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Hilton Orlando in Orlando, FL


Boasting a modern design to accommodate both the most active visitors or people in search of some quality R&R, the Hilton Orlando features a comprehensive 15,000 square-foot Spa and Fitness Center, two resort pools, a lazy river, nine-hole executive golf course, a jogging track, and basketball, tennis, and bocce ball courts.  Plus seven creative dining options provide fresh and creative cuisine.


Established in 2009.

Hilton Orlando opened in September of 2009 and has achieved a AAA 4-Diamond Rating and multiple awards from Hilton Worldwide for its overall performance and outstanding customer service.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.11

Address: 6001 Destination Pkwy, Orlando, FL, 32819

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    Comments (137):

    1. Stacey F.
    I had the pleasure in working with the staff to put on an event for the Orlando Wedding Professionals.  The staff was very helpful and warm.  No matter when the hotel was visited and who was passed in the hallway every staff member is warm and cordial.  Always greeted with smiles and small conversations.  Very nice!  The event was wonderful and I would recommend anyone to the staff of the Hilton Orlando if they needed to have an event.

    17/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Mark D.
    Well if you have to a) go to Orlando and b) stay in a Hilton - then this is the place.  Brand spanking new (open Sept 09) and it shows.  The gym is amazing, there's a lazy river, water slide, two pools, and two whirlpools.  Location itself isn't that great, but there really isn't much to walk to anyway.  Service was fantastic and the rooms were beautiful.

    10/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Jennifer G.
    WOW!!!! Have to say I wasn't happy with their customer service before I called but they got all the kinks out by the time I arrived. Loved the text service to get my car from valet and all the bars and restaurants were great! Way better location (distance wise) than the Peabody. Only area that was really lacking were the bathrooms since The Peabody has a fantastic set up. Overall - pretty good!

    28/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Christine W.
    Very nice. Staff was excellent all around. Lazy River and slide was a big hit pool side. A bit pricey accommodating kids eating schedules and need for smaller snack choices.

    04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Kim M.
    Lovely and clean just as you expect from a Hilton Resort.

    The pool is not to be missed with a fun lazy river that shoots water as you pass and two hot tubs and a water slide. Zero entry pool with a couple fun features for kiddos of all ages. Another pool in a quiet area for those who don't make much noise. The volleyball court, basketball courts, putting area - all designed to make you feel like you are at a beach resort.

    The rooms are spotless and comfortable.

    When considering the price parking is $12 for self-park (in and out okay) and $15 for wifi (optional).

    Easy drive to Disney, Seaworld, Whole Foods, Sweet Tomatoes, and many decent restaurants.

    02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Felicia B.
    If your travels take you to this culturally deserted part of Orlando (only chain restaurants for miles!) then this place will be your saving grace. While, I didn't order room service or try one of their several attractive restaurants, but I did frequent their market place grocery/ coffee shop, which is open late and has everything you might want to nibble on or needed to get your drink on ( ; They also had great coffee and decent breakfast sandwiches. The hotel also offers a large spa and salon,  pool and putting green, but I was unable to try those amenities during my stay. There were 2 main reasons why this place was 4-star:
    1)The place is pristine- although being almost brand new helps, the cleaning staff do an exceptional job here and I am picky about hotel accommodations and cleanliness.
    2) The fitness room is really 5-star with tons of brand new equipment, towels at each piece of equipment and headphones, flavored water and cool washcloths on hand.

    08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Dane K.
    This is the nicest straight-up Hilton I've ever been to in the US.  It's nearly brand new and everything about the place is gleaming and in tip top shape. The staff included.

    The pool is amazing. They have three pools: a "quiet" pool (*not* kid free though, and definitely not smoke free), a very large main pool complete with basketball hoops and a decent water slide.  And a lazy river.  The lazy river is fun for kids and adults alike... seriously fun!  Also, there are hundreds of lounge chairs, it's not a problem finding one... Many of them are positioned in filtered sun so this can be good or bad probably depending on the time of the year. Finding a lounger that faces full sun that's not filtered can actually take some work, and not because of overpopulation but just because so many of them are in partial shade or facing the wrong direction.  There is also waiter service at the pool, though they didn't come too frequently and we found it just as easy to walk to the pool's bar/grill to get ourselves our beer and what nots.  They have a bacon cheeseburger at the pool grill that's good and at $13 not a bad deal.  Import beer was $6/pint, not bad for a Hilton. They didn't seem to mind having beers in the lazy river even... the only thing I saw them say "no" to anyone about was having a glass bottle near the pool, but they put everything in plastic when they serve it to you if they know you're going to the pool.  The pool area also has some other recreation activities, including volleyball, miniature golf (on real grass), free pool tables, and foosball.

    The spa facilities and gym are $10/day/person for a day pass, but HHonors gold+ members get that complimentary.  Even if you're paying $10/day, if you want a gym it's totally worth it. Their gym is as nice as any high end gym I've ever seen, complete with Precor AMT machines even. The spa facilities included the typical upscale locker room and showers, and steam room (in each locker room, so single sex).  The largest steam room I've ever seen in my life, though there was no "button" to turn the steam on and it didn't come on very frequently. HHonors gold+ also get complimentary access to the executive lounge, of course, which gets you free breakfast and snacks at night (they had pizzas one weekend night when we went, my SO went on a regular weekday night and they had even fancier stuff--Beef Wellington, etc.).  

    Rooms are very nice... fairly typical but nice. Nice high end tile work in the bathrooms.   The in room wireless worked really well, and it was fast ($15/day, unless you're HHonors).  Nightly turn down service.

    Parking is $12/day for self park with full in/out privileges. (The convention center's parking next door is $11/day with no in/out).

    The convention center is directly adjacent, connected via walkways.  If you're wanting to get off the Hilton property, "The Pointe" is probably a 15 minute walk where you can pick from any number of both chain and non-chain restaurants and shopping.

    The room rate itself was super reasonable... we left the nearby dirty Rosen Plaza and the Hilton rate was actually cheaper.

    Cons: This place nearly glamorizes over-consumption and I didn't see a single recycling bin the entire time I was there. (Other neighboring hotels have in-room recycling even).  The pool area is several acres, how hard would it be to install a single recycling bin somewhere outside, or inside for that matter?

    Also, chain smokers are the pool are at times hard to avoid.  This was particularly annoying at the "quiet" pool (which had kids in it, btw, quiet is not the same as "kid free" I guess). It was impossible to sit anywhere in the quiet pool and not have to smell a nearby smoker's nastiness.

    25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Leena A.
    My husband and I were in Orlando for an IHG convention.  We brought our kids along. The Hilton hotel we stayed at was great! Josh at the front desk and sometimes in the Executive Lounge was awesome, he helped us a lot and made our vacation a blast! Next time we come we are sure to stay at the Hilton Hotel, just because of the wonderful Job Josh has done for my family. Thank you very much Josh.

    31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Betty C.
    Having stayed at most of the higher end Hilton properties (Hilton, Grand Vacation clubs as opposed to Hampton Inn) in the Orlando area, this is the best one. The lobby is grand, the amenities are some of the best (for a non-resort hotel), and the rooms are generously sized. There are cabanas, a basketball court, a long meandering river, two pools, a tennis court and a huge fitness center.

    The location is ideal. Tucked into a quieter street, it is not noisy but is close to all the action.

    Self parking is about $12-13.

    The reasons this hotel is getting a one point deduction are the mediocre food in the Executive lounge and as a Gold Honors member, the front desk told me they could not upgrade me to a suite because there are none available. I find that hard to believe.

    There are few hotels that after going for business, I would want to return to for pleasure. The Hilton Orlando is one of those that I definitely want to return to with my husband.

    15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Becky J.
    GORGEOUS, brand-new hotel with stellar amenities, the best service, and huge rooms. I wish I would have had more time to enjoy the huge gym and spa, plus the lazy river and pool!

    13/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Rob D.
    We stayed here a few days in February before a cruise.  The place was great.  They upgraded me to an executive floor and I had access to the executive lounge.  
    The rooms were a good size and the place was very nice.  Very busy hotel, and great pools and service.  Kids loved the lazy river and the pool, it was the perfect temperature.  
    I did not like that you have to either pay $20 a day to valet, or $12 to self park, this should be free. There's nothing around the hotel but huge tracts of land and the convention center.  
    Food is good at the poolside restaurant and at the full service restaurant.  Albeit a bit pricey.  The in hotel convenience store was good but also overpriced.

    I would definitely stay here again if in Orlando.  Would probably prefer it over a disney hotel.  Really great

    01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Rebecca C.
    I would never stay in a hotel like this if I had the option, so take the following with a grain of salt...

    I am attending a conference, and received a large scholarship from group hosting said conference, and am here in Orlando to accept the award. Due to that I was put into the conference headquarters hotel. Now I am pretty laid back about my hotels, and the margin where I can become actively unhappy about things is pretty narrow. I can roll with a pretty horrible place if I make the mistake of being cheap, and have also shelled out a great deal of cash when I want something special. What I can't handle is spending a ton of money on something really mediocre, and that is exactly what this Hilton is: totally mediocre and non unique, and it charges a fortune for everything thats a basic service in other hotels.

    What made me happy:
    -everything is very clean, bright, shiny, and new or relatively new
    -comfy beds
    -really nice landscaping around the pool
    -the fire pits were very pleasant to sit around in the evening when it "cooled down"
    - I did not, but can understand how kiddies would, love the pool area

    What annoyed me:
    -having to pay $13 a day to park my car. your parking garage is EMPTY, even now when the hotel is fully booked! Adding insult to injury, in this heinously touristy yet middle of nowhere part of "Orlando"  we are surrounded by literally miles of empty fields and half empty roads (conveniently with no space for street parking). We are not in an environment where space is remotely at a premium. They are simply screwing a small percentage of their patrons to make a little more $$.
    -a one way shuttle to the airport is $19 PER PERSON. It cost me $12 per day to rent a car for four adults. Even with their astronomical parking prices, its still cheaper to rent a car just to get back and forth to the airport. I believe cabs are no more than $30, since when is a cab cheaper than a hotel shuttle?
    -the food was mediocre to awful, and overpriced. I actually took pictures of the room service food charges I was so shocked. On top of exorbitantly high base prices, (a basic Continental breakfast was $25) the price for delivery was $4.50 PLUS a 22% gratuity. Huh? How many times can you screw a client for one service?
    -the much advertised pool was stupidly shallow. this hotel hosts tons of conferences, and people over the age of 12 enjoy more than 3.5 feet of water in a pool
    -the lazy river is equipped with demon water guns. They make a clicking noise that begs you to turn and look, and then rockets a jet of chlorine in your face. not appreciated
    -there is nothing remotely unique about this hotel that would suggest it is in Florida. If it were not for the landscaping around the pool, you could have literally airlifted this hotel from any place in the US. bummer.
    -the hotel is at the very end of the tourist strip mecca, on the other side of the convention center.  other hotels are much closer for walking to restaurants/bars/mini golf (why is there so much mini golf??)
    -I had a bad experience with paying for the hotel. Basically I am "sharing" the room with another scholarship recipient, who is not arriving for another two days, at which point I am leaving. At check in I was forced to also pay for her nights in the room. Simply keeping the final nights reserved separately under her name (which the reservation was under in the first place), or continuing to use her credit card to hold the last nights (her card was already holding the entire hotel stay) were not acceptable solutions to the Hilton staff. I was forced to put the entire stay on my student credit card, and at $209 + tax per night several days put me over my credit card limit, and I am accruing fees as I sit here typing. At this point I was ready to just go down the street to a cheaper hotel with free parking and free wireless, but I don't want to screw the total stranger whose credit card is holding the room.

    All in all, I think this place is fine if you want a very comfortable but extremely bland hotel to stay in, and don't mind getting totally screwed when paying for everything. This whole part of Orlando is clearly nothing but the worlds biggest tourist trap. But there are ways of being a money extractor that make you a much loved icon (take a hint from your famous neighbors like Disney up the street), and their are ways like the Hilton that just piss you off so much you stay up until 1am writing a Yelp review.

    15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Laura C.
    3.5 stars

    The grounds alone get 5+ stars.  The rooms are fantastic, clean, modern, cozy, etc.  The outdoor space, the pool area and lazy river, is probably the best I've ever seen at a hotel not labeled as a "resort."

    I spent 4 nights here for a work training and we got to sample plenty of the food that Hilton had to offer, from paid food within the hotel to the banquet facilities.  The food was just straight up BAD and the service wasn't so great either.  Our first night we spent at David's, the gastropub, and it took us well over an hour to get our entrees, with no offer of bread or crackers or anything.  We just got in off of a 5 and a half hour flight and we were hungry!  

    We were provided breakfast and lunch during the week and the food was very salty and barely palatable.  On the first day, there were no vegetarian options for my vegetarian colleague.  I thought this was ridiculous considering there were over 500 people there, and she couldn't  have been the only vegetarian.  The banquet service was terrible.  It was like pulling teeth to get someone to bring coffee (why they didn't have self serve, I don't know).  And they always kept trying to clear your plate the second you set your fork down, no matter what you were doing or if you were actually finished.  I can't tell you how many times I was in mid sentence when a hand came in front of my face trying to clear my plate.  During breaks, when we received snacks, we were often told we weren't allowed to eat until a certain time, and they sometimes even pulled them away before our 15-minute break window was over... Really bizarre.

    The one shining star was the pool bar.  Some colleagues and I went in the evening one day to get some drinks and dinner.  I ordered a pizza, and they actually customized it and added more toppings for me without charging.  Service was very attentive but not overbearing and the pizzas were large enough to take back to the room for later.  

    My overall experience was positive; however, beware of high dining prices and poor service.  The facility itself is gorgeous and the lazy river was very welcome after several long days of training.

    28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Tara G.
    Two words: LAZY RIVER!!!  Fantastic hotel from top to bottom! 2 years old, stylish and fun. The conference space is completely separate from the "resort" pool side, so people don't get confused as to why they are there. Hoping to take another conference back to that hotel!

    01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Nina M.
    I would have given it five stars if it wasn't for the fact that I was pretty stressed when I first came in late at night.  The front desk looked at me suspiciously but otherwise left me alone.  

    Another is - do not order in-room dining.  I found myself ordering this a few times, mostly out of necessity.  I ended up staying outside until late at night, and then wind up being hungry around midnight or early morning when everything is closed. The food is overpriced and bland.

    Of course that's all the negatives that I'll have to say.  

    I stayed there about a year ago sometime in October.  I managed to piggy-back off my brother who got to stay there for a conference with his boss.  Go me! Free board and room for a few days.  

    I stayed up on the 8th or 9th floor where it had a great view - if you look far enough you can seriously see the Epcot center from DisneyWorld.  The bed is great - you can sleep forever on that mattress - and housekeeping is kind ( we had issues with demagnetizing the card and they helped out).

    The location is great, as well, since a few blocks from the hotel, you can find yourself in Disney's Boardwalk.  There is a shuttle downstairs that can take you to all destinations of disneyworld.  How convenient.

    Aside from that, the people in the info desk are helpful.  They will tell you the deals that they can provide you while you stay with Hilton, giving you discount prices and whatnot to what you want to see or visit.  You can also ask them for directions to the nearest stores (grocery or just Wal-Mart).
    I ended up visiting them several times during my 3 day stay.  :D

    09/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. C H.
    This place is AWESOME. We stayed in December and enjoyed every moment of it. The recreation area is what sells it. There is a pool, a lazy river, slides, basketball court, outdoor restaurant, spa area, small putting area, and a gym.

    I comfortably ate burgers and watched football at the bar downstairs.

    It is within driving distance of a billion tourist traps, which is the whole reason you came to Orlando anyway.

    My room was comfy. You have to pay for wifi, but the signal is strong even on the upper levels.

    I bet this place is a nightmare in the summer with all the tourists, but I would def give it another shot if I come back to Orlando.

    10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. John L.
    This place is huge! We were just at the bar it as nice.

    07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Lindze W.
    When youre away from home, the Hilton is the place! Beds (& pillows!) are super comfy!!! All the staff are very helpful & courteous (refreshing!)! Very clean rooms with a fresh feel. So glad I joined the Hilton honors club, I travel a lot for business & this hotel always makes me comfortable enough to feel like I'm home!  I would definetly stay here if I ever vacation in Orlando.

    15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Mary A.
    So far...not impressed!   I stayed at this hotel as part of a convention that was located out of the resort.  On my first day, I ordered a short rib tortellini app that sounded amazing.  I received a wonton with dried short rib in it.  TOTAL disappointment.  When I asked the server about it she stated the item changed but the menu had not.....not what I expected!

    19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Soosoo L.
    Very nice hotel overall but very disappointed !!!when I make phone reservation , front desk guy ask me that I have triple A or any other discounts... I was working at that moment (my patients were waiting for me) so I TOLD him I need to find out from my husband but want to make reservation ... He said I could tell my discounts  when i check in and they will honor the discount... My husband is active military .. When I get there and told the front desk they do honor government discount .. but cannot honor it, because we didn't tell them when we make a reservation with them !!!  They do but they can't??????? How can you not honor USA military discounts.... They don't have any respect Who is keeping they lives here safe !

    And first day, toilette is not working properly ... what kind of 4star hotel is this???????

    I'm thinking , they must put all the discounts people in bad hotel view or small room or something , so they need to know before ahead !!!

    First time coming here from New York and never will come here ever again ... Very disgusted !!! One stupid mistake they made, they just lost there customer ... And seriously this hotel is rip off and no wonder why it's so empty here ...

    I'll never tell my companys to do any Dr's conference or any recommendation !!! Yuk can't believe they said something and can't even keep it ...

    It's huge place but no people !!!! Why????
    And letting you know who ever read this review, this is my first time reviewing !!! Im very easy going and do not want to stress my self !!! But I had to let people know about this hotel !!! Whose lying to there customer !!!

    01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Craig S.
    I am usually not a fan of chain hotel stays.  I would usually rather say at a B&B or just a cheap motel, but I would certainly come back to this one!  The rooms were very clean and modern and the beds were very comfortable.  Its also attached (through a looong corridor of convention rooms) to the Waldorf Astoria.  The pool is the highlight with a nice Lazy River!  Awesome!  

    We actually stayed at the Waldorf the first night and the Hilton the second.  WAAYY more bang for your buck at the Hilton.  The Waldorf had a nice, large bathroom with a tub and glass panel shower and there was free coffee downstairs, but the pool is basic and the lobby is nothing like the one in New York.

    A downside is the expensive breakfast if you dont include it in your room price.  Its twenty bux each if you pay at the bistro.  They also charge you five bux to rent an intertube for the lazy river so bring your own raft with you if you remember.

    Overall, the room rates are very reasonable, especially if you are a FL resident.  It was also nice that they have a free shuttle to Disney.  I recommend!

    20/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Bill M.
    If you have the money, this is the place.  I love staying in brand new hotels.  This place opened at the beginning of September.  It's hard to find anything wrong.  Check-in was smooth and friendly.  The conference accommodations are very good.  Wireless access is pretty good, even up here on the Executive Level (thanks to my Hilton Diamond status).  The top floors have 50"+ LG LCDs and duvet covers that haven't gotten that "last couple's love stain" on them yet.  At nearly $200/night, that might take a while.  The food is good.  The location is also pretty good, a 15 minute ride from the airport and right across the street from the convention center.   International Dr is the next intersection.  For a while you may have to help the cabbie (and your TomTom) with the directions, since the street used to be called Canadian Court.  Just head to the Convention Center.

    The exercise room is large, with plenty of treadmills.

    If someone else is paying, this is a must.  If you're paying, try it for a night, maybe the night before you fly.  The grounds are like a resort.

    21/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Makena K.
    Loved it.  Comfy beds, nice room size, GREAT pool with a lazy river (AWESOME) and a super fast water slide and the pool towels are plush.  Impeccable service.  It's right around the corner to Sea World and Aquatica.  

    Will definitely be back.  

    P.S.  Romantic  fire pit on a  cold night.

    28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Alexandria D.
    Hotel is gorgeous! The rooms are amazing.. and the beds are so comfy!!

    I stayed at the Hilton for about a week for the National Leadership Conference for Phi Beta Lambda. The staff were so helpful and friendly.

    The pool area is so fun. I could spend hours in the lazy river, it's so relaxing. The water slide is crazy fun!

    I was glad the itrolly was close so we didn't have to walk too far.

    Overall my stay was great. If I ever visit Orlando again, I will most definitely stay here.

    28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Stephanie F.
    This place is just AWESOME. I'm not usually the kind of person that likes to stay in one place when I travel somewhere, but I think I could stay at this hotel for a week and keep myself occupied.

    The spa and the fitness center are attached to each other -- and both are amazing!

    Outside, there are three different pools (one with a slide, those fountain things, and basketball hoops), two hot tubs, and one lazy river... one tennis court (with lights that you can set the timer for!), a walking/running track (1/4 mile long, kinda small), a volleyball court, a basketball court, and two firepits. Did I mention they have racquets and balls for rent? I wish I had known this before so I didn't have to lug my racquet on the plane with me..

    The restaurants at this hotel are not cheap..well, they're mediocre. And if I were to recommend one, it'd be the bistro on the 1st floor.

    Overall - a great place! The surrounding areas are a bit eh, but it makes you forget all the touristy and commercial establishments that are in the surrounding area.

    12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Brenda H.
    Good hotel for those that prefer nonsense luxury but would not recommend for the following reasons:
    Poor value for your money: very nicely decorated but you can get more services in other places for less or same $. For example,
    1. Free wifi is not available (it cost $14 per day).
    2. Parking is also $14 per day.
    3. No continental breakfast.  
    4. No reasonable options for eating.  
    5. No microwave in room.  
    So it meant that I had to go out each time I needed to eat or internet connection. I honestly think I could be better off staying in any of the other hotels in the same street.
    Also, like other reviewers mentioned, the room smell was kind of weird.  The carpet was also sticky.

    21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    27. Chris M.
    Nice hotel. Rooms were clean, spacious and comfy. Pool area is great and has a lazy river and waterslide. The basketball court and fitness center are also top notch amenities.

    There are a few restaurants on site and a small marketplace that had sandwiches, drinks, etc. The "gastro pub" had some good fish and chips, enchiladas, corn chowder, and nachos. The little jalepeno cornbread was a nice touch. The beer selection was decent including some dogfish head brews and a local organic beer among others. Prices are a bit high especially for the food items in the "marketplace".

    If you are staying here you probably expect the higher prices or don't care. That's acceptable. What's not acceptable was the slow service at some of the restaurants. For example, it was nearly impossible to get the waiters' attention at the poolisde bar to get our check and then to pick it up. This happened about 3 or 4 times during our stay. An appetizer order at the inside bar took about 45 minutes. Fix those problems and this place would be worthy of 5 stars.

    02/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Jerry E.
    Nice rooms and beds and service on 19th floor

    07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Caroline L.
    This hotel is awesome!  staff is friendly, rooms are clean & comfortable, food is great, pool area is amazing!  The spa is awesome- Great facility, affordable & wonderful service providers!  Convenient location to everything!  This hotel has it all!

    05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Nicole F.
    Nice Nice Nice! We mostly come here to hang out at the pool for the day and then catch a cab to one of the night spots on I Drive. Come back and crash on an ever so comfy bed:-) The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Not to mention that my boys LOVE the pool, slide and lazy river. By far, the best hotel in Orlando to stay at...especially when you have kids in tow. And if not...theres a pool for just adults too with plenty of drinks to come!

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Jackie P.
    The bed in the place! Oh the bed. If I could have packed it with me you know I would have. The place is just over a year old and still looks brand new. Not to mention the staff act as if it had only been open a few days...happy, smiling faces and helpful people everywhere.

    The hotel staff, as mentioned, were wonderful. I had to call for laundry service and someone was there immediately. There was a slight mix up with my breakfast - stupid blueberry allergies - but this was fixed immediately and the cleaning staff were on point. I always bring an extra blanket with me when I travel and everyday when I returned to my room my bed was freshly made with my little blanket folded neatly on top.

    My only regret is not getting to dip in the pools or take a spin around the lazy river. I brought my suit but the early December weather wasn't cooperating with me.

    13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Collin F.
    Yes, it is a fine hotel.  Very clean, very pretty, and of course, very expensive.  If you don't mind paying $5 for a small glass of orange juice in Florida, then you might just find this to be one of the best hotels in Orlando.  Rooms are nice, spacious and clean.  Most everything else is typical of hotels like this in places like Orlando.  I found the service to be okay, but a little slow, both in the lobby and in the restaurants on site.  Not sure if this is a Florida thing or something else.  So, you should get a nice, restful sleep, but be sure and bring your credit cards and plenty of cash, and don't be in a hurry.

    10/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. AJ D.
    I travel often and stay at Hilton properties 90% of the time.  This is, by far, the best property I've stayed at while on business travel.  It is connected to the Convention Center (although - warning - it can still be a 30 minute walk to your location within the Center).  The property is newer (just a bit over a year old).  

    I had every intention of exploring restaurants and shopping in the area, but we were spent after long days working the convention.  After our first night at Spencer's, we really didn't see a need to leave the property.  The service is impeccable and the staff is outstanding!  From Mike the bartender who knows how to read people, is knowledgeable about wines and makes a MEAN cucumber martini (shoot!  I forgot to get the recipe from him), to Danielle and Lauren, bartenders who were so personable and always one step ahead of your request, to the personable and caring Food & Beverage Director, Don, who has just received a promotion and is heading out to take the role at the Beverly Hills Hilton.  The staff had a dinner for him and gave him going away gifts.  You could tell the staff was like family.

    There is a steak house, a lobby bar, a gastro pub, a bistro, the executive lounge on the 19th floor and an amazing pool.  

    It is spendy to stay here, but since it is a resort-like property and connected to the CC, it makes sense.

    07/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Paul R.
    Nice, friendly staff and a convenient location.  The pools are laid out nicely with lots of nice features.  

    Three on site restaurants with good menu selections.  The food's well prepared.  The steakhouse is closed early in the week.

    The major drawback is the scale of the place.  Going between your room and the restaurants, getting your car, etc. takes longer than the drive to the area attractions.  During big conventions this place is a real zoo.

    12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Ronald T.
    Stayed here around 3/4/2011 for a conference.

    In short: Decor of the lobby, hospitality of the staff, fitness center, conference hall, conference food was top notch. The room itself was nice, but the usual basic layout, lcd tv, king bed and desk.

    Random note: hotel pen was one of the best.

    10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Lewanna R.
    Everything about checking in here was nice.  The service was great and the staff were nice and very helpful.  My room was up on the 10th floor and looked out over the giant pool area.  I could have lived with this view forever.  

    Now for the downsides.  I stayed at the Marriott a few years ago for a convention and that room had feather beds, down pillows and comforters, and was worth every penny.  My room was much smaller, had no fridge or even microwave.  The bed was hard and I spent most of the time with all 12 pillows on my bed to try to cushion my back with. .  

    I love the fact that food is served 24/7 and the menu was decent.  However, when I ordered a "Trio" dessert for $9, it came with 3 desserts that were literally about a bite worth of food.  It was a beautiful display but not worthy of the $9.  Also, I ordered a Mediterranean chicken pizza and the chicken tasted like it had been in the fridge for a week and I found several bones!  It was about the worst pizza ever.  

    I had breakfast down in the bistro my first morning and while I loved the huge variety, I tried the eggs benedict on a whim and the first bite was my last,  It tasted like the bready muffin thing on the bottom was literally soaked in butter.  Completely disgusting.  Thankfully, there was a buffet that I could get fruit and granola from.

    When I ordered my room online, it suggested that wifi was included in the already very hefty price tag.  I got there to find out that not only was it $14.95 a night, but it was slower than dial up.  When I inquired at the desk about it, the girl was sympathetic enough to give me a username and password that were being provided to guests there for a convention in which their internet was prepaid by the hosting agency since I only wanted to be able to Skype home to my husband and I was loath to pay $15 just to do so.  

    It was a typical hotel stay that was anything but memorable.   Given the large number of hotels in the area, I must say that my next visit will most likely not be spent here.

    07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    37. Chris E.
    This is a relatively new property (build in '09, I believe) in a great location - right off the south end of the Orange County Convention Center.

    Staff are FABULOUS - the service approach is the BEST I've ever experienced at a Hilton. Proactive, friendly, knowledgeable.

    The rooms are quiet & comfortable. Nice large flatscreen TV.

    Room service is prompt & efficient. Food (room service, David's Cafe, & the Bistro) was very good - tasty, hot, delivered with a smile.

    Really one of the best properties I've stayed at in years.

    You gotta try it.

    27/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Missy S.
    Had a great time yesterday on the lazy river. We had lunch at the Tropics bar and grill. We ordered the BBQ pizza it was delicious. The waitress said we could take drinks with us on the lazy river so we were all in! We drank and floated around for most of the day. They also have a giant water slide, that was fun we went down about 4 times :) In the pool they have water basketball, we shot around a little bit. On the side of the pool was an actual basketball court and volleyball court, we spent some time playing basketball, volleyball and then used the volleyball for soccer. Had to get some exercise in. We went to David's Club the day before, ordered the corn bread jumbo shrimp, tomato soup and the 5 cheese grilled cheese sandwich. All yummy. We sat at the bar. The bartender was cool, made us feel welcome. Good experience so far at the Hilton. My only wish was that we got a king sized bed instead of the two queens. We've both been sleeping I Love Lucy style all week :/ If you come check out the pools!!

    12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Karina R.
    I was in town for the Hampton Inn GM Conference, and this was the host hotel, so my co-worker and I stayed here. I was leery of it being in the heart of the tourist area of Orlando, but the hotel was so great it didn't matter! All of the employees here were friendly and helpful. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, and included a massive pool and water slide, as well as a monster size lazy river. We had a view of all of this in our eighth floor room, as well. At one point during the convention, I ran into the General Manager who was greeting us as we were going to the courtyard for lunch!

    I don't do hotel bars, but David's Club was great! Once again, great service! And the patio out back with the fire pit was a cool addition.

    I was here for business, but I would also stay here for leisure next time in Orlando.

    09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Brian J.
    this is a true 5star property with 5 star staff and accomodations that are luxurious.

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Carl G.
    Okay so this place is a 4 Diamond Hotel. It's very very nice from the Lazy River to the Lobby up to the 19th floor Executive Lounge. 1 of the few places in the tourist district that I have found that a good majority of the staff speak and understand english with no problems.
    This was my 1st trip to the Hilton Orlando( I live in Orlando) and it's a work gig so that's even better for the expense account.
    It's located near Sea world, Universal Studios, Disney, International Drive, 15-20 minutes from the Airport, 50 minutes to Cocoa Beach, 45 minutes to the cruise ship out of Port Canaveral, 1 and half to Tampa close to some major roadways.
    We ate in David's Club, try the Mushroom Ravioli if it's on the menu..wow one of the better meals I have had in a hotel. It is hard to explain but it was really good. We also tried the Root Beer Float for dessert and again one of the top Root Beer Floats in the business.
    The pool area is pretty cool with a nice big pool and then a lazy river next to it. The Executive Lounge if your one with some Hilton Points is a big area on the 19th floor. Now we were told by others that Tuesday night the room had a big spread of free food but none when we were in there but the meal in David's Club made up for anything free.
    If you are coming to Orlando to see a lot of the tourist stops this is not a bad place to stay. It close and convenient to a lot of places in Orlando and not just that place with the Big Ears and a Mouse.
    Orlandoeans like me recommend this to friends when they say where should we stay. The only negative thing I would say is the $12 parking and it took me awhile to get out of the parking area and pay. Other than that I have stayed in a lot worse places and in an area geared toward tourism this place was very nice and fairly new.

    21/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Paul L.
    I'll stay with my 4-stars previously accorded with my second stay ( 4 nights).  The only thing to confirm is how amenity-aplenty this hotel is.  Regular pool, quiet pool, lazy river, and hot tub, on top of which they have the neat extensive putting green that I wish I would have tried out, pool table, foosball, b-ball, tennis, short jogging track, and a very nice work-out room.  What takes the cake is the attitude and courtesy of staff.  When I checked out and mentioned only in passing that my experience at Spencer's was disappointing, Dana offered to take it off.  I politely declined, and told her that it was not why I mentioned it.  (See my separate review of Spencer's)

    No nail-clippings in sight this time, but I did find a blond hair on my back one morning after the shower (my wife and I are both Chinese).  It really tickled me more than anything else.

    24/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Y. Abigail H.
    Hilton Orlando...

    Great great great! Good service, I have no complaints at all regarding my stay the hotel. And the pools are beautiful!!! I went to pool just about everyday during my stay here. It closes at 11PM though!

    29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Melissa C.
    This is a pretty decent place to stay and to have a conference:

    Nice staff: As far as being a conference attendee, the staff were friendly, helpful and overall very good.

    The food: There are three restaurant choices (none of them great). If you're stuck here this is kind of disheartening. They do have a gelato selection in the snack shop, though (and a more robust snack selection than you normally see).

    Rooms: Are old/beat up. I mean, there's nothing scary about them or anything--they're fine--they just look really dated and people-worn. A refresh would be really great.

    The heat in my room was broken--it wouldn't go up past 68--and I like me a *hot*  hotel room, I was freezing. It turns out that it was pre-set that way to save energy...I called down to have it fixed and the very friendly service gal overrode the controls. I understand saving money on room heating, but c'mon. Ya gotta be comfortable!

    Pros: Good conference space, good staff, attentive services.
    Cons: No good food on property, the rooms are old and kinda dingy.

    Overall--not a bad hotel. It's--as the three-stars say--A-OK. I'd stay here again. There are nicer places, but this will do in a pinch.

    25/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Robert W.
    This is my first time staying at this particular hotel. Although I am a Marriott guy, I do appreciate the quality that Hilton provides and this hotel was no exception. My company picked this property. We were attending a trade show at the convention center and it was nice to be able to just walk over the brdige to the center.

    Check in was a  breeze and all the attendants were very pleasant and helpfull.

    The room was large and well apportioned with a decent flow. There is nothing worse then a hotel room that is drab and dreary, or one that is large with minimal furniture making you feel like you are in a cave, this room was very nice.

    We had room service the first night. It was very quick and the food was awesome, albeit a bit pricy but that's what you get with room service food, especially at a $259 a night hotel.

    The last day we were able to spend time at the pool. They have a very nice lazy river and a wicked water slide, which I did once. Got nauseous and shot water up my nose. Guess I'm getting to old for waterslides.

    They do have a nice quit pool area with spa and poolside service. All in all a great time. However, I would not recommned this to families unless you are attending a show at the convention center, not a lot of kid freindly acitivities araound, this is really a business hotel.

    27/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Rita V.
    Huge, bright, well located.  Not the best Hilton I've been to, but certainly not the worst.  Spacious, somewhat classy, very clean.

    18/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Paulene K.
    B-E-A-utiful new hotel. I haven't stayed in the guest rooms but I have been to the bar and meeting areas. The self parking situation is a bit confusing at first but once you figure it out, it's alright.

    Must try out the pool if you get a chance to stay at the hotel. Looks fabulous!

    20/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Lisa C.
    Stayed here for two conferences, clean if small rooms and bathrooms, pleasant staff, conference food was very good ( however, our organization felt it was very expensive, $85.00 for a dozen large cookies !). Pool great, gym great, conference rooms we were given very small screens for presentations. Also I left a computer cord in one of the conference rooms after a presentation, called security, was told they would search and call me to tell me if found or not, never got a call, no follow-up.

    08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    49. Greshka P.
    We were supposed to stay at another hotel but upon arrival they tell us they overbooked their rooms and sent us here.  How lucky were we?  This hotel is beautifully decorated, the lobby is very welcoming, and so are the people who work there.  They were very friendly, showing real interest in us and our reason for our Orlando trip.  Even the security guard was talking to us, giving us recommendations on the area, etc.   Check-in took less than 5 minutes...  

    Our room was very spacious, and comfortable.  Beds and pillows were heavenly.  TV, WI-FI, desk.  Bathroom is a bit small but clean, and with everything you need (soap, lotion, shampoo...).  Air conditioner seemed to stop working in the middle of the night - we all woke up feeling hot - but was adjusted quickly.

    You can either Valet or self-park which is $12.00 per day.  

    Hotel is less than 10 minutes away from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and right off of I-4 which means a lot of restaurants and other businesses near.  

    Check-out was even faster than check-in and again great customer care.
    If it wasn't for how much this hotel cost per night I would be staying here every time I went to Orlando.

    17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Neena S.
    i love the lazy river :) I got to stay in the 19th floor and had access to the executive lounge. They have snacks and appetizers and desserts for free:) To top it off, the gal there is super nice !

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Mickey B.
    Outstanding hotel,5 stars service ,absolutely amazing experience,thank you great weekend

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. David R.
    Very nice Hilton, the service was awesome and the rooms are great. The pool is one of the best in the area. We will absolutely visit this place again. 5 stars all the way, Woohoo! As good as it gets!!

    24/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Sean S.
    My wife an I decided to stay in Orlando and drive in to see a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, but that is another story. While in Orlando we chose to stay here. It was a great choice. The staff are super friendly and have the highest standards when it comes to ensuring you have what you need.

    It all starts with the valet service. This team is great, from the time you get in to asking you if you need directions before you leave. Front desk is great for checking in and helping you with any room accommodations. Rooms are fine. Nothing really out of the ordinary there. Concierge were fun to gather ideas for places to eat that were not part of the "international drive" restaurant food chains. While this is more of a convention hotel, with the convention center being next door, it was nice to be there in-between conventions.

    BEST PART - pool is open until 11pm.... lazy river and hot tub before bed....sweet!

    Will be coming back the next time we are in Orlando.

    11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Charles S.
    Whenever I'm in Orlando.  I always stay at the Hilton. Great hotel and staff. .. Not to far form the center.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Christopher S.
    Great hotel property. The best Hilton I have stayed in for many years.

    They have it all going for them; layout, service, shop, rooms, comfortable beds, restaurants, bars, amenities. Awesome swimming pool and pool lounge area.

    Restaurants were way above average for hotel restaurants. See my review for Spencer's Steakhouse.

    Very happy employees which almost always leads to outrageous service.

    Vital statstic; $273 with tax for a room makes this great place a little pricey. A steak dinner at Spencer's will set you back also.

    13/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Malek K.
    Very nice hotel!

    First the staff are very nice - overall they smile, they make sure you are happy.


    The room is very well maintain.
    Latest Equipment with big tv
    Fridge in the room
    Locking safe -
    Services in the room is excellent - they clean well the room
    It is very nice and comfortable
    they include a newspaper every morning

    The hotel:
    The lobby is very nice and very big with multiple bars and restaurants
    Many conference rooms
    Very nice swim resort especially for the kids - it is huge including restaurant at the pool
    Very nice gym - SPA and hair salon with many many gym equipments and tv's (don't forget your earphones).
    American restaurant - Mexican Restaurant - bar - and Market Place

    The downside:
    There is only one market place  not a lot of option in it and extremely expensive beverage: soda = 3$ , and the grocery store is 1 mile away (except for a walgreen 0.30 mile)
    no shuttle services - so if you dont have a car ! good luck with the cabs it can be expensive.

    Overall excellent hotel- it is worth the fee a night - but it would have been a 5 star hotel if they had a shuttle that can drive you to sea world - the park attraction and the stores or any local restaurants

    02/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Lawrence Y.
    Stayed here for a week long conference recently, and can I just say this hotel is amazing.

    The lobby is one of the nicest I've seen (for Hilton) and is always busy.

    The executive lounge was a little bit on the zzz side, but perhaps it was because we were in there in the late evening - fairly cool view though. Can't complain over free drinks.

    The 16th floor room I had was spacious, clean, and most importantly comfortable. Housekeeping always tidied up and replenished what was needed. There is also a 'hidden' fridge in the cabinets. Free Wi-Fi was given.

    Room service was good - friendly. Separate review on the food (see Spencer's).

    The ballrooms/convention space here is extraordinary. The way they set up the room almost felt like a small concert, with lots of fancy audio/visual equipment.

    The fitness room is really impressive. They had an endless row of treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, mats, etc. The only thing I noticed they were lacking were curl machines (not the end of the world). Plenty of fresh towels, water, and disinfectant wipes throughout.

    All in all I had a great time at this hotel and would be happy to come back again. This was one of the few hotels where I didn't feel like I was "traveling" but rather "at home".

    19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Deb G.
    We stayed here the weekend before the 4th of July during a convention, so it was pretty busy! I was really unimpressed with the staff - when my mom and I walked through the door, there were two greeters standing there. Neither greeted us, leaving us to flounder about looking for the reception desk (hint: it's not the ones directly ahead of you!). Upon checking in to see if our room was ready, the staff wasn't able to answer questions that seemed simple, like "how much is parking?". However, the room was very nice - clean, modern, everything in working order. We were able to get a late check out the next day, which was good. Also, their convention spaces were great! A plus for that. I only went to the pool for a little while - it was super crowded and it took me forever to find a chair. Never made it near the lazy river because it was just so busy. Ah, well.

    03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    59. Marlon T.
    This hotel was really nice.
    I didn't stay here but went to a conference that used their ballrooms.

    Their pool area was pretty nice since it had a jacuzzi and a water slide.

    Nice spot to stay during convention.

    12/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Kim A.
    Just got back from a great stay at the Hilton Orlando!

    The hotel seems new (or recently renovated).  The common areas have that Vegas feel, modern architecture with interesting art installations and light fixtures.  The staff were all very helpful and friendly.    

    My family stayed in 2 side by side rooms with 2 double beds in each.  Our rooms were on a high floor with pool views, no extra surcharges...bonus!  The rooms were nicely furnished, very modern.  The beds really comfortable.  Each room has a fridge, safe that can hold a laptop, bottled water, and Illy coffeemaker.  The bathrooms are large with plenty of counter space, perfect for our family.  I really appreciated the sunburn cream as part of the room amenities.  Helpful after a sunny day on the lazy river without enough sunscreen...

    The pool area at this property is great!  We had a great time on the lazy river, just hanging out by the pool for the day.  We appreciated the poolside drink service.  Some drinks are sold by the pitcher, a plus when you're with a group.  The gym here is great!  They've got lots of equipment so you can get in a workout before going to the Parks.  

    Our room was prepaid on a "Great Getaway" package.  We were pleasantly surprised to get coupons for free breakfast buffet during our stay.  The breakfast buffet was great!  A huge selection of fresh fruit and pastries; cooked to order omelets; eggs; breakfast meats; grits; oatmeal; juice and coffee.  The servers all helpful and friendly, in fact, we were told that the coupons included a 15% gratuity.

    The only negatives:  WiFi is not free, 14.95 per day.  Parking is 14.00 a day too.  That being said, I'd definitely stay here again.  You won't be disappointed!

    02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. richard s.
    Here's a rare review of: the room service! I avoid room service but a brutal meeting schedule and late arrivals made it necessary. Ordered 4 total item over two (very late) dinners. Amazing. Restaurant quality food. Had a pizza but it was a full size piping hot pizzeria quality job--couldn't finish it or my very ok Caesar salad. Ordered  buffalo chicken wings--huge order of again piping hot wings and almost couldn't finish (but I'm no quitter) the really surprising and huge heirloom tomato salad. If the universe punishes you with room service, aim for Hilton Orlando and you will be as pleased as you can be with that stark situation....

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Tiff D.
    Friendly staff, beautiful facility. LAZY RIVER. Great deal on travelocity.com .

    Rediculously expensive food and drinks.

    If you can get a good deal, highly recommended.

    01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Carrie S.
    Very nice Hilton Hotel.

    Rooms are nicely appointed, clean, and the bathrooms are roomy.  The gym is awesome here.  

    Executive room:  Makes being a Hilton Honors member worthwhile.

    I was here for a large meeting, and the convention area and meeting rooms were always very clean.  

    Concierge is fantastic here.  Lots of recommendations for restaurants, ground transportation, shopping, etc.  Make sure you utilize them if you need anything.

    Pool area is amazing.  We had a beautiful reception outside around the pool, and it was awesome at night.  I wish I could have enjoyed the lazy river!!

    Very nice location to everything!! Ask about the trolley.

    Room service was awesome, particularly for my need of a grilled cheese sandwich at 1:00am.  2 nights in a row.

    One thing I did notice here on the meeting side was the customer service.  The servers were sooo friendly.  They helped with my gluten free situation, and also helped another person who came in late for lunch.  The food was being packed away, but the server ran into the back and was able to grab my co-worker a plate of food.  I was greeted by every staff member during our meeting, whether it was grabbing a bottle of water or eating breakfast.  Wonderful.

    There is a UPS Store onsite, as well as a Starbucks Market.  I loved the market, but I have to say the service in the coffee shop was so-so.  Example:  After ordering my coffee, I had to wait until the "barista" was done texting before he started my drink.  Then, my drink sat there a little bit longer while he sent another text.  Conveniently, a manager walked in and that cell phone magically disappeared.  This happened 3 times throughout the week.  Maybe he was texting his "how to be a barista" instructor??  Doubt it.

    Either way, I would highly recommend this hotel.

    05/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Laura Jill S.
    Posh hotel, beautiful room, overall nice staff...and HORRIBLE FOOD! I was here for a conference for work, and this place is NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY.

    At The Bistro (one of the hotel restaurants), when I asked the hostess if there were any vegan options, I was met with a blank stare. After explaining what a vegan is (I should not have to explain this to restaurant staff or any kind of hospitality staff, it's 2011--they, of all people, should know this), I found out that they were out of the one vegan option on the menu.

    At our first breakfast, when I showed my special vegan name tag (I'm now questioning WHY BOTHER with it), the waiter told me I could eat "everything but the eggs." Um. No. I obviously couldn't eat the muffins or pastries. (I told him why I couldn't--as nicely as I could--if the Hilton isn't going to educate their staff, SOMEONE has to!) I had oatmeal. And a not-nearly-ripe-enough banana. Gross.

    At the fajita lunch, I was told that the rice and veggies were all vegan. The 2-day headache I had after that meal is proof that that information was entirely FALSE. There's no question that there was butter in that rice. This was after the waiter claimed to have asked the chef for me. Didn't know? Didn't care? Either way, I suffered, thank you, Hilton.

    At the final luncheon, it took them 20 minutes to bring me a salad. Everyone at my table was done eating by the time I got my meal. And the salad had no dressing. Oh, and I found a stray CHEESE tortellini in it. Thanks again, Hilton. I found better food at a turnpike rest stop on the way home.

    Whether it's lack of knowledge or not caring, I certainly hope the Hilton cleans up their act before our conference next year. I'm not expecting much, though--I'll be bringing my own food, since I obviously can't count on the Hilton to feed me properly.

    Positive Spin--At least the rooms have refrigerators.

    24/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    65. Paul G.
    Disclaimer 1:  I was not a guest here, but spent three days here for a conference.
    Disclaimer 2:  I have never worked in the hospitality industry, but had an aunt who managed a Hilton for years, and I learned a little about how things work behind the scenes from her.

    The Hilton Orlando is a decent hotel.  Hotels like this are in a tricky place - they're not as fancy as the really expensive 5 stars, but your expectations are higher than a cheap motel, so it can be difficult for them to fill their niche.  The building and the grounds are nice and well maintained, and the conference/exhibit space is ample.

    The eating options here are pretty good - there is a poolside option as well as a bar, two kinda upscale restaurants, and the Bistro, which offers your regular breakfast/brunch/lunch selections.  I only ate at the Bistro, and the servers were attentive and the food was good, if a little overpriced for what it was.

    I have a few complaints, though.  Parking.  This is the third year I've attended this conference.  The first hotel validated daily parking for guests.  The second hotel had free parking.  The Hilton didn't offer anything except a slight discount, but it cost $7.50 a day to park in the garage.  A bit much, and I feel like that could have been waived/validated for conference attendees.

    Service - In the lobby, the concierge desk seemed to be the only one that was staffed every time I walked by.  The bell desk seemed to be empty frequently, and although they have about a dozen front desk stations, only two were manned the whole three days, and the wait was painfully slow because of it.  There's also only a small parking booth with one attendant, so sometimes the cars back up on the way out of the property.

    These are little things that would have driven my hotel manager aunt crazy.

    Overall, though, not a bad hotel.

    08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. Chloe Z.
    Although I have caught a cold in Magic Kingdom and stayed at resort for a whole day, everything is excellent in this large hotel. I will choose to live here again next time.

    26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Nathan L.
    My family stayed here from Dec 27 to 29 as a post-Christmas getaway.

    The appeal of this hotel is...
    1.) Proximity to parks - Sea World and Universal in particular.
    2.) Pool - which features zero-entry, water slide, lazy river, huge hot tub, and drink / food service.  The pool environment made this hotel stay special for my kids and thus me.

    The rooms are the expected fare for what I consider to be a large, mid-range chain hotel.  Nothing noteworthy - nice, modern, clean rooms.

    I found the best prices through third-party websites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc).  And, as with most other large chains, Hilton wouldn't give credit with their loyalty program for reservations booked through these sources.  A big failing and opportunity for someone to find a solution.

    Service from the hotel staff was hit and miss.  Some were wonderful and others were simply calling it in.

    The on-site restaurants are way too expensive given the price of the hotel rooms.

    Overall - we would definitely consider this hotel again, but it wasn't special enough to make us go out of our way to not consider other hotels or pay more for this hotel.  Therefore, it warrants a 3-star "A-OK" rating from us.

    30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Monte R.
    The Hilton Orlando - stayed there one night this week on a business trip.  Nice room for about $160 dollars.

    Here's the rub - Hilton Orlando - most Hiltons for that matter - are nice hotels.  Their well kept, clean and modern.  Staff is well trained.  But HIltons lack personality - that's the downside.  This hotel felt a bit too stuffy and corporate for me.  Not many food options at fair price.  The lazy river pool was well done and landscaped and the spa was pleasant.  But it just felt too stiff for my tastes.  Maybe some people like starched shirts - I do not.  

    Although it was overall a good experience, I just don't think I'll return.  Stick with the Hyatt brand - they've got spark in their buildings and their staff whereas Hilton just does not.

    21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Randy G.
    I rate a hotel based on location, cleanliness, food, customer service, smell, workout facilities, and sound level. Hilton would get 5-stars if it weren't for one detail dropping it into the 4-star category.

    The location is well positioned along the strip for convention centers and the downtown area. Most places are walkable or by trolly. Take in the sun, get out and start walking. You'll find yourself walking right past both convention centers and then straight into the downtown area with all the shops and restaurants.

    The room was always cleaned on time and when we returned to the room, it was ready for us to relax.

    We tried three of the restaurants in the hotel, Bistro, David's Club Bar and Grill, and Spencer's for Steak and Chop. Bistro and Spencer's were excellent. They are both fantastic places to walk right in and receive phenomenal food and service. Each serve a different clientele, one much more casual than the other, however, it wasn't apparent in the food. Both were served with elegance and deliciousness in flavor. David's was nothing to write about.

    The desk, restaurant, and house keeping staff all were professional and very helpful. They greeted us with smiles and assistance if we needed it.

    Your olfactories will tell you as you walk in and around the hotel if its a 5-star or a 1-star very quickly. Walking in, had a very neutral smell, very nice. However, when we checked in, we were notified that we were on a smoking floor. She assured us that we are on the nonsmoking side and wouldn't be able to smell it, which I was skeptical. With our reluctance, we continued. We proceeded to enter the elevator, smelled fine, reached our floor and the doors opened, no problem, walked out, BAM!, it hit us. As nonsmokers, you can easily identify the smell immediately. We were very worried about how pungent and think the smell was getting off the elevator. We proceeded down the hallway and once we turned one corner, the smell was gone. By that notion, once we got to our room, we definitely couldn't smell it.  Therefore, the only horrible part of this experience was that we had to hold our breath each time we went to the elevator. I wish they designed it differently so that the immediate elimination of smell was not after we turned the corner, but when we got off the elevator. They need to redesigned that layout a little better. This one fault dropped it down a star.

    For exercise enthusiasts, the workout facility near the pool receives a 5-star rating. I used it several times using elliptical, treadmills, and free weights. It has ample room and equipment without having to wait. It is also very bright, almost all windows out to the pool area to receive fresh sunlight, and high ceilings for an open feeling.

    All of this was fantastic, but the feature that would receive 6, 7, or 8-stars easily is the sound level in your room. I'm not sure what they do to eliminate the sounds in the hallway traveling into your room, but you can't hear anything. The hotel was sold out and I knew there were people on our floor, but yet I never heard a door open or close, or people talking in the hallway. Somehow they buffered the rooms to eliminate those sounds. This is the only hotel that I have ever visited where I experienced this comfort. This is worth the cost of the room.

    26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Delia P.
    This was our first vacation as a family of four. We decided to spend our weekend at a nice, kid friendly hotel or our youngest son's first birthday.

    I, the crazy Mom, didn't take into consideration that it was not only during spring break, but also Easter weekend!

    I don't believe there was an open room at the hotel. The place was packed.

    But, even though it was very crowded, we didn't get claustrophobic. The resort was certainly large enough to spread people around.

    Our only complaint would be the lack of lounge/chairs at the pool because of the number of guests they had there that weekend. However, the staff was still super accommodating and willing to search high and low and bring us anything they could.

    Even with the crowds, the pools and lazy river didn't seem over-crowded. And the slide line was very quick. My three year old son is a pretty good swimmer and went down repeatedly with a life jacket they provided for him at the slide.

    The s'mores night included Peeps due to Easter weekend and the kids loved it. We were there early and didn't have to wait for our plate or a spot at the fire pit (they have two).

    We would certainly look forward to another weekend here, especially when it's not so crowded; and next year I will remember to keep Easter weekend in mind for my son's birthday weekend... We may just celebrate a little early!

    07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Keyshaun S.
    Very clean, flat screen TVs, room service until until 11pm and the pool is awesome. Disney is about 10 miles away. But WOB is about 3 miles away. If you walk out of the hotel and go to your right past and cross the street there is a Red Lobster and other places. More importantly there is a store that sells wine and beer at pretty close to regular prices.

    All and all this hotel is just ok to me.

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    72. Corey F.
    There are other nice places around but I really enjoy this property.  Modern styling with plenty of poolside fun for kids also.  One of my fav's!

    15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Brian K.
    This hotel is brand new and delightful.  I was here for a 3 day business meeting and could not imagine being anywhere else (other than a Disney on site Resort).  I would have given it 5 stars but it is about 15 minutes from Disney.  The pool here is absolutely amazing!  The food (even prepared for about 500 people was great for hotel quality food)  The bar was a fun place to go at night.  The staff was very very friendly and it showed.

    If I was going back to Orlando, I would stay here again.

    02/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Esther B.
    I wanted a resort day. Just lazy! No parks, no watching the clock. Feeling a little stingy, I chose not to stay at any of the higher end resorts in the area. The pool area, along with a nice slide and lazy river looked like it would be fun, and did not disappoint. The waterfall, especially, was a welcomed treat for my aching shoulders. I was lucky to have chosen a nice slow day, so I didn't have the problem of finding a lounge chair, like several other reviewers have mentioned. The kids had a blast playing basketball in the pool. They have one slide that has a nice kick to it. Volley ball, basketball, outdoor pool table and foosball complete the activities, and keep you entertained for the day. Drinks and food by the pool were good as well.

    Reservations: They will quote you a great room rate. Then, you will find out about the resort fee, which makes the rate, on longer great, but still ok. (I hate resort fees! Just charge what the heck you need to charge, and be done with it! To me, a resort fee just says "we just want to make the price sound lower, so that people who are too stupid to add, will think they a getting a great deal!) and then add parking! This is Orlando! Ease up on the parking!

    Room: Clean. Decent size. Housekeeping prompt to bring up the extra towels, and then front desk called to confirm that we got them. I like that!

    All and all, a nice time, and I would come back.

    15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Brad S.
    Great food at the Marketplace cafe at the Hilton. Very friendly service at 1:30 pm on a Friday.

    08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    76. J P.
    Stayed here in 2012 the room was gorgeous and clean but that's where it ends. The air conditioner worked horribly had to call maintenance the first night at 2 am for them to come to our room it was so hot. The ac didn't improve much. House keeping would bang on the guest rooms at 8:30am so aggravating yelling HOUSEKEEPING that was exciting. In the hallway had pizza thrown around. The pool was really nice but super crowded, the lazy river was packed and people were using multiple tubes at once and getting service at the restaurant by the pool was a nightmare. The adult pool was great very relaxing and quiet. Trying to get help getting a taxi was a joke. The guys working in the front with the taxi's only helped the business guests. This hotel in my opinion is not for families. On vacation I like to feel relaxed while wearing shorts and flip flops but here everyone walking around was dressed to the nines. Maybe other people will feel different but that's my take on my stay.

    02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    77. Judy G.
    Here's the good, the bad and the ugly!
    The good:  Clean rooms, spacious lobby and centrally located.

    The bad: I'm not sure if it was just because it was Memorial Day weekend, but the staff all seemed to be in a sour mood. From the moment I was checking in, to the moment I checked out there was no happiness.  The rooms have a faint musky smell ( I really wondered it was previously a smoking allowed room, I have a super sense of smell so maybe it's just me)

    The ugly part 1: The entire reason I booked this hotel was for it's amazing pool and lazy river. Word of advice you have to literally get there as soon as it opens to reserve a chair or  you will have to walk around for minimum of thirty minutes looking for a free spot (if you are lucky). There are tons of chairs, but the problem is that everyone has reserved them with their towels and now they are in the pool (or even in some cases back in their rooms) and there are no chairs for anyone that actually wants to sit. I noticed on my second day there some people were really irate over this. Walking around looking for place to sit for an hour is no way to spend a vacation.  When you do find a chair look out for flying toys and balls, kids splashing everywhere with no control from parents or staff in sight!

    The ugly part 2: This hotel was not staffed properly in many areas. Did EVERYONE call in sick or was this a management mistake? The outdoor food services was the worst. Hello it is the weekend you are a busy hotel, you need more than two people serving food. It took 30 min just for our waitress to take our order. I don't blame her, she was bustin' her tail, but there were just too many people.  While you are eating people are literally hovering around waiting for you to get up, because like the pool area the food area did not have enough tables. We are a super fast eaters, but our lunch from start to finish took two hours.  The food was decent, but pricey, 89 bucks for three adults and a child.
    Also get your food before the kitchen closes at 9pm or you won't be eating! They tell you to just call room service and have it delivered but good luck getting through on the room service line.  

    I stay in a lot of hotels, and even though I like the pool and lazy river concept, there are too many issues so I would not book here again.

    27/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    78. K G.
    Gorgeous hotel, great facility and customer service.  My husband and I stayed here for a long weekend vacation and this hotel was a perfect location for all of the Orlando attractions, as well as a great place to spend some time away from the parks.  Highly recommend!

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Scott S.
    Had a three night stay last weekend and enjoyed many different facets of the hotel, especially the pool area.

    Mel, Sydney, and Juan provided excellent service, along with other top-notch customer service I'd received from other hotel staff throughout my stay.

    The executive dining area on the 19th floor was appreciated and a good way to start the day with a complimentary breakfast. The fitness area was also spacious, clean and an enjoyable portion of the hotel.

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Steven D.
    This is one of my favorite hotels outside of the Universal and Disney property.  Reasonably price and area not as congested.  Perfect driving distance to Univseral, the Disney Parks, and Seaworld.  They have a shuttle that will take you to any of these parks for free.  If visiting the Orlando Convention center.  Enjoy the lazy river.  Perfect hotel!

    08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Ted K.
    Came for a conference and the service was absolutely top notch from the time we arrived to the time we left. Great for business, beds were comfortable, rooms very clean, all of the staff was very friendly. David's restaurant downstairs was a bit pricey (to be expected) but convenient, great atmosphere and service to match. Would definitely go again.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Odalys R.
    This hotel has the BEST Gym Facilities out of all the hotels I have ever stayed in Hands down!!! I couldn't get enough of it. Rooms are spacious, the pool area is fantastic for all ages. Wow!! I was surprisingly impressed! Would recommend this hotel to everyone I know. Would stay here again for sure.

    11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Sherri K.
    Love my Hilton properties!
    Visiting Orlando for a conference with my man, and lucky me, the convention center is right next door (attached even) to the Hilton Orlando.
    The lobby is beautiful. The pool is extra large with a side of wet and wild slide.
    There is a spa onsite, which is is the best thing since sliced bread to all the significant others of traveling business men.
    The spa prices are totally reasonable - matter of fact, I was shocked at how reasonable - usually resort spas tend to hit you where it hurts...cause they can. Hair prices are actually less expensive than at home.
    That said, I thought the valet (and self-park) prices were very expensive. It's Florida, not NY. There is plenty of parking to be had, so why so pricey?
    The rooms were stereotypical Hilton quality - very comfortable - and I appreciated the glass desk tops - unique to this Hilton. We were in a  Pure room, so we had the added advantage of having a non-allergen stay :)
    The dining areas were both outstanding in regards to food and service.
    There is also a dining area poolside. Mind you, the humidity prevented me from stepping into that part of the resort.
    All around "top stay" and very happy loyal Hilton customer here.

    26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Amanda W.
    Staff is always very friendly and goes above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable and memorable. The lazy river is always a plus!

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Mari M.
    Staff is polite and professional and the hotel is nice.
    However, a few things I didn't like or appreciate after being here a week. The house keeping doesn't replace towels or toiletry  and they come to clean at odd hours.  I'm taking about about  5 pm. How does that make sense? If you want towels you have to call and request them.  Then to top it off house  keeping helped themselves into the bedroom around 9 pm unannounced and without knocking, really? Thank God I was decent. I placed a room service order and specifically told them how I wanted my pizza  cooked yet they ignored it. For a $40 pizza I think I should be able to have it done they way I asked after all that's what customer satisfaction is all about.

     I'll leave it up to you to judge!

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    86. DA B.
    Beautiful hotel. Friendly staff. Delicious food and drink. Gorgeous pool. Meticulously clean.
    I hope to stay here again in the future for a personal visit and not business and I can't wait to try out the pool!

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Jeannine O.
    My husband, 11 year old and 7 year old daughters have been visiting this Hilton every summer for 4 years straight. Initially, we planned a "staycation" for that year only because it was the thing to do at the time, and when you live less than an hour from Orlando's theme parks, it makes sense to use that to your advantage. Well, after the first stay, we were hooked. Customer service was over the top, the rooms are VERY clean, and the pool with corkscrew water slide AND lazy river were tons of fun.

    Great zero-entry pool with slide, plus lazy river and spa
    Separate adult pool if you want
    Small putt putt golf course free on property
    Clean rooms with nice bathrooms
    Excellent staff
    Food in lobby-level restaurant is out of this world (but pricey)
    Pool food is also very good, but still not cheap
    Close to theme parks (Sea World/Aquatica are 1-2 miles down the road, Disney 10-20 minutes away)
    You can see Disney or Sea World fireworks every night, depending on the side of the hotel you stay
    Close to Orlando Premium Outlets (great prices on name brands - Coach, Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, Nike, Sunglasses Hut - there are easily 100 stores)
    On International Drive (huge tourist hot-spot)
    Connected to the convention center, but it's not visible from the beautiful hotel lobby
    Starbucks in the lobby!

    Not on the beach (obviously)
    On International Drive (lots of tourist traffic)
    Pay for parking AND resort fee
    Slide has a height requirement (no exceptions), which makes little kids sad
    Restaurants are a bit pricey
    Rooms don't have patios, but there are small patios at the end of the hall on any level
    Can get busy when there is a huge convention (or holiday weekend)

    Overall, this is the nicest hotel in which I've stayed. I once went to a non-Hilton owned property and I was disgusted by the uncleanliness of the rooms and my friend told me I was spoiled by my Hilton. :) If you like to spread out (and you can afford it), the parlor suites are insanely large. You get your normal room, plus they open an adjoining room that is literally the size of two more hotel rooms with the wall in between them knocked out.
    If you're a gold or diamond member (for people who frequent Hilton properties), they will upgrade you to a parlor suite FREE if they have availability and you're staying a few nights. They also have an executive lounge for diamond/gold members with free continental breakfast and hors d'oeuvres in the evening, and a self-service bar and cappuccino maker.
    BTW, chairs aren't that difficult to come by, as one reviewer said. He even admitted he was there on Memorial Day weekend. Of course they are full then! You only have to look awhile if you want something specific or a lot of chairs together. 2-4 chairs is pretty easy to find.

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Rick R.
    I have stayed here many times over the years and love it. Very very clean. Nice rooms. Exceptional friendly staff. I noticed in particular there are many long term staff here who seem genuinely happy.

    I highly recommend this Hilton property.

    14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Paul K.
    Come here for a convention, the room was pleasant and modern, though they did give me two doubles in stead of a king. For a convention, the food was definitely above average....no rubber chicken here. Didn't make the pool, but could see it from my room and it looked pretty swanky. Also, walking distance to several bars and restaurants. The hotel bar isn't that great though. Overall, a pleasant stay though I don't know if I'd stay here without needing to go to the convention center.

    24/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. C P.
    This hotel is amazing! From the GM to each team member you will not be disappointed. I've been here twice, it was a memorable experience both times. Each trip was one week long. When you travel all the way from California... This hotel knows how to roll out the red carpet and make you feel at home. Everyone that works here loves what they do. It shows!

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Conrad W.
    Stayed here in Sep 2011.

    Very nice rooms. Good food and drinks but pricey. We stayed here for a business/pleasure trip in mid-September. The staff was very professional and helpful and the rooms were great. The pool is really nice with a walk-in entrance that was perfect for our seven-month old. The water slide and lazy river was perfect for our six-year old. The poolside bar served excellent food and drinks, but a tad on a expensive side.

    For the second half of our trip, we moved to a hotel closer to the Magic Kingdom. I accidentally left my swim shorts behind and called to see if they found them. Housekeeping said they found them and I just needed to come down to claim them. The whole process took a little longer than expected because the head of security had to come down for me to sign off on a form.

    All in all it was a good experience.

    27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Lindsay G.
    My hubbie and I have stayed here a handful of times and always love it.

    The pool is the main attraction that keeps us coming back. The main pool is huge, has two basketball goals, a pool bar, and a fountain for the kids to play in. There's a lazy river where you can grab a tube and float around the entire pool area, just like at a waterpark. For those of you who aren't travelling w/ kids, the pool is so big and spread out, I promise they won't bother you. For chilly nights, there's a fire pit to cozy up to.

    My hubbie and I always work out in their fitness center, which has many things you'd find at your regular gym. It's attached to a spa and although I haven't gotten any services there, it look very inviting.

    The grounds are always clean, staff friendly, and rooms pristine. The only time we had a slight problem w/ our bill, the accounting department corrected it in a timely manner.

    We will definitely return here!

    22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Charles T.
    Wonderful 5 star hotel! Very clean and very nice! The hotel has many wonderful am entities . The pool and lazy river compliments the property with a par 3 golf course. My favorite hotel in Orlando!!

    22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Lilo C.
    My husband stayed overnight for his Company's Christmas Party and 3 hours after he check out, he realized he had forgotten his brand new Blazer and button down shirt hanging in the Closet. We called the Hotel and we were told that Room Service didn't find anything in the room. We don't see how a room that had just been cleaned, couldn't find anything. If only Room Service had been in the room, where is it? The only solution we were offered was to fill out a form. That is unacceptable, not only for the money I spent on both blazer and shirt but for the way they chose to take care of this.

    13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    95. Benny S.
    Love this hotel..... The pool is great and the lazy river is so much fun. Pool does need more seating for busy weekends. Pool side bar is great....

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Kevin B.
    Went for a relaxing one day trip from palm beach gardens. Amazing stay! Honestly picked this hotel because of the lazy river and adult pool they had! Wanted to have a beer while floating around, and that's just what we did! They have a putting course, volley ball court, basketball court, pool tables outside by the pool, and also fusball! Needless to say we always had things to do, and they were all included. The pool and lazy river, and outside bar are open til 11pm!
       At night they have two fire pits which we sat around and smoked cigars and sipped bourbon! Close to everything including theme parks, downtown, and cool bars and restaurants! We went in March the rates were 149$ a night! Not bad at all, but beware there is a 20$ mandatory hotel fee, and 16$ parking if you park overnight yourself! You can valet for 30$ a night!

      Nice clean rooms good staff and fairly priced, by hotel standards! A little advice, beers at the pool are 8$. A 9 pack of the same beers at the 7-11 across the street (in walking distance) are 11$!! I put beers in a bag with ice and called it a day, and saved some money!

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. John C.
    Very nice but or the price it should be.  Stayed here for a conference.  Very nice pool area for family.  Nicely located to everything.

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Brent L.
    This is one of the suite-est places to stay in Orlando.  The rooms include a small beer fridge, LCD flat screen TV's and even duvet's on the beds (I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to sleep on top of the duvet or underneath it).  WiFi was available for an added cost - and performed well.

    The Orlando Convention Center, a 7-11, a Red Lobster, iHop, and McDonald's are all located within a block of the hotel.  In fact, there is even a covered pedestrian bridge from the hotel to the convention center.  This is definitely a plus during the rainy season - which is totally unpredictable in this area.  :)

    The staff was friendly and plentiful.  The room was nice, clean, and up to date.

    I really couldn't find a single fault with this place - it's a keeper!

    25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Jeff H.
    This is a true five star hotel! The staff is all about service the only negative thing was out keys would never work for the parking garage other than that I would stay here every time in Orlando.  The executive lounge was great with their selection of wines, beer, and hot breakfast.  

    The cost is worth the experience the access to Universal is quick with hardly any traffic Plus you can see the fireworks at night from the East wing.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Phil B.
    Recently stayed here for a sales meeting and I was impressed with this facility. Great service from the staff, beautifully landscaped property and the room was very clean. About 25 minutes from Orlando airport. Will be back with the family in the fall for our visit to Walt Disney World!

    Three of the meeting rooms we were in during our sessions on thr first day were very warm. The second day they were much cooler so the temp was addressed.Thank you for a great stay!

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Cheri M.
    Love this place! The pool area is incredible and we had so much fun in the lazy river.  The rooms are nice and clean and the price is quite reasonable.  The only negative experience at this hotel was some noisy neighbors that wanted to party until 4 am, but the hotel was quick to respond once I called the front desk.  A great place to stay when you are visiting the theme parks!

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. John B.
    This hotel was pretty fantastic....I mean like Vegas without being in Vegas fantastic.  The hotel is HUGE and reminds me a lot of the mega-resorts in Vegas with their mile long wings but I'm always down for more exercise.  My room was on the 6th floor and overlooked the pool and had a view of some of the Sea World attractions so I was happy.  I also overlooked an empty parking lot and an abandoned parking garage but the pool view more than made up for it.

    And that pool.....WOW that pool!  This has to be one of the biggest pools I've seen in a non-coastal area and it was awesome.  Even more awesome was the quiet, adults only pool isolated from the pool where most of the action was.  The wait staff at the pools left a lot to be desired, as in they didn't ask me once if I needed anything, but the quiet of the pool was pure bliss in the child-filled hell known as Orlando.  

    The room was also fantastic with a nice bathroom and great maid service daily.  It was a standard Hilton hotel room but it still made the stay nice.  

    The convention center is a decent walk from the hotel via an outdoor walkway (don't they know there is a daily deluge in Orlando along with 100% humidity???) but it was nice not having to get on a shuttle bus or dodge traffic to get to my conference.  It was also nice to make a quick getaway to the hotel to grab lunch from the marketplace instead of the horrid and overpriced food at the convention center.  

    Overall, the hotel and its staff made the never pleasant experience of business travel a little more bearable.  This is a HUGE hotel but it's well staffed to deal with its size and I never felt that they were overwhelmed.  Definitely one of the better options along I-Drive.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Justin K.
    It really pains me to write this review but sadly I must; in order to WARN those who plan to relax in their lovely spa. We stayed here on the last 2 days of our Florida journey specifically to decompress in the spa and steamroom in order to prepare for heading home. Since the spa is only open until 8pm, my partner and I headed down for a long detox and steam around 6pm. We were greeted kindly by the staff and proceeded to steam,  cool off,  steam etc. (like 10 mins in and 15 mins out)

    Something really uncomfortable to note is that the men's spa is only staffed by female attendants who pop in and out without much warning. Really weird since the entire area is clothing optional. Though this did not concern us much, we felt it a bit disconcerting that the women might be exposed to you naked if you're not covered up at that very moment. They were however quite nice and attentive.

    Now for the bad.... really bad....

    After about 40 mins we were steaming along with about 3 other guys,  all chatting about our vacations etc. when we heard the door pulled open by 2 male security guards, who stated aloud that they were just doing a wellness check and then they moved on.

    About 25 mins later we were all still conversing when the door got pulled wide open by those same 2 security guards, who proceeded to say "we need you all out of here now because we're going to be servicing the spa now".

    I mean really,  you're going to kick 5 guests out of the steamroom and spa at 7pm when you close at 8? The one guard doing the annoying yapping was a 20 something attitudinal jerk. He basically sent everyone on their way out of the spa,  and the funny thing was that there was no servicing of the spa that was going to happen. This was a lie to run off the customers  because of his very apparent phobia of men sitting and chatting with one a other in the steamroom.

    He proceeded to ask us how long we've been in there, and didn't we know that it's unhealthy to be in there longet than 10 minutes,  and also stated that the reason they were checking in on all of us was because they didn't have any male spa attendants,  blah.... blah.... blah.... Basically ruining any form of relaxation we were having. He really angered one guy that had just come from a paid massage session.

    Bottom line was that he was acting like the gestapo,  and maybe thought that in his pea brain there may have been something going on in there. Funny thing is that when he ripped the door open we were all just sitting there in our bathing suits and towels enjoying peaceful conversation. If you're ever here and you see a shory, Jersey 20 something security guard please splash some water on the floor in hopes that he slips and falls on his head to perhaps knock some sense into him.

    So in final, I did bring this to the attention of the hotel manager Chris and he was very sorry and unhappy about hearing all of this. He did offer an amicable resolution for our dismay which was very kind (and very warranted under these circumstances).

    I do hope that this hotel will take this matter very seriously and perform the following corrections to the Spa management.

    1) Fire the young 20 something Caucasian security guard that acts like the Gestapo to paying guests. Totally rude,  unprofessional and NOT a Hilton team member I can assure you.

    2) Hire only male spa attendants for the male spa.

    3) Leave your guests alone to be in peace and quiet when in the spa and steamroom areas. They do NOT want to be bothered by Gestapo guards yanking the steamroom door open inquiring as to why and how long they have been in there,  and further dictating that any more than 10 mins is not good for you.

    We predominantly stay at Hiltons around the globe and this is the first time I have ever hammered them in an online review. Needless to say I will NEVER stay at this particular resort again!

    This review is also being sent to Hilton corporate as well.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    104. J D.
    Beautiful hotel and a great location. Steakhouse inside is horrible!!! Pool area is top notch and the $50 lunch at Tropix was better than crappy steakhouse.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Deborah S.
    Here for a convention, I wish it was a pleasure trip though!  They have an amazing pool area & inside is much more up to date, compared with the look of the outside.  The gym is also very modern and set to overlook the pool & is open 24 hours.  They have a full spa & are comparable to spas off of resorts in pricing.  While they charge a resort fee, this is not quite what I would consider a resort.
    They do charge resort fee & parking fees even though it is just a surface lot.  The WiFi is part of the resort fee, so if you come here as part of a convention, be prepared to pay that yourself..., or no WiFi!
    They offer multiple options for dining & all of my food was excellent.  Room is nice, but not spectacular & I have some outlets that don't work & a toilet that is difficult to flush.  These little quirks, along with unreasonably hot meeting areas are why I gave 4 vs 5 stars.  
    Would be more inclined to come back for pleasure, as I would not want to sit through another hot meeting (& I'm from Texas, so I'm used to heat...) but this is clothes soaked after two hours heat!

    12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Brad C.
    Wonderful.  Park on top floor of self parking which is same floor as check in! Once you walk in check in is quick and simple and very friendly. Elevators are fast! Rooms are extra comfy and clean clean clean. Love the pool lazy river.  Music is a little lame pumping through pool speakers but doesn't take anything away from relaxing and enjoying.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Bryan M.
    I thought this place wouldn't be as good as the pics onine and I was wrong.  There's a nice lazy river, a good-sized pool, jacuzzi (kinda small), a cabana, basketball courts, foosball, pool tables, etc.  The rooms are nice but since the "pool rooms" are high up and don't open to the pool, there's not really any benefit to throwing money away in my opinion - just go for the regular room.

    This location is centrally located and all parks are within a short drive.  

    One last thing, they do a s'mores thing at night.  Cheap fun way to wind down the evening.

    My only complaint is more of a seasonal one.  The sun sets behind the building so by mid-afternoon, the pool is disappearing in the shade.  Unless it's pretty warm, the breeze can get trapped in the V-shape of the building where the pool lies and it can get chilly in the shaded pool.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Hans B.
    Was sick , had a late cancellation due to
    Illness .  Hilton Refused  to refund deposit.
    No more Hilton's

    16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    109. Stacy C.
    Loved every second. Pool area is amazing....water slide, a separate quiet pool, and a huge main pool. The gym is large and clean and full of equipment.  The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. My only complaint was that  while the room was clean and cozy it had an overwhelming odor of must/mold reminiscent of my childhood memories taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. Still I give it 5 stars considering the number of wet bodies/feet that come through each week and everything else was above standard.

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Raymond G.
    For the reviews that I read I have to say I was expecting this place to be a little better than it was. Yes the pictures look nice, and yes the hotel is nice, but it all felt a little plain for a Hilton.

    The one thing I did like was the service. For some reason they has lost my reservation do check in did take longer than I would have hope, but the lady that I had seem to deal with it well and as fast as she could which was very appreciated after a long day.

    The room was so so. I mean for upwards of $200 a night I would expect it to be a little nicer. The bathrooms are pretty small, and I've seen bigger showers. The TV was a good size but some of the HD cable channels came out all blurry.  Despite the dislikes the room was very clean and the bed was very soft.

    All in all I definitely wouldn't give this place anything lower than 3 stars, but 4 stars seems just a little much for what you get. I think I'll try another one of the many hotel around this area next time, but I'll keep tho one in my list just on case.

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    111. Britt H.
    Really nice beds, comfy... The room service & cafe have astronomically high prices,

    11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    112. Dennis R.
    The service at this location is outstanding!

    We checked in on Saturday and had a wonderful evening. Our flight was delayed  home and they allowed us to stay in a room for most of the day at a special rate. Extremely accommodating and a wonderful facility. They have a phenomenal pool and lazy river. Would recommend anyone to stay at this location.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Sarah M.
    Holy moly this place is wonderful!! Not only was the staff superb, they were so accommodating to my sons food allergies and diet requirements. The pool is fantastic, rooms are so quiet, you cannot ever hear noise in the hallways. Josh at the front desk checked us in and was as friendly as I would expect from a front desk greeter. Will stay here again and recommend it for families and couples. There is a private pool as well as a kid friendly area. I have 5 children of various ages, this place had something to entertain them all and plenty of space in the rooms.

    22/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Laurel C.
    Overall this is a nice hotel.  My hubby had a conference so we brought the kids and made a vaca out of it.  We stayed for 7 nights.
    What we liked:
    -The pool area is great.  Lots of options for seating (sun or shade) depending on where you sit.  Two zero entry areas which are wonderful for very small kids and an awesome lazy river and water slide. The food at the pool restaurant is decent with normal prices for a resort.  The service around the pool was hit or miss depending on the day.  There's a smaller adult pool separate from the main pool area which looked relaxing.
    -The rooms were nothing too special but adequate and relatively clean.
    -The elevators were fast.
    -Self parking was easy and attached to the hotel-nice for us as the kids and I ran around Orlando while my dh was in meetings.
    -The spa was relaxing and the staff very accommodating. The service I had done was just ok but the overall experience was good.
    What wasn't awesome:
    -Service at the Bistro was hit or miss.  The first day we were charged for the kids' breakfasts.  Every other day we were told they eat free. The buffet was underwhelming-we weren't told until our last day at the hotel that the buffet includes eggs benedict, pancakes and french toast-you just have to order them through your waiter as they're not out at the buffet. At $27/person knowing those were options would have been nice. Neither of these things area a huge deal but annoying nonetheless.
    -Despite liking the food at David's Club (check the menu first-it's not for everyone) and having a friendly waitress, the service was so painfully slow it was not a great experience.  
    -The Starbucks/Marketplace is a joke.  It has a few ok options for grab-and-go food but the service was terrible all three times we stopped in.
    -Not close to anything other than the Convention Center.  Wasn't an issue for us as we had a car but if you don't there's not much to do within a mile or so of the hotel.

    02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Roz M.
    This place is nice.
    its not on the Disney property and its a long drive to and from the Disney parks, but the hotel does provide a free shuttle that takes you back and forth.
    They have a great pool.
    Room size is good and the room is clean.

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. Joanna T.
    I've stayed at several Orlando Hilton properties and this one is one of the better ones. If you're looking for something near the convention center, it's right across the street.

    Rooms: B+
    Mine was good sized, decently clean and the bed was comfortable. So/so hair dryer and bad bathroom lighting though. Somehow I got put in an "allergy" room which ended up being awesome as it had a special air filter. If you've got allergies, they definitely accommodate.

    Location: ?
    Headed to the convention center? Great location. Not super great if you're coming for Disney as it's not terribly close and there isn't a shuttle. A few chain restaurants in walking distance & a ton more in a 1-2 mile radius.

    Amenities: A
    Nice pool/lazy river area. Huge gym. 24hour market that appeared to basically sell candy & liquor. Several restaurants including a steak house, pub & pool bar. They're overpriced and not great so try to eat off property. Ginormous convention facilities if you need them.

    Fees: C
    Like everywhere else in Orlando you'll be socked with a $20 resort fee which scores you "free" wifi, access to the pool & a 15% discount at all the restaurants & shops.

    Two other notes: I was really impressed how quiet my hotel floor was considering the hotel was hosting a cheerleader convention and some sort of LARP event (at least I assumed there was a reason for all the folks dressed like Darth Maul). Mad props for the hotel staff keeping all those loud-ass teens away from me AND making the Yelp check in discount a deal on wine.

    Finally, a note about security....and the reason the hotel gets 4 instead of 5. Throughout the course of my stay, I noticed that room doors were propped open by staff for considerable periods of time and not while there was someone in there actively cleaning. It looked like they were replacing HVAC filters. But when I see a row of 10 doors propped open and they're still that way more than an hour later it makes me worry. Maybe (I hope) those rooms were empty but I'd hate to think my door was open for anyone to walk in while I was out.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. maria c.
    I've been here several times for business meetings. Each time it's been a delight. The staff is very friendly, the rooms are extremely clean, and the amenities are definitely worth taking advantage of. I like their piano bar as well as their lounge area. it's very comfortable, low lite, and welcoming.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    118. Paige K.
    I loved staying here - lazy river, giant pool with a big winding slide, outdoor and indoor pool tables, volleyball, basketball, this place has it all.

    06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Zena M.
    This is a great hotel.  Is right by the convention center and close to a lot of restaurants on International drive.  The parking is close to the pool and the lobby.  This resort has a lazy river and several pools.  It has a large convention center attached to the hotel with many different rooms and lots of huge bathrooms. It is a huge resort so if you were planning on wearing super high heels by the time you get where you need to go your feet will already be hurting.

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Ebony C.
    My home during the Christmas and New Year holiday.

    Huge room w/ king bed and reading corner made me happy!
    Food served was as expected for hotel conference food.
    Hotel staff were helpful when needed. Room was always clean when I came back w/o moving my stuff around.

    However, the one thing I found a bit challenging was the lack of communication between depts. I would go to the business center after calling to see if it was open only to get there 5 mins after the call and it be closed. That's my only gripe so pretty much a good hotel!

    13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Donna D.
    This place is sort of great!  Lazy river at the pool, spa and 2-3 restaurants. Very clean and new. Tennis, gold putting range and basketball court all really nice.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Carrie G.
    This is a great hotel- probably some of the most comfortable beds around.  It is close to the convention center, without being overly congested with convention people.  

    I do miss the ducks.  This was recently bought out.  It used to be the Peabody, and they were famous for the ducks that walked across the street, through their courtyard and into the lobby to the water fountain.  They also used to have little soaps in the shape of ducks in the rooms, and duck decorations everywhere.  So unique!  Now the ducks are gone.... where did they go? I don't know... hopefully another duck hotel.  There are a few remnants of the duck era- such as in the elevator, there is a duck mosaic.  

    The pool area is breathtaking!  I never went in it, but I really liked just looking at it.  So beautiful and nicely decorated.  It was just too hot to even be out there when I was there.  Maybe next time.

    The rooms are clean, the bathrooms are nice - a tv in the mirror is cool- I never once turned it on, but still cool, and the lobby was also nice.

    26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    123. Paul D.
    I liked this hotel. Was there for a conference. Easy to get around the complex. Lots of choices for food. Nice pool and jogging area. Best part was the staff. All around friendly and helpful.

    25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. Amy D.
    Overall my experience at Hilton Orlando was good but there were bumps along the way (that thankfully we're addressed).

    When I travel I try to stay at Hilton hotels- they are often a bit are often a bit more expensive than other nearby options but the service and rooms are generally worth it.  Since I was on vacation (and going to an event at the convention center) I opted for a room on the executive level with a $50 a day resort credit.  Employees who checked me in we're friendly.  My room was nice and cleaned very thoroughly by the cleaning crew daily.  They did forget towels the one day but quickly brought them when I called.

    The executive lounge is a little less exciting than other Hiltons.  There is an espresso machine (automatic) available throughout the day which is nice.  The offerings for breakfast and hors d'oeuvre were a  little sparse compared to other Hilton's but what was available was good.

    My main problem came with using the resort credit.  I stopped by the front desk to see how much was left on my credit and they were unable to tell me.  The associate at the desk did tell me one restaurant was excluded.  I left for a meeting and subsequently forgot the excluded restaurant.  When I returned to the desk another associate told me that no restaurants were excluded but that I needed vouchers- and that the spa (which I had used that day) was also excluded- which directly conflicted with what I was told at check in. I asked to speak with a manager who adjusted charges just in case and when I checked out I learned that the credit was good for all restaurants and the spa.  Service was friendly but there was not much consistency in knowledge about their promotions.  Things worked out fine in the end but lack of consistency in knowledge/ misinformation was frustrating.  

    I would stay here again with the hope that some training happens in the meantime.  At least I can say that this is a hotel with a friendly staff.

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Jeannine S.
    I've visited the Hilton Orlando a few times.  Never for personal travel...always for business.  This hotel is very clean and well run.  The service and staff are exceptional!  They are courteous, helpful and always professional.  The rooms are pretty nice.  You can tell that this hotel has been renovated sometime in the last several years, as all of the fixtures and decorations are up-to-date.  Now normally, I don't sleep well in hotel rooms.  The Hilton Orlando was the exception to the rule.  The hotel was quite (I was also on an end room, so that I'm sure made a difference) and you didn't hear kids or drunk people stumbling through the hall at 3am.

    I've also eaten at the restaurant and have bought snacks at the little market shop.  My recommendation is to grab a snack from the market at take it out by the pool.  It's really nice and relaxing and one of my favorite things to do when I'm looking to unwind in an afternoon!  The Hilton Orlando also has a great little restaurant by the pool.  Service was eh, food was good, scene was great!

    They also have an entire section where you can hold a meeting or convention.  Between the pool, fitness center, restaurants/bar, and all the other amenities, this is the perfect place to come if you are traveling for work or looking for a place to old a business meeting where you have everything you need on-property.  I will surely be back!

    17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Brad K.
    We had an absolutely wonderful stay here.

    Service from the valet, to the front desk to the pool side waitress (who absolutely made our day)

    We would highly recommend this Hilton property to any family staying in the Orlando area

    While it sort of looks like a hospital from the outside, it has a great pool, with slide and lazy river. The pool side restaurant had great food and drinks.

    5 stars which I never give to a hotel !!

    11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Edward W.
    Great hotel and meeting space right next door to the OCCC.

    Formerly The Peabody, the Hilton is solid upscale hotel and meeting space in Orlando.

    24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Matt H.
    Bed bottom sheet comes out so you sleep on wrinkles.
    Lobby is great and executive floor is nice.

    Restaurants and room service make great food.

    Spa was overpriced for being great or lousy (depending on who you got assigned).

    Elevators are fast.

    At $250 a night, this is 3 stars. But we paid $110.

    29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Charmie P.
    Gorgeous hotel, beautiful lobby, comfortable and spacious room, large pool including a large lazy river, cabanas and hot tubs. The downstairs restaurant is great for breakfast, they have a large buffet, pancakes, waffles, pastries, made to order omelets, fruit juices and so much more. The staff was very friendly and professional, and the entire hotel was well maintained and spotless. There is also a nice restaurant and bar which are open late on the lobby floor, there are 2 towers and the elevators are separated by floors which makes them very efficient. I highly recommend this hotel if you are in the area.

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. LOIS B.
    This hotel was convenient to the convention center.  I had no choice but to attend a business convention with my husband because there is not one thing to do near the hotel.  When we checked in there were no bellhops.  I thought that was unusual.

    This is one of those hotels that limits toilet paper and the dispenser is located behind the toilet.  We just took the roll off and put it in a more convenient location.

    When we requested a late check-out, the young lady told us it would be a $25 charge.  Crazy.

    It's a hotel, nothing outstanding.

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    131. Brady J.
    Love the hotel so far. Not overly crowded and the pool area is peaceful. Food and drinks are over priced so I recommend going off property to get these. Other than that, this place is a great start to my vacation.

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Vivian A.
    We LOVED staying at this place. Everyone was so friendly and the staff just made us feel at home. We were here over night as we were taking a Disney cruise the next day. It was so relaxing to spend the day at the pool. The zero gravity entry was perfect for our 20 month old to play and splash around. They even let me (20 weeks pregnant) go down the water slide. We had a blast.

    We are HiltonHonors Gold members so it was nice to have complimentary appetizers from 5-7pm (deconstructed bruschetta was yum!) at night and breakfast from 6am-11am (the egg frittatas were addicting!) in the morning. It was the perfect amount of food and just enough to hold us until dinner later that day or get us kick started in the morning.

    The sheets were comfortable and our view of the pool was amazing. The bell hops were even super nice in sharing their stories about their Disney cruise experience as well. We did the self-park service and if you park on the third floor, you walk right into the lobby. Easy peasy.

    The marketplace downstairs didn't sell whole milk in a carton for our little one, but when I asked, since it was a Starbucks, they sold me a huge glass of whole milk from their inventory.

    We would definitely stay at this Hilton again. This Hilton definitely sets the Hilton standard.

    12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. Willy M.
    While spending the day in Orlando doing the theme park thing, we got a hotel here.  What a great choice!!!   A very lovely hotel with all kinds of ammenities!  

    We checked in super late around 11pm as we were all day theme park'n and went out to dinner and by the time we pulled up we were looking for an easy check-in so we can pass out.  Definitely do the self-park, which was $16 and they charge it directly to your room so you dont have to pay separately, follow the entrance into the garage and park wherever.  Getting from the garage to the hotel lobby was super easy and plenty of signs to direct you where you need to go.  Front desk associate came around from the desk to greet us and was super friendly and nice.  Given that we were pretty tired, the check-in process was effecient, quick, and informative on the details of our stay.  

    Room was pretty standard in my opinion but clean and slightly a larger at the entrance area of the room.  Beds were comfy, sheets were nice and soft, bathroom was clean as well with plenty of towels and enough room to move about with another person in there.  Pretty good selection of tv channels to watch and relax.........then I passed out!

    After a good nights rest, we decided to check out some of the ammenities such as the pool area, lazy river, gym, sitting by the pool etc.  Towels are provided at the pool area, there is also a pool bar/grill if you need food.  Large area to spread out and not getting into anyone's space when trying to relax.  Large upper area if you want to just relax in the sun or if you decide to sit by the edge of the pool if you want easier access into the water. It can get loud as kids & families are usually around that area. Lazy river is pretty cool that you can inner-tube around the pool area.  Large slide area for kids to slide into the pool and a basketball hoop to play pool basketball.  I had to dunk on someone!!!! They also have a regular basketball court too if you want to shoot some hoops. The gym is a lot larger than I expected of any hotel gym, a lot of treadmills and equipment to use and clean.  (Side note: the hotel will let you use the ammenities even after you already checked out).

    We decided to go the the MarketPlace mart downstairs to have a light breakfast. Its kind of like a Starbucks and general store into one.  We got a yogurt, croissant, some trail mix for the road and a few coffees....its a little more pricey than normal but super convienient.  If you want, you can go across the street to IHOP if you want a bigger breakfast.  

    Hotel is super large that can accomodate weddings, conferences and also connected to the convention center that is next door.(I think). Hotel is more on the end of the strip of I-Drive which is fine with me with less traffic around and easy to get back onto the highway.

    Glad we decided to stay here!

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Raj S.
    I have been here few times for my work . Very big hotel which can accommodate many many guests in their over 1400 rooms .Big & Nice meeting rooms few good bars with good food including Sushi .
    They have a Starbucks also and off course nice pool with water slide and a river. Disney land is right here so if you are staying in this hotel you will be happy .

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    135. Michele R.
    Just spent the last seven days here and had a great time. Best pools I have ever encountered in a hotel. The lazy river is great, I was afraid since I booked a hotel a couple years ago with a lazy river and it was like 2fr wide and only about 10 ft total length. Not this one...lots of spayers and waterfalls. Just lovely. Biggest pool as well, with an actual fast water slide. Pool bar was typical prices, food wasn't bad and good portions. Only ordered lunch once and servers were nice but the waitress messed up the order and the waiter dropped my sons burger. I didn't tell her so don't know if she would have fixed it, the waiter offered my son an ice cream, which I thought was really nice.
    Chairs and umbrellas are a bit tough to impossible to find on busy days and we were a bit irritated by that at the end since we had no place to sit by the pool the last two days until we found a stack of lounge chairs behind the quiet pool.
    The water temps are warm, with the only slightly cool one being the quiet pool.
    Family hot tub is luke warm but the adult one is hot.
    Room was very nice, clean. Only had two towels for four of us but they sent more as soon as I asked.
    So all in all a great week, we would stay again. The only big issues I had which really annoyed me were seating by the pool the last two days and the big big issue was the darn parking.  So the self parking is very convenient, you pay $16 a day and you get to park in the garage which is right off the lobby so that part is awesome. Our issue was that when you go in or out as a hotel guest you swipe your card, ours only worked the first day soooo we spent at least 2 hours in time over the week being stuck trying to get in and out. We went to the desk, we sat while they played with the cards every time...even though we told the attendant it wouldn't work. Then they would finally take our name...we had to spell it every time in and out every freaking time...this morning we were literally unable to leave since there was no attendant, we had to go through all of it with a attendant over the intercom. Although it wasn't a deal breaker it was truly annoying going through this for 6 days. I think they should have figured out a fix so we weren't so inconvenienced.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    136. Siobhan N.
    We stayed here because it was close to Universal, the rate was great and we wanted to stay in a resort type hotel so we could enjoy some time by the pool. Big plus that they had multiple pools, a lazy river and of course a pool side bar.

    The room was a good size, modern and fresh looking. Self Parking was easy and convenient, the hotel is very large, lots of restaurants plus a small market for snacks and coffee. The staff were all very nice and treated us wonderfully.

    My only complaint was with the pool bar, we paid an exorbitant amount for very juicey cocktails filled to their brims with ice. I don't mind paying more at hotels because you usually get what you pay for. Not here.

    Unfortunately, the pool and pool bar is a large part of a vacation to us as we will spend multiple days by the pool, all day. So since they Lazy River was more of a death trap (it shoots cannons of water at you as you float by) than a relaxing float down a river and the bar food and drinks were terrible we won't stay here again.

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. Andre' M.
    My company held a four day/three night conference at this property.
    I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the room and grounds and the upkeep of it all.
    We had breakfast three of the mornings, lunch two of the days and dinner two of the nights.  The service was excellent for each and the food was very good.

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0