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Company Info:

Rating: 1.40

Address: 146 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, 33132

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    Comments (10):

    1. Jay Infamous L.
    I really do not even want to give this place a one...this ties in to one of the worse hotels that I have stayed in Miami.

    Rooms suck!!! Just a whole lot of nothing to put it mildly.

    I actually meant to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel which is located a few blocks from here but it is what it is. You would have to pay me to stay at this hotel again. It is that bad.

    18/05/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Jordan N.
    Really, I wouldn't bother checking into this hotel unless if I was expecting for the worst and didn't have any other place to get a room. But if I do get a room here, it would have to be at one of the cheapest rate in ALL of Miami.

    Holiday Inn nearby is a much better choice and still an affordable one. It's just two block s down and across Bayside.

    Good luck.

    31/10/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Meg P.
    If I could give this place less stars, I would. Don't let the nice-ish lobby fool you, the fact that the desk worker doesn't even wear a hotel-branded shirt should tell you something, and if not that then the fact that you can only have one key per room, suggesting that you leave it at the desk if both people need to be out of the room at the same time.

    I suppose it should be expected for a $100 dollar a night room in downtown miami across from south beach, but seriously? The hallways smell like old smoke and dirt, and look as though they were painted by a 6 year old.

    The time I spent waiting for the only working elevator the day I was there was too much time in this place, I felt dirty as I looked around the room, standing on advertisements they had let solicitors slip under the doors.

    When I pulled back the shower curtain I was surprised that I *didn't* see any bugs, though I'm quite positive there were loads of them in the dirty, caved-in beds. The pillow cases were dirty, lamp shades scorched, carpet torn in various places, wood torn off of the top of the desk, everything was disgusting.

    It seems as though this place should be better off considering it's location, and just a little bit of effort could save it, but they had none. The sink spigot in the room I was given still had toothpaste spit spots from the last person who stayed there. A simple wipe down and massive amounts of bleach everywhere could possibly make this place tolerable, but I'm still doubtful.

    When I and the rest of my party returned to the front desk to check out, passing another party intent on leaving as we rode the elevator down, the woman at the front desk put her head down but offered no resistance, she and the rest of her coworkers know this place is a dump.

    I'd rather sleep in my car than stay at this place.

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Maegan C.
    I did the same exact thing as Linda. Me and my friend were going on a cruise to the Bahamas and we needed a cheap room to stay in. Holy shit do you get what you pay for. This was by far the worst hotel experience of my life. The entire place looks like a broken down version of what used to be a BAD hotel. Now its even worse than that, just a shit hole, a hole filled with shit. The elevator is tiny and had cardboard on the walls. We checked in and the lady signals over this kid and explains that they need to make an extra key for our room...uuh ok? 5 minutes later the kid, who doesn't speak english, walks us to the elevator, rides up with us. Our room was right across from the elevator...no big deal. He unlocks the door, walks in, we kinda just stayed outside and were like..wtf do we do? I walked in, the kid put the key on the desk and walked out. The carpet was green and smelled like mildew. There was a condom rapper under our bed. The sink in the bathroom had dental floss wrapped around it, YES dental floss. The toilet had DRIED PISS STAINS! LIKE, REALLY?! Thats even more of a huge deal because later me and my friend got piss drunk and she was puking into that toilet, with her arms on the seat. Gross. Me and her slept in the same bed touching the least mount of things possible because we didn't want to contract an STD or something. We ventured out into the hallway and we turned the corner and theres paint chippings from the ceiling all over the gross rug. I am not someone who likes to complain but this was like the Twilight Zone. It seriously looked like everything was under renovations since 1984. The next day when we made it to our cruise and got into our room, we nearly cried with delight to have a clean room. Never again will I pay less than $60/night when booking a hotel.

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Rianna W.
    From reading the bad reviews from other sites I was expecting a total dump.   This place is being majorly renovated... Lots of construction.  Other than that we had a very pleasant stay here.  Would come back. Looks like its going to be beautiful when it's finished

    01/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Arthur G.
    This place is a dump.   Good location for the cruise ships but a dump. Beds are horrible, no hairdryer in room, place smells, no Restaraunt on premisses, hasn't been updated since the 50s.  I was afraid to walk barefoot on carpet.   Go to the Holiday Inn down the street.  Wish o could give it less than one star.

    31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Jean Y.
    The Continental Bayside was extremely terrible, even for the price. I was not expecting luxury, but this place is sordid.

    Here is why:

    -One of the two elevators was broken throughout our entire stay, leaving us with one extremely slow elevator... until it too broke. I consider us lucky that it was fixed the same day.
    -Hotel employees carrying out the trash rode the elevator with hotel guests.
    -The narrow concrete stairs, which we used frequently due to elevator slowness and malfunction, reeked of urine and were littered with all sorts of half-eaten food items, cigarette butts, and broken glass. I am pretty sure nobody swept those stairs in the three nights we were there, since the same corn cob and shattered beer bottles lay there day after day.
    -The hallway carpet stank.
    -The bedding looked filthy. The top blanket was full of holes. The box spring was not covered.
    -The carpet desperately needed to be shampooed. There was visible grime everywhere.
    -The vent in the bathroom ceiling dripped water all over the counter and sink. Imagine dirty water falling on your head every time you washed your hands.
    -The faucets in the shower leaked incessantly, no matter how hard we tried to shut them off.
    -The sockets in the wall were exposed.
    -Housekeeping did not replenish the toilet paper supply and did not empty the trash.
    -The front desk informed us they had run out of clean towels when we asked for more.

    Thank goodness for the CVS across the street, where we picked up our own toilet paper and toiletries. We even considered buying cheap sleeping bags.

    26/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Yogi Y.
    I don't think they deserve my business. The service is horrible, the rooms are really small, they claim to have valley parking but don't , and they charge twenty dollars per night to park your car on a curb by the sidewalk. If your willing to sacrifice compfort for price, your better off sleeping in a motel or your car. Don't say you were no warned.

    02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Linda N.
    If I can give -negative five stars... I would! My sister booked this hotel because we were going on the Bahamas cruise so we needed a cheap room. This place was disgusting!  The elevator was covered in cardboard and tape because I suppose they were remodeling. The halls smelled like piss, our room looks straight out of paranormal activity.. with the dark gray lighting, a broken tv that could have that jigsaw popping out screaming "wanna play a game?" ...bed felt like sleeping on springs...

    Dust and construction everywhere! Plus they turned off the water at 12am -4am.  

    Whatever you do don't come here unless you're filming for a ghost sighting documentary.

    03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Rachael L.
    From all the bad reviews I was reading on other websites, I was afraid my stay here was going to be awful but I needed a hotel near Bicentennial Park for UMF so I booked it anyway.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how wrong the reviews happened to be.

    Yes this is an ECONOMY hotel. It's cheap so you shouldn't be expecting the Ritz over here. But they have the basics which is all we needed.

    Our room was spacious and clean. We had clean towels and shampoo (unlike what some reviews had said). There was a mini-fridge which was convenient.  The tv is tiny with not many channels but we weren't there to watch tv. The staff was friendly and very helpful.

    The elevators are a problem.. The hotel has 17 floors I think but only 2 elevators that only hold 6 people each. Taking the stairs when you're up on a higher floor is not very fun and neither is waiting in line for the elevator. And parking can be a real pain. There are a few garages in the area but during "special events" prepare to pay a lot.  There is a Metrorail station about a block away that could be a great alternative.

    Other than that totally happy. Amazing location!

    02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0