to Glutonnerie. It was terrible- and not in like a one off, just having a bad day terrible. It was straight up a bad recommendation.

    01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    177. Marianne L.
    Stayed here for a work meeting and added an extra night for myself.
    Pros: great location,  near Lincoln Rd and all the great bars!! The shore club is located right on the beach-- the running path is right outside of the pool! Food is amazing, had lunch at the terrazza! The beach is very nice too! Clean and the servers/help Staff are awesome.

    Cons: my room was dirty when I first walked in. The hair dryer that was in the room almost caught on fire. For $450 a night I expected a better room. Very tiny, dirty and no view at all. I was facing a cement wall.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    178. Holly N.
    Certainly not the NICEST hotel in SoBe, but I had such a fantastic experience! I'll have to give it 5 stars. Excellent customer service! I booked a room with one king bed but checked in with two other girls so they upgraded us to a room with two doubles and a balcony for free! Everyone on the staff was very nice and accommodating.

    The room was very plain, but spacious. Lots of sunlight in the daytime but it was a little dim at night because the room was only lit up by 5 lamps. 4 outlets near the desk too; perfect for charging multiple phones and cameras. Am I dumb or does the mini fridge not keep anything cold?

    The bathroom was bigger than I expected it to be; big shower, a separate tub and a separate room for the toilet. LOVED the storage units in the bathroom. We used them as cubbies to store all our make up and stuff, definitely handy when you're staying with 3 other girls. 3 mirrors to get ready (in the bathroom, the long mirror in the entry and the large mirror near the balcony)!!! Love when hotels have lots of mirrors. It would be nice if there was a lamp next to the mirror near the balcony though.

    Didn't have time to chill by the pool but it looked fun. Seemed to be an older crowd when I went though (the weekend before WMC). We walked by a few times to go to the beach, which is basically right in the backyard!!! Walk past the pool area and there's a gate; remember to bring your room key to get back in. SC gives you complementary beach chairs and towels if you show the card to the people at the little hut (that's not the right word...) on the beach! They also have waitresses if you want to order food or drinks. Aghhh it was perfect, take me back!

    Really liked the location of SC. Literally right by the beach, close to a lot of restaurants and shops, two I Love Liquor stores down the street. Didn't pay much attention to the furniture because we were only there to get ready and sleep. A lot of reviews said that this is a loud party hotel, but it wasn't near our room? I guess the other people next to us might've thought it was cause we were blasting music, oops!

    Anyway, it was awesome. I'd stay again.

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    179. Victor H.
    Terrible service! Asked for five drinks at 12:43 AM... Then had to search for the waitress to get our drinks and then our bill... She was hanging out by the bar... Been a client of this place for years but will never come again :-( such a beautiful place but it's sad how one employee can ruin the overall feel of a place.

    29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    180. Zac S.
    Bad crowd and very bad service. Expensive drinks and ordered a pizza which took an hour and was cold. Don't go

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    181. Max Z.
    Came for a spa and pool day thanks to Travelzoo. Great music and atmosphere. The only reason I didn't give it 5 is because generally we can have a locker for the day but they were so slammed, we had to leave bags with the lady at the front desk of the spa. She was super, but would have preferred to have my bags safe in a locker and key. Overall everything else was great

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    182. Greg H.
    Stayed here for a long weekend right after New Years. Was in town for the Orange Bowl and wanted to hang on South Beach the rest of the weekend. Everything written in previous reviews is pretty accurate (something very rarely the case in my experience).

    The rooms are small. It is like that almost everywhere in SoBe though. There are concrete floors which is kind of awkward. The walls are very thin and you can often hear noise easily. One of our towels was dirty... the air conditioning wasn't broken but it didn't seem to get a full kick, the room was about 72-73 at the lowest...little things here and there. The actual room wasn't very impressive but it's a place to keep your head.

    The actual hotel itself was very nice though. Two restaurants Nobu and an italian place with outside seating on the patio looking at the pool which is an awesome scene at night. Their outdoor garden is lit up by lanterns and while it is kind of dark it does provide a real cool atmosphere. Theres also an indoor "red room" lounge with a DJ and bar. At night the atmosphere is awesome, although during the day it looks kind of awkward as you're walking through a garden to get to your tower.

    There's two pools a main large one and a secondary smaller one, then you can go out the back of the second pool and walk right on to the beach which is pretty cool.

    Location is on Collins passed 18th, so the north side of the strip. Staff was helpful and courteous.

    Overall the actual hotel is super nice but the rooms are less than impressive. At the right price I'd stay here again though

    09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    183. Patrick M.
    Went down to Miami with a group of 18 guys and had trouble finding a nice place to stay as it was the same weekend as the World Music Fest so the town was crazy.  

    Gary V w group sales was amazing and set us all up w a great rate.  It was much cheaper than even some of the lesser quality hotels in the area.  The decor is simple but elegant.   Each room was slightly different but all were great quality for the price

    The rooms are great, especially the suites.   The front desk, concierge and baggage staff were all so pleasant and helpful.  

    Steve who runs the show at the pool was amazing.  He set us up w a cabana and made sure the entire day was great.  He answered plenty of annoying questions from me and everything went smoothly.   The scene at the pool is pretty amazing.  Great music all day and the drinks and food kept coming and coming.  Not the cheapest place in the world but as good as you will find at such a nice place in Miami.   The wait staff was awesome and so quick to deliver.  Thanks Sarah!

    There are also great spots available on the beach just outside the hotel grounds    

    Overall I have no complaints at all and would highly recommend the place to anyone coming to Miami.  No matter what the occasion, the shore club has plenty to offer.

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. A H.
    I really enjoyed my stay at the Shore Club. Reasonable distance from Ocean drive. Its a beach front hotel, the service was great and the pool party's were really fun.  I'd definitely stay at the Shore Club in the future :)

    01/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    185. Shnm M.
    Beware endless summer package is a scam you don't get free upgrade of room type and you don't get 4pm checkout
    They say free upgrade upon availability  it's  bs they tell you at the hotel miraculously a large group checked in yesterday and all upgraded rooms are full and the hotel was sold out last night. When I called and reservations told me not to book a more expensive room because I will get a free upgrade
    I came in at 9 am and they said 2 bedroom is avalalible but can upgrade me to a one bed with partial ocean view but I have to wait till room is ready and they will call but they never called I had to go up for the front desk girl Sophia to check and hours and latter who  says Ohh yeah "it just got ready" when Im sure it was ready for hours she just never called. Partial ocean view was a joke there was no view so we just went for the regular to bed room we a view of college red cups and bag and underwear on the canopy  that people have throw a outside there rooms
    "Gaurenteed 4pm check out " that's a gimmick too when time comes they say it's based on availability     check out is at 2 BUT if you pay $100 we can give you 4pm check out lol so what happened to the guaranteed 4pm checkout why are you telling me I have to pay again

    We stayed 3 nights promised us an upgrade our second night and when second night came they were "sold out" again by the third morning we called at 11 they said check back latter and we were just so tried of there lies that we just dealt with the room and never called back for the upgrade.  
    No water by the ocean but can order bottle water for $12
    At the pool they will give you a cup of water though
    Service at beach is beyond horrible they only care about people that order bottles and pitchers even though it is over $20 for 1 frozen 8 oz drink you don't get the service. If ask for extra celery they say it's $5 "this is south beach what do you expect"
    Food takes way too long and nobody cares to let you know that it's because of "construction"

    Sophia front desk is very rude and does not follow through the manager are nice and try the best so don't waste your time
    Beds are horrible not comfortable

    Location is not that great it is close to ocean but not that close to ocean or Lincoln so it's not that great that all the reviews say

    Bottom line if your looking for a hotel with a "happening" pool close location to busy areas(but not closest) horrible service from front desk, rooms clean but not a warm feeling everything is concrete, then go with this hotel the only thing that saved this trip for me was the awesome pool and pool staff who give you chairs but the waitress at pool are not nice.

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    186. Lexie S.
    Short and sweet visit to the Shore Club.  After falling down the rabbit hole at another hotel lounge nearby, my friend and I were not ready to go home just yet.  We especially didn't want to end her first visit to Miami Beach on a sour note.  We arrived a little after 1AM, and thought that we may be too late to revel in the glory that can be found here.  Quietly strolling passed the sets of cascading white sheers (Hmmm... this seems fondly familiar...) we heard a faint melody in the distance.  So, we kept going and were pleasantly surprised by what we discovered.  A vibrant, hip sanctuary straight out of a fairy tale!  We grabbed drinks at the bar where a few late comers were still mingling.  Then, we had our pick of cozy and stylish seatings under a canopy of trees and Moroccan-styled lanterns.  We could have stayed and chatted for hours!  Although our night was short-lived because of their closing time, nobody kicked us out or put on the bright lights after killing the music.  No, no, no... the mood was spared well into the night, well passed Shore Club's curfew.  For that, I thank you and vow to return.  Next visit, I'll come by earlier so as to get as much time as I can at what now has the possibility of being my new favorite hotel lounge in Miami Beach.

    The Good:  All the seating areas are unique and lovely:  plenty of cushions, exotic ottomans, and lanterns galore.  The lighting is particularly dreamy!  You know that photo that everyone pins on Pinterest for their epic backyard?  Well, you're sitting in it here!

    The Bad:  Only MY bad for not coming here earlier.

    The Not-So-Pretty:  Two gentleman individually approached us and both were precariously close to being inappropriate.  Can't hold that against the establishment, but may need to do some more research to determine if that is the standard behavior allowed here.  Manners, please!

    I reserve the right to give this place a full 5-stars after I've had a chance to visit for more than 45 minutes.  Otherwise, I was quite impressed.  You would be, too!

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    187. Bernadette M.
    Bachelorette bed rental for 12 ladies by the pool. Oh yes. Some of the girls thought this was the best part of our trip out here and it was pretty damn fun. The service was impeccable. They really took care of us. We had our huge bed cleaned off well. It fit all of us! We had a huge umbrella in the middle of it so we got some shade and it was securely placed and checked. Valen was our server and she was a doll, friendly, attentive and a hard worker. The food was great. The refill of ice, soda, tonic, juices came in a decent amount of time and all of it was so worth it.

    The pool was large and full of beautiful, fun people. The high energy music was perfect and at the right volume that made you dance in the pool. There were occasional Shore Club dancers at the top of the pool working it and you have to give them credit for doing that in the intense heat. This place is so much fun!

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Dre B.
    Been living in Miami almost 6 years and this was my first time at Shore Club. I went on a full-but-not-so-busy Sunday afternoon.

    I was with someone who knew someone who was on the list (normal Miami Beach protocol, haha), so we got in free. I don't know if there is a cost for someone who just walks up. Make sure you have beach clothing on though -- the door guy disapproved of my bball shorts but he let me in with a warning for the future.

    I'm not much for sitting or laying around just to do it but I can see the allure of Shore Club. Music, attractive people, alcohol and the great Miami weather. This would be a good place to go with a group of friends to unwind on a Sunday afternoon. I think a mix of makes and females together in a group would work best.

    21/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    189. Caro H.
    The massage = more than 5 stars. Seriously the most incredible massage ever. Way better than Massage Envy. I paid for a travel zoo coupon thing to get the massage and go to the pool. The massage therapist was amazing. I felt amazing. My girlfriend got a facial and her face was actually glowing for weeks after. So the spa is amazing!

    The pool... not so much. There were so many kids running around. It was so crowded that I saw people actually verbally fight for their chairs. The pool attendants were great and eased the situation. They're also very helpful about getting you set up with where you want to lay. But the waiters weren't attentive at all. It took a long time for them to finally get to us. We stayed by the pool for about an hour and left.

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    190. Anita G.
    Love this place, beautiful, big but...bit outdated, specially Nobu branch. Therefore not such a popular hang out spot for neither locals or tourists anymore. Which is a shame because they have so much potential and once they were super awesome (nightlife wise). Hopefully they see this and go back to being super cool ;)

    14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    191. Sharon W.
    I'm totally not a "nightclub" type of person, but the daytime pool scene at the Shore Club cannot be beat! Everyone is super friendly and it's really nice to hang in the pool to stay cool while enjoying an adult beverage or 3. The clientele isn't even that douche-y!

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. Jessica S.
    I love the shore club and have been here about 4 times over the last 2 or so years. It is usually great but I have made the mistake of coming here now over Christmas. Earlier today a child threw their truck at my head (which is currently bruised and pounding) not only did the parents not apologize but the response from management was "we tell our regulars not to come at Christmas time because of the families"

    Thank you for that help. Looking to check out other hotels and no longer be a regular here.

    24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    193. K S.
    So an update. They already fixed the fire alarm system. I'm giving it 3 stars Bc of the quality vs price. The food menu hasn't changed for years. And if u ask for room service it takes forever. I mean I would come back to stay here bc I'm just used to it now. I like that they have 2 pools. One in the back is always more quiet which I really enjoy for relaxing.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    194. Andrew B.
    I expected a decent amount for my first time to South Beach. My girl and I are well traveled, and have heard amazing things. This hotel is gorgeous,  however it will be our last time here.

    1.) Gorgeous venue
    2.) Right on the beach
    3.] Great staff

    1.) No iPhone or audio jack in the room
    2.) Couch in the suite is built for one person
    3.) Additional room in suite is quasi useless
    4.) TV reception is horrible
    5.) TV itself is small
    6.) Many other luxuries one would expect are not included.

    Overall: decent stay. Worth visiting once. Although I do not regret my stay, I will not be back.

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    195. Matt G.
    I stayed here on a Sunday day, night and the following day.

    For the rate they were offering, and a last minute stay, I thought I would give it a chance.

    The hotel was a bit run down, with a lot of strange clientele walking around, and sure were not guests.

    The pool was disgusting.  Drinks spilled everywhere, loud music (I understand there was a pool party Sunday), people having sex in the large pool, the hot tub area, carrying around their own bottles of tequila.  Nudity.  They staff did not care about anything.  Very lazy.  Food was TERRIBLE by the pool and so overprice you want to scream.  Drinks watered down and took forever.

    The rooms are as cheap as they get.  Knobs falling off, A SPRING BED, the most uncomfortable bed I have ever slept in.  

    The beach....the chairs are horrible, moved around everywhere, uncomfortable, and the staff just does not care whatsoever.  Not maintained.

    The property is just very run down and not maintained.  Not sure why, just was very uncomfortable and pretty gross. Save upo some more money and head to another hotel.  You get the feeling your at the public beach club rather than any CLUB at all.  I strongly advise not to go.  I know it may be cheap but trust me, you will not be happy when you are sipping a 20 dollar glass of watered down margarita while watching two wasted fools having sex in a communal pool.  This place is another victim to the trashy overcoming of people wanting to have fun and ruining proprieties in the process.

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    196. Cat P.
    This is a good hotel in a great location with a very trendy/energetic pool and beach area.  I do think the room was kind of overpriced, but really, what isn't in Miami?  Our bathroom was a good size and they did clean it well each day.  I also appreciated that we never had to call to have them service our room - they were very efficient and tidied up while we were out in the sun.  The room service that I ordered the one afternoon (while expensive as hell) was quick and the food was delicious.

    Improvements could definitely be made to the bathroom outside (it looks very beaten up and is also carpeted...ick).  The service on the beach was slow, too.  I don't know how far the wait staff has to travel to get their cocktails, but it seems like there could be a better system.  We were here for a wedding and had a fabulous time at the event, but the coordinator refused to have the DJ turn off the music blasting at the pool area for the ten minute ceremony.  Really? I was disappointed by that and I personally felt that they could have made a better effort to respect/accommodate the couple a bit more.  Just my two cents!

    Nobu was overrated, but that's another review.  I would probably consider this place again if we go back to Miami soon.

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    197. Sky S.
    I'm very picky when it comes to hotels cause of my "bed bug phobia" like my husband says. I did my regular check and no bugs. The front desk was nice, the concierge was even nicer. The hotel had a particular smell to it, I think to give it a spa like feel. I only deducted one star cause I felt the cleaning was not too great, room need a to be vacuumed and dirtiness on headboard, then again that could be OCD talking. Otherwise I do advise this place, if you want a hotel right on the beach.

    25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    198. Tom T.
    This is a very nice boutique hotel. Our stay here was ok. The rooms were clean. We booked a superior room, when we got there and looked out the window, it was facing a wall. We opted to upgrade since it was our anniversary. It definitely came with a price
    $$$$. Our new room was smaller but had a better view. The staff was amazing and professional. Probably can stay at the Fountainblue for the price we ended up staying.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    199. Jeff D.
    Outdated, overpriced and a staff that steals things! Traveled here the beginning of Feb for a few nights with my wife. Once we checked in it was all down hill from there. Thermostat in the room was broken and did not work. Concrete on walls and floors was badly stained both in our room and in the common areas. This hotel looked more like a dormitory than a Morgan hotel. The cherry on the cake though was the staff stole my wife's $700 Gucci shoes. She wore them the first night we were there and then 45 minutes after checkout when we drove locally to a friends house we realized we didn't have them. We called right away They claimed they didn't have them and housekeeping never saw them. obviously they were taken!!
    Two weeks later after a runaround Hotel manager said their is nothing they can do for us.  STAY AWAY!!!

    26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    200. Jane B.
    Shore Club is definitely a "Scene" so if you're trying to entertain some friends that came to the area, I would definitely recommend spending the day at their pool. The drinks are pricey but that is what you get on SoBe so no surprises here. Their brunch is really good as well on Sunday they have great brunch drink specials.
    In the late afternoon hour, the DJ starts to rock some great beats so a fun place to start your Saturday "pregame" after a day in the sun.

    11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    201. S S.
    The hotel is in serious need of basic maintenance.  The walls on the shower lack tile or anything protective against water, so the drywall is mushy and paint bubbling.  The shower curtain actually had wall paint all over it, black mold around the tub edges, and sloppy old caulking.  I've stayed at hostels that were better than this.

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    202. Krizzy B.
    We had our Holiday Party 2014 here.
    The staff was remarkable and professional.
    The food was ok and I had a blast.
    Eventhough the bathroom was very far.
    The set up is very serine and relaxing.

    I had a great time.

    Please see photos.

    18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    203. Gaurav P.
    The hotel is beautiful. The pool staff is very nice and helpful. We even got upgraded to a nice ocean front room for free. The only reason for three stars is because in our new room there's been the strong odor of marijuana for two straight days. Someone is obviously smoking on our floor and its seeping into the room and it's gross! We called the front desk twice to report it doesn't appear that anything has been done. It's a shame because I would like to hang out in my room without getting a contact high.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    204. Cindy G.
    The room and the facility were very clean. The hotel has a cozy pool and outdoor lounge area which I thought was the highlight of the hotel space. The lounge area is inviting and extremely cozy. It is walking distance to Lincoln road, ocean ave and the public beach (hotel has direct access to the beach). The staff did not have full knowledge about the hotel. Questions were asked a few times and passed onto another staff which was never answered. They advertised to have complimentary bikes, only two were available for the entire hotel ( never available during our stay). When bikes were not available they told us to take citi bikes.  (?)

    Overall stay was nice but definitely not a full service hotel. You may have to ask for a lot of things before they are offered to you!

    One last comment, the room floor is not carpeted or has rugs. Be ready to walk on cold tiled floor

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Ellen L.
    Three amazing days in Miami for a bachelorette and everyday we found ourselves hanging at The Shore Club. Dinner at Nobu, spa appointments and drinks poolside. Loved the various experiences and the service was phenomenal. When the staff heard we were their celebrating our friend they would often comp us goodies and a drink or two. A fantastic couple days and loved every minute we spent on the grounds!! Thank you Shore Club. Looking forward to coming back!

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    206. Lanha T.
    Review for pool party only. Came for Sunday funday. Ordered a bottle and was sat on the side. Nice shade so you're not directly in the sun. The pool was fun and not raunchy like the Vegas pool parties. Good amount of people yet not overwhelmingly packed. The dj was jamming all day. Played a good variety of music and kept it lively. The service was good. Someone popped by pretty regularly to make sure everything was ok. Attendants were pretty on point in picking up after everyone. Kept the pool area clean. Enjoyed it here a lot.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. T C.
    I really don't understand the obsession with this hotel.

    The rooms, though huge for Miami standards, are really run down and dirty.

    The bed is a SPRING bed so I felt like I was sleeping on my grandmother's guest-room bed from 1962, not to mention it squeeks. Furniture is super old and has stains all over it.

    Bathroom was filthy with a huge brown stain across the shower curtain and stains on the walls which probably have not been painted since 1980. The only plus to the bathroom was that they use Malin and Goetz products.

    The balcony was disgusting and we afraid to contract a disease if sitting out there so we never stepped foot out there. Basically the two 'towers' reminded me of dorms. And everywhere was so dark. It's Miami! Where is the brightness, the light?

    The restaurant for breakfast had terrible food including super dry eggs that tasted like plastic. How do you mess up an egg?

    The staff was friendly.

    All in all, the hotel is just old and tired looking and in desperate need of a facelift. It has good space and good grounds and has so much potential to be an amazing hotel.

    We were so unsatisfied and grossed out just from being there one night that we actually checked out two days early and went to another hotel.

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    208. Taylor B.
    I just got back from a vacation to South Beach with my boyfriend. We stayed at the Shore Club and although had a great time together was a bit underwhelmed with the experience.

    The rooms I've read can be described as concrete squares and I think that is a very accurate description. The modern look can really throw someone off because everything is concrete.

    Room service would knock everyday on our door, even on the weekends, at 7:30-9AM when we were sleeping.. but I blame us for not putting the do not disturb sign up.

    When we first arrived I noticed items already missing in the mini bar which we were thankfully able to take off our bill as we did not touch anything and called up room service. Our phone was also broken and after having maintenance come look at it, it was still broken and would randomly ring for 10-15 minutes day or night until we took out the battery.

    I think it is understood that everything here would be overpriced, $15 drinks by the pool.. $20 burgers on the beach. You are allowed 2 seats and towels on the beach but be warned an umbrella is $20. If you do not tip the person who shows you to your chairs by the pool or beach be prepared to have to work to get a server to you. Most of what I experienced was expected and a few minor things but overall we had a good  peaceful stay at the shore club. The bar closest to the receptionist out doors was very beautiful.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    209. Sik I.
    Thoroughly enjoyed my stay here.

    Booked through a TripAdvisor coupon code. Got a reasonable rate for a partial ocean front room. Got a complimentary upgrade to a full ocean view room on check in. Did get the TripAdvisor 20% discount advertised but despite using the coupon code did not get the resort credit which was advertised as well.

    Check in was easy and quick. Front desk staff was very helpful with any questions or concerns. In particular Sandra Castano and Dorothy Jean "DJ" Hicks were who I interacted with and both were always helpful, smiling and knowledgeable. I think I actually have a major crush on DJ but I'll keep my feelings to myself and focus.

    Room was dated and needs a revamp but very clean, comfortable and spacious. Bathroom is huge with a tub and a shower. Balcony was very enjoyable. I was on the 5th floor.

    Highlight probably is the Skybar with outdoor lounge style seating and a couple of comfortable beds under the sky. Paired with an amazing pool and direct beach access which I really enjoyed.

    Received complimentary breakfast coupons and had breakfast at the Terrazo restaurant. Food was decent (buffet) but I would probably go elsewhere for the price if I had to pay.

    Location is right on ocean drive and very conveniently near mostly any place you would want to go. Parking is valet and expensive which is the norm here. Use Uber instead. No hassle. Located just enough of a distance away from the hoopla of south beach so that you can walk to the party but return to a quiet room. Had no issues with noise at night in my room.

    Concierge was knowledgeable and provided good restaurant recommendations.

    Staff was helpful except one security guy who was quite rude on the phone when we needed to inquire about a lost bag who we filed a written complaint against. That didn't ruin the overall experience though. There's always a bad egg.

    All in all would definitely stay here again. Highly recommended.

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0