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Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.77

Address: 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Ln, Orlando, FL, 32821

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    Comments (132):

    1. Scott H.
    I enjoyed our recent stay at the Bonnet Creek.  I thought the hotel staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and my kids loved the pool with the lazy river.  My only complaint is that I felt slightly "nickle and dimed" with the $5 per day rental of the tubes for the pool.  We happed to have bought ours for $10 instead (we were there for 4 days), but had to constantly keep an eye on them so they wouldn't be taken (we had 3 for each of our kids).  However, on the whole I was pleased with our stay and would come back again.

    03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Melissa M.
    I recently stayed here for a seminar and even though the hotel was very clean and beautiful. I most likely would not stay there again. For the amount of money you pay per night you can find another beautiful and clean hotel in Orlando at least offers Free Wifi and Continental Breakfast. We also had to get up to go order our drinks at the bar which really stinks when you are sitting at the other end of their huge pool. Plus once over there it took 30 mins to order our 2 drinks. With all the amazing hotels in Orlando I think they need to get with the program. For the amount of money you spend per night I would expect something extra besides a comfortable bed. Almost every hotel in Orlando has nice rooms and a lazy river. the hotel staff was very friendly but for $200 a night unfortunately it's not enough. Also they tax you per night and per person so we had an extra $50 added on our bill at the end.

    05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. P M.
    This building has closed. The new property is on the Disney resort complex, located at 14100 bonnet creek parkway.

    26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Joe H.
    We stayed at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek for a week about 2 months ago.  The hotel is very new and therefore very clean.  The room is modern and very comfy.  The large pool with the "river" like streams around were fun.  Room was large.  The shuttle to Disney World was very convinient.  I only wished that there is more offerings/choices for grocery at the hotel store, such as more fruit, drinks, etc.  Also grocery was way over-priced.  For someone who have to stay in the hotel for an extended period of time, there should be better offerings for grocery.  This is the only reason I am giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.

    17/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Amy L.
    We stayed here for six nights.  After a full day of travel from the West coast, all we wanted was a comfortable bed and a chance to get settled in.  Turns out we would have to wait- the hotel had overbooked for the night and they were sending us to another hotel until the next day- strike one (they did comp the night which helped).  We checked in the next day and after paying for a suite overlooking the pool, we were placed in a room overlooking the roof- strike two.  After standing in line for 20 minutes to talk to a manager, we were finally moved to the room we had booked.  At this point, we just wanted to kick back and enjoy the time there but the subpar experience didn't end.  Walking to and from our car everyday, we were nearly run over by hotel employees who drove like they were on the freeway.  I would NEVER stay here if I had kids.  I'll give this half a strike.  Finally, when we went to check out, the hotel asked how our experience was.  We were honest and told them we had problems.  To compensate, they offered to pay for our breakfast.  Ok, that was nice.  When I got home and checked my credit card statement, the breakfast charge had been applied.  It took two messages to the accounting department and one demand to speak to a manager before this charge was finally removed.  Big strike three.  The amenities were nice and the location is convenient but when customer service is so terrible, it sours the entire vacation.  Don't waste your time here if you want a relaxing vacation.

    10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Jaime O.
    Fine hotel.  Its clean and well maintained.  They offer recycling in the rooms.  The pool area is very nice.

    10/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. D J.
    it took 5 1/2 hours to get my cases back during a tear down on a show that had 20 booths. I wouldn't recommend having an trade show here since they only have one elevator to bring in your gear.

    22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. JJ Z.
    This is a truly great hotel, for every reason except the food; the expensive italian restaurant is the only on worth noticing.  The bed is great.  It's brand new and kept very clean.  Nice furnishings and decor in the rooms.  The pool is fun, despite the lack of a deep end.  The grounds are pristine and very nice to walk around.  It expensive there, and not the most convenient for getting to Disney facilities, but if you choose to stay here and visit Disney, you probably want to be able to get away.  I'd rate it a 5 if they had a better selection of decent food and a free shuttle to & from the airport.

    01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Margaret P.
    nice hotel with everything one could need, and that's a plus since you are pretty much sequestered from the rest of civilation when you are inside the disneyworld resort.

    awesome pool with a lazy river and waterslide!
    fun karaoke bar
    24hr snack store downstairs
    friendly and extremely helpful staff
    nice gym
    beautiful grounds

    great conference hotel. not sure about bringing your family, though.

    02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Katrina R.
    This hotel was beautiful.  It was great that it connects to the convention center!  It was also nice that we could take the shuttle to all the parks and downtown disney.

    05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Maria B.
    Great hotel and excellent customer service! We had a mistake with breakfast and they sent card with apology and cheese platter later that afternoon.

    26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Anon P.
    This is NOT a family hotel!  They are trying to sell it as such but it screams business, business, business.  There were many annoying things about this place.


    * Very clean, if plain
    * Very quiet
    * Very comfortable bed


    * They nickel and dime you on everything.  At the lazy river you have to RENT the inner tubes for $5, instead of just grabbing one as it goes by.
    * ... which means you have to keep track of yours and carry it with you the whole day.  What a pain in the ass.  Also, NONE of the tubes are adult-sized - you will only be able to sit, not lay down in one.
    * There is no playground. The arcade is meager.
    * There is no laundry room.  This screwed up our schedule.  They charge per item to do your wash,  cheaper to just buy new clothes - which we ended up doing.
    * Parking is a very long walk and cost $13/day.  The parking scanners didn't work well and many cars would line up while one person was trying to get out

    Nice try Hilton, but we won't be back!

    28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Brittany S.
    We have stayed at the hotel twice and each time have wonderful service and a great time overall.  We've eaten at their restaurant, La Luce, and it was one of my favorite dinners ever!  The hotel rooms are clean and still feel new.  The pool is great for kids- we had a wonderful time in the lazy river and our daughter loved the zero-entry pool.

    26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Alex R.
    Was only there for a business meeting but it was awesome, beautiful hotel!!!

    19/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Stephanie R.
    This review is well overdue. I have stayed at the Hilton Bonnet Creek numerous times and still enjoy it more than the Waldorf Astoria next door. Possible? Why yes it is! This hotel is kept in an immaculate state no matter the date, time or amount of guests they have. They have everything you could possibly ask for in a luxury hotel for an amazingly competitive price. Not once have I stayed here & had a single complaint. Their staff is extremely friendly and more than accommodating right then and there. The (heated) lagoon style pool and water slide are an added bonus to the detail that the Hilton has put into this establishment. I've stayed here during all 4 seasons and am impressed with the ambiance each time. Although this is in "Disney country", you could not tell other than by their gift shop. Decorations are elegant and carefully thought out. They have a bar and a cafe that serves food, pastries, wine, beer, coffee...whatever your pallet is in need of. Don't pass on the opportunity. Fan them on Facebook and see the discount codes come rolling in. Call and ask for the FL resident rate - you'll wonder if maybe their computer is spitting the wrong prices out & if you'd be guilty of stealing for not saying something.

    21/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Liz J.
    second time we're here this year - love this place!  the pool with the lazy river is awesome, onsite dining delicious and its quiet.  rooms are cozy, bed are comfy, tv choices are good (except reception can be spotty during storms), free internet when you're a Honors member.

    only complain today is about pool-side dining service: waiter was slow/no enthusiasm, my salad had no beans/corn on it (had to ask him to get me a dish, which took 15 minutes), the music is odd and obnoxiously loud, and the lady behind us was smoking (no fault of the hotels of course).

    07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Hilary V.
    I stayed here for work for six days.

    It's a very nice hotel--decorated well. The hotel staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

    The hotel is a bit isolated, particularly from downtown Orlando, but seems to have decent shuttles (I didn't use them).

    The pool is great with a water slide, plenty of chairs and a bar/restaurant.

    The food is really overpriced, but the burgers at the bar were good. I wasn't a fan of the Italian restaurant-limited selections and bit overpriced, but the pizza was good. I'd stick with the food at the bar which, like I said, was overpriced, but pretty good.

    29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Wendy E.
    We were all set to spend some serious time at Disney as we "won" some tickets in our school's auction.  Disney was posting record numbers and even closing due to overcrowding.  So we did the best thing we have done in a long time.  We sat by the pool.  We bought a big blow up dragon and two inner tubes and floated on the lazy river.  We ate lunch poolside and didn't research the best haunt to go to.  We watched tv in our room.  We do not do this EVER.  It was such a great time for us.  Super clean, very modern and beautiful and the staff was well trained in friendliness, but not obnoxiousness.  Brunch line looks overwhelming but moved very quickly and the food was great...Loved the singing waiter!!

    11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Jonathan A.
    Stayed here during a recent trip to Orlando with the family.  The pool was enormous, and the kids absolutely loved the water slide and lazy river.  The lobby and general decor of the hotel is excellent, and the staff was generally very friendly and accommodating.  

    The only downside was that the bus service to the Disney parks was a bit spotty and not as frequent as I expected to market the hotel as having super easy access to Disney.  Overall, though, a very nice hotel and good experience.

    17/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. M P.
    I had a great stay at the Hilton Bonnet Creek.  I brought my nieces with me on our annual Disney trip and found this at a great rate off of hotels.com .  The staff was very friendly.  The rooms were nice and clean.  The lazy river and pool area were amazing.  The nieces wanted to leave the parks early to hang out at the pool.  When a hotel pool trumps Mickey, you now you have a good thing.  
    The restaurants were fair.  I don't think they were spectacular, especially for the price but the kids liked it so I guess that's what matters.  
    I would definitely stay here again!

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Sharon G.
    The nicest conference hotel I have ever stayed in!

    When I checked in, they asked what kind of room I wanted and I asked for a quiet room.  Well, that means a view of the AC system out the window but the room was comfortable and was quiet as requested.  No bathtub but nice rain-style shower head.  No minibar but a fridge - I consider that a plus.

    Cheeseburger from room service was - get this - delicious and on time.

    Coffeeshop off the lobby had awesome espresso drinks, pastries, and sandwiches/salads at lunchtime.  Usually coffee is so bad in hotel lobby shops!

    Didn't eat at the pool restaurant or the Harvest restaurant but heard the pool restaurant was good.  Service was pretty relaxed (read - slow) so having just an hour for lunch, it was hard to eat in the restaurants.  Fancy Italian restaurant was wonderful.

    Pool - more of a floating creek, do not have any illusions that you can actually SWIM.  Full of kids on various flotation devices.  Pretty empty at 6 am, however, but you'd have to swim the "river" with its turns and twists.

    Exercise room - modern equipment, well-maintained, and empty at lunchtime.  Towels and water available, also TV screens on the cardio equipment.  Windows to the pool so you can watch the masses in the humid heat while you are exercising in air-conditioned splendor.

    Shuttle to Disney properties - fine but not frequent enough.  In the evening, there was a 5 pm shuttle, and then a 7:30 one (or something like that).  Would have liked more flexible shuttle service in the evening.

    18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Meredith O.
    Beautiful property!
    Stayed four nights here recently for a business conference.
    From the moment you get out of your mode of transportation, the hotel service is superb. Greeting you when you walk in, opening doors, etc..this is the type of service you pay for.
    The grounds at the hotel are spectacular. Located right on a golf course and the Disney parks are only steps away. The rooms were sparkly clean and brand new. Extremely comfortable beds and the bathroom rocked ! Seriously, I cant even think of a bad thing to say about this place. I visited the coffee stand every morning and the conference rooms and area was really nice too. The hotel is on one side, conference center in the middle and then the Waldorf Astoria hotel on the other side. Really well planned out hotel. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting for pleasure or work. It made my business trip more enjoyable.

    04/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Katie W.
    Maybe even 4 1/2 stars.

    Despite a couple of glitches, the decor, staff and comfort of this hotel reminded me of the Four Seasons I stayed at a few years ago.  That impressed me for a Hilton (sorry Hilton, I'm just sayin').

    I'm sure that staying as part of a convention may have colored my opinion - but I would stay here on my own dime without a second thought if I were in town on vacation.

    I agree with the other review about the thin walls.  It only bothered me once - though unfortunately that was at 3:30 in the morning - when my neighbor decided to bang drawers for 20 minutes.

    There was also a bit of inconsistency with the quality of the drinks at the bar by the pool.  The day I arrived - Friday - we had cocktails and lunch by the pool.  The white sangria I had was absolutely delicious!  But when we ordered the same drink on Sunday - when the bar was "overwhelmed" according to our server - it was not even close to the same drink.  That was disappointing.  I'll hope that this part of the experience has something to do with the newness of the hotel, and that once they've become better established it won't happen again.  One person in my party refused to drink hers, and they took it off the bill with no problem.

    I was hoping for a bathtub, but was happy with a tiled shower with glass doors - much nicer than you standard hotel bath/shower combo.
    The bed was comfortable,and the rooms, hallways, grounds, and conference area were all immaculate.

    I really enjoyed my stay.

    26/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. grace c.
    Hilton, while a well known hotel worldwide, have never done much to impress me. So I think that helped with this particular Hilton - low expectations added on to the fact that it had opened just this past September that I was quite impressed by it's grandeur and modern deco.

    Because this hotel is in the vicinity of Walt Disney World, they provide shuttles to all the different theme parks and downtown Disney, which makes it very convenient for tourists who opt out of renting a car.

    My ONLY complaint about the hotel - which otherwise would have make this stay perfect - is the SHOWER! It's a very nice shower with a big shower head but once you turn on the water, you'd realize that the shower is visually appealing and lacks completely in functionality as there is barely any water pressure. I literally had to cup my hands to collect water to splash on myself in order to get all the soap off!

    04/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Elijah C.
    Always a great place to stay. The pool is is fun for little kids and adults. Also in the back of the hotel is a pretty sweet golf course.

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Sam R.
    Stayed here for 3 nights with my family on a quick getaway.  Excellent location and great guest service.   When we arrived the rest of my family checked in while I self-parked the car.  The garage is easily accessible and Level 2 connects to a breezeway that is a direct walk back to the Hilton.  

    We were initially given a room that was occupied.  Luckily, the current guests weren't there.  My family traipsed it back to the front desk and the problem was quickly remedied.  Shortly after we were getting settled the gentleman at the front desk who felt responsible for the mix-up hand-delivered an apology letter and some game room tokens for the kids.  So that was cool.

    The beds were great, linens clean and fresh, furnishings very nice - everything looked and 'felt' clean.  There's a handy little desk on casters underneath the main work desk that we used for the kids to eat breakfast and snacks on.  The rooms that face the pool have a great view of the Waldorf golf course as well as various snippets of Disney attractions.  You can even catch some fireworks in the distance at night.  

    The prices for all food and beverages were totally on the corporate expense account scale, which is tough on the pedestrian family wallet.  Also a surcharge for in-room internet (who charges for internet anymore ? Argh!).  So, we didn't have much food from the hotel.  We did get lunch by the pool one day - which was fundamentally overpriced - but at least the food was pretty good.  

    Excellent pool area - lazy river has a good current flowing through it.  Plenty of chairs and towels and various areas to hang out.  It looks like nearly every night there's a kid's movie by the pool - which is fun.  The kids disappeared making friends and playing in the river and the slide.  I was surprised at how fun it was to hang out in the river.

    The walkway of pavers that is on the other side of the perimeter fence of the pool area offers a pleasant stroll over to the Waldorf and the golf course clubhouse and practice area.  The WA golf facility is top-notch and the twilight rates were surprisingly not bad.  I didn't get a chance to play the course, but we hit balls and used the practice green (for a fee) - and with my two young boys that was a blast.

    We had a fantastic time and I wouldn't hesitate recommending this hotel to anyone.  If you're coming to go to theme parks, you could really hit a home-run on your vacation by finding a day just to hang out and relax.  It would make a trip that much more memorable in my opinion.

    18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Beth D.
    I'm so happy! An Orlando hotel that isn't dripping with Disney and the shrill of shrieking kids.

    Why I love this hotel:
    1. Comfy comfy well-decorated rooms. The bed is great, the room is spacious, the decor is fresh.
    2. New! Opened in Oct 2009 so everything is pristine.
    3. Friendly staff.
    4. QUIET! I haven't heard another guest although I see them when I walk around.
    5. A pool area that looks both fun and relaxing.

    Stay here!

    12/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Paul P.
    The Hilton Bonnet Creek is a rather new hotel. It was design to host business conferences and small trade shows. This Hilton shares a property with the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Between the two hotels is a substantial conference space with some of the latest technologies and equipment.

    Staff are well trained and pleasant. The hotel is easy to find you way around with well marked signs and large hallways with huge windows over looking the pool.

    To get here from Orlando International Airport (MCO) it is a $55 - $60 taxi ride or an easy MEARS Shuttle.

    Golfers will enjoy the ease and accessibility of the Astoria course.

    There was something very specific in the design of this hotel. It was made for conferences. It is a destination location year round where you can bring the family. They can take one of the dozens of daily shuttles to nearly all the Disney property. You can have high end business at the Astoria and the average business travler at the Hilton.

    While the hotel is new and has a lot of great qualities there is a down side as well. Like so many properties built in the Orlando area in the last twenty years the place seems poorly constructed. With thin walls I can easily hear people in the hall and especially my neighbors.

    Security seems to be well established here - there are several "officers" on segways scooting around the halls and property. My door is very heavy and almost a struggle to open - but it is solid. There are also the new auto bolt locks on the door when you are in the room.

    There are only a few choices on the menu and for property meals. But you are close to lots of Disney action and International Drive if you are going out.

    The bigger question that remains about this location, and the Orlando area, is it better to rent a car for your stay, shuttle around, or jump in a cab? Having come to this city for years I rarely rent, but always feel trapped on properties.

    Over all the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort is a solid place to take your family when you are attending a conference. There is a lot to do. If you are a conference director this should be on your list of locations to walk through if you are considering Orlando.

    Good, very good for business and family.

    06/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Jeffrey S.
    I agree with grace c. The shower head in my room was barely operable. This was clearly a choice made by someone behind a desk far far away with more fashion sense than common sense.The rest of the hotel was exceptional and the customer service was top notch. Very nice rooms.

    18/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Zulma M.
    I have to say I was impress with the pool area. we looked at other resort while we were their and non had as big of a pool. if you have little kids definitely you want to stay here if you can't afford a disney resort... They cater to kids which is great. The pool area has a nice size slide, and at night they play disney movies for the kids... Their restaurant are a bit high in price and not a lot of variety but then again all hotel are like that.  Be prepare to pay for "resort  fee"  of 25$  per day which gives you access to the gym spa golf course  Internet and parking... Their is no microwave in the room but they do have a cafe  in the lobby where you can microwave and toast bread... We were very happy with the location of the hotel very close to downtown disney and all the other parks... But not with in walking distance.... If you have a rental car is better cause you can get around much faster.... The Room was very nice and clean,  best room to ask for is the ones with the view of the golf course and pool. At night you can see the fireworks from your room which was nice... The fire works are a bit far but still visible.... Very happy with the hotel.....great customer service.

    08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Ashley B.
    Beautiful hotel with great customer service. I loved the room and hotel decor, especially the blue dragonflies on the wall.  The bed was super comfortable.

    The staff was friendly and accommodating, always offering to take pictures for us and answer any questions. Check-in and check-out was quick and easy and our room was ready several hours early. We went during Cupcake Lovers Weekend (LOL) and the staff held a cupcake contest in the lobby. Really fun.

    The pool is shallow but it's beautiful. It's got an amazing lazy river, which sounds like it would just be for kids but you'll change your mind as you're floating through it. Plenty of chairs. At night they show kids movies poolside on a huge screen!

    The restaurants were pricey but good, and you can always walk over the Waldorf Astoria for more options. In fact, everything here is expensive. Be prepared when ordering any food or drinks.

    A beautiful hotel-- provides shuttle service to Disney. Friendly staff and an overall pleasant atmosphere. I would definitely come back.

    17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Aaron L.
    Stayed here for a business conference and was pleased with this hotel.

    It sits right next to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and golf course providing a great view from the hotel (depending on which side you are on).

    The rooms were good but nothing to write home about. The swimming pool is great and the service from the workers was also great.

    Disappointed in the food selection in the hotel. The few restaurants they had in it had very limited menus.

    Overall it seemed like a great place - especially for families who are there visiting Disney World.

    Only real negative: The music in the fitness center sucked. Can't get pumped up with Josh Groban playing in the background.

    09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. MICK E.
    Very happy we chose this place during our 6 day stay. Everything is brand new and extra-extra clean. The beds are so comfortable, they'll put you right to sleep. Nice size little fridge to keep all drinks super cold. My kids love the swimming pool area with the water slide and lazy river. Coffee shop, restaurants, and karaoke bar all inside the building. Another excellent thing is they have a shuttle bus every 30 mins or so to get you into the main WDW parks. They do charge for parking if you have a car.

    -1 star, I didn't need the bellboys help (my luggage are 4 wheeled) and they tried to con wifey into using their services. "Your room key is not available yet, so the bellman will help open your door"....(What?)..  I asked the other guy at the desk and he gave the key to me right away. turns out, the guy my wife talked to is in charge of the bellboys.
    Also,, the swimming pool area rents out inner tubes for $5,,why?? (so bring your own).

    Overall, I would be glad to stay here again. I can't wait til next time.

    09/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Ryan C.
    This is a great full service resort hotel.  They have everything you need on property. The rooms are new and very nice.  

    They have a great pool and lazy river area.  If you are going to visit orlando and Disney, this is a great place to visit.

    18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Hal W.
    The wife and I chose this place due to it's proximity to Epcot.  We were on a quick bereavement trip to my home state of Florida, and being that my wife had never been to Epcot, we decided to take a day and check it out.

    It was just a quick over night stay, but from what we experienced it was perfect for us.

    Check in: smooth

    We got there around 9:30pm or so after taking in the rigorous cultural delights of the Medieval Times Dinner Theater.  

    Walking in, you will experience a beautiful lobby area befitting a new, modern Hilton property.

    Our plan was to have a drink and a dip in the Jacuzzi before heading to bed, and we managed to do that and then some.

    Poolside Service: excellent

    The pool bartender, while closing up shop, was kind enough to make us some drinks that we could enjoy in the Jacuzzi (which we were grateful that it was open until midnight), and there was still a pool attendent which got us the trademark large comfy Hilton Pool Towels and directed us through the crowds watching an evening outdoor showing of 'Nemo' for the kids, to the Jacuzzi.

    The Jacuzzi was nice, but the lazy river with the inner-tubes was calling our name, so we decided to take a late night adventure under the stars and experience a lap around the massive pool area via the current of the lazy river.

    It was delightful, and dare I say laughingly romantic in a silly sort of way after we'd enjoyed the thrill of knights of old displaying their equestrian skills before us at the Medieval Times.

    Floating down a lazy river mildly intoxicated on a muggy Florida spring evening was just fun.  I recommend it.  (I just read that others reported having to rent inner tubes... I guess that because we were there so late we just grabbed one from the stacks of them near the pool)

    The bed slept very comfortably and the bathroom was modern and well equipped.  Very good day/night blinds which kept the sun out until we wanted it the next morning.  View from the room is standard central Florida: flat with trees as far as the eye can see.

    My only complaint was that the way the building is laid out, if you are at the end of the hallway, (which we were) it is probably a 100 yard treck to get to your room from the elevator... but that's just how the building is laid out so it is what it is.

    Bellmen are recommended if you are not travelling light.

    I would also recommend requesting a room close to the elevators if you don't like a looooong walk when leaving your room.

    Valet Service: Thoughtful and Efficient

    We didn't try any restaurants, so can't really comment on them, but I'm sure others have, and the valet service provided a nice touch with a hand-written note of thanks in our car.

    Very close to Epcot and a great rate made this Hotel a win.  Seriously I was surprised at the rate we got- I think about $180?

    Highly recommended for families and couples looking for a great Hotel in the Magic Kingdom.

    In summary, to avoid long treks down long hallways, ask for a room nearby the elevators (or at least half-way) and enjoy the lazy river!

    13/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Tavio M.
    My stay here was phenomenal. I upgraded to have a view of the golf course and the pool and it was amazing to wake up to a beautiful view everyday. This hilton had a 24 hour gym with a rack of free weight dumbbells. The pool had a lazy river and that was pretty cool. The zeta bar has karaoke on certain days and we got to experience some good singing from people staying at the hotel. The main bar stayed open till two and i'm sure people enjoyed that. Not that i know of that or any thing. lol.
    The only thing i would change about the hotel is their closet space. Then again i should carry less stuff huh. ;-)

    25/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Evan L.
    Very disappointing resort.  I travel 100+ days each year for my job and stay at  hotels all over the US and this one is shockingly poor.  There are certainly some nice things about this property -- the landscaping and pool are nice.  However, the "nice" part was limited to the architect and builder -- the folks that are involved with service and operations need to invest in hospitality management and service delivery.  They obviously aren't terribly interested in investing in the items that  affect a guest's experience.

    * The hotel room toilet was broken.  It ran all day/night refilling.  This is especially annoying when it's the same company that talks about being green, reusing your towel, and saving the environment

    * They charge you resort fee of 22.00 that wasn't identified until you check in.  They then have this condescending remark when you check in and hand you a business card that tells you that it covers free wifi and access to the workout room

    * By default, they don't code your key to use the workout room -- which means that you'll likely waste 10-15 minutes going back to front desk and waiting in line to get the key coded.

    * the check in process was chaotic.  No line or stanchions to manage the folks waiting to check in.  There's simply a crowd in front of each services person.  And I was lucky to get someone that was going on break when I got to the front -- so I was told that "one of the other team members would help me"

    * the hotel price is unreasonably high for Orlando (200/nt in mid-march).  There are numerous other locations that offer better amenities for a more realistic price.  

    It's clearly a resort with an below-average general manager that is more into form than substance.   They clearly don't spend money where it's important (staff training, guest experience).  They are likely very profitable -- at  I suspect they rely on one time vacationers and business events -- it's unimaginable that someone would come to this place twice.  

    I hope this response saves someone else from the unfortunate experience of staying at this location in the future.

    19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    38. Bill O.
    one of the new resorts in the Bonnet Creek section of the Disney Properties.   Right next door to an Astoria (also owned by Hilton).  

    I was there for a week sales conference, so am approaching this from a business perspective.  In that mindset, this is one HELL of a property.   HUGE,well laid out, GREAT golf course, GREAT conference setup.  

    For breakfast (if it's not covered by your conference)...IGNORE the Hilton side of things.....a ton of people (some business, many Disney parents) hitting the breakfast buffet.  Go downstairs and make the 5 minute walk underground to the Astoria.  Same breakfast buffet, sans 45 minute wait.

    Downside....Disney has decreed  (and I do, somewhat painfully, get their decision) that Coke is the only product allowed (no shit).  So no Pepsi on Disney properties....sad.

    Upside.....buses to all Disney theme parks.

    18/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Jocelyn L.
    I did not stay at the hotel, but attended a conference here earlier this month. (i stayed at the Waldorf, its sister hotel)
    - One of the BEST conference food I've ever had. And i've been to a bunch of conferences. Every meal was above average (for a conference type meal), from the tofu salad to the Chicken with Asian Noodles
    - Conference rooms were also wonderful. The property is so new and it was great being there.
    - The Hotel bar serves the BEST buffalo wings! Lightly creamed and tossed in hot sauce. Wow. I love it! (the nachos, not so much)
    - The Pool area looked really interesting; everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves
    - The only thing i'd say is...the location is very inconvenient to Downtown Orlando...but close to Disney world etc.

    I'd recommend to conference planners and also anyone looking to be close to the amusement parks

    24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Kris E.
    Nice hotel with great service. I love the giant waterslide and lazy river. It's like having a little waterpark right out your back door and is a great diversion for the kids. I've also stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, which is next door. Here's a hint: both hotels are owned by the same company and the rooms are identical. The Waldorf is more expensive because of the name. Best bet is to stay at the Hilton, save some money and enjoy the killer water park!

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Keith P.
    Great bang for the buck!

    We went to Disney and did not want to stay on park grounds, so we chose this Wyndham.  Beautiful place, awesome grounds and relaxing environment.

    05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Helmut B.
    A good option when trying to stay on "Disney" property. Ten minutes from the parks, yet on a quite street. The Waldorf and Hilton share a big ole chunk of land. This property is newish and may have a good rate relative to other options. It's a bit busy, but the rooms are very similar to the Waldorf next store. I found the valet car service a bit "hit or miss" - they suggest calling ahead for automobile retrieval; I suggest 30 minutes. A bargain if you can secure in the $200 range.

    08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    43. Clarence E.
    One of our favorite family getaways near Tampa/Orlando. Who needs to go to the parks when you have a lazy river pool with 2 hit tubs, slide and kiddie pool. With the family, we can stay on property for the entire weekend and relax! A good choice of restaurants and pools. Also connected to the adjacent Waldorf, if more quiet adult time is preferred, though it tends to feel tony for just hanging out and chilling. Poolside service with a good selection of food and drink. The Harvest Bistro breakfast buffet is great for adults and kids, and worth the price. Kids love the waffles (and even if there is a wait). For dinner, kids eat for free and adult meals are good. I've had the short ribs, pork shank and Cornish hen. All flavorful and reasonably priced between 15-25, especially when kids are gratis.

    It can get busy with conventions but we find this a fun hotel favorite. It helps that my HHonor status at Hilton provides the occasional suite upgrade and regular free buffet breakfast. Did we say the breakfast buffet was awesome!?! That is, we just stayed at the Clearwater Beach Hilton and can say that accommodations, food and pools are hands down better at the Bonnet Creek...just no beach.

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Tamra P.
    Very quick overnight stay before visiting Epcot, but a great experience.  We checked in and were on a mission to have a couple cocktails, head to the jacuzzi, and then to bed for an early morning start.  The pool bartender was closing up but served us hospitably before we headed to the jacuzzis (which were open till midnight).  SCORE!  We even caught the tail end of Finding Nemo, and floated down the lazy river after all the families went to bed.

    I sure wanted to be a Sleeping Beauty the next morning but my Prince Charming was on a mission to take me to the Magic Kingdom.   As fun as our short stay was, there was more fun to be had.....

    23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Christine P.
    I stayed here for 5 nights due to a work related conference and had a great time.

    Service was wonderful all around.  It's connected to the Waldorf Astoria which is about a 10 minute walk.  I love their lazy pool although I didn't get to use it.

    It's a newer property built in October 2009 and you can tell since the place is pristine.  It's a great place to hold conferences since their conference rooms can hold hundreds of people.  

    The gym is great as well.

    27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Chester V.
    We stayed here on our way to Disney World and our stay was wonderful. There were three factors that made my stay enjoyable. First, the staff was friendly and knowledge about the local restaurants and activities to do around the area. They help us find the local grocery store, Chinese take out restaurant, and CVS. The hotel also maintained  a shuttle that went to all the Disney World parks. Lastly, the best part of the hotel is the pool. It was just great relaxing on the pool in the Florida weather.

    My only complaint is that the shuttle service can be unreliable. The shuttle once came a half hour late and when I call the service center the dispatcher totally lied and said the shuttle already stopped by the hotel. That could not have been possible as we were at the stop fifteen minutes before the stop time and no one came by. This incident is the reason why the hotel did not receive five stars.

    19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Annette E.
    Stayed at the hotel as part of a staycation with my hubs.  I love that they have a choice of valet (20$) versus self-park (13$ per day).  Also, the lobby is beautiful, and is decorated in beige, with lime green and brown accents...very Florida.

    on our first day there we just had to get to the pool.  We LOVED their pool area, the pool for this hotel was very family oriented as it had  a kiddie pool (1ft) with water spouts shooting into it, a water slide, and lazy river with two large pool areas integrated into the river, one of them was a walk-in pool (like you walk-in to the ocean (river and pool areas were between 3 and four feet, which was kind of annoying for my 6'2" husband, and my pedicure).  We pretty much enjoyed just going round and round that river...very relaxing.  Be aware that if you want to rent an inter-tube they are 2 for 10$, or you could buy some as well of a lesser quality.  They also sell inflatable noodles (2 for 10$), and some funny looking baby float contraption that had a sun shade.  If you have a lot of kids buy their floats at Walmart/Walgreens, and inflate them at the hotel's pump which is free to use.  

    The pool area also has pockets of lawn chairs and umbrellas throughout the river and pool areas. some pockets area quiet and other are more noisy.  when we were staying they had a DJ that was spinning some music and getting kids to participate in funny contests, and later that night they showed some movies pool-side on a huge screen.  Great place for families, and I love that it was listed as a GLBT safe-hotel, very cool.

    If you want a lap pool, Hilton guests can go over to the Waldorf Astoria (which is connected to the Hilton by their conference center (and vice versa).  I even think they have golf carts to take you back (because I saw a ton going between the two hotels), but I never asked.  Also, their gym is HUGE, state-of the art, and faces the pool area.

    Our suite was equally lovely with the same Florida motif going on, and it featured a walk-in shower.  Our only complaint was the bed, which was soft when you first sit/lay on it, but after a full night I had back pain from sleeping on my side on a bed that didn't give (it was just a pillow top on a really firm mattress...good for back sleepers).  Also, the pillows are al made from down feathers, and when you lay your head on them immediately deflate, we had to request foam pillows, which were brought right away, but also seemed too squishy.  Also, our walk-in shower didn't have very much water pressure and leaked water all over our bathroom...be careful  about how you point the shower head!

    On our last day we also tried their Harvest bistro restaurant on the ground floor, next to the gym and facing the pool area.  We got the 19$ breakfast buffet, which just seemed like a better deal than the entrees (they were all in the 20-25$ range).  The buffet was good, it had a waffle/pancake station, omelet station, and several hot items (eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, etc.), a fruit bar, yogurt parfaits, tons of pastries and crosissants, deli meat and cheese platters (including goat cheese and brie)...and my fave lox and bagel with all the toppings :)

    Overall, it was a good place for a staycation, I just can't stay here more than a few days with the mattress and pillow situation...so if you are a Princess and the Pea type like me...maybe bring your own pillows to help out :)

    **We used our AAA card and stayed here on a Friday night for 119$ (CHEAPER than Hotel.com's quote).

    31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Monica C.
    By far my favorite hotel in the Orlando/Disney area.  Disney hotels step aside, the Hilton is the place to go.

    Pros- the hotel is next to the park, there is a shuttle that takes you to all of the Disney parks, the lazy river is as amazing as it sounds, the rooms are modern and clean, there are plenty of restaurant's within the hotel so you don't have to leave.  

    My son, the hubby and I stayed at the Hilton this past weekend for a last minute Orlando visit.  I kid you not, we parked our car on Thursday night and did not need it again until it was time to drive back home.  The shuttle took us to Disney and the hotel restaurant/bar took care of our food needs.  Try the breakfast buffet at the Harvest Bistro it is free for kids and cheap for adults.  The food is delish!!

    Make sure you valet park your car since it is only $6 more than the self parking and much more convenient.

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Gerri M.
    i am a Hilton Honors member but not eligible at my level for free wifi in the room, so this morning to get some work done, I purchased wifi at $16 bucks plus tax.  That is the fee for ONE device.  Rediculous!  Hotel is otherwise fine, including great lazy river pool, but this speaks to an inability to adjust to new market conditions and the needs of customers.  Fail--I'd rather pay a higher nightly rate, than be charged nearly $40 bucks to access the internet in other than the lobby. Other raters noted this was a hotel for conventions, I am here for a convention, you would think that would equate an understanding that at least one adult in the room HAS TO WORK, not to mention all the plugged in kids who accompany thier parents on business trips to Orlando.  Really?  Hilton in case you didn't notice its 2013.  .

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. Sandra T.
    I would actually give this place 3.5 if I could.  The resort is pretty gorgeous and the rooms are relatively spacious and the staff friendly.

    The place does lose points for being a little isolated and far away from downtown disney.  There is a shuttle service but the times to downtown disney are not very frequent - the first shuttle starts at about half past noon.  I did read on another review site that others have taken the shuttle to magic kingdom and then used Disney's shuttle to take them to downtown disney.  So, this is an option if you want to head to Downtown Disney at an earlier time.

    Parking is also quite expensive - $13/ day (I think).  There are always towncar taxis waiting by the entrance though ... unfortunately the pricing is all over the place.  If you look wealthy, they'll charge you a little more - differences to the outlet mall have ranged from $21, $25, and $27.  When I've compared the price others were charged to destinations like the outlet mall, downtown disney, etc my husband and I have always come out winning - we must look poor, hahah - yay for us!!! :)

    There are a few restaurant options at the hotel but they all seem a little overpriced.

    The pool is outdoors so not quite an option if it is chilly outside - which it was in December.  The pool itself is quite nice - a large lazy type river.  The float tires are available for rent.  

    There is a pretty nice workout room - which I did not use, but I did see a lot of others using it.

    FYI, there is a fridge in the room, no DVD player, and the beds seem a little short for some reason.  I am not that tall yet I feel like I just fit the bed ... not too sure how 6 foot americans would find the bed ...

    Probably wouldn't stay here again since it is a little isolated.  Nonetheless, a beautiful resort :)

    16/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    51. Eric W.
    Amazing staff, high end everything. Next to the Waldorf is great, but top notch on its own.

    03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Larry C.
    Best Hilton Yet!! The Pool, The Rooms, The smell of new!! Yes totally worth it! you won't be dissapointed.

    13/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. George H.
    Went to Disney and Universal for ten days for the Disney Marathon. The stay was fantastic.

    The room was a little small for four people though not crowded. The view was of the parks and we had a view of the fireworks at Epcot but if we looked over to the very far right we could also see the Magic Kingdom fireworks....barely. We looked out directly at Disney Hollywood Studios and further away was Animal Kingdom, .We also looked straight down on the fantastic pool with lazy river. My kids even enjoyed seeing what was spelled out on the deck chairs in towels every morning.
    The pool was great as it was heated. The lazy river has a great current that will push you around the large loop. There are movies on Friday and Saturday nights when I was there. Nightly movies would have been nice. Two fire pits and a bar area made it a great area to be.

    The breakfast was fantastic. Every morning we received quick and friendly service. Lots of items on the buffet. One of the best in the Hilton network. I am a Hilton Diamond member so getting the full buffet for 6 dollars made the price unbeatable, not sure if I would have paid full prive but the kids eat free with adults.

    The ride to the park is in nice luxury coaches and not the city bus ride that you get from the Hilton on Buena Vista. It is great with a well laid out schedule. You must be on time though or you will miss the bus, they do not wait around which I loved. The bus was always on schedule except of course for Marathon days when the Disney roads are closed or rerouted. The ride back could be long as Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom all picked up on the same route and your ride back could be an hour. Thankfully they do play movies, but not always. For the Marathon they had shuttles running from 3-4:30 am and it was fantastic. They even had people cheering as you left and came back.  

    The only drawback to the hotel is the laundry service. Apparently they do not expect you to do laundry while there or want you to pay exorbitant prices for their service. They do not have washers and dryers for self service. 10 days, 4 people I needed to do laundry. Had to find a wash and fold out in town that was $1 a pound, We dropped it off in the morning on the way to a park and picked it up that night but it was a pain that we could not do it at the hotel while letting the kids rest/swim. Big negative. Lost a star just for that. All hotels should have a laundry room.

    Parking is in a garage. Cost 16 per day for you park it and 24 for valet. Not cheap but not unexpected for Hilton brand hotels either. The parking garage was fine buy of course people did not adhere to any signs and parked large vehicles in compact car spots and SUV's in Hybrid spots. They do have electric car spots with plugs if you need tham.

    All said they made our vacation a better experience and for that I thank them. I would definitely stay there again. It would be nice if they could get on the Disney extended hours program like the Hilton on Buena Vista though. Great place, great time, kids loved it.

    26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Kevin L.
    I am in Orlando annually to attend an industry conference, and usually stay at another Hilton property (Grand Vacations Resort).  I very much look forward to my stays at the GVR, but this year stayed at the new Bonnet Creek property with my family in tow.  Everyone was happy.  Of particular note is the location (with exclusive Hilton shuttle buses to the Disney parks), large swimming pool with lazy river and water slide, excellent service and attention to detail and great restaurants.  Very few properties cater to both adults and kids needs, but this Hilton did both very well.

    This place was a pleasant discovery, and I will definitely return there on future visits to MCO.

    22/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Gail B.
    Stayed here 4 nights on a quick trip to the land of Mouse. As a "mature" couple with no kids, we were very pleased with the mix at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. Business, families & couples were all represented and seemed to provide a nice mix of energy.

    Pool is fantastic with a lazy river, nice bar (try the white sangria!), plenty of loungers and towels. During the week, we saw many tubes floating around, so I don't know if they don't care about them or only rent on the weekends? Personally I found it fun just to float on my own through the lazy river.

    Rooms were very clean and still have that "new" feeling. Bathroom was great with a walk-in shower. We had the pool view with a distant view of Hollywood Studios, the Swan, and Pop Century resort. You won't see many fireworks because of the angle of the building (the best ones are at Epcot and MK), but some do go off at HS during the Fantasmic show. Ask for a higher floor is this is important to you.

    Food is a bit expensive, but not outrageous. This is a resort in Orlando. Unless you go off property to Int'l Drive or perhaps Downtown Disney, these places do generally charge a premium. We've seen higher prices though, for instance, in Vegas. Perhaps budget travelers should plan most meals elsewhere though.

    The highlight of this hotel is the staff. Everyone we encountered (yes, EVERY ONE) was polite, friendly and cheerful. Like they actually enjoyed their jobs. Definite kudos to front desk, and the wait staff at Beech (the poolside bar/restaurant). Also Rocky in the breakfast cafe was an absolute hoot. Just a pleasure to be around on our vacation.

    I took one star off for small things but there were several... basically, very little indoor recreation if weather is poor (pool, etc), continental breakfast (incl for Hilton Honors) was the exact same every day and was not as good as other locations, pool only 3 ft deep (would have like a slightly deeper section for adults), and the hotel bar is in the lobby, just not a relaxing place to sit back with a drink, especially on busy days.

    But, all in all, we would definitely choose this property again when traveling to WDW.

    17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Chuck C.
    Here for a conference. Nice enough, but $16.95 per day for basic wireless access, $13 per day to self park. I'm feeling used before I even get started.

    15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Alicia T.
    I just stayed here recently for a business trip. The service was excellent, staff was friendly and professional. My only complaint would be the room service food was just OK but overall I enjoyed my stay and I would definitely stay again!

    26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Meredith E.
    The building at the Hilton was beautiful and the staff was very helpful.  
    The restaurants were terrible.  The 'Beech' poolside restaurant advertised some great looking meals throughout the screens in the hotel. But the menu didn't reflect ANY of the dishes portrayed.  $12 for a bloody mary mojito style that was 75% garden salad and 24% ice.  Poolside drink fail! The server could care less that we were there and spent the time chatting with his server buddies. Two of the other servers were crying.  We had to beg him for the tab after we finally found him.
    In the Muse coffee lounge, the personnel seemed to be confused, not knowing who was doing what. It took forever to get my $7 black coffee and croissant. No idea why when there was 4 people behind the counter.
    It took a good 15 minutes for the waitress to come to our table at the lobby bar. When we declined a second round, the waitress acted very upset. Very unprofessional.
    The worst part about this hotel was not the $40s for internet, but the 24/7 screaming children. At 1am, I would like to enjoy a beer with a friend I haven't seen in a year. Instead I am shouting over overtired 4 year olds. I understand the location is on Disney property, but a bar should be kid free.

    05/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    59. Rick G.
    We had a very nice stay at this resort for a weekend work conference.  Exceptional front desk service and bell hops met every need we had.  We requested a pool view room and were provided one, which was surprising as most conference-rate rooms were facing the other side.  Perhaps being a Hilton Honors member helped on that one!  Pool-facing rooms will be odd numbers, Downtown Disney facing rooms even numbers.  Terrific lazy river as others have mentioned and the food at Beech, the pool bar, was exceptional.  The turkey wrap was incredible!  Service a bit slow in the pool area and drinks a bit pricey at $7.50 a beer however we were aware of this and at the pool bar they are 16oz Coors aluminum bottles.  Indoor bar Zeta has $3.00 happy hour beers which was a nice surprise for this area!  Hot tubs were a big hit as well!  As this hotel is a part of the entire conference center which is anchored on the other side by the Waldorf Astoria (also a Hilton owned property) you can walk down to that pool and play there as well, which appeared to be a more adult crowd.  One star shy of perfect due only to the food we had ordered to the room.  Ordered the breakfast sandwiches for one morning and they were quite sloppy and were topped with a ton of raw onions, which was not indicated on the menu.  Not a fan of raw onions and even after taking them off the taste and smell of them ruined it for me.  Also very large and sloppy so you can't really eat them as a sandwich and for the prices they charged, I think around $16 each (they automatically add on gratuity charges for room service), I would recommend avoiding this service.  One final note, as many others have mentioned, yes you do need to purchase innertubes to ride the lazy river.  However, at the end of our stay we did not want to take the tube home so we went down to the pool area and located a young family that had just arrived and we gave them ours.  The only thing we asked in return was that when the were going to leave to return the favor and give it to someone else to keep the gifting going.  So, if you are offered a free, blue, polkadotted tube at the pool perhaps this giving chain will still be going!  Doubtful but would be nice of others would do this as well!  As Hilton stayers we were once again not disappointed with our stay at Bonnet Creek.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Steph P.
    I visited this hotel for the Concur Fusion conference and had a wonderful time. The hotel is immaculate and the service is phenomenal. There are several dining options and beautiful pools including a lazy river. The conference rooms were very nice and the service for meals was stellar. The hotel is very close to the park and Downtown Disney.

    I would come back for vacay!

    06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Brian F.
    Nice location for Disney visitors and people with kids on vacation. The pool has a lazy river and water slide and made for a good day to relax on site. The regular bus service to all of the close Disney parks and marketplace made it easy to get around without needing our own car (other than for Universal.) La Luce restaurant was great food and the Bistro is kids eat free breakfast and dinner.  Bar service at poolside could have been better/faster but then again it probably saved me some $$$.

    All in all, we liked it and would go again.

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Crystal B.
    DO not let the bell hop store your luggage so that you can enjoy the amenities after you check out or in our case have to sit in your hotel room for 3 hours!!! If you do make a list of everything you send down and supervise the guys when they are putting your bags in your car!! It all started when our 4 year old locked a few personal things in our in room safe. We called down to have someone unlock it. After waiting 3 hours in our room with two teenagers and a 4 year old, eating their disgusting room service food, getting sick because of the food, sending our things to be stored because of checkout we finally we called back down to the desk to get an estimate on time and turns out they never called anyone!!  The response from the lady answering the phone "Oh, did anyone even call someone to come up? I'm not showing anything" Seriously!!! So after 3 hours and 5 mins the security guard came up to our room and unlocked the safe finally!! So we get home realize our 4 year olds duffel bag with most of her monogrammed clothing and treasures from Disney is no where to be found! I have spoke to several people in the lost & found department including the manager NO ONE CAN FIND IT! So this means my 4 year old is without her treasures from Disney and Disney now doesn't look so bright! Thanks Hilton Bonnet Creek!!!!!!

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    63. Kayla S.
    I had a long review here, almost too long. I decided to clear it out and get to the point.

    This hotel has frustrated me like no other hotel ever has. To think I was bragging to my husband the other day about our rewards points and was so excited to stay here for our anniversary this past weekend.

    I do not know if it's their fault, or the fault of Hilton HQ, but I was charged for an extra two nights. After an entire day of emailing, phone calls and being on hold, I still have no resolution. I would not recommend using the Hilton Honors program because it appears this is what caused all of the headaches. And being stressed out for an entire day which also happens to be your wedding anniversary, while you are eight months pregnant, is just not a good time.

    Many of the Yelp reviews for this hotel were made by people who have only visited Bonnet Creek Resort for a convention. Some have not even paid for their rooms obviously because of that. And some have not even stayed in the hotel. From a person who actually did: I'd avoid this one so that you won't have possible headaches later.

    Save your money for a stay somewhere else so you'll have a better customer experience. You won't end up on the phone with someone who does not understand your situation at all and asks you if you have a calculator. You won't be told to call different numbers and end up at voicemail boxes. You won't be treated like you are stupid. And you won't waste an entire day trying to get a measly $140 back.

    Update: 7/29 - After emailing back and forth with a few people who said they all could help me, they all ended up just ignoring me and forgetting about me. I never received any type of refund or compensation for the frustration caused. I gave up and won't be staying at a Hilton property again.

    23/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    64. Tuan N.
    What a great hotel!  The room is great and service super.  I forgot my key in the room and it took less than 5 mins for the service people to come and get the door open.  The pool is quiet and peaceful. The conference space is great. The restaurants in the hotel also serve very good food.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Michael G.
    Stayed here for 3 days for a company meting and was very satisfied. To start, the hotel itself offers many high level amenities including a huge outdoor swimming pool, a spa, two really good restaurants (La Luce and Zeta) both of which are rated highly on Yelp, and the service is spectacular.
    Although I did not get to experience most of the offerings, what I was able to take part of was the food. Usually the cuisine offered for large meeting groups is average at best, however, the food served for our meeting was well above average. salmon, Mahi, grilled chicken, pulled pork, sirloin and fresh fruits and veggies just to name a few. They have ample space for large group meetings, and the layout promotes an easy flow. I hope for our next meeting, we get to return here.

    22/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Gina C.
    Breakfast buffet is awesome!!! Servers are awesome.  Server by the name Rocky is a superstar.

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Lisa H.
    Our company held a conference here, and they did a great job hosting.  The conference rooms were all wired for presentations (projector, laptop, microphone) and everything went smoothly with no breakdowns or technical difficulties.  The rooms were a bit cold, but that's pretty much normal for all conference centers.  The food was amazing, especially the desserts!  Staff was super friendly and extremely helpful.  The pool and fitness area were great also.  Overall an amazing place to stay!

    23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Nicky S.
    This is a great hotel overall.

    It's close enough to the parks, has great amenities, and reasonable rates.

    The staff are incredibly friendly if you're friendly to them; this resort has received many bad reviews regarding their staff, but likely because of the guests' attitudes toward "the help". It's simple...treat others as you wish to be treated.

    The rooms were up to date and clean. The pool areas are great for kids.

    06/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. amy h.
    We chose this hotel for the pool, lazy river, and water slide. It was perfect for our 3 and 6 year old. Mostly 3 ft everywhere, zero depth entry, life vests provided for the water slide. $5 for an inner tube for the lazy river. Lots of staff but I didn't see any life guards, specifically.
    The food was expensive for us but dinner and breakfast are free for the kids which helped take the edge off our final food costs.
    The rooms were nice and the hotel was so large, I felt like I was in Vegas. I'm taking away one star for no free wifi in the rooms.

    02/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. John R.
    I have been here 15 minutes and have already had the "mears car service" try to scam me. They say no cabs available.  They have car service and its the same rate. I had a mears cab drop me off and requested a return trip. It's almost double the rate. A monopoly car service with MEARS. please beware call a cab. Hilton and MEARS will take advantage of you because of their contract.

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    71. Rania Y.
    Great check in service! Great rooms and great for couples, business people and families!

    29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Matthew P.
    Wonderful hotel, beautiful rooms! Pure luxury!

    12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Mary Ann R.
    I would love to give this hotel a better review but my stay has not been a good one. I was here for 5 days on a mix of business and pleasure. I had to call the hotel numerous times to get my reservation corrected. Eventually I talked to a manager who corrected the reservation. Upon arrival I found out that the hotel lobby is being renovated. The hotel bar is closed and one of the lower cost options for breakfast and lunch has been moved into a hallway with very limited food choices. Food and drink prices are astronomical. I ate at one of the few places in the hotel that was open for lunch and it had 8 items on the menu. Parking is 18 a day. The lounge chairs at the pool do not have cushions and have to be one of the most uncomfortable chairs ever!  It is a long walk from the only set of elevators to your car with no access to the front of the building.  This afternoon they tested the emergency system and could not get it to turn off for over 15 minutes. Most of the employees I have interacted with have either been rude ( lady at Muse) or very slow ( pool bar). I have stayed at this property for the last 3 years for my visit for business. I am afraid this is my last stay!

    07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    74. Yoon H.
    This hotel has great service everyone seems so kind we checked in today and it was packed. The lobby is active and so are the restaurant's which to me is a good sign.  I thought at first Oh great so many people there will be terrible service and lots of noise but the rooms are very well insulated and beds super comfy. Will stay here again for sure.

    03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Aaron E.
    After a child's accident, the maids left the blankets on the bed for us to re-make it ourself.  
    $22/day "resort fee" which gets you what other hotels give for free (wifi, and a discount at their golf course).
    $16/day parking fee (same price as non guests pay)
    The gift shop is "an official Disney store" so you pay as much for items as you would inside Disney world. (Double or triple normal price).
    You are located near Disney, but you don't get all the benefits of a Disney resort, which starts to add up when you're in the park and you see all the perks those guests get (fastpass+ bracelets that 75% of the rides only take, discounts at stores, better transportation..).

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    76. Marc T.
    Great hotel for business travel and vacation. Super friendly and helpful staff. Rooms are quite and clean. All you need. I would give it 5 stars if Wifi is free. Had a problem with my sink and they fixed it super fast and even left a nice note to let me know. And parking should be free for guests. Other than that all perfect and I would come back.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Yi L.
    recently stayed here while attending the pentaho event.  it was almost perfect, except the clerk wasn't really helpful when we requested a late checkout.  the hotel is really clean and it was a perfect venue for a conference.  i love its proximity to Disney! wish we had time to go! :)

    15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Ross M.
    Grandparents stayed here for a week, I stayed with them the last 2 nights, wonderful property.

    My grandparents can be very particular about accommodations. They travel a lot and they make it very clear to the staff and the rest of the family if they have had a bad stay. Not this time. By the time I arrived they were in great spirits. They talked about joking around with the staff and the other guests. They had a wonderful vacation.

    First. Pools are amazing!!! Just look at the pictures! It was a bit chilly outside when they were visiting, but that did not stop us from climbing into the steaming warm pools and the steaming hot hot tubs. Had a wonderful time swimming and drinking around the pool.

    Next, restaurants. I cannot remember the name of the main restaurant we ate at the first night, but the food was wonderful. I got a caprese salad and a meat lovers flatbread. It was wonderful. The waiter's name was Joey, and he kinda looked like Joey from Friends. It was great fun because I am Ross... oh joy... Nevertheless, the service was spectacular.

    I highly recommend this beautiful property. It passed the test of my grandparents. It will make you happy. And it is so close to Disney, you can take the shuttle. It was not fun waiting for the shuttle to pick us up at night, but I think it still beats driving.

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Christine T.
    It's a gorgeous property, great customer service, nice rooms, and bright fun decor that isn't garish.

    Don't get a room on floors 1-10, they all seem to be by the plumbing etc for the pool and they're noisy.

    The food available in all these places is expensive, and mediocre.  I suggest if you want to pay a minimum of $20 per meal you go next door to the Waldorf Astoria.  

    The pool is super, heated, they have a lazy lagoon thing you can float around and a water slide, downside is that its full of kids.

    You can access all the Waldorf Astoria stuff.  Just a NOTE the Waldorf pool is NOT heated.

    25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    80. Naomi K.
    Fancy! My friend was out here for a business convention and it's the perfect setting for large corporate meetings. A glamorous pool with a swimmable moat and waterslides plus a number of hot tubs and kiddie pools to keep everyone satisfied. (Must get to the hot tubs before 10pm when they are adamant on closing, though they provide free towels.) The lobby is gorgeous with a beautiful chandelier over the spiral staircase, agate walls near the elevator, artistic side paneling, and wide open windows overlooking the pool patio area. There's an open but quite loud bar, off to the side of the lobby, a little too open to be intimate and a little to echo-y for any proper business discussions. There's a fancier restaurant and bar just down the hall that provides for a better area to do business and drinks or a meal. The hotel conveniently connects to the convention hall and morphs effortlessly into the Waldorf.
    Parking is atrociously high, but I guess they presume everyone is writing if off as an expense.
    The rooms are spacious and well maintained. The lighting in the bathroom was adequate and the room service was well done. Service at the front desk was pleasant and professional. All in all a great stay.

    15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Ed S.
    One of the better Hilton resorts we've stayed. Overall great staff, very welcoming! You can share the Waldorf pool and spa if you want. The hotels connect. They have shuttle service every half hour to the attraction parks. Parking and resort fees are additional! We came during a renovation, a little noisy or else this would have been a 5 star!. The employees and rest of the staff exceptional service!! Overall great experience!

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. I.m M.
    We just came back from a fabulous stay at the Hilton Bonnet Creek.  It was very clean and much more upscale than the Disney Carribean Beach Hotel (where we stayed last time) for a lower price.  The lazy river pool is out of this world.  So relaxing.  We didn't want to leave the hotel area most of the time because it was just so relaxing to float in the lazy river and then have a server bring us drinks and snacks.  

    The only bad part was that we went during spring break because we didn't want to take our kid out of school so it was extremely crowded with lots of kids.  Even with lots of people, the hotel handled everything nicely. The breakfast wait was about 30 min due to the crowd but it was bearable since we weren't in a hurry to go to the parks.  If you were in a hurry, spring break might not be the time for you. The hotel did provide juices and coffee while we waited for the breakfast.  

    Re the breakfast: it was a good breakfast but nothing gourmet.  No lox for the bagels unlike what I read on some blogs.  Just eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, breads, etc.  

    They had different special events near the pool for the kids such as arts and crafts (for $6, my daughter colored a wooden animal toy), blow up  bouncy water slide, movie at night in the pool, etc.  On Easter Sunday, the kids got their picture taken with an easter bunny and a bag of goodies.

    The Harvest Bistro buffet was just ok, nothing spectacular.  The food was kind of blah, but I am comparing it to better restaurants we've dined at.  Kids eat free, so there were lots of kids running around the buffet.  

    Try the Italian restaurant La Luce!  We ate there three nights in a row because we were too relaxed to leave the resort area and the food was fabulous!  Much better than the Harvest Bistro.  

    My husband enjoyed going to the spa at the Waldorf Astoria, connected by the convention area to the Hilton.

    Things they could have done better:  during crowded times, they need to monitor the people who put their towels on lounge chairs.  Every lounge chair was taken by 8 am.  
    Have more omelette stations at breakfast.  The wait for omelettes was long.  Housekeeping skipped our room one day but that was remedied with a phone call.  Guess they were kind of overwhelmed.  Also, the complimentary shuttles to disney parks were always really crowded.  Many people had to stand.

    All in all, on a off season, this hotel would be perfect.

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Bryan W.
    Near perfect in every way. I don't usually smoke cigars, but when I do the bartender handed me a freakin cigar menu!!! After dealing with hot ass sweaty Disney, wait for the kids to chill with Mom, grab a cigar, drink, and twilight on an immaculate golf course on sight! Winning!

    31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. John R.
    I made a reservation a week in advance for a king bed when I arrived all the king beds were sold out; they downgraded my room to a queen. I asked for a cabana they said they were all sold out but they would put me on a waiting list and I was told that if there was a cancellation that I would be first on the list to get one. The next day we ran down stairs to put our towels on 2 decent chairs by the pool. On the way down I asked one of the cabana guys if they were still sold out he replied yes. I told him that if one became available that I was on a waiting list. A short while later my wife spotted someone who was sitting down and got up inquiring about a cabana that had a sudden cancellation. When I objected by saying I was on a list the cabana girl just looked at me with a confused look.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    85. Delia P.
    Due to unforseen financial circumstances, the hubs, kiddies and I had to nix our Miami (20 year HS Reunion) trip this past weekend. In panic mode, I decided to take the remaining of our vacation savings, and have more of a "staycation."

    We had previously stayed at the Hilton Orlando, but there were no rooms available - so I decided we would stay here at Bonnet Creek.

    First, I accidently made my reservations for 2 nights, while trying to determine whether I actually wanted to spend that much money or not. I made the reservations within the 3 day cancellation period. When I tried to immediately call the 800-Reservation-Desk, I was told that I was within my cancellation dates and I would have to call the hotel directly to see if they could assist me at all.

    I called the hotel, worried that I would be overspending our budget with a 2 night stay. I spoke with DEANNA at the front desk. She was AMAZING! Not only was she happy to ammend my stay to just one night from two - but after "word vomiting" my sob story - she right properly was super kind to us! Her customer service was beyond amazing!

    Forward to the date of arrival and I must say that every employee on property was amazing! Except one... I will not categorize this as a "complaint" and more of a "dissapointment"... I paid extra for a Disney View. The room and view we got were amazing, don't get me wrong... But, when I called to ask about Disney View, the woman who answered the phone was not super polite and proceed to explain that our room had a Disney MGM View and that was a Disney Property view that we paid extra for. I was satified with this answer because I was told there were fireworks that we would still be able to see from our room even with a MGM view. HOWEVER, come fireworks time, I'd like to clarify that it was to our disappointment that we didn't really have an MGM view from our room, and the fireworks were not at all visable. The Hubs took one of the kiddies downstairs and they saw the fireworks from the pool area - so they were not missed!!!! Which I am grateful for.

    The Kiddies loved the lazy river, and the slide! The Hubs and I loved the beach entry pool, so we wouldn't have to stand around and hold the little one constantly, he could play to his hearts content and feel like a "big boy" with the rest of the "big kids".

    Our late check-out was appreciated, the coupons we were given to order pizza for dinner (we ordered from Uno's... They were delicious!)... As I said, all the guest services employees were amazing. We were so thankful that what was originally turning out to be a horrid weekend was made something wonderful and amazing for our family - and I'd have to say it's all due to the great employees here at Bonnet Creek - ESPECIALLY DEANNA! We cannot thank her enough.

    In the future, this will undoubtably be our hotel of choice for the Disney Area.

    10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Valerie H.
    This is one of my favorite hotels! It is relaxing and is good for couples without children and of course families. I love the lazy river, you can get a drink and float around. The poolside wait staff are excellent and there is no reason to leave the hotel to eat, because their restaurants are excellent. You must get breakfast room service one morning it is delish. It is also great that you have access to the Waldorf Astoria next door as well and their spa is to die for! Just an all around great hotel!

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Cynthia V.
    We had a large group consisting of three families.  We stayed in the condo/timeshare area.  The beds were comfortable.  The rooms were spacious.  There was plenty of room to cook and store food.  The pools were incredible!  It is also very close to Disney.  We are able to save time and money, by staying at the resort and making meals.  The children had no problem spending all day at the pools.

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Paul H.

    -The 2012 ADEA Annual Conference was located here
    -Conference rooms are named after all Florida counties.
    -Valet staff is not as friendly as Wyndham.
    -They have their own Disney store but does not carry any cards.
    -The lazy river is much better than the Wyndham and it interconnects two pools. $5 per tube rental.
    -The water slide is fun and the pool staff are friendly.
    -The gym is dominated with cardio machines which I am turned off by. The wyndham is more well balanced with weight machines and cardio machines.
    -The room was standard with two full size beds. The Wyndham was cheaper and had two full size beds plus a bunk bed and an additional sink for a lower price.
    -Parking is $14 a night
    -The breakfast buffet (located near Oscar Terrace) was actually quite delicious.
    -Wireless is free (hhonors) with no passcode.

    20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    89. Cheryl D.
    Great place for families.  Buffet needs more options for kids and adults.  Lazy river and pool is nice on off days from Disney World.  Too many people are constantly crowding lobby, elevators, cafes, and halls of hotel...very busy.

    22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Harold J.
    Very attentive staff in all areas of our visit.  My only gripes were that they were doing a lot of construction at the time and the room doors were very heavy and could pinch and possibly break the fingers of their younger guests.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Zombie D.
    We stayed here for 4 days between January 17 - 20th and had an enjoyable experience. The hotel has shuttles that leave about every hour to the Disney and Universal resorts that are very punctual and features a variety of places to eat on premise. Since we were with the kids we ate mostly at the Garden Bistro which has a limited menu but everything on it was good. You will get bored of the bistro outside of breakfast but there are so many places to eat in Orlando that finding a nice restaurant is only a short drive or cab ride away. The pool there is top notch and has a lazy river that winds around the 2 separate large pools and has 2 hot tubs and 1 kiddie pool nestled in between them. The kids had a great time going around and around the lazy river but note that the floatation tubes aren't free and cost you money to buy them (no option to borrow or rent). The hotel has a view of Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom but they are far in the distance so don't think if you opt for a room with a view that you're going to be up close to the fireworks or anything. Also I don't think many of the rooms have tubs so if you want to take a bath then forget about it. Overall this is a very clean and well maintained resort hotel that you will enjoy if you want to be on the Disney premises without spending the fortune that the OFFICIAL Disney resorts ask for.

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Anne L.
    Zeta sushi bar isn't listed - couldn't give a review so decide to do it here. One word of advice: sit at the sushi bar if you want good and fast service for food. The waitress hardly came over but the sushi chef just kept them coming.  The tuna nachos is a must to try.

    29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Gloria S.
    No high heels here. Bring your walking shoes!
    Beautiful facility but very long hallways, especially if you are attending a conference here. The architect had to be a male because the restrooms are too far and few between.

    Self park is in the end, so lots of walking!

    Perfect stay for business, pleasure, etc. Free shuttle to the important Mickey places.

    16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Paul S.
    Really nice hotel at a really good price on Expidia. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because they charge you a $22 resort fee a night. Which I hate when hotels do that. I don't know why they just make it $22 more a night. The staff is really friendly  and the place is really clean.

    19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. Brady J.
    I always stay at Hilton hotels and usually enjoy my stays. I am on a business trip and this is my last full day at the Hilton Bonnet Creek and would have gave it a 5 star review if it wasn't for the pool experience.

    All of the services were wonderful inside the hotel. It was always clean and the staff was very professional. When it came to ordering food and drinks from the pool area..... Well that was a different story.

    We ordered 2 meals and 2 drinks from the waiter. 30 minutes later our food finally showed up (without some of what we asked for) and we still had not got our waters or soda.

    I have had many years of hotel experience and I'll be the first to say the pool staff handled everything wrong... (We weren't the only guests having problems).... The waiter was blaming everything on his runners and the "system" they have, and the runners didn't know what they were doing, lost, and not professional in their conversations with guests. When we complained that we still had not received our drinks after the food had already got here the runner got combative and then jokingly said "your drinks will be another 15 minutes"... That comment right there would get an employee fired on the spot in the hotels & resorts I have worked in....

    With that said, if it wasn't for this horrible pool experience I would have gave the hotel 5 stars. Instead I am forced to give it a 3. I recommend this hotel as it is very nice, I just do not recommend any of the services offered at the pool area.

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    96. Tom H.
    Solid hotel.  Room was very clean.  Room and hallways seemed fairly pristine.  You can walk to the Waldorf and Bull and Bear steak house if interested in a very good steak.  There is an Italian restaurant on the Hilton side, however, feedback from others there was nothing special.  Parking was $17.  Bring your room key with you when you leave on the last day to exit garage.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Melissa R.
    I recently stayed here for a conference. I would recommend this hotel for anyone looking for nice upscale stay near Disney. The services provided are good. There is a nice cafe and coffee bar where snacks and treats can be purchased. Other restaurants are available in the hotel. Some lunch menus are limited so do your homework before deciding on lunch inside.  There is not a free hotel shuttle but there are plenty of service taxis waiting outside. The only item I would change is the window coverings in my room. They are sheer and do not block out morning sun so if you like the room dark or want to sleep in its difficult. I was there for business and had to get up early but if I was on vacation that might be a deal breaker.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Chris R.
    I have stayed at the Hilton Bonnet Creek before, and this time I was compelled to write a review.  I checked in, and was greeted by Terra at the front desk.  Let me just say WOW.  She upgraded my room to a high level, Disney view.  She gave me upgraded perks that the Gold and Diamond Hilton Honors would receive, even though I'm only Silver.  Also, she gave me complimentary breakfast tickets.  How great is that?

    On top of all this, the resort is first class.  From the beautiful lazy river to the outstanding sushi at Zeta, and delicious pizza at La Luce, this was a memorable visit.  I visited for one day from Tampa, and I can't wait to go back.  We are Disney annual pass members and didn't even go to the park because we were having such a great time at the resort!

    If I am not staying at a Disney Deluxe Resort, I am definitely staying at Hilton Bonnet Creek.  Only major gripe is the extra $22.00 resort fee and $16.00 fee for parking; but that was expected.  I will be back!!

    11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Terrance E.
    Great hotel, very modern, nice and clean.  We came here for our son's 6th birthday during Spring Break 2014.  Checkin is quick and easy.  Elevators are a plenty and get you up/down with minimal wait for this large and tall hotel.  Rooms are spacious and extremely quiet!  We couldn't hear any sounds from hallway or next rooms which is very common among older cheaper hotels.  Beds are very comfy! They have a nice large pool and cool lazy river for the kids, and an arcade and disney store.  

    Of course like 90% of hotels nowadays there is a $20+ resort fee and parking garage fee, but we do a lot of traveling and nearly every hotel does that now.  

    One of the best things about staying here is it is on Disney property and the free shuttle they provide is a nice comfortable coach that plays disney movies and gets you to parks fairly quickly (AK, Epcot, MK and HS), the only other  stop is right next door at the Waldorf.  Its 15min ride to Magic Kingdom.  And we went during extremely busy spring break 2014 and no problems getting on bus either going or coming back.  

    We only ate at the cafe downstairs for the breakfast buffett which we paid in advance with our room rate, which was cheaper than the $22 per person (kids eat free for breakfast and dinner there).  Though it was good, my only complaint was that they served the same exact things EVERY morning.  So i got tired of same eggs, same sausage, same toast, same breakfast potatoes....... you get the idea.  i never bother with omelet station as line was usually long.  So I'm glad i was able to get it cheaper than the $22 rate, otherwise i would have felt ripped.  Other restaurants seem pricey and for dinners we usually just had reservations at a Disney property.  

    So overall, this was an extremely nice hotel and there is a very good chance we will stay here again when me, my wife and our 6 yo son come to DisneyWorld again.

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Betsy V.
    I will NEVER EVER stay at this hotel again! If I could give them a negative 5 I sure would! This place has incompetent staff at the front desk. I was part of a conference that was staying for 3 days. I decided to extend my time for an additional 2 days but had to pay out of pocket for these days, so I gave them my debit card to hold the deposit. At the end of the first 3 days I decided to not stay at this hotel and spoke with 3 different people at the front desk. I specifically asked to NOT charge my card. I did NOT authorize them to charge my card at all, BUT OF COURSE they did place the charge on my card! Can you believe it! They did not get any signature from me and the funds are gone! I called to speak with the front desk again and spoke to the same person that I had initially advised of the cancellation. He tells me that my card was not charged! I lost it! How is he going to tell me that they didn't when I have the charge on my account! He placed me on hold to "research" further. When he came back on the line he then confirms that my card WAS charged but the a refund was processed. I asked him how long would it take.. Response a couple of days! WTF!! I told him I need my money now that I am on vacation as the charge was almost $500!! What kind of response is that?! I am with my family and can't even feed them while we are here! This has ruined my vacation in Orlando. And to add icing on the cake I left a few dresses hanging in the closet.. And guess what, they can't find those either! This place is NOT worth the cost at all. DO NOT STAY HERE!

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    101. Joanna T.
    Located in the heart of Mickey Mouse land, this 1000 room hotel appears to attract lots of people attending conferences. That's not to say there aren't shrieking children about (there are plenty) it's just more of an "adult" hotel.

    Public Spaces: A
    Beautiful lobby & bar and extensively manicured grounds. The pool looked really nice but I didn't use it. Everything is very clean and looks new.

    Rooms: A
    Mine was very clean, had silent air-con, and a well appointed bathroom with lighted make up mirror and a decent hair dryer. Absolutely nothing to complain about with the room.

    Service: A/D
    The "A" grade is for the front desk peeps and the conference staff. We hosted a small meeting here (~20 ppl) and they treated us like we'd booked the whole hotel. The "D" grade is for service in the restaurants and bar - painfully, painfully slow. Getting a drink at an empty bar shoud NOT take 10 minutes.

    Extras: C
    There's a "resort fee" - of course. I don't object, as long as I get something out of it like parking or wifi. Nope! Wifi is $15/day and parking is $16/day. The structure is pretty decent and not that far of a walk though.

    Restaurants: D
    Boo - the restaurants here just plain suck. I expect them to be overpriced, but when you add terrible service and average-at-best food.....go offsite if you can, and thank me later.

    Overall: B+
    Sucky restaurants aside, I did enjoy my stay here. The property is beautiful, well mantined and very clean and I'd come back with no hesitation.

    20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Kelli M.
    Bryan M and I thought it would be fun to do a little local getaway for his birthday.  Since we are Diamond Members and had points available we thought it would be nice to stay a Saturday night at the Hilton Bonnet Creek.

    This getaway was for him to play golf and then for us to meet up with some friends for dining and drinking around Epcot.

    We arrived around noon and checked in with at the Hilton Honors desk; we were told the room should be ready soon.  We knew we were early, so it was nice to know the wait wouldn't be long.

    It was lunch time, so we made our way down to the pool to grab a bite to eat. The pool area is quite nice and we enjoyed the open air seating at Beech. The two of us ended up spitting the Grilled Chicken Club ($15); it was fine, but I could get better and cheaper over at Epcot.

    After lunch Bryan headed over to the Waldorf for a round of gold.  They offer a few discounts (FL resident, Hilton Honors, afternoon, etc.) but he still ended up paying over $100 with all the different fees.  He really enjoyed the course and said it was on par with all the other Orlando resorts he's played at.

    While Bryan golfed I enjoyed a $7 Jai Alai in the Sena Bar and Lounge.  The lounge has a nice view of the pool and golf course; it was nice to sit and take in the view.

    While I was waiting for our room to be ready I took a stroll around the resort. The hotel has many beautiful features and there are a number of amenities.

    Our room was finally ready three hours after they had told us it would be "soon".  We had a nice room on the 14th floor.  The view was wonderful; you could see for miles.

    We were staying at the hotel without a car and had planned on using the hotel's transportation. I didn't realize this needed to be well planned since the buses only came every hour. We ended up having to take a $10 cab ride back from Downtown Disney due to the last bus had left that night at 11:40pm.

    Sunday morning we enjoyed a tasty breakfast downstairs at Harvest Bistro. Our buffet was complimentary due to our Hilton status. Like many other Hilton's you can pay to upgrade to the hot options; I never due since the cold buffet always a nice variety.

    Bryan and I decided to spend some time at the pool before our late checkout. There was plenty of seating to be found. The pool was very nice. We enjoyed the lazy river, but we were not about to spend money to use a tube to float. I have found that other resorts that charge a resort fee to guest include such extras. Along with swimming you will find a number of activities taking place at the pool.

    I have stayed at many of the resorts in Orlando, while the Hilton at Bonnet Creek is lovely it wasn't one of my favorites.  With all of the choices out there I'm not sure if we'll be coming back anytime soon.  My biggest issue with this resort was the music.  Now I know that may sound silly and perhaps most would never notice; but I take in the whole package and the music played throughout this resort was terrible and I couldn't escape it.  They had "classic" hits playing everywhere.  When I go on vacation I want to make new memories and not be reminded of ones from my past.  I was constantly being brought back into the 80's and 90's with every song being played.  Eating a nice breakfast on the patio overlooking the lush pool should be a nice moment, but Joan Jett kind of killed it for me.

    In a sea of hotel resorts it's the little things that make a difference.  I felt like the Hilton was nice, but nothing really stood out to make it special.

    07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Marc P.
    This is one of our favorite hotels to stay at in Orlando, especially when going to one of the Disney parks. They are priced much cheaper than the Disney resorts and they also offer shuttles to all the parks. The pool is amazing and has lazy river that goes all the way around. The lobby had just been remodeled and the bar and patio are amazing! The breakfast buffet is great and the Zeta Bar sushi is really good! Fantastic guest services, very nice rooms, all around a great place!

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Toby T.
    Awful. This property used to be a great place to visit but they must be under new management because everything has taken a turn for the worst. Construction noise all day and night; higher prices; drop in quality of services; dirty (especially the parking garage); loss of the home and comfort feeling.

    The front desk staff were great, servers at La Luce and Zeta Bar were great. But the quality of the food isn't what I remember it was.

    But the coffee shop was the biggest disappointment.  This used to be our favorite place (the hidden gem of the hotel) but time has ruined what was great about the shop. The people behind the counter at night were great. And the people in the morning were too, especially with the lines they can get.

    After the construction it looks like an Ikea Showroom. Empty inside which causes a mass of people to stand around instead of forming a line. Guests seemed upset and annoyed because it wasn't clear who was next to be served. I watched kids touch or coughing on the pasties because they are not covered by much glass. Prices have gone up on items but portion sizes are much smaller than I remember. I spoke with some of the team members and they said there was a new manager changing the store. These changes are not for the better, they just want more money.

    Lots of little changes to this hotel build up and for the money we would rather just stay at Disney. Congratulations Hilton Bonnet Creek, you lost a regular customer

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    105. Himanshu D.
    Fantastic pool & facilities for the entire family!
    Comfortable rooms that are minimal but nice.
    Great views from the higher floors.
    We watched fireworks over Disney from our room. :-)

    23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Katina H.
    This is a great hotel!  The staff are friendly, the food and drinks are great, and it's a kid friendly environment.  The rooms are also very modern and clean! I will definitely stay at this property again.

    22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Sandra A.
    Love this hotel! I've stayed here on numerous occasions, both during the summer and the holiday season. It's a great place, good customer service, clean rooms good gym and wonderful pool/lazy river.

    Not too impressed by the food at the Harvest restaurant, but the sandwiches and snacks in their coffee shop are delicious!

    Shuttle service is provided to the Disney parks and the the on-site parking lot is secure and convenient.

    Would recommend to everyone.

    24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Justin L.
    Really like this hotel.

    My first room was a High Floor with a view of "the nature preserve".  I was on the 6th floor and had a view of a slew of trees and the roof over the lobby. Not great.

    I called the front desk and they gladly switched my room to the other side - the Disney View.  I love the mouse but, was afraid I'd be looking at all the attractions.  Not the case. The view can't get better than this.... (See attached pic). Beautiful.

    The hotel is a little expensive for food/drink. But, I would definitely stay here again.

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. C. A.
    This place is so relaxing and great for the family. Checking in with prior reservation took 10 minutes or less. You can park in the front during check in and you'll be asked to leave your car keys with staff persons standing outside until check in has been completed. This location includes multiple restaurants on property with your choice to dine in the restaurants and/or the option to order via room service. The on location restaurants can be pretty pricey for some.

    However,  there are other outside restauarants that will deliver such as papa johns, chinese, etc. Y o u can contact front desk to ask for the nearest or a, list of delivering restaurants.  

    Pro: Staying at this hotel gives you the freedom to just walk out your room empty handed, chose to charge anything to your room. Of course, they will have your credit card on file during your check in to assure all charges are paid.

    Con: I was not asked to show my room card or anything related to requesting to add charges to my room. Open for possible conflicts.

    Overall: You have many people during this time of the month amd year visiting from all over. A huge group of out of state and foreign travelers. You meet many great people.

    The lazy river was the best on site activity to take part in. The floaters in different style and colors seem to be famous to have while floating in the lazy river. Floaters fee $7.50 plus tax. You have the choice to pay cash or charge it to your room. The restaurant called the "Beech" offers some really good drinks and poolside food during the pool/lazy river enjoyment. There's a water slide as well.

    There's a fun zone located inside the hotel as well for the kids or anyone into video games. Pretty small but the kids enjoyed the games there.

    There seems to be lots of conferences taking place during our stay. Very busy and noisy during the day time. Depending In what group is, staying during your time you may have lots of noise and kids in the hall along with numerous of shuttle buses.

    Self parking cost $18 plus tax per day. You have the second option of valet parking daily for additional fee. Parking garage is located between the Waldorf Astoria and the Hilton.

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. David R.
    Awesome property!! Great rooms, great pool and excitant service. We were here when there was a hurricane about 100 miles away so the outer bands of the storm provided us with some entertainment. I have been to a lot of Hilton properties and this is one I really enjoyed.

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. Raoul D.
    Never again!

    This is an attractive property. Clean and well-decorated. Looks appealing and upscale. However, my experience was less-than-stellar, to put it mildly.

    First, over $300 a night plus taxes, and they charge another $18 for self-parking, and another $22 for use of the resort (which is FORCED upon you, you have no choice but to accept the butt sex).

    Caveat: the self-parking is basically your privilege to drive yourself up many stories of their filthy parking garage endlessly searching for a spot to park and then hike your way to the hotel. My aunt was on her second tank of oxygen by the time she got to her room.

    Second, they have construction going on right now... bloody dust everywhere; banging, drilling, sawing and stuff falling at 11pm!! I can bloody hear everything while trying to sleep.

    Food was outrageous. There was also no complimentary coffee so commonly found in even lower end hotel chains.

    That entire time, no one offered any gestures or remedy; all they do is say sorry but did nothing else to address the complaint. They all have that fake frown which hides a subtle arrogance as if to say "too bad, we got your money anyways, so get used to it, sucker!"

    Arrogant pricks taking the traveling public for granted.

    So, my recommendation is this: if you are super wealthy (which means you'll go across the street to the Waldorf Astoria anyways) and don't care about a few missing $20 bills? Go for it. If you are the federal government (*wink at GSA) and taxpayers are already footing the bill for your per diem, M&IE and lodging and all the fees thereof, by all means, infuse some of that cash into a sagging economy.

    Otherwise, look elsewhere. Plenty of hotels around which doesn't charge for parking, use of their facilities, and offer far more benefits, to include a simple, bloody cup of plain black coffee.


    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    112. Bret A.
    Nice location off by itself.  This hotel is located in a cluster of upscale hotels on the golf course that are set a bit off to themselves. There is a path that runs along the golf course that is refreshing to walk along. The Hilton Bonnet Creek and Waldorf Astoria are actually connected by an indoor walkway and share restaurants and lounges. The staff are friendly and helpful throughout the hotel, but probably due to the economy they are way understaffed in the restaurants. The rooms are nice although  the closets are rather small. The pool area is very pleasant and has several bridges crossing it and a lazy river for floating around the curling loop. The pool bar has great outdoor seating by gas fire pits that make for a terrific meeting spot. You can be under cover or in the open air which is pleasant most times of the year.  The lobby bar is a social gathering place so sometimes is very loud, but there is a small amount of outdoor seating on the balcony that is very pleasant allowing you to be outside and enjoy the fresh air.   The business center is very helpful and manned - I made use of it while I was there and was very pleased. This is the third time I have stayed here for business and I will return.  I highly recommend taking the walk way to the Waldorf loung, Bull and Bear, if you want a quiet spot away from the crowds.

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Mark F.
    Forget value at this place. I was charged for items in their lounge and although they said they would take them off my bill, they did not.

    Conrad is rolling in his grave at the lack of customer service here.

    06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    114. Matthew M.
    What an amazing experience at this Hilton resort for one night. Not only did we get upgraded to a Disney park/pool view but the valet service and check in staff are super friendly. The pool area was amazing with a water slide, lazy river and of course a bar right there for the adults. Drinks are a little pricey but it's to be expected at any resort in Orlando. The room was very clean and your standard Hilton king size bed. I also really enjoyed the restaurants Hilton had to offer, I strongly recommend Zeta Bar if you are into sushi and the Harvest Bistro if you have kids (kids eat free with resort fee payment).
    There is a game area for the kids and plenty of bars for the adults. I will definitely be back when I return to Orlando next year.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. Cassandra S.
    Amazing hotel! Incredibly beautiful, great rooms, comfortable beds, friendly staff, convenient location to the other Disney resorts. Free shuttle to Downtown Disney and other places. The only thing that's a little annoying is that the parking lot when you park yourself is eighteen dollars a night.

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. M H.
    This is a 5 star review for a 4 star hotel. This is a newish hotel and feels that way. Huge lobby, big rooms. Awesome pool with lazy river. Good Lavazza cafe by the lobby so we carried breakfast up to the room. La Luce fine dining restaurant  is surprisingly refined but chill. But Harvest Grill is overpriced (good if free breakfast though). Hotel is in very mellow pocket within Disney resort area. Service is attentive but laid back. Great place.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    117. Erin Y.
    Really nice hotel in Orlando! I stayed for just one night in January and had a great time. The lobby is very grand and welcoming. The room/suite we had was huge and very nice. The hotel grounds were well-maintained. The pool was big and had plenty to do. It had a great lazy river and multiple hot tubs. Plenty of restaurants and stores on-site. I also love how the hotel is connected to the other hotels. We walked through the conference area and past many restaurants to the Waldorf Astoria, and enjoyed a fantastic meal at Bull and Bear steakhouse. Very convenient to be able to stay at the Hilton but have access to the Waldorf as well. Overall, I recommend this hotel if you ever find yourself in Orlando! Simple, but great fun.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    118. Melissa L.
    I stayed here during my visit for the Disney marathon, thanks to a thread about places to stay outside of the parks on the runDisney forum.

    The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek hotel is not a Disney property but  it is affiliated with them.  Thus they have a free, comfortable shuttle buses that takes guests to and from  the parks and Downtown Disney approximately once per hour.  Although it's fairly close to Downtown Disney I would estimate that it's too far to walk there from the hotel for most people.

    The property is connected to the more luxurious Waldorf Astoria next door.   The Hilton is pretty nice and appears to focus on guests traveling with family that are there for business that also wish to play some golf or try out the lazy river.  There is plenty of activities for families to entertain themselves with while not at the parks.  The hotel has updated amenities, large, clean rooms and facilities and very helpful staff.  Parking is available for self park or valet.

    The cafe had plenty of reasonably priced options for breakfast, lunch or a light snack and had extended hours.  One shop had plenty of Disney items for sale at the same prices as those offered in the parks.

    As for my visit, I was there on a marathon package.  They provided transportation to and from the race start/finish line, which was something I had been worried about as they blocked off some of the streets to Epcot and sitting in traffic was the last thing I needed to worry about.  The rate for the hotel was about half of what the Disney properties were charging, although there are plenty of perks associated with staying in the parks if you can take advantage of them.  They provided a goodie bag filled with information and some treats that only a runner would appreciate.  The resort fee included a voucher for WiFi and a discount for golf.  

    On the morning of my race, before the first bus was due to depart at around 3 am (yes, that time is correct), the hotel had set up a runner friendly breakfast buffet of fruit, granola bars, coffee, juice, water, oatmeal, bagels, at no charge to us.  Some of the staff lined up and actively cheered us on as we boarded the bus.  I loved all their energy!  Upon our return some of the staff met us as we entered the lobby and congratulated us.  

    Overall this is one of the nicer Hilton properties I've visited and the prices are very reasonable for the value offered.  This would be a good option for those running any Disney race or for those that wish to have a more adult experience while in Orlando.  I just wish the shuttle buses ran more than once per hour, but that could be due to the timing of my visit in the off season.

    Tip:  if you are planning on taking the shuttle bus, arrive at least 5 minutes early.  One bus was a couple of minutes early, didn't see us coming and just zipped by the stop without stopping.  Four of us could not have been more than 40 feet away.  We ended up waiting another hour for the next bus.

    15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Lindsay G.
    Hubs and I loyal to Hilton, so we decided to try this one over 4th of July weekend. The cleanliness, friendliness of staff, pool, rooms, and fitness center were all great! The pool is where we spent most our time. It has a massive lazy river, a slide for the kids, and plenty of chairs to go around. We were disappointed to see the prices for the poolside food/drinks. $15 for a bar quality burger? No thanks. Make sure to bring your own snacks.

    We were surprised they make you purchase a tube if you want one for the lazy river as most places w/ lazy rivers provide the tube. Also, if you're coming here w/ kids, you'll love this pool. If you're not travelling w/ kids, don't think you'd find it relaxing here and would be better off at the Waldorf next door.

    Only other downside is the proximity to good restaurants. Most of the close restaurants are in Downtown Disney, which means parking madness and Disney prices.

    Overall, nice place to take your family...just bring a cooler of your own snacks/drinks! :)

    09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Nycole P.
    I was double billed for valet parking AND self parking, which when I pointed it out to the front desk person she immediately fixed the issue. I paid our entire bill in cash and then when I went to leave the valet would not give me our keys, and made a scene which was very embarrassing; saying we had not paid our bill and said I had to go wait in line again to speak to the front desk person. Of course by this time the line was very long. When I got to the front counter they said there is no problem and I made them call valet to hand us our keys. It was stressful and very embarrassing! We drove off with such a sour taste in our mouth and we were just so stressed out and angry!

    19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    121. Kevin F.
    Normally in my reviews I like the list the pros, cons, and then tips. The only problem is there are no cons at this Hilton property.

    The staff is the best in the business and makes every part of your stay feel special. From the greeting at the door to the house cleaning it is top quality service.

    The property is secluded and beautiful. It is fully updated with great rooms. Ours faced the Disney parks and we got to watch the fireworks nightly.

    The restaurants offer high quality food and outstanding service. At the Harvest Bistro kids eat free for breakfast and dinner. The buffet breakfast is fantastic.

    There are plenty of pools and hot tubs, so it is never crowded and the pool bar completes the experience.

    The also offer a free shuttle service on new and clean buses going to all the Disney parks and Downtown Disney. The service is timely and efficient. You can also get your park passes here making life easy.

    Specific to Disney's marathon weekend:

    1. A nice welcome package was a lovely surprise
    2. Discount on park passes for runners
    3. Great meal before the race
    4. Free bus to and from the race
    5. Outstanding breakfast prepared for all runners starting at 2AM with a staff cheering you on and getting you pumped.

    If you are running the race or want a hassle free Disney vacation this is THE PROPERTY to stay at.



    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Nick C.
    As a Hilton Honors member my wife and I stay here often and this time decided to bring our in laws.

    We parked our car as normal and began our  walk down the halls to the lobby except the lobby was not there. We were baffled as nothing seemed normal and we back tracked and located 2 small desks which acted as a make shift guest service and check in area. The whole lobby and restaurant area was under construction!

    We were so disappointed as we raved to the in laws about this hotel only to have our experience dampened by a massive under construction that we were not notified about when purchasing our rooms online. Had I been aware of this we most likely would not have booked and stayed at the Wyndham or Waldorf.

    As stated the staff was great, the rooms were great but half of the hotel was blocked off. It was NOT dusty or did we hear loud construction at all. We ended up cutting our stay in half and finishing the rest of our trip at the Wyndham across the street.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    123. Rick R.
    I have stayed at the Hilton Bonnet Creek on two occasions, both of which were quite satisfactory and enjoyable. The hotel is modern, nicely designed with all the conveniences of new Hilton properties. The rooms are good. Not unusual or exceptional, but they are good. The lobby bar are restaurants all have bars as well...the lobby cafe is open 24hours which is very handy.  

    I also like that the Hilton is connected to the Waldorf, so a short stroll and one is surrounded by the elegance of the Waldorf. By far one of the best combination properties to choose from in the Disney area.

    06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. Nanci C.
    I love this place!!! I don't want to leave! I want to stay there forever as my home. I didn't get a chance to use their facilities. I wanted to enjoy the lazy river. The view from my room of the pool and golf course was so beautiful. It is one of the most grandest hotels that I've stayed in such as Harrah's in Atlantic City.

    19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. Cindy D.
    I was going to give this place four stars, but I really couldn't think of any way my stay could have been better. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. (The front desk attendee apologized that I had to wait so long to check in--I waited no more than 45 seconds)

    The hotel had a very modern/new vibe to it. My room was clean and everything worked. The best part about my room was the view I had of the Disneyworld fireworks!! I love watching fireworks and they totally caught me off-guard at 11:30 PM- I was so excited!

    The reason I ended up in the middle of Florida was for a conference my work was putting on. This was a great venue to hold a conference at. All the conference rooms were centrally located and easy to find.  The food they served for our staff meals was a dream come true. I'm not a huge fan of tiramisu, but somehow managed to convince myself I needed four helpings of it  to complete my lunch. It was SO good. I also walked into a staff lunch room filled with entrées such as Mac n Cheese and Vegetable quinoa. Mmmmm. Best. Work lunch. Ever.

    Some other things I liked  about the hotel--5 minute cab ride to Downtown Disney (about $9), and a 30 minute ride to the airport (About $70). (The hotel said it takes about 35-40 minutes to get to the airport during the afternoon time). The pool area/lazy river was huge and really pretty. I enjoyed admiring it from afar while I worked. I'm not sure if it was heated  or if they had innertubes to use  because no one was in it while I was there. Would definitely stay here again (especially in the summer so I can give that lazy river a shot).

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Steve B.
    I've been to a lot of hotels in Orlando and this one is not my cup of tea, I found the rooms to be uncomfortable and dirty, hairs all over my room.  The sight of a large dead bug in the hallway for 24 hours didn't help things.

    BIG ROOM TIP: There is a 'master' light switch under the thermostat, that needs to be on in order for most to all of the room lamps/outlets to work.  They don't tell you this at check-in or even post that info in the room, would be nice if they did!

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    127. Rob B.
    This Hilton Bonnet Creek hotel is close to Disney. It's about $170 a night but we used our hotel points for a free stay. We liked that it had firm beds, extra blankets, fantastic pool, minutes away from downtown Disney, and a parking garage. The restaurants inside were expensive. I hate that word! But it seems any hotel, restaurant, or parking is expensive near Disney.

    The pool is worth mentioning; they have a lazy river which flows around the entire pool area. There is three entry areas. One is just for kids with a zero degree entry. It's all the rage!

    They have a mini bar nearby with loungers and fire pits. Great idea for cooler winter

    We will be back to this Hilton!

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Gatangalie S.
    This has to be the best hotel in the Disney/Orlando area. When I first arrived, I was greeted by this lovely young man who happened to check me in. He also gave me a coupon for a free drink. I stayed here for two sultry beautiful October nights on the 16th floor with a beautiful view. The beds were comfy and my room smelled super good. Oh my! The pool was huge, but I didn't have enough time to do a deep dive. I'm in love with Zeta bar located in the lobby. They have this awesome happy hour deal and the bartenders were pretty amazing.

    They also have a Disney store located in the lobby, where you can purchase souvenirs and tickets to the theme parks. We bought our tickets to Epcot here in a matter of seconds.  

    This hotel is incredibly spacious with a presentation to kill. You can also hop over to the Waldorf Astoria nearby and scope out what they have to offer with your pass at no additional cost.

    I'm looking forward to visit next year and take advantage of that amazing pool and fancy restaurants.

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Tiffany P.
    Thinking back on our recent trip home, I'm able to put into words how I truly felt about our 4-night stay here at the Hilton. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.

    First off, I have hotel phobia regardless of how posh it is touted. We were given the option to switch to the Waldorf Astoria directly across the street after realizing they didn't have any adjoining suites to suit our family of five (three teenagers to boot) needs. However, the additional costs wasn't something we budgeted for so we hunkered down and planned to 'make do'. There was also a major educational conference being hosted and held at the Hilton so this was one reason I am to assume there were no adjoining suite rooms (I'm still unsure if they had any available or didn't have them on the premises. I'm venturing none on premise, hence their offer to send us across the street to their sister hotel).

    Upon driving up to the valet entrance, we were awaited by several staffers eager to retrieve our luggage. They loaded our belongings onto the cart and said it would be waiting at the inside valet station and ready to be delivered directly to our room once we checked in and gave them the proper credentials (room number).

    Once we were checked in, we were instructed to either move out car from the entrance area or have it valet parked for a fee. We knew that wasn't going to be a part of our plan as we would be venturing off the property throughout our trip here (even though it was a business related trip for my husband).  There was a short drive from the hotel valet area to the parking garage situation. We eventually learned the best floor to park on when having to walk a ways(!) back to the hotel entrance. We also had trouble with the key card gate entry thing. We had to call the front desk several different times to gain entry inside the parking garage.

    After a long trek back inside the hotel, through the lobby and all of the looking glass scenery, up the elevators, and navigating a bit of hotel-suite-numbering-system-confusion, we arrived at our room. Upon exiting the elevator, I was immediately turned off by 1) the hallway/carpet/whatever smell that wafted the air; 2) the distance to our room from the elevators; 3) the fact that our room ended up being on the 4th floor and practically at the dead end of the floor; and 4) the confusing exit signs which we determined at this point there was truly only one way to our distant room. Thankfully we didn't have to lug luggage to our destination! However, we each had our valuable belongings with us (backpacks, purses, and totes with electronics etc.) which made this suite scavenger hunt all the more annoying.

    Once inside the suite it was typical of 'decent hotel accommodations'. One plus was that we scored a corner room that was seemingly more so equipped for handicap persons. The hotel does not provide any type of cot for extra sleeping parties. We had to hit up Wally World for something to accommodate our son since he would not be sharing a bed with his sisters (not that the love between siblings isn't there, it was more so the space and size of the bed didn't make it conducive). Wi-Fi access was simple to log on. There were limited cable channel options. The room had a mini fridge and the typical small appliances. The hospitality staff was great about supplying us with extras (blankets, towels etc.) especially after we had to have them come change our initial linen (I spied hair and debris on them after pulling back the bedding.).

    There of course was plenty of restaurant options inside and one with a full service bar. There was an arcade room, gift shop, and a host of other upscale amenities (fitness center) on site. The hotel was located near major highways, the interstate and thoroughfares, with gas stations scattered around for convenience. All in all we enjoyed our time vacationing in our old home town, but think that the Hilton wasn't suited for our ease of in-and-out and the need for an adjoining suite type set-up. However, it was clean and too cold to give poolside reviews. But the pool scene was a nice cabana-esque set up that I wish I could enjoy right about now! Brrr.

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Lauren C.
    My mom and I stayed here during our 3 day mini getaway to orlando. Being that the hotel is right on Disney property makes it pretty convenient for visiting the parks.  The resort is set back a bit off the main road and can be hard to find at first, so be sure to keep an eye out for the signs for Bonnet Creek.

    When we arrived we were a bit confused about the parking situation. The main drop off area by the lobby was totally congested with random parked cars and the rest of us were trying to squeeze through the maze. There was no clear instructions regarding valet, garage, parking lot etc. Finally we saw the parking garage located down the road and drove over there. It's $18 per day to park in the garage and honestly a big pain in the butt. This was one of the only things I didn't care for about this hotel as it was a big production every time we wanted to come and go.

    However besides the parking issue we did enjoy our stay here. The check in process was fast and efficient. Our room was 7 floors up with a beautiful poolside view. The beds were comfortable, the room was clean, the water pressure in the shower was heavenly! There are multiple bars and restaurants on site, albeit pricey ones, but there are plenty of options for those who want to grab a bite without leaving the hotel. Breakfast buffet is served served at Harvest Bistro from 7-11 daily. We had an option to add breakfast breakfast for $10 each when booking online. Definitely worth it as the cost would be $24 per person if you don't pre-pay.
    There was a great variety of both hot and cold items on the buffet including an omelet bar. Good way to start the day.

    On site there is also a nice lounge area with fireplaces and comfy chairs by one of the bars and the pool. The pool and lazy river are the highlight of the property. There are 3 Jacuzzis and the lazy river is so much fun and relaxing! During our stay it was very busy and occupied with kids most of the time, but one of the main reasons we chose to stay here was due to the pool so we had to take advantage at least 1 time during our stay. One more tidbit of information - there are shuttles that run to all the parks and downtown disney but the schedules vary greatly by park. Be sure to check the times first avoid missing the bus like we did! Although the hotel was quite pricey, more than I'd usually spend, it was was a great experience and worth the cost overall.

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Jeff C.
    My family stayed on Friday, December 19, 2011 after attending the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. While the property is on "Disney" land I don't know for sure that they are serviced by Disney Busses. I believe the Hotel has Shuttle service. This is a swanky place, so I can't imagine them not offering this service. We drove, ate and parked at Contemporary Hotel - took us about 10 minutes door to door.

    Now the lobby is very nice, huge ceilings, several lounges to chose from and a friendly staff awaited us. We had the kids with us, so we were a party of four. We we arrived we found out they upgraded us to a high level room with DIsney Park View. I was already pleased with the visit at this point. The front desk person explained the property and showed us which way to go ( you do have to pay attention...the high level rooms have seperate elevators - not a huge deal, just good to be aware of).

    We got to our room and I was quite impressed. We stay at a LOT of resorts and this one really gets super points from me on being a "standard" room. The size of the rooms rival the contemporary's very sizable rooms. The bedding, furniture and such were very tasteful and modern. The HUGE windows floor to ceiling lent a great view of Disney Studios and even some of the Caribbean Beach resort. I think the high level rooms get you a much better view of the properties. The bathroom was nice for as expected for a 4* hotel. Granite counters, powerful shower heads and plenty of room. My wife also noted the had a very good hair dryer too...

    We were only there overnight, so we didn't get to enjoy the pool we did get a fantastic view. It has a big lazy river, bars, several pools, lots of hot tubs. Nicely laid out, quality outdoor equipment like loungers, chairs & umbrellas looked really tempting.

    Now let's talk about my FAVORITE thing is this hotel is AMAZING for families. Recreation has events every hour for the kids outside and inside. The hotels are totally set up for families. There are other families there and you don't feel like you want to shove a sock in your kids mouth when they jibber jabber too loud. Others are dealing with the same thing, so it's no big deal. Let me also note that it's not super loud - especially the breakfast buffet (which was awesome & kids eat free). Instant gratification for kids via the bountiful breakfast buffet keeps the kids eating the sound reasonable for the amount of families dinning there.

    Overall, I gotta tell you....This is really probably going to become one of my favorite disney property hotels. It will take a longer visit to 2-3 night minimums to really get a feel for it. The bottom line is the staff was great, the rooms were spectacular ad the property is down right amazing.

    Bottom line....if you're traveling with kids and can get a favorable rate on this Hilton Hotel, then grab it. You will not be disappointed.

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    132. Ang G.
    Where do you even begin? This hotel is amazing for all ages. They are incredibly kid friendly. Yet, the hotel is large enough and spacious enough to be intimate and relaxing for families and couples alike. I wish my parents would've taken me here as a kid. They have a huge water slide, a massive lazy river. It's a children's wonderland. Never mind that at 24 years of age, even I was fascinated by their poolside and amenities.

    The rooms are affordable, clean and clearly well-made. We had connecting rooms which was perfect for our family and friends. The bellhops and concierge personnel were more friendly than the next. We really enjoyed our stay and would definitely come again.

    12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0