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Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, FL

Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, FL


Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando--a luxury Orlando FL hotel--is ideal for your Florida vacation. Relax and enjoy a generous list of amenities.


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Rating: 3.69

Address: 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando, FL, 32820
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Comments (208):

1. Arthur S.
The resort and room was wonderful. It was beautifully designed and just a great place to relax. The pool was very large. The rooms were also pretty big with a separate vanity area. Although it was pretty expensive, it was definitely worth paying the extra for the express pass and early entry to the park for Harry Potter. Overall, I am very impressed. Their service is just amazing too.

24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. chris o.
Three stars is pushing it.  We just got home today from a 4 night stay at Universal.  I can't quite remember why I chose the Loews Royal Pacific, but that's where we ended up. I'm not sure why some travelers would rate it a 5 star destination, as I've stayed in plenty of 5 star resorts before, and this was definitely NOT one of them.   First of all, compared to the Disney resorts we stayed in over the years, the Loews was like a Howard Johnsons with not much to offer.  We stayed on floor 5 in Tower 1. They did a few short activities at the pool area each day for younger children (I'd say under 13).  The food was not great and the prices were astronomical.  There is a continental breakfast every morning, but it is NOT complimentary.  You will pay at least $3 for every item you pick up (including a donut).  Therefore a family of four or five will expect to pay a pretty penny for breakfast every morning.  The Bula cafe near the pool is also quite expensive.  Not something you'll want to get for lunch every day.  There is not a shack or snack hut for quick things for kids (like hot dogs or chicken nuggets), so pack plenty of snacks.  There is an ice cream shack which is pretty good.  Enough about the food....the hotel offered free internet service in their lobby, which is where you will find the majority of the guests using the internet.  The rooms also have internet BUT at a charge of around $10 per room, per day, per ITEM.  So if you have two kids, with two laptops (or ipads, ipods, etc.) the charge is per item, per day.  Be very careful about the mini bar.  It is very expensive and when we arrived we opened the mini bar drawer to find an M&M can empty.  We brought it to the front desk and asked that we not be charged the $6 for the missing candy and we got a look from the receptionist like we were thieves.  With that being said, that day when we returned from the park the mini bar in our room was LOCKED.  I guess they didn't believe us (or trust us).  I have read other reviews on TripAdvisor that the hotel will also charge you if you try to us their mini fridge, so be careful and check your hotel charges daily.  Now about the room...There was nothing at all fancy about the room.  In fact, it was rather small with very old decor.  But, then again it wasn't Disney World.  The only good things about the hotel were the Express Passes and the live singer at the pool each day.  Our kids are 13 and 16 (not much entertainment for them). We would have liked to go back to the hotel after a day and evening in the parks to some sort of entertainment (to include teens), but each night it was the same exact torch lighting ceremony and that was all.   Again, keep in mind that I am basing this review on other hotels we have stayed in at WDW, Mexico, NY, and a few local places.  I'm not sure if this is a 5 or 4 star hotel, but based on other 5 stars we've stayed in, I would rate the Loews a 3 star.

30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Derek R.
My wife attended a conference here so we extended the hotel room for an extra few days and took our three year old. This hotel was a great place to stay. The pool area was never very crowded and my son had a blast on our pool days.  The food offered by the resort restaurants was good, but rather pricey.  City Walk was about a five minute walk away at toddler speed and there were plenty of restaurants there, but again expect to pay a little more. It's only a few miles from Disney so we drove over there a couple of times as well. My only real complaint is that the mattresses, while not terrible, definitely could have been better. Overall, my whole family enjoyed our stay here and would happily return.

07/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Greg R.
We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights while attending the Universal parks.  First off I will say that the early admission for the Harry Potter part of the park is most definitely worth it.  For the first hour there is very little wait for any of the Harry Potter rides.  Now that the only good part is out of the way, I will go ahead with the review.  First of all, we asked for a non-smoking room.  When we entered the room is absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke.  WiFi internet is $10 per day.  Breakfast is mediocre at best, and totally overpriced.  Bottom line, this hotel is not worth the money.  I expect more out of a $350+ per night hotel.  The easy access to the parks really are nice, but it's hard to justify the price at this hotel.  They upcharge for absolutely everything.  We had drinks one night at Jake's American Bar in the hotel, and it was awful.  The bartenders were absolute amateurs, and could not keep up with a moderately busy Tuesday night.  The guy next to me at the bar had to send back his burger.  Seriously, how do you mess up a cheeseburger?  I definitely won't stay here again, and could never recommend the place to anyone.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Peter M.
This is just a great place to stay.  Walking distance to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and City Walk and the BEST part is when you stay there you get a fast-pass for all the rides.  It think I went on the Hulk ten times in one day (I am still dizzy)!  The extra money is worth the aggravation.  Great Tiki Bar with a very friendly staff.  The pool is unique as Kelly said and one night I was there the set up a screen at one end a showed a kids movie so all the kids can swim and watch a movie.  Game room for the kids and several restaurants in different price ranges.  This is the place to go if you just want to park your car and take in the fun!

16/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. D J.
Worked the TDWI show in the exhibit hall, wish I was staying there that hotel looks really nice.

15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Matt F.
Great place.  Big rooms and a really great sushi bar downstairs.  Great for families and centrally located.  Good place to go to when you are looking to stay in Orlando

23/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Guen S.
I love everything about this place. Service is excellent. Everyone is friendly and courteous. The grounds are clean. The decor is tropical and peaceful. It's great for families and couples. Lots to do since it's right by City Walk and Universal Studios. You can either walk (5-10 min walk) or take a water taxi (free) which goes back and forth every 15-10 min until 230a! Highly recommend this resort!

12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Deleted D.
Wonderful hotel, amazing staff!!! Best honeymoon ever!!! Great food and great service at tchoup chop to, food was wonderful!! After a horrible radisson expierence, with 2 nights from a friend, that we left as soon as we saw the place, and came to this wonderful hotel!!! We told them what happened, and we were on our honeymoon, the upgraded us to a beautiful room with a view, sent us champagne and strawberries, and treated us like royalty!! The pool is beautiful, the hotel is peaceful, and beautiful. With great service, great food, beautiful rooms, and it's very zen being so close to the parks. We loved it and will defenitly be back!!! Even when going to Disney, we will stay here!!! Loved it!!!

25/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Kelly F.
Want to spend some time in paradise without going too far out of your way? Royal Pacific Resort is the perfect answer...and let's not forget that it's right next to one of the best theme parks in the world, Universal Orlando,

Adorned with a Polynesian theme from the entrance way to the rooms to the pool area, Royal Pacific Resort is the perfect getaway. The front desk agents greet you warmly as you walk in, the cool, relaxing atmosphere immediately puts you at ease and the decor makes you feel like you're far far away from home. Every room is cleaned spotless on a daily basis and the decor is very subtle, yet modern and fitting.

As far as amenities go, their pool is awesome and not what you would consider your typical swimming pool. It gradually slopes from very shallow to very deep, almost like a beach does. It's also quite large with lots of room to roam around and lay out in. For those exercise gurus and health nuts, there is a workout facility, and the perimeter around the whole Universal area makes for a great running route as well.

The food on site is diverse, depending on where you choose to dine. You can go quick and easy or gourmet and pricey. Islands Dining room is the main restaurant of the hotel, which serves a blend of Polynesian, Caribbean and Asian inspired dishes. The menu isn't very big, but the quality speaks volumes. Emeril Lagasse's Tchoup Tchop restaurant is the other dining establishment on site and features that same sort of theme with a bit more of a gourmet twist. There are a few other smaller, grab and go type dining areas throughout the hotel.

On a different note, Royal Pacific Resort also makes for a great place to have a conference, convention or any kind of large volume event. The space is definitely there, as is the staff and the food. It's no surprise that their banquet meals are well done and taste great. I should know because I used to work in the banquet kitchen prepping most of the stuff you'll find being served.The chefs are all good at what they do and have a passion for it, which is why they excel in their field.

Aside from the theme parks, this hotel offers a unique form of entertainment. On Saturday nights there is a Luau that not only features Luau dancers but also has a themed buffet with ahi tuna, chicken, and several other fitting dishes.

The staff are all very nice and really help in making your experience a memorable one. Royal Pacific's atmosphere and overall environment scream vacation. And there is so much to do both on and off site...what more could you ask for?

Overall, a great place to venture to for a getaway.

20/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Derek Z.
I had the opportunity to stay here last year for a conference and i was happy that our meetings would be held here. This hotel has a cool Polynesian vibe as its theme / decor. Surrounding the hotel is moat with lush landscapes, palm trees, and in the middle there is a large water fountain with elephants and statues spouting water. Our room was spacious even with a king size bed (as good as the Sheraton Heavenly beds), a chair, and a love seat and we had a nice view of the lagoon. The hotel is connected to Universal Studios Orlando by way of complimentary water boats from Loews and The Hard Rock Hotel. If you want to relax, head out to the pool or the sandy beach style lagoon to tan, snooze, or read a book. I would highly recommend this hotel as a vacation destination or even for a work related venture which mine was.

13/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Roger S.
Love the tropical feel of this hotel.  Gorgeous landscaping.  Very nice rooms.  Easy access to Universal either by boat or walking.  Yellow stucco exterior not very attractive, but the palm trees and exotic plants are what catches your eye, not the hotel exterior itself.  Interior very tastefully done with expansive lobby.  Worth staying on the concierge level - the food is quite good.  Very nice pool where one could spend an entire afternoon.  Doesn't hurt that Emeril's Tchoup Chop is located within the hotel.  What a bonus!

Not cheap but well worth the price.

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Colleen H.
We stayed at this hotel 2 nights. It's pretty but the rooms are very outdated. I awoke on the 2nd night with 15 red marks on my legs that itched like crazy...must have been bedbugs. I told the manager and they started an investigation but offered nothing off the bill. We went to Emeril's the first night. The appetizers were great, as was the service, but all 4 entrees were awful so we skipped dessert. The Wok experience on Saturday night was nice. The pool was also nice but crowded and the chairs were not comfortable. The boat ride to Universal parks was really nice and the fast passes were appreciated. I have not stayed at the other 2 Loew's but would certainly check out the reviews before trying this hotel again. It's not the caliber I expected for the price. Most staff members were pleasant but didn't go out of their way to make the experience anything special as I would expect at this price point.

06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Erin E.
I just stayed at LRPR this past week, and I have to say my experience was wonderful.

Briefly, the room was very pretty. The actual hotel was well laid out. I really enjoyed the theme and walking around looking at all the different options. The pool is well laid out and ducks swim up to you in the pool (strange, but true). Service was always quick, supportive, and I felt very welcomed.

There are two great things about staying at LRPR: the services for Universal and the food. First, with purchase, you can enter Islands of Adventure an hour early. Totally worth it for the new Harry Potter section (the entire reason for my vacation) and made it so easy for us to enjoy without long lines. Secondly, the fast pass access with the hotel key. Instead of waiting on line for hours, we were able to jump lines and wait at most 15 minutes for a ride. It made my day way more enjoyable considering the weather. And finally, water taxis and gorgeous walking paths made it so easy to meander over to City Walks or the park. I really felt like I was on vacation!

But for me, most importantly, was the food. My mother is in need of gluten free eating and we were actually very worried about options when travelling to a new destination. While Island's Dining Room did not have a specified "gluten free menu", there chef was more than willing to come to the table and prepare my mother practically anything she could have asked for on the menu. He offered her gluten-free pretzels in lieu of bread and, when she mentioned how much she liked them, gave her the remainder of the bag for our flight home. Her gluten-free pizza was superb and he offered her the name of the company he purchases from so she could continue to order that quality of food. It was an amazing experience and made me wish to stay more time.

For anyone with allergens also note: Jimmy Buffet's in City Walk and Lombardi's in Universal Studios were also FABULOUS restaurants for gluten free eating. The chefs at both were outstanding and really helped us out.

While LRPR may not be EVERYONE's idea of a perfect resort vacation, the simplicity, elegance, and helpfulness made this a fantastic vacation for my family

12/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Tiffany M.
Beautiful grounds! Reminiscent of the Polynesian at Disney. The pool area was nice and the staff was super friendly. We did have to switch rooms after a few days. The wing that we were in was killing our allergies and none of us were sleeping at all because of sinuses and headaches. So, after two nights, we asked to switch rooms for our final night. They were so quick to accomodate us- even put us in a water view room and gave us breakfast for our departing morning. They really didn't have to do any of that. We really just needed a new room. But, we were blown away by their help. Brandon made absolutely sure that we were comfortable and happy with the new room and gave us a later check-out.
Pros- Proximity to the parks (it's a really pretty walk if you don't want to wait for the boat), terrific customer service, comfortable rooms, delicious- albeit expensive- breakfast buffet, great pool
Cons- Everything is expensive and nothing is free (parking, internet access, drinks), rooms are a bit small
Bottom line- We have stayed at the Portofino before and decided to stay here because of the better price and we would do it again. For an on-site hotel, this is everything that it should be. It's expensive once you're there, but show me an on-site hotel, at any park, that isn't. Well worth the stay.

05/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Wendy K.
We opted for this hotel as we needed to get that early start into Harry Potter and overall had a really nice time.  The rooms were well appointed and the service was nice.  We had a slight glitch with one of our meals but the head of dining went out of his way to fix the problem and took care of us for the rest of our stay.  My husband has been a big fan of this "chain' for a long time and I can see why.  We will definitely come here again on our next trip to Universal.

07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Krystal A.
Hands down BEST hotel I have ever stayed at. Every staff member is friendly, very nice, and helpful from the front desk staff to the pool staff. Happy Hour is amazing! Kids will have a blast. The water taxis come quickly at any time, not a long wait at all. The movies at the pool is such a great idea and so much fun. Fantastic hotel, definitely going back!! Oh and the Early Admission and Express Pass that comes with the room key is definitely a must!

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Sophie D.
Relax at this tropical luxurious paradise that is just a ferry ride away from the universal theme parks and city walk.You can also walk a short distance if you don't want to wait for the ferry. The hotel and rooms are very clean. The pool is beautiful and well maintained. Pool side food and drink service is available. They also have several restaurants to wine and dine at.

11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Larry M.
Pool area was really nice and the layout of the hotel and the boat made travel back and forth to Universal and Islands of Adventure easy.
Lunch was overpriced - $67 for my wife and two small children to eat and we never saw the pool waiter.
Neat little kid area with sand and 1 foot pool.

04/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Kevin B.
My girlfriend and I spent three days at the Universal theme park.  She felt it would be best to get a hotel room on campus to avoid transportion complexities.  While I see a lot of really positive reviews, I can't help but be disappointed in the experience.

The hotel itself is nice.  Their lobby is huge and the whole hotel is themed like Hawaii.  The staff greeted everyone by saying "aloha" which was a touch I didn't exactly appreciate.  If I wanted to hear people say "aloha" I'd go to Hawaii.  Instead, I am in Florida and would like people to say "Hi, how may I help you?"  The room had a single queen bed, TV, and regular bathroom with a shower/bath combination.

First the good.  As I stated earlier, the hotel is nice.  It seems new or recently renovated.  Most of the staff seemed quite friendly and helpful.  I worked with the concierge desk a few times and they helped me with exactly what I needed.  The Loews Royal Pacific Resort is a Hertz drop off location, making my life a lot easier as I just had to give valet my keys.  Their pool looked magnificent although I didn't use it.  One of the nights they had a large projector setup showing "Megamind" to kids who were sitting in the pool.  The park is a short 5 minute (tops) ferry ride so if you are looking for easy access to the amusement park, this is a nice location.

The above positives cover most of the elements which make a hotel good.  But there were lots of negatives which are making me give it the two star rating.  First was price.  By being on site we had a few perks "included" in the price such as free ferry to the park, early admission, and express pass for rides in Universal.  However, the hotel was still around $170 a night for my girlfriend and I.  Not insignificant amount of change.  Want to use the gym to work off some of the food?  $10.  Need to get online?  That will be $10 a day.  Hungry for some on-site breakfast prior to going to the amusement park?  Not even a free continental breakfast.  In fact, it was a very expensive ($3 for a tall Starbucks regular coffee) breakfast spread.  Granted, the food wasn't bad but spending $10 on a coffee and an item or two seemed a bit much.  Our refrigerator didn't work and the pillows they provide were awful (subjective of course).  Finally, the layout of the complex was very confusing.  They have three towers and it took two days to be able to have an idea of where to go to get anywhere.

At some point, it occurred to me that Loews is a long established player in the movie theather game.  The shenanigans they play at the movie theaters such as expensive entry, expensive food, and so on have driven people from the theaters into Netflix or downloading movies illegally.  I couldn't help but notice similarities between the movie going experience and staying at this hotel.

My girlfriend and I both agreed that next time we are at Universal, we intend to stay off site and figure out ways to get to the park.  We'll save a few bucks on the hotel and hopefully the amenities will be better.  It's quite a shame, because with a few changes, this hotel could have been 4 stars without much effort.

25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Michelle L.
love this hotel. its so beautiful with all the greenery and water everywhere.  the pool is so much fun with beach balls and floating noodles for anyone to enjoy.  we walked by at night and they set up a screen at the pool and were showing spiderman.  we chose this hotel because we wanted to get the early entrance and express pass for islands of adventure. they have a convenient water taxi that takes hotel guests to and from city walk. i would totally recommend this hotel to anyone!

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. John S.
I recently stayed at Loews for 5 nights with my two kids.  An employee from the motor pool saved us from a huge problem when he called to tell me that a tire on our rental car was quite low. He offered to put on the spare tire.  Then he called back to tell me the spare was the wrong size, and he patched the tire for us.  He did a great job -- we were able to drive around on the patched tire for the rest of our vacation.  That's the last car I rent from Enterprise. But if I go to Universal in Orlando again, I'll not hesitate to return to Loews. I also liked the pool -- the hotel provided noodles and beach balls and games and activities.

25/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. shelby w.
I've stayed at this hotel multiple times and think it's great.
Perfect location. You can catch a short boat ride from the resort right to Universal & Islands of Adventure or you can ride in a rickshaw. The hotel room key acts as a fast pass to skip the lines at the park, AMAZING!
The pool is huge, and open late with a bar.
The rooms are lovely, and the staff is so nice.
Will continue to keep staying here when in Orlando!

26/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Betty C.
You gotta go for some of that good ole rest and relaxation!

I stayed courtesy of a relative who got a room for free as part of a convention. The room was nice but not nicer than many others in it's class. However, it is the other hotel amenities that make it nice, nice, nice. If you purchase tix to Universal Studios, there boat ride/walk over is quick and easy. You are upgraded to fast pass courtesy of the hotel (well worth it!). Universal Studios is not Disney. It's more thrill based whereas Disney is more theme based but both are classic parks.

The hotel's pacific theme was quite jarring in Florida. I've been to Hawaii. I've been to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. I've been to southern China. They did their best but it was plastic-y to me.

For heaven's sake, don't overlook the spa. It was the best.

Avoid that Cafe in the lobby - packaged food.

The american diner was much better (Jack's place or something like that) but hotel pricey. The food was better than expected.

17/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Piper D.
Such a pretty hotel and VERY pet-friendly. The walls are a bit thin, though and the tacked-on fees (if I'm paying this much, I shouldn't have to pay extra for, say, using the gym, you know?) are a bit stupid.

16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Trecia M.
I stayed here for three nights in September 08. I now wish I would have paid the extra $$$$ and stayed at the Portifino Resort. I suggest you just go ahead and do that. It will be worth the extra $$$.

The positive sides:
-Nice view from our room, it overlooked the pool.
-The lobby, pool and out door seating/fountain area near the front entrance are visually appealing and stimulating.
-The food at the restaurant while expensive (duhhhh), was tasty.
-Easy transportation to Universal via foot or boat.

-The basic room is pretty small, not cozy.
-When we arrived our bags, which were wisked away by the valet crew were to be take to our room while we checked in and ordered food from the restaurant to take to the room. We tipped these duds to do just that.  It took 2.5 hours for the bags to get to the room becasue whoever took our bags is not the same crew that brings them up.  
-We had to call for room service each day because our room had not been cleaned when we returned from the parks. This is quite irritating when all you want to do is shower and there are no clean towels. I complained to the staff and they sent cookies to our room which may have eased my tension, but I would have prefered the clean towles.

26/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Tiffany L.
enjoyed my stay here immensely. :) called the concierge several times before we came to stay and they were very helpful and polite. loved the free water taxi service to universal studios/universal city walk/islands of adventure as well as the room keys that act as FAST PASSES to all the rides (which you can use the day you check in AND check out, too!) the pool and hot tub were great, and the bath products were nice. :) we ate at the restaurant which had average food, but really nice servers. also liked how they had constant shuttle vans to the airport.

17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Leah K.
Great staff, great service, great restaurants, great decor and cleanliness. The rooms are little on the ghetto side. The TV or cable (still can't figure which was screwing up) was awful. Every channel we tried watching was either fuzzy, going blank, the sound was going in and out. The lamps in our room were doing the same. Either flickering lamps or nothing at all. The iHome radio for iPod was in the middle of the beds on the night stand and that thing was a piece of sh*t! Nothing worked in our room. One of the two phones didn't work, a few of the outlets didn't work, the Keurig machine was a piece of sh*t too. Like I said, everything but the room was great! LOL

14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Kris L.
I stayed here with my family last summer and it was great. Great service and great food. The water taxis make life much easier when visiting the theme parks or when drinking at citiwalk. The only down fall is they dont tell you until you get there that the parking isnt free. I highly recommend this resort to anyone.

04/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Mike R.
It was nice for what it was: early entry to the park and the fast pass.  Beyond that, we paid nearly $300 a night but still had to pay $18 a day for parking AND pay for wireless AND were not allowed to bring outside food to the pool.

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Lucy W.
I'm definitely a fan- I'm not sure why the reviews are all over the board on this hotel.  
Lobby- huge (you have to walk aways to get from the dropoff/driveway to the front desk), polynesian/tropical theme, plenty of loungey seating, free wifi.  Decor is definitely "fun" rather than "luxury" but I liked it.
Rooms- decent-size room, comfortable bed & linens, clean, nice bathrooms, flat screen TV, great bamboo-infused toiletries, robes offered in the closet.  I had a king size bed with oversize armchair & ottoman & desk in a room that overlooked the pool (so I had to remember to draw the curtains).  
Location- Can't beat the location in Universal; I walked back and forth to Citywalk and Islands of Adventure.  You can also take a boat if you like that will bring you between dock stops within Universal.
-Misc- Pool has a sand/beach area and a pool bar which had refreshing frozen drinks.  Parking is about standard for tourist locations- I thought it wasn't bad at $23/night for valet parking with in and out privileges, which was quick and efficient.  Luggage storage is free, which isn't the case in a lot of hotels; plus you can stay on property after morning checkout to access their pool, gym & showers.  Wifi is free in lobby and meeting areas but has a charge in the room.  Meeting space in the Ballroom building is great- we had the place to ourselves when we were there, and the service was quick & top notch.  I didn't use these, but there is a business center, a couple gift shops, restaurants and a gym on-site.  I had to switch to another hotel after my meeting was over but I would have much preferred to stay, if my budget allowed.

28/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. George B.
A Pacific style resort on the Atlantic? What a great idea...

The company herded us all down to Orlando this year for our annual national meeting. The packed us in the Loews Royal Pacific Resort which was a nice call. This property is centrally located right within walking distance or short water taxi to Universal City.

The check in process was quick since most of the details were handled for us already. My room was immediately available even though I was early for check in. This was great I hate to wait for my room after traveling to get to any destination.

The room was clean & tidy and had a view of the pool which was a shame since it was cold and I was there for work not play! The bed was a joy to sleep in too.

The meeting rooms were setup very well for all of our meetings and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I felt very welcomed by them.

The morning breakfast was a tent setup outside in the parking lot which sucked in the morning since it was chilly especially on the last day but the food was above average considering it was buffet style.

The Loews Royal Pacific Resort is a great place to stay but it isn't like their premier properties. Still this place stand above the over resorts in Orlando....

28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Jill L.
Orlando is not a city I ever look forward to traveling to (like Vegas but with screaming kids and frazzled parents), but this hotel made it a bit more pleasant.  Clean, large rooms with a comfy bed and friendly front desk and valet service.  The prices at the resort' restaurants, and if you don't have a car you must eat on the grounds or hike it 15 minutes to the sensory-overloaded Universal Studios to choose from an array of amped up chains, are stratospherically priced. The food is mediocre at best. Maps located on the resort grounds lack useful info (such as the all-important "you are here" indicator). Landscaping is marvelous. All in all, as good as any if you are here with a conference. Families, on the other hand, will have to shell out some serious dinero.

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Michael R.
Very nice place to stay if you are going to Unviersal.  Nice pool.  Greta experience for Kids.

20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. M T.
I would probably stay here again, but would definitely not eat in their restaurants. Twice during our stay, on 2 separate occasions, we recieved spoiled food; our server quickly remedied each situation but it did not leave a good taste in our mouths. (pun intended) Other than that the hotel was clean and comfortable. Being right next to Universal is great, but don't let the early entry into the park fool you, everyone heads to Harry Potter and it gets no better as the day goes on. The property is beautiful and well maintained. The pool is great. The walk to the parks is sometimes quicker than the boat, so play it by ear. Someday we will probably stay again but there are other resorts to try. Beware, you will be spending good amounts of money while at this resort.

05/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Jamie H.
I'm sold when it comes to Loews hotels. They do have a great quality about them as well as fantastic service.

The prettiest part of this hotel is the entrance. It somehow helps you forget that you are in Orlando with only lakes around!

The pool is better for older children, but still a lot of fun for my kiddos. What a fantastic trip!

06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Bob M.
We have been here for 3 days now and overall it has been good. One constant is the VERY low quality food in the restaurants. We have eaten at 3 so far - sushi in the Orchid Lounge, dinner at the Islands dining room and breakfast at the take away place on the lobby level. All the food was expensive and low quality.  I think everything comes in frozen and is cooked......or re-heated.  I don't think they have cooks because that would imply they had a little bit of talent to make decent food....which is not the case.  Thaw, heat and serve is the fare here.  The best I can tell anyone reading this review is to eat elsewhere because the three restaurants mentioned above are a waste of money. On the positive side, the pool is great, the ice cream at the pool is good and the atmosphere is good. I don't think this is a four star resort......maybe 3.....but it is nice. The parks are a ten minute walk away and the personnel are all great.  

UPDATE - our vacation is over and we have left the hotel.  Overall the experience was positive - except for the food.  I stick by my 3 stars comment above.

07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Hiromi N.
I want to offer a very fair review of this hotel.  I stayed here for 5 days and 4 nights courtesy of a company business meeting held at this hotel this month (Oct 2009).  Even though I am a resident of San Francisco these days, I'm a regular visitor of the Orlando area and a former college intern at WDW.  (what up WDW-CP'ers!).  It doesn't make me an expert on Orlando, far from it, but I can definitely appreciate the hospitality and tourist industry down there.  

There are a few great things that other reviewers have mentioned in their reviews:  
-Proximity to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure & City Walk (easily walkable and there is also a ferry shuttle that goes between the hotel and City Walk) .
-The pool (very nice)
-The size of the rooms
-The free wi-fi in the lounge area
-The whole South Pacific themed decor (fun, fun, fun visual stimulation for adults and kiddies alike)
-I found the staff to be upbeat and pleasant upon my arrival and departure
-whilst expensive, the burgers from Jake's Bar ARE AMAZING...YUM....

And some of the negatives that I found:
-the water pressure in my bathroom was really NIL
-the heat of the water fluctuated between lukewarm and cold (and I personally, like HOT, SCALDING showers)
-the Eco-sensitive thermostat in the room always kept my room at a chilly 70 degrees.  Despite ALL my efforts to up it up to 75.  Coming from the land of NO A/C (san fran), I caught the sniffles while there.
-the food is expensive...Universal and Loews have a captive audience in convention/conference/meeting go-ers.

The lighting in the room is ambient type of lighting (prepare to squint) and isn't really an office/work type of set up (for fellow work a holics) and there aren't enough outlets to power everything up (cell phone, camera battery, external hard drive, computer....hairdryer *LOL*)

One thing, I really loved about the hotel, though, was that Emeril's Tchoup-Chop is located at the lower level.  YUMMY (IMHO).  

All in all, my company got us a deal b/c we booked a set of rooms for over 200 individuals.

31/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
39. Proper P.
Very nice atmosphere at this property. From the moment you enter the lobby, you can't help but feel you're far, far away from the daily grind. The rooms were clean and well appointed; perfect to return to after a long day at Universal. The common areas could, however, use a bit more TLC. For example, I walked past the same broken glass in the hallway for nearly an entire week. Not a huge deal, but I am keen on cleanliness. Finally, considering all the perks, such as free Universal Express access and privileges at two other Loews properties, I felt like the Royal Pacific was a decent value. Bottom line: I'd certainly stay there again!

30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Michael B.
Very nice clean room.  The dining options were ok but expensive.  Within a close walk to city walk and Universal studios parks.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  One of the best parts was that the pool had happyhour at the pool bar until 10pm and showed movies.  The only downside was that the room tv was very difficult to use and the movies were $17+ each if you wanted to rent one.

15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Marissa T.
Gorgeous resort in a perfect location, every staff member I encountered was charming and very helpful. Since we arrived early in the morning, they offered a baggage check AND a locker for our valuables. They also gave us our easy pass to skip the lines at the park while we wait, and a few hours later they gave us a call to let us know our room was ready. The room was perfect, it was stocked with snacks (along with the $$ hotel appropriate prices) and lots and lots of pillows and towels. When the bellboy brought our luggage, he also gave us the great tip that wifi is free in the lobby (which was only a hallway away).

I was able to try two of the restaurant offerings, the first being the sushi bar in the lobby- which was absolutely delicious. The second was the late night menu at Jakes - which was super accommodating to my guests and I requests.

The water taxis are a great way of transportation, the shuttle took a longgg time and I didn't take advantage of them - but there are also bicycle taxis that will take you over to city walk and the parks.

The pool was spacious, only thing I didn't like was the childrens area that shot water into the pool at people and it just so happened to be between the volleyball area and the super shallow lagoon type area.

Here's a tip- If you get turndown service, not only will you come back to the room with your pillows rearranged and curtains shut- they'll stock you with complimentary bottles of water. It's a small little gesture that's nice to have.

30/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Mitch M.
I stayed here Sept 30th to Oct 3rd and I would recommend the hotel.  If you're going to Universal this really is a great place to stay.  The prices are reasonable and the rooms are up to par with the prices.  The cleanliness isn't always there (my bed sheets had a slight stain to them that bothered me), but the hotel is a good value for the money and I am the only person who had any issue with the cleanliness (I was with a party of 6).  

If you do go to Royal Pacific you should try the Wantilan Luau.  It's on Saturday nights and it's great for families.  They have a decent kids menu (and adults can eat off of it if you don't like the other food served).  The entertainment is really quite fun.  The Chief is something special to see.  He's definitely worth the price of admission haha.  

The Resort has a decent pool area, but don't go to this resort for that reason.  Book your stay here because you care about closeness to the parks.  You can walk (it's about 10 minutes) or take the boat (which is free) or the Rickshaws (they're free but a tip is expected).  Of course, you could come here just for the fast pass (guests of the hotel are provided one - it's the room key - as compliments for staying with them).

I can definitely recommend this hotel and I hope that if you come to Universal you give them a chance.

11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. bill w.
Stayed here for a week in December. Overall, it's  a nice place: It's beautifully decorated, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the whole place is clean as a whistle. A really clean whistle.

We did have some issues though:

* Our phone never worked for outgoing calls our whole stay. Not a big problem since we use our cells, but still. We kept getting told by the desk that "they were working on it". Maybe they've been fixed by the time those of you reading this get there.

* The rooms are on the small side. More than 3 people are going to feel a tad crowded here.

* All the food options are pricey. There is no "grab and go" type of place if you just want a coffee and a pastry in the morning. There are NO other food options within walking distance of the hotel, either, unless you count Citywalk, which ain't exactly cheap. You are their prisoner, just like at the airport, and if you wanna eat you will have to pay their prices. That said, the restaurants ARE pretty good, just expect to pay.

* NO vending machines! If you want a soda, you have to go down to their sundries shop and pay their inflated prices again. That is, if the shop is even open. It closes pretty early.

* With the prices they charge, it's a SIN to have to pay for overnight parking. The lot is a nightmare to navigate through, too. Really, this hotel  has an extra fee everywhere you look.

Even with these nit-picks, we would stay there again (IF we got a good rate!). The beds were comfy, and the hotel was nice and quiet and close to the Universal parks. The perk of getting front of the line access in the parks almost made up  for all the nickel and diming the hotel did.


17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Chris C.
Stayed here for 2 nights ( June 16-17 ). Very beautiful hotel. Big spacious rooms. Lots of channels on the tv. Love the free water taxi to City Walk and the parks. Early park admission to ride the Harry Potter ride was great. We got to the park right at 8am, waited about 15 minutes in the line, and after we got off of he ride, the wait time was already at 60 minutes. The pool is beautiful. Zero beach like entry and the middle is the deepest at just over 4 feet. Great and safe for kids. Nice water play area for the kids also. The second night, there was a huge thunder storm, and when we got back to the hotel, staff was outside handing out towels. Very nice touch.
The only two things I wish they will change is the $20 per night for parking and if we could choose what keycards we could get for the kid. My 8 year old son was issued a Cat in the Hat keycard which he said was lame. Hey, he's 8, what can I say...
Other than those 2 things, great servIce, great staff, and great location.
It's the cheapest of the 3 on site hotels here, but it doesn't feel like the cheapest.

18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Jennifer H.
Our company Christmas party was held here this year.  Now while the catering for the party was very nice, the room location however left alot to be desired.

I did not know that Loews is "the most pet-friendly hotels around. Discover the full range of services available to our four-legged friends." or I would have made sure to get a room away from the kennel corridor.  Around 6:30am someone's dog began barking.  At first it sounded like a rooster while I was being dragged out of my slumber.

Once I was quite awake, I could tell that it was indeed a dog.  The dog would quit barking for a few minutes, and just when you thought that someone might shut the dog up, or move him out of where people might be trying to sleep, the dog would kick in again.  It didn't quit barking until the 12 noon checkout time.

If the dog wasn't bad enough, the hallway was filled at 7am with children excited to get to the parks.

I have never had such a horrible night's "sleep" at a hotel in my life.  I'd never go back - especially for $180 a night.  For that kind of money, I'd better not hear dogs or children while I'm trying to sleep.  Give me a Hampton Inn/Wingate/Hilton any day of the week.


16/12/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
46. Harley A.
Awesome hotel... Great room, very clean, staff very friendly and professional. Very easy to get to the other Loews hotels and you can even use your room key to enjoy the amenities at the others Loews hotels. Got an Xpress pass to Universal just for staying here! Will definitely be back!

24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Jenny M.
This hotel was one of the best I'd ever stayed at! My best friend and I stayed here for a weekend, and we couldn't ask for better. The room was immaculate and the bed was heavenly! Every staff member we encountered was so helpful and friendly. The service was truly exceptional.

We didn't have a car during our stay, and we didn't need it. Absolutely everything was in close distance, we didn't even need to take a water taxi to the theme park, it's a rather nice 10 minute stroll.... The hotel gives you complementary express lane passes, which we loved. When you're in the parks, your hotel key can work like a credit card, and you can just charge stuff to your room, and they will even deliver it there for you, no need to carry it around...

One thing I do wish the hotel provided was complimentary shuttles to the airport. We took a taxi, and I spent $52! That was annoying, but every other aspect of my stay was so wonderful it didn't even really matter.

I hope to come back to this hotel!

08/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Meredith R.
Its a nice looking place but besides being three time more than I usually spend at a hotel and having no free breakfast, it's the same as every other one. I'm on my honeymoon and have hated my stay. All the perks of staying at a park resort are useless. Fast pass with hotel ticket isn't exciting. We could have saved on the hotel and just bought fast passes. Charge stuff to your room key to keep from carrying your credit card doesn't work when the limit is $100 and the hotel nickle and dimes you before you even get to the park. And then having bags sent to the room is only useful for a day or so because they don't get there till the next day. Many of the stores have a pick up at the gate later option anyway.

Then the breakfast is NOT complimentary like you would expect for the price you pay. One place has milk for $2. A gallon in Hawaii is only 4! The restaurant downstairs was worse. Besides giving us drinks we didn't order, acting like they came with the meal, and charging us later the waiters couldn't decide who was helping us and were very slow. A $40 breakfast force-charged to the room is not a good way to start the trip.

Not recommending the resort hotels to anyone. It's simply not worth it. And, surprisingly enough, it's the only place out of the whole honeymoon that didn't want us to take a survey. Interesting...

20/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. B R.
Absolutely friendly staff. Rooms clean and quite. Pool great for all ages with zero depth for those toddlers to the deep end for adults..at night they show movies for the kids.  Its close to the park about 6 min walk or 3 min boat ride.  Food is slightly above average for hotel food.  Would recommend it

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Teresa H.
This hotel is huge. Upon arrival we were greeted and they valet park your vehicle. The pool is wonderful. Not only do they offer the beach level entry but, a deep end with movies offered while you swim at night plus a kids splash park. For a fee you can get a cabana pool side spot complete with TV and snack for people with teens its great.
I observed some little kids splash and wading pools as well. There are family shows and programs for kids(if as parents you want to sleep in) Fun Fun for all.
Wolfgang Puck resturant on site!!
Well priced.
Well managed.
SUPER clean

21/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Shawn S.
So we don't have kids - but if we did this resort is the place to be!  Great pool, lots of activities, great location for Universal resort.  More kid friendly than the Loews Portofino which is a little more upscale and has a spa but a smaller pool.  Must check out the Luau which they have some evenings - not every day you get to see a pig with an apple in it's mouth.  The rooms were nice and the breakfast buffet in the Orchid restaurant was great!

26/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Anna K.
As others have said, this hotel rates because of its location, the express passes to Universal and the early morning acsess. The pool is fabulous, the poolside food and service very good (and good value) and the property is pretty. But the rooms are way overpriced and in poor condition. Our sink was clogged and we heard noise from the hallway and rooms around us. Parking is an expensive nightmare, so for $5 more we opted for valet parking. The shuttle boat is a sweet idea but you can wait a very long time for one.

27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
53. Rob R.
A very nice hotel!  It has an overall theme, but doesn't seem forced.... probably because the quality of the hotel backs it up.

Every facet of the hotel (the room, the service, the amenities) were clearly thought out and it shows.  No complaints at all!

Of course with a stay at the hotel, you get the coveted Express Pass, which allows you to use a much shorter waiting line for rides.  I didn't wait longer than 10 minutes for any of the rides!  This alone sets this place apart from any of your other off-park options.

Also, there's the aforementioned water taxi.  It's really not a long walk to the theme park.... but after a long day on your feet, it's really nice to get that ride back to the hotel.

Highly recommend!!

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Amanda W.
Incredible, great value, super clean. Fantastic resort hands down. Great perks like the walkway or water taxt into the parks, express pass for the rides. If I could afford it, I would stay here all the time. I only go when the FL resident deals come about, $159 is a lot better than the usual $250+. Try to go during the week, the parks are less crowded and the resort is less expensive and less crowded. Also has an amazing casusal sushi resteraunt/lounge. Food was great & inexpensive.

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Jennifer K.
We had a great stay here. Friendly staff, great room, free water taxis to and from City Walk. The grounds are beautiful, and you get into the park an hour before the general population.
There are more kids here than Portofino, but we never had an issue. The only negative was the pool music our first night there. Apparently it plays until the pool closes at 11.

13/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. J D.
Just got back from a 3 night stay at Royal Pacific and overall I would give it 3.5 stars.  FYI, this is not a five star hotel or even a four star hotel, if you want to experience that rating stay at a Mandarin, Peninsula or Four Seasons resort.

Location - 5 star - easy walking distance to Universal and the ability to cut line if you are a hotel guest makes it worth the extra $$$.

Rooms - 3 star - these rooms are the same as any Hyatt, Marriot or Westin business hotel. Nothing fancy and nothing out of the ordinary. BTW, these rooms are exactly the same as the higher end Disney rooms nice but no frills.

Housekeeping - 2 stars - for some reason they had trouble servicing my room by 4:30 each day.  We'd come back from a day at the park and the room was still a mess.

Food - 3 stars - I never made it to Tchop Tchop but everything else about the food at RPR was ordinary and nothing special.  Watching the attendant fill the hotel welcome drink containers with red Sysco punch was very telling.

Pool  - 3.5 stars - very nice pool area with nice tahitian landscaping.  BTW, if you want to see a 5 star hotel pool, check out Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Harry Potter Land - 3 stars - I'd have to say Universal put just enough $$$ in the Harry Potter section to make you feel that you weren't scammed. It's not that big and I was always thinking Disney would have done a much better job.

I'd stay there again only if i was planning on hitting Universal for another round of rides, otherwise there have to be better hotels in the area for the $$$.

19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Alex F.
If you are looking for a FANTASTIC pool with a cabana, it is one of the best in central Florida.  The staff is amazing, very attentive.  This is alos a great pool for your 4 + year old. The pol manager is Michael and he will get you anything you need!

13/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Michael B.
Amazing Hotel! When We Got To Our Rooms They Were Very Amazing!
There Wi-Fi Is Very Good. In The Lobby You Get Directions, Print Your Boarding Passes And Get Tickets For Universal! It Was Truly Amazing

04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Yael J.
We stayed here for 3 nights while visiting the Universal Studios parks. First off, check-in was great. AJ was friendly and gave us a very nice room. We had room 3545 in Tower 3, which was convenient to the pool and the boat dock. The room itself was comfortable, with a nice view. Towels were a bit on the thin side, would have expected better from a hotel of this caliber.  We very much enjoyed the Keurig one cup coffee maker. Also appreciated the half and half and hot cocoa and other fixings. However, the bed was the worst hotel bed I've ever had. While I normally like a soft bed, this one was too soft and almost felt like it was sagging in the middle. I did not sleep well here. The boat service to the parks was very convenient and they ran quite often. Never had to wait long for a boat to show up. Also, the valet staff in front of the hotel were helpful in securing me a limo ride to a nearby restaurant, off-property. They gave us a $5 transportation voucher, making the ride cost a total of $20 roundtrip. I thought that was pretty good for a comfortable limo ride as opposed to a taxi. One thing that I wasn't crazy about was seeing ducks swimming in the pool in the morning. Do ducks poop while swimming? However, the pool area was nice with plenty of loungers and wait service. Plenty of towels are available and the girl at the towel hut was so friendly! We didn't eat at the restaurants on site, so can't comment there.

Overall, a very nice stay, and would consider staying again if they do something with those beds.

15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Robert L.
Great place for kids. We were deciding between the Pacific and the Portofino, price and reviews were about the same. We actually went to the Portofino by mistake first and the feel was totally different from the Pacific. Definitely made the right choice in the Pacific. The staff were great, especially Kris at the front desk and Mariana the pool activities director. We were "upgraded" to a room in Tower 3 facing the pool and with a great view of Harry Potter's castle. Don't settle for less, even if you have to pay a slight premium. The park is literally a 5 min walk from the hotel. Don't take the boat - it is too slow. Do get to the park @ 8am and go straight to Harry Potter (it is the only section open early). You will save yourself easily 1+ hour of wait time if you do this. We were done with the park by noon and then back to the pool for kids activities in the afternoon. The food at the hotel is expensive but ok. We will definitely stay here the next time we go to Universal.

19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Theresa W.
What a wonderful resort. First of all it was very beautiful inside and out. Everyone was so very nice. The rooms were great although I wish a little cooler. The bellmen and the valets were wonderful. We were so exhausted after being in Universal all day and Antonio in baggage services was so fabulous helping us with our bags. Tony the valet was also amazing taking us to a place to sit down and bringing us very cold water while we were waiting for our car. What a fantastic time we had here. Most definitely recommend.

31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Mortimer S.
Upon check-in at the Royal Pacific during a crowded weeknight in December, my spouse and I were offered a rate of $99 per night if we accepted a room with only a sofa bed. The room was comprised of the living room and kitchen sections of a suite. No one had booked the whole suite. So we ended up with a lower rate, a bigger space, but a worse bed. We saved $75 per night below our reserved rate. Not too bad.

The "downgrade" was optional, of course. Apparently the hotel was fully booked or overbooked, so they were offering child-free couples the sofa bed option.

We stayed for three nights and experienced nothing but perfect, friendly service. Everyone was so attentive and kind. We became suspicious, why is everyone so nice here? What a great staff.

Complimentary coffee in the rooms is awesome. There are free postcards in each room's informational binder. The gift shop sells stamps and has an outgoing mailbox. The fitness center has a decent set of treadmills and free weights. $10 for entry. You can request the Times brought to your room each morning for free instead of USA Today, thank goodness.

Water taxis depart from near the swimming pool, but the walk to theme parks and Citywalk is just so short, circa three minutes. Check out the glaring of feral cats along the walk.

The staff at the downstairs bar (Rick's American) are very friendly and accommodating, but the prices aren't worth the beer selection or the junk food on offer.

Using the room key for express lines in the theme parks is unreal. After a few hours, you start to feel spoiled and unworthy. It's that quick. In some of the well-themed queues, we even stood aside and allowed others to pass just to experience the creative perspectivism for a bit. Both parks were very crowded, yet we never waited long to ride any ride. And our wait for the Hogwarts ride was only twenty minutes long.

The best part about staying on-site: I didn't see or hear a private automobile for three days. No stress. No worries. Just perfect.

Taxicab from the airport cost $45 with tip.

If you're continuing on to South Florida, Amtrak's service out of Orlando has roomettes for $60 per couple, which includes a free lunch in the restaurant car. Each roomette has a bed, sink, toilet, and total privacy. Kinda awesome. (Departs daily at 1:10pm.) The taxi from Royal Pacific to Orlando-Amtrak costs about $20, plus tip. There's a deliciously cheap Cuban restaurant across the street from the Amtrak station if you arrive early.

04/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Javier D.
I stayed here for 3 nights for a work related trip not thinking that it would be as nice as it was.

The entrance to the hotel made you feel like you are in an island.  The staff is really nice and always greeting you with hawaiian phrases. The rooms are spacious and additionally, you cant beat the proximity to the hotel.  A short boat ride separates the hotel from the parks and if you stay here the hotel room key acts as a fast pass to skip the lines at the parks.  

I've been to orlando many, many, many times and if ever come back for a vacation (doubtful) I would probably stay here.

21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Nate P.
I stayed here for a work meeting.  My chief complaints?  The decor is dated (minor), wireless internet is spotty (bigger deal), and they charge $10 per *day* to use the gym (big deal for a fitness-minded business traveler).  The gym fee is high; I could see $10 for a weeklong stay, but $10 per day?  Absolutely ridiculous.  The staff seem friendly but otherwise, this is not worth the price.  I will not be staying here of my own accord.

02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. John T.
Just spent a week here with the family, and we could not have been more pleased! The hotel is beautiful, clean, and very comfortable. Our rooms were perfect, and my teenage daughter gave her room 5 stars! We ate in several of the restaurants and found the food to be very good and consistent (the breakfast bar was lovely!). One night we were pretty tired and opted for room service: it was great! Extremely well prepared! Good service! Polite and helpful employees! Ease of check-in and out. They have it all.

As for convenience to the Universal Parks, that goes without saying. The Water Taxis are fun and run from 6:15 am until 2:00 am!

I promise, we will be returning!

06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. s o.
Excellent place to stay if visiting the Universal Studios parks.    Navigation to the parks via the foot path or the water taxis is easy and enjoyable.  No hassle with parking at the parks and fighting the crowds.

The resort itself is very nice.  Well laid out and easy to navigate.   We parked our car after checking in and didn't go back to it all week until we departed.    Check in and Check out processes and housekeeping service was flawless during our stay.

The italian bistro on property was excellent.    Great original recipe pizzas and sandwhiches.   We didn't try the high end Northern Italian restaurant, but it looked good.  

Great pool that the kids really enjoyed.   Highly recommend this Loews' property.

21/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Hoilda B.
t service around the clock!Tast

03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Christiana H.
Gorgeous hotel (I don't think it is a resort)! Comfy beds! Excellent location for the park. I would totally go again, if I find myself at Universal.

Lots of things to do at the hotel. Give yourself time to enjoy it! Be prepared to pay a lot to park and dine. Worth it.

22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. Talena V.
I'm in the middle of my vacation and so far the experience here at this hotel has been somewhat expected until today. House cleaning was done horrible, when I called to request items be replenished, Mary I believe it was said I will see what I can do about that! WTH? Are you joking? I'm so glad I caught her name because she put me on hold then disconnected it. The front desk, concierge and boat captain have all been friendly and helpful as expected. I did overhear two employees talking to each other as we were at our business party last night talking about how this place has seen its days of big crowds and doubt that it will pull them in anymore. It seemed the one man was possibly a new hire and the other person was telling him what to expect. I stayed here when MIB and the Mummy rides were first opened and it was okay then.

19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
70. David T.
The hotel is a bit dated (rooms, bathrooms); however, the beds are super comfy. Staff was friendly and gym was great (also had steam/sauna/jacuzzi). Once they renovate, I'm sure it will be worth 5-stars.

12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. Anett A.
Oh Boy do i want to find someone to pay for me to stay here for a week! WOW! This resort has a very island/pacific decor, a beautiful intimacy without being too small and a fountain the in courtyard that is so romantic, i could just sit there for hours and stare. I haven't seen any of the rooms yet  but I'm sure they would also take my breath away.
One of these day I will have saved up enough to treat myself to a long weekend here.

09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Aaron G.
Loved this place - hotel was great, staff friendly, pool awesome!  Close to universal - water taxis were very convenient.

14/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Joseph G.
This place is old and dirty.  The light above my bed arced when switched.  The glasses in my room were dirty.  It took 15 minutes to get my car to the valet when I arrived.  The halls were musty and dusty.  The service in The Island for lunch was terrible.  I can't say enough about how bad this place was.  Top dollar too. I paid 475 for a two night stay.  I am a frequent traveler and can't remember a worse hotel.

18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
74. Alexis M.
I am really confused as to why this has such a high rating. I hate this place and would never ever recommend it to anyone.

I called Lowes Royal Pacific Resort and asked them if they had a shuttle pickup for the airport. They said yes. What they failed to mentioned is that it is a shuttle service. You HAVE TO PAY for this service. You have to pay $19 each way, for each person in your party. After you drop a lot of money on this, it does not go straight to your hotel, it drops off other people first. Waste of time!

Once inside, the hotel is very dated in my opinion. There is nothing upscale about this place. When we checked in, the lady gave us a bitchy attitude that was completely uncalled for. Hint: if you hate your job.. LEAVE

Our room key was an express pass so we can skip the lines. But considering the price of the room, it would have been cheaper to stay at a different hotel and buy the express pass.

The rooms are nothing to write home about. I have had room just as nice in hotels that were half the price. When we entered the room, there were cleaning products left all over the place.

My boyfriend and I go down to the concierge because we want to go to Magic Kingdom.  They do not sell Disney tickets there. They do not have a shuttle service to Disney. They tell you that you can book a shuttle through Mears (their rip off shuttle service) for $20 per person. The times are 10:20 am and 4:10 pm. Nothing in between. They tell you that if you take a cab it will end up being $130 round trip. Oh also, what they fail to tell you that you have to book their shuttle 24 hours in advance.

By this point I was so pissed. I almost started yelling at the lady because never in my life have I been somewhere that I had to read the fine print. Oh but good luck finding it.

They also said free breakfast. Lies.. All lies. They said they had free wifi. No, they did not. The wifi didn't even work in the lobby.

My boyfriend and I ended up taking a cab to Magic Kingdom. For each way we paid $25. So round trip was $50.

They lies about how much the cab was because they want to take your money from you .

We met a couple who were just as angry if not more than us. They said they would be given a free nightcap, which was a lie.

The gym is $10 per use. Not per day. PER USE. Out of the miserable 4 days there, the pool was closed for 3 days due to inclement weather. It did not rain, nor did it thunder, nor did it lightning.

It was extremely rowdy. I was woken up two days in a row at 6 am by kids screaming.

I am so disappointed in this resort. They nickle and dime every little thing. Please do not be fool by the promise of an express pass. You can purchase one cheaper.

01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
75. Su-Lynn T.
We (hubs and me) really enjoyed this report. We went to Universal Orlando and decided to splurge and stay at an on-site resort in order to get the early admission and express pass included with our room. That alone makes it worth it to stay on-site.

The Royal Pacific resort was the least expensive of the 3 resorts, although they were all kinda in the same range. We didn't get a chance to check out the other resorts, but since I have alove affair with anything to do with Hawaii or South Pacific I would have most likely picked this resort anyways, even if it wasn't the cheapest option.

The minute we arrived at the resort, we were greeted warmly. I love that they say "Aloha" to you everywhere! Hey! I don't have to fly all the way to Hawaii from some Aloha!  The beautiful tropical lobby decor reminded us of our hotel in Tahiti where we went for our honeymoon, but better in that it was air-conditioned! LOL.Check in was a breeze, and it was then that I realized I had forgotten our Universal tickets at home. Doh! However the lady at the front desk was really nice and said they can see if they can do something about it. Since we got them through Amex reward points, there wasn't really anything they could do about it but it was nice they offered. We ended up buying tickets through them anyways.

We were upgraded to a pool view room, even though I booked a standard. Very nice of them. Room was pretty, dressed in warm tones. It was a little small though, but most rooms I have stayed in in Orlando have been, especially at the theme parks. The bathroom had the sink outside the toilet tub area. The tub area could use some re-tiling though to match the rest of the renovation of the room. The Keurig machine was a really nice touch though and always was refilled everyday.

We visited the pool area quite often. Obviously the most desireable chairs are taken first, but we never had an issue finding chairs at all, even though it was a fairly crowded labor day weekend. The pool was great. It's large and free-form, and has an area with sprinklers which kids really enjoyed. Even though it was only me and the hubs, we aren't really bothered by kids, and there were a lot of them at the pool area. They could use a bit more consistent service by the pool area as sometimes there would be someone coming by every 5 minutes and sometimes there wasn't anyone. The pina coladas are good. There is also an ice cream bar at the pool which serves yummy ice cream in waffle cones.

The great thing about this hotel was the freebies...every day there was something free they were giving away. Free italian ice one day, free ice pops another. And they are served poolside too by someone coming around with a tray of them. Also every day around late afternoon, they have free juices in the lobby. One day they had a pineapple mango thing which was delicious, and another day they had a cranberry ginger ale mix. Also good.

The breakfast buffet is pricey, I think it's 25 or 30 bucks, but it's very good quality with lots of options and includes fresh squeezed OJ (unlimited) and coffee which themselves are pretty pricey per glass so I thought it was worth it. We didn't eat at any other restaurants though.

The walk from the resort to the parks is pretty long, but not insanely so. Probably a good 11 minutes to IoA and 15 minutes to US. The ferry service was very good though, and we never had to wait a long time for a boat. The ferry drops you off in the middle of Citywalk and the parks are on either side. Very convenient. Will definitely think about staying here again if we go back to Universal Orlando.

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Sarah P.
I recently attended a conference here and was so impressed with the staff.  They were friendly, helpful and very accommodating.  The meeting planner was friendly and very organized.  I would definitely recommend hosting a conference here.  The facilities are very nice and convenient to the Universal Studios area.  There is a water taxi that takes just a few minutes from the hotel to CityWalk.  Super fun!

The pool area is clean with plenty of seating and a restaurant/bar.  The pool overlooks the Universal Studios rides.

My room was well decorated and comfortable.  I hope to return here for vacation!

23/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Candice G.
Comfiest.Hotel Bed.Ever.

Really though, this bed must have been crafted by the sandman. I have some may-jah sleeping issues. Like, gimme a good marathon of House or SVU and I could be up for 2 straight days. Anyway, I couldn't keep myself from sweet slumber land in this thing- and there was an all night marathon of one of my fave shows, "I'm Alive" on TV. I succumbed to the sleep after half an episode- and it was a good one with a bear attack on a family and deadly snake attack on September 11th, 2001.

Beyond that, the hotel was all around rockin'. Pacific themed, amazing pool, hula, steel drums, and fire dancers for entertainment nightly at the poolside. They show free movies for kids on a giant projector on Friday and Saturday nights... the movies also include a giant popcorn machine and fresh baked cookies with little m&ms.

It's an 8 minute walk from the hotel to Universal and Islands of Adventure, or a 4 minute (free) water taxi. The rooms are are uber comfy and they don't skimp on the pillows.

The hotel also has a number of great restaurants. One of which is Emeril Lagasse's, one that's a sushi/cocktail bar, one that's a like a big sit down cafe, and one that's a touristy jazzy place.

The staff were friendly enough, and because the hotel is connected with Universal, there's a good chance you'll get to meet a character while you're there.

It was so good, I'd totally book a vacation to just stay at the hotel.

17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Gianna R.
I have stayed at the other 2 Loews universal resorts and this was my first time staying at this one...  It is a little outdated and old the rooms reminded me of a sheraton but the price reminded me of a ritz carlton...  The staff was very nice and helpful except the maid service took forever and was a little slacking.. Over All its a decent place to stay and you are very close to the parks.. The pluses are having the Sushi Restaurant and Emeril's right on property...

12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. Chantelle A.
I stayed here for 4 nights during a convention at the OCCC. As soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I fell in lust with this hotel. One of the bellhops opened my door with warm smile and a simple "Aloha Maam". "Alohaaaa" I reply. This hotel is layed out like a palace....high ceilings, fountains, and a very inviting ambience. Check in was pretty smooth...although, my room wasn't quite ready for me, the front desk employees were very warm and friendly and suggested that I visit one of the many resturants on the property while my room was being cleaned.

My room was immaculate. The large windows gave me a view of the beautiful pond and lilly pads :), the bed was inviting with its huge pillows and warm duvet,  the Sharp HD TV, the Keurig coffee maker was an added bonus.

There is a free Water Taxi that can quickly transport its guests to/from Universal City Walk, Loews Portofino and the Hard Rock Hotel.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Loews Royal Pacific...from the friendly, professional staff to the cleanliness of the hotel...I was pleased and I will be sure to return to the Loews Royal Pacific.

25/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Michelle S.
When it comes to customer service this place knows have to make you feel loved.  Upon an early arrival I had decided I wanted a water view room and asked if they had any available.  When the hotel associate checked, I guess there weren't any left so she offered me club level free of charge!  Since our room was ready immediately, (unlike other resort hotels which make you waste hours waiting) we were able to enjoy an extra day at Universal Studios at a discounted price.  Room service was amazing, delivering breakfast smoothies before the sun rose, in to go cups so we could make it to the special early admission into Harry Potter for hotel guests before the park opens to the general public.  

Staying at the resort comes with many extras.... early admission to Harry Potter, Express pass for every ride and transportation to and fro by boat.  The perks out weighs the cost.... seriously.  My daughter and I were able to fully enjoy Universal Studios and Island of Adventures in two days at a leisurely pace.  We waited in line only once, when a ride had a temporary breakdown.  The hotel is truly a resort wonderfully geared for the family adventure.  You will not be disappointed.

06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. J D.
Rooms were quiet. Staff was really friendly. Beds were comfortable. Room service was reasonable. Yes, the price was astronomical for the room, and yes, they do charge extra for parking, but you get free express passes and entry into the Harry Potter area an hour early. I felt those made it worth the price. (No, seriously... we went in May, and I would never send my worst enemy to Universal to the Harry Potter area without that early entrance. It's way too crowded to be able to appreciate it.)  The early entrance meant we got on the new HP ride with only a 20 minute wait and the passes meant we never waited more than 15 minutes for other rides. The kid pool was nice. The ferry would have been nice, but it wasn't running because of lightening.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Karen P.
My first stay at a Loews resort and I hope the next one is soon. The genuinely happy attitude of the staff throughout the stay was amazing. From the desk staff, housekeeping, bartender, pool staff, wait staff, managers circulating, etc. we felt pampered and special throughout the stay. (with the exception of Emeril's Tchoup Chop which was an amazing disappointment) since we were there for a week we made excellent use of the boat to Universal and City Walk, and found it very convenient. They easily and pleasantly accommodated my daughters wheelchair throughout the hotel and the boat.

We rented a cabana at the lagoon pool and this was my favorite day of the trip. The staff was personable, conversed with us, was welcoming and we had from 10 am to 11 pm to enjoy our oasis. Only downside no Internet poolside, and I saw probably 50 iPads.

The rooms were nice, not luxurious. Loved the sheets, hated the bedspreads made of some weird fabric. They did not skimp on towels so even with 3 people to a room we never ran out.

05/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Clara S.
This was one of the most kid friendly hotels I've ever stayed at. Upon check in, we were asked how old our child was (under 2yrs) and we were given an age appropriate Fisher Price toy, along with lullaby CD). We confirmed our crib for the room, which was delivered 5 minutes after we got into our room. It was a real crib and not a pack and play. It had sheets already placed on the mattress and they gave us a baby amenities package which had Johnson & Johnson shampoo, lotion, baby powder and diaper cream. It was a welcome surprise- even though I packed those items. We just transferred from a Walt Disney Resort hotel and I feel this one was better equipped for children (although Disney did a great job too).

The room was spacious for 3 adults and 1 toddler. We had a wonderful view of Universal Studios and lots of plants surrounding the property. Our room was quiet which was also nice considering we had to get the toddler to bed by 8pm.

There was plenty to do on property with the zero entry pool and since we were there the 2nd week of December, there was a gingerbread house with model train circling it in the lobby. There was also trees throughout the hotel, which was really nicely decorated.

We ate breakfast at Islands because it came with our room rate, otherwise I would recommend eating once you get to the park since it's just as expensive. But if you want to eat at Islands, it was a nice buffet of warm and cold foods. You can order off the menu, which my sister did and she got the egg white omlette burrito, which was huge and she said very yummy. We got the option of going to the kids room when eating and there were toys to play with and tv's with cartoon, which was really well thought out since we could eat breakfast and keep an eye on our son.

The walk to City Walk, Islands of Adventure was a 7 minute walk (literally!) through a pretty garden. Very easy. You can also take the boat, but it's closer to Tower 3 (I think). We were in Tower 2 which was the farthest away from the boat dock, so it was just easier to take the 7 minute walk. We took the boat on our return since our son passed out and it was a short wait at City Walk to get the boat and it went directly to our hotel. So either option is easy to get to Islands of Adventure. Universal Studios is a longer walk, but I would say about 10-15 min. depending how fast you walk.

I would highly recommend this hotel again (and stay here again) when I go back to IoA or Universal.

19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Meghan M.
The Lowes Royal Pacific hotel is a solid place to stay. My first impressions were that it is well-decorated in the lobby, and that the front-desk staff were extremely helpful. I was more than thrilled to see a Keruig "K Cup" coffee machine in the room - the first time I have stayed in a hotel and had such an amenity! The K Cups included coffee (regular and decaf), tea, and hot cocoa. The room was on the smaller side but very comfortable. It had an iHome iPod dock on the nightstand which we used frequently and a flat screen TV.

One thing that was an extreme negative however was the noise!! Every morning around 6:15 AM, the noise would start, inevitably waking us up many times throughout the course of the morning. Our room was not located near the elevator (although not extremely far away) but still we were woken up by people who (I assume) were waking up to make it to the early opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at 7 AM. The housekeeping staff would start somewhere between 7 and 8 AM which I found incredibly early. You could hear the showers and sinks running in other rooms. This definitely disturbed our sleep and our vacation.

Despite the noise, which was a major negative during our vacation, the Lowes Royal Pacific was a good hotel to stay in. It is located just a 7 minute walk from the parks which is unbelievably awesome! The location allows you to go home and change before dinner or take a break from the park before going back. In comparison to staying at Disney, where you often have to wait a long time for the bus back to the hotel, this was really wonderful to be able to walk quickly back to the hotel. I would not recommend using the water taxis to get from the City Walk back to the hotel. It is honestly quicker to walk.

I also can not stress enough the benefit of the free Express Pass that comes with a hotel stay. You just show your room key to the ride attendant and you can skip the line of all rides except for the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey castle ride and the Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster. We saved AT LEAST 6 or 8 hours a day of waiting in lines. You feel completely spoiled, as you stroll right onto a ride in less than 2 minutes that everyone else is waiting 50 minutes for. Having this benefit makes it DEFINITELY worth it to stay at a Universal Studios property!!!

The hotel accommodated us when we arrived at 12:30 PM, even though check in was not until 3 or 4 PM. We instantly were given a room which I greatly appreciated. Wi-Fi is free in the lobby which means a lot of people brought their computers and iPads down to the lobby to check email, etc. It is not free in the rooms. This didn't bother me as I don't go on vacation to go on the Internet.

In all, the convenience and location make this hotel a great choice for visitors to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. MJ E.
No denying that this hotel is beautiful and the service was excellent.  But, let's be serious!  This hotel was too EXPENSIVE to nickel and dime guests on silly stuff like parking ($19/night as I recall) and $10 in room wi-fi.  The only reason to stay here  is the express pass and early entry into Islands of Adventure/Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   But, the truth is if you get there as early as possible you should be able to minimize the wait times.  Also, the rest of the park is fairly empty because everyone is waiting in lines in the Harry Potter part of the park.  We experienced no waits for other rides in the park.

Gorgeous hotel.  Stay if you enjoy that ripped off feeling!

02/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. James P.
I must preface my review by saying my fiance and I are all about value and practicality. We don't swim at the hotel (there's so much else to do in Orlando!) and we definitely don't spend $100s on spa treatments, over-priced in-hotel restaurants, or generic gift shops.

With so much cheap competition nearby, it's amazing to me what they charge for Universal Resort rooms. We've stayed at Orlando hotels priced as low as$40 and were just as comfortable in our room as the Royal Pacific.

Differences between a $40 hotel and Loews that WE found important:

- $40 hotel you have to buy an $80+ fastpass per person to get on the quick lines for rides at Universal. At Loews you use your room key and you're in. Depending on how much you paid for your room at Loews, you MIGHT break even here (we did not). Still, I'll give this one a Tie.

- $40 hotel you park at your room, take a 2 mile drive to Universal, pay $10 there, and walk (using people movers) a few minutes from the parking garage. At Loews, you pay $15 to self-park (really?!) a good walk from the hotel entrance (sucks if you have bags, but it's $20+ to valet) and then walk a half mile or sit on a lame 20 min boat ride to get to Universal. Winner: $40 hotel

- $40 hotel will generally accomodate you if you arrive earlier than the 4pm check-in. At Loews, we had to check in our baggage and find something to do for an hour until 4:15 pm (roam the property, drink some lemon-infused water, watch the little train go around 40 times, sit and stare at the lobby attendants...).  Winner: $40 hotel

I imagine that if you have kids, pack multiple people to a room, enjoy nice decorations and pretty vegetation, or simply have plenty of cash to spend then this hotel would be a perfectly satisfying value for you, which is why I didn't give it 1 star, but as this didn't apply to us we will not be staying at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort again any time soon.

11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
87. wiz z.
When I stayed here last year I noticed an occasional well-cared-for feral cat on property.  They added a quiet air of elegance and an ecologically well balanced property.  As an animal lover, I was pleased!

But now I am shocked to find  now that I was going to stay here, I found out that new management has declared war on these innocents kitties.

I will never go to another Lowes again, and neither should any animal lover: Read about it here, and tell your friends, post on your facebook page, let the world know what these vicious Lowes Managers did, and demand their resignation:

General Manager: Larry Diderman
Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando
Phone: (407) 503-3000
Fax: (407) 503-3010

General Manager:
Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando
(407) 503-1000
Fax: (407) 503-1010

Hard Rock Hotel at Orlando
(407) 503-7625

11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
88. Dishan W.
Came here for the opening weekend of the Harry Potter theme park opening with 2 other friends and all 3 of us loved our experience here. Needless to say that was a crazy weekend in terms of crowds which serves to further put the spotlight on the hotel and it's staff on our great stay.

I entertained the notion of giving this place a 4 star review for the following reasons: The expected high cost of dining options available, their consistent break down of the theme park ticket kiosk, less than satisfying breakfast buffet (although there seemed to be a better more pricey alternative at their restaurant) and a small personal reason for me is that their pool is not open till 8 or something like that as I would have enjoyed a quick swim before hitting the parks and it got crowded with kids. The pool is massive and they have a fun play area for the kids and things like volleyball nets set up for communal games of water volleyball!

It sticks true to the theme and it's a beautiful building surround by greenery, their pool is huge and their complimentary water shuttle service to the CityWalk/Theme park was a life saver after a long day at the park. Although if you are going to IoA and are in a rush in the morning, I suggest walking (fast) as the boat docks on the opposite side of the water to the park entrance whereas the walkway takes you right to the "lighthouse" at the entrance. But if you are with kids the boat would be your best bet.

Staying on the hotel "inside" the theme park also gives you the amazing added perks of an hour early admission and the Universal Express Pass which allowed us to save around 2 - 4 hours per day and gave us the ability to re-do rides over and over again in a very short span of time. Added a lot to the experience.

Our room had nothing wrong with it (I work at a hotel as well so I would have noticed if something was wrong) and their staff were very friendly and non judgmental even when they saw 3 quite grown up Potter nerds walking around :)

I would highly recommend this place and would choose it again over the Hard Rock Hotel which I caters to an older crowd, but there's certainly a great charm to this hotel!

13/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Yvonne S.
Great resort, stayed here for 3 nights 4 days. Absolutely loved the interior and location. Extremely convenient to get to the parks and close to the city walk. My bf and I stayed at a standard size king room. Clean and organized the minute we stepped in. We were able to check in early and check out early. :) Staffs were so friendly and positive throughout our stay. There was no trouble at all.

I enjoyed the breakfast buffet every morning at the islands dining room:)

14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Arlene S.
Stayed here for my birthday weekend (fiancée present) and had such an enjoyable stay. If you are a florida resident make sure to ask for special rate, he got a great price. We got to the hotel about noon and had no issues checking in early. We also checked out real early and they held our luggage until the afternoon when we returned from the parks.

Our room was a good size with a nice comfy king size bed and a great view into the garden. Part of my birthday present was going to islands of adventures so we got to take advantage of the express passes that are included with the stay. The express passes alone cost half of the hotel stay. You also get into the park an hour earlier. Distance is close to the parks, about 10 minutes walking on a nice path or you can take the water taxi. Great value for what was paid in my opinion.

Got to relax at the pool with food and drinks. Also got to explore the hard rock and portofino.

Customer service was great during our stay, everyone really friendly and helpful. Overall great stay and we will be returning.

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Dawn N.
This is a great place to stay if you want to visit Universal Islands of Adventure.
You get skip the line passes, you get to enter Universal an hour early, you get Water Taxi's that drop you off at City Walk (free).  The only thing that could have made it better was complementary breakfast.   The restaurants on site were great!  The pool was wonderful.  The activities for the kids during the day was an extra nice touch.
We will definitely go back again.

08/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Deb G.
Loved it! While this was a fairly expensive place to stay ($300/night for 2 queen room), the perks really made it worthwhile. We got there at 9 am to get our room keys, which can be used at Universal and Islands of Adventure to hop into the express lanes for rides. To our surprise, the room was ready and they let us in! After dumping our stuff, we took the water taxi to CityWalk and walked to Islands of Adventure. After a long day, we walked the 10 minutes along the path back to the hotel. The room was generously sized, the amenities were nice, and the toiletries smelled awesome (yes, I care about this...sadly). We only stayed for one night, but the cool thing is that parking and the express passes for the rides are good for both the check-in and check-out days. Excellent! Plus, the staff were very professional, which I don't really expect in Orlando.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Allison B.
Great location, beautiful buildings and plenty of amenities BUT I have to admit, I was very disappointed in the service.

We arrived to check in and we were told our room was not ready yet but it would be SOON...so we waited in the club lounge.....and then about an hour later we called to check on our room and not only was it NOT ready, but the guy at the front desk was having a fussy fit with us since we were a little early and "they have our contact info THEY WILL CONTACT OUR PHONE WHEN OUR ROOM IS READY, THANK YOU"...
This is all fine and well but we ended up waiting in the club lounge for THREE hours....afraid to call back because we didn't want to anger them more ...

When we  finally gave in and called, our room was ready, and no one had bothered to "contact us".

Moral being, if our room is not going to be ready don't lie to us because we could have gone out shopping or walking around but instead we waited around and then we were treated very rudely. Sorry, this place has nothing on the Disney properties.

24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. Margaret M.
Where staying in May Can anybody give me any reviews of what club room is  or what it like

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. T K.
This hotel was great! The beds were extremely comfortable.  Loved being able to walk to the park, the early admission & the express pass!  Worth it!  A must if you are going to Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios.  Would like to come back to actually enjoy the hotel.  It's beautiful!  All the meals that we ate at the hotel were also great.  The kids enjoyed the game room.  They even have a dog park.

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Julie A.
Really posh and upscale hotel. Huge with plenty choices to eat, especially Emeril's restaurant. Place was banging, and valet bro was my ex. No joke. He parked my car right in the front and didn't charge me diddly. Woot!

The hotel also has a water taxi that goes straight to Universal. Nice! Did not actually stay there, but it was impressive. We tried to stay there, but MLK just had to be born that Monday, so the place was booked.

Definitely a place I'd like to book when I hit up that Emeril restaurant again.

10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Syd S.
Love this hotel!:) kids loved the pool. I thought the ducks were so cute! We got a very clean room. The pool was clean and the water taxi wait was only 20 mins which is fine because I really like the the view of this place. Our hotel was the only resort and we were closest to the park. There is a little private beach area where kids can play volleyball and adults can just relax. There is also a bar right near the pool which I think is great and there is also ping pong area! Me and my family played ping pong. Kids can meet characters for brunch in the restaurant. Bed was super comfortable . I really enjoyed this resort and I will be coming back.

14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Alyssa A.
So awesome!!  

My boyfriend and I just stayed at LRPR for a 3 night getaway and it was perfect!  You can walk to the parks on a beautiful path by the waterway or take the water ferry.  We usually walked there and took the ferry back.  Your room key is also your express pass and your early park admission pass to Islands of Adventure.  You can also attach your credit card to the room key and use it to pay for stuff at the parks.  

The pooooool and hot tub are exactly what your hoping for.  There's a bar/restaurant poolside with servers who will bring your drinks right to your lounge chair.  There's pool tables and a ping pong table, game room.  3 Restaurants.. EVERYTHING.

It's a spare no expense hotel and if you stay there just be ready to spend money and give yourself the full experience.  They have big presidential suites but of course if you want the huge room.. you have to pay.  

MAY AND SEPTEMBER are the best times to AVOID LONG LINES at the park.  If you've dreamed of walking onto rides at the parks with no line waiting whatsoever.  Then go during May and September.  (sometimes the last week in April works too!)

06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Jonathan K.
Loews Royal Pacific Resort is a luxury vacation destination centered around the Universal theme parks.  Conveniently located near both Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure, it is an ideal location for those seeking to stay multiple nights without dedicated ground transportation.  All of the parks are within walking distance although transportation via boat is available to resort guests.  Also, because of its tie-ins with the theme parks, the hotel typically offers generous vacation packages that include (early) park admission, entrance to clubs, and dining vouchers.

Aside from its neighboring attractions, Loews itself is a place to behold.  Operating within its own little microcosm, the hotel boasts numerous amenities, including a business center, fitness room, game room, expansive pool, and several on-site dining venues replete with exquisite menus and spacious, ambient dining halls.  Its rich, paradisiacal Bali theme with lush gardens and intricate wood carvings are certain to please even the most skeptical visitors.  And for those uninterested in theme parks, there are also plenty on hotel sponsored activities, such as fire dancing and luaus, to keep them occupied.

This is a truly exquisite resort with a borderline 5-star rating, however, several issues hold it back, including:

- Poor room insulation.  It is very easy to hear occupants in the adjacent rooms, especially running pipes and the slamming of drawers and closets.

- Limited hours on fitness center and charge for use.  The fitness center is a moderate sized workout facility with a decent selection of machines although some have fallen into disrepair.  It closes at 8:00pm (should be open 24 hours) and there is a fee to use.

-  Difficult to find business center.  The business center is a long trek from the lobby, hidden inside the banquet hall.  It offers free printing for boarding passes, but there is no free basic web browsing and the fee to use the computer station and printer is astronomical.

Despite some of these flaws, if visiting any of the Universal Orlando theme parks, this place should certainly be the destination of choice.

18/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. C V.
My family and I stayed here for our recent trip to Universal Studios (Aug 13th-17th) and really enjoyed our stay. We had a positive all around experience, but I just wanted to highlight a few things that I think are important.

(within the resort):

Nice enough and on-par with the pricing. Nothing really over the top. Cleaning service was timely and pleasant. The only thing that I absolutely COULD NOT get over was the smell of whatever detergent they use to wash the towels and bed linens. It smelled awful! Even my 11 year old noticed it and said that his pillows smelled horrible. The resort is dog friendly, so keep that in mind if you are traveling with anyone who has allergies.

Decent quality & reasonably priced. If you are traveling with children, encourage them to eat from the children's menu!! My 11 yr old son was offended we made him order from the children's menu, but the prices on regular menus were out of control and the portions were HUGE! You'll probably save more eating in the resort than out at City Walk or within Universal/Island of Adventure, but definitely be mindful of how large the portions are on the adult menu for children!!

There is a game room downstairs near the shops/pool. MONEY PIT! The games are all outdated and expensive. The room is small and hardly kept my son's attention for more than 20 minutes, after having spent $40! I suggest the game room at NASCAR Cafe. It is much larger and the games are better.

The staff at the pool do a GREAT JOB of getting kids to participate in activites: bingo, water volleyball, relay games. At night they host a showing of a movie(Harry Potter, Despicable Me...) at the pool. Kids can swim and hang out, while the parents relax and enjoy some cocktails from Bula's Bar.

** This is just my opinion, but I dont think the hotel is "secure" enough to allow children under the age of 15 to roam around themselves. There is easy access to and from Universal in to the resort. I was shocked by how many children were running around with no adult supervision. The staff is very attentive, but they aren't babysitters (nor should they be required to be).

01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Dora B.
My husband and I stay here every Sunday night throughout October for Halloween Horror Nights. We view it as our designated driver so we don't have to drive the hour back to Tampa after each event. It tends to be less of a party hotel than Hard Rock, but more full of families than Portofino, so while you lose the crazy loud party crowd, you DO seem to get more kids yelling and stampeding in the hallways in the mornings. (Although we rarely have a problem at night.) The rooms are comfortable, quiet, and tend to have a variety of views (we like the theme park view so we can watch the coasters go by). For the most part, the staff is VERY friendly and accommodating... though I've had some issues with the people running the downstairs breakfast buffet (one of the cashiers refused to give me change even though I was buying breakfast because she said she had just got some herself, and in general they seem sort of grumpy there), the rest of the staff seems very earnest and conscientious. We had to call down once and get a new TV remote when ours stopped working, and they called back the next morning to check in and apologise.

Realistically, though, I'd like to give this place a 3.5 because of some inconsistent quality issues. It sort of seems like they could do with a bit more general maintenance than they're giving. Even staying in the same type of room week to week, the shower quality varies drastically, and the week before last the faucet leaked so much we had barely any pressure to it at all. The thermostat can be touch and go, sometimes inaccurately reporting the temperature and resetting itself. Some beds are DEFINITELY more comfortable than others, so I wonder if some of them don't have mattresses that need replacing. They've also cut way back on the KCup coffee stuff they leave you... when we started coming, they left piles of KCups and little hot chocolates, and they've since dropped the chocolate and cut back to two regular coffees and two decaf (only two cups, too). Here's a weird issue, though... I don't normally drink tap water, but I woke up dying of thirst the other night and got a glass from the sink, then immediately spat the sip I'd taken back out. It tasted AWFUL, and I almost gagged... it's the only time I've had something like that happen there.

It's about a 5-7 minute walk from the back of the hotel to City Walk, and a very nice one too, with the winding, well-tended path and flowers. (Though it seems a LOT longer at the end of the day, and if you're back after 9PM, the pool gate is locked so you'll have to walk around to the front.) Unfortunately, there are no vending machines, so if you want a cold soda at night after all the shops are closed you're out of luck, and they've drastically scaled back on the free K-Cup coffees for the room machines... they used to pile them up in huge stacks, and now you get two regulars, two decaffs, a hot chocolate and a green tea, and they'll charge you for more as well as additional creamer, of which you usually get six. (This is only a big deal if you need more than one cup of coffee per person admittedly, but we've been coming here for years and it's something I noticed.)

Ultimately, however, RPR is definitely our place of choice. Despite its flaws, it's a comfortable, relaxing, friendly place with nice rooms and beautiful views. If you don't want to be subjected to the noise of Hard Rock (which gets VERY rowdy, I'll tell you from experience), RPR is a great choice, both for its proximity and its quality.

05/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Nastasia G.
This review is long overdue, we stayed here in the summer, but it was such a great experience that I needed to write a review about it.

We got a room on the club level in the royal tower, which was very, very nice and the amenities were great. We checked in very late at night, nonetheless, the staff at the front desk were extremely friendly. All of the staff we met were very nice and the customer service was beyond what I expected!

The breakfast buffet is excellent. Drinks by the pool is a plus, however the nachos aren't. I'm a pretty picky eater. If you can deal with fake cheese on your nachos, go for it. If not, stay away from them! The other food onsite is exquisite, just not the place by the pool. Emeril's Tchoup Chop is a definite MUST. Atmosphere is great and the food is even better, make sure you order dessert!

Overall, the best stay we could've asked for and more! This is the ONLY resort I will consider when returning to Orlando.

31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Elizabeth H.
Beautiful grounds, okay room, tiny bathrooms.  Avoid all of the restaurants onsite, the service is terrible as is the food.  The included express pass for the parks is a great bonus, as is the ability to water taxi or walk to the attractions. Look at your bill very carefully at check out, we had crazy charges that we had to dispute.  I would recommend this resort if you are staying more than two days, otherwise you might not get to utilize the very pretty pool areas with all of the other attractions so close by.

12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
104. Debbie D.
We have stayed here many time...we love this hotel.
The breakfast buffet is lovely.  The rooms are nice. Love the dark wood and bamboo.
Very nice. The polynesian Luau is a bit pricey....but it was fun for the kids.

19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Dave F.
Stayed here last summer specifically because 1) it was a Universal hotel and we wanted early admission to Harry Potter World, 2) it was walking distance to both universal parks, and 3) it is just really nice.

The people are friendly and helpful, the property is beautiful, and the rooms ... well they are both hit and miss at the same time. The room was modern with high end finishes, but the bathroom was something out of 1985. Just seemed really out of place.

The sushi bar has really good happy hour specials, both on food and drinks, but I have to really say I was disappointed in Emeril's restaurant. Oh well... guess you can't win them all.

If you are staying at a Universal property, I really would recommend staying here.

21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Stephanie V.
Lovely hotel! Beautiful rooms clean and spacious!  The amenities and staff were amazing! Looking forward to our next stay!

13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Nancy V.
Aloha is what everyone there greeted you. Made you feel like you are in Hawaii which was pretty neat. My family stayed there for 5 nights. We had a great experience with it. Our room was on 7th floor facing the pool are. pretty awesome view to wake up to. The lobby is the only place you can get free wifi. But who needs to clue to their devices when they are on vacation so the whole no free wifi didn't bother us. The courtyard was beautiful. The pool area was nice, open from 8am-11pm. There was movie screening by the pool at night for the kids. The towels, sunscreen, beach balls, noodles are provided by a pool hut. There is also a bar and grill for food and an ice-cream parlor by the pool area. The bar and grill has very basic American dishes, very decent food and prices for a quick bite after swimming. Breakfast was FREE either! One of the cons but after day two we were like eh we don't care anymore haha.
We would definitely stay here again! Because the pros overweighted the cons. The pros are the early admission, the water taxi, the nightlife admission, the express pass, location near the park(after the long day at the park, yeah) over free wifi, free breakfast.

02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Sal A.
I thought Donald and family were part of Disney? (Let me explain)

Overall mixed experience, great ambiance and decor. The hotel has a great island tropical theme, beautiful plants, trees and vegetation abound. Also, perfect location to Universal Studios and great view in our room of the pool and park. In fact, the park was just a short complimentary boat ride away. The staff were excellent, they were extremely friendly, helpful and at times went above and beyond. The amenities were good as well, the restaurants have very good food and are gorgeous, the convenience of room service and the store located on the main floor are great as well. The game room for the kids was nice and the gym for the adults looked to be modern and fairly large. Even though we didn't use the pool, it was beautiful and while we were at the hotel never over crowded. With that said, there was a good reason we didn't use the pool (explained later), it didn't have a water slide or waterfall that I noticed but the staff did have activities for kids - which was a plus.

The rooms/bathrooms were dated, no fridge in the room and extra charges not explained for room service. Everything in the hotel is priced very high and you do have to pay extra for some things that probably should have been included. However, the most concerning thing, were the ducks in the pool. We wanted to swim but didn't because of the health concern of the ducks and the possibility of them defecating in the pool ( I thought Donald was part of Disney?). I understand the pools are chlorinated but this alone is reason enough NOT to return, as well as not recommend this hotel to friends and family.

Hopefully, these concerns can be satisfactorily addressed and some improvements made... because our first impression had me and my entire family wanting to love this hotel.

25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
109. Erin M.
I now know why I am a Disney person!  We go to Disney every year and this year decided to try Universal Studios.  I bought a package for 3 nights at Lowes Royal Pacific and 3 days of park hopper tickets.  Check in at the hotel was easy enough and went smoothly.  We are at Jakes bar and grill which was average.  After a very long day we went to the room which again was average and honestly not the cleanest.  Lots of dust.  Not just dust, but huge dust bunnies and mildew in the shower tile.  We woke up very early to be at the park at 8 since the express pass doesn't work at Harry Potter and the lines can get excessively long.  So when we get to the park early we have to show our room key to prove that we are staying on property.  Then I need my regular ticket to get in the park.  Now I need a separate ticket for our express pass.  UGGGG!!  When we got back to our hotel that evening the beds hadn't been made.  Upon some investigation I found the door hanger on the back of the door behind the do not disturb sign that said please service this room.  I have to ask for my bed to be made and new towels for a room I'm paying over $300 a night for!  Are you kidding me??  Well okay, my bad for not seeing the stupid sign which I find ridiculous.  So the next day I put my sign out.  After yet another long day at the parks I come back to more unmade beds, but I do have new towels.  I guess while they were bringing me new towels and NOT making my beds they got hungry and helped them self to some of my $12 jelly beans because they were almost gone and touched my toothbrushes which I left in a glass on the counter.  No reason to touch my toothbrushes and you didn't even make my bed?  Why why why did you touch my toothbrush?  So on our way to dinner we stop by the front desk to complain.  He will investigate and call back.  We head to a dinner show.  He calls back and offers to comp half of our average meal from the night before and give us free breakfast the next morning.  Well the breakfast doesn't help me because we are leaving so early.  When we get back I have the housekeeping manager come to the room so I can point out all the dust, the unmade beds and the unswept floor.  He offers to send someone up to make the beds.  I decline because it's now 10pm and I have kids that need to go to bed.  I'm not going to wait for someone else to come now.  You had all day!  He leaves to go investigate and calls me back and says we offed you half off your dinner from yesterday and breakfast tomorrow.  I explain that I am leaving too early for breakfast.  So the end result is they credited me less than 1/3 of one nights stay.  I have now both called the hotel manager and sent an email and I am waiting to hear back.   Next year I'm going back to Disney!

16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
110. Linda C.
This morning I stood in line for 30 minutes to get day tickets at the hotel ticket desk and there was only one person in front of me. The frustrating part is there were two people behind the desk, but the other one said he couldn't process tickets, stood there doing nothing, and said this was normal. I am guessing we should have just bought our tickets at the park entrance.

The hotel is nice enough. No bed bugs, but the ducks definitely treat the pool as their pond.

Location and express pass makes it worth it.

Room service food was good, but pretty slow.

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
111. L Z.
Just returned from a four night stay at the Royal Pacific. All in all, was very disappointed considering how much we were paying. Here are the pros and cons. As you'll see, the cons outnumber the pros.

- Hotel grounds and accommodations are very nice and they definitely embrace the hotel's South Seas/Hawaiian theme.
- Hotel provides easy access to both Universal parks
- Staff was very gracious, for the most part

- Too many smokers. Although the property is 100% smokefree indoors, there are no outdoor smoking restrictions, so every time we stepped outside, instead of smelling fresh Florida air, the first thing we got hit with was cigarette smoke.
- No smoking restrictions poolside. Again, hard to relax and unwind when you're choking and gagging on someone else's bad habit.
- Pool was filthy. Loose long hair strands, plastic cups and tiny broken off pieces of foam from pool noodles were everywhere in the water.
- Too loud. There was no soundproofing between guest rooms and the hallways specifically. Ironically most of the hallways noise came from shouting parents, not kids as you might expect.
- Express Passes were not worth it. Even with the Express Passes we waited, on average, for about 15 minutes per ride and some our longest "Express" waits were closer to 45 minutes. Also, very important to note that none of the newest Harry Potter rides allowed for Express access and at times the wait time for the Escape from Gringott's ride exceeded, four hours...yes, FOUR HOURS. We 'took advantage' of the early morning access for on-site guests and arrived at the park at 8:00 and even then ended up waiting two hours. Another family also on the line told us that they had heard that the line for Gringotts actually opened at 7:00 a.m., even though Universal Studio's official early opening time was 8:00 a.m. for on-site hotel guests. Considering that the line was already completely mobbed when we got there at 8:00, I have to presume that this is true.

All in all, I think Universal simply has more guests than it can reasonably accommodate with the Express Passes. A 15-minute wait on average is hardly 'No Line, No Wait' as they claim. Staying onsite simply isn't worth it.

Next time, will do Walt Disney World and Sea World for sure and skip Universal altogether.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
112. Doug R.
This isn't a restaurant review.

The landscaping was bad.  For a resort, the common areas visible to guests were not maintained to Disney standards. Weeds in tree rings, needed to be re-mulched etc. Especially around the conference room area.  I realize this isn't a Disney property, but they are the local competition.

27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
113. Katie C.
My husband and I are big fans of the Royal Pacific. We've stayed there a few times on our trips to Orlando to visit Universal Studios. It is so convenient if you are planning on visiting the Universal parks...there are water taxis that take you directly to City Walk, and there are also walking paths if you'd like to hoof it (or don't want to wait for the ferry). Another plus: if you stay at the Royal Pacific, you are allowed in to Islands of Adventure to the Harry Potter section an hour earlier than regular ticket holders...which means you get to experience the rides, etc. before it gets crowded. So worth it. Then, your room key allows you to get a fast pass that gets you to the front of the lines for the rides in the Universal parks...life saver.

As for the hotel itself, it has always been clean and well maintained. The beds are comfortable, and the rooms are a comfortable size. The staff has been friendly each time we've stayed there, so no complaints in that department! We'll be back, I'm sure.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Karl S.
Touristing at Universal Orlando. Very convenient to the Park. Nice place. Like the pool.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Brian W.
I've been staying at this resort for years and it saddens me to see how much the management has lowered their standards. If you are planning a trip to this resort and plan on spending any time at all in the pool area be advised that you are essentially swimming in a glorified pond. The entire pool has been over run by a large family of ducks. During my stay this week I witnessed these dirty birds poop in the pool water, two ducks mating in pool, and two ducks fighting on the pool deck. And twice During the stay I steeped in duck feces walking around the pool barefoot; So be sure to wear sandals or something!! These ducks will also beg for food if you're eating at at the Bula grille (the pool bar), and many customers here seem to think it's ok to feed ducks scraps from their plates (like chicken fingers and that seems kind of disturbing to me) the staff at the Bula bar does not seem to be bothered by the fact that they share this area of the resort with their feathery friends, making jokes about the ducks and not encouraging guests not to feed the ducks. I brought up my concern to several staff members; serves, front desk, even the pool manager. No one seemed to see the health hazard here or why I would be upset by having pesky little birds begging for my food, and pooping in the pool water. The manager even informed me that they put extra chlorine in the water to kill the germs from the birds. GREAT. So now you're not only swimming in a pool of ducks but a pool of toxic chemicals.

BUT THATS NOT ALL. There was a fire the night we stayed here and as a result we did not have any power in our room for almost 12 hours. No elevators, no lights, no AC. It was my mothers birthday and she had to get ready for dinner in a crowded locker room because she could not do so in her room. The management did a terrible job handing this situation. There was no formal statement made. No apology to the guests of tower 1. We were reimbursed for the room but had to talk to the front desk first. But comping the room SHOULD have been expected.

I am very disappointed in Lowes hotels and the management staff at Universals Royal Pacific. This is a beautiful one of a kind hotel that has truly gone down hill and I will not be planning a trip back anytime soon.

28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
116. Sal P.
Beautiful, convenient, and quality rooms.  The design reminded me of Thailand; lush landscaping and a nice pool area (although I prefer pools with deep ends :D).

Commute time to get from hotel to Universal Park by FOOT along the beautiful footpath: approx 10 minutes.  Definitely worth it if you don't fit onto the boat (unless you have little kids!).

Commute time from hotel to Universal by (free) BOAT: approx 15 minutes.

There was a snafu with the toiletries, but the Guest Services made it up to us by comping our breakfast at the Islands Buffet - which was a FANTASTIC buffet. (Yes, yes, I reviewed that too! #YelpAddict)  Overall, I'd definitely recommend staying here!  It has the feeling of a resort (fun kid's area in the pool, movie night on the deck, fire dancer at the Torch Lighting Ceremony) and super convenient location to the parks (with the free Fast Pass & Early Entry -- making it an awesome deal for 4 adults!).

27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Addie L.
Overall, this hotel is very nice and excellent location if you are planning to go to Universal.  You can walk or catch the boat there, either way is good.  The property is very clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful.  Why you ask for the 1 star rating?

Several things that I expected to work right from a hotel in this class.  First the TV connection was fuzzy and the digital channels were completely out for the whole weekend.  This is a big sin, as this is a part that is expected to work, not matter which hotel this is.  The internet was slow and dropped my connection, very frustrating.  Sent in my survey and got a reply from GM apologizing for the problems, wish they would have fixed it during my stay.  Another thing is that I was completely in dark after reporting the problem to the front desk, no updates, no phone calls, no posting, nothing, NADA, ZITCH.  Comp me for a meal or drink or gym pass?  Nope....nothing but an empty apology.

Some other inconsistencies in the service, they couldn't get my request for the Wall Street Journal in the morning right, had go to the the front desk to get it and ask to correct it and pick up a copy, next morning, still no WSJ.  My fellow conference attendee was sent to a room that was still occupied!  Ask them if I could extend my room for an hour, no dice despite the issues with the internet and TV and newspaper.

Luckily, we had a decent corporate rate for a weekend conference, if a regular rate was paid, I would be steaming even more.

Not recommended and not worth the price you pay.  Not a good experience and would recommended another area hotel.  Another tip, if you plan to stay here, don't pick a room next to a family with dogs... as another attendee could hear them bark late at night.

09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
118. Mike D.
This is really a 3.5 out of 5 review. I will keep it simple so you don't lose interest: beautiful property inside and out with great service, wonderful pool area, and perfect location to the parks. The downside is value. The basic rooms are outdated and do not command the $400 plus a night but the benefits (early admission to the park/perks) pick up the slack. I feel this hotel needs to be in the 250 a night range at peak and 200 and under on off peak then it would be an exceptional value. And for 400 a night a quick update wouldnt hurt! We will definitely be back but most likely on points.

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Renee H.
Booking at this hotel is worth it to get the Express Pass and Early Park Admission. That said, the hotel itself has seen better days. The beds, pillows, and bathrooms are not really up to snuff for a hotel of this caliber.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. S M.
Very clean. Rooms are large and beds are comfortable. Pool clean with life guards on duty. Easy walk to park and city walk or you can take the water taxi and relax. Great place to stay if you are going to any of the universal parks

08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Pam G.
When me and family went to Florida we stayed at Loews. When It was morning we looked around for a place to have breakfast at. We found orchid court. We have been having breakfast there for the past 2 days. My kids are very picky and even they liked it. They said the pancakes are amazing. The dounut are really good. My husband and I like the muffins. They have a big variety f different food options. My husband always gets the Starbucks and he loves it. So me and my family think it is a really good place to have breakfast at!!

26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Greg S.
Our stay here was great! But.....This place is a little bit too pricey but I was not too surprised. There is also no fridge which is a downer :(
The pool and bar is great though. Also every 30 mins or so the have bingo, water balloon toss, and a dance for dads! There is also free lemon water and strawberry lemonade in the lobby. It is definitely better designed and more activities to do then the portifiono and the hard rock. It is also the closest hotel to the park so if you don't feel like taking the boat!

14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Duane D.
This is a nice hotel and we enjoy staying here.

The rates can vary wildly, based upon the season and the special events and such.  It is usually the least expensive of the three "on site" hotels at Universal.

It is an easy walk to City Walk or either park, or you can take the free and convenient water taxi service.  The best part, however, is free front of the line access for most of the rides at the two Universal parks, and early admission to the Harry Potter area each day.

The perks of staying on property make this hotel worth the premium that you will pay for the rooms.

The staff is very friendly, and the bars and restuarants are good.  The pool is also quite nice, and great for the kids.  You won't regret a decision to stay here.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
124. Ty F.
My family goes to Universal Orlando on a yearly basis, this October my girlfriend and I decided to take our own trip. We decided to stay at Royal Pacific as she has never been here before. As we were checking in the girl at the front desk was very very helpful and I do not remember her name but a picture would if provided a picture. She did a great job for us and she gave us half off of our parking because we stayed for the week, we appreciated that and made our start a great one. We enjoyed our stay and the only thing that I could say that was somewhat bad is that this hotel was a lot more crowded than our typical Portofino Bay stay.

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. J C.
If you're anything like me and couldn't decide wether you wanted to travel to Italy or get on an adrenaline pumping ride inspired by Marval comic's Hulk then the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel is for you! Inspired by the famous Italian hot spot destination, this is definitely the best bet for a romantic getaway for two.

Upon arrival, you're instantly greeted by the valet hand that'll also tend to your luggage. As they opened my passenger car door to let me out, I found myself entranced by the aroma and the decor. The attention to detail was amazing, and there not one thing out of place. It was as if I hopped into my car from Miami and stepped out onto Italian soil. This refreshing introduction was as extravagant as any one would expect, and totally satisfying to say the least.

Checking in was as easy as saying your name and right away you're introduced to a kind gentleman that will help deliver your bags. Walking back through the wonderfully decadent lobby, the kind luggage handler gives you a fine introduction of the perks and amenities. It was as if every employee made sure to stop and say hello on our way to the room. Following the beautifully decorated hallway led us outside to what looks like an actual bay. The liveliness and the music hopped and skipped with me all the way to my room. My vacation had just begun and this was the perfect beginning!

Service in this Loews hotel was more than enough to make any girl happy. I felt spoiled and never once did I once want to leave. If you're feeling hungry, the food here is quite amazing and there are a lot of choices to be made! If you're not hungry, the food here will make you hungry and there are a lot of choices to be made!

That's not all, one of the best perks is that you'll be able to get into the park one hour before it even opens! You'll be taken on a boat that will guide your group away from your hotel and under multiple bridges until you've finally arrived at your destination. It's probably the best ways to make an entrance.

This is also a pet friendly hotel! They charge a $50 pet fee and you'll get a bag of goodies for your little fluffy family member which you can take home :) That includes treats, food and water bowls, microdry pet mat, Loews brand dog tag, doggie poop bags and "Pet in room" sign that lets the housekeeping know a pet is in the room! There is also a Loews Loves Pets Room service menu where you'll find nutritious gourmet meal selections for your cat or dog!

Portofino Bay, I'll be back. Until then. Ciao!

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Thomas P.
A really beautiful hotel. One of the nicest I've been in. Worth staying at to get the Unlimited Express Pass at Universal. Seriously, spend the extra bucks and stay here just to get those passes. We cruised through the park with no more than a 10 minute wait.

The highlight of the hotel is the pool. It's huge! And there's an outdoor bar right next to it and servers that go around the lounge chairs. Also, they've got plenty of activities and contests for the kids to participate in. And if you get there early, there's plenty of chairs in the shade and umbrella stands.

The rest of the hotel is equally impressive. But it all comes at a cost. This is one expensive hotel. Not just the room rate. They get you on everything. Parking is almost double other places. The food prices are way marked up. NO FREE COFFEE in the room. It's a $1.50 per cup using the k-cup machine. No free wi-fi. They have a Starbucks machine in the lobby that gives you 12 oz cups for $3.50. The list goes on and on. Luckily there always seemed to be a good drink special and they used good alcohol in them (no no-name brand stuff).

Again, I'd stay here in a heartbeat when I come back to Universal. The free Express Pass alone makes it cheaper than buying the upgraded tickets for a family. Just move to another hotel once you're done with Universal.

13/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
127. Jim C.
I ordered a mobility scooter to be delivered to the hotel so I could accompany my family to Universal Studios/Park of Adventure.  While en-route to Orlando we received a call from the scooter company that they refused to accept delivery of the scooter.   Since I am hearing impaired my wife had a frantic conversation with the concierge on why delivery was refused...  She said that their hotel had their own scooter company and that it would look bad to accept a competitors scooter.  Long story short they reluctantly accepted delivery.  I thought the issue was resolved.  It wasn't.  The next day, after visiting both park we arrived back at the hotel just after 6pm.  The scooter was scheduled to be picked up at 10pm.  When we inquired where we could leave the scooter for pickup they said that we could NOT leave the scooter and that I had to sit on the scooter for 4 hours until they arrived.  I was appalled at the rudeness of the concierge with short blond hair.   When we contacted the scooter company about the problem they said that Loews does that "all the time" and to just leave the scooter in the entrance foyer.

I contact Loews twice about my experience.  They have never replied...  My advice is to to stay at other Universal resort  hotels.  I can only hope they treat the handicapped with a little more concern...  I know I will never stay at a Loews resort a gain.

I also contact Universal Studios and they did get back to me.  They said they would investigate, but, I have not heard from them since...

If you are mobility impaired I would advise staying away from Loews Royal Pacifica Resort.

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
128. Dennis C.
Worth every penny.  Water taxis to the park and fast pass are great.    Staff is friendly.   Guy at check in was a little rude but I was also tired so we will place that on me.   Mahalo is heard alot.  We spent 10 days and other then some minor details not worth mentioning it was fantastic.   Club level is the only way to go

21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Erin B.
If we didn't get an excellent rate due to my husband's conference here, I'd be pretty disappointed with this hotel. Our check-in was less than stellar. Honestly, I thought the front desk attendant was obnoxious and condescending. All over the hotel, I saw signs that "Loews Loves Kids." Really? We were there for six days and I have 4 kids... I saw no evidence. The rooms were fine. We needed 2 adjoining rooms to accommodate the 6 of us. The extra space helped us not feel too cramped. The bathrooms were small so it was great that we had 2.

My daughter made the best comment, "This hotel has ROYAL in the name and it doesn't even have a refrigerator." Amen to that. Wi-fi is free in the lobby, most guests need to pay for access in the rooms. Thankfully, my husband got access due to his meeting so we did not have that additional expense. Parking was 22-25 per night, you also have to pay to use the gym. Food prices at the restaurants are pretty expensive and the drink prices are comical. If you want a drink, enjoy them by the pool between 7 and 10 for happy hour - cocktails are $10 less during that time - otherwise they are 15 to 35 dollars per drink.

My kids loved the pool and all the pool activities. Marianna is the activity coordinator by the pool and she was truly awesome. My kids adored her. She organized pool games, bingo, volleyball... She was cheery, loving, and energetic. What an asset for this hotel. Movies by the pool at 7pm were a big hit with my kids as well and stopping by the ice cream stand for a sundae on the way upstairs to bed was a nice way to end the evening on Friday and Saturday.

The main benefit to staying in this hotel is the close proximity to Universal and the ultra-fabulous express pass. Resort guests get an express pass which allows them direct access to almost every ride an attraction at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Of course, anyone can buy an express pass but it will cost you an additional $80 per person. Yikes. We were happy to have the perk of an express pass for the 2 days we visited the Universal parks. On future Orlando trips, I might consider staying here for a night or two if the price is right and my kids want to go back to Universal.

In sum... Don't overpay for this hotel. If you can get a deal, you'll enjoy the hotel and the experience but if you overpay (anything over $200 per night), I think you'll regret it.

06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
130. Denise L.
We stayed here three nights to be close to Universal Studios.  
* Employees of hotel were very nice.
* Restaurant food was overall good quality.
* Ferry to Universal was convenient.
* Early access to Harry Potter
* Grounds and pool were well manicured and pretty.

* Parking is $18 a day for non-valet and $25 for valet.
* Food is expensive for what you get and in many cases they add 18% gratuity no matter size of party.
* Nothing special about rooms.  Felt our previous room at Homewood Suites was a higher quality.

Would we stay here again for the price?  NO.  If you had a choice to spend your money staying at a Disney Resort to get the monorail service and fast pass plus, I would go the Disney route.  If the rooms had been more than just a standard hotel room and free parking, we would probably stay again.

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
131. Laura B.
We stayed at the LRP last week and it was GREAT! The staff had our room ready at 10am..very helpful with getting our Universal passes, which I say was worth their weight in GOLD!  Thank you!

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Jennifer D.
Although I really liked this hotel, I feel it is overpriced for what it is.  The property itself is very pretty, the staff is very friendly and the amenities are great- free unlimited express pass to the parks, quick less than 10 minute walk to the parks, free water taxi to the parks, fun big pool area, use of the other two hotels amenities, etc.  However, the rooms are very outdated and the rates are insanely expensive (and this is the cheapest of the three).  When you pay this much for a room, you'd expect at least a free continental breakfast but they charge you for everything, including a cup of coffee.  Even to get some simple breakfast items like a muffin, bagel and coffee, we had to spend almost $20.  Next time I'll wait to get into the parks to buy breakfast.   If prices come down, or more gets included with the high nightly room rates, then I would consider going again.

15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
133. Rory H.
Nice get away tropical resort that's alongside the Universal Studios Orlando park. They got pretty much everything you need and more that you don't need so I'll just hit the highlights.

- Solid Gym with showers, sauna, steam room, whirlpool and soft robes!
- Several swimming pools and a Tiki bar with beer on tap.
- Every style of food you can imagine (except for cheap eats).
- Water Taxi stop if you don't want to walk to the parks or City Walk.

I'd recommend this place for any families headed to Orlando or just needing a nice get away.

17/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
134. Matt D.
Way overpriced for what it is! We stayed here so we could be close to the Universal park, get into the park an hour earlier, and get the Express Pass to go to the front of the lines. These were the only real perks about staying here. The hotel itself was sub-par. Our bathroom looked like it hadn't been updated since the 80's (the shower tiles were pale pink and the shower head was crusty). It also hadn't been maintained properly. When I turned the shower on, water continued to rush out of the bottom faucet, cutting down on my shower water pressure.  It was missing the roller for the toilet paper dispenser.  The toilet paper was just shoved onto the post for the dispenser on the wall. It just seemed like they didn't care.

The pool was fine.  The children's area looked fun (ship theme with water shooters).  There was a sandbox area for kids, too.  The bar by the pool didn't have a good beer selection (all lagers!) and was overpriced.  

So, we got Express Passes and got into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter an hour early.  That was fun. If that makes it worth it for you, go for it, but don't expect much out of the hotel itself.

29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
135. Mary B.
My husband and I stayed here for three nights.  Overall it is a beautifully put together resort.  

The lobby and common areas are clean and updated as are the grounds and the pool area. There are many restaurants to choose from on site and multiple shopping options as well.  The resort offers free water taxis that drop you off at Universal Citywalk and included in your hotel stay are the Express Passes for the Universal theme parks.  I'm now convinced that this is the only way to go.  It was a great convenience to be able to bypass the majority of the lines at the parks.

The rooms are nice and updated with big cushy beds and comforters.  The pillows were supporting and did not squish down to nothing within minutes of laying down like what happens at many other hotels.   We enjoyed the channel options for the television and the bathroom was clean.

The service was friendly and we used the concierge to figure out where the closest shopping options were.  We were able to walk right out the front doors of the resort and catch one of their shuttles to the nearby outlet mall.  The ride was luxiorious but was pricey: $20 and the mall was only a couple of miles away in contrast to $12 for a regular taxi on the way back to the hotel.

The only complaints that I would bring up would be the following: The internet signal in our room was either low or very low.  The noise level was high in our room when children were walking through the hallways or even as the hotel staff were knocking on the doors of other rooms.  The hotel does put a $300 temporary charge on your credit card upon check in.

I think that there are a lot more positives than negatives to staying here and I think that I would select it again in the future when we come back to Orlando.

20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Rod R.
Tower 1 was nice. The rooms looked a bit old and were a bit small compared to like priced hotels.  The  room cleaning was a bit weird,  twice they didn't clean up or change the linen till late into the evening. The pool was really small for the size of the hotel too.

The good stuff is that the staff were VERY friendly. The food was  GREAT! The proximity to the park was terrific, the express passes they included were life of savers there too. I also had an issue with my credit card that they made very painless to deal with. There seemed to be a lot to do just at the hotel which says nice departure from the park hiking. The night we arrived there were LOT SOC young tweens roving the hotel but the staff kept them pleasant so it turned out to be a good experience with minimal distractions for two 30 year olds.

Advice: They don't have an airport shuttle so make arrangements before you arrive at the airport like a cab or a driver. It's more convenient and a town car driver will charge the same as a normal cab.

23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
137. T S.
Pulled up to the hotel and valet service told us where to park for self-parking or they would park for us: $20 or 27 for valet.  

Went in to the front desk to check in and little bit of a wait due to the number of people.  About 5 minutes.  Gentleman was great checking us in except we had 3 kids with us and they wanted to charge us for the additional 2 kids that needed an hotel key to ride the rides.  

Room was very clean.  

Went to go to the park and the water taxi told us we had to walk due to the weather (lightening in the area).  Therefore, we took the 10 minute walk that wasn't too bad.  
Returned (from park on foot because the water taxi line was long) wasn't bad.  

Ate at Emeril's at the hotel and prices were a little high.  

Went to bed and woke up at 7AM to someone yelling in the hallway.  Woke up again at 8 to kids running in the halls.  Noise issue but, we're at an amusement park hotel.  

Went to pool and pool area was great!

Check out was interesting in that I requested a late checked out time during the reservation and was told I was all set but, due to hotel capacity that day I was told we could only be extended a 1 hour complimentary check out and then we would have to pay 1/2 a night for an addition 2 hours and then a full night for anything after.  We checked out and left.

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Lauren P.
Orlando, Florida is for old people and/or people with kids.  I am neither of those and fully understand that my demographic is not the target audience here.  Womp womp.

1) No airport shuttle.  You'll need to use a third party shuttle, call a cab, or use a rental car to get from the airport to the hotel and back.  Very annoying.  It seemed like tons of other hotels had shuttles picking their guests up.

2) As a 20 something, this place wasn't really my cup of tea.  The pool shuts down around 11 or midnight.  Totally lame.  This place was not meant for late night partying or anyone who doesn't have a bedtime.

3) Rooms are pretty nice, but the hallways leading to your room will feel muggy and gross.  I get that it's Florida, but there's this thing called AC. . .

4) Water taxi to the City Walk area = awesome. Love love love this! We definitely used this everyday during our stay.

5) The hotel itself is really pretty and definitely plays up the Florida tourist style without being obnoxious. Good on you Royal Pacific!

Keep in mind that I didn't personally pay for my hotel stay as I was here on a business trip; I have no idea if this place is a expensive/cheap, good value etc.  

I personally would have rather been at a Disney hotel.  Everyone knows Universal is the poor man's Disney ;)

23/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Val A.
this is a great place to stay, very clean and the staff is courteous and friendly. The room was a bit disappointing, was not expecting a ground level view of the garden, all we can see is dry and untidy foliage from the room. However, we were not there for the view, but the convenience of having the two parks in close proximity. Navigating through the reception was easy. We had dinner at the the local restaurant (Islands), food was good although a little pricier than i thought. I like it a lot but I would be open to trying another resort like Hard Rock next.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Julianne E.
Wow....what a beautiful hotel! An Elite event here should be on the list.. lol!

I had the opportunity to experience the Luau at the Wantilan, something I didn't even know existed.  It was amazing, all you can eat and drink inclusive in your ticket.  The food was exceptional, they didn't cut any corners.  A whole roasted pig, kimchi, fish and beef. They also had a kids buffet, mac and cheese, fruit, chicken fingers, and even pbj.  lol!

I wasn't big into the desserts, I did try all of them.  :-)  

The show itself was entertaining for all.  It was very kid friendly, so you don't want to leave the little ones behind.  My 10 y/o daughter loved it.  The band was excellent, the dancers and the guy who played with fire were awesome.  

This is something everyone should experience at least once.  If you valet park, make sure you have your ticket validated.  $32 to valet park, $5 if you have it validated.  That's a no brainer.  lol!

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Adam L.
+ very friendly staff
+ convenient walk to the parks
+ awesome pool and spa
+ well manicured and maintained grounds
+ clean rooms, hallways and common areas
+ free express pass to the parks

- paper thin walls
- bathroom is very dated
- restaurants at the resort are not great
- free continental breakfast is not free
- everything here is "resort" expensive
- must pay for wifi
- no airport shuttle
- no mini fridge in the room
- no shuttle to Disney

03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
142. Dan C.
OK first off I need to say thank you to Tori at the front desk. She was the shining star during our initial time at the hotel. We are frequent travelers to Universal hotels. As YouFirst Platinum members we are entitled to perks that usually put this property over the top. The primary benefit as a Platinum Member is the suite upgrade at time of reservation. Unfortunately the reservation agents must not understand this and told us that we needed to request the upgrade at check in. Unfortunately at check in to a sold out hotel, suites are unavailable. This was a big disappointment as it should have been handled correctly in the first place.traveling with a baby in a standard room is not enjoyable. There are several other perks that come along with this type of membership that again were overlooked on this visit. No turn down service waters, no newspaper, no welcome gift. We had to request the welcome gift that has apparently been downgraded from delicious cookies and milk to 3 pieces of fruit wrapped in cellophane on a plate. Yes, healthier but much less enjoyable for kids. I don't mean to sound snobbish but when you demonstrate the brand loyalty we have, it is disappointing not to be thanked. That was the bad...Now some good!

Very clean.. The hotel has always been clean, but the management must have seen the recent exposes on hotel cleanliness because the rooms were immaculate. They smelled clean, and to the eye they were spotless. The staff was extremely pleasant. We just spent several days on Disney property for my daughters birthday and the staff here blows them away. I could not be more pleased to see that level of professionalism coming to Universal Hotels. The restaurants are good not great but they can compete with any on property dining establishment including City Walk options. If you want to dodge the crowds and enjoy a good meal stay at the hotel and walk it off on your way to City Walk for the party. Breakfast in the lobby is convenient and very pleasant. I promise you will not be disappointed. The pool at Royal Pacific definitely lends itself to family time. Sit by the zero entry pool and enjoy a few cocktails when kids of any age enjoy the water. Drinks are very good and the food has the variety and quality of any resort on property. Don't miss the dive in movies for some extra quasi babysitting time.

Check out was almost right. Again the YouFirst rewards provide for a $100 food/spa credit. This was not applied and we had to remind them to apply it.

So here is how I rated this stay. One star for Cleanliness, One Star for Staff, One star for amenities. I took one star off because of the slip ups on reservations and perks that were missed and minus a star for the missed credits at check out.

Yes I definitely recommend this property for anyone that is travelling to Universal. I will go as far as to recommend it over the other 3 hotels on property. We have stayed at all of them and RP provides more value and convenience than the others.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
143. KC S.
Overall my experience at this resort was outstanding. It's kid friendly and shuttle to universal studios parks it's convenient. Being a guest at the resort it provides a benefit to access the parks early before the general public.

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Sara M.
I ate raisins at this hotel that tasted like dehydrated grapes. I even ate a raisin that was yellow..from a green grape.

If you have ever eaten a raisin before, you know that they don't taste anything like grapes and more or less taste like coagulated fruit poop.

I really don't think any further explanation needs to be given as to why the Lowes was just shmexcellent, but just in case you are totally oblivious to the art of dehydrated fruit, here's a breakdown.

A) The location. Lowes Royal Pacific is right there off the highway. If you are going to Universal Studios or Island of adventure, you are practically on top of it and can see the Hulk ride from your window.

2) They have a free water taxi service to City Place which is convenient and awesome.  

DD) The beds are super comfortable. I mean REALLY comfy. A nice big TV, good shower, and even a makeup mirror!

11) The hotel itself is immactultely clean and the decor is cute and sticks to a nice island /tropical paradise theme that really amps up the vacation factor- even if you are there for work and not for vacation (sad face)

Parking comes at a fee of $18 per day which is stupid, but their raisins are really cool.

13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. April G.
Beautiful landscaping, close to the park, nice pool, good food, friendly staff, what's not to like? My only complaint is that the interior of the rooms is not as updated as the rest of the hotel.

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Drew T.
This was my first time in Orlando and Universal Studios! I was a little bit nervous staying at this hotel because of the bad reviews about the bed bugs. Our room was OK. Service was great, everyone was so helpful and kind! One thing that confused me was that there was no free wi-fi. No wi-fi at all! I would highly recommend this Hawaiian themed hotel! Every staff will not approach you by saying Hi, but by saying Aloha! Makes sense. The ducks in the pool were quite surprising! Tried to avoid them for the most part. Also, watch where you stop near the pool because my brother nearly squashed a baby lizard and a little frog! My best vacation so far!

08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
147. Jeremy J.
Stayed here 5 times and really have enjoyed the hotel property and staff. Really disappointed with the valets and porters this trip. We had luggage for 7 people we were trying to load into a van with out a trunk and I have a broken leg. 4 porters stood there and watched us struggle. One asked if we wanted some water.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Christina L.
The property itself is beautiful, and the amenities that come with staying on property can't be beat. Love the early admission, express pass, and ability to have purchased items delivered.

To me, when you bill yourself as a more luxury hotel, especially when the property is getting older and there's a nicer one just a block away, the little details matter. The friend I'm traveling with got very, very sick, and I thought I had saved the day when room service had chicken noodle soup available. Tried to place it, and was told the wait was 90 minutes. For soup and a ginger ale! I asked if there was anything I could do to speed it up, if I could pick it up myself, etc. Nada. I understand they're busy, and that's okay. I made it clear I was willing to do anything and asked if there was anyplace walking distance I could get soup and crackers. No, she said. Well, rats. I hang up, call the concierge to ask the closest drugstore and told her what I wanted, and apparently Jake's on property has that very same chicken soup and I could pick it up straight away. So I did. And thank you Jake's! I know it's a small thing, but it left a bad impression when I was happy to overlook the little random things like a toilet that won't stop running and a dinky bathroom.

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
149. Rick W.
I split my time between the Royal Pacific and Portofino Bay.  Portofino Bay was definitely nicer, but, the Royal Pacific wasn't bad.  The room was a little dated, but, the rest of the hotel was very scenic and nice.  And the restaurant/bar at the pool was very good and reasonable for a resort.  And they have at least two options for breakfast.  One is in the lobby and the other is in one of their restaurants.  The lobby breakfast has breakfast sandwiches and other quick-grab items.  The restaurant has a very nice buffet and fresh omelet grill.  You can also order off of a menu, but, I recommend the buffet.  

I've seen other reviews that complain about wi-fi.  No, it isn't fee, but, I'm not there to sit on my laptop.  Go to the parks and enjoy yourself.

Oh, and one other thing.  The Royal Pacific and the Hard Rock are a quick walk away from the parks, so, you don't need to rely on the water taxi.  By the time you wait for the next water taxi, you can be there already.  Walking back to Portofino Bay is a bit of a hike, but, doable.

07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Alli K.
Absolutely amazing! The service here was top notch from begining to end. We stepped out of our cab and were greeted with a smile and Hawaiian leis. Check in was a breeze and all the staff members we encountered were friendly and eager to help. Special shout out to our room attendant Egle Zukouskieue who went way above and beyond! The rooms were a bit roughed up due to age- butperfectly fine for a place to lay our heads at night. We were here for my birthday and on our last night here we returned from the pool to discover a balloon bouquet with a tray of yummy treats and a voucher for an in room movie compliments of our room attendant! Also- everyone I came across made sure to say 'Happy Birthday' to me. This made my day and cemented this resort as my new favorite place. Ever. Stay here!

01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Josepi S.
This was middle of the road... The room was not bad, the facility was great.  The negatives were that the TV was not working for most of our stay and we missed the NCAA finals.  There was a pretzel in the corner of the room the entire time, and we didn't eat pretzels in the room.  I wondered if it would ever get cleaned up, and now I wonder how long it will stay there.
Parking, food and drinks are expensive, but we just ate off property.  Perfect location for folks going to the parks and city walk.

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
152. Debra L.
We were only here for one night and I wish we stayed longer! This hotel is so beautiful. From the second you pull up to the hotel to the second you leave it is nothing but gorgeous! Our room was so clean and updated! The staff is very friendly! They have such amazing restaurants and choices there! The best part is if you stay at the resort you get into universal an hour before the general public. Also it's only a 6 minute walk to the park from the hotel and if you would like they have an adorable boat that takes you to and from the hotel to the park.

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
153. Celia G.
I really liked this hotel, excellent service, close to the theme parks and the food provided by the hotel was high quality.
Some channels in the TV didn't work, that's about the only fault I found.
Comfortable beds, nice toiletries.
Highly recommend the breakfast buffet and Islands Restaurant.

11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Amanda S.
Pretty hotel but no early check-in. Only here for the day and currently waiting on a room. For the price you'd think they'd be more accommodating.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
155. Julia K.
I stayed overnight at this beautiful resort and I was instantly enchanted by it's old-style Polynesian atmosphere and jungle flora with its soft, romantic lighting. We had a late check-in so we weren't able to explore the grounds as much as we had hoped but we did have enough time to take a dip in the pool and order a few drinks and a pizza at Jake's American Bar on the resort property. Every member of hotel staff that we came in contact with was very friendly and helpful. The express passes were amazing to have for our 12 some odd hours spent in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. What little time we did get to spend at this resort was magical. Our only complaint was that we didn't check in sooner!

02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Jess P.
I've stayed here several times over the past 10 years with my family and I think it's fantastic. Clean, nice views, comfy beds, it's quiet, and the staff are courteous. The pool is really neat, though I've only been in it once (usually no time for it!) There are tons of amenities and the shampoo they give you is AWESOME. Which is a small thing, but it's super expensive shampoo. Getting into the park early is a huge perk, too!

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Helen P.
I am so highly disappointed at the service we are receiving at this resort. We booked a four days stay at the resort. The package deal also includes tickets to Universal and fast passes. We arrived at the resort at 2am and was told we have to wait until 5am to check in. We were told specifically by the booking staff that we can check in anytime after midnight.  We were told we had to wait in the lobby. We ended up sleeping on the lobby's couches because we were so exhausted. The front desk rep said he can check us in at 4am, "as a courtesy." If there was a miscommunication,  fine. However, we were rejected and no apology was ever given.
We finally was able to check into our room.  We asked about the parks tickets and was again rudely rejected.  The desk rep told us that he doesn't know anything about that and we were to wait and speak with the ticket people in the morning. Morning came, we asked about the ticket rep about the features for our package as it was given to us as a gift. The rep rudely told us to to to the side machine and print out what we need. As far as everything  else we should call the people who booked our reservation,  as they don't know anything about it.
We called the reservation rep to inform thme of out dissatisfaction. Spoke with George and was basically told "what do you want us to do about it." I explained that we were told we can check in anytime after midnight.  George said he will place me on hold and will have to review previous phone messages that confirm that was told. Again, no apology was ever given, just more headaches.
Friday morning, we were supposed to check out of our regular room amd into the suite. It is now out understanding that check in and out time starts at 5am. I went to the front desk at 8 am. Was able to check out but not back in because our suite was not yet available.  We were told to go back to out room and will be called. 10 am and still no call. I called the front desk and was told the suite is still not ready. The rep told me " oh,  it's going to  be several more hours. "  Explained that we would like to leave and go to the parks. He asked of I wanted to check back into our room. Needless to say, we are extremely frustrated.  We ended up leaving our luggages in storage and leave. We have 3 more days here at the resort. I can't imagine a thing else that could go wrong. I only hope the staff acknowledge our frustration and improve their service for other guests.

24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
158. Cin O.
We stayed at this location for the benefits of early entrance to Universal and the Express pass.  In this, we were not disappointed.  However, after being on our feet at the park all day (starting at 7 am with the early entrance benefit), we were looking forward to a decent night's sleep, and that's something we just couldn't get at this resort.  Between the bed and pillows being uncomfortable, to the noise from the hallway keeping us up throughout the night as guests came and went.  We could hear everyone's conversations, clear as a bell, as well as kids yelling and screaming, running down the hallway, etc.  The walls and doors must be paper thin because it was LOUD LOUD LOUD, at least that was our experience in tower 3 on the second floor.  We booked a suite with an adjoining king room based on others' reviews about dinky room size so space was not an issue for us during this stay.

We only ate a quick a la carte breakfast at the hotel, opting for eats at Citywalk, or at the park when we didn't want to interrupt our flow there.  The quick breakfast at the hotel met expectations.

The water taxi was convenient and handy to have access to after a long day at the park.

I would only stay here again if I planned on going to Universal again, and then I'd ask for a quieter area of the hotel.  There is nothing worse than being dead tired and wishing you could sleep but being unable to do so because of guest noise outside your room (and outside your control).

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
159. Tim T.
decent hotel overall.  the prices are reasonable compared to the nearby resorts.  probably worth it to stay here if what you are mostly seeing is the universal studios parks, as you can save quite a bit on express passes, as all members who stay get a free upgrade during your whole stay.

the staff are nice.  just several things that irked me.  

they nickel and dime you for everything.  most resorts have a business center and gym that are included.  we just wanted to simply print out boarding passes, and you've got to swipe your credit card.  we just wanted to use the gym for a quick work out, and they charge an entrance fee.

the pool is nice, and they have movies every night at the pool.  however, the one night we wanted to watch a movie near the pool, the projector broke.  

the water taxi is convenient, but the signs for directions can be a bit confusing at first.  

this is a decent place, we didn't get ripped off, but we didn't get an excellent bargain either.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
160. Lewis G.
Great grounds but mediocre service and facilities.

The air conditioning in the room turns off when you leave your room so when you get back from a long day it is quite a bit hotter in the room than when you left. Once you get back in the room it takes several hours for the room to get comfortable.

Also,  I everything has a price here as well.  Coffee and bread in the morning was $9. Internet is $10 a day and somehow my 4G is only 0.1 mbs inside the room while it is 16 mbs once I walk out of the hotel.

One day we ordered room service and used the in-room menu. When we called to place our order, every item except one was no longer available. They said they had changed their menu a long time ago and had just not updated the menu in the room. All in all, it took us over 90 minutes from deciding to order room service and us getting our food.

01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
161. Kristine C.
We stayed here over the weekend and it was really nice. The people were kind and provided great service. The breakfast buffet was good with a wide variety of items.

The conveniences are great. Fast pass to the park rides, shuttles or town cars to and from each hotel complimentary and boat rides to the parks and hotels or attractions interlinked with their parks. I have to say if you are only planning on going to the universal parks this is the way to go!!

I wasn't too happy with the room though. Well more like the bathroom.  I found bits of old shampoo or soap from previous guests in the tub as well as someone else "nether region" hair in the tub when I took a shower. The shower head was DISGUSTING!! I always take cleaners of some sort when I go to hotels just in case and thank heavens I did!  But here's the thing, if this was the bathroom, who knows what's on the beds. So it kinda creeped me out and I'm not an OCD kind of person, I really just feel that a room should be clean before I rest my head on the pillow and put my feet in the tub
Ya know?

Over all the experience was great but what gives me the hibbi jibbis is the room. This is why my rating is so low. Overall the place is nice but my personal space in it was lacking and well that's where you should take the most care in cleanliness in my book.

I would have to say I may book another room in the complex, maybe not the lowes unless I bring gloves and bleach.

:) enjoy!

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
162. James G.
I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff was fantastic and were very accommodating to my vegan needs. If they didn't have something on there menu they were quick to suggest something off there menu to suite my needs. This hotel is very pet friendly, I brought my two dogs with me and was welcomed with open arms. They had a very nice gift set for my dogs upon arrival. I give it four stars only because of some annoying key card issues

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
163. Jenny H.
We were so excited to come to this resort as my husband was attending a SharePoint conference and the three kids and I tagged along! The resort was beautiful, the room was clean, the beds were comfortable. I thought it was perfect.

On our first day there we noticed 2 ducks swimming in the pool. We thought it was cute and I even took a picture. We didn't stay at the pool though, we headed over to the Hard Rock Hotel pool since they had a water slide.

The second day we decided to spend at the Royal Pacific since that's where the conference was being held and we'd be able to lunch with the husband, etc...

Those 2 ducks that we thought were so cute quickly turned into 5, then 7 and then 9 ducks. 9 ducks swimming around IN THE POOL. And then they started POOPING in the pool, and as I walked around the pool deck I noticed A LOT of duck poop. It was DISGUSTING. Coincidence or not, but around 1pm my son got very very ill. Very high fever, stomach cramps, vomiting, watery eyes, all flu-like symptoms. I honestly believe that he got something from swimming in the duck poop water. Chlorine doesn't kill everything....

A super gross experience.

10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
164. Martin R.
Stayed here with family while they were in town.
Service was wonderful and early access/express passes to the park were awesome to have, however everything was insanely over-priced and some very basic things were extra charges!
The room was tiny, but well kept and the view was awful (our room faced another building's roof.) Also, don't bother with a martini! Terribly made and $15!! At least it was strong?
If it weren't for the express passes, I wouldn't stay here! Maybe the hard rock is better?

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
165. Erica B.
This is a great hotel if you're going to Universal Studios. You have unlimited express pass, early entry and water taxis. The pool is really nice - it's heated! - and the hot tubs are great. We loved the decor or the hotel, especially the grounds, because you really feel like you're in the islands. The rooms are nice, but they could use more drawer and closet space. The bathrooms are dated and the housekeeping service could be done in a more timely manner. If you're going to see the parks, this is a great place to stay.

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Ian W.
Very nice resort. Walking distance to universal and islands of adventure. Received discounted tickets and free expresses passes to the park. Staff was very informative on tips for the park and where to eat in city walk.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Cristy M.
My significant other and I tried the Magical Dining experience for the first time and this place caught our eye.  It was both of our birthdays and we wanted to try somewhere different.

First of all, the ambiance and decor is very modern and relaxing. The cuisine has so many delectable qualities to the palate (even the cocktails! ) that I couldn't describe all the textures and flavors that I have experienced in one short session.

And let's not forget the service.  Our "co-servers" were Ashley and Luis; and they were delightful. Luis was more efficient and amicable,  while Ashley was more personable and attentive which I thought made them a great team.

I would highly recommend this place and would likely come here again.

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
168. Zachary P.
Clean clean clean clean clean!!! The staff are very friendly and the pool is very clean and the pool hours are late so you can do some night swimming. Only problem is the snacks and the mini bar is crazy expensive.

01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Amy K.
We stayed here for two nights primarily due to the vicinity to the park as well as the express pass. In addition, the park opened at 7am to guests of resort hotels, two hours prior to opening to the general public. For this, the hotel did not disappoint. We had just stayed at a Disney hotel (on the monorail) and after enduring broken down monorails and waits for changing trains at the transportation and ticket center, the ability to walk out the door and be at the park gates in 10 minutes was absolutely amazing. In addition, the express passes for the rides made it possible to cover two parks in one day, really getting the most out of our ticket fare.

Yes, the pillows were a bit lumpy but we didn't go there to sleep or relax, we went to get the most out of the parks. We also didn't use the restaurant at the hotel.... I'm not even sure if we ate a sit down meal in the time we were there. It just wasn't our priority.

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
170. Kathryn J.
This is only with regard to the Hertz rental car facility at this location:  ANSWER YOUR PHONES!!!  Why don't you people answer your phones?!?  Anyone who calls them at (407) 503-3156 during business hours will immediately be connected to voicemail asking them to leave a message and promising to return their call, but their call will never be returned.  I even tried calling the corporate Hertz customer service number hoping they could help but I was connected to an operator in a foreign country who did not know what Universal Studios was and was trying to look for a Hertz location on "Universal Avenue" in Orlando.  DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM HERTZ and especially not from this location.

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
171. Adry G.
So we definitely won't be coming back to this hotel, we might try the Portofino next time.

I had given the hotel another chance for my dad's birthday.
The room they gave us smelled absolutely atrocious, you heard dogs barking all over the place, and my mom could't sleep correctly because she felt completely stuffy. We tried switching out the rooms but the hotel staff said that we will have to wait for the next day since all the rooms were booked. We had made this booking well over a month in advance, its not like we just happened to step inside from the last minute.

When we checked out the guy at the front desk jokingly informed us that the first floor is where they keep all the dogs, so yes, they gave us a room that was probably filled with dog urine and hair, thus why it smelled so horrid and my mom was congested.

23/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
172. Kerri P.
This hotel reminded me of a Las Vegas hotel-huge!! It has 3 towers and at least 1,000 rooms. The hotel itself was very pretty and couldn't have been more convenient to go to Universal Studios. A water taxi takes you right from the hotel to the park. Lowes also gives all of their guests fast passes for the parks. The pool was nice and the hotel was very kid friendly.

The room was nice. If you need a refrigerator you need to request it in advance. The beds were comfortable and it seemed clean.

They have several restaurants on property including Emeril's and a place called Jake's island bar. Emeril's has great Japanese food and Jake's has a casual, yet very delicious menu. Try the watermelon feta salad.
We will stay there again, it's too convenient not to.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
173. Victor C.
Extremely overpriced and disappointing. Lumpy mattresses (shame on you!), tiny room and very overpriced everything. Fancy looking lobby, but that's where the "luxury" ends.  A $99 a nite Days Inn would have been better that this $400 a nite place. And $7 for a bottle of water left in the room! Outrageous! Air conditioning thermostat worked poorly, making the room too hot or too cold. Tap water was warm! And while its advertised as minutes room the park, it's about a half hour walk to the entrance.

09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
174. Jason L.
Our love for the Royal Pacific started when the hotel opened and has never disappointed us.  On our last stay and the reason that I am writing is that I have to acknowledge several members of your staff.  See we came down for my sons 2nd birthday and your staff did everything possible to make it the best birthday ever for him.  On the plane back to Ohio we decided that from now on every September for his birthday we will fly to Orlando and stay at The Royal Pacific Hotel.  
First person on my list I actually meant maybe 8 years ago and his name is Ron.  Ron works in valet and every time have come there he has always been the best and actually remembers us from year to year.  One time we were valeting the car and I had asked him if Royal Pacific still gives out the CD's of Hawaiian music, he said that Royal Pacific had stop doing that.  Well when we picked our car up from valet at the end of our trip; we got in and sure enough Hawaiian was playing and a hand writing note from Ron.  We like Ron SO MUCH that we know his birthday is Oct 9th and when we come down in September we plan to bring him something.  
Second the front desk, we were on our honeymoon in May 2011, when we meant Linda from South Africa.  We gave her a bottle of our wine and she sent a fruit basket to our room.  I know she no long works there, but we do miss her.   As for the current front desk staff...  WOW... I was completely taken back at how good they were to my son for his birthday.  
* Abby made Wyatt the best little Minion birthday card ever and he still has it today in his room.  
* Charon, who checked us in was outstanding, super nice and left a great impression.
* Rachael at the front desk handled a small issue we had with excellent and professionalism.  She understand what happened and fixed it immediately.  
* "The Front Desk" sent him a birthday basket which he keeps all the stuff together in.
Third, breakfast food was ok but our server Eulalie was terrific!  She was from St. Maaten and we talked about the islands and Caribbean living... while eating at the Islands Dining Room, which was pretty cool.

Thank you to you and your staff for treating our family so well,

The Lorton  (Lindsay, Wyatt and Jason)

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Julia G.
I really liked staying at this hotel/resort when we were at Universal. We stayed two nights and had the two day park passes with third day free with early access and express pass all three days. If you are a Harry Potter nut, the early access pass is key to enjoying the area as it is crowded like crazy during he rest of the day. There is also a good mix  of adults and kids at this hotel which is nice for people like my husband and I who do not have children. I didn't think the walls were overly thin and people too loud. We never once heard our neighbors except in the morning when you can hear people getting up to go to the park as their doors slam...buts that's it. We didn't use the pool but sat at the bar around it, which was nice. We loved the nachos! The music was a bit loud during the day, a more of a fun in the sun, party vibe than relax at the spa-type pool. What I liked best about this hotel was it wasn't swarming with children like the Disney areas, there was a good ratio of adults to children. Yes, this hotel will charge you for any little extra things...but what resort or more expensive hotel doesn't? In my experience all of the more luxury hotels always do this. This hotel is exactly what it says...a 4 star resort hotel. It's nice and comfortable, decent room size etc...but don't expect super luxury five star quality, because it is a family oriented four star hotel. We loved it and would definitely come back!

14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Jay D.
My family and I are currently staying at The Royal Pacific Resort in room 3348. Let me start with our arrival and go on from there. First, this is a beautiful hotel. The grounds are lovely and the interiors are in keeping with the Pacific theme. Since we arrived around noon, before check-in, we stored our luggage with luggage services to be brought to our room upon check-in. We utilized the water taxi to go to the Universal Park and to return to the property. Both taxi pilots were extremely courteous and went above and beyond to make the experience a good one. Walking by the pool on the way back to the lobby, it is easy to see that it is beautiful and well appointed with a variety of services. During our stay at the park, we received a text that our room was ready.
We arrived at the front desk at 10 pm. There was one young lady working the desk and a line of 3 people waiting. I felt this was to be expected at the late hour. We were given new room keys for our room (evidently the keys we received earlier were just to get us our passes to Universal, not a big deal) and told our luggage would be brought shortly. Our luggage not being at our room was my first disappointment. However, we went to the room and decided it would be fine; the luggage would be sent shortly.
This is where the 2 Star rating begins. Upon entering the room, it was obvious that the prior tenant had smoked in it (the entire property interior is smoke free.) After about a half hour we decided to retrieve our luggage ourselves, but stopped first to inquire at the front desk with the same young lady who checked us in. My wife asked about the luggage and was told, "I sent the ticket to luggage services. You'll have to ask them." My wife then informed her of the smoke smell in the room (likely in the a/c). I am a smoker myself, so if I noticed it, it was strong. The young lady's response was to say that people aren't supposed to smoke in the rooms and to offer to send up a fan or to spray down the room. We declined given that neither solution would make the problem better.
Upon arriving at luggage services, we discovered 3 gentlemen, none of whom were engaged with bringing our luggage, or anything else for that matter. Unable to find a ticket for us, they asked when we arrived and our name and deduced where our luggage was. We then retrieved our luggage; none of the gentlemen offered to bring it for us.
What should have happened:
Response to the luggage question: "Oh, I'm so sorry! Let me see what is keeping them."
Response to the smoke smell: "Again, so sorry. Can I offer you another room?"
I'm not sure if we would have taken it or not. I smoke, and am probably less bothered than my wife, so I can't answer that, but it should have been offered.
Now, I may yet adjust this rating. The smell may dissipate, and other aspects of our stay may mitigate the luggage gaffe (one of the luggage guys was drinking a coke and another a water as they joked around.) And truth is, I'm a pretty easy traveler who can out up with a great deal if the service attentive and apologetic when necessary.
I certainly hope it gets better.
8/7- 4:22 pm. Our room has not been serviced for the day. Ah, knocked on door just now! Ha ha! Said, "No thank you." Should have said, "Thanks for coming just as we got in from the pool! Can you come back later? We're all naked now." Of course they can't come back, housekeeping will be leaving soon.
So much for better.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
177. Jessica S.
Service here is better than I've had in a long time. From the restaurant, guest services, pool services...they have incredible staff. Always smiling, always helpful. We loved the boat service to the parks. We LOVED tchoup coup. Went for dinner last night. (You can read my review). The towel service people give you sunscreen, towels, water..everything we needed. Nachos at the pool were huge and totally worth the money. Five of us shared it and all had plenty. They show movies in the evening at the pool. I prefer this pool to the one at hard rock and portafino. This one has a ton of shade and looks tropical. We liked our standard room very much except the tub is just adequate. Sheets and pillows were comfy. We brought a cooler and kept beer in the room. We would bring one or two down to the pool in a backpack and just pour in a cup. The pool does have happy hour from 11-1 and 7-9 with $4 beer $5 cocktails and $6 wines. I highly recommend this place. I've now stayed at all three properties at universal and this is by far my favorite. The express pass alone made staying worthwhile. If you want to be closest to the pool and the boats then stay in the 3rd tower. It's super convenient.

30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Amy C.
At the Mothers Day brunch...we started with the dessert room. Because we could!
Parking is difficult and paid, atmosphere was great, very nice and festive. Food was plentiful, lots of options, quality was only ok, but price was in line with what was provided. Don't need to go back.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. D Y.
My friends and I were excited to stay at this resort. However, since the minute we entered, everything has been a disappointment to us. The first man at the front desk we talked to wouldn't let us check in until 3 hours later. So we ended up having to wait in the lobby for a long time. After an 8 hour drive, it was not what we wanted.

We were finally able to go to the room we booked. Then, the next morning, we were to switch to our room in the suite. They made us wait about 3-4 more hours for us to check in again! It's just really inconvenient for us all to have to wait to check in when we were told that we could have been in our room earlier.

We tried to ask the concierge and the ticketing ladies for help regarding info for our trip, and not only were they of no help, but they were extremely rude to all of us. The family next to us, though, they were nice to. The tone in which the staff here uses is not friendly at all and seemed condescending. All we wanted was a little help- which I don't believe is too much to ask for.

Once we checked into our new rooms, the keys weren't working so we ended up having to get new keys- which was just another inconvenience on the list. Overall, staying at this resort was so disappointing. Not too sure that I would ever come back.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
180. Matt D.
Beautiful grounds and exterior and very close to Universal Studios. We stayed here because if you stay at a Universal hotel you get the express pass each day that you stay. The  reason for the 3 stars it for the room only. We were in tower two. It is a pretty simple and doesn't match with the outside property and decor. The room layout is bad and there is only one sink in the bathroom area. There is a lot of wasted space in the front entryway, yet not enough room for more than one suitcase. We were staying in a room with two queen beds and we had to have suitcases everywhere, one in the closet, one in the wasted entry area, one in the bathroom and one in the bed area. There was also not enough room to put away two suitcases worth of clothes as a center section of the furniture was locked.
The bathroom was a little dated, but it worked.
The bed was comfortable and the view was nice, but I expected more from what I thought was a nicer hotel.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
181. Rachael V.
This hotel is amaaaaaaazing! I felt very spoiled getting to spend 3 nights here.

Well, to be honest the best thing about staying here was the early admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter & the fact that you get express passes to the park. We were here over the Diagon Alley opening & probably wouldn't have enjoyed the parks as much as we did if we didn't have those express passes.

We didn't eat at any of the restaurants on site as they were too expensive, but they looked nice. I did look at the room service menu (pricy - what do you expect?) & they had one especially for pets! Too cute!

The room was nice, nothing special, but we didn't spend much time in our room anyways, so I can't complain.

I didn't spend anytime in the pool as it was closed down most of the time due to stormy weather but my boyfriend enjoyed his few hours that he spent playing water volleyball.

There is a water taxi that can take you to the parks but we just walked.  Also anything you buy in the park you can get sent to your room. We did buy some chocolate frogs that came back completely melted, so be careful when purchasing candy or anything that can melt!!

This hotel is the perfect place to stay if your vacation is built around Universal/Islands of Adventure park play!

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Carlos V.
I've been here a couple of times for Jake's Beer Festival. The first time was in the fall, and just recently on May 2nd for their spring festival. They seem to have this event 2x's a year.

You pay about $45 to enter the event, $55 for VIP.

Both regular and VIP attendees get access to the same food, but VIP have access to some of the rarer brews and a separate area

Whether you do VIP or not, the number and types of beers to try are outstanding. There are about 15-20 brewers, each sampling about 3-5 of their beers. They have a table setup with a knowledgeable server pouring you about 2-3 oz samples of the beers. Some of the beers designate which food you can pair with it. Some of the servers get really into the beer they are serving and will explain little facts about them.

And the food available was outstanding too. It ranged from pretzels with special dipping sauces, to beef sliders, to outstanding steak medallions. And to finish it off, there was a dessert station with about 4 choices. It's all you can eat and you can grab a small plate of each item whenever you want.

The whole event is under a tent, which was perfect this year because it was raining. There is a stage setup with a band playing mostly southern rock. The even also isn't super crowded, with maybe a couple of people in each line.

I did VIP this year, and we were in our own roped off area and had access to different, higher quality craft beers than everyone else. We were also right next to the stage.

Afterward, my group headed inside Loews to their nice and open lounge to decompress a bit. The lounge itself has a full liquor bar and plenty of seating areas, from tables to couches.

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
183. Patricia F.
My family stays at Loew's Royal Pacific often.  Always great service from valet, front desk, wait staff, etc.  We love the club level - well worth the extra price.  Sometimes we bring our small dog and he gets a royal welcome (dog bowl, treats, etc).    Short walk or boat ride to park entrance.  Jake's is our favorite restaurant.  Cocktails are enjoyed on main floor.  Poolside bar is good as well.  Gym has more than one would expect at a resort.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. Lisa H.
My bestie and I stayed here for two nights prior to a cruise. We chose a Universal Resort hotel because of the fact that we would get early entry into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. We chose this particular hotel because my friend loves Hawaii and polynesian style decor. We booked directly through Universal with a package that gave us park hopping tickets with front of the line passes since we really only had one day at Universal and wanted to maximize our time in the parks.

We arrived somewhat late on a Wednesday evening after flying all day from California. We checked in and were upgraded to a Jr. Suite. We had originally booked a two queen standard, but my best friend and I were not adverse to sharing a King bed, we have done it before. We could have slept someone on the pull out in the living room, but with both of us having back issues, we decided not to chance it. The room itself was spacious and clean with a nice view of all the lush vegitation outside. The bathroom was a little small, but functional and nice that the sink is outside the toliet/shower area.

We headed downstairs to eat dinner in the lounge, which serves sushi and other asian inspired dishes. The cocktails there were fantastic, but the sushi was only okay. Service was excellent however. Afterwards we decided to walk along the path to Universal CityWalk and stake out everything for the next day. The walk was nice and easy and pretty along the water with lots of plants and flowers. We actually prefered walking over the complementary boats that run during theme park hours. Only because it was faster to walk than take the boats. If we had our kids with us and they were tired at the end of a long day, then we might have appreciated the boats more. When we got back we decided to track down some dessert and went to the American bar/restuarant downstairs. It was okay, everything from service to decor to the food was not as good as the sushi lounge on the lobby level.

After our long day at the Universal Parks, I was not feeling very good and needed to pick up some medication at the nearby Walgreens. I headed out to the front to ask for a taxi and valet called for me, but apparently there was some sort of cab shortage at that moment, so the valet was kind enough to drive me to Walgreens and back. I made sure I left him a generous tip.

On our last morning we decided to have room service breakfast and we called it in and it was delivered just as I was done with my shower. It was pretty good as far as room service food goes. Overall we were happy with our stay here and would stay again if we were spending time at the Universal resort, it is definitely worth it if you want to get into the parks early and get on the rides as quickly as possible.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Will H.
Overall solid resort! Kid friendly environment and beautiful property.

Pool and pool side activities for the kids
Servers at poolside
Nacho platter and Ice cream at poolside!
Receptionists and Check in help- One stop shop for tickets, boarding passes and great help if you had any concerns or needs.
Breakfast Buffet for the kids!
Express passes complimentary with duration of stay!
Location- Water taxi to city walk or 3-4 min pleasant walk.

Room is a bit small as is the bathroom
Fridge and whatever else is in there is locked and stocked full of overpriced goodies that you have to remove to put anything in it.
The black sedan service is pricey-Call a cab to go to I-drive.
Pillows on beds were lumpy-Sounds like a small complaint but they just downright sucked had a headache from day one from them.

I would stay here again -bring my pillow from home but you do feel like your on vacation here!

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
186. Jim H.
Great hotel, amenities, locale, but don't cross the desk staff or they'll retaliate by leaving wake up calls really early in the morning. We had a very long day, and we were trying to pack. My husband called the front desk and they said our packages were there and they'd bring them up. 45 minutes later, they still had not arrived. We were trying to go to bed and were waiting on them. My husband called back, someone else said they weren't logged in yet and we couldn't get them till morning. Was he happy? No, and he could have handled it better. No question. But the retaliation of a 6:00 wake up call was juvenile and ridiculous. So be on your best behavior if you stay here. Soured my entire outlook on the hotel. Will not stay here again.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
187. Justin B.
Been here twice for conferences. Beautiful surroundings--feels like Hawaii.

12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
188. Derick W.
Stayed during a conference.  Lots of kiddie's running around with tired looking parents.  However, you can't beat the nice walk to CityWalk and Universal.  Good sized pool with chairs to spare.  Good little beach to sit quietly outside and read (no swimming so there was never anyone there).  The hotel is very swanky and well used.  Everything was perfect (service, location) but you can tell it gets used a lot.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
189. Bklynzizi P.
What a disappointing stay.  I booked a trip for four of us 2 kids 2 adults to universal. It's a pretty nice looking hotel but you don't get what you pay for in the service or room quality. The valet service was very slow and it took almost 10 minutes to be acknowledged by the staff.  It also costs $27 a day to valet vs $20 to self park.  

The room is very small we have two queens but they're the size of a double bed.  The room is really small and we had barely enough room to fit 5 pieces of luggage.  

They don't have refrigerators in the room and if you want one you have to pay $15 a day for it.  They have a mini bar that requires a key.  So you can't refrigerate your beverages or food if you need to.  Their ice maker ran out of ice ( that's the first time I've ever experienced that in a hotel.

After staying at the Beach Villas at Disney I expected a better level of room and service for the $300 plus I spent a night.  

It's only worth staying here for the free express pass because with the cost of 4 express passes for 2 days it's worth it.  

However, as a side note regarding the express pass the popular rides like minions still had a 45 minute with the pass.  I'm not sure why they just don't do it the Disney way? Why wait 45 minutes on line when I can get an appointment time.

I probably won't come to Universal or any of these hotels again.  I'll just stay at Disney for a longer time.  

I say if you're curious you should try it once maybe you'll have a better experience.

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
190. Kyle W.
I have stayed at Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando twice in the last 13 years. The most recent trip was with my Wife and I in November 2014. We decided to stay here because we wanted the unlimited express passes for the parks and it was the cheapest of the on-site luxury hotels. Come to find out we didn't really need the express passes as the winter crowds are not terrible at all. I was actually able to save about $100 on the total price of 2 nights booking the hotel through Orbitz; they were running a 20% discount at the time and Royal Pacific was one of the hotels that the discount worked on.

We stayed in Tower 2 on the 7th floor and our room was facing the entrance to the hotel. As we picked the cheapest price possible on the room I wasn't expecting much of a view. The room itself was very clean and easily accommodated my wife and I. However, there wasn't really any room to place our suitcases where we would have easy access to them (unless we wanted to put them on the floor). We ended up using the big chair in the corner to lay out our things on. The TV provided was a large flat screen, but it didn't see much use. The room was nothing extraordinary, but that was fine by us as the only time we spent here was to sleep at night. The bed was a very comfortable king size and neither of us had any complaints.

The hotel provides numerous places to dine, however, we did not indulge as we ate all of our meals in the park or at CitiWalk. We did get plenty of use out of the pool and bar area. The pool is very large and has a big play area for kids complete with water hoses and different things to play on. They even had movies play at night while we were there for kids. They would project the movie on a big white screen that you could watch from the deck or water. There were two hot tubs, however, one was not in operation while we were there; so at night the one remaining got pretty crowded as it only fit about 8 people. The poolside bar stayed open until the pool closed and provided drinks and food. The cheapest drinks were domestic beers at about $7.50 each. They had advertisements around the pool area that drinks on tap were only a couple of bucks during happy hour. Unfortunately, when we tried ordering them we were told that the taps were down.

As a partner with Universal Orlando, guests at the hotel are allowed in one of that parks an hour early before the general public. All you have to do is show your room key. The hotel also provides transportation to the park in the form of a water taxi, which we though was very cool, especially after a long day in the parks. If you don't want to take the taxi, there are foot paths available and it only takes about 10 minutes to walk to CitiWalk.

All the employees we encountered in the hotel we very friendly from the valet who provided us with leis to the front desk attendant and luggage attendant. A special note about luggage and the express passes. If you are staying 2 nights, you actually 3 days worth of express passes. Your express passes are valid on the day you check out as well. My wife and I arrived very early on our check-in day because we wanted to take advantage of the early park entry. They allowed us to check-in even though our room wasn't ready and they held our luggage for us until we arrived back. During the day in the park, I received a text message with my room number and was told my key had been activated. Upon checkout, we were able to leave our luggage at the hotel again while we ventured out to the parks for the day.

I would definitely recommend Royal Pacific, but only if you plan on taking advantage of the benefits and going to the Universal Theme Parks. If you are willing to spend the money per night, you can't beat this hotel. Doing it over, my wife and I would probably stay at the budget on-site hotel as the crowds didn't warrant the express passes. While it is a little bit of a farther walk, the price per night was almost a third of the price of Royal Pacific and you still are able to get in an hour early. That would've worked for us as we did not spend much time at the hotel.

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
191. Maggie G.
The Loews Royal Pacific resort is beautiful resort, if you are looking for a nice place to stay on the Universal Studios Florida property. However, keep in mind, any place you stay on property, or eat for that matter, is going to be extremely pricey. This is especially true if you visit Universal Studios Florida during peak season...

Loews Royal Pacific Resort is a beautiful hotel that has a sort of Hawaiian, Pacific Island theme. They have several nice restaurants on the property and if those don't suit your taste, then there are several more restaurants just a short (well moderately short) stroll, bike ride, or boat ride away at Universal Studios City Walk. Yes, that is right, you can walk, take a bike ride, or take a short boat ride to Universal Studios Florida City Walk and the theme parks from your hotel! Let me tell you, it is a very beautiful walk to the theme parks. Lots of lush landscape and nice views along the way. Universal Studios City Walk even has a great movie theater, shopping, and several dance clubs, in case the mood strikes you...

The rooms at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort are nothing to right home about. They are nice,Pacific Island themed as well, though nothing especially memorable. If you get a club or concierge floor room you will have access to a room full of drinks and snacks throughout your stay at the resort, though be prepared to pay extra for this luxory. If you are picky about your room, like I am, you might want to consider a room with a view, as I've found that they add to my vacationing experience considerably. The room service is not exceptional, though it is decent. The bedding could use some upgrades, though it is decent as well.

If you are looking for a nice (not fancy) and affordable place to eat, while staying at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, I would like to suggest Jake's American bar. Jake's is a great, casual place to eat, especially if you are on a budget.

11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
192. Jason F.
I stayed here for 5 nights last month while attending a conference in their conference center.  The whole experience of this hotel is simply spectacular with the inside being decorated extremely nice and the massive grounds giving off a great tropical feel.  My coworker and I arrived around 11 AM and both attempted to check into our rooms.  Somehow my coworkers room ended up being ready while mine was not.  The employee offered to store my bags until my room was ready at which point they would send me a message.  I opted to store my bags in my coworkers room until that time which ended up being around 2 hours later.  Seeing how the check in time is supposed to be 4 PM, I was still pretty happy to get into my room a couple of hours early.  I thought that the room itself was really nice with a fairly large bathroom and a good clean look to it.  The only thing that I might change would be my view which consisted of some trees and some water.  It wasn't exactly attractive but then again I wasn't really planning on getting a room with a view so it didn't really matter.

As many others have mentioned there are some perks in staying at this hotel, most notably the free unlimited fast pass with valid park admission.  My coworkers and I ended up using this the day that we checked out and it actually allowed us to do both of the Universal Parks in a single day.  Granted we were there in December between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it was still pretty nice.  The other major perk that I used every night that I stayed there was the free drink in the lounge at the managers reception.  Now you have to be a Loews YouFirst reward member to take advantage of this but I somehow signed up as I was booking my room and didn't even know it.  

The bottom line for me is that I would stay here again in the future.  The  room I had here was pretty nice, the employees friendly and the grounds were pretty amazing.

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Lori R.
We only spent one night, but would have happily spent more.  Having just come from a Disney moderate that was motel-like, it was nice to be in a resort that was an actual hotel.  Yes, it is a bit dated, but it was new to us, and quite nice.

  Now, I will say that we got very lucky with our timing.  We had just missed a major Harry Potter celebration that meant 1,000 sold out rooms.  We were also told that a couple days after us they were sold out again.  Our good timing meant we also got lucky enough to be able to get an early check-in, as long as we didn't mind a first floor room.  We didn't.  And it was just fine.  The friendly guy that checked us in made us feel so welcome.  He was very informative about the resort, and explained how to get our Express passes. He was also kind enough to let us have a late check-out the next day, since our flight was later in the afternoon.

  Bed was nice and comfy (much much better than the Disney moderate). Bathroom was small, but bigger than the one we had just come from.  Also, had a nice little sitting area by the window.  Television was on the small side, but still a flat-screen, and honestly who is hanging in their room watching tv anyway when Universal is a ten minute walk (or short boat ride) away?

 Being off-season we got a pretty good rate for this resort,  $219 with a AAA discount.  Although that's on the high side for this gal who normally does the bidding thing, the Express passes that come with the stay, and the convenience of close proximity to the parks and City Walk made it well worth it.

 We walked to the parks and it was a pleasant and pretty walk.  We took the boat back that night and it was a short and pleasant ride.  We had dinner at Jake's American Grill and in the morning had tea and coffee in the lounge.  Loved that you could get as little as a banana, piece of toast,  or as much as a buffet if you wanted.

  Self-parking was $18.  Of course, we'd rather not pay for parking, but it could have been worse.  On the plus side, the week we were there, Loews hotels had just implemented a free wi-fi policy for all their hotels. You do have to pay extra for high speed if you want it though.

  My only complaint was our stay was too short!

01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
194. Erika E.
Loews is the perfect place to stay for a Universal/Orlando vacation.
I however, have been here a few times over for conventions. The staff is very accommodating and good at handling these large groups.
The business center is efficient and organized with packages and material handling.
The service staff in the pacifica ball room is all business - they are quick folks who take care of a crowd.
The pool and fitness center are both nice too.

I do wish there was a coffee spot by the ballroom and that the hotel offered some food at a little lower price point.

My tip - bring water, snacks and other favorite foods - it's a little expensive to eat here.

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
195. Faye M.
While planning our Orlando trip, I knew I wanted to stay on property because of all of the benefits that come along with it: early park entry, free express passes for most rides, etc. The only thing I couldn't decide was which hotel/resort to stay at: Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, or Portofino Bay...so I did the only sensible thing to do - I wrote the names of each resort on pieces of paper, mixed it up in my cupped hands, and pulled a piece of paper. I ended up with the Royal Pacific Resort, which was the "cheapest" of all three.

Reading the reviews, I was getting nervous because there were some that complained about service and housekeeping. We arrived at about eleven in the morning, greeted with "aloha" and given artificial flower lei. Luckily a room was available for us, which was great, because after almost ten hours on flights to get there, I needed to refresh!

We were in tower three, on the fifth floor - facing the "garden", it was a nice room with enough space for my boyfriend and me. The hotel is nicely laid out with several eating choices (and bars!), a fitness center, arcade, pool, gift shop , beautiful courtyard, and access to the water taxis that take you to the parks. There is also a walking path, which if it was cooler in weather, would have been a nice walk; but we were there when the temperatures were in the high 80s, so we only walked once.

I'm happy with our stay at the Royal Pacific Resort, but feel for the price we paid for three nights, it should have came with at least one free meal a day or the amenities could have been more luxurious.

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
196. Christine P.
We were here for 6 days wrapping around the weekend of the Harry Potter Celebration, and we had two double queen rooms. The rooms had the basics, including comfortable beds, small table and chairs, and a shower and toilet separate from the sink area. It was a bit cramped, but that wasn't a big deal. The rooms were nice and clean, as expected.

I do wish they had better storage near the sink area for toiletries. Instead of a decorative element separating the sink from the sleeping area, I would prefer a solid wall with shelves to get toiletries off the small vanity, and so that sleeping companions are not awakened by an early riser. I also dislike the faucets property-wide, They have odd sprays where the water comes out of many small streams. They splash easily and make it difficult to rinse a toothbrush. In addition, the shower curtain rod in our room was installed too far out, and the curtain barely fit inside the tub. It popped out one day and caused a flood.

We used the free internet, and it's not set up so that you have consistent connectivity throughout the property, as is common elsewhere. It kept dropping me when I moved from room to lobby to restaurant to pool, and I didn't realize that, so I used a lot of data unnecessarily. The ability to connect at all was also pretty spotty.

Finally, this property nickels and dimes you for everything, and it's rather pricey. Refrigerators are provided for a whopping $25/day, (but they have one in the room that is fully stocked with expensive things that most people likely aren't interested in) bottled water is $4 for a small and $7 for large, 20% gratuity and a $3 hotel charge are automatically added to room service checks, despite the level of service. A glass of Mark West Pinot Noir ($9.99 for a bottle at home) was $13!!!

This property is convenient to Universal and Islands of Adventure, and that's why we were there, so the proximity is a definite plus. Just expect to spend an extra $50 - $75 per day per person for food if you plan to eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel. And on that front, stick with the Islands restaurant. We ate at Jakes 4 times, and the service was hit or miss, the food wasn't hot, and lots of mistakes were made. This struck me as odd because I think that both restaurants share a kitchen.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
197. Tiana P.
Checking out today after 6 Wonderful night's. My fam/friends came from Atlanta/CA/Arizona to enjoy a piece of the south Pacific feel here at ROYAL PACIFIC RESORT..  My husband and I stayed here about eleven years ago when it was pretty new and it looks the same.

They are in need of some updating in the rooms but it's far from rundown. We enjoyed every inch of this hotel, the water taxi, the island restaurant, and all the friendly staff we encountered daily. It is a pricey hotel but you get what you pay for and if we didn't Management would have heard about it!!  

We feel the price was right for the comfort we had during our stay. The MINI BAR in the room is a complete RIP OFF if you decide to open anything from it, it could cost you a leg!! We opened a few things but clearly read the price list before snacking on any of it. Self parking is $18 daily Valet parking is $25 daily.

Every single worker on the 6th floor tower 1 that worked the week of 4/4 IS AWESOME!!!  so many names to shout out!! We THANK YOU for always keeping everything cleaned and changed.  We had 9 rooms no one complained of noise or uncomfortable beds and all of us were pleased with the way the hotel stay went.

The beautiful lobby is so lovely I could sit and watch people come and go all day.The pool/lagoon is so nice and relaxing with a cabana style snack bar that serves great food. Royal Pacific is a great romantic, and relaxing resort. Hope you enjoy it if you have the pleasure of staying there.

11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
198. Heidi s.
We were here for a conference - first time at this resort.  The front desk said there were no King beds left - huh?  Isn't this a family place?  I would think the opposite.  We got to our room and knew this wouldn't work.  I called to see if there was any way to move.  Thank goodness Mike answered the call - he made it happen and got us moved to another room ASAP.  He sent the bell men to grab our bags.  Now I refer to him as Magic Mike - great customer service!  What a great memory to share with friends and family that are considering a trip to Orlando.  This place knows customer service!  Thank you Magic Mike!!!  You made our stay 100% better!

28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
199. Eric C.
This is the second time we've stayed here and I must say that I really like this place.  It's very clean and has quite a bit to do around it, such as walking or taking the water taxi to Universal City Walk or the parks.  Playing in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub with family & friends.

They have a wide variety of restaurants, some that are high end and some that aren't as costly.  They even have Emiral's Chop Tchop there and they food looks quite good, but we chose not to eat there due to time constraints.

The best thing about this place is the fact that you get the Express Pass included in the price of the hotel, this saves so much time and creates a much better experience in the parks.

I would definitely stay here again, if going to Universal.  Only down side is that it's not close to other parks in the area.

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
200. Charles D.
Very average for the price.  Valet is a joke. Only good thing is sushi bar.   Bartender is awesome

09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
201. Jeremy K.
This is a tough review for me. Not sure if my hopes were to high or I just expect a lot from a place called a resort. Honestly I would give it 2.5 stars if it was an option.

First off the resort itself and staff. The hotel looks outstanding, is well kept, and the staff is friendly and helpful. This is were it stops for me. The room is no better than your typical Hyatt regency or Holiday Inn resort. It's actually worse than the fore mentioned. The walls are super thin between rooms. Every night and morning we could hear all surrounding rooms taking showers, having conversations (as if it was on our rooms tv) and worst of all them going to the restroom. It felt like I was in an airport bathroom at times.

Next is all the amenities of the resort it self. They are rather vast. The pool is large and well taking care of. A gym is onsite along with several restaurants, an arcade , some small stores and laundry rooms on all floors.

Restaurants there is four total on the grounds. I ate at three of them we skipped the Emeril restaurant on the grounds. They are all standard resort type restaurants. Nothing was horrible or terrific just far over priced for what you get.

The main reason I went with a three star rating and not anything lower is the convenience to the Universal parks.  This is extremely helpful with not having to find parking, adding extra walking to the abundant amount you will already be doing, and being able to send purchases back to your room. The resort is a short 7-10min leisurely stroll to universal city walk which is the main area between the two parks. The walk is pretty with trees glowers and ducks. You could also take the water taxi for no cost to city walk. It's about a 3-5 min boat ride.

Will I stay here again it's hard to say. I'm definitely going to try one of the other resorts before I recommit to the Royal  Pacific. If hallway noise and your neighbors room noises don't bother you then you'll be a ok here.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
202. Gregory S.
My family loves Lowes Royal pacific Resort. We've stayed here twice, my wife and I and two children. The first time we had two rooms, recently we shared one. Both experiences were excellent, so you can save a few dollars if your family can peacefully coexist:-)

The hotel staff is great, the rooms are immaculate, the restaurant and bar, lounge, pool, etc. are also great. The gym is big, lots of equipment. Evenings are really cool if you want to sit poolside and watch a movie on the big screen and chillax; perhaps the kids swim?

Early admission to the park, and the Hogshead and Diagon Alley harry Potter attractions are MUST DO experiences for any fan. So far as the parks, absolutely no complaints, loved them! And if you are a fan of British beers, you won't be disappointed in either Harry Potter village. Even enjoyed the authenticity of the Leaky Cauldron.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
203. Lyndie G.
In love! Extraordinary customer service, beautiful rooms, beautiful pool and all inclusive! This is our new favorite place!!! Food is excellent, but bring some groceries and drinks from home to save in money!!

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
204. Ashley P.
This place sure looks nice.

Looks can be deceiving though. Sure, you're paying high dollar to stay here. It's clean. The staff is generally friendly. Good stuff, yup.

The walls are so thin that you can hear the neighboring room's occupants talking, in the bathroom, watching TV... If they're doing it, you're hearing it.

Housekeeping comes early, I suggest putting your Do Not Disturb sign out.

The water taxi is SUPER convenient and useful. You can have anything you buy in the parks sent back to the hotel, which is also useful.

All in all... i really can't say that this place should get more than 3 stars. There was nothing special or high end about it. Our pillows were flat and uncomfortable, and we didnt get a single good night's sleep out of the 4 nights we stayed.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
205. John G.
Great service, rooms and location. Highly suggest if you plan to attend any of the parks. The boat over to Universal runs often.
The staff is courteous and very helpful. Parking is reasonable and the on site restaurants are plentiful and not overpriced.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
206. Emmy L.
I am not impressed at all with this hotel.

The reasons:

The walls of this hotel are paper thin. It's 7am and I can hear the entire conversation that the couple in the connecting structured room are saying (at normal volume) it is so distracting and awful coming from west coast time change.

The mini bar - completely devoid of snacks minus 4 lame options. Other hotel groups are significantly better

No q-tips, cotton balls or other basic bathroom items. There is good shampoo though

Dirty pool area. So many plastic cups and pieces of paper

Overall cheesy and dingy decor. Nothing is modern

Then again this is Universal. What was I expecting? This might be the cream of the crop.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
207. Frank D.
Really did not like most the experience and this may be my lowest rating since using Yelp!.

The good:
-Pretty property
-Huge pool
-Awesome walk to the city walk area of Universal Studios park
-When the door to the room closed automatically, it latched without making a huge noise and disrupt everyone in the other rooms.
- Most of the staff, front desk, concierges, girl at the sushi bar was above average

The bad:
- Breakfast buffet costing $60 for two people, and we had to deal with people dressed as Homer, what appeared to be Woody Woodpecker, and some other thing.  Why are they coming up to my table?  I'm an adult without kids.
- Two consecutive days with the "please clean room" sign and we had to call the front desk twice.  The first day, the lady knocked and opened the door.  We said give us 2 minutes and we are out.  She was standing in the hallway beside the door when we left and said Thanks, go a head we are headed for the pool.  We came back 4 hours later and the room wasn't touched.  We showered changed clothes and left for dinner - returned 2 hours later and nothing.  
- Pool area staff "cleaned" chairs by throwing towels into the bush beside the chairs instead of taking them back to be washed.  I stacked 8 empty cups, with napkins and lips and placed them beside the empty chair on the deck, because the guy that "cleaned" the towels, didn't take the empty cups.  Then I watched the same 3 guys serving drinks walk past the cups at minimum of 4 times each.  It was almost 60 minutes before someone stopped to pick up the cups.
- Ridiculous prices on everything
- Every time someone turned water on in another room you could hear it.  And the tile in the bathroom was installed the same year the Brady Bunch aired for the first time.

12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
208. Jeff C.
I've stayed at all three of the resorts on property at Universal Studios. This is our 2nd favorite hotel there (our favorite is Hard Rock Hotel). I do have to say that this hotel still gets an "excellent" rating from me because Loews Hotels rarely disappoint on any level.

The lobby of the hotel is great. Very pacific asian and in the middle of the lobby is a wonderful tranquil water garden enclosed that has a lilly pond, elephants blowing water in the pond...it's really a nice touch to the lobby. Valet is always easy, however the self parking here is pretty quick to get to. If you don't want to Valet, then just drive up, drop your stuff to a bellman and go park the car.

The Royal Pacific is a nicer version of the Disney Polynesian Hotel. It's newer, more opulent and has much better amenities. The rooms here are nice. Decent size and nicely appointed. I've stayed in the king suite and it's my favorite. This visit was a quick 2 night stay without our kids, so we just took a regular hotel room overlooking the pool.

The hotel has an Emiril's restaurant called the CHOP CHOP (or something like that) it's fantastic, but expensive as you'd expect from one of these top shelf eating establishment. This nice part is that since it's at the hotel and on Universal Studios Property, but also this allows you to dress much more casual than you'd plan to go to a restaurant of this caliber. They do have a little shop where you can buy needed items and a very nice boutique where you can buy Tommy Bahama clothes, stylish ladies pool wear and other assorted "nice" items. I did find a pair of flip flops that were only about $20, but there were Reef brand and I still use them today.

The pool is really what makes the resort. Both Hard Rock & Royal Pacific have great pools and it's a toss up to which is better. I like the sand at Hard Rock, however the water play area for kids is top notch at Royal Pacific. They both have virtually the same poolside menu. I love the chicken nachos and get them every time we go there. They are fantastic!

Ok...finally the biggest perk for staying at Lowes on Universal Property? Your room key allows you ONE HOUR early to Harry Potter AND skip the line at every ride at Universal & Islands of Adventure. You can buy fast pass tickets when you enter the park, but they vary from about $50+ per person! You put a couple people in your Royal Pacific room and it literally just paid for itself.

If you're going exclusively to Universal, I highly suggest this or the Hard Rock Hotel....I really don't like Portofino Bay at all. Its the most expenisve and worst hotel of them all. Whatever you do...DO NOT TAKE KIDS HERE. Portofino is Horrible. Just take my advice and stay at the other two. They are far far better hotels.

Overall....a great stay for families, couples and even flying solo. Lots to do, see and meet. Oh lastly, the breakfast buffet is a little expensive, but it's really good and even has a kids buffet.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0