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Gateway Inn Motel & Apartments in Pensacola, FL

Gateway Inn Motel & Apartments in Pensacola, FL


We are conveniently located one block from the Naval Air Station Main Gate outside the Navy Base. We have low daily, weekly rates, and kitchenettes. All rooms have mirco-fridge, cable tv, and HBO.


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Rating: 1.00

Address: 601 S Navy Blvd, Pensacola, FL, 32507

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    1. jessica L.
    First, I want to clarify the difference between this Gateway Inn Motel and Apartments at the address listed here, versus the Pensacola Naval Air Station Navy Gateway Inn and Suites located within NAS. This Gateway Inn at this address is right outside of the NAS front gate- perhaps the review below is for the Gateway Inn inside NAS?

    Anyway, onto the review for this Gateway Inn. It's close, but definitely not worth staying there for the price. First- the cost is $49 per night. You have to pay extra for internet access, about $70 per night is what we were told. Unknowingly, we checked in, thinking that the rooms can't be too bad, prepaying 2 nights just in case. We get to the office to check in, and it is GHETTO. The office was in a run down building, quite dirty and incredibly dilapidated. We were directed across the street for our room- to which we went with the hope that it would be marginally better than where we checked in...WRONG. Boy were we wrong. The outside was sketchy. It was in a sketchy area. A total of 3 cars parked outside. So we figure, let's go inside and check out the room. We get inside, and it STINKS of cigarette smoke. There are cigarette holes burnt into the curtains, the linens, and the pillows. The walls are gross. So it occurred to my brother that we hadn't considered the hotel inside the base. So we go and check rates, which is less (by $2) per night, and the front desk person tells us we should be able to cancel on our second night and get it back (she was amazing and got us a great room, by the way).

    When we tried to get a refund for our second night, the owner point blank told us we couldn't, that they'd already charged our card, and that we were supposed to tell him at check in. When we told him that the condition of the room was unacceptable, he still refused and hung up on us. Basically, we ended up paying one night without staying there- but we were able to get our second night refunded thanks to the (I think) son of the owners.

    I feel bad for them because the condition and appearance of their buildings and room is a total dump, and they could probably use the money- but it's not worth staying in for any amount of money. As my brother put it, they'd have to pay US to stay there, and I don't know that I'd do that even for any amount of money. I felt like we were going to either be robbed in our room or our car was going to get stolen.

    22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Bonnie H.
    Let me start by saying I called a month in advance to reserve a room for 45 days while I would be on orders for school.  I was told there were no rooms available, I called a week later adding that I will be on orders & what is the room situation.  They ensured me I didn't need to make a reservation plenty rooms would be available.  "Great"

    After driving 9 hours in one day I arrived at 2am.  Guess what no rooms available.  They are required to put you in a room if you are on orders,  The attendant proceeds to call hotels out in town, most have no rooms for 45 days, some say they will call back.  At this point I'm infuriated, I'm tired, my head is pounding.  I ask if there are any "suites" as I would be willing to pay out of pocket.  No rooms at all she says.  (I come to realize they treat "the suites" as gold I haven't met any real person in life that has actually ever stayed in one)  I make a point I would like to stay on base, Dumb move, problems to come.

    After 30 minutes, at the least, she says she will put me in a room for the weekend, but I will have to be out on Sunday.  Funny when thirty minutes ago NO ROOMS were open.  I'm disgusted as I'm here for awhile and I'm a girl I have alot of stuff and not thrilled about being switched room to room but whatever I would lay down on the lobby floor at this point.  

    So I'm pretty happy I get put in the brand new building (the 3 story one) as I hear most of the buildings don't have elevators, mind you E3 and below all have elevators and a beach view over at the barracks.  

    Here is a plus.  My house keeper Kim Eubanks is a DOLL although I did pay her off and give her gifts the first day, something my grandmother taught me be pleasant to your housekeeper, I have diamonds, jewelry, Louis vuitton, Louboutin, iMAC, iPOD, iPAD, I don't need that shit coming up missing.  She cleans the hell out of my room leaves me notes and leaves me alot of coffee cups.  

    During my first day I notice ants here and there and I'm freaking out because I cant deal.  I call maintenance they come out right away spray almost kill me as well.  That worked for 3 days,  one day after i tossed a banana peel there is a trail hundreds of them.  IN A NEW BUILDING!! what is going on!?  I walked my happy ass over to the office to talk to the manager.  He didn't offer compensation as I would have been %200 satisfied and that would have made my whole stay better and I would have never left a negative review but I should have never had delt with that in the first place and having to pay full price is ridiculous.

    I realize this is long winded so lets summarize,  6 out of 8 washing machines were out of order the entire 45 days I was there.  A maintenance man had the nerve to ask me if he could ride in my car.  Vending machines took my money.  NO PARKING NO PARKING NO PARKING

    INTERNET the Internet on my iPhone is faster.  It goes out several times a week 24 hours during memorial day weekend.  


    I should have let them put me out in town or requested to stay with the airmen over in Alpha barracks (i would have willing waxed floors and polished bright works to earn my keep) .  I NEVER HAD ANTS over there and I had pizza boxes probably under the bed and beer cans in the tub at that time.  

    concentration camp living at its best

    16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Sara C.
    Shady. As. Hell. Let me document this in chronological order.

    Night 1: I checked in around 7:30pm. They wouldn't accept my boyfriend's military credit card that I had given them (and they had previously approved) over the phone a week prior nor my Discover card (that has never before been denied), so I had to use my mom's back up emergency Visa card. After walking through a ghetto of evicted houses, I found the actual motel. It took me about four minutes to get the door open because it was stuck and the key (not an access card, but an actual key) kept getting jammed. And the carpet was damp.
    Day 1: My taxi driver informed me that I was staying at a "prostitute motel." Also, there was a public hair caught in the fabric of my shower towel.
    Night 2: Out of my window I saw toddlers playing in the parking lot unattended. A few hours later I heard an infant crying across the hall as a woman was screaming and swearing at some guy.
    Day 2: I found beer bottle caps on the floor next to my nightstand. I also noticed there was no bible in the drawer. Not that I would read it anyway, but I found it odd that a motel wouldn't have a bible in each room.
    Night 3: I was woke up by the sound of metal scraping against metal. It was coming from the heater.
    Day 3: I left. And next time I visit my boyfriend, I am staying somewhere else. I don't care if this place was the cheapest and the closest. Not worth it.

    11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0