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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 5774 Clark Rd, Sarasota, FL, 34233

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    Comments (4):

    1. Robert G.
    I booked a stay at Days Inn Siesta Key based on several criteria. I booked this hotel for one of my triathlons, for which I travel 3 times a year or more. I selected this hotel on the premise that there was a hot-tub listed as a functional amenity as I have upper-back issues associated with my sport. I used my credit card in booking so my card could be charged in advance. The day before I traveled, I was issued an email indicating I would need to call the hotel to confirm the reservation I had booked on the Days-Inn website several months prior. When I called, a person who barely speaks English answered. After a tedious time-consuming conversation which occupied 15 minutes of my work-day, I established that the email was in-error and my room was ready for my Thursday arrival.

    When I arrived, I checked in and moved my baggage and equipment to my room and changed attire to soak in the hot tub as my flight had worn on me. The hot tub was not functioning. When I called the front desk, nobody answered the phone. I walked to the front desk and found a person sitting there ignoring the phone. I asked this man what was wrong with the hot tub. He said he would check. I went to my room, got changed and went to the bicycle shop to confirm race details for my triathlon. When I returned, I tried the hot tub again. This was still not functioning. When I called the front desk, it rang unanswered again. I walked to the other end of the building to the desk and found no associate. I waited for an associate and there was a young woman there. She indicated that the owner was probably looking at it. Moments later, an Indian gentleman arrived and asserted that he had not looked into the issue yet but assured me he would. The next afternoon, Friday, the hot tub was unchanged and I again made the walk to the front desk. The clerk indicated that he had not called the technician but would do so now. At this time, he and another Indian gentleman walked back to the hot-tub-pool area and looked at the power-equipment that manages the pool and spa. He then said to me, as I was seated beside the unusable hot tub, that he would call a technician. I went inside and dressed for dinner. When I returned, he said because he didnt call until late friday, the hot tub technician would not be coming to look at the hot tub until monday, the day I check out. Today, May 3rd, I came back from lunch and found my key did not work my door. I went downstairs to the front desk and asked the clerk who attempted to reprogram my key. This did not work. I returned to the front desk and she brought some computer equipment to my door and found that it would not be repairable. I was then forced to pack all my belongings up the night before my triathlon, carry them myself and relocate to a new room.

    Now I have spent several hundred dollars of my hard-earned money on a hotel that normally would not have been my first choice and did not get what was advertised. I did not receive use of a hot-tub, I have been forced to relocate rooms and have aggravated my rhomboid muscle the night before a triathlon. When I called the 1-800 number, i got passed around to a person that tried to sign me up for a rewards program TWICE. No resolution.

    03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Jeff O.
    Checked in just yesterday . A lot  of people were checking in and there was much activity. I agree with one of the previous reviews about the smells and odors. Our room was bad but if we cranked the AC we could cover the smell somewhat. It was very hard to determine where it was coming from. We were in town to see a sick relative and the place was close but we were worried about our own health. Please do not choose this place unless you have a high tolerance,  anyplace would be better.

    02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Heather B.
    This hotel is a HUGE disappointment. There is a different god awful smell in every area of the hotel including the rooms.  Smells were so bad that they spray a very strong fragrance in the rooms to try to cover it up. The carpets are dirty. The beds are all sunk in the middle. The first day the maid only made the beds but didn't leave all clean towels. The first nights stay the shower didn't drain and the toilet wouldn't flush. Although they did send someone to fix it the 3rd night the toilet backed up again and they said that no one would be around til the am. Our choices was pack all our stuff up and move to a different floor or plunge the toilet it ourselves. So I plunged the toilet. DO NOT STAY HERE!

    15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Benjamin C.
    Checked in with the most gracious host Sierra. In town for a craft beer convention. While enjoying our time at the hotel shift change happen to take place. Gentleman by the name of Max took over behind the desk. The complete opposite of Sierra. His hair was way more important than us. Div, the MOD backed him when he made us feel uncomfortable for enjoying a drink on property. It's a Days Inn!!!! Not the Ritz buddy. Again....his hair was more important than guest service. Stay away!!!! MOD so runs quality inn next door. The worst customer service I have ever been involved in. Sierra was the highlight of our stay. Seems like Div and his family live at the hotel and max is part of that family. Not very customer service oriented. Absolutely horrible!!!! Max seems like he has a chip on his shoulder. Perception is reality.

    21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0