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St Augustine Beach Front Resort in Saint Augustine, FL

St Augustine Beach Front Resort in Saint Augustine, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.15

Address: 300 A1A Beach Blvd, Saint Augustine, FL, 32080

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    Comments (13):

    1. David D.
    Terrible!  We booked months in advance for a "Deluxe  Oceanside room on the 1st floor". When we got there, they gave us a second floor room with a view of a large sandbar. When we called, they haggled with us and said, "it is an oceanview, we don't have other rooms, etc".
    I overheard other customers on their cell phones telling the same story.

    Well, if you lean over and look way to the right, you can see the ocean. This is not what most people would consider an ocean view room. It was over $200 per night, and the hallways reminded me of something out of an Indiana Jones movie. I expected wild drugged monkeys bearing calcutta blades to jump out and grab my children at anytime (only half kidding). It was dingy.

    Apparently they semi-upgraded the bathrooms to a more modern stone design, and the rooms looked half-way managable at first, but what was left of enthusiasm quickly faded as I killed the first 2 inch cockroach.

    The pool was dirty. There are newer and probably cleaner hotels just down the street. I recommend finding better accomodations.

    06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Ukyo T.
    This has got to be the worst "resort" I've ever stayed. We booked online via expedia, and the hotel was nothing as it was presented; the bathroom was dingy, television was broken, and the internet did not work -- unless you were in the hotel lobby. Upon sitting in the hotel lobby, you are pleasantly surrounded by other disappointed customers who's expectations were also unmet. At least this was the case for me, as I was sitting there for 10 min. and overheard two other customers compalin about their stay. Save your money -- 1 star is too much credit!

    26/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Jay W.
    I'm giving this place one star and while I think this is 3/4 of a star to much, they do have hot water, a pool, and are right on the beach. However, the mold on the carpet and couch is almost unbearable. I wanted an alarm clock (I know, no alarm clock?) so I called the front desk but that system obviously doesn't work. I went down there and asked for one and the guy said he would get one out of another room. After three rooms we found one. I told him the shower head coming out of the mirror was weird. He replied, "oh that works? If it doesn't let me know and we can move u to a room with a working shower". And then finally the sheets and pillowcases are stained (along with the toilet seat). I had a hard time convincing the wife to stay there for the night and find something else in the morning. I was tired and it was late and I had a meeting early in the morning so she finally obliged. Overall, pretty gross place. And I agree with the other comment about the smelly bird in the lobby, ewwww!

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. LI R.
    This was the worst hotel ever, except for the location.  It was filthy, had rude staff, and some parrots in the lobby that smelled and looked like they were dying slowly.  One day we went to the beach and returned back to our room to find no towels to use for the shower.  We were told they were washing them, but had no immediate replacements.  This made us late for our best friend's wedding!

    The hallways looked like the projects - dingy concrete with puddles of stagnant water and a couch not fit for nyc homeless.

    I would sleep in a tent on the beach before returning here.  There are plenty of other way nicer places in the price range.

    01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. allan s.
    horrible place...worst and disrespectful customer service! do not spend your money or time in this shitty rat hole!

    10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Paul L.
    One star is much too much for this place. It deserves  a negative star. Nasty,, nasty front desk people. Lobby looked worn  and dirty.We had written  email confirmation for ns first floor. When we arrive, lobby was jam with guests  complaining of problems such as;  mold, non working tv, lights  burned out , broken air conditioning or towel rack falling off the wall.  One guest was demanding total refund for 3 seperate rooms for multi night stay. When the  Desk clerk gave us a 2nd floor room, I informed her of our confirmed first floor ocean view . She bellows out, I took your reservation originally,  and basically called me a liar. She refused to give me a refund and refused to look at my written email confirmation from their own the hotel.. I never seen  so many upset guests. What a nightmare. Fortunately, upon contacting American Express , my charge was canceled.

    14/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Eric S.
    To sum this place up in one word, disgusting, but I'm not a one word kind of guy.

    I stayed here approximately one week before Christmas. Upon arrival at approximately 9:30pm, the front entrance had a small, handwritten sign on it saying "Use other door" which was located around the side of the building, which was poorly lit.

    Upon entering the lobby, the first thing I noticed was an extremely loud, huge bird in a cage. Although this may be "cool" to some people, pets do not belong in a place of business. The second thing I noticed was two children running around the lobby, addressing their mother (the desk clerk) while we were standing in front of her being waited on, she wasn't exactly rude, but she seemed bothered that her time of sitting around doing nothing was being disturbed.

    Our room, it was a "deluxe" room with two queen beds, we walked into the room, dropped the bag on the bed, and immediately left to head to Jacksonville. When returning to the hotel at approximately 1:00am, we entered our room and started to actually take notice to it. The balcony had a broken safety rail, and the glass table that was on the balcony was cracked. Inside the room, wallpaper was peeling off the walls, the beds were not made properly (bottom sheet did not fully cover the mattress), there was no internet access available, the refrigerator did not work, the hand towels were stained, on the second bed, there were stains on the sheets as well as hair, given the late time, we decided to stay, I turned on the shower (in previous reviews I saw there was no hot water - that problem has apparently been fixed because the water was so hot, I couldn't stand it, which is probably a good thing considering when I opened the bath towel, it too was stained and there's no way I would have used it), I walked back out and to my surprise, there was a roach that was walking on the table near the TV (I wonder if this is a pet/greeter as well), another roach walking on the phone, and a roach running on the top of the nightstand, immediately I knew that I could not stay in this place. I opened my suitcase, shook out the clothing and ensured that there were no "guests" lodging anywhere inside, I threw the bag in the car and went to the front entrance, the doors were locked and no one was inside (except the bird - who I feel would have been no assistance to me), I left and went down the street to a brand name hotel, checked in, and returned to St. Augustine "Beach front resort" in the morning. The situation was explained to the desk clerk who stated that she would not give a refund, but, I was welcome to file a dispute with the credit card company. Said clerk also took a list of problems with the room, contact information, and a copy of the other hotel receipt and said that her manager would call. No call was ever received, as a matter of fact, several attempts to reach the manager were made, still with no return call.

    The credit card company was contacted for a dispute, the "resort" staff wrote a rebuttal saying that they have pest control come out monthly, and that the room was clean, they also state that we stayed all night, funny, my receipt for the other hotel says differently, of course I will dispute their rebuttal.

    In my closing, my suggestion would be, stay at another hotel, this place is far from a resort as they claim, it is disgusting, unprofessionally run, dangerous (with broken safety railings on a second floor balcony, not to mention the probability of mold and the sheer fact that roaches are hazardous to your health) and bug ridden.

    31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Amanda W.
    My fiance and I stayed at the St. Augustine Beach Front Resort for two nights over Memorial Day weekend, 2010. I work in the travel industry, and this was by far the worst example of a "resort" I have ever encountered.
    My advise, pay a little more and stay at a nicer name brand hotel. I would have much rather stayed somewhere nicer that was across the street from the beach than this dump that was "beachfront."
    We arrived at 2 in the afternoon to check in. Check in time was officially 3pm, but most resorts will let you check in early as long as the rooms are ready. To our surprise, there was a line of 30+ people lining out into the parking lot who were waiting to check in. There were several staff members behind the front desk, yet only one particular woman was designated to check in guests. The front desk and office were cluttered with paperwork and piles of files. You could tell they were extremely unorganized, and they handled their reservations mainly by paperwork rather than an electronic central reservations system.
    The first thing I noticed was the smell. That same smell all of the other reviewers complained of...that would be MOLD. The lobby was so badly molded that I got a sinus headache within the first 10 minuts of being there. The wall paper was literally folding off of the walls from dampness and mold.
    We waited in line for two hours before we finally reached the desk clerk. She seemed very unconcerned that there were families with children standing for hours in the FL heat while she took her sweet time with each guest.
    There was a large caged bird, I have no idea what kind because I hate birds, that constantly squawked and screamed during our miserable wait which only added to the ambiance. This is a pet friendly hotel, but it felt more like a kennel. I think we were maybe 1 of 5 people in line who didn't have a dog with them. This didn't really affect our stay, it was just an observation.
    Once we finally got our key cards we made our way to our room which had an ocean view from the first floor. I reserved a studio room with a kitchen in an attempt to save money by preparing most of our own meals at the resort. This ran me an extra $30 per night, but I figured if we ate in at least 3 of our meals at the hotel, it would save us money in the long run.
    When we first walked into the room I was in awe, in a bad way. The carpet was ripped and looked like it had not been vacuumed since the last guest had checked out. The smell of the mold was overwhelming. The mini-kitchen, which included a stove top, full fridge and microwave, was rusted and slanted out of the wall.  It looked like someone had sprayed a can of soda all over the wall and fridge door. IT WAS STILL STICKY. The fixtures were rusted, and the only working light in the bathroom was a sunlamp. Convenient, I suppose, if you wanted to tan while you pee...???
    Anyway, it was obvious that the lamps in the room had at one time been on fire. The fabric of the lamp shades were detached from the top metal hoop, and there were burn marks covering the surface of the shades. Oh, let's not forget the BUGS. There were bugs, alive and dead, on the floor. They were those small rolly poly bugs. There were also ants crawling on the coffee table. I tried to contact the front desk from the room phone, and of course no one answered.
    I immediately took photos with my digital camera (first thing you should always do if you have a problem with accommodations), and went to the front desk to demand a new room and/or refund.
    They promptly showed us to a different room, no questions asked, that was on the second floor with the same amenities. This room was considerably cleaner, but we still had images of the previous room burned into our minds. There was still only a sunlamp working in the bathroom (blood red bulb and all), the sheets were badly stained, the dishes form the last tenant were still in the dishwasher, there were no pots or pans to cook with, there were only 2 towels, and  the mold was unavoidably present. We would have just asked for a full refund and gone elsewhere, but all of the local hotels we checked were sold out for the holiday.
    We were so exhausted by this time, the only thing we wanted to do was get to a restaurant and get a drink. We decided immediately that we would not be preparing ANY food what so ever at this "resort," and we would be spending as little time as possible here. We went straight to Wal Mart and bought a set of sheets and towels, b/c there was no way we were going to touch any linens from this place.Upon check out I placed the empty pill bottle that I found on the ground in our room on the counter and advised the clerk that this was the worst hotel I have ever been to. Because of this place our vacation was miserable, and I would be needing compensation. Without any further explanation, she offered a 15% refund, like it was part of their standard check out procedure, no questions asked. Avoid this place like the plague!!!

    09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Geo P.
    I was here 3 weeks ago. Found it on hotels.com . I thought we had stayed here in 2011, but was wrong. This place sucks !!!
    My first room had a bed that was not made up. So I asked for another room .That room had a phone that was broke. They replaced the phone but all I could see out the window was a large sand dune. I then changed to a 2nd floor but the place was very creepy . I'd label it the Bates Motel .
    Do yourself a favor and Don't Stay Here !!!! The next night I stayed closer to the town !!!!

    27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Dave M.
    Well it's a shit hole if you ask me

    I stood hear for the waterslide pool for the kids
    But I regret stopping hear
    What a junk pease of shit
    The rooms are nasty old ass TV that don't work A/C sucks carpet is dirty and  it smells like mold.  I had to move to 2 different rooms just to find one that works
    Tv  ac and phone

    200 feet away is the hapton inn stay ther for  $20 buck more but so worth it trust me save your self the head ach


    STAY WAY. !!!!!!!!

    BUT IF YOU DON'T MIND these small thing then it's OK FOR YOU TO STAY

    PS. I TAKE MY 1 star back
    I give them 1/2 just cuz the slide LOL:)

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Hillary V.
    I am completelyamazed that these people have the audacity to call this place a resort.

    To start, the shower in the room didn't work. When I called the front desk, I was informed that there was no one to handle maintenance requests at that time, so we switched rooms.

    But before I even had time to be annoyed about the shower, I was disgusted by the state of the room. It was dusty; the carpet clearly hadn't been vacuumed in a long time, and there was trash in the bin. And there were so many patch up jobs from dents in the wall or other mishaps; it was unreal.

    The phone is our second room didnt work, so to get a hold of the front desk I had to call them with my cellphone. In general, getting a hold of the front desk (whether calling with questions after I booked it or while actually staying there) was nothing short of a miracle wrought with busy signals, no answers, or dropped calls.

    I awoke early Sunday morning and tried to connect to the wifi. The wifi didn't extend to my room, so I went for the front office. It was closed till 7:30a; however, I tried to use the wifi standing outside the door. I was in range there, but username/password I was given "were already in use." I tried to use the other option the front desk attendant told me of the night before, and that way tried to get me to pay.

    The "breakfast" they served was one package of donut holes and one package of mini muffins for all the guests to share.

    The sink water temperature, no matter how long we ran it, was lukewarm, and the shower water didn't get hot at all. That in particular was a shame because the actual shower looks pretty cool, but without hot water, it is completely worthless.

    I completely understand the phrase, "You get what you pay for," but even the relatively inexpensive amount I paid for the room doesn't even give what I paid for. It was cheap, but not as cheap enough to excuse such poor quality.

    This place's location on the beach is certainly what is keeping the business going, but I am here to tell you that on no level is this dung pile worth it. I have never in my life had worse lodgings than this, hostels to inns to motels to hotels included.

    06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Jason G.
    Stay away.  Dirty & smells. Wallpaper was peeling with mold behind it. I complained and asked for a new room & was told that it "wasn't mold it is dirt". Staff was rude and refused to listen to my complaints. Move on down the road to a better hotel

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Amanda D.
    Man Im glad I didnt read any reviews before I stayed here. Anyway, I stayed one night at this place for Spring Break. Nothing special, two queens in one smoking room. No kitchen, fridge or anything extra like that. Our room was right infront of the beach, which was nice. Like we could walk downstairs and it was right there.The price was about the same as anywhere else so no big complaints there. The pool was open all night, which was awesome for us but I would never want to rent a room next to it.  As for our room itself, its just like any other cheap off brand hotel. Crazy floral stiff comforter, old school lamps and tiny coffee maker. I brought all my own bedding, so that softened the grossness. The ceiling looked like there had been mold on it at one point n they just scraped it off, plastered over and repainted. The carpet was sticky and made you not want to take your shoes off. The bathroom wasnt anything too gross. Hot water n all. The towels are tiny and the tv did work. And the "cold breakfast" consisted of mini donuts n coffee.
    All in all, I stayed here expecting an economy stay for one night during Spring Break. Thats what I got.
    ...and yea, that big ass bird in the lobby can choke on one. Its loud and not so inviting.

    11/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0