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Best Western Premier Miami International Airport Hotel & Suites in Miami, FL

Best Western Premier Miami International Airport Hotel & Suites in Miami, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.03

Address: 4100 W Flagler Street, Miami, FL, 33134
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (38):

1. Bridgette b.
Upon entering the superbly decorated lobby, I was cordially greeted by Natalia. She immediately assigned me to a room on the seventh floor and gave me my room key. The customer service coupled with the modern décor was what I expected when I initially made my reservations with Best Western Premier Miami International Airport Hotel & Suites. After a long flight from Los Angeles, I was ready to settle in. Upon entering my room, I immediately noticed an odor of mildew. Upon further inspection I realized the smell was coming from the air conditioning unit. Relaxing in my room was going to take longer than I anticipated. I gathered my belongings and went back down to the front desk. Leo assisted me this time. He was very professional and apologized for my inconvenience. He promptly assigned me to another room. I took my luggage to a new room and there was no mildew smell coming from the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately the carpet smelled musty. This is where my disappointment begins. After shuttling my luggage to two rooms at Best Western Premier Miami International Airport Hotel & Suites, I still had not found a room where I could rest comfortably. Once again Leo courteously assigned me to another room, 524. Although, the design of this room and the two others I was in earlier, were upscale, the stale motel smell soured me on this hotel. This was my third room and frankly, I was tired, so I didn't ask for another room. The room was extremely comfortable, however. I especially enjoyed the bed. It was plush and difficult to leave in the morning. The next morning I showered, only to find that the tub drained rather slowly. It took the water so long to drain that I had to turn the water off and on throughout my shower. I alerted the front desk and they immediately notified maintenance. The problem was corrected by the end of the day. The complimentary breakfast is better at the $70 a night Best Westerns. The orange juice tasted as flavorful as orange colored water. The fruit wasn't sweet, but I guess you can't blame them for that. The staff was very cordial and even made a waffle for me. I expected a waffle like I've had many times before, instead I get this undercooked, and super sweet waffle. I was so disgusted I left the restaurant. I paid $118.64 a night and don't think I should've paid more than $70.

25/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. GottaBeClean C.
I was VERY pleasantly surprised - very clean rooms, comfy-lux beds, up to date and pleasantly furnished (bamboo-ish walls, tufted white headboards), great restaurant (limited hours but one of the best salads and Cabernets I've ever had so it's totally okay that I had to wait till 6PM for it), pleasant/attentive hotel staff, rooms had all practical conveniences, quiet, 10-15 min. shuttle to airport, taxis available, easy above ground parking, cool Miami-chic lobby that you won't be embarrassed to have people wait in or see when they drop you off  -- what more could you ask for?  This was my first trip to Miami and I had to get used to the fact that a lot of people speak very little English -- but everyone was pleasant and extremely eager to be of assistance.  I will definitely stay here again.  Next time, instead of Expedia, maybe I'll just book directly through hotel. Keep in mind that unless your trip is short or you're renting a car, there isn't much around here that you can walk to -  a Shell gas station about a block away is all that I noticed. (Hotel is about 15 minutes west of downtown/Brickell area and no where near the beach.) If you're not renting a car and you're going to rely on the shuttle, get some bottled water and something for late night munchies BEFORE you leave the airport -- that way you won't be "stuck" depending on the restaurant hours and the stuff in the lobby newsstand. There's a microwave and fridge in each room so again, if you come prepared, you'll be much happier. I voted that it was a little pricey and would have liked to have paid about $10-$15 less per night but overall, if you select this place, I think you'll be very pleased.
(PS -- this was such a find, I was tempted to keep it  to myself and not write a review; however, because other Yelp reviews convinced me to take a chance before booking and because I always get such great info. from Yelp in general, the good angel on right shoulder won out. ;-) )

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Manny Y.
I got to stay here last year when it first open in 12/2010. Awesome experience, place is really nice and beds are soo comfy

04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Chuck T.
Room was nice. The area was bad. The bed was big and comfy.  15 min to South Beach

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Sherri D.
I tried to make a reservation with this location, I spoke to Katherine.  She was friendly, and offered me the connecting rooms that I needed for my larger group with 4 kids.  She gave me the room numbers, 507/509 and said they were adjoining rooms which is what I requested from the beginning.  After I gave her my credit card information, she changed things and said she could NOT guarantee me the rooms connecting, but somewhere on the same floor, what???  that is not what was said at the time before getting my booking.  I requested the information to be faxed to me and emailed to me as well.  This had went on for 3 hours.  I was forced to call 8 x trying to get this Edgar the manager to handle this.  He has still NEVER called, poor thing must have passed away, lol.  I called Corporate about this and they gave me a $50.00 gift card to Best Western.  I would NOT recommend this location.  When I mentioned my my 7th email, that if Edgar did not call, I may have to cancel this reservation, no one called, but they did cancel the reservation.  They can't spell my name correctly, or I can't get the Manager to call me, but they understand, I DON'T WISH TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU ANYMORE...LOL   they suck..

16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Steve T.
Found this place on orbitz, but i booked through hotels.com . Normally when i think of Best Western, i think of motels. But this is a Best Western Premier Hotel. This is a newer/clean hotel. I had a king sized bed room. The room felt and is very comfortable. Things included in the room was a safe, fridge, and microwave. The room also has a LCD tv, i think it was a 42, but maybe it could've been a 46. They also offer free wifi, free parking, and a free continental breakfast until 9am. I didn't wake up early enough to enjoy that though. This place is located right by the airport and very close to downtown. South Beach is less than a 20 min drive away. Within a few blocks, they have a CVS store, burger king, etc...

For $165 per night for the weekend, this place was a deal. I was originally looking at the Miami Beach area, but for that price, it was a crappier place off the strip. Plus most places you have to pay for parking also. I would definitely stay here again.

09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Rochelle P.
After the Hampton Inn in Coconut Grove (a couple miles from here) snubbed us and gave our 6 months reserved room away, we were desperately looking for a place to stay to avoid sleeping in our rental car.  Luckily we have smart phones and Yelp so we looked for hotels nearby and found this Best Western.  They were very polite and sympathetic and even offered us a  free breakfast.  I was so happy because we actually ended up saving money.  We stayed for 4 nights and it cost between $104-119 a night.  After hours of stress that the Hampton Inn exhausted on us, I was so happy we finally got a room at 11:30pm.

12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Jake P.
This Best Western Premier makes me truly wonder what constitutes the title of "Premier". I realize that Best Western restructured their hotel ratings into quality brackets (Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier) to better assist in customers expectations, but if this is what a premier location looks like,  I might as well save the money and go to a regular Best Western.

24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Hannah L.
i got stuck in the airport because of a flight delay and AA put me up here. pretty bummed when they told me i'd be staying at a best western, but once i checked the hotel's tripadvisor page, i was wayyy less bummed. shuttle took like 40 minutes to arrive which kinda sucked, but it's a quick 10 minutes from the hotel so i was checked in and watching tv in no time.

the rooms are newly renovated, very modern and clean. i didn't use the pool or the gym, but they looked nice from the pictures. i had a club sandwich via room service which was pretty good. i also had breakfast in the downstairs restaurant which was good - nice presentation and they were able to make it fast since i was in a hurry to grab the shuttle.

there's a gas station right next door which was great for buying cheap snacks for the flight.

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Audra M.
We were in town for a wedding and we wanted somewhere nice but not too expensive. I found this place on several websites but ended up getting the best price through the best western site! They had a three day special for about $500!  
This hotel was so nice! Modern decor.  Big room! Spotless! And the bed was very comfortable.
They say they have HBO but every time I tried to put the tv on an HBO channel the tv said there was no signal. I called down to the front desk and they said it was because of the storm outside... ( it was raining pretty good, but not storm like).  So I don't think that they really have HBO.    
 This hotel is close to the airport which is very convenient but you can't hear the planes which is nice. From our window we did watch many planes coming in to the airport but couldn't hear them.

They have a shuttle to the Port that comes multiple times a day which is what we needed. $10/person.

They do have a restaurant and we did order room service a couple times (it took a long time), the food was good. The only thing that was a bummer about this place was that they no longer offer a free breakfast for their guests.  

 I would definitely stay here again!

12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Pat M.
Left an item in the room. Called hotel immediately to inform them. They said to send an email. I did. No response to email. Called back within 36 hours.  Only then did Yesenia bother to look at the email account and call housekeeping. Of course they no longer had the item. If they had actually dealt with this when I called the item would still have been in the room. Customer service was also poor in these ways: airport shuttle did not come for an hour. Yesenia kept saying it would be there in 15 to 20 minutes when I called hotel. Restaurant servers do not speak English and did not understand simple requests.  Food in restaurant was awful. Very disappointed with overall horrible customer service.

26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Jada G.
I absolutely *heart* this place. I usually look for Embassy Suites where ever I go. I was heart broken when the embassy suites was booked. I used caution when choosing this Best Western over the Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton. I mean...come on, it's a Best Western.

I am so elated that I choose this place. The price is a steal! I cant believe it.

free breakfast buffet (did not wake up in time to go). Awesome rooms. very quiet. Exceptional customer service. Free, great-sized parking lot.

the rooms are so nice. I booked the rooms through hotels.com and there was only 1 room left- king bed suite. When I think of a suite, i immediately think of embassy suites. One room, a bathroom, and a separate living area, divided by a closed wall and door. Well this situation is a huge room, with a bed, tv, and a partition with a living area, desk, coffee table, couch, 2 chairs and an enclave with a bar situation with microwave and fridge, coffee maker and a bath/shower combo in the bathroom. I love the colors and decorations in the hotel. I love the motif in the elevator. I love how they have shower caps in the bathroom. I be needing me some shower caps and never remember to bring them with me!

They even have a free shuttle, it doesn't go very far though. But if you are choosing this place to stay, I reckon you'll have a rental car any way. This place is so conveniently located to the Gables, the airport, Coconut Grove and North/South Beach. it's no more than a 15 min drive to each. The area is cool too. There's a burger king, publix and walgreens within walking distance.

The pool is just ok. Nothing special. Very small. and kind of in the shade.

I will definitely stay here again...and again...and again...

20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Bill J.
Short version:

Reserved King room three months in advance.  Guaranteed with credit card.
Arrived at 11 p.m. on a Friday night after a full travel day.  Queen room was all they'd give me.  Reservation three months in advance meant nothing.

How about an upgrade to a higher level of room instead of a downgrade?  The desk clerk tapped a few keys on the computer and said "it won't let me do that."  I was stuck, unless I wanted to go driving around Miami after a long travel day looking for alternate accommodations with no advance reservation.

Next day:  No tangible resolution by management, just an apology.  Not even a handful of "sorry about that" hotel points.

That's how they treated a Best Western Diamond, the highest-tier "elite" member of their loyalty program.  Ask yourself what they'll do for you.  If my experience is any indication, they take reservations as suggestions and give you what they feel like on arrival.

17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Jeanizy D.
I would give our stay at best western a four stars, if they fix the cons then I would give them five stars!

-Clean Clean Clean especially when you hear there are lots of bed bugs at hotels in Miami!
-Staff was welcoming and nice
-Parking was free and spacious
-Rooms are nice and decorative

-Room Key didn't always work had to go up and down just to magnify it again. Staff didn't even apologize.
-No shower pressure.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Amanda D.
No complaints about the aesthetics or cleanliness of the hotel -- the rooms are lovely, the lobby is nice, and there is a little (albeit pricey) restaurant downstairs that is open until 11 PM.

That being said, my complaints are not about the quality of the hotel rooms.  My husband and I were forced to stay here recently because the airlines had overbooked our flight so they put us up in the Best Western Premier for an evening.

When we arrived, we gave our credit card for the mandatory $40 deposit, and all three credit cards we tried subsequently were rejected.  The girl up front initially said it was probably "our bank" that was the problem when we used the first card, then by the third card she changed her story and called management and said that she had been having this problem all day with other customers.  Hmm... that's interesting.

Since we only had $20 cash on us, she said she would take that and give us our money back in the morning, so long as we didn't charge anything to the room.  Well, we did have a little dinner and charged a total of $11 (including gratuity) to our room.

The next morning, upon checkout, we reminded the girl (it was a different one) that they owed us a balance of $9.  She said the system was not reflecting this.  Upon further arguing, we realized that the restaurant had taken it upon themselves to add on an EXTRA $7.50 gratuity on top of what we already paid.  Once this was discovered, a manager came and said he would refund us the money on the spot.

Well, it took them so long that the hotel shuttle said they were going to leave without us so we hopped on the shuttle and left without any refund.

It's not about the 9 bucks -- it's the principle.  What kind of hotel takes money from customers and doesn't offer to refund it in another way... a check, hotel credit, etc??  Ridiculous.  Best Western needs to rethink their management practices.

30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Lucy M.
Customer service needs some improvement. When we arrived early morning we called hotel for free shuttle and took forever to get picked up. The receptionist answered the phone on speaker and it was difficult to hear her as we were in a noisy airport. We were able to check in early so that is why I gave an extra star on my review. So far not impressed with the customer service after we paid $25 for a mediocre breakfast that was advertised as free. Also WiFi connection not good. I hope my stay here gets better as we are here for 4 nights.

17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Sakura K.
Looks exactly like the photos. I bought a groupon for 4 nights for 2 queen beds. However, when we checked in, they gave us a regular king bed room, then they switched us to a king suite for free (includes a king size bed and a sofa bed). The sofa bed is horrible, it's one of those fold-able box spring bed. The pillows were super!! I love them!

The pool closes at 8PM. The front desk phone is never available whenever I called.

10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. N J.
When I went to Miami about 2 years ago with my sister, I stayed at the Best Western Premier and enjoyed it!

Pros: Our hotel door was not completely closing all the way. My sister told the staff at the front desk and they fixed it right away. The staff was very friendly and professional. I also liked how clean the hotel was and modern.

Cons: It was a little further away from the beach than I had liked and the view from my hotel room was not that spectacular. The breakfast room was a little small and we had to wait for a table to be available. The food was cold and not so good. Other than that, I would stay there again!

06/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Anya G.
I wish I could give more stars, but sadly I have to agree with the previous reviews. This is a newish hotel, with a very iffy management. We had one room with two queen beds reserved for 1 night for 4 adults...and a courtesy shuttle from the airport. When we arrived, granted 3 hours late because of a delayed flight, I called right away to make sure we make the shuttle, and was reassured the shuttle just left the hotel and should be there any minute.  We got to the shuttle stop and watched as all the other hotel shuttles went by two and three times, but no shuttle for us. An hour later, I called again, and was told that we missed the last shuttle and so it won't be coming for us.  In the end we found a taxi to take to the hotel.  When we got here... another surprise. No room for us!
We stood in the lobby for another 1/2 hour until the one room turned into two rooms on two different floors, which is why they gained a star from me, at least they realized the mess up and found a way to remedy it.  I cant say the same for the next people who arrived... they had to spend the night on the couches in the lobby.  :-/  seems a rather weird way to deal with reservations!

All in all, the hotel ia probably quite good, but we spent way too much time in the lobby to find out.

Also, if you think there is "free" breakfast.  It's a $13.95 continental breakfast, so breakfaster beware!

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. L J.
It is a small hotel, but it has a great location It does not have much available parking spaces, but there's a hotel security guard doing the rounds at night.
The rooms are beautiful and very clean. I have stayed for weeks in this particular hotel and the staff is always friend and very knowledgeable.
I will highly recommend this hotel, and I know I will be coming back! :o)

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Patrick F.
I wish I could write something positive about this place, but the experience my group had when we got stuck in Miami because of flight issues on our way to a  service and immersion trip  was bad enough. But this review isn't just about the incident that occurred the day we stayed at The Best Western. If anything, it's as much about the shocking lack of response by both the hotel manager and the corporate office when I reached out to them two weeks later to report what happened. I travel frequently and interact on a regular basis with the airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies and can say this without reservation: this was the worst customer service experience I can recall having in the travel industry. Just a glance through my other reviews and you'll see, by and large, I am pretty happy reviewer and like to give people the benefit of the doubt, or go above and beyond in praise when they surpass expectations. So it is that I feel compelled to provide a cautionary tale on everything from their front desk agents to corporate representatives for anyone thinking of booking with them. This experience has really turned me off from this particular Best Western and the company as a whole. Here is our story:

We were on a flight that was delayed and missed our connection and thus had to stay overnight in Miami. We were traveling with a large group, 14 people, and
so the vouchers were divided up amongst three hotels, the Best Western being
one of them. At two of the hotels, we had no problems. The experience
with the Best Western Premier and their shockingly rude front desk agent, was a
different story. Upon checkin,  my employee was told he could not use the voucher because it was in a different name.

At the airport, the woman had printed the vouchers all in one name, telling us they would all be under the primary name on the reservation and it wouldn't matter. At two of the hotels, she was right- we had absolutely no problem and were greeted like any wary travel would want to be: with kindness and quickly given rooms to rest a few hours.

When my employee arrived to the Best Western shortly before midnight, exhausted from the day, he was met by a hostile front desk worker who said the voucher would not be honored. He called me, and I asked to speak with the front desk worker and the gentlemen loudly and rudely refused to speak to me. My employee had only a few hours before our flight the next morning, so after arguing for a number of minutes, he gave up and ended up purchasing a room. This is bad enough, but just wait, as the agent adds insult to injury: He said no
regular rooms were available, and thus said the only possibility was a
suite for $259.89. When my employee text me later that night to tell me, I was
skeptical, and so I called pretending to need a reservation and was told
rooms were indeed available!

So when we got home, I wrote to the Best Western and told them exactly what I detailed above, and said I wanted to share it with them, and give them an opportunity to address it before I wrote a review of it and shared it with other colleagues who run similar service/immersion trips. I got a response a few days later from the manager offering a discount for a future stay. I responded that the rudeness, and the price, warranted more than a discount she knew I most likely would never take advantage of, we wanted some sort of refund or partial refund. Their response: silence. Finally, I emailed again after 3 weeks passed and got a response that was short and to the point: "there is no reason to refund the amount.  
Because of your discomfort, of which we have no fault, I gave you a 25% off a future reservation and I am sorry it was not enough for you
If you want to do everything you say in your email, you can do it, even when you know it's not fair."

No fault? We were charged for a room when no other hotel did the same. The front desk agent was not only rude, but lied about room availability and charged the highest amount. He refused to talk with me on the phone to see if we could work it out. And then their management not only provided a response that did little to bring resolution to the situation, but actually attacked me, the customer, as asking for a refund for which there was no reason, and telling me no fault rested with them, and telling me to share this experience with review communities was not fair."

I'm not sure how many customers they get that aren't just sent from the airlines, but if you're booking a hotel there for any reason, do yourself a favor and stay away!

23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Nelly M.
Called 3 times to inquire about the free airport shuttle and got a rude reception by the person on the other end. She simply said to look for a van and was not very helpful. We waited for more than an hour and the hotel could not tell us how or where to catch this shuttle. After an hour wait we made it to the hotel. The good thing was we are able to check in early. Skip having breakfast because it is not free and not that great even for the price. Service was also not that great. The rooms are clean and spacious.

17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Lizz M.
A solid four stars for this hotel. Stayed here for three nights for under $300. I know some mentioned a free breakfast buffet, but that's no longer the case. I believe it's about $13 now.

The rooms are spacious and pretty modern. I used the fitness room which was pretty good in a pinch (I've experienced better, and worse). Although I do wish they'd have a water cooler in there instead of a water fountain out in the hallway. Sadly I didn't get to hang out at the pool, but it looked nice from the fitness center.

All of the front desk attendants were very friendly. I absolutely loved the free shuttle service to and from the airport, and you can also shuttle your way over to Marlins Park.

One suggestion that I give Best Western is that they install blackout curtains. Our window was facing a main street and so the sun hit fairly early and very strongly. Being so close to an airport, you'd think they would have blackout curtains to accommodate weird sleeping schedules, check in times, etc.

12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Marcia P.
I can't speak for those who use this hotel for one night. My husband and I stayed there for 9 nights recently. We picked the hotel for its location and Tripadvisor reviews. Both came through. The hotel has a great location and it is so close to the airport that we could see one of the terminals from our window. Better yet, you don't have to get on an expressway to get to the airport. The hotel is on Flagler and Lejune and you only have to drive on Lejune for 5 to 10 minutes to be at MIA. The hotel has free parking (not at all what happens in Miami Beach, where we've stayed before). There is always enough parking and they have a security guard at night. You get a decal to put on your mirror, so only hotel guests can park in the parking lot. Check in and check out were fast and we didn't have any problems. The lobby area is nice and looks professional. There is a pool, a business center and a gym, but we didn't use these facilities. There is also a restaurant that's owned by a famous Venezuelan TV host, but we didn't try it. You can eat breakfast/brunch during the week for $14 there (I believe it is $27 on weekends). This hotel does not have complimentary breakfast. There is a coffee maker and a refrigerator in your room. The lobby has a small concession stand. The rooms are very clean, spacious and comfortable. The bed was very comfortable as well. There are no weird musty odors that you can have in Miami from the humidity. The AC and cable were good. There was no noise either. We had a problem with our refrigerator and they came and took care of it right away. Alhtough the hotel is not perfect, our stay was comfortable and good all around. There were a couple of problems that are being addressed, since management has been very kind and professional and has written me to apologize for these. You can tell they want to do a good job. Here are the issues, so you don't have any questions. There is free WiFi, but, at times, it was a bit sketchy. The hotel has 2 elevators and only 1 worked during the time we were there. The elevator company tried to repair it, but they needed a part that was difficult to get. The ice machine on our floor didn't work and I've been told they're ordering a new one. There are ice machines on two other floors. The reception desk missed one of our wake up calls (1 out 4). So, overall, these are not huge issues and I believe they're fixing them. This is a good hotel with a 4 star rating and this rating accurately describes it.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Alan J.
Let me qualify this before I get too far, we only stayed one night after flying in from Ca. We checked in stayed overnight then left the next morning for a cruise so we used only the room, check in and out. Anyway I reserved this hotel because we needed a place for overnight and (hopefully) transportation to the cruise port. I am not really sure why all the one star reviews here but we had no problems from start to finish. Check in no problem, check out quick and easy, room clean comfortable and a couple of special requests taken care of without complaint or whimper at all. We checked out the next morning and the transport to the port was there on time, were courteous and helped with luggage. Would use this hotel again for our next cruise without hesitation. Fantastic hotel wonderful service all round terrific experience,

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. S P.
Stayed here one night due to flight cancellation and delay issues. Shuttle pickup from the airport only every 30 min - literally saw every other hotel's shuttle come by (some, even twice!) before the Best Western's shuttle finally showed up. Since the airline had booked several of us at this hotel, the shuttle was too full so we had to stand on the curb for another 30 min waiting for the shuttle to drop off guests and come back around for us.
Room looked clean but smelled of stale cigarettes. At this point, it was past midnight and we were too tired from our flight problems to request another room since we would have to get up in 5 hrs to go back to the airport.
The worst part is that after we finally get home we find that the bartender had charged our credit card without our permission (we had given her cash to make up the difference of our tab minus the airline voucher plus some tip but apparently she decided to take all the cash as tip and charge it to our room instead). We have tried to call the hotel and the restaurant several times but no one ever gets back to us to resolve this issue. The dollar amount is small but this constitutes fraud and we will never stay at a Best Western again.

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. James W.
One person checking in.   Terribly slow process.  Will go elsewhere next time. Not much in the way of food next to the hotel.  No offer of a ride to go eat.

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Amy L.
Waited an hour!!!for the shuttle! Too bad experience! Will never stay in this hotel anymore!

20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Yifeng H.
Never wrote a comment before but the Best Western Hotel really made me very angry. That was our first day in Miami, arriving in the night after two-hour flight. Tired and wanted to take a shower. We came out from the airport and waited outside for the shuttle to deliver us to the Hotel. It did not take very " long", just ANOTHER TWO HOURS!! I think during that two hour I saw at least twelve times of shuttles from Holiday Inn and eight from Hilton. We called the Hotel front desk at least twenty times to ask where is the shuttle but not helpful at all. Then I burst out with anger in my last call. Ten minutes later we were on the shuttle to the hotel. The driver said he passed by the airport for a couple of times but it is very questionable because how can such a large white shuttle with a big logo can escape from four anxious eyes. We complained a little bit on the unexpected long waiting time on the way. The driver then became a zombie man and said no single word until we left. Next we met the unhelpful young girl. She said sorry, which is good, and complained about the chaotic arrangement of the shuttle between the hotel and airport. At that time, a call was in and she talked to an angry father that his young daughter needed to call a taxi if she did not see the shuttle. Well, I will kill myself if I live Best Western Hotel again!!

20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
30. Cemone K.
4.5 stars!

Wow I was surprised by this hotel. Who needs a luxury hotel that charges you like crazy for every amenity when you can have it all at a place like this? First of all, I want to make clear that this is a BW 'Premier" which means its definitely a step up from the regular BW in décor, amenities and even service! Service was excellent during our whole stay. The front desk people in their sometimes broken English were very helpful in suggesting tourist spots and directions around Miami. For under 100 bucks a night, our stay came with a large room w/ king size bed, fridge, microwave, free FAST wifi, free printing capabilities, and coffee. The location is safe, close to the airport and Little Havana, near good food and major highways. Miami beach, South Beach, Lincoln Road Mall and the port of Miami are about 20 minutes away in light traffic so you don't have to commute very far after a long beach day. I will definitely stay here again if I'm ever again in Miami!

14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Kimberly K.
We started off on the right note...

-Clean Hotel
-Pool available
-Free Internet
-Guests can use computers and printers for Free.
-Welcoming employees. I was able to check in quickly.
-Rooms are well kept.
-They offer quality toiletries.

In most cases, these Pros would have automatically placed them at a 5 stars. Lets get to the customer service AFTER I check in...

First night went great. Left my gold earings on the coffee table before leaving to the mall. We saw it there before we left and are 100% sure it was on that table. We come back from the mall, our room is now nice and clean. Earings are nowhere to be found. We knew it was on the table before we left but checked everywhere just in case. No luck.

We didn't want to jump into any conclusions but after awhile we figured out what may have happened. Went to the front desk where we started to speak to 2 of the employees. Explained to them of what had occurred. They state they will ask housekeeping to look through their garbages incase it fell in there.

We asked to speak to the manager. Apparently he left the hotel and wouldn't be back till the next day. I do not know the managers schedule but it was before 3 pm. It just seems like it'd be a wise decision to keep a manager (or someone who can handle guest relations) around a bit later in the day to handle situations such as these.

There was only 2 employees at the front desk and they were checking in other guests. I didn't expect them to handle the situation completely because I know they were busy. I DID however, expect them to point me towards the right direction in an organized manner.

Get a hold of the manager please.

We sit on the lobby couch and wait for them to do something. One hour goes by and finally an employee gets a hold of the manager over the phone and begins to speak to him in Spanish about my case. I know that they are busy, but when a guest has an issue, I believe it should be addressed ASAP. If you are too busy to handle the situatuon, get someone who can. I may not be the best in Spanish, but I do understand a bit. They begin to laugh about the situation while we are standing right in front of them concerned. I am completely shocked at how they handled everything and start to break down in tears.

This isn't funny, nor is it a joke.

Note, 3 hours has now gone by (I'm supposed to be on vacation by the way). I am told that housekeeping is still "looking for the earings" and that no one can help me till tomorrow. I remind them that "they may not be in the garbage and went missing right after our room was cleaned." How can you look for something in the trash if it's NOT there.

After 4 grueling hours of them looking for the earings and us sitting on the lobby couch starring at them, word from the manager finally comes across. He tells the front desk employee to not charge me for my stay.

As nice as that was of them, I still would have liked to see the manager or some authority figure at the hotel. Leaving cases such as these to the front desk employees who are already busy picking up calls and checking in guests, it's not fair to them or to the guests.

If you are planning on staying here, it's a nice hotel in a convenient location. The 2 stars is for the service. This is a quality hotel at a great price. However, if you have anything expensive, I highly suggest storing it in your luggage and make sure that your luggage is locked. There is a safe box in the room as well.

Things like this shouldn't happen at hotels but unfortunately, it does.

17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
32. Joe T.
It's ok. No free breakfast. Limited parking at night when hotel is busy. Rooms are modern and nice.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Angela H.
Not bad, BW, not bad at all. Free parking, ample room size (sofa with king), clean and able to put me in my comfort zone. I gotta say its a step above other best western hotels for business travelers. The gym was in good condition and while the pool area was small it was clean, had a handful of lounge chairs with good sunlight. The on-site restaurant was delicious. I'd gladly come back.

20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Maya T.
The room is large, modern and clean.  There is a wet bar with granite, a safe, a refrigerator and a microwave.  The room has been updated.

The bedding is fresh, fluffy, bright white and comfortable.  The bed is supportive and comfortable.  The tv is big and picture quality is excellent.

The bathroom is nice and updated.  The towel are good quality.

The people have all been very nice, helpful, friendly and made us feel welcome.

The shuttle leaves the hotel every 30 minutes starting at 5 am.

We came in on the midnight shuttle.  The driver was kind, friendly and helpful.  He jumped out of the van to pick up our luggage.  We didn't have any because our plane broke down in the morning in Boston and our luggage went to Key West and we're in Miami.

The front desk guest services agent was friendly, fast and helpful.

I stay in Miami frequently:  I've probably been in hotels 20 weeks out of the year so far.  This is one of the more comfortable rooms.  That includes the last 9 days at the W Boston.  

I don't know how much my room is because the airline paid for it when an engine on our plane wouldn't start and we were rerouted to a later flight.

I would definitely come back again.

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Tim W.
I expected more from this BW "Premier" hotel.
I don't think this hotel should be considered a 'Premier' property.

We recently stayed here for one night before embarking on a cruise.
I chose this place because they offer a shuttle from the hotel to the Port of Miami.
I assumed it was a free shuttle but found out when we got there that is costs $10 per person and they only offer 3 shuttle times per day.

The hotel is new and modern.
It appears clean on the surface but it you look closer you will see that the housekeeping at this place is awful!
It is only clean 'looking' because it is new. Nothing is really clean in reality.

I always check the bed and pillows for cleanliness. The bed had urine stains on the side of the boxspring which was clearly visible without even having to lift it up.
I'm not sure why the boxspring is not covered with anything, no sheet, no mattress cover.
The top of the boxspring was a little longer than the mattress (under the headboard). This part was covered with dust bunnies and hair and crap.
It was just gross.

Luckily we were only here for 1 night.

The location of this hotel isn't too great.
There is a grocery store within walking distance, about a 10 minutes walk thru a somewhat sketchy area. There are virtually NO restaurants nearby except a Burger King across the street.

The restaurant at the hotel is AWFUL. The service is horrendous!  We tried it for dinner and then for breakfast. Wish we would have just walked over to BK instead!!
The staff at the restaurant are clueless and many seem to lack a grasp of the English language. Our server didn't know what a "straw" was when I asked for one for my drink!?!?  Even with a little charades --me pretending to hold a straw and drink out of a glass.... it still took her a few minutes to catch on. (maybe I am just bad at charades???!!)
The food was bland and boring. The breakfast buffet looked gross and was overpriced!!
No breakfast included at this place!

I usually like BW "Premier" hotels but this is not one of them.
All this for $192 for one night!
I would NOT stay here again.

12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Art T.
If you don't want to read the following review here is the gist:
It's a nice, NEW-looking,  very clean hotel. I would definitely stay again.  Just use it for what it is: a place to sleep. Don't charge anything on your account, don't eat there, don't use room service, don't use the amenities. It's a clean, quality place to stay.

Here is the long story:

We booked 4 rooms in advance. One for me, one for my in laws, one for my wife's grandparents, and one for my wife's brother.  When we arrived, they had all 4 rooms available and booked! (not like other reviews who said their room wasn't available when they got there). All the rooms were on the same floor and very close to eachother! (not next door, but a door or two down is just fine!).  The desk personnel were very friendly! (Yessica I think her name was? Yesenia was another one? They were all nice to be honest!), The rooms were clean!

They were kind enough to let us check in early. how early? At 9:30 AM early! Excellent! and much appreciated! So we didn't have to drive around in our rental cars loaded up with luggage.

There is a burger king SUPER close. Close enough to walk to, get food to go, and take it up to your room!

Their shuttle to the cruise terminal was on time, and was a great price! $10 per person, and treated us with respect.

Excellent Wi-Fi reception and speed!

The TV's have TONS of inputs! So bring your HDMI / VGA / component / RCA cables!

The view is hideous. But this isn't a luxury hotel on the beach. It's a best western right next to the airport. I never really care for hotel views anyway so it's not a big deal!

3 night stay was $420 out the door. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I would stay again for sure!

But here is where I take issue:

The elevator was sloowwwwwwww. annoyingly slow.

Each room has a master electricity switch. so I came in and had to call the front desk because nothing turned on.  Turns out there is a master light switch right by the front door to turn on electricity for the whole room... weird...

No continental breakfast, and their restaurant advertises 2 eggs, 2 skinny slices of  bacon, and 2 pieces of toast for (drum roll) $8.95! hah! Haven't they ever heard of a Grand Slam from Denny's? Pancakes? Sausage? Ham? Waffles? French Toast? That prices didn't even include the drink. Needless to say, I didn't eat there.

They had a party on Saturday night and I couldn't park at my own hotel because of all the cars! I asked them where to park and they said I could park along the DIRT  across the street (across the street isn't paved with a sidewalk) and when the party is over at 11 "if you're was still awake you could move it" but I should be okay because "most of the time you don't get a ticket for parking there".  Luckily there was a cop there as security and I just asked him. He said there is no reason at all to get a ticket there and he isn't sure why she said that lol

In me and my wife's room, the Remote Control for the TV didn't work. Upon closer inspection, we see that the previous tenant stole the batteries from the remote! Weird. So I called the front desk and they had no idea what size I needed (how many battery sizes does a hotel need to keep track of here?), and when I told them it was AAA they said they have some new ones and to COME DOWN THERE AND GET THEM... what? Shouldn't they send me some? I went down their slow ass elevator and got them myself later.

In the in-laws room the safe didn't work! It was plugged in in the back so I don't know what happened. But they just used mine and we didn't call about it.

In the grandparents room the A/C was broken! but not the bad kind of broken where it didn't work, the kind of broken where it wouldn't TURN OFF! But since the plug was right next to it, they just un-plugged it.  And they never even wanted it on the whole stay. So they never called the front desk about it, good thing they didn't want the A/C or that would have been annoying!

Again, I'm not knocking the hotel, but yeah maybe they need to work on the way it's managed. I will stay again!

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Mel R.
Ok for short business trips. Not sure how old it is, but it has a bit of an old feel to it. The location is halfway decent, not in the center of it all but not segregated either. The view from the room is a little bland.

Here are some key factors:

The wifi is solid. No need for a password. Good connectivity.

Parking is ok. But I can see it being a problem During busy season.

Breakfast is not included, but you can grab complimentary coffee while on the go. The Restaurant Sabores is very good btw.

The Gym is nothing to brag about. You get the usual treadmill, free weights, etc. nothing special.

Elevator is a slow. Luckily it's only 7 floors.

Room comes equipped with Microwave, Fridge, and safe box.

All in all, again... Nothing over the top. A decent choice for a two or three night stay.

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Kenneth K.
Great location.  Few mins away from south beach.  Rooms are a nice size. Service is good as well. Price per night isn't bad with the 15% discount.

30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0