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Key West Inn in Pensacola, FL

Key West Inn in Pensacola, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 6900 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, FL, 32505

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    Comments (1):

    1. Jessica C.

    SIMPLY PUT - The rudest,most misogynistic, barely literate, non-English speaking staff in the continental United States.

    Never drove up to a motel or a hotel with a NO TRESPASSING sign on the wall in front of the parking spaces next to the lobby. That should have been a sign, well it was a sign... but a sign from God to RUN!

    We arrived around 8 PM on a weekend and the "clerk" at the front desk was unable to speak English, completely denigrating toward women, and just downright RUDE!  He kept EMPHASIZING not to open the exterior doors to the rooms - the place is a converted motel which has had interior doors installed but left the parking lot side doors on as well.

    The man couldn't explain where the room was or how to get there. We had to basically sign a blank check to get our room - it said on the check-in form you had to sign that there would be extra charges if "the room was left in DISARRAY!"

    Now  there is no Black's Law Dictionary definition of "disarray," but Webster's defines it as "a  lack of order or sequence." Basically "disarray" is an all-inclusive term that can be construed to mean that if you didn't make your own bed you could be charged extra.

    When we baulked at signing the form and asked for clarification, the man YELLED at us, "You sign! I no give room!" When we asked him what was actually meant by the word he didn't know or couldn't understand the question. We kept pointing to the word and asking, "What does this mean?" and he just kept on yelling.

    Makes you sort of wonder though... precisely WHY would a hotel put a "Disarray" clause on its check-in slips / contracts? What sort of "disarray" have they experienced in the past; bullet holes; broken down doors; or just "mild" disarray like unmade beds?

    As we stood at the front desk I began to say "Screw this let's go," but my partner said she was tired and would deal with him. He condescended to her when she couldn't understand his instructions on how to find the room and said, "Here I give you different room and show you where it is!" but never did.

    We walked to the room, past the locked up "Weight Room" that had a sign "Closed" on it, then past the garbage can in the middle of the corridor sitting in the middle of a puddle of water that was dripping down from the cracked and moldy ceiling, and finally found our room.

    Wish I had an ultraviolet light. I'll post pictures when I find them. The furniture was ragged... holes in it. Lamps with burnt out light bulbs. The interior security latch had been literally RIPPED from the door frame at some point in the past and never replaced. ANYBODY with a key card or half a mind to get into our room could have done so and we'd never have had a chance.

    Holes in the wall; a refrigerator with mould in it. Stains on the "linen" - it was a nightmare.

    There was absolutely nothing good to say about the place. The pool was closed. The ice machines sparse and placed outside rather than in. There were hurricane fences with razor wire atop them around the property.

    The "breakfast" was a box of cereal and a cup of coffee underneath a sign that said "If you not registered at this hotel you must pay us $5 for the food."

    I can't begin to describe this place. It looked like the local dive for drug users and politicians trying to avoid the media finding out they had a thing for hookers.

    We were tired - we stayed. If we hadn't had a gun with us, we'd have passed once we realized the room was totally insecure and that at some point in the past something had happened in it that caused the door to be broken in.

    In my opinion, staying here is RISKY. I wouldn't do it again even if they paid me.

    15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0