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Blue Heron Beach Resort in Orlando, FL

Blue Heron Beach Resort in Orlando, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.68

Address: 13428 Blue Heron Beach Dr, Orlando, FL, 32821

    Address: 13415 Blue Heron Beach Dr, Orlando, FL, 32821

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      Comments (31):

      1. Ami C.
      Stayed here 2/25-3/3/12. Check in was easy and pleasant. We were not pestered much by the time share people, but we were interested in the time share option at the time. We were in Tower 1, room 101, first floor on the end. The rooms here are gorgeous I will say. The living room furniture could have been cleaner, but it was still plush and comfy! 2 balconies are a dream, one overlooking lovely lake Bryan and the pool area, the other overlooking Downtown Disney and Epcot. The kitchen had everything I could want, including a blender! Plug in internet only, but I set up my laptop at the breakfast bar area and was perfectly fine with it. We had a large picture window by the dining table that overlooked another resort next door, with a little pond that was nice enough to look at. Beds were comfy, tables and chairs on the balcony were great, but you could sit in the living room chair with a cup of coffee, the sliding door open, and say hello to a beautiful morning in comfort! I was looking forward to our Wednesday breakfast appointment for the time share! We were so ready to consider buying if the price was right!

      Now for the reason why we did not purchase the time share.
      Maingate Transportation.  This resort offers a free shuttle to Disney and Universal daily. The times aren't bad, 2 in the am 2 times back in the evening. The maingate buses are dirty and worn, but I could have lived with that, hello it was free! The drivers however, are another story. We had a pregnant woman who did not wear a seatbelt, and constantly jumped all around like she was on crack! She was flipping off drivers, ran a car off the road, thank god there was a shoulder there and they did not hit the guard rail! She was behind and had guests from another resort that had to go to universal still. Now Downtown Disney is 2 blocks from Blue Heron, she could have dropped us off there. No, we took a long drive to Universal. Ok, sightseeing, fine, however her driving was so erratic we had to hold on to our son because he kept falling out of his seat, and trust me, so did the adults! When she explained to us why we had to go to Universal, she had the lovely manners to say, "And if you don't like it too bad it ain't my F'in fault" Ahhh southern hospitality at it's best. The other driver that evening did not know how to work the wheelchair lift, we sat in the parking lot for an hour, calling maingate repeatedly but they had no staff free to come help. A Disney driver was finally nice enough to come help us. Turn the bus off to work the wheelchair lift, for safety reasons. That was it turn it off....really? We told management at the resort and at Maingate. They said they would work out other transportation for us. They found another driver, who was nice the first morning. Dropped us at the ticket center just when we wanted, and said to call him when we were done and he would be there to pick us up. He never showed! We called three times, he told me to go to the taxi stand and they would help me. Sure did, for $21! RUN FAR AWAY, DO NOT STAY HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR OWN CAR!!!!

      21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      2. Michael M.
      This place is AMAZING! I can't even tell you how amazing this hotel was.  We stayed here for four days and it was great.  The view, the rooms, and the location were all great.  

      The only two down sides were that you had to do your own house keeping and the door locks were not toddler friendly.  All my daughter had to do was pull down on the door and she was out of the room.  

      I would HIGHLY recommend this hotel! If your in Orlando I can't think of any other place to stay.

      14/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      3. T. J.
      If you want a good priced room with a kitchen and extra beds this is the perfect place for you in Orlando. The rooms are very clean and nice. The pool is pretty nice but they could do a better job of keeping the sidewalk clean. If you want an upscale sweet... this isnt for you.

      08/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      4. Ravi B.
      A great and affordable place to stay for your Orlando vacation - you may even forget about the theme parks and chill out here.

      These are condo units with individual owners, but you can book through the website. You can get rates as low as $89 a night for a one bedroom! But, keep in mind this is no regular one bedroom - there are also bunk beds in the hallway and a fold out sofa, so you could probably squeeze 6-7 people in it! There are also two bedroom units available. Our unit was very clean and had a properly accessorized kitchen (pots, pans, dishes, etc.).

      It is located on SR535, about a ten minute drive from Disney and easy access to the Turnpike. There are of course plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby (mainly chains and outlets.

      The 'resort' also sits on a huge lake, which is beautiful and you can rent jet skis and boats nearby to use on the lake. The pool is HUGE and, again, very clean.

      A definite must try.

      05/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      5. Lo S.
      Blue Heron is in a central location.   Lots of places to eat, grocery stores and everything you need within a few miles.  Disney is right across the street.  We watched the fireworks one night.  It was great!  

      It's  a value priced resort.  Meaning....somewhere along the line someone is getting the hook up on some cheap rooms.  This place is for families with children.  BOY WERE THERE LOTS OF THEM.

      However, the lay out of the suite we had was weird too me.  The bedroom was right by the door in the front of the room with 2 full bathrooms.  That may seem strange but it ended up being GREAT!  Both people can get ready without having to wait for the other.  HEAVEN!!  

      The parking garage was kind of tight. I preferred to park in the lot right next to it.  Housekeeping didnt come everyday either.  BUT THERE WAS A HOUSEKEEPING FEE.  

      I would stay here again.  But it was an average hotel.

      04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      6. Kim W.
      I stayed here with my four bridesmaids the night before my wedding at Paradise Cove.  We were blown away at how nice it was!  The unit we rented had two bedrooms and a bunk bed.  It was large enough for all five of us to fit comfortably.  Plus, the day of the wedding we had two more people there doing hair and makeup!  Best of all, the view was fantastic, with our balcony overlooking Lake Bryan.  I am so glad I chose this place.  It made the weekend of my wedding even better!

      10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      7. Chow N.
      A great place to stay while on a Disney vacation.

      I've stayed at a Disney resort before, and this is much better.  The condo was really nice and included a washer/dryer, a kitchen, internet, and a private master suite.

      The only thing missing was a nice restaurant as part of this resort where one can have a nice breakfeast buffet.  The view overlooking the lake was great, plenty of parking, and a shuttle to the Disney resorts was also provided.

      Very close to the major highways, restaurants, and Downtown Disney.

      06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      8. Joel Q.
      Where I come from, we call this a lake, and considering Orlando is land locked, I'm pretty certain I'm right.  

      The hotel sits on a gorgeous lake and has a very nice pool. Accommodations are a great value for the price. It's not top Notch, but generally very clean and quiet and if your looking for a condo type layout with a full kitchen and separate bedroom and bathrooms, you can't go wrong here.

      ...just don't expect white sand and relaxing waves at this "beach" resort.

      26/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      9. Annette P.
      Not sure why all the positive reviews- no internet, sofa old and uncomfortable, bed and mattress need replacing- kitchen ameninities bare- fireworks from your balcony- NOT. Staff extremely rude and not helpful. only positive is location but with about 100 or more hotels, houses and condos available surely you could find one cleaner, better equipped and with wifi.

      Also- shuttle only goes to epcot and to no other parks  thumbs down from this family!!

      04/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      10. Steve L.
      The Blue Heron isn't anywhere near the top of the line in luxury, but for the price you pay, you get so much! The rooms are so affordable and spacious! We had a bunch of rooms booked out here for my wedding and it was like being in college again except we all lived in the same apartment complex.

      The views here are great as well, so long as you're looking at the lake it is. Orlando itself is a dump, but when you look out the windows and over the balcony and all you can see is Lake Bryan, you feel like you're at a much more clean and exotic vacation. A perfect place to relax!

      And the staff is beyond amazing! From the front desk manager Michelle to the night guy Jordan and even all the security officers - everyone is awesome and accommodating! They know you're here on vacation having a good time and are very encouraging and enabling about it. I can't say much beyond that because I don't want to get anyone in trouble!

      But I warn you of this. Stay away from those assholes at the Festiva Resort Club trying to sell you a timeshare. The assholes tried to get me to one of the sessions and even pressed for me to go to their breakfast info session on the DAY OF my wedding! Seriously?

      And here's a helpful hint: The front desk will tell you that you'll have to pick up your parking passes from the desks behind you. That's where the Festiva people sit.  This is untrue. The front desk can give you the parking passes. Ask for these passes from the front desk and if they don't give it to you, then demand them. I didn't once give these Festiva guys my contact information but after my stay there I got calls from them anyway. So beware of them, but have a freaking great time here!

      21/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      11. Mateo M.
      Centrally located to all the amusement parks and right around the corner from the Waffel House. Rooms at about $85 so you can't go wrong. Fireworks on one side of the hotel and a nice calm lake on the other.

      I stayed here on a business trip and was shocked how much space the room had to offer. The place was all mine and didn't get the use it could have. We did have a spare room in our party that we used for eating, games and hanging out and it was great. I played bartender while my colleagues played beer pong! Good times.

      Parking is ok, but can fill up. Spots can be a bit small, but not a problem. They also have a meeting room above their check-in bld. It was large and accommodating.

      They do timeshare this place so expect a come-on sales attempt when you arrive ;)

      30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      12. D B.
      Stayed here recently for 9 nights. The place is clean, good condos and convenient location close to Disney. Also was very affordable. The TVs are 10+ years old so don't
      Plan to use them much.

      Did not use the swimming pool but looked nice plus we had a great view of the lake.

      They also offer shuttle service to Disney Epcot center which works on great in the mornings.

      They also have DVDs available for rent on site.
      Cons -

      1. Almost no walkable restaurant except cici's pizza and falafel restaurant. Did not try any of these. There are many chain restaurants at nearby crossroads mall though.

      2. Th shuttle service almost never worked for us at night because there are only
      2 timings - 8:45 pm and 10:30 pm. 8:45 is too early as you will miss the fireworks.
      10:30 is almost always too late as the fireworks end at 9:15 and the kids are almost always tired and want to go home immediately after.

      We ended up hauling cabs back to the resort which was typically $25+ from Epcot and $12 from downtown Disney and typhoon waterpark.

      08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      13. Sean U.
      We stayed here for a wedding. The room was spacious (we had the one bedroom- fit 5 people) with a washer and dryer and fully equipped kitchen. We thought this place had potential because it had a nice view of a lake (not beach-don't be deceived) and nice set up but was lacking in certain areas. The longer we stayed the more we noticed that it actually was lacking. The first thing we noticed was how horrible the WiFi was. We also could not use our cell phones at all in the bedroom but had to go onto the balcony to make calls instead. Another thing was we started to notice was how dirty the rooms were. We all literally got into the tub to wash our feet multiple times during the weekend because they were literally black from how dirty the tile floors were. They felt sticky as you walked along them. This was just not our room either because we went to two other different rooms to get ready for the wedding (groom/groomsmen's room and bride/bridesmaids room) and they all said the experienced the same thing. Another thing we did not like was we were told they had continental breakfast when we were booking the room on the phone but when we got to the hotel and asked when it started we were told there was a dunkin donuts close to the hotel, so we were lied to on the phone. Overall, the view of the lake was the only thing that really set the hotel apart and made it enjoyable, otherwise I would book somewhere else. Lake Buena vista resort village and spa down the street is nicer (stayed there a month prior to BHBR) and would say to stay there if a lake view is not important to you.

      11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      14. Sean C.
      I found this on eBay and for about $90 dollars for a 4 night stay, I felt I couldn't go wrong. For this price you must attend a 90 min. timeshare tour. My wife & I had no problem enduring one of these because online the views of this place looked so extravagant & breath-taking. Don't get me wrong, the views are stunning & the 2 bedroom condo deluxe didn't disappoint us tremendously. The problem we had was with the management, or the lack thereof.

      It all began before we were able to check in. I called them from the airport to get the address for my gps. I spoke to Stephanie & informed her we'd be checking in for the first time & need to know precisely where to go. She gave me the Blue Heron's address & in 30 minutes we arrived. We could've arrived sooner but the torrential rain caused us to drive slowly. We walked into the lobby dripping wet & that's when she told us we needed to go to a new location to check in. Of course, we weren't happy with this Strike 1. But we obtained the new address & grew even unhappier when she said it was 25 minutes away.

      When we finally arrived at this new location we, again, walked into the lobby soaking wet. We were met by a very pleasant gentleman who spoke to us for a few moments & after realizing we were not listed in his computer as guests told me, "You didn't even have to come all the way here. She could've taken care of you over there." Strike 2. This gentleman then called Angela at the first location & relayed this sentiment to her. I thanked him for his honesty because I'm sure he wasn't supposed to say this to us. 30 mins. later, we were back to square one.

      Upon returning to the Blue Heron & soaked even more, I asked to speak to Angela. She wasn't a manager so I politely asked to speak to one. She informed me a manager would be conducting an "investigation" into this matter & apologized by saying it wasn't her fault or Stephanie's fault this happened. She emphasized it wasn't anyone's fault associated with the Blue Heron, although, she noted that the nice gentleman at the other place should not have been so honest with me. I hope he didn't get into trouble for only speaking the truth. Before we checked into our unit I asked that a manager call me regarding this overt employee ineptitude. Angela promised that one would be calling me back & I gave her with my mobile number.

      Overall, we were happy with the looks of the unit. We were in the 1st tower & had good views of our surroundings. The various beds were comfortable & the entire unit was spacious. The washer & dryer inside our unit was convenient & the fact the hotel provided free laundry detergent was an added convenience. The water pressure in the showers was strong & we never had a problem getting hot water. The pool was beautiful & it was obviously well maintained since it remained clean. There was parking right near the elevator too. Essentially, this unit is conveniently equipped with everything you'd need during your stay. I also think this place is in a fabulous location since there are so many food places nearby.

      Now, time for Strike 3. After the rain stopped we went to Dollar Tree, a few feet away. When we returned to the room I saw a message on the phone. It was from John who requested I call him back. The first thing I asked him was if he was a manager. He beated around the bush & tried not to directly answer me. I again asked him if he was a manager. He then reluctantly informed me he works in the reservations department. It turns out there's no manager on staff, even at 4, 4:30, or at 5 o'clock in the afternoon during the week. Therefore, no manager would be conducting an "investigation" as Angela earlier promised. But, John said, before we would take our timeshare tour on Friday, we would be treated to a free Continental breakfast by the resort. That actually made me feel a little better.

      When Friday came around we were disconcerted to learn how our Continental breakfast consisted of apples, bananas and some Dunkin Donuts. The basic concept of a timeshare company is to woo potential purchasers. If a visitor is happy then he'd be enticed to spend the money, right? For strange reasons Blue Heron is engaged in the contrary. It's quite apparent they aren't selling timeshares with this moronic ideology.

      When I finally did get to speak to "someone in charge" on the day of our timeshare tour, he provided a plethora of excuses for his employees' incompetence & absolutely refused to accept any responsibility. He blamed everyone from the previous owners of Blue Heron to some phantom company booking these timeshare tours.

      BAD: Bedspread was very dirty & had a large hole in it. Housekeeping does a bad job & it shows by the dirt on the floors. No WiFi. They had the old ethernet connection & the cord was only in the kitchen area. How inconvenient. There are 3 old televisions in a 2 bedroom deluxe. This is 2012. For a family resort, there are absolutely no activities to partake in. Not one!!

      30/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      15. Rebecca M.
      Clean, BIG, quiet and had more than enough sleeping and living space for us for the few days we were there. Excellent price for the space. Great location close to DIsney and various Orlando attractions. As it wasn't a traditional style hotel, there wasn't a daily maid service but I preferred that. We didn't need it for the few days we were there. If we go back to Orlando we would definitely stay there again.

      30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      16. Angela B.
      It was a great value. On our honeymoon we booked this condo site unseen through a 3rd party agent (magic memories villas). We were very impressed. We were on the 9th floor with a beautiful view if the lake. We had a one bedroom with a king size bed. There was two bathrooms and there was a bunk bed in the hall. It also had a full size kitchen and a stackable washer and dryer. It was beautifully decorated and stocked with the basic kitchen wares. Plus it's right across from Disney world!! I can see it from the front door!! Awesome!!So happy. We will definitely stay here again when in Orlando.

      30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      17. Dave R.
      Nice accommodations but the traffic was BRUTAL. Christmas week was when we stayed but those looking to come at peak times take notice. It took me 40 minutes to travel from Epcot one afternoon it was so bad. Normally you are looking at being a 10 to 15 minute ride from here to attractions which is great. However while we were here the traffic was bad almost all the time so most trips to parks were much longer. We had a 1br with the bunk in the corridor while an odd set up worked well. We spent our time at parks and downtown so this was really a place to sleep. Traffic issue will have me look elsewhere next time.

      29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      18. Benjamin S.
      The Blue Heron is definitely a bargain if you are ever looking for a clean, non-luxury hotel. At $85 a night, the price cannot be beat. We rented a one bedroom condo for my family of 4, and it was more than enough space for us. My wife and I took the bedroom while the kiddos took the bunk beds. The condo itself is very clean, but we did run into an A/C problem, which made our experience miserable on the first night. When parking, make sure to park on the second level parking deck--it usually has less cars because most people think that the second floor deck is not covered...it is. I think the name to this place is very misleading, though. Orlando is a landlocked city. Therefore, it is impossible for this hotel to have a beach. It is, however, next to a lake. So, I feel it is more appropriate to call it a "Lake Resort".

      30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      19. Laura C.
      Great location, close to theme parks.  Very friendly service, rooms are much bigger than any hotel, and the price is right.  Sitting outside on the terrace after a tiring day visiting the theme parks was a great way to end the day.  The view of the lake was incredible and peaceful. We relaxed by the pool area in the a.m. And took a walk along the board walk by  the lake. It was nice having access to a full kitchen as the parks and restaurants can become a bit costly, especially when traveling with teenagers.  We had plenty of space in the hotel room for our family. Didnt have a chance to try out the water skiing nor the golf area in front of hotel, but next time, we will.  My family can't wait to go back!

      08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      20. T B.
      If there was an option for zero stars this place takes the cake!! Gross bad beds no water pressure... Puke!

      23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      21. Melissa M.
      While the rooms are nice and spacious and the staff is very nice I won't be staying here again. There is no Wifi in the rooms. We booked on Expedia and it was not clear that there was only wifi in public areas. My husband had to do business while we were there and couldn't because there wasn't wifi. The beds are really uncomfortable. They need all new mattresses. There didn't seem to be enough parking for all of the condos. I did like having the washer/dryer, full refrigerator, and kitchen. They were lifesavers when traveling with a young child.

      01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      22. Renee B.
      Even though it was a self service hotel, the experience was surprisingly nice! I guess this hotel used to be some condo or apartment complex because of the layout. The room was very clean and we loved the jacuzzi-style bath tubs!
      We stayed at Tower 1(room 503) if it matters and it was nice of the front desk to call and make sure we were all settled in. FYI The front desk is not attached to the buildings....its on the right side and i think it says "Reception" or something like that.
      I liked that I was able to wash and dry our towels and bathing suits using the washer and dryer in the unit. The bathroom, kitchen and fridge were spotless! The only downside is the outdated furniture and appliances and we tried to order from orderinn.com from the "room service" menu and the operator could not get a hold of them.
      The pool was also pretty awesome and the guys(guy and lady) at the Tiki bar were very friendly. It was crowded in the early morning and evening and even while it was raining, people were swimming. There is not gate or key entry to get into the pool area so I had a feeling some people that didnt stay there were swimming. My BF said he actually saw some people jump a fence to get there....WUT??!!!
      Another negative thing was lack of Wifi in the units....only in the pool area. They have ethernet cords and outlets...not cool at all.
      As far as location, it's very close to downtown disney and a lot of restaurants and shopping like the Outlet Mall. Dunkin Donuts, Cici's pizza and the Dollar Store are right in front. All in all it was quite a different approach to Hotels and i liked it!

      18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      23. Kathy C.
      Blue Heron Beach Resort is one of my top choices when going to Orlando for a short vacation.  We love the spacious accommodation with kitchen and the rate often make this a great value.  Now, I don't think it's a destination resort by any means.  There are two towers with a bit of wacky parking garage.  I don't recall seeing any resort type activities, but you could rent some water sport equipments if you want.  The large balcony makes it really nice to have an early cup of coffee, especially if you get a lake view room.  

      I saw another Yelp review on someone being asked to go back and forth to register... yikes.  That didn't sound good at all.  We have not had any check in/out issues for the number of times we stayed at Blue Heron.  Maybe luck?  Maybe because we booked directly with Blue Heron?  Overall, I am a fan of this hotel if given similar good deals.  A great place to entertain out of town guests when they come to visit us because the accommodation is so spacious.

      07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      24. Rick M.
      This place is absolutely amazing!! The location is perfect being so close to Disney. The pools are fantastic and the view from the balcony can't be beat. After a long day focused on the kids nothing could be better than relaxing on the balcony overlooking Lake Bryan.

      We stayed in a sunrise suite which was very spacious and comfortable. We had a view of the lake from our bedroom and the living room. Having a full kitchen and a washer and dryer was just perfect for our family as well.

      The kids loved the pools, the arcade, their own bathroom and also loved looking off the balcony at night. We have stayed at the Disney Resorts before and they are equally clean and also have nice pools but the space here and view can't be beat for the price!!!

      13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      25. Amber N.
      In February 2013, my husband, sister, niece and I all stayed in a one-bedroom condo and there was more than enough room! Hubby and I took the master bedroom, which was great, and my sister and niece used the bunkbeds instead of the pull-out couch in the living room. They thought that was just fine (and actually, my niece loved the bunk beds).

      It was fantastic to have a full kitchen, two bathrooms (!), a washer and dryer (which we used 3 times) and a balcony overlooking the lake! From what I understand from the front desk, ALL of the condos have a balcony overlooking the lake, so how great is that?!!

      The room was clean when we got there and extremely quiet during the entire stay. It seemed like we were the only people there most of the time even though I know that wasn't the case!

      You do not have daily maid service, but you can pay extra to have someone come in, or they also offer a $20 "mid-week tidy up" if you want. We didn't bother because my sister is a neat freak anyway so we saved the money for food at Disney. LOL. They provide you with a small box of laundry, dishwasher and dish detergents plus paper towels, so you have what you need to clean up. And having the washer and dryer made it extremely handy to wash towels mid-week.

      My husband brought with him a wireless router or something (I'm not a techie.. ha ha) and hooked it up to the internet access provided in the kitchen so we had wifi and it worked great.

      The TVs were small--at least in our unit--but we barely watched them so it didn't matter anyway.

      Pretty decor in our unit and the jacuzzi tub was nice to have!

      Really friendly and helpful staff at the front desk.

      The resort has a shuttle to and from one of the Disney Parks (from there you can get to any of them), but because we were late risers AND late coming back home we never took advantage. The Blue Heron is very close to a Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks so that's where we hit every morning before going to the parks. There are many other stores nearby, and it's across the street from Walgreens, so if you have a car, a zillion things are in easy driving distance.

      Great experience. We would definitely stay here again--especially if there's more than 2 of us. Lots of room!

      21/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      26. S P.
      We loved this place. It's a condo style. We had 2 bedrooms (1 with king (which was comfortable), the other with 2 twin beds. 2 bathrooms, washer/dryer, living room area with a pullout couch, bunk beds in the hallway, full kitchen, bar to eat at, a big table to eat at, & 2 balconies. The pool was great. Continent to restaurants, stores & Disney (free shuttle to Disney/Epcot). There was a shuttle to universal however it was $12 per person each way.  Maid service isn't included but that was ok by us. They provided detergent both for the washing machine & dishwasher.  This may not be the most upscale/posh place but it was perfect for our family.

      07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      27. Jessica C.
      For the price we paid, it wasn't too bad... didn't see any bugs thank goodness.. but the place could for sure use a good scrub down I'm sure the floors hadn't been mopped in a very long time, found a few random hairs in the bed when we first got there and i did my normal room checks.. so to ease your mind you can wash your sheets just to be certain they are clean because the place comes with a washer and drier, very spacious, two bunk beds in the hallway next to the master bedroom which leaves very little privacy, master bedroom was a bit small with a small jacuzzi tub, large living room, full kitchen, with a balcony overlooking the lake, the shuttle service isn't what I expected.. the hours aren't very good and they charge to go to universal... don't let them  talk you into a 90 minute time share we did two seperate ones while in Orlando both lasted anywhere between 4-7 hours, so insane they do not take no as an answer we were stupid for letting it take that long, but the resort staff was great absolutely amazing and helpful it has two kid pools a major big pool with a small hot tub not to mention a beautiful lit walking trail that leads to the lake at night, you can also see the fire works from the front side of the hotel at night along with the epcot ball, and the balloon from dow town disney, I would recommend this place it just wouldn't be my top choice for my personal taste..

      17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      28. Matt G.
      Great find for a touring family.
      Stayed for a week and could of easily stayed longer.
      Awesome location if you have a car. Short drives to all theme parks and outlet shopping. Plenty of dining options.
      Good sized undercover car park.
      Huge pool.
      Great view of Lake Brian and cool board walk/jetty to enjoy.
      Kids slept on bunks, but they require repairs or upgrading.
      Washer, dryer and full kitchen were a huge bonus for a family on the road.
      Only negative was the garbage getting emptied every morning between 4 & 6am.
      Overall, good accommodation for a fair price.

      17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      29. Ryan B.
      As a value in Orlando, especially in summer, this would be 4 stars. But I give it three cause there are some issues.

      For Disney the location is good, they have a free shuttle to Disney, and they can get you a cab to Disney for a $25 flat rate (parking as of 2014 is $17 if you take your car). Either will only take about 15-20 minutes to get to Disney.

      It is clean, but a little dated. They have a nice pool and the lake view is good. Kitchen is fully equipped and there is a washer and dryer. The beds aren't the best, this is one of the issues. If you are sensitive to a new, firm mattress with good quality sheets you will not be happy. But if a bit of a worn out mattress and so so sheets don't matter to ya, then go at it! Again, it is clean.... its just not upscale nor new.

      Other notes: In our place WiFi was good in the living room but not in the rooms. Maid service is NOT included, but can be purchased daily for $15. Staff are friendly and they have an Expedia tour agent in the lobby who can help you arrange your activities. There is a Starbucks and a Subway in the same plaza, a so so pizza joint, mini golf and Dunkin Donuts are next door. There is a Walgreen's across the (busy) highway, about 10 minutes on foot.

      Basically, if you are a family or group prioritizing price, this is nearly 5 stars. Close to Disney, full kitchen, laundry and under $200 a night, even under $100 depending. But on the other side, well, see above.

      25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      30. Kevin T.
      We decided to reserve this resort for three nights because the resort included a full suite with a kitchen and our friends were staying there. Upon arrival the check in process was smooth. Once we got settled into the room which was right next to our friends we noticed a large amount of mold on the shower ceiling. (we have photos) This was due to the shower head seal being broken spraying water on the ceiling. How they didn't notice this when they cleaned the unit before us is not known. Or how long this was like this because mold doesn't grow that much overnight. At this point we dealt with it because we were only there to shower and sleep. Upon checkout on Saturday we notified the front desk. They said the manager would call us back. Robert did call to tell us they repaired the shower head and painted the ceiling but did not offer anything to make up for it or apologize for the troubles. He said to call if we needed anything else. So overall the resort is OK, the views are nice, the gym is outdated, they try and sell you a timeshare presentation at their sister resort and worst part is their customer service to a major issue like mold was not handled like professionals. I hope the sneezing and sick feeling my wife has is a result of a cold and not anything to do with the mold in the shower.

      31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      31. Catherine H.
      We only paid around $100 a night for a huge clean condo, you can't beat that. Staying by the ocean would be better, but lake Bryan
      Is pretty to look at. The balcony views of Orlando are beautiful(even though it's orlando). They have a huge pool, hot tub, game room (needs fresher games tho), and fitness rooms. On the lake you can rent a boat for pretty cheap. It's nearby restaurants and coffee. You can slightly see Disney World from the hallways.

      Warnings: if u do not rent a car- the taxi ride from the airport will set you back 40-50 each way. The resort offers free shuttle to Disney but NOT universal- they offer $12 per a person for a universal shuttle EACH way, a cab would be cheaper if u have several people. They brought a guy with a a beagle into our room to sniff linens for bed bugs, the dog was cute but that was totally bizarre!! The wifi is free but slow.

      07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0