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Hyatt Place Orlando/ Convention Center in Orlando, FL

Hyatt Place Orlando/ Convention Center in Orlando, FL


Hotel is located at the center of International Drive and only .5 mile from Convention Center.  Various restaurants, shopping and entertainment are within walking distance. Complimentary a.m. Kitchen Skillet, featuring freshly prepared breakfast sandwiches, waffles, French toast, pancakes and steel cut oatmeal, available daily. Theme parks are short distance away.


Established in 2007.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.04

Address: 8741 International Drive, Orlando, FL, 32819
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Comments (24):

1. Apara W.
Not a big fan- the free breakfast was so ridiculously limited- and you had to wait 10 mins for your turn in line. There was a catch- if you wanted eggs, potatoes- you had to pay. No microwaves in the room, rude front desk. It wasn't cheap either. There are better hotels in the area I have stayed at previously.

26/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Simon G.
A happy experience, all much more than I had expected. I would highly recommend to others and will definitely come back again. The hotel is clean, facility up-to-date, free wifi (signal is strong in my room) and parking, very decent hot breakfast, and good location as well (on the international drive).  It is not super luxury, the small setting instead gives you a good warm-home feel.  The staffs are very friendly, they call you by name (let you feel it is their home business).  On the checkout day, I have to work online till 5pm. When I asked if I can use the lounge wifi after checkout, they pleasantly accommodated, and kindly extended my stay to 2pm.  As for dining, they have 7/24 food service (price is reasonable). If you go out dinning, there are two restaurants very nearby, one is Senor Frog, and another Danny's. Danny's offers good food ($10 or less), while Senor Frog is a party place (11pm to 2am, 21yr +). If you go Senor Frog for food, stay away: Their food is expensive, just not worth what you pay.

04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Chris K.
Very nice hotel. I would stay here again. The front desk staff was very helpful and friendly. I felt welcome from the time I walked through the door.
The room was clean, quiet and spacious. The bed was a little firm but I slept fine. Parking was free and convenient.
The free breakfast they offer isn't the most healthy or filling but it's nourishment if you need something quickly. Donuts, pastries, cereal... tons of carbs. They also serve omelets and a few other breakfast items for $6-$7.
The location is close to restaurants and the convention center. There is also free computer access in the lobby.

29/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Stephen M.
This hotel is conveniently located to a lot of places in Orlando. It's only 2-4 minutes away from the convention center, so it's definitely a good deal. The breakfast isn't anything to write home about, but it's FREE.

This is my second trip to this hotel, and enjoyed it again. Would suggest this to everyone.

11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Tracy B.
My husband and I always choose to stay at the Hyatt Place whenever possible, no matter what city or state.  We've always found the rooms and service to be consistently great. This hotel lived up to our normal Hyatt standards as all the others we've stayed at. The location is right off of International Drive, so you're in walking distance of numerous restaurants and stores. It's also a close drive to the theme parks. Plenty of free parking -- we like that. Check in was very quick and efficient. We requested a high floor and received one far from the elevator, so we didn't have to hear everyone coming off of it (helps to be a Hyatt member, it's free so sign up). Room was clean and comfortable.  The bed is always consistently cozy, especially when watching the big flat screen tv from it.  Free wifi worked fine for us.   I unfortunately was very sick on this trip and needed a late check out. Check out was at 12 and they offered us check out at 1 o'clock. When we told them how sick I was they gave us a 2 o'clock check out instead.  Because of this service we will definitely stay here again.

05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Carla L.
By far one of the best experiences hotel wise in Orlando. We travel 5 - 7 times a year to Orlando and have been to many, many of the hotels.

Seems that this one is definitely geared towards the business traveler and comfort. We booked a 2 full bedroom, what we got was a suite with a 45" (more or less) flat screen TV.

You walk into a living room with a desk and a sectional L shaped sofa, in the corner a fridge, coffee maker and sink. Plenty of space to comfortably hang out. There is half a wall separating the 'living' and 'bedroom' and strategically against the wall is the TV on a swivel base so you can watch from any part of the room. 2 Beds, great new upgraded decor and a nice vanity area, this room was top notch.

Continental breakfast is included with plenty of fruit and to my delight TAZO tea. Not Lipton (which is good) but the real good stuff.

Customer service was impeccable, in check in, in the dining area, everywhere. Best part? FREE WiFi and parking.  Its close to Universal on I-Drive and right by the convention center.  This is a wonderful place to stay.

10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Gustavo A. L.
This place is pretty good ! Check in went without a hitch, in fact I was taken aback when the front desk clerk came around the counter to hand me my key and give me a brief overview of the hotel and its services.
The rooms are all redone, super comfortable and spacious. A nice little waiting room with a desk, a wet bar and a huge Flat Screen HD TV, and clean bathrooms.
Very comfortable stay with a complimentary continental breakfast, free parking and wifi.
If you are going to Orlando.... keep this place as an option, if you can score a good deal, it is totally worth it !

08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Matthew P.
I was expecting great things from this hotel. Having been a guest at several Hyatt locations in the Chicago area, I was looking forward to the relaxing experience I'd come to expect. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise...

Let's get what they couldn't help out of the way. The design of the room wasn't very inviting at all. The bathroom was so tiny, I had to step into the shower to close the door behind me. No bathtub was available, just a shower.

On to the things that could have gone better. First off, and this is where I almost lost my mind,  upon my arrival, I discovered blood on my pillow. Not a puddle, but a few very noticeable splotches. To the staff's credit, they were good about replacing it, and gave my wife and I two drink vouchers. We'll come back to that...

Let's move on to the bed itself. The mattress was so lumpy, I could get a better night's rest on my own two-year-old bed. The squeaking coming from it just by laying down would leave my neighbors to believe I was having a great time whether it were true or not. Did I mention there was blood on my pillow?

Back to the drink vouchers... While it was a nice sentiment, the drink selection was extremely limited. Lackluster choices seemed to be a common theme. The included breakfast was bland and uninteresting. The eating area was beautiful, but I couldn't taste it. Also, there was blood on my pillow.

Speaking of food, my wife and I attempted to order room service. I say "attempted" because after the food was prepared, we were informed it was "ready, and we could get it any time." I'm not the most sophisticated man in the world, but when one orders room service, I thought the staff brings it to one's room. I was probably still in a state of shock from seeing the blood.

Last, but not least, housekeeping missed our room the first day we were there. They claimed we had a "do not disturb" sign on our door, but that apparently didn't prevent them from knocking and announcing who they were. I informed her that my wife and I were heading out, and five minutes later, I said "good morning" to the housekeeper as we walked past her to start our day. She probably heard about the blood. What blood? Oh, the blood on my pillow.

All in all, it was a beautiful hotel, but the little lapses in customer care added up into making this nothing more than a room to crash after a long day of exploring Orlando. I give it two out of five bloody pillows... err, stars.

***Update 3/21/13*** Wow, that was quick! A big thanks for they Hyatt team for reaching out to me to make this right. As stated above, I've always experienced better from the Hyatt brand, which is why this instance was such a surprise.

20/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Kristina M.
I WENT TO HARRY POTTER LAND LAST WEEK. When I was looking for hotels a couple months ago for me and 9 of my friends, I found this Hyatt Place at a good price with good reviews. Honestly, I would've stayed in a crappy hotel all week as long as I could go to Harry Potter Land and save my friends a little bit of money on hotel rooms.
HOWEVER!!!!!! This hotel ROCKED OUR FRICKIN' SOCKS OFF. It was 6 minutes away from Harry Potter Land (Universal Studios), and the front desk was always happy to get us a 10-person van each morning. Well, actually, the front desk was AWESOME. ALWAYS. They were always so pleasant and helpful! SHOUTOUT to Kim & Louisa! :) One night we ordered pizzas after a loooooooooong day of casting spells and exploring Hogwarts. Not 5 minutes after our pizza arrived, housekeeping showed up and was like "We noticed you ordered pizzas! Would you like some plates and napkins?" UHHH yes. THANK YOU. We swam in the AWESOME pool every night, and one night Kim came by and was like "Hi everyone! Everything going well here?" UHHH yes, Kim. Everything is awesome and perfect, thanks (as I lazily floated on my back thinking WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS??? I'm just a starving actor from Chicago!! But I guess if you save up and do your research, you really can live all fancy-pants for a couple of days). These are only just a couple examples of how awesome and friendly and accommodating the Hyatt place members were during out Tuesday-Sunday stay. They were constantly checking in with us making sure we had everything we needed, and always making sure we were having fun! ... The breakfast was good! Same delicious breakfast every day, so they don't switch it up a whole lot BUT what they have is super yummy: bacon & egg breakfast sandwiches (I wasn't mad about eating these every morning), pancakes, cereals, breads/bagels, coffee (with to-go cups for the cab ride!), and TONS of apples. WE LOVE APPLES. The hotel was VERY clean, you guys. Our shower was brand new and spotless. OH! Speaking of hotel rooms.... HUGE. Each of my friends' rooms had the bed area, living room area with giant flat screen tv, desk area, and kitchenette. I mean seriously. I told you I was just going for convenience and price!!!! But instead, we got LUXURY. Perfect for late night hotel parties what WHAAAAAAAAT! ;) So anywho~ I know this sounds like I'm just gushing like an idiot, BUT SERIOUSLY, my friends and I had a fabulous experience here, and we were all joking (except totally serious) that we would write awesome reviews on yelp when we got home. Because after our experience, the Hyatt Place deserves it. GO HERE.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Eric S.
Wouldn't stay here again.

The free wi-fi is very poor.  Spotty coverage which connects you to an extremely slow internet connection.  Slow as in expect things like news.google.com to stall out repeatedly while loading.  Want to watch youtube videos or do something requiring any sort of bandwidth and it's not happening.  Ended up tethering off my cell phone.

Air conditioner runs constantly.  I understand Florida in June is probably a HVAC challenge, but surely it's in the best interest of the hotel to either insulate the rooms so they can maintain a stable temperature for some period of time or buy better a/c units.  I kept the blinds closed to keep the sun out and still the a/c would run for a few minutes, take a minute off, and then fire right back up.  It's a large unit located right next to the bed, so bring ear plugs...

I used 4 bath towels during my stay.  3 had long hairs on them.  My head is shaved.  Hmmm...

No guest laundry facilities.  If you want to wash your clothes yourself, you need to walk to the hotel next door.  Tell them you are staying at the Hyatt, they will give you a keycard so you can use their laundry rooms.  If you'd rather not do this, Hyatt will launder your clothes.  Prices start at 2 bucks for a pair of shorts...

No shuttle service to/from the airport, though the MEARS mafia probably has the whole city under their thumb at this point so Hyatt probably can't do anything about it.

Breakfast food was acceptable, coffee was good.

I would not stay here again.

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Michael D.
This hotel use to be the old Peabody Hotel before it was sold to Hyatt. Large hotel with a multitude of amenities. Great hospitality and atmosphere.

16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Steve S.
has a few good things going for it..good location on the backside of I-drive right in the middle of the area,nice breakfast buffet in the AM..nice modern design room with a flat screen that can swivel from either the bed or the couch area..a desk with power/internet hookups,sort of kitchenette area with sink/fridge coffee in the front,kinda open concept with bathroom sink behind a wall divider that has the closet in it and a small closed off toilet shower area that does have only a shower in it and the door opens right in front of the toilet so there isnt much room for more than one person in it at a time..and if you have little kids that may need a bathtub..this may not be the room for you

the bed was big and comfortable and the couch had a pull out bed inside as well..so you possibly could get 4 adults in a room

could do with a larger shelf for next to the bed for much besides the alarm clock and maybe a glass

only negative was the few large hairs on the shower stall wall when we first arrived..but a quick hose down washed them away  :P

so if you mostly need a business place near the convention center or a  quick stay for the parks with a good continental breakfast i would stay here again

10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Keikaikaoakua P.
Daily free breakfast: prepared fresh daily. Good variety. Tomato, apple and orange juices, plus 2 types of milk.
Assorted breads, fresh fruit. The breakfast sandwiches are pretty tasty (egg, bacon, cheese in  an english-type muffin)

Room is comfortable, spacious, and clean.
Tip: there is a small convenience store nr the front of the shared neighbor parking lots.

Someone noted this location as the former peabody hotel. That is misinformation.  This location WAS never the peabody. The current hyatt regency is the peabody.
My review is for hyatt place.
A Hyatt Regency vs Hyatt Place/House: BIG DIFFERENCE

12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. R K.
This is the second time I've stayed here.  Great location.  The rooms are clean and spacious.  Staff is very friendly and helpful.  You can't ask much more for a business traveler.

We even rented a conference room there for our meetings and the rooms were basic but very clean and staff always checked in on us to see if we needed anything.  The location is right in the middle of a load of restuarants and close to the convention center.  The rates are very reasonable.  Overall, it's a good place for business travelers or vacationers.

24/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Jeremy S.
This hotel is satisfactory for a mid-tier hotel in decent-to-good condition. Rooms are just what you would expect from any moderate hotel like a Hampton Inn, etc.
Pros: spacious, clean rooms; good in-room air conditioning; plenty of parking; complimentary breakfast (which I didn't get a chance to try).
Cons: Slow (but free) wifi signal; sort of an odd room layout with TV placement that isn't ideal for either the living room or the bed.
I would probably give this a 3.5 rating if I could, but am rounding up to a 4.

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Sasha C.
stayed here recently for memorial weekend. breakfast was a good selection of bagels/toasts/sweet pastries/sausage/egg/cereals and milks/juices, fruits were also available. seating was large enough to accommodate although i can imagine during the prime time like 8-9am that it gets pretty crowded for breakfast. the location of this hotel was pretty convenient as we went to disney (20-30 mins away) and universal(10-15mins away). parking was enough but packed since it was holiday weekend. make sure you get the parking tag to hang in your car since they provide this at check in.

the hotel is located on international drive tucked beside a senor frogs/dennys. very easy to miss it as you drive along i-drive unless you slow down quick enough!

the rooms were very spacious for families and had 2 double beds with a pull out sofa. we liked that the mirror/sink was outside of the bathroom but at the same time did not like that the bathroom door swung so wide that you had to angle yourself to get in/out without slamming yourself on the way. the soaps/amenities were DEFINITELY a con. there was not enough of it!! the small bottles and soap bars that they provide is barely enough for my own usage. let alone if you had a family in there or even another person??? why so cheap?

we had an issue with our card key both nights that we stayed. for some reason it woudl not read the card! we called down to front desk for help, waited in the hall for maybe 15-20 minutes and no assistance came so we called again to complain in which they gave us a nice tase of their attitude, but someone came around in a few minutes and swapped the card for us which worked a little better but still our chanced of getting the door to open on the first try was a flip of the coin.

there are only 2 elevators for the property and one actually went out of service so if you were staying on a lower floor like 3 or 4, you definitely had to wait a very long time for the elevator. we stayed on the higher floors so that worked out in our favor.

checkout was smooth and quick. the only real con about the hyatt place properties in general is if you have hyatt status they don't have anything to recognize you at all. no separate check in line, no extra amenities. i did use a corporate rate discount to get the property for just under 100/night for the memorial weekend which is a deal since most other hotels were going for 120-130 / night. i woudnt exactly say its a steal but the hotel was sufficient. when i do return to orlando i wouldn't particularly come back to this one.

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Thuc N.
Our stay at this property was amazing. The rooms are spacious and very clean. Everyone was extremely helpful and nice, they always greeted us with smiles and positive greetings. We woke up late for breakfast but was craving some OJ, they were very accommodating and gave us free orange juice for the road.

The location is conveniently located on international drive, which is a very popular strip in Orlando. Close to a lot of bars and popular restaurants. Need to go somewhere that isn't close? Just shoot the front office a call and they'll get a cab ready for you in no time.  

It was my girlfriend and I's first time to Orlando and they definitely made the stay more pleasant. I'd definitely come back and would recommend this property to anyone coming to Orlando!

09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Keith R.
It was a very nice stay for 4 days 3 nights the free breakfast was very good most stayed consistent but a few dishes changed like french toast one day next would be pancakes the weekend they had sausage links amd eggs along with the French Toast or pamcakes on Monday they just had biscuit egg bacon and cheese and an open faced bagel with a quiche of cheese egg mushrooms and spinach both were good now the consistent part was yogurt milk cereal coffee orange juice apple juice tomato juice water tea bagels plain or cinnamon breads of all sorts mixed fruit green and red apples bananas oranges red grapefruit  in a big bowl the mixed fruit was pineapple cantaloupe grapes honeydews  the lady watching the breakfast was very helpful and kind helping as soon as possible I asked for hot sauce Saturday morning she got it for me the next morning it was waiting on me

The rooms were clean they have a heated pool a work out center free wifi bar and a confrence room

The beds were comfortable I slept well no bed bugs the pillows perfect big sectional with ottoman a fridge safe blow dryer full sized iron and ironing board coffe pot and coffe and tea digital controled ac flat screen TV cable phone charging station but no microwave you had to go to breakfast area for microwave oven use they have room service 24/7

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Yan S.
Stayed at the hotel over the weekend the staff was super friendly and always said good morning no matter where you crossed them. Breakfast wasn't the best but it was good for a free, hotel breakfast. Overall a great hotel and they give good rates too.

14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Izzat A.
I'm a Hyatt guy and I really prefer Hyatt Places. Was here for work before driving up to Gainesville. Nice location off of International Drive. Service was friendly. Wifi worked well. Would recommend.

15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Zen M.
Work affords me the opportunity to spend two weeks in Orlando every year. Over the years I have stayed at most of the hotels in the area, from the old Peabody to the Rosen Inn. (And everything in between)

The Hyatt Place was by far the best experience. For one reason. The staff.

The staff was as polite, courteous and professional as could be. The hotel is functionally perfect. The people are what makes the difference. The maintenance guy held doors open and greeted each of us. The front desk desk made me feel welcome at the end of a long day, inquiring how my convention was going. Everyone on staff was on point.

One staff member went well above and beyond to make our stay as comfortable as possible. His name is Danny. Danny moved mountains to accommodate our stay and subsequent extension. He is a star. We so appreciated his help, we found out it was his birthday - so our team (9 people) sang Happy Birthday to him in the lobby. Pretty sure we embarrassed him and he was gracious in his appreciation.

Our team looks forward to next years stay. Thank you all!

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Cindylou W.
Our stay was wonderful, PROS  friendly staff , VERY clean, free AWESOME breakfast
CONS pool was very small, it was a little further away from Disney world than I thought,  movies to order are around $17 a few are less but they charge it to the room, they don't have microwaves in the rooms, and the blow dryer did not work all that great these last two are why i have it a four instead of a five star rating.
Over  all we had an awesome time and would Highly recommend this hotel.

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Rhea P.
I always enjoy my stays at Hyatt place. The brand is consistent, and I can always expect a very big room with the amenities. I actually redeemed points for a free night here. Hyatt seems  to be the easiest of the rewards programs I use to earn a free night.

The complementary breakfast is actually one of the best of the chains that I've tried.

This hotel is also in a great location on international drive tourist area.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Anita C.
Hyatt House or Place has become my default choice of hotel if it is available in the area.  I have stayed at the one in Bellevue, Salt Lake City, and now Orlando.

Parking: Free! But the hotel is set far back from the street. Remember to slow down when you see Hooters (coming from Airport). The driveway to Denny's is the one which you should turn into and drive further inward to see Hyatt and Homewood.

Wifi: Free!

Breakfast: Free!  Scrambled eggs, breakfast meat and carbs, fruit, yogurt, cereal, coffee, and juices.  They had specials on certain days: croissant topped off with egg and cheese one day and a banana compote to go with your french toast another day.  It wasn't out of this world but it was nice to have something different.

Service: Great service. I dealt with Danny who was kind enough to check us in early and give us directions to get around.

Room: Comfy beds, modern furniture, clean bathroom with the best showerhead ever (def not a water conserving one), and a mini fridge.

Area: It is conveniently located on international blvd.  There is a Denny's up front and many high end touristy eateries around.  There is not much fast causal or fast food within walking distance.  There is a few interesting stores including a few convenience stores, an Indian restaurant, and a Cici's Pizza within walking distance and across the street. There is also a Walgreens on the way from the airport but is  easier to drive to rather than walk to.     A mile away, there are plenty of fast food and a Starbucks past Sand Lake Road.  There is also a Wholefoods a few miles away.  I felt safe walking around alone at night.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here and would stay here again!

11/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0