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Super 8 St. Augustine Beach in Saint Augustine, FL

Super 8 St. Augustine Beach in Saint Augustine, FL


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Rating: 2.89

Address: 311 A1A Beach Boulevard, Saint Augustine, FL, 32080

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    1. Matt S.
    Recently, I was headed down to the beach for a night of drinking, and didn't want to drive home, and was looking for a place to stay on the island. The Hilton and Hampton Inn were both booked or too expensive. I drove in to the Super 8 just down the road, and BAM! Plenty of cheap rooms available.
    Now, the rooms are cheaper for a reason- it's a Super 8, and you're not on the beach side of A1A. A lot of the hotels were charge a lot more because they "own" their own beach, and a lot of the rooms have ocean views. Since I basically needed a bed to crash, the view wasn't as important to me - Super 8 it is!
    Overall, it was a pretty decent stay. The room was clean, fully stocked, and the bed was comfortable. For anyone who needs the info- it's about a 300 foot walk to the public beach, and it's next door to a convenience store which is nice, and within walking distance of many clubs and restaurants. Being a Super 8 however, there's no real frills- don't expect a flat screen HDTV, the "continental breakfast" is cereal and orange juice, and it can be sometimes hard to locate someone to help you at the front desk.
    Overall, though, my stay was great, definitely worth the money. It was much cheaper than the other hotels in walking distance - the rooms may not have been as nice, but it was clean and comfortable, and within walking distance of many drinking establishments and the beach. Not a bad place to stay.

    23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Christina V.
    We were only going to be in town for a couple of days and we had plenty on the agenda for our time in St. Augustine so where we stayed really wasn't a priority. As long as everyone in the group had a place to rest their heads at night we were happy.

    I must say that I am incredibly impressed with this hotel. A super 8 is an economical place to stay so you'd never expect there to be such specious rooms, new/modern furniture inside, new-looking tiles and rugs, and employees that are truly there to make every guest feel like they're the only ones in the building.

    Even the maid's were just the happiest people ever. It was so refreshing. I have stayed at WAY more expensive places and been treated ;ole dirt on the floor even though I was dishing out the big bucks. Here, it was just a joy to talk to ANY of the staff.

    The only thing about this place that wasn't really spectacular was the breakfast, but, its hotel food.. what can you expect. lol

    This place is located minutes from all the attractions in St. Augustine. they have all the amenities that any bigger hotel would have, and also.. I wish I had written down the name of it but its the first place on the brochure binder inside.. quite possibly the best pizza I have had delivered. Ever.

    I enjoyed my stay here very much and intend on recommending this place to my family should they ever come visit.

    11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Mardi C.
    I booked this through orbitz, and with most hotels, that I use orbitz for?  they hate outsiders booking their hotels...   usually, that conversation doesn't come up, until after I've been there for a few days, AND usually, I don't use orbitz.  

    however, I was making reservations for up north, where I couldn't find ANYTHING that I could afford, so I went with orbitz.  they offered to help me find a place that took dogs up in virginia, and then asked me about the rest of the trip.  So this place came up, and I booked it.

    I booked this pretty far in advance, thinking that I wouldn't be able to find anything in peak season.  I also called and confirmed this reservation THREE times to make sure all was in order.  I even dropped a night, thinking we'd hit biloxi on the way back, just for fun.

    however, I must say, the attitude that I got checking in?  was shameful.  I must say, if you buy into a hotel chain, you must comply with what they offer.  If you don't want to run your hotel like that?  then buy your OWN hotel, and deny outsiders from booking.  DON'T take it out on your customer, and then try to extort more money from them at check in.

    Right off the bat?  in an empty hotel?  the lady at the desk?  she didn't want to give me a room.  she claimed she knew nothing of our dog, and they had no dog rooms.  (mind you, just days ago?  I confirmed this reservation)  She also said there was a fee for the dog, WHICH I knew about, because it says $15 a night.  They tried to get $20 a night from me, and I stood my ground.  She basically tried to make me feel like I had no room, and if I did?  there was no room for the dog.  If I wanted my dog?  then it was more...  then her child began to give me the what for.  then after she and I cleared the air, her husband came out and started in on me.  WTF?

    I made a reservation, I paid it, and I'm here.  here's your extra $30 for my dog, can I have my key?

    I got into my room, checked with orbitz, who got two nights paid from me, and no dog charge on it...  so I'm fine with that.  I had to make sure I wasn't being charged twice.

    then the retired folks with two dogs?  came over and asked us about our dog.  They had a similar reservation, and told $15 as well, then they were told they had to pay $20 a dog.  so these snow birds paid $40 for one night, for their two little dogs to stay with them.

    I don't like starting out on a wrong foot.  I also know that if I had called on my own?  I probably would've gotten the room for even cheaper. (or the same)  and that money would've been a profit for these folks.  HOWEVER, I booked through an agent, and I really don't appreciate the attitude at the beginning of my stay.   And their child?  its none of his business.  that was over the top rude.

    now lets get back to the revue.  the rooms are nice.  spacious.  refrigerators, hair dryer, double towels, a bathwater pool, and a jacuzzi.  microwave.  nice.  very nice.  you can walk to the beach, its just a great deal.

    I will avoid the breakfast, and avoid any conversations for my two night stay with the owners of this establishment.  I will caution anyone who decides to stay here?  to book direct, and not through a travel agent, or suffer the wrath of disappointed hotel owners, during peak season.  (or any season for that matter)  

    I stay at super 8's because they take dogs, they advertise it, and each one has a little different price for your four legged friends...  but I've never encountered such chaos at check in, never.  It was unneccesary, because I'd already paid for the room, and it was uncalled for, just to make a point because its a recession.  I realize these folks feel ripped off by an agent, but the point of this?  its policy, and if you don't want to adhere to it?  you need to learn more about corporate policies.  Trying to ruin someones vacation isn't a nice thing to do.

    also, if you use a credit card HERE?  you will be charged double for about a week or so, so they can collect some sort of interest on it.  also, in case you break or steal something, which is standard.    

    also take note, any gas stations here in the south, that are credit only?  will put a $60 hold on your card, regardless of how much gas you buy.

    recession?  or republican state?  you tell me.

    aside from all my rant?  I would definately stay here again, but I'd do it on a drop in basis only, with cash only in hand, no credit card offered.  From what I can see?  there are plenty of rooms available tonite.

    08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Alex M.
    Obviously it is a Super 8 so don't expect anything too fancy. The location was fine but the pool is not really usable for lying out. Our room smelled weird and we were told they had no other rooms to move us to but the complex was blatantly not full. The manager, Sue, was unfriendly and abrupt. She made sure to shut down the entire breakfast at 9:30 on the dot - she didn't even leave the few pieces of bread out to be finished. Made sure Super 8 wasn't losing any money to its guest.

    26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Gail P.
    Very dirty eating area.   Creepy.   Smelled like smokers had been in room, even though said non smoking.   But hotels very high , over priced in area , so cheaper ones are pretty bad.  This one added to my top 4 worst hotels ever.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Stacy F.
    Horrible customer service at this hotel - pay the extra $10 and stay somewhere else.  The front desk clerk was probably the least helpful person we have ever met.  We ended up not even staying the night after 2 hours of going around with the front desk clerk to confirm the reservation we booked through the hotels.com app.  The hotel was poorly kept up and the minute we pulled up to the front we regretted our choice (you get what you pay for) so we were glad we didn't stay.  

    The front desk clerk denied our request for a refund on the room on top of everything else - so we paid for two hotel rooms by the time everything was said and done.  Drive the 0.5 mile down the road to the Comfort Inn and stay there!  Nice staff, quick check in, cheap rates, and nice rooms.

    22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Queenie D.
    For the price that we paid, this place deserves a four star.

    check in was easy although a bit awkward for the simple reason that the check in guy was sheepish. But oh well... he was nice enough for me.

    CLOSE TO THE BEACH ... I mean, five minutes walk and BAM! there is the beach! although they dont have the actual 'ocean view' I am not complaining. I got this hotel room at $50 a night on a weekend, so I am happy.

    The location is safe, and the place was packed when we were there ... For the cheapness of my stay, I have to admit that I felt quite safe here. Their patrons, I assume, are about middle class (based on the cars that were parked.)

    The breakfast they offer is no shang ri la ... actually it was borderline BLAH since it was the usual cheap crap like bagels, cheap muffins, regular coffee and orange juice ... maybe something more, but it was youre bare basics. anyways, I wasnt too bothered because I wasnt expecting much for 50 bucks a night.

    Our beds were comfortable, rooms were neat, no funny smells although the toilet flush thingamajig was broken, but luckily, hubby is a handy man and we got that solved in a Jiffy. The bathrooms were clean, but the TV was crap ... then again, they have free wifi so we just watched off of our tablets ... seriously, tvs in hotels are a thing of the past!

    Anyways, all in all. I like it.

    and as always, bring your own towels and extra sheets and pillow cases ... NEVER EVER under any circumstances, regardless of where you are, EVER TRUST hotel/motel towels and sheets.

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Gabrielle K.
    Pet friendly! Super clean. Showed up without a reservation and got a room right away. Liked it so much I stayed an extra night. Even had a mini fridge, coffee maker and microwave. Too cold to check out the pool but a nice feature if I returned in the summer. Location was great. Bars/restaurants within walking distance. Beach access about a block away. Definitely will be back.

    19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Luis C.
    Very simple, clean and economic hotel. I love it and will back soon.
    The wifi was Excellent.

    19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0