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Luxury Hotel

Restaurants & Bars at Level 25:
Atrio Restaurant,
The Bar at Level 25,
The Wine Attic, and
The Room at Level 25

Spa Chakra


Company Info:

Rating: 4.14

Address: 1395 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL, 33131

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    Comments (105):

    1. Karina A.
    haven't stayed here, but went for happy hour on a friday at Level 25.  awesome views of the city and key biscayne... good drinks and really nice staff.  appetizers were really good too.

    13/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. M B.
    Staff was all very friendly and helpful... which can be hard to get in Miami. Bar area has a great view.  Complimentary coffee near the 25th floor lobby was quite good.  Room was nice - enjoyable experience overall. Not sure what the earlier poster was complaining about, there are many restaurants within a couple of blocks - no need to take the people mover (though friends of mine take the mover every day and it seems quite safe).

    22/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Melissa M.
    Great service especially with your Hilton Honors card. Before our stay I got an email asking several questions. Did I have any special needs, was it business or leisure, was it a special occasion, did we require transportation.  It was my fiance's 30 birthday and I told them it was a surprise trip and that we'd be heading out on a cruise Sunday.  They surprised us with a birthday card and a complimentary dessert on a plate that said happy birthday.  Very wonderful and exciting surprise.  The concierge and front desk were a delight and very helpful.  The decor is very modern with clean lines - truly a beautiful structure inside and out.  Room rate was very reasonable, but everything else (food, internet, water) was expense as most hotels.  We had a king size standard room.  The bathroom was spacious and gorgeous with very large plush towels.  The air quality in the room could've been better.  Every now and again we'd get a strong smell of cigarette smoke...yuck!  Besides that it was a wonderful stay.

    14/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. ViviMar Val C.
    I stay here everytime I go to Miami for business. The rooms are nice but a bit small. Room service is good.

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Danielle R.
    Despite it's deceptive office building type setting, this is a great hotel!  Amazing views from the guest rooms which are bright, modern, and super comfortable - great beds.  Level 25 is hip and def. has a beautiful people crowd.  Service is top, food quality is great.  Did not get to indulge in the spa, but it looks great.  The elevator situation is a bit confusing -- you need to go to 25 to get anywhere, then take another elevator....  despite that, this is a great hotel and I look forward to visiting again -- we did a group meeting here and would not question to come back.  (Except for the fact that United does not fly direct to Miami, but that is another story!)  The hang over brunch sounds like a good thing!

    24/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Rob C.
    pretty fabulous inside and not that known.  that level 25 is a swank place to meet up with friends.
    went here for a dinner meeting, and the catered food was decent.  I'm not sure about Atrio, some have told me the food looks better than it is.
    nice view at night, very lit during the day
    catered food here during events makes it a cool place, though seating can be limited
    entrance is kinda like a basement until you get up to 25th

    02/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Jorge U.
    We've stayed here 3 times over the past  year and we have plans to stay here for New Years. Get the corner suite. It's worth it. Big roomy bathrooms. Great views. The staff is friendly & helpful.  They do need to put a big sign on the ground floor that makes it clear where you need to go to check in.  Would be nice if the pool wasn't on the roof of a separate building or if they would put in a pedestrian overpass to connect the two buildings.  Not that big of a deal though.

    31/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Fabrizio B.
    Best value for the money in overpriced Brickell Avenue...

    14/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Carrie P.
    Awesome hotel on the bay.  Super service and beautiful accommodations.

    03/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. John A.
    Very Expensive!!!  Bagel $7...Cream Cheese $5   Our room was warm, even with the a/c on its coldest setting.  The bed was comfortable.

    As mentioned in another review, the elevator situation was confusing.  Check-in was on the 25th floor

    31/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Ashley R.
    I hold a special place in my heart for the entire staff at Conrad's restaurant, Atrio, because they helped my husband pull off a wonderful proposal. :-) We had our own private table in their Wine Attic. It was beautiful! The food was great, dessert was fantastic and the wine was wonderful! We had drinks first at the bar right outside the entrance to Atrio. We've been to that bar before with friends. It's nice because you can sit outside on the balcony and enjoy the view. :)

    02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Eddy D.
    It's inside the coolest looking building in the Brickell.  The lobby of the Conrad gives quite the impression; with its high celiings of glass reaching up about 8 stories up.  I went to Atrio for Miami Spice and had a very nice time eatting food that melts away your worries.  When seated we were giving an potato chive and almond cheesecake bite, it was a savory snack before the meal complements of the Chef.  I started out with the steak strip salad, a bowl of steak with seared onions along with a balsamic tomato salad.  Giving me the option to have steak as a salad is great gets my mouth watering right out of the gate.  After that I had pork loin plate with pork belly which was phenominal & for dessert had a cafe con leche mousse, with cookies and cream ice cream along with some chocolate covered esspresso beans.  The meal was very balanced and afterwards I would recommend having a glass of champagne out on the balcony.  

    Overall I would only go for the Miami Spice deal or to have some cocktails with friends.

    10/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Audrey P.
    This is a beautiful modern hotel, however the elevator situation and pool location is why I am taking away 1 star. When you want to exit the hotel you have to take the elevator up to the lobby on the 25th floor (rooms are on 16-24th floor or so) then you walk around to the other set of elevators that will take you down to the ground floor. If you want to go to their pool you have to do that plus walk across the street and up another set of elevators before you can get to the pool. Carlos was the bartender the night we went and he was incredibly friendly, funny and made us some very excellent mojitos! Also gave great advice on where to go in Miami :-)
    The staff is very friendly and was incredibly helpful to my husband & I and overall we had a great stay.

    24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Kevin L.
    I don't remember the last time I had a hotel view this spectacular.  Located in the Espiritu Santo building and reconstructed within the last year or so after the hurricane, everything from the moment you step inside the lobby to the moment you walk into your lavish quarters is surrounded in clean, contemporary aesthetics.

    Maria and I spent the afternoon working in the lounge space on Level 25 - the huge bay-facing windows (easily at least fifty feet tall) filter in vast amounts of natural light.  The view of the glittering water and Key Biscayne make for a phenomenal backdrop and a pleasing target for resting computer-weary eyes.

    Although not extremely large, my room had a gorgeous eighteenth floor view, and more excitingly, the lavish bathroom had both a glass-doored shower and a separate bath tub!  I haven't taken a real soaking bath in... I don't remember how long.  But after the heat and humidity of the day, a few drinks at Badrutts, and an excessive amount of food at La Moon, a good leisurely soak sounded heavenly.  So heavenly that I ended up nodding off in the warm water of the tub.  Thankfully, I had the foresight to set my alarm just in case!

    A couple of notes of concern, though.  The main elevators went out of service during or exit and we ended up having to take the service elevators down from Level 25.  It wasn't a big deal and the staff handled it extremely professionally, however one expects that the building to be maintained in such a way that you wouldn't encounter an issue like that.  Second, and this one is a total pet peeve of mine, even if it doesn't personally affect me: wi-fi access costs an additional ~$15 per day.  If you're going to be charging upwards of $200+ a night, you might as well go ahead and bundle in the cost of internet access, especially in this day and age.  I'd rather pay $15 extra for my room in advance than get nickel and dimed for basic business services like that.  Okay, soapbox moment over.

    On the whole, this is a superb place to stay, and I'd be thrilled to hook up another deal here the next time I'm in town.  If only I could afford one of those top floor residences in this building!

    14/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Ray C.
    This is not a 5 star hotel . Bed was old a saggy. Blairing light coming through the cracks of the door. The shower door leaked water everywhere . The view is really all it has going for it. we where really disapointed.

    This place is smoke and mirrors. with dinner the hotel billl was $550 for one night. it could be the worst  money i ever spent.

    23/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Marlene S.
    We stayed due to an electrical outage at home. This is one sexy hotel! The rooms are decorated trendy and the bathrooms have a great shower. We had a wonderful brunch out in the balcony overlooking keybiscayne and S. Beach. Complimentary chocolate strawberries & champagne mimosas in honor of our 23rd wedding anniversary. So sweet! Definitely will be back!

    13/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Marguerite B.
    Lounge at the Conrad: Absolutely incredible views.  That is the first thing you notice, great service, great service, great service!  Wow!  Miami is not known for that and this is a fantastic surprise!  I went with some friends to cheer the coming year and we were all so happy with the quality of the food and the lovely presentation.  
    Park on the street.... sorry you guys... the parking there is a bit high!  
    This must be a great place for New Years Eve because you can see for ever and will see all the fireworks around town.

    27/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Agnes F.
    I think Conrad Miami is a great business hotel. I don't mind a single bit that the lobby is on the 25th floor (seriously, people, is it that hard to get around? I never had to wait for elevators long)

    the concierge Francois is friendly and helpful, the rooms are airy and nicely appointed. This time when i stayed i even had the time to use their spa, the massage was great and the service thoughtful

    I guess if you paid more than $500 a night, then it is overpriced, but i got a good rate and had nothing to complain about

    great location, convenient to get around, all in all a good experience

    03/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Maria A.
    What this place may lack in luxury it makes up for in hospitality.

    I checked in on a Sunday and after asking for a new room twice (nothing wrong I'm just very picky when it comes to my room) I finally found an amazing room with bay views on a high floor. The front desk never once had anything but the loveliest attitude all the time being accommodating and helpful.

    This was just one of those days and I hadn't brought my phone charger again front desk to the rescue. These guys were so nice every time they saw me down there.

    After finally getting back to my room I was in need of a midnight snack and settled on some childhood fave, ultra comforting, cookies and milk. I called room service and was informed it would take about 15-20 min since the cookies are baked once someone places an order. They arrived 20 min later hot and chewy and mmm mmm perfect.

    Also mmm mmm good? The bath tub and shower.

    The Conrad might not be the newest or poshest hotel in Miami but it is NICE, everything and everyone there is just nice. The environment and atmosphere is lovely, simply relaxing and inviting.

    Note* The pool is in a separate building across from the entrance.

    10/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Kevin N.
    Oddly, the first thing that you're struck by at the Conrad is that the lobby isn't the lobby. Well, actually, you're struck by the fact that to get to the lobby you have to go to....wait for it...the 25th floor. It's an interesting little journey getting around at the Conrad, but to their credit, the hotel itself is sleek and comfortable, and the concierge, should you need his services, speaks eight (eight!) languages. So if you need to find out where a convenience store is in Esperanto, he's your guy.

    The esteemed Maria A. suggested that I ask for a non-corner water-facing room, and that's what I did. In addition to the excellent view of the drink that I had from my room, I noticed the number of other waterfront properties nearby. It's a striking if metropolitan melange. Service was terrific and uber friendly, and upon my return back home, they followed up and asked specific questions about what they could do to make my next stay even better. And that I'm considering that option tells me they did plenty right this go round.

    21/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Shirley K.
    The style and decor can be described as Modern & Luxurious.  The Hotel & Rooms were very clean.  The Staff was very helpful and accommodating.  All you need to do is ask. =)

    Here's an example of how they were very accommodating:  I was only staying one night and I really wanted to relax in the pool for a bit, but it was closed (closes at sunset).  I asked if I could use the pool because I saw there were still some people there.  No questions asked, they immediately called for a security guard to escort me to the pool so that I can be let in the locked doors.  I was the last one to leave and got to enjoy the entire premise alone.  I had the view of the hotel in front of me, moon & stars above me, a light breeze that greeted me, and the sound of palm leaves rustling beside me.  Ahh...It was an unforgettable, relaxing,  and blissful experience.

    10/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. David E.
    Difficult place to review.

    If you are looking for something contemporary and stylish like the Setai or Delano, this ain't it.  This is a very nice business hotel that is almost out of place in Miami. This is more like a hotel you would find in LA or NYC.

    The staff was perfect -- again, almost out of place in Miami. Rooms are good size,comfortable and clean. But the decor is very Hilton--boring and utilitarian.

    I really don't get the complaints regarding the upper floor lobby. It's really not uncommon (Park Hyatt Tokyo, Las Vegas Mandarin,..) not a big deal.  But I did find it strange that the bar closed at 11p--again, out of place in Miami.

    I'm tempted to give it two stars because I expected something with Miami style. But it never pretended to be that type of hotel and the staff were just great, so it's a three. That having been said, when I need to get away to Miami I'll be back on Collins.

    15/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Joanna K.

    Get the 'Pure" room.  Highly recommended. Everything was hypoallergenic.  No pets.  No pesticides.  No "eggy" smell in the bathroom.  No smoke, of cigs, weed, or BBQ.  White linens.  Clean.  Clean.  Clean.  

    And the air. Oooooooooaaaaaahhhh so fresh.  Go ahead, channel your inner Howard Hughes.  Just don't talk to me and don't touch me and don't even breathe in the same universe as me.

    15/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Eric B.
    Beautiful hotel.  The elevators are weird, go up to go down, go down to go up, I got confused!

    20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Jesus B.
    Staff had an incredible service oriented attitude and addressed every special request to my satisfaction.

    Hotel accommodated a very early check-in outside of industry norms.

    Not unlike my experience at a few other Hilton Hotels, management has sourced and groomed their staff well!!

    In spite of the size of this high-rise, only six floors, seventeenth through twenty-first floor  are dedicated to hotel rooms.  Hence, every room has a great view.  Moreover, you'll never experience long lines at front desk characteristic of the mega-hotels!

    You'll love the Bay view from the outdoor seating adjacent to bar, breakfast area and restaurant - located on lobby level on twenty-fifth floor.

    Pedestrian friendly - located across the street from Metro Loop Station -  14th Street Metro Loop Station - Brickell Line!!

    Caution: Hotel room Espresso  Machine may be addictive.

    Jesus Brito

    01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. K G.
    **This review is for the SPA only**  I can't say enough about the wonderful women working at the Conrad Miami spa.  We went for the special massage/facial offer and booked it just a couple of hours prior to arriving.  I brought my mom, who is elderly and somewhat disabled, so she needed a lot of extra attention. They were incredible.  They rearranged where their equipment was so that my mom could stay in the same room for her massage and facial to make it easier for her.  While I was occupied, they assisted her at every point to make sure she was ok and comfortable.  

    My massage was fantastic and I loved the facial, though it was only 30 minutes.  But considering the price we got for the packages, it was well worth it.  

    If you're looking for a full spa experience with whirlpool, etc, this is probably not the spa for you.  It's quite small and just has a dry sauna and locker room.  If you don't care about all of that, there's a nice waiting room with snacks, fruit and water, and truly some lovely, kind and talented people who work here.

    21/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Jordan N.
    Psst. I've got a secret to tell you.


    Let's go somewhere. Let's go down.


    I forgot... dammit, we're in Miami. Can't go down unless if we wanna drown... Let's go up, and thank god we've got tall buildings going up around here. Let's get to the roof of that one there.


    What? No climbing? Ohh... elevators, well... nice! If it takes us to the top, we'll take it!

    *Steps into elevator*

    Wait... I thought this building had more than 25 floors? It does? Then why is there only a button for Level 25?

    *concierge explains*

    Oooh... gotta pay for a room to get to the other floors? ?!*#@ hotels. Fine fine, we'll go to the 25th. But I'm pleading the 5th on what I'm going to do!

    *steps out and... silence*

    (interruption: speaker is in awe of the view - Best free view in Miami! - as of early 2008)

    Screw the 5th. I'm pleading the 25th.

    Note: Enjoy the bar and enjoy the view by sitting outdoor, on Level 25.

    05/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Diana H.
    First off, I didn't stay at the hotel. My family rented out the restaurant on the 25th floor (forgot the name) for a big dinner party.

    We had eaten at the restaurant before renting it and all the food was excellent! Really good, and the decor is beautiful. Not only do they have that little seating area outside that has an amazing view, but the main dining area has a glass window along the side so you can see the same beautiful view as you eat. The place is gorgeous, the food is great, and the service was great too. Our waiter was pretty cool and he really helped us with out orders.

    The event went better than we could have hoped. The beginning of the party took place outside of the restaurant, next to the bar, where waiters walked around with appetizers. The place looked great and the staff was friendly. When it was time for everyone to move into the restaurant space, everyone took forever, but we were never rushed. As soon as everyone was seated they took our order and the staff went around asking everyone if they wanted more wine (which was great). The food came out super fast, at perfect timing with each other, and it was really really good. The meat, which was the short ribs I believe, was the best and everyone who ordered them devoured them in about 2.5 seconds. I'll admit I was a bit jealous, but the fish I ordered was super fresh and topped with a really yummy sauce. The event ended at 10 and we basically all stayed till 11:30. We were never rushed to leave and the manager was so courteous, patient, and professional.

    We had a great experience and I would recommend this place to anyone. The restaurant is a hidden gem and the view is awesome.

    18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Victoria R.
    As a HHonors Member I really enjoyed this hotel and was impressed by the professionalism, rooms and room service.  The toiletries were good, beauty showers just overall sexy hotel.

    Smelled good and inviting, beautiful views and located in a great spot in Miami.

    What I HATED was the Brazilian wax I got while I was staying there.  This woman had no clue as to what she was doing.  She used hard and soft wax and took about 45 mins..for those of you that get this done regularly you know this is NOT acceptable.  It was sooo bad I fueled out a survey card.  

    Mani/pedi services were Devine!  The young lady was nice, informative about MIA night spots and calmed me down after the botch wax job.  

    I'd go back again to Conrad however will not do spa services there.

    25/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Gerri H.
    A wonderful hotel.  We stayed here for our anniversary a few years ago. We were able to get a good rate probably because it was August.

    The hotel lobby was gorgeous and the bathroom off of the lobby was probably the best "public" restroom I've ever seen.  The hotel can be described as very Miami modern; quite different from the other Conrads in the US, but still spectacular.  

    Our room was great with a beautiful view of the bay.  And of course, the husband and I hit up the greatly stocked in-room snack bar a few times :)  Also noteworthy was the wonderful breakfast which included their peach stuffed french toast.  To die for!  I had these meal a few times before leaving!  

    All in all, a wonderful experience that we'll remember for a long time.

    13/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Sabrina Anna C.
    Well, I finally made it to the Happy Hour Event, Elevated Fridays!  What a spectacular place.  From the moment you walk in, you are taken away by the beauty of the Espiritu Santo building.  As you walk towards the elevators, you can't help but look at yourself in the floor to ceiling mirrors.  Once inside, you go directly to the 25th Floor, where the Front Desk for the Conrad Hotel is located, along with LVL25 - the bar.  I know they have a restauarant up there as well, but not sure if it has a different name (?).

    Anyhow, the decor on the 25th Floor is just gorgeous and trendy with a twist of the modern!  You step out of the elevators to face the Reservations agents, but you just walk towards your left and you are immediately somewhere else.  The hotel begins on the 26th floor, and all hallways of the rooms look down onto the 25th floor.  They have an 8 (or more) story atrium beginning on the 25th floor!  Its just spectacular, all in glass, WOW.

    The view from the balcony outside (yes, there's seating) is phenomenal.  One of the best views in Miami...  You can see all of Rickenbacker Causeway and Key Biscayne towards your right and then 395 and South Beach to your left.  :)  Absolutely Stunning and Breath-taking.

    They have great $6 drink specials during the happy hour.  Otherwise, be prepared to pay - the drinks are PRICEY.  I am a scotch/whisky blend girl, and they were charging $18 for each Black on the Rocks, my friend was paid $27 for a Double Captain and Coke (that's the price of a decent meal!!!!), oh and beers were at about $9 a pop.

    I did try their appetizers and let me tell you, just delightful!  We had the Sushi of the Day (didn't ask what it was, just ate it - and WOW, it was YUMMY!), the Soft Shell Crab Tempura - PHENOMENAL!, and these Churrasco bite things that were just delectable!  And since it was my friend's birthday, they made her the most beautiful presentation of a cake ever, with Happy Birthday spelled out in chocolate sauce on a beautiful square, white plate.  

    I will be posting pics soon, so be sure to see!

    Overall...  My experience here was great!  I will definitely be back.  It is a wonderful change in scenery and atmosphere compared to the usual happy hour spots I attend (Monty's anyone?!).  I definitely want to stay in the hotel and see what the rooms are like!

    16/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Cristina V.
    Preferably where we stay when in South Beach...it has a super posh, upscale feel and the views are great. The higher, the better. The bed, can i just say its probably one of the most comfortable hotel beds i've ever slept on...its squishy and soft and as soon as you lay on the bed you are submerged by the feather comforter. Anyways, on to the hotel..it definitely has the whole SOBE feel going for it...white rooms, bold furniture, cabanas...
    they definitely give you the VIP treatment from the moment you pull in the place.. its worth the extra $ to stay at this hotel if you're in the area.


    19/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Tessie B.
    The BF and I took advantage of some Hilton Honors Reward Points and were able to get a suite at the Conrad. We walked in super hyped up and impressed with this hotel. The front desk staff was extremely accommodating and friendly. The front desk employee recommended self parking for us, but we already did valet. She told us that she would meet us half way and charge us $30 for valet parking (regular is $45 + tax!!!!) Upon receiving my bill, I was charged the full amount! The they told us they were going to get us a really nice suite, but that they just had to double check that it was cleaned and ready to go (I bet it was our original suite that just wasn't read) - So they took our bags and gave us drink tickets. Off to the bar we go. Had a nice drink on the house and while we were sitting having our drinks  our room keys get dropped off and they tell us not to worry because our bags will be sent to the room. About 15 minutes later we finish our drinks and decide to go upstairs and change for the pool. The room was super nice and even had a telescope! Where are our bags? We waited another 15 minutes for our bags, but hey it's cool we're on stay-cation. Tried to get the Bose iPod player to work, but nothing. Guy who came to drop off our bags said he would get someone to fix it, but no one passed by. There was a remote control used to control the curtains around the room, but that didn't work either. Also, at check-in, we were asked what complimentary newspaper we wanted. We requested the Wall Street Journal, but the next morning there was no such thing. I'm still giving it 4 stars, because the room was absolutely gorgeous and the service was great, it's just they were full of empty promises.

    The next morning we took advantage of Miami Spa month and booked a 75 minute full body massage for me and a 75 minute facial for The BF. While the spa is small, it was cozy and we each loved the service we got there.

    29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Ellen K.
    Just stayed at the Conrad for business... Leaving with mixed feelings...
    Layout-  2 stars- confusing and time consuming as there are 2 different elevators you must take to get to your room and to leave the hotel.  Elevators are often slow as well.
    Room-5 stars-  beautiful views,  bathroom is huge, bed comfortable
    Hilton honors desk-  2 stars- lady during the day is not nice, stuck up attitude...ugh
    Rest of staff- 5 stars-  great!  Friendly, helpful, etc
    Gym-  3 stars- slightly out of date equipment, humid, stuffy...I guess ultimately it gets the job done
    Room service- 4 stars- I ordered breakfast the night before, so you can specify a time for service-  consistently prompt... Dinner was also delivered well within the time parameters quoted when ordering.  Overall,  food was pretty good.

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Chris S.
    Nice room, great views and good service. Breakfast was very well done, although a bit pricey.  The onsite restaurant did a good job with taste, presentation and service.  I will go back when I am next in Miami.  Recommended.

    08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Shianne K.
    Thank goodness I had the hilton points to book this place or I probably could not have afforded it!!

    First of all, it is a beautiful hotel.. our room had a view of the bay and it was very modern and up to date. The staff was wonderful!!

    We ordered room service and it was the perfect end to our night! I had a burger and it was to-die-for!

    The only weird things was that there was not an ice machine on any of the floors. However, room service was nice enough to bring us a bucket of ice to the room, problem solved!

    Great hotel if you are staying in Miami for business or just a quick trip!

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Crystal K.
    I enjoyed my stay at Conrad Miami. I'm never a fan of Hilton hotels, but this is an exception.

    Love the modern décor and amenities. An added plus was having an illy espresso machine in my room! Great service, amazing views, clean rooms, valet was friendly and quick (as expected when valet is $30 a night). I thought it was strange that I had to change elevators to get to my hotel room. Apparently part of the building is residences and other part is the actual hotel. Other than that, it was a great stay.

    21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. jen r.
    i was very torn on how to rate this review, i knew what i wanted to say but wasnt sure on star rating, when i decided to go back and read what each star meant, i knew 2 stars - "meh ive experienced better" was the answer.

    my bf planned a nice weekend staycation. he chose the conrad bc its a central location, has nice rooms, great happy hour spot on the 25 floor, and overall the price was on point.

    check in was a breeze, and friday night drinks were really nice. the rooms are nice but nothing spectacular, this is more of a business minded hotel than a posh chic retreat.

    annoying elevators, gotta go up to then swap elevators and then go down to lobby or vice versa, its poor design and waste of time.

    the pool area is alright, but the view leaves a lot to be desired and no one really came around to pick up dirty towels or make the area look clean and picked up. the poor bartender seemed to be doing all the work. there was no vibe at all, kinda lame.

    my major gripe comes in when i know with a 100% certainty i left my brand new bathing suit hanging in the bathroom. i called to ask housekeeping/ security/ lost and found when i could go pick it up and they said there was nothing left behind. i went back and forth and was basically treated like dirt and they insinuated i was lying which infuriated me.
    now only was i out $50+ form my new bathing suit but they were treating me very rudely after we had just spent 100s at their hotel over the wknd.

    finally after a few days the manager was very nice and heard me out, they credited our card the $50 for the inconvenience and asked us to please return with a special discounted rate.
    we passed on the return visit, seeing as we are locals there is no need for an unnecessary staycation at our expense, there are other hotels we rather check out next time.

    19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. John H.
    Stayed the weekend for the Bryan Adams concert (which was amazing!). Enjoyed the cleanliness of the facility. The staff was very friendly. We had a King bed with a bay view. The room was small and the view was mired by construction and buildings (it is in the city) but our over-all experience was very good. The location is great if you want to escape the South Beach scene.

    20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Nick M.
    This is by far my favorite hotel because it is upscale, the staff is friendly and caring, the crowd is sophisticated and not obnoxious and most importantly the views are amazing! I stayed at this hotel 4 times now and I can't get enough.  At first I was a bit annoyed of the elevator situation but now that I have stayed at the hotel a few times I feel as if this is actually a great idea. The fact that you have to take an elevator to the hotel lobby on the 25th floor is not only good for security but it also reduces elevator traffic tremendously.  Imagine you have 30 floors of guests trying to go up and down 1 set of elevators and they all land at the same place, this is the normal case. This causes higher traffic amongst common floors such as the lobby and spa/restaurant floors. Because they have the hotel lobby, restaurants and bars all on the 25th floor the elevator traffic is usually minimal. I don't think I have ever really waited for an elevator at this building. The hotel rooms require you to walk around the main lobby to a separate and secure set of elevators for guests only. This also never has a wait and that is why I really appreciate the elevator plan they have at the Conrad Hilton.

    As some other people have mentioned, the pool is not that great. It is way too small for the building and very annoying to get to. You have to walk out from your room, take the 2 elevators to get to ground level and then cross the valet service to enter the parking facility elevators. Then you take that elevator to the top floor, walk outside and you have a small pool with a bar and a small hot tub. The ber service is good but not the best and the view from the pool could be improved. You don't get to see the ocean because of all the plants they use for landscaping but the view from the room makes up for it.

    Aside from the rooms I also had the opportunity to sample their catered food for private events such as wedding receptions. They have a great menu and fantastic food and beverage choices. Their catering staff executed the entire presentation beautifully and I was quite impressed. I give this hotel 5 stars because they have not let me down in the 4 times I strayed with them so far!

    01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Ming-Jou C.
    The Conrad Miami was chosen for this business trip strictly because of the location to our office in Miami.

    NOTE: It's effen confusing. Especially if you're jet-lagged and sticky with humidity. Now follow me carefully.

    You enter through the ground level, which is only the Concierge, and you have to take the elevators UP to the 25th floor.

    You check in on the 25th floor, then take another set of elevators DOWN to your room.

    Then you want to go grab a bite to eat, so you take the elevator UP to the 25th floor, then take the other elevators DOWN to the ground floor to ask Concierge where to go. Then Concierge doesn't help you much because you can't understand what they're saying and they don't give you a map, just verbal directions.

    So you go back UP to your room and order room service. Which was good, but not really what I had in mind for Miami.

    Turns out that wasn't such a bad idea because the places that Concierge suggested I go to (Bayside and 10th street) were boring, dark, and rape-conducive. Plus, he said I should take the free Metromover, which I deemed the Metromugger, because it looked like those people movers you used to see at Disneyland, except empty and creepy. Miami is no fun if you're not at the beach.

    The hotel was nice, but I didn't appreciate the Concierge sending me places that didn't feel safe via creepy public transportation.

    02/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Ausão M.
    I stayed at the Conrad Miami in the winter of 2009.

    Excellent hotel with an excellent choice of employees.  Yi-Li was an excellent ambassador of the hotel and was extremely hospitable and catering.

    If you check-in during the daytime, you'll experience a lovely view as you're waiting a few moments for your requests to be processed.  You can see Biscayne Bay and the ocean from the 25th floor check-in area.

    The guest suites are excellently appointed with flowers and lovely furnishings.  Sometimes I am shocked that this is a Hilton family hotel.  Hilton has sadly gone way downhill as of late.  They should model more properties after this Conrad.

    This Conrad certainly deserves my very rare 5-star rating!

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Bryce B.
    The Conrad Miami has taken care of everything for a great price every time I have stayed here. I have stayed once on business and twice for personal reasons.

    When staying on business, my boss and I missed our flight at MIA. I immediately called the Conrad and was able to reschedule for an additional night at the same rate despite having already checked out.  Not only that, but by the time we returned to the hotel it was 9:30pm. They where waiting for us. When we arrived back, the concierge on the ground floor greeted us, was aware of who we where, and asked if we'd like a drink. We answered yes, slightly confused. By the time we arrived on the 25th floor lobby, he had called ahead, had the bartender check our tab from the night before, and two drinks where waiting at the check-in desk! It is exceptionally rare to find service like that.

    I make it a point to stay here when I am in need of a hotel in Miami because of the service.

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Liz W.
    The elevators are so confusing! It took me about 2 days to figure them out. I rented a condo from a private owner at the Conrad. I received all the ammenities of the hotel, but I didn't have to pay $400 a night.

    The hotel itself was nice and so were the people that worked there. There is a bar by the pool area where you can order drinks or food.  I didn't try any food at the hotel, but I had a pina colada and it was delish.

    Some things I did not like....
    There is no ice machine! Everytime we needed ice we had to call room service. The first night that we stayed there a bucket of ice took almost a hour! They said they were backed up with ice requests. Well if you had a few ice machines that wouldn't be the problem. Parking overnight costs $26. You can probably find street parking.

    There is a Publix and lots of restaurants that are walking distance. Calle ocho and SOBE are just a quick drive away.

    04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Steve B.
    Really nice, clean, updated hotel.  Newer bar & restaurant.  Great price for as nice of a hotel.  Comparable to any 4 star hotel in Miami.

    11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Gemini W.
    Its -Conrad Hilton- exquisite service is expected and served; however, to have it done with such grace and humbleness can be a rare find. I suppose to receive it one must give it, yes? Understand all staff at Conrad Miami are courteous and professional but sometimes you miss the human part these days.
    This is my third stay in the past 15months (4 to 8 nights) at this particular location, and two awesome employees, frankly I'm kind of in love with them standout.  

    Sarah who works the front guest desk, and Alejandro, an evening concierge, I suppose I could write this review based on the kind upgrades/discounts offered, but it's truly more than that. Its how someone makes you feel whether upgrades or discounts awarded or not. What I experienced from these two is more than professionalism, more than just doing a job to receive a complement but it was from heart.

    Being a southern man its comforting to know good spirit and hospitality still exist not just because of expectations or desiring something in return; but Just because, just because we're all human and seeking kindness from a pure, honest place.

    The beautiful building, the fancy minimalist rooms, lobbies, gathering areas and safe location (runner here) is only icing on the cake. Not the cake!

    Keep it up Sarah, Alejandro and TEAM CONRAD. I appreciate you. SMILE, Life's good.

    06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Mike M.
    I was looking for a cheap hotel in Miami to spend a night before flying out the next day. Hoping to spend less than $100, it looked like a cheap motel in the shadow of the airport was my only option.

    Then I found an off-beat travel site offering a room at the Conrad Miami for $90, which otherwise was going for $300. 5 star hotel downtown, or a 2 star motel next to the airport. I made my reservation immediately.

    Then a little concern came in. Despite setting my preferences for non-smoking, my reservation stated it was a smoking room. They said it was the only room available at my rate. And they wouldn't accept my HHonors account because it was not a "qualifying stay". But I was getting a great deal so I wasn't about to complain.

    Then my vacation came and got in from the Bahamas at 8am. Check-in isn't until 2pm, but I was hoping I could have them hold my luggage until it was time to check-in. But I was expecting to be treated like a second-class citizen after the smoking room + no rewards treatment.

    So I arrived 6 hours early, and asked if they could hold on to the luggage. Their response? Snobbery? Laughter? Nope.

    "Actually, we upgraded you to a one bedroom suite on the 28th floor. It is ready for you, here are your keys."

    Really? Felt like Christmas morning! The suite was fantastic, amazing views, very clean and modern. By far the best hotel room I have ever stayed in. And it was only $90.

    28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Mike S.
    Whats not to like, It's pimp. Over your head where valet and the entrance is you have the pool ABOVE your head.  Hard to explain, but this is before you have even entered the hotel.  The lobby is a SKY LOBBY on the 25th floor. That is a little annoying since you then have to take at LEAST 2 elevators. The view of the bay is fantastic! The rooms are big and spacious. Great marble bathrooms too.  Only reason it lost a star is because you have to walk at least a few blocks to get anywhere, other than the few hotel restaurants in the area.  I WILL be staying here again.

    03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Markus D.
    Das Conrad ist gut, aber nicht übermäßig luxuriös oder toll. Durch die Lage der Lobby im 25. Stock muss man zwei Aufzüge nehmen, um ins Zimmer zu gelangen. Das Frühstück ist mehr als dürftig für den hohen Preis. Sehr begrenzte Auswahl.

    18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. A S.
    Had a one night stay here in October 2011 before flying from MIA. An easy 20 minute drive to the airport and just 10 minutes to South Beach.

    The hotel staff are very slick and very efficient. The views from the 25th floor (check in) are superb, overlooking the port, Biscayne Bay and South Beach.

    Stayed in a one bed suite, which was magnificent. Spacious, natural light, ipod dock, electric curtains, decent size in room safe, 2 TV's very very plush.

    Breakfast time during the week will see you sitting in the proximity of some serious Power Breakfast meetings, which adds to the aura of this hotel.

    Expensive but worth it.

    17/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Crystine W.
    I am a big fan of Conrad hotels everywhere and the Conrad Miami won me over as well.  Service is top-notch and the the views are stunning no matter where you are standing inside.  The thing that will take a little bit more time to get accustomed to learning to navigate through its interior floors.  

    The hotel lobby is NOT on the ground floor, but on the 25th floor instead.  So when your car drops you off and you see the desk that says CONRAD, that is just a desk where employees stand to tell you they are NOT the front desk and you have to take the elevators to the 25th floor.  These elevators will only take you to 4 places: ground floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and the 25th floor (hotel lobby).  These elevators DO NOT take you to any of the guest rooms.  To get to the hotel guest room elevators, you have to take this elevator to the hotel lobby (25th FL), cross over and then take the other set of elevators up/down to your room.  Basically, if you need to go from Point A or Point B, you have to pass by the 25th floor hotel lobby to get there.  That's the easiest way I remembered it.  

    I ate quite a bit from the in-room dining menu during my stay & these are my thoughts:

    1. Tomato Tortilla Soup with Queso Fresco - bit of a hit or miss.  I ordered this on my first day and it was SO good that I ordered it the next day too, but the next day's soup was bland, watered down and didn't work very well.  
    2. Lobster Sandwich - quite good, the bites of mango work really well here!
    3. Pan Seared Scallops with Crab and Corn Risotto - small portioned, but both the scallops and risotto complemented each other really well.  Definitely recommend.
    4. Romain Hearts Salad - this was my least favorite, but that is probably because of all the customizing I did with it so I cannot blame anyone but myself.  
    5. Herbed Polenta, Goat Cheese Melt, Fresh Basil, Pomodoro Sauce - My favorite meal from my stay at the Conrad.  This is not on the in-room dining menu, but I found it worthy to mention nonetheless because it is so insanely flavorful.  It is heavy, but doesn't weigh you down TOO much.  

    There was a spa deal package I purchased during my stay (manicure & 25-minute massage).  The 25-minute massage was HEAVENLY and I really regret not going for the 50-minute massage instead.  Erica was my masseuse and she kneaded and hit the right spots while I endured bliss.  I am not the type of person who is accustomed to laying down still for a half hour and never understood how people book 1-hour massages.  Well, when the quality is that of Erica's massage, I can now understand why people are so willing to lay still and do nothing for a half hour.  

    My manicure portion of this package wasn't nearly as enjoyable.  The manicurist made one of my nails bleed and she painted polish all over my fingers.  Yes, she did clean it up afterwards, but the quality of the job was that of something I do myself at home and not that of a professional manicurist.  My colleague also got a manicure and we both felt that our nails are cleaner looking than before, but not the usual quality we would get at a regular salon.  

    I will miss the cappuccinos delivered daily and the friendly faces I saw every single day during this Miami stay.

    04/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Maximiliano E.
    It is shyt. Some friends are having a party here, so opted to go local vs the better options. I shouldn't have. Reserved King Deluxe, got put into a Full bed (not even queen?!!). Had to carry/pull my luggage out of the trunk and drag them all the way into my room. No one offered assistance. No "do not disturb" card available to hang on the door.  Really crap. Next time i am ubering from SoFi, damn the traffic.

    19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    53. Michael W.
    For my job, I travel quite a bit.  I have stayed in a lot of hotels.  I have to admit this is one of the best I have stayed in.  This hotel is part of the Conrad chain, which is Hilton's rather new ultra-high end brand.  The Conrad Miami is in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami, which is its business district.  The hotel is discreet and looks like another office skyscraper.  It is also somewhat weird to get to the front desk.  You enter on the ground floor, and the front desk is on the 21st floor (or something like that, I believe).  Many of the floors are condominiums - and the hotel guests and the condo owners don't intermingle.  

    Once I got to the front desk, the attendants were great.  I got there very late, and they were quite friendly and knew I needed to just get settled and get to bed.  I had a wonderful view.  I was up quite high - and had a nice view of Key Biscayne.  The bathroom was all marble - and quite large.  The main room itself - while a bit small - was wonderful.  This is the only reason I am giving this hotel four stars instead of five.  I didn't get a chance to eat at the hotel restaurant - but it looked great.

    Keep in mind that this is in the business district.  As such, you aren't going to be able to walk out of your room and onto the beach.  This is a great choice for a business traveler or someone here on vacation who does not mind being away from the beach.

    I will definitely be back

    03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Thomas A.
    Our family held a wedding reception here and had multiple parties staying at the hotel. As a HHonors Diamond member I've stayed at numerous Hilton family properties, including W-A Collection, and the service at the Conrad Miami is the best. Myself and my family were very impressed. The Residences are world class.

    29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Fernando S.
    NOTE: This review is for the spa and salon.

    let me first start out by complimenting the interior designers of the hotel. I was impressed by the selection of lighting and furniture throughout the entrance and lobby.

    As for the spa, unfortunately i dont have anything positive to say. My girlfriend and i  decided to get a deep tissue couples message for 75 min, which actually lasted only an hour. Now i do admit we were 5 minutes late, so ill let that slide. Now as far as initial impressions of my masseur, it was disappointing. Firstly she didnt get my name right and only spoke spanish, which was surprising considering the this was a luxury spa. once we entered the couples room, everything was going fine until my masseur, she never introduced herself, said she couldnt read my sheet because she didnt have her glasses. This was disappointing as well because the sheet had my areas of pain pointed out. She and the other masseur left to let us change and my masseur came back surprisingly enough, still without her glasses.

    The message overall was OK. Ive had stronger an better massages for half the price. Especially overvalued considering this was a deep tissue massage. My girlfriend's experience was similar in that the massage was weak but at least her masseur spoke english and asked about her sheet and areas of pain.

    Skipping forward to the departure, we were almost not charged had we not stayed and ask about payment but my guess is that they were going to charge our card on file automatically. I did think that it was rather unnecessary to say that its customary to include 20% tip. Frankly had it been my card instead of my girlfriend's, a 15% tip would have fair.

    The conclusion is we wont be recommending this spa to anyone. It is a 3 star experience for a 5 star price.

    21/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    56. larry h.
    My fiance and I stayed here a few weeks ago over Labor Day weekend for our anniversary. Since I travel a lot, I accumulated a lot of hhonors points, and this hotel was on a "points sale" so why not? We got there and we were pretty impressed! From the recognizable exterior, we got there with no confusion at approximately 8am, coming off a red-eye flight from Seattle.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: Having great customer service throughout the Hilton family hotels, they let us check in at 8am (a full 7 hours before their regular check-in time of 3pm!). However, when we asked the concierge about a local mall's hours, he had no idea and couldn't find the information, and I ended up doing 10 seconds of googling which found us the pertinent info. The doormen were friendly as were the front desk people, and even the housekeepers were all smiles and very helpful/nice. We loaded up on free water, probably getting 20 bottles over the course of 3 nights haha.

    BREAKFAST: Because I was a gold hhonors member, we got complimentary breakfast for 2. Normally it's ridiculous, like $35 after taxes. Tip is mandatory, however, so I ended up paying $8/tip per breakfast, which ended up being $28 (after additional tipping from me) for 3 morning's worth of breakfasts. The breakfast area is very scenic and had a great view, we loved sitting there the last morning and having the food, which was good but not great (cheese, fruits, parfaits, pancakes, bacon, typical American breakfast items in a pretty setting). The first 2 night we left the hotel super early (6am) to get to some destination in the Keys, and the 2nd night the waiter even asked us if we wanted to have him pack something up for us the next morning, which was very considerate (and +1 for remembering us from the day before). We did not try room service - very pricey as expected.

    PARKING: The valet parking is expensive ($37/day + other fees), so we opted for the garage instead, since that one was $26/overnight parking, and we would be out most of the day anyway. Keep in mind that the self-parking DOES NOT HAVE IN-AND-OUT privileges! There are also a few street parking spots next to the hotel which are just as convenient (and probably moreso than the self-parking), if you're lucky.

    ROOM: Free robes, slippers, morning and night housekeeping services, what else can I ask for? The room was small, but since I didn't pay for it we didn't really mind. The maid was even kind enough to place our luggage bags on top of these little dolly racks, since we just left them in the corner of the room floor. Amazing view for sure but there is a building blocking the direct/frontal view of the bay (you can see to the 2 sides of that blocking building). We got free WiFi for being a gold hhonors member otherwise it's ridiculous (like $8/day or something).

    OVERALL: 5 star experience, since I value customer service and ambiance over price and luxuries. Luxury-wise this one is decent but not the best we've been to.

    edit: i think i forgot to mention we stayed at regular bayside room, not one of the suites like i was hoping for!

    edit 12.12.12: decided that in retrospect the view wasn't great and if it weren't for my hhonors status the experience would have only warranted a 3 star at best. It is also an older establishment and has the weird 2 elevator experience.

    19/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Ramsey E.
    Love this place! Super nice room, comfy bed, awesome room service, and amazing view.

    13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Tony E.
    Amazing hotel! I accidentally booked my hotel for the wrong night and the guest representative Javier was very helpful and not only found us a room, but was very friendly and professional throughout the process. I always stay at Hilton hotels and this is one I will definitely be coming back to!

    06/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Dylan C.
    My first time in Miami and my first time in a Conrad. I absolutely loved this hotel. It's right in downtown with most places within walking distance. Fantastic, spacious room with plenty of accommodations and an incredible view. My only issue was the jacuzzi at the rooftop pool which was really dirty with no attendants in the area. I would recommend the Conrad to anyone visiting Miami.

    07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Adrienne C.
    Very very beautiful hotel. Cordial gracious wait staff, yummy drinks.. A view of the Bay to die for.  People dressed beautifully, Hobnobbed with people attending an artist showing featuring works that maybe in my next life I will be able to afford...but I'm glad I went .

    30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Julia B.
    I love this hotel! The food is good even though it's overpriced. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated. Nice views. The service is good. The only thing I dont like is parking and taking two different elevators.

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Elizabeth R.
    I'D GIVE IT MY FIRST NAME, TOO.  This is a Hilton property, but it's too special to be called just a regular old "Hilton."  It's named for Conrad Hilton, founder of the whole Hilton chain. Yes, darlings, before there was "The Donald," there was "The Conrad."  If you are a "Hilton Honors" member, your points and perks are good here.  Use them.  We did and we got an AMAZING suite on the 29th floor, free wi-fi, and the free breakfast to end all free breakfasts.

    This hotel has an interesting idiosyncrasy in that the lobby is on the 25th floor.  It seems like a pain in the neck at first, but it turns out to be a major plus because all of the hotel rooms are above, so everybody gets a great view.  The pool and tennis courts are on the rooftop of an adjacent parking garage.  The pool area is lovely with several gazebos and plenty of chaises.  They have nice touches like high quality fluffy towels and complimentary SPF lotion.

    Service was very friendly and professional.  The hotel was crowded because we were there on the weekend of the ING marathon, but check in was quick and the breakfast was great.  It was a full buffet replete with omelet station, fresh fruits, and hot pancakes served in the Atrio restaurant.

    The next time I need a hotel in downtown Miami, I will definitely burn some more HH points and stay at the Conrad.  SO WORTH IT!

    31/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Carla C.
    Well what can I say - it just doesn't get better than this if you plan on staying at a very quiet hotel.

    The hotel is made up of offices, hotel and residences.  The unique part of this hotel experience is that the lobby is on the 25th floor - and regardless of checking or just getting to your room you have to take an express elevator ride to the 25th floor and then another set of elevators to your designated floor.

    This hotel is spotless in every nook and crannie!!! The customer service is beyond the call of duty!  They greet you and your every concern with a smile! The staff know the surrounding areas of Miami so good that my GPS was null and void! I got better verbal directions from the staff at the hotel!  

    Yes the valet parking is a little steep ($45 a day) but my theory is you're on vacation - if you can afford to stay at the hotel you can afford the valet parking!

    The pool is located on the 13th floor of the parking garage.  It's an olympic size pool and it is absolute heaven!!!! It was never cold while I was there! You have to try the mango colada from the bar! to die for!  Just a word of advisory is that they are building a new hotel so it can get a little noisey but if you plug into your iphone and listen to music you should be fine : )

    If you're looking for a lively location I have to say this is not it.  It is very quiet - I thought it would be lively because it's "downtown" but it's quite the opposite but that was fine with me as i was looking for a relaxing vacation and that is exactly what i got!

    I highly recommend this hotel! I loved every minute of it!!

    30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Bradley T.
    The WORST happy hour appetizers I've ever had anywhere.  TGIF is a step above. We were shocked - spoiled tasting calamari, dry chicken salad and ice cold flat bread pizza.  Everything was awful.

    The view on the 25th floor was spectacular and the service was excellent. Next time well grab a drink and skip the apps.

    04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    65. Jeff F.
    Fantastic property. Thought the beds, room, service from the staff and almost everything else was excellent. If I were to provide critical feedback, I'd say the elevators are annoying, breakfast buffet is a bit weak and cell phone reception is less than ideal.

    Other random thoughts: Alessandro and Francois are some of the best concierges I've run into. Location is ok -  Mary Brickell is walking distance along with Tobacco Road.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Siv L.
    Came here for a week long work event. The hotel was in a great location, great views, very good service. Catered food was pretty good. They seemed to be very attentive. Room and bathrooms were spacious. Great hotel bar with great outdoor seating/views. Colleague raved about the espresso machine in each hotel room.

    A few negatives were toilet water pressure for the flush was weak. Shampoos and conditioners smelled like typical hotel shampoos. Major negative, esp for larger conferences with lots of meeting attendees, was that you had to take the elevator to get to the 25th floor to be able to take an elevator up to your room. This made going up and down to your room to the meeting rooms a very long ordeal. It was quite inconvenient! Also, my cell phone didn't get good service in the hotel and the internet was very unreliable! This made it difficult to do work or catch up on emails throughout the day.

    However, the overall experience was good and I'd recommend for a personal stay. I didn't get a chance to check out the pool, gym, breakfast, lunch or dinner room service but wish I had!

    12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Sarah M.
    I am so impressed by this hotel and cannot say enough good things about it. We found a great deal on kayak.com where rooms were only $150 a night which was significantly lower than most places in the area and just as nice in my opinion.

    Everyone working there is incredibly friendly, the rooms are clean, bright, and spacious - and we got upgraded to a great room overlooking the bay. You can't beat that! Our flight arrived in Miami at 7 am and we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to check in early (I was told over the phone that they did not guarantee rooms for those who booked through 3rd party websites and that we needed to go through them) but they graciouscly accommodated our request to check in at 11 am.

    This hotel has a beautiful pool (which unfortunately we didn't have time to use) and a really great breakfast buffet and bar options. The breakfast buffet, while it came to $60 with tax and tip, was nicely laid out with Le Creuset pots, and everything looked fresh. My biggest pet peeve is paying tons for a breakfast buffet that looks like it had been trampled through. We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at 4 pm and I had a cuban sandwich with fries. The fries were awesome - and the sandwich was just what I needed. (Not the best sandwich I've ever had but tasty.)

    There are a ton of great restaurants and shops in walking distance. We were in town for a wedding at the Four Seasons which was right next door. Oh, and it was spa month so they had great deals.

    My only complaint is that you have to go up two sets of elevators to get to the room - which is not a big deal - but a little annoying. You go up and then we had to go back down to the 18th floor. I messed up pushing the buttons every time.

    All in all, I had a great experience here - I would definitely recommend!

    17/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    68. Randy W.
    Really great experience.y girlfriend and I flew in at 5:30 am and wanted to see if we could check in. They were completely full, so obviously there were no rooms clean by 6 AM. The front desk concierge Nicholas extended us entry to the spa to shower. It was really nice. This was a life saver before our convention. Then we had breakfast and the food was amazing. The said they would put a rush on the room. I think they called twice by noon to let me know one was ready. All of the staff was really helpful the whole time. I would define you stay again, I might buy a condo.

    08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Gina H.
    Totally dislike the whole having to floor hop thing that the Conrad has going on.. Takes away from the 5 star Hilton treatment that you do experience here.   Not a vacation spot at all.  Great if you are visiting Miami for work but stay away if you are looking for a family vacation.

    01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    70. ivan r.
    I enjoyed my stay at this hotel a great deal. I checked in at 5:30am and was very pleased with the level of service and attentiveness of the staff.  I got a room with a city view and was very comfortable with the bed and pillows. Room service was not up to par. The food was mediocre and I expected better.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Audra R.
    We arrived to the Conrad nearly 7 hours prior to check in. The staff was most courteous, and without my having to ask, checked us in very early with a room. Not only that, they upgraded us to a suite bay view! Imagine my surprise when I opened the door?!?! What a wonderful end to a vacation in Miami.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Karen S.
    This past weekend my fiance and I stayed at Conrad Miami for a weekend away from home. We had a wonderful time once again. We had stayed here in the past and liked the hotel as well as the location. We were looking for a relaxing weekend to just enjoyed the pool, relax and be able to go to local restaurants in the surrounding areas. The front desk and concierge were both extremely friendly as well as the pool staff which was wonderful!! Only a bit disappointed about the outrageous valet parking rate. $43 for an overnight parking was too much. Besides that, it was a wonderful stay!

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Scott B.
    Nice way to use those Hilton points.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Heather B.
    We started dealing with the Conrad about 9 months out to book some events for our wedding.  We had stayed there before and are Hilton Honors Gold members.  The location was perfect in downtown Miami/Brickell and we liked that we had a great experience there previously.  While trying to finalize the contract, they were a nightmare to deal with (both reservations and catering).  For this reason I might tell people to stay away. Everything about the contract process had us pulling our hair out.  They would tell us one thing, then retract it and this went on for about a month.  We almost pulled out, as our wedding was the one winter weekend in Miami that didn't have festivals or events - some other hotels in the area really wanted our block.  We finally finalized with the Conrad and I'm very glad we did.  

    All of our friends and family had a great experience at the Conrad.  They were amazing at making sure everyone was taken care of and all details were in order.  From the service at the pool, to the front desk to the catering - everything the weekend of couldn't have gone smoother.  In catering, I would recommend dealing with Jenny Lorie - she was the only one that was able to handle our events and got back to us promptly with answers.  They hosted such a nice brunch for us in the "Room" which is a private room with great views of the Bay.  

    The rooms were great- while some can be small, most are decently sized and both the city view and bay view are fantastic.  The Conrad water and slippers are such a nice touch and the bloody mary's by the pool can't be beaten.  We will definitely be back to the Conrad and recommend staying at this luxury property if in the Brickell area.  

    Our only complaint is that bar closed much too early for a bar in a hotel in downtown Miami.  11 or 12 am closing times on weekends in a city that parties as much as Miami - I would expect later if they actually want to make their bar a decent destination.

    24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Fred D.
    The Conrad Miami is in the Brickell / financial district area of Miami, which is its business district of high rise offices and condos.  I was told it's changed a lot from how it was before!  The hotel's appearance is discreet and looks like another office skyscraper and the entrance is a bit hard to find, which is a plus except that the GPS has trouble giving us directions...

    The Conrad Miami did not disappoint. It was perhaps the best hotel stay I've ever experienced. We stayed here pre-cruise for no other reason than it was in Miami and I was familiar with the Conrad hotels from our stay at the Conrad in Tokyo. So while we had no agenda really, expectations were high due to the exceptional service and quality of the Tokyo hotel.  The Conrad exceeded our expectations in every way. From our luxurious suite, to the complimentary wine tasting, to the coffee and dessert overlooking Biscayne Bay, our stay was both enjoyable and memorable.  

    Since I'm something of a white glove reviewer when it comes to hotels, I can only wonder if the staff of the Conrad knew I was coming.  The valet parking attendant greeted us immediately with a sincere welcome and everywhere we looked there was someone offering to help us with something.  Everything seemed so effortless I didn't think twice of handing my bags over to the bellman, or following the instructions to the mid tower lobby which is located on the 25th floor. Check in was fast yet personalized and I got the idea the desk clerk really did care if I had a nice visit or not.

    The people mover is across the street and I plan on using it the next time I stay.  Also, I look forward to using the swimming pool and fitness center next time as well.  Both were highlights of our Tokyo stay so I cannot fairly judge without going back again.  That's something I definitely look forward to!

    07/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    76. Ming I.
    Beautiful rooms with views of the bay of biscayne in a great location. Docked one star because room service and restaurant were pretty mediocre. Also, we opted for self parking bec we were quoted $45 for valet. Not sure if that's a correct price because other reviews say the price is $38. Also, the staff is friendly but we were recommended a tour that turned out to be a bit of a tourist trap. We had a car and could have booked the trip ourselves for $30+/person cheaper so it's partly on us for not putting in the effort to make the reservation ourselves.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Mista H.
    Great amenities, great front desk staff. Unfortunately didn't realize a breakfast buffet could have bad service (no taking orders, minimal waiting on tables), but there is here. Waiter only came by once to ask for drink order, never came by again to refill coffee, water, etc. When finally had to ask hostess, she kinda scoffed like she was better than getting our waiter or more coffee. Just cause you work at a Conrad, doesn't mean you can afford to stay there (sort of like the service you get on Rodeo). I've been to many Conrads, all great, except this one, because of poor service at a buffet usually = oxymoron.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    78. Ronda N.
    Conrad is one of my FAVORITE hotels in Miami, Florida. I've stayed here many times for the following reasons:

    Service = 4 stars****the staff are always warm and friendly. Hotel is kept neat and clean

    Décor = Rooms are contemporary, spacious, beautifully decorated with stunning views of the bay or overlooking downtown Brickell

    Rates = Competitive prices $$$

    Restaurant = American cuisine, trendy and upscale

    Amenities = Gorgeous swimming pool w/outdoor bar, tennis courts, gym/spa and walking path along the bay 5 minutes from the hotel

    Access = Located downtown Brickell, 10 minutes from downtown Miami and 15 minutes from South Beach. Parking is available in a separate structure next to the hotel. Valet parking is available. Hotel is within walking distance of downtown Miami and Key Biscayne

    07/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Jeff K.
    Nothing puts you into your place faster than valet parking at the Conrad.  Normally we'd self-park if possible but for some reason we decided to valet park this time.  We pull up to the valet entrance to see:  a Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne S, a Ferrari, and two 5-series BMW's. And here we are pulling in with my wife's Chevy HHR feeling like the Beverly Hillbillies all of a sudden. So we got a good laugh out of that.

    Apparently the Conrad shares the building with several businesses, and was once a number of condominiums.  Because of the building layout, in order to go to the front desk to check in, you need to go in through the entrance and take the elevator (not all elevators go to the same place, so be sure you have the right one) to the 25th floor.  

    Our room wasn't yet ready when we arrived, so the attendant graciously offered to hold our bags and take the car while we waited. Once the room was ready (they were supposed to call us to let us know but they never did, so we returned after lunch at the appropriate check-in time) we took the elevator back up to the 25th floor and got our key to the room, on the 22nd floor.  This requires another elevator, as the previous one only goes to G, 2, 3, and 25.  The new elevator, which goes from 16 to 34, takes you to your room.

    The room is nicely appointed, the view was nice, and the bathroom was VERY nice, a lot of marble and a separate glass shower. My wife didn't like the Conrad-branded shampoo, etc claiming they all "smell like man", but I was fine with it!  A clock radio by the bed with an iPod dock was a great addition, and a separate 1/8" headphone connection for other brands was available through the TV.

    The bar (sharing the 25th floor with the lobby) was attractive but at $12.50 for a drink with Captain Morgan and $16 for a drink with Grey Goose, we didn't stay long.  The bar doubles as the breakfast buffet in the mornings.  If you're a HHonors Gold or Diamond member, your breakfast is free and I suggest you take advantage of it -- it's quite good, better than probably any other Hilton property I've been to so far.  If you are not either of those things but you're certifiably insane, you can still get the breakfast buffet for $30 per person.  Sorry, it's not THAT good.  Walk a block or two to find a cheaper alternative.

    This was to be a one-night stay for us, so we didn't really get to fully utilize all of the amenities provided. Still, we at least wanted to see the rooftop pool.  Guess which elevator takes you there?  Correct! None of the above.

    From our room, we had to take the first elevator up to the 25th floor lobby.  From there we had to take the other elevator from the 25th floor to the ground level.  Walk across the valet parking throughway, to another elevator which will take you to "HC", the rooftop pool and tennis courts.  The pool itself was nice -- heated, and surrounded by planted palms all around. Plenty of room to lay out on the deck for a bit, and a pool bar in the corner so you can get something to drink.

    We enjoyed ourselves here, once we got the hang of the elevator madness.  We are likely to come back, depending on the room cost at the time.  There's a less fancy but cheaper Hampton Inn down the street that could easily lure us away with the promise of significant savings.

    One last note to HHonors members looking to use points to redeem for free nights: Unless you're okay with double beds, I was unable to find any room at the Conrad for less than about 150,000 HHonors points per night.  Ridiculous considering even our rooms at the various Hawaiian resorts we stayed at were less than that!  On the other hand, the Hampton Inn down the street had a number of rooms available for 30,000 points per night.

    02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Arlene T.
    Good: great Miami views, very friendly staff, easily accessible from Miami airport , very spacious room and great smelling bath products.

    The bad: poor upkeep. Walk through the hotel you see scuff marks on the walls and paint chipping. Specifically in our room, the sitting area couch is FILTHY. Visible stains don't make it appealing and perhaps almost unsanitary.

    Even with exceptional customer service, We will not be staying here again.

    08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    81. Studmuffin S.
    This is the perfect hotel for business travelers.  I travel quite a bit for work and whenever I come to Miami I request to stay at this hotel.  It's perfect if you need to stay somewhere that is very accessible to downtown, coral gables, and west/south Miami.  It's a 15-20 minute cab ride from Miami airport (~$30), and it's about 45 mins to an hour from Fort Lauderdale airport (~$100) depending on traffic.  There are a lot of great restaurants and bars in the area, including Mary Brickell village.  You can sneak over to a Miami Heat game as the arena is close.  Getting to South Beach isn't that hard, but when you're lazy it's a bit of a trek.  Depending on traffic, cabs can be expensive.  But if you have a car, it's a very quick 15-20 minute drive to south beach.

    I've stayed in several of their rooms and have yet to have a bad room.  Rooms are clean, beds are very comfy, views are great, and the staff is exceptional.  Whenever I'm there they remember me and say hello.  The gym is perfect.  The prices for room service, the restaurant, and the bar are very high, but on a few occasions I've indulged at all 3 locations and everything is very good.  If I don't feel like paying high prices, as I said, there are plenty of restaurants and bars a stones throw away. I've stayed here easily 10-15 times and I have yet to visit the pool, don't understand how to get to it.  In some of the rooms, the internet can be weak.

    19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Holly N.
    Love this place! We stayed in the 2 bedroom bay view residence during UMF weekend 1. The view was BEAUTIFUL! It was in the corner on the second to top floor, so we had a gorgeous view of downtown Miami from every window of every room in the suite. It was a pretty sweet view during the day and night.

    I stayed here with my boyfriend and three girl friends for two nights. With two big bathrooms, desk space and a huge living room, there was more than enough room for 4 girls to get ready at the same time. Lots of mirrors and good lighting. Also lots of huge windows that let in sunlight during the day.

    Huge kitchen complete with all appliances. Big dining table we definitely used to hang out at and eat our room service. Speaking of room service, it was great. We actually ordered room service every day, multiple times a day because we were too lazy to go anywhere else to eat. Everything was decently priced and wonderful. Especially the pizza!!! If you do order room service, remember to give them the carts back because they will ask for it eventually. We were hoarding like 3 carts and they came after us.

    One night they knocked on our door at 5 a.m. and I thought they were going to give us a noise complaint because we'd been blasting music for hours, but they left us a "thank you for staying at The Conrad" card hand written by the hotel manager!!! How sweet. Seriously everyone on the staff was so nice. Even when we were walking around the hotel in our crazy Ultra outfits. And when we kept asking them to bring us random things. If you need something, call the lobby to see if they have it. They probably do. Unless you need batteries, they don't have those.  

    Sad I didn't get to check out the pool, it looked nice in pictures. I would stay again. The hotel is walking distance from a lot of stuff. There's also a metro (is that what it's called?) stop right across the street. I'd recommend if you are considering staying for Ultra Music Festival or any other event that's nearby. Or just if you need somewhere to stay I guess... I wish they had an even bigger penthouse though, that would've been fun!

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Angie L.
    I used to enjoy staying at the Hilton Conrad when I visited Miami, but I am not sure what has happened to this establishment. After reserving a King room weeks prior, we were given a Queen room although Denise at the front desk called it a king. After complaining, Denise sent us to a king room but with handicap conveniences such as a low shower head, a bench in the shower and one attached on the bath tub wall. All in the way for a shower or bath. I called the front desk and was told that there were no other rooms available and it would have to do. I questioned this as it was close to check-in time and couldn't understand how every king room was already full of guests. To make a long and aggravating story short, it took a huge argument on my part and refusal to pay for something I was not given to amazingly hear, "Oh, we just had a sudden cancellation and a regular king room is available."
    I am not sure if we were labeled after that because to get breakfast in the dining room that had very few guests eating and plenty of staff took 20 minutes after asking two servers and the hostess for menus an coffee. I felt invisible.
    And valet service didn't bring our vehicle curbside when requested from the room. We would have to request it once we got outside and then we were treated as if it was a surprise that we had called down from the room. They acted as if they never got the call.....three times. What a terrible experience arrival to departure. I have been a Hilton Honors Member for many years but I'm not sure what that really means anymore. I will never stay at this hotel again. They deserve "no" stars on the Conrad. It is a failure.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    84. Nick O.
    It's not the worst hotel experience, but I wonder if the principals of this hotel have ever checked in and run through the experience.

    The experience was disjointed, awkward and most employees were confused.  I tried my best to check in, shower and order lunch by the pool.

    Room wasn't ready; I took a queen bed to be accommodating.

    Ordered food poolside; after 30 mins, they told us pool was going to close in an hour for a private party.  30 mins later, lunch came.  They comped it completely since it took so long and had to rush what could have been a relaxing afternoon.

    The valet and bellhop experience was equally strange and awkward.  It just doesn't work.

    Like I said, I've stayed in worse hotels but this experience was a letdown.

    24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    85. E F.
    I stayed here for the 2014 Miami Marathon in February 2014 and it was a wonderful experience! I booked through Priceline "Express Deals" so it was a great price to start with ($212), and when I arrived I was upgraded to a one bedroom suite.  This place was bigger than my apartment.  It was the most amazing hotel room I have ever stayed in.  It had a dining area, a kitchen with a dishwasher, and a washer dryer, a living room area and a bathroom with separate shower and bathtub.  The morning of the race they had a nice arrangement of snacks, fruit, coffee, and water bottles! I was not expecting that.  They also held my bag for free and let me come back after I checked out (I wasn't sure If i'd finish the race before checkout time) and use their showers in their spa area.  Very very nice.  
    I highly recommend this hotel if you are running the marathon in Miami.  I can't guarantee they're going to do the same snacks thing, but hopefully they will continue that practice.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Julien D.
    Just to mak it short... The location is great, right in the middle of Brickel which in my opinion is an ideal location.
    The common area is very nice, and the atmosphere feels a bit like a luxury hotel and a bit like a luxury but more corporate hotel. The staff is very professional and very accommodating. I haven't tried the food or either the bar, actually I have shorten my stay for the following reason: The Bed!

    Indeed I have never encountered such an uncomfortable bed in any hotel I have stayed at. When you are being invoiced over 400 USD a night, you should not ever encounter this type of disagreement. This bed felt like a single coil mattress. Drop a pin on one corner and if she doesn't wake up before hitting it, you will find your girlfriend, boyfriend, pet or iPhone laying on the floor, probably passed out by the frontal hit they encountered during their fall the 70's carpet.

    The bathroom was ok, but kind of in discordance with the rest of the hotel, not very inviting yet clean and not bad enough to be a reason for avoiding the hotel.

    I moved ASAP to another hotel which was the Fontainebleau, which believe it or not, has fitted their bedrooms and suites with a bed that is probably as bad if not worst than the one a the Conrad!

    I mean is their a ongoing scheme with hotel mattress within Florida!?! I mean, waow, encountering two of the worst mattress ever in less than 24 hours at age 41? What are the odds?

    Regardless, this problem is unacceptable for hotels that claim this type of standing...

    One last thing, valet parking is just a joke... +-40$ a night in both hotels, (and it is common practice in most hotel in Miami) is just a way of telling you, we think that you are so stupid that we will abuse you by overcharging you in house parking. I understand the temptation might be urging them, but common, the sin city is Las Vegas not Miami! Yet Valet is free in Las Vegas.

    Hotels that have in-house parking shouldn't charge overnight customers, and if anything a max of 20$ should be applied and call it a day!

    @40$ it makes you hate the hotel. Don't these people know that their customers have good common sense? 40$ a day is 1,200 USD a month?!? Please find me a parking spot, held in house that is charged to a customer over $300 USD a month and tell me because this simply doesn't exist! I have personally an  extra parking space in the residential building behind the Conrad, and the monthly charge is USD 220. So make money, but don't insult the inteligence of your guests!

    31/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    87. Christina T.
    My friends and I booked the Conrad for a fun weekend during Ultra Music Festival weekend and despite the craziness of the weekend, the service did not fall short.  The hotel is located in an ideal spot, less than a block from the water, has a great view, and not too far from nearby spots like the Blackbird and Club FIFTY@ the Viceroy.  There are always attendants at the door and front desks, and they are so helpful and so not judgemental (or at least to your face, haha) when you return to your room at 6AM not looking quite your best. :)

    Our 22nd floor suite had a large bed, pullout couch, and plenty of comfy armchair space.  Only weird thing is you have to go up to the 25th floor on one set of elevators, then walk around to take another set of elevators down to the 22nd floor to your guest room.  Kind of strange, but... ok, not a huge deal.

    Overall, had a great and problem-free experience here.  Thank you for a wonderful stay, Conrad!

    ** They don't have ice machines, so you have to call them each time you want them to refill your ice bucket!! Sorry for all the calls!! :( **

    02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Cindy T.
    I was here on a business trip so were set up to stay here for an event. The room was just standard, but the nail salon, omg, one of the best experiences I've had, seriously. The breakfast buffet was also very good.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. theresa B.
    Fancy but not worth the money.

    Luckily I am here on a work trip because between the room service food prices/ Parking Prices this trip would not be worth it for me.

    Good Stuff- Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. My favorite is the Help Desk Guy Enrique. This guy needs a promotion. We had issues with our parking linking it with my work corporate account, and a few other things and he remained professional and friendly and courteous at all times resolving our issues or any questions we had. We had a bay view room and it was beautiful and the rooms are nice and kept well clean. It's nice to have a restaurant/ bar lounge and pool all in the same place but yet a lot of places are walking distance.

    Bad Stuff- I totally get people in Miami all workout and probably starve themselves to keep their image. Well if you are that person this is the place for you to stay. Room service dessert brought my coworker ice-cream that was a round scoop the size of a butter cup. It's basically like a taste tease. I didn't try the Atrio restaurant inside because even the photos food did not look like decent portions although my coworker said the burger was amazing! Room service does charge gratuity and a 5 dollar service fee so for 2 sodas at 6 dollars each it cost 16 dollars. Again this is sodas not margaritas!! You are better off walking to the lounge bar and picking up your drink there. Also the lobby on the 25th floor... That's just confusing and pointless. I feel bad for foreign people that come to stay here. They must think we are insane!

    If you are into dressing up in a 3 piece suit and a fancy cocktail dress and love to spend money than this is your spot.

    14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. Nikkia G.
    The Conrad---an amazing hotel...for the right kind of traveler.

    Service- I've never had better service from any hotel, maybe at bed & breakfasts, but not hotels. All the hotel staff from the reception, concierge, valet attendant to house keepers were extremely pleasant. Constantly smiling, welcoming and really ready to address your every wish. Whenever I called someone from the room, they'd say "Hello Ms.---- how can I help you?" Loved that! Not to mention there was a cordless telephone in the room..throwback & loved that too.

    Thoughtful- The rooms have everything umbrellas for rain (used them everyday I was there), envelopes, slippers, robes, bottled water (complimentary and a $10 Voss), heck they even had a passion kit for $12 complete with oils, mints, scratch off games you name it. They had full array of cable channels, a most stocked mini bar I've ever seen and amazing pillows that sucked me into bed every time!

    Views- The lobby is on the 25th floor with gorgeous views. Spa & fitness room on 24th floor. Hotel rooms on floors 23-16 and residences on floors 26-34. No matter where you go there's always a view out the windows that's really impressive.

    But like I said, this hotel is for the right kind of traveler. I was there on business (govt rate of $105/night). If you're on business, if you're on a romantic getaway with chic, sexy partner or just plain rich this place is perfect for you.  On the other hand if you're with a family, or a budget traveler this really isn't an ideal hotel for you...for many reasons but mainly because its a money eater.

    Why not so good for families:
    1) No free breakfast. For a bagel with cream cheese its $6.00. For a hot breakfast its $15-$26.---this is a huge issue for families or savvy travelers. (Amazing french bakery down the street is the best option for breakfast)

    2) Parking- $38/day. Sure there's a self park for $26/day but no in and out privileges so that's pretty limiting.

    3) "Rooftop Pool"---well its on the rooftop yes...of the building next door. So you take one elevator from your room to level 25. Take the other set of elevators with express service to the ground floor. Then walk past valet, across the driveway to the parking garage and take that set of elevators to the top floor. Then the pool is out those doors and to the right. .....with kids, this would be a bit much.

    4) Its chic---and most times families are not. This place has a higher end feel that may make you feel uncomfortable if your 6yr old took a dash down the hallway or pulled a slip and slide on the lobby floor.  

    5) Internet- its like $15.00/day for in room. Yes free in the lobby but what if I don't want to go there?? Also free if you're an AT&T customer (boo)

    I LOVED the hotel. It was a fabulous place for me to stay for a few days while working. I'd most certainly return with girlfriends or for work. But I wouldn't come for a family vaca.

    21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Zorin D.
    Looking to splurge on a romantic getaway?  Look no further.  I checked into the Conrad Miami and it was an amazing hotel.  I had a great full view of Miami from my corner room.  I love the addition of the aromatherapy soaps as well as the bath salts.  There is also a very nice rooftop pool that you have access to as well.  My stay could not have been any better.  It is right in downtown Miami and  is not far from many restaurants perfect for a splurging romantic getaway.

    The espresso machine was a little hard to use if you wake up a little intoxicated from a late night out in Miami.  Look for the instructions!  Even still it was an amazingly great stay.

    19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Brett P.
    If staying in downtown Miami, the Conrad is an excellent option on location, service, decor, and price.

    It was a little unorthodox to check in on the 25th floor, and then travel down to the 22nd floor to our room. The check-in process was easy, and staff was courteous.

    Parking options are limited and not cheap, so expect to pay around $40 per day for valet. The valet service was great, and always had our car ready by the time we got down to pick it up.

    We were only in town for one night, we really cannot comment on some of the amenities offered by the hotel.

    The rooms were well maintained and clean while decent in size. We had a partial bay view, but were located a little too close to the service elevator. (Little noisy)

    The art hanging on the walls was interesting and did not appear to be ordered in mass quantities and actually reflected a degree of taste.

    When driving to the hotel, turn in to the street prior to the hotel, and then take a left into the parking reception area.

    Overall, not a single complaint, just simply did not experience enough to give five stars.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Nicoleta A.
    Located in Brickell Avenue, makes this hotel part of a trendy area and favorite picks for lunch,  dinner or just happy hour.
    Beautiful property,  but in need of care when it comes to furniture maintenance.  Chairs, tables and stations in the restaurant,  and the bar area need to refresh the color and fabric, because it shows excessive use and don't go with the beauty of the place.  
    Going back to the good things,  service it's outstanding and the food it's delicious,  chef Virgile Brandel offers the best of his creations. The place in general it's a relaxing, quite oasis in the middle of Brickell.  One of my favorite spots to unwind after work,  after a hectic day.  They offer happy hour specials.

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. James D.
    Conrad hotels and resorts are named after Hilton founder, Conrad Hilton, and are part of the brand's luxury collection of properties.  Once the flagship properties of the Hilton brand, Conrad hotels are now second only to the Waldorf Astoria resorts. Conrad hotels offer an upscale experience in a resort setting and the Conrad Miami is no exception to that rule.  The Conrad Miami is my favorite hotel to stay at in Miami.  If you're looking for a property in Miami Beach (South Beach), then I recommend the Hilton Bentley.

    The Conrad Miami is located is the financial district of downtown Miami.  There are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby to keep you entertained and fed.  Though it's a little south of all the major attractions, there's a MetroMover station across the street from the hotel.  If you have never been to Miami, imagine the MetroMover as a free Disneyland type monorail that shuttles you throughout downtown Miami with stops along all the major attractions including the American Airlines Arena, Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center, Bayside, Klipsch Bayfront Park Amphitheater and other attractions.  So once you're parked at the hotel, you can take the MetroMover everywhere else.

    The beauty of the Conrad Miami hits you immediately as you pull into the valet area.  Take the elevators to the lobby located on the 25th floor and enjoy the magnificent views of the bay behind the reception desk as you check in.  The entire staff of the Conrad Miami, from the valet attendants to the front desk personnel, are all extremely pleasant and professional.  Everyone addresses you by name and with a smile.  Can't ask for anything more than that.

    Hotel amenities include a rooftop pool, tennis court, fitness center and a Spa facility.  The rooftop pool is amazing with near 360 degree views of the bay and city. The fitness center is actually pretty decent for a hotel gym with state of the art equipment and again, amazing views of the bay.  The Spa is located on the 24th floor and offers a menu of targeted wellness and beauty treatments from pedicures to massages. And of course, the Spa relaxation lounge offers more views of the bay as you sip on your complimentary light refreshment drink.

    The rooms are beautiful and nicely appointed.  You can go for the standard deluxe room with views of the bay or city or splurge for the 1300 square foot, two-bedroom residence, complete with full kitchen, living room, two separate bathrooms and views of both the bay and the city.  The beds are extremely comfortable and the bathrooms are large with separate showers and tubs.  Bathroom amenities include bathrobes, slippers and Shanghai Tang products.

    Note for those driving to the hotel, the self-park rate is $28/day but there is NO in/out privileges.   The valet rate is $38 per day but does have in/out privileges.  But note, there is a parking tax of $5 and they charge you sales tax on top of all that. So basically, you're paying $45 to park your car there every night.  It's a classy hotel and ridiculous parking rates are to be expected.  It's not the end of the world but definitely worth noting.  Parking rates aside, this is still my favorite place to stay in downtown Miami and I would recommend it to everyone.

    If you like my reviews, feel free to follow my travel blog. The link is in my profile. Thanks!

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    95. Matt F.
    The Conrad Miami is luxurious, well-appointed place to stay right in the heart of downtown. It's location puts you right in the middle of the action, within walking distance of dozens of popular Brickell bars and restaurants. The free metro mover across the street can add Bayside, the Arsht Center, the American Airlines Arena, and the new museums as things that are within 'walking' distance.

    The lobby is parked in the middle of the hotel on the 25th floor. Above it are the suites, below down to 16 are the typical hotel rooms. People were always taking pictures out of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking Biscayne Bay and the Rickenbacker Causeway. The lobby bar has a skinny outdoor balcony which is a nice place to sit during happy hour.

    Valet at the hotel was $38/day, while self-parking in the same garage was $28/day -- but I would jump for the valet parking. (Garage prices quickly jump up to $22 dollars, so a trip to dinner turns into paying for almost another entire days' parking)

    This hotel is perfect for the business traveler, someone in town for a special event, or visiting family. Although, if you're a vacationer looking to relax by the pool you could probably do better. It is a small area with little deck space. Your premium sun time is limited by the towering condos in Brickell. Also, the pool is three elevator rides away from your room... not exactly convenient.

    Overall, while the layout can sometimes have you in an elevator maze, this hotel is a perfect place to stay for the groups I mentioned. If you're in South Florida for vacation, knock off one star.

    23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Kristi M.
    After reading the other reviews, I felt compelled to right my own. Ok, yes, you have to take an elevator to the 25th floor to check in. Is that really that huge of a deal? You press a button. That's it! No extra physical exertion. Get over it. Plus, when you step off the elevator on the 25th floor you are greeted with friendly staff faces and breathtaking views of the bay. So, yes, they send you up there to experience the view you may not otherwise get to see. I, for one, didn't mind catching that view every day on my way down.
    Now for the hotel... Wow. It's so beautiful! The rooms are spacious, amenities actually worth using, fluffy towels and an option to choose pillows from their pillow menu.
    The most impressive part of the Conrad was their incredible staff. They are exceptionally courteous and well-trained.
    If you're looking for a hotel in the trendy Brickell area, I would highly recommend trying the Conrad. Top notch all the way around!

    18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. JD H.
    I love Conrad's from having stayed at a couple of them in Asia so it is really nice when I run into them in the US and have an opportunity to lay my head down in one closer to home.  It is the luxury brand of Hilton and is not as over the top as a Four Seasons or a Ritz but is also much less stuffy and formal.  Decor is modern and sleek and this property boasts a remarkable 25th floor lobby with commanding ocean views. There is no exec club here but upper level loyalists are rewarded with a 3 hour nightly wine and app reception in their intimate restaurant wine room where I noted that their wine offerings were decent and not low level Chateau du shit like you often find at complimentary wine receptions. My loyalty also resulted in a room upgrade to what I can only describe as a condo on a high floor overlooking the ocean. It is well worth joining their HHonors loyalty program and being loyal to the Hilton brand for these types of perks. The only pathetic part about this is that I am here alone on business and feel kind of monastic in such a nice room. The employees are friendly, the service is great...someone always looking to help me with something and the location is convenient if you need to be in downtown Miami.  No question, I would choose to stay here again.

    23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Allison R.
    I stayed here with my boyfriend while I was in Miami for a long weekend. He was staying there for a few weeks while in MIA for work.

    The Conrad is right on Brickell; it is just a couple blocks away from Mary Brickell Plaza which has TONS of restaurants and shops. Great location. There are lots of places to eat right on Brickell too. It's in Miami's financial district and near lots of other hotels. I actually liked staying here better than on South Beach.

    Totally enjoyed my short stay there! The staff was incredible and catered to any need or request. Our room was pretty basic but we didn't spend a lot of time there so it was fine. We lucked out and had a really nice view over the water and part of the skyline.

    We used the concierge to order cars whenever we went out to dinner and when I went back to the airport. Room service is 24hrs which was nice for early AM coffee or a late night flatbread. Room service was a little slow but not awful but VERY PRICEY. You're in Miami though so what do you expect

    I only went to the pool once b/c it was pretty windy and there was a lot of other stuff we did all weekend. Pool was fine. There's a bar at the pool which was nice.

    The hotel's bar LVL 25 (on floor 25 haha) is pretty nice, and I'll leave a separate review for that.

    The biggest complaint I have is their weird elevator situation. From the ground floor/entrance, you have to take the elevator up to floor 25 to access any other floors. We stayed on 21 so then we needed to take a separate elevator back down to 21 from 25. It didn't happen while I was there, but boyfriend said one or more elevators didn't work during the three weeks he was there.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    99. Linda Z.
    Admittedly, I would dock 1/2 star for the over-priced dining here, but everything else really balanced it out. Beautiful hotel, attentive staff, comfortable room, and good location.

    I was a bit confused when I arrived here, not realizing I needed to take the elevator to the 25th floor to even check in. Because I'm Hilton Honors Gold, I was upgraded to one of the 'condo' units, and it was spectacular. Living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Giant bathroom with separate tub and shower. Nice aromatherapy amenities. Plenty of towels.

    The bed was sooooo comfortable, I almost couldn't get out of it in the morning. Nice, big pillows, perfect for hugging when in alarm denial. Bed nightstand had a safe for valuables/laptop.

    Living room sofa and coffee table as well as a chair and ottoman and a working desk set up. Both wireless and wired internet, which I'm happy about since I travel with my own wireless router that gives me a little more of a sense of security. I also love that the living room TV worked with the StayConnect app on my phone. (I don't know why the bedroom TV wouldn't work with the app.)

    But the kitchen, that's where I fell in love. Full-size fridge with ice/water in the door (no stressing about bottled water). Stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, pots, pans, dishes, glassware, and a friggin' washer/dryer combo hidden in a cabinet. Oh, and don't forget the illy espresso maker. All of which made me sad I was only there for a few days. (I did use the washer/dryer, though. It's a little weird, very slow, and the dryer kind of steams the clothes instead of really drying them, so I took them out for fear they would shrink.)

    The only thing that really bugged were the prices at the restaurant and room service. Seriously pricey, IMO. I think an average lunch/dinner was in the neighborhood of $40.00 for one. Unfortunately for me, I love room service. I mean LOVE it. ESPECIALLY with the Conrad Concierge app (I know, another app), but really .. the fact that I could order my room service from the app and know the total price (with service charges, etc.) and when it should arrive? LOVE. All hotels need to implement this, STAT!

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Jay O.
    I had a perfectly fine stay at the Conrad Miami.  It's a very clean, well-kept, comfortable hotel.  The service was definitely good....everyone was always smiling and willing to provide assistance.  My room was well-serviced and had everything I needed.  I will say my room was on the small side with a strangely large bathroom.  The bathroom was only slightly smaller than the rest of the room....maybe I'm unusual but the things I need to do in the bathroom just don't require that much open space.  I won't say too much about the "elevator" situation as it is well-described by pretty much everyone else.  I have zero problem with a bit of extra walking but embarrassingly I pressed down every single time I had to go to the lobby (above me)...I never got used to that and spent a decent amount of my vacation riding on elevators.  I didn't really mind walking across to the pool but agree that it would have been a bit more convenient to have it as part of the actual building.  My biggest issue with this place, given I was there for vacation and not business, was the atmosphere, or lack there of.  I could appreciate the "quietness" of it but at the same time, the pool, bar, lobby etc. always felt so dead and lifeless that it was kind of a downer.  It's in a decent Brickell location so it was easy to walk to more lively venues.  I was hoping for something a little less South Beach but what I got, made me miss the pulse of the South Beach hotels.  I DID like the fact that it had tennis courts which were nice and well-kept, and were the main reason I stayed there.  All things being equal, if you want to stay in Brickell, I definitely recommend the Epic Hotel up the road.  Although a bit pricier, there seemed to be a lot more going on there.  If you're going for business, definitely nothing wrong with the Conrad.

    20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    101. M T.
    A pleasant hotel with no glitches, but not too luxurious for a "luxury hotel". Conrad in NYC was quite impressive, but this one in Miami feels like a re-purposed old building. There's nothing wrong with it. The bellhops are good about helping you with luggage or getting a cab for you. The front desk is polite and helpful. But the hotel just did not impress me the way other hotels in this class do.

    I wish the gym had a real bench press setup and more dumbbells. It was rather sad looking for a gym in a luxury hotel...  

    There is not much to do in the immediate neighborhood, but you can hop on the Metromover (free) and get to downtown in 15 min or so.

    Nearby S. Miami Avenue has about a half dozen good restaurants and bars. You can enjoy reasonably priced food and drinks in a pleasant environment among grownups i.e., none of the South Beach style obnoxious nonsense.

    Overall, I'd say it is an acceptable choice in a quiet neighborhood for a business trip.

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    102. Stacie L.
    Stayed at the Conrad - very stylish, trendy hotel in the heart of the Brickell area. Great location and close enough for a quick walk to Mary Brickell and a number of other restaurants and bars. Close enough to transportation to move around the city and down towards the beach.

    Make sure when arriving you read other visitor's reviews -- ie. going up to the 25th floor, and then back down to your room's floor. A bit confusing in the beginning but you'll quickly adjust to it.

    My only main complaint was the terrible cell phone service I received all over this hotel. I know wifi is offered but I constantly had dropped calls or no cell phone service.

    25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. Stuart B.
    I feel bad about having to drop this hotel down a notch because I still stand by my original rating of the room itself.  My second time staying here got off to a very messy start and I feel it's my "yelp" duty to report on the experience.

    I am an American Express Platinum card holder and one of their perks is a program called Fine Hotels that offers rooms in hotels with extra perks such as room upgrades, $100 credit for dining or spa, free breakfast and even sometimes free nights.  I used this program for my prior and this stay.  I made the reservation in the fall of 2014 for a stay in Jan 2015.  I was contacted in Dec 2014 indicating that this hotel no longer is participating in the program but will honor the terms regardless since I made the reservation in 2014.  This already sent my worry meter off thinking something is going to not work out right.

    We arrive on Saturday Jan 17th in the evening and they do have our reservation and they give us an water view room.  The room was one fourth the size of the room we previously had.  There was no sofa, one chair with ottoman and a desk chair.  The bathroom was nice and the "water view" is bogus because there are multiple buildings blocking the view.  (you get a sliver)  The next morning we discovered the toilet didn't flush either and when we went to get our free breakfast and they didn't have me down as part of the package.  I went to the front desk to clear that up.  I also went to the front desk to find out about the room itself.  We were told that the night before they ran out of suites and gave us "best available" (a handicapped room with a broken bathroom)  However, I was in luck...a suite was available immediately.  So we moved our things there and spent the rest of the stay in bliss.

    Here's the problem folks...what would have happened if I hadn't complained?  They would have left us in their "upgraded room."  As a Fine Hotels member and a gold HHonors member I am very disappointed with this stay and will most likely move on to other properties in the area such as the Mandarin Oriental or the Four Seasons.

    23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    104. Linda W.
    Despite the plumbing issue (issue during the time we were here), this hotel is very nice. The staff is friendly and the scent of the whole area is so fragrant. Smells like sweet tea. It's the potpourri they used they said. The bed is comfortable with amazing pillows that you can melt your body into.

    Just wish the mini fridge wasn't fully stocked, so we can have room to put our drinks and stuff.

    Check in counter is on level 25.

    Hotel is walking distance to many restaurants in downtown.

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Cristina I.
    Overall service is superb, valet, front desk and servers at the restaurant, all were very friendly.  Also if you are a gold or diamond member of hhonors you get access to the wine and cheese room, its a nice spot to grab a glass of wine and snacks before heading out to dinner.

    Parking is expensive whether you self park or valet (its a $10 difference). But everything else is awesome about this hotel.  I could see how it could confuse some people since the lobby is NOT on the ground floor, you take an elevator to the lobby of the hotel, and then another elevator to your room.  

    I tried the breakfast buffet a few of the days and the selection was very good and fresh. Because I'm always running late, I had to ask for a box to go, which the servers were more than happy to give me.  

    Highly recommend this hotel! and will definitely be back.

    13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0