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Winter Haven, Autograph Collection in Miami Beach, FL

Winter Haven, Autograph Collection in Miami Beach, FL


A great location for the activities of South Beach. The rooms are small but comfortable and clean.It was noisy during the day due to exterior remodeling but fairly quite at night.Exceptional bar.A small cozy bar with the warm friendly atmosphere generatedby an exceptional bar tender familar with the offerings of South Beach.A great placefor conversationwith other guests and i highly...


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Rating: 3.31

Address: 1400 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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Comments (61):

1. Rose N.
You get what you pay for, and this is no exception.  Our room was clean, comfortable, small, nice bathroom, view of 14th St not Ocean Dr.  Windows don't open and the room was stuffy.  Front Desk was friendly and helpful.  Like other hotels in the area, they add on an additional "Amenity" charge of almost $12 per room per day.  Why don't they just include that with the price of the room instead of sneaking it in at check-in?  In return you get to use the beach chairs in your room, a $5 coupon for their pathetic excuse for a bar, free apples and "lemonade" for "snack", and a 15% coupon for a restaurant 2 blocks away that must be giving them a kickback.  The hotel is at the north end of the Art Deco area, and it is a very pleasant walk either to the beach, the shopping area on Collins and Washington, a medium walk to the Espanola, a long walk to Lincoln Road Mall, all in all it is fairly central and a good choice for a 3-day weekend.  You can rent a scooter at 1520 Collins and give yourself much more freedom to get around.

22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Ashley M.
I had read tons and tons of reviews on this Hotel before finally deciding to pick it.  Me and my Boyfriend went to Miami the Week of August 18 and stayed at the Winter Haven Hotel.  Upon arrival, the bell boy rushed to our taxi and got all of our luggage out and patiently waited until we checked in to take us to our room.  We got lucky because we stayed on the 6th floor where the top deck is where you can lay out and see the beach from the balcony.  I was super happy because I had heard if you got the cheapest room, you would most likely be facing a wall, but our room spot was great! We had the door to our room, and also two other doors that opened to the deck.  As everyone has said, the room wasn't huge and there was only one nightstand for clothing, but I it was cozy and comfortable and the closet was big with shelves, so my boyfriend put his things up there.  The bathroom was small, but perfectly fine with me, the shower was big and we had a window outlooking Collins and Washington.  Overall I give the room an A.  I loved it.  Everything is walking distance.  You are right across the beach and shopping and restaurants are so close.  Yes there is a public bathroom near the hotel, but I was there for 4 days and didn't see one bum.  The breakfast was good enough for me.  All kinds of pastries, cereal, milk, water, orange juice, bagels, muffins, pancakes, fruit, and deviled eggs.  It was fine with us, we just needed a meal to hold us till lunch time everyday.  The patio was fun to sit at and just relax or eat our breakfast.  The lemonade and water and snacks they have during the day are great, because coming from the back, we were dying of thirst! The staff was great.  They were super nice and our room was cleaned perfectly daily.  I agree with everyone else, the beds are sooooo comfy!  I want to take the pillows and blankets home!  When it was time for us to leave, they held our luggage all day and called a taxi for us when it was time for us to leave to the aiport.  Overall, I loved the hotel and we would for sure stay here again!

25/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Robby C.
First, I would like to point out, if you are planning a trip to South Beach and want to stay in a nice hotel for a reasonable amount of money, book the hotel at least a month or more in advance.  We tried to book a hotel two weeks in advance and everything was booked for an early March weekend stay.  That being said, we booked literally the last room at Winter Haven and we paid for it at about $370.00 per night, plus a service fee of about $12.00 which did include drink tickets, contential breakfast, daytime snacks and two beach chairs which were in the closet.  Valet parking is $25.00, $20.00 you park it yourself.  I like to walk, especially in South Beach, and the hotel is in a fantastic location, right on Ocean Drive and very near Lincoln Road, so we really didn' t need a car.  The builiding is a vintage Art Deco building on a quieter part of Ocean Drive.  The building has a great veranda for people watching and a bar at night.  The building is very well maintained, with nice deco styled furniture.  The front desk was very nice and accomidating.  Our room was very clean with nice pillows and bedding, the bathroom was small with no tub, but was above average in design.  I thought the price was high, but I will admit, I loved the hotel and the location.  And I disagree with the other posts, I found the hotel to be better than the photos, it was a very pleasant surprise!!

12/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. TheTruthTeller CheeseEater D.
Only stopped at the bar. Hotel has a large porch on ocean drive in South Beach. So it's a really nice place to people watch. I had a very good signature cocktail very sweet with a chambord and other stuff. UNFORTUNATELY, they have lost their minds. My lovely little cocktail was $12. For 5 dollars worth of liquor.PLUH-EEZE. So not worth it. Apparently, you can just have a seat on the porch with or without a drink whether or not you are staying at the hotel. I recommend having a beverage or two elsewhere and then sitting on their porch. $12, Seriously!

23/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Todd W.
I guess you learn more, the more often you stay.  I just spent 2 nights again at the Winter Haven and for $99/night (always remember there is an additional amenity fee, whether you take advantage of it or not) it is an ok place.  The bed was again comfortable, but I had to be moved because of the insect problem.  There were small ants or similar insects running all over the room.  The staff moved me to another room, but on my last day, there they were again.  Clearly the Winter Haven is a haven for something more than friendly tourists!!  Nothing that a good exterminator can't fix, but it certainly needs it and the front desk staff just smiled at my recommendation.
It was rather unpleasant weather, so I spent most of the evenings in my room trying to watch television.  They do not have cable boxes and no channel guides at all...it took about 15 minutes to navigate through all of the various channels and the front desk could not even help me find any specific channels.  This is also an easy fix, just have to take the time.
Overall, staff was friendly, as with the last visit and for the price (plus the amenity fee) it was a good stay.  
Finally, I am a little puzzled by the amenity fee, as it seems to change.  I have seen $11/day on this site, $10/day on their hotel site and as high as $30/day; it may depend on who you book through...not sure, but I would certainly ask.  With that you get towels for the beach, a $5 coupon for the bar, morning continental breakfast and afternoon snack.  A fair deal for $10/day, not so much for more than that.

11/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Lisa A.
The price was right, the location was great and they have a nice sundeck for you to layout. I think its a cute little hotel and they do offer some great breakfast. Its simple just coffee, bagels, muffins but its helps you get the day started in Miami.

19/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. L T.
It was great.  Excellent Location

07/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Mady B.
I just got a $3.50 refund for a slight oversight when checking out.  I had filled out a survey the other day and had mentioned the oversight, not really concerned over the amount.  Got a email from Marc-Antonio Downes, Ventana Hotels & Resorts,Assistant Hotel Manager letting me know they looked at my bill and refunded my money.  Thanks much

04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Jonathan W.
A nice hotel with medium-sized modern rooms with nice natural light and clean sheets.  The lobby in modern and attractive.  This hotel is right on ocean drive, so the location is pretty much unbeatable.  The included breakfast had a large selection.  And the hotel lends out beach towels and chairs which were very nice.

Overall, the hotel is a nice place.  But there were several small issues that seriously detracted from the experience:
1)  The internet access in the room SUCKED (I know, i know, i should be on the beach, not in my room browsing the internet, right?  But how else am i supposed to access Yelp to discover cool nearby restaurants?)  The internet timed out about every 5 minutes and would prompt for a username/password.  It was very frustrating.  A call to the front desk resulted in an assurance someone would come up and reset the equipment (which would fix the problem...for about 2 hours).   The internet worked fine from the lobby.

2)  The temperature in the rooms was hard to maintain because the AC vents pointed right onto the bed -- it was unpleasant.  It was freezing with the AC on, and hot without it.

3)  The frontdesk staff was less than professional.  They messed up my wake-up call (!!!) by calling the wrong room.  Good thing there was nothing urgent i missed or i would have been pissed!  There's not even an automated wakeup call system -- they write down the info and do it manually.  On our last night, we ordered a 4:30am wakeup call and asked for a taxi to the airport for 5am.  The wakeup call was five minutes late!  And when we got downstairs to the lobby, they hadn't yet called a cab.

20/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Erin L.
Pros: The rooms were clean and nice with comfy beds; there were chewy bars, apples, and oranges, and coffee and tea out in the lobby in the morning. Perfect location for clubs, restaurants, etc. The lobby and front are nice and deco-looking. We were able to talk our way out of the $11/night "amenity fee."  

Cons: The rooms were quite small (ie no place for extra people to crash on the floor).  Also, weirdly, the shower didn't have a tub, so the bathroom floor was just soaked the whole time we were there.  No fans or opening-windows so it got really stuffy in the room.  There was an $11/night unadvertised amenity fee (dang south beach).

07/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Jerry T.
My fiance' and I visited South Beach for little fun and R/R last weekend. We got a room at the Winterhaven. There is only 2 positive things I can actually say about the hotel: Price and location.

Unfortunately, the negatives far out weigh the 2 positives.

First of all, the two guys at the front desk(Raul and Raulito) were not very friendly at all. We walked up to the front desk ready to check in, and they both kept their heads down until I had to get their attention. They both had very numb attitudes.

Anyway the gave us a room on the first floor next to creepy ally, and right across from a laundry room. ( not acceptable)

They agreed to give me another room on the 3rd floor, as we walked to our room we noticed how dirty the walls and carpeting appeared. We got to our room, and the door appeared to be just hanging on the hinges. The room itself was small, with worn dirty carpeting, dirty lamp shades, and dirty windows. If it they had any

On top of all that we could hear conversation of other people next door to us. I could actually hear them more clearly than I do on my Verizon network.

Needless, to say the hotel was substandard, and we checked out after 2hrs. 2hours of my life that I will never get again.

Raul and Raulito never asked if they could make our stay more pleasurable nor did they say thank you for visiting or anything. They just gave us our receipt and sent us on our way.

Don't worry we had a happy ending. We found a much better hotel only a couple blocks away, and had a great time. After our experience at Winterhaven we avoided that place at all cost.

Oh yeah F.Y.I.  The photos onlines looks nothing like the real thing, so don't expect the same.

25/06/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Barry S.
I was here for a bachelor party a few weeks ago. To summarize, the place is fine for a place to stay. It could use signficant improvements, however, in several areas.

First, the hotel is the old school art deco style, which is pretty cool. The location is great, right off one of the main drags, and right across from the beach. There is a public restroom that's pretty much across the street (maybe ~ 100 feet), which definitely has shady people coming in and out. It seems like this entire area has a few sketchballs, either homeless or drug users/sellers. One of these creeps actually followed someone from our group into the hotel. It's not ultra shady, but it's always a good idea to stay aware.

The bad. First, this hotel has one elevator (I guess b/c it's old). The elevator broke, which really sucks when you only have one.

Second, the TV reception was totally unacceptable; forget HD, it was "snow."

Third, front desk is apparently not that responsive, as I called down and no one ever answered.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, the bar and restaurant staff needs serious improvement. Now I will mention that the bartender on the Friday night that we arrived was pretty cool- and that the weekend I was there was the first weekend that the restaurant was open for business. But, aside from that, these people were seriously clueless when it came to running a restaurant. I mean to the point where most other people just conclude that they are not smart people. First, the wait staff botched our order numerous times. Then they started blaming other staff, b/c the other staff didn't speak English. Then there's the pretty girls who just stand outside trying to lure business - they're honestly pretty useless (at least they were the weekend we were there). She looked nice, but, like the others, had no real idea how things were run. Also, the tall bartender with the "manly" hairband and 5 o'clock shadow had a bit of a holier-than-though attitude. No "how can I help you," he just looked at me and made no facial expressions whatsoever. When you're in the service industry, it's critical to actually provide service (if you want a tip, that is). As I mentioned previously, the Friday night bartender (he might have been Russian or Eastern European) was pretty cool. The other guy looked Latin and wasn't anything special. To sum up, there were a million people running around and not much getting done.

Fifth, they took over 45 min to get our car, which is totally unacceptable. I'm not sure if they had a reason for being late, either.

I wouldn't stay here again.

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Desiree D.
We were really excited to stay here for the price and location because we booked a deluxe rooftop room for under $300 a night. However, when we arrived, those rooms were still under construction. Luckily, the front desk staff, Chris, spoke with the manager and we were offered the next best room (and a partial refund) which was still on the 6th floor and without a private rooftop, but we still had direct access to the entire rooftop that was almost always vacant. Our room had obviously just been painted as the smell of paint was very strong when we arrived, but it quickly vanished after opening a window (in fact it was nice that we were able to open the windows since many hotels do not offer this). We also had a partial oceanview which a bonus. There are many parts of the hotel undergoing renovations or remodeling, so one would expect this place to be even nicer in the near future. The room was a nice size and the bathroom was completed remodeled so we were very pleased. Also there was breakfast in the lobby each morning. We would definitely consider staying here again in the future.

28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Jeannie H.
Definitely the best bang for your buck. Being a little over $100/night, this place was perfect location. Right across from the beach and walking distance to everything. Staff was great and friendly. The rooms are a little small and the shower curtain had mold on it.... but, it is really humid there, so it makes sense. They could clean it though. Anyways,  if it weren't for that this place is the perfect hotel to stay in SOBE. The bartender was also super sweet and recommended great places to check out. Rooftop deck was cool too, only went up there once though. The front outside is amazing and perfect for people watching.

31/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. James Michael S.
My girlfriend and I stayed at this hotel for our first trip to SOBE and we determined that when we travel back to South Beach, we will definitely stay at the Winterhaven again.

The hotel is in a PERFECT location. Centrally located on Ocean Drive, you are steps away from the beach. Lincoln Road, where you can find shopping and fine cuisine, is only a short 10 minute walk. It is almost over-whelming with the abundance of places to eat and get drinks in the vicinity.

The rooms were very clean; however, they are quite small. If you are looking for a lavish room with ample space, this is not your hotel. I do wish that the windows opened and that there were a mini-fridge but other than that we were very satisfied. There is so much to do in SOBE that if you spend your time in the hotel room, you are wasting your time and money visiting this destination.

The staff was amazing. They all knew the area so well and knew exactly where you should go to get a great meal, good drinks and good entertainment. They were extremely professional and friendly.

Overall,  the hotel has a great location with the perfect mix of price/quality.

28/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Maria K.
Very clean hotel. Great location and good customer service. You can't find a more decent hotel for the low price.

04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Sean D.
Reasonable price through expedia. Staying in South Beach prior to a cruise was a fun experience. Late check-in at the Winterhaven....No problem. We were handsomely greeted by the bartender and the front desk clerk. Check-in was a snap and we were given a $5 coupon for the bar.

Rooms were a bit on the small side but the beds were comfy. Bathrooms were also a bit tiny and lacked outlets for my GF to plug in her power tools. No biggy I understand that the buildings are very old.

Went to the bar, to use my FIVE....FIVE DOLLAR COOOOUPON, sat down and the bartender asked what I needed. I responded with "Suprise Me"....he made me a Lemon-Esque type martini that was delish!!!

Only minor problems were:
1) The random guy that approached us while we were tasting our beverage (10 mins after checking in bout 11PM), asking if we wanted "party supplies"....alas this IS Miami (a bit expected on the street not from a random walk in to a hotel bar) But I digress.
2) The drunk old man staying in the room next to us being a close talker.

That is it!

30/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. heather p.
For South Beach this is a really decent budget hotel. The location is super - on the beach (I had a 6th floor room facing the ocean, room 601) - and just a block north of the loud south beach scene (30 second walk, but far enough to have a quiet sleep, even when the party was bumping outside). We didn't have towels, but they were delivered right after we requested them. Tiny bathroom, but that wasnt a big deal for us, everything was clean enough.  We'll stay again!

07/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Leah T.
I give 5 stars for location and value. For a grand total of $150 a night (with taxes and $11 hotel fee which they charge at check out for use of beach chairs and breakfast) you can't beat it for South Beach. Staff was super friendly, room was very small which was fine. Windows don't open which was a little confining.. but if you stay in your room for more than an hour or so, why are you staying on Ocean Ave anyways??
Bed was awesome!!!! Super comfy with soft white linens.
The only complaint I would have to give is to the shower. It was a tiny, stand up shower with the thinnest plastic, mold-infested curtain. Yes, mold. Which didn't keep the water in, so every time you shower, keep an extra towel or two for the floor to soak up extra water.

All in all, it was a good 5 night stay.
Fyi, if you rent scooters, DO NOT PARK IN PARKING GARAGE!! You will end up getting a city ticket, plus paying 20 bucks to park it. The front desk told us to park there, which the next morning we found out it doesn't allow scooters.. but  has no warning signs! Whatever.. I sucked it up and ended up paying 43 dollars to park a little scooter for 8 hours. $20 for parking and $23 for ticket.
The next couple nights I had a car, and had no problem parking it on the street. It was $12 to park on street, and its $25 to valet.. do the math.

I'm in MIAMI BITCH! :)

02/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Audrey R.
"I'm in Miami, trick."

There are a dizzying array of SoBe hotel choices. And I probably looked at every single one of them. Seriously.

If you're traveling to SoBe a la Kardashian style, please check yourself into an overpriced boutique hotel on Collins Ave. If you just want to fist pump and get your GTL on like the Jersey Shore kids, then you'd be better off at the Metropole. If you're like the rest of working class America and want the best bang for your dollar, then you will find you literally have discovered your own haven from the winter at this hotel.

My boyfriend and I booked our four night stay in the beginning of November when rates were reasonable and the weather is perfect. (I found a great rate through Trip Advisor that saved us a sweet 20 per cent. We payed $90/nt, plus the hotel fee.) We opted for a room with a partial ocean view. Since the WinterHaven is located on a corner there was no other building to block our view of Lummus Park or the sparkling ocean just beyond it's palm trees.

The room was simple but well appointed. A comfy king sized bed, flat screen TV, a dresser, 2 night stands, a desk & chair, closet space and plenty of lighting. One draw back was no mini fridge. (Mini bar items were provided, at cost, of course.) Second draw back was there wasn't an ice machine that was accessible to guests. But, simply ask the staff for ice and you can chill the beer you'll buy at Walgreens with no problem.

I was scared the room would be smaller than my college dorm, but even though this hotel has been around since 1939 they offer decent sized rooms. Even with all the furniture you still have plenty of space to walk around and for your luggage. Our windows didn't open but that wasn't an issue.

The bathroom. Ok, it was on the small side. But, not as small as some of the bathrooms I've seen in Europe! A little more counter space would be appreciated. When in need of additional space I just substituted the dresser, which was right outside the door. It's not impossible to fit two people in there, but it wasn't always comfortable. On the plus side, there was a full length mirror on the closet door.

Most SoBe hotels charge a "resort fee" but not one of them offered anything close to what the WinterHaven provides.
For $11 per night, you'll get 2 Costco-style beach chairs (which you can find in your room), beach towels for each guest (just ask at the front desk), a 15 per cent off coupon for the restaurant Grill Fish (located just around the corner, serves the freshest seafood), two $5 coupons to be used at their bar (super friendly and down to earth bartender!), and daily snacks and breakfast.

The fact that the WinterHaven serves breakfast is a big plus in my book! Morning coffee is a deal-breaker. If you're thirsty: coffee, tea, OJ, milk and water are offered. Maybe order a Bloody Mary from the bar, hey, that drink coupon does come in handy! If you're hungry: fresh strawberries, apples, oranges. Yogurt. Toast, bagels, muffins and a waffle station. Three different types of cereal. (The fruit, along with granola bars, chilled water and coffee is available throughout the day in the lobby for your convenience.) Unbeatable for the price. Make yourself a plate, get your coffee, grab a table outside on the porch and bask in the warmth that is SoBe.

Don't forget to check out the rooftop deck on the sixth floor! Great for sunbathing! It's also a nice spot to quietly watch the sunset over Miami before you gear up for a night on the town that's anything but quiet.

Lastly, location. Ocean Ave. is as close as you can get to the Atlantic without sleeping in the water. The WinterHaven is directly across from the beach. It's also within walking distance of Lincoln (shopping, restaurants, Walgreens, CVS) and Collins (nightlife, restaurants) so no cab ride was ever needed.

And just because my experience at the WinterHaven was fantastic may not hold true for the next guest. This hotel offered a clean, quiet and comfortable room, a friendly and helpful staff and a prime location on Ocean Ave.

Thank you, Winter Haven, for such an amazing stay!

P.S. The elevator seems like it has been around since the grand opening of the hotel. The stairs are a welcomed option.

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Alexis J.
Sigh... the Winterhaven. What can I say? The price is right and so is the location. Really can't beat being across the street from a beautiful beach, can you?

We checked in late and the very friendly (but slightly creepy) desk agent informed us that we arrived just in time to get the very last room in the hotel. We were tired from several flight delays and looked forward to climbing in to bed... until we saw that our room featured one huge murphy bed! The room was on the first floor yet didn't have any security bars. While the room was pretty clean, it was totally odd. I marched out and asked that we be moved to a better room (with the double beds we'd requested) in the morning.

The next day they obliged and we did get a better room on a higher floor. While the carpet was stained, but the sheets seemed clean and the beds were actually pretty comfortable.  Certainly no frills here... the lobby is a bit shabby and the rooms "mini bar" is hilarious.

All and all, it wasn't too bad a place to stay for a weekend of parting in Miami. Keep in mind that the website portrays a slightly more polished version of the real thing.

24/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
22. Mike P.
Came here to watch the Chicago Bears trounce the Miami Dolphins with 3 of my buddies.....figured we'd stay on SoBe somewhere for the nightlife.  We were here 11/17 through 11/19 and we weren't disappointed.  Seemed like the best bang for the buck when researching for hotels.  The room had 2 full sized beds for 4 of us to sleep in, with a view of the brick wall of the hotel next door, it was fine considered we were all there to enjoy the nightlife and not stay in our room all day.  It was a tad on the small side, but that's to be expected for such an old building.

The front desk chick was kind of odd, but weirdly attractive, so...thumbs up there.  They had cold water and little snacks available for free most of the day in the lobby, so that was a good way to get some energy back after the long nights.  Also, there's an AWESOME breakfast place right next door with great service and great, interesting twists on standard breakfast fare.

Oh and we were solicited by a hooker at like 4 AM in the hotel lobby, she was just sitting at the bar when we stumbled in from our night out.  Here I was thinking a very attractive and 20-something black girl was just being nice to me and my buddies...but nope, she was looking to turn a trick or 5.  We didn't give in so I'm sorry I can't review her services.

Good location, within walking distance to almost everything the hot part of SoBe has to offer.

All in all a great time, made better by a Bears win!

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Randi O.
I am surprised by the lack of 5 stars. For the price, I think Winter Haven is a great little hotel. The room was modern and sleek, the location was amazing, and the staff were all so friendly.

I was pleased when I first walked into my room. It had a modern all-white decor, with a few key accent pieces in wood, glass, and silver. The bathroom was newly tiled in stone. Most importantly it was vey clean. So clean I was okay walking around the room in my bare feet.

If you've done your research, you will know that the location is amazing. Steps from the beach, and perfectly situated between the crazy southern part of South Beach and the more mature part to the north.

I was most impressed by the the staff. Lloyd was super friendly and helpful. He provided me with helpful information about things to do in addition to helping me with my bags. The bartender Amaru was amazing as well.

I would defintely stay in this hotel again.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Samuel C.
The rooms were nice. Staff was incredibly awesome.  Bathroom was tiny; a deal breaker indeed.  Location pretty awesome.  BLT is like 2 doors down. The restaurant downstairs is typical ocean drive eats. Some cute euro female outside attracting guest.  A lil pricey.  But overall decent eats.  I would return.

02/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Jonathan T.
Pictures truly lie. These pictures were so "altered" its not even funny. We drove around the hotel 3x until we figured out where to park, $25 valet parking at the hotel. Every other hotel had a sign except this was very hidden.  Once we finally got into the building, it smelled like someone sprayed gallons of grandma's perfume, just awful smell. We finally got up to our room, and was instantly disappointed. This was the tiniest hotel room I have ever stayed in. Having a family of 4 stay in a hotel room is never an issue, but there was not even space for our bags. We were constantly climbing over stuff and having to move bags just to get out the door. The bathroom was super tiny. Our view was literally the side of a building. We could not see anything else but the next hotel over which was only an arms length away. When we finally got settled in, we asked the front desk for a casual dining on the beach, and she basically gave me no help whatsoever. She was too worried about talking to someone else that worked there. When we wanted to check out, valet took 45 minutes to get our car to us so we had to wait in the lobby until it got there.  I would never stay here again.

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Curtis H.
Hotel was nice, but many issues. Rooms were small, nothing worked. Had to call to fix tv and toilet. Got there and they did not have an area to unload luggage. They promised to send someone out but it took almost 30mins. The restaurant served a crap pasta dish that they charged $25.00 for. All in all disappointed. Especially since I booked this through Marriott and expected their standards.

20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Arnaud S.
I am taking one star down because truly the only pros about this place is the location (and maybe the cool looking lobby). All the rest is not up to the standard. Valet took 30min...

28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Michelle P.
We stayed at the Winterhaven in June 2013 and the staff was amazing. They knew us by name and catered to our ever need. They hotel location was great. Staying here was a highlight of our trip. When we tell people about the trip we talk about how amazing the hotel was. It was our first time staying in the autograph collection and it won't be our last.  Love the roof top deck. The restaurant has gluten free options which was surprisingly hard to find in south beach unless you were at a steak house. So this was a plus as well!!!   -m and j phelps.

Special thank you to Alex and Lisandra!!!!

14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Rocio M.
Our stay was from July 19 to July 22.  Loved this hotel! Very affordale, booked months in advance, has the best location on Ocean Drive. Just a walk away from the blue ocean, great restaurants and bars. Took advantage of the complementary beach towels. The rooms are small but when in Miami who wants to stay in doors. All you need is a place to store your luggage, a clean bed to sleep and a nice clean shower. Over all the room and the bathroom were very clean. The staff was really nice and accomodated a early check-in and a late check-out for us. The roof top deck is a must see at sunset. It offers a beautiful view of South Beach. The weather was great despite the weather forecast which predicted rain and thunderstorms for all days of our stay. To our luck it was nothing but sun until our last night when it rained for about ten minutes.

Thanks to another post we found out about Bus #150 (Airport Flyer) which offered a very affordable ride from the airport to a bus stop a few blocks away from Winter Haven. For $2.35 a person, we thought it was the best deal ever! More money in our pockets for other things while on vacation :)

We would definetly reccommend this hotel to everyone and we for sure stay there again.

The only bad things were that the bathroom had no window or source of ventalation and the room had no phone so we had to use or personal cell phones to call the front desk.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Joaquin M.
This is a fantastic hotel in South Beach. After the renovation, this has been the best experience I have encountered during my trips to South Beach. The staff is super warm and friendly. The rooms are very clean and spacious. There are no resort fess like other hotels in the area and the valet charge is very reasonable. Strongly recommend it.

11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Patrick Y.
Terrible hotel.

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Dana G.
"There's something strange and disarming about looking at a homicide scene in the daylight of Miami. It makes the most grotesque killings look staged, like you're in a new and daring section of Disney World: Dahmerland!" -- Dexter

I couldn't help it. I had to ask the bartender at Winter Haven if he ever watched a scene from Dexter being filmed. He said yes and I swooned. The convo the 4 of us had with the bartender was great. Such a nice guy. He also make a hell of a drink and had excellent suggestions on places to go.  The lobby area has a balcony and you can drink out on the porch and face the ocean. I wish we were staying here for more than one night! Awesome for people watching at night from the lobby bar. We sat down and before we got our first drink had some interesting encounters with a drunk or two that wandered in.

It's on Ocean Drive and walking distance from nearly everything you need. Bars and shopping on Lincoln and The Front Porch Cafe is a couple doors down if you want a great bite to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

This hotel is a must if you want a nice clean place with friendly staff and a great view (go up on the roof too!) The rooms are small but comfy. The bathroom is very tiny and hard to maneuver in though. All in all a great place for the best value!

17/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Chris M.
Great boutiquey hotel right on Ocean Drive, but far enough away from the shit-show so you can actually enjoy the non-waking hours of your vacation.

Has a great front patio/porch for people watching.  Bring your own lunch and drinks instead of having to deal with pushy hosts and hostesses.

Has a great staff.

Has a nice roof-deck area for hanging out in the evening with a great view of the city and beach.

04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Matt V.
honestly, a bit underwhelming.

From the motel style towels, to the barely queen sized queen bed and the views of the alley left us longing for a little more.  Granted, the location is primo and the staff and lobby are fabulous.  I wouldn't discourage anyone from staying here, but for the price...I've stayed in a lot better places.

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Kathleen L.
Winter haven has to be one of my worst experiences at a hotel. Ok, we made our reservations late and could not get a room at our conference hotel. I expected that the late choice and lower cost would mean that this was not going to go down in my "memorable stay" category.

Geeze, was I wrong! Nothing like having to pack up in the middle of your stay to the pungent smell of cess in your room from the plugged shower drain. that will leave an imprint that I will not soon forget.

We went to the beach having mentioned to the front desk that the shower drain was slow. While we were at the beach, they went to work on the drain only to have it overflow all over the the floor and carpet in the room. We were greeted at the door by a man wearing a mask telling us that we should not come in our room because of the smell.

The front desk told us they would relocate us from our ocean front room and they did-- to a small back room with a double bed and window that looked at the wall of the building next door. We were told that is the best they could do.  When we told them that the room was unacceptable, they suddenly had another room with a queen size bed (also looking at the wall instead of the ocean). We took it because we were too tired to start looking for another place on Saturday night. This was now our third room in this hotel. I haven't tried the shower, but the sink is broken and I'm usíng a wadded shower cap to pry the drain open.

The roof top deck is under construction and unusable. After moving twice and a really strong complaint from my very unhappy husband, they offered to give us half off tonight's stay. The room is only worth half of what our ocean front room was worth, plugged shower drain and all. Did I mention that the second room had a ridiculously noisy window air conditioner instead of central air? The room we are currently is very poorly insulated and we could join in the conversations we hear from the rooftop of the hotel next door.

Free is too much to pay for this place unless you are 20 something with little hotel experience. If that fits you, keep looking! There are much better places to stay in Miami beach! Look at the Sanctuary Hotel. It's beautiful, about the same price, has a spa & the best restaurant in Miami beach!

I can't believe that this is a Marriott property. So very disappointing.

21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Bob C.
Overall a good place to stay.  The location right on Ocean is the best part.  Service was friendly and it was convenient to have the bar & restaurant out front.

As others have observed the TV was sketchy.  Ours worked at 1st but then just showed a big Phillips logo across the front.  It did not bother us too much and never called to get it fixed.

Not having an ice machine was also a minor inconvenience.  

The one thing that did bug me was how long the valet service took to bring around our car.  To be fair I was warned it would be 45 minutes.  In the end it took 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon.  Apparently the closing of Ocean Ave to street traffic was at least partially to blame.

We never had dinner at the restaurant but did have breakfast and drinks and service from the Italian waiters was always good.

Espanola and Lincoln are just around the corner for good food & shopping.  

Beach towels they give you are not soft or large but are adequate. You can see why they don't bother to have you sign them out.  No one is going to steal them.

If you want a place to hang out for the day, Hyde Beach Pool at the SLS (17th) is very posh with friendly service.  It was $50 minimum per chair and we spent $200 for lunch and a bunch of rounds of drinks.  You can also rent a chair for $20 at the Shore Club (19th) and get drinks and food service at the beach or pool.

I debated a 3 or a 4 star review but a good price and a great location won it a 4.

30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Richard R.
We stayed in the Winterhaven from January 6th through January 9th. I primarily use Yelp and Trip Advisor to pick out hotels and the user reviews are extremely helpful.

The Winterhaven's location is perfect. Right on Ocean Avenue and directly across from the 14th Street Beach. It is on a quiet section of Ocean Avenue, away from the bars and nightclubs, which was good for me. The lively spots on Ocean Ave are only a block or two away. We were able to walk everywhere. There are numerous restaurants very close by in all price ranges, the ubiquitous Starbucks, and the historic district.

The Good:
The location. The rooms were very clean. The staff was great. The price was reasonable. The rooms are smallish, we had two double beds in our rooms. There isn't a lot of extra space but we didn't need it. There was a large closet and a flat screen TV.  The bathroom was newly renovated and all the fixtures and tile were brand new and although it was tight everything is efficiently placed. The hotel provided beach chairs and beach towels. There is free wireless internet. They gave discounted drink tickets. They went out of their way to accommodate us on a late checkout. There is a continental breakfast that has a decent selection. They have a small charge for all of this but it is not excessive. The Winterhaven is also a non smoking hotel.

The Not So Good:
The hotel is being renovated. They showed us the model room, it will be really beautiful when it is done in March or April. Our bathroom was a little dark but the new rooms have a double lighted mirror. They will also have full length mirrors. There is some construction noise from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM but we were out and about. There is construction materials in some of the hallways. Raul from the hotel told me there will be all new carpeting throughout the hotel, a new bar and a restaurant. It should be really beautiful.

I would definitely go back to the Winterhaven. The location, room cleanliness, great staff and the quiet section of Ocean Ave made for a very pleasant stay.

10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Lester A.
Let me start out by saying that the hotel is located in an ideal spot- right at the beach.  

That, in my opinion is the only positive. This room I stayed in was by far the tiniest ever. I couldn't shower without bumping into the wall or shower door. The sink offers no storage space for a typical person. In addition, I was surprised to see that the room had no fridge.

The hotel offers no parking, thus you need to pay $25 to valley your car each day of your stay. Because of this, we had a situation wherein it took the hotel over an hour to retrieve our vehicle, which resulted in our being half an hour late to an appointment. We even had the hotel manager request our car three times, yet they still couldn't retrieve the car in a timely manner. All this after we requested the vehicle 30 minutes earlier

Our stay was mediocre at best. This is a hotel ideal for party-goers or those interested in the beach. But, if neither of these are your scene, then skip it as you may get a bigger room and cheaper stay elsewhere.

15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
39. Derek S.
I was in town on a trip that took me from Key West to Hollywood Beach and, finally, to South Beach.  I stayed at the Winter Haven because I've been a Gold member with Marriott for about four years and wanted to continue being loyal to their brand.

While every other hotel on the beach had a sign indicating where the valet parking was, this hotel did not have any signage.  We were told flatly to drive around the block again and park in front of the hotel.  The spot was taken by the time we came back around and there was no valet to be found.  

Our room was in the worst possible location.  In the housekeepers' hallway we found our room.  The hall was strewn with full laundry and garbage bags and the workers were speaking and laughing in very loud voices all through the day and night.  When I complained I was offered a terrible "continental" breakfast which consisted of thawed and heated. pre-made "pastries" that were more like pop-tarts.

The room itself was attractive in its art-deco appearance.  The sink in the bathroom leaked and we couldn't get any cold water in the shower -- scalding hot was the only setting.

When we asked for towels for the beach we received large,  threadbare rags.

This was a terrible experience and I am ending my relationship with Marriott.  I strongly advise against this hotel.

31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
40. Rich S.
Just ok. I am not a fan of old hotels. I prefer a more modern look and feel. If you like an Art Deco style hotel you will love this place

18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Timo B.
The room was a hotel room... what made this a 5-star stay was the staff. Not only did we feel welcomed, but the staff went out of their way to make our stay and our trip to Miami the best it could be! They showed their appreciation through their actions!

Specific thanks to Lloyd who really was awesome and incredibly helpful.

28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Howard B.
So I would really go 2 1/2 but I don't want to trash the place.  I stay at a lot of Marriotts though and although this hotel is affiliated with Marriott it does not live up to Marriott standards.  Although the rooms are small they were clean and the lobby is nice.  The WiFi is AWFUL.  I went when I needed to work a bit and this was very frustrating - and the staff while mostly pretty helpful was useless in this regard.  The restaurant was pretty good and I went for dinner.  The roof top was very nice (they should do more with it) and you should bring yourself something to drink and chill up there before heading out.  There is ample public parking on 13th close by and they also offer reasonable valet parking.  Down the street is Finnegans Way which is an Irish Pub - Sports Bar and good for tipping a few.  

All of this said, anyone should set low expectations for hotels in South Beach.  Most of the places have small rooms and often have small bathrooms and thin walls.  The Winter Haven is the same but I don't remember any thin walls.  Anyway, you go to SoBe for the vibe and the atmosphere and the beach.  This place is right across from the beach and the location on Ocean Drive is great.  It is a short walk to Lincoln or Espanaloa way.  I definitely would stay here vs anything on Collins.

06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Lena D.
The location and staff at this hotel are awesome. It is apparent that the staff makes every effort to make their guests feel welcomed, and it really shows.

The room was clean and comfortable, my only complaint was the bathroom was small, but you're on South Beach, take a shower and go out!

There was an offsite gym for $11, which seems to be the South Florida norm, apparently people down here don't go to the gym they just get plastic surgery.

We had no problems with the valet, they told us to call 20 minutes in advance and we did and our car was ready to go. I also thought that $25/day for valet service was very reasonable.

We look forward to coming back!

03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Tom G.
Small, pricey, boutique hotel in a great location on South Beach.  Cool art deco style.  Good service all around.  Valet parking only.  Only stayed one night, but the location was wonderful.  Perhaps the smallest hotel bathroom I've ever seen!

26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Kevin K.
Older property with a first class staff.

It's a great location but lacks some of the modern amenities and a pool. It's got a noisy SoBe swing to the lobby and a nice but pricey Italian restaurant.

The price and location couldn't be better.

13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Leslie C.
Considering this is a Level 8 Marriott hotel, I was very disappointed with the customer service. The hotel is located at a great location, across the street from the beach and walking distance to all restaurants/bars. However, front desk wasn't overly friendly. Also, I went back to my room at 4pm after spending the day at the beach returned to the room around 4:30 because we wanted to take a shower to get ready for dinner. However, my room was not serviced and I had to contact front desk. Later that night, we called front desk to ask where the ice machine was so we can get ice ourselves. However, they offered to bring it to our room which we appreciated. However, they forgot about it and we had to call 15-20 minutes later to remind them. We also called 30 minutes in advance to have a cab ready (they said this would not be a problem) and when we went downstairs, there was no cab and we had to go to the street and hail one. I also didn't think Front Desk was overly friendly. One front desk attendant kept making a joke with us but considering everything that happened, I did not appreciate the joke. I stayed at many Marriotts for work and I have never been unhappy with any of my stays. Considering this is a 400/night room, in which i used 80,000 on my points  in addition to paying $150, I was very dissatisfied with my stay and I would not return or recommend this hotel to anyone.

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Prang P.
The food takes too long!!
I was waiting for the pancake for 1and a half hour!! And we have to pay with CASH.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Daniel B. O.
Perfect location on Ocean Drive. Very convenient if you want to go back and forth to/from the beach. Props to Juan who works in the lobby of both this hotel and the Blue Moon, both Marriott properties. He is the most attentive person there.  He even recognized us from our prior stay at the Blue Moon. Yaira was also very nice. Great Customer Service. Room was nice and the view was exceptional. The only drawback would be the hallways. Will definately stay here again, we had a great time.

14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Saul M.
We enjoyed the ocean view room, staff was very friendly, rooftop deck was fun to hang out in.  The restaurant Il Bolognese offered a nice breakfast menu with excellent coffee.  On the downside, the hotel has no gym, no pool but with the ocean right across the street one cannot complain too much.

27/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Antoine M.
I would like to give this hotel 3.5 stars. I stayed at this hotel a year ago with a couple of friends in August. The room we stayed in was excellent. However, the reason why I'm giving this hotel 3.5 stars is because our TV didn't work and the shower curtain fell on my head. But the manager did reimburse us a portion of our money. Overall, the room was very clean and the staff was great. At one point we need towels and they brought them up very quickly. I would give this hotel four stars if their prices were better. However, that's a very subjective argument. Book this hotel, other than my situation you'll have a great time.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Ken B.
The reservation was booked for Blue Moon hotel. They pushed us from that hotel to Winter Haven "sister property". Rooms & Bathrooms are super small, with very few rooms actually having a real ocean view.

Checking out was a nightmare. The valet took over an hour, because they scratched the side of my truck. To then cover all the scratches with black permanent marker. Lucky for the hotel they make you sign a hefty release of your vehicle. (This must have happen before) With the end resolute being no proof.

This hotel was $250/night. Its well worth spending the extra $100/night , and stay in a nicer hotel.

You get what you pay for.

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
52. Alika T.
It's perfect place to eat dinner. Another name of this place is il bolonese. Good price, wonderful and tasty food, nice service. We ate carmarata, bolonese and tortellini. Everything was worth its price. Nicholas and Marco are absolutely nice. Strongly recommended!

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Amanda P.
Very nice boutique hotel right on South Beach...it is at the north end, kinda quieter than the rest.  

The rooms are very small and not at all like a normal Marriott, but tiny rooms are to be expected in these old hotels.  The bathrooms are tiny.  The breakfast "continental breakfast" priced at $13 is literally three little muffins and three pieces of toast.  But they do include it with the room.

11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Zachary H.
Rooms are very small, and a/c is just ridiculously loud.  The small room would be forgivable but with the sound of an aircraft engine running in your room all night is too much.  

Location is good, right across the street from the beach.  That's kind of the only thing going for the place.  Valet isn't as expensive as you might think for the location but it's just not that charming of a hotel.

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
55. Ruth L.
My friends and I stayed in Winter Haven during a trip to South Beach for 4 nights. Once we arrived at the hotel we were greeted lots of smiles and  complimentary drinks. The staff was really nice and I think the service overall was great; however, we did have a mix up while checking in that put a bit of a damper in our experience. When we booked the hotel originally we were told that we could have a cot in the room if available. Seeing as there was four people in our party, the cot was a necessity and the person on the phone assured as that getting one wouldn't be an issue. When we arrived at the hotel we were told that cots were not available and they did NOT have cots AT ALL in the hotel. This was very frustrating because we would have not booked this hotel if we had known that from the beginning. I spoke to the manager who said he would try to accommodate our party to another room but after the initial call, he never reached out to us again. So much for that. A party of four had to cramp inside a small room with one king sized bed.

BUT! other than that, the location of this hotel was perfect. The hotel is towards the end of Ocean Drive so if you're looking for a nice peaceful hotel away from the late night shenanigans for a good rest, this is perfect. It's right across of the beach and very close to La Sandwicherie (GREAT SANDWICHES). There is also a Walgreens the street behind it so that was very convenient. The restaurant in the hotel was AMAZING. Great quality food! Great oysters and late night coffee. Also, the hotel provides beach towels everyday which was a major plus. Also, the front desk helped us book an afternoon on a catamaran which was amazing!

30/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Charlie M.
I'm a sucker for a boutique style hotel. The room was spacious, cute and clean. Easily located on Ocean Dr. Breakfast served downstairs and they have free coffee for guest! (I love coffee in the morning!)

Perfect 2 day getaway!

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Peter C.
WinterHaven went above and beyond with their customer service.  Everyone from valet to check in to bartenders to house cleaning was amazing. It's not a five only because there is not a pool. Beach access was amazing to have as well as having a Walgreens directly scores the street for any needs. The patio deck is really cool they should have a bar up there though. All in all excellent time and would definitely return.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Emily R.
The hotel is clean. The staff are friendly and helpful. The downside for me is that the bathroom is extremely small and by smallI mean cruise ship small. The bedroom is A good size with two beautiful views of the ocean. The linens are soft. The air conditioner works well.The water pressure in the bathroom is fine. The other downside for me is that this hotel does not have a pool and also you do have to walk across the street to get to the beach. It is also a very lively and noisy area at night so I would recommend one of the higher floors.

13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Louis G.
Booked a ocean view room a few months ago through a AAA site. I received a confirmation and it was shown on my credit card purchases, needless to say it wasn't booked in their system when I checked in. No biggy, I did wait a couple hours as I walked around to get some things and when I came back the lady didn't have the Oceaview room I wanted but did have another room. She offered a good discount and I was pleased. Room wasn't as big but had what I needed including a grey goose in the mini bar they supply along with an iPhone charger. The view was great if you take the stairs to the balcony and sit in the chairs there. Room service was a bit pricey but then again expected.
Overall great experience and will book again when I'm in Miami beach which should be soon.

24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Elisabeth M.
We left the hotel with a feeling of mediocrity but due to their inability to rectify double charging me for our 2 night stay it has fallen to a one star rating in my view. Upon coming home I checked my credit card statement and found a $619 charge from the hotel even tough I had pre-paid the stay. Upon check-in I had even confirmed with two different receptionists that the stay was paid for and they assured me that they only needed my CC for incidentals. After discovering the double billing I immediately disputed the charge with my credit card company (after a pointless phone call to the hotel front desk person by whom I was told she had no authority to do anything but would leave a message for her manager). Two weeks later the invalid charge was still reflected on my statement so I called my CC company again, understandably agitated, to be told that the merchant had fought my dispute. Seriously?! My CC company removed the charge for good tonight after confirming that the stay had been paid for (with that same credit card) but my feeling about this hotel went from slightly aggravated to infuriated. Sure, mistakes happen, and even though double billing is annoying, I could have forgiven that, but to have the audacity to fight my dispute about the invalid charge is borderline fraudulent! I also reviewed this hotel on TripAdvisor (at the time I gave it a 3 star rating as this was before their ludicrous behavior about arguing my dispute) and the manager replied with a standard, non-personal message but did not bother to address or rectify the double billing issue.
We discovered some other annoyances while staying there, i.e. check-in: when we arrived at the hotel we were told that our room was not ready. Fair enough, we arrived at 2pm and check in is at 4pm, but we were not informed that it would take another 2 hours to get our room ready and given a chance to do something with our afternoon; instead, we were given the impression that the cleaning crew was working on our room and it would be done soon. We waited and waited in the lobby with our 16 months old toddler in tow who was overdue for her nap. We checked a couple of times on the status; after almost an hour the message was that the cleaning crew had gone on a break. Really? During our wait we witnessed several other guests arriving and their rooms were made available to them fairly promptly and before the 4pm check in time. Traveling with a little toddler is challenging as it is and working around nap schedules on trips is tough; a little more consideration for our situation would have been nice. After waiting for almost an hour we decided to go for a walk so our daughter could at least sleep in the stroller. We returned to the hotel at 3:45pm and the room was still not ready. It was finally done at 4pm on the dot! They did give out sparkling wine to some of the guests in the lobby but we had to ask to receive two glasses which I found odd; if you have guests waiting for that length of time, wouldn't you at least offer a couple of glasses for their inconvenience? On a positive note, the lady who checked us in did give us two breakfast vouchers for both mornings to make up for the wait, which was nice. Don't expect anything fancy for the free breakfast though... a cup of coffee, orange juice and three tiny pastries.
We were very surprised that the hotel has four stars and is part of the Marriott chain. Sure, I understand they are going for that Art Deco style, and the rooms were decent, but they are VERY small and although it seems that they have been renovated somewhat recently, the hotel itself still looks a little shabby and old, especially the carpets and the hallways looked like those of a 2 star at best, and the only elevator is super slow. The A/C unit was quite noisy and there is no view in the room we were in (315) other than of the wall of the building across the street. If you are expecting a four star Marriott hotel, you might be unpleasantly surprised.
The hotel does not offer chairs at the beach, nor do they offer vouchers for the rentals that you can find at the beach, but they do provide towels. That's somewhat important to know as a day rental for two chairs and one umbrella sums up to roughly $60. If you can find a hotel that provides them (i.e. if you stay further north on South Miami Beach, most hotels do), you could stay at a more upscale hotel and not have to pay the high rental prices at the beach for chairs and umbrellas.
Location was great, no complaints there. It's close to the beach, close to restaurants and bars yet not in the noisiest area of Ocean Drive.
$300 a night is way too much for this place (or $600 if you don't watch your credit card statements carefully!)... we would NEVER stay at this hotel again.

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
61. Frank F.
This is everything you want in a Miami Beach Art Deco hotel. Beachfront. Large front porch occupied by a quite good restaurant.  Great little bar. Authentic period decor.

Yeah the bathrooms are tiny - the place was built in the 40s. But it is completely updated.  Our room was excellent and the bed was super comfortable.

24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0