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The Raleigh Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL

The Raleigh Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL


Hailed as a "grand dame" of South Beach Art Deco by Conde Nast Traveler, The Raleigh is a perfect blend of style and comfort. It's chic yet unpretentious, and historic while tastefully modern. The Raleigh offers guests world-class service at a prime beachfront location on Collins Avenue and exclusive access to the award-winning sbe Miami Collection.


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Rating: 3.83

Address: 1775 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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Comments (143):

1. Amy C.
I had an amazing experience at the Raleigh. Just a few doors down from the Delano and beachfront, within walking distance to Lincoln Av. and tons of restaurants, this hotel has a prime location. It is a classic art deco hotel that has been beautifully maintained. The hotel is situated in a very lush area, while most of the hotels are exposed to the street, the Raleigh is set back in a private drive. The staff is extraordinarily friendly and attentive. They are there to please you. I never heard the word "no" throughout my stay--in fact, what I heard the most was "we will accommodate you". They even sent a hair stylist up to my room at short notice for a last-minute hair cut and style. The back area with the pool and restaurant is super lush and tropical with an upscale feel. The rooms are on the small side, but it's an art deco hotel in South Beach. They have a fully stocked mini bar, full of beer, wine, liquor, snacks and Smart Water, plus all the little extras. I loved the decor in the room and they had an iPod player and Kiehls toiletries. Plus, all of the guests are beautiful people! You really can't go wrong with this hotel.

02/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Christine M.
i love this hotel. i was a little heartbroken to find out that andre balazs no longer owns the place, but that didn't stop me from booking three nights here for a december getaway. i was pleased to find that really nothing had changed about this hotel since it changed hands...same cashmere blanket in the room, pool/outdoor area is still gorgeous (although it was too cold to even think about swimming while i was there), and the staff is still polite and low-key. the only teeny differences i noticed from this visit were that they did away with the dvd library (c'mon guys, that shit is way cooler than cheesy hotel pay per view) and the room wasn't totally spotless when we arrived. nothing major, just a few streaks on the mirror and some fingerprints on the windows, but that stuff makes a difference. still though, i love the old art deco feel to this place, i love the fact that the hotel does not feel like a night club (cough, shoreclub, cough) and i love how comfortable and inviting the rooms are. i just hope the next time i'm down here it's warm enough to make use of the pool...

10/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Noelle Q.
I loved the Raleigh- the outdoor cafe is wonderful, the service was great, and the food was delicious. The pool is great and the beach set-up is great. Comfy lounge chairs, fluffy towels, and huge umbrellas so if you burn instantly like I do, you can hide out. The gift shop is also great with reasonably priced souvenirs for those at home.

03/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Jessica F.
If you are looking for old school art deco, restored to perfection, the Raleigh is the place for you.  Check out a photo of the pool under my profile - you can almost see Esther Williams in a black and white suit, lounging on a divan.  Almost.  But then you realize this is Andre Balazs modern luxury and snap out of it.  Enjoy Kiehl's products in the showers (in your room and poolside), a fantastic Cuban cafe for breakfast, old school "lifeguard" shack grill for lunch and Pullman style bar for a mojito before hitting the town.  If you are looking for the packed boom-boom energy of the Delano, this is not your place.  Less stuck up than the Shore Club, much more South Beach than the Ritz, the Raleigh is a gem.

13/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Jennifer Y.
The outdoor bar at Hotel Raleigh offers something for everyone. Went on a Sunday with one of my friends and was told locals frequent on Sundays. The bar is chic chic but, still laid-back enough to escape a grand snob factor. There is something for everyone with multiple areas: a deck area, pool area, and beach/sand area with a bonfire going. People are laid-back yet trendy and drinks are average-priced. I can't begin to describe the awesome vibe that is present. Definately a great place to go and hang out.

16/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. George J.
Pity to see a once wonderful hotel slowly become rather tired.
Stayed at the Raleigh Hotel in early January 2011, very friendly staff but the luster of the hotel is gone. Stayed five days at the hotel. No internet for four days. Room service very uncooperative ...there is a caesar salad on the menu ... but you can't get it without anchovies and you can't add chicken but you can order the entree of chicken flattened with a brick and we do have a red wine vinaigrette dressing ... sorry no honey and mustard.... strange honey for breakfast and mustard on the burgers but no dressing.

On our last night we went  to the bar with some work companions and had a really good laugh.
First guest: "Do you have any Hendricks" ... Sorry last bottle finished
                     two hours ago.
Second guest: "What bourbons might you have" .... None sir those are  
                   coming next week but we do have Jack Daniels.
Third guest : "Could I have a glass of Sancerre, that is on the wine list"
                    ... Terrible sorry also out of that but can offer you a      
                        sauvignon blanc instead .... and it was a very tasty one .
We all felt really embarrassed for Nate the barman .... by the way he makes really good cocktails with the ingredients that he has on hand ... not his fault that the hotel won't supply him with a normal selection of liquor.
Burgers were ordered everyone enjoyed them, great french fries but don't touch the grouper very over cooked and dry.
But the best is this new trend of going 'Green'. There is a well written letter about the hotels new green policy ... low flow showers in all the rooms and how there laundry is washed in an environmentally kind fashion. Please!!! The standard rooms have very small shower heads with a very weak flow ...girls if you have long hair don't try and shampoo it you will be in the shower for ever trying to get the suds out..
but if you stay in a more expensive room then you can get a normal
shower with normal pressure ... I guess if you pay more the 'Green Policy" does not apply ... and the towels have a very strong smell of bleach. Bring slippers bedroom carpets are a little sticky. Good luck to all future guests ... great shame to see a landmark hotel become so hit and miss.

08/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. S. C.
Aug 1 2007: dinner

So it was the first night in Miami for my boyfriend and me. We had just finished checking in to our hotel and didn't know what we were going to do for dinner. We ended up at the restaurant at Raleigh hotel, which was right next to ours. We walked in and didn't really know where the restaurant was. Past the lobby, there were tables set up but there wasn't anyone at the Host's desk. After wandering around, a server saw us and sat us outside. I figured, what the heck, everyone else was sitting outside despite the heat and humidity. I was actually more worried about bugs and mosquitoes, especially since there were so many plants and trees out there. It was really dark, very romantic.. a bit secluded. It was so dark (from the large trees shading you, it was night time, and the only lights were the ones from the hotel and the little candle on your table), it was difficult to read their small menu. Every time I tried to order a dish, our server would tell us they were out of it. it would have been a lot nicer if he told me that from the get go. We ended up ordering their Ceviche (14.00) and their Spicy Beef Salad (14.00) to start off. The ceviche was really sour from what I remember. The spicy beef salad was pretty spicy but it was really good.
I ended up getting the Pesto Pasta (21.00), which was alright. The shrimp and squid that were on it were over seasoned and too salty. The pasta was a kind I had never experienced before. It was rolled up, about 2 inches long, and half an inch diameter. The pasta was bland, which made up for the seafood being too salty. My boyfriend ordered the snapper, because they ran out of salmon. The fries (7.00) were delicious though. They were skinny, lightly seasoned, and sprinkled with parsley, kind of like the ones at Nick and Stef's Steakhouse in downtown LA. They automatically added 17% gratuity (15.47) and our bill came out to $116.05.

24/10/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Jennifer Y.
We did NOT stay at this hotel, we just used the beach service, which was terrific, and were treated like royalty even though we weren't guests at the hotel. We were actually supposed to go to K17 Beach Club, but their kitchen and bar was closed, so we went elsewhere. We had an upbeat waiter, who waited on my three girl friends and I as we spent the entire afternoon laying on the beach chairs ordering drinks upon drinks upon drinks. It almost seemed like he was hanging out with us -- which we didn't mind! -- he was funny & charming, and even allowed us up to the Raleigh to use the restrooms. The pool was AWESOME and we were so envious, as we were staying in Pompano Beach, and would have rathered stayed in Miami! We ordered chips & guacamole, in addition to the drinks, and it was great. If you're looking for a relaxing beach day, but want to be pampered like a celebrity, look no further!! Thanks John!!!

18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Amme P.
I LOVE this hotel.  It is super cute.  Very sweet staff.  The rooms can be small, typical of the deco period, but the suites are great.  They have one of the best pools I have EVER been in - FILTERED WATER!   No chlorine!  It was delightful.  And it's right in the heart of everything, of course.

09/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. K G.
I stayed in this hotel for the 4th of July holiday weekend. The hotel is in a great location, very close to the ocean and just far enough away from the South Beach strip for quiet time to sleep at night. The best part of this place is the pool. Best pool area in all of Miami Beach. You can spend all day there. Rooms are very small but clean, staff is friendly and helpful. Breakfast at the hotel is pretty good but pricey. Mixed drinks are also good but VERY pricey. Make sure to look closely at you bill, 18% tip is added in everywhere in Miami. All in all a nice place.

15/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Valerie D.
I stayed here the first week of June in 2008.  I'm just getting to this review as I'm looking up hotels in LA and remembered my stay here.
I reserved a room Mon-Wed, as I was visiting friends that had to work during the week and I wanted to enjoy Miami, but be out of their way.  I wanted a relaxing hotel with charm and got it.
The room was small, good for 1 person, but more than one would have been cramped.  My bed was comfortable.  The a/c turned off but the staff fixed it quickly.  Breakfast by the pool was great, but limited selection...quality over quantity.  My cappuccino was amazing!  I asked for nonfat, but it tasted full fat.  I confirmed w/ them that they did not make a mistake...just well done!
The pool and beach were perfect.  Lots of seating of loungers and those bed things.  I have never been so relaxed.  Keep in mind this was early week, but I bet the pool area is great in the evening with a fuller crowd.
Close to everything!

Star off for the dark elevator and small room.  I couldn't see after coming in from the bright sun!

22/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Geno T.
The Scene: Live DJ playing hottest the Euro techo/house poolside. I am sitting in a well-cushioned 22-ft table draped in a heavy white cloth. The table seats are occupied by 8 guys (2 are pro athletes which I will allow to remain anonymous), and 26 or more of Miami's most beautiful. I am in a sea of gorgeous smiling faces. I lean back to take it all in. Life is good.  

On our table...placed every 5 feet apart are bottles of vodka on ice surrounded by various mixers. The weather is perfect - a clear starlit sky and steady cool breeze- and conversation is playful, witty, and full of laughter. The party gods are shining upon us all.  "If the heavens above were on earth, this would be it," I say to myself.  "No", she whispers into my ear.

(Mina...a perfect Miami beauty of Peruvian and Cuban origin - a model of physical perfection...literally). Her mouth now whispering less into my ear, and more towards my lips... "No, Geno, this is Raleigh."  "Ahhhh-ha,"I say.

An hour and a half later, we're off to SET to take the partying to the next level. Bottle service of course..6 guys 24 models (the 2 couples missing -- undoubtedly the casualties of lust). Life in Miami is grand.

PROS - Beautiful people  ...of course. Great music! Good vibe and a good place to mingle and network.

CONS: Only 1 -  Stairs to Restrooms combined with not so sober patrons and potentially wet shoes from pool surrounds or rain...umh...not so much a good mix.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars, deducting 1 star because the restrooms are located up a set of not-so-well-lit stairs in a concrete-gazebo-like pool house structure - not at all designed with intoxicated-patrons in mind. Also, the restrooms are kept clean by an attendant, BUT they falter in aesthetic value BIG TIME, especially when compared to other SoBe pool-featuring hotel clubs on like Delano..etc...

DISCLAIMERS: My good friend responsible for putting together and hosting the evening is one of the area's top promoters, so everything was complimentary (comp'd).  This means I am unable to speak to pricing. (My money was no good here...they wouldn't even allow me to TIP!)

29/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Diana G.
So, the hotel personal great.

Hotel decorations cute, retro.

TV. big. but if you have two people sitting on the bed to watch it, both can't really see it because the amoir (sp?) is too big and blocks the view for one of the people.

Furniture, almost to big for the room. Barely any room to put your luggage down and unpack, in fact I didn't even unpack.

Bed. comfy but makes noise when you move a tiny bit.

Bathroom...terribly small, and the feel of claustraphobia!! Especially the shower, if you are slighly overweight you may not even fit...nice.

On the plus side there is a wonderful sand area for lounging around. however I went when the weather was rainy...so that didn't help in the ratings....

04/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Edwin C.
Okay, so this is like one of those useless "I was only there for the WMC" reviews, but... if you ever have the chance to party on the roof of the Raleigh or hear Justice rock the decks, make like Nike and just do it.

28/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Hyungil C.
The pool is nice and the decor is nice. However, there were ants in my room!!! I called front desk complained and they just used raid! I was expecting to get another room without ants and there was hair all over the bathroom. Next, this trip was a present from my sister and brother. They told me that valet parking was free. During check out guess what I saw on the bill? A charge for parking. Guess how much? No. $35!!! Usually, most hotels on south beach don't charge for parking if you were a guest. I called downstairs and asked to have it taken off. The lady who I spoke with told me that is only possible if I was a Florida resident and that they have a package for residents that comes with free breakfast. I paid $55 for breakfast and I have to pay $35 dollars for parking? That's ridiculous. So I go downstairs and I explained my situation to her and she apologized about the inconvenience and took it off. Why do I have to go to two different people and get two different answers? It's crazy. Other than that I had a great experience and the shampoo is nice.

26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Marcos R.
All I can say is 'wow', what a cool back side that place has.  Lobby done up art deco to a tee.  But then you walk to the back and there's a partial outdoor cafe/restaurant and beyond that is a pool that recedes about half a foot all along the rim, then it drops off further, like 9 ft..... AND THEN, there's more sand a cabanas beyond the pool.  The hotel itself only takes up about 1/4 of the property.  The back pool and beach area is where it's at.  Was there last night for a writer's party thrown on behalf of the Miami Book Fair.  One of the visiting writers took off his pants and jacket and jumped in the water.  This was at about 11pm at night. No body joined him unfortunately.  Way to keep it real though, mah mann!!

11/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Janetxia B.
We started off our Saturday morning on the beach having some drinks. We went to the Raleigh hotel to meet up with some friends. The pool and cabanas were beautiful. 6pm came around and we decided to close the tab and start taking showers so we could go out for dinner. When I got my tab, I had an additional $26 ($13 per drink) for the beverages we had initially had in our hands as we got to the hotel. They actually charged us for drinking our drink at the hotel! I thought this was absolutely ridiculous considering the fact that we did buy additional drinks there and lunch! So I complained and got my way, but I had to put up a fight.
Upstairs, the room was pretty small, but the bed and TV were huge and everything was clean.
We went out to dinner and got back around 12 to pick up our car from the valet. It took the valet 1 HOUR to bring our car. They called the front desk saying that the remote wasn't working, but its a brand new car so I knew something was up. We had the valet calling us asking if "there was some kind of trick" to get into the car. By this point we were all pissed off not to mention that no one has apologized for the inconvenience or even allowed us to go get the car ourselves. Finally the car gets there and we check to make sure the gas is at the same level and that nothing was stolen from inside. It seemed ok so we made our way home. The following morning as we go to use the car, we realize they HIT OUR CAR!!!! We called to complain but no one was available to help. I'm NEVER returning here. Front desk was extremely disrespectful and everyone was lost. Way  too much money for nothing. Simply RIDICULOUS!

27/04/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Sandy G.
I have two toddlers at home and I went to this hotel with the expectation that I would have a little vacation away from them. However, I quickly discovered that staying at this hotel was like staying a day care with toddlers running the show. I had to ask the staff 5 times before they would do something. They seems to have very little concentration -- I had them place wine bottles in my friend's rooms and gave them cards to go with each bottle. They threw out the cards by mistake. Any time I needed something delivered to the room, it would take them forever to get it there. When we checked in, they did not have our rooms available until 4 hours AFTER the check in time. However, when we were to check out and asked for an additional few hours, they would not let us.

The rooms were small. I had a suite and the windows were dirty overlooking the pool. An expensive room for crappy service. AVOID IT.

22/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Michael E.
The 5 stars is ONLY for the French Toast outside by the pool.  They have a great outdoor dining area but the french toast is the best in miami.  Huge slice of brioche french toast come with caramelized bananas and assorted fruit.  You have to get this french toast

16/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Adele B.
Although I've never stayed here, I've been to several events at the Raleigh recently. The place is truly stunning. I think it's worth going to, especially if you have friends from out of town because it lives up to what I imagine people picture when they think of the glamour of South Beach. Most recently, I was here for a Food and Wine Festival shindig thrown by a fantastic Sonoma County winery, Leonhardt Vineyard.   They had several bands perform and their wines were amazing.  While the food at the Raleigh is pricey and nothing to write home about, you can't beat a full moon and a view of the beach from their incredible patio.  In sum, go for the booze and the view.

28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Lee S.
I hated this place!  I stayed here on my honeymoon and had a miserable time.  We were surrounded on both sides by teenagers partying till dawn which completely ruined the relaxing weekend my wife and I were searching for.  The 'complimentary breakfast' is a paper bag of stale bread and old muffins.  I gave my car to the valet and when I got  it back, my new GPS unit was broken.  The valet told me it would not be covered because I had already pulled onto the street.  WHAT A SCAM!!!!!  I had to ask the front desk for my bill when I checked out and found over $200 in charges that I did not make and my room was charged as a suite when all we had was a dinky room.  Then I had to argue with the front desk for 20 minutes to fix it.  Stay away!!!

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Heather J.
My boyfriend and I stopped in here for a drink because we had seen this hotel listed as having one of the best hotel bars in the country, and it was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel. The bar was nice, but surprisingly small. The bartender was great and very friendly, and the drinks were strong!

29/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Ginger H.
Oh man, it HURTS me to write this update.

I love the Raleigh. It's where I spent my wedding night, and I got there for my anniversary every year. Last year, I even celebrated my first Mother's Day there. Well, I thought I would do the same this year, but the experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

Here's what happened: My family rolled into the Raleigh for brunch at 11:45. We did not have a reservation, as per last year for Mother's Day we didn't make one (nor have we made one of the zillion other times we've come). When we arrived, we were told we had to sit inside because we did not have a reservation. When I explained to the man that'd we'd been coming for years and never made a reservation in the past, he argued with me and told me that they always require reservations. OK, whatever. Chances are I've been coming there longer than he's been working there--especially since he didn't know the pool was closed last year on Mother's Day, but whatever. I was ready to leave, but my family pressed about getting a table and finally he was able to find one for us outside. When we walked to our seat I noticed, not one, not two, not three, not four, BUT FIVE empty tables outside. When we asked, he explained they had all been reserved. When we asked what time, he said around 1:30/2. Hello, it was 11:45. And we have a 1-year-old. Kids don't last hours at the table. Beyond that, how is is going to take us more than two hours to have brunch? Were they planning on serving us as slowly as humanly possible? Does this guy understand what reservations are even for? Is he aware there is a recession going on and he's turning people away from five empty tables no one will be sitting at for the next two or so hours? OMG.

So, turns out, the table he "found" for us was DIRECTLY IN THE SUN. We didn't just sweat through Mother's Day brunch, we melted through it. It was dreadful. The food was wonderful, but the ambiance was too hot, even for the devil himself.  And all the while four other tables in the shade sat empty as could be, even as we were paying the check and walking out the door.

While I appreciate the restaurant "finding" us a table, I hardly appreciate them intentionally giving us the worst one. It's a slap in the face when hotels/restaurants pander to tourists and snub the locals who've supported them since day 1. I'm a long, long-time customer who has used my power of the press to only say good things about the spot. But after this kind of treatment, I don't know if I'll be making the spot my new Mother's Day ritual.

13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Aaron K.
If someone asked me where they should go for the quintessential, subdued yet memorable Miami experience, I would direct them to this spot.

After a trip full of nouveau-hip-style bars, hotels, and restaurants (which were all rad in their own right), I finished my trip sitting amongst the lush gardens at The Raleigh.  Could not have chosen a better way to wrap up the Miami Beach experience.

The Raleigh is classic and refined, but fully outfitted for modern day luxury.  The cafe/restaurant is a throwback to the gilded age of Miami, which reminded me of classic spots in Los Angeles: lots of rattan,  kerosene lamps, deco, and a spiffy little coffee shop in the corner of the lobby with one mean-looking oatmeal raisin cookie.  The staff were super cool and super classy, bedecked in their black pants, white shirts with the sleeves rolled up and black ties.  

I ate lunch here on the last day of my trip.  It wasn't an over the top affair, and yet at the end of it all I realized I'd spent an hour and a half soaking in the atmosphere, chatting with the staff, sipping my coffee and eating my meal.  I was by myself, yet fully engaged by the atmosphere.  The surroundings and the food were fresh and timeless.

03/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Deron D.
Here's my formula for a perfect Sunday in South Beach:

1.  Roll out of bed around noon.

2.  Head to Nikki Beach for their buffet style brunch/lunch.  Enjoy the food, have a few drinks, and soak in the scene.

3.  Power nap

4.  Then it's off to the Raleigh hotel for the best Sunday chill scene in South Beach - bar none.

When you roll, say what's up to DJ Danny Stern and DJ Tavin.  DJ Danny Stern spins during the day shift and Tavin takes over in the evening.  They lay down some seriously chill house beats.  I could go to the Raleigh just to hear them spin.

Beautiful ambiance with a surreal pool set against a beach bonfire.

Drinks are expensive, but not ridiculous for Sobe.  Waitresses are saucy and usually pretty friendly.  As far as the crowd, I can honestly say that I've had a few good conversations (for South Beach that says a lot).  PLUS, they actually have places where you can sit down and not get harrassed to have bottle service.

If the main bar is too crowded, there's a smaller bar near the back of the hotel.  Head there and you'll have no probs.

VERY IMPORTANT:  When you go to restaurants and nice places like this in Miami, tip is AUTOMATICALLY included even when you buy a single drink at the bar (to a clip of 18% at that).  Thank you non-tipping Europeans!

13/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Style M.
Beautiful art deco hotel with THE most amazing pool. It's uber glam!

It hosts a bevy of famous fashionistas, celebs, kool and interesting people. I could just sit here and people watch all day.

The bar is small and cozy and the martinis are really one of the best places to experience them. There worth the 20$ price tag.

One Thanksgiving we had our dinner here. It was such a nice experience with friends and great service and food.

I love it here.

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Andrew H.
Sunday Brunch at the Royal is fantastic!  Everything we ate was delicious, and the atmosphere is the perfect blend of old-world South Beach chic and present day flair.  Will definitely be back...

27/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Krys T.
Dined here for Miami Spice and had a fabulous time with the girls. The outside dining here was very romantic. The 3 course meal was definitely worth the price. The staff were very friendly and attentive. The only complaint was the bread; it was tasty but stale. This seemed to be the case for other restos in Miami....maybe the humidity?? j/k. Overall, we had a wonderful experience.

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Kevin S.
I highly suggest this place for dinner. I'm not a food critic, though I know how to have a good date. This place is very beautifully put together and a seat under the trees and lamps, near the pool, is just very romantic.

22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Yana Y.
The Raleigh Hotel has by far the best outdoor decor of all of the South Beach hotels. I sat down and had drinks outside and the decor made me feel as if I was on a secluded resort on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. Such a great ambiance and a great way to just relax enjoy a great drink and reflect on the amazing Miami weather.

06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Jacob C.
I came out here this past Mothers Day because my mom and I were celebrating Rum Renaissance at the Raleigh hotel. I was very impressed with the hotel. Upon entering the back by the pool area you enter the outdoor restaurant which is nicely shaded by the overhanging trees. You are overlooking the pool and its a very nice atmosphere to come have a Sunday brunch and then stay to enjoy a day by the pool sipping on cocktails. If you head past the pool they have cabanas set up with couches in them where you can relax with a group of friends, and that area actually has sand so you get that nice "beach effect" without technically being on the beach. I definitely plan on revisting the Raleigh hotel with either a special someone or even perhaps a group of friends. I suggest you do the same thing.

19/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Jan M.
Amazingly fresh handmade drinks at the bar inside the hotel.  The bartender actually presses the fresh fruit to extract the juices for the drink!  YUM!  So good we came back after dinner.

07/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Sadia B.
Very charming Art Deco property ideal for couples. Stayed here for a night in celebration of The Sexiest Man Alive's birthday. I'd forgotten it was hurricane season.

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived, so we checked our bags and took a stroll to Espanola Way, where we enjoyed the perfect rainy day breakfast at French eaterie, A La Folie. Front desk staff was sure to phone us just as our room became available an hour later; when I didn't answer their first, second, and third calls-- my ringer was off-- they didn't hesitate to make the fourth, fifth, and sixth calls. In succession. Now that's customer service?

We didn't get to pop wheelies on the Raleigh-branded Schwinn cruisers, or sing in the rain under the canopy of Raleigh-branded umbrellas, but we rather enjoyed having the property's legendary pool to ourselves, and indulging in a little poolside libation and fare; the margarita pitcher hit the spot, and the Kobe sliders and tuna taco chasers were supremely succulent and refreshingly well-seasoned, respectively.

So the elevators are dark and the rooms are a touch small-- such "flaws" only serve to compound the charm.

27/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Jennifer O.
this is a review for the Royal restaurant by the pool.  we didnt' stay in this hotel, but thought it was a nice place to come and have dinner under the stars.  
the asian pear & arugula salad was fresh and delicious.  the local grouper was cooked perfectly and came on top of some very yummy risotto.  we got mac and cheese to share and oh it was so good!  
the drinks were good and the service was a bit lacking, but it didn't matter since it was a nice night and we didn't have any thing else to do after dinner.  
definitely a nice and elegant place to come and eat outside.

21/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Kate I.
I want to take the Raleigh behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

The pool area is fabulously relaxing, the drinks were delicious, and the Cuban sandwich is something VERY special. I was so chilled out after spending a few hours and many mojito dollars there Saturday afternoon into evening that I had to take a nap... a real nap. That's the kind of pool area I want to knock up.

09/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Martin O.
I had Sunday Brunch at the Raleigh Hotel. It's a Tappas style brunch menu. I've never ordered breakfast from a Tappas menu so I settled on the French Toast with Carmelized Bananas and Fruit. It came with a pitcher of hot Maple Syrup. It was very good but you can expect SOBE prices at bar for any breakfast drinks.

20/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Maria A.
The Raleigh is your spot if you want an old Florida glamour feel, Esther Williams aka the star of The Million Dollar Mermaid used to hit this pool. Chanel hosted it's Cruise Collection here this year and had synchronized swimmers. The annual MIAMI SWIM shows are held here  each July.

The outdoor cafe and pool area are beautiful and this summer there is a Friday happy hour.

The Raleigh is a sister hotel to The Standard, so guests can enjoy a world class spa and really great yoga classes, including the H2Om series.

If you're looking for a smaller but just as cool hotel on the beach then stay at The Raleigh.

02/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Poma Celeste T.
This very expensive hotel has terrible front desk and concierge guest service. I stayed here for 5 days last March and was terrified at the service I was provided given the money I was spending. At least my friends got to enjoy the beach and sun poolside. (Only perk)

The (only) nicest person there was the woman who was doing housekeeping. Everyone else treated me and my friends like we were wasting their time.

23/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Brad C.
Nice location and architecture.

Rooms were small, but that goes with the art-deco era building.  The bathroom (also small) was too cute to be useful.  The shower had only a partial glass divider, leading to a flooded bathroom floor after every use.  Not cool.

Had my wallet/phone stolen from the beach right in front of the Raleigh staff, leading me to believe it wasn't a coincidence.  A complete lack of direction on the beach protocol, and no signage between the beach and hotel.  No sign on the passageway to the hotel.  Pretty confusing.

Without notice, the entire pool area was closed to the public for a private party, which created bedlam in the lobby.

Not worth the cash, for certain.

07/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Ellen H.
I can't believe it's taken until now to proclaim my love for The Raleigh.  I've been visiting The Raleigh since high school....so....for quite awhile.  A favorite aunt and uncle would bring me here about once a year, through my senior year in college.  

While I haven't stayed there since, I frequent the place every time I'm in Miami, which is usually at least once a year.  This past week, while in Miami for work, was no exception.  I was able to enjoy three long, relaxing meals -- a welcome escape during an immensely frenetic week.  

Sitting under a canopy of palm trees with orchids tucked amid their trunks and lanterns dangling from their limbs...all while overlooking one of the most spectacular pools, you forget you're in South Beach (a good thing in my book).  It's truly one of the most soothing locales on the planet.

I've always received impeccable service and the staff, always incredibly friendly.   I'm a sucker for their soy lattes and oatmeal for breakfast and on my last visit had the most amazing grouper for dinner.  The wine list is fantastic and their specialty cocktails are definitely worth a try.

The best part about The Raleigh is it's nothing like the rest of what you find on Collins.  It's serene, peaceful, romantic and emits an old school Miami glamour.  I will be back.

18/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Esther G.
Hands down, the Raleigh is my favorite place on South Beach. From the pool to the penthouse, it's the pinnacle of laid-back glamour. Everything is relaxed and welcoming. The staff are lovely and the setting evokes all the style and grace of the Art-Deco era .

I've never been blown away by the food but I love - love eating under the lantern-hung trees while looking out over the iconic pool. I love the sandy oasis dotted with seagrapes that stretches towards the beach. The comfy cabanas, the fire-pit, great Mojitos and some of the coolest events - Art Basel, Miami Swim, Chanel Cruise  - make the Raleigh just about perfect.

14/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Gretchen T.
*Didn't stay here, WMC only*

Love the sandy, cabana-y, palm tree-y "backyard" area. Take your shoes off and dance with unbridled abandon!

29/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Amy C.
this is one of my most favorite spots in all of miami...and certainly the best vintage pool AMAZING!  
i'll be back again and again :)))

20/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Jennie L.
Well, I booked this hotel through Priceline and requested a Four star or better hotel.  I was not impressed with the hotel as the other review on here.  I thought the rooms looked very old and worn down.  I worried every time I got in the elevator that we wouldn't make it to the 5th floor due to the clanking.  Maybe some people like this "old style" charm, but I was hoping for something a little more classy.  Wish we had stayed at the Ritz Carlton on Key Biscayne where we had just spent the last five days.  By the way, the sports bar consists of a flat screen sitting on a coffee table in the lobby.  The shower was very cramped and I could barley fit in the shower. (I'm a size 4)  On the good side, they make a mean mojito and have better prices of food and drinks and the staff are very friendly.

23/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
45. Moe R.
After miraculously scoring a parking spot on the same block as the hotel, we made our way through the understated elegance of the lobby to the open-air restaurant.    Seated pool-side, we half expected to see a ghost of a former Rat Pack member as we enjoyed the retro-chic ambience and perused the drink list.  

We started with ceviche.  I ordered the Thai Tuna Ceviche that contained slices of crisp Asian pear and had a mild burn thanks to the addition of Thai red chili.  The hubby chose to "make" his own ceviche from the extensive list of options that the menu offers.  Both versions were deliciously prepared.  The marinades, while expertly seasoned, did not overpower the other ingredients, and each had a little crunch (mine, from the Asian pear; his, from some pepper strips) that prevented the ceviches from being a runny mess.

Service was attentive but leisurely, giving us an opportunity to enjoy the sunset and the beautiful transformation of the dining area as the servers lit the wicker lanterns that adorned the surrounding trees.  Wanting to save room to sample, I ordered the Steak Tartare.  Prepared table-side, with no mayo insight, the lightly added jalapeno Worcestershire really let the flavor of the steak shine through.  The hubby ordered the rack of lamb, which was juicy and flavorful without any gimmicky sauces.  

We enjoyed grilled asparagus and mac gratin truffle on the side.  I could have easily devoured the entire dish of mac gratin truffle.  It was smoky, creamy and a  contrast that set the bright crisp spicy flavors of our other dishes in sharp relief.

One small error ended up as a pleasant surprise.  The servers were a bit difficult to understand and had some trouble understanding us too.  I ordered a dish of giant Peruvian corn but instead received corn ezquite, a smoky, spicy corn side dish that rounded out our meal.  

Overstuffed, we skipped dessert and went for a stroll through South Beach instead.   Next time we're in Miami, we'll definitely be back.

10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Kristin C.
I can't speak to the rooms, but this is by far and away the most quaint and lush breakfast spot Miami Beach.  The terrace is draped by mature sea oat trees, traveller palms and orchids. A great gathering spot to relax and catch up with friends. The food is consistently fresh and the service is impeccable.

14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Katie S.
This hotel is so sexy, if it doesn't turn you on you should schedule a physical.

Stretched out on a poolside chaise, sipping a frosty pomegranate margarita, you can almost see the ghosts of black-and-white movie stars rubbing elbows with of-the-moment rockers and runway models.  The mini-bar is a buffet of temptation and vice:  liquor, chocolate, playing cards, condoms, Marb reds, you name it.  And that's only the beginning.  From the glass-topped dresser to the unmarked, guest-only back entrance and room service that extends all the way out to the beach, the Raleigh nails every last detail.

Yes, it will cost you your 401k.  And , no, it isn't over-priced.

13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Rob L.

We arrived during a lightning storm and drove up to the front of the majestic art deco Raleigh Hotel.  We were quickly greeted by friendly valets who helped us with our luggage and whisked away our rental car.

We were escorted to lobby and were greeted by the front desk clerk.  He said, "We are going to upgrade you to an ocean-view room."  What a pleasant surprise!  We were handed an old-fashioned key and boarded the dark art deco elevator to our room.

We entered our ocean-view room and relaxed immediately.  We knew the rooms were going to be small but I was surprised how they maximized the space.  The room had some cool features such as, an iPod docking station, flat-screen television, Kiehls bath products, live orchids, free wireless, and dimmer switches on all lighting fixtures.  The mini bar was full of temptations such as Grey Goose vodka, wine, chocolates, and more.  We opened the windows and took a late afternoon nap enjoying the warm ocean breeze and occasional sounds of thunder.

After our nap, we explored the lobby and outdoor pool area.  This has to be one of the most beautiful pools in the world.  It has gorgeous sweeping curves and is surrounded by private cabanas and lush greenery.  We had a couple of drinks and just soaked up the laid back sophisticated atmosphere with chill out music playing in the background.

We were treated like celebrities during our entire stay and look forward to returning again.  The hotel is such a refreshing oasis on the crazy South Beach strip.  I recently read The Raleigh was sold; I hope the hotel maintains the same level of service.

01/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Daniel C.
I went here for Brunch a couple of weeks ago.  The food was very good.  I had the eggs benedict.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and the hollandaise sauce was made well and tasty.  The hotel itself is gorgeous.  Very old workd South Beach.  The lobby is immaculate and the outdoor space is lush and comfortable.  

I would like to go back for dinner soon!

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Robyn C.
Sadly, I was not able to experience the Raleigh as I probably should have; my eyes were too busy being glossed over and I was (admittingly) a bit under the influence. Don't judge.

For those that don't know, my eyes were glossed over, not for the reason you're thinking but because my friends and I managed to get into a party that Rachel Ray was throwing. Yes, Rachel Ray from the FOOD NETWORK.

If you're wondering, she likes to party on South Beach with a bunch of Food Networks celebs. Real life (food network) celebs! So if there was ever a time to actually watch the food network, it would have been for this unexpected event. Otherwise, it's just another event with slightly older crowd and free booze.

From what I managed to gather, the venue was pretty. On nights celebs-less it seems like it would be a very serene and romantic place to just sit and have a drink.

One day, I'll come back.

11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Maya P.
I've stayed here three times over the past four years.  The hotel is amazing, the service divine, the pool gorgeous (although I usually avoid it and head to the beach).  

However, this review is about Crispy the very kind, talented, and caring concierge.  I went to visit the Raleigh for the first time in May 2009 and she saved my life.  Upon landing in Miami, I noticed one ear wouldn't "pop."  I was basically in pain all night.  In the morning, I had an amazing breakfast, went to the beach to see friends all while trying to pretend that I was fine and soon my ear would be fine.  Finally, I realized that something was serious wrong with my ear and that I needed help, asap.  Turns out I had a terrible ear infection.

Crispy found me urgent care, patiently explained how I could get there, and then proceeded to check on me the rest of the weekend.  I am forever grateful to Crispy for taking such good care of me.

I've been back to the hotel to stay on two other occasions and both times Crispy was just as wonderful and generous.  She remembers me and makes me glad that I'm staying there.  Everyone else at the hotel is also super nice and friendly!


25/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Brad D.
A beautiful property with amazing staff and food. The pool is stunning. The location is central but feels tucked away from all the craziness and vibrance of South Beach right outside your door. Not a non-stop party place, but ideal for couples or a glam getaway. All in all, a great place.

17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Deven B.
What can I say about this landmark that hasn't already been said before?  My company threw a reception here recently - everything went smoothly and the staff were well above the high expectations we had in store.  It's always a pleasure to visit the Raleigh.  Perfectly designed in almost every facet.  Still has the best pool in all Miami Beach despite the fact it was built decades ago.

The same question always pops into my head every time I come here: "Why the hell don't I come here more often?"  Good design, superb management.  My favorite hotel in Miami Beach.

04/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Lois D.
We didn't stay here, but dined in the restaurant. A little dark, but comfortable. Nice view over the pool and was nicely done. Decor: Art Deco.

The food was really good (although I have heard it is a bit hit or miss). Enjoyed the appetizers (even reordered some more) and the meal was excellent.

Discovered a new love: Mojitos!!  Made to perfection.

26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. ATL n.
One of the most tasteful, elegant locations on Collins Ave. Completely routed in the place and history of Miami, it's an incredible contrast to the huge, soulless hotels along the strip. The service was warm and impeccable. As soon as we arrived, we sat by the pool and ordered a dozen oysters and an exquisitely crisp glass of pinot grigio. Totally recommend this - sub-tropical heaven.

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Rick S.
Great hotel, great vibe.
Went on a rainy sunday afternoon, and the rained out Maserati Polo competition folks were all hanging out, in the lobby as well as in a back room.
Went to the martini bar, which was not too crowded however the bartender was busy catering to everyone else around. Nevertheless, he took great care of us, made some pretty solid martinis.
Highly recommended.

30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Eva J.
I can't say enough nice things about the Raleigh.  It's a beautifully preserved hotel -- the pool is simply gorgeous, as is the outdoor dining area.  The staff are really what make it spectacular -- particularly Hussain at the Royal.  

The sheets are high thread count, turn down service is included, as well as fresh (complimentary) bottles of Fiji water on each bedstand and a candle lit.  

It's close to all in South Beach, without having a lot of noise (or crazy drunk people).  

HIGHLY RECOMMEND, and if you get a drink -- get the Lola.  Trust me.  Rum, jalapeno and passionfruit!!

The food at the Royal was good -- my macaroni and cheese was nothing out of the ordinary, but was good nonetheless.  

All in all, definitely deserving of its 5 stars. . . when do we go back is my question!

14/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Mary-Ann I.
Best things about this hotel: Service, Location, Restaurant, Beach amenities, Pool.

Downside: Expect Art Deco room-sizes, squeaky beds, and basic room amenities.

I stayed here last weekend with my husband and we had a great stay, although we had a person in the elevator tell us that he wasn't expecting  the hotel to be so old without any remodeling. If you need a modern room, this isn't the place for you. Unlike some of the other hotels on Collins that are Art Deco-inspired, this one is truly Art Deco.

The main reason this place made such a great stay was the service and the beach/pool amenities. At the beach you get free lounge chairs and the attendant sets up cushions on the chair for you. The lounge chairs can be pricey at other hotels. At the pool there are lots of beds and lounge chairs to lay out in. There are also free cabanas that do not face the pool, but are located on their "oasis" section, which is a sandy section on the way to the beach that has a volleyball court.

The brunch food and pool food were very good. We did a summer Florida residents package and were surprised that the included breakfast was actually very good. Drinks at the pool are expensive but good, as well as the pool food.

We usually stay at The Sagamore which has nicer rooms, but will likely come back to The Raleigh because the service and beach amenities were so much better.

13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Parisa S.
I hopped over here for 1 night after my Shore Club rate jumped by a full $250.  Ordinarily, I never would've thought to stay at the Raleigh, but it was actually kind of cool.  Very laid back, esp. compared to the Shore Club.  

Biggest advantage: this place is CLEAN.  And that's coming from a germ-a-phobe.  I couldn't find a single smudge on the linens or mark on any of my towels...and believe me, I tried.  They could stand to get rid of the rug on the floor and it would've been nice if I could actually see through the tiny windows in my room, but I'll take all that in exchange for utmost cleanliness.  Oh, and the pool really is awesome in a retro-chic kind of way.  And while you're out there, make sure to order the guac from the pool restaurant.  Divine.

13/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Sheena F.
I love The Raleigh's sophisticated decor and attention to detail. If you are looking for a luxe, quiet, classy stay while in Miami, this is the place to be. I lunched on the hotel's patio with friends and we had a wonderful experience. We ordered from their raw bar, two cuban sandwiches, fish stew and authentic mojitos. Everything was authentic and up to spec.

10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Cameron M.
Just to be clear, I find decrepit places as charming as the next guy but don't expect to pay a $400/night for the privilege. Like a groomed corpse, the Raleigh has been made just presentable enough so as to get one final glimpse of her before the wrecking ball swings.

Though I had to wait 3 hours after checkout to get my room and then the keys (yes they use cylinder locks) couldn't be found.  When you do get into your room you will find them small, humorlessly decorated for Florida but reasonably appointed--the beds and sheets, towels and water pressure were all standout.  

The corridors are dim and uninviting to all but meth dealers. Poolside drink prices (e.g. $14 for a G&T)   would give Mubarak pause but then again they have to pay to heat the pool to 104 degrees.

The service is obliging and pleasant and the comprehensive turn down service at night is a welcome and unexpected bonus that others should emulate.

In summary, the Raleigh gets the soft stuff right but needs to spend a bit on the physical plant and on the systems that most of us have come to expect in hotels of this size and price point.

14/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Jules D.
Probably one of my favorite hotels in the USA. It's just the perfect oasis on Collins Ave.

Really one of the few hotels where after a week I still don't feel like I'm in a hotel. Amazing interiors and beautifully renovated Art Deco design. While you're at the beach the lounge chairs are set up perfectly and the beach menu is just great. Oceanside drinks and lunches show up very fast and are always right on point

The only thing that stops me from giving it a 5 star is that the rooms can be a bit hit and miss. If you get the right room on any floor above the 4th it's amazing, anything under and wellll.....

24/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Zoe S.
Very old Miami feel - a great art deco hotel. They have a great happy hour from 5-8 M-S. Even if you are not staying here, definitely worth a cocktail by the beautiful pool.

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Mindy A.
My husband and I stayed here for two nights recently on a trip to Miami Beach.  L.O.V.E. this hotel!

A couple of words that I would use to describe this place: charming, romantic, elegant, stylish, welcoming.....this place is exactly what we were looking for.  We knew that South Beach had a reputation for being a little crazy, and we wanted to visit and take it all in, but in small doses.  The Raleigh's location allowed us to walk a few blocks to Ocean Drive (the main drag where most bars/restaurants are), check out the Art Deco district, and experience some of the craziness the area is known for.  Then, when we had our fill of that, we were able to quickly return to our own relaxing oasis, right on the beach.  Throughout our time at the Raleigh, we rotated laying out on their beach (cushy, soft lounge chairs + umbrellas + drink/food service), and their fantastic, art deco pool (cushy, soft lounge beds(?) + umbrellas + drink/food service.  So relaxing.  They're known for their pool, but we found the beach setting nice as well.  

The atmosphere at this hotel is amazing. The decor was very "Great Gatsby."  During the day in the pool and lobby they played a variety of background music that was not techno.  I took this for granted until I visited some of the other hotels while walking around South Beach.  I gotta' tell ya,' I am not one for techno music while I'm laying around reading, swimming, drinking fruity drinks, and trying to relax in the sun with my husband.  At night, they light candles everywhere in the back pool area and in the lobby, and the place takes on this romantic glow everywhere.  We spent one of our two evenings having dinner next to the pool and it was amazing.  The food was definitely good, not mediocre hotel lobby food at all.  The pan roasted chicken I had was fantastic.  So were the beignets I had for dessert.

The other thing I want to call out is the customer service here.  Literally, from the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a smile and you are not wanting for anything.  Both days we layed out, servers proactively brought us ice water with lemon.  The moment we ordered drinks and food, it appeared.  One day, the pool server set up our lunch by request in an area that was shaded to give us a brief respite from the sun.  The beach staff sets up your umbrellas and chairs for you.  The bartenders remember your name and what drink you had the day before that you really liked (by the way, try the "Victoria" cocktail. mmmm).  The dinner server remembers you and says hello when you walk by.  One of their bartenders mentioned to us that much of the staff has been here for many years, and they take pride in their hotel.  This is certainly the case, and it is one of the things that make this place special.

If you are looking to stay a few days in Miami Beach and want a unique experience, and aren't up for the crazy party day-and-night, I can't recommend this hotel enough.  I can't wait to return one day.

27/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Annabella S.
We stayed one night for my husband's birthday away from the kids, dogs and 6am wake ups. Sleeping in has become a valuable gift we like to gift each other these days...sad but true.

I also had a big group dinner planned at The Royal restaurant, which I was excited for as I think their outdoor dining area is hands down the prettiest in South Beach.

The Hotel
We took advantage of the Florida Resident Special Offer- which was 30% off the best rate. This included complimentary valet parking and continental breakfast for two. So we scored a great deal.

As soon as we arrived after our long 5 block car trip, we valet'ed the car and checked in. Knowing it's slow season in the hood, we were looking forward to some peace and quiet and that's exactly what we got. There were hardly any people lounging in the lobby, as there usually is during high season.

The front desk gentleman was super friendly in a laid back way and quickly got us checked in and ready to head to our room. We were upgraded to the Sunset Suite, which we really really enjoyed. It has a separate living area with a super comfortable day bed and original deco furniture and a bedroom that is spacious and again, with deco inspired furnishings.

Our suite had two perhaps unnecessarily large flat screen tvs, and lots of storage for personal belongings, a little cedar lined closet and a pimp ass bathroom which I want to emulate at our own home. Think old school deco with a beautiful separate double shower room- all tiled in deco baby blue tile with antique'y fixtures.

As design heads- we 'get' the design of the place- which is probably the only true deco hotel left on the beach. The hotel lobby cafe, the awesome little lobby Bar, all the rattan furniture, the terrazzo floors, the old school light fixtures and even the slight smell of another era- are all major selling points to us and definitely is our definition of 'luxury'.  

Though I can see, how to the non-design crowd- that the Raleigh could be 'old' or 'dark' or 'uncomfortable' to them. You really have to appreciate architecture and history to really love and appreciate this place. If your definition of hotel luxury is a W Hotel, or even a Marriott or Hilton hotel- this is NOT the place for you. Trust me, you will HATE this place.

I digress...Back to the room. It was spotless. The bedding fresh and clean and also spotless and the towels very soft and plush.

A nice surprise was the complimentary welcome bottle of bubbly- that the hotel manager sent up to us, which was such a nice touch! We definitely felt the love.

We headed for a little pool side action shortly after enjoying our sparkly libations and ordered a carafe of jalapeno margarita with cilantro (yum!) and ceviche. Lounged, ate, drank and then swam in the prettiest pool in my eyes, amidst a backdrop of well kept lush tropical landscape and majestic date palms. Heavenly.

Our restaurant reservation was at 7:30- they had set up a great comfortable table on the outdoor patio for 14 of us. The service was great- glasses always filled, drinks always refreshed- and the food, despite reading mixed reviews here in Yelp- was quite delicious. Simple food- nothing out of the ordinary- but everything seemed fresh and tasty. What more could we ask for?

We love love love the Raleigh and plan to make this escape something of a regular thing. The lack of pretention, quiet elegance and majestic deco-era beauty- along with laid back attentive and friendly service, delicious food- is enough for us to highly recommend this place and definitely definitely come back again soon to.

(N.B. The Raleigh is hands down a museum of mid-century design that unfortunately, may become a definite thing of the past once the renovations begin...so let's see what the new owners of the hotel will do to this place...hopefully not much of anything we can see at least!)

25/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Mia M.
Undeniably my favorite hotel on South Beach.

I recently had really great, impromptu lunch at the Royal; the menu was exactly what I was craving, the food was perfectly portioned and delicious, and in addition to the attentiveness of the server, the maitre'd made sure we were taken care of, from the initial greeting to our departure, even stopping by to see how we were doing during our meal.

It reminded of how much I love this hotel: I love that it's a restored art deco building, not some modernized replica, and restored beautifully, quirks and all. I love that every time I come here, it's quiet, relaxed, and classy. And most of all, I love that I can count on the Raleigh for a consistently good experience.

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. evan p.
My friend and I were asked to leave the hotel on December 31st for being too loud the previous night.  I understand that this hotel does not only cater to those who like to stay up to the wee hours of the night, but its South Beach, the day before new years!
I would not return nor recommend it to anyone.

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
68. Ricky O.
Been to a couple events here. Eaten here! I like it..... Its old school miami botique hotel. (did i spell botique right?) well, i like it. its cool. small cigar type chill bar inside. You must try the iced tea in the restaurant!

21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Roger Y.
This place was pretty cool. Although we did not stay here, we did get some drinks from the poolside bar. The bartenders were very friendly and made for good conversation. Louis mad an excellent Caipirinha, which is Brazilian sugarcane liquor, with limes and sugar. The beautiful setting next to this world-famous pool made the drink even more special.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Rachel W.
I absolutely LOVE the Raleigh. Everything about it is wonderful, from the staff to the accommodations, to the pool, and most importantly, the food.

This yr was the 2nd annual girls trip my mom and I went on, and stayed at the Raleigh again. It has a very low-key, relaxed vibe, it definitely isn't the wild young scene like at the W, but is perfect for some R & R. We always get the same giant mattress/bed by the pool, and read and lounge all day under the palm trees.

We always ordered lunch poolside, and their menu is amazing. Every day we got the arugula salad w/shaved parm, grilled chicken, avocado, and almonds. They do a housemade olive oil vinagrette and it's to die for. They also have incredible mini burgers, various salads, fish, shrimp cocktail, and a million other european fare options.

There is a gorgeous, tree & orchid covered dining area poolside; they actually have house-made muesli w/berries. We split this for breakfast every single day. I dream about that muesli.

I can't wait to go back. It's the perfect oasis and haven and I can't say enough about how amazing their food is.

16/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Sheree P.
Here for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami for the swimwear shows with my bathingnews.com blogger /ex-roomie friend Tala.

Loved the Pool, Location, Service, The Royal Restaurant, lobby bar. Centrally located and it is a very old hollywood, sophisticated and classic hotel.

Didn't stay in the rooms so cannot comment. But if you're in the Miami area, do make a stop here to check out the art-deco decor Miami is known for.

Check out the detailed review on The Royal Restaurant here: yelp.com/biz/the-royal-r…

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Dennis S.
This is, in my opinion, THE place to stay in Miami Beach.

It's historic.  It's classy - top of the line Art Deco.  It's luxurious.  It's right by the beach (you can walk from their pool out the back way onto the beach).  Everything is within walking distance.  Amenities are excellent, as is the service.

Miami Beach is not a destination for us.  But if we need to be in this area, this is my #1 choice.  You just know they're going to take good care of you here.

11/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Kate H.
I didn't stay here as a guest, but was intrigued by the mostly-hidden facade and there was a very reasonably priced breakfast menu out by the sidewalk. So a girlfriend and I had a delightful brunch in a ridiculously nice space by their lovely pool.

"Lovely" pool is quite an understatement.

I can't remember what it was called, but my eggs were served with chorizo, and wound up being basically soft poached in a cast iron dish with some roasted tomatos. And was awesome. Bennie across the table was well received, coffee was good and in a big pot, which I always like. Hella comfortable chairs. Good service, auto-grat, but who cares. One less thing to think about.

We exited via their back gate directly onto the beach and noticed how extensive their back garden is, and I expect it's breathtaking at night. Had I been feeling gutsier I might have suggested we try grabbing a spot by their pool for a few hours. Maybe next time.

Anyways - a nice way to enjoy the hotel and it's ambience without having to pay for the room.

30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. M M.
Both the Raleigh Hotel website and Miami New Times tout the happy hour that occurs Wed-Sat nite from 5-8 pm. This bar is even ranked by the MNT as one of the top three happy hours in Miami.
While the hotel's website continues to state that there is a happy hour, our bartender last night told us the practice ended at the end of October. I do not go out looking for happy hours by the way, and have no problem with full price bars....as evidenced by the fact that we had full price cocktails all week at AltaMare, Yardbird, The Tides, Larios, but this place IS LYING. I call it fraud.

22/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
75. Franny A.
The indoor bar at one of my fave art deco hotels was charming and delightful.  The bartender greeted myself and my friend Karen and we sat down on LUSH red banguettes across from the cozy bar.

Elegant, but without the pretension of some of the other hotter spots.

16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Katharine R.
Seriously stay away. This place is a rip off. My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon. We had a lot of issues with the hotel. Mainly, they added a ton of charges that we didn't expect. We had no idea that parking was $35 a day until it showed up on our bill. They charged us for things on the mini bar that we didn't use, and they were rude about taking it off. Overall, it was a lousy experience.

There are better places to stay. Stay away from this place.

21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
77. Nenette Y.

If you're looking for a place to stay along the beach that is classy with zero cheese... this is the place.

Lots of history here along with excellent customer service without any pretense.

Looking forward to our next return.

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Nancy E.
Lovely pool, good food, nice view, nice room.
My issues: Website said one thing and when we arrived we got something different. Our booking said we would have kiehl's products in our room. We did not! It said we would have a shower on our terrace. We did not! They said we would get $75 credit to the bill. I had to ask to have it taken form my bill.

Our toilet clogged twice we had to ask more then once to have it fixed before someone showed up.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
79. Bob B.
Had a great stay at the Raleigh.....Ivan took care of us in the outdoor bar and we really enjoyed hanging out at the hotel.  Lunch @ pool was wonderful and really enjoyed South Beach.....

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Rachel S.
A classic that gets better with time. The lobby still maintains its vintage look while remaining well maintained. Outside the pool area is comfortable and well arranged. The pool is absolutely beautiful.

04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. Brad D.
It's all been said but for on-the-beach simplicity without the Miami Pretense, this place cannot be beat. It literally feels like a Cuban home on the outskirts of Habana, just with slightly newer furniture and a few more amenities.

If you're looking to be steeped in luxury and pampered, the Ritz is down the street. This place is about as chill as it gets in (house music sound) Miami. The only sad-face? The breakfast staff leaves a bit to be desired in the "speed" and "friendly" departments. As long as you're in a rush and not as overly-sensitive as I am, you'll be thrilled. And the pool is kick-ass.

05/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Adam T.
Let me preface this review with this comment:  I have NEVER felt more like a second class citizen in my entire life than during my stay at the Raleigh.
That being said, I will try to be as objective as possible in this review.

The Raleigh is definitely a beautiful hotel that is the essence of art-deco, hipster cool.  The location is good, the people are beautiful, the hotel is beautiful, the pool is outstanding.  The Raleigh has a lot going for it.

Where this little gem falls short was their staff.  From the moment we got out our car, we received the visual "up/down" from the staff with an obvious look of disgust.  While we certainly weren't at our finest moment as we had just spent 4 hours in a car getting there, we certainly weren't visually offensive.

We valet'd the car and made our way in, receiving visual daggers from the staff upon entry as well.  Thankfully the woman behind the counter was very nice and we picked up our keys and went upstairs.

The room was consistent with the hotel's theme.  It was a little small, but had a decent view of the pool, which is awesome.

We decided that we paid all that money to be at the hotel, so we should try dining there.  After a quick debrief of how mortified we both were at the not-so-warm reception we received, we cleaned up and went to the poolside bar.

The bar is great.  Drink menu also matched the ambiance with a lot of throw-back, classic cocktails (think Martinis, Manhattans, etc).  We had 2 overpriced drinks then had the bartender get us a table.  Rather than be sat by the pool where all the cool kids were, they quarantined us to a 2-top in the middle of empty seats 10 feet from the bar.  At least they were consistent.

The waitress was friendly and helpful at first, but quickly categorized us into mouth-breathing knaves and began explaining the specials like we've never eaten outside of a Burger King.

We got our first course, and we both felt so unbelievably out of place, that we wanted to call the whole thing off.  We found the food and beverage manager, who was very gracious (really, he was the best thing about the entire stay there), was embarrassed at the level of service we had received, comp'd most all of our meal and offered dessert.  We certainly didn't take him up on it as we had already served enough time in joint and went out on the town.

Bottom line here is that The Raleigh and it's adjoining restaurant/bar are very pretty, very high-end places.  I would suggest that you bring out your finest threads and your credit card with the highest limit when you go here.

We are certainly never going to the Raleigh ever again and will take joy in sharing our horrible experience with anyone that will listen.

22/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Christie B.
Cozy art deco hotel in the middle of south beach!

We were welcomed to our room on the 6th floor with classical jazz playing on the mp3/cd/radio!! The room and bathroom was small but the cozy bed and walk in closet made this okay. Loved the grapefruit scented Keihls toiletries!

Unfortunately it rained every October day we were here. The pool was gorgeous. I really wish we could have experienced it's glam with a mojito and sunshine--- next time though.

19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Chris S.
I can't comment on the food, or the hotel, but the poolside bar at the Raleigh is second to none.

You walk through the doors of this architectural masterpiece and you are instantly transported into another world. The lobby oozes glamour from every corner, and the patio and pool are beyond description.

The atmosphere, especially at night, is so perfect that I would still rate it 5 stars even if they served glasses of dishwater for $60 a pop, which I expected given that it's a SoBe "hotspot" - but I was in for a surprise: the cocktails we had were only $14 each and out of this world. My Mojito packed a mighty punch while being full of flavour (not to mention with cubed not crushed ice, like it should be), and my companion was well impressed by the Negroni.

All this was rounded off by perfect service from a cool and friendly bartender. Spot on.

28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Ken L.
The art deco pool is beautiful. In proportion to the size of the hotel, I think that this is the best pool in South Beach!
Great place for singles, couples and a small family. My wife and I have stayed here several times with our two children utilizing the Sunset suite.
Upscale yet more understated than some of the better known surrounding hotels,
Location is perfect: Just north of Lincoln road and short walk to Ocean drive and Espanola way.

22/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Franky A.
Classic South Beach institution.  Great pool and the restaurant serves good food too.

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Monica A.
Was here during the swim show during fashion week.  Will definitely be back. Had some amazing drinks at the bar.

25/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. David W.
Not sure I would stay here again. I really want to like this place but there are some big obstacles!
I made a 2 room reservation by phone and 15 minutes later my corporate credit card got scammed for $6,000!  Coincidence, maybe but I'm pretty sure not!
The rooms and corridors need renovating. I completely get the whole Art Deco design and I really like it but this place needs some TLC!
Also, when I checked out on the 3rd day I got told that I had not taken advantage of the special promotion that the hotel is running where you get to spend $25 per day on any food/drink at the hotel. My colleague and I had never been told this at check in!
At the moment the hotel is surrounded by construction too. Not the hotels fault at all but something you should keep in mind. The road at the front of the hotel keeps flooding and the new hotel next door is under heavy renovation that is very noisy.
Valet is pretty poor too.
Overall not really satisfied with place. Maybe go back in 10 years to see if anything has changed!

03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
89. Nikki W.
The staff at The Raleigh are fantastic.  
Yes, the property could use a little TLC and I'm sure they will be taking care of this soon.
They have maintained the integrity and nostalgia of the 40's and 50's. The ambience is the best on the strip.
The pool is breath taking, the night lights are perfectly placed.
Nicole in group sales will make sure you and your group have everything you need. She is as lovely in person as she is to deal with via email and phone.
The front desk peeps rock and know your name right away.  I love being able to have a real key!
The beach is gorgeous....I guess the only thing I would say is that they need to replace the carpet, curtains etc in the rooms.  Find a way to open the windows so you can feel the ocean air.
I would hire everyone that works there :)

19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Alice C.
Seafood ceviche and spicy beef appetizers were presented nicely and very delicious. The environment is very nice and a great place to just hang out in Miami.  It was a great way to end our tour that wasn't actually on the list!

O yea strong drinks!!!!

10/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Mike M.
We had a good time here, but a payment issue left my party with a bad vibe about this place.

Here's the deal: We reserved our rooms before the trip at a rate that we were happy enough with. When it came time to check out, one of our friends wanted to pick up the incremental charges. Well, gee golly but the hotel ended up both charging us and sticking our friend with the whole bill for the entire stay. This after we'd been over this with the staff in slow and clear English and they assured us that this no would happen.

We were able to dispute the charge with our credit card company, but our friend had used her debit card.

Of course, the rate that our friend got stuck with was much higher than the rate that we had agreed upon. So, unfortunate accident or deliberate ripoff?

I start out assuming that it's an honest mistake, but after about 10 days of calls to the billing department, we have never heard back from the hotel.

We did get to roll with Karl Lagerfeld, though, and that was an experience. Fun, down to earth guy. Karl's my boy!

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
92. Rachel L.
The Raleigh is amazing!
Staying here is like jumping in a time machine- In the BEST way possible!
The pool is truly worth a visit. Our room was so comfy and had an amazing outdoor shower on the terrace. The view was breathtaking.
 I really appreciate the effort they have made to keep the historical integrity of the building intact. It is a very unique hotel experience. Perfect for a romantic weekend get away to the beach. Here you can be the silent film starlet on vacation... "Alright Mr. DeMille... I'm ready for my close up"!

07/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Janet H.
I was here on vacation and for the Mercedes Benz Fashion week.  We stayed here for 4 days Fri-Mon morning.  The place was nice don't get me wrong, but I did meet some rude people ( VERY SNOBBY).  The hotel itself was pleasant though and since it was fashion week the place was a bit busy and loud at times, but we could of been part of the loudness.  The pool was great and looked clean.  They had a back gate which lead straight to South Beach which was blocked during the evening for the fashion show.  We didn't even bother to take the elevator at all because it was very very slow, and since we were only on the third floor we took the stairs.    

Problems I had with the hotel service:

I was that they over charged my card for something and I could not get a hold of their "billing dept." (as told by the front desk) so I just went through my credit card company instead.    
They were supposed to send up a package to my room, but they asked if I could come down and get it myself and I refused to because they were supposed to have it opened and ready in my room before I was even there... not to mention that the package was pretty heavy and they expected me to go down there and get it! please... they were given instructions to put it in my room already...

I personally think the people working here judges the people that stay there... so they are selective at being polite/helpful.  Not sure if its because we are Asian, but it certainly made me feel that way.  

I think with better customer service  then I would have had a better experience with this hotel.

14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
94. Estilomina P.
I LOVE this place.   It does not feel like you are in South Beach....the Raleigh is elegant, tasteful, super chill.   Friendly, knowledgeable bartenders, delicious cocktails, nice pool area.   And it's the perfect place to get post-dinner/pre-party cocktails.   Staying here on my next trip down to Miami.

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. M N.
A charming old-school hotel that could use some room upgrading.  I stayed in the Art Deco Suite, which was surprisingly small and funky.  The living room area with day bed has old, scuffed furniture - think dorm room, not Golden Girls.  They tell you someone can sleep on the day bed, but it really isn't a good mattress.

The regular bed was a wonderful, firm king and I had a great sleep.  The bathroom has a tiny old fashioned sink with no counter space and you walk around to the shower area that is not enclosed.  It's nice and spacious, with double shower heads.  However, the whole room being tiled from one end to the other is really dangerous.  I slipped several times after a shower, but luckily just a little.  Putting towels down all over the floor helped.  

The lobby is lovely and the pool is gorgeous with delicious water temperature.  Especially heavenly at night.  Starting early in the morning there is constant construction noise from the Shelbourne across the street.  You can order food and wine poolside - nice, but pricey.  They add 18% tip on everything, including take-out from the coffee bar in the lobby.  Since there is no coffee pot in the room, you're stuck with a $6 cup of coffee, which came to $7.32 with tax and tip.

It does have old-world charm and the staff was very gracious.  I didn't mind checking my key every time I left and they try not to keep you waiting too long at the front desk when you ask for your it back.  It's a lovely hotel overall, but I expected a fresher feel to the room for the price.  And a coffee pot.

08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
96. Cliff F.
I'm sold.

See my previous review for the big picture, but my recent trip to the Raleigh really sealed the deal for me.

The bartender (same guy from last time, but I didn't catch his name--very nice, charming...) recommended something called an "Old Cuban". This is essentially a mojito made with dark, high quality rum and orange bitters.

Oh. My. God. I guzzled down two...and had to be put to bed earlier than expected.

I went with a group of five, including myself, on a Friday night at around 10...there was no problem finding a table, getting drinks, and carrying on conversations at a reasonable volume for a couple hours. A total treat.

If you're in South Beach and need a nice, classy, relatively quiet place to drink---the Raleigh is it.

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Danea D.
Great atmosphere. Small. Good location. Showers are a little pathetic. Needs some remodeling.

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Bruce n.
I stayed here three days and two nights, and only wish I had booked another night! The front desk personnel were very friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. The first afternoon I spent at the outdoor bar and poolside. The mint julep I had was awesome (unfortunately they ran out of Bakers after the first night and didn't get any more during my stay). The appetizers were pretty awesome, and I don't know how you can make onion dip better then their kitchen did.

It's conveniently located near Lincoln Road, and you can walk the boardwalk out back and go down to Ocean Drive. The rooms might be a tad small, but I liked the Deco styling, and I was lucky enough to book a room with an ocean/pool view.

My last day I had breakfast in the restaurant, the Brioche French toast was yummy and the service top notch.

If I go back to SoBe, I'll be sure to consider the Raleigh again at the top of my list.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Jenn S.
The Raleigh was a cute little boutique hotel in Miami Beach. It's in the heart of everything going on. We only stayed for a single night because we were in town for business. I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy the beach & pool.

We loved this hotel because it was clean & the service was amazing. I'd definitely go back again!

27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Pegas K.
Nice place, it seems you get in New York.
A lot of people and a lack of place...
Hotel has been working since 1940..  The building looks like historical museum - all furniture came from last century (except LCD TV and sleeping bed).
All stuff were very friendly. I want to say many THANKS to lobby manager Eugenia. She is a great and professional person.

The bad experience was when I got back my car from the Valet Parking. We didn't use our car while were in hotel. 10 min after we left hotel I noted that the gas tank of my car almost empty.....  It was real surprise for me, because I definitely remember I had 1/2 gas tank before I gave my car to to valet parking manager.
I didn't come back to the hotel for posting a clime, because we had not enough time for that. In any way I should say "hello" to the person who has such dirty business. By the word - the milage odometer indicated the same "strange" increase about +90 miles than I had before valet parking.
It is not big loss for my budget, but I newer come back to this place again. I newer advice it for my friends.

My advice: do not hesitate to make a photo of your car (dashboard + all body side) when you leave your car at any valet parking place.  
Take care and good luck.

18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
101. Jennifer W.
AVOID THE RALEIGH HOTEL AT ALL COSTS! My room smelled like a cross between MOLD and vomit, so unacceptable and disgusting. Asked for another room and their front desk supervisor threw a key down and told me to go check to see if that room was up to par!? Really? Any hotel with an ounce of class would walk you up and show you the room. This hotel was built in the mid 1900's and looks and smells as if it hasn't been renovated since then. I get that it's supposed to be nostalgic and all but come on! It's time to change the paint and clean up the mold guys! My room was pre-paid and the front desk ensured me that I would only be charged for incidentals, but he actually charged me for the entire stay, which I'm now disputing with my bank because the charge did not fall off as they promised. A TOTAL AND UTTER NIGHTMARE! Last but not least, (there's more, really) I had a package that was delivered and signed for by their hotel, but they claim they didn't sign for it. Perfect, I really hope one of your staff is enjoying the dress that I ordered for an event because fed-ex shows the name of an employee that signed for it. Tact and class are clearly not their forte. Would give The Raleigh 0 stars, but unfortunately, that's not an option. The most RUDE and inhospitable group of people I've ever encountered, but hey, at least they're all on the same page. In dire need of a staff makeover! STAY AWAY!

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
102. Kate W.
I never write reviews but I can just cant help but give the Raleigh the credit it deserves. Staying here was like being transported to your own little paradise. Quiet, Calm, Beautiful. Everyone was extremely kind and helpful during our stay. I honestly cant think of a single thing I didnt love, including the food and drinks.

I can not wait to stay here again. It was an absolute pleasure.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Eric K.
Awesome staff, beautiful, charming hotel right where you want to be. Chill, classy vibe. I've been to some good parties there but on the typical weekend it's purposely romantic and low key - no unce, unce, unce, unce., just classic, cool jazz on the sound system. The rooms are spare but stylishly appointed.. Nice bathrooms / GOOD water pressure, comfy beds, cranking AC, and plenty of closet and drawer space to stash all your stuff. The first time I was here I stayed in the massive, pimptacular penthouse which, if you can afford it / have a large crew, is a top SoBe experience. The pool as everyone knows is a stunner and the drinks while typically SoBe pricey are top notch.. The Oaxican is a stand out while the Mojitos and Mint Juleps (major bang for buck) were the best I had during my whole stay in SoBe (order from the Russian cat at the restaurant bar if he's there) Really dug 'Martini Bar' off the lobby too- great place to start or close an evening - Negronis, baby. Only beef - the Rose' was a bit meh, quality wise AND for the money.. Cheapest option came to like $17 w tax and automatic %18 gratuity... Served in a plastic glass - skip it or just order a whole bottle of the good stuff. You're in SoBe - whatever! The little cafe off the lobby was also perfect for reading the paper and getting a coffee or a an excellent smoothie in the morning or afternoon if it was a big night. Food at the restaurant was also quite good (tuna salad, burger, croque madam) and reasonable. Beach chair situation out back is pro w food and drink from the hotel brought to you if you want. All in all, I love this place, but now I know I'm ruined for other hotels! When I come back during the busier season it's going to be hard going back to the freakin Marseilles or whatever. First World problems!

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. G L.
Loved this hotel! Everyone was so nice. We were trying to switch from a different hotel and the front desk quoted us $399/night for a standard room, luckily we found it online for $205/night (I would not have paid $400. The Ritz was charging $265!) The room was very clean and had a nice size closet. The bathroom is def small, but we're from NYC so that wasn't a big deal at all to us. The only thing was the shower bc while it had amazing monsoon-like water pressure, the shower only had half a glass wall to block it from coming out, so if you aimed it wrong you end up with swamp floor. Pool area, beach amenities, cabana area were all really nice and all the staff we encountered were great. We took advantage of bike rentals available at the hotel too. Overall, this hotel really helped make our vacation and I would def stay here again:)

20/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Eric S.
This is more about the restaurant than the hotel. The hotel was very nice as usual - with a few bumps in the road. This is our third time to stay here in as many years - wife and I. It's classy and sophisticated without being too pretentious.

Anyway - the food used to be amazing. Right what you want at the right time. Not anymore. I can understand the high prices i suppose, though the prices were high - even for SoBe - but now it's just not worth it.

And the french fries! They used to be the best fries we've ever had. We used to compare everyone against them. Not anymore. Not sure if it was his decision to change the way they're made or if they were just made poorly. Limp, soggy, not-crispy, thicker-cut fries were what we got. They used to be thin, bubbly, crispy and tasty. So incredibly disappointed. We seriously got 100x better on our Celebrity cruise. Not kidding. Wow what a colossal shame.

And not for nothing - we got a much better meal just about everywhere else. Even the dirty but charming cuban diner down the street was heads and shoulders above.

You can't beat the setting and i suppose that's what you pay for, but man - just not good.

The server was accommodating b/c we did want a burger to go with those fries, but it was not on the evening menu. I asked for it cooked medium but of course it was well-done and dry as a bone. Seriously would've been better off a Five Guys. Come on chefs - you should be able to cook a burger. Stop being lazy.

Also didn't appreciate the over-familiar attitude of the server. Don't say 'talk to me - what are you thinkin' instead of 'may i take your order'. You don't know me! :) It's rude and just simply not polite.

The training has obviously gone downhill since Schwartz has taken over. I know his other restaurants and they are amazing so i'm sure he'd be disappointed to know how things are going over here.

Despite all this, we'd still probably stay here again since the ambiance is amazing  and despite what how hard the staff may or may not try, it's still difficult to beat that location and the style and the retro-ness of it all.

Raleigh, you guys used to be an oasis from the hustle and bustle. Get it back y'all!

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Jessica C.
There's nothing I don't like about this hotel... One thing I will point out is the amazing open space they have behind the pool just before the property hits the beach... It's great for private events! I rented it out for a work event... the staff was very accommodating and the event looked beautiful. Well done Raleigh team!!

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Will L.
I was lucky enough to stay at The Raleigh on my first visit to South Beach.  This place is impressive.  It's not brand new, so don't come here looking for the latest technology.  In fact, sticking with that theme, they still use old school keys.  It gives the place a nostalgic feeling, but you better be careful.  If you lose your key, it'll set you back $75.

The staff was incredibly friendly throughout my entire stay.  If you're worried about dropping your key down a street drain, you can just leave it at the front desk each time you leave.

The pool is where The Raleigh really shines.  It's huge and has a decorative waterfall that you can swim under.  It's a fantastic place to relax, cool off, and see and be seen.

Heading to South Beach for work?  The penthouse is perfect for meetings.  It contains a conference table, a lounge area, and a huge balcony if your meeting needs a little fresh air.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Dago P.
Found out my favorite bartender in all of South Beach no longer works at this establishment. He made the best damn Bloody Mary (turned all family and friends onto it) and it is not the same since. Taking my talents to a different establishment, heard he might be working for a nearby competitor.

Service is always great and that Shrimp Toast is my favorite dish ever, the scenery is unparalleled but that was the staple drink we went to enjoy beautiful sunny weekends.

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
109. Rodney W.
I attended the Opening Cocktail Reception for the Mercedes Fashion Week at the Raleigh Hotel last night.  This was a joint adventure between the Raleigh Hotel and Roxy Swimwear.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Walking throught the lobby, I was very impressed by the decor, cleaniliness and layout.  But the real awakening came as I walked outside to the pool area.  It was beyond spacious.  The setting was perfect for Fashion Week.  There was a cascading waterfall, cabana's and enough area that allowed everything to be layed out; to include a swimwear fashion show, three different bars and at least 4 distinct areas for all the guest to browse and get aquainted.  
Do yourself a favor and stop by the little coffee shop and order a smoothie.  I ordered the Sunrise.  It was a mixture of cumcumber, ginger, apple, & celery.  Beware of the South Beach prices, but it was extremely refreshing.
Unfortunately, I was only there for the event, but I am definitely looking forward to a much deserved stay.

19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Briana M.
Honestly, until I get rich, I'm done with South Beach. The Raleigh is the only place on the strip where the quality matches up with the crazy beach prices.

Each time we've visited I've been so utterly impressed with the staff and the cocktails from the martini bar. The pool area is among the most pretty spots in SoBe and the food looks awesome. I plan on staying several nights when we can- and never leaving the confines of the hotel. What's the point?

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Marissa B.
My friends & I chilled here the other day over at the poolside. Music was amazingly chill and beautiful.

Pool is gorgeous & probably the best out of all the hotels we went to, even better than where we stayed. The waterfall was beautiful as well....Took many cute memorable photos here after hitting the beach!

For food, we indulged and adored the lamb pizza, the shrimp toast (my favorite!!!), and the chips and dip was delicious.

Everything here was serene & beautiful. We loved the service, down to the fresh ice water!!!!

I tried the beer of my friend, an Edelweiss beer with a cute Willy Wonka design in the front, and it tasted yuck.

Anyway, would LOOOOOOOVE to come back here again soon!!!

Thanks to Bobby the bartender, our friend's friend, and his other bartender friends for making it SOOOOOOO much fun to chill and eat by the pool!!! :-)

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
112. Julie D.
So now a 3 Star review. Specifically because no one from the hotel has taken the time to reach out.

08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. C K.
Amazing outdoor bar/pool/patio area at night. Very mystic, romantic, fun... You could be on an island in Tahiti, Hawaii, south of wherever.. The outdoor bar is really small but what a cool place

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
114. Steph B.
I never ever write reviews (good or bad) for anything but I feel compelled to write negative reviews of The Raleigh on as many travel sites as I can.  I can honestly say that this was the worst hotel I've ever stayed in and would say that the room was comparable to a hostel.

Our room was HORRIBLE.  We paid for a king sized bed but received a full size bed instead and our room was legit in a stairwell.  There were concrete steps right outside our room that were extremely loud when people walked up and down them (which they did late into the night and early in the morning).  The bed did not have a mattress cover OR A FITTED SHEET.  There was just a very thin, itchy flat sheet laying on the bed between us and a bare mattress.  The flat sheet wasn't even tucked in so when you shifted in bed it would move and expose the bare mattress.  The other furniture was old and stained and the bathroom was beyond tiny and had zero space around the sink.  

Also noteworthy, we were staying there for a wedding and upon check-in we were NOT given our welcome bag.  The next day I learned that the other guests had received a welcome bag from the couple so I asked the front desk and she was extremely rude and unapologetic.  

Finally, on Saturday (we were their Fri-Sun) room cleaning service did not come until late in the afternoon (like 3:30-4pm) which was right in the middle of when we were trying to get ready for the wedding (which was also being held at The Raleigh).  Of course, on Sunday, the morning after the wedding they were knocking on our door (multiple times) to start cleaning at 8am (check out was noon).  

Do not waste your money.  Do not stay here for any reason.

21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
115. Cery P.
Omg had a great dinner here food is terrific. However the parking ( valet ) so bad   I mean so bad I took the time to write this.  And this is not the valets fault it is clearly the management of the hotel to understaff this group.  Good food but after dinner be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes and pay $15.00

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
116. Jamie T.
We just got back from a beautiful weekend away at the Raleigh.  The lobby, pool and eating areas (coffee bar, martini bar and outdoor restaurant) are beautifully styled and maintained.  The rooms are functional and clean, but would benefit from some wall art/warmer touches.  What really made our stay exceptional was the staff.  They were accommodating, polite and sincere.  We were a large group and they went above and beyond to make our stay memorable.  They were especially exceptional at being genuinely and sincerely nice, helpful and accessible not just "I am in the hospitality industry so I am nice and then when my shift is done I am going to talk about you to my real friends nice."  Definitely worth a stay and you will be glad you did.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Anita G.
I love this hotel! Art Deco at it's best! They have an amazing pool area, bar and lobby areas take you back in time in style! Service is amazing too and the location is in the heart of south beach! Always a delight going there.

14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Rob M.
We stopped in during a walk down Collins Avenue. The old school bar was great and you can sense the history in that room. We went outside by the pool and the outdoor bar area was amazing. Will definitely come back here when back in Miami.

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Colleen B.
What a lovely spot to stay in Miami! This is not the "normal" Miami feel, this is more of an "old money feel." So yes, still upscale and fancy but not as trendy as other MIA stops. They describe themselves, they are a Deco hotel and they truly are.

When you pull up, the hotel looks grand and when you enter, it's equally as warming. Everyone at check-in was very nice and accommodating. It did take a while to get checked in but I believe it was because they were trying to give us the best rooms available, which everyone appreciated.

I was assigned room 313 which had a pool view and it was lovely. Yes, not as new as some hotels on SoBe but it had character and appeal. Everything seemed pretty well kept too.

What I was a huge fan of was:

- There was a ceiling fan in room - loved this. I like some sound and breeze when falling asleep.

- The closet was a walk-in, not huge but a lovely touch.

- Holy comfy pillows - and I had a Queen bed that was overly comfy, I slept so good each and every night. I slept here 4 nights too, so I was well rested.

- I was a little bummed I didn't have a bathtub in my room as I look forward to relaxing in a bath when at hotels. The shower was also a rain shower. While the pressure was awesome, I do wish the rain feature was an option and not set.

- There was a sectional couch/lounge area in front of the windows instead of conventional desk you see at most hotels. I adored this. I was much more comfortable when working at the table. It really felt more home-y overall.

- The pool is stunning and open 24 hours, score!

- Free wifi! Score.

Things I wasn't a huge fan of:

- There was no Key card - it was a real key, which I haven't seen at a hotel in years. While it worked with the Art Deco theme, it wasn't very conventional because if you lose the key, it is a $75 fee. They do offer to keep it at the desk for you while you are out which is nice. Why I really didn't like this was because when check-out arrived, they push you to check-out via the TV in your room and just drop the key off on your way out, which is what I did. However, the next week I saw a $75 charge on my card. When I called, of course, they charged me because they said I lost my key, which I never did. They looked into it and confirmed that was not the case and issued a return to my card. However, if I was not paying attention, I would have missed that over charge and in my opinion, it was an additional stress/step I didn't need to take. Just a small frustration but I appreciated the quick turnaround and communication in the matter.

- Also you can charge anything to your room at the hotel restaurant, bar and lobby store, which I did... but they never ask for ID or confirm the room number you give. So, that makes me a little skeptical of who could be charging things to rooms that are not theirs. Nothing happened to me personally with this and it was super convenient, just a small process I would appreciate if they had a little more responsibility around.

Overall I would absolutely return and suggest this place to stay on SoBe!

21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Mindy N.
We had the pleasure of enjoying a day pass by the pool for the day while we had a full day layover in Miami. The staff for the pool bar were very kind and courteous! It wasn't over crowded and just a perfect way to spend a relaxing day! We'd love to come back and stay at the hotel.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Blue A.
Holy water pressure Batman! The water pressure in the showers is what left the biggest impression on me...ok maybe the amazing customer service, the gorgeous pool and the access to all things SOBE might of been nice too...but MAN THAT WATER PRESSURE WAS INSANE!

I came the the Raleigh for a work conference and got to experience South Beach like a tourist - something I have never done in my 20 (something) years I lived in Miami. The location is great! Right on the beach (sand is literally RIGHT THERE.) and with the awesome Freebee (check out my review on them) it is super simple to get around the beach.

They still use actual keys - a nice touch but the $75 fee you incur should you lose the key was a bit scary at times. No worries, you can always leave your key at the front desk - and I did.

They have an awesome pool / pool area with a bar. The prices are a bit steep but this is SOBE after all.

The rooms were comfortable and had a nice "deco" decor with some modern touches. Then...the shower. Man the water pressure in this shower head made my home shower jealous....pressure envy if you will. Not only is it a large round head, it spits out water at blazing speed - which I loved. Now there was no door, just a glass barrier, so the water went EVERYWHERE in the bathroom. I felt horrible but no mater how hard I tried I couldn't control it.

Now...the reason for the 5th star missing. VALET parking. I drove down so I had to park my car there. It was $35 a day! WHOA...Ok it's South Beach...but come on man! Not only that but when I was leaving there was not another car in sight and it took me 20 minutes to get my car. I waited 20 MINUTES and paid $105 for a car I didn't even move once. It literally sat there from Monday - Thursday morning. If I am paying that much I would expect my car to be available a lot sooner, but such is life in the tropics.

PS - the view from the penthouse is INSANE! If you get a chance to go up there it's worth it.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Allie A.
This is a gorgeous Art Deco hotel that seems to have a little more breathing room than some of the others on the strip!

When you first walk in to check in, they do inform you that they have old school actual door keys, and if you lose it it's a $75 fee. But they will hold the key for you if you go out and about the town. Make sure you remember your room number, or someone can totally take your key instead (Looking at you Blue!) haha!

The rooms are of nice size but what really stands out (good and bad) is the shower. The water pressure is absolutely INSANE.... and might just take off a layer of skin! When I got home, I was disgusted at my shower's lack of shame-removing pressure, but I digress...
The only problem with this, if you take long showers, like me, there will be some small flooding in the bathroom. I went through all of my towels, every day, because I had to put extras on the floor to sop up the shower situation. A little annoying, but dang, that shower felt awesome.

The pool is in a class by itself. It's not a mini "art deco" pool, it's huge and it's the real deal. While visiting, we went to a very cool tasting event at the hotel, and the pool was a beautiful backdrop for the festivities.

I was there for work, and we had the penthouse as our meeting spot for a few days... loved it! We held our meetings on the comfy couches and chairs, then moved outside for a breath-taking view of the ocean from the roof.

All in all, I would totally stay there again! (Just might ask for a room with a tub this time.)

08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Marcia M.
The pool is open 24 hours... Could get interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 day stay here a few weeks back and wished that I could have stayed longer to actually enjoy some personal time while I was on the property. Our group stayed here for a regional summit and utilized the penthouse to host our daily sessions too. I loved the gorgeous views from the balconies that included a stunning ocean scene. WOW.

The room had a quirky art-deco vibe that boasted character and class while the conveniences of having a juice and smoothie bar on the 1st floor made me one happy vegan. The pool area is splendid and is just a short jaunt away from the beach.

All around, the location, amenities, and customer service were fantastic. I would definitely stay here again!

31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Sarah B.
My boyfriend and I stayed at The Raleigh for this first time and we had exceptional service when we needed it most. I will always stay at this hotel when visiting South Beach! The Raleigh truly lives up to its "iconic" reputation and traditional when it comes to customer service. I also really loved decor and free-wifi, made a nice work space for me.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. Dave G.
Location Location Location.  That's really what you are paying for at the Raleigh.  I've had this hotel bookmarked for a while as it keeps popping up in various Anthony Bourdain episodes shot in Miami (it's his favorite place to stay) as well as featured in a recent episode of Louis CK's hilarious show on FX.  The Raleigh just looks great on a camera.  It's everything you want to believe a trendy South Beach Art Deco Boutique Hotel should be.  Truth is, it does have a glitzy vibe, but just like most of South Beach, beneath it's glossy exterior it may leave you wanting for substance. yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…

If a beautiful room is your thing, you will not be happy here.  We went low end on this visit which was just your basic room for $315 a night.  I was hoping that the hotel wouldn't be full as we were staying for 2 weekday nights, and they would "upgrade" us to the best room available.  Hats off to them for doing so without trying to "sell" us the upgrade.  We were given a partial ocean view room.  Considering all the other views this hotel has to offer, you aren't going to do much time standing at the window looking to your left at the ocean.  But it was a nice gesture none-the-less.  The best thing about the room was the bed and the drapes.  The bed was very comfortable and the sheets were good quality.  The drapes kept the room dark and it was easy to sleep the morning away.  Past that the room was tiny and old with very little upgrades to it.  Last summer we spent a few nights in a tiny boutique hotel room in Paris, where they offset it with lots of attention to detail on the furnishings.  For this price point, I would expect a similar attention to detail, but found it lacking.

On the 8th floor you can access the roof and relax with a great view of the beach and the beautiful pool below.  Nobody really told us we could go up there and when I pushed the button in the elevator, the wife protested that I was being nosey.  As soon as I walked around the corner, her protests stopped and it was clearly set up for people to relax both indoors and outdoors.  Plenty of couches to sit on.  There's even a bathroom (with a 2 person shower) that's available and way nicer than the one in our room.  Every time we went up there, we had the entire roof to ourselves.  It's a great place to watch sunrises and sunsets, or take in the ocean breeze during the day.  Just bring up a cocktail or two from the bar downstairs and you'll thank me.

The Pool below is the jewel of the hotel although you can best appreciate the design from above on the roof.  Down below there are a couple of bars by the pool that are gladly willing to overcharge you for a cocktail $12-$14.  Hey you are paying for that snazzy drink because of the location remember.  However quality wise I thought they were just ok, and it was very common for the bartender to be out of several ingredients.  Not ok for a hotel of this magnitude.  Much better drinks are available in the martini lounge by a real mixologist after 6pm.  Pool side chairs were of average quality as well and could use an upgrade.  Service was slow to remove old towels and it wasn't clear which lounge chairs were available.  The pool itself was heated.  An old diving board platform has been turned into a fountain.  You could see black and white photos where guests used to enjoy going off the diving board.  You just know insurance companies were having none of that and are now ruining our fun.  Sitting pool side, the most beautiful thing is the tropical oasis around the pool with old palm trees grown to maturity.  Some of them must be least 40 to 50 years old.  Beyond the pool you will find a couple of hammocks, which makes the perfect place to read a book.   yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…

You can access the beach from the hotel property.  Included in your $20 resort fee is two padded beach lounge chairs.  These are very comfortable and the perfect way to relax on the beach.  I have to say that I have more in common with Louis CK's body type than the beautiful people, I expected to see.  What I got however was mostly 30-40 something Europeans who let their kids run around half naked, including a 3 year old who decided the sand right next to Mommy's beach chair was the best place to stand up and take a pee.  I loudly announced "Hey It's a Euro Peein'".....  The mom never seemed to take notice or care, I'm not sure which.  I hope it was the former because the kid wasn't done yet as the light went on...."Hey I now have wet sand to play with."  He promptly sat down and started to build his "Castle by the Pee."  To the shock and dismay of a few other guests looking around like "did you all just see this", it was time to head back to the pool.

Overall we enjoyed The Raleigh, but I can only give it 4 stars at a 5 star price.

25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. Brett N.
Why 4 stars? Because the good far outweighs the bad.

  ---   ---   ---

I've stayed in two different hotels on South Beach now, and I definitely preferred this one. It had a cool feel to it, that wasn't so ULTRA SoBe.

The bad:

-The rain shower. The water pressure was awesome. The "rain" affect was pretty far from my favorite.

-No door on the shower. Nope, just an opening. Very weird. Made my shower a bit colder than I'd like.

-The ridiculous cost to park/valet. (Yes I know, welcome to South Beach.) The guy out front was incredibly rude about helping me, too. (Yes I know, WELCOME to SOUTH BEACH.) But it certainly would be nice to score some form of parking at non-astronomical pricing.

-The drinks at the bar were at the same price point as the parking - not realistic. I would have loved to drink at this bar more, as would the rest of my group, if it didn't cost us more than a mortgage to order a few rounds.

The good:

-The key to my heart is to have a loud fan for white noise. The Raleigh has the key to my heart. I slept to perfection every night.

-The pool. It's really awesome, and it's 24 hours. Why isn't this the case at every hotel?

-The view from the Penthouse was something to behold. I miss it every day.

-Free WiFi

Overall, I enjoyed it and would stay here again.

10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
127. Vanessa G.
This hotel has terrible service. Also lock ur doors with a dead bolt if you do end up staying. Michelle at the front desk was very rude upon arrival and check in. After flying in on a red eye I went to check in and they send me to a room that someone was occupying. I went down again and they sent me to another room, ALSO occupied! No sorries or offerings like you would expect from a nice hotel. They acted like it was my fault. I suggested I would like a water. After waiting for 15 minutes they offered a suite. That was the first instance of actual customer service. Said it would be ready in 10 min. I haven't slept im exhausted. 45 min later I can get into my room. Which is no suite. It feels like you're staying at a grandmothers apartment. Any attempts at being vintage chic are not executed. It's been 30 minutes and my bags have not been brought up. I was hoping to be awake by 12:30 and start my day but now I will be sleeping since this hotels incompetence took over 2 hours of my time. Do not recommend this place. There are way better hotels on Collins for the price.

19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
128. Julie C.
Stellar in every way! Kimberly Cotto is professional & welcoming, & thought through every detail of celebrating my niece's 21st birthday. She found windsurfing option for us that was a trip highlight.  Gus took care of transportation, David made us cozy on the beach & Miguel made sure we were well fed & hydrated.  Incredible view in the room & nice balcony where we enjoyed snacks before heading out to our Miami evening.  My new fav place to stay in Miami -- lobby smells lovely ... and has juice & coffee bar.  Try the Esther Williams!

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Sergio F.
This was by far my favorite stop of the Classy Cocktail Crawl this past weekend, with the inside bar having an edge over the patio one.

The outside bar hooked me up with a solid mojito - smooth, just enough sugar and with the requisite sprig of mint. With decently pleasant bartenders, and classic smooth drinks, and almost pointing toward a functional three star review. Stumbling (not literally :) toward the inside of the property I spotted a couple of fellow crawlers being served an entertained by Ivan. Besides joking around in the Spanish you don't get in school with a fellow partier, he even offered to set us up with a food order from the Hotel's room service. Add on pouring a smooth amaretto on the rocks and keeping us hydrated to close out the night, and the inside bar closed out a fun night with great customer service.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. Laura H.
Just spent Friday through today at the Raleigh Hotel and our stay was absolutely perfect. Every staff member we encountered was kind and went out of their way to make our weekend enjoyable.

When we arrived in Friday, our room wasn't quite ready so we had a late lunch on the patio by the pool. The waitstaff were attentive and gracious, and the food was wonderful.

I was a bit under the weather, so the kitchen made me a peanut butter sandwich, no questions asked.

The pool is certainly the most iconic in Miami Beach. We spent two sunny days lying out on one of the large beds.

Tommy Hillfiger is currently in negotiations to buy the hotel, and he was actually visiting the Raleigh this weekend. It was fun seeing him as he walked the property.

This is an old-school, swanky Miami property. If you are looking for something loud and modern, this is probably not the place for you. But if you want to enjoy a quiet, luxurious weekend, the Raleigh Hotel is perfect. We look forward to returning next month.

17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Scotty C.
What a beautiful place to stay. The lobby alone is a great place to relax and have a drink. I spent a few nights here for work and really enjoyed the place. As others have mentioned, the old school key can be kind of annoying if you were to lose it but, otherwise it had a nostalgic touch to it. Blue (see review) is right about the shower heads. Luckily I didn't have a sunburn cause that water pressure could take a layer of skin off.

The pool was amazing and judging from photos has been that way for quite some time. Huge plus is that it was open 24hrs... I've never seen a hotel pool open 24hrs. Nice touch!

The rooms were very comfortable although I spent very little time in there. It was very nice. I spent more time in the penthouse upstairs. We did our daily meeting up there all day and that was a wonderful change of pace from your typical board room. There was a huge conference table but also couches and other soft chairs around the room. We had access to the roof and even held some of our meetings basking in the Miami sun.

The drinks at the bar are damn tasty but damn pricey too, but what isn't in Miami.

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Haruyo M.
Been here for brunch and dinner. Love the outdoor seating when the weather is nice. Sat near the pool for brunch and enjoyed the short rib Benedict. Soooo good!!! And huge portions too.
Dinner was amazing. Tried a bunch of dishes which were really tasty. Dessert rocks! They have a pie of the day, which is actually an entire pie with a pint of vanilla ice cream. Umm who doesn't love pie?!??! So of course it was yummy.
Staff is really nice and attentive.

18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Alex D.

My sister recently had her wedding reception here, and we had a blast. This hotel is awesome, indoors and out. It is situated on a beautiful lot on South Beach, with a great outdoor deck area, amazing pool, and convenient beach amenities. I think that the deck in the back is the real highlight of the place, as it is a beautiful retreat with low trees that provide some much-desired shade on hot afternoons and make you feel as if you are tucked away in some tropical paradise.

The catering for her reception was spectacular - all of the food I tried was cooked perfectly and served with a smile by their professional staff. Hell, even their bar food by the pool was delicious!

Rooms and meals are quite pricy here, so bring your trust fund, but in the end, it's well worth it as a special event that will be remembered for years to come

22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Benjamin G.
This is easily my favorite hotel in Miami. It's historic, it's beautiful, it's right on the water, and everyone was unequivocally nice for my entire stay.


-Seriously incredible water pressure in those showers. Where I don't really understand the partition of glass and not a full door, you could seriously peel the paint off of the walls with that shower head!

-Beds. So comfy, and SO big.

-Pool and cabana area is gorgeous and a perfect place to hang out. Even went to an event out there and it was a killer space. Really dig it.

-My favorite aspect: They still give you an old-school key for your door. No fancy card or thumbprint reader. Just a key. They even have the old cubbies behind the desk where they keep the keys. Hellllooooo, nostalgia.

-ATM in the lobby. Came in handy for the shady MIA taxi services.

I realllllly hope I get to stay here again. It's a great hotel and those showers are seriously something of legend.

16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Johnny T.
I'd been here for plenty of cool events, drinks and food, but I hadn't stayed as a guest... until (semi) recently. Wow. This is old-school Miami charm at its best. Some may come here for the neon, oontz oontz and thongs. If that's your scene, The Raleigh won't delight. BUT if you're an adult who enjoys art deco splendor, this hotel is right up your alley.

First off, appearances. It's the first thing you notice at a hotel property, right? Situated on the east side of Collins, The Raleigh has earned it's place in South Beach's skyline. Just walking in, you'll feel transported to another era. Look down. That's attention to detail in them there floors. Same goes for the furniture. And, what's this at check-in? A real key... made of metal and over-sized? Yep. It is. This is a good thing.

I hope you didn't bring too many bags or eat too many Big Macs because the elevators are snug. I guess people didn't carry as much stuff (nor were they as large) back then. This motif carries over to the rooms. Remember: art deco. If you're looking for a monstrous abode, this isn't your place. But, a smartly-decorated bed chamber with plenty of room for you (and a +1) to mill about awaits you on the other side of the door. The beds are soft, the showers are hot and have fantastic water pressure (not always a given in South Beach) and the rooms are silent. Bliss. If you feel the need to be social...

Head on down to the pool. It is a marvel in size and design. Esther Williams would have been right at home in the Hollywood glamor that is The Raleigh pool. This signature piece is the focal point of the back portion of the property and the setting for many parties. Grab a drink, lounge in a cabana or make your way to the sand... but whatever you do, spend some quality time at this pool. You'll be so much happier for doing so. I don't think The Raleigh will ever be the choice for a 'Spring Break 4-eva' sort of trip to Miami Beach. This is a good thing. When you want a SoBe experience with the grown ups, you know where to go. Well, now you do.

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Brian M.
Beware don't have a drink by the pool The bartender made a Miami  Vice drink and it was overflowing So he put in the sink water to clean off the overflow of the drink After I said how can u serve the drink The bartender laugh at me  16 for one drink  I should of taken a picture

20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
137. Meghan D.
Really great hotel with world class service. Friendly staff and the location is great. The pool is very clean and also kid friendly, while the gorgeous beach is just steps away.

Amazing food at the restaurant outside by the pool. I had a spaghetti dish with mushrooms bacon and shrimp and it was INCREDIBLE. Definitely recommend.

Rooms are definitely very old but clean.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Mssj P.
Beautiful hotel.  I love the attention to detail from the lobby to the rooms. The vintage photos on the walls will leave you mesmerized.  The pool area with the cabanas and privacy of the pool area will make you think you have stepped back into time. I instantly fell in love and wanted to do photo shoots all over the property.

The only complaint I have is the valet. For $39.00 a day the valet staff is not very prompt or seem to be in a hurry to retrieve vehicles.  I suggest calling down ahead of time and waiting a few minutes.  The cleaning attendants also aren't in a rush to clean up the rooms. We were gone most of the morning and mid day and arrived back around 4 and the room was not serviced at 4PM.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Miriam W.
It's old school, which has its plusses and minuses. But after a couple stays here I can say that if you want to be in South Beach, the Raleigh Hotel is a good pick. And if you come here in the summer (read: low season) you can get rooms for under $200/night.

We did meetings in their penthouse which was perfect for our group of 12. During breaks we could go out on the wraparound deck and catch a nice breeze wafting off the ocean and take in the gorgeous views.

They don't have a gym but you can use the one at the swanky SLS about a block down on the same side of the street as the Raleigh. I tried it once and found it totally acceptable, if a bit on the small side.

We went to a private poolside party during my most recent stay at the Raleigh and I was impressed with how high gloss the event was. I could definitely imagine hosting a special celebration here and it's particularly gorgeous at night.

Housekeeping may take until late afternoon to clean your room which could be a pain if you used all of your towels and none have dried a bit given the Miami humidity. Speaking of humidity, the mildly musty corridors can give the Raleigh a bit more of a Motel 6 kinda feel than I think they're going for.

Remember to leave your key at the front desk to avoid losing it and paying a $70 charge. (Yes, they still use actual keys here.)

In sum, if you're looking for a fun spot to hang in South Beach and don't require brand spanking new rooms or super deluxe digs, the Raleigh just might be your happy place.

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Sophia C.
Hotel was located right off the beach. Literally, if you exit their pool area through the back, you are on the boardwalk to the beach. They are walking distance from most places that you would want to visit, along a strip of hotels (SLS, Loews, etc.) if you want to check out other hotels' restaurants or parties. It's about a 10 minute walk from Lincoln Mall Road if you wanna get some shopping done and a 10-15minute walk from Espanola Way if you wanna sip Mojitos outdoors while music flowing out of the restaurants makes your toes dance.

Service was attentive, friendly and courteous. The desk clerks were helpful in explaining hotel policies. Keys are still keys here, not the card keys most hotels have adapted to. You can leave your room key at a box at the front desk anytime you leave the hotel (to prevent lost keys which will cost you a hefty fee, I think it was $50 or something). Hostess and servers at the restaurant were gracious as well and made sure we understood our breakfast vouchers included gratuity. After our meal, our waiter told us we were good to go, to have a nice day and that everything was taken care of. It's always appreciated when we know we can leave after the check and not have to sit there awkwardly wondering if we should put tip or what.... just for that, we gave he got extra tip. =)

Another art deco hotel with a historical background. This one's been around since the 40s. Elevators are small and dim (kinda gave me a haunted house kind of feel) and they were under repair during my stay. Although I could take an elevator from the lobby up to my floor, I couldn't get an elevator up to the 7th floor to take me down.

Ciel spa products- shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cotton balls, and q-tips included. Hairdryers in the room. Mini-bar and snack bar (w. typical hotel inflation prices). Safe to store valuables. We also had bathrobes, slippers, and a beach tote in our room (although I think that goes for standard rooms as well). We stayed in the Premier Terrace Suite with a terrace that's walled on most sides for privacy and an outdoor shower. Great for tanning if you don't want to be around others (wanna tan topless but too insecure to do it on the beach? Get a room w a terrace. You could probably even go full on nude and no one will be the wiser)

Overall, had a wonderful stay here and I would recommend it if you're looking for a place on south beach

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Zia K.
Meh....the pool is  cool. But other than that it's just hyped. My room was like motel 6 and the walls are paper paper thin so I could here the neighbor fart and cough and other things that were unpleasant.
The staff were just kinda like "Yo what up?" Haha. I had to be like Hi, I am here to check in...... Long silence.... "Oh ok what's yer name?"
I wouldn't really recommend to people unless they wanted to overpay 300 bucks for a motel room.

I hate giving 2 stars but it just wasn't what it was cracked up to be for me anyway.

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
142. B A.
LOCATION. This hotel is literally sitting on the beach. It took me like a minute to walk there. You exit the back, right past their pool and there you are!
If you want to go shopping Lincoln Road Mall is only a couple blocks down.
And when you are hungry everything is walking distance.

The POOL is really nice. You can spend your day at the pool when your not at the beach. The appetizers are pretty good. Especially the onion dip with homemade potato chips. Also ordered the Pina coladas which were yummy.

The service is ok, nothing special but also nothing to complain about.
The hotel is nice with a touch of vintage.
It is clean and they're on top of room service and getting you whatever you need.
It can get a little loud at night, mainly because walls are pretty paper thin and you can hear coughing or doors slamming. But then again it is an older building so its understandable. Bed and pillows are comfy, I also like the bathroom shower. The television in our room looked old and outdated not sure if that bothers anyone else? Since I was really only in my room to sleep when I wasn't out and about.

The stay here is overpriced, but worth it if you find a deal.
I would come back here because mainly because of the pool and location.

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
143. Kathy and Mark D.
Im giving The Raleigh 5 stars primarily for their excellent customer service and accomodating our family.  We had originally requested a particular room and room type, but because of a previous reservation by another party, we werent able to get the room we requested.  Manager Keith went out of his way to call me before our arrival and warn me of this situation.  To accomodate us, he was able to upgrade us temporarily to a bigger suite, which was nice, but not the kind of room we were looking for.  He then offered us to stay in the room we had asked for originally, the following night.  Not all hotel service is this accomodating, but Keith and his staff went out of their way to make sure we got what we wanted, and as expected we were completely happy with our room.

As for the hotel itself, it is a decent spot and you definitely feel like youve stepped back in time, considering the historical landmark this hotel has been for Miami Beach.  The pool was perfect for the family, particularly the foot-deep exterior surrounding of the pool which our toddler loved to swim in.  Access to 18th Street beach is directly in the backyard of The Raleigh.

I would definitely stay here on my next visit!

09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0