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The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami Beach, FL

The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.08

Address: 1 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
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  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (151):

1. Mark S.
never cheap, but it isn't the suite you pay for, it's the experience. and they deliver it and make you feel like you're the only one that matters. great piano bar and local to all shops and restaurants on lincoln road and 24 hour pharmacy on the corner. you get what you pay for ..

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Rob C.
ideal location--kind of hard to spot from Collins.
nice vibe with chic modern interior
happy hour area right inside
ate in the lincoln room (business dinner talk)--food mediocre (pre-prepared)

25/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Froi P.
The BEST frozen mojito known to man!  Whether you have it bar side or out on the beach, it is worth the $15 for this miniscule portion.

09/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Brian R.
Great hotel. First-rate staff. Inside is a 10. Outside needs some refurbishing but is top-of-the-line by aging Miami Beach standards.  The Americana restaurant was good food, and the spa is top-drawer. Beware of the pool area with the pretty-much flat $16.00 drinks and mandatory 18% gratuity. The staff earns the 18%, but our bill for four drinks and a food item came out to be only five dollars more than dinner for two and drinks at Americana indoors later in the evening.  Rooms are spacious and inviting. Top of the line decor. Higher floors are good if you like quiet.

17/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Liz T.
my girlfriend and i went to eat at the ritz the first sunday in november.  sat down outside by the pool area which is very beautiful.  had a few tasty tasty martinis and ordered the calamari appetizer.  which, in addition to being perfectly cooked, was brought out in this adorable cone shaped wirey holder.  we both got the burgers... i know it's the ritz... i just really enjoy their burgers!  

the live music (classical guitar stuff) was very enjoyable.  we ended up enjoying the sunset, cool breeze, music and a few more martinis.  while we were waiting for the check, i went searching for the bathroom (told around to the left and down the hall)...

to the person who left their door open at the end of the hall.  my apologies...  i thought you're suite was the bathroom.  don't leave your door propped wide open.  

and note-to-self, the bartender at the ritz makes some mean martinis.

14/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Puja A.
Not worth the money. Stay at the Lowes. I had horrible service from the bar/pool/beach staff. All three. I waited for 45 minutes just to order a beer. That's just one of my many examples. When I complained, I never got a return call or email. They obviously dont care. I have stayed at many Ritz Carltons and this was by far the worst. The bell and front desk people were professional.

14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Lindley E.
if there is any single more over the top hotel in this chain, I haven't heard about it.

Although we were there on a cold and wet Monday night, I could easily imagine the self-promoted and the self-obsessed frolicking by the pool which is unfortunately placed in the middle of the courtyard. DJ-inspired tunes blast into the open area, disturbing an otherwise almost-idyllic scene. Tell me, on a monday night, how does anyone get any sleep around there? With speakers directed right at rooms on the courtyard, you have to be ready to party all night long to even want to stay at this property.

All the stars for this place are for service. We had a private entertaining room right off the courtyard and our bartender and our catering manager could not have been nicer, set up a better room, or made us feel more at home. yep. The ritz. Great service.

But would I ever stay here? HELL NO. I like my sleep. For whatever they're charging a night to stay there, anything less than 6 hours is a rip. And I don't think the music is off that long.

13/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. victoria r.
Love it! Great location. Bar is great - strong drinks... However you could easily spend, let's say $190, in like 10 mins (not that I have experience?)  Room couldn't have been better. Spacious bathroom, great views. Clean, up to date amenities. (I especially love that I am a Ritz member so I save 30% on their rooms) Beautiful on the inside. Valet could be a little faster but w/e. Fun times for some wild nights. Haha. However, I have made the mistake of booking a room, partying all night and morning and not even getting my use of this great hotel. Just go there to get ready and change in the AM. Kind of a waste of money : (  So... if that's your take then book a  less expensive room elsewhere. Just a heads up.

20/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Stephanie B.
I stood at this hotel for 4 days this past July. It is a 5 star hotel, one of the best I have ever stood at. Watch out though, this place can be very expensive. I believe I paid $23 for room service pancakes. Granted they were good pancakes but that's crazy. But when you go to Miami you have to be willing to spend money as this is one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.

The hotel is beautiful. The lobby is lightly dimmed and very modern. I'm not use to all the niceness (I'm from NYC- What'd you expect?) but the workers are there for your every need. Not a single rude person or exchange. The food in the hotel is really good. Nice setting in the restaurants but like I said before, the prices are high.

The Ritz is in a great place. Right on the beach and even though my view was considered a "partial ocean view" I saw the whole beach. I even had a nice terrace which was great. The room was very spacious with a classy bathroom. The king size bed was amazing, everyone should have one.

You get treated like royalty at the Ritz. This place also features a spa, gym, huge pool, hot tub, and a few bars. Great hotel and in the end it's worth every penny.

16/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Jordan N.
Classy funk-modern

26/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Miriam W.
Ok, I don't know a thing about the rooms, so, this review is about brunch, general ambiance, and the spa.

The hotel interior is like a very high class cruise ship (and all that implies). Lots of creatively warped and colored glass, flooring, and wood panelling.

They have a great spa*, a lovely pool/restaurant dining area, and a hidden little restaurant below the overhang of the courtyard onto the beachwalk. That restaurant was light fare with a great view. The courtyard/pool area is a bit awkward to navigate, and the rooms do appear to face it, this is at the back of the hotel, facing the ocean. I wasn't staying there so I dunno how that affects nightly residents.


Expansive, creative, indulgent, and loooong. So much food and good conversation, and it was worth it. Great food, great buffet. Alas, you have to sit inside with the pretentious dressed people, or sit outside with the pretentious undressed poolbathers. We managed.

I should note they have a KIDS' mini buffet! Yes! PB&J sammiches, corndogs, mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, a lot of adults were over there nibbling on the kids' buffet cuz it had some American staples. And the desserts! Oh maaan the desserts ... many many teeny tiny beautiful pieces of dessert art. I should note though that I wasn't nearly as thrilled with the desserts as I was with the kids' buffet, heheh.

Staff was great. Buffet staff all at attention in their uniforms.

The concierge staff was dapper, too. I wasn't staying at the hotel, and they didn't know that. So I ended up using the concierge a few times for innocuous questions. They were very courteous and knowledgeable and even busted out with maps. Go Ritz-C!

*The spa is AWESOME! I haven't had time to write a review yet, but it's voted by Conde' Nast Traveller to be one of the top 10 in the world, which is why I went there in the first place, hee. :)

22/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Char K.
The Ritz SoBe is not the poshest of the Ritzes that I have stayed, but nonetheless an average Ritz is better than the majority of the hotels out there. The room was surprising spacious, very clean and nicely appointed. I could see that the hotel is begining to show its age in some areas and at the time of our stay, they had started renovating parts of it.  We decided to spend a weekend at the Ritz which turned out to be the weekend where Tropical Storm Isaac was passing through.  While we did not get to enjoy much of swimming/suntanning on South Beach itself or to experience the famous tanning butler service at the hotel's poolside, we nevertheless had an unique and surprisiing fun experience swimming in the pool and sitting in the outdoor jacuzzi while it was pouring.  We compensated the lack of sun by getting pampered at the tranquil hotel Spa and working off our three course dinners at the hotel gym.  The Ritz SoBe is centrally located to all the action on Sobe and Lincoln mall, and thus a solid choice for travelers who desire a certain level of pampering and are willing to pay for it.

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Katia R.
This is the place to go to for a good brunch. The beach is your backyard and the ambience is relaxed. Nothing like your SoBe annoying crowd. The buffet is the way to go. Champagne, fruits, breads, chef for eggs, cold cuts, potato, everything you can imagine for breakfast is there and it's made well.

27/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Gina B.
My husband and I stay at this property fairly regularly and have never had a bad experience. It's a quieter hotel by South Beach standards which we like. They have a terrific location and a great pool. Definitely more family friendly than some of the other popular hotels however my husband and I don't feel like we're stuck at a "kid hotel" when we come here. One of the biggest selling points is the food they serve at the Beach and Pool. The Sun Cobb salad and the Chicken Flatbread sandwich are so amazing and make several hours of lying by the ocean even more enjoyable! The staff is typical Ritz - very "with it". We'd definitely say to go with at least a partial ocean or city view room because the rooms on the lower floors overlook an inner terrace that is pretty disgusting. Overall great location and service! We'll keep coming back!

04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. elemental e.
Two friends and I, while playing hooky from a work related event (we were in from out of town) decided to grab a cab and move in the opposite direction, to the beach at South Beach.  After strolling a bit in the surf, and deciding it was a perfect day, we needed to the perfect eat lunch.

We strolled some more, until we saw the Ritz cafe area, just below the pool, in between the beach and the rest of the hotel.  We were seated at a great table, with the most lovely, sunny view of the water, and various characters strolling/jogging the path just a few feet away.

So, why the four stars?  It was all perfect, except I would say the food was four stars, for the price, though the drinks were very good and the service was impeccable. They even got one friend among us from nyc a pack of cigarettes (i know.. but she only smokes on vacation and this was a mini vacation.)

We ordered a pitcher of watermelon sangria which was fantastic, and had lovely chunks of watermelon and great fresh flavor, but affords only three glasses. Perfect, but I would have imagined a 4th glass would seem reasonable. However, we were playing hooky, so I figured more drinks would be in our future anyway.

That was followed by a lovely fococcia with a trio of hummus, olive and yogurt dips to start while we ordered.  Our orders included the Moroccan riblet salad, a burger and I had a melon salad with grilled shrimp (have to order the shrimp on the side and then put it on top, but it's all done with lime juice, so the flavors are perfect together).

All were terrific.  Then we ordered three drinks: a pina colada and 2 blended mojitos (sounds weird but were great and strangely addictive in the mintiness crushed in ice).  $197 and three hours later we were back on the beach.

Terrific, the perfect day, with the perfect weather, drinks and food, and people.  The Ritz is great for playing hooky!

01/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Gregory W.
We found this hotel acceptable, but it is not extraordinary in any way and I'd suggest trying another luxury property before this one in Miami. General thoughts:

1) Mixed service throughout the hotel. In every part (front desk, rooms, and restaurants) we had some helpful people but also some poorly trained personnel.

2) I ordered some ceviche at the bar by the pool and thought that it was very uninspired fare served by a poorly trained waiter who didn't know the bar very well.

3) The rooms are really unimpressive. It is obvious that Ritz Carlton took over management of this property that must have formerly been some other hotel. Our room had very poor materials and weak attention to detail. For example, there was only one electrical outlet in the entire room to charge electronics and that sole outlet was not working so we had to charge in the bathroom.

I think Ritz Carlton is diminishing their brand reputation by having such a varied set of hotel experiences worldwide.

04/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. T R.
Yes, it's got the only hotel restaurant directly on the beach on South Beach--even if you're not a guest, the luxury of sitting and eating right on the boardwalk is worth wandering through the hotel to find the lower restaurant, below the pool...

although you probably won't have to wander, because some amazingly helpful staff will be more than glad to escort you down there. This is what makes the Ritz the Ritz: it's not "The restaurant is over that way" but "Allow me to take you there."

Minus one star, though, for having less than thrilling architecture and interior decor--especially when compared to the Delano next door!

13/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. PJ T.
I stayed for 4 nights with a friend at this hotel this past labor day weekend and it was amazing.  Very well fitted for a family with kids, as there are not as many young people around, its more of a family hotel.  The service is amazing, the rooms are clean, food is amazing, breakfast buffet is great, location is perfect.  I would stay here again, the hotel is great.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Anita B.
We really had a good time at the Ritz.

We were here during summer 2006 for my birthday and we had a wonderful stay. The pool area is nice and the hotel is right on the beach. The only drawback is that depending on where your room is, the pool area can be kind of loud and you'll hear the noise so I'd keep that in mind when planning your stay.

The spa here was quite good. Definitely one of the better hotel spas I've been to recently.

The concierge made our stay very special and even gave us a complimentary bottle of champagne with a hand written birthday card for me. The little things truly do make a difference.

I didn't know about Yelp at the time, so the review is overdue. All in all, I recommend it.

22/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. favio p.
Ive been to this location for dinner but not stayed here yet. The location is a bit hidden and the drop off area is very small and crowded. The inside is really elegant and modern. There are several places yo sit and grab a coffee or something quick. The pool looks amazing and has a connection to go to the beach in the back.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Bruce K.
Kinda pricey, but awesome beach, awesome service

20/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. P S.
Just OK for the price.  For $600/night, I expect more.  Great location, and fair service. Rooms are a good size but in need of updating.  Food is just terrible - eat somewhere off of Lincoln.

06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Jim P.
My 3rd and final installment regarding the Ritz Carlton stay, after talking with hotel, a month later I did receive a Fed Ex package with a rather templative toned letter thanking me for ripping the hotel a "new one" on their level of service.  Two night's ocean view room on them.  Now, that's a nice thought...so I moved them up a star.

12/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Ferol G.
If you are a working class citizen like me, you can only enjoy the Ritz a few ways:
1. Pretend all your cash is Monopoly money.
2. Charge everything to your room so you don't have to deal with insignificant  charges like $16 drinks and $15 umbrella rentals.
3. Believe wholeheartedly you deserve each and every excess life has to offer.
4. Find a sugar daddy to pay for it all.

I don't look good enough in a thong for #4, I am too practical for #3, I am not afflicted with color blindness for #1, so that left me with #2. I had a most relaxing and luxurious weekend at the Ritz that I can almost wholly attribute to my denial that I was actually spending any money on my indulgences. I mean, why stay at the Ritz if you are not prepared to fork over insane amounts for everyday conveniences like breakfast or a Tanning Butler? And why bother thinking about it?

Yes, the Ritz-South Beach employs a tanning butler. His name is Malcolm and he shaves his muscular thighs while flossin' Jean-Paul Gaultier hot pants and toting his key to success - his tool belt full of tanning products. He is the only complimentary thing at the Ritz and he might be the most priceless.

Along with Malcolm, the service we had from everyone was incredible and all the employees were so well-mannered I almost felt like tipping $5 when they simply said hello. If you want to treat yourself: Do it right, do it in South Beach, and do it at the Ritz.

24/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Aliah D.
I am completely spoiled after my last visit to the RItz Carlton - South Beach. Beautiful hotel with beautifully appointed spacious rooms. Room service was punctual and delicious--who doesn't love breakfast in bed after a night of partying? Concierge was a delight to work with. Pool-side service was a bit slow but attentive. The spa services were divine! A pedi and champagne is just what I needed! This was a fantastic hotel experience from check-in to check-out. I recommend this hotel for singles, couples, and families. And cookies and milk was a great touch every night!

16/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Mike G.
So my first South Beach experience was a business trip, and we stayed here for a night (before we had to be moved somewhere cheaper.)

Anyhow, I didn't get to experience much of the "hotel" atmosphere, but a coworker and I rented out a conference room and used it to stage a technology refresh for the remote staff of our company.

The service was absolutely amazing. Anything we asked for - round table, weird tablecloth, more chairs, faster internet - was taken care of immediately. I have never seen service as good as this place - they were constantly checking on us and took initiative to ensure we were happy.

When we had finally packed three giant boxes full of computer equipment to be shipped back to California, we simply gave them a FedEx account number and their staff sealed, addressed, and took care of everything. Sounds simple, right? Most hotels wouldn't give you the time of day for that kind of thing - but they summoned a small crew to make sure our every need was met and I must say, they were all met.

01/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Sam P.
It is a strange phenomenon that when you live in a place for 18 years, you don't ever stay in a hotel there.  Actually it's not strange at all really, why would you stay in a hotel when you live there?  But, as such when I went down to Miami for my sister's wedding at the Ritz on Saturday, it was the first time I actually stayed in a hotel on South Beach.

My room was fairly standard as far as nice hotel rooms go - it was definitely on the lower end, view of the street, smallish.  But the beds were comfy and the bathroom was the size of my studio in New York (not exaggerating). On the higher end, we checked out the Bridal suite my sister was staying in - good lord! It was like 12 rooms!

The ceremony was beautiful - they did it outside on the pool level overlooking the ocean.  The weather held, and it was a perfect, breezy Miami winter night.  The scene took my breath away.   We ate at the hotel restaurant one morning for breakfast, and sadly it didn't blow me away, however, the food at the wedding and reception was phenomenal - the Ritz makes you use their caterer, but they were top notch.  The staff was always courteous and expedient.

Really 4.5, but I'll round up for the experience.  And now I have a brother in law.  Weird.

17/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Elizabeth L.
I have to say that overall I was disappointed by this Ritz Carlton, especially in comparison to the other Ritz Carltons that I've been to.

Location: 5 stars
Rooms: 3 stars
Service: 2-4 stars (inconsistent)

We were so excited to be going to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this past weekend and to be staying at the Ritz where a lot of the activities were.  The location undoubtedly is one of the best in South Beach, centrally located to the festivities as well as to many other restaurants, shops, etc.

The room was okay and pretty standard.  We thought the room would be a bit nicer, but it was just okay.  I think the rooms at W are much better, but that may be a personal preference.  I also just stayed at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel right next door a couple weeks ago so I was also comparing the Ritz to Loews.  I liked the fact that I had an umbrella in my room at Loews, which I thought was very thoughtful since it rains in Miami reasonably frequently.  It rained this past weekend as well (and we got caught in the rain), but we couldn't find any umbrellas in our room at the Ritz.  Yes it's not that a big deal but it is the little things that count...

As far as service goes, this is where Ritz really disappointed.  When we arrived, they helped unload our luggage but someone accidentally broke my sister's luggage handle.  We reported it but they still weren't able to resolve it by the time we checked out after three days (they said that they had to file a formal claim with corporate office).  Later that day, we were driving back to the hotel, and due to people going to the Burger Bash event that was on the beach behind the Ritz, the traffic was really bad.  We wanted to valet our car but we kept getting stopped by the hotel people saying that the garage was full.  After I explained that we were registered guests, they would let us through, but then we would get stopped again.  This happened several times and one person was actually kind of rude (later she apologized after she found out that we were guests at the hotel but there is no reason to be rude even if they are not hotel guests!)  After reading great reviews of their Sunday brunch on Yelp, we also wanted to try it.  We were trying to figure out the difference between the breakfast buffet and the brunch buffet and we decided to call Guest Services to ask.  They told us that the brunch buffet just have some lunch items like burgers, and when I asked about the $85 caviar brunch, they said they had no idea what I was talking about and that there was no such thing!  (The person even asked a second person and nobody knew what I was talking about.)  Later on, I looked it up on their website and it was listed on the site.  You would think that their employees would be more knowledgeable than this!

Anyway, overall the experience was a bit disappointing.  The next time i come to South Beach, I probably would choose to stay somewhere else.

01/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Robert I.
I had some friends staying at the Ritz. I went to visit them there. We were in the club lounge and a consergie there was great.  Eddie or Edwardo or something was a real helpful guy. He setup my friends on a few trips and was generally a very good guy.

16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Heather K.
Impeccable service. They really take care of you as their customer. I loved how they walk you over to a lounge chair next to the pool and pull over the towel-which they do at the beach too. Most of the time most of the employees are working hard to make sure that you are well taken care of The bar area is also nice and it is true their mojitos are unbeatable.  

The location of this hotel can't be beat either. The beach in the backdrop and you can walk down on Lncoln Road and it is close to Ocean Drive.

The reason I knocked one star off was because one of the days we waited by the pool for a while and signaled someone so we can order drinks but it took them a while to get there. Also, there servers for breakfast were okay. I expected better.

08/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Pablo O.
Wow!  This place was just...WOW!  The service was amazing...from handling the luggage, to recommending places to dine and dance, to giving VIP passes to local clubs, to sending up free waters and extra chocolates, to setting up free lounge chairs for us on the beach.  Top notch.

The location was perfect.  It was right on the beach (a secluded, seemingly private beach) and a very short walk from everything else.  Restaurants and nightclubs were all within a 5-10 minute walk.  The cafe overlooking the beach was stellar, as well, in case you don't feel like walking.

The hotel was absolutely beautiful.  The bathroom was enormous, the bed was unbelievably comfortable, and our room opened up to the pool area...in fact, we were able to walk from our patio door straight into the pool!  Ahhh, it was so relaxing.

Staying here isn't cheap.  But, it is WELL worth it.  You may live like a pauper tomorrow, but you'll feel like a king today! :)

17/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Anand G.
Had a good stay here. Has one of my favorite SPAs. Nice gym.

19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Gene c.
Sunday Brunch here is 5-stars. Best Bruch anywhere! While pricey, it is worth it. A must stop. Oysters on the half shell, cracked king crab legs, large shrimp, vodka bar, cheese and Port bar, sushi bar. Just spectacular at each station and I left a few out.

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Elisabeth Z.
I was lucky enough to get to do a girls vacation and stay here and it was amazing.  Within walking distance of great shops and restaurants. Love the pool area, and the beach area.  Staff is very accommodating and friendly.  I felt very taken care of from the moment we walked in, until the time we left.  The house car was always made available and very easy to utilize.  Would love to stay there always while in South Beach!

07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Chloé R.
i am only reviewing for the sunday breakfast/brunch i had outside. it was fabulous.

i sat perched above the sidewalk close to the ocean--perfect spot to gaze admiringly at the ocean and beach-goers.

the royal blue and white decor seems to complement the deep blue ocean! so gorgeous.

i ordered this watermelon something with feta, a tapa of sorts. it was a curious dish, invented by some Top Chef guy i didn't know. whatever, it was still good!

the best part was the complimentary breads they serve. the latte was delicious.

i had a great time even though i had lost my iphone the night before -_-

22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Dani L.
We were there this past weekend, and although little chilly we had a wonderful time - AGAIN! I can't imagine not enjoying this hotel thoroughly since the staff is so incredible.

We had lunch at the DeLido, down by the beach (some great people watching there) - very good service and dishes served. Dessert was even better - try the flourless chocolate cake with pomegranate ice cream - yum! Oh - try the Prosecco here if you like it ... pretty reasonable in price and big in taste.

The spa wasn't too crowded - had massages and facials and both of us enjoyed each. Again, therapists were excellent and very professional and the spa attendants were with there when you needed something.

02/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Geoffrey M.
I come to this Ritz Carlton location about once a month for a night or two as a "mini vaca" from Fort Lauderdale.  I never tell anyone I am going (I guess the secret is out) - I just drive down to SOBE and check in for a weekend.  I love this hotel.  It is as laid back as any Ritz I have ever stayed in or have been to.  At the same time it still keeps up with the unmatched service, pleasant atmosphere, top end styling, and reputation that the Ritz-Carlton chain has earned.  I love the spacious rooms (even if staying in just a standard room), the HUGE marble bathrooms, and the gorgeous ocean views.  I love the pool, the beach with the only "tanning butler" in the world - the drinks are amazing.  It is like a swanky (not stuffy but right on point) oasis in the heart of South Beach.  A great place to escape from your day to day.  I highly recommend coming to this hotel to unwind, even if that just means a long steam shower, a massage on your balcony, and wrapping yourself in one of their amazing robes and ordering room service.  If you are looking for a day of sun on the beach or by the pool, and an amazing place to crash after a long night of clubbing - this is the perfect spot. You can really recharge and just about any request can be granted day or night.  I just like to be treated with respect and bathe in luxury -  and there is nothing like the little extras a five star resort like the Ritz Carlton SOBE has to offer.  After all - you DO get what you pay for.

26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Hannah H.
We stayed here on our honeymoon and comparing this place to anywhere I have stayed, it was the ultimate best. I travel quite a bit for work and go to many hotel chains, but this one rocks! The service was wonderful, but then they are known over the world for their service, but it exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed the great spread of various items for Sunday brunch by the pool.

16/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Mischa ..
This hotel was absolutely amazing. The BEST frozen mojitos, I had a beautiful room with a full ocean view (free upgrade), BEST service ever, awesome food and room service and they would call me afterward to ask how the service was- hello? can we please say top of the line customer service!?

When I first arrived, they greeted me by name, as if they had been expecting me and I was a welcomed guest. The gym was free, great spa, went to their private beach area, tanning butlers, young friendly waiters, and restaurants/shops very close.

Overall, I can not recommend a better hotel in South Beach. If you want a lavish, private and amazing hotel- the price is worth it!!

12/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Steven Z.
Wow what a hotel, the room was great, the food was sick(really good) and most importantly, the staff is incredible, always saying hello and most helpful, my first stay and not my last stay and I get Marriott reward points here! Was the Ritz bought by Marriott? I guess so, once again the friendly helpful staff makes the difference, go ahead and spend the bucks!

01/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Ryan S.
I had the most incredible Sunday Brunch experience while staying at the Ritz Carlton South Beach. For the extravagant price of $85 per person, I was cheerfully greeted by a server upon being sat at that restaurant who offered to take me on a guided tour of the expansive buffet spread. She offered a personal orientation to the made-to-order waffles and pancakes, raw bar, caviar bar with shots of Grey Goose, the meats and cheeses bar, sushi and saki bar, Bloody Mary bar, and dessert station.

Amidst the elegance of culinary decadence, a jazz ensemble performed. The musicians began a 10 minute jam session on a peculiarly familiar song... "Suicide is Painless", better known as the theme from M*A*S*H.

Initially, I was amused by the fact that the band was jamming on the song from the 4077. But the greatest amusement came from the knowledge that most people enjoying breakfast had no idea of the morbid tale that this song's lyrics told:

The only way to win is cheat
And lay it down before I'm beat
and to another give my seat
for that's the only painless feat.
Cause suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please.
...and you can do the same thing if you please.

13/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Natalie K.
My favorite hotel in SoBe. Enough said.

07/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Nicole M.
I managed to be pardoned of all my sins, because I was able to get a night here for $125 recently.  Don't mind if I do!

The cons:
-Mandatory valet parking, that costs $36 per day.  Really?  Is that necessary?
-Heated pool.  Honestly South Beach?  Do your pools REALLY need to be heated?  It's only 96 degrees with 89% humidity outside.  God forbid we have a refreshing pool dip.
-$20 pina colada, are you freaking kidding me?!

The pros:
-Amazing service
-Gorgeous rooms with even better bathrooms
-bvlgari products in said gorgeous bathrooms
-Fantastic pool scene complete with tanning butler
-Awesome, awesome, awesome beach chair/umbrella setup.  One of the best I've seen.
-I have to mention the service again, because it was stellar
-A tanning butler, are you freaking kidding me?!!  And a hot as hell one to boot!

I was treated like a princess, and I loved every minute of it.

16/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Joe P.
This is a great hotel.  My girlfriend and I wanted a quick get away and decided to try Miami Beach.  After a bit of research, this Ritz-Carlton South Beach seemed like the right place for us, and I am happy to say that it was!  I booked an Oceanfront Suite through CTS, and received a confirmed upgrade to a Lanai Oceanfront Suite.

From the moment we arrived, the staff treated us great.  This Ritz-Carlton is cateres more towards the young professional rather than old money, which is something that I appreciate.  The check in staff was great, and gave us some great local recommendations.  Our room was not immediately available, so a bell took our bags, and we chatted a bit more with an employee about where to visit while waiting.  We went to a small café that really hit the spot.

Our room was ready when we returned, and wow, what a room!  We were on the top floor with a breath taking view of the ocean.  The layout of the room was perfect, with 1.5 baths, a huge master bedroom, luxurious bathroom, and a very comfortable living/dining area.  I had no complaints.

The hotel is directly on the beach.  There isn't much to say - it was great.  The hotel pool is also amazing, and the hot tubs on the side are great.  We spent the majority of our trip either on the beach or lounging at the pool.  Their frozen mojitos are worth trying.  Another great thing about the location is that the neighboring hotels are great too.  You can walk right over to the other poolside bars if you want to mix things up.  At night, their clubs open up and you have immediate access to those as well.

The food at the hotel was excellent.  It was obviously a bit pricey, but that was expected.  The Sunday brunch is something that you must experience.  The entire restaurant and surrounding areas are turned into a giant gourmet buffet, with various stations.  There is a top-notch seafood section, a caviar and vodka section, a sushi section, etc.  All of the offerings were outstanding.  I want to return just to have the buffet again.    

The staff was very good.  Everyone greeted us by name and all were very polite.  The only thing is that like most Ritz-Carlton locations, the staff responses are pretty scripted.  You'll quickly get tired of hearing "it is my pleasure."

25/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Elizabeth R.
I loved staying at this hotel! The lobby area is really striking and stylish. The employees of this hotel are also very helpful and honest. I left my shoes in the hotel room after we checked out and we were laying by the pool area for a few hours. The service people were able to find my shoes which were under the bed! The pool area is also really nice and the food is good.

02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Kate S.
If you are under thirty and do not have memories detailing how this. Implant gained its brand, you will think its fine.
If you are over forty and have traveled a fair amount this hotel will cause you endless frustrations.
I arrived at my room to find a giant stain on the carpet in front of my door and a piece of trash the size of a
I came in and found a reconfigured room that is long and narrow necessitating you to use binoculars to find the tv from the bed but barely enough room for two people to pass in the hall to the bathroom.  The tub is a shower tub, gross, with the shower components removed.  I wanted to run a tub and since the tub had not been cleaned I attempted to run the water for a few minutes but the drain was stuck.
When I went to call to discuss the room the in room phone didn't work! Lol. Comedy of
Errors, sorta.
I think RC must have purchased this hotel from another company and felt that if they pasted their signage out front all would be well in the world and they were wrong. Shame.

10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
47. Harper S.
My parents raved about this hotel but I didn't know it, until I got there how truly fantastic it is. The service is impeccable from the waiters to concierge to housekeeping to poolside help. Everyone is friendly, helpful and genuinely caring. Special shout outs to Natalia and Lourdes poolside who made sure we always had seats by the pool no matter how busy things got. They were so patient and wonderful.

The food throughout the entire hotel was excellent. From breakfast in the morning (usually french toast or pancakes or fruit and fresh squeezed OJ) to poolside flatbreads or hummus with veggies or salad. The room service was so great that we called and thanked them afterwards - plus it was christmas eve so it was a nice gesture to the person who was unable to celebrate with their family and was answering the phone.

They switched my room to give me a better view. They accommodated me when my flight was canceled and I had to stay three days longer with no fuss (and at a great rate).

The room and ambiance was just my style. Modern, chic and clean. The 100% towels and sheets. Could you tell I enjoyed this place? We barely left the hotel in 8 days.

Spa experience was fantastic as well - wrote a separate review on that.

I can't wait to go back here as soon as possible.

05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Joanne B.
This hotel gets an extra star for the bed.  Several excellent nights of sleep.  But lose a star for the plain decor.

This hotel also loses stars for the crowd.  A bit less classy than I expected from the brand, which left me disappointed.

Stars for the beautiful lobby with spa like essence wafting through.  Also stars for the very polite staff.  Extra star for the free ocean view upgrade 4th of July weekend.

Lose several stars for the overpriced poolside bar lounge.  Also lose stars for telling me that my boyfriend needed to wear a shirt....to sit at a table 10 ft from the pool.  Add a star because I pointed that out and said I wasn't having it.

Does that add up?

14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. J A.
The best on south beach.  In busy south beach, the Ritz is an oasis of quiet, comfortable, clean luxury.  Typical Ritz service and amenities.  Spa was fabulous, food was delicious, room was relaxing, concierge made great suggestions for both dinners and recreation.

21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Noel Z.
As soon as we got to the hotel, a girl at the front desk upgraded our room to an ocean view.  The service never faulted from that moment on.

The concierge did a great job of sending balloons to our room for my BFF's Birthday, the food service department held a cake for us and brought it up to our room when it was requested, we got a phone call from the manager asking how our stay was and whether they could do anything for us.  We felt very well taken care of and pampered.

We were all very happy with our stay.

29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. A. R.
We paid a lot of money to stay here, and are always willing to pay the money if we get what we pay for. Unfortunately we left very disappointed.

The bad:
Our room was sparsely decorated, with only a desk and a dirty and uncomfortable loveseat. The carpet seemed dirty and was unraveling in the corners. No free internet, you have to pay additional. We got a room with a "lanai", meaning we paid a lot extra to have an outside balcony to hang out on. We did so the first day, and the towels we used that first day stayed out there until we checked out, never picked up by the cleaning crew. And 4 trash bags full of garbage sat in the hallway corridor outside our room for an entire day! We walked past them when we went down for breakfast and when we returned to our room in the evening they were STILL there! One of the housekeepers was in another room doing the turn-down service so I asked her to please have them removed. They were gone soon after but if I hadn't spoken up, who knows how long they would have been there. Garbage sitting in the hallway for 12 hours and only being taken away when a guest asks is inexcuseable for any hotel, let alone a place like the Ritz. The pool servers were slow and uninterested. The never-ending auto-gratuity at every turn really makes me feel like the employees here don't have to care about giving you good service, since they get their money no matter what.

The good:
We did enjoy the pool area (pool is open 24 hrs) and also the beach area out front, you can get chairs and an umbrella if you're a hotel guest. It was nice and relaxing, not too many screaming kids around but maybe we just got lucky. The breakfast buffet was delicious, and the few other food items we ordered were yummy too. The bartender was friendly.

All in all we will not be returning, it certainly did not live up to our high expectations and the price we paid. Next time we go to south beach we'll definitely go somewhere else.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
52. Aftynn G.
Love this hotel.  It's older than others on the strip but always classy, accommodating, and food and wine r great.  Mojitos are amazing.   There are always characters at the pool so it provides great entertainment through people watching.  Sunday brunch with unlimited rose was perhaps the greatest day of my entire life.

05/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Peter L.
Great Sunday brunch for $75

I've never had port for breakfast.

Raclette, salamis, cheeses, sushi, caviar, champagne w OJ, short ribs, nova/cc/bagels (cc=cream cheese) w capers, muffins, crab legs, shellfish.

Gee, this is what I wanted!

Plus: sunny, outdoor ocean view

It was the eating highlight of my 10 days here.

02/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Joseph N.
What a beautiful hotel on Southbeach with an AMAZING view of the beach! What makes this place even better is the service compared to other hotels in the area. Mark at the concierge was very accomadating and Preston by the pool and his team made us feel like royalty! Keep up the great work!

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Glen T.
I don't even know where to start. One of the best hotel experience in my life. We stayed on the club level, they had all the top shelve liquor in there lounge. Gorgeous view from the lounge over looking the ocean. Nice pool and great customer service. I didn't like my meal at dinner and when I excuse myself to use the restroom. They had a free bottle of champagne at my table, compliments of the chef for not liking my meal. It's hard to stay at any place else when I go to South Beach. It's really hard to put in words but if you ever get a chance to stay here, trust me you want be disappointed.

02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. T C.
We had a fabulous time while we were at the Ritz in SoBe. Even when they don't get something right, they make it right without any arguments. Perfection.

04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Thomas C.
First and foremost it's a 3day weekend, South Beach, Ritz Carlton and 5 best friends...what more can u for?  Good times, shopping, clubbing and drinking and to get away from it all, least for a couple days and that we did.  

The location was perfect.  It was right on the beach (a secluded, seemingly private beach) and a very short walk from everything else.  Restaurants and nightclubs were all within a 5-10 minute walk.  The cafe overlooking the beach was stellar, as well, in case you don't feel like walking.

You must take time for the spa where you enter a sanctuary of calm stillness and are embraced by a professional staff who offer anything you could possibly desire. I am still feeling relaxed from my reflexology massage. The fitness center is open day and night, perfect for a little workout before you start your busy day at the beach or exploring the area.  The house car was always made available and very easy to utilize and that we did.

10/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. P.S. S.
Beautiful rooms, great spa, in the heart of South Beach also beachfront.

30/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. lenore d.
From a frequent traveler perspective, I thought the service was sub par at best.
The checkin customer service had much to be desired and policies less attractive than that of Four Seasons.
The rooms are average and far onetime to those of most other Ritz properties I've visited.
Stay at the Viceroy, Delano or Mondrian! Then you'll experience world class service.

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Sara M.
We stayed here for a wedding for a long weekend and enjoyed every minute.  Everything was classy and luxurious - with a pricetag to match.

The bed was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have slept on and we enjoyed the jacuzzi.  The salt water pool was a great temperature and the private beach was excellent.  The service was great all around.

The food at the reception was also quite delicious.  I especially enjoyed the lobster-on-a-stick with various dipping sauces, as well as the sliders.  The dinner itself was good for a wedding reception but my steak was again over-cooked.  The space was rather small and only allowed a DJ, which didn't seem appropriate for the level of money and the feel of the location.  

I would definitely come back again and get private cabana by the pool.

24/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Heather H.
This review is of the lounge, as we couldn't afford to stay here, although, we may have to save up for next time.

The service, as in most Ritz Carlton properties, was outstanding.  We were waiting for some friends to arrive, and decided to chill in the bar, listening to some jazz.   They have very comfortable couches, as well as a bunch of tables.  The band they had was very good, pro players that knocked our socks off!  And, the drinks, muddled cucumber happiness... I want to sneak the bartender home with me, they were that good!

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Jennifer N.
Some parts of the hotel  has been refurbished but it still has it's original charm and could still serve as the set for an oldfashioned James Bond Movie.     The location is excellent as it is near Ocean Drive, I would have been most unhappy if we had paid full price for this hotel as it is by no means up to "Ritz" quality that I am used to for "Ritz Carlton" properties.

While pricey, it's probably the best hotel within walking distance of the heart of the action. Bring $$$. But the rooms are nice and quiet which is hard to find in SoBe.

The beach service is incredibly slow -- it took over 30 minutes to get a waiter's attention and our drinks came 30 minutes before our food. I'd like to that this was isolated but I overheard lots of complaints on this front. All in all, I would recommend the hotel but as you read through these reviews you'll see that there are some problems with service that need to be addressed to bring this hotel up to Ritz Carlton standards.

The pool area is wonderful although food and drinks are typically crazy high. I still enjoy this property although I feel it is time for a facelift, especially in the rooms. The common areas are ok but looking somewhat dated, the rooms themselves slightly worn. But the service is wonderful and everything is clean and well maintained that I can see. The lay out can be a little confusing for finding meeting rooms, fitness center, etc. Room rates were great in mid-July of course. With a facelift as planned in 2012, I will be excited to return.

06/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Chasitiy P.
Well-I'm suppose to find comfort in what seems like a hotel built from a motel(research history)....you cant pull the wool over my eyes.

Granted they have impressive and favorable room service. Not to mention their mimosas are the best I ever had!

Perfectly located near all the shops on Lincoln Rd and next to the beach.

Now you officially have "The Supreme Touch"

02/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Jessica T.
I was lucky enough to get away to Miami last weekend for a girls' vacation. I also had the good fortune of staying at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach. This was probably one of the best hotel experiences I have ever had. Every single member of the staff was so attentive, and treated us like royalty. The staff on the beach were particularly exceptional. We ordered our lunch on the beach our first day there, and due to a back-up in the kitchen, it took more than 2 hours to arrive. My friend and I marched up to the manager, ready to launch into a tirade, but we barely had to say two words before he offered to comp our entire bill AND buy us all a round of free drinks. For the rest of our stay, the waiters on the beach recognized us and made sure we were attended to at all times.

Our beds were very comfortable and the bathroom was large enough to accommodate four relatively high maintenance females getting ready at once. The door staff was also very attentive. I really enjoyed my stay here and would totally choose the Ritz again.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Takeia L.
Pick somewhere else.

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Devin V.
Beautiful hotel and lobby, but I was surprised their bar closes at such an early hour - 9PM, if I recall.  Luck there are so many places nearby.

16/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
67. Sam A.
Grate Brunch, will definitely return.

04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Sandra E.
What a GREAT hotel! and the service, oh the service... INCREDIBLE. We went in November 2012 for my friend's birthday and it was a phenomenal. Boris and Juan Carlos will take care of you at the pool. Can't wait to go back!

26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Steven B.
After staying at several RC's throughout the country you grow accustomed to a certain level of service and amenities. This property located nestled on Lincoln & Collins did not disappoint at all.

For anyone looking to stay in what I like to call the nicer side of South Beach you cannot go wrong with this location. Lincoln Road mall is down the road which boasts many great eateries, pubs, lounges and clubs.

Upon arrival we were promptly greeted by the valet and treated like royalty from the beginning. Check in was quick and painless and included a complimentary upgrade to an ocean view room (thank you amex platinum). The lobby area is chic, luxurious not completely confirming to the art deco style but yet not over the top grandiose.

Room was a nice size, very clean and with an unobstructed view of the pool and the beautiful Atlantic ocean. Bathroom was adorned in marble flooring with a separate tub and shower that can fit two ;). Oh yeah the bed was more than comfortable as well!

Although we did not spend much time at the pool area it was nice. It has direct view of the beach and has complimentary sunblock/tanning oil and water on site. Most of our time was spent on the beach soaking up rays and paddleboarding. There is direct access to the beach which is accessible both during the day and night.

The food was wonderful although one morning they totally screwed up part of our order. Situations happen and the staff were more than apologetic. For those that enjoy a stiff drink be sure not to order doubles from the pool bar as two double Ketel Ones ran up a $75 tab. Being originally from Miami I should have known! The restaurant they have located closes to the beach was exceptional in my opinion. The scallops were definitely the highlight. So good that my girlfriend and I enjoyed them each day or our stay. They have a half price happy hour from 3-8.

I highly recommend this hotel for individuals looking to get away for romance, those wanting to be close to the heart of South Beach w/o the riff raff and for those that like to be spoiled.

29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. D D.
Great service and a beautiful facility. Gorgeous pool area.

26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Tessie B.
The Sunday Brunch is phenomenal! Charcuterie, sushi, ceviche, caviar, french toast, pancakes, omelets, dessert, chocolate fountain, meats, bbq, shrimp, chicken, and the most important - BLOODY MARY BAR! Excellent brunch definitely worth the splurge.

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Chris R.
The Ritz-Carlton is conveniently located a running track away from the beach. The hotel has the closest restaurant to the ocean on South Beach in Miami Beach, and the only Club Level lounge. Ritz-Carlton South Beach sets itself apart from the rest with truly superior service, quality & professionalism. When checking in, I experienced a superior level of service than in any other hotel I've stayed at on South Beach, which includes two others. The quality of the rooms, bathroom and amenities all worked as expected. Professionalism was experienced through Jenni, the PR person for Ritz-Carlton, the bell team and front desk staff.

You can check out from the Club Level Lounge, making it easier for guests to move along during their day. I enjoyed two days and met up on the second morning with Jenni, the PR pro at the hotel. Jenni explained some finer points of the pricing compared to other hotels on South Beach. Some of the pricing plans are great for families, as it accommodates everyone in the club lounge for five daily food presentations. The presentations are fun to experience first hand, like the last one of the day from 8 pm to 10 pm. The last presentation is called the cordial and chocolate presentation. I experienced this presentation twice during my stay.

Jenni and the Club Level staff made what I call made a PEC with my brother and I. PEC stands for personal, emotional connection by asking us about where we are from and then aligning parts of hotels that we already know, to what the Ritz-Carlton has to offer. Thanks to Jenni for the complimentary stay with no request to be positively reviewed.

10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Geoff D.
Had the pleasure of spending a day here for a conference and would happily come back for a vacation stay.

- Exceptional service from every employee
- Reasonable price for a Ritz at $200 per night
- Nicely appointed room, though mine was on a low floor and had no view... so I'd put the room itself in the 3.5 star category
- Tasty room service breakfast and food served at the conference (suggestion though: would love to have seen some Cuban food options)
- Gorgeous pool area and beach access

13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Dorothy W.
In no way do I resemble Gisele Bundchen (although my current crush DOES resemble an aging Tom Brady) yet the staff at the Ritz Carlton South Beach treated me like a super model from the moment we drove up until the last sweet good-bye.

I felt like a pampered vamp; my prima donna instincts kicked in and I took full advantage of the entire experience. This is a lifestyle I could easily embrace. Our original room was not ready when we arrived, so we were instantly bumped up to a two room suite with a balcony, overlooking the ocean. It had everything we needed and then some. Luxury robes, gorgeous linens, perfect lighting, a CD player and more. Just perfection.

We spent many happy hours in the Lapidus Lounge where they offer incredible drinks, sushi and a brilliant bistro menu. (Pizza, wings, burgers are delicious and beautifully presented.) Cocktails by the pool will have you starry eyed. Sangria and a great pina colada were personal favorites. On the Beach Club menu were all kinds of tapas, kebabs and salads, fresh fruit and local specialties.You will not be hungry here.

You must take time for the spa where you enter a sanctuary of calm stillness and are embraced by a professional staff who offer anything you could possibly desire. I am still feeling relaxed from my reflexology massage. The fitness center is open day and night, perfect for a little workout before you start your busy day at the beach or exploring the area. (Despite serious eating and drinking all week, I actually lost a few  pounds while I was here....How did that happen?)

I can not say enough about the staff. We stayed for a week and during that time, we were consistently impressed with the polite and gracious people who work here. We needed some laundry done quickly- no problem. A sewing kit- they repaired it for us. Room service was quick but if they were going to be 5 minutes late, they let you know. We wanted to charter a boat for a day. They had suggestions and took care of the whole thing. This is a place where professionalism rules.

Yes, it is expensive. But live it up a little. Next time you feel like being a celebrity, call the Ritz. You will start feeling like a cover girl yourself. (Or Tom Brady, of course.) Nothing wrong with that.

04/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Heather W.
It's the Ritz Carlton. It's South Beach. It's already got points. ;)

Great ocean-view suite, great staff and meeting facilities. Particularly loved dining al fresco.

Love the location. The Ritz is an experience that can't really be summed up in a review. Visit and find out for yourselves. It won't disappoint.

29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Jason G.
It almost pains me to write this review but it must be done. Both my wife and I didn't really have the heart to complain since our two-night stay was comped. But it would be tragic to allow a complimentary stay to dictate the truth. And to be honest, I still ended up shelling out more than enough money at the resort (food, drinks, the never-ending tips and a $36 per day valet fee).  It should be said that I've been to many Ritz Carltons, especially throughout South Florida. It's one of my favorites hotels to stay at because you know you're always going to get first class accommodations. Plus the spa at this location is outstanding.

This happened to be our second time staying at this particular Ritz, so we knew the location was good for walking purposes and we are big fans of their pool and beach. The guest services including front desk, concierge and valet are more than helpful, friendly and super professional. I will say there is a distinct difference from service outside the hotel such as the pool and lounge area vs. the inside. Outside service seems ill-prepared, there is little sense of urgency and the pool service is flat out bad. We sat down on some chairs and asked if we could have an umbrella (there were many unused and folded). We were told by the staff member that when one opens up he'll bring it over. 15 minutes later another couple sat down near us and sure enough they asked for the same thing and it was brought right over. Maybe if I slid the guy a $10 he would have been more inclined, so instead of waiting, we just asked the same staff member who helped the other couple to provide us with an umbrella and she graciously did.

We wanted to order food so we had the one of the waitresses bring over menus. When we wanted a few minute to look them over she asked "will you be ordering now in or 20 minutes because I'm going on break soon." This wasn't her trying to accomedate us, but to only have us put the order in with her so she could be compensated. It seems to be a common mindset poolside. Another waiter come along and took our order once we were ready.

Upon ordering we asked the waiter if he could kindly bring out the bread basket  ($8) before the meals because our son was starved. It's a bread basket, nothing had to be cooked. A muffin and two danishes is all we're talking here.

He obliged and we ordered our meals. Sure enough 15 minutes goes by and no food. 20 minutes goes by and all of the meals come out together. It's those things that really irked me about the pool service. The complete disregard. The blatant desire to constantly be tipped over every little thing in order to motivate them to properly do their job. The services are night and day when you compare the inside of the hotel to the out.

Now on to some of the bright spots. The hotel inside is really nice. Last time I was here I don't recall the piano bar in the lobby, but with live music and a full stocked bar it was a very pleasant surprise. The location is great for walking, shopping and is also near some great restaurants and like I said once you're a guest (inside) you feel pampered.

And here we go, this is why I am giving my experience this weekend a 1 star. If not for the super service we received and the friendly staff it probably would be receiving zero stars.

We specifically requested a small refrigerator because we need to store our baby's milk in there. There was no refrigerator upon check-in, so we had to call the front desk and they brought up one right away. The problem was the one they brought up was old, wobbly and emitted this mildew odor which later engulfed our refrigerated items.

Something wasn't right once we got in our room. I've been in dozen of rooms before at the Ritz but this one felt disheveled. Sure enough the hand towel I used had dirt all over it. I couldn't make this up even if I wanted to, there was an actual booger on the tub handle. My wife saw a very unfriendly looking hair on her pillow which did not match hers and certainly not mine. Not one trash can had a bag in it; therefore any item, especially liquid or perishable is just sitting in a can. That is unacceptable and certainly not sanitary.

Most people would have complained right away, especially if you're dropping $350+ a night on a room like this but we just figured it was only a place to rest our heads at night. The carpet felt dirty, sandy and on night two right before we're about to go to sleep my wife notices a baby cockroach climbing up the wall next to our bed. I killed it and could have easily just passed out but my wife was ready to leave the hotel and drive home. The scary part is if there is a baby roach, there are others and god knows what is going on between the floors and walls next to us. Everything that would gross you out about a hotel room happened. The crazy thing is, it's the Ritz this stuff should never happen.

We won't be returning to this hotel, sadly enough.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
77. Cheryl K.
I've stayed in hotels ranging from 2-7 stars. I am Extremely disappointed with the standard of this hotel. Makes the American standard pale in comparison to Southeast Asia. If this is Ritz standard then it does not deserve to be in the 5 Star bracket. Nice people and above average customer service, but hotel is by Far, below par. Does not carry a 4-5 star rating. I'd give it an "equal to a motel with better customer service". This is why (keep in mind this is supposedly a 5 Star hotel, not a motel where stuff like this is pretty standard or doesn't matter):

1. Non-communication between guest services and valet services. Left us waiting for a good 5-7 minutes when we specifically called down so that wouldn't happen.

But when they did have it ready to go...is that really better?
2. Valet pulled the car up, left it unattended for a good 10 minutes, unlocked and ready to drive off...by anybody who dared to jump in and steal a car.
3. Room does not feel clean. Carpet feels damp and dirty. (can be due to humidity but for a "5 Star" hotel that should not be an excuse)
4. Mops they use for the lobby has that wet rag smell. When something is wet and you don't let it dry. (can be due to humidity but for a "5 Star" hotel they should clean their cleaning tools)
5. Bathroom phone falling off the wall.
6. Hard, sharp plastic/glass shards in the bathroom. Stepped on 3 of those. Apparently did not thoroughly clean after previous guest.
7. Shower molding falling off. Had to have someone re-glue within the first 5 minutes of our check-in.
8. Breakfast chef at omelette station was a rookie. Nervous. Didnt have "pepper at his station"...?? That is an essential, basic spice. Burnt eggs. (How do you burn eggs especially if you went to culinary school?) Doesn't wipe down pan between orders. Therefore you taste all the previously burnt omelets. Neat tricks with the spatula though. Forgetful. Mess up orders when there were only 2 people ordering. (What would he do if there was a line waiting for him to perform? Would he have performance anxiety and bail out? Screw up most of the orders?) I understand we all need to start somewhere, but unless you are a quick learner and have your stuff together, do not start at the Ritz.

The whole point of the Star system is standard. For the prices we pay to stay at the Ritz, (especially in South Beach Miami) I felt like I wasted my money.

I do appreciate the effort of customer service however. That is where the extra star came from.

28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
78. Ira R.
Stayed in suite on the club level. Room was certainly less than I expected (that goes for both - we had two separate suites, each on the Club level). The Club food offerings were embarrassingly poor (from the Hotel's perspective). I urge the director of food and beverage here to take a trip to the Ritz property in San Francisco to see what a Club level experience can be for hotel guests. It will open his/her eyes.

Food service on the beach was painfully slow. The jacuzzi at the pool is tiny. I was on hold for more than 5 minutes the two times I called the front desk, finally opting to leave a message which was never returned.

If I return to South Beach, I'll be sure to stay somewhere else next time.

29/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
79. Molly L.
I travel frequently and have stayed at many of the best hotels in the world, but this was by far one of my best experiences!

Checking into the hotel, I really had no expectations- I booked a room using Marriott rewards points and was just looking forward to spending the weekend in Miami with my friend for her 25th birthday.  Upon checking in we were thrilled when Analili at the front desk surprised us with a beautiful room with ocean views. She made a reservation for us that evening at Bistro One and again surprised us with lovely champagne and a very decadent piece of chocolate cake. The dinner at Bistro One was absolutely amazing- I had a perfectly cooked piece of fish on top of purple risotto, it was very enjoyable to sit outside in the perfect weather and our server was very attentive.

The entire staff was extremely accommodating and made us feel welcome and relaxed.

The beach and pool were picturesque. The staff periodically brought frozen grapes, mango mojitos, cold towels, and strawberry smoothies.

The only negative comment I have to make is about the chips and salsa I ordered at the pool. There was very little salsa and the chips themselves were pretty bad. To be fair, had I mentioned this to the staff I'm sure they would have replaced them. Again, the staff was amazing.

We will definitely stay here again!

Thanks for a great trip!

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Bella F.
I can only review the outside of the hotel as my bf and I did not stay here. It was clean, spacious and well kept. I am interested in booking a room in the near future, I am just hoping it is not overpriced.

14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Dimitra A.
Most amazing experience by far. They go above and beyond at every turn. Loved every minute of being there. As much as I didn't enjoy the South Beach area (too many snooty attitudes for my liking) the Ritz-Carlton was an oasis away from this. If I would ever return to this area, I would stay again in a heart beat. Amazing staff, beautiful property, overall wonderful experience in every way.

14/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Danny T.
I just finished reading a book called "The New Gold Standard" it goes on to describe that the Ritz Carlton is the Ferrari of customer service. I had a late lunch with some of my staff so they could experience first hand what "White Glove" customer service is all about. In short, it was very disappointing, my staff was pointing out all the miscues and situations that could have been avoided or handled completely different. That stood out to me, and spoke volumes that the Ritz was not on their game today. I have been there before and have not experienced such poor service as I witnessed earlier this afternoon. One individual did take customer service to the next level and walked one of my staff members directly to the bathroom, upon asking where the bathroom was located. That's the reason I'm giving this review 2 stars rather than one.

28/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
83. Lindsey D.
Cool refreshing bev upon check in and escorted to room.
No map of the hotel - bums. Or restaurant menus in the room. WTF.
Full size hairdryer. Full length mirror in closet.  
Frosted glass doors in bathroom with some clear glass is fun if travel with a romantic companion.  Weird if you're traveling with your brother.
Wake up call service was unreliable. .
Room service was $50 for 1. Nutella French toast, side of breakfast potatoes, and a bloody Mary.
Location was excellent.
Very nice hotel, but ceratinly not the best hotel I've ever stayed in.

05/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Ivanka B.
**review is for the bar only**
Stopped here around 10pm on a weeknight after deciding that taking my mother and aunt to Delano at that hour was not really a good idea ...
Glad we came here for our nightcap.
Best cocktail I had in South Beach the entire week and sitting outside by the pool that was lit up all crazy was really nice as well
Santos, the bartender, was a really great guy.
These were the most expensive drinks we had on our trip but they were worth it - can't wait to come back!

13/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Marina N.
Obviously lives up to its name and reputation! Any day at the Ritz is an awesome day! My friend and I were lucky enough to stay there after volunteering in Haiti for a week with less than adequate showers, food, etc.. So staying at the Ritz we felt like royalty!

They checked us into our room early - on the top ,11th floor with a beautiful view of Miami skyline and South Beach! Lounging on the beach, in the pool and jacuzzi with some mimosas was the perfect get-away. After we were re-charged we walked down Lincoln Street to find some of the most amazing shopping, dining, drinking and partying around!

The staff at the Ritz always had a smile on their faces and were constantly welcoming and helpful! Stay here as often as possible! I know I will :)

13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Dana R.
Beautiful hotel in a great location. I went here for Father's Day lunch yesterday and sat outside overlooking the beach and the ocean. It was the perfect backdrop. The service was excellent and the food was fresh and tasty.

I was torn between the blackened chicken wrap and the grilled shrimp flatbread, but I ordered the wrap upon my waitress' recommendation. It was great. I have to admit, though, when I saw the flatbread being placed down on my neighbor's table, I did experience a small pang of jealousy. It looked unreal.

Great place to sit back, eat a nice meal, and enjoy the beautiful Miami weather.

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Rachel S.
It seems that all Ritz-Carltons strive for a reputation of quiet sophistication. That is what I usually find here. The staff are always polite and friendly. It is not a party place. The location is superb-Collins Ave right on the ocean. Monthly Full Moon parties with the most beautiful background you can imagine. Drinks are a bit pricey...but that's to be expected.

17/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Carisue B.
Loved this hotel! We stayed here last weekend after finishing a cruise! First the location is amazing...right on the beach and right next to shopping and restaurants...everything was within a short walk. We were bumped up to Club level and the room was ocean front....spectacular room with an amazing view and balcony...Most importantly, I liked the "feel" of the hotel....very chic and hip for the area it is in...from the music they played at the pool to the decor of the hotel. I expected Dean Martin and the rat pack to strut through with a martini....very swanky....Our family could sit at that pool all day...(and we did!)...

07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. C. A. F.
In Miami, even the Ritz Carlton screws it up way too many times in terms of service and staffing. The pool management and one waitress managed to turn a wonderful, quiet afternoon with my girlfriend into a completely annoying experience of incompetent service and lame excuses. In fairness, our first waitress was great. Hard to find many places in Miami that get it right. Mandarin Oriental and St. Regis Bal Harbor are still by far the best options.

15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
90. Carina S.
We stayed here for 4 days and it was a pleasant experience. My kids love the pool area. Nice property. Great service. Overall it was worth the price.

09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Jennifer F.
It might cost a kidney to stay here but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the Ritz.  The DiLido Beach Club is an amazing restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or if you just want an amazing meal for almost the same amount you would pay at any other trendy Miami Beach spot.  The service here cannot be matched. The staff is always attentive but never overbearing.  They even served me desert on the house for my birthday. And their cocktails are absolutely amazing. If you love Daquiris or Pina Coladas, you must try "The Vice." I must try if you are trying to get away from the touristy Lincoln crowd. You can even dive in the pool and they won't even say anything ;)

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. David C.
I'm amazed that a four star hotel, that wants to be a five star hotel, can't guarantee a queen or king sized bed when it is requested months in advance.

The hotel is really beautiful, but it doesn't look like a traditional Ritz. It is not kept up well, and the service is typical bad South Beach. You can see they are trying to be better. However, it is definitely in the top 5 places to stay on the beach.

Some highlights are:
1. The pool is huge, with a great view of the ocean
2. Direct access to the ocean
3. Good bartenders throughout
4. The rooms are very classy and nice sized
5. They are trying to be better...

10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
93. Margaret H.
First time staying at the ritz.  WIll stay again, and was everything I hoped for.  Everyone on the staff was very friendly  ( as I expected from the Ritz).    The location is AWESOME and the beach access is great, too.  We didn't know that staying there got us chairs on the beach, too, which were about as comfortable as couches.  You can order drinks or food from the beach as well.  

Definitely a great time in South Beach at the Ritz.  

The bathrooms were enormous and the room set-up was great.

26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Laurence H.
After a few nights in Panama City and Apalachicola, you desperately need the Ritz-Carlton.  Stay here if you can.  Ritz service, Ritz quality.  Don't short-change yourself.

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Colleen R.
We stayed in the Ritz Carlton for 4 days. I wish it were longer.  Couple of reasons.

1. The people.  The concierge with whom we dealt, Mark, got us into top restaurants even on a Saturday night.  The manager we dealt with, Marlene, was a superstar and made sure our special requests were handled and the entire staff was unbelievably friendly.

2.  The location.  The beach is a few steps from the pool.  Great restaurants One Prime Twelve and clubs like Mango are a fast cab drive away.

On the down-side, the Ritz is not the least expensive hotel.  But it was worth it.

23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Frankie S.
I can only eat lunch in South Beach at the Ritz.  It has the best food for a somewhat reasonable price, considering you are on South Beach.  I highly recommend it.  It can be tough to find good food on the beach during lunch time, this is my go to place.

01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Caroline P.
One of my favorite hotels I've been in while traveling for work.

While the service isn't quite up to standards of other high end resorts, it certainly wasn't awful.

It was great to have the beach so close and to be able to walk to so many places. I hate being stuck in hotels that are so far from the rest of the world it's not worth leaving.

I enjoyed my room, which was comfy and clean with great views.

Club level is fun, when you aren't paying for it!  

I think what I love most is that when you are near a beach everything is more relaxed and even the rich people look normal in flip flops and swimsuits. Don't worry about class, just relax!

10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Jackie S.
Brunch @ the Ritz.  Indulgent, sophisticated, expensive.  

So here's the deal.  If you looking for a bargain, this is not the place.  Be prepared to spend $200 a couple including tax & tip.  

As to the experience, top notch.  The service was great, the mimosa maker was friendly & always nearby.  

Now for the food:
The french toast was made from scratch and absolutely to die for. And there's an omelet station, bacon, sausage, fruits, tons of pastries, bagels, croissants etc.  

Salad, crab legs, sushi, caviar, lamb & other good eats.

But near & dear to my heart is the meats and cheese station. Prosciutto, salami, manchego and that divine melted Spanish cheese!!  YUmmMMm O!!!! O-m-G goodness!!

Oh and I have to mention the dessert room with their Willy Wonka themed music. Total fat kid paradise!!

27/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Danielle F.
Awesome! My stay at the Ritz was utterly fab! Service was incredible. Anna on the 10th floor was a sweetheart and all the ladies by the pool, Oceanna and Dia, gave us such great service, that it was such a nice break from reality. Don't be shocked by the prices, everything here is insanely overpriced BUT so is everything in South Beach. May as well get something good for your money. Nothing is cheap in South Beach and Id rather spend my days somewhere comfortable with good service.

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Allison P.
If my entire life could be a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach, I think I'd die a happy woman. The service is so personal and knowledgeable. Everyone is so kind and happy to help.

Drinking pina coladas on one of the poolside beds while the synchronized swimmers from the Gangnam Style video did a show as I attended my sister's wedding via Skype is a memory I'll always treasure.

18/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Saba A.
Piano Bar. Great bar snacks in the Lounge. Beautiful singers. I felt like I was in set of the movie: Great Gatsby.

I saw the typical: Girl to Girl out. Two old men, 5 young girls. Then my fiance and I, that kind of style of people.

We got the most amazing Carrot Cake to share. We announced our engagement to the singer as she sang to us...and she announced it on the mic. It was cute.

It's a beautiful hotel and it was a nice stop in as we were hotel hoppin'. I feel that is something you gotta do in Miami!

27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Meredith G.
I have never posted a negative review before but had the worst experience at this hotel. My girlfriend and I were down in South Beach for the weekend and dined at The Ritz for the one lunch we spent down there. I ordered a Greek chicken wrap. I took two bites and then realized the chicken tasted off. I looked closer and realized the middle was completely raw and cold. I didn't think much of the cold initially, because it was surrounded by lettuce and other cold ingredients. I called the waitress over who took the plate away but was unapologetic. I expected the manager to come over especially as they saw me with no food while my friend ate her lunch. They did not offer to send me anything else and never once apologized. I was so disappointed and will think twice before ever returning to the Ritz, which sadly, has been my go-to hotel for years,

12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
103. Chris G.
(pool bar review)

My night out in South Beach, third time visiting BTW, started here on the 2nd floor at the pool bar.  For starters I found the lobby to be spectacular, a lot of cool lithographs; Miro & Dali, I love art and this place had some cool stuff hanging around.

The wood work and architecture was also spectacular on the first floor.  They also have a bar on the first floor which had some live music, which would have been my preference, but the pool setting was quite nice on a night with a clear sky and big moon overhead.  A Peroni beer and a decent Mohito later we were off to dinner.  

This is definitely a great spot for a drink, the cost of your drink, $15-$20 seems to include your admission into the faux hotel art exhibit, LOL.  The property represents the Ritz-Carlton just how you might expect, N-I-C-E.

22/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Michele L.
Not as impressive as other Ritz-Carlton locations I've been to but the room rates are more affordable than at the other locations.  Next time, I'd definitely go to the Loews instead.  It seemed way more lively and glamorous over there.

The location is perfect though.  You're footsteps away from all the shopping and restaurants on Lincoln Rd. as well as the beach.  But the noise level is minimal which is a plus in South Beach.

It's nice that they offer complimentary lounge chair rentals on the beach as well as beach towels.

11/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. Kylie C.
I'm here at least once a month for work and my first experience was horrible. The employes who worked here stole all of the girls and I phones, iPads, passports, and wallets. It was miserable. One of the guys even stole my valet ticket and I found my car in the front of the Ritz ready to drive. Thank goodness I made it out there on time. The Ritz did take care of us and redeemed most of the things that got taken, which was nice. It was unfortunate but people do stupid things. I would just say not to trust the valet guys, unfortunately. Besides that everything's great here. It's a great stay and the workers are very nice and always making sure you're taken care of. Ever since  that incidence things have definitely change here for the better. It's a nice place and a great vacation spot.

30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Melanie H.
I just had the best customer service from the Ritz in South Beach.  I called to find out if the hotel had a lounge with music tonight.  The operated said why don't you speak to our concierge who even after learning that we were not staying at the hotel proceeded to help me find a wonderful place for us to go on a Sunday for dinner, dancing and music.  He was very knowledgeable generous and thoughtful.  Now that's customer services. Thanks Ritz Carlton!!!

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Lulu V.
I was lucky enough to be treated to an extended weekend at the Ritz by my awesome boyfriend and the place was beyond what I had imagined.  

The hotel itself is beautiful. From the lobby to the rooms, very modern and well thought of decor.  All of the staff was very nice/happy, specially Angela Castro who was super sweet.

The oceanfront room was spectacular and it was a nice surprise to hear the live music from our balcony (All of the performers were very talented!).  The bed was very comfortable and the sheets super soft.  I wouldn't mind living there :)

The food was delicious! We had the breakfast buffet and it had lots of options like crepes, any style eggs, muffins, fruit, etc.  Everything we tried was good.  My favorites were the pina coladas and the BBQ chicken wings we got from the room service menu and at the beach club.

I loved the time I spent there and hope to be back soon!

17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Vadim F.
Impressive hotel for its size. Staff was very productive and at my service when needed.  The location is superb and quite possibly the best hotel in Sobe. Simple and elegant rooms, with white marble bathrooms/bathtubs. The price is right and impressive, with no resort fees! We enjoyed our stay and we will be staying here when we come to Miami!

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. Stephen T.
In South Beach, when it comes to hotels, it's the latest greatest and the buzz that occurs for the first few years.  A hotel here has a shelf life for being the hip spot.  The RC has had it's moment, the moment is gone.  As most hotels know here, it's time to remodel and renew.  If you are going to compete for the top dollar and place to be seen - the place has to be refreshed to compete.

Yes, it's beautiful, but it's time for a pick up.

05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Jennifer S.
great hotel.
clean, friendly, surprisingly less expensive than other hotels nearby (like loews and the james).

try their all-you -eat breakfast buffet. It's $35, but includes everything.. much better than spending 28$ at other places for a lousy breakfast....south beach in general expensive, so comparison to others in the area, this place is definitely worth it!

love the umbrellas/lounge chairs outside with free/complimentary tasting juices/iced drinks.  great place. definitely will go again

20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Jade N.
My friends and I accidentally ended up at this hotel.  We had originally booked a different hotel , but they were overbooked so they moved us to the Ritz.  For the inconvenience we were upgraded to a really nice big room overlooking the street.  The beds were super comfortable and our room, which was 2 queen beds was super spacious.  The property was meticulously maintained, super modern and super chic. The infinity pool is gorgeous. All of the beach lounge chairs are super plush and prepared for you by cute cabana boys! I worked out a few times, the gym was all brand new and very nice.  And upon checkout, they were nice enough to allow us to leave our luggage then use the spa to shower before our flight home.  

While I'm a fan of this hotel, there were some drawbacks.  First there is a ton on construction going on next door to the Ritz spot on the beach.  So when we laid out on the beach, sure we had nice plush chairs and great wait staff, but 100 ft away  it was a total construction zone.  It was very loud and hard to even hear my friends talk. It wasn't exactly the relaxing day at the beach we had envisioned.  In addition, while I was expecting it to be expensive on the property, 18 dollar pina coloda out on the beach is a tad ridiculous.  But I will say, it was by far the best frozen pina coloda Ive ever had.  It wasn't too sweet, and the ingredients were all super fresh.

Lastly, depending on what you go to Miami for, the Ritz seemed to be more family orientated...less loud music, less of a bar scene, a ton of kids at the pool etc.  While by no means bad, if your looking for a hotel with a great party and pool social scene, this isn't the best for that on South Beach.  

Overall, our stay was pleasant, but that construction on the beach was really disappointing. For that reason I cannot in good faith give this place more than 3 stars.  However once that construction is complete, I'm sure it will be fantastic.  Overall the property was very very nice and Id definitely go back, just after the construction is done!

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
112. Janet H.
This is review is for Bistro One LR as I did not stay at the hotel.  Came here because I was starving and needed to get something to eat for dinner and this was recommended by a friend.  We sat at the bar by the pool (see menu here: ritzcarlton.com/en/Prope… ).  I ordered the Truffle Fries ($7.00) and the Grouper Ceviche ($16.00) with a Don Q & Pineapple Juice ($12.00).  I felt all were averagely good and acceptable, but nothing to write home about - the flavors just did not "pop".  Imho the truffle fries could have had more flavor as to me, they tasted like regular fries and the ceviche needed more cilantro; I've had better.  The drink was VERY GOOD.  Kudos to Sam, our friendly bartender for providing excellent service and recommendations.  They include an automatic gratuity on your bill so be aware of that.  Warm pool environs are always a plus.  I would stop by and grab a drink here again, but it is definitely a more older, staid crowd and rather quiet environs.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Becca R.
In one word, EXCELLENT!

This hotel is fantastic. The entire place is immaculate. It's clean, the staff is so so friendly, and welcomes you every time you enter and wishes you a great day as you leave. The entire staff knows you by name and fulfills your every need. There is always water available and having 24 hour access to a great infinity pool is fantastic.

Whenever we were ready to go out and explore Miami, we told them we needed a cab, and they had a cab waiting for us right outside. The beach is literally 3 feet away and is gorgeous.

We had access to the club lounge and the food was great! The staff was amazing. They were attentive to our every needs and made sure we were well taken care of.

The staff, the cleanliness, and the decor are all phenomenal. This hotel is great and I do not have a single complaint. I cannot wait to come back here and stay at the Ritz again. Seriously, great hotel.

15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Marcela P.
I had pre-paid for a deluxe king suite with wrap around balcony  (that was supposed to be AMAZING) and turned out to be trash... we WAY overpaid for this plain, smelly, semi decent viewed room.  When I arrived at 5:30pm, the girl at the front desk said my suite was not ready!!!! Are you kidding?  I had dinner reservations at 7pm and needed to get dressed& ready beforehand. Not to mention, I just got off a 5 hour flight and 9 hours of traveling all day! --  Instead of offering an upgrade, they told me I could  "wait". They said i could go into another -  lower grade room.... ???   WHAT? You pay $2k a night and this is the kind of service you get??  Finally... Upon arriving to the room, there were still some details that had to be fixed. One; they were still cleaning the room. Two, the phone was not working correctly. Three, there were various people who still had to come in and deliver the final items of the room (i.e. towels and bathroom mats). The gym was outdated & small. The AC was so cold it was blasting everyone in the head so they couldn't even get a work out in. Once I went back upstairs, the key stopped working !!!!!    The room service didn't get the orders right. BOTH times. And not ONCE through the trip, did the hotel apologize for their behavior in the beginning of my arrival. Not even a bottle of champagne or note to say sorry.   This hotel is rated 5 stars -- but is REALLY a 2 star hotel with 1 star customer service. IF THAT !!!   DO NOT GO HERE.    SAVE YOUR MONEY !!!!

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
115. Christina M.
I was lucky enough to have my second birthday celebration in Miami Beach at the Ritz Carlton - what a nice way to celebrate!  The hotel was nice and the location was perfect.  We'd definitely stay here again.

+ Great location, lots of shops and restaurants near the hotel
+ Within walking distance to many things
+ Great Miami Vice drink and pina coladas
+ Beach access
+ Large pool
+ Gym
+ Nice and attentive staff
+ Large rooms
+ Great salads at the outdoor hotel restaurant

- $25 per day charge for an umbrella on the beach (I understand the charge for a cabana, but not an umbrella)
- Drinks are pricey ~17+, but they taste good!!!
- They add 18% gratuity to everything (we would have tipped more than 18%, but it's annoying when it's automatically charged)

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Beka W.
If only every hotel could be like this!

Friendly staff, nice rooms, pleasant atmosphere. Everything was perfect!

24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Vaness A.
My husband and I stayed here for a week. We really enjoyed the hotel. The staff was great! The brunch was delicious on Sunday. We usually ordered room service most days for breakfast it was always perfect except for one time but no big issues there.

We are gym rats so I have to get props to their fitness facility. They had plenty of equipment to mimic what we do when we're back home and there's plenty of cardio equipment. They offer oranges and apples as well as bottled water.

Such easy beach access which was a huge plus! The lemonade vodka was delicious. But I have to agree with another reviewer that I hate the automatic 18% gratuity charge on EVERYTHING.

The hotel is greatly located as there are so many shops and restaurants nearby.

28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. A L.
Celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary at the Ritz Carlton and a goodbye to summer. Everyone has went out of their way to make our visit special upon arrival as with any Ritz Carlton! One name in Guest Relations-Angie Castro..She is  a breath of fresh air,greeted us upon entering the lobby, chatted with the kiddos,charming, not the least bit stuffy,offered up ideas of things to do here during our stay and did the tour of the property but even more; she went out of her way to ensure we had amenities/items not offered at the property. Angie shows up to our room hands full of goodies, a hand written card (who does that anymore, yep this Ritz does) and cheer boy this young lady has the H in Hospitality!The GM has done a splendid job in having an asset to the team like Angie and ensuring the guests here like us are having a grand experience by ensuring we have a beautiful suite ready upon arrival! We will be here for a week so I will update my review as the week concludes. This premiere property is very convenient to Ocean Drive and opens up to South beach as we have walked to both. Would highly recommend, especially if staying for a celebration or an occasional stay.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Harry T.
The hotel is very expensive but the service that is provided by the entire staff rises to the level of the expense. The Club Level section with food provided all day long and drinks on the house makes the price well worth the adventure.

It is a classy operation and was very enjoyable. I do take issue with the automatic gratuity being added to your check in the restaurants and bars. This seems to be a common practice in Miami. Don't like it and the 18% added is less than what I tip for quality service. My personal issue but as stated it is done all over Miami. At the Ritz-Carlton it did not cause a decrease in the services provided. That was good.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Jessica W.
During those hot Miami days spent at the beach, what is more refreshing than a nice cold piña colada poolside? Whenever I'm home, my mom and I love to stop here for drinks and a bite to eat. We have been to many of the hotels in the area, and the ritz provides excellent service without any sort of pretentious atmosphere like some of the other bars. All of the bartenders are very friendly and accommodating. Prepare to spend $20 on one piña colada, but it will be the creamiest most delicious drink you will have at the beach. I have tried a few of their other creative cocktails like the Pineapple Express that we're also good. If you're hungry, their fruit salad is delicious & topped with toasted coconut. Their raw oysters however, are freaking out-of-this-world amazing. How can oysters be so good? Well they add this refreshing yuzu-based drizzle on top that works so harmoniously with the taste and texture of the oyster-definitely a must for those seafood fans!

26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Mike C.
Impeccable service! From the front entrance greeting to the pool area and rooms...we received the full Ritz-Carlton experience.  Try and get a balcony room with a view of South Beach.  It's an amazing view to wake up to.  This hotel is walking distance to the infamous South Beach strip complete with bars and restaurants.  I would stay here again if the price was right! Location Location Location!

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. Valerie L.
From the reservations and email to the concierge the Ritz Carlton could not have done a better job. We arrived late because we missed our flight and we had the staff waiting for us. They up graded our room to a suite which was AMAZING!! Each time we left they asked us if we needed anything. We borrowed bikes for a morning ride down south beach. The breakfast buffet was delicious pricey but good. Mark the concierge helped us get a car delivered to the hotel for a trip down to the keys. He was great. Would definitely stay again!! Don't miss the shopping on Lincoln Way

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Sasha R.
Stayed at The Ritz for five days and had an extremely enjoyable visit! The entire staff is extremely courteous, attentive and cheerfu! Our room was very beautiful and roomy, deep plush carpeting, marble bathroom with dual sinks (yay!) and oh so comfy kingsized bed with luxurious, dreamy white sheets and comforter.  We thought the pool was just a bit old and could have used a little updating, and I couldn't help but notice that the black lounge pads were a bit faded, saggy and just a little tired.  

Poolside service at The Ritz was phenomenol!  Sasha and the other servers were very attentive and cheerful; we were served fresh, chilled juice, frozen grapes, chilled watermelon and pretzels throughout the day! What's there not to love! The breakfast buffet was filled with fresh goodies, including an omelet and pancake station and yummy Nutella crepes, and I must say, the waitstaff were very attentive here as well!  The Sunday brunch tables were ladened with fresh seafood, from freshly cracked crab, giant prawns, oysters, sushi, sashimi, and prime rib, just to name a few! It was all good!

The Ritz is a beautiful hotel with impeccable service and an excellent location, right on the beach and on Lincoln Avenue. To the Ritz, just fix the cracking pool tiles and invest in new pool cushions and I will gladly give the 5 stars you deserve! We will definitely be back!

30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Tom E.
I totally forgot about writing a review of this until I saw a Yelp buddy of mine check into here, and it relived all the awesome memories...

When I was in the heat of culinary school (and had night classes), I remember one night after class, I convinced two of my lovely lady friends to come with me to Miami for the night.  This was all on a whim, planned DURING class.  I had bought 3 redeye tickets to MIA, and got a room at the Ritz on South Beach.  I told my mom I was going to be doing school stuff, and I will see her later.  

I remember arriving to MIA with my friends around 1230AM, and taking a cab to the hotel.  We packed light, as we were only there for the night.  Since it is Miami, I am not sure how we looked strolling in there, but whatever.  The people were very friendly.  The lobby was very swanky as well, so when we got to the room, I was actually surprised the theming of the room was not like that of the lobby- which had light woods and sand marble.  This is not your typical Ritz, and I think that is one of the cool things about it (not just a tall building in a city, this had some character, almost felt like a resort).

I got a ocean/pool view room, and the room was all white, with some hints of blue.  The bathroom was all white with marble, your typical Ritz flair.  It was pretty nice.  Well, we were there to party, and that's what we did!

We went out to the beach, which was card access only, and starting playing in the ocean at like 2AM.  I remember it was a perfect weather evening, carefree in every manner.  We just enjoyed every moment.  Then we moved on to the pool- not sure if it was 24 hours, but we ended up getting a bottle of vodka brought to us and we had the pool to ourselves.  That was awesome!  it was a wonderful area.

By this time, it was like 4AM, and we moved it back to the room.  I think by then we were all pretty shwasted.  I don't remember what happened next, but when I woke up a few hours later, I could only laugh how we ended up.  Fun times!

Unfortunately, we had to leave by 11, but I tell you what, that was an exhilarating short period of time.  Yes, it cost me a pretty penny, but those memories- you cannot put a price on.  When we all flew home, we pretended as nothing had happened, and to this day, we were the only 3 who knew about it :)

This was magical, and I would love to come back here and spend more time here!

15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. Steven F.
For a five star resort , I was somewhat disappointed.
Didn't enjoy the hotel construction going on around the pool area nor the loud noise.
Didn't understand why a breakfast egg sandwich on a roll is $25.00.
Didn't appreciate being waken up at 6:00 am to a fire alarm error nor the lack of instruction/guidance on what to do.
The staff appears to be very interested in talking to each other and congregating in clusters.
Didn't appreciate the fact that the hotel confused my check-out day one day early and new keys needed to be assigned.
The rooms are lovely, clean and well - appointed.
Don't mind paying for luxury, but expect it in return.

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
126. George P.
Was here over New Year's. If I recall, something around 350$ per person. This isn't bad for the area and quality. We had dinner and the food was very good, as well as the champagne.

However...we had a reservation for 9.30. We came a little late, 10.00, and had to wait until almost 11.15 to be seated, as they gave our table away????? We were told that the credit card deposit (of the full amount) was only to hold the seats.... ?????

Anyways. The party was nice and we had a good time, but seriously, these people need to learn some manners, you don't charge and not seat... then we were told that we couldn't even take our bottle of champagne home until we argued with the manager...

Not sure if I'd go back. 2.5/5 at best.

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
127. Che K.
5 stars hotel. World class

Everyone is super friendly and have smile on their face all the time. Everyone will greet you when they see you. Very welcoming.

Absolutely loving it. Everything is so perfect. No other hotels can compare with this one.

Valet parking is really fast. Usually take couple minutes.  Love their water because they have fruit inside, so its like detox water. So lovely

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
128. Bianca S.
My staying at this hotel was amazing. My boyfriend and I stayed at this location for two nights when we were in Miami. Every staff that I met was so friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the pool and the easy access to the beach. Although the room is a bit small compared to other Ritz locations, but I understand this is a prime location in south beach. Walking distance to great restaurants. Will definitely be staying here again in the future.

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Frankie F.
I just want to share my thoughts on the most pleasurable experience, and people I met at the Ritz Carlton South Beach who made my trip beyond amazing.

First and foremost a HUGE thank you to Ms.Fairly Attidore-Mace for making sure my accomodations and room with a view were taken care of.  There was a slight mix up before my arrival; however when I did arrive, I was told that it was handled and that the room that was promised was replaced with a better one. Thank you again to her kind consideration and following through with the appropriate accomodations. Her caring and kind tone assured me that she actually cared, and went the distance to make sure I was happy.  Thanks Fairly!!!

Another major Thank you to the kindest and warmest smile that I was greeted with while waiting for my room, her name is Angela Castro.  She was more than accomodating, and when she found me waiting in the lobby for my room she brought over a glass of champaigne and addressed any concerns and questions that I had.  It is this type of service that makes staying at the Ritz Carlton above and beyond. People like her should be promoted and used to train others, in regards to how to provide superior guest service.  

I mean it is the Ritz; however without these people it's just another pricey/elegant place to stay.  With them, it felt like home, and I will be returning time and time again.

The view was fantastic, I did not step foot in the pool although it was gorgeous because I am a beach boy at heart, and the food/cocktail service throughout the establishment was DELICIOUS!  Thank you again to the beautiful people at the Ritz Carlton South Beach for making my trip unforgettable  :   )

17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Diana B.
Just laying here getting a tan by the beach at 9am water is nice and cold the sun is hot I can't believe I'm reviewing an actual beach in my mind all beaches are great!! I live for this come join and travel with me!!! #ysbh

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Rico L.
With its small room and ok food selection, this property isn't as foo foo as other RC.  The people here are friendly and you can continue to expect that same RC service you are accustomed to. Small room is the only reason why I'm giving it a 3 star.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
132. Don B.
Right on South Beach.  Right on Lincoln Road with good shopping and restaurants.   Rooms are four star in my book.  But you pay a five star price. Service was good.  Just not great.

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Nisarg S.
So i have been building up my expectations to visit this location for the longest.  This would be my 1st time at a Ritz Carlton and having been a Platinum member with Marriott and over 100 stays in 12 different countries, This was the only brand where I had NOT stayed.  Lets start with the good.  Extremely friendly seeming staff who seem to go above and beyond when it comes to remembering peoples names and addressing guests with their last names.  This was a welcome change from the Normal (Sir, Mam).  It did seem a little mechanical at times.  But I will give them the benefit of doubt.  There was a one Ms Alexandra who sits in the back office.  She was the only person that really stood out.  She went above and beyond to make sure that my wife and I were comfortable and got what we were looking for.
Now the negative:
A very OK room even though I am a platinum member and apparently that room was an Upgrade.
The View was a pool view...again just OK.
I had made the reservation on a third party website and so got myself a good deal.  I pull in my car and the valet promptly greeted me and gave me a ticket saying parking was $36. YIKESSSSSSSSS.........
No problem, I say and move on.  
I check in to the hotel and go o with my stay.  
The food on location was also mediocre...Bear in mind that We are vegetarian and were already limited to what we could eat. In 2 and a half days, My Total F & B bill was approx $300 and keep in mind, I dont DRINK!!!!!!  we paid approx $80 for a breakfast which for me consisted of Toast, cereal and Hash brown.  There were other Items, But being vegetarian, choices were limited.  

The final "FU" from the place came when I got a $25 per night resort fee automatically added to my bill.  Please ask me if anyone mentioned it to me!!!! NO IS MY ANSWER!!!!
$75 in un mentioned resort fees.  

Also as a Platinum member, I get premium tired internet for free.  Upon inquiring with the front desk, The lady said NO and that I would have to pay for the premium tiered Internet.  I felt like at every step It was a Nickel n Dime process.  

There are some people that swear by this place as i see from the reviews, But I have stayed at Marriotts that have had better rooms, food and overall Value....
This one is definitely not one of them

21/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
134. Nicole F.
The stay was good but I was expecting so much more from The Ritz. The hotel itself was nice looking on the inside but our room was placed in such an awkward way - we had to take two different elevators to get to our room and I'm not going to lie..we got lost one night after a few drinks - it felt like a maze.

The beach was beautiful but I was expecting a private beach.

Lastly the staff at times was just rude (women mostly) others, such as the servers on the beach and pool were nothing but nice.

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
135. Kitti O.
I had the pleasure of staying here for a girl's weekend. From the beginning I was greeted with smiles, the front desk employees were more than helpful, they got me a room with amazing views, throughout  the weekend greeted me as I came and went, always had great suggestions for things to do around the area, directions, tips and so on, even remembered my name. I can't say enough about the staff, it is so rare these days to find good service as due to the economy people are left with having to work in the service industry after loosing their better paying jobs. So I'm very appreciative of everyone working at this hotel, from the guys who set up your lounge by the pool to the bartenders who somehow manage a rush working by themselves.

The room- Spacious, specially for south beach, clean, bright and amazing view at room 1132.  The scary artwork aside :)

The pool- Comfortable, it was never overpacked through the weekend so unlike other places you don't have to put a towel down at 6am so you have a spot left at 8 to lay out.

The restaurant- the food is delicious I loved the Braised Short Rib, you just can't go wrong here wether you are having a great omelet in the morning or trying the chicken wrap at lunch.

Spa- I had a great massage here and although its pricey the employees make up for it with personality. Professional but can keep you laughing, they sure loosen you up one way or another :)

Over all this is a great hotel, you will surely get your money's worth. It's close to the craziness and fun clubs, next to the Delano and Sls hotel, just a short beach walk away from the cleave lander, a block away from shopping and many more lunch spots, yet waterfront calm and quiet with thick enough walls that you can actually get some sleep unless your room is directly next to the "very Happy honeymooners" :)

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
136. Haruno J.
Service service service!!! What a nice experience we had staying at the Ritz Carlton:)
Housekeeper folded my clothes on the sofa nicely. Ice in the ice bucket was replaced with new ice! I absolutely would go back!

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Laure M.
Place to check-in once in a while but it's $$$... Service seems unprofessional but they are nice and accommodating. Slow but nice. We only had drinks. There's not really a reason to go there if you're not staying at the hotel. Too bad you can't see the beach when you're seated at a table.

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Liliana L.
We celebrated NYE party 2015.  All white, at the pool side. The hotel is very clean ,nice decor. Only one big mistake. ... no chairs to sit for 3 hours at a party!!! Totally ridiculous. .

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
139. Daniel G.
Everything was taken care of beyond our expectations.  The food was great.  The drinks were delicious.  All the little unexpected touches were always timely. Ritz Carlton's world class service and family atmosphere is on full display down to the smallest details.  The poolside service and attentiveness was in stark contrast to the rest of south beach.  Kudos to the poolside crew of(in no particular order) Boris, Dia Jonathan, Preston, Lourdes, Eddie, Mike and Brandon.

30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
140. Jonnabel S.
I had such an amazing stay here!! As an early birthday celebration, my husband and I did an overnight staycation to enjoy the beach and the South Florida sun. The moment we pulled up for valet service, we were treated like VIP guests. Gustavo at the valet was so helpful and greeted us by name the rest of the day. We were there early so we didn't expect our room to be ready when we arrived. The associate who checked us in, Keith, was very friendly and automatically checked for available upgrades for us (it also helped that we were Marriott Gold Rewards members). He really took care of us. He also took down our cell number so that we would be contacted as soon as our room was ready. And boy did he really hook us up! We were originally booked for a standard interior, limited view room. When I stepped into our room, I was immediately greeted by a pool & beach view with a balcony! Heeeey! The room was big & clean, the bed super comfy, and the view was to die for.
We headed out the beach first and, again, we got the wonderful Ritz service. They set up our chairs for us and there were servers coming around for drink & food orders. My husband ordered the pina colada and it was delicious! Pricey, but delicious ($20, including tax & gratuity). The beach chairs and small bottled water were complimentary for Ritz guests, but the umbrellas and cabanas are an extra charge. We decided to move to the pool area, since my hubby is not a big fan of swimming in the ocean and the water that day wasn't very clear. Again, exemplary service. Our chairs were set up and the server brought us a pitcher of ice cold water and cups. We ordered frozen mojitos which were Ah-Mazing! Again, pricey for $45 for two which includes tax & gratuity. The pool area was full, but it didn't feel crowded. There were a lot of kids around so the hotel is definitely family friendly. I do wish the water was a tad bit cooler since it was so hot out. They even had complimentary infused water by the pool, before getting on the beach, and at the lobby which provided some relief from the heat.
Upon returning to our beautiful room to rest up and get ready for dinner, we were met with a lovely surprise from Mina at the front desk. We got our room keys from her earlier and it came up in conversation why were staying there. She then arranged to have a bottle of champagne be sent up to our room. How spoiled am I??
The only negative thing to happen during our stay was a confusion over our final bill regarding the valet charges. This was quickly and easily dealt with when we called and at the front desk before our departure. Thanks to Ismaray for taking care of it for us!
My husband and I were even in agreeance that this was the best Ritz Carlton we've been to thus far. I would not hesitate to stay here again. It's also in a great location right on the beach and at the end of Lincoln Rd so it's an easy walk to so many shops and restaurants on Lincoln Rd Mall.
Thank you, Ritz Carlton South Beach, for making my birthday staycation perfect!!

Other notable associates:
Paul (front desk), Matthew (beach valet), Miguel (beach server), Mike (pool server)

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Michael T.
Burger pretty much was a big disappointment. Onions were not caramelized, they were barely cooked. bacon was fatty and there was very little of it. Waiter pushed me towards burger even though I wanted mahi-mahi. They touted nueskes bacon and then give you only a few chunks of fat. Service was fast however.

06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
142. David R.
I would ordinarily not stay at such a Ritz-y hotel, but I got a great deal off Expedia since I booked our family vacation in August, which is off season in South Beach. This place is the ultimate in luxury. The beds are amazingly soft and comfortable, and with the blackout curtains, they provide for a wonderful night's sleep. The staff is simply phenomenal in all respects, especially the cleaning staff which cleaned our rooms multiple times per day. It is South Beach after all, so be prepared to fork out lots of dough for everything including $25 for a beach umbrella and $21 for a Mai Thai by the pool. With that said, it's ridiculous that any place anywhere charges for Wi-Fi access nowadays.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. Michael A.
You get what you pay for right? I can't imagine ever having a bad experience here. All of the staff is awesome, particularly the former Rhode Island server at the pool. I forget her name!

14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
144. Herb T.
New and improved Ritz in So. Beach!  After previous less than Ritz like experiences I am pleased that there have been major improvements. The staff has lost some of the hipster So.beach snob edge with more professionalism and friendliness.  The Ritz expanded it's footprint and seems to have better housekeeping and staffing. The minibar items were fresh and the rooms were nicely appointed.  I almost passed on this hotel and now will plan a return.  Near great restaurants and Collins ave know for "beautiful people" watching!

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. R David P.
The extraordinary staff make this a destination

I visited this hotel for a solo business trip the last week in October. I arrived on Tuesday the 28th and stayed through Thursday the 30th. I was attending a wireless conference held at this hotel and paid for by the vendor. My office is located five hours away in Tampa and I drove my company vehicle down. Locating this property is quite easy via GPS if you are driving yourself, but you will find that the entrance seems slightly hidden as this hotel is situated directly on Lincoln Road which is mostly a pedestrian mall further away from the beach. There's a lot of foot traffic heading to the beach so be careful as you pull in as people are not necessarily on the sidewalk as a result.

If you do drive, you are unable to park your vehicle yourself unless you use a private parking garage about four blocks away. Valet service was taken care of for me but I believe the rate to be somewhere around the $36 a day range. As far as locations go this is really a top-notch location for visiting South Beach. This hotel is situated directly on the beach. Additionally, you are within walking distance to easily 30 to 40 restaurants. There is a Walgreens pharmacy directly across the street. There's even a quaint local/dive bar called "Club Deuce" with reasonably priced drinks and a pool table not far from the hotel.

If you have stayed at any other Ritz-Carlton's or for that matter, any other five-star hotel you will notice that the amenities will be similar. What really makes this hotel stand out for me above all others is the exceptional staff. From the valet carefully and politely explaining what my parking options were to the bellhop who escorted me to the front desk to introduce me, even though I only had a single suitcase and my laptop bag, I knew this was going to be a nice stay. I continue to be impressed with the staff in the evening. They had staff members positioned along the path leading out of the hotel, every 20 feet or so who would direct you where you needed to be for the next phase of my conference which was held at the beach bar around back. This event, which featured heavy appetizers and an open bar, was my first exposure to just how good the food and beverage staff and their offerings, were. Arriving at the event situated at the beach bar, which backs up to the large public sidewalk that runs up and down the beach at this point, we were greeted by two kind gentleman one of whom welcomed us with a friendly "good evening" and another one who offered us freshly made mojitos that were simply amazing! At any social event, the walk around food can be hit or miss. At this event, they offered an incredibly tasty skewer of chicken, a seafood and crab dumpling of some sort, lamb chops, and steak and tuna tartare all of which were incredibly tasty.

The delicious food continued for breakfast at the small restaurant located on the "M" floor where they feature a wide variety of made-to-order breakfast goodies. During a break in the seminars held in several of the conference rooms on that floor, we were offered hot coffee and tea as well as assorted homemade pastries and sweets on both days. As a pastry lover I can tell you that their pastry chef is top-notch, serving up delicious bite-sized rounds of pies including key lime and salty Caramel to name a few. Lunch was served for us buffet style, in one of the conference rooms. The staff for this event were also exceptional keeping the food flowing at all times and making certain that tables were cleared and beverages were filled. It was definitely a well oiled machine. Additionally the food itself was truly exceptional for a conference style buffet I was amazed to encounter such standouts like watermelon, feta cheese, and mint salad as well as peach glazed bacon wrapped pork.

The event staff themselves were also truly amazing. There was never any audio or video issues of any kind. All microphones worked and were crisp and clear and presentations on the large video screen went off without a hitch. Lighting was also very accommodating with the house lights being raised during Q&A's so that the speakers could see the audience members spaces when answering the questions. Considerations like this really make this place stand out above others for holding your corporate event. On the second day after a very late night out, I was feeling a bit under charged and I was craving a Mountain Dew in order to get my gears running. A member of the event staff took the time to actually walk me down to the small hotel convenience store to see if we could secure a bottle. It turns out they don't carry Mountain Dew but the staff member didn't give up pointing out that there was a Walgreens across the street that would definitely carry one. Again it's the little things.
(Review Truncated/edited)
In summary, the location, the exceptional wireless, the food and drink standouts and the highly personable and skilled staff make this highly recom

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Toya J.
The massage spa experience at this Ritz Carlton has gone down! I was soooo disappointed. I could have patronized many other places in Miami that I have enjoyed in the past such as the Standard, the Shore Club, or Elemis at the Loews. And I chose to go back to what I thought was going to be a Sure Thing.

I walk into the changing area to use the restroom only to find a used tampon sitting out and the wrapper on the floor. Just nasty!

When I looked at the website they mentioned champagne and mimosas offered on Sunday with spa treatments and I was not offered either of those. I initially asked for a male masseuse because I like strong hands, and some female operators do have strong hands, but I typically get a male to make sure. I know this request comes up quite often, so why would they not have male operators ready to work on Sunday?

I had the Ritz Carlton Signature for 50 minutes, that is my usual. The massage was truly average, she had "child hands" she did not get the tension located around my ankles or feet.

However, she did focus  on my right shoulder, which made sense because I carry a heavy workbag 4 days a week. But other than that I could have achieved the same level of euphoria at  Massage Envy for about $65 bucks! The only worthwhile thing they did for me was honor my allergy and concoct a sesame/apricot seed oil for my massage. Soon after the below average  treatment, she tried to hustle me into buying the oil. I was thinking lady can I at least bask in the moment without you trying to sell me something?  Geeeeezzz. She asks me if I would like some tea after my treatment, no tea, matter of fact she was nowhere to be found.

It's an hour later I come back to the bathroom only to find that same tampon still smiling at its patrons. Now I'm irritated, because we are well beyond 3 strikes at this point.

I get to the desk and I ask the receptionist if they were offering mimosas (as advertised on their website) and she just looked at me like I was crazy? Then she said oh yes, would you like one now? I'm checking out at this time. I did not know if I was supposed to take this as sarcasm or what, but I definitely knew that the people here were doing a job; not providing a mindful and thoughtful experience for their customers. This thing has gone all wrong; just sour.

The Ritz Carlton has downgraded itself into a dull and impersonal hotel.  To me it used to mean a class- brand; where I could be guaranteed a great meal, great cocktails by the pool, a great massage, etc.

What used to be an annual treat will now cause Me to go elsewhere and re-treat!
Note-They were classy about this  and gave me a full refund.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
147. Yesi T.
AMAZING! I rented here to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday in September 2014 and we had an incredible stay! Everyone (front desk, valet, bellhop, and housekeeping)  was so understanding, friendly, & accommodating. Between the fact that I am a Platinum Elite member and the fact our room wasn't ready when we got there we received 2 upgrades! The room was spacious, extremely clean, and comfortable. The view was gorgeous! I wish we could have stayed for longer than the weekend. I would definitely stay here again.

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. LISA M.
I can't enough great things about this hotel the service is great the bedding abc pillows are awesome!!we had a suite with s connecting room my boys loved the hotel..the very best part is the staff is so helpful we left a very expensive briefcase and computer they knew we were running late so they met us outside and I rolled down the window I didn't even have to go back in ..amazing ..I will be staying here again while in sobe...

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Vivek S.
Recent stay at the club level. My fourth visit.
The first two were great . During a disaster third visit the GM promised a better visit.
Had an awful visit and never heard from him.
Had called before I went ( Id been asked to ) and also during my visit.
Am a regular Ritz Carlton visitor but this property is more like a fading three star hotel.
From having to get bathroom toilet fixed to loud external noise - as windows not sound proofed you see a property in a great location in serious disrepair
however location, etc makes it fully booked so why improve it.
Using ear plugs to get a nights sleep
Management also not up to Ritz standard.
However nice concierge person got me stuffed toy for a little girl.

20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
150. S.s. B.
The room was top notch as was the pool and main facilities.  Staff at the front desk and wait staff by the pool and the Bistro Kitchen were fantastic.  The food at the Bistro was great.  The main restaurant was closed. The boardwalk bar closes very early.  The beach area is nice but the beverage service is slow and basically non existent. We had to walk to their hut to order drinks.  Food and beverage prices are very high but what do you expect in south beach.

The hotel is not friendly to the business traveler. The business center is very small and they charge exorbitant prices for simple tasks like scanning or using one of their free standing computers. Such charges cannot be passed on to the business travelers' clients making business travel here very inconvenient.

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
151. Jeremy S.
Well, it's the Ritz and this is South Beach so heck yeah you'd expect nothing short of world class, well welcome to the Ritz. SOBE is an interesting place to visit, especially during peak travel dates and there are a ton of resorts/hotels within SOBE. Having been or at least stepped foot into several resorts, the Ritz is absolutely the best option in the area, and by far... From the second you walk in, they're are several friendly staff members that greet you with a smile and provide you with fantastic hospitality. Now, I won't say that this is the nicest Ritz I've ever stayed at but it is definitely the best option in SOBE.
Stayed 3 nights in an oceanfront Lanai Suite and I would not have it any other way.... The room was gorgeous, with a huge wraparound balcony that overlooked the white sand, provided great views of the beautiful blue ocean, was huge and well appointed as well as perfectly maintained. The grounds of the facility was amazing from the pool, to the dining options, the bars all the way to the private beach. Yes, you will pay the price but you tend to get what you pay for. Highly recommend this Ritz if you're planning on hitting up south beach.

Ocean Views
Sunday brunch
Lanai Suites
Room service
Turn down service
Private beach
Customized service

Not as classy as other Ritz locations

19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0