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Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas, Lake Buena Vista/Orlando in Orlando, FL

Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas, Lake Buena Vista/Orlando in Orlando, FL


The lush, tropical, park-like setting of Sheraton Vistana Resort, with its sparkling fountains and world-class amenities offers you the perfect setting to bring truly unforgettable vacations to the entire family.

Each villa features Sheraton amenities and special touches, like bathrooms with whirlpool tubs and screened-in patios or balconies. And to complete the picture, your choice of three villa types allows you to create the perfect fit for your family.

The Orlando area offers non-stop fun with more world-class family attractions than anyplace else on earth. In addition to the thrills of theme parks, you'll also find exceptional golf and world-famous beaches within easy driving distance.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.62

Address: 8800 Vistana Centre Dr, Orlando, FL, 32821

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    Comments (108):

    1. Kimberly N.
    Love the 7 pools and spacious grounds with tennis and plenty of kids activities.  On the down side - I can't believe a resort of this caliber would not provide shampoo, lotion or conditioner. Not a big deal if they let us know so we could pack them but they did not. Also, they provide BBQ's on location but don't tell you they are not propane so coals and lighter fluid are up to you. Again, not a huge deal but let guests know so they can bring or supply the items they need. Wif-Fi was free provided that you go through a lenghthy check-in process every day. One last other irritant - we ran out of garbage bags and called 6 times for more but none ever came. Other then poor customer service the resort is beautiful and the kitchen allowed us to make some great meals.It was nice to have the shuttle to Disney World and discounted tickets. We were asked but  I would not buy here as a time share based on the customer service - so they may want to consider working on that if they want to convert  first time visitors into time shares owners.

    12/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Joyce A.
    Aha!  Finally a timeshare experience that was truly wonderful.  This is the way a vacation should be- great location, amenities and suite- complete with kingsize super bed, two person whirlpool tub and separate toilet and shower. We also had a fully equipped kitchen, living room with dining area and a separate lanie overlooking a lake-great view. All the people that work for this resort are definitely trying very hard to make your stay a wonderful one- we had great service everywhere- the pool (the one we went to was like 5 pools plus a waterfall- I am easily entertained....)and the exercise facility had the treadmill that I prefer. If you are going to Orlando- this is definitely a great place to go.

    10/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. reviewer J.
    Absolutely fabulous timeshare experience !!

    Wonderful suite - with very very nice decor. Elegant bedrooms with VERY comfortable beds.Very nice kitchen,dining,living room - nicely equipped and pantry thoughtfully stocked up. And covered balcony with awesome lake view... amaaaazing !
    Giving it 5 stars inspite of the grumpy housekeeping person. :-)

    22/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. L C.
    The resort was beautiful and our 2 br villa was brand new, large, beautifully appointed.  Looked like a professional interior designer was hired!  Granite counter tops, merchandise mart quality furniture, amazingly comfy beds, fluffy towels and even a washer and dryer in the villa!

    The property was very clean and lush.  Pools were beautiful although the pools were a bit cold and the hot tubs were too hot to even sit in (and I like them HOT at 104...i'd say these were 105 or 106.

    Another great thing is that most extra things on the property were not at such inflated prices that you felt you were being taken advantage of.  I had to buy a pool toy for my kids and it was only $3 more than what I paid at Target.

    Despite other reviews of timeshare sales persons hounding them, we did not experience that at all.  They did call our room every morning at 7:45 but we had read other reviews on other sites so we unplugged our phone from the wall.  Other than that, no pesky sales pitches at all.

    There were 7 pools on the property so when we got bored at one, we'd go exploring to another!  Nice that the large pools are open until 1:00 am!  We were able to take a refreshing dip after being out late at them parks or wherever.

    The only downfall to this property is that the children's programs were pretty lame.  The "tie dye" guy showed up 30 minutes late and took 15 minutes to set up.  After all that, he proceeded to tell us that he was out of all children's sized t-shirts.  since my 7 and 8 year old were too small for adult sized t-shirts (at $10 a pop) we left with 2 very disappointed kids.  

    There also aren't any fun pool attractions.  One very small pool slide for little little kids so my 16 year was bored very quickly on the property.  They hired an outside contractor to come with a blow-up "rip slide" which was surprisingly fun for the kids (even the 16 year old) but VERY pricey ($2 per slide or $10 per hour or $60 per week....per child!!!).  

    The only onsite restaurant, Zimmies, is pretty awful food and prices but that's not really important to us since downtown Disney and many other great restaurants are nearby.  Just would be nice to have an onsite restaurant for those days we wanted to stay on the property.

    Other than that, great property, clean, nice people and great value!!

    16/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Sherrie D.
    This was our third or fourth time staying here!  It's always a very wonderful experience!  This is by far one of, if not the best resorts we have had the pleasure of staying at!  The resort itself offers an array of activities and amenities, and there are soooo many things to do in the area.  Disney is a skip and a hop away!

    22/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. D. I.
    Great location, friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere.  I loved how comfortable our beds were and the cleanliness of our room.

    31/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Shawntae T.
    My husband and I decided to upgrade on our honeymoon because we were not fond of the hotel that came with our vacation packet. What an perfectupgrade!! The staff was so sweet and very happy for us since we just got married.  There ae 7 pools at this resort all with pool side bars. All of which were very well taken care of. We even went grocery shopping at the on-site market. Our villa was very modern, spacious, jacuzzi tub was a good size and in perfect view of the tv. It was also in very close distance to Disney World and City Walk. It was exactly what we needed to top off our perfect honeymoon

    03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Matthew S.
    Beautiful Well Maintained Property with an abundence of activites and happenings.  The Rooms have recently been refurbished and I have to say the interior designers earned their money.  A Vacation spot for anyone from couples, families with kids, or empty nesters.

    I always enjoy my stay at the Vistana

    07/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. mama c.
    Chose this hotel through a Costco vacation package. It was my family's first time visiting Orlando. We spent 5 weeknights here. The check in was rather quick since we arrived late evening on a Sunday. During check in they were pushy about us going to a "complimentary breakfast" which I knew meant they would try to sucker us into buying timeshares. We politely said NO THANKS!  We had a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom hotel room. And it was beautiful. Full kitchen, stackable washer and dryer, dining table, jet tub.  No complaints there. The pools were also great for my 5 and 7 year old. The reason I gave it only three stars is for two reasons. One, their food court sucks! It's three fast food restaurants with only one kitchen. The food tastes like its been sitting there for a few hours. Also as I was waiting for my food, the cashier was stuffing her face at the counter (gross). Second, the shuttle to the Disney parks was a total disaster!!! They only have two departure times and pick up times for each park. Well the first day there we took a shuttle and not only is the shuttle for the Sheraton but for other local hotels. So the shuttle is jam packed with people standing and hovering over you. When we were ready to leave the park to catch the shuttle,  a crazy thunderstorm came through. We had to walk across an uncovered parking lot (about 1/4 mile) to get to the shuttle. The driver was late and as we ran to the shuttle half of my family was still trying to catch up when the driver began to drive away!!! WTF!!!! I was luckily in the shuttle and had to yell at him to stop! Even the other passengers were yelling at him because he had no patience. At this time the shuttle was full, but wait! There were about 30 other people waiting at another park in the rain for this same shuttle. He was very close to leaving them there because there was no room, but because there were children he took them all(which I totally understood). But now this shuttle is a bad disaster waiting to happen. There must have been about 80 plus people on a maybe 40 passenger shuttle. I prayed all the way to the hotel. I don't understand how they can miscalculate the number of shuttles needed to accommodate all of the passengers in a safe way! Needless to say we drove our rental and chose to pay for parking the next four days. I didn't want to put my kids in that death trap! Another thing, after housekeeping leaves, another staff member comes in to check the room mid afternoon,so don't be caught with your pants down like I was. If your in your room in the mid afternoon make sure your privacy sign is up if you need your "privacy".

    28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. James D.
    Although the room was nice, the facility itself was not very close to the attractions. The places to eat inside the area were nothing short of providing instant coronary disease.
    The pool was way to warm.

    When we checked in, we waited nearly 30 minutes before someone came back from their break to provide us a key for our room.

    The staff that cleaned the room was okay, but we had to supply our own soap and shampoo after the first day. They never replenished what was used and they never cleaned the bathrooms.

    The big deal was when we left, I had forgotten my laptop on the table next to the TV. We last entered the room at 10:14 am. The next person in the room was a maintenance guy at 10:41 am. When we checked into the next hotel, we noticed that our laptop was missing and I left a message with their afterhours lost and found.

    Several phone calls later and 2 days, they said that there was nothing in the room. Of course nothing is in the room, because the guy that was in there at 10:41 took it! How do I know that he was in there, because their security manager gave me the run down on the activity of that room key after we checked out and ONLY he was in there that day. The next day, the security supervisor went into the room at 8:31am to look for the laptop and it was not there then. So either the security supervisor took it or the engineer at 10:41 took it.

    The corporate office basically said to bad so sad bye, bye. The take no responsibility for lost merchandise that is not placed in a safe. Really? How to place a 15" laptop in an 8" safe?

    I will not only never go to this Sheraton again, but I will never go to any Sheraton again because of their corporate response!

    Buyer beware! Orlando has 2 major sources of income, the tourists that spend their hard earned money at the amusement parks and the tourists that are held up in the parking lots or have the belongings stolen while their families are at the amusement parks!

    03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Cory P.
    This was our first stay in Orlando off Disney Property and we'll never stay anywhere else again!  Check in was prompt and our room was huge.  We had a two bedroom condo, 2 huge bathrooms including a jacuzzi tub, a full kitchen, a large dining table and living room.  Their was a DVD player for the kids and a very large screened in patio.  We were within walking distance to 3 differnt pools, fitness centers, restaurants and grocery.  The pools were fabulous with kiddie pools, water slides and hot tubs.  Their was also a mini-golf course and a park for the children.  The resort grounds were beautiful and most importantly, clean.  Some units are renovated and some are not so if you prefer granite countertops make sure you request a renovated unit.

    29/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Jason K.
    Good family resort in the heart of Orlando, Florida.

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Matt L.
    Quite possibly the worst...and most disappointing...hotel experience of my life, and I'm a guy who's stayed in more than one trucker hotel and is a frequent Motel 6 customer.  My girlfriend and I went to spend her birthday weekend at Disney, and I can honestly say that if it weren't for the great experience at the Disney parks, her birthday would have been a complete bust.  This is my best effort at briefly summarizing the problems I had with my stay:

    1. Villa was not as advertised.  While it was a nice villa, the villa was advertised to come with a hot tub, in the room, for two people.  What we got was a deep bath with some jets in it...it was great, but it just wasn't as advertised.  But that's not really the problem.

    2. Staff could not accommodate our request to check in early.  We arrived early (around 8 in the morning) after a red-eye flight, a ride on a local city bus (the Orlando transit system gets one star, as well) and a nearly 2-mile walk in the Florida swamp weather to the hotel.  It doesn't bother me that they couldn't accommodate us, it bothers me that they didn't even seem to want to try, they didn't even ask the housekeeping staff if a room was ready until nearly 5 hours after we arrived (1 PM).  We had hoped to take a nap in our room, instead we nodded in and out of sleep in 100-degree heat next to the pool.

    3.  Housekeeping was subpar.  The second night we were there, we returned from the parks (after a 45 minute bus ride because the hotel shuttle bus driver didn't know where she was going, missed her exit, and had to return TO the park and try again) late and went to use our fancy bathtub, only to find a used, dirty sponge sitting in the tub.  I called the front desk to let them know on the advice of some friends that work in the hotel industry here in LA, and was given the run around before finally leaving my complaint with someone who claimed she was "in charge" overnight.  The next morning, at six AM, I was awakened by an automated wake-up call...one that I had not requested, as I had every intention of sleeping in that morning.  We spent the day enjoying the pool, which I'll admit was the only positive part of the experience, and returned to our room that afternoon to find it had not been cleaned.  I called housekeeping in order to get some fresh towels, which were delivered promptly.  A few minutes later, a woman whose nametag identified her as the housekeeping manager showed up and asked if the room had been cleaned, to which I replied in the negative.  Mind you, by this time, it was after 6PM.  The room DID NOT GET CLEANED that day, at all.  

    4. After all this, I contacted an actual manager, and discussed with her all the issues we experienced.  She offered me a late check-out, which I told her would not work for us, as our plane left at 6:30 in the morning on our day of check-out.  She made no effort to offer anything else to make up for the piss-poor service and experience.

    5. The morning of checkout, we went to the front desk and checked out.  I was given a receipt for room + incidentals that seemed a bit light...so I studied it.  In reviewing the receipt, I saw that one night's stay was $0.00, which made me think that the management had done the right thing and comped us for one night.  I asked the young lady at the front desk if this was the final total, and even pointed out to her that the room had been free for the previous night, and she confirmed that this was my final total.  I rode back to the Orlando airport feeling much better about the management of the Sheraton Vistana.  Upon my return to LA, I reviewed my account online and saw that the Sheraton Vistana hotel had, AFTER THE FACT not only CHARGED ME FOR THE FINAL NIGHT, which was disconcerting enough, but had CHARGED MY CARD ANOTHER $50 HOLD FOR INCIDENTALS!!!!!  And when I called to see what was going on, I basically got told the customer service version of "oh well, sucks for you."

    6.  My girlfriend emailed the general manager of the hotel after all these issues and itemized the issues we had there.  In his reply, he offered to give her 2,000 Starwood Points.  We DID recieve the points after about a month and applied them towards a SUBSTANTIAL discount on a prime Sheraton location in New York City.  So thank you, Sheraton Vistana, for helping me stay in Times Square for 180 a night!

    In summary, I must say that this resort, while filled with great promise, fails as a hotel.  Stick with the Timeshare business.

    09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Jennifer I.
    2 bedrooms, 3rd/top floor with skylight. Cozy, big & newly refurbished with jacuzzi, 2 baths, full kitchen & laundry facilities, balcony & private staircase to the trail facing the pond.  
    near eateries. dunkin donut, kfc & a&w conveniently located on-site for non cooks.
    however, I'm not into paranormal. 2nd nite, I left the light in bathroom in the master bedroom on & sat reading a magazine. it was past midnight. & it was raining with wind and all outside. Anyway, I heard a click- the light in the bathroom went off & less than a second later the reading light above where I sat (on the bed) came on.,, s-c-a-r-e-d? Well yeah!!!!
    Im a professional even at instances like this I exercise prudence, patience & man, I was scared...
    whatever holy words I can recite internally, I did just that...
    several minutes later, seemed like ages with eyes wide opened, head not bobbing anywhere but to the door in case I need to dart out immediately from the bedroom to the living room & out the main door. Yes, i mapped out my exit route mentally.
    ok, I got up somehow,  20 minutes later to check out the bathroom & reading light switches. Okay... this is even more weird- the switch to bathroom light was down- that means off & the reading light was up- that means on.
    Whatever happen that night (I still have 2 more nights to go in that hotel room) is just unexplainable but the next 2 nites nothing happened.
    My conclusion- a friendly "resident" didn't want to waste the energy in the bathroom & decided to turn on the reading light cos I was reading... well, thank you. nor did I finish reading favorite magazine, I stayed up till 4am until my eyes couldn't handle it anymore. I dozed off & woke up intact...
    creepy..... would I go to this hotel again- yes. The same room- no but pay me a million- i might reconsider.
    this may seemed far fetched, a sensational review but something like this is nothing to joke about... why 5 stars? the room & hotel staff didn't give me crap, 1 star to the "resident" for making me scared!

    25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Tom J.
    Was here for a week with the family to visit Orlando for the first time. We are part of the timeshare family of Westin and this was the third property we've been to after Maui and Cancun. The first thing I want to say is that this is not a Westin. If you're looking for the luxury and the comfort you have at the Westins in Maui and Cancun, you're going to very disappointed. No laundry detergent provided, no shampoo and conditioners, no maid service and you have to haul down your own trash since they don't pick it up. However, if you're looking for a place that is clean and you just need it to sleep at night after spending all day at the park, you're in luck, because it serves that well.

    While there were limited amenities, the staff is very well trained and friendly.

    The biggest negative of the experience was the timeshare presentation. By far the shadiest of any I've ever been to. They say it will be 60 minutes, but it was closer to three hours and we had to endure three different people. To make a long story short, there was a point where we were interested but wanted to think about it. The guy asked how long, and I said "30 days." He then said why don't you put down a $99 deposit so we can hold the price. After reading the fine print, I realized it was to put down a promise to come back within 12 months to this place for one week for $1650 and endure another sales presentation. Thanks but no thanks.

    02/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Kathy k.
    I loved this place we went here in may it was so nice, clean, all your amenities are close by no need to drive there's rester aunts right in the Disney resort, the rooms were very clean and free wi fi in the rooms, no charges it was a great stay I love Florida !!!

    29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Ramon W.
    I love this place!!!!!!     Stayed in a 2 bedroom villa and always request the jacuzzi in the master bedroom. About 5 mins from a Publix and 3 mins from Orlando Premium Outlets around 20 mins from Disney. If you every get tired of Disney and you want to stay in....not to worry this place has 7 pools, a miniature golf course, a fast food restuarant, 3 bars, a supermarket and loads of bar and grills!

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Tom G.
    Stayed in a two room suite. Made use of the big tub in the master bath. Two tall people can fit in it. Nice screened in balcony. Three huge TV's. Complete kitchen, top notch internet. You feel fairly secure thanks to gated security. They have a grocery store and pools with hot tubs right in the compound of condo suites. I think we will come back again and plan a whole vacation with this as our base of operations.

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Dr B.
    Good - close to Universal and Disney parks; has kitchen, washer/dryer; staff was courteous. clean, neat, beds were comfortable, grounds were nice.

    Bad - took 1-1/2 hours to wait in line to get completely checked in (most places are 15 minutes tops).  Hard sell to each and every visitor about buying their time-share plan.  Put into an older (unremodeled) unit - strange smells, all the doors creaked, walls were scraped up.  Obvious smells and noise from remodeling construction - chemical odor coming from one condo unit drifted over the pool and make most of us ill.  WiFi was only fast enough to check email or facebook, no way were we going to watch any Netflix streaming movies on it.

    05/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Oj C.
    Wonderful property, we have stayed here many times considering it to be our home away from home. Really close to WDW. Great staff, beautiful amenities, villas are beautiful inside, spacious and fully stocked. My family loves this property!

    26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Kayla S.
    I did not stay here but I took photos for a family here - the resort is beautiful, quiet, and serene. I did see the inside of two villas and they were so clean and nice. Of course, I did not sleep there or deal with any staff members, but I would definitely recommend anyone to give this property a try on their vacation due to the impressions I have of it!

    23/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Susan C.
    I was planning to book a 2 bedroom unit through my timeshare exchange and looked into a resort with complimentary shuttle service to Disney World, which is where we plan to spend the bulk of our 7 days. After days of research, I came across this resort with possible complimentary shuttle from different online reviews. As a SPG member, I was quite familiar and impressed previously with the quality of SPG brand hotel/resort.  I personally called the resort to verify whether shuttle was complimentary and was told that they provide complimentary shuttle to Disney World. So I made a reservation at this resort. A month prior to my reservation, I received a welcome email from one of the resort coordinator so I emailed her for a schedule of the shuttle. The return email stated that a shuttle was available but it was not complimentary and rather for a fee. I immediately called the resort to find out and was told of the same thing but the supervisor stated that she would see if there is anything she can do to help me out. She also told me that I should have mention that I was an exchanger so that they could have given me correct information. I was naive to think that guests are guests but apparently at this resort, there is a different level of guests. I felt like a second rate "guest" despite all the money I paid into my vacation ownership.
    After talking to 4 different guest service supervisors and getting nowhere without a response, I was furious. I could have booked another resort closer,  book with one that had complimentary shuttle or made other arrangements but it was too late to cancel this reservation without any financial repercussion. I was so angry and was finally transferred to the voice mail of the resort manager who returned my voicemail immediately the following day. I was disappointed that was how potential guests were treated.
    So when I arrived at the resort and stepped into the lobby, check- in was effortless but still had some trouble with the shuttle issue despite being told otherwise. When we got into our unit, a knock in the door soon followed and we received a gift basket with our shuttle pass. After all the disappointment with guest service, they did make up part of that disappointment.
    Now with the unit: Initially upon walking into the room, I was impressed with the modern upgrade with granite counter top and nice flat screen tv's. The beds were nice and comfortable as Sheratons are well known for the heavenly beds. But the longer I stayed in the unit, especially the kitchen area, the more disappointed I was with the outdated appliances, lack of amenities (coffee, tea, salt, pepper, dish scrub) and serveware. The unit had a good facade but not practical when you actually need to use for short term living.  There was water leakage into the refrigerator compartment and dishwasher did not drain or dry properly. I made a call late at night to the guest service for a repair of those malfunctioning appliances the next day as we would be out all day in Disney World but when we returned, nothing was done...there were still water in the refrigerator compartment and dishes were still wet. The pools at this resort were just the standard pool that you would see at any hotel, no wow factor.

    I went to the Starwood Ownership presentation which was a little over 90 mins, but they were very persistently on getting you to own a piece of their ownership or at least buy SPG points.

    01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. W W.
    Well, now I understand why Everyone suggests getting the top floor in this place. Because the floors/ceilings are paper thin, that you can hear every step, every run, every flush, every chair move, that the people above you are doing. We all felt like we were living with our upstairs neighbors in our own unit. It was ridiculous. Paid all that money and couldn't even sleep, with all the noise. I actually requested a top floor at first, but problem: if you have somebody sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room, they won't be able to sleep there, because every living room in this hotel has skylights on the top floor. So, unless you enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn, having the sun streaming into your bed, then you will not be able to have anyone sleep in the living room. Had I known this, I wouldn't have booked with this hotel. So, basically, it was a horrible week of no rest, because the people above us were so noisy, and security couldn't do anything about it. They told them politely, but it didn't help.
    There were many more cons as well. It's all relative. If you are used to the Holiday Inn, this is one step up, if you are used to the Hilton, this hotel is 5 steps down. I've been to both.
    -Our hotel room was not very clean, found clipped finger nails on the side of the couch, mirror was very dusty,  blow dryer was so greasy (why would a blow dryer be greasy? - eww).
    -The Quality of their products was very low. Toilet paper and Paper towels were paper thin.
    -Ordered from their Upscale Restaurant - Zimmies - food was similar to Wendy's. Nothing special or upscale about it.
    -Front desk Customer Service was not useful at all, especially with noisy neighbors.

    -About the only thing it has going for it is that the rooms are pretty, and nicely decorated, the pool is nice and there is security to enter hotel, that's about it.

    Definitely would not recommend it.

    11/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Sanketh A.
    We were a family of six and this place was just perfect accomodating all of us in one villa 2 Br 2 Bathroom. We were quite comfortable overall with the villa and they had all the required amenities. The property overall was very huge and has 7 pools, some of them open as late as 1am... this was good for us after a long day at the park. The only problem we had was with the check in and checkout timings... Checkin at 4pm and Checkout at 10am.... we had reached around 10:30am to the hotel after a long red eye flight and hoping to get an early checkin. Called in 3 days before stating the same. However, they just didn't accomodate us until later in the day i.e. 3pm. This was quite frustrating for us as we had to simply wait until they call us. same with the check out... they were not willing to accomodate late checkin even if you were ready to pay.

    Although hotel was a 4 star in rooms and facilities, the front desk was not very accomodating in understanding travellers, which is why I am giving them a 3 star rating.

    30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Elizabeth Q.
    This is not a hotel however they do have housekeeping. For a standard villa, it's really nice, clean and quiet area. Kitchenette with all equipment, living room/dining area, good size bath and a decent size bedroom. Family environment. Not crowded at all. Very nice and polite staff. There is always a security guard on duty to check in cars before getting inside. Great place to take strolls around their lakes and pools. Huge game room. Close to supermarket,  all Disney and Universal attractions (need to drive), etc. Nothing here is walking distance.

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. John S.
    Absolutely a cut above the rest. First time at a friends condo here.. Great staff accommodations and good food and drinks. Would certainly return. Must see Treasures Tavern for good food and laughs.. Thanks Sheraton.

    03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Todd B.
    Hey everyone this Sheraton location is simply Beautiful and Luxurious! I took my wife here for our 1year anniversary for a week and went to Universal and Disneyworld they are about 15 mins away from each and provided a van to drive us to and from the parks. When we arrived at our room it was beautiful only problem is we were told it would have a large bathtub but our room had a shower we called the front desk to tell them this and they were very professional and apologetic and gave us a massive upgrade to a huge 1bd plus a living room and dining room and ... A bathtub. This location is simply beautiful and is well worth every cent! I highly recommend Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas to anyone that goes to Orlando for vacation!

    06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Karen S.
    Actually, everything about the property, from check in; the WOW- factor & location of the room; the accomodating staff; amenities on the grounds & the close proximity of the location to everything we needed/wanted to do, the Sheraton Vistana EXCEEDED our expectations.

    My daughter had to come to Orlando to check in for a semester long internship at Disney. We wanted to be as close as possible. Who knew that we would literally be a stone's throw away.

    On the day we arrived at SVR, there was a Farmer's Market (on Tuesday's 4-8) right outside our villa. We were able to walk around, enjoy some arts & crafts, tasty Kettle Corn & other treats as well as a yummy variety of Florida Oranges, Grapefruits, & Veggies. There was great music. Everyone was so happy & friendly.

    I appreciated the proximity of SVR to not only Disney & other attractions, but, it was accessible to two major freeways, shopping areas, restaurants, etc.

    I will definitely be back. And, hopefully at that time I can stay longer to take full advantage of the resort's offerings.

    16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Ally D.
    Will not be staying here again. While the grounds themselves are beautiful and the amenities seemed great when we first checked in, experiencing them proved that nothing is as good as it seems. The resort is HUGE and essentially requires the use of their resort transportation. Getting the shuttles on time is spotty, as sometimes they will be within minutes of you calling, other times it'll take 10-15 minutes to even get through to call for one, let alone waiting for one.

    We stayed here on a week trip to Disney World. I'm from California and a frequent visitor to Disneyland and the surrounding hotels, whose transportation to and from the parks are impeccable. I was expecting similar service here but it did not even come close. Although this hotel is considered a WDW good neighbor hotel it does not even work with Disney for resort transportation and instead hires a separate company. The shuttles are on a schedule that is pretty unappealing to anyone who wakes up late or wants to leave early. We didn't realize that the shuttles were on a timed schedule, being used to continuous resort transportation in DL, and the front desk seemed extremely eager to tell us what time each of the pools closed, but not what time we'd have to be up to get to the main attraction we had checked in for.

    As for the room itself, our first night, the resort's engineer was in our room for an hour fixing our TV, microwave, and lamp.

    I've stayed in much better resorts, even Sheraton resorts, and the fact that walking around the resort is basically out of the question, I felt confined by time, something you should not feel on a vacation. I will definitely not be staying here again, nor will I recommend this to any of my friends and subject them to this.

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Ocean S.
    Parts of our time here were 4 star and other parts were 2 star. The staff has been wonderful. The unit is clean and nicely decorated. However, there are some design flaws. The walls are thin. Several times this trip our noisy upstairs neighbors have woken us up either late at night or early in the morning.

    Other issues:
    - The beds are not comfortable. If you are used to the "heavenly" beds in most higher end Sheratons and Westins, you will be disappointed with the beds here.
    - The A/C does not go below 68, which on some humid days did not make for a comfortable temperature. It  gets cold in the living room and still warm in the  master bedroom. Wish they had ceiling fans in the bedrooms!
    - The phones have a blinking light when messages are left and it is very annoying when you are trying to sleep. This morning not only did it have the annoying red blinking going on, but also made a  beeping noise sometime around 6:30 A.M. Not a fun way to wake up, especially when they are trying to invite you to a timeshare presentation (AGAIN).
    - We hear people walking by and talking and laughing the hallway in the front bedroom at all hours.
    - Constant ground upkeep. If you want an afternoon nap to make up for the fact you were woken up by noisy neighbors, you have to sleep in between construction, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc.

    The Pros:
    Nicely decorated
    Fiesta dishes
    Bath tub in master
    Staff is nice
    Very secure parking
    Nice screened in porch

    26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Heather C.
    Room was extremely clean!! I didn't like the hidden resort fee of $17. If I know that was added on I would have found another place

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Krist W.
    We had a great one bedroom at Sheraton Vistana.  It was newly renovated and perfect for our family of four.  We got checked in quickly and had easy access to restaurants and to all of the Disney world parks.  Great spot to stay.

    28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Ed B.
    Stayed there twice on timeshare very modern and clean I will stay there every time im in Orlando and it is very close to the Disney parks if u dont have a rentel a cab ride doesnt cost a lot to get there.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. EricaLynn J.
    This truly goes above and beyond what a timeshare resort normally does.  Lavish grounds don't even touch the surface of how beautiful everything is.  It's as if you are staying in a luxury condo, with all the amenities and appliances.  And you are just down the block from all the Disney madness - which is super close if you want it to be, and also far enough away if you want it to be.   This resort is good for people of all ages, not just families with young kids looking to rub noses with Mickey.  

    You really won't find anything more comfortable and luxurious than Vistana for your timeshare.  What a gem.

    23/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Jay J.
    Definitely request a renovated room. There is not a HUGE difference but there is a notable difference. We did have issues with plumbing and the shower/tub was a bit run down. The water heater was IN our room in the hall closet, so that was kinda odd. No real complaints but just ask for a renovated room as those are very well appointed. This is a time share resort, so the rooms are efficiency style and slightly larger than a Sheraton/Westin Suite. ALSO, if you book through AAA or FL state resident you can probably negotiate down to around $90 per night. This is just an insane rate for what you get and the proximity to Downtown Disney/I-Drive/Epcot etc...

    14/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Beverly S.
    We have been owners here for quite a few years now, and are using one of our time share weeks as I write this. While the units have been very nicely refurbished  recently, we seem to get less and less for our annual fee dollar. owners are definitely second-class citizens here. in the beginning we, we received maid service in the middle of the week, now there is only a "tidy-up" service at mid- week. This means that you get fresh towels and the trash is emptied -- no clean sheets. You can pay for maid service, but we already pay a hefty annual fee.

    Someone else mentioned the heavy emphasis on sales here, and I could not agree more. The check-in process always raises my blood pressure and makes for a very unpleasant beginning to our vacation. We have been coming here for years, and while the tactics change, this is a predatory establishment and hard-sell is the culture here. We bought here as a result of their ruthless sales pitch. They are relentless when they get you in their grasp, so absolutely do not EVER go to one of the welcome breakfasts.

    Having said all this, I still had to give this place three strars since it is a beautiful resort and we have enjoyed it for years in spite of it's short comings.

    08/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. bill w.
    Really, and for true, one of the nicest places I have ever stayed.

    Stayed here  for a week in the Cascades section. The suite was clean, and well laid-out. The staff was friendly and helpful. Tons of amenities and shops within walking distance are another perk.

    I have read about others problems with aggressive time share sales pressure here, but if you tell them you aren't interested, they'll leave you alone. Really! We didn't get one phone call.

    Really, we could have skipped the other area attractions, and never left the property! If you do want to do the town, the resort's location can't be beat: You are minutes from everything!

    I usually like to stay "on site" when I visit Mickey, but after staying here, this is where I wanna be!

    12/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Mary C.
    Stayed in the newest section of the resort in a 2BR, 2BA unit overlooking a large pond with fountains. Recently updated rooms. We enjoyed the wildlife and relatively quiet privacy of the resort. The heated pools were great in December. Security was visable throughout the property. Easy access to Disney parks.

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. C C.
    Great location to all the parks. Nice 2 bedroom and grounds. I enjoyed the super pool by Zimmie's. Less younger kids and deeper pool. Hot tub was nice and warm and putt-putt golf right there. Also the Zorb is there although we didn't go in it. Buy the resort cup for cheaper refills from the bar if you like drinks like mudslides. Saves a few bucks when you refill. They have karaoke couple nights a week and stuff for the kids to do. Also a marketplace to get things you don't want to run down to the grocery for but Wal Mart is close and cheaper. Several pools and fitness centers to chose from. Nice accommodations. Liked it a lot.

    09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Irene F.
    Horrible. First of all, after traveling all day with a pre-schooler- I finally get to the hotel and they tell me that I do not have a reservation. Please note that I called them earlier in the week to ensure that this would not happen- and yet, despite my pre-cautionary measures- it did.

    It took them almost an hour to work with RCI to confirm that indeed I did have a reservation. And were they apologetic?? No. Did they offer me anything to make things right? No.

    The room was very nice. But the bed was rock hard and the pillows were so over stuffed that my head felt like it was laying on a rock. The towels were so rough and thin.

    They did have a $9 round-trip shuttle to and from all the Disney parks- which was helpful, but they don't come regularly- if you want to go home before 6:55 pm, feel free to get a $29 taxi ride.

    22/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    41. Parmy C.
    We stayed at a 2 bedroom condo from 6/16/13-6/22/13. Our reservation was for 6/15/13-6/22/13; however, we did not arrive until the morning of 6/16/13. I called to notify customer service so there were no issues. When we got to our condo, we were blown away! The entire condo was spotless, spacious and the second floor with loft was a pleasant surprise. This place really felt like home. I'm giving the resort 4 stars rather than 5 due to the cloudy pool. We took pictures with our waterproof camera and noticed that the water was cloudy. The pools at Disney's Blizzard Beach were way more clear. We will definitely return during future visits to Orlando.

    24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Don F.
    Had one of the Worst customer service issues I have ever had at a hotel in 20 years of traveling.  I called for over 45 minutes to get a wake up call!  No answer.  I called the external number, Christina answered the phone after another 10 minutes.  She informed me that I had to call the front desk on the internal line and she would resolve it.???????

    No offer to call me on the internal line.  She could not enter the wake up call.  Strangely she would not give me the general manager's home number to get this fixed!

    I called back to the external number the second lady fixed it no problem.  

    You don't expect these problems at a red roof inn let alone a Sheraton.  I guess this is why I remain platinum with Marriott!

    13/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    43. Poli P.
    Customer service is excellent. My only complaints are that they should have more pools and amenities available near the suites. Also, more sidewalks and or pathways if they expect us to walk to the recreational centers since there is limited parking. Lastly, cleaning service and shuttle (to Disney parks a few miles away) should be included in the suite fees. Unfortunately,  they expected us to pay $15-30 a day for these services and it definitely adds up if you're staying here for a week. But other than that, front desk service and information desk was exceptional.

    15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Ron L.
    I had business meetings in the Orlando area and wanted to hit the parks the day before. I did a search on SPG.com , really wanting to stay in the Swan or Dolphin hotel. Both were sold out but this one came up close to Disney. I didn't really know what to expect, but I didn't expect what I got.

    When you show up, a security guard who doesn't speak English asks for your name and mangles it back to you many times, even after spelling it for him more than once. He finally tells you that he cannot find you on the list but opens the gate anyway.

    The property has over a dozen apartment buildings laid out so that you can't find the one with your room in it. The rooms are clean and comfortable with a bedroom and furnished kitchen, but the entrance to each building is up a fancy flight of stairs with no handicapped ramp that I could find. I had to carry my luggage up those stairs when I arrived, and back down when I left.

    Before I went to bed I went to set up my morning coffee and found two packets of decaf. A call to the front desk let me know that I could go there to get one, or live with what I had. I figured I wouldn't find my suite again so I lived with decaf in the morning.

    This is probably a great deal for families, but not really appropriate for a businessman or couple.

    01/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    45. Staci C.
    We really like the bunk beds here and the closeness to Disney and seaworld. It's a lot better now that it's had a make over.. The pool is pretty great too...This is the hotel we love to use credit card points for

    06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Daisy D.
    My husband's sister & family came down for a week in Disney, we met them for the weekend. Huge resort; a little complicated to get around in my opinion.

    Nice suites; at least ours was. Plenty of room for their family of five plus the two of us. Ample kitchen. Large master bath. Laundry facility in the suite. Not bad at all for a timeshare property.

    We didn't really spend too much time in the resort itself because we were more focused on going to the parks. It's not in the thick of things, but it's a short distance from the Disney parks. Very easy drive.

    01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Tejas M.
    This is a very nice place located close to the Disney World!  

    We stayed here for a week in a 2 bedroom villa.  They have fully equipped kitchen beautifully furnished rooms.  They also have 7 pools with waterfalls and fountains.  Basically, there was no room for any complaints!

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Eric G.
    What's the last thing you want to do when you take a family to Orlando?

    If you guessed, "wait in a check-in line while multiple employees behind the desk do nothing," you'd be right.

    Gigantic failure right off the bat.  I'll see how the rest of the stay goes and maybe if it's outstanding, I'll raise it to 3 stars. But with that check-in experience, there's no reason for me to come here again when there's 300 hotels here looking to compete for my business.  Some of them even get you checked in immediately, instead of 30 minutes after you arrive.

    09/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Jenna C.
    :::ATTENTION::: SECURTIY HERE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING! we waited for  a guy to move his club cart to park and these ignorant ppl take our spot knowing we waited and security saw everything..and no action was taken. And the resort doesn't have an overnight manager on duty!

    08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. Octavio A.
    I stayed with my family(3 children) and had a wonderful time. The unit is spacious, beautiful and I felt as if I were home.

    I truly enjoyed my time here.

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Kelli R.
    This place is awesome however the restaurants and bars close way too early! 10pm and your done. Not much to do at this time. If you want  food luck. They refer to it as the OFF SEASON (October). I can't quite understand what that means when they run a resort all year round in a warm climate. I guess if your not a summer traveler you don't get all the perks . Smh.  It seem to me they want to save money by closing early at the expensive of the guests who only have the opportunity to travel during this time. I was thinking about possibly buying a timeshare here but that is out.

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Randi M.
    By now you know, this is a timeshare resort.  We were in town for a conference at the Hilton WDW, but didnt want to pay that conference rate.  Good thing, as we got a week here for 280.00 on a Getaway vacation from Shell.  My aunt, an elite member at Shell, got us this week.  Amazing.  Because my aunt is an elite member, they upgraded us to a 2bedroom.  1024 square feet of comfort.  My only complaint is the bed to me, wasnt that comfortable.  The A/C also doesnt go below 68F.  

    The pools are nice, the grounds are nice, security is great.  They do call you a lot and leave messages about whats going on in the resort.  We did the time share presentation, but they didnt bug us to do it.  We did it because we got 50.00, a free breakfast, 2 light sabor swords and a 50% off certificate to use at any starwood resort.  I just kept saying " we're not interested" and that was that.  

    I wont be back to Orlando for a long while, but I'd stay here again.

    29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Dr R.
    Great property for the price! Excellent customer service. The rooms are clean and fresh, the villas have full kitchens. Nice landscaping all over and well kept. Only down side is the food is average, lots of restaurants near by.

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Susan W.
    Wish we had gone anywhere else for thanksgiving week. The first night we were there someone pulled the fire alarm and the building was evacuated. ..at 5am. The next morning,  awoke to find the car windshield had been deliberately smashed in (by a fire extinguisher we think. ) Security said "sorry, but you park at your own risk." Not a peep from customer relations except to try to sell us a timeshare...kept calling. The 3rd night,  the fire alarm pulled again..at 3am. We will NEVER stay here again.

    26/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Mel B.
    Almost forgot about this one.

    This was our home away from home for a week long Disneyworld spring break vacation.

    We booked a 1 bedroom for my small family of 3.  

    Right as you walk in, you think, Ok, this is kinda small, as they seemed to squeeze in all the necessities in a small space. I'm no primadonna, so in the end, it was fine.

    The kitchen has everything you may need...full sized fridge, stove, microwave, utensils, etc. In a closet next to the door was the stackable washer/dryer combo.  That was a definite plus.  I believe almost all of the units have undergone a remodel, so there were updated appliances and granite countertops.  

    The living area was decent, again with updated pieces and a flat screen TV.  

    The bedroom was again, a bit cramped, but all we needed was a queen sized bed and a comfortable one at that.  That's what we got.  

    Bathroom was decent as well, with a standard sized deep tub with jets. Nice touch.

    The room seemed quiet.  We were on the 2nd of 3 floors and surprisingly heard little from our surrounding neighbors.  

    The grounds are well kept, there are plenty of pools, and activities for the whole family.  We spent most of our time at the main pool which was clean and spacious.  There is a little market, but I wouldn't bother. Drive down the road a bit and get all you need at Target. KFC, A&W, and Pizza Hut are also on the grounds and can deliver for a small fee.

    My only gripe is the service here.  The check in process was so frustrating.  They have one, maybe 2 people doing the actual check in, with a line almost to the door. When you think you're done, they move you over to one of the many (maybe 5 or 6) of the used car salesmen standing around talking smack about the customers. These guys try the hard sell on you to go to the short sales presentation to buy property here.  SAY NO!!!  At all costs...unless you really are interested in buying a timeshare.  I said a stern NO from the get go, and it took some serious persistence to get them off my back.  Even after that, they called me during my stay and tried again. Stick to your guns.  

    Nothing like a crappy check in and bad service to tarnish an otherwise decent stay.

    10/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Melyssa M.
    My family and I stayed here in a 2 bedroom suite back in 2007. We had an absolutely wonderful time! At first, they put us in a dark dingy room, which when we went to the front desk, they immediately was able to accommodate us and we got the room we wanted! I would come back if it weren't for the fact I have a timeshare elsewhere. But it's recommended!

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. D J.
    Wish we would've picked somewhere else! It was part of our Costco package! Don't fall for their buffet breakfast! They tell you it is free for 2 people in exchange for your maid service. If you have a party of four you pay 13.00 ea. additional person. This is the type of breakfast you get free at other hotels. We traded our "free" breakfast in at 11:00 am and they said it was too late to get room service for today!! What the heck? Would not recommend this place! Ok, this just took the cake! I was asleep on the couch and someone walks through the door to bring a plastic garbage bag into our room! She said hello and I was thinking it was my daughter. She stood there putting a garbage bag I the garbage and I turned around to talk to my daughter and it was the maid! She never knocked or anything, just entered the room!

    23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    58. Jennifer P.
    We planned this trip last minute.  Found it for $60 a night. Well worth it I would pay double.  It is clean, beautiful decor. Love the villa. Nice to have all the space and if we want to use the kitchen it was there. The location was close to the parks and other attractions.  They even have a shuttle to Disney parks. Went to the time share presentation which the money they gave us covered our stay. It wasn't too pressuring.   I would definitely stay there again.

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Veebs G.
    I'm Platinum SPG member for year now and I stayed in over 20 SPG hotels and the service need improvement.

    26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Frank V.
    Breakfast @ Zimmies - Below average.  Eggs don't taste real. Sausage had a weird taste. Pancakes hard, crusty and dry... not worth what we paid... very disappointing

    25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    61. Amanda C.
    This place is all-around great! The villas are spacious, clean, comfortable, and fully-stocked with washer/dryers and even kitchen supplies. Newly furnished with personal balcony. Each main area of the resort surrounds an activity center that may include a pool, gym, sauna, basketball/volleyball/tennis courts, activity room, playground, or all of the above! A few bars and restaurants, and even a marketplace. The staff is very friendly. The location is great too. Overall, great experience!!!

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Marcus P.
    Well we stayed here and it was awesome! One of the best of the best! Nice rooms with jacuzzi and fully furnished kitchen and a stand up shower with TV's in the bedrooms. It was a great stay for all of my family and friends who came down! I don't have anything bad to say. It was defiantly a luxurious experience for us!

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Jeanette H.
    We have just returned from a week in Orlando at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas and unfortunately, it was a very disappointing experience. I don't think that I have ever received such poor customer service at a resort in my life like I did at this one. Overall, the rooms are very nice and it was everything we needed, but there was a certain turn of events that was just so poorly handled which is why I'm giving this resort one star.

    Myself, my husband, and another couple stayed in Orlando for a week to go on a trip to Disneyworld. As a Disney employee, I had the option of staying at a Disney resort at a discount which I had considered but found an incredible deal that I couldn't pass up at the Sheraton Vistana resort. Booking this hotel was easy and I found everything leading up to the trip to be a great experience.

    Arriving at the resort, the front desk check-in was fine but then we were directed to the "welcoming" team which basically is a "welcome, here's some free stuff, now buy timeshare". It was a little annoying to basically get buttered up to go to their timeshare presentation which we politely passed up.

    The rooms at the Vistana resort were very much to our liking and is pretty much like staying in your own apartment. It was clean and had everything we needed for our trip. We wanted a full kitchen to cook our breakfasts and they had that with everything you need to cook. There was a washer and dryer in our unit which was really handy. We stayed in the 2-bedroom/2-bathroom villa which was perfect for traveling couples. The bathrooms and showers were clean and nice to use.

    If you would like to shop for groceries, there is a local Walmart superstore nearby which was perfect and had everything we needed to purchase in way of food, snacks, toiletries, etc. We rented a car and the resort provides free parking in front of your unit.

    Everything was going peachy until unfortunately there was a main water line break, and we were one of some rooms that were affected. We were returning from Animal Kingdom and had an hour to shower and get to our dinner reservation. We noticed the water was out and there was a voicemail on our machine notifying us that the water will be out from 1PM-until further notice. We listened to that voicemail at 6PM meaning that our room as well as other families basically had no access to water or could use toilets for at least 5 hours.

    There was no offer given proactively from the resort to change rooms or to even use a vacant room's facilities. We had to take the initiative to call and find out what was going on and whether we could use another room's facilities. Initially they told us that they could bring up some bottled water which was laughable because it doesn't really solve anything like being able to take a shower and use the toilet.The manager who was working on site did tell us later that we could use the communal locker showers which we found to be insulting. Eventually the resort did let us use showers in another empty room.

    The following morning, someone from the front desk called to see how we were doing and I politely expressed frustration at how they handled this situation so poorly. When I asked why we were not given any opportunity to change rooms, the front desk person just gave some excuse that they were told that the whole resort was out which was so inconsistent with the voicemail that we listened to stating which units were affected (e.g. 21-29). The whole resort was clearly not affected and I'm pretty sure that if it was, it would be a bigger issue for them. There was no apology given from this front desk staff person in this conversation, just lame excuses.

    Eventually, we were comped that night which was the right thing to do from their management, but I was so frustrated at the fact that we were the ones who had to ask for proper service. Great customer service is always proactive and anticipates the guest's needs or wants which in this case were really necessary things like being able to take a shower and use the bathroom. All they needed to do to avoid all this was to proactively offer a change of room or using a vacant room's facilities.

    The rooms were pleasant, we had fun at Orlando and Disneyworld, but do not expect customer service here. You have to ask or work for it per our experience. We know that we dealt with things like a main water break which was no one's fault, but it was up to the resort to take responsibility of the situation to make it affect their guests as least as possible which they failed to do. If they had properly done that, this would have been a 5 star review.

    28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    64. Ross M.
    I came here to spend the weekend with my Grandmother. She spent the week here. She was inpressed with this resort, and I also had a very nice time. The resort was very nice, from the decor, to the service, to the activities. There was a cute market to do some shopping. I had absolutely no complaints. Everything was nice, and I am seriously considering exchanging my family's time share in St. Augustine for a stay here because of its location to the Disney Parks and sheer diversity of things to do at this resort. It will be quite a bit different than St. Augustine, but it would be nice to change things up.  

    One morning we got Zimmie's for breakfast, it was very nice. The prices were a bit high, but not outrageous. I enjoyed the decor inside the restaurant., very tropical sailor style, the service was so-so, well good enough, not great, but probably only 3 stars if I were to review the restaurant separately from the resort.

    Tacky Tiki Bar was kind of lame. It was a weekend and very emply. But the service was nice and they had a good variety of drinks. The prices were expected for a resort, not cheap, but not outrageous. It was right at the pool area, and that was nice.

    My favorite thing about the resort was the pool area. They had a multi-level jacuzzi. It was really really cool. It was built into the rocky decor around the pool. There had three or four jacuzzis built into the rocky recor each a couple feet higher than the first. Just across the pool from the Tacky Tiki Bar, I can understand why the bar was empty. The hot tubs were packed. As you got higher, they got more crowded. We stopped at the second level. I really enjoyed relaxing in the hot tubs in the evening. If you want a large resort with a cool pool area close to Disney, this is the place to be, the jacuzzis seal the deal.

    05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Hugh B.
    As I read some other reviews I'm amazed that some others had good experience.  Not all but many employees in the food service areas poorly trained. Our 1 Bedroom Villa only had one 18" X 24" mirror over the tiny vanity.(24") No other mirror in the unit designed for 4. GFI outlet could not handle a hair curler. Tiny vanity, no place to store bathroom items, Shower drain backed up so you stood in 3 inches of water while showering. Maids that hide out in the rec room women's shower area to use their cell phone a regular basis. Check out time too early at 10 AM, but worse the maid is knocking on the door at 9:45 AM. Take the breakfast voucher instead of maid service. Buffet breakfast is not worth $12.95 at all. Would be free anywhere else. Don't order a small glass of orange juice as they will charge and additional $2.50 above the $12.95 or the free coupon. Who has ever heard of a breakfast buffet for $12.95 that juice was additional? There are so many other places in the Orlando area that far exceed this complex. I purchased through my Southwest air/vacation and just simply made a very poor choice of resort. Keep in mind this is a timeshare and they will try and offer you $100.00 to listen to the sales talk. If you just say no they will leave you alone.

    07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Linda P.
    This is the worse place I've ever stayed at in Orlando! What were we thinking when we booked this place to attend a conference!!! They don't clean the room, nor do they replenish any items other then the towels,they don't make the bed, the worse so call housekeeping ever! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worse enemy!!!

    03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    67. Annette R.
    Stayed at this resort the week of Aug 30 - Sept 6, 2014.  The room was spacious and clean.  The pools were nice and the bar served tasty drinks.  The pool bar had entertainment, a guy who played the steel drum. Which I enjoyed.  The gym was nice but two of the treadmills were inoperable.  I did not visit Disney, but it is within close proximany to the resort.  They offer a breakfast buffet, which I did not have the opportunity to experience.  But was told it was awesome.  They offer other activities for the family (bingo, tie dye) some activities for adults (Casino night).  My stay at the Sheraton Vistana Resort was great!

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    68. Krystal E.
    I stayed here for a week with my family (7 of us total) in a 2 bedroom villa. There was plenty of room for all of us to sleep.

    ** Pools
    ** Spas ( I preferred the in-room one over the public one by the pool..too many children and teenagers)
    ** Activities
    ** Friendly Staff

    The only thing I would have liked better is if they had stocked the kitchen with a few more basic necessities. Other than that, I loved it here.

    Water pressure was terrific & noise from other guests was minimal.

    I wouldn't own it as a timeshare, but I'd definitely stay here again.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Mark W.
    Very nice accommodations and the large pool's waterfall provided an exhilarating shoulder massage when standing underneath. Nice offering of evening activities for the family- movie poolside, roasting marshmallows etc. Staff extremely polite and friendly.
    Would give 5 stars but "free breakfast" does not include juice and it's an inflated price of $2.50 per glass with NO REFILLS. Petty.

    28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Joan K.
    Our favorite resort when in Orlando.   Always clean, great pools.  Staff is friendly.   Activities Dunn for kids and families.

    08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Brenan O.
    This place was pretty nice. I can't say it knocked my socks off but overall well kept and plenty to do and lots of pools and hot tubs.

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. L S.
    Owners now for 4 years. Love it. Different pools, playgrounds, sports courts and activities for all the kids on the days that we stay onsite. Conveniently located near shopping of all kinds and every imaginable restaurant type. Security is everywhere which is comforting. Staff is super courteous amd helpful. Condo is always  immaculate when we arrive. Recommended for others looking for a family-friendly timeshare or just for a weeklong destination by the theme parks

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Kathleen J.
    Good luck trying to recover any items you forget in the safe!

    We stayed for 3 nights, checking out on Sat April 5th.  On Sunday when I got home I realized I forgot to empty the safe, which contained my iPad and possibly my husband's laptop charger.  I called the hotel and was directed to the Lost & Found Dept's voicemail, so I left a voicemail.  Monday I didn't receive a call back, so I called them and spoke with a woman who told me that she'd call and leave a message on the new guests' voicemail to ask them to check the safe.  Tuesday no return call, so I called her again and was again told that she'd call the new guests.

    8 days later, I am still waiting for someone to check the safe.  There are now NEW guests and somehow in the interim the Lost & Found Dept hasn't been able to go and check the safe.  I told her that since I had secured it with my passcode that the hotel staff should just be able to go there and open it if I give them my code.  She said, "Oh, but the new guests could have requested to have it opened."  How is THAT safe?  

    Rather than call them the "Lost and Found," department they should call themselves the "Lost--sucks to be you" dept.  

    My first and last time using a hotel safe.  Our first and last visit to this hotel, which is really disappointing since our actual stay was wonderful, the villas incredibly well appointed for the price and we were looking forward to returning there in the future.

    The "Magic and Mayhem" show at Zimmie's was lots of fun, but the food was mediocre at best.  The breakfast buffet at Zimmie's was also mediocre.  I'd gladly pay more for better food.  We ended up having to rent a car to leave the resort for some good food.

    15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    74. Gina Marie B.
    My boyfriend and I really loved our stay in the condo here. It was beautiful and had obviously been updated. Everything was granite, stainless steel, and the latest furniture. It truly was a beautiful room. I called our bed 'the bed of clouds' because it was huge and the most comfortable bed ever!

    We loved how close our condo was to the main pool, which was next to a bar and was both open till 1AM! That was a great attraction to have so close to us. We were also right next door to the market place... which was open early every morning until 9pm. The market allowed us to buy some groceries and items that we needed for the duration of the week. It was very helpful and a vital part to our trip running smoothly.

    * I recommend buying water bottles here... instead of buying multiple everyday at the Disney parks*

    The main office had this huge touch screen that let us print out our boarding passes in less then a minute.... it was amazing and such a huge weight lifted off our shoulders when we found it. There were computers available in the Market to use as well.

    Things we did not like was the breakfast buffet available in one of the restaurants. The name currently escapes me. But all i can say was it was bad.

    We will most definitely be staying here again.

    21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. John C.
    Great resort.   Comes with almost everything you need while on vacation.  Pool, hot tub, gym.  The screened in porch is a really nice thing to have.  We could  have fresh air without the bugs.  The only negative thing is the shuttle bus that brings you to the front.  It can take anywhere from 12 minutes to 40 minutes so you could be waiting and have no idea when it's coming.

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Jeff H.
    We just returned from a week in Orlando spent at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas and have to say, we quite enjoyed our stay (enough that we reduced our 5 full days at Disney World to 3 so we could spend more time relaxing on the resort).

    Now, this isn't to say that is was a 'perfect' experience as there were some hiccups, but overall, it was much better than we expected.


    So, apparently there are three Sheraton Resorts near each other so when booking you want to make sure you don't mix them up.

    1) The Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas (this one)
    2) The Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort (not this one but nearby and close in name hence the possible confusion),
    3) The Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort.


    We were located in a two bedroom unit in the 'Falls' section (building #17). While booked for a one bedroom unit, we were upgraded on arrival, I think due to the fact that the resort was not a full capacity as we were the only ones in our building and most of the other buildings in 'Falls' were at less than half capacity. Either way, our gain I guess though admittedly the second bedroom is on a second floor which we never went up to use.

    We found the unit in very good shape (looked newer than the building) and were quite happy with it. The main bedroom came with a king size bed and the walk in had a double sink counter. The upstairs bedroom was two single beds.

    Each bedroom had a TV plus the one in the living area.

    One nice touch I guess is that patio in the unit is enclosed with a screen to keep, I assume, the bugs out so you can sit outside and not worry about creepy crawly things anywhere :-)

    The unit was decently stocked with dishes and we didn't really miss anything the times that we cooked our own meals (except for the BBQ which I'll explain below).



    I have to say I liked the grounds all in all. Very well maintained though keep an eye out for those little lizards as they are everywhere and easy to step on accidentally!


    Being in the 'Falls' area, we had quick access to four pools one of which was closed.

    The one at the 'Cascades' building has a waterfall and splash pool area for the kids. We went there the first night but that was about it since it had mostly kids.

    The one by 'Zimmi's' restaurant is quite large but only goes about 5 feet deep at the max.

    The best pool we found was at 'Fountains' and while on the other newer side of the resort, it was less than a 10 minute walk from our unit and the pool is up to 6 feet deep and has a waterfall as well.

    Basically, don't let the size of the resort fool you and if you feel bad not being beside a pool, don't since you can get to them in less than a 5 minute walk. If anything, not being by a pool may be better as the pools can be open until 1am and I'm not sure what type of noise that brings with it.


    There seems to be a couple of places to eat though we never tried them out. According to the resort map, there is a KFC and other fast food places near the Fountains part of the map but we never went there to confirm. The most we did was grab a drink at the bar (the one at Fountains and the one at Zimmi's). They do have happy hour between 4-6pm and you can get a beer for $5.


    There are BBQ pits all around the resort but apparently there are only two gas BBQ pits and they were both by where we were in the Falls. Each pit has three gas BBQ's. The pit next to us though only had one working gas BBQ out of the three. I saw a family cooking at the other pit so there is at least one working unit there. Hopefully these get fixed. (Oddly enough they were working on the BBQ's by us the day we cooked there but I guess they didn't fix them).

    You can borrow BBQ utensils from the Marketplace store but when we went, they had to scrounge to find a set for us and it was incomplete. Not the end of the world though as we had enough to cook our food.


    The resort offers a shuttle to Disney World at the cost of $9 p/day p/person (though you may be able to negotiate on that). The first shuttle of the day will take you to Epcot and Animal Kingdom while the rest of the day the shuttle only goes to Epcot. On the return, there is one from Animal Kingdom and the other times are all from Epcot. It's a 10 minute ride from the resort to Epcot so this can make it an easy way to get to and from the park.

    We used it 3 times but on the last day we drove since we wanted to leave and return outside of the shuttle times. (Parking at Disney is $15 p/day by the way).

    The only real downside to our experience was sitting through the TImeShare sales pitch which I don't have enough space left to talk about.  Outside of that, this place was great and I would go back in a second. It was a really nice resort and one of the nicest places we have ever stayed.

    07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. Fendi F.
    Be very careful of the timeshare and points system it is a complete hustle the use that I'm not going to sell you more than what you need don't  buy you will be sorry in the long run. It's  a complete hustel the rooms are nice everything looks beautiful but when you go upstairs for that timeshare and  vacation points program you might as well hang yourself. And if you do buy make sure they put in the letter of resending they always conveniently leave that out of your packet if you do buy they also tell you you cannot cancel you have up to 10 days to cancel be very careful be careful be careful be careful they want to take advantage of you because you are on vacation.

    03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    78. Maryann D.

    1. Friendly staff:  Everywhere I walked on the property, the grounds crew and housekeeping crew always smiled and said hello.

    2. Pools: There are at least 5 pools. It was fun to experience a different pool each day. You may have to drive to a pool, especially if you have small children, because some pools may not be walkable from your condo.

    3. Location: We were within minutes of DisneyWorld, Downtown Disney, the Premium Outlets, etc. There's a Publix grocery store and Walmart about two miles down the street (albeit probably the worst Walmart I've ever eperienced). There's an on-site Marketplace where you can get groceries, but we laughed out loud when we saw the price of the laundry detergent (12.99 for a small bottle!).

    4. Cleanliness: Thumbs up in this category.

    5. Safety: It's a gated community, so guests need to use their room keys to get through the gate.


    1. Noise: You can hear EVERYTHING. The outdoor door slams so everytime a neighbor in our unit walked out, you heard it. The toilets are overwhelmingly loud, so everytime someone flushes, you heard it. I don't just mean heard it, I mean even startled by it. It took some getting used to.

    2. Exercise facilities: There are a few gyms on the property, but they are small so expect a wait. The two closest to me only had two ellipticals and two treadmills. The largest gym is in the Fountains area.

    In sum, we were very happy with our stay. We stayed in the Palms section, so depending on where you stay, you may not experience the same noise level problems as we did.


    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Vincent L.
    Every nice resort, it was a apartment condo and convert into Sheraton resort hotel, it have everything like a condo should have , washer/dryer full kitchen etc. is huge, perfect for a entire family of 4 or more.
    Multi level floor with elevator. It had 2 side of the resort, had a market place selling deli/ limited grocery, 2 restaurant, swimming pools, workout rooms, arcade room etc.
    definitely a great place to stay with, not too far from park or shopping outside.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Erik C.
    ** Disclaimer - We are RCI members by "legacy", I guess you would say. My grandmother deeded us one of her timeshare weeks, so we chose the Sheraton Vistana based on that. Since it cost us nothing, I wasn't going to scoff.

    I always read the reviews on Yelp before staying anywhere, and this time was no different.

    One of the common themes on some of the reviews was the delay at check-in. No problems at all this time... even though we arrived right at 4PM, which is sometimes the "death zone" when it comes to check-ins, as that's normally when everyone else arrives. I immediately got a bit anxious, watching family after family walk in the doors in front of us. However, I moved very quickly through the line, the clerk was extremely helpful, and then I slid over to the dreaded "timeshare sales guy". I didn't find him overly pushy, and was able to rebuff him by stating "I'm an RCI and Marriott member" over and over... and conveniently being "at the parks" on the days he kept mentioning were open for the breakfast/sales schpiel (folks come to Orlando to go to amusement parks, correct?). I received my gift of coupons and free pizza buffets and moved on.

    The grounds are not the prettiest I've seen, probably common for Orlando resorts, but the stucco exteriors hide what is a magnificent refresh of the rooms. When you walk in, you immediately say, "wow". The rooms are tastefully decorated, modern, and spacious. I even overheard someone at the pool say, "our room is bigger than our house". A nice patio, screened-in, is on each villa. We had plenty of towels, a good array of dishes and cookware (two words, though, Sheraton: PIZZA PAN... include one, please), and tons of closet space. I cannot complain one bit about the rooms.

    Some folks wrote about the beds being "hard". Well, sort of. I'm used to a pillow-top with memory foam, and the bed in our villa was indeed harder. No biggie. My kids didn't complain at all about their beds... but then, they'd sleep on a concrete slab if asked.

    We were right by the Fountains area pool. Phenomenal area... huge pool, waterfall falling right in to it, and two decent-sized hot tubs secluded next to the pool itself. We were there in early May, right before the "busy season", so we never had issues finding chairs, an umbrella, or a table if we wished one. The pool itself was very clean... nice and warm, too. Basketball courts are right next door as well, and a shuffleboard area borders the pool. A large arcade is there, too.

    We ate at the Tiki restaurant, located next to the Fountains pool, once. Simple fare... pizza, burgers, etc. It was good food, moderately-priced. This was the only meal we ate onsite at any of the restaurants. They do deliver pizza if you wish, right to your room, if you feel like skipping the waits at any of the local restaurants. I did use the convenience store once, for a $6 gallon of milk and some cereal. Expensive, yes, but convenient... as the name implies. We did not visit Zimmie's or the magic show.

    One top attraction of this resort is the location. You are literally right across I-4 from Downtown Disney and Epcot. Very, very easy access to the whole WDW area. There are several fast food eateries nearby, a Cici's pizza (and, yes, you get coupons to it) right across the main entrance. A Dunkin Donuts is also in the same strip mall. However, despite having easy access to the WDW maze, and being right next to I-4, you never feel like you are "right in the thick of the action". Sheraton did a terrific job at isolating the resort... no traffic noise. It's nice and quiet, and you'd swear you were out in the middle of nowhere. That's a good thing.

    The resort is indeed very secure. Guarded gates are everywhere, the guards are pleasant, and you use your room key for easy entrance. We had relatives come by one day to spend the day at the pool with us, and all I had to do was let the guards know they were coming. No issues whatsoever.

    Wi-Fi is free, and you have an option to upgrade to a faster speed for $69.95 for the week if you wish. I had the free version the whole trip, and it was fast enough for our needs (my laptop, my wife's Kindle, and my kids' array of devices as well). No complaints there except one outage that lasted maybe an hour.

    Check-out was a breeze. Call the operator the night before, get your balance, run the dishwasher the next morning, and leave the keys with the security guard on your way out. Easy.

    We enjoyed our stay here, and would definitely do so again. RCI's policy only allows us to stay once every four years, so it'll be awhile.

    (* For those weighing the option of staying here versus staying at a WDW resort... the rooms at the Vistana are MUCH larger and open, you park right next to your villa (an issue at some WDW places), and access to International Drive restaurants is much easier... but, naturally, you lack the Disney touches and hospitality. It all depends on which is more important to your vacation.)

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Joyce W.
    While warm memories of my trip to Orlando are incredibly limited, I did quite enjoy staying at the Resort Villas --- especially since it was free [Go Time Shares!].

    Visiting Orlando had given me a new appreciation for the dry air of Arizona.  My week in Orlando was miserable!  Disney World and Universal Studios didn't make the trip worth it at all!  But the giant swimming  pool here is love.  I was the happiest when I was swimming.

    Anyways, we got to stay in a lovely two-bedroom unit with a lake view.  The enclosed balcony made the humid nights enjoyable as long as the Screwdrivers kept coming.  The unit itself was clean, the front desk was helpful, and it was well equipped with anything you really need.  There's also a hot tub in the master bedroom for anyone that cares [we used ours to race rubber duckies as a part of our drinking games].  I think a little renovation could be done but overall it was a nice little hub for rest and relaxation.

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    82. Luciana L.
    We came here for 9 days and booked through a third party website for a 2 bedroom suite for 4 people in February.  Quite honestly, we were out the house by 8am and home in the evening so we never really used any of the amenities.  With that said though, the facility was really nice.  

    When we checked in initially, the front desk lady was a little pushy about going to the "free breakfast" where they try to sell you their timeshare.  She didn't harass me or anything but just kind of made me feel "obligated" because "Why WOULDN'T you want a free breakfast?"  Sorry, I didn't come to waste my time getting harassed by sales people trying to sell you timeshares and yes, you will waste your time and yes, they are pretty aggressive.  I've been to three timeshare spiels in my lifetime and all three of them were annoying experiences.

    The facility however is really nice.  It's huge and yes you can easily get lost but you get a map at check-in and they tell you where to go.  I am horrible with directions and still found my room with no problem.  There are various pools available but we didn't do any water activities b'c it was too cold for us.  

    So just based strictly on our room experience, I had to give it 3 stars.  The room itself was nice and so was the location but two nights in a row we came home and still had dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  I know b'c I could see my lipstick stain on the cup.  Plus, when we got there the first night I had to run a load of dishes b'c even though they were in the cupboard, it still had gunk on them.  Pretty gross.  

    There was a blender in our room and we used it every morning for smoothies but the blender sucks big time.  Doesn't blend well at all!  Just FYI.

    Although our overall experience went well with this resort, I doubt we'll come back.  It is a good deal for a 2 bedroom suite and the space is nice but considering I tipped every morning and still had dirty dishes, that's a huge turn off for me.

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    83. Kora M.
    We stayed at the cascade Villa for 4 nights and it was a mixed experience. House keeping is an additional $35 a day wifi / cell phone coverage is spotty. The surrounding amenities include a pool, a marketplace and a restaurant.
    Pros: Close to Disney and universal studios.
             Large number of stores near by, once  
             You leave the compound.
             Large apartment style room with    
             kitchen and appliances.
             Pool is quiet and wasn't too crowded.
    Cons: Expensive! The marketplace is a                        complete rip off, charging double , almost triple for basic groceries and food. Pool bar and grill charges $8-9 for a drink as well.
    The restaurant where breakfast is served looks very dingy and old fashioned.

    Overall,  for the price , you can do better.

    06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    84. Jennifer S.
    Nice facility in a convenient Orlando location to all of the parks.  I was upgraded to a nice two bedroom villa with a full kitchen.  It was a very nice room and I only wish I had more time to actually spend in the villa instead of at my conference.  Friendly staff, but I didn't like getting several phone calls a day in the room trying to sell me on their vacation package.

    25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Teressa L.
    Wow what a resort.  It's a high point value through RCI. And a 1 in 4 year type place.  It didn't disappoint.

    There are different areas of the resort so my review is the 2 bedroom townhome in the Courts area in the front section of the resort.

    You do have to walk one flight of stairs to the entry.  It's a spacious unit.  Large open kitchen, big dining table area with door to screened porch.  Living room is two story tall.  Master bedroom is off dining area with very large bathroom.  Small laundry is also on this side.  Smallest washer I've ever seen.  Think 2 outfits and it's full!

    Upstairs is a loft living room with fold out sofa, tv and closet.  Then there is another bedroom with twin beds and tv.  Another good size bathroom as well.  Plenty of towels in both bathrooms.

    Resort was clean.  Seven pools!!  We visited 4 of them I think.  The food options close based on weather and how busy so don't count on it being open.  My gripe is the pool was busy but the bar closed down.  

    Lots of activities but many had a fee. Some social activities were every day as well.  The messages were daily....a family photo, activities, magic show, etc. but it went to voicemail and never rang.

    The farmer market was twice and had great crafts and food!

    The store was overpriced but was nice when you needed one thing.  

    Staff was friendly and we had an issue with the air.  Main thence couldn't fix it but the a/c guy did and kept checking on us, super responsive!!!

    We loved out visit here and will go back when we can.  Location is great!!

    14/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Frank A.
    My family has been coming here since I was a kid in 1988, and this year, I got to bring my family here!

    Vistana is like no other time share in the world. Most are like two towers of condos with one pool in the middle. NOT VISTANA - they are a RESORT! 7 Pools, Pool Bars, Tiki Restaurants, Basketball courts, playgrounds, Shuffleboard courts, Games at the Pool, Arcades... I can go on and on.

    We stayed in the Fountains area and had a room right by the pool. The rooms are great - two bedoroms, sleeps 8, beautiful redone kitchen and bathrooms. I cannot say enough great things about Vistana,

    AND IT GETS BETTER. HOW ABOUT LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! You can not be any closer to disney unless you are staying on the grounds. They have a free shuttle to Disney if you dont wanna pay for parking. Vistana is Top Notch - Best Condo Resort. Stay here - you will love it.

    12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Joe C.
    Been coming to Vistana or over 20 years and have always had an amazing time.  I love that they have remodeled the entire place.   If you are looking to book a vacation in Orlando this place it definitely worth your time and money.

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Mindy C.
    Sheraton Vistana Resorts doesn't look too impressive when you first drive up. In fact, compared to other time shares I've seen, it was below par (in terms of the hotel grounds). I'm not sure if this entire place is made up of time shared, but I would guess it was. This property is HUGE. They have many different areas with many different names so it can be hard to navigate. The check in process took around twenty (20) minutes, longer than most.

    The room we had was much more impressive than the hotel grounds, and I was very pleased at how the money was invested at this property. I much prefer a nice room than nice hotel grounds so I'm glad it wasn't the other way around. We had a two bedroom villa. One (1) master bedroom with its own bathroom with the tub in the room off to the side. The tub in the master bedroom had jets and self cleaned once drained. The other room had two (2) queen size beds and a nice bathroom (shower only). There was plenty of space for two (2) couples. We also had a living room with a pull out sleeper for two that we didn't use. There was also a large balcony with a table and chairs that was screened in, which was a nice touch. The kitchen was fully stocked and had the normal appliances; i.e. fridge, stove, microwave, coffee machine. The hotel room was furnished VERY NICELY and you could tell everything was of HIGH QUALITY. Everyone was impressed at how nice the bathroom was.

    Although housekeeping didn't come our first night, I'm not sure if that is normal protocol as we had to call the main office to have our room serviced. We had made breakfast that morning and the dishes were clean in the dish washer by the time we returned. They stock the kitchen with silverware, knives, and oven pans. There was no water filter though so we had to get gallons of water. There is an ice maker in the freezer though. They gave us 4 cards for our room that also opens the gates to the property, so we kept one handy in the car. We didn't hear any of our neighbors our entire trip which was A PLUS.

    I WOULD RECOMMEND STAYING HERE. We were very close to Disney. Depending on which park you went to, this property is between 5-15 minutes from them all. There is also WiFi available in the rooms too.

    11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Bryan W.
    I came here with my girlfriend for the weekend for my 30th birthday weekend. Upon coming to the grounds, the main lobby was closed, and they had a hard sign to see that had a temporary lobby located close in an office building.

    Upon coming in we were told our room was not ready. It was 5 PM so didn't really like that. We eventually got our keys and was told we now had to go to another desk to end the check out process.

    At this last desk we were met by sales people who tried to hussle a tour of their property right on the spot (couldnt think about it) and we kindly declinded. Then they tried to say we would get free light up swords for kids and we declinded stating we didnt have kids. Then they said we would get free beakfast. We declined again. After that they insisted on giving us a "coupon" book to some local places we didnt plan on going. It is obvious the person behind the desk gets a cut, because his name was on every coupon.

    After the long check-in process we headed to the room. It was amazing to say the least. It was basically a condo complex at one time they converted into a resort. Our room was super clean, and very nicely done. Nice hot tub in the room that worked great. The kitchen was fully equiped with everything you might need. The living room had a large tv with bose surround sound.

    If you are looking for a nice resort close to Disney then this would be a good place. But be prepared to be upsold during the checkin process.

    18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. Jessie H.
    I should have stopped at the wendys next to the resort. The shrimp were o.k. but the other 2 items were not. These 3 items cost me $36.24 with the added tax and gratuity already added in for me. Next time picking up take-out somewhere else. This is a wonderful hotel. The rooms can't be beat. Just don't eat here!

    15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Thomas M.
    This was the biggest room I've ever stayed in. Unfortunately, I was by myself and had to sort of shame walk to that Tiki Bar 4x a day because there is no other food readily available.  The margarita I had looked like ecto cooler which turned out to be my undoing.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    92. Jason Z.
    I love this place.

    My first stay was back in April of last year, and it was a fantastic experience even with what felt like a great room and in a great location. In addition to being in the gated community that made me feel extra safe.

    Fast forward to this year's trip, the hotel not only met all my expectations from the last year, but upon my request for the jacuzzi, I was given a even bigger room than I did last year.

    This will be my go-to hotel for my future trips to Florida, hands down.

    The only downside I see in this hotel is that, the neighbor bathroom flushes are audible. And there is a few noise issues here and there. But it doesn't really hinder my experience.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Max H.
    The Sheraton Vistana is a mixed bag of high quality rooms and grounds mixed with perplexing service and food inconsistencies.  The place is beautiful. The suite my family rented had a nice kitchen, washer/dryer, jacuzzi, Bose TV speakers, beautiful interior and all the creature comforts we could want. We liked the open floor plan and color scheme of the bedroom so much we are thinking about duplicating it when we remodel.
    As our stay progressed (4 nights booked by Costco travel) we noticed that they seemed to have put all their money into quality parts but skimped on installation and maintenance. We pulled a mug out of the cabinet which was caked with dried food as were all but 2 of them. There was old food under the couch which was really disturbing and gross. The only restaurant that offered room service (very limited menu and service hours) was confused about their own menu and the food was not close to the quality we experience at other hotels. The other restaurants served the same strangely poor quality food. On the last day we were exhausted so after swimming we ordered a burger, fries and chicken strips because it was next to the pool. I watched as my daughters chicken strips and fries fell out of the box in to the ledge when the cook tried to slide it through the window  and he looked right at me, scooped them up and put them back in the box. The waiter had a new order made when I pointed it out to him. Then there is the curious hard sell, strong arm tactic they used to try to get us to attend a sales pitch we assume was designed to sell us a time-share! WHAT? Unbelievable, uncalled for and unprofessional. The wait for check-in was unacceptable and now we know it was because the plentiful staff was busy strong-arming people who were simply trying to get to their rooms. They walked people to 3 different stations to try to wear us down. After a 5 hour flight and 10 hour day getting there they made us wait almost 2 hours to finally give us the keys. I kept telling them my family was very tired and hungry and we simply wanted to go to our room. The staff seemed to be under orders to give the spiel and get us to that sales pitch! Never experienced that before.
    On the plus side, most of the staff were delightful. The amenities, other than the food were top notch. clay and hard court tennis courts, basketball courts, more pools than you need and an awesome transportation company.
    It felt like they opened this place before they were really ready. They need to take a hard look at their policies, and management over site if they want to be a 4 or 5 star resort and compete with other resorts in the area and there are a ton of them.
    We highly recommend Universal Orlando though!

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    94. Stephen G.
    Cascade pool is supposed to be open until 1 am, but at 8:30pm there were no towels to be found. Unhelpful man at the bar guessed that maybe I need to go to the main activity center. Not a pleasant experience.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    95. Karl G.
    Wish we had booked elsewhere - glad it was part of a Costco travel package or it would have been a worse trip - we were SO unhappy...WE LEFT A DAY EARLY A DIDNT BOTHER ASKING FOR ANY TYPE OF REFUND !!! You'll need the following to be comfortable:

    Shower head
    Bug spray
    Lysol spray for toilet room door
    SOS pad
    Spray paint for patio wall
    Tool and electrical meters to fix hot tub
    Calming drugs
    Strong resolve to refuse time share pitch

    Good luck to the "owners" - I would be embarrassed.

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    96. Brian P.
    I love this resort.  They have great pools and consistently good customer service.  We stay here when we head down from Virginia to take the kids to Disney.  The resort is maybe 7-8 minutes from the parks and is just 2 minutes from Downtown Disney.

    The last two times we've stayed here, we've gotten an upgrade from a 1 bedroom villa to a 2 bedroom.  We are Starwood Gold and simply asked if an upgrade was available.  Both times they checked, their was an empty 2 bedroom, and we were booked into it.  No muss, no fuss.

    The only thing that is a bit different about this property from other Starwoods is that they are timeshares, so the 'concierge' they send you to after check-in who gives you a few coupons is really a timeshare salesperson who is trying to book you on a 'tour' for their timeshare spiel.  You can politely decline and be on your way, but just FYI.

    Overall this is a great property for families, particularly if you plan on hitting Disney.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Henry Z.
    Beautiful resort,
    Staff very accommodating and attentive,
    Make everyone feels like a vip. I own a timeshare at this resort and I am glad that I bought it. I don't think I can get any better, 10 minutes away from magic kingdom.

    27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Joyce U.
    We love this place, DeAngela at check in was amazing & funny. We love the pirate pool. The villas are very nice. Love having the washer & dryer, full kitchen ( in 2BR).

    30/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Glen M.
    While this is a fairly nice place to visit, don't go to the "owners updates" or anything that seems like a sales talk.  Avoid stress during a vacation.

    We have been owners for ~30 years.  We have tried to sell or rent the unit, and Sheraton is completely unhelpful.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    100. Rose L.
    I own at Vistana Villages and also in myrtle beach. When I was in SC a couple years ago they tried to sell me another timeshare and I have a knack at saying no.

    They then sold me a vacation with 40,000 points for a return try at the vistana resort. Ok I'm game I wanted to go to villages anyway.

    Now keep in mind I own 4 timeshare two with SPG and I've never bought them from SPG. So they hate me. I never paid retail. But they keep trying.

    So I listened to a 90 minute (ah hem almost 3 hour spiel) and at the end was almost convinced to go retail. Almost. I said no. I got my points I went to animal kingdom for the day.  Yay

    I liked this resort a lot actually and would not have minded buying a location here.  

    Great pools open late.
    Lots of things to do on site
    20 minutes door to door of Disney (inside park)
    Great accommodation we had 2 bedroom 2 bath and pull out sofa. Slept 8. We were 5
    Great screened in patio on quiet lake view
    Marketplace in complex is very well stocked with right size staples for a week stay
    Salespeople were not overly pushy
    Housekeeping folks were awesome. They brought extra towels, soap, shampoo I just had to call and ask
    Drinks at the tiki bar - ask your waitress to surprise you and she'll make you seething awesome

    Shuttle to disney for timeshare owner is $9 each way. When traveling with 3 or more just cheaper to drive and park. Was $20 per car.

    Lack of midweek maid service without a charge was ehhhh

    Front desk seems to be tardy on picking up the phone. Not sure what those issues are.

    Upon check in front desk failed to tell us of the card (and I forgot) that you can use to charge to your room. Make sure you ask and you won't need to carry cash everywhere.

    Each condo has stairs and no elevators. Although I didn't mind my elderly parents sure did and my back minded with heavy bags.

    All in all I would definitely choose to stay here again without question.

    12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    101. Rebekah H.
    Beautiful, well maintained property. We stayed here for a week and had a great time. We rented a 2 BED, 2 bath and both rooms and bathrooms were spacious and well taken care of. We had all the appliances and tools we needed to make small meals for ourselves. The pool areas were beautiful and had plenty of space for a crowd. We truly enjoyed our stay and will be back again!

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Julie T.
    Just stayed here again April. 2015.  As usual, it was a great stay. Just a few minor complaints.  1)  Never any lounges at the pools.  I think people throw towels on them and go to the parks for the day.  I don't know what the staff can do about this but it really sucks.  The two days I wanted lay out by the pool I had to walk from one pool to the other and I only got a lounge on one of the two days.  I don't look so great in my bathing that I need to be parading around the resort.  2). Yes, I know check out is at 10:00.  Don't knock on the door  at 9:50 and ask when we're leaving.  Very annoying.

    Of course, we'll be back.  This is our home resort and it is a great place and great location!

    22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. Emma I.
    Everything was just as I expected had an awesome experience .. Great staff .. Great pools .. Clean rooms .. Everything was just right .. And the hotel were not so pricy

    03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. Keyshaun S.
    Court 3 - 40 is the best villa. Half a mile from Downtown Disney. Right near a Winn Dixie and Buffalo Wild Wings, tons of eating options and Orlando Priemiem Outlet. 5 miles from World of Beer and other higher end restaurants.

    Nice size balconies and they are screened in. We traded a Marriott time share to stay here. You can call to get extra towels if you want up to 4 a day and if you trade you get one day of house keeping and you can pick the day.

    There were 3 pools in the cul-de-sac and a small market that had a lot of things that you need. There is also a Walgreens right there as well. We loved it here and plan to come back every other year.

    I only wish that there was a nice gastropub within walking distance.

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Michael K.
    Just passing through alone for one night and thought this two bedroom suite was way too much space for little ole me. But like a country song, you can't have too much room.

    Located just east of the Lake Buena Vista exit on I-4, there are two entrances into the resort compound. Take the first of the two or you will be rejected and told to turn around. Trust me I know this from experience.

    Check in was a little frustrating as there were only two folks checking people in and four others just standing around talking behind the counters. When I finally got my turn though, Weslee was super friendly and helpful making me almost forget about the 5 minute wait.

    I got upgraded to a two bedroom suite near the main gate. Easy to find in this huge complex and a quick exit when leaving. The room was fine but lacking shampoo that was quickly rectified with a call to guest services. I didn't spend much time in the room but found it quiet and comfortable. I did like the Bose system in the living room while watching some TV.

    The place is loaded with things to do but I had no time to indulge. There are seven pools to choose from with three of them open until 1am. I saw some tennis courts and several inviting hammocks as well.

    Checkout was quick and painless the next morning. I wouldn't hesitate to come back but would like to bring the whole family along and stay longer the next time.

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. David G.
    Amenities, grounds and unit were great. Everything we needed for vacation have been here before being an owner always satisfied. Check in process was easy lobby remodeled since last visit , only complaint is after check in and being taken to a concierge/sales rep? I had to tell him 3x not interested in meeting and or presentation just wanting to tune out for a week and be left alone which he finally seemed to get.

    Starwoods properties always nice and we'll taken care of thank you see you next time.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Ted R.
    Stopped through for a few nights to go to Disney before our cruise.

    My first complaint, Very long lines and check-in process. Reminded me of when we stayed in Times Square. I probably spent about 45 minutes during the process. The front desk was very polite though, until they took me to get my "Welcome Package". I politely asked if I could pick it up later as I had to pick up my in-laws at the airport and was running late (didn't think it would take this long). The man insisted it would only take a few more minutes. 5 minutes later he seemed really offended and asked "What was wrong?" We reminded him again that we really need to get to the airpot. Instead of understanding, he rudely dismissed us.

    The room was really nice and I have no complaints about the actual property. Everything more than exceeded our needs for a family of 4 and a baby.

    My second compaint is with check-out. I understand this is a villa and they have a late check-in (4pm) and early check-out (10am). I knew this going in and was fine with it. However, as we are packing I get a knock on the door from housekeeping at 9:30 to see if we were out yet. I thought check out was at 10? The worst part was they stood out front and watched me as I packed the car. They left after about 20 minutes and then a security vehicle pulls up and watches me as I finish the last couple of things. Really?

    Again, the property was great, but their process and staff made it a negative experience for me.

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    108. Melissa R.
    We have just returned home from spending a week at this resort having used a timeshare exchange.
    Our villa was in the Fountains area of the complex and we were delighted with our accommodations. We had a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit with a full kitchen and screened in porch. We were on the 3rd floor, by request, which means walking up flights of stairs because there are no elevators, but that provided us with extra exercise. The unit itself was very nicely furnished and clean. The king master bedroom and bath were quite large with a separate shower and jacuzzi tub and sink. There was also a good size closet and an area outside the bathroom with another sink, mirror and vanity.
    The other bedroom had 2 additional beds and was good sized also. The 2nd bathroom could be accessed from the bedroom and hall area.
    Each bedroom, as well as the living room, had a television which delighted our young grandchildren who were with us.
    The unit is cleaned half way through the week and towels are exchanged then. Upon arrival we discovered the unit did not have a blender and a quick call was all it took for a brand new one to arrive. The same thing when we called for more trash bags. Very quick service! Plus they called both times to make sure our requests had been taken care of!
    The property is quite large with several pools and eating establishments as well as a market place. We were given a schedule of daily activities available, but since we were spending most of our time at the Disney parks, we didn't have time to take advantage of all that was offered. The pools we went to we certainly enjoyed as well as the places we did get food and beverages from.
    We were a group of 6 including 2 children and we all enjoyed our stay very much!

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0