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Hilton Historic Bayfront in Saint Augustine, FL

Hilton Historic Bayfront in Saint Augustine, FL


We specialize in Accommodating business travelers as well as families on vacation. We make sure your stay at our hotels is one of excitement, relaxation, and in some cases romantic getaways. Our Hotel is one that you do not want to miss. You can reach Hilton Historic Bayfront at  904-829-2277.


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Rating: 3.74

Address: 32 Avenieda Menendez, Saint Augustine, FL, 32084
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Comments (27):

1. George C.
Really a nice hotel with a great location.   Parking is $21/day but your vehicle is safe in their underground garage.   Just wish the front desk staff were as helpful and friendly as the valet parking guys. We checked in ~ noon.  I've been a rewards member for over 20 years and just wanted a room with a balcony.  You would have thought I was asking for the the moon.  They finally admitted there might be a balcony room available later in the day.  So, we left our stuff in the lobby and got a call that they had one for us.   They did - overlooking the entrance/parking area...  Won't be back -the other hotels the B& Bs offer more for your money.

02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Amy Jo A.
Rooms small. Beds comfortable. Valet parking required is a pain and expensive. Location good but touristy...a bit tacky too..price for room high..noise level is high..could use new carpet in some areas.  The extra price for the balcony is nice facing the water but then you have parties to contend with. Probably not worth it in the end.

12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Christina S.
Nice hotel.  Not beautiful, but very nice.  The view was great from our bay front second story room.  We asked for a quiet room...what did we get?  A room next to the elevator where loud conversation took place every half an hour.  Can you say 'thin walls'?   Parking and breakfast buffet was steep.  Parking fee was mandatory.  Skip the buffet.  So many other cute places to eat.

29/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Matt S.
I got married a few weeks back, and since the reception was held downtown, my wife and I wanted to get a hotel in historic St. Augustine, so we would be able to go out on the town and enjoy our night, and not have to drive anywhere. Like most places downtown (and since it was a holiday), the Hilton required a two night minimum stay, but it was still less expensive than the Casa Monica or other hotels in the area.
Check in was easy- the gentlemen at the front desk was VERY friendly and helpful. Room was very, very nice. King size bed, recliner with ottoman, flat-screen TV, HUGE bathroom, and an awesome balcony which looked out over the bayfront. Had an amazing view of the Bridge of Lions and the Castillo, and it was a great way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.
Room was clean, well-stocked with a TON of amenities, and the bed was super comfortable. Pool was relatively small, but looked clean and well-kept. Also had a cool memorial where they had kept steps that was the location where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was arrested during a protest in the 60's. Nicely decorated hotel that fits in nicely with the downtown historic motif. Price for the room was definitely not cheap, however for the location, the fact that it was a holiday weekend, and it was my honeymoon, it was definitely worth it.
Restaurant located in the main lobby, as well as the room service, was pretty pricey, but they offered up some nice food selections- but with all the great restaurants in downtown SA, you shouldn't really bother unless you want straight room service. Parking is mandatory valet, and at $24 a day, that's upsetting to a lot of people- understandably so... also remember parking downtown is a NIGHTMARE and can be VERY expensive if you don't find a good spot, so as long as you're not driving anywhere, it's cheaper and easier to go that route.
Had a great stay here- everything I wanted and more. Would definitely recommend for anyone staying downtown- if you're willing to pay the price. There are other hotels up the road, you'll save money, but definitely won't be as nice, and the location of this place can't be beat. My only complaint is knowing that some of my money has made it to Paris Hilton's pocket for some reason, but I had a nice enough stay that even that won't bring me down.

15/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Devon N.
My girlfriend and I escaped to the Hilton Historic Bayfront for a romantic overnight getaway, and we weren't disappointed with our stay. If you've been in old-town St. Augustine you've surely seen the hotel, located right across the street from the Fort and the Bridge of Lions. The price was a tad high, but we got the last room available at a reduced price, so we can't complain. The hotel was decorated for Christmas very nicely and added to our visit. Check in was easy, but one of our biggest gripes comes from the fact that they force you to pay a $21.00 valet parking fee. I personally feel like if I'm shelling out $140.00 a night for a room, you ought to be providing the parking for free - especially since they use their own private parking garage anyway.

I didn't see a pool anywhere, but I did see signs saying there was one.

The valet service was quick and there was no damage to our vehicle.

The hotel includes a restaurant, but after reading several negative reviews on Yelp and other sites, we opted to visit A1A Ale Works instead. It's just a short walk across the courtyard.

Our room was located at the very back of the main building, which felt private, and was definitely quiet. We had a King size bed and hot tub in our room. The hot tub is more like a two person Jacuzzi and it took FOREVER to fill up. Well not forever, but at least 30 minutes we had to wait. There was very little water pressure out of the faucet, but no big deal. The shower had good pressure. The room was very nice, with nice furniture and a big comfy bed. Everything was very clean and new looking. There was a hidden mini-fridge and a coffee maker with two mugs and two travel cups. We thought that was neat. The room had a nice plasma TV, but it's wasted on crappy standard def channels. My biggest gripe overall with the room is that the air conditioner is VERY LOUD. Every time that sucker kicked on during the night it woke us both up. Unfortunately it's still 80 degrees here in FL even with Christmas two days away, so it was kicking on and off a lot.

Overall we enjoyed our visit and when we were asleep we were comfortable and cozy. I'd recommend the hotel for a nice overnight, but I'm not sure it's great for extended stays (especially with that daily parking fee).

P.S. Beware, they will charge your credit card $20.00 to cover any incidentals you might rack up. We assume this is to cover PPV movies (which run at $16.99 a pop!) but still it's inconvenient to have $20.00 locked up for "3-5 days."

23/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Clarence E.
As most Yelpers and reviews noted, the small pool, smaller rooms, limited HHonors Gold perks (only 2 free breakfasts) and parking score some lower points. But location, location, location. Did I say great location in historic St. A? We had a great view of the fireworks poolside.

Service is great! That made up for most things that may be lacking. The GM was making the rounds at breakfast, hotel housekeeping staff were attentive, and restaurant service was great. The morning buffet was smaller than other Hilton hotels and made to order eggs and waffle maker sometimes got behind but their professional service was outstanding.

Balcony rooms are a plus but expect it to be harder to get or comes with a premium. You can park in the city lot or in the trolley lots and tool around by foot or trolley as most everything is accessible with a short or minimal walk. I'd come back again without question.

10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Katie W.
This review feels very redundant but everyone's pretty much covered it already... great location, $21 per day valet-only parking (but you won't need your car), excellent rooms, nice staff, so-so amenities. So nice job, yelpers... you nailed it! Keep up the good work.

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Rayni K.
The smallest Hilton in the Americas is not at all small in terms of quality.

They have valet parking that is not included in your room charge. So please take note of this if you're going to stay here. We already knew ahead of time, and actually found it to be more convenient than we had imagined. The concierge and valet folks are extremely courteous and allowed us to take things from the car if we needed to, and even let us leave the car there while we spent the check-out day walking around town.

The rooms may be smaller than most Hiltons, but they do not lack charm, quality, and most importantly, cleanliness. Our King-sized bed was comfortable, and the Bayfront view did not disappoint. Do keep in mind that the bayfront is across the busy street from the hotel. Nothing is right up along the bay except for the road and Castillo de San Marcos. But what a great view of the Bridge of Lions nonetheless.

What a convenient location this hotel is in, too! We walked back and forth between destinations and nothing was too far or strenuous.

I would've given this hotel 5 stars if not for a very confused and perhaps somewhat inexperienced staff member at the front desk when we were trying to check in. He seemed to be reading things wrong left and right, and even misinformed us as to where our room would be. Luckily, the clearly more experienced staff member came to his rescue and all was right again.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone that's planning on staying in St. Augustine and willing to spend just a tad more than just any ol' hotel or motel. It was worth the price.

07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Dave W.
Having stayed at zillions of Hilton's around the world, this one is certainly quaint... It is possible to get a room with a balcony. Other than that, it's really about location, which can't be beat if you want to visit St Augustine.

Everything is within walking distance. Kinda ironic since the valet hides your car away safely... You won't need it til you leave. :-)

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. David M.
I stopped at the Hilton Historic Bayfront for a quick visit to St. Augustine.  Tiny by Hilton's standards, the hotel still provided everything that we needed for our visit.  Our room was comfortable, with a balcony overlooking Matanzas Bay.  It was unfortunate that the door to the balcony was broken so that only a small bolt lock kept the door closed but the room still seemed relatively secure and the door stayed shut when closed.

The room itself had two comfortable queen sized beds, a writing desk, and a couple of chairs.  The room also comes equipped with a good sized TV and a mini-fridge for stocking your own beverages.

Room service operates only from 7am until 11pm.  It would be nice if they started earlier and ended later but it was quick when we called.

As others have noted, this hotel is within walking distance of just about everything in Old St. Augustine so it is a great location for anyone who likes to walk.

We would definitely stay here again.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Erica N.
What a great hotel. From the Valet to the FD to the wait staff, everyone is extremely nice and friendly. Will be back for sure. Wonderful breakfast too and it was free because we are Hilton Honors Diamond members which was a great perk. Balcony in our room allowed for us to leave the door open and enjoy the breeze and the noise from below while relaxing. Great getaway for our anniversary

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Jeff K.
What a great place. Billing itself as the smallest proper Hilton in the Americas, it has been designed to fit nicely into St. Augustine's historic district.  We opted for a room with a private balcony overlooking the water.  We had a beautiful view of the Bridge of Lions and the island on the other side.

Inside, the room was clean and nicely appointed.  The fact that the hotel's 72 rooms are split amongst several small buildings add to the sense of privacy.

Parking is valet only and costs $21 per day.  Here is where we lose a star. To me, valet parking should be a convenience, not a requirement.  And if you're staying at the hotel you don't really have any other parking options anyway. To me it's like renting a jet ski for the day, only to find that they're charging an extra $21 for getting it wet -- it's an unnecessary extra fee that you HAVE to pay if you want to stay there, not a convenience charge like they try to make it sound.  I'm angry about it, and I even knew about it ahead of time.  I'm sure some people don't notice it when they book, I feel bad for them finding out at the front desk.

Alongside the front lobby of the hotel is the Aviles restaurant.  Like most other proper Hiltons, as well as most Doubletrees and HGI's, this hotel offers free breakfast for 2 people for each night you are staying if you are a Gold tier or higher HHonors member.  The breakfast at Aviles is as much as $17 per person, so that can be a significant savings.

Too bad more than half of those savings are eaten up by the ridiculous parking fee.  Not that I'm bitter.

26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Willy D.
Visited for a weekend. Overall it was a pleasant stay and we would stay at this hotel again. While we were highly impressed with some of our experiences others were rather disappointing.

Front desk staff was top notch. Among the most pleasant and professional we've experienced anywhere in the world.

Valet service was also excellent. Quick, efficient, and professional.

Location can hardly be beat. Right in the heart of St. Augustine.

Maintenance is clearly lacking. Broken shower rod barely attached to the wall. Rusty vanity mirror also barely hanging onto the wall. Cracked tile, etc. These are simple fixes yet they go unaddressed.

Several dirty drinking glasses (presumably from previous guests) sitting on the floor outside of the door to our room when we checked in. We half expected to open the door and find the room still occupied.

Breakfast buffet was one of the worst we've ever encountered. Pancakes were cold and hard as rocks. Similarly, what we think was French toast was cold and solid. The pan that once held potatoes sat empty and ignored throughout the entirety of our meal. Grits were cold. Truly bad.

There are ash trays on the balconies outside of the non-smoking rooms. So, if you wish to enjoy sitting on your balcony you may be subjected to someone four feet away smoking on the balcony next door. The ashtrays should be removed.

17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Jose R.
The Nicer hotel to staying in St.Agustin
In the middle of everything.
We enjoyed. I know that the price for the valet it's over but onetime you parking you can walk thru the city we not problem everything is around the hotel.
Which it's make it very practical.
The rooms are very, very cleans and safe you will feel very comfortable.

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Reed N.
The infused waters, great staff, and extra appointments always garner an extra star at Hilton hotels. The parking fee here is pretty steep. If I were here on leisure I would park somewhere else after unloading my stuff. You can walk everywhere from here. Go out the back door and hang a right. Everything you could want is right down the old streets.

10/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Dave L.
A great location in St. Augustine.
The hotel is top notch in regard to cleanliness and service.
Breakfast was good with eggs cooked to order. Being a Diamond Member mine was provided at no cost.

The location is perfect, just valet ( my only deduction) and walk to anything.
Keep in mind that I hate valet only parking but if you are familiar with downtown historic Saint Augustine then one would understand.

A refer? Yes.

Great Place.

23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Keith E.
What a great experience! The staff was very welcoming, and the property was beautiful. We only stayed one night, but I wish we could have stayed longer.

Everyone we encountered--from the front desk to the valet and even the restaurant staff--was friendly, courteous and efficient. This is the way a hotel is supposed to run.

17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Scott T.
I am oly reviewing the restaurant in this hotel: Aviles.  This is my 3rd visit.  The first two where great meals.  This time when we made reservations we were told that is was "some great steak and seafood." AWESOME!! But when we got there we found that what they meant to say was that NOW on Saturday Nights, they only do steak and seafood and the regular menu was not available.   We went with it .. we ordered the seared tuna for an appetizer ($13), split the Prince Cut Filet ($30) and it can with one side which we chose the lobster mac and cheese.  But added haricot verts, for $5 extra.

You were allow to have as many accompaniments with the steak as you wanted: Garlic butter, onions mushrooms, Bordelaise Sauce and others.

1. App was great!
2. Steak cam out as ordered, rare, and my wife wanted onions and mushrooms that also can out but were COLD (odd since the menu says everything made
to order , the I was told my Bordelaise Sauce was not ready but would be in a few minutes and the waitress did not want our food to get overcooked sitting under the heat lamp, so she brought out what was ready.
3. Large pieces of lobster in the mac and cheese w/ lobster, but no cheese and rather bland at best.
4. the side of green beans, amounted to 7-10 haricot verts!
5. All the items were placed on one plate -- my side should have come on the SIDE.
6.Still waiting for my rich Bordelaise Sauce ... what i got was a broth with chopped onions and shallots and NO flavor ... Bordelaise Sauce should be smooth rich texture that coats the steak .. what a disappointment!  Plus I had nearly finished my steak!

The Hotel is 4 diamond from AAA ...

I asked them "how long have you been changing your menu on Saturdays - I was advised only 4 weeks.  Several customers came in and left when they were told that the Saturday menu was steak and seafood.

I feel more like a 3.5 star for this visit as the other 2 would have been 5's.

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Kevin L.
Great location. Clean. Nice and helpful staff. My only complaint would be the air conditioner. When running, it sounded like a small plane was landing in the room. Will be a deal killer if every room is like that...

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. JL D.
This place is overpriced.  Okay if you're a tourist with money to burn, but for the price go to The Best Western just up the street.  The room was spacious, but it was noisy outside.  The service was MEH. Our 2nd night ended up being quite a bit more expensive then our first night.  Our room wasn't made up until we asked for it to be done late on the 2nd day. There was no effort on the part of the management to do anything about this.

The restaurant is very expensive and you have no choice but to valet park your car ($21 a night).  

Our TV wasn't working well but we fixed it ourselves.  

For the money this place wasn't worth it.  We will save our pennies and go elsewhere.
We felt nicked and dimed at every turn.

I expected so much more for the money.

I will say that the hotel staff (the housekeepers, etc. i.e those that aren't making any money) went above and beyond our expectations.  But Hilton...YOU DISAPPOINTED US.  Big time.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Marc P.
Hit or miss with service. Beautiful location, especially facing the water. Haven't tried the restaurant yet but looks good and has great reviews.

25/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. J D.
This facility was very weak for a Hilton. It's a great location, but the building was dated and in poor condition, and the room was downright tawdry. For the price, I was pretty bummed.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Angela H.
This Hilton is best for a tourist because of all of the sights, places to eat and activities. For me, a business traveler it definitely didn't suit my stay.

Regardless that's not why the low rating, there were situations that were irritating. A major issue was that I paid extra for the bay front view and when I showed up, I was given the bay front but the balconies are openly connected. It was also next to a very busy road and where tourists/tours walk by nonstop. I really couldn't leave my blinds open since it was the 1st floor and open view. Consider that it's not a peaceful bay front view, it's actually of a road and interrupted by people ALL the time and THEN the bay. My balcony was also the corner walkway for hotel guests to get to the sidewalk so I had twice as much foot traffic right next to my room. I really am not exaggerating, the tourists were a 24 hour pain in the a$$. People were able to smoke cigarettes, hang out in front and stay on the sidewalk to stop and talk or take photo ops of the area. I sat on my porch for awhile when I decided I was over sharing my stay with strangers...definitely not okay.

Next stop: the pool. That was a total joke. It was so small that 2 kids were enough to take over the pool. Maybe I could sit on the edge to enjoy their splashing. No thanks!

Next? The gym! Okay, it wasn't bad! The machines were pretty good but definitely a small gym. It was clean and empty during my workout. The Tvs on the machines didn't have a signal but there was a giant hd tv.

Room service and food was okay....no complaints. The front desk was super friendly and so was the rest of the staff.

The valet was a forced fee and there wasn't a number to call on my card so you're forced to go ask for your car and waste time waiting for someone to get it. I'm not even sure how that's considered valet?! Isn't the point to have my car ready so I can grab it and go. When I told the valet guy I forgot something about an hour after he parked it he asked if I'd go get it, handed me my keys and told me my space number. He was nice but dude, your job is to handle my car. I just shrugged it off and grabbed it. Strange 'valet' though and I saved the tip for myself. Shoot, I'd hire me. I was quick for a first timer. Note to self: Add valet worker to my resume tomorrow. Joking, of course :)

The area is the prime reason to stay. It's not secure or peaceful and the pool is tiny so I won't be back...ever again but if you want to be the best location to the touristy places it is worth checking out.

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Frederick N.
Super Hotel! Stayed 3 Nights.

Most of the staff was excellent!! Valet Service was friendly, welcoming and knowledgable. Rooms were clean and spacious. I did not try any food while I was staying at the hotel and do regret it because I heard some amazing things.

The only noticable issue I found there to be was the pool. During the first two days I noticed a green mold/bacteria in the hot tub. I mentioned something and it was gone the next morning however there was alot of sand on the bottom. The pool was dated.

Room ammenities were vast and lovely.

Free Wifi that did not work so well. For such a small hotel having 72 Guest rooms it should be simple to accomodate all rooms. More devices needed for signal strength.

Would stay again.

09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Donna H.
Stayed 2 nights in this St Augustine hotel. It is small, quaint, and blends in to local Spanish historical flavor.  Room was small and a little dated but adequate, bathroom was more modern and very clean. Just a side note - the USB port was disabled on the TV, and I had planned to review some important work videos. Why is this necessary?

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the location perfect for walking to just about any venue.. I can't imagine staying anywhere else in a city like this. There are other more 'motelish' properties nearby, but the hilton rate was fair considering it was a full service hotel. Parking rate is high but it seems many brand name hotels are doing this unfortunately. But again with the great location we never had to take the car out until checkout.

Love this city, we will be back soon.

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Natalie C.
Staff here was so much help!!! I needed some papers faxed and they accommodated me. The valet guys were all over making sure everyone was accommodated for in a timely manner. I got free breakfast vouchers and a balcony where I did all my work for the day!!! The rooms are super clean and so much shopping and eating within walking distance!

11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Lillian D.
Spectacular. I arrived after sunset on a long drive from New Orleans. (I couldn't appreciate the full beauty until the following morning.)

The valet attendant was inside but immediately helpful. The front entry is small but the Spanish-style charm is welcoming, as was the gal at the front desk.

I took my belongings to my room and came back down to find a place for dinner. I found a spot in the block just behind the property, and the same gal from the front helped direct me there. I walked there and back by myself alone at around 9pm and felt safe.

My room was nothing shy of lovely. I'd forgotten I booked a room with a whirlpool tub. And there was a quaint balcony with a decent view. I imagine it's a great spot for breakfast or an evening cocktail.

The cleanliness was top notch. You forget how important that is until you don't have it, so it's worth acknowledging that this place is kept in prime condition.

When I left the next morning, I was able to appreciate more of the beauty in day time. And, again, everyone was helpful and friendly: the gentleman at the front desk and the two valet attendants, one of whom remembered me from the night before.

The hotel is only two stories high, to be expected from a beach front property. I had problems with a different three story property feeling (and smelling) like an old motel. This didn't at all. It truly lived up to the Hilton name. I wish I'd have been there longer to enjoy it.

15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0