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The Savoy Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

The Savoy Hotel in Miami Beach, FL


The Sophisticated Choice Among Resort Hotels on South Beach...

One of the only resort hotels on Ocean Drive located directly on the sand with private beach access, the chic Savoy Hotel South Beach Miami is a 75-suite resort without peer on America's sun-drenched Riviera -- South Miami Beach's Art Deco District.

Prepare for the Savoy Hotel to awaken your senses!

The Savoy offers spacious one and two bedroom suites with beach, pool and Ocean Drive views, only steps away from breezy al fresco cafés, hip boutique shopping, and sizzling nightlife -- all with the unmistakable flavor of Miami's multi-cultural South Beach. Setting The Savoy apart is our incredible location and generous amenities, unlike any other on Ocean Drive.

At a lush 2-acre expanse of tropical paradise from street to beach, our guests can enjoy commanding beach views from en-suite balconies, sun bathe poolside, and enjoy private access to the sands of beautiful South Beach. Only at the Savoy Hotel South Beach Miami.


Established in 1935.

Originally named The Savoy Plaza when it was built in 1935, the hotel acquired and merged properties in in the last decade with the adjacent Arlington Hotel built in the late 1930s and its property creating The Savoy Hotel, today's two-acre beachfront paradise.  

Both three-story hotels, the former Savoy Plaza is a pure Art Deco structure designed by architect V.M. Neillenbogen and the Hotel Arlington is a Classical Revival Art Deco structure designed by Miami Beach architect Albert Anis. The Savoy Hotel property has two of only four Pre-World War II beachside hotels left on South Beach, the remaining icons that show what the community was like in Miami Beach prior to World War II.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.11

Address: 425 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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Comments (54):

1. Tanya B.
The only thing good thing about this hotel is the location. Everything else about it is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. MANAGEMENT, CUSTOMER SERIVCE, ALL THE STAFF AND EMPLOYEES.
I had my wedding at this location on October 15th, and needless to say it was anything but hassel free.. In the months leading up to my wedding, the hotel changed management and sales personnel and it all went downhill from there. Sandra, the "Sales Manager" could never answer my questions in a timely manner, or get me the items I needed.  It took 3 weeks to get an itemized list of what I would be paying for. When asked if the hotel could accomodate cupcakes instead of wedding cake, it took her 3 more weeks to have her tell me to contact the bakery myself. On the night of my wedding, the staff abruptly ended the party at 11:30 saying that the cops were outside to enforce the noise ordinance law, but that the noise ordinance law doesn't go into effect until midnight. The manager spoke to my husband in a very rude and brash manner telling him to get all of our guests out because they needed to clean up.  As we were getting ready to leave, I realized my cell phone was gone.  When I asked the employees to help me find it, no one would budge.  They said that if I wanted, I could look in the trash, but that was the most help I got.  I know that no one in my family would steal my iPhone, so that leaves no one else but the employees cleaning up and of course the management at the hotel doesn't want to take responsiblity for their employees... Beyond that, at 2 AM it took more than 20 mins to get my car from Valet, I had to open my own trunk and put my own bags in my car because the Valet didn't speak a word of ENGLISH and could not understand what I was asking.  If I'm not mistaken, as a Valet, you're supposed to bring the car around and help the customer into the car..
Aside from all of that, the hotel is old and the "rennovations" they claim to have made are completely random.  No room has been completely "finished". Paint is chipping off in one place and the carpets are gross, but the bathroom is updated?

28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Diana L.
I booked this hotel, on cheaprooms.com , for an extended weekend trip.    It had 3.5 stars and several good recent reviews.  I don't know what the hell those people were thinking but the place is a DUMP!   The lobby is dark, outdated, and absolutely unwelcoming.   We checked in and were told that we needed to go next door to get to our room.    We walked out of the lobby and into the building next door.    We looked around for elevators, a hallway, or stairs but couldn't find any.   We walked into a bar/restaurant area.   There was no staff or guests to be found....very odd.   Apparently we were in the wrong building.     We then had to walk back into the lobby to get the correct directions for where we should be going.   We had to walk through a gate into the pool area and up some stairs into another building.   Our room was on the third floor overlooking the pool.    The room was terrible! ...dirty carpeting, worn-out furniture, dirty baseboards and walls, and a moldy ceiling.   The bathroom had only one light that worked and the shower stall was disgusting!   I would have worn my flip flops to take a shower.    
There was no way that we wanted to stay there so I called the Marriott, down the street, and booked a room there.      Since I booked through cheaprooms.com I was not able to get a full refund for The Savoy.   Wish people had put more accurate reviews online.

22/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Emily D.
I am rating The Savoy overall, including restaurant/bar and hotel stay itself. If i were to separate, I would give the restaurant/bar a three and the hotel a one. It's hard to know where to begin, but I am summing up as follows to avoid a lengthy review:
-managed well, good food, good service, reasonable prices
-computer caused several credit card charge issues, all of which were resolved in the end as far as I can tell.
-pool area was clean and comfortable, however lounge chairs are worn.
Hotel Room/Housekeeping staff:
-room in worn, but clean condition for the most part.
-pull out sofa was in horrible shape (really really worn and mildew? stains all over it). Since we were told the suite would accommodate 5 grown adults, this pull out sofa was the 5th sleeping accommodation. Not for adults or anyone that wants to feel clean while they sleep.
-front desk and housekeeping staff always seemed to be extremely nice about your needs, but actually getting them taken care of was a whole other issue.
-even though we had scheduled and paid for enough room for 5 adults, we consistently only had towels for four. no hand towels or wash clothes were given to us either. So frustrating. I cannot count the number of times i had to ask for towels.
-check in and check out were issues as well, computer system happened to be down both times, so we could not see our final charges. this was unsettling and frustrating.

I would not stay at this place again or recommend to friends. I might however go back for brunch and a mimosa. The restaurant/pool is this place's only saving grace.

26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Amy M.
When I stayed there, I was surprised by the shabbiness of the furniture in a suite at any place called "The Savoy." During my stay there, my calls to the front desk went unanswered or -- if answered -- requests were fulfilled incorrectly.  After a weekend of mind-boggling screw-ups, came the cherry on the cake: On my last day of my stay, I stepped in to the bathtub to put in the stopper and when I shifted my weight to step out, my foot slipped in the steeply inclined tub (where the treads had worn out but not been replaced) and I fell face-first into the ceramic sink.  It took forever for anyone to respond to my calls for ice and first aid.  I had to hop on a plane and couldn't go to the hospital right away but was assured by the staff that my medical bills would be compensated.  (I ended up having to miss a day of work and had a ghastly bruised face for almost a month). When I submitted my invoices for medical expenses, the insurance company for the Savoy conveniently and repeatedly kept losing the paperwork I mailed and faxed them.  Letters went ignored and phone calls made no difference.  After a year of hassle, I decided that the $1,800 it cost me wasn't worth the continuing ulcer of trying to pursue them and their insurance company anymore. Even before the accident happened, I would never have stayed at the Savoy again because of their poor service.  Now I can't even pass by that place without shuddering.  My advice: stay as far away from the Savoy as you can.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Dana M.
I was in Miami Jan 22-24th for a bachelorette party with 6 girls, where we split into two separate rooms (room 201-2 & room 329). I stayed in room 201-2, across from the main building. It looked more of a mini condo with one king size bed, love seat, & came with a microwave, fridge, safe. The view was looking towards the pools & ocean. It had two doors for a balcony but they were locked. There was no fan in the room but the AC worked just fine. The bathroom was very spacious, standing shower. Room 329 was in the main building, and was bigger than 201-2. They had a spacious kitchen/tv area with a kitchen sink & dining table for four. Their bathroom was smaller & narrow, but I believe they had two sinks. Their bedroom was also a little smaller than ours, but the kitchen/tv area made up for it. The staff was very friendly & answered all of our questions, greeted us when we would walk by. They let us stay out in the pool around 1am as long as we didn't make too much noise. We did request rooms in the same building &/or floor in our online reservation, called that Monday before we got into town & they said they would take care of it. When we checked in we mentioned that they were going to put us next to each other & it didn't happen. In my reservation I did request TWO beds inside of my room, but ended up with a king. It wasn't a big problem for us, but all together the Savoy was a great hotel.

By the way I read a lot of the reviews on other websites before I checked into the hotel, & the hotels across from the main building did have a musty smell to it. The rooms we were in did not smell, & the only thing that was outdated were the tvs. The bathrooms & couches were fine! Also, the main lobby was nice & modern, we took most of our bachelorette pictures there :)

08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Chesty P.
Stayed at the Savoy for 4 days and had no issues.  Price was very reasonable considering it was right on the beach and right at the end of South Beach.  Great people, good food, fair prices, and your OWN PRIVATE BEACH!  I will definitely come back.

28/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Elizabeth T.
Stayed there for a whole week while on business trip. Very great location-right on the Ocean drive and has own access to the beach. Pricing was also  pretty neat as for Miami.
You can be fooled by pictures on the website :)) It looks new and modern,but it is not a reality :) The best and glamorous spot in this hotel is reception.Very very nice old Hollywood glam. Outside and pool area - that's where you have to hangout ! they have two pools .One is deeper (over 9 foot deep in one end) and cold,other one was my favorite- heated 3 foot heaven ;) Very nice beach area-they even deliver your drinks and food to the beach.And 18% is automatically added everywhere in South beach-so be careful and read the bill before you sign it.
Wi-fi  signal was perfect- we didn't encountered the problems the previous reviewers wrote.
the worse part of this establishment are the rooms....The minute we stepped in the corridor,I was afraid somebody is gonna crawl out that stinky carpet ! Ugly mustard color with stains of unknown origin..The elevator was no better :) My son actually was afraid to ride it and chose the stairs all the time ;) Rooms where spacious enough with "antique" furniture,which should be renamed "old junk from salvation army" . I thought the bathroom was the best feature of the room-spacious, marble everywhere nice shower etc,but after using a bathtub once we got an alarming knock on the door and we were asked not to use it anymore ,cuz it was leaking :))
It needs some facelift, new furniture,new CARPETS !!
I would come back there just because of perfect location and that heated pool :)

07/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Anh P.
wish i had read the few reviews of this place before i decided to book my room for south beach, which of course ended up being non-refundable after booking since it was an "internet special"

don't get me wrong,

the service was good. we got a lot of suggestions and help from the front desk and the bellstand man (if you can even call him that cause there was no bellstand) was also very helpful (although i felt bad cause he was older and we had a lot of heavy luggage)

the has a cute pathway leading to the beach and they charge you a $13 "resort fee" for 2 chairs, an umbrella and towels per day. can't complain there because we spent most of our two days there laying out on the beach using those chairs. and they even have a server come out and take drink orders (a bucket, 5 beers for $25-30)

and they had two pools that we never used, but looked nice

they also provide happy hour priced drinks as well as free food for guests. the free food? delishh! haha surprisingly. ribs and chicken skewers, french fries built up like a little log cabin, it was nice.

here's the bad..

the hotel itself, i think is molding. it's quite disgusting. you can smell it as soon as you enter the building to your room. i'm pretty sure this is toxic if you decide to stay a long time, but for a short trip, it was just very unpleasent. the rooms are all different, they are somewhat dirty. floors and walls scuffed, random furniture. and the shower in our room, not designed too well. you had to get in and close the curtain before you turned it on cause the showerhead was pointed so that it would shoot out onto the bathroom floor (even having the curtain closed wouldn't prevent that actually..) our other friends had complaints about their rooms, but i can't remember what they were anymore.

19/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Courtney P.
I read numerous reviews after Priceline landed my boyfriend and I at this hotel, and I was pretty darn nervous about what we might find when we showed up.  We were locked in, though, so I couldn't do much but wring my hands and hope for the best.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The place could certainly use some updating - the (extremely nice) bartender told us that they've been in the process of renovating pretty much forever - but we genuinely enjoyed the place's quirky charm.  Our room was huge and clean (other than the carpet being a bit stained), and we liked the mismatched, antique-y furniture.  If a bit cheesy, we agreed that the decor was better than the sterile feel of the big chains (we'd stayed at the Marriott South Beach the previous night).  I'm also happy to report that all of the staff we dealt with were extremely professional and courteous, not to mention very accommodating.  

You can't beat the location and the grounds are lovely - two great pools (if you can overlook a bit of debris) and right on the beach!  The view from our room was gorgeous and was very quiet and peaceful at night, despite being so close to the main strip.  

It seems like a place that was once quite grand and certainly has the potential for much more grandeur than it's currently exhibiting.  I truly hope the Savoy's best days aren't behind it.

18/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Kerry F.
It makes me so sad to have to say that this place is a total dump.  It looks like it should be so elegant but even the updating they've tried looks worn out.  It is the best location for a hotel in Miami and the pool area is beautiful, but the rooms and hallways are a mess.  If you can live with just a place to sleep for a great price in the best location then go for it, but don't expect a luxury hotel experience by any means.

09/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. An L.
This hotel was so convenient! its right on the beach and the service is wonderful. the hotel offers great amenities and the bar area by the pool is great. the staff are friendly and they serve you right on the beach. so you do not have to walk back to the bar. what great service! the rooms were clean, and spacious. Would definitely go back!

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Natasha R.
Hanging off a bed & balancing on one leg should only be reserved for sex, not for trying to get a wi-fi signal.  But if ya stay at the Savoy that's what you'll have to do to get a signal.  You'll also have to be driving a luxury car if you want the valet to quickly park your car. And you'll also have to eat somewhere else after 6pm; since the restaurant is under going renovations.

On the positive side: If you are a business traveler to Miami you'll love the quiet (too bad ya can't get work done since the wi-fi is non existent... oh, my bad... was supposed to be positive here), you'll love the great breakfast at the restaurant when it is open and if you stay in the room I did - 309 - you'll have a awesome room with a great view from three patios, a huge bedroom, a living area with a dining area, two bathrooms with deep tubs and a sitting area outside the bathroom - all great places for balancing on one leg.

08/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Angel V.
First trip out of California... I can honestly say that it was a horrible experience. The hotel looks like a rundown building left to rot, the door man didn't even open the front door or offered to help my friends and I with our luggage... Talk about bad customer service! The guy at the front desk surprised me as I checked in with $39 fees/ per night  for the Beach chairs, towels, and an umbrella on top of the $150 deposit for the room! If you will be drinking from the bar make sure you charge it to your room other than paying cash or by credit. Each transaction/ order you make has an added 18% in gratuities already included. As for the hotel itself the lobby is nice the rooms are very spatial.

The only other issue that I have with this hotel, is that it's a little run down. The first floor in building two smells like an elderly home, but the second floor you can see some improvements. The bathrooms are ANCIENT and I must warn you do not look up while on the throne! The ceiling has mold and mold residue. At night, you might want to hope that you don't have really horny/ noisy neighbors, the walls are pretty thin.

Overall, I wouldn't ever go back there at all regardless if they lowered the cost per night. I don't think the place is worth more than $80 or less per night. The only good thing I can say about this place is that the front desk clerk (Immer) was pretty cool had the hook on most of the nightlife and underground parties out there, and the somewhat quiet beach.

04/05/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Jarvis R.
Location is great, hotel is right on the beach.  Food and drinks are pricey, and service leaves a bit to be desired.  Room was ok, nothing fancy.

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Ed P.
when you go to the savoy you step into the art deco era. don't expect 5 stars, lets be realistic. sometimes tourists expect more than what their pockets can handle.
great location on ocean drive away from the noise and traffic, great access to the beach with complimentary chairs and umbrella! street parking is very good if you have a rental car with long term parking meters. no need to valet.
the room was great with a kitchenette and a little balcony to smoke ciggies and guzzle drinks. i had an awesome time in Miyami beesh!!

06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Cinthia G.
I wonder why there are so many bad reviews about this place... it was amazing! (NOTE: do not stay on the first floor, there is an odd smell on that floor.. we stayed on the third floor) The staff was soooooo nice! (Thanks Rocky and Tony!) We got there at midnight and our TV wasn't working so they sent up a new TV! The rooms are clean and you get 2 chairs and an umbrella at the beach ( there is a 14 dollar resort fee everyday for this) I loved it! So close to where the action is, but far enough to not be scared that your stuff is gonna get stolen... I would definitely come back!

16/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. J C.
I was here with a few friends for spring break and we were pleasantly surprised by how nice everything was. The rooms were clean, the hotel staff was nice, and the location is as good as you're ever gonna get. Right on Ocean Drive, it was close to all the popular clubs and restaurants. The price was also quite reasonable for spring break in SoBe. The fact that we could go back to such a nice room after a long night out was greatly appreciated. Would definitely stay here again!

24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Nick H.
I'll start by saying, I had an amazing time at the Savoy during Ultra Music Festival 2011.  The hotel was clean and modernized.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  And the pool setup was very solid with super-easy access to the beach 100 ft away.  The Savoy has a terrific location in South Beach within walking distance to plenty of cafes, shoppes and convenience stores.  Cabs can be difficult to find in South Beach after the clubs get out, but eventually you'll get one.  I would definitely stay here again and recommend this to friends.

Pro-Tip:  There's a cafe directly across the street that has AMAZING salads if you're hungry.  You fill out a slip and they load it with whatever you want.

29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Kellz G.
The hotel was built in the early 30's so from the outside it looks a bit dated. As we entered we followed the signs that directed us towards the bar. It was a bit confusing but managed to find seats overlooking a beautiful pool/courtyard. Nothing spectacular about the smoked salmon bagel or the breakfast sandwich. My coffee was hot and the service was easy going. Both men that took care of us were pleasant and aware of our needs. The price was a bit steep for the quality but expected with the location. No real need to return but glad I was curious enough to try it.

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Chloé C.
After my research on reviews, i was scared that this was going to be an expensive, appearing-to-be-nice but not. Honestly though it was pretty good. The front lady was very nice and helpful. The walk to the beach is so close and you get a little private and quitee area with towels two chairs per room and umbrella. The restaurant is slightly cheaper than the restaurants in the area and it was surprisingly very good. Valet is 10 a day and 30 for overnight, which is pricy.

17/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Mauricio B.
Nice small hotel with great location, right at the beginning of the main strip of South Beach on Ocean Drive. It is one of the few hotels in this area with direct access to the beach, and its prices are very reasonable compared to other area hotels. Service is very good.

14/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Brian H.
5 star location. On the beach & close to excellent restaurants and nightlife. 2 pools in an attractive patio.Rooms are 3 star: not luxuriious but adequate. Breakfast has limited choices but fairly priced. Food & drinks available when on the beach. Staff are very pleasant and attentive. The only negative is parking where cars appear at high risk to be dented given the desire to pack too many cars into a small space.When we return to South Beach this will be our first choice for hotels.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Sherbi B.
Going across the country from California to Miami for a Bachelorette Party, we heard that the Savoy was a very nice hotel to stay at.  Looking at the Savoy's website and the pictures, we ended up making reservations for three nights.  We booked our flights and called the hotel to make sure that we can do an early check-in as our red eye flight was getting in at 8am.  When 9 of us arrived at the hotel, exhausted, we just wanted a nice bed to take a power nap in, just to find out that there were no available rooms.  Fine!  So we waited in the lobby on their not-so-comfortable sofas.  The reception lady clearly saw that we were all exhausted and was trying to not make eye contact with any of us.  Two hours went by, we asked the status, same answer.

Throughout this time, we kept noticing that the hotel only had one cleaning lady which was about 70 years old, going from one side of the hotel to the other.  No offense to older people, but if the hotel has more than 5 rooms, you need a bigger cleaning staff.

Anyway, at 3:30pm, FINALLY, half of the group ended up getting their rooms while the others waiting for another half hour.  For most of us, which was our first trip to SB, we had a horrible first day experience.  

Throughout over stay, we ended up noticing a lot of negative things about the hotel:
-expensive for what it actually is
-the rooms were very small compared to the pictures
-the pull out sofa mattress was destroyed and almost collapsed when we tried sleeping on it.
-we had to call many times for extra towels as they would only give us one
-there were cobwebs all over the rooms
-poor lighting
-the front reception lady's attitude was still the same, RUDE!!
-the list can go on.

Basically, NEVER AGAIN!!!  I don't recommend this hotel to anyone.  If there was an option of giving it 0 stars, I would definitely select it.

30/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Sarah Louise D.
The room was big with a kitchen unit and balcony, but the couches and carpets were stained and the air didn't work that well. Great view and right on the beach, but it just didn't feel that clean and was so expensive!!

Not worth the price for the location on the beach.

16/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Rachel F.
Well, we just arrived and we are already in our cabana, poolside.  We couldn't wait!  Lol!  But to circle back, we were immediately greeted and helped by a very friendly bellman and front desk mgr, who managed to find us a room despite our early (9am) check in. The lobby was well appointed.  This is an historic hotel that still looks great!  They've added some modern renovations, but still kept the charm of the original structure.  I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the room was, with a separate sitting area, pull-out sofa, full kitchen, including a stove, and a cute little 4 person dining room table.  The separate bedroom was comfortable and airy, with the adjacent full bath, also nicely appointed with cute little amenities.  The hotel restaurant is open from 7am-8pm, and is reasonably priced for a prime south beach location.  The hotel had two beautiful pools with surrounding cabanas and a full time pool attendant named Rocky who is super attentive and makes a mean strawberry mojito.  Thank you Rocky!  You are awesome!   I have an 8 yr old with me, and although there aren't many kids here, they still make us feel welcome.  It's perfect for families or not. The hotel has a private portion of the beach, that's just a few steps away.  I'm a Hotwire fan, and was very fortunate this hotel came up after I pressed the purchase button.  I'm so pleased with this choice.  It's s fantastic hotel!  If I can afford it the next time I'm in town, I'll be sure to make this my first choice for South Beach.  I know what the other reviews say, but in my opinion, this place is perfectt!!!

17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. L L.
The staff is what saves this place.... The accommodations were mediocre even though my expectations were not set very high.  The sheets were dingy and old, scratchy.  I didn't know you could request for changing the sheets by putting the card on the bed (my bad, I didn't read it).  The bed was also very stiff and uncomfortable and even squeaky.  The vents (for the AC) were definitely loud and the walls were thin so you could hear folks walking by in the hall.  The room itself was a suite I think and had a separate living area, a little kitchenette with a fridge, and  the bedroom area.  Not the greatest view but I think it was considered "partial" ocean view.  You really had to strain to see it.  The beach service (two chairs and an umbrella) was worth it.... the two pools were nice as well.  And even though I hesitated on going on the boat and city tour that was fun too (bring cash to pay for this or pay a 13% service charge - whatever that is)... I say go for the tour so you can see other parts of Miami and not just Ocean drive... but maybe if you could get a better room that would help.  But like i said in the beginning of the review the staff was super friendly and accommodating.  It really seemed like they took pride in what they did which I appreciated.

11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Mary T.
Stay away!!!! Far away!!!!!! You think this place is chic. You think it is sooo south beach. It's a freaking dump. And their staff are a bunch of pompous snobs. Room dirty. Staff incredibly rude. Ughh. Never. Ever. Ever. Again. Oh and that pool attendant.....you should hire someone competent.

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Jeff B.
Great deck over looking the beach and great Mojotos.  One of the pools is heated so swimming was a joy in January.   The room was nice as were the people we met working there.

24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Marcela V.
Amazing place!!! The hotel is cozy but still large. Very clean their staff is AMAZING!! it was a true pleasure working with Eddy, Franny and their GM. They did not miss a beat.( on my clients wedding of June 9th 2012)
I will truely return as soon as possible for my next event!!!!!

13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Natalee C.
Love that it is right on the beach, has a nice pool area and friendly staff however I would not return to or recommend this hotel.  The smell of mold is overwhelming in the rooms and halls.  Mold is visibly growing on the ceilings in the hallway. For the price we paid I expected a nicer room especially after being told we had been upgraded. The worst part about the stay was the bed. It was extremely hard and obviously very cheap.  I'd say it was like sleeping on a pile of plywood. Glad it was only a one night stay.

10/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Marcos R.
Very average hotel for S. Beach.  Don't go there if you're looking for posh.  On the positive side, it's right on the beach, the rooms are huge, but sparsely furnished.  It's on the S. end of the beach so it's a little on the quiet side and that could be kind of nice.

The WiFi signal sux ARSE!

But the place itself, the interior hallways; gives the impression of a rundown condo.  I wouldn't go there again unless I got a real smoke'n deal on the rate.

29/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Trina T.
I will be back. The Savoy has a wonderfully shabby chic feel to it. Like a hip and cool lounge that has seen some wild parties. Like a slightly crumpled party dress. For me, perfect.
The rooms were very spacious and had more closets than I have ever seen. Could use a full length mirror though. The pool and beach service were so wonderful .
To top it off, the location is walking distance to hot clubs and tasty eats.

10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Emily J.
We stayed at this hotel 2x, first time got a regular room. Second time we decided to treat ourselves and got an upgrade to a suite. Both rooms were clean and had no funny hotel smell. Both times the staff treated us kindly and were very helpful with anything we needed. Both times we were welcome to use the pool and private beach (which were nice).
However, if you can afford it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SUITE. It was great!! It was absolutely worth the extra money.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Grace C.
This hotel has it all!

The Savoy Hotel has everything you would look for in a south beach hotel.

When The Savoy Hotel hosted one of our monthly networking events last month, we discovered just how great this hotel is!

It is a beautiful hotel at a great location featuring a PRIVATE beach, great rooms, beautiful meeting spaces, a large pool, and an excellent staff.

We hope you can plan a stay at The Savoy Hotel for your next getaway. The friendly staff will take great care of you!

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Sophie F.
Such nice reviews. I feel like "that person" for writing a negative review. You know the person, nothing pleases her, she's snobby, and just wayyyyy to picky. I promise, I am not that person. I just thought the Savoy was...lacking. Maybe they put me in the "off" rooms. Let us begin:
The way my lips puckered up in a moue of distaste after my first look at the shabby-so not worth 3 stars- hotel pretty much sums up my Savoy experience.
We check in. Lobby was nice. Front desk person could not be nicer (hence the extra star). We checked in early and thought we would have to beg the staff to hold our luggage until check-in, which was hours away. Nope. The woman who checked us in (I forget her name but we checked in around 12p on 8/2) was great! One of two rooms was ready and she allowed us to check in. There was also ice cold water in the lobby, nice touch on a hot summer day in Miami.
We enter room 1 after a seamless check-in. First impression: Blah. Looked nothing like the picture. This was a "suite" but resembled a regular hotel room that was turned into a suite. Very small and just run the hell down. When we entered, there was a door that led to a short hallway that led to another door that led to another room. Said doors did not look secure. The door knob was hanging off and had no visible look. Apparently, it was safe. I could turn the knob from my room but not if I was in the quasi-hallway. Slightly mollified, but not by much. It's Miami Beach, live a little. I guess.
Living room was fine. It overlooked the pool (which I did enjoy).  The TV was very retro. You know, one those bulky, circa 1990-something, pre-flat screen type of tv. Maybe I am snobby.....Bedroom was fine and had a flat screen tv.
To el bano. Neat and noticeably clean but upon closer inspection, I thought to myself, wtf????? Our toilet paper holder was kinda hanging there since 3 of the 4 screws needed to hold it in place was missing. Odd. Toilet bowl seat was also broken. While using it, I felt the seat and my butt slowly sliding off. Thought it was me but roomie felt the same. Almost felt like I was home. You know what I mean; when the screws come loose on the seat and you keep trying to remember to fix it but never do, until it eventually falls off. Come on Savoy...These are easy routine maintenance that cost the bare minimum to fix. Hell, I would have fixed the crap if I had a screw driver. Do you know how weird it feels to have your butt feel like its about to slide completely off of the toilet bowl seat? VERY WEIRD!!!
So that was room 1. Now to room 2. Bigger and actually looked like the website picture (somewhat). A LOT of closets. Most of which had boiler rooms and other weird maintenance crap in there. I'm on vacation, I don't want to see that crap. Lock the doors. Geesh!
That was the rooms. Now the hallway. Super gross! Smelled like mildew, wet cat, and  your neighborhood  shady motel rolled into one. It as by far the worst thing about the hotel.
The Savoy also had a pricey restaurant where the food tasted no better than dinner food. The drinks were worse.
Overall, I would never return to this hotel which was really no more than a motel.
First star because I know there is worse in Miami and the next star because of the front desk person.

09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
36. Monica S.
Dear Diary,

For my non-birthday, I request a hotel suite with a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I want doors opened for me, buckets of beer delivered to me beach-side, and a parasol covering my face while the rest of my body cooks under the Miami sun. Furthermore, diary, I would like not one pool, but two and a private entrance leading me to the sand. Thankyouverymuch.

I came to the Savoy this afternoon to hang by the pool and beach. I'm sitting in the room right now. Is it gorgeous and nouveau chic? Not really. Would I be happy if I were a tourist in Miami? Totally. Look, this place isn't trying to be an Ian Schrager hotel, and with the rates they offer ($100 for a suite), it's seriously a great deal. There's a pool bar, beach views, wifi, and *naked cabana boys. What else matters?

*turns out they weren't cabana boys

07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Patrick K.
The fact that The Savoy has only a three-star average is a travesty, as this place is great. We spent a few nights here during our recent Florida vacation and loved it.  The location is great--right in the heart of South Beach within easy walking access to everything.  Rooms were nice, with comfy beds, big flat-screen tvs, and nice kitchen amenities. Super clean and well maintained. The pool area was great, with more than enough rooms, and the nicely maintained private beach area is fantastic.  They have chairs available to reserve right on the beach (each day we got the front row - fantastic) and regular food and drink service (good food and cocktails, its not the cheapest, but its South Beach so what do you expect?). Overall I highly recommend this place, its great.

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Olivia R.
Came here for Ultra Music Festival and really enjoyed our stay at this hotel!

It certainly does not look like the extravagant resort the pictures depicted but it was still a lovely boutique hotel right on the beach. The location cannot be beat. Literally right by all the bars, restaurants, and all that good stuff but NOT in the middle of it where you hear house music bumping all day. I loved that I could walk over to a pool party without feeling like I am residing underneath one.

We stayed int the standard suite which was huge! We essentially had a separate living room and a kitchenette. Loved how spacious the room was and how you had anything you might need, such as a microwave, mini fridge, we even had some tableware.

The staff was also very accommodating and super friendly. We had a really early flight and although check-in wasnt until 4pm, they got us a room by 1pm. Likewise, anything we needed, such as ice, they were able to bring up to us ASAP. Yes, there are no ice machines or vending machines like most hotels I've stayed at so that was weird. However, theres a MASSIVE Walgreens around the block that has anything you might ever need. Since we were staying for 7 days, we didn't necessarily need our room cleaned every day but the cleaning staff always brought fresh towels and spruced up a bit even when we insisted they don't need too.

My only qualm was the $15 resort fee and then additional fees if you have more than 2 people in a room. I didn't like the penny-and-diming but I understand that the hotel was pretty reasonably priced compared to The Mondrian so they have to make a buck somehow.

27/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Kelly G.
Not crowded
Great Service
Good Food
Family Friendly
Kind Employees
Great Location
Beach Chairs and Umbrellas
Large Rooms

I found several long blond hairs in our room..... I have dark black hair, Yuck.
The head board needed to be wiped down.  It had hand prints and spots on it.  
The beds were lumpy.  My hubby and I woke up everyday with sore backs.
The water temperature was so inconsistent.  It was hot then cold... that was really frustrating.

All in all we had a great time at The Savoy Hotel.  Our kids had a blast.  The pros's out weighed the cons.  I am still slightly shocked that the hotel was rated so well but I guess its the service that sets them aside from the other South Beach Hotels.  The hotel is a Shabby Chic spot.  We were there for one week and while we were there we saw the employees cleaning so I wished that the hotel room was cleaner.  I really hate to see other people's hair in my personal space.  It's my pet peeve!  I would have probably given the hotel 4 stars if it weren't for the hairs and stains on the head board.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Josh P.
If you are in SoBe for the beach and relaxation this is a great place.

It's on the beach and has chair towel service included (there is a guy on beach waiting to help with it). They close at 5 though, not a huge deal but figured I'd mention it. They also do drink service (bill to room) and expect to pay $10 a drink for that.

The pool is nice and the people working bar/restaurant were REALLY nice, they seemed genuinely happy to be there and having fun.

All that said I don't think the extra money to stay down in SoBe is worth it because we aren't into crowds and clubs , we should have stayed at a cheaper and more low key place further North.

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Rebecca G.
This review is only for the pool and beach: my husband and I spent a Saturday at the hotel pool and beach after purchasing a one-day pass. We were greeted by a very friendly front desk representative from the hotel who let us know about all the amenities. We then changed into our bathing suits and went to the beach, which is steps away from the hotel, some of the best access you can get on South Beach! The beach was relatively calm for a 10 o'clock Saturday morning. There was a hotel representative putting out beach chairs and umbrellas for no additional charge. We had a great few hours soaking in the sun! The only thing I wish is that the wait staff for the beach was more attentive, they never came to check and see if we needed any drinks or wanted to order any food. We had lunch at the hotel restaurant. My husband had to fish tacos which he thought were great and I had a turkey club which I also thought was good. No beers on tap, everything is in a bottle, but the prices were not too steep. The wait staff at the hotel restaurant was subpar. We spent the rest of the day by the pool on our complimentary sun loungers and towels. The pool was clean, you could tell it was a little dated, but they kept up with the maintenance. The pool attendant, Jose, came and checked to see if we needed anything. Overall we had a nice day at the hotel pool and beach. We hope to come back another day when time allows! Also parking was very easy for the day, we got there at 9 a.m. and there is a lot across from the hotel that charges $15 for the whole day.

04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Ole Henrik N.
Great location, good pool and beach area, OK breakfast, but time for a renovation for this hotel, new towels and new sheets. Rooms equals a 2-3 star hotel. Bar/breakfast/pool/beach is more like 4 stars

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Lindsey T.
Spent the whole week here! It was quiet, relaxing, and the staff was very friendly! Great pool, drinks (mojitos), and the fish tacos are amazing!

14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. TJ T.
I absolutely love this hotel. Great service, and friendly people. The rooms are big, and the location is perfect. I would definitely come back here again!

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Arlene A.
This is a lovely hotel located very near the beaches to enjoy. The overall hotel ambiance is on point and modern. My room was very clean and chic. The staff very courteous and attentive. I had a very good experience.

07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Maria G.
I really wanted to like this art deco gem, but for the prices that they charged, the value really didn't add up.

At best, I think this hotel is between a 2* and 3* hotel. A LOT of the property needs updating and instead of actually updating, the management seems to just put "bandages" over things that actually need fixing.

These are what stood out from our stay
* HORRID, overwhelming flowery smell on the 1st floor of the north building. It smells awful and like they are trying to cover something up (probably the cumulative smoke/cigarette smell over the years)
* The rooms and common areas were unkempt and sometimes DIrty...eww
* We asked for ice to be brought to our room twice (still no ice....)
* For the price we paid $299/night, I expected a lot more in terms of quality and service. Our friend stayed at the Sense Hotel across the street (new, beautiful boutique hotel) and THAT place blew the Savoy out of the water.

That being said, the attendants at the pool and the doormen were always attentive, which is why this review gets a 2* versus just a 1*

Really, the only thing that the Savoy is hanging on to is its old, very worn out, art deco charm, and beachfront location. Other than that, it really isn't worth it. Go elsewhere.

15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Joe C.
My wife and I stayed here and had a horrible experience with our room. I am only giving this 1 start because the staff was very nice but the hotel itself is run-down and horrible dumpy

The walls were like paper, we were woken up several times throughout the night from loud voices and again in the morning from footsteps above our room (high heels sounding like a jackhammer) and then again when someone ignored their alarm starting at 7 AM. The worst part, the alarm was only on vibrate! The walls are so thin we thought the alarm was in our room!

The bathroom fan was very loud and my wife and I woke each other up when using that bathroom at night.

Next, when our mini fridge would stop running the lights in the room would flash! This happened throughout the night and woke us up several times, we had perishable items in the fridge so couldn't unplug it.

The phone in our room did not work.

We had the room until 12:00 noon and took our bags to the front desk before going to the pool. We left some items in our fridge and planned to come back up to use the bathroom and get our food/drinks before leaving. We left the do not disturb tag on the door and when we went back to the room ~11:30 the maid was in the room and had thrown everything in our fridge away!

We could not have been more disappointed with the experience here, I'd avoid this place.

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Doug W.
Had a good lunch there yesterday. The food was excellent and view of the ocean from this hotel is amazing. They have a pool pass arrangement that my wife and I are going to take advantage of.

29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. gisele l.
Nightmare!!!!! After seeing decent pictures on line and paying around $300 per night we thought the savoy was going to be a decent hotel. Arriving there, there was no valet, you had to lug your own luggage in, the receptionist was rude and not professional looking, walking through the hallways we noticed how disgusting the carpet was, I would never put my bare feet on it, then the room, omg! Stainned sheets, hair on the bed, gross dirty bathroom w/ many hairs in tub, just overall a DUMP!! We rushed out of there and booked a different hotel. Then I heard from a guy that works there that the hotel was bankrupted!! No wonder!!!

PS: this was just posted for some reason but I made this review back in 2011

26/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
50. Nika B.
Beautiful beautiful ocean view suit amazing pool and location is perfect!
Breakfast on the beach in the morning is definitely something to do... Close walk to bars nightclubs and fancy ok priced restaurants

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Mick B.
On another site this place gets a lot of really good, recent, reviews. On Yelp, it's a little more mixed.

I had higher expectations for this place based on some of the user pictures that I saw along the way, the location on Ocean Drive, and the feedback overall. And, for the price...it's closer to the higher end (I paid $499 a night! While I was in town for other reasons, I understand that supply and demand during Spring Break has it's own forces) I expected more.

I will get out in front and say that the service was great, from the check in to the check out, the beach attendants, bar staff, etc. all were really nice and accommodating.

The common areas are nice and well maintained, from the really art deco exterior and lobby to the pool area. It was always very clean and inviting the three days that I stayed here along with my fiance.

The room, however, and the hallways are a little tired looking and in need of some deep cleaning and a refresh/remodel.

When you walk into the hall of the 2nd building, the sweet smell is STRONG. I appreciate that they are trying to combat some scents that humidity and old buildings might stir, but it is really overwhelming. However, when you take the dirty elevator to the 2nd floor, it subsides. That bothered me, the elevator was really grimy, it needs some TLC.

The room itself was really big, a large entrance with a small galley area with a small fridge and sink off to the left, a large sitting room with a couch (it's a pull out too), coffee table and ottoman ahead, a flat screen and French Doors to open up for air.

The bedroom was big, nice sized bed, the linens were a little old, pillows ok. There is a good amount of storage space between the bedroom furniture and closets. Another set of French Doors and tv too. But, everything looks older and tired, older carpet, drapes, furniture, etc.

The bathroom was big, a large soaker tub...but no spout to fill it, just a shower head. The temp of the water took a while to heat up, fluctuated, and when my fiance ran the sink while I was in the shower, it cut the hot water out. There was a really large sink with space and a small shelf aside from that. But, the bathroom lacked in space to place stuff needed to get ready.

Again, the common areas were nice, two large pools and plenty of space and chairs around including on the multiple sun decks. Access to the beach is easy and the hotel has plenty of chairs and umbrellas on the beach; for the resort charge for the beach, it's a value compared to what other hotels charge. They advertise that they have wait service on the beach, and the beach attendant did indicate on our first day there that it typically starts around 11:30; I wound up walking back to the bar to get bloody mary's, never saw any waitstaff or was asked about drinks, etc. the couple of times that I was lounging at the beach.

Although it was Spring Break weekend, and the hotel was sold out, it was a very relaxing vibe and more mature crowd; no loud music, no craziness, crowds, etc. It was peaceful.

The hotel is located in a great spot, on the side of Ocean Drive that mellows a bit, but is very close walking distance to all of the shops, restaurants/bars and action along Ocean Drive, Collins and Washington.

If they could nail the rooms down, make them nicer...not necessarily more modern but definitely higher end, this place would easily be another star or more. And, add in a few nice touches like fresh flowers, a tv channel guide, etc.

If you are looking for location alone, quiet pool and beach time, proximity to it all then maybe you can get it at a better rate or quantify it for your standards.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
52. Julie B.
Let's start with the positives:
- The Savoy is really a gem of a hotel. It's way down Ocean Drive so it's quieter than many of the other hotels in the surrounding area.
- It has a large, beautiful pool area and direct access to the beach (resort fee includes towels, chairs and umbrellas). We never had an issue finding pool chairs to claim.
- The suites were nice and more affordable than many of the hotels in the area. I called way ahead of time and got a group rate for my sister's bachelorette party. The staff were easy to communicate with and answered all of my questions.
- The food and drinks at the hotel were surprisingly great -- they have a decent happy hour that we sadly, didn't take advantage of.

And the negatives:
- The service was just a little iffy all around. We arrived very early on the day of our check in and were told we would likely get early check in and we could hang out by the pool. We didn't (not a big deal), but when we asked if the rooms were ready they seemed confused and told us the wrong room numbers.
- My sister's fiancee sent a few bottles of champagne up to the room as a surprise. After confirming with him, I was surprised when we finally entered the rooms and the champagne wasn't there. I called the front desk and was told they would look into it and call me back. A half hour later I called again and the woman told me "she forgot" and would look into it again. Another hour passed and finally the champagne made it our way.
- We had four girls staying in each suite and planned to be out late. Both nights we requested the pullout bed be made while we were out. Both nights it wasn't.
- One of the girls requested a wake up call at 7 am. The call never came and she overslept. Luckily it wasn't a big deal, but if she had been heading to the airport and missed her flight it would have been.

Reviews for poor service at the Savoy seem rare on yelp, so I would absolutely give it another chance. Many people on the staff (the bartender, the check in manager, the food runners) were incredibly friendly and helpful, and really made our stay a great one.

22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
53. Ashley W.
1 star - closeness to beach (quiet end, but still close!)
1 star - hotel (a bit outdated but has full kitchens w/ plates, pots, utensils, microwave,etc., free WIFI, a private pool and access to the beach)


Never have I've been to a hotel that was purposely trying to wait until 4pm to allow me to check-in. We arrived at 9am and went to breakfast to wait. Around noon, I started to get impatient as I saw people checking out but still there were "no rooms available" by 2pm, I saw several people check IN, but when asked were told they had standard rooms. Um.... hello? We booked a suite, but never did they consider to ask us if we'd like to downgrade which I would've done just to take a shower!!! So finally, I let them have it and threatened to go elsewhere, and was told "fine, go ahead"

Since he cared less, I camped out in front of his desk and searched on Kayak. I was literally about to press "book" when the nicer of the two announced our room was available. When we got to the room, it wasn't the room we booked (I didn't care but we paid for a suite and the bride wanted a suite) so we asked the housekeeper who said the room 320 was open but then had the front desk devil tell us it was reserved. Finally, when the next shift took over, we asked again about the room and they took care of moving us in.

So, beside the spawn of the devil during the day shift, the experience wasn't bad.

05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
54. Alison M.
Lovely, not the fanciest, but a bargain for the price we paid on Priceline. I've spent more for much less in Miami. We got a large, clean suite. Yes a suite, two rooms including a kitchenette with dishes. Great shower in the large bathroom. The bed could have been a little more cushy. One of the pools was heated, the resort fee $20 includes wifi, beach towels and chairs on the beach.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0