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Miami Princess Hotel in Miami, FL

Miami Princess Hotel in Miami, FL


Established in 1988.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.20

Address: 4251 NW 11th St, Miami, FL, 33126

    Address: 4251 NW 11th St, Miami, FL, 33126

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      Comments (5):

      1. Eddy D.
      This hotel is conveniently located in a more central location in the city, but at the same time in the middle of no where.  The amenities provided at the front desk are all you need for an impromptu time of whatever you want, there's alcohol, bubble bath, oils...  
      If you're looking for a naughty time, you must get a room with a jacuzzi, it's $20 more but worth it to lay in a heart shaped tub.  Pleanty of mirrors around the room and above the bed, sturdy 2x4 bed frame contruction.  The big problem I had with the room was the size of the shower, presumably you're going to have two people in there, why constrict the size by making it a tub shower?
      But overall clean, friendly staff, ample parking, variety of rooms and services.

      01/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      2. N G.
      If this site allowed no stars, that's what I would give this piece of crap hotel, which should be labeled a motel or hooker destination. I knew something was wrong when the taxi driver told me he could get me a cheaper room closer to the airport instead of the one I was headed to. I accepted and I regret that decision.

      This dump, and I mean dump, is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. I am sorry to actually call this a hotel because it was terrible. The place smelled like a whorehouse in the hallways and the bedroom. The guy put me in a smoking room without asking and it was horrible. I went back to the front desk and he told me he thought I was a smoker. Idiot never asked me if I wanted a smoking or non-smoking room. They even make you pay $5 cash for a room key deposit. What the hell is that all about? They have your credit card and they need a $5 cash up front to protect a stupid key from being returned. OMG!

      The absolute worst part of this hotel is that after they moved me to a non-smokers room, I went to get into the bed and there was literally no mattress on either of the beds. It was like having 2 box springs. When you laid down on the bed, it was a rock and I mean a rock. Crappy hotel with terrible smells and really shotty people at the front desk who know their property is a piece of shit!

      If this place is really owned by the Princess Cruise Lines, they must be very embarrassed and they probably never mention it in their marketing literature.

      Unless you want to regret your night in Miami near the airport, stay far away from this dumpy place. You WILL regret staying here.

      25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      3. Douglas S.
      To begin with a positive spin. ... they had rooms when no one else did.  At 150.00 a night this was a steal during the Orange Bowl. Any other time of year, I'd be hard pressed to pay more than 20.00 (per hour) @this slum.
      This place is a residential apartment complex that calls themselves a motel. It took 6 calls to the front desk before they'd ask rhe people below my unit to turn down the pounding Cuban disco music.  The smell of weed and old cigarettes permeated the non-smoking room.  
      It did only take half an hour to obtain a tub stopper so I could take a bath so I suppose that wasn't too bad.  The car stereo mounted in the bed headboard was a touch of class. (Not). The bed is a cheap mattress on a plywood panel.  Very hard, and had "pokey" objects coming from the mattress.
      The morning staff was surly.  The shuttle driver said a total of two words to us.  ("Which airline?"). After he drops us,  I'm standing there with a couple of books as a tip,  but he didn't so much as look at us, not even to say "thank you" or "have a good flight. "
      Unless you're really desperate. ... this is not a place to stay. Motel 4 is better.

      29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      4. Barbara J.
      Miami Princess Hotel 'Motel'.

      Our flight left us because the airline decided to change the departure time and not inform us.

      Anyhow, after calling several hotels in the area and no other hotels having available rooms we were stuck with Miami Princess Hotel 'Motel'.  Or spending the night at the airport.

      $170 for one night! Rip off to the max! This looked like a 'hotel' aka motel from a Lifetime Movie! It was horrible and scary.

      Thankfully we were out of there by 5AM the next morning.

      Please consider on lowering your nightly rate to $80 or less.

      26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      5. Brian N.
      Very nice!!! I make bubbles in jacuzzi!

      20/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0