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Courtyard By Marriott Miami Downtown in Miami, FL

Courtyard By Marriott Miami Downtown in Miami, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.12

Address: 200 SE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33131

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    Comments (34):

    1. Nigel C.
    The hotel is clean spacey! There is a great pool and gym. The area does not seem dangerous at all to me. We were walking around last night at 2am and there was barely a soul in sight. I didn't not feel uncomfortable at all. The staff is great and very attentive. They ask a lot how the stay is going and if anything is needed. The Bistro downstairs is delicious. You can order anything on the menu all day! It is a very convenient location. About a 7-10 minute walk to Bayside where there is great music, food, shopping and entertainment. The Metro Mover is located directly next door and South Beach is a short and cheap cab ride away! I definitely recommend this hotel to anyone. My brother booked on Priceline and got a great price. If I don't stay at a friends place the next time I come I'll def stay here! The only reason I gave it four stars is because of the price of snacks and drinks in the lobby. It is a little over $6.00 just for some Fiji water! Other then that its a great place!

    03/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Cinzia L.
    Ok I am not sure what room anyone else was in but ours was awful.  Mold all around the ceiling they tried to paint over and really not worth the $200+ per night we spent.  We reserved and got confirmation of two queen sized beds.  Upon arrival they tell us they magically ran out  of what we paid and got conformation for and assured us that there was a king and a QUEEN couch pull  out bed.  Once in the room king bed yep but TWIN couch pull out and no extra sheets, towels etc to accommodate 4 people.  This place is not worth the money.  Motel 6 would give you better service and cleaner and nicer rooms.

    20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Pablo O.
    Appearance:  The hotel itself was clean and new-looking (recent remodel).  The pool area was clean.  The lobby had a large fish tank with some beautiful tropical fish wading through it.  4 stars for the look of the hotel.

    Room:  The room was nice, too.  The bed was comfortable, the linens fresh and everything in the room was also new-looking, down to the flat panel TV.  The bathroom was ok--nothing fancy, but nice.

    The view from the room was a bit lame, though.  You could look down at the pool, but other than that, there was nothing but tall buildings surrounding the balcony (Yet, having a balcony was a plus anyway).  4 stars for the room.

    Staff/Service:  The staff wanted to be helpful, but wound up hurting more than helping sometimes.  Example...at 11pm on a Thursday night, I asked the front desk where I could grab a bite to eat nearby and was told that the Bayside Market would be the only place open at that time within walking distance.  He assured me that many places there stayed open for dining until 1am.  After taking the 15 minute walk to get there, all of the stores and restaurants were closed, with only a security guard around wandering the halls.  I asked him if there was somewhere I could eat within the market, and he said that the restaurants there are only open late on the weekends.  I had to walk back and look up restaurants that would deliver...After the walking, searching through the market, walking back, looking up restaurants for delivery, and waiting for my food, I didn't wind up eating until about 2am that night!

    Another example, I asked the front desk if there was a Bank of America nearby.  He pointed me out of the front door and down the street, but was corrected by a UPS driver who happened to be delivering a package to the desk.  I had to walk the complete opposite direction from where I was told originally.  Had the UPS man not been there, I would have wandered aimlessly down the wrong street.

    Overall, the service was good, though.  While they might not have been very knowledgable (one of the people at the front desk was a Trainee, in fact), they were quite friendly.  The female manager at the desk was very nice and stepped in as often as possible to ensure the hotel's patrons were being served properly.  3 Stars for the staff.

    Location:  This was my first trip to Miami and didn't really know what to expect from the downtown area.  I was kinda disappointed.  The restaurants close early (Even Starbucks closed by 5pm!) and there isn't much nightlife around this hotel, save for a few clubs/lounges that weren't exactly crackin' on a Thursday night.  On the plus side, it's a 15 minute walk to the Bayside Market area and the Miami Heat arena.  Some of the streets are dark and appear to be an unsafe walk at night, however.  I walked em anyway, but that's cuz I'm loco! lol.  3 stars for Location.

    Overall:  The Hotel is Ok.  I wouldn't mind staying here again, if i wanted to be in Downtown Miami...but I'd prob hit up South Beach again, instead!   3 - 3.5 stars overall.

    17/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Kaitlin W.
    My friends and I bid on this hotels on Priceline, and it was pretty solid. I was nervous because other yelps said it was hard to find, but that is not true. We had no problem finding it, and it is just a few blocks from Bayside Market and a $10 cab ride to South Beach. It is newly renovated, and we had a double bed hotel room. We were 4 girls, from California, and our early 20's and had no problem safety wise. Although, all the locals told us we needed to get inside before dark because it is really dangerous, so we always cabbed it at night time. There is a parking garage attached to the hotel that charge you for parking per day. I recommend this hotel though. Clean, good location, and cheap.

    30/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Chrisy C.
    Micky at the front desk was extremely helpful and recommended a restaurant in Little Havana for us.  He also provided directions to places close by and said to call if we needed anything.  Room was nice but had a musty smell.  Hotel is under renovation so breakfast and a happy hour were provided for free.  Also got free drinks because I'm a platinum rewards member.  Confusing entrance to the hotel if you use mapquest or google.  Had to drive around the block a few times to finally get in the right road where the garage entrance is located.  Overall decent hotel for a quick, one night stay.

    09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Mari S.
    Bear minimum. Considering the price, above acceptable facility. But if you want to feel "Miami," not a perfect place. If you are a budget traveler, you may enjoy their free WiFi service. A tram station is within walking distance.

    27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Elizabeth S.
    I have stayed here quite a few times for business because of the convenient location next to the Metromover and the great staff.  Overview is:

    - 5 stars + for the staff: they are AMAZING.  I got lost coming here the first night (this place is impossible to find if you've never been to Miami before), so I called the hotel.  The manager there stayed on the phone with me and mapquested directions until I pulled up in the carport of the hotel.  I told her several times I would call her back if I needed more directions (feeling bad about keeping her on the phone) and she insisted that she stay on the phone till I get there.  Also got a free water and some snacks :)  Boo to me for not remembering her name!

    - Location: Horribly hard to find.  Not the best area to walk around at night.  But then again, where in DT Miami besides Brickell is an ok area to walk around at night?  I both mapquested and google mapped this place and got lost twice on separate occasions trying to find it at night.  Not a good thing!  If you're going there, you may want to call the hotel for directions.  The great thing is that it's literally right next to the Metromover in the Bank of America building next door.  There's also not really any decent place to eat nearby if you don't have a car and just want to walk someplace.

    - Clean/Updated: This hotel was recently redone so everything is pretty new and I didn't have any issues with cleanliness, which is why (along with the metromover proximity) I stayed here so many times.   They also have laundry facilities here (I believe) and they're pretty reasonably priced - $15 a night for parking, which is pretty good in the Miami area!

    09/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Robert J.
    We arrived last Thursday evening.  The lobby was clean and the staff was friendly.  Apparently, the hotel is going through some renovation and they offered free breakfast buffet for us.  We hadn't expected that.  Parking is $15/day and sometimes it is difficult to find as their 6+ floors of parking fills up.

    Our room had an odor about it and could use an update.  The odd thing was the closet.  All the hangers were too wide and you couldn't close the sliding mirrored doors.  So effectively, you only use half the closet space.  Poor design and staff should have noticed it and purchase smaller hangers.  The room was kind of dreary, but the king size bed was comfortable.

    The breakfast buffet was excellent and had a wide variety of hot foods, along with cereals, oatmeal, rolls, etc.  However, I've stayed at plenty of Marriott Courtyards and this one is not up to their normal standard.  Maybe after the renovation, it will be much nicer.

    16/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Shawn R.
    There are plenty of better alternatives in the downtown Miami area. Not at all impressed with the Courtyard. Noisy AC in the room and no thermostat so you spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to set the AC. The Internet access is like syrup, not even good enough to stream a Netflix movie. Only Decaff in the room for coffee and when I asked the front desk how to get CBS TV to work I was told by the staff he wasn't knowledgable of how the TV selection worked so there was nothing I could. Probably the worst part of the stay so far is the recorded phone message that rang my room at 5 AM this morning welcoming me to the Marriott. I stay at Marriott properties all over the world this one is subpar, in a not so great area, a bit run down and has low service. Avoid and go somewhere else.

    23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Jay K.
    Dishonest parking garage. The sign clearly says $9 parking all weekend (sat & sun). I parked for only 2 hrs 11pm-1am, but they charged me $18 for two days of parking. I went to complain at the front desk but they said they didnt own the garage.

    10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Jamara W.
    My family and I spent the night at this hotel one evening before our cruise and one evening after our cruise. On Friday we arrived and were informed that the pool is being renovated. What they didnt tell us was that meant there would be excruciating noise and vibrations during our entire stay. When arrived after our cruise on Monday the renovations were of course still going on and we addressed it up fron (since they werent going to). We were told there was nothing they could do. OK. We refused to leave the check in desk until they offered something so they said they would put us on floor 12 instead of floor 8 and we wouldnt be able to hear the noise or feel the vibrations. This is a relatively small hotel so I doubted that floor twelve was sound proof but FINE. Floor twelve was of course just as noisey. After 3 days in Carribean We were all exhausted and needed some quiet recovery. They gave us some free food coupons and 50 % off on the room. I  had a wanted to leave and go to the Hyatt but my spouse wanted to stay. I had a horrible migraine and tried to make it work but eventually went online and booked a room at the Hyatt across the street for the same rate.

    BUYER BEWARE: If the pool is being renovated. It will be loud. They will not be concerned with your discomfort.

    Ive enjoyed the marriotts historically but this one was the pits due to the noise and their low customer service level or concern.

    27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Moe P.

    17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Susan K.
    Exceptional staff.  Clean lobby and restaurant areas.  We were surprised that the Bistro had great selection of healthy breakfast choices, and in the evening good selection of easy dinners.  Spacious seating area including a cove for kids to watch Disney channel, and nice aquarium to set the mood.  Thank you for making our stay in a downtown location pretty smooth.  We were in and out for several days during our trip - part volunteer work, part play.

    27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Kimberly S.
    The rooms are typical Marriott - clean, spacious, comfortable.  Can't complain.

    What makes me slightly uncomfortable about this establishment is that it's in a VERY business focused neighborhood which was DEAD at night.  As a visitor to the city, we did not feel very comfortable wandering around the neighborhood.  If you're looking for a hotel for a business trip, this is a great place to stay.  If you're headed to this place for a leisure trip - I'd recommend staying somewhere closer to the nightlife.

    17/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Jeff B.
    Very friendly staff and great location in Miami. Walking distance to a lot of great restaurants.

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Juli K.
    We spent a night at the Courtyard by Marriott Miami Downtown the night before our cruise out of the Port of Miami.  I got the room at a discount through a website so I wasn't aware that the pool was under renovation and not available during our stay.  We did have a great view of it out our window.  I love looking at big concrete holes in the roof of hotels.  It reminds me of home.  

    Our room was spacious and clean but had wear.  The bathroom was not as clean as I would have hoped but the bed was comfortable and it was only for one night.

    The free breakfast buffet described by other Yelpers isn't happening anymore.  The breakfast available at the hotel is at The Bistro, Courtyard's counter service Starbucks.  It was extremely pricey for what we received but whatever, we had something to eat in the morning.

    The area is as dead at night as other Yelpers have mentioned and there's not much in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.  We were able to walk down the block past lots of ripe garbage cooking in the Miami heat, sending me into coughing fits, to a CVS where we bought soda for our trip.

    Additionally, finding the entrance to the hotel is a little confusing.  It's on a corner but there's no door or even a sign.  You have to walk down the street a bit and into the attached parking garage to get to their reception desk.  

    It was convenient for our cruise, but otherwise, I don't think it's a great choice.

    24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Melanie B.
    Clean and comfortable. Our room had only one small trash can in our bathroom, filled up quickly. Surrounding area is a little deserted. Wouldn't recommend the breakfast in the lobby as it is extremely overpriced and not worth it.

    Good: if you plan to stay in the downtown Miami vicinity

    Bad: if you're trying to go to South Beach

    02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. German C.
    Hotel is under construction
    Very loud even at night.
    Had no notice of been under construction.
    Had to call at 7:00 pm for them to come and clean my room.

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Erin R.
    I have stayed at this hotel at least 5 times in the past 6 months. They are under renovation, but as a guest, you'd never know it. No noise no dirt. Being under renovation, they are offering concessions - free breakfast - which is buffet style - and free happy hour for 2 hours. This includes the largest wine pours I've ever seen.

    I also just got a nice knock with a good evening package of cookies and tea. Are you serious? Is this a courtyard or a Rtiz? All the employees are friendly and happy to be working here - this hotel is FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND what I would expect out of a Courtyard. I choose this over the Marquis for the service and perks. Seriously. Stay here.

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Adalberto M.
    Not too bad considering being a Courtyard. We stayed here for one night since we had a party to go to that evening.

    The room is a bit outdated but people are very friendly. Free wifi and breakfast buffet.

    Overall, a good deal considering the area that it's in.

    21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. John N.
    If you are visiting Miami for the Marathon weekend......this property is conveniently located near the Bayside/Bayfront area - easy walk to/from the race.

    The hotel is an older property - but very nice. We arrived from JAX early (10:45am) and was able to get our room....that early. Front desk staff very nice and accommodating. Rooms are a bit dated......and our room (Room 1122) smelled horrible (mold smell) - but, I didn't complain due to the property being full for the marathon (but the odor was miserable). The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom was fine.

    Pool area was outside on the 7th floor and very nice. Fitness equipment was very modern.

    For the price and location - if you spending your time out in town....this is the place (not much to do at the hotel itself nor right nearby). Metro and MetroMover are very close and hotel is just off the freeway (but no noise in room...windows are thick). Parking fee is reasonable for a Downtown property.

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Terry W.
    Not what we expected from a Marriott Courtyard. This hotel is way below what Marriott standards are. I could not believe that they made everyone at the pool move out of the sun because they were doing some painting . They had a surprise inspection the next day. They could have done it in the morning (early) or late afternoon when the sun was almost gone. The Hotel Mgr gave everyone a free drink coupon.
    The lobby was nice and the breakfast was good. Still not the standards of a Marriott hotels that we have stayed in in the past around the country.

    27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. TARA G.
    My family and I stayed at courtyard Marriott one night before our cruise. It was awesome!!! When you walk in the lobby it was very nice, clean and the staff was very welcoming. Free wifi, rooms were clean and great location. They had a workout room, newspapers in the lobby for the guest, and a star bucks in the lobby which is a big plus!!! Restaurants and shopping in the area. I definitely enjoyed my stay and would absolutely stay again!!! I highly recommend!!

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Whee B.
    Just another hotel.  Nothing to brag or boast about.  Elevators are outdated.   I guess that's why miami only showcase the beach, the houses, celebrities, and partying.  Felt like I was back in new Orleans.  Definitely not a sight seeing city besides the beach and the beautiful ppl.  Glad I'm spending most of my Tim on

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Samantha F.
    The hotel is ok... I should of done more research before I booked the hotel. The hotel does not have room service. There are no close location for fast food. Parking does not come included with the stay and the neighborhood is not all that great. However you do get what you pay for. The hotel is clean I got fresh towels every morning. The bed is very soft and comfy. Good tv channels. The view was horrible at the moment they are constructing in front of the building. Would i stay again? No i wouldn't, I prefer paying more for a hotel that has more services (specially food).

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Johnny G.
    When you go to Miami, you have to go to South Beach.  When you don't have money to stay at the expensive hotel on South Beach, you can choose a hotel downtown for slightly cheaper and that's exactly what we did on our trip.  To be honest, we got our one night stay with our reward points so technically it didn't cost us anything.

    Given the downtown location, the Courtyard by Marriott is adequate. The room was quite standard and the service at the front desk was friendly.  The breakfast was edible which is good because I have seem inedible ones else where, but let's not name names.

    It's quite easy to get to South Beach from here, just go down 1A and you will soon be able to enjoy the nice sandy beach, people watch, and enjoy alligator meat on a stick.  Yum.

    For someone who's not familiar with downtown, the address 200 SE 2nd Ave is a bit confusing to find because there's a 200 SE 2nd ST.  I have no idea how the civil engineer decided to do that, but it sure made me drive around in circles a bit.  Use a GPS, that's my TIP to you.

    18/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Scott G.
    Like many others have indicated, this hotel is much like other Courtyards. What I mean to say is that the decor is very pleasant and the rooms nice and clean, so normally I would give 4 stars based on a great location and a good price. However, I have it 5 based on great customer service and a wonderful experience - particularly with checking in. After traveling 8 hours and taking an unholy amount of time to get out of the Miami airport, we were tired and hungry and ready to check in and get some dinner. We were most fortunate to get Aurelys (front desk supervisor) as our check in person. When I told her my name, she immediately recognized it and said she had been the one to email me. Since I couldn't see her name tag I hadn't put 2 and 2 together. A couple of days before our arrival she had emailed me welcoming us and asked if there was anything we needed. I don't think that has ever happened to me before - even from "5 star" hotels! She was super friendly while checking us in and made us feel like VIP's. She also upgraded our room to a 2 room suite then after we finished she offered us a soft drink or bottled water! Talk about turning our moods around in a hurry! Naturally the suite was wonderful and allowed us to spread our luggage out so we could repack before our cruise the next morning. Speaking of that, the shuttle service was a bonus as well - and only $5. The gym was pretty decent. Since we live in SF we are used to a lot of street noise, but if you are bothered by it, be forewarned that it's a very noisy area. The upside is that it's close to a lot of restaurants and nightlife.
    Again, the hotel is very nice for a Courtyard, but the customer service was over the top!

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Q L.
    The hotel is average, nothing spectacular.
    Front desk was very friendly, especially JP
    Rooms were average but balcony was nice to have
    Bathroom is small

    -Water pressure was bad if you needed hot water.  So if you don't want to take a cold shower, take it at night
    -my name problem is with the Bistro.  This has to be the slowest service I've ever received in all the Courtyards I've been too.  The soup was watered down and even more watery the following day.  For almost $5 a bowl it needs to be better.  Plus they don't even fill up the container, not that I wanted more.  

    I'll be back in the area but staying elsewhere

    08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Sharon M.
    We stayed here while visiting south florida. The hotel is okay and located in downtown Miami. South Beach is a short drive away (maybe 15 mins).

    Pros: What I did like about the hotel is that their parking deck is 6 floors and there is direct hotel access from whatever floor you park on. There are alot of restaurants and drug stores within walking distance so there isn't a need to drive all over the place. The price isn't as high as the prices for the same or similar hotels at the beach.

    Cons: The water pressure kept changing while I was taking my shower. Construction was taking place across the street from the hotel, so the building across the street was always lit with the bright beamed lights so the construction workers could see (even into the middle of the night). South Beach is a 15-20 minute drive away.

    Depending on th situation, I would probably stay here again.

    10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Lucas B.
    Hotel was great!  Clean, renovated and in a great downtown location.  The pool is quiet and on the seventh floor and was very clean and well-kept.  Anthony from the front desk was fantastic.  He gave me a late checkout and was very friendly and accommodating.  We frequent Marriott properties because of the great rewards program and were once again pleased.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Keith S.
    The Courtyard Miami Downtown is a good choice for me if the Coconut Grove location is sold out.  I stayed here and found the hotel very large and comfortable.  I didn't get a suite but I was lucky to get a reservation at all during Sony Tennis week.

    The entrance is very nice and inviting - inviting you into their Bistro, which is one of the largest I have seen anywhere.  Rooms were a little nicer than I was expecting, with a work desk and a sitting chair, and a little extra room.  Elevators were fast.

    While staying here there are a lot of choices for dining, including the Bistro, and the Metro Mover is about a block away.  You can take the mover to the Metro Rail to go to the airport, south or north Miami, or to the Omni station to catch the M bus to South Beach.

    24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Gina O.
    This hotel itself was pretty decent. I stayed here on and off for three weeks, and despite some issues with the ac rattling, it wasn't that bad....until my car was broken into while parked in their garage. Management never called me to follow up on the police visit or anything. It's a gated garage, with a valet/security guard there at all times. I'm not sure what they are paying that person for since they are clearly not doing their jobs correctly. They need to up the security in their garage! It is apparently not safe! The thief stole an I pod out of my car and trashed the inside of my car, and the hotel didn't even offer to do anything about it!

    I told my corporate office about it and they will no longer be working with this hotel as the safety of our employees and their belongings is a priority. The people at this hotel should be ashamed of themselves and their lack of concern for the safety of their patrons!

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Javy H.
    Nothing really stood out about this courtyard Marriott. Where it was located was useful for getting around especially since the ultra music festivals was in town the last few days. The staff was helpful and made suggestions about the area like where to eat and where to go. The rooms where standard nothing special no microwave so don't count on microwaving any take out. They had construction right outside my room around 2am which kept me up at night. There is no complimentary  breakfast but they have a bistro with 8 different Starbucks drinks. No Over all I would try getting a place elsewhere if you can.

    Side notes- the four nights that I paid for here during this festival was about $1700 which is like paying for a week at the ritz Carlton in Jakarta at Indonesia. Which at least there breakfast lunch and dinner and alcohol are all complimentary

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. C D.
    I had a wonderful stay at the Marriott Downtown Miami. I stayed for Haitian Flag day. We were close enough to all the events, restaurants, South Beach, Little Haiti, Nightclubs, etc. Parking situation was great. William, night auditor, was excellent. He even found Krazy Glue for us. I had a wonderful stay!!!

    The room was spacious.

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0