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The Eo Inn & Spa in Orlando, FL

The Eo Inn & Spa in Orlando, FL


The Eo Inn & Spa is a small boutique hotel located downtown Orlando on the old-world brick streets of a charming area called Eola South. Situated on the Northeast corner of Lake Eola Park.

The Eo Inn & Spa has 17 smartly decorated rooms each with its own private bath. All rooms offer a queen size bed or a king size bed. Our newest room, The Summerlin, offers two queen size beds. The balcony rooms have a quaint covered patio perfect for relaxing outside. Views of downtown and Lake Eola Park are available.

E Inn & Spa has a full service day spa offering massages, facials, waxing, relaxing body wraps, spa manicures and spa pedicures. The award winning spa is very popular with the local community and hotel guests alike. Spa parties have become a favorite for our patrons and staff. The E Inn & Spa also has a jacuzzi on its second floor and pool access at our sister property.


Established in 1999.

The Eo Inn and Spa is a boutique hotel and spa located in Thornton Park, downtown Orlando, FL.  It furnished 17 smartly decorated hotel rooms, a full service day spa and jacuzzi sun deck.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.55

Address: 227 N Eola Dr, Orlando, FL, 32801
  • Mon: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Tue: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Wed: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Thu: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Fri: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Sat: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Sun: 8:00 am - 12:00 am

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Comments (44):

1. Clarice C.
Forget staying at a large chain hotel.  The EO Inn is a charming little boutique hotel close to many good restaurants and across the street from Eola Park.  Our room had a large soaking tub and a lovely balcony (although it was too muggy and hot out to use it!)  The front desk isn't staffed 24 hours so if you require constant attention, this hotel is not for you.  It's clean, quiet, well appointed, and the price is right.

16/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Tasha D.
My in-laws stayed here when they were out visiting us, and were less than thrilled.  The bedrooms are absolutely tiny -- like New York Times Square tiny -- but in Orlando, for expensive boutique prices that can see you at a gorgeous 4 star resort a little down the I-4 (or up, if you don't want to deal with the tourist craze), this place has no excuse for existing.  They either need to double/triple their room size and vastly improve their service, charge 1/3 the price, or go quietly into that good night.

02/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Natalie C.
On the opposite side of Panera at Lake Eola, lies the entrance to the EO Hotel and Spa.  It's a posh little inn with a full-service beauty spa to boot.  And boy was it heavenly.  

Their rates are very reasonable and if you happen to catch them on the right day, you might find there to be a discount.  For instance, last Saturday instead of a 50 minute massage being $70, it was only $60.  The European massage is what I enjoyed and it was $75 which coincides with most other spas, from my experience.  But it was well worth it.

The facial expert was kind and took great pride in her work.  Not to mention the effort she put into making me feel comfortable and happy throughout our 50 minutes.  I enjoyed a good mix of steaming, masks, and a face and hand massage.  

I would have no qualms about recommending this business to anyone.  Except those that don't want to completely relax and be transported away to relaxationland.

And if you know a special female who really needs a pick-me-up, check out their "Queen for a Day" package--she would receive a facial, full body massage, 1/2 hour body care treatment and a manicure and pedicure.  Amazing right??

21/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Joyhan S.
Do not waste ur time.  

Had the $50 spa pedicure and it was not even in a jet tub. There was no special mask or scrub or massage adn the water in the pedi tub got cold fast.  
There was a nice paraffin dip.  The manicurist was nice but complained throughout the treatment, making my excperience very unrelaxing.  I could have gotten 10x better in SF for less than $20.  Really disappointing.

Next was the herbal wrap. The aesthetician was pretty cool, but she talked/borderline complained a lot too.  The room she took me into for the treatment was calming and somewhat soothing in decor, but her chatter kinda ruined the effect quickly.  

The salve she concocted was applied while I was standing up, which I had never done before for a wrap.  The heated blanket she wrapped me cooled almost completely within 5 minutes, despite all the layers.

The pressure point facial massage she did felt like nothing more than  her resting the pads of her fingers on my temples.  Not soothing at all and I suspect, a bit rushed?

This person was helpful in helping stay on schedule by adjusting the length and price for the treamtment.  I would never pay 70 for such a msierable experience.  And I couldn't wait to get out of there.

07/12/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Holly G.
We enjoyed a massage here a few weeks ago, let me tell you it was very enjoyable. Nice clean atmosphere, respectable staff. Phenomenal service.

22/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Travis K.
Beautiful spa and great escape from the hustle and bustle!  Great staff and very friendly owners... I highly recommend the massage services at EO Inn Spa!

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Rob W.
This is a nice quiet place to stay in downtown Orlando. It is right next to lake eola, above the Panera Bread store. They are a small inn with about 28 rooms. We got one with a balcony which was shared with other rooms and had shower curtains across the balcony you could close for privacy. The interior was modern and hip, if a litlle small. The staff are only there 9-5, after that it is unmanned at the front desk. You can grab coffee and danishes for breakfast at Panera. My wife did not care much for the spa.

02/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Allison C.
Before I moved to Orlando, this is where I would always stay on business.  I have a sentimental attachment to it because I had good times in O-town when I stayed here, but I'm going to put that aside and try to be more objective.

The good:  great location.  Literally across the street from Lake Eola Park, and above Panera (though be warned, some rooms smell like the bread...might irk some, but since I'm a starch lover I didn't mind).  Since it's a boutique hotel, it does have a one-of-kind feel, and I like its simple design aesthetic: neutral whites, grays, and blacks punctuated by interesting art.  Also - very comfy beds!

The bad:  the bathrooms are really tiny.  We're talking one step above airplane counter space.  The rooms are also rather small too, and can get stuffy even with air conditioning.  Because it's a small place--maybe 16 rooms?--it's not staffed around the clock, so checking in and checking out can be a hassle if you come during non business hours...which is a little frustrating.  Also, there is free parking in the back but make sure they give you a decal!  I got towed once and was almost late to a meet a client.

Overall:  a fun little place, just don't expect the highest of service or largest of rooms.  Good for a short stay when you want to be in walking distance of downtown and Thornton Park, and if it's important to you to support local businesses.

13/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Tom H.
Really cool place that I never new was there. Its located above a Panera but looks like apartments from the outside. I found it through a hotwire purchase.  You cant beat the location of this place its in the middle of the best part of town. Its nice and quiet as well. Good getaway type of place. The amenities are not that special but got the job done. My only other negative comment would be that the rooms are kind of small. Other than that I would do this place again based purely on location and the fact it served its purpose during my short stay there.

01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Armani D.
This hotel Can be a fantastic gem if you "work" within it's limits.

2 simple rules:

1.  Do not check in after business hours after 5:00pm.
2.  Have your own phone.

If you can take care of the above two, you will feel like it's more a cozy apt. Buldg than a hotel. I personally do not need a 24h front desk clerk. If you can manage without a 24 front desk clerk, you will really enjoy this place!!!

Check in before 5:00pm, Or you will have a miserable check in experience.

20/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Aaron F.
When I lived in South FL and I would travel to Orlando on business, I would always stay here. One of the things I look for in a hotel for business is quiet and privacy. For example, after a long day at a convention or visiting accounts, it's really nice to go somewhere quaint to unwind and get ready for the next day.

EO Inn is in the Thornton Park neighborhood and puts you close to downtown destinations. Most importantly, it gets you out of the tourist muck and clears your head. If you are from out of town, it will show you what Orlando has to offer as a city, instead of a tourist trap.

I never used the spa services but I definitely liked the hotel. Honestly, I didn't mind that the rooms were small. EO Inn may not be the right fit for many travelers, but I enjoyed my business travel when I stayed there.

05/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Wayzie C.
Avoid this place in general.

But solo women travelers especially should just avoid this place. It's a whole lot of who needs it - in terms of lack of staff, lack of services, dead phone lines. Which is really ironic, since the marketing is clearly aimed at women.

I was on a six-city business trip and wanted to stay in a homey inn that provided some relief from business traveler mega-chains (i.e., Holiday Inn Express or a Marriott Courtyard.)

Eo Inn seemed like a great fit: a small boutique with "modern" rooms and a quaint location.

First problem -- My flight landed late, so before booking, I called to see how Eo handles late check-ins. I got a call center instead of the front desk. The guy who answered didn't know but said the hotel would send an email after I booked.

I booked and made a special note about checking in late. Nothing. No email. Concerned, I called again and I was told I would get an email with instructions.

An hour later I got instructions about a lock box with a 4-digit code and some right and left hand twists to a knob. That's three calls just to figure out how to check in. Mind you, I'm juggling all kinds of flight, cab, bags and appointment schedules while trying grok this hotel's check-in policy.

When I get to the hotel, it's close to midnight, the place is in lockdown, and there's no light over the black box. So, the cab driver parks his airport van with headlights shining onto the low lock box. I'm trying to juggle my dying iPhone -- which has the code, my computer bag and luggage.

I have to tip the cabbie extra for helping me crack the Da Vinci code to get into the hotel.

Once inside, the lobby is empty and dark. I feel my way to a staircase and shlep up three floors to the room only to find it dark with no bed turn-down. Even Motel 6 says, "We'll keep the light on for you." C'mon.

[Keep in mind -- the room rate at Eo Inn in Orlando is the same that I just paid for a fantastic boutique hotel in Manhattan.]

The room has seen lots of wear-and-tear. The wooden door jamb in the bathroom is splintered (watch the bare feet). The shampoos and gels are opened and half-used. The shower tile grout is slightly darkened, if not moldy. The duvet cover and sheets are wrinkled.

One nice find: The wifi is easy to log onto and the signal is strong and free.

After working a little, barely unpacking and dropping into a cold bed, it seems as if moments later, construction workers are hauling sheet rock and a metal ladder -- banging against the walls -- into my hallway.

It's way too early to be sheet-rocking the ceiling right in front of my room. I get up to locate coffee and an internet connection nearby, then head to a meeting.

When I come back, I try to take the elevator to the third floor. I wait for a few minutes. Nothing happens. I walk three flights to find the elevator filled with sheet rock while the hallway is covered with dust and equipment.

I go back out to a bunch of meetings and get in late. Surprise, not a soul around. It's late and I'm thirsty and hungry. No water or ice that I can find. I need a wake up call. I pick up the phone and it's DEAD. A notice says the hotel turns the phones off during non-business hours. (Who stays in a hotel during business hours?)

I figure this only makes sense since nobody works at the Eo Inn. If you need anything, you are completely on your own.

Nobody works here. It's a ghost ship that continues to get bookings thanks to hapless Internet users who see some nice photos and go for it.

This place is too expensive. The rooms are in lousy shape. There's nobody to call in the hotel who will help you. Your phone will be dead. Your bathroom products are already used.

10/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. ron s.
Walked literally ALL over downtown looking for a place to get nails and toes done.  This was the best deal and most comfortable.

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Lea B.
We stayed overnight at the EO. We were very happy with our room and the best part was the massage this morning. My massage therapist was Michael and honestly, he was wonderful! I have had many massages and Michael's work on my back was the best I've ever had. I will definitely be back!

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Angela D.
I have not stayed at the inn, but I did have my first massage ever at the Eo Spa about a year ago with Dee and I was blown away! I scheduled an upper body massage paired with a reflexology massage and left feeling so relaxed that I thought about calling someone to pick me up so I wouldn't have to concentrate on driving home.
I've had a few massages since then at other spas (including an amazing bamboo stick massage in St. Lucia!), but I never reached that same level of relaxation again...until I went back to see Dee today for a swedish massage! She has a magic touch, I nearly drooled partway through my journey to tranquility.
I can hardly wait to schedule another appointment. I discovered on the Eo Inn/Spa Facebook page that they now offer hot stone massages, oh boy!

11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Philip S.
Lovely.  Our room made my wife very happy (always a good thing).

01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. El A.
Eo Inn & Spa looks like a great spot from the website, but we had a terrible stay.

We booked online and notified the hotel by phone that we'd be arriving late. On arrival, the promised greeter wasn't there; the premises was locked, and worse, dark. We stood in the creepy parking lot in the rain, repeatedly calling the two numbers on hotel's outside phone box. We walked around to the adjacent coffee shop, but no one there had any idea how to reach the hotel. So we went off to find a drink.

About an hour later, I got a phone call from the hotel manager. He explained that he'd unexpectedly had to leave the premises, but had returned to await us. We were tired, so we hurried back. The attitude that greeted us was nothing short of icy, and we couldn't get any help with our bags.

The lobby is tiny, really just a long, broad hallway with a narrow elevator at the back. Coffee and tea service is next to the front desk, and limited to early morning hours. There were no coffee/tea facilities in our room. I was pretty disappointed that sleeping in meant I couldn't get a cup of coffee without putting on a bra.

The room was equally small and disappointing. There were touches of thoughtfully used space, but it felt crowded with heavy, hulking furniture. I will say: the bed was comfortable. I believe I dissolved into it.

The bathroom was unremarkable, and not as modern as I would've expected given the hotel's theme. Our room phone did not work and was never repaired. Also, the lake-view jacuzzi was turned off the entire time we were there (in March), and no explanation was provided.

A shared terrace stretches the length of the building outside the guest rooms. Despite how it's advertised, the balcony is unusable as a private space. Huge white curtains hang between each room's area, and whipped into our faces in the wind off the Lake. The curtain's bottom corner grommets had ripped off, so we couldn't even anchor it to make a screen. When we called to have this fixed, the attendant shrugged at it and left. We never saw him again, and we couldn't sit outside without gazing at our neighbors in their pajamas.

We didn't take advantage of the spa because the hotel was so underwhelming. I'd wanted a massage, but why bother? I just wanted to get us out of there, and into a hotel that believes in providing good service.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Sunashine K.
I used the voucher through yelp to get a room here. At first the desk guy thought the voucher was for the spa only, AFTER I had purchased it. Luckily I called back after rereading everything and seeing no specifications of this.   Prior to coming, I called to ask if someone would be there since I knew I'd be coming in late. /There is a code to get for this purpose, thank goodness I had called and got this.  Also, I didn't realize/or forgot, that the box with the key was outside with it (not inside) and after going back in and out, figured it out. (Suggestion: call and ask them to explain it clearly if you plan on coming in late). Trying to figure this out as a single female late at night is a bit worrisome. Also, when I called to ask, they desk person asked if I could switch from my queen balcony to a king, which seemed like an upgrade without additional cost. I said it was fine. However, this might have been a bad choice, because my room was right next to the road, and also what sounded like the bus stop. The walls are very thin here FYI. BRING EAR PLUGS. There was a loud creaking door sound all morning, that sounded like a door that needed oil since a year ago. Seriously, do they not know that the walls are thin, and that super loud sounds should be oiled? WD-40 people! - That really made me so mad and irritated all morning while I was trying to sleep. Finally I yelled to be quiet, and it stopped. Try this technique if you ever need it. After coming out into the hall, and seeing the cleaning cart, I'm guessing it was a door the maid was using. If you were to come here, I'd say to ask for a room on the non side of the road, and that was quiet, if this is even possible. I must say, the place is stylish and modern, the bed was comfortable, and the room clean. I didn't particularly like the bathroom but it was clean. As I was leaving, no one was there. Debating on what to do, i looked out on the door (facing out) and saw a note, with a number to call and left a message then the desk person came in and checked me out. I know people need a break, but please leave a sign on the desk too. /But, I was thinking, is no one ever here? This is a super cute place, however you might want to keep a few of these things in mind if you plan on staying here. p.s. the desk guy on the phone was always friendly, so that's a plus.

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Colleen B.
I was given a gift certificate to this spa and it looked LOVELY!  I heard reviews that people loved this spa as well so I was so excited when I arrived to receive:
Facial with special treatment on my eyes

I might be spoiled because I have been to Vegas 3 times and the Spas there are incredible.  However, this Urban Spa is supposed to be a gem of a place.  I did not see it this way.

The rooftop deck was closed due to rain which stunk!  It was gorgeous though, the entire Inn was beautiful!

I received my massage first and it was not very invigorating, it was somewhat weak.  Then I experienced my first facial and that was nice.  My skin did feel great after that!

As far as the mani/pedi...terrible.  You would think such a nice place would have a beautiful salon but it was tiny.  You could not fit more than 5 people in the room at a time so it was NOT relaxing with all the commotion going on.  There was nothing special about either the manicure or pedicure, and for the price, i would have rather gone to a nail salon and got the job done and used the money saved for a nice lunch.

There was also a sauna to use at your convenience but it was basically in the middle of a hallway and was as small as a closet.  

Overall, beautiful place, not relaxing, ok massage, great facial, sucky mani/pedi services.

08/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Sharon H.
I'd like to say that Dennis at the front desk is awesome. Helpful and provided excellecent service with a smile at all times.
My roommate and I are staying here for only a night and off to Port Canaveral we go...
As far a the rooms, they are a bit small but quaint. It can be noisy from outside traffic too. Outside the hotel, you'll find Panera Bread, so the smell of the bread will rise to ur room and it's all u smell. There's also alot of homeless in this area hanging outside and around the surrounding area.
This hotel is close to the Eola Lake and small shops and eats. You can also take a nice short 2.7 mile one way walk to super target and TJ Maxx if u don't have a car... There's also alot of Starbucks around and einsteins bagels. Yum!

26/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Kristen T.
Quiet, Clean, & Comfy! Forget the big hotel chains!!

16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Stacey A.
Boutique hotel in a beautiful area by Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.  My room was small, not very clean and on the street side where construction was noisy.  Thin walls so you can hear all guests going to and from their rooms all night and early morning.  Also, the air conditioner was so noisy my sleep was restless and disrupted.  I'd get up to turn it off for peace and quiet and then get too warm and have to turn it on.  Not fun.

On the plus side, the staff were pleasant and helpful.

31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Terra M.
Great place to stay... but sometimes the internet is undependable and if you are trying to get some business work done make sure you have a backup. Room was clean and a nice different change from other places I have stayed. Most of the furniture took me back to my Ikea catalog which I loved and made me want to go shopping there. I wish I would have gotten a chance to get some time in the spa but my schedule did not allow it.

24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Katie C.
The Eo Inn is a posh little alternative to a major hotel chain. Upon arriving I immediately liked the look of the place, namely the black and lavender color scheme. Parking was perhaps a little confusing because the address is listed on Eola Drive, but the entrance is actually on the other side of the building. (There is a Panera on the first floor facing Eola but they didn't seem to have my reservation!)

Once I made it inside I was greeted warmly by the clerk at the front desk. He was dressed all sharp which fit the decor nicely. As he finished checking me in he gave me my key and a card for a free glass of wine. Well hot damn! So far so good. I made my way up to the second floor and into my room and was VERY pleased to note that I had my own private balcony. The room wasn't anything super new or fancy but it was chic, unique, and quaint; what I expect from boutique hotels like this. The bathroom and bed were both standard, functional, and nice enough for me!

I really enjoyed sitting with my laptop out on my balcony and working in the beautiful October weathe. Definitely a highlight of the room for me. I've seen some complaints about the noise level and thin walls, but I got a great night's sleep here! I'd definitely return next time I'm in the area. (And the fact that I get a discount thanks to my Yelp check-in doesn't hurt either!)

12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Kathleen M.
I stayed in the Inn for one night while on a quick business trip and I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again... for business.

The Good:

+ Location, location, location. Downtown, across the street from a lake, on top of a Panera. Heck yes.
+ Beautiful, large balcony.
+ Cold Diet Cokes out of a machine for a mere 75 cents. Suck it, overpriced minibar.
+ Awesome spa-like bath goodies: even makeup remover cloths!

The Bad:
/ The room was pretty small, the bathroom even smaller. I live in pretty small living conditions on the regular so I'm okay with it, but I wouldn't want to spend a whole lot of time in my room.
/ Front desk is not 24 hours. I understand it's an inn, but I arrived around 3pm and had to call for someone (luckily he was there in a few quick minutes) but what happens if you lose your key at midnight?!

The Ugly:
- The NOISE. I can't believe this place is a spa as it was amazingly loud. Paper thin walls and despite being a heavy sleeper I could hear everything going on throughout the whole building. Plus the air conditioner was crazy loud.
- The bed. Not comfy. Kind of felt like it was off balance or there was a dip in the mattress.

03/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Joey D.
I booked a last minute massage here and it was amazing. Very professional and friendly staff. I will definitely go back the next time I'm in Orlando. Ask for Angela.

23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Kenneth W.
I spent the weekend in Orlando at the Eo Inn & Spa.  The location is great parking is free.  Two negatives: the internet is inconsistent and the massage was one of the worse ever.  My masseur was Michael.  They actually claim he gave a "deep tissue" massage and the spa charges extra for it.  As I said, it was probably the WORSE massage I have ever had.  The entire massage felt like someone simply rubbing lotion on my body.  Absolutely no pressure.  I don't understand with all the massage therapists out there why a spa would employ one who is so bad.  It would be like a steak house serving terrible steaks.  Don't waste your money on the massage.  Get a bottle of lotion and rub it on your body.  That's about all you're going to get out of Michael and you'll save $80.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Laurie H.
I am traveling back down to Orlando from NY and I am making sure I get a massage with Michael Green. He is the BEST massage therapist ever!!!

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Claire K.
Beautiful place in a great location & a nice boutique setting. The bed was comfy, the room lovely in decor, the inn keepers were friendly and helpful. Loved that they had a Kuerig in the lobby for hot drinks! Thin walls, but what hotel doesn't have that feature :)

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Luke S.
Booked massages here for Valentine's weekend. The experience was perfect. Very relaxing, clean, professional.

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Anjali N.
Ok, I'll preface this with stating that I HATE giving negative reviews.  It's been a good 3 weeks since I've stayed here and I'm still stewing a bit so I figured a review was necessary.

First, I'd like to say that the staff is very nice and also helpful.  That wasn't my issue at all,  the room and the general feel of the hotel portion is what bothered me. My husband and I live in Seattle and were in Orlando for a wedding and by recommendation of the bride, I chose this inn.  From the pictures, it looks like an amazing place to stay.  But upon walking into the seedy elevator, I knew that it was anything but that cool hotel on the website.

We quickly found our room on the third floor... a queen single with attached bath.  The room was TINY.  That in and of itself doesn't bother me much.  I can handle a small room as not much time is really spent in it.  But I walked into the bathroom and was beyond grossed out.  I'm super nitpicky about kitchens and bathrooms being clean.  I clean my own almost daily.  This one looked clean but there were mold/mildew stains all over the tiles, the bathroom door was splintered and brown.  There were brown stains all over the threshold between the bed and bathroom.  Had the hotel not been booked solid (as were most of the ones in the area), I would've just left and moved on.  But I couldn't so I sucked it up and stayed (did not dare walk barefoot anywhere in the room though).

The next thing that put me off was how LOUD the A/C was.  Upon inspecting the unit, I also noticed a large cockroach inside the grates.  How disgusting! I will NEVER stay in this hotel again.  I will also sway everyone I know from ever considering it.  I truly hope this post turns people away from that place and that it gets shut down or renovated or something.

07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Hope B.
I stayed here a month ago. I waited to write a review because I wanted to put it in perspective. First the good. I really love the location of the hotel. We walked most of the time and took quick Ubers the rest of the time. There is a younger guy who works at the front desk who was very nice and helpful when making the reservation and during our stay. There is also an older man who is probably the most competent employee there. I also enjoyed the balcony. Although I do wish there was better furniture out there and it needed a good sweeping. We also really enjoyed our massage.

The bad: The room wasn't as nice as I expected.  The paneling on one of the tables was peeling off and  there were scuff marks on the walls. The shower doesn't have a door. So every time we took a shower the floor was soaked. We didn't plan on spending much time in the room so we let this go. During the second day we started to realize that there was a smell beginning to fill the room. We realized that it was the smell of urine coming from the bathroom and it continued to get worse, especially when you flushed. We told the young, dark haired girl at the desk and she didnt seem to care at all. She just stared at us for a minute like we were complaining over something stupid. Finally she realized we weren't walking away. She said that they didnt have a maintenance staff (you should probably make guest aware of that on your site) and said she would attempt to clean the toilet. She did and sprayed cleaner. All it did was cover up the smell. I suggested changing rooms which she clearly didn't want to have us do. She suggested that we give it till morning to see if it goes away. I was so frustrated at this point that we just walked away. If I'd had a guest tell me that I would be shocked and do anything to fix it. She seemed more concerned with selling her jewelry than helping the guest. That is the worse service and attitude I have ever gotten at a hotel. The next morning I told the young man. He was nice but seemed confused about how to proceed. At that point I don't think there were anymore rooms. He offered to have the room cleaned everyday for the rest of our stay. It helped some but not much. We couldn't leave the bathroom door open or turn the fan inside off. If we forgot then the entire room would smell like urine. It was awful. I skipped some showers because the smell was so horrible. We would have left but we had gotten the room at a special advanced rate and could not find another hotel in the area that we could afford last minute.

As we were leaving on the final day we decided to tell the older gentleman about the issue so that they didnt put another person in that room and ruin part of their trip as it had ours. We finally got the reaction I felt a hotel should have. He apologized and said they should have called the offsite maintenance that the hotel uses. He refunded us for one night of the stay. Luckily we didn't let it ruin our entire vacation, but it was a big disappointment. If this hadn't have happened this would have been a higher rated review. It was disgusting and clearly a septic problem. I expected better from this hotel. I hope the owner or manager reads this because it did not make his Inn look good. I will probably not stay here again.

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
33. Meghann D.
I stayed here for one night over a holiday weekend. My fiancé and I were in town visiting my brother and found Eo Inn to be the best location and the most reasonably priced. I'm not a big fan of chain hotels (or chain anything really!), so keep that in mind while reading this.

We checked in at 3pm on a Friday with no issue. The desk isn't 24 hours but we're pretty low maintenance travelers, so this had no effect on our experience. We stayed in the Queen Balcony room. Loved the balcony and found this side of the inn much more quiet. It would be my choice of rooms for future trips, for sure!

The room is small (this building was long ago a youth hostel according to my brother in law) but it has everything a hotel room needs. Bed, flat screen TV, AC, and a newly remodeled bathroom. We found it modern and cozy and my fiancé (who does like chains) was very impressed with my choice. The room was also very clean.

I got a deep tissue massage with Lindsay who was fantastic. I'd had a massage previously and found the noise from the traffic to be a little too much for a spa. The noise was still there this time but I tuned it out and let Lindsay do her thing. I figure if my biggest problem in life is too much noise during my massage, my life is pretty damn good!

If any of your activities while in O-town involve Lake Eola, this is THE perfect location. It's literally right across the street and in walking distance of countless restaurants and bars.

Overall, we were super happy with our choice to stay at Eo Inn and we'll definitely be back when we come to visit my brothers!

05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Elizabeth F.
You know those pieces of paper you fill out at spas where you say problem areas, allergies, places you don't want them to massage, etc...? Those are some great pieces of paper because they actually the the massage therapist what you want and don't want. I was filling mine out, and the massage therapist, Michael, came in and told me that I didn't need to fill that out, that "we can just talk." Which at first, I thought, cool! we can just discuss it. But then when we got to the room, he just told me where to put my stuff and that he would be back. Ummm... okay?

So, I got undressed and under the TOWEL (yes, folks, no blankets at Eo Inn, just a towel to go over your body. Uh, what?) He came back in, asked if I had problem areas, and I said, yes, back and legs. Then he started to massage. Uhhh...that's it? That's our "we can just talk"? Hmm.

Anyway, the ENTIRE first half of the massage was fluff.  My Grandma could have given me a better massage. When he got to the legs he was going way too high up and involved in my butt and it made me so uncomfortable. (Again, something that nice piece of paper would have told him just fine.) So, I had to ask him to stop, and I could just FEEL him having an attitude about it.

When he told me it was time to turn over, I asked him if I could just stay as is and have him work on my shoulders more because seriously, this is a deep tissue massage and i feel like I just got a back rub. Again, could feel the attitude about it and it just made the entire experience uncomfortable. Anyway, so he continued with massaging my shoulders and I will say there was a little more pressure this time around. I could feel his hands trembling with how much pressure he thought he was putting onto my back, but it was not enough and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be at anyone's expectation for a deep tissue massage. It would take more effort to open a door than what he was giving me.

Needless to say, I'm very unhappy with my massage, it's probably one of the worst massages I've had and it's certainly NOT worth $80 (or even the Yelp Deal they're offering right now). So annoyed and disappointed.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
35. Eric M.
A great alternative to the box hotels.  Clean, comfortable rooms. Perfect location for meandering the town.  Parking lot was large enough to accommodate my full size sprinter van.

23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Magali P.
The eo inn is a great boutique hotel right across from lake eola and just minutes from  downtown Orlando and lake eola amphitheatre.  The room was a little small but was clean  comfortable and nicely decorated. The staff is very friendly. The balcony was awesome very nice and comfortable.  A few  little quirks however, the fire alarm in my room was chirping all night and the air was pretty loud. I alerted the front and they came up and checked the smoke alarm.  Very nice hotel. I would recommend this place to those visiting downtown Orlando, lake Eola Area.

07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. R G.
This is a well priced, friendly character, and nicely located boutique hotel. The neighborhood is very walkable with a lot of local bars and restaurants.

I highly recommend upgrading to a balcony room where you have a private outdoor space. There is also a common outdoor patio with hot tub. It was really quiet and have historic character. The welcome staff were really warm and helpful. Free parking.

The hotel is more about the neighborhood and a unique, clean, safe lodging option. There are not the amenities that you might find with a full service chain hotel. But the price and location make up for it.  The hotel is best for business travelers and couples. Probably not the best option for a family with children.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Derek A.
The hotel occupies an excellent location right on picturesque Lake Eola and the nice Thornton Park neighbourhood.

Check in is through the spa reception at the back of the building, which may seem a little odd at first but was pretty painless.

Our room was plain but nice enough and pretty spacious, with a balcony providing some outdoor space.

The balcony runs the length of the building so is was shared across the other rooms, however there are curtains which can divide this of should you want to spend time out there in private.

There is an outdoor hot tub, wifi, parking and a Panera Bread bakery downstairs for those of you who like a pastry, coffee, soup, sandwich etc!  Very handy for breakfast.

Its a slightly confusing set up with the layout of common areas and rooms i.e. treatment and bedrooms next to each other.  No massive deal though.

Wouldn't hesitate to go back next time I am in the area.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Jennifer Y.
Stayed here during some business training - The inn is right across the street from the Day building - so the location was perfect. The lake is right across from the street, and there was even a great cheese and wine tasting! The owners of the Inn set up karaoke in the parking lot, and we sang all night.

The service was top notch - front desk was happy to make special accommodations for our room, as well a late check out. Our bedding was comfortable, room clean, and the bathroom was huge. We stayed in the "Miss Sammie" room (211).

Highly HIGHLY recommend this place! Wish I had time for a massage, because the spa looked heavenly.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Sashi J.
I was hesitant to book this hotel due to the reviews but I did anyway primarily for the location the my short stay ( 2 days).  I took the chance and unfortunately I regret it. Upon entering the room the smell of musty carpet was so overwhelming I had to open the balcony door to air it out!  The room was clean and looked decent enough but the odor was intolerable.  When I went to the front desk to notify them about the smell no one was there except another couple waiting to be checked in. They were so upset to be waiting for over 15minutes at the front desk. Additionally the computer screen was up with everyone's information to be seen. The lady Kim at the front desk was nice and explained that the carpets were cleaned and probably did not dry properly. Since it rained that day she thought that also contributed to the smell. I had to get some carpet freshener to sprinkle on the ground since they were sold out of rooms. She offered to reimburse me for the carpet freshener but seriously how about comping the smelly room! At $174-$197 for the two nights that was totally unacceptable. By the morning the smell went away somewhat but that afternoon it rained again.  OMG rain came in the room through the CLOSED window and got  all over the carpet and everything got wet!!!!
Guess what here comes the smell again! So now I am wondering if this is how the carpet were "cleaned" as Kim told me previously. I nor anyone I know will ever stay here again and I would not recommend this hotel based on my experience.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Ho L.
I love bed & breakfasts: the offer so much more charm and character than a large chain. I have not stayed at the inn, so my review is for the spa services. I had a 10am appointment for a massage. The masseuse was friendly, and I was very satisfied with the results. The hotel itself is well decorated, although parking appears to be quite limited. Perhaps someday I'll get the opportunity to stay here.

13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Kristy O.
I had a great experience at this little inn! Our room was very clean and comfortable. The location is fantastic, and we were walking distance to everything. The parking was free, which is awesome, as most downtown hotels are $20+ for parking. Being on top of Panera was nice at 7:00 a.m. when we were hung over and craving a quiche! We thought we were going to spend most of our time downtown, walking around, but actually spent most of our time in our room and it was awesome! We had a bubble bath in our garden tub, enjoyed the roof top Jacuzzi, and loved our balcony seating area. We stayed in the King balcony room, and it was actually much larger than expected. Very open, and airy, yet also had a cozy feel to it. The inn felt very secure, as you need an electronic key to even enter the building. We will definitely return.

19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Diana V.
I really don't like to rant about bad things.. But seriously.. I don't think it can get much worse. For an inn and spa, I expected the place to be relaxed and cleaned.

Coming from California, we came here for vacation. Nice area with a lake and downtown vibe a few blocks down. The first thing we noticed was there were very few parking spaces available. We had to park where it said "tow away area, no parking." Walking in was a nice  and helpful blonde guy, he was probably the only thing good here. The art around the hallway was abstract with powerful colors which was not really relaxing to look at. But as always, art is subjective.
After going up to the 3rd floor, we saw a few industrial size fans in the hallway. With closed doors, you could still hear the fans. The windows inside the rooms were not very insulated either. I could hear all the traffic noise along with the rain. It sucks being a light sleeper because I hardly slept. Along with that, their queen deluxe rooms had a spring mattress that was completely worn out. It was horrible. The "private bath with a walk in shower" had no doors which made the restroom floor wet and flooded after any shower. The tiles along the floor and walls had different color mold on it. The sink had the handles on the right side and the sink compartment was smaller than a. I was having trouble washing my hands.

Overall I will never suggest this to anyone.

16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Mark O.
I love this place. Very cozy and employees are awesome!!! This is our second year and is now become our annual getaway! Walking distance to everything from clubs to great food. I would recommend for couples only.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0