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The Standard Spa Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

The Standard Spa Hotel in Miami Beach, FL


The Standard Spa, Miami Beach is a holistic, hydrotherapy spa-hotel inspired by global bathing cultures.

The hotel offers 100 guestrooms tucked away in lush gardens, including one Bay View Suite. The hotel's fresh, Scandinavian design draws on Modernist elements and helps to create a sanctuary of comfort and style. Hotel guests have complimentary access to the indoor and outdoor baths and, of course, in-room spa services are available.

The Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill is inspired by the traditional Mediterranean diet and lifestyle: healthy, sun-kissed, wholesome and natural. The philosophy of living and eating well is an integral part of Mediterranean culture and the same philosophy forms the foundation of the integral living mission of The Standard Spa.

The ancient Romans, Russians and Turks viewed baths as a gathering place for social activity, health, play, mental and physical exercise and dining. Bathing, in its many forms throughout history, has been shown to enliven both mind and spirit. Explore the curative effects of water, steam or mud in our Hamam, Aroma Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Infinity Pool, Roman Waterfall Hot Tub and Mud Lounge. If you are in the mood for a more private experience, unwind in the spa or choose from an array of treatments including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, holistic baths and restorative mind-body therapies.

Welcome, relax, participate....retreat and enjoy yourself.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.79

Address: 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (276):

    1. Katrina C.
    while i never actually stayed at the hotel, i took advantage of the spa services (and pool access that comes with it) quite a few times. in fact, i took advantage of pool access without having a spa appointment quite a few times as well, the whole "just act like you're supposed to be there" trick really works, i'm such a nerd that i'm usually afraid to try it. i've gotten facials, massages and mani/pedis there and must say the nail services are the best of the options - which is kind of disappointing, considering the prices and the reputation of the place. the hammam is a very nice touch, but my favorite part is the pool. it's pretty much the epitome of the miami experience to lounge at the standard's pool people-watching and sipping cocktails. the food is okay, drinks are a bit pricey but isn't everything there? i really regret not getting to one of the bingo nights on sundays, i hear they are not to be missed, yet somehow...i missed them.

    19/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Laksh C.
    We got a deal through hotline and booked it as it had a 4 star rating.Probably we expected a lot ...the rooms werent really 4 star like-simple and unusual decor.The TV didnt work.Overall,I liked the place for its view and service.We loved the pool,all the access to their spa.It was the perfect place to relax and unwind from our otherwise busy schedules.The staff were also very pleasant.Infact when we realised we misplaced our phone in the car and called up valet desk at 2 in the morning,they immediately found the phone and delivered it to us.We definitely appreciate their service but wish we had come mentally prepared for 2 things.I was a little upset that they do not have self parking and the valet parking costs 37$ a day.Also they do not provide any complimentary breakfast...nothing like starting a day having free food:-).We didn't find their restaurant menu great either.But now that we are mentally prepared,wouldn't mind going there again at least for the breathtaking pool..miss it soo much now.

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Cynthia P.
    I was excited to stay at The oh so hip Standard Hotel on Miami Beach. While at first glance it was everything and more I was imagining, hipster (topless) scene at the pool, cool oceanfront dining and simple rooms, I was dismayed by the service, over and over again.  One stolen iPod shuffle, mold all over room, a phone that only worked on speaker and the greatest offense- nightly wake-ups by a noisy room service cart going back and forth, back and forth. Only to come home and find additional charges on my credit card statement from a spa service I never had- Let me save you the hipster experience for a pricey fee of about $350. Go for the views, stay for lunch but get out of there if you require a good night sleep and no headaches with the HORRIBLE service.

    03/03/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Greg B.
    This is a review of the day spa only.  I read on the website that you can purchase a day pass for the indoor spa only for $25, but when I got there they said there is no such thing...   the only day pass available is for indoor and outdoor areas for $50 Fri-Sun or $40 Mon-Thurs.  We arrived at 10 am and they were out of robes, but there were plenty of towels so we made do.  The indoor spa area is nice with a hammam (heated marble floors great for taking a nap), steam room, showers, and sauna.  If you want a custom bath or a DIY scrub down you have to pay for the bath salts and/or scrub.  The "aroma steam room" had no aroma unless someone else was using their scrub nearby.  The "sound shower" had no music playing, but the subtle spa music in the hammam area was fine.  The outdoor pool is very nice, but on a saturday all the lounge chairs were taken by Noon.  The roman waterfall hot tub is great, not that warm but the waterfall is a great massage.  It's fun to jump between the hot tub and the chill pool.  Pool has a gentle slope like a beach and you can lay in the shallow area....   but there was no underwater music.  The crowd was a mixed bunch, a little older and less hip than I expected -- but in high season I guess the hotel prices discourage the PYTs.  The layout of the pool area and view of the bay are gorgeous (though the speedboats in the area can be loud and obnoxious).  The yoga class included in the day pass was good and the instructor was accommodating to different skill levels (but only 5 participants that day).  Despite my gripes it's still a great place to spend the afternoon, a perfect way to kill time before a late flight (mid-day flights are pricey because of cruise passengers).  I heard the day pass may not be available if the hotel is crowded, so be sure to get there before Noon.  My friend was told to call ahead and make a reservation, but I called at 8 am and was told that wasn't necessary.

    01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Gretchen T.
    Whether you are staying here or not, go to the spa for Loren Russo's Jivamukti yoga class. She walks like she talks and you need a little detox if you are going to spend any time in this town anyway, don't you?

    28/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Lisa C.
    This review is of the spa only. The spa is extremely downscale, and even "ghetto."
    First off, the fact that the locker rooms are a floor below the spa is jarring. you have to get on the elevator with your robe. Also, that they take your photo ID to give you a locker room key is very downscale. There's a sign on the locker room that says if you lose your key you'll be charged $25 (ghetto). Anyway, I commenced to have the worst massage I've ever had. It was just weird. Not at all relaxing, in fact the masseuse tickled me more than anything. The facial, though was great, i think the woman's name was Lisa. The mani/pedi was basic, very very basic. But there were so many cheap and cheesy things about the spa: i.e. they serve tea in paper cups smaller than dixie cups, the locker room isn't cleaned frequently, so there are dirty towels and robes all over, the bathrooms are just like the ones in your office so they are definitely not inviting. Plus, there are no toiletries like the ones you'd expect at a spa. To make matters worse, my package included a fresh squeezed juice, which I had to remind them of, they took forever to get back to me, and then told me their juice machine was broken. They offered me a Vitamin Water instead. Very cheap spa. I do not recommend. I'm certainly not a snob, but I'd rather pay less and go to a nail salon with a spa room or pay more and go to a spa that pampers you.

    13/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Stephanie S.
    this place is out of the way, a little hard to find.  worth the exclusion.  its got a beautiful view and is super relaxing.  i came here for a detox bath while on vacation and they got me in quickly and let me relax a little longer than my time.  very professional.  will return

    02/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. giggity G.
    This is a review of the SPA only.

    Being out of towners, my girlfriend and I were horrified when we signed up for the outdoor, open air mud bath and the administrator told us that most people do it naked. The naked man and woman who had their junk covered in green mud agreed and urged us to take our swimsuits off. This place is more hedonistic than they let on. We were seriously supposed to get naked in front of this man, and this couple, put mud on, and wait for it to dry, completely naked in a totally open area facing the bay - literally steps away from a hundred clothed people at the restaurant and pool. Boats driving by the bay would be able to see our naked green bodies. This is not cool, especially in the youtube generation. We did it with our swimsuits on, and thank goodness for that, because the moment the two of us went over to the mud bath area, droves of people found a reason to "wander by" and see if we were naked. Men, women, old, young. The experience was fine, but we didn't appreciate the peer pressure to get naked.

    On to the pool. Gorgeous people. Exclusive and cool. I loved the infinity pool. The water was warm. The place wasn't crowded. The waterfall massage pool was fun. All good.

    Inside: Smelly. When I came home, I smelled like rubber and chlorine and mold - AFTER I showered! I liked all of the amenities inside, the hot stone steps, the steam room, but they just smelled weird. Let's not even talk about the scrub room. On second though, lets. The scrub room looks like a butchers room in a haunted house where you run through and dodge body bags. I am NOT exaggerating. We were scared in there. The black curtains and the dim lighting and the miles of tubing and hose for the sprayer just shout  "torture chamber." There was a lot of team massages going on in the stone step room, but I'm totally cool with that. To each his own, but the moans were a little distracting.

    I would suggest this place get working on having more scented things available to kill the mildew smell. lavender water, eucalyptus steam room, things like that.

    Not an awful experience, but not the best one. I would stick with the outdoor stuff if I went again.

    01/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Liz T.
    i have not stayed at the standard hotel.  however, it is my favorite "i've had a bad week and i deserve to treat myself to a massage, mimosas and get pampered by the pool" location in miami.  

    tell the desk what style of massage you like, and they're usually excellent in hooking you up with the right masseuse.  fyi...i can't do all that new agey music, so if you bring your own ipod, they'll let you play off that.  side note- make sure you don't have your old school hip hop mix as your next mix (unless you want a massage to that kind of music).

    i suggest going early and waiting in the hammam.  so much better than waiting in the lobby.  and the great thing about getting spa treatments... they encourage you to enjoy the rest of the facilities (which would normally be $50 a day without spa treatment).  after the massage, find a chair out by the pool, order a delicious (albeit expensive) mimosa and the cioppino sandwich (MMMmmm).  and relax.

    there's actually 3 pools there.  the main one, which is a beautiful infinity like pool looking out on the bay.  the second is the plunge pool, which is icey cold and very small.  meant for you to just plunge in... it sounds painful, but extremely refreshing.  and my favorite is the jacuzzi/waterfall pool.  it's a massage in itself.  it's pretty sizeable and the waters always the perfect temp.  just hop on in and sit under the pounding waterfall above you.  it's as good as any massage on your neck and shoulders.

    negatives... the horrific wait to get your car from valet.  i suggest before you change back into regular clothes, ask the spa concierge to call for your car.  it's always like 20 min (or more) even on slow weekdays.  and steer clear of this place on the weekends (unless your going for bingo and guitar hero on sundays) but the spas always super crowded. you can never get a chair by the pool and the service is sooo slow.

    fyi... kids are not allowed on the premises (which is a + in my book, sorry parents)

    09/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. I L.
    Great place for sunset cocktails (although they can be a bit pricey)!  It's especially great if you're looking to escape the SOBE crowd.  

    The staff was super cool without being presumptious which added to our great experience.

    10/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. alex b.
    Everything is in place for this to be my absolutely favorite hotel in the country. The pool is the best pool I have been in, there are cool outdoor places and fireplaces and the rooms are interesting. Could be the ideal haven for those looking for sophistication away from the chaos of South beach. But it's now filled with Jersey Shore emulates. It doesn't help that the hotel opens its doors to just about anyone who wants to come in. So on any given night, you will be kept up until wee hours of the morning by a bunch of annoying twenty somethings  getting trashed outside your room. And the service is ABISMAL... the staff struggles constantly with countless complaints from guests. This hotel needs to get back on track.

    19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Franny A.
    I have visited the Standard several times as you can come for the day, buy a pass, get a bathrobe, locker and enjoy all the facilities.  The cost is about $40. and more on the facilities in a moment. You could also take advantage of the free yoga class offered on Wednesday at 4:15 with Matteo.  This yoga class was the real deal with Matteo surrounded by candles and flowers and an assistant coming around to help you with postures and yogic music playing.  It was sort of an intermediate level, but they were very understanding with the large turnout.  After the class, the instructors walk around the class putting oils on your forehead while you are in corpse pose. The room is airy, but unairconditioned and  so it is detoxifying,  feeling cleansed.  After yoga and there are more throughout the week, though this one was free, you can check out some of the facilities.  The floating poal on the bay surrounded by comphy lounge chairs with a warm waterfall jacuzzi as well.  Sunset on the bay is spectacular if you are around for it.  Inside is the wonderful hamam.  Heated stone floors and marble, it is just the perfect temperature to soothe muscles.  Also in the spa area are a finnish sauna and super steam room.  This stuff is all top of the line and the Standard formerly the Lido is just a short walk from the hordes on Lincoln road, but kind of another world away on Belle Island.  By the by, I have heard there is a bingo night on Sunday from 8:30- 11 with fabu prizes, like spa treatments and free night stays at the hotel, hope to check it out.

    24/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Ginger H.
    I've been in and out of the Standard a few times, but I've never actually put time into my trips there. Yesterday, that all changed. A few girlfriends and I celebrated a bachelorette party at the hotel, and let me tell you, I had a blast. This spot is sexy, in an granola chic sort of way. Plus, it has a retro vibe, with the space being a spa-ish oasis in Miami Beach for eons. We started off at the pool, which was pretty and relaxing. I threw one very tasty virgin raspberry drink into the mix and was really glad I did. What kind of deliciousness do they mix into those anyway? The pool was the prefect temp. Then, it was off to the room, which was cute, clean and fit with the hotel's modern vibe. Next up, spa time. We enjoyed the hammam, which is a giant slab of heated marble. We just parked ourselves on the slab and let the heat do its thing. Some of us even took mini naps. Yup, that's how relaxing it was. The hammam and rooms come with tubs you can soak in, but I have hangups about tub cleanliness that prevented me from testing them out. I am by no means saying the tubs were dirty, they were actually very clean. But until I can scrub it with bleach myself, I'll stick to showering. I would, however, like a hammam at my own house. I'm sure the hubby will just love that unobtainable request. Oh well, at least I live here and can enjoy it again, should I feel the need. Humm, I think I'm feeling it RIGHT now.

    18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Katherine M.
    If you haven't played bingo here, ya gotta go!  Jason, the general manager hosts what he calls "surly-drunk-benevolent-dictator-bingo, not your grandmother's bingo". Every Sunday from 8:30 until 11 locals and hotel guests congregate for this wacky ritual. The prizes are worth forking out big bucks for drinks and appetizers. I have yet to win a one or two night stay at the lovely Standard Hotel so this review is not about my experience as a hotel guest. I have had the privilege of  docking for lunch at Bayside Restaurant. Good food, fresh organic greens and lots of great people watching.  Service was friendly and prompt which was surprising since it was pretty packed. The grounds and pool are amazing as well as the spa.  Definitely a breath of fresh air and nice change of pace from the South Beach scene.

    27/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Ali Z.
    There's a lot of luxury behind the Standard's unassuming facade, and for locals and those in the know, there's also, surprisingly, a lot of bang for your buck. You don't have to stay overnight to take advantage of the hotel's best features. For $25, you get a yoga class and access to the indoor baths and outdoor pools. It's like a grown-up  aquatic playground and makes you feel like you're in some faraway place, even if you live down the street. The indoor Turkish style baths include big, deep, claw foot tubs, showers with various styles of streams and lots of steam. The bayside outdoor pools include a Roman waterfall hot tub (very hot); an invigorating arctic cold plunge (not for the faint of heart); and an expansive swimming pool with an underwater sound system that is pure delight--designed in such a way that hanging out in the middle of it, you feel like it never ends. It's among the best I've ever experienced.

    Every Friday night is h2-OM, yoga with live music and dj's, as well as spa access. The teachers rotate, with some stopping by from out of town, so the styles and levels vary, making it a bit of a hit-or-miss experience. The night I went, the class was long (close to 2 hours) and vigorous, and the sequencing felt a little off.

    Comfy bathrobes and plenty of towels are provided. When I was there the locker rooms were appointed with crisp Granny Smith apples and Kiss My Face bath products.

    12/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Angelica F.
    Last weekend (Friday, July 17-Sunday, July 19), my boyfriend & I stayed at the Standard for our 5-Year anniversary, but we were nervous about renting there as he had read MANY negative reviews. But I have to squash all those negative comments into a bloody pulp, because The Standard was anything BUT! The hotel, spa, food and staff more than exceeded our expectations!!! We were promptly greeted & welcomed on arrival, given a tour of the facilities & shown to our room (which was upgraded) & we were even surprised with champagne on ice in our room with a sweet note from the staff congratulating us on our milestone! The hotel seems basic, but it's very relaxing and has such a retro-vintage feel that is really appreciated. As the hotel mostly serves as a spa, with the food being gourmet & mostly organic, but it all tasted amazing & could be served poolside or room service. The spa was simply delicious and definitely a liberating feeling to walk around the premises in bathrobes to be continuously pampered; the massages are definitely worth it! Lastly, but most importantly, the service was outstandingly stellar!! We were always taken care of promptly and with a smile, and all staff was really attentive. As part of the experience, there was even free tandem bike rental, which we used to peddle to and throughout Lincoln Road only 5 minutes away. My ONLY complaint was retrieving the car at the valet at the end of such a dreamy & relaxing weekend; it took way too long, but we were placated with some more time at the spa :).

    I recommend this place to EVERYONE who wants to stay at Miami Beach without having to be in the middle of chaotic and eventful SoBe; whoever wants to hit the spa and spoil themselves to great masseuses and/or self hydrotherapy; whoever likes European-style resorts in the states; whoever's down with the REAL locals.

    A++ Can't wait for another excuse to stay!

    26/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. David M.
    Great place to kick back a couple of cocktails with a great view and ambiance.  Of course, it will cost you a bit but its worth it.  Food is decent enough but the drinks are the highlight as is the relative peace and quiet.   Give it a go if you're in the mood.

    22/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. pura.vida n.
    For a pretentious LITE version of doing Miami spa come here. One day here and you will want to move in! I live and Miami and wanted to treat myself for my birthday so I got a massage. Max I believe, $125 for 60 minutes. Fabulous. Overpriced but it's Miami. However....what did make up fro the $65 extra over charge is that if you spend over $100 you can use the hotels amenities...and boy I MILKED it. (Also you can pay $40 just for the amenities) Came at 11am, massage at 2pm, left 7pm. HA. I brought lunch and drinks in a cooler hidden in my bag. $7 Valet for spa users. Pool side food and drink service. Turkish hammam, sauna, steam room, hot tub, pool with view of bay, mud baths=heaven. I actually thought I may miss this place...

    07/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Edie H.
    The less I expected of the Standard staff, the more I enjoyed the gorgeous grounds & setting.

    The good:  Just over a little bridge (causeway) from Miami Beach, Standard is on a small island with jaw-dropping views of the Bay and Miami.  The infinity edge pool is nicely heated.  The daybeds are comfy.  The spa has room after room of dry, wet, heat, cold to while away the day.

    The bad:  Staff after staff member just didn't have any sort of idea that they WORKED at a hotel.  From coming in the front desk and looking around for the check-in (it's a ledge made from driftwood) to trying to find out the hours for the restaurant, the Standard makes you feel like a wandering buffoon  intruder.

    We got in late, and wanted to order room service for the next morning.  There was NO hotel info in the room.  We went to the lobby.  The night clerk said to ask at the bar.  The bar guy had no idea.  As we kept standing there asking him, he said he'd get a manager.  The manager's suggestion was to "call room service in the morning for a menu".  We went back to the room.  There was no number for room service in the room.  Gave up.

    The pool, however, was worth the hassle, though the staff was bad at policing "parkers".  It seemed about 1/2 the chairs had stuff on them, but no people.

    22/03/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Lourdes D.
    Met friends at The Standard to hang out and chill.  Great music, fantastic atmosphere, beautiful views, within walking distance from SoBe.  The spa here is really good too.  Simple Saturday's are a youngish crowd but otherwise a nice place to kick back & chill.  Russell Simmons is a fixture.  Overall a great place to go.

    18/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Iris B.
    had a kick ass 2.5 hour yoga session here then use of their co-ed spa facility that touts models galore running around half naked.. i didn't get a complex however ... but rather enjoyed their cylinder blue-tiled shower room that showcases hues of purple, blue, deep reds and such that was in sync to soothing tones.. then shared a sauna with the above mentioned... afterwards me and my companions wandered to the infinity pool with more gorgeous people trying to pick up other gorgeous people.. took a quick dip in the cold plunge and waterfall hot tub...can you say heavenly?  yes this place is.. never got a room here but did pass by some rooms on the ground floor near the gardens on the way to the pool that had outdoor patios with claw-foot tubs separated from the other rooms by a sheer white fabric..a very romantic sanctuary & cool hideaway on the venetian causeway...

    05/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. stefanie I.
    I love going here! This is the perfect adult spa playground. The pool area overlooks the water and you get a beautiful view of the sunset.  You can relax in the jacuzzi temperature waterfall while it eases the tension out of your shoulders. Jump in the cold plunge pool for an invigorating soak, and then lounge in the salt water pool.  They have deck service with a tasty light menu and drinks.  The mini burgers, cheese platter and ceviche are good. The food and drinks are pricey, but worth it when you're relaxing for the day. The indoor area includes a steam room, sauna, soak tubs, hamam and private scrub rooms. You can purchase scrub salts there or bring your own. I have not stayed at the hotel, but love to go for the day to unwind and have dinner at the outdoor restaurant afterwards.  The staff is always attentive and helpful.

    12/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Stephen D.
    I like the foods but very limited. The enivorment are perfect! Good for dating scene! :-)

    31/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Jeff B.
    The $40 parking fee (per night) should have been listed on the description in TravelZoo - or more apparent on their direct website. The service in restaurant area was very slow and poor all around. Our room was very minimalist and small, with a very noisy bed that made loud creaks every time you shifted your weight. Valet service took too long. Many of the staff could not communicate sufficiently in English. Our travel deal through TravelZoo mentioned "free breakfast" but that only included some toast/pastry and coffee - not the actual breakfast plates they serve. My wife said that spa was very nice though - seems that hotel/restaurant need a lot of improvement to live up to the quality of the actual spa.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Nicole C.
    Tucked away in the Lido hotel off of Miami Beach's Venetian causeway, lies one of Miami's hidden gems. This very understated, yet über cool spot, is also known as The Standard. With a "Catch Me If You Can" feel, this retro hideaway is one of my favorite spots in Miami. Upon entry, you automatically feel like you've gone back in time 50 years - terrazzo floors, wood paneling, and mid-century modern furniture adorn the lobby. Just passed the lobby's rear exit doors, the hotel's outdoor hallways are lined with Eco-friendly cabanas (outdoor showers and all) and the courtyard has been outfitted with hammocks, totem poles, hanging chairs, and even a fire pit (for the 2 days it gets "cold" in Miami). But it doesn't stop there... Once you've passed this relaxing refuge, what awaits you is pure paradise - a beach entrance swimming pool (equipped with underwater speakers), a shock pool, a jacuzzi with warm waterfalls, dozens of lounge chairs, a boat dock, a restaurant, a grassy patch with ping pong tables, and even outdoor tubs for mud treatments. All of this, and I didn't even mention the amazing spa inside the hotel! I LOVE this place!

    28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Rob G.
    At times, about an hour after sunset, the standard can be magically seductive. It's lit superbly lit outside so you can just make people out - some in hanging chairs and others diving into the infinity  - pool it's a spa essentially so chill, get an expensive mojito, and join the decadence. It's fun

    18/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Alexandra N.
    I have been here twice and can't wait to go back. The food is excellent and the service at the bar/pool is decent; however, in other areas service is not as good. I understand there is a large ethnic community down in this area; however, fluent english should be a must at a hotel with such prices.

    Check in/out was difficult at times as the front desk just isn't as speedy as I would have liked, although I am from NY/NJ area and almost everything moves too slow for me!

    Breakfast was always excellent, eggs, whole grain toast, apple sausage. Drinks by the pool are excellent.

    Grounds are beautiful; however, the top floors don't seem like something I want to venture to. I have to admit I have only stayed on bottom floor rooms and the stairs do look a little dingy. On the return stay we had a room with a "private" bathtub outside. Like other reviewers have said if this was truly private this would be an excellent space, but considering the curtains are see thru and dont close all the way, anyone passes by you are quickly reminded that you are not alone.  

    I recieved an in room massage which was nice, but the main highlight to me is the hammam. I swear by this spa, it's the only place I have found in the entire world thus far that makes me relaxed. Everytime I leave I want to cry. There is something about this place that just shelters you from reality.

    What I don't like is that it is sometimes too crowded and that non hotel guests can come in and enjoy the bar/pool area. I would prefer if this were more private.  The pool is excellent and the garden is nice, with its interesting chairs. There is no ocean as it is on the bay, but there are many nice boats going by, once we saw a "fashion" shoot (let's use that term lightly, very lightly as I think I just expanded that girls ego by 10 by putting her in that category).  We even saw manatee's one time which was nice.

    There are places within walking distance, but its a walk for sneakers definately. There is the food store and you can take a quick cab ride to Sobe and other places, but if you are interested in night life then you are most likely not looking for a relaxing/spa vacation.

    06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Mina L.
    Stayed at the Standard on a a fluke ... usually stay at the Four Seasons (for work) but was sold out. Location was great and service to South Beach was quick and easy. Food was good but most of all loved the chill atmosphere. Did not feel claustrophobic like some boutiques can make you feel but at the same time did not feel as if I was tucked away in no man's land. Will definitely go back!

    03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Wen B.
    This facility is amazing. Very relaxing, pool access, the spa services are always the best and you have access to the spa all day and night.

    22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Cindy P.
    I went specifically to The Standard Hotel for a facial.  I enjoyed my facial and was thankful the esthetician was not chatty, and she didn't try to sell me a bunch of product afterwards.  Very relaxing experience and not overpriced.

    20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Jessica K.
    I'm very familiar with The Standard in Downtown LA...I LOVE it! I've had many fun nights there. So when I was planning a trip to Miami and found a great deal at The Standard Miami Beach I jumped on it.

    However, I read some bad reviews on various review sites before we left for our trip and the hubs and I were thisclose to canceling our reservation and booking somewhere else.

    I'm glad we didn't. We really enjoyed our stay at The Standard.

    First of all, if you are familiar with the LA locations of The Standard...this hotel isn't like them. The LA Standards are party hotels, the Miami Standard is a spa hotel...very relaxing.

    The spa is supposed to be great and there are a lot of self-serve options included with your hotel stay. I never took advantage of these, though, because my hubs and I ended up getting drunk at the pool instead. Oh well...that was relaxing, too.

    The pool area is awesome. It's an infinity pool with amazing views of the bay and the city. You can sit on a chair right on the dock with the bay behind you and then hop in the pool. There is a hot tub and also an arctic plunge tub that they keep at 50 degrees. My hubs tried to hop in the plunge after a dip in the hot tub at night, but he couldn't do it. It was a lot easier during the day when people were just lounging in the 50 degree water.

    The rooms are nice. Comfy beds. Flat screen TVs. Well-stocked mini-bar. No blackout curtains, but that was fine by me. I like being woken up by the sun.

    Some minor annoyances:
    No real shelf space in the bathroom. I'm a chick...I have a lot of "bathroom stuff" and there was really nowhere to put it.

    There were some things we weren't clear on and there were some staff members who weren't very forthcoming with information. For example, as part of our deal we had free continental breakfast each morning. But when we tried to figure out where to go to get it and what we could get with it, we were a bit lost. We tried to ask this server in the restaurant and he was less than helpful. He was really the only person who had this attitude...the girl who checked us in was super friendly and helpful.

    Once we finally figured out what we could order with our free breakfast we were floored. Our "breakfast" was 3 pieces of toast, coffee and OJ. That's fine because we weren't paying, but they were charging $14 for it on the menu! The prices there were a little steep for this cheap-ass.

    When we were there, there was a lot of construction going on in front of the hotel. Luckily we were driving a rental car (and had free valet with our deal...thank goodness at $22/day), otherwise I would have been annoyed with the dirt all over my car every day and the rocks and bumps we had to drive through.

    Overall, the views and the room more than made up for the minor things. We really enjoyed our stay at The Standard and would visit again, if we ever ended up back in Miami. Maybe this time I won't get too drunk to visit the hamam.

    19/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Jeff P.
    One of the most relaxing places I have stayed. They definitely strive for a zen like atmosphere. The pool. indoor spa w/Turkish style Hamman (must do)and gym were extremely nice. Even though July is considered off season the standard was very active.  Grounds keepers and hotel staff very present.  All amenities running full swing.

    The pool staff was very accommodating, drinks, towels, and food was only a hand wave away. The palm trees along side the pool offered a nice amount of shade if you were able to find chairs available.  Friday through Sunday were very busy pool side. It was obvious that many affluent Miami locals come here on the weekend as I watched them mingle with others. The scene is upper 20's and mid to late 30's very hedonistic environment.  They dont allow kids... It was common to see women sunbathing topless around the pool... As well as an open air mud bath where some feel comfortable baring it all...

    The rooms were very clean and spacious. They had a ipod dock and small flatscreen TV, which I used once to check the weather.  I spent very little time in the room .  As for the outdoor claw foot tubs they offer with some rooms... (not worth it) With all the great amenities they offer around the hotel, I never felt the need to hop in the tub,.... nor did I see anyone else use it.

    Lastly if your impatient this is not the place for you... Everything is a bit on the slow side.  The valet would take anywhere from 20 to 45mins to get the car... Just call far ahead of time especially in the evenings when the restaurant's is active and it wont be a big prob. The drinks by the pool  often were a bit of a wait unless you walked to the bar yourself.  Just make friends with one of the pool attendants early on and tip the staff you will be more than satisfied.

    23/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Kathy A.
    Three stars primarily for the spa experience.  I also had an excellent mahi-mahi sandwich at their outdoor bar.

    I signed up for the 30-min hot bath with Chinese herbs and a 60-min massage.  Disappointed to discover upon arrival that the bathing areas at the spa are coed and therefore require a bathing suit.   It didn't take much longer to figure out that the spa area is basically designed for ogling - the hammam is semicircular with multiple levels to lie on, and the baths faced the hammam area, so there was nothing to do in the bath but watch the beautiful people loll around on the warm marble.  Not so relaxing.  It would have been creepier if my co-bathers hadn't been so clearly uninterested in my gender...as it was, it become more of a chance to observe subtleties of social interaction (how close do people feel comfortable putting their towels next to a stranger? etc)

    Don't bother with the bath itself - an attendant filled the tub, lit a candle and put a bag of herbs in.  That's it.  Spa manager: here's a suggestion for how to make that worth $20:

    (change the metal seat that rests in the tub, it makes it uniquely uncomfortable to lie all the way down)
    @5 min: attendant returns: Is the temperature OK?
    @10 min: attendant offers water to drink
    @ 20 min: attendant offers more water to drink, and offers to warm up the tub with more hot water

    I have nothing but good to say about the massage itself.  Excellent combination of Swedish and deep tissue.  I was catching a cold and the therapist set up the aromatherapy to clear my sinuses and chest - very thoughtful.

    So, go for the massage, and stay for the scene only if that's your thing.

    08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Nick R.
    Lowkey option on the Venetian Causeway.  Chill pool and bar scene.  Great Sunday night bingo.  Lively bunch typically always.

    05/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Beth V.
    Anyone who's met me knows that I am the furthest thing from trendy, so I feel obligated to explain how I ended up at a place like The Standard....Jet Blue had a contest and the fiance won the grand prize. As part of it, we stayed at The Standard for a night-sadly not Sunday,we missed bingo (whch would have been much more my style)

    That said, we enjoyed our stay at the Standard-chilling at the Infiniti Pool in the dark watching a lightening storm a few miles away, taking a bath in the clawfoot tub out on the patio, etc.  Until we woke up at 5am and my foot was WET.  Why?  I'd noticed water damage on the ceiling when we checked in and didn't think anything of it, until a crazy monsoon was now making the end of the bed wet.  We lived (hey, it was free, I can overlook a lot for free) but when we mentioned it to the front desk when we were checking out, they didn't seem concerned.  At all.  As though this was a routine occurrance.  There wasn't so much as an apology.  The waitress also messed up my order at brunch, which I would have told her to get it changed, but as she never came back, that wasn't an option.  The valet, which required notice 20-30 minutes in advance of when you wanted your car, as it was located off site, was also a hassle.

    Three stars for the grounds from this old stick in the mud.

    28/10/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Marybeth R.
    No stars. As in zero. I've never in my life had such an unfortunate experience. From the poor curb-side appearance to the ill-equipped valet, customer service is never a thought. The lobby, while attempting hipster chic, comes off as slummy and dirty. The front desk personnel are lacking at best. On to the spa: the personnel are not knowledgeable. I felt like I was checking into a city gym instead of a swanky spa. I had to leave my license to get a locker key. Really? I was in need of a cup of coffee. I was directed to the beach, a long walk...the person greeting told me it was only available at the bar. A further walk. The bartender took the order, then proceeded to wait on 6 other people and never filled the order. I left. I went back to the spa, collected my license, cancelled my appointment. On to the valet: waited 20 minutes for the car, while the valet spoke non-stop on his cell, not about cars...and then they tried to charge $10 for a parking fee. I called upon departure, and spoke to the manager, who was mildly apologetic. In summary, this is a sub-par property attempting to portend to be "chic". It fails on all levels. With all the fantastic options  in Miami, cross this off of the list.

    09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Peter C.
    Retro chic meets sleek Miami, The Standard is the epitome of style in South Beach.  While beautiful by day, swing by in the night time, when the appropriately dim lighting makes everyone mysterious and sexy, even those who aren't.  There is an ethereal, magical quality to the place.  The spa is generously spaceous, and invites the lazy worm to come out for a stretch.  Let all the stress seep out of your pores in the Turkish haman.  I would definitely stay here again.

    01/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. V B.
    My rating is based on the HOTEL not their amenities because I love the spa and pool, it was always my favorite place to spend a Sunday. But having moved from Miami Beach and coming back a a guest I'm not so thrilled with the actual hotel.
    Got a great room rate because of a promo they are doing for Fall. But my upgraded room was teeny tiny, can't imagine what the standard room would have been like. King size bed was nice though, no complaints about that. But the weird daybed, which is a great additional sleeping space, is a weird jailhouse blue stripe, gross. I definitely did not sit on that nasty thing! And my biggest complaint was the bathroom. It would have been totally great, very simple, white, and an awesome shower, but DIRTY. Now that is the quickest way to ruin it for me. A litle Clorox clean up would do wonders.  Plus they charged me for parking when I parked in the residential area and didn't give me my spa discount which was also part of the promo.  
    All together the staff doesn't seem too on top of things and the cleaning people need a good kick in the ass!

    09/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Janelle B.
    Although I have not stayed at The Standard, I have gone to have dinner there and I absolutely loved it! The outdoor restaurant is on the water and has a beautiful view of the city. I love french fries, and although it may not be the chicest thing to order, the churrasco and fries is a great entree!

    28/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Adriana D.
    ooh la la! this spa just makes you feel fancy and luxurious being there...when you actually get the spa treatments, it's heavenly. what makes this place great is their attention to detail and their extraordinary attentiveness. from the moment you walk in you are put at ease by the tranquil music and the soft scents of beauty products as you are greeted courteously by the staff. depending on what you have scheduled, they give you a nice plush robe to change into and send you on your way.

    I've had several spa treatments there now and the one that stands out, by far the best, was the 60 minute detox cleanse massage. this is a faster-paced massage that is designed to improve circulation in order to expel toxins, restore balance and reduce muscle pain/ache. every single detail - from the subdued lighting, to the essential oils, to the cushy massage table, to the soothing voice of the masseuse, to the perfect tactile pressure, speed, and intensity - is tailored to make this the most completely satisfying experience you can have during a massage. (without crossing over that line!) I've also had the anti-oxidant boost facial and the relaxing holistic bath (lavender blossom milk bath) which were excellent experiences that go far beyond their simple descriptions.

    in addition to the treatments, when you schedule a spa visit, you get access to the spa facilities on that same floor (not everything service includes this perk). among those are the hot marble room, the sauna and the steam room - the latter of which is perfect for sweating out toxins and is über soothing. also, if you are slick (and/or confident) enough, you just might be able to sneak outside to enjoy some additional lounging and chilling out at their salt water pool, their waterfall hot tub, and take advantage of the beautiful view (both the scenery and the hotel guests!).

    these treatments in this setting are so effective and well-executed that I'm relaxing all over again just writing about them. if you ever wanna splurge and treat yourself to something nice to soothe, unwind, or restore, I highly recommend giving the Spa at the Standard a try. it may be a bit on the pricey side but this is one case where you most certainly get what you pay for.

    30/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Allison F.
    I only went to The Standard one night for food and drinks but I will 100% be going back. Their pool and view is absolutely incredible! It literally left me speechless. It was beautiful and relaxing and even though I didn't stay there I could see peoples back areas to their hotel rooms and they have beautiful white cloths and bathtubs, definitely a place to go and escape the craziness of miami. Food was delicious, drinks were good, no complaints :)

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Michael O.
    Came here on a Saturday for an Anusara yoga class followed by the Standard 60 minute massage.  The yoga was all about peeling off layers and was good.  Interesting how in the middle of the session each yogie partnered with someone to perform headstands, but it was a nice break.  For the massage, Mya met me at the front desk and escorted me to the room.  She asked if anything was bothering me, then proceeded.  It was very therapeutic.  Only negative was that I felt it wasn't deep enough and I didn't really enjoy the arm massage .. more like a rub.  Also didn;t like the dixie cup of water following the treatment ... noce gesture but would have liked a larger glass of water, maybe with cucumber, or a complimentary smoothie.  Afterward checked out the hammam, nothing fancy but can see how hotel guests enjoy it after lounging by the pool.  Lunch was solid ... try the tater tots and the tomato arugula sandwich ... and the mimosas.  Solid people watching scene on a Saturday afternoon.  Love the fact that you can wear your robe and slippers everywhere you go!

    31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Sebastian E.
    The standard on Miami Beach, or better on Island Avenue, must be noted for a few items. First and foremost, the pool/deck bar facing the bay is one of the best chill out places to watch sunset. Drinks are good and reasonably priced, for Miami Beach standards. The deck also enables people to come by boat, although I have never witnessed this.
    The pool itself is also grand, use it. What a bliss to be sitting in and looking over the bay. It almost seems as though you are actually in the bay.
    Next is the lush garden that has a number of swings and other features to simply relax.
    Flanking the gardens are the villas separated with flowing white fabric curtains. The cross area to the inside lobby, restaurant and bar, has a few tables and is probably the place to sit during bingo or Sunday brunch. Inside the pop meets ultra modern with retro mix (the style is unique, but combines all those eras very tastefully) is a one of kind experience in Miami, as far as I am concerned.
    The entrance is usually convoluted and the most annoying part of the entire experience. Go for the valet as parking is a nightmare (residents only), but be ready to wait a while to get your ride back...

    The entire experience is actually reverse from the way you enter, unless you actually arrive by boat...

    21/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Stephanie K.
    Although I did not stay at the hotel, I enjoyed the pool and spa and absolutely loved it.  it was so relaxing and serene.  The hamam - WOW WOW WOW.  I could go there every day!  I am a huge fan just because of the hamam and the pool!

    08/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Veronique K.
    The spa is very disappointing! The manicure staff are very unprofessional. One was slouched reading a magazine in an empty spa chair next to me and she FELL asleep with the magazine on her face! I expected a lot more from this place. Lame and overrated. No personal touches, tap water served in a Dixie cup. Very no frills. Recommend going to Mandarin Oriental spa instead. They'll give you the spa experience you're looking for.

    13/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    46. George H.
    My favorite hotel in Miami.  Cant beat the outdoor tub and spa atmosphere.

    24/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Renee D.
    Epic Spa!!! The food sucks totally - but the Spa and the emphasis on Hydrotherapy - hands down one of the top 5 in the state. Mud baths - the best therapists around - the hamam, steam... Salt water pool - and the best looking crowd you have ever seen!!!

    05/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. jen r.
    im shocked and saddened by my experience at the standard spa today. i had sooo been looking fwd to it and was ridiculously let down.

    let me start by saying i have frequented several hotel spas in miami and although im no expert, i know what is standard (no pun intended) at hotel spas and this was no where near.

    me and 3 girlfriends decided to celebrate one of their birthdays since spa week was having a $50 special. we thought we were getting a great deal.. we were wrong.
    i like to call this review a dozen strikes and youre out!!

    we arrived at the standard, took the really old elevator up to the 3rd floor and were greeted, not in an excited or eager manner, by the staff. we checked in and received our robes and locker keys at the front desk and were told to head down to the 2nd floor locker rooms. no one walked us over and gave a tour of the facilities. (strike 1)

    we get to the hot, old, and outdated locker room. i open my locker and find dirty cup and napkin in it (strike 2), the dresser in the locker room is stained and dirty. we put on our swimsuits and robes, and find the robes have holes and stains (strike 3), one didnt even have a tie thing to keep it together. oh yeah and we didnt get slippers (strike 4) so we are stuck wearing our own sandals, luckily we werent wearing heels or sneakers. the bathrooms look like a public school elementary bathroom. there arent any lotions or soaps anywhere in sight or any teas, fruit, or snacks (strike 5) there is not any aroma in the room. we are officially grossed out.

    so we head over to the common area, that has hot marble lounge, steam, sauna, soak tubs, and showers. to our surprise its completely unisex and everyone is naked! we try to make the best of it, and head over to the steam room. we are surrounded by men in compromising positions, one is doing yoga positions and contorting his body into pretzel shapes, another is doing crunches and leg lifts, and another one is doing god knows what under his towel while heavy breathing. please keep in mind we are inside the aromatherapy steam room that had no aroma fyi (strike 6). after a few minutes we decide we need to get out of here and want to go check out the outdoor pool area.
    one of my friends and i head to the shower area where we find a man who strikes up conversation, he decided to de-robe while facing us head on and show off his goods, and yes he was getting *excited*. can you say awkward!!!!
    (strike 7)

    we finally make it over to the pool and garden area. best part of the hotel. this was the only 15 mins i found enjoyable of my whole time there.

    we made our way back to the spa to wait for our body scrubs in the relaxation room. this is not a relaxation room. there is no door and its right in the spa lobby, so you hear other guests checking in and out, talking loudly, and walking by. (strike 8)

    our therapists pick us up over 5 mins late (strike 9) and took us to the common area where we had been before, and laid us out on the heated marble area in the middle of everyone for our body scrub. (strike 10) uuuuhhhhhh are you serious standard? you shouldnt book treatments if you dont have private rooms for them. i got my scrub while watching/hearing every spa guest walking by, looking at me, talking loud, the spa janitor even made a racket while wheeling out the cart with all the dirty towels.. this is soooo not soothing and relaxing!!
    the scrub ended within 20 minutes. and then my therapist tells me the rest of my treatment will be in the steam room. WHATTTT
    so my 45 min scrub just turned into a 20 min scrub and now they are telling me the steam room is the remainder of my trmt (yes the same room that all those naked men were doing pretzels and crunches, and heavy breathing) - (strike 11)

    we are so outraged at this point we leave immediately and go down to change into our clothes and get out of this sorry excuse for a spa. we went back to the hot locker rooms, with no toiletries to get ready to leave. we went back upstairs to pay for our trmts. $50 with automatic 20% tip added on.
    when they asked if i enjoyed my treatment, i couldnt lie or candy coat it. i was honest and said how let down i was, they seemed a little embarrassed / apologetic, but not too much when they blamed spa week for mis-advertising the trmts (strike 12). i went back on spa week's website to make sure i wasnt crazy. it clearly says 45 minute treatment!!

    standard you need to get your act together, be on time, book trmts in private rooms or at least ask your guests if they mind being in public and maybe try to implement a no-nudity policy in the unisex common area, or at least let your patrons know ahead of time what your spa is all about, so they can be prepared.

    oh yeah and just to make a bakers dozen of strikes - the front desk dude was totally incompetent at charging me for valet (strike 13) he seemed offended i wanted to pay the $7 (with validation) with a debit card.

    18/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Annabella S.
    still love The Standard- but now that the day pass is $75- reduces my star rating for obvious reasons.

    annual pass would be an option if they weren't such nazi's about bringing my well behaved groms in tow. oh well.

    instead- i wish they could instill a 'locals' discount? wishful thinking...

    02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    50. Brooke M.
    My husband and I took advantage of a September spa special and spent 4 days at the Standard last year. It was by far the most relaxing, romantic, and healthy trip we have ever taken. We spent mornings and evenings in the spa and day time at the pool.

    Must do: Take a bath with essential oils in the hammam room and make sure to book a massage before you leave. Try every meal at the restaurant and the poolside grill. The food is fresh, healthy, and innovative. After dinner, soak in your own tub on the patio of your room and enjoy the Miami evening.

    We borrowed bicycles from the front desk and took a fun ride to South Beach. The hotel is so peaceful on the island but still so close to the beach and all of the best South Beach shops.

    We can't wait to go back.

    05/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Annette M.
    The Standard has the nicest pool/jacuzzi and a great view. I'm waiting for spa week to take advantage of my credit card rewards points to use towards getting a massage. Can't.....wait! I hear bingo nights are fun also. :)

    07/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. irene m.
    I saw many great reviews of the hotel, but I have to say, I was disappointed.  The front desk staff wasn't exactly the friendliest, but the rest of the hotel employees were.  We arrived around 4p, which was check in time, but did not get a room until just before 6p.  We asked for late checkout, which we got until 2p, but when asked for just another hour or 2 because they checked us in so late, they gave us a really hard time and tried getting us to pay $99 for a 6p check out. the hotel was empty on a Tuesday, so I didn't see why they couldn't give us just another hour or two.  The walls of the rooms are so thin, that I could hear the person next door going to the bathroom.  
    The best thing about the hotel was the Lido restaurant which had great healthy options.  Pool was nice. I wouldn't stay here again. i've been there, tried it, and have stayed in many other places that were better in Miami.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    53. Sophie D.
    The perfect place to go with your lover! We got a wet room, yes that's the name of the room. All of the rooms are named something naughty. Once you get to your room you notice outside there's a bathtub. Open the door to a huge bed!  Bathrooms walls have floor to ceiling mirrors. Late at night you fill up the tub outside and just sit down and relax with your loved one. They have a coed spa with a sauna, steam room, cold rinse, and more bath tubs that you can sit down and relax again with your lovey. Good place to go for an anniversary.

    11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Torrey R.
    Don't miss the Hamam or the Sea Salt French Fries.  The Hamam is just a relaxing warming room in the spa but I found it to be a great way to break into a weekend.  

    I think this would be a great spot to treat your special someone.  Beautiful spa, good drinks, decent food and a pleasant relaxing atmosphere really close to the South Beach night life.

    Oh and some of the rooms have semi private outdoor bath tubs for the semi exhibitionist in you.

    04/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Renee A.
    As a resident of Miami the Standard was a great hotel for me to put the holiday guest that didnt fit in my house.  It is away from the bustle of SoBe but close enough to enjoy if you wish.

    the drawbacks of this hotel however is the staff.  The hotel offers resident rates for those of us who live in Florida which is great.  A part of that package includes parking.  Due to the location of this hotel there isnt any street parking and therefore valet is a must.  The resident rate is $50 cheaper then the regular rate and again it includes parking.  Since I live in the area i also was the designated chaufer.  

    The staff had charged my guest the regular rate, and I found that they added my parking onto one of the room bills.  When I questioned them about this and providing proof of residence a-la drivers license and of course car registration ( yes the car also has FL plates) they said there is nothing they can do.  

    I didnt make a big deal about it since I already had the stress of trying to keep my family happy but I felt this was completely unacceptable.  

    Hotel is nice, spa is nice, pool is great, food is lacking and the staff is worse.

    23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. John M.
    I didn't know what to expect when I made a reservation and thought it was a mistake when the cab dropped me in front of what looked an old outdated motel-like "resort".

    Once inside, I was met by very friendly staff and was accommodated in my request for a room. Because of the weather, I spent most of my time indoors, but it was a nice, relaxing time for me. The spa was great with the hammam, steam room, etc. The food was a bit pricey but tasty.

    I stayed only 2 nights but plan to return each year. In fact, I just recently purchased a groupon to return before the end of the year.

    06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Barney B.
    I am not a fabulous person.  they exist, it's just not me.  in fact I resemble a baboon, including dressing like one would dress.  So coming here made me wary, just because I thought it was going to be uncomfortable if your body/style/persona wasn't perfectly sculpted by gym, knife, or otherwise.

    and to be honest, this place was fabulous.  They took an old motel and literally made a masterpiece out of it.  they could have cut corners and didn't.  they could have played safe, but didn't.  And while the pool was stocked with fine human specimens, I never once felt like my monkey butt was somehow out of place (i.e. no one cried, yelled, or pointed).

    it's hard to list the best thing about this place - the service up front, the pool, the location (off from the chaos, but close enough to walk to it), the food, the rooms, the view.....  all of these compete for top spot.  and therefore a return visit is all but guaranteed.

    I will say that the bar seems adequately staffed, but always seemed to be slow.  that's only slightly harder to swallow by the smallish $14 drinks they finally would bring.  Not enough to ding a star, but something that should be mentioned, if for no other reason than to prove that this is not spelp, just a damn satisfied guest.

    05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. julie b.
    If you like peace and quiet go to SoBe in the off season, late September is perfect.  The hotel and the spa were very quaint and I wish I would have stayed at this hotel than at The Shelborne, but The Standard is also a bit more expensive.  Spa treatments were a second best.

    I splurged for the KISS package at the Standard Spa with my boyfriend and it was money well spent.  My boyfriend's masseuse actually climbed up on the table to ensure he got a deep tissue massage.  The massage was followed with a scrub in the Hamam. And in standard SoBe fashion, gratuity was included.  

    We stayed at the hotel all day and took advantage of the pool, sauna, steam room and other amenities included with a spa package.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  Everything was clean and due to the off season the pool was quiet and relaxing.  If you can't afford to stay here, at least get a treatment!

    19/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Paula K.
    Pretty hotel, love the retro feel! Rooms are spacious and well furnished. The rooms are kept way too cold though. But this is the only negative. Smart touches like the ihome /iPod player are nice.

    16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Jeffrey L.
    I didn't have the opportunity to stay in any of the rooms, but I did go to their weekly Sunday night Bingo event.  All I can say is that it was memorable!!
    Will do it again.  The number/ball calling was entertaining.  It was a pleasant an young crowd, playing Bingo.  Something that I have not done since I was eight years old.

    22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Yumiko F.
    Have a lunch or cocktail with nice breeze by the water!

    I went in for lunch and it was nice to sit outside and not faced to the street where people walking by or any of that!
    Not to mention pool is right next to it and if it is too hot, makes you want to just dive into it..

    I ordered salad and it was great!
    I always liked food in one in LA so I thought it will be the same type as well and it was.

    Definitely come back for stay and hang.

    15/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Maurilio V.
    Me and wifey stayed  here for a week and was not dissapointed. The first thing I noticed was that the hotel is a bit old,  but from what I saw in miami all the hotels are old. That's not necessary a bad thing I guess they are trying to keep that 70's feel. I liked everything about this hotel. The service was awesome, room was small but clean and the pool was the shit. The valet was always quick, the most i waited was maybe 5 minutes. The gym was adequate and I never saw it full. I will be back next year!

    29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Rachel W.
    For my first yelp, I really wanted to choose something worth yelping about, and Sunday night bingo at the Standard is totally worthy!  

    Me and my girls rolled in after the fun was already under way, but it was easy to find a seat, grab some cards and stamper-thingies and catch up with everyone else.  Within minutes we had a good-looking waiter catering to our every whim, and a plate of delicious marinated olives and fresh, unfettered tabouleh followed shortly thereafter.  I washed it all down with one of their mojitos, which I highly recommend if you're in the mood for something sweet.

    While my friends had led me to believe that the crowd might be on the swankier side, everyone was casual and relaxed, which is totally how it should be on a Sunday night.  Needless to say, upon walking in and seeing the hipsters in dishabille, I immediately felt better about my wild hair and sleep-deprived countenance.

    Once we were in the game it became abundantly clear that this was not the same bingo I played volunteering at the old folks home!  The delightfully feisty hostess kept the mood lively with her sexy commentary and occasional requests for the crowd to recite silly and/or bawdy terminology (I think I yelled out the word "boobies"  at least 40 times).  

    The best part - each winner gets a prize from the hotel, and prizes range from manicures and massages at the spa to the grand prize - a free one night stay.  What's more - I TOTALLY WON THE GRAND PRIZE!  Granted, my one night can't be during the weekend, and there are blackout dates, but who cares!?!?  Just yelling "BINGO" and being told that I really did have it was immensely satisfying in and of itself!  

    All in all, it was a great way to wind down the weekend.  If you're feeling lucky or are just looking for a novel way to spend your Sunday night then definitely check it out.  You will probably see me there!

    16/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Maria T.
    I just came back from a facial at The Standard spa and am still in a state of bliss. I got the "resurface" facial with Kathy and everything about it was divine.

    Kathy even gives a hand, arm and neck massage in between facial masks. Total cost? $120...not bad considering a strong peel is part of the service.

    The spa's other facilities were closed but I've heard the the hamam is outta control.

    The restaurant downstairs in the lobby is pretty solid. My gal pal and I split the turkey burger and veggie wrap.

    PS...the valet takes FOREVER. It took 15 minutes to get my car because the valet has to park the cars all the way on Michigan Ave.

    All in all, the perfect way to spend a rainy summer Sunday.

    31/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Aurelien L.
    The swimming pool and the grill nearby have a dramatic view on Miami bay, I love also the small outdoor spaces with cushions, fireplaces, shadows. The architecture idea to redesign a motel into a luxury nest without destroying anything is brilliant.
    I slept in the room like a baby and the outdoor bathtub is a must ! Food is healthy and drinks are great also. The spa space is astonishing and treaments are good especially the face treatments. Why do I put only 3 stars ? For one reason : the service is really not good, even annoying, desagreable..
    Rooms are cleaned very late in the day (they have until 5pm to clean the room !), no resupply of mineral water and shampoo.
    Tips are included in the price which is fine. But the personnel at the bar make remarks if you don't over tip !
    The swimming pool is invaded by people from outside the hotel. The personnel of the pool knows the ones who are members of the spa. So that when you are a guest of the hotel, you hardly find a seat around the swimming pool and you feel like an outsider !
    At the bar, I had to ask 4 times just to order a glass of champagne, and when the waiter has come you don't see him back !
    Same for the breakfast area, where you are told there is a waiting list also of people outside the hotel. And you can wait 20 mns just to have coffee.
    When you arrive in the hotel, checking in or not, you may have no "Hello" and don't expect any smile.
    In general, the staff seems sad and not friendly, you could even suspect that they may be not well paid, or not well treated.
    and so on
    The conclusion is that :
    - you finish by regretting not to have booked at the Raleigh which has no view and no spa, but where you feel a guest.
    - you find the prices too high for a rough adult summer camp...

    23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. jane d.
    love love love this place!
    Great for drinks and a sunset, spa day, lunch, long weekend escape.
    adult playground!

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Daniel P.
    I just returned from a 4 night 5 day stay at the Standard and now I don't ever want to stay anywhere else in Miami ever again.  The hotel/spa is located on the bay side of Miami Beach and away from the strip (yet not too far if you want to go).  The rooms are either on the ground floor or the second and you never feel like you are at some giant, commercial resort.  the pool and deck/yard area are quiet with a lot of little nooks to chill out in, plus the restaurant has a nice, healthy menu.  the pool itself is my new favorite and with it being on the bay side, sunsets are incredible.  the spa has everything you need and is open to all guests.  i did not take advantage of any of the treatments (this time).  the place is entirely low key, quiet, and generally affordable.  the staff leave you alone and if you need something, they bring it right to you with a smile.  highly recommended.

    19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Alan R.
    Met some friends last night at the Standard for drinks.  It was Friday so the place was very lively.  Nice night, good drinks, great views.  All was well until we could not get our car from the valet for 45 minutes!  When we parked we were advised to call 15 minutes ahead when we wanted the car returned.  From back at the bar area, we called the front desk, gave the lady the ticket number and she said she would take care of it.  When we went up to get the car, no one at the valet knew anthing about the call.  From that point, we waited another half hour.  All the staff including some guy who said he was a manager did nothing about it. Finally, I demanded a refund (which I got) and finally the car came.  I guess that is what you would expect from a place which is basically a motel 6 with white curtains in front of the rooms, a nice pool and a bar.

    04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    69. A Peace Of Mind C.
    We went to The Standard last Wednesday night to have drinks and hear live music. It was AWESOME!!!! The singer, Cleveland Jones, and 2 other musicians put on a great show, we had a lot of fun. The vibe is very cool, but not the typical Sobe coolness, which made for a very nice experience. the band plays inside to the right of the lobby, and it works out really well. We, the audience, get to lounge in the very comfortable sofas, and chill out. It's almost like Cleveland and his band are playing in your living room. It's a great feeling!!!!
    On this night they had a great drink special featuring Gran Sierpe Pisco for only $7!!!! at the Standard!!!! You gotta check it out on Wednesday night!

    04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Melisa S.
    Needs renovation. Spa bare bones.

    24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    71. Maria W.
    Amazing space. Come on Sunday night and sit in for the fun bingo party. Yes, bingo. It's held in the lobby. All the popcorn you want to eat. Prizes are spa treatments, haircuts, manis and pedis. When you tire of the game, go sit outside by the pool or bay and enjoy the view.
    Well mixed drinks and spot on service.

    29/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Alice S.
    "This place is so romanitcal."
    Yes, those were the exact words that came out of my mouth as a girlfriend and I walked by the moonlit cabanas swaying in the light evening breeze. We grabbed a seat right by the bay and chatted the night away.

    The Standard's pool has the best real estate in all of South Beach, hands down. The moon, a full view of the bay and plenty of outdoor space make for the perfect environment.

    I'm eager to check out the spa and restaraunt, but for a lovely Valentine's day date, head straight to the Standard.

    09/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Lauren T.
    I give it a 4 because it's expensive and you can no longer just get a mani and pedi and then spend the whole day there using everything, they now make you pay $40 if your spa purchase was not over $100.  WTF.

    So the pool area is really damn cool, but the real winner at the Standard is sunday night Dirty bingo and tues night Gameface.  So much fun i almost don't want to mention it because I don't want it to get over crowded.  Erica the MC at bingo is hilarious and the guys that run Gameface are very nice.  And best of all it's free!

    13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. John C.
    Fantastic place for lunch. Right on the water, people walking around in bathing attire, menu had some good choices, hard to decide. Lots of eclectic dishes.

    15/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Jordan N.
    This is a nice modern hotel with a retro feel as the building itself makes me think of the 1950s. Maybe it's MiMo (Miami Modern) style?

    Nice pool, drapes for the front entrances of the rooms like the Delano, renowned spa, and a more seclusive and quieter area than the ever-so-busy South Beach.

    30/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. R L.
    The location: Located in the old De Lido Spa (and sill maintain the name on the exterior), the Standard Spa attempts to create a kitschy relaxation zone that boasts a plethora of indoor and outdoor spa stations; plunge pools and a marble hammam.  Located in the Venetian Islands, on the bay side of Miami Beach in a residential area, the outdoor pool patio area sits on Biscayne Bay with views of multi million dollar homes to gawk at and mentally redecorate.

    The staff: In typical South Beach fashion, the Standard Spa staff could care less if you where there. Upon checking in, you are greeted with a blank stare and a bored sigh, before they hand you a tightly rolled bathrobe and send you to the locker rooms, located a floor below the actual spa.

    The locker rooms: We aren't difficult divas, truly.  We can deal with the locker room not being located near the spa.  We found the fact that they were an entire floor below the spa a bit odd, but we were game. Until you get in the elevator to go down a floor (the staff ignored questions about stairs) and step out of the elevator into a dimly lit hallway; to your left a door is market "Executive Offices"; to your right another door marked "Offices". Not a single sign about locker rooms.  We were perplexed, and tempted to go back upstairs and get all Diva-fied on the receptionist for sending us to no-man's-land, when a bathrobe clad visitor came out of the door on the right, and encouraged us on in our quest. After walking through a rather long and smelly hallway past maintenance rooms and various staff offices, you finally see a door marked "locker rooms" Whew!

    The locker room's tile and foil wallpaper were relatively clean, although we couldn't be entirely sure if it was fashioned to look like 70s kitsch, or was in fact 70s kitsch.  If you are looking for amenities in the locker room, this is not the spa for you. No q-tips, combs, lotions, or full length mirrors were available. Overall, not terribly inviting, or a diva worthy start to a day of relaxation and a difficult way to return to the world as the showers lacked conditioner and shampoo, but did boast a body wash that smelled suspiciously like Listerine.  Seriously though- can a diva get a dollop of hand cream??

    The lounge: Hmm... There wasn't really a lounge. There was a tiny enclave with a couple of hard couches and fuzzy pillows behind the receptionist's desk, but guests were encouraged to wait for their treatment in the hammam (PS Be sure to bring a bathing suit- most treatments are in the public view).

    The Steam Room:  It was hard to determine the size of the steam room, as walking into it was like walking into thick fog filled cavern. The meager sunlight streaming through the small skylights at the top of the walls barely permeated the steam, and instead felt claustrophobic. It was cloying, and we didn't detect any specific aromas in what was supposed to be aroma therapy stream. The steam itself was especially hot, and again, thicker than necessary, stinging you if you sat to closer to the vents as it poured out in a loud belch in what felt like 45 second intervals. How much steam was it? So much so w e couldn't tell if we were actually alone in the steam room and accidentally sat on another guest. Yeah, we though that was creepy too.

    The treatments: We Diva'd it up at the Standard:  The Turkish Rub & Scrub, Baths, facials, Pedicures and Massages.  The Pedicure and facial were lovely; our skin was glowing and our toes expertly polished and shaped. The masseuse's hands were a bit small and, well, clammy, for our taste. Diva rules of massages- you can't forget the feet, hands or face. This masseuse did.   We also questioned the quality of their massage oils, as several hours after the treatment, our skin grew rather red and itchy. The Rub & Scrub and baths all took place in the very public co-ed Hammam. Do you know how difficult it is to fully relax and let go when you are in a transit room between saunas, steam rooms and showers, while the cleaning crew is clattering their carts as they roll across the stone floor, or while they clean the tubs, their keys and brushes, clanking and scratching the metal tubs? It's pretty impossible.   For the Rub & Scrub, the masseuse gave a very vigorous massage/exfoliation combo- perhaps too vigorous as we noted a rather colorful patina of bruises across our extremities the next day.  Note for the Run & Scrub takers- tell them to be extra gentle!

    The baths were an epic diva fail. Sitting in metal tub filled with murky water, while strangers stares at you was comple

    15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    77. Kevin N.
    I think most of the world might well agree that anyone expecting to agree with everyone across the board in life is due a rude awakening or two, and so it is that I respectfully disagree with a few folks who didn't mesh with the Standard. I can see how this spot might not be for everyone, but that didn't mean that in turn I didn't find it anything less than charming, with pockets of luxury besides.

    They're very good at including some natural noise breaks here, and to that end, in my myriad trips through and around the lobby, the Standard does a very nice job of introducing you to a pervading quiet. So too it is with your walk to your room. My understanding is that some of the rooms also come replete with hot tubs on the front patio, but in my experience, we sauntered past the foliage that dampened the sound, to a room plenty of space, and though utilitarian, plenty of comfort. A continued walk toward the beach leads you to the restaurant and the pool area, overlooking the water. I made sure to peel off a little time under the waterfall the morning that I left and what a great way to relax. The problem, mostly, that I had with the Standard was that I knew my departure date (that and there's virtually no parking out front..so be prepared to valet), and that can be a hassle. But would I stay there again? Sure. In a heartbeat. Now if someone could explain why the logos are upside down, we'd be solid.

    03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Philip I.
    I headed over to The Standard last night at 10:45pm just to relax and have a drink and listen to some good old fashioned house music.

    DJ Djinji Brown was spinning and though his mixing is off sometimes (even though he was using only CDs), his track selection was quite fitting for the setting and ambiance of the little "lounge area".

    The drinks are expensive ($17 for a Grey Goose L'Orange & soda) if you don't order one of the $10 specials on their menu (which doesn't change often enough in my opinion). They also have a selection of bite size finger foods and other delicacies, though I have never tried any of these. BAr service is very average, though not at all memorable.

    The only gripe I have about this event is that it should be outside by the pool. The Standard has one of the best bay views from its pool deck (in my opinion; Mondrian's Sunset Bar is another great spot for views) and begs for a small party with good house music and stiff drinks. I think the main reason they keep the music indoors is the noise complaints from the hotel guests. I don't know about you, but if I'm staying at The Standard on South Beach on a Saturday night, I'm not going to be asleep at midnight (that's when the music stops).

    25/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    79. CliveJackson H.
    Amazing location right on the water, within walking distance of the main action on South Beach, but removed enough that you feel that you can really relax.  The property used to be the Lido Spa so it has some history to it.  Its a mid-rise building so everything does not have a huge, out of proportion scale to it.  Nearly every room looks out over the garden, pool, and onto the causeway.  

    For Miami the room rates are pretty reasonable and you have access to one of the best spas in the area.

    16/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Sharie B.
    If there is a salad that could bring me close to tears it was here at the Standard on NYE.

    I attended the I LOVE MIAMI 365 photo shoot and arrived early for a bite at the pool/waterside restaurant out back. It was an amazing day, sun high in the sky and then the menu arrived. Being from an island, the Seychelles, the fresh octopus salad looked good. A super fresh green juice with a shot of wheat grass and I was good to go. The octopus was so fresh and perfectly done. It really reminded me of afternoon lunches back home on the beach with fresh, clean, good food. Not something that is easy to find here in the States often.

    I will go back again and again for this perfect meal. I have found it!

    08/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Malinka M.
    Do you know how THE STANDARD hotels have their signs and some décor upside down to add that element of coolness? Well, in my experience with them, it was exactly that... upside down.
    A few weeks ago, I decided to take a "staycation" here in Miami.  I had been feeling a bit restless, but I was reluctant to get on a plane to go away.  So that afternoon I researched online the list of hotels here in Miami where I've not yet stayed.  One of them was the infamous STANDARD hotel, dubbed as a "hip and luxury spot" - according to Google search.  Though I vaguely remembered having just a "so-so" time at both the LA and South Beach pool/restaurant locations, I decided to give them another shot; after all they don't allow children, which is a big selling point for me!
    When I logged on to THE STANDARD website I was quite surprised, if not alarmed, at how low the prices were.  No, the joy of "finding a deal" did not come over me as I strongly believe that you get what you pay for.  But I wanted to know: is there a "catch"?  Navigating the website to find more information, I found the pictures to be promising, but the language to be confusing:  "Medium Lush", " Large Wet", "Missionary", "Sleep-over", "Bath terrace".  What in the world does "medium lush" mean?
    After spending half an hour on the website, I decided to call to get answers more directly (I believe it is always better to talk to a live person).  So there I was on the phone...and it rang for a while until finally a male voice with a strong Spanish accent greeted me "Hahlo?".  No offense to Hispanic people, but I was a bit confused, had I dialed a motel in Bolivia or the receptionist stepped out for a bathroom break and janitor was covering his shift?
    "Is this the Standard hotel?" I asked.  There was no immediate answer.  I could sense a struggle in the background: I could hear him yelling in Spanish to someone else in the distance while attempting to cover the speaker.  He could've just said, "Uno momento por favor," and placed me on hold, but I found this to be awkward and almost rude.
    A minute later, a polite yet dry male voice got on the phone.  After answering a few questions and settling on a particular suite (I felt blessed already!), he transferred my call to the spa.  I made an appointment for a massage and then was transferred back to the reservations clerk to complete my booking.  
    "Hahlo?" the same Hispanic voice answered again.  
    Gosh, does this person actually works the phone?   ...What I don't understand is why a non-fluent English speaker would be the one responsible for answering phone calls from prospective customers in the first place.  I asked to speak with the gentlemen I had spoken with before, but to my dismay, he was no longer available.  Instead, I had to deal with a person who barely spoke English.  The reservation that was supposed to have been settled earlier could not be found and trying to find an explanation from someone who could not communicate clearly made the situation all the more frustrating.  
    Traveling a lot and living in Miami, I've become accustomed to hearing all sorts of accents and hearing them frequently.  I don't mind speaking with people who make a genuine effort at communication. But with this reservations clerk, his incomprehensible accent only highlighted an attitude that felt confrontational and revealed his lack of caring.  It took over an hour just to complete a simple reservation - and that is simply unacceptable!  

    ...THE STORY CONTINUES ON "conversations" category...

    03/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    82. Ron B.
    4th of July poolside at The Standard.  Chef Ike and staff were gettin on with the best ribs I have had in a long time.  My friends were equally pleased and we had a great time!  The dock provided a nice place to sit and enjoy the view of the pool and bay.

    04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Corina B.
    Went to the Standard Hotel for the Simple Saturday Event which is held every Saturday. First off I must say that I am not writing about the hotel, but rather the event I attended. The hotel is gorgeous. That is why the area where the Saturday event was held threw me for a loop. The crowd was young...they were doing some weird, crazy dances(you know, the ones with the flips and the rolling on the floor). Anyway, had a drink which was average, DJ was cool, but the crowd just did not agree with me.

    Hubby and I went in the back, and man what a difference. The view is awesome. The waterfront restaurant looked interesting but  just sat back and enjoyed the view. They even have this cute lil area with swings which I took advantage of.

    Would NOT go back for the Simple Saturday Event, but would go back to the hotel around sunset for dinner and to relax.

    12/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    84. Virginia B.
    My valentine surprised me by taking me here on February 14th and he is still patting himself on the back for his brilliance (and rightly so).  I have a low tolerance for... well, spa-type relaxation... but I'd been craving some time in the sun and some pampering.  

    We did a couple's massage, spent a couple hours exploring the indoor facilities (heated marble slab, 2-person bathtubs, steam room, sauna), and relaxed in the sun by the pool until we determined we were medium-rare.  

    My favorite part about this place was that while it had all the amenities, I did NOT find it pretentious at all.  Everybody was nice and accommodating, the guests seemed relatively down to earth, and I felt like I blended in well.

    I would say that the one drink I ordered was so-so, because for a $12ish dollar "fresh raspberry mojito" I expect, well, at least ONE fresh raspberry, plus it was 90% alcohol.  I almost returned it but then I took another sip... and another... and... mmm, this drink is goooooood.  Wheee!  

    Valet, though?  Yeah, slow.  Really.  Slow.  Not sure how to get around this, though.  Perhaps bring a book for the wait?

    Can't wait to try Bingo on Sunday night!

    02/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. paulita b.
    There are so many things to say positive about this place! From the very moment you enter the Standard you are greeted by a super friendly team and then once you enter your room you plunge into a brilliant display of danish minimalism and hand designed details through out! Upon exploring the grounds you feel the true essence of luxury while still feeling grounded and cozy! How do they do this? It's simple, they follow holistic trends and offer quality services, while employing a great staff! Also being situated on an island in walking distance to South Beach is a complete plus, far enough away to leave the new "SOBE" calamity behind, but close enough to shop Lincoln Road or hit up the Ol' staple restaurants.
    But truly, you may never want to leave the Standard at all! (Ok, maybe for breakfast, that was my ONLY let down), lunch and dinner AMAZING! Also, the spa services are top notch. Water front sunrises and sunsets, late light fire pit lounging, jeebs!!! What can I say other that, we will be back next year!

    19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Lara S.
    Though I have never actually stayed there, I really love the Standard. A renovated old hotel on Miami Beach now houses a luxurious respite from the hustle and bustle of Miami and the Beaches. They have a lot of events there which invite locals and guests to really use the hotel- not something many other hotels do.

    Bingo at the Standard is super fun! I've never won, but one day... The prizes are great including free nights and the Standard and spa treatments. Best of all, it's free to play. You can order drinks and food, and they pass out little shooters every once in a while. I should note that it's "dirty bingo," which means that the hostess makes little dirty comments when calling out numbers. Seems to keep people entertained and laughing.

    The outdoor parts of the Standard are reason enough to visit. They have beautiful gardens, cute little seating areas, and a big pool overlooking the bay. There's a restaurant and bar there too.

    Only down side is the parking. It's $10 to valet and not really anywhere else to park. It also took a really long time to get the car back. Depending on how far you live, it is probably just better to walk - or, maybe park on South Beach and walk over. At least you won't have to just stand there and wait to get the car back and you'll have a nice walk back over the Venetian.

    11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Ruth K.
    I stayed at the Standard Hotel for 4 days and I had the most wonderful experience.  
    Starting with check-in, I loved the decor of the lobby. Very retro, mid century design, light wood, Brazilian jazz playing sotfly, etc... Totally set the vibe for a relaxing stay.
    --My room was extremely clean and all white. It was surprisingly simple for this price range, but I was actually relieved at the lack of glossy, kitschy miami-style decor.  This was totally zen. I love that they cover the TV with a pillowcase of some sort to (1) encourage you to go out and enjoy the facilities and (2) not have any technology invade or disrupt your relaxation.   It's a brilliant touch.
    --The spa was heavenly. Everyone says the hammam is incredible because it is! I got a full body oxygenating scrub, a back facial and custom face facial. I chose to have one treatment per day because my room package gave me a generous credit at the spa. Each treatment was wonderful.  My aestheticians were Elizabeth and Mariah, both very skilled and warm people. I was really pleased with the treatments and would recommend the spa to everyone.  As other reviewers mentioned, the locker rooms could use an update, but they were clean and functional and I didn't have any problems there.
    --The pool is divine. It's right on the bay. The pool side service is such a luxury. The servers are gorgeous, courteous, very helpful... it was the perfect place to vacation. I spent hours poolside, met some lovely new people, felt totally pampered.
    --They call it an adult playground because there's all sorts of things to do on the hotel grounds without ever having to leave. If my Miami friends hadn't forced me to go out for some shopping and restaurants, I would have been very happy to stay in the hotel for the entire 4 days.  At night they light up the fire pit, which is so magical. I happened to be alone but there were plenty of couples when I was there (it was valentines weekend) and it was very romantic. I should say though that I didn't feel uncomfortable at all being alone. There are hammocks and gardens and all sorts of little zones to chill out in and read or sleep or tan... the grounds are really lovely. There is also alot to do like all day yoga classes, paddle boarding, ping pong table, etc...
    --At night the Lido bar is lively, and just the right vibe. With a 60's vibe, the music, the incredibly friendly staff, I couldn't have been more comfortable even though I had come alone. I met lots of cool new people including some really fun staff members, like David a server who is also film maker, Keith at the gift shop, and Mateo the yoga instructor... I know it's their job to be nice to patrons but they went out of their way to be genuinely friendly and make me feel really comfortable.  Overall the mood of the place is so positive, you can't help but feel uplifted. On my way out at 5 am, Robert at the night desk made me a coffee and helped me into a cab and then refused to take a tip! My point is, the staff is outstanding and are responsible for creating the wonderful experience of staying at the Standard.
    --Cons- Yes I had a magical and truly rejuvinating vacation, but there are still a couple things you should be aware of before booking your stay. First, cost: the prices are what they are, but the surprise comes when everything gets an added fee. Yoga is 'free' but there's an $18 fitness facility charge (i guess for the mats?). Breakfast comes complimentary with the room but again there's a restaurant charge plus a 20% gratuitity that isn't  included in the free breakfast. You get the idea... so be prepared to pay a little more than expected upon checkout.  Second- I had a room special that included breakfast and credit at the spa but I was charged for everything at the end. They immediately adjusted my bill, and I am sure it was an innocent mistake, but just don't be the person who hands over their credit card without looking at the itemized bill or you might get duped.  Third- the rooms are arranged motel style, with each door going straight to the outdoors. I loved that because I spent most of my time outdoors and loved going from my room straight to the pool let's say without having to first walk through hallways and lobby in bathing attire.  But on the last night it rained and it occurred to me that it would be impossible to leave the room now without getting soaked!  So if you're coming in rainy season, be prepared. Fourth- about the room opening to the outdoors, I heard everything from outside. I was near the pool and the pool is open 24 hours plus there are people walking the paths and hanging out at the fire pit all night... my fix, i let the bathroom fan go all night as white noise and slept like a baby. Last- it's not family friendly. The no kids policy is intentional and welcome actually, but that means the the pool is topless, the gift shop doubles as a sex toy shop, and the spa is co-ed throughout.  Good to know.
    5 Stars for the standard!

    27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Maria A.
    Came here recently with yelpers ready tp get our BINGO on! Alas, they were showing a collection of short films pre-game and so then we tried to head outside to imbibe the view and a few drinks. Foiled again! Damn you cold front, Damn you and where the heat lamps at Standard?! Everyone knows you need heat lamps in South Florida. We headed back inside and into the bar but that was packed with many fleeing the films. Finally, we made a line and ordered drinks. We then headed for the restaurant before finally getting some game time in.

    We walked into the middle of a real-life dance-off and those boys were bringing it! They even had their four-legged best friends in on the action.

    Shots were passed, innuendos were said, "BALLS" was shouted over and over and um wow again? over again.

    If you're heading to Bingo get there EARLY.

    01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Howard R.
    There are much better options in South Beach for your hard earned dollar than the Standard.  
    First off, it's not on South Beach.  Island drive is a loooooong walk to the hub of Collins Ave and there is nothing within a couple of blocks of the Standard.  Since the bar at the hotel closed at  midnight I asked the front desk to suggest a spot.  "I don't know I don't live around here"

    This is the essence of The Standard in SOBE.  They don't know and they don't care.  No offer to help with your bags. No robes in the room.  They just don't care.  I could list a dozen more. Give us your money and get out.

    The staff is beyond arrogant.  I realize this is meant to be an upscale chic hotel but that doesn't mean the customers want you to be a douchenozzle.

    The room we had was nice. A bit sparse. Smallish but right by the pool.

    The gym was run down with equipment and things like the T/V.'s not working.  No water or towels in the gym.

    The pool is really nice.  Beautiful bay views and it's open 24 hours if you want to take a late night swim. As for the pool staff see douchenozzle above.

    The valet.  Very slow.  Also, I asked the guy for directions and he looked right through me and didn't respond.  Thanks bro!

    Did I mention the parking was $35. Yeah..neither did they until we checked out.

    We didn't have a chance to use the spa and only had a snack by the pool so I can't comment on these things.

    I'm glad I got a great rate on Easy Click but even at half the usual Standard prices it was not worth it. Much better options right on Collins for the same prices and better amenities.

    20/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    90. Carpe D.
    I write reviews on each spa during spa month.  I call myself Carpe Diem.
    I went to the Standard spa today due to celebrating spa month. Yes everyone spa month is a celebration LOL.  Ok let me explain the 3 star rating :
    First when I pulled up at the spa I was not greeted by the valet guy I was immediately told and was pointed out the small damages to my car.  I was mortified.  A guest who was waiting for her car even said that was so rude.  I notice when I came to get my car from valet the valet staff did not treat anyone else that way nor did he point out damages to their car. (Awkward Pause and Blank Stare...Moving On)
    Second the spa front desk staff was not attentive to people waiting to be called back for their massage.  For example several people was standing around by the front desk because the spa staff failed to inform them that they can wait in the "relaxing room" area.  I also noticed there was several people waiting in line that was not acknowledged by the spa staff.  They could have at least said "sorry for your wait" or I will be with you in a few minutes."   After standing around for 30 minutes I happen to notice the water by the front desk.  When I went to get some water it was empty.  ***The spa and valet staff are the only reason I am giving this spa three stars. I would suggest more training in customer awareness and service.***
    Let's talk about the GREAT things about this spa: The Hamam Rub and Scrub (by Max) was to die for.  This is the only reason I will be back to this spa.  Ladies you must try this massage. Your body will thank you!!  You will get a very relaxing massage then you are scrub down and are rinsed with water. When you think you are done you will sit in your own personal tub for as long as you want.  I would definitely recommend this massage to EVERYONE.    Hopefully the spa and valet staff will redeem themselves by then.

    12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    91. Andrew J.
    The Standard just launched their first happy hour (finally).  Fridays from 6-9 at the Bayside Grill.      Live music,  half price drinks and special "snacks".  The best just got better.   An incredibly beautiful, chill, sophisticated place to watch the sun set over the bay and get your weekend started.

    09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. David M.
    reasonable rates, got a free upgrade at checkin without even asking.  super friendly and helpful concierge and front desk staff.  love the pool, there's music in it! the spa/hammam is also pretty awesome. Not the greatest massage but definitely the most expensive i have ever had. probably not the most exclusive or upscale spa in miami, but has a cool vibe. spacious and relaxing grounds close enough to south beach for partying, but just far away enough for relaxation.

    28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. fernanda b.
    what a special hidden gem. beautiful gardens, pool and hamam/spa. I love it! I am super excited for the outdoor Tony Horton P90X workout on Sept 2nd on Biscayne Bay. tonyhortonmiami.com
    special 40/all day SWEAT, SOAK, STEAM pool and spa pass plus an exclusive workout with TONY HORTON LIVE!!! then chill poolside w/ cocktails or healthy snacks wow!!!

    20/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Rula S.
    Today, I'm reviewing the massage at the spa.  I'm really into service, but the massage was good enough to merit a 4 star rating.
    I hit the standard for Miami Spa Month, did the massage with the Turkish Hamam...mamma mia!  What have I been missing out on!  I want more!  I will definitely go back for more bath time.
    However, the rooms are less than "standard," especially for the price you pay.  The service is also less than standard for the price you pay.  I live in Miami, I'm used to poor service, but not in hotels.  Even the women who was checking out in front of us had a difficult time with the man behind the counter.  Service does suck...it sucks.  The reason to return is for the lovely massage and hamam...ahhh, these people are serious pros-customized to you and very attentive....it's all about you in the spa!

    15/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. William B.
    I was all excited about coming here for the much-hyped bingo, but it's not recommended.  Drinks were scarce and expensive, the room was crowded and not particularly pleasant, and it wasn't even funny.  Sort of like a frat party with neither sex nor alcohol readily available.  I'm sure the hotel has redeeming features, but I don't need to spend my time finding out what they are.

    02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    96. Jim L.
    A divine weekend celebrating a good friend's 40th.. his wish? to take a bunch of pals and traverse to the standard in Miami. We really hit a home run. For $189 a night we enjoyed an upgraded patio room with semi private sitting area, and all of the wonderful amenities that were not up charges:

    *Turkish baths
    *steam room
    *the Haman (hot marble wet room
    *fabulous pool
    *cool water dipping tub
    *hot waterfall
    *continental breakfast

    I dropped one star for the weird breakfast. Typically, the continental is a nice spread in the library, but on the weekends, they do the same menu as table service. In so doing, we go charged for some items that would have been on the continental buffet anyway. In addition, the service was slow all around.

    For $17, I am going to try one ashtanga yoga class in a few hours. Awesome!

    17/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Pretty Intelligent A.
    I went to this spa as a retreat on a vacation to Miami for a wedding and I was completely in awe with their spa amenities.

    After my full body sugar exfoliation and a massage, I lounged for hours in the steam room, sauna, and laying on the warm stones.  I recommend this location for couples and groups of friends-- coed lounge facilities.

    In the lounge area, there is fresh fruit, clean towels, and cold drinking water. They provide comfy robes but bring your own bathing suit and flip flops.

    As a heads up, this hotel only has valet parking so remember to validate your ticket while you're at the spa or the staff will charge you $30 for parking... I think parking is $8 after validation.  Also, please remember to bring your own flip flops and swim suits.

    18/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. J B.
    I'm stingy when it comes to doling out five-star ratings, and the Standard Miami was definitely a toss-up. But I'll err on the side of caution because I don't think this "is as good as it gets" by everyone's definition.  But for a certain portion of the population, this place is spot-on.

    The location didn't bother us in the least. In fact, it was refreshing to be removed from the hustle of Miami Beach. Tucked away in a revamped hotel, The Standard asserts its own brew of laid-back chic from the moment you walk into the lobby.  My friends and I got an instant buzz off the vibe of the place. We couldn't check into our  room yet, so they stored our luggage while we grabbed some food at the cafe.  I was suffering from an epic hangover, but my travel companions both were satisfied with their lunches. I pocketed one of the (free) apples sitting out in the lobby to enjoy later.  

    I will say that the rooms are not the reason to go here. They are fine, even delightfully quirky.  But the reasons to shell out a few extra dollars for The Standard are the wonderfully rejuvenate amenities, and the (generally) topnotch staff. Detox in the spa, sun worship by the pool, and relax by the fire at night.

    The concierge was marvelous, and got us into a restaurant that was (ostensibly) booked up that evening. She sent along spa passes for us to give to the hostess who got us the table.  It was nice to see that cordiality hasn't completely vanished from the earth.

    I also was slightly enamored with the other hotel guests. There was a solid mix of clientele.  Personality oozed out of most everyone there. I would have been happy spending my entire weekend within the confines of the The Standard.

    In summation, we had a fabulous weekend here. The bling-tastic, label-centric nature of Miami was a huge turnoff to me, but The Standard really was an oasis in a desert of tackiness. If I go back to Miami, I assure you I will be staying here.

    21/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    99. Whitney R.
    After a particularly epic Bingo Dance Off that ended in an uproar of applause for yours truly I was fortunate to win a rub and scrub along with a few other prizes. I finally got to get my spa on!
    I booked an appointment for a wednesday night ( Bingo wins can only be used mon-thurs and I work all the time). I showed up about two hours early for my appointment and took full advantage of the spa. Lounging on the hamans, lounging in the steam room, in the hot tub, in the sauna then by the fire, then back to the sauna...you get the idea.

    At my appointment time a man who I could feel was a gentle soul, called me over for my rub and scrub. He laid warm towels down on the heated haman for me, and poured warm scented water all over my back.  He applied a scrub then rubbed down my whole backside, massaging as he went. The he had me flip over, gave me a wet cloth with which to cover my eyes, then finished my front side with the same warm water and exfoliate!

    WHEW. My skin has not been that soft since I came out of the womb.
    Just one more day that makes me LOVE  the Standard!

    21/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Esteban Z.
    Went here for Bingo Sunday night and had a blast....
    Drinks, balls and dance offs! Need I say more?

    12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Tania H.
    I decided to check myself in right before Thanksgiving holiday & I am so glad I did.. it's one of the best hidden gems in South Beach. Not as pretentious as Shore Club or Delano it concentrates itself more on being an oasis. The staff is very friendly and helpful; you have a variety
    of choices to unwind,detox,clear your senses,center your chi, find your zen; whatever tickles your prickle. If you can, definitely book yourself a treatment at the spa! I decided to get a detox massage and a mani/pedi which were glorious. The spa itself is pure serenity  - the hammam baths are so tranquil, I easily spent three hours altogether. The best is if you book a treatment the facilities are included or you can book yourself a day pass for the indoor & outdoor baths & pool.

    28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Alyvia M.
    I went back and spent the day at the spa. I woke up early and took yoga, then followed it with 4 hours of sunbathing. It happened to be 87 degrees, without a cloud in the sky. I used the steam room, and got a massage. After showering, I put on the plush white robe they give you, and walked back to the pool area to have lunch and drinks. My best friend met me for a few cocktails and we left shortly after. I spent the best day of 2009 (the last day also) at The Standard. I have to change my rating. It was epic!

    02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Crista L.
    *Amazing pools: Infinity Pool/Roman Waterfall/Arctic Plunge Pool
    *The Spa Service menu is extensive including: DIY Scrubs, Various Massages, Body Wraps, Hot Stone Therapy, Detox, Yogic Henna, Mani/Pedis, Meditation, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Yoga, Martial Arts, Sacred Dance + plenty more
    *Traditional Batthouse including: Hamam Baths, Aroma Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Mud Lounge, Cold Rain Showers
    *Customer Service is excellent. The entire staff was friendly & professional.
    *The on-site Lido Restaurant is excellent offering juices, smoothies, and veg-friendly items, a raw dish, and vegan dessert. ginger shots for everyone.
    *Everything seemed to be co-ed. sexy, stimulating, eye-candy
    *The Yoga Class I took was advanced, invigorating, an amazing workout.
    *The on-site gift shop & spa retail area were both packed with *cool* items including swimwear, yoga-wear, bath salts, soaps, candles, knick-knacks, accessories, books, coconut waters, sahale snacks, + more.

    I'd love to give The Standard 5 stars BUT there are a few cons.

    *One day my yoga instructor showed up to class 10-15 minutes late. She then allowed someone walk in to class 30 minutes late. The next day, the yoga instructor didn't show up at all. No one ever bothered to tell us he wasn't going to show.
    *The Yoga room was a little stuffy, although large & empty.
    *The Guest Rooms look a little worn, used. Definitely not 'cozy.' The room was very hot & humid even though we had the AC on full-blast. Someone elses trash / coffee pot & cup had been left on our patio -looked as though it'd been sitting there for a while.

    I stayed at The Standard on a Thursday and Friday. It seems as though "couples" occupy the space throughout the week and as the weekend approached more "singles" and "girlfriend-parties" were showing up.

    If you are single, stay on the beach Monday-Thursday... only stay at The Standard on the weekend.

    My girlfriend and I stayed on South Beach Monday-Thursday AM, and then hit The Standard Thursday afternoon through Friday PM. I would definitely stay at The Standard again, but probably only for 1-2 nights at most. I would get bored if I were staying any longer than 2 nights.

    21/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    104. Janty S.
    Uh, can you say the "Sub-Standard?"

    This is NOT, I repeat, NOT like the Standard in L.A.  Paid $250 to feel like we were camping.  It's an old school hotel and stylized as such, but the room decor is really that stark and small.

    We had booked a room with a king bed and received a queen.  Since it was through Expedia (yes, our mistake for not going direct) the hotel wouldn't do anything to help us or move us to a different room.  FYI, they called the room they gave us an "upgrade."

    I don't care if the pool has a South Beach back drop, the rooms are definitely not up to par.

    30/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    105. Jeremy S.
    I really liked this hotel. The rooms weren't great, but the pool, jacuzzi, steam room and spa showers were really great.  It felt like a casual islandy/beachy getaway. Not the cheesy Miami scene I was expecting. If you eat there, try the artichoke frites!

    24/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Jefferson C.
    When we arrived, I was thinking a sold 4-star hotel, when we left, I was down to 3.  

    pros:  lovely pool and grounds.
    cons: rooms are small/service is unpredictable.

    We stayed in a ground floor room with an outdoor soaking tub.  However, the magic was lost because about every 2-3 minutes there was a slamming door and a squeaky-wheeled service cart rolling down the walkway.  Apparently, the north side is between the kitchen and the cabana deck.

    The Hamman is great, but it could use a little staff attention to make sure that towles/cups are available.

    Overall, service was mixed.  front desk and concierge were great.  Wait staff was not, I even sat in the bar one night around 11..the only patron...and was ignored by 4 servers.  Gratuity is included in all food/beverage at the standard, so there isn't much motivation for them to go the extra mile.  Of course, our last night, we received excellent wait service on the deck restaurant and bar.  We left the waiter and extra tip, but it seems fundamentally unfair to have a forced 18% for the crappy waiters.

    07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    107. Laura S.
    Stayed here for what started as a girls weekend to escape the cold New York winters, but ended up being my bachelorette party weekend. Such a perfect place to celebrate or relax. When we arrived, our reservation had been screwed up (I booked the trip on expedia but for some reason they thought we were arriving twenty days later). It could have been an awful experience, but the staff was incredibly helpful. They allowed us to check in early (which was great because we arrived at 9am and check in isn't until 4). The manager, Ben, came over and made everything better for us.

    The rooms at the Standard (this was my second stay so I had a taste of two different kinds of rooms) are so beautiful, as is the pool, spa, restaurant... pretty much everything there actually.

    I would say that my only cons for this place, and what keeps me from giving it 5 stars would be the fact that I believe it's a tad bit overpriced. I don't think spending $10 on a small fruit bowl for breakfast is reasonable but it was delicious so I got over it pretty quickly. They also add gratuity on every check (which sometimes is not deserved). Finally, be careful what card you give them to hold for incidentals. I was not told upon check in that they continually charge you more money throughout your stay to keep up with the balance of things that are charged to your room. Although it didn't affect my money situation during the trip, it was not properly explained to me until check out time. If you only bring a certain amount of money or credit to spend on your trip, you run the risk of running out of money.

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Luisa C.
    I booked myself for a facial at their Spa, which is located on the 3rd floor of the Standard Hotel.  The locker rooms to change into your robes is on the 2nd floor. When you look at their spa menu and layout on their brochure vs. the real thing, it absolutely does not compare.  I imagined it much more spacious and high end but must say that its very mediocre considering their exuberant prices. I am of the opinion that if you are going to charge me, I expect an impeccable service.  I don't want to be left unsatisfied. I expect a certain flow of things, which was not the case here.  The facial itself was not bad, but not one of the greatest I have received. At least my face is glowing now.

    So I arrive there at 2:50, when my appointment was at 3 pm.  I knew I was late for taking advantage of the sauna and steam room prior to my scheduled appointment, but I also knew that I was on time for the facial. Unfortunately, my facial occurred around 4 pm. Why, you may ask? I ask myself the same question. I do not know.  I think my specialist took his lunch break or something..
    This is how it occurred: I arrived, asked the girl about the spa set-up and she volunteered to show me around briefly; thereafter she showed me into the tranquility room and suggested for me not to change into my robe yet since my appointment was on time.  2 min later she came into the tranquility room asking me to actually change now since the specialist was setting up the room and I would have some time.(some consistency please!)

    It literally took me 5 min to change and come up.  I waited another 10 min or so before I asked the same person at the front desk (Carrie) again and she told me that he would get me at the tranquility room shortly.   Well, I proceeded to wait obediently another 15 min and thereafter asked somebody else to check what was going on with my appointment.  Paul was very friendly, but it seemed as if he was organizing the disorganization behind his front desk. He apologized and said that he could give me a discount, which he unfortunately never passed through.  By the time I  was finished , he was busy with other customers and quite honestly I did not want to wait any longer to check out.  I was told : " ... well, it seems like it all worked out at the end...since you were able to open your pores prior to the facial by using the sauna etc...." While that might be true, what if I did not want to use the steam-room or sauna. That is not what I wanted to hear and was uncalled for.

    Ironically, I was thinking of using the steam room, which by the way was out of order that particular day. My luck. Further, I could not find towels and had to ask a cleaning lady to get me one.  I do not call that flow of things..   They also do not provide you with flip flops, so bring your own..

    I asked them if they would validate for valet wherein I got a fake smile and was told that somebody downstairs could help me with that.  If you do not validated parking, tell me yes or no. Is that too much to ask?  Do not want to be the messenger of awkward news.... or what?
    Valet seems to be the same for everyone, unless you are a member of the standard, otherwise it is 10 bucks.

    Been there, done that.. will not repeat.

    16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    109. Connie N.
    After an annoying few days at The Fontainebleau, I made the switch to The Standard Spa for a change of pace. As soon as I arrived, I was kicking myself in the ass for not staying there the whole time! Thanks to hilarious Ben with his ultra-warm welcome and the super friendly Alex who showed us to our room, we immediately felt right at home. Everything about this place was incredible--the gorgeous location, the classes (BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU!!), Lido Restaurant, the stunning pool overlooking the bay, I could go on for days! The hotel also reminded me of a free-love hippie commune (albeit a very upscale one) and I loved every minute of it. I will most definitely be back ASAP!

    12/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Triana L.
    As a frequent visitor to Miami, I have enjoyed The W, Fountaine Bleu, Soho and The Delano. As an LA native, I Was skeptical about staying at The Standard in Miami. Bottom line, this is a tranquil resort environment with none of the headache some of the aforementioned properties include. The grounds are impeccably kept, the service is 5 star and if you are lucky enough to have Louelle or Anthony serve you at Lido, you're in for an attentive, fun and delicious dining experience. Upon checking in and out, Terrell Jones and Gabriel will treat you like a celebrity. Jose Carillo runs a tight ship and goes out of his way to maintain a level of service and comfort that SHOULD be the standard at each of their properties. I would recommend this hotel, the spa and the food to anyone that understands value, appreciates true hospitality and craves a tranquil and relaxing experience. Standard Hotel LA & DTLA need to step up their game. Half the price of The W Miami, and 10x the personal, hand tailored experience and service.

    21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. hillary c.
    We had a lovely escape here in the summer. It's the perfect place to hide away for a few days. Very simple, but very stylish.

    There are two restaurants: One on the dock by the water, a great place to eat seafood, sit in the breeze and the glow of twinkle lights. Actually it's pretty darn dark at night. The one off the lobby has a small but delicious menu. Great 70s style lounge atmosphere with amazing furniture.

    I enjoyed a self-serve mud bath, baking myself in the sun and then soaking it off in a claw-footed tub.

    The sea-salt pool is wonderful, with a heavy waterfall that gives a great shoulder massage. And the view across the bay from there is calming.

    The rooms are small but comfortable. Comfy bed, comfy couch, big shower, all delivered with simple, beachy style.

    All that style at such a reasonable price. Marvelous.

    10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. Manuela F.
    I spend one day in this spa and everything was ok.

    I made a reservation for a message together with my husband, incluse in the price( we paid 150$  each for one hour messagge )you can use all the rest of the service. So we came 1 hour before for stay on the pool and have lunch (tartar tuna...really good).
    after the massagge(was excellent!!!) we used sauna and came back to the pool for have drink ....
    excellent staff everyone smiling and helpful.

    10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Erica C.
    I went for the Soul Temple package: a tiny woman scrubbed the sh$t outta my sh$t then massaged me and left me in a nice little bathtub. Be aware that the spa areas are co-ed, and most of the people are pretty good lookin. I reflected on this as I sulked in my tub, flabby and topless. Any treatment at the spa is such a great deal because it includes access to the stunning pool. I could've stayed poolside forever. I would recommend going on a weekday if you can, since it's not as busy.

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    114. Brandon L.
    I would do 3 and a half stars if I could......my first experience there a year ago was phenomenal.....I was blown away at the atmosphere....customer service.....the spa was awesome.....had a hamman (not spelling it right) and a massage and I was transformed into another person.....incredible.....I went back recently to get away for my 40th bday....kinda a big deal....and wasn't as enchanted....the service by the pool pretty much sucked.....constantly rubber necking it looking for someone to place an order....not cleaning the tables.....just crappy for a hotel like that and the money you spend to stay there. I like the rooms....not super quiet though I was woken up at 3 am by the people next to me coming in drunk.....thin walls.....but whatever it's south beach people are having fun I can live with that.....once the manager was made aware of the crappy service they were AMAZING and really went out of their way to make up for it.....really cool. The pool is amaze balls ....music under the water.....um really?:) food is awesome.....but its definately an expensive stay so bring your wallet!!! I'd go back for sure but I think I'll check out another place next time.....

    25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    115. Rich B.
    It's a nice  motel, if that's what you are looking for.  The restaurant is nothing special go eat elsewhere. I had a 10$ 10oz smoothie, and 5 1 ounce empanadas for 14 bucks. Tasty but very small should be a 5 dollar plate.

    20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    116. Caro C.
    I live locally and wanted a nice night out near the water. Friend suggested this place. I love it!  The atmosphere is light and breezy.  Everyone greeted us with a hello. I liked that next to us, some people were playing a board game and sipping on cocktails.  Very unstuffy for SoBe which was refreshing.

    Food was excellent. Fresh ingredients and wonderful cocktails. Best outdoor space with fire pits, swinging chairs and even a badminton court tucked away on the harbor.

    31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Giorgio C.
    Is a shame! I was here today, I called before to know until what time breakfast was served outside and they answered until 12. We arrived at 11.40 and they started to say that outside after 11.30 was only for members or guests. Then they let us sat outside by the dock. After 10 min arrived the server for our order. We placed an order for breakfast before noon. He came back after 10 min telling us that the order couldn't  be placed because it was after 12. He gave us the beverages that we ordered and told us that he would talk to the manager to place the order. At the end he didn't and we had to pay $25 for a beer and a Bellini without having brunch...and with 18% gratuity already included! I'll never come back, too picky and snob!! I'm only giving 1 star but I wish it could be 0!!!!

    11/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    118. alan m.
    The Standard is a package of different products that I'd give different rating to.  This review is only about the hotel, which is a gussied up dump with utterly indifferent and clueless staff.

    Check in is traumatic, with staff seemingly in training on how to use the check-in system and without any understanding of how to manage queues of people waiting to check in.  During a recent stay, they could not give me a key because their "system was down" so they let me into my room but then I couldn't leave unless I wanted to leave the door ajar.  I couldn't get a key for 12 hours.

    I ordered a pillow from the front desk - it never came.  I ordered breakfast which was promised in 20 minutes.  It took nearly an hour to arrive.

    The rooms are dumb.  The TVs are tiny.  There is a ridiculously small table barely big enough for a single PC.  There are no side tables by the bed.

    The hotel's location is not ideal - a long walk from most of SoBe.

    On the plus side, the pool is amazing and the food - when it's finally served - is very good.

    06/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    119. michelle z.
    AWESOME! It has an infinity pool, artic plunge, a full bar and restaurant. Try the frozen peach bellini while you sit in a mineral tub after getting naked and rubbing on a ton of mud! Oh and guess where the tub is located? Outside behind the pool overlooking the beautiful bay. This place can be described in one word.....PERFECT! I wish I could afford to be a member! I think its like almost $200 a month. I would be there every other day for sure. So much cleaner than the Russian Turk.bath house. Check it out its total bliss! I wish I were there right now instead of this accounting class!

    25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Candice O.
    The Standard is an oasis away from all the madness of south beach.  The room was beautiful and comfortable.
    We had amazing service at the restaurant and especially the pool (Marcello was perfect!).
    I really enjoyed the pool being open 24 hours. I was surprised and delighted at the underwater music.
    The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because of some service hiccups.  When I arrived the woman at the front desk was extremely rude. She made me feel like I was bothering her (she rolled her eyes at me and was very short in her responses) because she could not find my reservation.  
    Also, when we went to the spa for a couples massage the girl at the desk said that our reservation was not for 9am but 9pm. Another mistake, that they quickly tried to remedy. I wish I could remember the name of the man who gave me my massage, it was complete bliss. Best massage I have ever had!
    We will be coming back.

    15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Ben A.
    The Standard has it all when you're looking to relax and get pampered.  From the spa treatments to the bayside restaurant, the staff and product is 2nd to none.  The infinity pool has music playing underwater and there is a hot tub with a waterfall as well as an ice cold plunge to cool you down.  Outdoor mud baths are available as well as a weekly Lazy Sunday BBQ which is my favorite place to catch the sunset.  Paddle boarding and ping-pong are just two of the outdoor activities taking place at any time.  Bingo, Trivia, DJs, and other entertainment happen in the lounge bar area and the mix of locals and informed tourists are always a lively and eclectic bunch.  Check out the standard if you're looking for tranquility and genuine service.

    15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Monte F.
    Let's start with the positive.  The spa is very nice and so is the pool.  The hotel also has a nice style and the rooms, while not very large, are unique.

    Now the problem.  For the amount of money you pay to stay in this hotel, the service is lacking, to say the least.  We had to change rooms because our toilet was broken at about midnight, and no one even apologized, nor did they help us move our stuff to the new room (which was all the way on the other side of the property.)  

    The other big negative is the prices for food and drinks.  For example, if you want to order something on the "overnight" menu, there are just three items: Cold Lasagne for $30 (tip already included), Turkey Sandwich ($25 with tip and charges) and Yogurt, for... get ready... $22.  Yep, a cup of yogurt for $22.  

    At the pool, we ordered a gin and tonic and a pineapple juice which cost $27.  

    A couple of appetizers and one drink cost $90!!!

    The out-of-hand prices would be more palatable (but still unacceptable) if the servers, hotel staff, and maintenance workers delivered top-notch service, but they simply don't.

    It's a real shame, too.  The place is beautiful.  Too bad it has to be ruined by terrible service and ridiculous prices.

    18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    123. Katya S.
    I finally had a proper massage! Fazli from Malaysia, is incredible! I had an hour and extended it. I was so broken from jet skiing and he gave me one of the best deep tissue massages, no swedish fluff, just proper trigger point by trigger point massage.
    He is a must if you are need of real fixing.
    having the spa amenities is a real treat as well :-)
    i will be booking Fazli soon again. A true Sunday treat :-)

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Dara L.
    Other than a 'cute' or 'eccentric' personality (fantastic ping-pong table in the lobby!), this place was terrible. Although we checked in well after the standard check-in time, our room was dirty. The bed was made but there was dirt/grime on the bathroom floor and surfaces were dusty/dirty. The housekeeping service came immediately to remedy the situation however they missed many spots so we found ourselves not placing any of our toiletries on any shelves in the bathroom as they were still dirty (the kind of dirt/grease that is obvious with a simple finger swipe).

    The bed was comfortable, but the rooms are minimal and the walls thin. You can hear people walking by your room all night which made it very difficult to sleep. A friend who was staying here bought ear plugs and said they helped him sleep.

    The spa was also very disappointing. See "The Standard Spa" in Yelp for my review there.

    Side story: when we returned from the spa to the room in our robes, our door wasn't working. The battery in the card-reader had died. The maintenance was very helpful and prompt in fixing, but we really were beyond our threshold for patience at this point.

    Overall, the staff was gracious and responsive to our complaints, but we were so frustrated and disappointed after the first night that we ended up changing hotels for the rest of our stay in Miami Beach. We paid more for a different hotel, but the difference in quality and cleanliness made the extra money well worth it.

    19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    125. Marcos R.
    Sunday's is a great time to check out the Standard, if you're a local or otherwise.  You can have some cocktails outside by the pool, or inside the lobby and play bingo at night.  They give away night stays, spa treatments, etc.  The drinks in the lobby bar are top notch, made with fresh fruit.  A little spendy, but you gotta spoil yourself once in awhile.

    The pool along side the bay is gorgeous.  A perfect spot to be at during sunset.

    11/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Doug J.
    I would rather stay at a Holiday Inn.  The building itself looks awful and I have stayed in larger rooms in NYC.  The rooms have a "mobile home" feel to them.  The parking is $37 a night.  

    Having said this, the SPA is amazing.  I would suggest staying at ANY other hotel and taking a cab to The Standard for the SPA.

    24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    127. Elizabeth R.
    Don't go to the Standard Hotel.  You'd hate it.  OK, OK... that's a total lie.  It's fabulous and I can't imagine not loving it.  It is my personal definition of perfection.  But if you go, please be gentle and don't spoil the amazing, laid-back vibe.  Here's what I've experienced so far...

    The Pool-- The view of the Bay and city skyline is priceless and superb.  The scale of the pool area, like everything else on the property, is perfect.  There are bigger pools on the Beach, but there isn't one in which I'd rather take a dip on a weekday afternoon or evening.  After floating around for a while looking at the clouds and/or stars, take a seat on one of the many comfy lounges and watch the boats, the pelicans, the sunset... Weekend afternoons are much busier, but any Monday through Thursday, this is where I want to be.

    The Bayside Grill-- Start with a cocktail.  There's one called the Little Red Bicycle made with elderflower-infused vodka, and the fresh-fruit of the day mojitos are amazing.  They muddle the fruits on the spot, so it takes a few minutes, but it is well worth the wait.  If you're with a group, get a pitcher.  If you're celebrating, a bottle of cava makes for a light, delicious toast.  Share some appetizers.  Everything is fresh, light, healthy and divine!  I've had the hummus, the raw lasagna, the flatbread, and the eggplant caviar.  All were perfect to share and enjoy with a cool beverage on a warm evening.  The only entree I've tried so far was the grilled tofu.  It was fantastically flavorful.  If you get something from the grill, you get choices of sides and sauces.  The coconut sauce is made from real, fresh coconut-- as in just pulled from the shell.  I've also tried the olive tapanade, which is slightly less rhapsodic, but also good.  For dessert, try the espresso pudding.  Wow!  Kind of like the love child of ice cream, chocolate mousse and espresso-- cold, creamy, light texture, rich flavor-- I did not want to share this dessert.  It was too damn good.  

    Stitch 'n Bitch-- The indoor environment at the Standard is almost as spectacular as outdoors.  The hotel was lovingly, carefully restored, so the groovy design elements from the '60s are still intact.  The crowd at the Stitch 'n Bitch was warm and eclectic-- different ages, skill levels, etc... The indoor bar is in an adjoining room, so you can get a cool cocktail, pull out your knitting project, and share tips and chit-chat with everyone from a lovely older Jewish lady wearing a head scarf that matches the lobby's design motif to a twenty-something twink who can knit anything from a toy monkey to an afghan.  I've heard they also do bingo nights, but I haven't tried one yet.

    The Yoga Classes-- the studio has windows facing the bay.  This means that when you have to stare at a fixed spot to maintain your balance in tree pose, you can be looking at a lone palm on tiny island in the bay instead of the Nike swoosh on some chick's gym bag in the corner.  The teachers are serious yogis-- knowledgeable, serious, and seriously blissed out.  You will be too if you follow their teachings.  They are also, without exception, young, toned, and naturally gorgeous.

    The Spa-- the Hamam, the steam room, the sauna-- all fabulous.  No one's pushy or flashy.  Everything works and is wonderful.  

    I love The Standard!

    02/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. Kathleen H.
    Oh i want to be. . . a milleeeeeonnnnaaaaaaire. . . .So that next time i come here, there definitely will be a next time, I can really enjoy all the spa amenities and services, which, judging from the spa menu are completely astonishing. I love being rubbed and buffed and completely pampered. AAAAAAAAHHHHH. . .

    As it was, I had an awesome time here - beautiful. Got a great rate through my group and shared with a good buddy. The patio restaurant lounge has a gorgeous Bay and skyline view, and there are beautiful people walking around in robes and scantily clad, myself included of course (ahem). The atmosphere is very laid back and geared to complete relaxation. It's like a completely different, but highly complementary, world than the glitzy Deco hotels down town.

    The pools were amazing - big infinity pool, all kinds of hot tub/ waterfalls, amazing and so fun.

    Our room was very small - but the room space is doubled in size as it extends to a private patio with a large, deep bathtub outside. The only design flaw I see with this? Only coarse cloth walls between patios. Let me paint you this picture. A gorgeous evening. The thought of a hot bath al fresco enters my mind. I walk out *slosh aslosh a slosh    mmmm . . slosh.* OOOh. Couple next door is . . in their tub. Slosh slosha slosh. Giggle. Slosh grunt slosha slosh. I noisily clear my throat and turn on my tub, and turn OFF my light, realizing that the light viewed from darkness makes the curtain transparent. They whisper, and giggle. slosha slosha. OH for the LOVE OF MIKE you two, now I'm feeling left out. Invite me over? At least turn on your light so I can enjoy the show through the curtain? AWK
    So. . . other than the curtained patio thing. . .Definitely worth a stay for the spa afficionado. Just a short cab right from the main strip beaches as well.

    01/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Pr I.
    DISSAPOINTING on so many levels.

    +Pros: Good deep tissue massage for me (though my partner had an "average one" he said.

     Poor Customer Service throughout whole facility (main desk, spa reception (and reservations,) pool service staff and food servers. The first time I called to make 2 massage reservstions there was no answer...during business hours. The next day when I finally got a hold of the main desk I was sent to a voice mail. When the spa called my back the woman asked for me but name and then repeatedly called me the wrong name during the reservation. Once we arrived the spa the place gave me an overall negative vibe, nobody was smiling and nobody was happy to be there. I work in customer serivce too and am not always happy to be at work but when I am paying $380 for 2 deep tissue massages I kinda expect a parade when I arrive.
     The spa is pretty gross and smelled of mildew throughout, especially in the "Aroma steam room.) I have been to many other spas where they add a eucalyptus sent, or something else relaxing to the environment was was utterly confused why a place that was suppose to be "so luxurious" felt like a mold trap.

    22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    130. Samantha G.
    over all-I like the standard; nothing fancy, only slightly pretentious. That being said, the views are amazing, service dseserves one star....

    service-BE CAREFUL esp with your credit cards- there have been 3-4 times there have been issues with my group and credit cards in the pool area in particular. therfore I use COLD HARD CASH baby...

    On to the good news; its a lovely pool and spa to chill out on a glorious sunday and/or bring out of towners...Foodwise, I've read others reviews nothing to write home about in my opionion..

    The spa, Its nice I like the stones and the showers....the best thing about the standard is their amazing FACIAL, its expensive but worth it, ask for andrea...

    in miami terms; people its across the street for me, if I didnt live by it, i wouldnt frequent it....comprendo???

    18/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    131. Jackie B.
    Been here plenty of times...lots of times during Sunday night bingo (which is tons of fun) and during the daytime on Sundays to relax and chill out.  Reason for only 3 stars?  Well, the waiters at the restaurant are on island time or something; I have no idea how the hell some of these people are even allowed to keep their jobs with such horrible and S  L  O  W service.
    The pseudo-hipsters invade the lawn area beside the pool on Sunday afternoons, bringing their attitude, as well as their questionable cliche attire.  (Guys, it's Miami, it's not LA or NY).  
    But you can easily brush off that negativity with the beautiful, relaxing pool and amazing views.
    Valet also does take forever, so if you can bike here (especially with Deco Bikes across the street) or cab it, then it might be best!

    03/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    132. Cesar G.
    Beautiful view, great location, awesome ambiance.

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Chris A.
    Love this place, go for happy hour friday at 5pm.. and enjoy the sunset in the backyard.....great dark and stormys

    10/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    134. John Y. C.
    Ok, so it's already Sunday night, you've been out on South Beach all day shopping, drinking, swimming, playing, and you don't want the weekend to end just yet.  So what thou must do...?  Head on over to the Standard Hotel for Bingo night!  Yes, I said bingo, but not just any bingo, this is bingo, South Beach style!  

    So what is bingo south beach style you ask?  Well, first of all, there are no senior citizens at this venue.  The hostess calls out BALLSSSS! and there is usually a cute anecdote to go along with the number.  R. Kelly says that you must B 16 to come party with me!!  And what happens when more than one person calls Bingo?  No you don't split the prize, you have a dance-off!!!  I, a fellow dance-off winner, will tell you that its well worth it :-)

    So pull up to this inconspicuous driveway.  Yes The Standard sign is upside down!  Valet the car since there's really nowhere to park.  Walk through the softly lit lobby.  The decor is updated 60's mimo (miami modern).  Follow the sounds of a female voice through a microphone and you'll find the hotel lounge area.  Grab a few bingo cards, an ink stamp, a book from the floating shelves, and plop yourself onto one of the comfy Luminaire sofas (Mah jang series but in a solid navy blue).  Order a drink, or order dinner, or order a bottle of champange(!)  Alas, this IS south beach bingo.  Free shots are passed out throughout the night.  Prizes include free spa treatments.  So yes, I received a free facial by winning the dance-off.  

    So a perfect way to end a great Sunday is to hop on over to Venetian Islands to the Standard Hotel for a fun, laugh filled night of hot south beach bingo!

    27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. Todd S.
    Where to begin, well the hotel advertises itself as a Spa, well I don't know what property that considers itself a Spa allows smoking on the property, let alone at the pool. Nothing really clenses your body after having a treatment at the spa then inhaling cigarette smoke. Lets continue on your journey to relaxation and bliss . . . as you rest comfortably in your weathered chair at the pool you can close your eyes and soak in the obnoxiously pounding music. Oh yeah, they have a dj playing loud music while you try to relax at the pool and soak in the view. Yes, we all love loud music in Miami, but there is a time and a place, and poolside at the standard is not it. Keep that crap at tthe Delano. Oh what else... There food menu is awful. Like really awful. And service is not much better.  The view is great, but If they say, "golf is a good walk ruined" then the standard is "a good view ruined." Oh it was also great that the two days we stayed there at about midnight each night there was an Incredibly loud motorcycle that woke us up as the owner revved it's engine, not normal the hotels fault, except for the fact the motorcycle belonged to a hotel employee who parked right in front.

    23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    136. Sabrina J.
    I have always loved the Standard, since my very first time a few years back. The pool, hotel, outdoor grill area, indoor lounge, and spa are all absolutely gorgeous and inviting. The place is a gem of a spot, really. It's very relaxing, and is a great place for a "stay-cation."

    But I couldn't help it -- I had to take off two stars. It's a perfect location, but after my experience as a member this past summer, I can't help but see things in a different light.

    1. Location: Like I said, there is just *so much* beauty here. The location pretty much couldn't get any better.
    2. Hammam: It's perfect. It's everything I have ever wanted in a spa, then some. The sauna, the sound shower, the steam room, the deep steel tubs. And, of course, the giant marble hammam.
    3. Food: The food prepared at the Bar & Grill is simply amazing. I don't think I've ever ordered anything that was less than stellar. While it is a bit pricey, that's only to be expected, and the food is never subpar.
    4. Roman bath/Cold plunge hydrotherapy: There's nothing more relaxing than alternating between the hot Roman bath & the cold plunge, and then lying back at your chair poolside as your muscles hum with happy, happy neurotransmitters.
    5. Spa services: They are perfection, really. Just amazing.

    1. VALET: The Standard really needs to contract a new valet company. I can deal with waiting, as long as my wait is reasonable. Still, my longest wait was over an hour. People who were "ahead" of me in the valet line kept  getting their cars, & the staff kept telling me my car was "on its way". When the valet finally brought my car around, someone explained to me that they were really busy, & that my car took so long to retrieve because it had been in the overflow lot. Someone could have told me that an hour ago, so I could have spent my hour in the hammam, at the pool, or sitting at the bar. Additionally, the valet company damaged my car. I didn't notice until the next morning, but my car was damaged by the valet the day before. Because I left the property, there was nothing to be done about it, though when I informed the membership manager, he forwarded my email to guest relations, who offered me day passes (not needed, I'm a member) & to set me up with a body shop to do the repairs at a discount. It's nice of them to offer a "fix", but LUXURY service means I shouldn't have to complain in the first place.

    2. CERTAIN MEMBERS OF THE POOLSIDE STAFF:  Certain members of the pool side staff need a quick refresher on what it means to be a server. While most of the folks who are working at the pool are absolutely great, a couple of them really need an attitude adjustment. There was one server who, if I ended up sitting in his section, I could count on to do as little as possible. (If I could, I'd relocate to the section of one of the other servers.) When he was my server, I often ended up getting my own drinks from the bar & had to wait ages and ages for anyone to even take my order. On one specific occasion, I sat poolside for 3 hours without service. When I asked the host to send my server over, he said that this individual would be right with me. When I stopped another server to ask if I could place an order, I was told this person would come & help me. One of the bus boys brought around ice waters for everyone & that was all that happened. Meanwhile, I watched my "server" sitting poolside with a guest and gabbing for 45 minutes, disappear, come back, sit down and gab with another guest for 45 minutes...

    While I think that overall the service at the pool is pretty darn good & most of the pool staff are friendly, efficient, polite, and up to the task, a couple bad apples spoil the bunch. Something really needs to be done about that. Again -- what is luxury service?

    3. TOO MANY MISTAKES: When I cancelled my membership because my summer vacation was over & I was returning to work, I was told that my auto-renew fee would not be debited to my account. Of course, my payment was debited. I contacted the membership director, who promptly reversed the charge. Again, good follow-up -- but the point is, I shouldn't have to follow-up. At the end of September, a total of 5 charges for the Bar & Grill from almost a month ago cleared my debit card -- charges I had long thought processed. It turns out, they had not, and the Standard had waited nearly a month to clear the charges, which were in excess of $200. I contacted the hotel immediately & again received a prompt & courteous response. The charges were accurate (which I never disputed) in amount, if not timeframe. I was given a flimsy story about why it happened (apparently, a computer error that effected 5 of my charges in a 10 day period), and offered (surprise) a day pass.

    Overall, this is a great place -- luxury location, luxury services, luxury food and beverage. The only thing missing is luxury service -- its so close to achieving luxury status, if only they'd fix a couple small snags.

    03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    137. Doris L.
    I came here for Sunday bingo - because I live in Florida now- and that's the law.

    This place has the great vintage feel of South Beach that I recall when I visited here a lot as a kid - way before it was called, South Beach.  There is a low-key ease at the Standard. My friends who stayed here had a great comfy room- and access to the heavenly little spa. The staff is exceptional - very attentive - without being stuffy. The amenities are understated but still plush and comfy.

    And Bingo night- get OUT!  So fun! Every Sunday, you can hang here - and not buy a thing if you don't want to  and just play.  (But bingo and a cocktail are a made-in-heaven combo - even if the cocktails are like $11.)  The fantastically NC-17 rated Bingo gal- -Vanna Black I like to call her - is sublime.  Her fave number to call - B-8.  Nuf said.

    People of all ages - mostly 20 and 30-somethings- plus an adorable trio of silver haired regulars front and center --lounge on the comfy couches or throw a pillow on the floor and - well, play bingo. The prizes are great-  spa treatments and day passes to hang at the pool.  I actually got a bingo - almost won a night's stay!! But someone else had bingo too. Beware- ties are settled via a dance-off.   Humiliation is great for the soul - and hips. (The sliver haired trio said I was robbed.)

    I've decided this is the best place to stay on the beach - cool and retro- nothing standard at the Standard -- and spa-like - plus bingo.  Perfection.

    29/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    138. Ben R.
    Amazing amenities: the pool, grill, cafe, hammam and spa are fantastic. The rooms are quite minimal (like most Standard hotels), but you don't come to Miami to watch TV. Go sit by the pool and order an Au Natural.

    While it might seem isolated, you really don't NEED to be on the beach for a relaxing vacation. And there is a great restaurant a quarter-mile away - Pubbelly!

    NOTE: This is a hotel for big kids (adults).

    20/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. Ryan O.
    It would be a mockery to review the hotel portion of the standard but I am going to attempt to do so anyway.

    The rooms are ridiculously tiny, as in only a few feet larger than the bed. There isn't a single table or stand in the room. There is some pitiful folding tray that I think is supposed to function as a stand but even then I don't know where you are supposed to put it because there is absolutely no spare space. Same for the bathroom, there isn't single spare flat surface on which to place anything. The shower? Well I wouldn't call it that. It is more like a tiled box with a shower head that to say could produce water at the rate of more than a steady drip would be a stretch.

    Before visiting make sure all your clothes are perfectly pressed and ready for wearing out. Otherwise you'll have to battle with the little two foot plank they consider an ironing board.  Don't expect this ironing board to have any legs. Even more frustrating is finding a place to plug it in as I could only find one outlet in the entire room and even that was hidden in some dark crevice behind the spare cot.  

    The bar was okay. It had a nice look and feel / ambiance. I asked for a drink which called for bitters... no bitters. I've been to airport bars that carried bitters. I ended up getting a vodka martini which was actually quite well made.

    The pool the next morning was really the lone bright spot in our stay. The staff was courteous, service was snappy, and the view of the bay combined with the surrounding scenery was quite pleasant.

    As a hotel, this place fails miserably.  The rooms are a logistical nightmare and non functional in terms of convenience. I couldn't ever possibly recommend this to anyone and it baffles me how this place gets such high marks.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    140. Robert M.
    My friend William and I went for Sunday brunch, March 10th.  We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the cafe and enjoyed our server's company.  The food itself wasn't much to boast about, but at least it satisfied our hunger.  The BEST part of our day was spent by the pool.  Big props go to super friendly (and handsome) staff member Danny.  Btw, everyone there is both amicable and beautiful.  With all of the great amenities at this well landscaped and laid out hotel, is there really any room to complain?  Once I move to SoBe, I might become a regular.  A day spent here was enough to convince me that the good life is not in NYC but is in fact found in SoBe.  I will be back!

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    141. Alissa W.
    This is my new favorite Sunday hot spot. I love the crowd it is not your cheesy South Beach gym crowd. More of a classy European crowd, and everyone is very friendly. The food is great too, the entire menu is really heathly. The service is great then give out towels even if you are not a hotel guest. I got the turkey sandwich on multigrain bread, $12 and a iced tea.  They have wraps, greek salad, ahi tuna salad, veggie cold lasanga, steak. You can pretty much add  $6 chicken, or $4 tofu to anythingT.hey service does not have an attitude the guy even brought me iced water. Girls were walking around handing out free Moet. I love this plave I definately will be here every Sunday !

    12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    142. Rachel S.
    As soon as I walked in I felt a sense of tranquility wash over me. Out back were soothing gardens bay views, and welcoming staff. Each time I come here, I wish I could stay longer.

    07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    143. Martin O.
    During Art Basel Week, we dropped by The Standard Hotel off the Venetian Causeway for the MOCA SPiN Galatica Party. The party was held in their beach area next to the water. The Standard Hotel location has a phenomenal view of Biscayne Bay. It was windy that night so the ping pong balls were flying all over the place. Soo Yeon Lee, the professional table tennis player/model and Wally Green, the professional table tennis player from the SPiN NYC Club were chopping and smashing for the large Art Basel Crowd.

    The Standard Hotel is a Boutique Hotel is several long blocks West of Lincoln Road near the up and coming Purdy Avenue Area. It's not near the Tourists on Ocean Drive if you want some privacy. There is valet parking in front with meters across the street if you don't want to wait in line.

    07/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Chris L.
    Had lunch here a few weeks ago and I must say probably wont return for lunch. $200 for basic lunch is pricey. There was 4 of us, so $50 a head for burgers and salads. Hmmmmm maybe the 4 drinks had something to do with the high bill. Yes it did. each drink was about $15 dollars and they were small. i don't mind spending $15 for a drink, but make it a drink.Yes it is Miami Beach, but would rather spend my money at another quality Miami Beach Resturant.

    12/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    145. Tessie B.
    Hubby arranged a spa day for me which included a 1 hour pedicure & a 1 hour manicure. You also get access to their spa amenities (which is co-ed, by the way). I didn't get much time in there, but i thoroughly enjoyed my mani/pedi. I got to drink some wine while looking out to the beautiful Miami Beach all while being pampered to the max. Great experience!

    13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Jared S.
    According to their own literature, The Standard Spa (which is both the name of the spa AND the hotel, very confusing when trying to book reservations for both!) is "an adult playground" and I couldn't agree more.  With your hotel stay or spa treatment comes access to *all* of the amenities - gym, locker rooms, turkish hammam (hot marble spa), steam room, sauna, baths, showers, and 24/7 access to the outdoor pool, waterfall hot tub, and cold plunge pool.  No children allowed anywhere in the spa, and children 14 and up only allowed in the outdoor areas as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


    The indoor spa amenities are nice - not the most amazing spa I've ever been in, but it's got the bases covered.  Plus, it never got too crowded when I was there (I made 3 visits to the indoor spa at different times over 2 days).

    The outdoor amenities are very nice, I loved the waterfall hot tub.  The deck has a ton of lounge seats and gets waitress service from the restaurant/bar.  And even though there are signs all over that food and drinks aren't allowed by the pool/hot tub, they didn't seem to care when I would bring my daiquiri over.

    The rest of the grounds are very nice as well.  All of the rooms have outdoor entrances and patios, it sort of reminded me of a Hawaiian or Caribbean boutique resort.  The courtyard is well maintained with swinging lounge seats, ping pong tables, and a fire pit.

    The restaurant had some surprisingly good food - I tried the dip sampler on the late night menu, then had a chicken pasta dish for lunch the next day and both were very good.  The bar mixed up very strong drinks.

    The wife and I got an hour-long couples massage and, while it was a little pricey, our masseuses were top notch.  I had trouble scraping myself off the massage table after it was done.

    Indeed, all of the service I had during my stay at The Standard was excellent.  All employees were friendly and helpful.

    The one downfall, as others have noted, is the miniscule size of the rooms.  There is no space for anything but a bed - no table or counter space, even in the bathroom.  And when you need to charge your electronics, the outlets are hard to find hidden the corners of the room.  But the bed was definitely comfy.

    So if you are looking for a *hotel* with a nice room, this is not it.  BUT if you're staying here for the right reason - you want to enjoy yourself at the "adult playground" - then you really shouldn't be spending any time in your room other than to sleep anyway!

    12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    147. Elle P.
    Perfect Perfect Perfect!! Great hotel, fabulous spa, amazing water front dining experience, MIAMI-STYLE!

    This place is wonderful for the person who wants to come and be part of the action but necessarily "be" the action.

    Stay away from the crowded, pretencious South Beach and check into the Standard.  You wont regret it.

    Noise and outside bar closes at midnight-- prepare to take your party indoors or over to Purdy Avenue.

    13/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    148. Kevin L.
    I didn't even actually stay at this hotel, but I wish I had after visiting it (some people I'd met were staying here). Rooms are definitely not your standard stuffy hotel setup with a bed and a nightstand. Nice wood paneling and then curtain dividers make the place a lot more open-seeming and lodge-like. Most of the rooms have patios that lead to the outside and you easily have a view of the ocean.

    It was really the spa that did it for me though. We started off with a nap in the hamam, which is an amazing circular chamber with heated rock floors. You just lay there surrounded by candles and roll off to sleep with the sound of just water droplets. The waterfall showers are also quite nice.

    The hotel grounds are filled with random art and little nooks for people to sit and just talk. The fire pit was probably my favorite, with huge shell chairs to lounge on by the pool. And the pool itself was a beauty. It's gently lit and looks like it goes right into the ocean. And of course, being Miami, you can park your sailboat right on the dock there to get to the hotel.

    28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    149. Lynn m.
    By no means it the Standard perfect... Some of the bartenders have attitude, parking is not possible, many areas are for members only, and it is ridiculously expensive, but let's face it, it is aesthetically perfect. It's my favorite place in all of Miami. Possibly the east coast. Can't *not* give it 5 stars.

    18/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    150. Aman S.
    This review is for the bar out back.  Its a great ambience and view of the inter-coastal.  A good place to have a cocktail, but horrible and slow service.  Drinks are pricey as well.

    09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    151. Whitney K.
    Hands down one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon in Miami. Killer spa and Russian bath house? Check. Delicious, fresh food straight from the ocean? Outdoor bar and restaurant overlooking the Miami skyline? Check. Luxurious pool and terry cloth robe to curl up in? Check.  There is truly nothing STANDARD about The Standard at all.  The simple, holistic approach to wellness and fun take away the guilt of day drinking and sitting in the steam room in the same afternoon and even though the pool-side lounge and in-house activities bring the trendiest Miami natives, the Standard never feels like a "scene." You can truly come here to escape, refresh, and rejuvenate.

    09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Katherine G.
    Before this past weekend I had been to the Standard to hear music and get drinks, but never stayed for the night. My wonderful husband booked us a room Saturday night to enjoy some much-needed R&R, and we left feeling renewed and relaxed, quite impressed with the service. Every employee there was wonderful--very focused on ensuring an excellent experience for each guest. For that, and the level of cleanliness and overall amazing style, I give The Standard major kudos.

    We really enjoyed the spa amenities, especially the steam room, which features refreshing eucalyptus aromatherapy. Aaaaah! In the same area there are giant bathtubs. We proceeded to fill ours up with bubble bath, and did some salt scrub back rubs for each other. Let's just say that EVERYTHING at The Standard is PRICY, and we didn't want the tab for the weekend inching into four figures. Buy the supplies there (or better yet--bring them with you) and DIY!

    If it had been warmer we would have enjoyed the pool and outdoor seating a little more. We did have a pitcher of Brooklyn Lager and a mezze platter outside, listening to some well chosen tunes. It was very nice even if we dropped $50 on that alone...anyway, at least you're getting quality food and good service. We also had dinner that night and breakfast the next morning and enjoyed every bite. I really liked the sprouted salad with seared tuna. :)

    The rooms reminded me of a pool house--tiny and cute. They have outdoor entrances, patios, and bathtubs. It would have been awesome to have taken a bath there, but the weather didn't cooperate. Oh well. We will be back to try again!

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Ryan A.
    Heaven has never been so close. The moment your pinky toes step foot into the spa, sparkles and magical nymph feelings start to happen. The Hamam - the heated flat stone, calls out to you to saunter over, find your level of nudity, and enjoy the percolating sensations of doing... Nothing.

    When you grow inspired to get up from you the marble stone (with your insides warm and sensuous), the steam room asks you the question: "Do you want me?" I reply yes...oh yes. The door opens, blinded by the steam... you take the blind leap of faith, whatever is in that dark, wet room is something I want. Step by step, I enter, the steam haze begins to clear, revealing a black shiny pew wrapping the wall to hold my body as it whispers sweet nothings of sultry indulgence.

    Wander outside to find the ozonated infinity pool overlooking the bay, washing all your worries away.

    If God had created a place to relax, it would be known by no other name as 'The Standard.'

    5 words or less:
    Titillate, Perspire, Undo, Sensual

    26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    154. Miriam R.
    We spent our anniversary weekend here and stayed in one of the poolside cabanas.
    The hotel lobby is very nice. The  room was outdated and we did expect  more considering the  $200 per night price tag. It was small and run down. The spa itself was beautiful and we enjoyed it very much. Overall we had a pleasant stay and would come back just for the outdoor jacuzzi and the good location.

    14/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    155. R. C.
    My best friend & I stay at The Standard Spa once a year for a relaxing get away from NYC. I can't say enough about what a special oasis this is. The location is perfectly situated away from the craziness that is Collins Ave. You can easily bike ride or take a cab to the beach, if you can pull yourself away from the pool area or the spa! On top of the beautiful facilities, the staff is superb. They do their absolute best to ensure the best possible experience for their guests. They really make it look easy!
    Can't wait to return!

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    156. Franky A.
    Great hotel to hang out at but THEY HAVE THE WORST SERVICE IN SOUTH BEACH!

    I love hanging out there but the service is just bloody awful.

    04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    157. Lesa D.
    Maybe I'm over doing it with the stars here - we didn't stay here, didn't spa here, didn't even eat dinner (which looks like it would be fabulous if you went on a rain-free night).  The Standard (previously and for years it was known as the Lido Spa) is located on a tiny island called Belle Isle in South Beach.    We're locals - well my mother is - I'm an ex-pat who visits often but would never move back.

    And, as I've now had my hopefully forever, last visit to Florida, I will say that my one regret has been not checking out this hotel? spa? - whatever...  I've had breakfast here (the deconstructed huevos rancheros were incredibly memorable - although it was a shockingly expensive breakfast), and sitting in the bar for drinks and apps was a perfect moment in life (and completely made me forget that I was visiting the greedy, corrupt, selfish rat race that is South Florida), although again, mind numbingly expensive.

    The Standard probably runs several rungs above my pay grade, and if I were going to spend the money, I'm not sure that I would want to do it in South Beach.  But if I had to be there, as I have in the past, there is where I'd want to be to forget my troubles (and South Florida).

    08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Chimichanga C.
    Finally made it to Bingo night!!! The Standard is one of the most unique hotels in Miami.


    Gorgeous view of the bay on the island!

    Great pool and spa

    70's hippy themed hotel, very vintage

    Naughty Bingo night ( Free bingo with awesome prizes to the hotel and spa treatments)

    Free shots during bingo and $5 mojitos and $ 3 dollar beers

    Bon-Fires at night and awesome pig pong tables all over the premises

    This place is relaxing and makes you feel like in another world.


    Valet is $16 unless you are a member

    Drinks are too expensive when it's not happy hour on friday or bingo night

    Food is too expensive for what it is.

    They are supposedly only doing bingo night once a month now on Sunday's not Thursdays anymore. I dont know why they keep on switching it???

    Can't wait for the next Bingo Night :)

    22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    159. Kristin R.
    I love this place! I have stayed here at least 4 times and recommended to everyone that would listen.

    It's in South beach, but not on the beaten path, so you can get anywhere for a $5 cab ride, and still feel like you are in another world. Right off the Venitian CAuseway, which is beatiful for a jog or bike ride,a nd I think they ever have bikes you can rent/ borrow...

    Rooms are great, staff is friendly, ambiance is A++ like all of the standard hotels (been to the one in hollywood and downtown LA); unique, funky, fun.

    No kids allowed!!!! HUGE PLUS!!!!

    Dogs allowed!!!!! HUGE PLUS!!!!!

    Pool is by far the best I have seen!

    I'm in love with the rooms that have a terrace and a bath tub! nothing says relaxing like a glass of chamagne in in outdoor bath.

    ***disclaimer...my bill is always wrong, so double check it before and after you leave. I do not believe it is intentional; the staff is so laxidasical...which fits me just fine...that they can mischarge you. Each time I have called and its fixed without any issue!

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    160. Gustavo A. L.
    Nestled in the top corner of the Venetian Island, this place need not be ubiquitous, its allure is the location and ambiance. Truly, a place like no other, any given Saturday afternoon can be spent by the pool sipping cold drinks and having a great time.
    Drank too much ? No problem - book a room and stay the night, there is nothing like an early morning poolside bloody Mary watching the sun come up over the bay, it is just everything that is right about Miami. We are truly fortunate to have a place like this within close proximity, see you by the pool next Saturday afternoon ? first round is on me...

    16/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Ericstevenc T.
    Great pool,Right next Sunset harbour short taxi ride to beach & nightlife under $8.00 cant go wrong

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Patty ..
    Shame Shame Shame on the Standard!!!
    Look it's one thing to have a service fee but you've got to be nodding me?
    We went for a quick drink 1 Corona Beer and Kettle-One Tonic...I. then head up to buy a round watch the bartender ring up the exact oder as before; $14 vodka tonic & $7 for beer ok you'd think that'd be $21 OH NO IT'S NOT...THEY TACKED ON $7 FOR A TOTAL OF $27 FOR 2 DRINKS. That is just insane especially when I spoke with a friend who'd had lunch with her Mom over the weekend and cost her $80 for 2 Rose wines, salad and sliders.
    You will never see us locals there...maybe cut us some slack.

    21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    163. Tanya V.
    I went to The Standard for Miami Spa month, and I was a bit let down...

    -While I was having my massage, it was noisy making it hard to relax
    -One of the rooms in the Hamman, smelled like mold or something weird
    -The women's locker room was a run down and unimpressive, they need a new floor ASAP! looks like everyone has been tap dancing up in there!
    -The front desk at the Spa was very unorganized,not accommodating at all
    -OMG THAT ELEVATOR!!! heart attack city!
    -Overprice & unfriendly "balsero" valet
    -Overprice drinks ( my bro-in-law had 3 mid grade vodka & OJ's=$60.00)

    My treatment was good, I loved it as it was unique in nature
    The food was really good!
    Service at pool was good too

    The vibe at the Standard is always great, which is why I choose this place for Miami Spa Month but seriously I was expecting more...

    I guess that's what happens when you "expect things", you set yourself up for disappointment- when will I ever learn this lesson?!??

    18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    164. Greg J.
    I stay here once every two or three years with my wife and always enjoy the place.  It can be expensive but during summer they usually have pretty good sales on their website (like buy 2 nights, get the 3rd free, etc).  Sure, the rooms are small and the restaurant and drinks are expensive.  However, the grounds and amenities are so nice that I think I really get my money's worth.  

    The pool is amazing and, best of all, it is open 24 hours so you can cool off after the somewhat long walk from Lincoln Road after dinner.

    The hamman/spa is just wonderful.  I end up going like three times a day to relax.  My only complaint is that I can never really figure out what to wear.  It is coed so do I wear a swimsuit?  But there are showers and it is very strange to shower in a swimsuit.  Several people went nude and nobody seemed to care.    I wish they would just announce that it is clothing-optional so I would not wonder if I was doing something wrong or not...

    Unlike the previous reviewers, I find the the rooms are well kept up and had notproblems with the A/C.  I also enjoy the Kiss My Face products in the room.

    Can't wait to go back when I can afford it again!

    13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Michelle W.
    **** review is primarily rating the Bingo night****

    Oh my god, who knew Bingo could be so fun?!?!?! Why have I not come here sooner????? Where else can you go for naughty bingo that gives away awesome prizes AND they have DANCE OFFS!!! The place is packed and everyone is happy. It makes me smile just thinking about it...... BAAAALLLLLLLLSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who has been there knows what I'm talking about. O sexy whore, I've decided that's my favorite number.

    What are you waiting for?? GO TO BINGO!!

    I did wander around the hotel, it is super cute & they have a kick ass pool with a great view of MIA.

    04/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    166. J E.
    The Standard has a lot going for it.  However, a spa service there in April left me scarred (literally).  In waxing my lower legs, a spa employee ripped of so much skin that she left me with long pale scars up and down my leg, which are still visible now two months later.

    Whether this damage was an isolated incident or part of a pattern of harmful services, I cannot say.  But I feel obligated to post about my experience as a note of caution to others considering Standard's services.

    In short: I went in for a lower leg wax.  The first 2 - 3 strips ripped a considerable layer of skin off, which has never happened before in the 10 years I've had my legs waxed.  I repeatedly asked the waxer1 to use peel off wax instead of strips, which she claimed the spa didn't have.  

    After 1 more damaging strip, she produced peel off wax (eureka).  She was struggling to use the peel off properly, and finally after waxing about 20% of my left leg, she went out to get waxer2 to finish the treatment.  Waxer2 completed my left leg and my full right perfectly.

    When I looked at the depth of the damage (compared to the leg and a half that was done properly) I was very upset, and concerned that it would be permanent.  

    Waxer1 then had the nerve to tell me that it was something about my left leg, not her treatment, that had caused the horrible damage.  Her ridiculous claim that the damage must have occurred because of some invisible, unknown, never seen before oddity of 20% of my my left leg - coincidently the part of my leg that she happened to wax - added insult to injury. It is patently ridiculous to claim that 20% of my left leg, and not her service, caused the horrible waxing job and extraordinary damage.  

    The manager came and was polite and apologetic, as was the front desk.  As was appropriate, they did not charge me for the service.

    I'm generally very laid back and not particularly fussy about spa treatments, but I still can't believe that this sort of damage was done by a respected business.  I have rarely worn a skirt or dress since mid-April because the skin is very visibly discolored. The discoloration seems as though it might be permanent.  I still want to cry looking at it, and I certainly did when I got home from the spa.

    I have always enjoyed my many visits to the Standard.  But I am recounting this experience so that others have the information they need to decide whether or not they want to use Standard spa services.

    09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    167. StyleCurator X.
    Just finished a three day weekend with a group of women in the fashion and food industry.
    Great service at the pool, wonderful food.
    But the service inside the lobby was horrible! We were ignored, kept waiting for a table while tables were open.  Worst of all was the attitude from the staff as if they were doing us a favor. Andre, what's going on? I thought your spots were the new Standard?!?!
    If you happen to stay here ask for food & beverage manager David, he is the only one who has a clue.

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    168. Anja R.
    I am a local and have been living in miami beach for 20 years.
    e go to the standard for special occasions, when we have friends in town, for a wonderful sunset, fantastic cocktails, amazing spa treatments - you name it.
    Today I went to take a class at 9 am! Brazilian booty, abs and arms with fitness legend PHILIP GRAY! It was fantastic. What a way to start the weekend. Afterwards we had breakfast downstairs-best granola ever.
    Not only is the staff professional and friendly but the whole atmosphere is just amazing. I felt like I was on vacation in my own town. I will definitely become a member and take advantage of all the workshops and events the standard has to offer (and to spend time at the one of a kind ham man and pool)

    07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    169. Arleyne A.
    A few days later, I received an email from the Spa manager apologizing for our bad experience. She offered us a complimentary message to make up for it.
    My husband refuses to ever go back so I thought I was going to turn down the offer but I ended up taking my sister and making the best of a bad situation.

    Again, this is not as upscale as most other Sobe spas so please have appropriate expectations. There are some "details" that I think they should improve upon. Such as issuing my sister,  another woman who checked in, and myself 3 adjacent lockers which made it very awkward to change and set up. The lockers are narrow and all in the corner so the three of us were very uncomfortable. Especially when the other lady was topless and just trying to get her things together. In addition, a lady from the front desk was helping her with unlocking her locker and even had the women say her desired 4 digit locking code out loud for everyone to hear. Very odd.

    That being said, the actual MASSAGE part of the experience went well  :) My therapist gave me a 75 min hot stone massage and she did a great job. We even went to the front desk to of course give a generous tip, but the woman at the desk said that they took care of the gratuity on our behalf. That was a WOW that I have to appreciate.

    I do think they did their best to make up for our bad time. I will probably not go back but I did want to post this update and increase 1 star.

    21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    170. Ken D.
    The hotel and location are beautiful, BUT as with most beautiful things (or people) not without issues.  Over the past month, we have had two sets of friends stay at The Standard, and both have had the same complaints:

    1.  The front desk staff/manager is less than courteous...careening toward down right rude.  When our friend asked for a reservation confirmation number to be emailed to her (common practice, right?) she was told by the manager that he had three people waiting and she would have to get it herself online.  Hmm...curious.  Then, when her reserved room wasn't ready for check-in, and they gave it away to someone else while our friends were waiting in the lobby, insult met injury.  Fortunately, our friends knows Mr. Balazs personally, so that situation got rectified with one personal phone call.

    2.  Valet parking is something of a video game.  It seems as if the city of Miami Beach will only provide the hotel with several spaces, requiring the overworked, stressed out valets to figure out what to do with arriving cars.  If you're visiting someone there and wanting to valet, you might want to think twice about it, opting for a garage in SoBe and a healthy walk (or cab) over.  

    If they could figure out these two things:  Service and Parking, The Standard would be damn near perfect.  So, I say, let's raise the standard and have it meet/exceed expectations.

    29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    171. Laura Jill S.
    Oh Standard, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

    The wellness membership includes 12 classes /month, and they have Anusara Yoga teachers here (in my opinion, the safest yoga practice there is, w/ the best, most thoroughly educated teachers).

    The hamam. The steam. The sauna. The sound showers. The tubs. I took a bath w/ lavender aromatherapy bath salts last night after my acupuncture session. So delish.

    Acupuncture. I cannot recommend Lori Bell enough. Truly a healer. I go every week, then use the facilities afterward. It's the best.

    The hot tub w/ waterfall. The pool. The sunsets on the dock. So sooooo beautiful.

    I haven't done the mud treatment yet, but it's next on my to do list. And some of the best massage therapists in the area work here. A facial and a mani-pedi are also high on my list.

    The food. It's been a while since I've eaten here, but the menu has vegan options, even for dessert, so I'm definitely happy about that.

    The long-distance love of my life will be here the end of November. #1 on the to do list when he's here is The Standard. I have a feeling it will help me entice him to move here from Germany....

    28/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    172. Renee Q.
    Can't wait to go back.  1st time in Miami and so glad I choose the Standard to stay at.  This was one of the best experience at a spa I have ever been to.  Love the DIY concept. The haman is amazing and is a must do.  Pool is great to hang out and cool off. The entire staff is very friendly and works very hard to make sure all guest are taken care of.  I would recommend the Standard to anyone.

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    173. Kia B.
    This hotel is one of my favorites in the world! Every time I come to Miami be it for work or pleasure I try and stay here. Why? It's casualness, amenities, natural and lush landscape, as well as its location.
    The staff also treats you wonderfully and gives you the attention like you are their only customer.
    There maybe still the pretentious clients from time to time, but everyone seems to just want to relax and have fun regardless of who they are. If you want to escape to Miami and never leave the resort as this is a great place to hideout and chill for a day, a night , or a week.

    03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Derek F.

    27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. Chrissy G.
    This place is absolute paradise! I've been 4 times now over the years and it is the only place I'll stay in Miami. If you're looking for a more relaxing pool scene you should definitely check it out during the day if you're not staying at the hotel. You can go for the day, get a massage and then use the facilities all day. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The sunrise and sunset views are priceless. You won't find a sunset like this on the beach side. My boyfriend and I just got back from a weekend getaway in Miami. I have to say the staff is like family now and the members at the club are so friendly and welcoming. We really feel like home every time we go down. Definitely don't miss out on getting a massage, trying out the hamam in the spa, getting a mud math, fire pit, plunge, and of course the amazing lido food during your stay or day trip. This place could not be any better. Also, the sunrise yoga is definitely something to wake  up for. You will feel so refreshed after a great work out and then hit up the juice bar for a sunrise juice with a shot of ginger. Couldn't be a better morning!
    Perfection and bliss! I can't wait to get back down, but it'll probably won't be till November or December.

    Chrissy G.

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. J L.
    I want to preface this with the fact that I am from Miami and now live in Boca Raton. My husband sent my best friend and me to The Standard as a Mother's Day gift. I have lived on Miami Beach and worked at a few bars in South Beach years ago. I know that Miami is known for its lack of customer service. In fact, I often joke that we take great pride in our rudeness. I am a sucker for good service. I used to hang out at The Standard when they had bingo nights and for private parties back in the day.
    So when I went for an overnight stay I wasn't really expecting much. Just a nice night away from the kids and to have a day at the (adult only) pool and spa. From the valet to the concierge, to the random people patrolling the grounds, everyone was welcoming and friendly. This is how hospitality is supposed to be. Pleasant without kissing butt, welcoming without overwhelming...
    The spa is amazing. I've been to many, and nothing can really compare to the spa at Caesars Palace in Vegas, but this is the closest I have found in the States. It was clean, tranquil and relaxing.
    The pool staff was pleasant without being pushy; I hate feeling like I have to spend money to get the waiter to give me better service (this is common in South Beach).
    Alex, THANK YOU so much for your generous hospitality. You and The Standard staff are a doing a great job, please keep it up!

    Welcome Back Customer Service to South Beach!

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    177. Ashley Z.
    This place is truly paradise. From the moment we arrived, the staff was wonderful, attentive, and friendly. Breakfasts outdoors every day were delicious in the rainforest-like setting outside the hotel lobby. Favorites were the huevos rancheros and the lattes.
    The pool area was like a spa oasis. Waterfall hot tub and high pressure outdoor shower acted as a mini massage. My boyfriend and I partook in the French mud bathing outside.. Which was a truly special couples experience (so much so we did it twice!)
    Paddleboarding was amazing as well with breathtaking views of the open sky, gorgeous bay, and lovely homes on the water.
    The spa inside (the Hamam) was a great thing to have access to each day as it was a relaxing way to cool off and detoxify after a day at the pool or a yoga class.
    I feel so relaxed after this trip and did not want to leave! Thank you Standard spa and staff for making the experience one I will not soon forget.

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    178. Sarah H.
    The short of it:
    I highly recommend this hotel for the pool, but if you want a luxe, relaxing spa experience, go somewhere else.

    The long of it:
    I recently came here for a day of relaxation while visiting family in Miami. You have to purchase a pool/spa day pass in order to use either - I came during the week and it was $75/person (its more expensive on the weekends). & I think I paid somewhere between $11-$13 for valet.

    This is by far my favorite hotel pool I've ever been to. I love how the pool area butts right up to the ocean so people can literally boat right up to the hotel and jump in the pool. The pool itself is nice with a large very shallow area so you can sit in the water without being fully submerged while sipping on your cocktail. The poolside food and cocktails are delicious. I especially liked the all-natural pina colada - not one of those blended ones, a truly all-natural, on the rocks cocktail. The swordfish reuben was my favorite food item - an amazing twist on a classic.

    The spa is inspired by a Turkish Hamam with a large room for you to lie on hot stones as well as a eucalyptus sauna. (Not an authentic Hamam, but I'll go with it). The spa itself I felt was not allll that nice. The spa front desk staff was totally rude and didn't explain anything well upon check-in. The women's locker room was FILTHY. There was hair everywhere, there was even one huge chunk of someone's weave lying on the locker room floor that I noticed was there all day long. It was pretty gross. There were dirty towels and robes lying everywhere... probably because there wasn't any sort of receptacle for them, but I noticed piles of them around all day. There also aren't a ton of amenities in the spa like I've seen at other places. Just a shower, some mouthwash and some lotion bottles.

    The hotel has amazing outdoor areas. Aside from the pool, there's an area with a fire pit and day beds surrounding it. And next to that area is a hammock area - both great for relaxing and staring at the stars after a long day of pooling and spa-ing.

    02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. Jasmine R.
    This is the best hotel and spa in Miami hands down! A tranquil oasis!!

    Their spa is amazing, the chicken empandas are to die for, their mojitos and their Miami Vice is awesome as well!! The bay view, the pool, the ambiance, everything is top notch.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    180. Rosa P.
    I recently stayed at The Standard for four days, being in town for a family event.  I have stayed here before so I am familiar with the rooms and restaurant.  The rooms are not large, but they are comfortable, clean and adequate.  All the necessary amenities are provided.  I requested a quiet room which the reception desk very kindly arranged for me.  I enjoyed breakfast each morning in the garden area which was very pleasant and the service was just fine.  (The blueberry pancakes were delicious.)  Dinner at the Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill was just great.  On Sunday evening in particular, it was really magical.  The food was delicious, the service was good and the ambiance couldn't have been nicer.  The view of the bay and all the glittering white lights were beautiful.  I did not take advantage of the spa or any of the other offerings, but as a hotel I can say it was just perfect.  The staff went out of their way to be friendly and helpful.  I did enjoy sitting by the pool and the service provided for drinks and snacks.  All in all I had a great stay and I'm looking forward to my next visit.

    30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    181. Claudia W.
    This is quite possibly the worst place on earth. I had a massage from hell from a guy named Elio. I was in a couples massage with my husband so I didn't want to ruin the whole moment so I just gritted my teeth and counted the minutes for it to be over. It is hard to explain the massage but basically this person had no training at all and it was a lot like getting a back rub from your Mom when you were a kid but then mixed with fast jolting movements. I tried to give direction to the masseuse about what kind of pressure I liked etc but no improvement. I complained at the front desk and got this guy's full name and looked him up on the state massage licensing website and could not find him. So, unless they gave me a wrong name, this guy isn't even a licensed masseuse. I was so annoyed I wrote an email to the hotel manager asking to see a copy of this guy's massage license and didn't even get a reply. This place is such a joke. Awful customer service. Plus the facilities are getting old and shabby. For these prices you can go elsewhere and get much better service.

    UPDATE: I emailed the hotel manager and got a response saying they were crediting me for the whole service. I am surprised. I did not get an email response to my original complaint and just checked in now and their assistant forwarded me and email they sent saying they were crediting me. So, I am happy as at least they care. Supposedly this guy is in high demand which is crazy because I was so miserable. I am confused because I know good massages as I have experienced the best in the world at places like Mandarin Oriental so not sure what the deal is. Anyhow they get points for responding and crediting me so I am upgrading my star rating from 1 to 2 for customer service. Also the front desk girl gave me the wrong spelling for the masseuse and he IS in fact licensed. Surprising.

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    182. Taylor G.
    Really cute, boutique-y hotel in Miami Beach.  Walking distance to Lincoln Road shops and restaurants, and biking distance to the ocean.  The hotel offers free bikes to guests and there's a decobike rack across the street (you can rent by the hour, lots of stands throughout town to re-rack).  

    The pool was great, especially if you like to people watch.  My boyfriend and I had a great time being tourists, gawking at the topless girls and all the plastic surgery.  There's a hot tub, a cold-as-sh*t tub, and then a swimming pool, all right in a row.  

    The rooms are on the small side, but very comfortable and well decorated.  I was impressed with the products in the bathroom, too.  The lotion was Kiss My Face, and although I don't know the shower product names, they smelled very spa-like.  The shower was gigantic, and there are giant mirrors covering the bathroom walls.  

    Hotel offers free wifi, which is convenient, even if you just want to check your emails occasionally and google random things about Miami.  Rooms were really clean and well maintained.  I'd love to try the rooms that offer outdoor bathtubs...

    Drinks and food were pretty expensive, but no more than the typical Miami Beach tourist attractions.  Keep in mind, gratuity is added so don't double-tip.

    10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Jeremy F.
    Excellent stay here, twice. I can only add that the spa needs some maintenance.

    08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    184. Maria T.
    Here's the "T" If you want to escape the malay of South Beach, stay at the Standard Hotel. Now of course you're going to end up poolside, clearly.. and of course you're going to want a snack, clearly.. Now my go-to is always and forever will be, Burrata, and a glass (or two..or three) of Rose'. So sit back relax, and tuck that menu under your beach towel. We do small bites at time continuously throughout the day. Ladies you feel me on this one #bikinibody *"Maria's Don't Miss" The Burratina

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    185. Caroline S.
    Wake up management!

    Ive been coming to The Standard for years. Living on Miami Beach it still felt like a secluded oasis on the bay. This mid-century boutique hotel is visually alluring and the spa hosts some of the best massage therapists Ive ever experienced. It has a sensual and healing air about it which has me addicted.

    But I cringe to return because the service could not be worse. Dining at the beautiful Lido Restaurant? - the staff is pretty incompetent. Food orders and drinks are always slow or forgotten. (My order has even been sent to the wrong table when there were only two parties dining- shouldnt be so difficult).

    As for the Spa- there is always a slight attitude when checking in. This makes the experience way less wholesome and enjoyable. (And good luck getting through to them on the phone when they overcharge your card-pssshh)

    Coming from a family in hospitality its disappointing that these issues havent been addressed. Its time to clean house peeps! Make The Standard that retreat its meant to be...

    19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    186. Mike P.
    Enjoyed a great lunch at their restaurant by the pool overlooking the Bay.

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    187. Maja B.
    A hidden gem set off the beaten path with easy access to the more touristy bars and restaurants on Ocean Ave. This hip little hotel is set on the Bay making the whole experience very laid-back, relaxing and more mediterranean in feel - just what I want on a spa vacation.

    Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Alex who went out of his way to make us feel welcome. And, my hat's off to the manger, Jose Carrillo, who keeps things running smoothly and obviously sets the tone for the staff. Overall, the staff is extremely accommodating making you feel like you are at home and on all levels want guests to have a fabulous experience.

    The pool is heavenly with a view over looking the Bay area and is never crowded. Also, make sure to spend some quality time in the haman especially after a yoga class. Your cares literally melt away in this wonderful oasis.

    We had a and amazing experience and will definitely be bringing our friends back to visit!

    Prior to the trip I asked for one of the larger standard suite and they accommodated us with a great room.

    Overall I would highly recommend this hotel.

    12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Christina A.
    The standard is such a magical place on the bay

    08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    189. T. M.
    Just returned from a girl's spa weekend at the Standard and already plotting our next visit.  This is a very special place - intimate, relaxed, and very casual.  If you come here expecting a slick South Beach mega-resort like Canyon Ranch, you will be disappointed.  However, if you think of this property as a RETREAT, not resort, you will be very happy.

    The rooms are TINY (even by Manhattan standards) but clean, comfortable and charming in it's utilitarian efficiency.  The menu (the same whether at the restaurant, the breakfast patio, room service, poolside)  is small but well concieved to be healthy as well as very tasty.  On property is also a coffee/juice bar and small boutique that, again, has limited offerings but each thing we tried/bought, we loved. The pool has it's fair share of hard-body beautiful things but there are also enough of all types there that nobody feels particularily uncomfortable.

    The crown jewel of this place though, is the spa.  It is huge (got lost twice) yet the space is surprisingly inviting and calm.  Didn't care for the hamman (their heated marble coed communal cave) but loved all four of my treatments.   The technicians were extremely well-trained, polite and expressed a great attitude attitude towards their work and their workplace.  Rare to have such a positive work culture!

    The service overall was really lovely...  from the young guys making sure you had a glass of cold water before you had even spread out your towel to the spa receptionists who remembered your name as soon as you stepped off the elevator.  We did encounter a few snafus checking in (one of us was "upgraded" to a noisy room across from the restaurant) and checking out (I was overcharged/not given credits where applicable) but both situations were quickly and amiably rectified as soon as we brought it to their attention.

    Long story long:  would highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for a place to be chill and relaxed... it is a hard place to leave!

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    190. Fadi H.
    Beautiful restaurant setting alongside the pool and right on the bay. However that's where the beauty ends; notoriously bad food offerings coupled with irresponsible management make a pleasant visit almost impossible. A reservation made for 12 people a day in advance was greeted with a nonchalant "we only have a table for 8" rude welcome. Amazingly enough the place was only about 65% full and the manager refused to add a table but insisted on breaking up our group to 2 different tables on different ends of the restaurant.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    191. Sean H.
    The Standard is a lovely hotel that's a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the other South Beach hotels on Collins and Ocean. It's got a much more mellow, vacationy vibe, and the not allowing kids thing is really nice. The bay views are also phenomenal (check them out around sunset and prepare to be wowed.)

    Special shoutout to the cafe just past the lobby. The barista really knows his coffee (he mentioned adjusting the grind on the espresso to account for fluctuations in humidity throughout the day,) and the service is really pleasant, a nice change in a city where just as often as not my "Have a nice day!" is met with a blank stare.

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    192. Eric C.
    pricey, two vodka and soda waters in plastic cups for $36 and of course you get caught in the shock and awe of the price as you lay down an additional tip not realizing the tip is included. The bartender was miserable, little Latin guy with tattoos all over him.

    I have been here many times,  great ambiance, right on the bay, fairly quiet but not sure its worth the money.

    09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    193. Jezzica B.
    I went there last Friday for a yoga class with Dwight Garcia. The yoga class was incredible, the view of the bay is a plus! However, I was harassed TWICE about payment to a class I paid 2 weeks in advance! They definitely need to keep better track of who pays and who doesn't. It was VERY uncomfortable and unwarranted. I made it a point to the second person who singled me out and I received a "you wouldn't imagine the hundreds of people I have to deal with who don't pay." Honestly, OTHER people are not my problem, I paid. That only shows a lack of organization at the spa.  It was humiliating and I wish I had a better experience because the yoga class was superb and The Standard is a beautiful location.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    194. Christine O.
    My one sentence summary: For the amount of money spent, I was not impressed with the quality/comfort at this hotel, but no egregious issues.


    The hotel actually sits on a little island, which I liked, because it was differnet.  Very pretty view of the ocean.  Great pool with lots of chairs.  Most staff I encountered were pleasant and helpful.  Room was clean.  Fun, on-site, stand-up paddle board "lesson" around the island.


    As has been stated in other reviews, rooms are small with minimalist decor.  There is virtually no space to put anything.  Personally, this makes me uncomfortable right off the bat.  Pedestal sink in bathroom - no counter space - although there is a folding metal table against the wall on which to put toiletries, etc. Small room size becomes even more noticeable when a downpour happens in the middle of a Saturday, and you are forced to vacate the pool and seek the closest shelter (in your room for several hours).  

    Food and drink quality didn't live up to the hefty price tags -- prices seemed about $5-7 too high on everything.  I expect an up charge at hotels, but to me it felt like luxury hotel pricing on food that just did not deserve it.  The appetizer empanadas are a highlight on the menu, as is the $15 breakfast wrap (which is small, that's why it's a wrap and not a burrito).  

    Not sure if this is always the case, but there was only one bus boy working the ENTIRE pool area on the weekend we were there.  He did an amazing job and worked his ass off.  However there were easily close to 100 people at the pool area on Sunday afternoon and at the rate that guests consume food and beverages, a second bus boy would have alleviated the issue of cluttered tables in the pool area.

    Spa receptionists left much to be desired.  They were not helpful and extracting information from them was challenging.  There was no clear instruction of where to wait for treatments, other than in the hamam spa area, which is a confusing place for those who are first time visitors.   I was startled that it was co-ed and was confused as where to go and "wait." The therapists were about 30 minutes late.  My male masseuse - while quite good - had a callous on his hand that drove me crazy and I should have said something about it, but frankly I was afraid that there would be no other therapist to give me my treatment and I really needed a massage.

    Overall, not a bad experience, but not a place I would rush back to either.  Again, for the money spent, I just expected more, especially if we are paying close to luxury prices.

    18/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    195. Kristina F.
    Can I just stay here forever? Pool was phenomenal. Service and brunch were impeccable. But the spa. OMG. Great massage, love the steam room, Turkish steam room and sauna were incredible. And the baths!!! So cool. Just wish I had time for the mud treatment.

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    196. B F.
    We have dined at the Standard Hotel since the day it opened, and we say without exception that with the new Kitchen the restaurant serving the best food ever. The combination of the incredible sunsets and the delicious cuisine as a wonderful experience not to be forgotten.

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    197. Alison T.
    I wish I could give different stars for the rooms and then for the grounds.  First, valet parking is $32 and they are slow...so call ahead for your car.

    The rooms are small, like college dorm size and they are designed in Ikea's lowest end furniture.  Do not come here expecting a luxurious room with a heavenly bed.  It's small, clean and basic.  Think one of the showrooms in Ikea...yes its that small.  But, I guess people don't come here here for the rooms.

    The hotel itself, the grounds are a ton of fun.  There is ping pong in the lobby, badminton, cofy swing chairs, lounges by a fire, the pool is great and there is music playing underwater! I thought all the staff was friendly and enjoyed my time.  At night the grounds are all lit with low lights and its really beautiful.  The pool area is open late or 24hrs and it's just a good time.

    I also visited the spa during my stay.  I did not have any treatments though.  The spa itself is not luxurious in any way, it looks way nicer in the photos online.  The only reason to come here is that the entire facility is coed, so if you are going with a friend you can be together the whole time.  But, the spa itself looked a little run down in areas and no one was overly friendly in any way.  If you are looking for a luxurious pamper me spa, look elsewhere..like Canyon Ranch.

    05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    198. Jessica F.
    My husband and I came here with a gift card we received as a wedding present, and while we were here we decided it was the best gift of all and that from now we should gift the friends we have left with spa cards to enjoy post wedding. We both had 75 minute massages for the price of the 60 minute massage because of their June promotion, I had mine done by Alexandra, she was amazing, I would say its one of the best massages I've had ever.

    The Standard has always been my favorite place to get away from Miami without leaving town, and this visit just reinforced that. We checked in around 11:30 am, they gave us our robes and the string bracelet so you can use the pools and hang out in the beautiful hotel grounds the rest of the day, we dropped our stuff in the lockers and headed to the hammam where we hung out until the massage therapists came to get us.

    After the massage we used the dim lit soaking tubs back in the hammam for half an hour, then the steam room, the shower and then made our way to the pool.

    The view of the bay from the pool is great, the music was pleasant, the food was good, and it wasn't overly crowded with people. Great people watching, I love the vibe  here, so laid back compared to other places in Miami.

    The design of the spa and hotel are also very unique, the mid century decor is right up my alley, and the landscaping we might just copy for our house on a much smaller scale.

    If you live in Miami you need to make a day of the Standard Spa, and if you're visiting this is the place to stay.

    12/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    199. Alexia A.
    Love love love this Oasis nestled in South Beach. Service is great, amenities are outstanding, food is wonderful. The rooms are comfortable, fresh, and relaxing. The soap they provide is fantastic, the scent is intoxicating.  Relaxing by the pool was just that relaxing, I really enjoyed not having house music thumping while I'm trying to unwind and relax. The spa is awesome, loved the hamam!

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    200. Amanda K.
    I thought it was a rare occurrence during my last visit to the spa, that a couple ruined my peaceful experience by practically having sex in the sauna. I decided to give The Standard another try, but the facility has proved to be nothing but trashy and disgusting in every aspect. I have a nice picture of a big hair ball in the spa shower, which is the least of my terrible experience. While the spa services we got were very good (although I didn't appreciate the sales pitch to buy expensive lotions), I was again disappointed by the relaxation area where several people were extremely noisy. The Standard does nothing to keep this environment up to par with high-end reputable spas. Then we were treated like trash by the management and staff down by the pool, when gave away our chairs to VIP guests and lost our stuff (and the staff admitted it), and then involved another guest in allowing to treat us ruddy. We decided to stay despite the bad experience, and try to enjoy our day by the pool, but we were continually disappointed with every food and beverage that was ordered. Although the food tasted good, it took a long time and the octopus salad has gotten way smaller since the last time and higher in price. Not to mention the $14 Standard lemonade that came in a tiny glass full of ice -- there was barely a few sips in it. All the beers came about 2" short of a full glass. Don't bother going back into the spa relaxation area in the evening -- it's packed with everyone from the pool area. Get ready for the biggest kicker of all... the parking... a whopping $36. I thought I parked in midtown Manhattan. Doesn't dropping almost a grand in a couple spa services and some lunch and drink for a couple get you some kind of discount on parking?!

    01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    201. Falen A.
    Zen! Tranquil! Relax! Just a couple words that come to mind anytime anyone mentions the Spa here. I love it. I did the full body mud mask outside with the tub, so fun! I have received massages there, amazing! The russian style bath house is great. I love the view outside aswell. The restaurant is very convenient next to the pool. Everything about this place is so great. I always bring friends here when they come to town. I heard they have bingo on Sundays which I will defintely be trying out!

    21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    202. Christina M.
    The Standard Miami is AMAZING!!! The ambiance, staff, and restaurant are all superb! Frank is the best manager and takes very good care of his guests.

    Also the location could not be better (particularly if you want more of a relaxing getaway without all the fuss of south beach) ... its a healthier way to experience Miami.

    I would highly recommend staying here!

    17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    203. Jenny b.
    This hotel is the best.  If you want a romantic weekend or you want to hang out in a pool 24/7, or you want an awesome free spa, this is the place to be.  When staying here I felt like there was really no need to see Miami--I just wanted to stay in the hotel.

    It's full of cool looking furniture and the shower gel is the best smelling ever.  It has a great free hammam and you can even bring a visitor.  We got an upgrade just for asking and everyone who worked there was extremely accommodating.  When I tried to tip someone for bringing us extra blankets he said we had paid enough to stay there and it was not necessary.

    The outdoor area is very romantic/mysterious--big hedges that lead you to fire pits, hammock areas, and the pool!  People under 17 are not allowed in this hotel, which is something I LOVE but is clearly reflected--I saw more than a few people in these secluded areas having some "adult time."  The pool is 24 hours, which was great for me.  It also had a great waterfall hot tub, view, and plunge pool!

    Though we enjoyed our stay, you will not love this hotel if:

    --You want a huge room.  
    --You need secure access. Access to the rooms is from the outside, though a person would have to go through the lobby to access your door--I had no issue with that, but other people might.  
    --You have a car and are cheap--the valet is crazy expensive ($37)
    --You plan to walk between the hotel & Miami beach late at night. Though the hotel is near lincoln road the walk isn't super pedestrian friendly especially at night.  Not in terms of crime but in terms of crosswalks.
    --You want to spend all your time at the beach. The hotel is not near the beach but the pool is so awesome you will not care.  
    --You're myopic--the outdoor area is very dark & mazelike--could be a pro, but was sometimes a little confusing.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. Bradley F.
    Ok, the pool is amazing, however, the accommodations are severely lacking upkeep. To start, the caulking on pretty much every bathroom fixture, faucet, and wet surface is peeling off, and/or darkly dis colored from water penetration without repair. Secondly, they have elaborate offerings in the mini bar, but they are useless because the mini bar is broken and refrigerates nothing, every offering was room temperature. On top of it, apparently no one has looked in that mini fridge for weeks since the entire fridge and most everything in it is covered with black mold/ mildew. Heaven forbid you want a glass of cold water in the middle of the night. I walked the whole property looking for any place to buy a bottle of water but nothing. So I asked the front desk attendant, who instructs me to walk right down to the corner Walgreens. After a hike of 1/4 mile, I pull out my phone to see where it is....that's right, it's a 17 minute walk away. I gave up, remained thirsty and pissed. To add injury to insult, at 2:30am, I get a knock on the door. It is the same front desk attendant with a cold bottle of water for me...nice right? Well yeah, until he proceeded to say "you said you had mold in your fridge, right?" "I would like to see it." Are you kidding me!! I said absolutely not now, my wife is sound asleep, and it is 2:30 I the morning. For a top notch establishment, this is waaaaayyyy out in left field. Bad form. Now I know why the "standard" is spelled upside down.....it should be spelled ass backwards!

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    205. Sarah Z.
    Not bad but not that great either. The best deal was it was for free bec I attended a lecture there. I usually go to the Fountainbleu when I visit and sorry to compare but it is a much bette r place. The under water music at the pool was cool but the pool itself was small. The outside waterfall was nice and probably the best part. As others have said the going back and forth from floors is a real pain and takes away from the experience. For free it was great for money I wouldn't do it.

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    206. Sergio F.
    Where can you sit around in a 70's themed - complete with hanging circular lights and an in-wall bookcase - in cool couches while enjoying independent films with some of your favorite people? Where can you eat fries in a funky container (and the waiter will gladly sub out the white sauce for extra ketchup)? Funny chalk artwork for signage? The Standard!

    Tucked away halfway along the Venetian Causeway, the Standard is an old Miami beach hotel resurrected into a fun hangout. I went this past Thursday for the CMYE showing of two new IFC shows (yeah Art!) Sharing a laugh to the "Commercial Kings" along with a few fellow Yelpers almost made a busy workday much better.

    Said fries were hot, crispy and not too greasy. The mojito was sharp, but could have used a little more sugar. I also have to agree with Ken D's comment on the administrative end. Still and all, I'm giving it 4 stars because I recognize the potential, have heard great things and look forward to spending more time here.

    18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. Daniel D.
    Spa front desk is not friendly, They tell you where you have to go without even show you exactly how to get there. I have to beg for flip flops. My massage was good, no complain there, but the pool service mmm... there is only one guy who really cares, the rest of them please do yourself a favor a get another job. If you do not love what you do, you will be a miserable person . Again the massage is great and the boutique products are amazing .Overpriced place for the lack of customer service.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    208. Kathleen F.
    I recently had to phone in a request for a guest, and Crispy, the Concierge, was an absolute pleasure to deal with.  She was quick in her replies, and made sure everything was handled efficiently.  All around a great experience and highly recommended.

    02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    209. Tuff G.
    I spent an entire week here and our rooms were between $400 and $500. We ate a lot in the restaurant. I cant complain about the food. However i think the service in the rooms is pretty mediochre for the luxury pricetag. I dont mind the minimal decor though. But the customer service was subpar.  its also just disorganized. Waited an hour and a half for food to come to our room, and then said we werent there when they called. They kept confusing our room. Locked me out of the room at one point. When i asked them to restock the mini bar a lady got sassy on the phone saying i had just called her to tell to remove the mini bar. Again confusing me with another person. They left our lunch tray sitting outside for an entire day (until my inlaws checked out). When the pool is packed its hard to get the waiters attention and probably understaffed. We overheard other people complaining about this too.

    I dont think its a good hotel to stay in for a week. Its nice for a few days or if youre in the mood to party. The day pass is well worth it though.

    28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    210. Candice T.
    I had a fantastic facial at the Standard today.  It was a very relaxing and serene experience.  The poolside area is also quite nice and I enjoyed the brunch options.  All of the staff were very friendly and it matches up or exceeds any spa experience I've had in New York or California.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    211. Planters V.
    One of the finest places to get a drink in South Beach, w/o typical SoBe hustle/hassle. Very low key. Amazing views. Drinks are ok. Easy walk from Purdy Ave bars/restaurants.

    11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    212. Sabrina L.
    I was given a gift certificate during Xmas to get a Mani/Pedi at the Spa and was finally able to use it last weekend.
    I called ahead of time and scheduled an appt for 10am. Arrived promptly on time, valet parking is available. The staff is very accommodating and pleasant.
    If I had more time this day I would have been able to use the pool and their facilities, that's included in their Spa services...but I was a bit rushing so couldn't. Heard the spa is opened til midnight on weekends...
    I was totally pleased with the results.
    Valet is $7 with Spa validation.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. Miranda P.
    I expected way better customer service from the Spa at the Standard.

    I booked a 60 minute Thai on Table (Thai Massage) during Miami Spa Month.

    The treatment started face-up. My masseuse started the treatment with some light aromatherapy. She rubbed some eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender scented oils on my upper chest and neck area.

    This massage is not for novices, and the more flexible you are, the better the massage will be. I recommend at least wearing underwear as the sheet doesn't always cover everything during the stretches.

    Thai massage involves deep tissue work and stretching the body into many yoga-like positions. It is usually done on a mat on the floor with the recipient in loose-fitting clothing and no oils. The Standard's version takes place on a comfy table instead.

    There were a lot of different leg stretches and at times I felt like a rubberband. The masseuse was all over the place, sometimes even on the table using all 4 limbs at the same time. Other times I felt like pizza dough. She kneaded pretty deep to get all the kinks out of the muscles in my back and arms. It was a great massage - definitely in my top 5.

    Afterwards I went back to the front desk to request a locker. The staff seemed kind of frazzled and disorganized, but there weren't that many people around. They hold your ID as collateral for the locker key, I guess. It's kind of annoying how spread out everything is at the Standard, and no one offered to give me a tour or explain what all the wet spa area has to offer.

    The locker room is on the second floor, so you have to take the elevator up and down between there and the hammam area. The Standard really does have a very spacious wet spa area. I started with the steam room. After that I laid on the heated marble steps, which get hotter the higher you go. I finished up in the sauna and took a quick shower, which felt more like standing under a waterfall.

    I had seen the mud bath area outside before, and asked a staff member about it when I came back to the desk. She said it was an additional $20 and just to walk downstairs and an attendant would be there shortly.

    After at least 20 minutes, an attendant finally showed up, and I found out that there was a couple who had been waiting even longer than me. There are only two claw-footed tubs to soak in and there were three of us, but the couple was really nice and offered to share a tub. The whole area is covered in white tile, watched over by urinating cherubs.

    Instead of explaining how everything works, the attendant impersonally told me to read the posted sign, which I had already done a few times because I had nothing else to do while I waited all that time. You get your choice of red, green or yellow mud, which is supposedly made and naturally colored from algae imported from France. The colors are just for fun because they all have the same benefits - to exfoliate and soften the skin.

    I chose red and the attendant did offer to rub some mud on my back after he handed me a dixie cup full of it, but I had to cover everything after that (except the face and hair). Clothing is optional and I would have considered ditching the bathing suit if I had been the only one there. The posted signs say the mud will stain your bathing suit, but the attendant assured us that it washes out in the laundry - except it didn't. Thankfully, there are only a few pink stains on the inside of my bikini.

    After slathering yourself in mud, you get to lay on a white plastic lounger, which is actually pretty comfortable. And although the view is amazing, I wish I would have had my sunglasses. You have to sit there for a while until the mud mask turns white and flaky. I thought it was a little annoying/awkward that the attendant came back with a bill for me to sign while i'm in the middle of my mud treatment. When your mud turns all white, you literally hose yourself down before soaking in the tubs. Since the mud bath is basically DIY, I don't think it's worth the extra $20 PLUS GRATUITY that I paid.

    I headed back up to the steam room so the other couple wouldn't have to squish into the same tub. I saw that there were some tubs in the hammam area, so I went to try to fill one of those up and soak but another attendant came up and told me I couldn't use it.

    Ok. I decided Spa day at the Standard was done at this point so I went back downstairs to the locker room, changed, went back up to the third floor, paid my bill, went back down to the lobby and Decobiked home. Oh and BTW, I didn't notice that much of a difference in my skin afterwards, either.

    12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    214. Michael D.
    I came across The Standard by luck when I first moved to South Beach. If you're a peaceful, healthy zen-like person you'll enjoy some aspects. At night the place is gorgeous with tiki lights and a fire pit. During the day the pool is a hot spot in Miami Beach especially on Sundays. The spa is very cool! I suggest getting a membership which gives you access to the pool and the spa. The prices at the restaraunt are a little ridiculous though....try the mud bath!


    29/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    215. Jessica A.
    What a pleasant way to spend the after noon. I went in to take advantage of Miami Spa Month. $99 for an 80 min Thai massage, ill try anything once!! The massage really really wasn't the best.. But it's ok cause the pool and ambiance outside  was definitely worth it. The pool servers are super attentive maybe cause it was a Tuesday.. Which made the experience enjoyable. A girlfriend and I ordered some lunch which was not out of this world. Just ok. What I really enjoyed though was underwater music playing in the pool. I would definitely come back and try other services at the spa and maybe have lunch in the restaurant instead of poolside.

    21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    216. Dina S.
    I have got a gift card for my birthday for Standard Spa.
    I was very satisfied with provided services, but cashier put 120% tip on the bill in addition to 20% that were already included. I haven't noticed it right away, since it was a gift card.
    A month later I came back to redeem remaining balance on my card and noticed the mistake.
    Spa manager first said that she can not do anything about it. After I complained that this is unacceptable, she said, she would like to help, but can not reimburse it right away, because there are multiple people waiting in line, and she will do that in couple of hours and will send me an email confirming remaining balance. I have never heard back from her.
    Couple days later I wrote her an email, but, as expected, no response ...
    Some time later I came by and was told that all gift certificates expire after one year and they can not find me in the system, because they upgraded it. Even though, when my boyfriend purchased the gift certificate ($600) he was told that it never expires. Make your own conclusions. I felt robbed.

    28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    217. Elizabeth M.
    I have lived in South Florida for 12 years and now am a snow bird residing in Cape Cod 1/2 the year. The Standard Spa has always been my favorite hotel to stay at. It is truly a magical place. The service is always exceptional, Shante is absolutely delightful and always recognizes my voice when I call, Alex is THE best bell hop/host I have ever had, always making me feel as if we are long time friends, Sabastion is the BEST masseuse I have ever had and I have had lots of massages.

    My favorite thing to do is to spend the entire day at the pool and spa with friends and family. I am known as the "spa princess" in my circle. Always bringing treats to make it an extra special experience.

    I am so thankful that the spa/hotel has only gotten better and better as the years go by and I treasure every time I am blessed to spend time there. Thank you everyone at The Standard Spa Miami Beach for creating such a sanctuary for everyone to enjoy. I hope 2013 brings you a tremendous amount of success and happiness

    17/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    218. Marie A.
    For people looking at an Orbitz package for this hotel, buyer beware. This hotel will put a hold on your acct for $150 per night until you are gone. As in you cant access those funds. They say that is standard for Miami. As someone who has booked and stayed at much more upscale hotels bidding in the dark on hotwire, I can tell you I never had a 150 a night incidental fee, period.  The Orbitz site says $150 total for the fee, not per night and in teeny writing. The hotel will not fix this despite clearly having a contract with Orbitz and Orbitz will not fix it because they say the Standard is lying to them. So 'no one' is responsible. And no you wont be upgraded or given any courtesy anythings when you discuss this with the hotel

    And one more thing if you arent driving and think this through carefully, you will pay taxi fares every time you want to go somewhere because this hotel is not near anything. It is marketed on Orbitz as South Beach. It is not on South Beach. Buy your drinks, groceries and bring them so you at least wont have to taxi off for that.

    And while the grounds are quite lovely, your room is NY tiny. Really small.

    Ok done good luck people

    17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    219. Kimberly A.
    I'm going to give this place 5 stars.  I was impressed with this place from the time we checked in.  If you are one of those people looking for all the updated bells and whistles of 2013 then maybe this won't do it for you!  This place you can tell is a little older, but has been updated.  It is rather quirky! I love the feel of the whole "adult playground!!"  That is definitely what it is!  

    We had a hotel attendant assigned to us for our stay.  He was always available to answer any questions we had.  The room was nice. Very 60'ish feel to it, but GREAT!  The grounds around the hotel were awesome!  Cool hammocks and swings around for you to relax in.  The pool was amazing!  Speakers underwater... what??? I've never seen this before and didn't believe my boyfriend when he told me he heard Bob Marley playing under the water... Ducked my head under and sure enough! Pretty cool!

    The best part and it was included in the hotel stay was access to the spa area or as they call it the hammam! You can go in here and do your own thing by just relaxing in the sauna or steam room, lay in one of the bathtubs, or veg out on the hot marble steps!  We order up the sugar scrub and honey milk treatment. It was amazing! We scrubbed ourselves down vs paying someone to do it which added to the experience!

    This hotel overall was just FAB!!

    05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    220. Daniella S.
    I think the Standard Spa is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    I really do.

    The prices have gone up from a flat rate of $85 for free reign spa usage, but I could careless. If I want to go to a spa, I'm going to The Standard...Now, I believe Mon-Thur it's $85 and $105 Fri-Sun. At this rate you're better off booking a massage or many of the other services they offer, as spa usage is included with your service.

    If I remember correctly they have 12 different stations and it's all DIY. You can bathe in milk and honey or take a mud bath looking at the bay (for a nominal fee) , lay on hot marble, take an artic (50 degree) dip, read on the swings, pretend you're in a log cabin in the sauna, lounge at the pool, really it's all very good.

    The food is excellent at the Lido Cafe, a bit expensive but granted going to the spa is more of a luxurious treat so why not ball out? The view is also gorgeous...

    What I love most about The Standard besides the Mad Men decor, is that it's not snooty. I really don't need to drink my cocktail with my pinky out just because I'm going to the spa and I really don't feel like faking a British accent either. No fuss, no pressure, I am just there to enjoy.

    My only qualm is the f*cking parking. A mandatory $35 valet...Not only do I hate valet, but I also hate paying for parking. If you're a beach dweller or a tourist this is a mere cab ride away, and if you're staying on the beach, maybe even a stroll, but for the other losers (myself included) I suggest playing limo with your BFF and hitching a ride. It adds to the fanciness of going to the spa IMO.

    *Note: DO NOT forget to hit up their boutique/gift shop or The Readery by Warby Parker! Absolutely awesome.

    04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    221. Jocelyn C.

    Warning: I'm biased. But, who wouldn't be after scoring a free mud lounge treatment thanks to some beginner's luck?

    Bingo is free to play on the first Sunday of each month - but take note, this isn't the kind of bingo to bring your grandma to - it's a riot. Booze to fuel the drunken revelry. Bootyshaking dance offs to settle bingo ties. Come prepared to earn your prize.

    Spa prizes seem to be the theme. But if manicures and pedicures aren't really your thing, you can get on all fours in a game of Twister to win the big prize - a one-night stay at the Standard. So, ladies with itty-bitty dresses, don't say I didn't warn you!

    The dock is a nice place to chill afterwards. Okay, so you're on the artificial island of Belle Isle, but hey it's still gorgeous.

    19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    222. Amy T.
    This is my new favorite place in the world. I want to move in. The staff was so amazingly nice. The mud lounge is incredible. I'm building a mud lounge in my dream house, obvs. The pool and hot tub are fantastic - especially on a Monday night when absolutely no one is there. The high pressure massaging showers are insane. The bath tub on your private patio is something I never knew I absolutely needed and now I don't want to live without.

    I couldn't believe that I paid $239 for an amazing room, patio bath tub, a bottle of chilled rose that was waiting for us when we checked in AND 2 passes to the mud lounge. I purposely missed my flight back to NYC so that I could lounge by the pool all day. Oh and the food is awesome. My boyfriend and I had dinner and a bottle of sparkling rose for around $100. Unheard of in NY. I was really surprised about that because The Standards in NYC have expensive restaurants.

    I'm not a huge fan of Miami. I'm a NY girl and I find Miami people to be the absolute worst and the city is blah, but I will fly to Miami as often as I can possibly manage just to stay at The Standard again.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    223. Amanda H.
    Best massage I have had in the entire United States! I visited The Standard Spa after a grueling work week and the 2 hour treatment I had with Jacob literally changed the way I see holistic therapy! I have faced extreme next and shoulder problems for months. Jacob's knowledge in anatomy was simple incredible! He felt exactly where my stress had built up without me having to say a word. His background from working at at chiropractor stood out as he truly treated me as someone who needed medical healing and that is no doubt what I got. He is top notch!. Above and beyond in so many ways. 100% worth the money to make a visit to this gorgeous little hidden holistic retreat just to see Jacob! As someone who is a regular spa goer all I can say is TRUST ME. You will not leave disappointed!

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    224. Chuck M.
    Had a 90 minute "Standard" massage this morning with Fazli.   He was terrific.   Very relaxing and tension easing massage.   Can't wait to go back.

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    225. Sarah A.
    What a wonderful experience! I'm a member and was very pleased with how organized hosting a bachelorette party here for a dear friend was. The service provided was impeccable, the guest list for bachelorette party was at the check in so no complications at all thanks to Turner Elliott. As we had out of town guests, we were even able to book a lovely hotel room just outside of the pool area. Overall, wonderful experience and I'd definitely host another event here!

    16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    226. Annette R.
    I had a few treatments at the Standard spa and decided to become a member. The staff is super friendly, professional and courteous.  When I come in I definitely unwind from stresses and concerns - their atmosphere will help you relax and enjoy peace. Massages are super awesome!! Krystal, the masseuse is both gentle and thorough which is greatly appreciated. Yoga instructors are cool, I especially love Farrah. Great discounts on everything once you get a membership. I am very satisfied. Thank you!

    06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    227. Juan S.
    Great place and vibe here.

    The property could use some updating and is showing it's age.  I don't think they've put any money to upgrades since they've opened.

    However, the pool scene and view are the best in Miami.  Very popular with New Yorkers.  A great crowd.

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    228. Nicole W.
    Great day-long experience while visiting Miami from New York.

    Purchased a mani/pedi so we could lay out by the pool for the day. Mani/pedi was thorough and relaxing. Staff was extremely friendly.

    Pool area very retro-cute. Many lovely looking people lounging around sipping on cocktails and very attentive waitstaff.

    No complaints! Well worth the money to have a little spa and pool time.

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    229. Luke H.
    They do pretty much everything exceptionally well.  

    I can't wait to return soon.  

    This place has an exceptional pool deck and area that has a very vibrant lounge-y vibe throughout the day and at night, it becomes a very much adult playground for guests and non-guests alike.

    The forte' of the Standard Spa is, as the name suggests, the spa and a a number of the available spa amenities are self serve, which I've never seen before but really like.

    I could gush on and on, about everything from the gift shop (Habananas (sp) flip flops, trendy swimwear, and toys for use back in your room with your s.o.) to the above average menus at each of the places to eat at the Standard, to Alex and the rest of the staff who consistently make the comfort of your stay their priority.

    Worth every penny and an excellent way to unwind.

    04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    230. Elena A.
    Don't waist your time  looking for another spa! This is the best in Miami,  a whole different level compare to Trump or Fountain Blue, loved it!

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    231. N S.
    Short review: All in all, a disgrace.

    I don't know where they get their standards, but The Standard definitely doesn't live up to it.  This is the worst excuse for a hotel anywhere in the world ..
    Old old old old rooms, like smelly old Motel 6-ish rooms.

    You can hear everyone's chatter from the rooms next to you when in your bed, making it impossible to sleep.

    The 1950's called and asked for their fixtures back .. not only do they not have the usual amenities, the tissue material is the cheapest out there, the type that flakes when it comes to contact with your wet hands ..

    Management should be ashamed and have no right to charge this much for a night with this level of service ..

    All in all, a disgrace.

    13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    232. Urban G.
    This is a review of the Spa, Pool and Hammam. I scheduled the Detox 60 Cleanse at the spa. I enjoyed every second of my service. I plan on going back for this treatment.
    The pool area is lovely. Drinks okay. Service was pleasant and accommodating. I am not a sun worshiper so it was nice to have someone at the pool adjust my umbrella just right.

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    233. Carolina S.
    I had a wonderful experience at The Standard Spa. Beware of their high prices, although with high prices comes exceptional service. My masseuse, Lubee was a sweetheart and she knew exactly what she was doing! I never thought such a small woman could have so much strength. I requested a deep tissue massage and it was phenomenal!!

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    234. Marissa B.

    We enjoyed the Hamma steam place before our 2:30 massages, with guys.
    It was soothing, I wish I had told my masseuse to go harder....He was pretty cool to close his eyes in doing the massage and we had enjoyable convo....

    We tried to squeeze in a mud bath before my flight to LAX, but were pressed for time!

    So, the last meal we shared was the grilled prawn, which looked like a huge ass lobster with arugala. We also shared the fries, which were a classic, and the mussels with butter.....NICE!!!

    All this overlooking the bay and having to hear nice European beats made it fun to chill by the poolside also!!!!

    This hotel had the sexiest people and the most activities. They had paddleboarding, which we would like to try out next time!!!!

    Massage rates were kinda pricey at $110 for 45 minutes......

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    235. Winston M.
    I'm a former Miami native. I grew up here and despite that I never became accustomed to the S.Beach attitude and pretension.  I love my hometown, but we'll never be known for our hospitality or service. We make up for it in other ways. Having had the opportunity to travel extensively I've experienced the best and worst our big cities have to offer.  When I visit Miami now I rarely stay on S.Beach. I leave that to the tourists.  

    There is one exception. The Standard Spa is my not so well kept secret, and my sanctuary.  Words can't describe how truly far away from S.Beach this place feels. The memories I've made here are priceless to me.  

    Here's the deal. The rooms are small, the walls are thin, but you won't care one bit.  If you're looking for a place to get away from the world and relax there's no place better.  I wouldn't recommend for business travelers although my last to stays were exactly that.  I met my clients at the Lido Cafe, and they were immediately taken aback by the bay and breathtaking sunset. They haven't stopped talking about the living lasagna or the grilled octopus.

    The times I've stayed for personal reasons were among the most romantic of my life. Kisses in the infinity pool overlooking the miami skyline at midnight, cuddling by the firepit, or napping on the garden hammocks. I mean this place is the epitome of romance and sensual ambiance.  

    It was my 3rd stay when I even realized how amazing the spa actually was.  Massages, facials, mud, and soak treatments. Eucalyptus steam baths, Hamman room. I mean it's just overwhelming.  

    I could go on about the facilities, the food, the setting, but at the end of the day the reason I come back......service, staff, and hospitality that's world class. The staff there has consistently gone out of there way to make my experience special. Hand written notes in my room, complimentary fruit, phone calls from management just to ensure all was ok, complimentary bikes, A++ Concierge..... I mean serious attention to detail in every aspect.

    This is my only 5 Star review on Yelp. I doubt I'll rate any business that high again.

    14/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    236. Hector A.
    Awesome place! I love the landscape. It's very well designed. The food is really good. I love the tatter totts. The view of the bay is superb. Includes a dock. The Walk-in pool is nice. Staff is nice. Only thing that could b better is the rooms. They are tight and pretty standard but it's more of convenience more then anything because this hotel is meant to be enjoyed outdoors. The spa is great!! Highly recommend it.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    237. Niki W.
    Anyone who complains about this hotel is way too picky and nothing would be good enough. This place is amazing. Friendly staff, beautiful amenities, good food etc. Such a fun place!

    05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    238. Leilani D.
    This is my favorite spa in Miami to date - even though it's not extremely luxurious (the bathrooms look vintage...borderline old) like most of the other hotels in Miami that's not really what The Standard is going for. This place has a beachy, laid back, almost 70's vibe.

    And much more importantly, it has the most extensive amenities of any spa I've been to. My favorite is the hamman. It's a large open room with huge heated stone steps. Let me tell you, there's nothing more relaxing than laying down on this hot stone and letting all your tensions melt away...except maybe getting a massage done on them which is phenomenal. Other play places they offer besides the generic steam room/sauna (even though they have those too): cold rain shower, sound shower, mud lounge, arctic plunge, scrub room, and metal tubs for you to take a relaxing bath (bath supplies sold up front).

    Outside of the spa, purchasing any service or day pass gives you access to the whole property all day. Definitely plan your whole day here - they have the most amazing infinity pool/view that may be almost as relaxing as any time you spend at the spa.  The restaurant is not so bad either - albeit a bit pricey for what it is.

    Why do I withold 5 stars? The ridiculous prices for day passes. Before you used to be able to go for $80 on any day of the week. Well now they've jacked up the prices on weekends to $125. Keep in mind this doesn't include ANY services - just hanging out at the spa/property. This is strange both because it's INSANE and because generally you get a day pass whenever you book any service, some of which start under $125. Why would you pay this ridiculous amount when you could pay less to get a massage and the day pass? I don't know. If you're smart you'll wait until Miami Spa Month (July-Aug) when you can get a treament and full access for $99, instead of letting these people rob you blind.

    Note: all the Spa areas except the locker rooms are coed. Bring your swimsuit no matter what. Also, the locker rooms and the spa are on different floors and they're serviced by a tiny slow elevator. Don't leave anything in the locker room you'll need to go back for - you'll regret it.

    02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    239. Anita G.
    Amazing beautiful view, specially at sunset! Service is horrible, even for Miami's low standards. And it's gay paradise there. I'm not being racist, I'm just saying, if any single straight young lady or guy wanna go there to meet potential romantic partners, forget about it! But cool to relax and appreciate Mother Nature, food by pool deck is...OK.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    240. Udi F.
    Very disappointment, the room was very small , dirty shower , I spend there only one night ,I saw 2  bugs on the floor ,
    The spa was nice , but the room was very bad .

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    241. Nicolee Y.
    Loved our experience, Very Chill

    My mother and I stayed for a get-away weekend. We had wine delivered directly  to our room, went to the Spa everyday ( which is beautiful and unisex with great amenities ).  We walked to dinner at night, exercised in the morning and of course chilled pool side.  We Loved our organic blissful expereince

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    242. Yoyo T.
    I love love this hotel but I'm giving it one star because of their unintended service, slowest service I've ever encountered in my life. I ordered room service, expecting it to be in my room in 30 minutes. It turned out two hours later they are still not here. So I called room service, he put me on hold for half an hour. So I got really pissed off. Went to the pool area. Just to lay out and expect to get my breakfast there. But the manager told me their system was down that's why the kitchen didn't get my order. And now 12:30 p.m. He told me all the breakfast chief left so they can't serve breakfast anymore. Need anymore reasons?

    02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    243. Arturo S.
    Amazing hotel 24h pool and excellent service! Well be back for sure!
    Only the shower took a little to warm up and cabs take an av of 15min to be at the other from the time u order them.

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    244. Anne S.
    This is a rating for a pedicure only. About me: I am a self professed pedicure snob. I've gotten one a month for nearly 10 years, in exotic locations as Honolulu, HI and rustic ones like Fairbanks, AK. I've had $20 and $120 pedicures.

    This pedicure was disappointing, and I left before the manicure. My experience was so bad they comped me the pedicure. I didn't even know that could happen.

    First of all, I hate when they use large metal mixing bowls to soak your feet. At least use something that costs more than the pedicure I'm getting. Second, the atmosphere was not relaxing or calm. The nail stations are right off the reception desk which is VERY busy, and very loud. The floors were dirty and the paint was chipping.

    The tech did my fetish pedicure in 60 minutes, shorting me a full 15 minutes of tootsie pampering. I was paying for the extra pampering and it said so right on the spa menu.

    The icing on the cake is when the tech stepped on the water, dumping dirty pedicure water all over my sandals. She then spent good five minutes laughing and cleaning up the water from the floor (okay now a 55 minute pedicure). She never cleaned my sandals or tried to dry them, it was only when I asked for a manager did something get done.

    Oh and the massage sucked.

    I'm sure there are many better places to get pedicures, even if I lived in Miami I would not return.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    245. Robert L.
    The Standard is not The Standard I knew as a member. I canceled my membership a few years back because the Service sucks! Food and drinks are ok, but super expensive(80 bucks for a bottle of Malbec? Really?) Facilities are nice, but there is always SOMETHING bad that goes wrong. The rinky/cheapo thermostats in the hotel rooms don't work. It's either HOT or COLD.

    ...I came back as a Guest after not going there for 6-8 months. A towel guy inside the spa (Latin, short hair, stocky/fat) is danger to everyone (physically and mentally) -- he is violent and rude. Beware. I think he is on bath salts.  Further more, the lobby/common inside area smells like a fart.

    The Standard, you're losing members, guests, but most of all your core values of what put the facility on the map. Check your core values and make sure all employees follow them or your business will not grow.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    246. Selena B.
    I really REALLY so wanted to love this place....it has so much potential.....the end result is disturbing:

    I was a member here for a while and it was one disappointing experience after another, despite paying $160/month just to walk through the front door and I'm a local resident who has referred many customers here.

    I was supposed to receive an additional one month/$160 credit when I referred members who signed up here - but told them that I didn't want the credit (even when the called to notify me I would receive it).  I told them I just wanted my friends (and myself) to receive good/reliable service.  Unfortunately the staff turnover is so high (especially in membership), that we never reaped any such benefit.

    While trying to enjoy the pool during Art Basal, it took me 40 minutes to order/receive a diet soda - and I got a flat brown water for almost $5.  It was so busy - I just left disappointed - given it was about the 15th consecutive time such a disappointing result occurred.

    On another occasion, I told a waiter that I had a serious onion allergy so  PLEASE make sure my entree did not have onions.  His response was "ok, extra onions?"  We both laughed and almost an hour later he returned with a plate full of onions.

    I can't express how many times I've gone for a 20 minute swim or sauna then waited 40 minutes to get my car back from valet.  Despite explaining the illogical situation to staff, it never improved,

    I've booked spa services such as pedicures then I'm shorted the appointment time by almost half by their spa techs.

    When I do receive hot food items, they're usually cold (such as breakfast bacon).

    They once had a policy where the waiters had to keep customer credit cards as policy while we/customers ate our meals.  One day when I asked for my check to leave, I was told the waiter had gone to lunch (with my credit card!).

    I tried there Holiday Party (which was fun), and was told we'd receive complimentary h'ordeurves with our attendance.  We were served pigs in blanket (only), then cookies - while the standard promotes "health".

    Their sliders (of all meals) are the worst.  Smushed up burger (thinner than McDonalds) on old/dry buns with nasty looking condiments on the side. This vegetarian friendly establishment should just skip serving meat altogether.

    All of their food (except the hummus plate) and drinks are grossly overpriced.

    They do not wash the tubs in the hamman/spa in between client use - nor are they willing to leave cleanser out for us to wash them ourselves.  I was told these tubs are  sanitized after each use when they sold me my membership - then found this to be a lie.  Even when I asked for a tub to be washed so I COULD use it - it would usually take half an hour or more to get the tub cleaned (very low priority for them).

    When we paid extra for the outdoor mud service, the girl didn't know how to fill the outdoor tub with hot water and expected me to sit in a tub of ice cold water to wash off my mud.

    Things such as the underwater pool music and other amenities remain broken for weeks/months.  When I would ask if it was fixed, I was point-blank lied to by different staff, saying things like it broke this morning (when it was broken for weeks), etc.

    I tried to use spa passes that have no expiration.  They were SOLD to me as part of my membership package.  Today I was told they are expired (despite the lack of expiration date) and that I couldn't use a pass because I had been a member.  When I signed up, I was worried about terminating my membership or returning - hence the lies that I could use them ANYTIME.  It seems once the person who told you the lie leave their employment, you're out of luck.

    The restaurant manager walks around in low-class street clothes to the point that I thought it was a person who was going to ask us for change - I was shocked to find out he was the manager acting so casually amongst patrons.  He turned out to be (the nicest manager there.  Standard Management is generally condescending, non customer-service oriented, unprofessional and rude.

    Overall, it's just one lie and lack of delivery after another.  The Standard is such a wonderful concept and place - it's such a shame there is such a large staff to ruin what should be an incredible experience!

    04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    247. Pete B.
    Wasn't here for long, but it was absolutely gorgeous.

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    248. Christian C.
    The worst hotel / restaurant / bar / spa I have ever been to.  The theme attempts to be minimalistic and hipster, but it just comes off being pretentious and cheap.  The rooms are meager and uncomfortable.  Worst service at the pool.  There is a bald manager who is just the worst person in the world.  The staff treats people like second class citizens.  I guess that's the "cool hipster" theme aspect.  The pool is horrible and everything on the menu is overpriced.  I had to ask my waiter 4 times for a simple drink.  Additionally the spa offers essentially nothing and all the treatments are exorbitantly overpriced.  

    Overall, a pretentious flea bag joint attempting to be something loftier.  FAIL.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    249. Isabella R.
    The place is stunning. The food is really good. We spend one day from 10 am until 8 pm. We have a one hour massage and was incredibly good and relaxing, also we went into the steam room, the jacuzzi and into the pool. We had a very good time, people are friendly and also the employees.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    250. Julia C.
    I used to go to the Standard Spa quite frequently, stopped for a while and recently returned for two appointments, one massage and one facial. While in the past I had always really enjoyed my treatments and the estheticians, I was quite disappointed with both the last two times. My mother also came with me and had the same complaint. The treatments felt short and incomplete . There was really no "pampering" sensation. My mother's esthetician applied a mask on her and then just walked away, never giving her any massage and just leaving her for 10 minutes (aka 20% of the session) essentially unattended. On top of that, a gentleman working at the front desk of the hotel when validating our parking was extremely rude with mega diva behavior.

    The Standard (both spa and hotel) has always been laid back with a more laissez fare approach to service which in a way was part of its charm. But in the last year or two it just feels a bit crappy and pretentious with fewer and fewer validating qualities. With that said, it does get one star for the Hamam and another for the sunset at the pool.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    251. Angela R.
    I spent a whole day here sunning myself, juicing, steaming and using the sauna.  The spa itself is built like a Turkish Hammam with a big room mildly hot with hot stone to lay on.  The steam was full of eucalyptus and the sauna was nice and hot!  The outdoor pool area was amazing!  You could jump in the bay, use the cold dip!  Order food and juices.  The only thing I didn't like about this spa was the awful smelling air freshener they used withint he locker room area (which were also on an entire different level, so it was always a treck to go to your locker.)  At first I thought that something foul must have spilled and then I learned this smell was their signaature scent.  I am a huge fan of aromatherapy and I have no idea who would like that smell.  Just awful.  But the rest of the spa is superb!

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    252. Ignacio O.
    Worst service I had in any place in Miami.

    She forgot a beer

    She forgot a water.

    She forgot a wine.

    She forgot the main course.

    She gave attitude.

    Never ever coming here again. Overpriced. Over-rated.

    26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    253. Viggo L.
    Oh the Standard, how you whisk me away from harsh reality, put champagne in my hand, and rub my feet. Not quite, but this place is relaxing, breathtaking, and secretive. The food is gourmet tasty. The view of the bay is superb; your spider sense is tingling at sunsets. As for the pool, it's amazing and when you get pool service on a lonely overcast day you feel like you're in a Federico Felini movie.   Don't' believe me? Well check it out right here:


    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    254. AshleyMarie O.
    Great place to stay-cation !!! The staff is super friendly and helpful- if you aren't staying overnight then go in for a spa treatment. That will give you access to the grounds for the rest of the day. It's such a nice little oasis in Miami

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    255. Claudia A.
    Came here for my birthday. Seeing the pictures and reading yelp reviews made me choose the standard as my celebration spot, ohh how I wish I wouldn't have. Let me start so we get there and I'm craving that spa relaxation feel but as soon as the elevator to the third floor opens (which btw needs some maintenance it makes the weirdest sounds) we see a commotion people talking at the top of their lungs laughing getting out of a yoga class. This reminded me of an LA Fitness class session. Then we squirm through the crowd and we see the front desk area. The girl that helped us was nice at that moment. We were given robes and told to come back when our treatment time would be approaching (we came 4 hours before because he booking department told us to come in early and enjoy the facility).

    We went to the locker room area which is in the second floor. As you are walking down the long gloomy smelly (mold smell) and ugly squared pieces rug which is coming apart you think we'll let's not judge lets go and change, OMG how horrible. The bathroom has no amenities (soap, shower cap you know what a spa treats you with inside a bathroom) and the sink has rust everything looks dated. I know they want to go for that retro look but they can update the retro with new retro looks not keep the same things from the 70s that are out dated. I mean come on for the PRICE.

    ANYWAYS, So we decide to go upstairs and "enjoy" the facility.  The sauna, steam room and Hamam room are not desirable they are like the LA Fitness facility amenities. So where is the water? outside in paper cups like the ones they give out in a kid soccer game and the fruits that are seen in their website and yelp professional pics? Non existent but as a worker told me "you are more than welcome to go downstairs and buy some" REALLY? I've been to a couple of spas and they offer light healthy snacks for their guests but here nothing.

    After 45 minutes of this my husband and I decided to go downstairs and eat. The "botanical garden" needs some up keeping . The plants are dry and everything is muddy. Now I know it's rained but come on if this is the case have your workers (which they have a ton but you still can't get them to help you, more about that later).

    Anyways, we walk towards the pool, the lady allows us in because we have a blue little yarn attached to our wrist and we find some lounge chairs which the colors are fading away (they look like lounge chairs in my parents community pool), so we sit down and look for someone to give us a menu. 15 minutes into doing the whole search and look like you need help (let me add several people who I later find out work here passed by us and seemed to not care) a guy passes by and says "yes?" And I say "you work here? (He has no uniform just shorts and a tee) and he said "well yea just the bar but I'll get you someone that can help with the restaurant" and to make that story short, it took us 30 minutes and me standing up about 5 times to get someone to us. The food finally was brought out. I had a kale salad and my husband had the fish tacos. Everything was okay but pretty pricey $90. (We did have the coconut too but still, sheesh).

    Sooo we said lets see we still have 2 hours left what to do? We go back to the spa and ask where the relaxation room (which was advertised by their reservation department and several spas have) and we were guided into a black room with 6 lounge sofas right next to their loud welcome desk. This place has a black curtain that separates the room from that area so the relaxation feel is gone and once again no light snacks no amenities just a wall with a glowing purple light. WOW. I was livid!!! I went out and spoke to the lady who helped us in the beginning and asked if anyone could see us and she said I'll put you in at 3 instead of 3:30. Well 3 came and went and 3:30 came and went. At that moment I was as tensed as a Doberman looking at a piece of meat it wants to attack. I went up to the front desk and asked why it's 3:40 and we haven't been called and was told that we were going to be placed at an earlier time???

    Well 2 minutes after that the ladies came out and I was feeling like a knot of stress. Upon their arrival I start complaining about our experience and expectations not met but that soon melted away because of KAREN. KAREN is the reason I even gave this establishment 2 stars. I would give her 5 stars if I could just rate her. She was amazing. She knew where my knots were and took them off. Soooo to conclude, I wish I could have Karen work at other spas like the Mandarin or Biltmore because I won't be coming back to the Standard if they believe their Standards are Spa standards. Btw, the girl in the front asks me "how can I make this experience better for you?" And I thought "by bulldozing this spa and making a brand new one?"

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    256. Stacey Z.
    The Standard Spa in Miami Beach has some of the best facilities around. It's all about the spa and pool at this hip hotel. The general spa services are included in your stay so you have access to the dry heat sauna, the steam sauna,  the Turkish bath house/ sauna, the meditation garden and the spa showers. You can pay additional for masaages and various other treatments.  I really felt refreshed after my afternoon at the spa. The infinity pool is truly amazing, as well, as it overlooks the ocean and all of Miami. I thoroughly enjoyed shocking my senses with the Miami three: 1. hot tub 10 minutes / 2. Submersion into the ice cold tub / 3. A dip in the pool.  Talk about feeling alive and in tune with the world! The Miami three will kick a hangover to the curve immediately.  

    The reason I'm not giving 5 stars is due to how pricy this place is. You will incur super high charges for parking at almost $30 a day, resort fees, taxes, lunches, the juice bar, etc. With that said, it's worth it if you stay and enjoy the hotel and all it has to offer (spa, pool, beautiful grounds, etc.).  If you have plans to be a busy bee on the go, stay somewhere cheaper becuase this place will hit your pocketbook hard.

    Lastly, don't leave without trying the amazing kale salad with chicken added or having a mojito by the pool. After all you are in Miami!!

    22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    257. Sarah R.
    Loved it. Had some very minor disappointments. Here is my random mix of great but not perfect impressions.

    All of the choices of ways to immerse yourself in water is the highlight.
    (pool, hot tub with massage waterfall, cold tub, the actual bay, shower, pressure shower, hammam with three bathing options plus spa options, , but super expensive.)
    The grounds and plantings are really lush, so beautiful, private feeling. The pool is so lovely. Nicer on the weekdays, weekend has a rowdier vibe. They have swings!  Moon shaped seat swings that I loved. The service was sometimes very nice /fun and sometimes snotty, the valets were snotty. The room was pretty nice, huge bed, but it was a little too minimalist, rug literally hurt to walk on barefoot. It was like a rope knot rug, so we put it under the bed. There was a cockroach in the closet.  Why no art in the room? Doesn't standard have an art connection? The TV channel had video art so that was very cool. Pool area extremely beautiful and clean with lots of chairs and palm trees right at the poolside. But pool side was loud with very loud white noise from waterfalll hot tub, not soothing, sounded like nagara falls. ( Sound can make or break an atmosphere people! ) The restaurants had very nice atmosphere, food was 6.5 out of 10. Gym locker room lock confusing and no instructions on how to use,  why?

    I loved being away from the world and just cycling from pool to hamamm to gym to nap to reading to pool to hammam to eating (and repeat).

    It made me wish that spa experience was more mainstream, like part of a gym memberhsip. Its luxurious yes, but really, it's only human to want to exercisea and  bathe and swim and relax, so simple and effective! Spas for everyone!

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    258. Lania K.
    What a fabulous experience, body scrub on the hamam (with Osmond.) everyone should do this at least once in their life, then go to the zen lounge outside after or the steam room. I highly recommend this if you are in Miami.

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    259. Rachel B.
    My companion and I came to Miami for a mini vacation and I'm so upset we found this place right before we left! The cocktails are great as well as the food. However, the service is impeccable (coming from a fellow waitress). I highly recommend this place!  If you come, please ask for Quan, he was so incredibly awesome !  Rachel and Nate

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    260. Matt M.
    Etan Krupnick is the best part of staying here - most genuine and professional people I have been lucky enough to encounter in all my travels.

    19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    261. Sally G.
    There was a cockroach in my room crawling around in the night. The person upstairs was extremely loud and I couldn't sleep even after getting ear plugs from the front desk at 3am. The lock on my door broke and I was locked out of my room for a half hour when I had to get in to change for a meeting. But the pool and spa are great!

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    262. Nicole R.
    I enjoyed this spa and had a great couples massage. The Hamam Spa Ritual is totally recommended for someone that wants something a little different than the usual.
    It's a coed spa which is unique. I did lots of research trying to find a couples massage in South Beach and this fit us perfectly. Very beautiful and romantic environment. The pool is a must see and check out the music underwater. Patrick was my massage therapist and was beyond amazing. I will be back next time I'm in town :)

    25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    263. Lans S.
    Hell yeah, I'm a fan!
    I stayed for a business trip and it felt like a mini-vacay!
    Service was great and the grounds were lovely. The hamam - yes and do it!!

    There are great restaurants walking distance away, in case you need to escape for a bit. The food & drinks are super pricey, so it's a good idea to check out the local joints.

    I highly recommend this over any of the silly sceny South Beach options.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    264. Monica D.
    I went looking for a relaxing spa day and  bath house experience but I'm still not sure about what I got. Let me explain...

    The amenities are beautiful, modern and very zen. There's a large heated marble common area called a "hamam" and different water therapies nearby such as pressure water showers and hot baths. It dark and dimly lit, with a sexy vibe.

    The thing is,  everything is set up in an open floor plan and it really feels like everyone who is there wants to be seen. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that but I really enjoy going to spas for the rejuvinating and restoring benefits, not to enhance my social profile.

    Then there is the lido deck which is not really a place to lay out and get some post spa sun, but really a place to try to find someone to hook up with. The music is pretty good and there is definitely a hip and trendy vibe if that appeals to you.

    The food from the outdoor bar/restaurant area was really good, but the service was very uncertain. At times it felt like my waiter wasn't sure if he was supposed to be waiting tables or if that was his shift. He wasn't mean or rude in anyway just generally unfocused?

    Later that night there was a game of bingo by the bar. It wasn't your Grandma's Bingo however, it was dirty and raunchy bingo that I'm still trying to forget because the crowd was assorted and well, there were a few Grandmas in there.

    The music playing at the bar during the rest of the evening was a third hipster, a third thowback and a third weird. The whole thing had a seedy feel to it, leaving me confused about my entire experience at the end of the day.

    Again the amenities are very nice but that's all I am certain of in regards to this place.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    265. Spice Of Leia R.
    The Standard is another hip but simply luxurious hotel in Miami. The pool is the superlative feature of the hotel. This place somewhat defines the gorgeous people of Miami. You will run into some of the locals since this is located west of SoBe, about a 5-10 minute drive.

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    266. Alisha R.
    I really want to rate this place higher as the place itself is gorgeous and just screams relaxation but unfortunately the service is always a disappointment. On multiple occasions the hostess has acted as if it was a bother for us to request a table, this really confuses me. The first time I wrote it off as a bad day but it's always the same. If you can get past that you will really enjoy yourself. This place has a really relaxed vibe, a beautiful view, great drink pitchers and even ping pong tables and rocking chairs.
    Hopefully the staff (not all of the staff is bad but the ones that areruin it for everyone) get it together because it's really the only negative.

    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    267. Spencer A.
    Chic atmosphere and pretty people I expected the worse- but was surprised to be served spectacular food.  Service a bit uneven ranging from fantastic (Luelle) to shocking and rude.  

    Still I would go back in a flash and recommend  this unique and sexy  place for dinner and or drinks.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    268. Lindsay L.
    Pros:  insanely great hospitality. Every single person you encounter seems genuinely happy you're there and excited to help you be on vacation.  Best hotel staff I've ever experienced.  Super dog friendly, too.  

    Built on the old Lido spa--the canyon ranch of its day--still has deco charm to spare and wonderful tropical grounds. Pool is great, very comfy and you can watch gorgeous Eastern European ladysharks hunt their wealthy prey.

    Truly relaxing and rejuvenating. Spa services were very good (I had facial and massage).  I will be back!

    Food poolside and in cafe was quite good and reasonable considering location, etc.

    Thanks for a great vacation with my mom!

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    269. Jw K.
    It is very nice spot and they did great job on the garden, pool,Lido restaurant and spa. But it is over priced and people are quite rude too.
    And the room was way too small (probably 180 -220 Sq Ft??) when they charge so much ( about $400 per night)
    Unless you're willing to pay over $800 to have a bigger room, don't stay at the hotel....it's not worth it at all since the other hotels' options are so great! (such as Zocean. about $500 per night, private Jacuzzi, up to 1000 Sq ft)
    I'd never stay there again but maybe visit Lido for lunch or so.

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    270. Roy S.
    Excellent hotel, great staff....you are not staying at a hotel or resort but a different planet--it's a state of mind. Completely relaxing from the zen like grounds to the amazing pool to the spa to everything. Room I stayed in was a bit tiny and you can hear your neighbors at times if they are loud at night and if you are a light sleeper, but very comfortable bed, I did not spend much time in the room other than to sleep and otherwise a great stay. Off the beaten track but within walking distance to another gem, Sunset Harbour, as well as Lincoln Road Mall....the early morning sunrises and evening sunsets are spectacular from here..in fact, now that I think about it, if asked to describe The Standard I would reply--"think Palm Springs, CA"--has a similar vibe,minus the mountains.

    Billing procedure can be a little screwed up which might make it a bit difficult for business travelers, especially with having to explain the resort fee and/or expensing different amounts for different nights when the room rate is the same...(though, admittedly, most people are not here on a business stay).

    If I had a substance abuse problem, this would be my East Coast Betty Ford clinic....Only regret was that my stay was too short.

    19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    271. Maria-Paula G.
    I cannot believe this! The The Standard Spa, Miami Beach has the worst costumer service ever! Thanks to their poorly laid out website my mother's day massage was scheduled on the wrong day. They call me the day of, as the appt. is supposed to start, I explain it is a mistake and they still want to charge 100% for a massage I never got!!! I even got a "we hope you enjoyed your massage" email later on. Will not use their services ever again!

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    272. Nancy H.
    Don't go!
    You pull up to the valet and the first thing that greets you is the overpowering stench of raw sewage
    That's a sign !
    The staff are young and hopeless the bar is ridiculously overpriced
    We had housekeeping issues that would take to long to explain
    But when my husband asked to see the manager to complain he wasn't offered a clear explanation
    Dirty room at over $1000 a night ( we had suite# 56
    And our friends had #57
    Stayed for 3 nights
    Will NEVER go back

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    273. Tyler S.
    Spent a Saturday here as a guest of a member. The pool area is gorgeous and the service is impeccable. The staff is very friendly and accommodating and not too rough on the eyes either. To eat I had the veggie burger with fries. Both were delish. Later in the day tried a hot latte and one of their juices. The coconut date juice was very very sweet so I had to water it down quite a bit.
    A cool feature is the underwater speakers in the pool where you can hear the music loud and clear why you cool off in the water.
    As for the rest of the facilities the gym was well stocked but very dark and very cramped. The locker room was the opposite of very bright and very spacious. The spa was also very nice with a huge steam room and huge sauna but it was crowded and coed. Does not compare to aquavana.

    Overall a very nice day. Would recommend it to pool goers but they fell a little short in the fitness / spa area.

    08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    274. Katie D.
    Had an amazing day at the standard, excellent rub and scrub with Colleen and management was great! My family and I always look forward to going together when they come to visit from up North.

    Me, I get to go whenever I want :)

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    275. Gina F.
    Everything about this place is perfect (ok elevators are slow and you can't take the stairs.. Breathe...)
    Start with the friendly and efficient desk people as we checked in for our day of classes and treatments. Hatha yoga while I look  a the sea, that's good for the soul. The physical adjustments and assists I got in class were opening  and invigorating, like nothing I have experienced in a class before.

    Spent some time relaxing in the cactus garden (hot, hot,hot, more views of the sea...) before a upper body class. Ok, I'm fitter than the average woman so it wasn't hard. My husband actually dropped out of the class. It was a nice break from my regular workout, would be hard for most.

    Next up lunch and Chandon rose at the pool. It's a toss up for best part of the Standard, this or the hamman. Glorious sun, great view, no kids, salt water pool and jump off the pier!! Everything to love and many reasons to be here all day.
    Finishing touch... Turkish scrub on the hot, marble  hamman,  in the middle of a heated room.  Hands down the best treatment I have had in my life. Hot towels and hot water are poured and draped over your just scrubbed body (done with a persons foot!). Oh my!! 30 minutes of massage and scrubbing and your skin is rejuvenated.

    Of course take full advantage of all of the showers, steam and sauna before you go! Don't forget to browse the gift shop. Luxury and karma abound.

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    276. Jonathan N.
    So this review is for the restaurant and bar... I expect a lot from a standard and they certainly delivered.

    A no reservation wait for three was about 45 minutes but we were able to drink at the bar, got a pitcher of the standard lemonade cocktail it was refreshing

    Split a nice cheese and pita plate for starters, I had the mini cheeseburgers which were pretty good but a tad overdone

    What wins with this place is the service, ambiance and view (it's on the Venetian islands)

    19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0