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Floridays Orlando Resort in Orlando, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.37

Address: 12562 International Dr, Orlando, FL, 32821
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Comments (41):

1. David A.
This is the best value for money here on international drive. Clean large new rooms and loaded with all the home furnishing you'll need. Well located to all the theme parks Disney and a stone throw from Sea World. A must stay hotel.

02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Justina S.
Floridays is where we stayed for the last 4 nights of our honeymoon. Our room was as big as our condo! Full on kitchen with and island and dishwasher as well as washer/dryer and 2 bedroom 2 bath. We felt very much at home here. I loved the pool area where a guy was playing live congas and keyboard and singing he was awesome! They also had a nice bar in the pool area wicth topped it off. One day we actually forgot what day it was :) I cannot remember when the last time that has happened. We couldn't remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday maybe even Friday or Saturday. You know your on vacation when that happens!!! I just loved that the master bathroom had a jacuzzi type tub and you could open the shutters which leads you into the bedroom or you can watch TV from the tub. It was a great time!

22/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Amanda R.
First of all, let me begin by saying that I'm no stranger to hotels.  One of my first jobs ever was a housekeeper for a hotel chain, and my first job when I moved to Chicago was Front Desk Supervisor for a 4 diamond golf resort in the suburbs.  So, when I usually stay at a hotel, I tend to nitpick because I know how it works behind the scenes and how it's supposed to be done.
That said, this place is damn near perfect.
Great location... minutes from the airport, SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove, close to shopping and dining, and around the corner from a Publix grocery store and a Walgreens.
The "welcome center" is absolutely beautiful... elegant, comforting, and inviting.  The staff are the most friendly I've ever encountered.  The grounds are absolutely gorgeous... it has the feel of a FAR more expensive resort.  Stunning courtyards, simple yet exotic architecture and colors, flowers everywhere, perfectly positioned palm trees... whoever designed the layout and landscaping of this place is a genius.  The pool is great... plenty of room to allow kids to play and adults to relax.  There's a splash pad and sandy beach area for the kids, and a large lap pool, hot tub, and plenty of deck chairs and loungers for the adults.  The bar is right there, and it features live entertainment every night.  And even if there's too much action at the main pool for you, you don't need to worry; there's a second pool in the middle of the property that's much more laid back.  They even call it the "quiet pool".  :)
Right next to the pool and bar is the Marketplace.  Here, you can find everything from pastries to Ben & Jerry's ice cream to beach towels and sunscreen.  The best part (for me, at least) is they have a small Starbucks inside.  Unlike other resorts, they don't just brew Starbucks coffee... they can whip up just about anything a regular Starbucks can, including espresso beverages, hot or iced.  And it's good, too; I go to Starbucks every morning and get myself a latte, and the Marketplace's lattes were just as good, if not better than, a "real" Starbucks.  Near the Marketplace, they have a small arcade.  Around the corner is the Welcome Center, which has a business center, fitness center, and a small DVD-dispensing machine similar to RedBox where you can rent DVDs.  The concierge is there, too, and man was he fabulous!  He recommended a couple off-the-beaten-path beaches for us and printed us up directions.  He was so friendly and knowledgeable... definitely a good resource!  
Another cool thing is Garden Grocer, which is a grocery service similar to PeaPod.  You pick out your groceries online, and they're waiting for you in your suite when you check in (or whichever time you set up).  This was very convenient.
Now, the rooms...
We got a 2 bedroom condo on the 5th floor overlooking the main pool area.  I was a little worried about noise, but it was perfect.  The room itself has just about everything you could possibly want... two bedrooms, two full bathrooms (one with a two-person jacuzzi tub), a full kitchen with dishwasher, a full dining room, living room with flat screen TV and DVD/VCR player, small table and chairs on the balcony with ceiling fan... and the furniture was SOOOOO comfortable!  I was really worried about getting to sleep in an unfamiliar bed, but it was so comfortable, I not only passed out, but I woke up 6 hours later completely and fully rested (I usually need 7-8 hours of sleep).  The balcony was my favorite part.  I would wake up before the pool opened, sit out on the balcony with coffee or a cup of orange juice and my laptop, and check my email or read the news and watch the staff cleaning the pool (which they did every morning; that pool was sparkling).  Although most of the resort has only wired internet access, I was able to get the WiFi signal from the Marketplace on my balcony.  At night, I would sit out on the balcony or just leave the door open (it was cool enough to go without AC) and listen to the live music and the people laughing and splashing.  Very relaxing and enjoyable :)  
There are only a few things I would recommend to make this resort even better:
1) Toilet seats are uncomfortable and cheap.  They should be replaced.
2) The rooms don't have steak knives.  Kind of an oversight.
3) The bathrooms need more towel racks and places to dry your bathing suites.  Other resorts have retractable lines you can pull out over your shower or bathtub and hang your bathing suites from.  This would be a really convenient addition, especially with how much you're bound to use the pool area.
4) An onsite spa would be fabulous!!!

Other than these really small things, this place is absolutely perfect!

Bottom line:  Clean, safe, comfortable, relaxing.  Big suites, and nearly every possible convenience onsite.  I've never encountered a better place to stay!!!

11/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Mark W.
My five star rating does not mean that this a five star luxury hotel but it is perfect for a vacation in Orlando. Clean large rooms, wonderful pools, great service, excellent for adults or a family all for an amazing price.

05/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Jess M.
We love this hotel, beautiful, amazing room. So clean and huge. Staff wonderful. Parking free and easy

17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. John A.
4 of us stayed here as part of a golf package and everyone seemed pleased with the accomadations. Not ga-ga, but satisfied. Plenty of room for 4 grown men.Very clean. One guy ordered breakfast and it arrived promptly and was very good. We didnt get a chance to try out the pool because it was a bit chilly for early March. One guy tried to get in the hot tub, but said it was full.(Prob cuz it was cold out). Decent location, Publix close by and numerous restaurants within 10 mins. in every direction. I would stay here again.

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Lanie R.
This is not an uber exclusive "Ritzy" hotel. This is a 5 STAR all around bang for your buck great quality hotel!!!!

The rooms are clean, neat, large, and perfect. They have a full kitchen and living room area. The master suites have jacuzzi tubs and are very spacious.
The service was impeccable. The front desk staff was friendly and helpful. The reservation clerks over the phone were gracious and accommodating.

My only complaint was the bar area by the pool is a little toooo "lax". Meaning the service was a bit difficult to get and a stubborn bee that followed me around till I finally surrendered my Margarita to him and watched as he walked around, up and down, on my straw drinking away my drink. LOL. What can you do. Quite entertaining actually watching this, as long as he wasn't chasing me.

For the price of the Resort you simply would be DUMB to stay anywhere else! You can get a 3 bedroom that sleeps at least 12 people for $139/night (ask for Florida residence discount). Simply unheard of!!!

No need to ask or tell where I will be staying in all my future excursions here.

22/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Pete O.
Be sure to read the fine print they have additional charges.

That being said i have few cons of this hotel. Too many over-sized speed bumps I understand slow traffic is neccessary with so many kids around but what is the point of these things being that big. Thankfully, we took our Chevy Tahoe and not our Chevy Malibu as it may have caused damage to the front and rear bumpers. When we got to our room it was very clean dishes, silverware, pots and pans for cooking (Although, they appear clean I still suggest giving them a quick wash in hot water). The bedroom sheets had small stains of either coffee, soda, or dark liquor which didn't disgust me but left a bad taste in my mouth with the prices of the room. The bathroom was very spacious however, the shower flooded (quick fix the friendly staff took care of it promptly). Oh and we constantly had to make a U-turn to gain entrance to the hotel which is still and maybe operating a "temporary entrance" for quite awhile. Parking is a little difficult so if you have a good spot DO NOT move unless you really have too.

Now the pros and i may miss many. The overall look of the hotel is very nice inside and out simple landscaping goes a long way. Two pools both kid friendly with the main pool being somewhat of a waterpark pretty busy so try to get there early. There is a bar if you want to get a drink or eat while you watch your kids or just hangout and catch some Florida rays. The other pool is simple has a hot tub very quite and perfect to sun bathe and if it gets too hot a large cabana will cool you right down. The room is very spacious even the kitchen is a nice size with a table that seats 8 (Most hotels have smaller kitchens and do not offer cookware or a dining table). The bedrooms are large and beds are very comfortable I nearly feel asleep as soon as I laid down. The bathrooms there are 2 are very nice. The master came with a large jaccuzi tub, seperate shower, (dual sinks would have been great there is room) large mirror and enough space for 2 adults to get around in comfortably. The other bathroom was your usaul hotel bathroom and had excellent water pressure. Both showers can run on hot water and no temperature change which is very common in most hotels even at my own home. The other guest bedroom had 2 twin-beds and still had room to get around (unused). You also get a washer and dryer so you may want to bring some clothes from home so you don't run up your water bill :) (They supply you with Tide). Location is excellent maybe 10 minutes from Disney and just off I-4 to head to CityWalk and Universal. The staff was very nice and helpful from room service to the front desk I do recommend this place and would definitely stay here again. As I said I would I missed plenty so check out Floridays Resort. And to all who did not have an enjoyable stay here maybe I'm lucky or maybe your too busy trying to see the down-side of things rather then the up-side. It's a vacation time off work, away from the in-laws, or maybe just time away life is stressful enough relax. With the economy the way it is these days we're lucky to be on a vacation so enjoy it before we head back to the real world and our families, 2 jobs...

Thanks for the time.

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Brian P.
I recently stayed at this hotel while visiting Florida on vacation, the service was ok!  But not what I would expect from the costs of the rooms.

We arrived in Florida and got a ride to the hotel mind you we had to take a taxi because the hotel has no shuttle service to and from the airport.  We went to the main lobby to check into our two bedroom room, and the front desk clerk said no rooms were cleaned but they would store our bags in a locked room while we waited for a room.

After a brief wait we went to the Concierge desk to try to get a ride to Sea World which was only a few miles down the road, the Concierge was a little on the rude side asking us why we would ever want to go to Sea World this late in the day, well it was because we had tickets and got a free second visit.  We were directed to the I-ride service which is public transportation that costs $1.25 per person per trip, pretty reasonable.

We go to Sea World several hours later the hotel calls and says our room is available.  We ended up back at the hotel pretty late into the evening the gentleman at the desk got us our room keys, mind you after changing our room location from a lake side view to a view of the local Benny Hanas but that's ok as we really weren't in Florda to check out the view of our hotel.

We go to the room to find out our room keys didn't work, so it's back to the front desk and it's waiting for about ten minutes for the clerk to bring us new keys.

The room was very nice with one exception apparently some kids occupied the room at some point in the past as our hotel guide book had crayon and what appeared to be snot rubbed all through it.  This is tolerable however as we didn't really have a need to review this book often.

The Rooms:

Kitchen - No Complaints
Dining Area - No Complaints
Bathrooms - No Complaints
Master Bedroom - Broken lamp (wouldn't turn on), and the second lamp out of three in the bedroom had no on/off knob it had previously been broken off.
Second Bedroom - No Complaints

If you stay at this hotel please bring an Ethernet cord for the high speed internet which is more like Dialup mind you as this facility does not have wifi service in the rooms, something I thought was standard these days.  Or you can borrow one from the front desk but be sure yo return it or you'll be charged for it.

The onsite restaurant is a joke to say the least, it's supposed to be like quick service but in reality it's slow service, over priced, and the food as not very good.  My advice take I-Ride one or two stops in any direction and have some Denny's!

The rest of the experience was great.

08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Jen S.
This place is so amazing, I don't know where to start.  Nice South I-Drive location, close to the parks.  Beautiful lobby full of helpful people.  The huge main pool has a kiddie splash zone side that is 1 ft 9 inches deep and has beach style entry, which was great for my 2 year old. It had a deeper side as well, and was heated.   They also had a hot tub, small lap pool, and sandy area for the fun of the beach without the drive.  They had activities for the kids poolside on the weekend (hula hoop contests, water balloon toss).  The poolside bar and cafe was okay - a little pricey for what you got, but tasted fine, though it took a while to get our food.  The drinks were good!  The arcade isnt anything to write home about, but my son liked it.  The shop had a lot of essentials (milk, juice, sunscreen, chips, etc) which was convenient.  The second pool/ hot tub area was smaller and quieter.  They do provide towels by both pools, which is a huge plus, and had lots of tables and chaises.
 Now, the room - so pretty, so clean, full of everything you could possibly need (punch bowl, cheese grater, steak knives, blender, toaster, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, etc etc).  Two packs of dishwasher soap, a scrubber sponge, a box of Tide, and a small bottle of dish soap were also there.  Starbucks coffee and tazo tea.  Housekeeping does a daily refresh (making beds, exchanging towels and soap) but you have to pay if you want a full cleaning while you stay (which we definitely didn't need).  We had the 2 bedroom, two bath plan in building F (the furthest from the main pool, so it was about a 7 minute walk to the big pool, but the smaller pool was way closer).  The master had a king bed, huge bathroom with giant jacuzzi tub and seperate shower, Everything was clean and in good shape.
 The second bedroom had twin beds and we got a pack n' play for our son (which looked brand new).  There was a TV in each bedroom and one in the sitting area - that one even had a DVD/ VCR combo.
 We didn't use the theme park transportation, so I can't comment on that.  The parking fee was included in the resort fee, which makes this a better value than most places.
 Also, we were able to get on the Wi-fi network in our room, which wasn't part of teh amenities, so that was a nice surprise.
 If I were to be nitpicky, the only improvements I could see would be more lighting in the rooms - especially the master bath and the second bedroom.  I could hear noise from the next room (not too bad) and from the walkways out front.  And the bugs on our balcony were so bad we didn't use it - but it's Florida, and we were at the very top of a palmtree overlooking a lake and fountain, so short of screening it in, I don't know what could be done about that.
 If we end up going back to Orlando, we will definitely stay there again.  For around $130 a night, it was more than worth it.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. N. F.
Can't be beat. Stay here if you drove to Florida or have a rental car. They do provide shuttles but you have to reserve your spot days before and they have limited drop-off & pick-up times.

EXTREMELY spacious and well kept. Pool was large and open until 11. Group of 5 stayed here comfortably as opposed to cramming in an overpriced Disney Resort room.

23/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Guy D.
Clean, Comfortable and Located near parks/shopping and close to basic needs. Great service and pleasant staff.

16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Tim H.
Outstanding value.  Outstanding customer service at the front desk. Great pool. Great sandwich shop. Spacious and comfortable rooms. This place was a home away from home. Three bedrooms, two baths (the master was ginormous), full kitchen, laundry room, family room all for an incredibly reasonable price. Everything was clean and worked well. The pool was nice with an outside bar, small arcade(20 games)  but had a lot of great kid friendly features. Shuttles to theme parks. Grocery store,pizza,Mc dee`s, chinese food, liquor store, ect. basically a strip mall 2 blocks away that was quite and clean.. A very nice area. They do charge you a $11-$12 amenity service fee for the hotel. So just an FYI when they give you a final bill when you check out.

24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Minette C.
Ok people, this isn't like a 4 star diamond resort. What you pay is what you get. We, actually, I paid around $80 a night and got a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and it comes with a washer and dryer. That came in really handy, because who wants to go home from vacation, unpack, and do laundry. My clothes were all clean when i got back home!

They do charge you a $11-$12 amenity service fee for the hotel. So just an FYI when they give you a final bill when you check out. The poolside bar is one of the places that actually open late. We checked out Sheraton and The Fountains, everything closed at 10pm. Real bummer, but Floridays is still serving up booze!

I also really like the Concierge, Wildo. He will help you with booking reservations, call you a cab, and schedule you with shuttles. Very nice patient man!

07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Ula H.
Love this place. For the last few years my family and I come here for thanksgiving. So much space, awesome kitchen, and the workers are great....

20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Scott H.
This review is for the catering only.
Ok, my wife had a college reunion here. She gave this place so much business (about 100 guests) and had the resort cater a party.
So, I went to the buffet area and started loading up on apps and then got a delicious looking piece of prime rib. Then I went to get my utensils and there were forks, but no knives. I asked the catering manager where the knives were and she said "They didn't give us any' (????  WTF does that mean)
"What does that mean?" I asked
"They just gave us forks"
"but...I need a knife"
She gave a sheepish look and said "I know, but they didn't give us any"
"But..how do I cut my meat?!"  
A shrug..
Ok, do I really need to explain to a caterer that knives are essential and as soon as I brought this to her attention, her reply SHOULD HAVE BEEN "Oh, I'm sorry, let me go get knives"
At that point my wife walked in and I explained to her what was going on and suddenly the caterer went and got knives.
Sorry Floridays, you will not get a referral from me.

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Andy W.
Pros:  Outstanding value.  Outstanding customer service at the front desk. Great pool. Great sandwich shop. Spacious and comfortable rooms.

Cons:  Housekeeping service was minimal at best and no cleaning supplies in the rooms to even do light wipe downs and clean ups yourself.   Housekeeping frequently left carts blocking walk ways. Late night noise from parking lot effected sleep (on 2nd floor) so would request high floor next time if on parking sides of buildings.

Overall: 5 star value at a 4 star facility

25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Allison J.
As an Orlando local and owner of a travel agency, I am quite particular on hotels in Orlando.  I can say my stay at Floridays was wonderful!  We stayed in the 2-Bedroom Villa and it was very spacious and elegant.  The beds were comfortable and loved the fully equipped kitchen.

The price was incredible for so much space and such a nice hotel.  Floridays is just a few miles from the Downtown Disney entrance and even offers shuttle transportation if you do not have a car.  The resort features a merchandise shop with snack bar, pool side bar, game room, and huge pool with a splash park for kids.  Just the right amount of resort amenities for an Orlando vacation.

Love our stay and will recommend this hotel to our guests visiting Orlando!

14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Lo S.
AHHHHHHHHH...after a 10 day vacation coming from Jamaica, this was our last stop before returing home.  The FLORIDAYS IS SOOOO FAB!! The reception was warm and inviting.  The suites have all the amenities of home which make it a great place. We had loads of laundry to get done before going home and we washed every load.  

We were so exhausted from the trip we almost didnt make it to the jacuzzi.  But, I am so glad we did.  It was great!!!!  My favorite part of the whole visit!  


Absolutely unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course the front desk person had nothing to say about it.  For that reason and that reason only......I would never stay here again.  Maybe someone else wouldn't find that as painfully annoying as I did.

04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Serg I.
Nice pool and fountains. Full kitchen inside suites. Very convinient location, 10 min max from any park.

22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Steve L.
The value and service you get for the money is spectacular.

The resort employees were very nice and fun to chat with.

The food at the cafe is surprisingly very affordable for a resort. The breakfast is an amazing deal. I thought it was a bunch of money for just a small crappy egg croissant sandwich - but it was huge! And it came with yummy home fries too!

My biggest complaint is that it's not easy to get to the pool from all the buildings. You really have to make a long annoying walk if you don't get placed nearby.

And also, the pool is supposed to be warmed year round. My fiancee and I were there during the weekend that Florida experienced FREEZING RAIN! The pool was definitely not warm.

18/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Robert M.
Wow, what an awesome find. OK, I can't take credit for that. A friend put us onto this one and we will definitely do the same.

The prices are GREAT! After going to Orland several times and being financially raped by the big entertainment companies, this is a wonderful relief. Perhaps 1/2 to a 1/3 of the theme parks fees and so many more amenities.

This place was a home away from home. Two bedrooms, two baths (the master was ginormous), full kitchen, laundry room, family room all for an incredibly reasonable price. Everything was clean and worked well. The pool was a bit smaller than anticipated, but had a lot of great kid friendly features.

Along with the value theme of this place (but it doesn't have the appearance of anything but wonderful stay), the pool bar was reasonable. They also had a nice deli/store with everything you might have forgotten at home.

I liked the lay out of the place, but it could feel a bit more secure by putting a fence around the entire area and maintaining a gate. Also, the entrance is VERY hard to find the first time. They have a HUGE sign for the resort, but it isn't near the entrance. I think they had plans for a much larger area and the recent economy caused them to phase the build in.

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Matt D.
My friends and I stayed at the Floriday's Resort for a long weekend recently and we have nothing but great things to say!

From the moment we arrived we felt welcomed and the staff seemed to be just as excited for us to be on vacation as we were ourselves! At check in we were greeted by Mariam who quickly had us checked in, up to speed on the resort, and answered all of our questions about the surrounding area without ever once letting a smile leave her face. She seemed to anticipate every question we might ask and had great answers, pamphlets and maps ready to go which made our trip so much easier!

At the room we were very impressed with how well maintained everything was. Again, all of our needs had been anticipated and there was a fully furnished kitchen. This was great as we stocked up on groceries at the Publix just down the street and were able to save a ton of money on food costs for the rest of the trip.

Right after arriving we took advantage of the smaller of two pools (although it is still larger than most standard hotel pools) and again were impressed at how immaculately Floriday's maintains their property.

I should also mention how great their concierge desk is. We were in town for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and forgot to print our tickets before leaving home. This ended up being no problem as we simply forwarded them to the concierge who printed them for us. She then gave us a very helpful map of the park's attractions and several tips for getting the most out of the event. (*Unfortunately we can't remember the name of the concierge but if anyone from management reads this, the woman working on the evening of Saturday, October 19th deserves recognition for her great service!)

A final word in regards to building placement also seems to be in order. We were placed in Building D. This is not immediately adjacent to either of the pools or the bar. However, this was absolutely no issue at all. Within minutes we could be anywhere on the property. In fact, if one were to walk from one end of the resort to the other it would still be quicker and shorter than just walking to the nearest pool at many of the better known mega resorts associated with the parks in the area.

Our entire experience was wonderful and the resort provided us with a tremendous value! On our next trip there is no question as to where we will be staying!

27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Hoi I.
this resort was pretty amazing.  took a star off b/c we were placed in building F which is allllllllll the way in the back past the operation building.  TIP: request a closer building and def not building F.  when we drove to our room we had to play dodge the employees in their carts.  There are 2 pools here... 1 is the main one with all the fountains and such and the 2nd is near building E which is smaller and with a hot tub.  We opted to hang there instead b/c there were a lot of kids in the main one... we just wanted to relax in the quiet.

The 2 bdrm room is so spacious and clean!  And the staff was super friendly.  We checked in late around 1230AM and the front desk person was able to check me in in less than 5 mins.  

There are shuttles to the theme park.  It's about 2 a day for disney... there's an updated schedule for the shuttle on the resort's site.

would def stay here again next time I'm in Orlando.

16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Mara F.
I got the 3 bedroom.  Good size two double beds in t2 rooms and a nice king size in one. Nice sized bathrooms and awesome kitchen with all utensils. Oh and washer dryer. Clean rooms nice linens and pillows.  My go to hotel in Orlando when traveling with my big family.

23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Chris C.
My family and I are staying here currently.  We read a number of very positive reviews and have found the resort to be everything that was written and then some!  It is obvious that customer service is emphasized.  Just one example is that I requested a late check out for tomorrow.  The front desk staff member, in this instance Kristen, bent over backwards to accommodate my request.  I'm confident that if I asked another member the response would be exactly the same.  
Across the board the resort was excellent in all areas and to finish we already recommended to friends looking to visit Disney!

07/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Chuck T.
Great location, friendly staff, large suites, and good pools. I have stayed here five times and always have enjoyed a pleasant experience.  The only negative I can think of is that some of the furnishings and linens are showing their age.   Beyond that minor quibble, I highly recommend this resort for anyone visiting Orlando with a family.

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Gillian L.
We stayed for 5 nights (writing this as we check out). We loved the 2 bedroom suite, it was nicely furnished. Still had box tvs in the bedrooms (not a big deal to some, but there wasn't any HD at all). Washer and dryer in room came in handy! My biggest complaint was there were never ANY towels by the pool. We went 5/6 days we were there and there were never any towels available, even at 9 am with only 15 people there. We also were told towels would be switched out every day so instead of conserving, we threw ours on the floor as told. We weren't serviced one of the days. They emptied our trash in one bathroom and the kitchen, then left the overflowing trash in the other bathroom and our pile of wet towels on the floor with no replacements. Disappointed there wasn't an actual restaurant on the property. There is a diner with great breakfast, and good food all around but it's not really dining friendly. Starbucks is also served. It's a 10 minute drive to Disney. We chose to park as the hotel's shuttle had to be scheduled 24 he's in advance and went to ONLY Epcot. We weren't thrilled at that and having to find transportation. The pool was great for the kids!

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. James P.
Location is great. Right next to Disney World and Sea World. For the amount of space you get for a suite the prices is very good. You get a full kitchen and laundry.  Suites are decorated nice and not out of date. Highly recommend!

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Abby H.
For our spring vacation I decided to go visit Universal Studios. After doing some research, Floridays seemed to get great reviews, so we decided to stay at a 2 bedroom. I was surprised that there was a huge living room and a full kitchen. The masters bedroom had an amazing Jacuzzi and every room was clean. I was shocked at how great the pool, bars, and location was. My experience here was nearly perfect. I will definitely come back and stay here if I ever go back to Florida.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Carla J.
My family and I stayed at the Floridays over the New Year for the week.  We had a comfortable clean room.  My family was really please with our accommodations here and we enjoyed all aspects of the resort.  The rooms are a great size, there is a washer and dryer in the unit.  The price was fantastic and all the staff were friendly, helpful and professional.
The back hot tub was not working and the swimming pool closer to the "D" building was not very warm so we walked to the main pool by the lobby.  
There was a little bit of congestion with the area outlets and traffic getting around that immediate area but other than that I would recommend staying here for families.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Robert L.
Stayed here for 2 nights with my family and really only good things to say. First we loved the room. A great rate for basically a condo house, we were 5 and all were very comfortable, front desk were very pleasant and to top it off we forgot our phone in the room and only realized 2 hrs later after checking it. They found it and had it waiting for us!!! That along is 5 stars!!!!

We will be back.

08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Mario V.
Absolutely love this place! I've stayed here twice in the past two years and I don't have one bad thing to say. Friendly staff and an amazing room! I've always stayed in the two bedroom condo and it has a ton of room. Nine ppl can sleep in this condo with no problem. I will never stay anywhere else if I'm in the Orlando area.

08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. joe t.
Great place and a great value!

The two bedroom condo was spacious. There was a washer and dryer and full kitchen, both of which were invaluable. The beds were large and comfortable and the place was very clean It had a nice little balcony that overlooked the pond/fountain thing.
    The pool area was great. The pool bar was decent, if somewhat pricey for what it was. The staff here is awesome. Just friendly and helpful.
        Oh yeah, it's about eight minutes to Disney's front porch.
   They lose a star because of the greasy "resort fee". I don't care if everyone's doing it. It smacks of an unwelcomed reach around. Just raise your rates and forgo the slimy add on.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Vic G.
It was a great experience staying here at Floridays. We were here for a week during the second week of September. Great location on International Drive if you choose to not stay at one of the Disney or any of the Theme resorts. There were many great things about this resort and very few or almost no negatives. Here is a quick recap:

- The rooms: We had a great 3 bedroom suite on the first floor. The furniture was very well maintained, the kitchen had almost everything one would need for cooking, very well equipped with a big fridge, microwave, oven, electric stove top et al. There was an in suite washer dryer too. A huge bathroom with the master bed almost gave it a home like feeling. The second bathroom was very big too. Helps when traveling with a big family. Our suite used to be clean, spic n span when we returned everyday from the theme parks.

- The Pools: One of the highlights of our stay here was the pool. The big pool is super clean and beautifully designed, keeping the kids in mind. The middle section is the deepest making it extremely safe for the kids and for adults who accompany them to stay vigilant as well. Plenty of lounge chairs, ample supply of towels, and a smaller private pool near the bathrooms. Not to forget the in ground hot tub. I didn't go near the hot tub because it was so hot in Orlando as it is. But it was almost always busy (capacity of max 6 to seat without being too crowded)

- The Bar: Again, a great highlight given it was right next to the pool area. They had nightly drinks' specials which everyone was enjoying. Quite a few TV screens to catch the live games, that could be viewed while in the pool too. Just fantastic set up. Oh yes - they played pretty decent tunes as well (whichever sirius radio channel that was on). The food menu was extensive and catered to different tastes in case you were hungry at an odd hour.

- The convenience store: My peeps made good use of the convenience store with essentials that some had forgotten to pack. Very useful indeed.

- Front Desk / Concierge: The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout our stay. We never had an issue with anything. The concierge used to book our daily shuttles to the parks for both ways. We did have trouble getting on return shuttles a couple of times but we got used to it and wasn't a big deal. As a word of caution, the return shuttles leave exactly on time and sometimes early. So plan accordingly - especially SeaWorld and Aquatica shuttles.

- Nearby: There is a huge Publix steps away from the resort in a nearby strip mall which has other conveniences as well - pharmacy, liquor store, restaurants, etc. The i-Trolley has a stop on the street to take you to the parks or any of the International drive attractions, restaurants, etc.

In summary, we will come and stay here again if we aren't staying at any of the Theme resorts.  And yes, they had free WiFi too that actually was pretty effective.The fact this is a rather new a property, everything seems to working perfectly like a well oiled machine. Kudos!

23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Ruby M.
We stayed here for our honeymoon. The first room we were in the tub seal wouldn't hold water so Andrew at the front desk quickly moved us to a different room and even sent a very nice security guard Aubrey to escort us safely at 1 AM. The new room tub worked perfectly and we were very pleased to have the bubblebath of our dreams. The condo was beautiful and spacious the tub and the view were the best part.

If you are gamers there are no HDMI hookups or RGB, only old school white/yellow/red RCA cable hook ups.

04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Daniel M.
Overall, the hotel has pretty good staff, very clean amenities and rooms. The restaurant of the hotel, located by the pool, has good service and follows special requests very well. In general, it
Is a reliable hotel and well managed, however a few BIG setbacks are the rooms are pretty old by now and definitely need remodeling and not enough parking at night, when the hotel gets busy. Also, the Internet and cellphone signals are very SLOW a in the ROOMS, which can be a burden for today's tech driven society.

24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Sommer A.
We were very happy with our decision to stay here! We booked a 3BR suite for 6 people. Although, it would have been big enough to sleep 8-12! Loved the full kitchen, and the giant tub with the jets. It was an incredible value, I think after taxes and fees it came out to $170 (split between 6 people).

The staff was friendly, the free shuttle is awesome, and the rooms and recreation areas were quite nice! The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was 1 - the washer had some maintenance issues (we probably could have called to get moved to another suite, but I didn't feel like packing everything up!) 2- The TV's weren't able to connect to our Wii that we brought. (But who goes to Orlando to play video games, anyways?)

Definitely recommending this place to our friends and family. Hope to stay again soon!

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Jeff C.
Our last visit in November 2011 was our 5th stay at Floridays. A friend of ours turned us on to them due to the size of the rooms. They sleep around 10 people, but for us it's a great way to seperate the kids for sleeping.

The rooms are great. They've always been clean and unless you have housekeeping service it's your job to keep it that way. All the supplies you could possibly need are at your fingertips. Every piece of kitchen stuff, washer & dryer...you name it. I think of it as renting a condo rather than a hotel room.

Rooms are basically the same for 2 & 3 bedrooms. They literally pop a 3rd bedroom on the larger unit....aside from that they are exact same in size. Location is great on South International Drive. Getting in the place can be a little challenging the first time, after that you've got it no problem. There is a Publix grocery store a few blocks away. Driving would be easier, but you could walk it. I don't think it has a sidewalk all the way.

Also in the area: a walgreens, domino's pizza, Bennihana and a ton of stuff. Plus the Premier Outlet Mall is less than a mile away, so shop till you drop.

We love bringing our kids here. They have space to move around while we're not at the parks. We save big money by eating in & having snacks available. The pool is nice. Not a whole lot of the kids, but it's a very nice resort style pool.

The condo is great overall...for the money, you can't beat it.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Thuc N.
The good:

- Suites with full kitchen, refrigerator, dish washing machine, washer and dryer. In other words, it provides the convenience of home away from home, especially when traveling with kids. For a couple of nights, we were able to buy food from a nearby grocery store, and make dinner at home. Our kids loved it when we didn't drag them to restaurants.
- Good location. This place is right there in the middle of most themed parks. Most parks are within half an hour. During our stay, we went to SeaWorld, Gator Land, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, all within a few minutes of driving. The Premium Outlet is a couple of minutes from this resort. There are also a number of good restaurants in the area.
- Nice pools. We went to both pools during our stay there. Both were clean and well stocked.

The bad:
- The on-premise cafe is a bit small. We went there for breakfast and the wait was long.
- I'm not sure about the "state-of-the-art" claim to the fitness center. I like to work out even when traveling. However, I found that the fitness center was quite modest for such a big resort. There were a couple of treadmills, two ellipticals, and some weight equipments, but no free weights. I couldn't get a turn at the treadmills at all. Also the ventilation was terrible in the fitness room. They could have put a fan there.
- We were put in building F, all the way to the back of the resort. It was a bit of a walk to the main building where the cafe, fitness center, front desk, big pool, etc., were located.
- The suite was a bit old, and needed some renovations.

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Craig R.
Very nice two bedroom suites. Very well decorated and very clean. The pools are heated and well maintained.  My wife and two young kids had plenty of room to spread out. Our suite included a washer and dryer... In addition to the full kitchen. Only a 15 minute drive to Disney.

17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0