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Hotel Urbano in Miami, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.04

Address: 2500 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL, 33129

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    Comments (46):

    1. D Q.
    I'm not a big fan of driving down to Miami for several reasons, mainly the smug attitude, crowds, and traffic.  Having said that, this hotel has changed my perspective! All the staff (from the valet drivers to the bartender and everybody in between) are the friendliest, down to earth and HELPFUL bunch I've encountered at any hotel. "Q", the man at the bar, alone makes it all worth it. Good conversations, meeting interesting people (who are all friends of Q as well, of course) and solid, non-watered down drinks, make the bar a must if you're nearby. The rooms are well appointed, clean, the bed was BIG and comfy, and, at least for us; the whole thing was just perfect for a fun, romantic weekend. The free wifi service works like a charm, the room has everything you need if you're carrying your electronic toys around, nice up to date flatscreen TV, all that reasonably priced if you compare it to other hotels in the vicinity.  The hotel is close to south beach (10 min drive) and miami seaquarium and the keys's entrance are literally around the corner. Location is perfect! The decoration seems to be a contentious point, just check it out for yourself before you make an opinion of it, I found it perfect for the whole experience the hotel seems to try to create for you. The front desk staff is ABSOLUTELY top notch. Very nice, polite, and extremely helpful. Due to some issues with the online reservation I was given an upgrade to a lanai king room, (as opposed to a regular king room I had booked), and again due to complications with the airline we had to stay a little longer the last day, they were accomodating, provided us a half day rate, and all was handled quickly and without making me feel like an unwanted, demanding guest.  the only downer for me is that they don't offer free parking, Valet-only is available for 24 hour periods, you can park outside if you want though, (if you want and can find a spot nearby) so it's really not much of an issue, and certainly doesn't detract fromt he hotel experience.  We tried the restaurant on our last day, I should say the food was delicious and on point, not expensive at all, but the cook forgot to comply with a request we had for a mahi-mahi sandwich to be served without the bread (just on a platter), little inconvenient, but not  a huge deal, and they did offer to change it, but removing the bread from a sandwich is not really that hard anyway, so we took it as it was.  My girl is very picky when it comes to food, especially seafood, and she was happy!  I will definitely hit the bar again, and when we plan the next Miami getaway, Hotel Urbano is certainly at the top of the list... By the way, I researched this hotel on yelp, expedia, etc well in advance, and I'm glad I chose this over other hotels in South Beach.

    03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Sally J.
    This review is MUCH overdue.  A friend and I stayed at Hotel Urbano back in April.  I was soo relieved to arrive at Hotel Urbano after an unpleasant stay at another large chain hotel earlier in the week.  Staying at Hotel Urbano made my first trip to Miami a super positive one.  I literally can't wait to go back!!

    The hotel was sparkling clean, the staff were extremely polite, helpful and attentive, and warm.  The rooms were absolutely lovely.  When there was something wrong with the door for our original room, the manager promptly moved my friend and I to a new room with an upgrade no questions asked.  

    Hotel Urbano's beds were uber comfortable, the room was incredibly clean.  The location was quiet and relaxing, and the view from the room was beautiful.  The hotel is also incredibly awesome in the sense that they have local artists displaying their artwork throughout the hotel.  It is a classy place with personality!  I cannot say enough good things about the hotel!

    I also cannot make enough positive comments about the staff.  The beginning of my trip to Miami was a bit of a nightmare in that my wallet got lost/stolen in transit.  This meant when I arrived in Miami, all I had was an ID, and I needed to travel purely on cash.  The staff at the hotel were very accommodating and allowed me to place a deposit on the room in cash/pay in cash when I left since I didn't have a credit card on me.  

    The bartender, Aaron was especially helpful.  When my friend and I were trying to find a good restaurant nearby on our first night, he went out of his way to call a few places to see if they were still serving food (since my friend's flight arrived late at night).  When we got back in, he was so friendly, I felt like I had known him for years.  The second night at Hotel Urbano, I was craving a Mojito.  Even though the bar was almost closed for the night and out of Mojito ingredients, Jeffrey, one of the other bar tenders said he would make me his special "signature" drink--the Brickellada.  It was to die for!! Pure tropical heaven!! :)  (I hear Jeffrey has sadly moved on from Hotel Urbano, but I want him to know he gets 5+ platinum stars for his service and awesome drinks!!)  The beautiful thing about Hotel Urbano is that you can order a drink and enjoy it pool-side.  The next day, I enjoyed one of Jeffrey's delicious Mojito's poolside in the Miami sun.  

    If you are looking for a crazy party hotel, this is not your place.  However, if you are looking to stay at a cute boutique hotel in Miami that is close enough to the S. Beach and Coconut Grove action, but far enough away to truly relax, this place is for you!!  I can't wait to go back! :)

    23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Holly M.
    Myself and a few girlfriends came into Miami to celebrate my Birthday. We found out about this Hotel via the Internet and were very happy with it. I love to stay in Boutique Hotels for the style and good service. This Hotel delivers! The hotel room/ Lobby and pool area were very neat/clean and well appointed. The service from the lobby bar was simply the best ,and the front desk employees were more than happy to print us walking directions to Vizcaya, Google restaurant information and answer our many questions. Yes the parking is $24.00 but it is also good for 24 hours and you can get your car as many times as you want during that time. I'm not sure what cheap parking people expect in the middle of city's but I wouldn't leave my car in another lot that I would have to walk to and pay each time I come and go. There was wonderful art work peppered throughout the hotel that made walking through the Hotel a pleasure! I would definitely recommend Hotel Urbano and I will return. Thanks Hotel Urbano you guys rock!

    04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Juan B.
    Great value for the money! Excellent location, perfect rooms, great breakfast and the best of service.

    12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Carl L.
    This place is awesome.  The food was amazing.  The staff was amazing. And the rates were low for the area.  If nothing else come by to hang out at the bar with Jeffrey!!!

    19/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Al G.
    I live in Miami and put my parents up in Hotel Urbano during their stay out here.  Since they are not yelpers, I'll write this on their behalf as they had a wonderful stay here, and my time in the hotel was quite enjoyable.
    Inside Hotel Urbano, you'll find vibrant paintings and a nice bright decor befitting the boutique hotel.  The rooms are nice and big with a fancy TV and fixtures, but don't expect much of a view.  The pool area is really fabulous with great outdoor cabanas equipped with your own fan and TV.  The pool side service is top notch: great mojitos, great burgers, and a really good club sandwich.
    For dinner, we ate at the restaurant and tried all the entrees on the menu, which wasn't difficult since there were only 4 of them.  Each was very good (my churasco steak was the best I've had in Miami), but the portions were a bit on the small side for the price.  Still, it was very good.

    As for the negatives, the location might be the biggest drawback considering the other spots you could be staying at in Miami.  The south end of the Brickell district is nice, but there's not much within walking distance aside from the Viscaya museum.  I'll also echo another review about the vacuum lady.  We were sitting in the bar area after dinner (~9PM) and she came in and started vacuuming all around us... very weird and kind of annoying.
    Vacuum lady aside, it was a great time, and I would certainly recommend it.

    21/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Danny L.
    The pool area is beautiful.  However, right now the lights of three police cars (yes THREE) are flashing through my windows and all over the walls.  The room is really nice, but I think the hotel may be trying a little too hard to "gentrify" the neighborhood.  You can tell the place is new, and that's great, but I wonder how it will hold up.

    All of the walls (and I do mean ALL of them --in the whole place!) are yellow... it's a little garish.  The bed is huge and wonderful.  The decoration is almost tasteful (affordable contemporary), until you take the art into account.  It's trying waaaay too hard and is waaaay too "Miami Beach" cliche.  It looks like it may have been done on a deadline to coincide with the hotel opening?

    We just had dinner in the hotel restaurant.  WAAAAAAY too expensive for what you get ($28 for grouper and "gingered" pumpkin completely void of any ginger taste).  There were also only four "large plate" menu items, and the small plate items weren't very interesting.  Our waiter was pretty haughty, which is an impossible combination with a lady running a vacuum cleaner 10 feet from your table.  It was 7pm, and she HAD to vacuum during our dinner?  Unbelievable.

    I asked the waiter if the "steak" was a thick or thin cut (to determine how I wanted it cooked).  "Both" he said.  It was flank steak.  In what way is flank steak even REMOTELY thick?  At no point on the *pieces* of meat laid all in a row (to look like a single steak) was the thickness more than 3/4".  Seriously.  Needless to say, it was overdone.  The "sauce" on top was minced raw garlic and parsley --I think it was suppose to be sauteed but didn't stay in the pan quite long enough.  The food was in no way *bad,* but it was definitely overpriced and not as amazing as the snobby service would suggest it should have been.

    It seems a little unfair to wrap the hotel and restaurant reviews into one, as I would give the hotel a pretty good rating, but the restaurant a very mediocre one.

    Be aware: if you like to hang up your clothes, the hanging closet is less than two feet wide (I'm not kidding).  Not only that, but even though it doesn't have a door, it's where they stuck the safe in this huge room, so anything longer than a jacket will be scrunched up (nothing can hang full length).

    For some reason the screws on the shower drain are backed out about half an inch... I assume to make it easy to cut your foot.

    The cable signal is also pretty bad (diagonal lines through all channels), but there are three free pay movie channels, so that's nice.

    The password method for the hotel wi-fi is a "browser portal" instead of simply a wi-fi password, so you have to return to the hotel website and re-enter the password every time your computer restarts or wakes up.  It's incredible annoying and a frustrating waste of time.

    We had a friend who wanted to hang out with us while we were staying at the hotel, but there is no parking anywhere near (there are two streets a couple blocks away you could park on, but there is never a space, and both the concierge and the hotel policeman said parking anywhere but the guarded hotel lot is a really bad idea).  You either have to pay ($24 a day, not sure if there is an hourly rate) or... well, we found there is no other choice.

    I know that sounds like a lot of negatives, but if you're looking for a room in Miami at a pretty good price, I would still recommend Hotel Urbano.  The rooms are clean and comfortable, the hotel staff is friendly, and the pool area is really nice.

    02/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Gabrielle F.
    * As a Guest* First and foremost, I will say that this hotel is NOT worth all the money. I will like to bring first to your attention that parking is $30 for overnight. If you want guests in your room. there is NO outside parking, and parking for just the daytime is $24 a day.

    First, I arrive to check in and when I asked for the grand total of my stay they wanted to charge me an extra $15. I reserved on the actual website of the hotel. It did not show up in their system. I had to log into my laptop, access my email and forward the reservation email. For the money I'm spending, shouldn't this hotel be more professional?

    Secondly, calling the front desk, prepare to wait on the line for at least 1 minute. Several times I had to call more than once for someone to answer. If you want menus, come downstairs. If you order take out, come downstairs. I was surprised they brought towels up to my room. The last straw was one morning when I called for IN ROOM DINING. The front desk employee was rude and hurried me off the phone and told me the kitchen would call me back. After 20 minutes, I called back. I asked if I could pay with a separate card than what is charged to my room  and she said I could but it would take " extra work" because " she has to go up, go down and go back up" and " depends how busy [she] is, depends how fast I will get my card back" or she suggested " you can come downstairs and bring down your card." It's called IN ROOM DINING for a reason. I do not want to walk down at 8 in the morning in a night gown or get dressed just to provide a card because an employee is lazy. Busy or not, it's your job. And that doesn't matter to the hotel because they bill you a "service charge" for the in room dining.  

    Thirdly, I went to the pool & cabana. The waiter came to everyone EXCEPT ME, the chlorine in the pool must have made me invisible.

    Fourthly, the TV BROKE. Yes, broke!  It started that literally half of the screen was dark contrast, then the other half was light contrast. Then, the colors went hay wire, then all black and then dead. The staff came and wanted us to wait until the next day for a new tv. My boyfriend hit the tv and it worked.

    Lastly, " CITY VIEW" is trees, street and not much of a view unless u enjoy alley, trees, and an underpass. And the elevator worked quick when it wanted to and slow most of the time. AND by my last day here BOTH my room keys did not work.

    * Only Pros* The shower is amazing, large and spacious. The bed is comfy. The Ac was fantastic. Free Wi Fi. The pool was spectacular, the water was at a perfect temperature. Its decor is wonderful and appealing. The room is spacious. I had 2 friends over and with them and my boyfriend we were comfortable. The balcony is also very spacious. Free movie channels.

    Again, for the money we spent on this hotel  ( $110+ a night), one would expect service to match the hefty price tag. I've been to hotels in several states where I've paid either less or the same and have received much better quality service.

    14/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Janet D.
    A little oasis nestled on Brickell Ave.

    I don't give this place a five because I didn't have the pleasure of staying the night.

    I came to an event here last night and had the loveliest time hanging out pool side.  This small, tucked away hotel has recently been remodeled and features a hip, mellow vibe. I loved it! The art work hanging throughout the lobby, halls and outdoors was great.

    The hors d'ouvres were fantastic, particularly the sliders, the churasco served in mini martini glass with a plantain chip and the phenomenal churro with chocolate dipping sauce. (I will be back for the churro alone.)

    Completing the effect was a pleasant staff that was both friendly and charming.

    Definitely will be back to try the bistro and to sip another drink by the pool. =)

    16/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Ashley M.
    It's in a great location. Pretty quiet area. Cool decor. The parking charge is outrageous. We stayed in the off season and were able to find plenty of non-permit parking in the area, so don't fall for it. The staff were friendly and helpful. The room had a mini fridge which was so helpful for all the amazing cuban leftovers. It was an inexpensive nice hotel that I would definitely stay in again.

    31/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Sarah Elles B.
    It is not often that I go somewhere & get excited enough to write home about it, even less common for my folks to get excited enough to fly to Miami and see for themselves.  Then I went to Hotel Urbano...

    Before the aforementioned parental visit, I had visited the hotel myself twice, once for dinner & once for an art party.  I fell in love with the bright colors, the interesting artwork, the friendly staff, and the pool area... I'm not much on getting in the sun, but the pool cabanas & big trees offered enough shade to make me happy, but enough sun to make others happy as well.  

    The food was delicious when I had dinner, but I was a little disappointed that they were out of my beloved ceviche.  No biggie, the restaurant is just around the corner, I figured I could try it next time.  I had a piece of cooked fish instead and it was delicious.  The server was attentive & I was left very pleased with my new neighborhood spot. :-)

    After seeing a photo I had taken of the pool area, my parents decided to try the hotel for themselves.  They were here for a week, and had a B L A S T.  Of all the times they have visited Miami, they have never carried on about a place afterward the way they did about Hotel Urbano.  I almost suspect Jeffrey of putting something addictive in my mother's frozen cocktail, she sat by that pool with his cocktails for almost the full week straight and is still carrying on about it months later!!

    Although I have not yet spent a night at the hotel, I did spend some time in the room visiting with my dad one afternoon while mother was laid-up by the pool.  The balcony was spacious & just sunny enough, Dad said he got a great night's sleep there & the room was well-appointed.  Dad also mentioned that he didn't feel that his pocketbook had been taken advantage of at Hotel Urbano, the stay offered lots of value...

    I am a H U G E fan of Chef Anthony's shrimp tacos and tostones...the only thing that keeps me from becoming a full-blown addict are the parking charges for non-guests. This is also the only thing keeping the hotel from a 5-star rating.  I love this place, it is far superior to any of the run-of-the-mill chain hotels around here. Whenever a friend or family member talks about visiting me in Miami, they get to hear ALL about it & its fabulousity.

    09/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Tim M.
    Love this place very modern with a great staff. Will stay here again and again.

    04/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Lisa W.
    When we arrived to Hotel Urbano, the place looked clean. Upon checking in the staff informed us that our room had no working air condtion. They then offered us some free drinks at the bar and a free breakfast and we agreed that was fine, however in the morning when I went to take a shower there was no hot water. I then called the front desk for help in which I was told to turn the knob a little to the left and then the right and wait 10 minutes before I would get hot water. I tried this for almost 20 minutes and the water started to get only luke warm. I had to be ready for a wedding within the hour and I couldn't take a hot shower. I finally went to the lobby and had a bit of a bitch fit to the man I was talking with on the phone at the front desk. He really didn't seems to care. I would not recomend staying at this hotel, after the poor customer service. The fact that my room had no air I could of lived with but not having hot water to take a shower after spending 200 dollors for the night was the icing on the cake.

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. D M.
    Great location in Miami. Beautiful local art from artists in Miami adorn the walls I the hotel. Staff super friendly and accommodating. Room felt a tad narrow upon entry but still a wonderful place to sleep in.

    09/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Tina T.
    Really fabulous boutique hotel for the price.  We stay in boutique hotels often when travelling, and I think Hotel Urbano offers a wonderful environment for the money.

    The beds are luxuriously comfortable, appointed with down comforters and lots of pillows.  The bathroom was good-sized, which is unusual with many boutique hotels.  I could actually be in the room when my husband was in there as well.

    Their decor is modernized and everything is clean.  There's a great bar with an absolutely wonderful bartender.  And the pool area is comfortable and cool looking.

    I highly recommend this hotel if you are looking to stay in Miami but don't want to be downtown.  This hotel has personality.

    20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Paula E.
    Urbano = bliss. I decided I was going to take a staycation this weekend to enjoy a bit of Spring Break/Miami Music Week/UMF. Unfortunately this proved not to be such a fantastic idea considering that it's probably the busiest season in Miami, and even though I was planning a couple of months in advance, most hotels were already at %100 capacity for the weekend or were expensive as fuuuuuhhh'.

    Luckily, I'm good at doing my research and of course, following my trusted fellow yelpers advice, I decided to venture further into what Hotel Urbano had to offer. It turned out to be everything I was looking for: a cozy boutique hotel, away from the clusterfuck of the downtown/beach area, but still romantic and comfortable enough, with the same amenities that the big touristy areas offer. Not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical because as it turns out it used to be the old Best Western, but it was lovely from the minute my boy and I walked in =)

    Needless to say I had the best weekend ever! Super comfortable and clean and the staff is ridiculously friendly. Mad props to Que, the bar tender, for venturing into unknown territories and satiating our whims by concocting some delicious mint juleps that we drank pool-side.

    The pool is fantastic! I'd have another staycation here in a heart beat...


    30/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Teresa J.
    Daddy-o's been laid up in the Miami Veterans Administration hospital since 12.23.10, so I flew down to see him. I spent four nights at Hotel Urbano and will definitely stay there again if I go back. It's 4.3 miles from the hospital, $13.30 plus tip by taxi.
    The attention level here is quite good in the overall--personnel, from the doorman to the housekeepers, were friendly. Service at the cafe and bar was spotty, but the waitress, bartender, and waiter who took care of me were all quite nice. Language problems were so minimal, they hardly warrant mention.
    Hotel Urbano is approximately two blocks from Biscayne Bay. You can go for a walk in the a.m. and see the lovely locals strolling with their little mutt dogs, which I thought very sweet. There's art everywhere in the hotel itself, and the decor is bright, especially as compared to the mechanical blah of the hospital; they helped keep my spirits level while negotiating the total heaviosity of my trip.
    Room service is outstanding (see pic)!  Food prices are cheaper than Portland restaurants, but a cup of black American coffee costs $4. Go figure. The one martini I had poolside was awful, so steer clear. I got the distinct impression that the bartender was inexperienced with classic cocktails, and maybe with bartending altogether.
    The price per night was quite reasonable for the area: I prepaid and got the lowest rate of $200 plus tax. 'twas totally worth it.

    15/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Carolina S.
    I would give it 5 but our window overlooked to the parking lot... not the best of views... at all. They took great care of us for the two days we were in Miami and it was close to everything we drove to... about 5 min to all we wanted to see on the most part. They (staff) took great care of finding my husband's iPad and shipping it back to us in San Francisco. I'd actually love staying here again.

    10/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Daniel C.
    Awesome hotel!

    Friendly staff, clean comfortable rooms, affordable, and just minutes from South Beach.  Hotel Urbano at Brickell was the perfect hotel for my stay and I will definitely be returning in my next visit to the area.  The hotel offered everything that I needed and more.  The lobby and pool area are beautiful and make you never want to leave.

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Vlad H.
    This place is close to being one of those hidden gems of Miami.  It's a renovated chain motel however they did a great job.  The rooms are modern, spacious and clean, it's a short distance to downtown where the hotels are substantially more expensive, the pool/cabana area makes you feel more secluded than you are, there is free wi-fi, and the staff is friendly.

    That said, there were some considerable flaws during my stay.  I arrived on a Sunday night and found the restaurant closed, no room service, no vending machines and no one with a suggestion regarding possible delivery options.  The next night I arrived earlier but couldn't get the one person working to wait on me until I moved to the bar.  They claim the restaurant is open until 10 however they turned a man away at 9:45 because, in the words of the bartender/waiter, the chef had had a long day.  The following night I stopped by for a drink but they were putting everything away at 9.

    I stayed 3 nights - the first morning the water was scalding.  The 2nd and 3rd mornings I had no hot water at all.  On the positive side, I recently gave up caffeine and, as it turned out, didn't need it.  When I told an employee about this her response was simply, "I bet that woke you up!"  Yes, yes it did.

    The only other thing worth mentioning is if you need a hair dryer you should bring your own.  They provide one but the cord is about a foot long.

    All of these things are fairly minor and could easily be remedied.  When they are, this place will be awesome.  Until then, limit your expectations and enjoy the lower rates.

    06/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Janelle B.
    We are native Miamians, but being the responsible young women that we are, we decided to stay at Hotel Urbano on Brickell after a night of late night bachelorette activities in the Brickell area.

    Rewind... Before going out, we checked in and got situated. The hotel staff is very helpful and very personable. We also decided to have some appetizers by the pool. We ordered the sliders, fried calamari, ceviche, and tostones. The ceviche, calamari and sliders were all very good. I could have done without the tostones.

    The room was a good size and decorated nicely. The hotel and pool area reminds me of a small trendy hotel, pretty comparable to The Standard (minus the water view).

    Overall, staying at the hotel was a good decision and well-worth the price.

    03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Erin K.
    A very pleasant little hotel in a sweet location. Clean rooms. Great art. The staff was extremely helpful and very friendly! Two thumbs up for sure!

    15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. David P.
    You couldn't find a better location in Miami. This Hotel is right smack in the middle of The Miami Seaquarium, Jungle Island, The Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium, Coconut Grove, Bayside and Downtown Miami. South Beach is only about a 12 minute taxi ride away and there's plenty of shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance on Brickell Ave. Out back they have a beautiful tropical escape feel with their lagoon style pool and private cabanas surrounded by an assortment of palms and a huge fire-pit that sits in front of a modern art deco style water feature to keep you warm or provide that perfect romantic ambiance.

    The staff here is super friendly and always happy to help out their guests. The hotel is always extremely clean inside and out and always updated with new local art which goes great with their "art deco" style hotel.

    I've tried everything from the restaurant more than once and it's all great but my top picks would be the Thai Chicken Penne Pasta and the Van Gogh Chicken Sandwich, mmm...mmm....good! They also have a great bar staff and happy hour from 5 - 7.

    You can also find me here every Friday from 6 till at least 9 pm spinning everything from Bosa Nova to Top Forty and of-course Karaoke! Whether you're staying for the night, swinging by for karaoke or just enjoying the bar and restaurant, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

    17/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Jennifer H.
    Best part was the super comfy  beds!
    But the rest was fantastic too: we enjoyed drinks and the pool attended by great staff on a hot July Friday afternoon, pre-gaming for the Miami Marlins. Quaint tropical landscaping poolside with cabanas, fans, tvs for lounging.
    Partied at Mary Brickell area later that night; which is also accessible by short cab ride or your own car. The hotel is also VERY close to the the bridge that takes you to the gorgeous Key Biscayne beach & rec areas.
    Can't wait for another weekend escape to Urbano!

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Ari W.
    I've stayed here twice for one week each...  What a great little place... Great staff... really nice trendy and clean rooms... a great little pool... and the food at the bar is actually really good too!  Not  a bad location in Miami at all... but not really walking distance to a whole lot either, so prepare for short cab ride to the beach or dinner.  

    The rates here are really good too usually... so if you have an overnight in Miami, check it out.

    05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Ashley K.
    Thank you Groupon for helping me to find one of the most amazing hotels everrrr! I live in San Diego & for my 21st birthday I went on a cruise that ported out of Miami & was totally stocked since I had never been to Florida! The hotel room would have normally been about $145, but with our Groupon we got it for $90 ! There is SO much to say about this place that I don't know where to start!
    First, note that when you pull up, from the outside it is nothing special. But once you walk in, you are invited by artistic displays of photos,sculptures, paintings, etc, and it's a very quaint/cute/eclectic place! The service is phenomenal! We were due to check in at 4pm, but I called at 9am asking if we could get in a bit earlier since we just got off the ship, & we ended up checking in at 10am for NO extra charge! That's 6 hours that we could relax from our trip & they had the room ready for us when we got there! The room was amazing! You walk into a room with a couch and windows, a nice & roomy bathroom, a nice closet with robes & a safe, two nightstands, a nice flat screen tv with cable, WIFI, another couch, some comfy chairs, a huge comfy bed, a view of the city, and since we had a corner room, we had a balcony that wrapped around nearly half the building! The room was absolutely perfect and surprisingly looked even BETTER in person, than the photos! With our Groupon, we were given two complementary drinks at their bar, which was small, but our bartender made our drinks extra strong! They also offer a happy hour special of buy one get one free! We took our drinks and headed to lovely pool! Outside there is a clean and refreshing pool, with two huge private cabanas with flat screen tvs & cable. There are cozy and plush lounge chairs to relax in, and a beautiful waterfall that flows behind the fire pit ! The ambiance is totally Miami! We hung out outside for a good amount of time in our cabana-no extra charge! They also have a full restaurant there as well-though we did not eat at it. We often ventured off to explore Miami & the staff were more than helpful with suggesting places, giving directions, and they even told us about the Metro Rail that literally picks you up steps from the hotel & takes you all around the city-again for free! This hotel made a wonderful impact on my boyfriend & I, & it was the icing on the cake to my 21st birthday celebration!
    Thank you Hotel Urbano! We cannot wait to meet again!!!

    18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Kier M.
    I've stayed at this hotel over six times in the last three years. Each time the service gets better and better. They anticipate needs, have suggestions, and read smiles that are sincere. It is my oasis after a long and busy day of sales calls and client meetings.

    My thoughts: Simply The Best (also Tina Turner's words)

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Steve F.
    Came for lunch with a party of 10 (8 art-loving Teenage Girls). If you are coming for lunch the Valet is $7. Parking is Valet only by the way. We grabbed a couple of tables out by the pool. The service was a little disorganized from the lobby to the wait staff. The sun was a little warm and I wound up rolling the patio umbrella between the tables as the waiter left it in a bad spot. The food came out in dribs and drabs. There was only about 8 other people by the pool and lobby at the time. And I thing only one other couple ordered at the same time. So I think there was probably one person in the Kitchen prepping and cooking as fast and furious as they could. 2 meals came out. Then about 10 minutes went be before a couple more entrees came out. It was about 15-20 minutes from the time the first entree came out to the time the last one was served. So, that was disappointing! The food, however was very good. Everyone was pleased with their Lunch. The Hostess went out of her way to bring out a slice of cake at no charge and sing "Happy Birthday" to my Daughter which was a very nice touch.  We then admired the artwork in the lobby and the first floor hallway. We can see lights strung throughout trees by the pool. So it must look really nice at night too. So- Food is 4 out of 5 Stars. Service, 2 out of 5.

    18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Ian P.
    I recently had a reservation to stay at this hotel.  The day before my arrival I got sick and the morning of my planned arrival my doctor confirmed that I had the flu.  I called and cancelled my reservation at that time and was informed there would be a cancellation charge equal to the room rate for two nights (approximately $400).  Granted, I did not cancel at least 48 hours prior to arrival because I didn't know I would be sick at the time. I called back to speak with the manager, Joe, about the cancellation charge on Monday.  Joe informed me that he was not willing to waive the cancellation charge, even though I was severely ill and would have been contagious to his hotel staff and guests if I had come.

    For the past year and a half I've traveled an average of 3-4 nights a week for business and have had experience with a few last minute trip cancellations.  I have to say that this hotel's cancellation policy and the manager's lack of basic customer service skills were the worst I've ever experienced during my travels.  Most hotels are very understanding and accommodating in situations like these, but not the Hotel Urbano.  The whole situation just made the hotel management seem greedy and out of touch.  I will not be booking any future reservations at this place.  There are tons of great hotels in Miami that have much better customer service.

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    30. Danielle B.
    Lovely hotel in convenient location, good rates, clean room, and staff super helpful and nice. This will now be my go-to place to stay in Miami.

    14/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Jeff J.
    It's good, it's indifferent, and it's outrageous. The good- the room, the rate ($103 via Hotels.com ), and the Brickell location. The indifferent- the service. It started with the first interaction with the valet, ("you want a cart?"), followed by him pointing to one and watching as we removed and loaded luggage from the rental to the cart. It finished with the desk clerk unable to explain charges at checkout, with a total feeling of interrupting the social life of the staff in-between. The outrageous- valet parking. There is no self-park, and the good room rate is negated with $30 a nite for valet (which includes two levels of taxes).

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Kevin W.
    A very nice quite type place to stay. The one and only reason they arent 4 stars is the price. It was over-priced. Booked late, but did pay out of the booty for this spot.

    Other then that it was very clean, comfortable, nice staff, good area. Exactly what we needed. Drop the price and its 4 stars hands down. Cool contemporary feel, bright colors, small but practical rooms. Shower was nice,

    17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. Lamont G.
    Great prices, clean rooms, trendy art, and a fire pit by the pool. Can you get any better than this?

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Crystal N.
    Wonderful hotel!   Comfy beds, great service and I love the bathroom.  The only problem is that it's sort of in the middle of nowhere. For you Chicago folks, it was the equivalent of placing a wonderful hotel in the Old Irving Park neighborhood.  If you have a car or don't mind taking a cab then by all means stay here.

    15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Chuck H.
    We enjoyed staying here. The rooms are normal hotel rooms with great art. The showers in the bathrooms are some of the best. The only problem is the city view. Ours was of the city parking lot and a highway bridge. If you are looking for a view ask to be on the north side of hotel. We had breakfast, we both had ham and cheese omelets. They were very good and the server was great.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Jazmine G.
    I feel pretty indifferent about this establishment. I did some research and given the price and area of the hotel it was a steal which is why I gave it 3 stars. The hotel and room was a lot smaller than I expected. This is the main reason why I was so shocked that they charged so much for valet parking. It should be self-parking at a lower rate or even free especially when they are using the gated lot behind the pool area which is within reach of all guests. We received bad customer service when trying to have breakfast the morning after our check-in which was extremely disappointing given that I chose a rate that included breakfast. It was pretty annoying that the manager wasn't available until the morning of checkout. Staff confirmed that he isn't in on the regular which is highly unusual in my opinion. Our rate was for two days of included breakfast which we did not use either after the maltreatment and the manager was only willing to credit our stay one day of parking when the breakfast for two was worth way more than that. All other staff pretty much kept to themselves so I can't really comment much on that. The pool area was deserted and bar area was tiny (maybe seats 2-3 people at one time) so we decided to venture off the grounds. Overall, okay stay but I wouldn't return in the future.

    18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Julie K.
    Their pool and bonfire go all night. Very cool art hanging everywhere. Very very nice staff. Cozy little rooms, great location. Would definitely stay here again should I find myself in Miami ;)

    10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Sergio F.
    Staycation Heaven! If you're a local taking a couple of days away from home, Hotel Urbano hits the spot. I first came here for an Art Basel preopening, and like the fact they were supporting local artists.

    For one, the art is still there. The rooms are bright, and the huge bed is comfortable. After watching the Heat get the win in basketball cum UFC fighting, I easily nodded to La La Land. The bathroom in my suite was clean, well stocked with towels and soap, and with a full height glass shower that reached a pleasantly hot temperature quickly.

    Food standouts were a BBQ bacon chicken sandwich (they swapped out the white sauces for extra bbq) and my favorite brunch dish of eggs Benedict. The sweet red peppers seasoning the potatoes that came with brunch were a nice surprise with that particular dish!

    I used the treadmill, and elliptical, along with some free weights at the gym. While thec the cardio machines had their own TV, this is why I'm taking off one star since the tv in the stairmaster wasn't working. Though I did manage to get a nice sunset view of the Roads and the pool's fire pit!

    22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Jenielle E.
    A tiny piece of rest and relaxation heaven! If you are looking for contemporary yet scaled back private and intimate then Hotel Urbano is as close to perfection as you will get. Great price!

    Well decorated with contemporary art and modern touches. The poolside is very chic with cabanas and a fire pit- great for late night unwinding.

    Excellent staff....very friendly, pleasant and always willing to assist

    The rooms are small but very functional and practical especially for the size of the property....great bathroom with a big walk-in shower. ..I recommend getting a pool view room!

    Food was great. ... I only had breakfast there but it was good and the service was great!

    Only downside there is no self parking...valet only which is about $24/night....but hey its MIAMI so its not outrageous!

    I will definitely be going back to Hotel Urbano

    14/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Spencer A.
    We have been hosting a lawyer marketing and networking group called the Attorney Breakfast Club here for years.

    The facility and staff are world class. The food is excellent and the parking (valet) reasonable.

    Never spent the night so I don't know the rooms.  But for business events this place is great.

    Nice pool too.

    09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Jamie R.
    Hotel Urbano is a winner: Well situated downtown and near the Key Biscayne Causeway, bright and modern, small yet intimate with amenities, decent bar, terrific service, reasonable price, and 2-fer because it is not only a hotel but also a gallery for contemporary local artwork.

    We paid a rock bottom, Florida resident rate for our one night stay. The room had crisp linens, and a clean bathroom. It was amusing to see the labor saving (read cost effective) details for management. e.g., Only one wastebasket, and disposable coffee cups. But there was complimentary toiletries, in-room coffee, black out drapes, and a balcony that overlooked the pool. and a glimpse of skyline.

    We enjoyed a sunset, happy hour cocktail by the amoeba shaped pool Towels are provided by the concierge at the front desk. Later that night, the fire pit provided an atmospheric place to wind down. Unlike some properties, the pool does not close. The ambiance is lovely, and well respected by the guess. The hotel surrounds the courtyard, and a decent air conditioned exercise room on the floor above the lobby also overlooks the pool area.

    We had a speedy check-out, receiving a printout under the door that was very efficient. Staff was terrific and cordial. (Shout out to Martine and Elizabeth for their very professional and attentive service.) Because artwork is changed out several times a year, we were shown favorite and not so favorite artists. Just ask.

    Mandatory valet might be annoying to some, but for $24 a night plus valet tip, there are unlimited in and out privileges. The convenience is well worth it.

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Esther B.
    My husband and I did a stay cation here  since  this  hotel was gifted to  us.  It was  a nice  quiet clean place! Front desk was very nice. ***Just be aware,  there's  no self parking , only  valet parking which  is $30 a day!***

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Bertrand M.
    We had a good stay at the Urbano and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a hotel in Brickell at a nice boutique hotel at a reasonable price. The rooms are colorful, comfortable, with spacious bathrooms too which is a big plus.
    The staff was really helpful at a crucial moment for us : we booked on our own a cab for 3.30 AM to go to the airport ; the cab did not come, but by chance the employee who was there that night was very responsive in the middle of the night and called us a cab which came in 3 minutes.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Jen C.
    I'd give one star, but my husband thought it was fine.
    The initial shock of forced valet parking at $30 a day was bad enough. Come to experience that the valet was slow and extremely inconvenient. I would have let it go if I wasn't paying for something that made my stay worse.
    In my first room, the lights didn't work. Got moved to another room with no balcony. In my next room, the toilet ran and staff had to come 2x to fix it. Finally I just started taking the tank off and fixing it myself after the second staff person said it would jut keep happening.
    City view means a parking lot and area under the expressway bridge. The pool was nice. The rooms were low-end Hampton Inn style, but the bed was comfy.
    Way too many options in Miami to stay here again.

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    45. Alex P.
    Hotel Urbano on Brickell Ave. The room is comfortable and bed feels nice.

    However, the staff is not flexible at all. My Wife and I were Married on Valentine's Day 2/14/2015. We asked to have an early check in, so that the groom could dress there, and prepare the room for his bride and they said no. We asked to have a late check out, because we checked in at 1:00am, they said no. We also asked for all of this weeks in advance and a few days before the wedding and they would not budge.

    Then on Sunday morning they not only knocked on our room door but, also called us to tell us to leave the room quickly or we would be charged another night. The hotel is nothing out of this world and for the price of $400+, there are plenty of better and less expensive choices in Miami, like the Regency Hotel Miami.

    The hotel staff desperately needs an intensive course in customer service and how to treat guests, even local ones better. The fact that a "Just Married" couple was treated like this is crazy.

    I can only say that my wife and I will never stay here again and we will not recommend this hotel to anyone, not worth the price and being treated very poorly.

    People skills lacking tremendously!

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    46. Erika V.
    I am so happy that Mr Koplo took time to answer my previous review. This hotel is in the perfect location to come visit our family in Brickell and it was a shame that due to our first visit we would have not come back. He really went above and beyond to make sure our stay and experience was positive this time. For starters they are very accommodating and the staff we encountered this time was extremely polite and sweet. Also, this is a dog friendly hotel and I travel with my small dog everywhere I can, so being able to bring her and hang out with her in our patio by the pool made my day. The pool is beautiful and cozy so we did spend some time there. We had breakfast at the hotel too, the eggs Benedict were great and came out quick. Most importantly, the room was clean and comfortable. The area is great too so I am so happy we found this hotel to stay when visiting relatives!

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0