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Ramada Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Sarasota, FL

Ramada Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Sarasota, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.25

Address: 8440 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL, 34243

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    Comments (4):

    1. Rob P.
    I forgot my ID so they didn't let me stay in the room yet they wouldn't refund my guaranteed reservation.  The place also looked like a dump.  The night manager was pretty rude to me as well.  Would not recommend to anyone.

    18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Dwayne H.
    When I travel and stay at a Hotel/Motel/Inn I expect the basics to be met: a clean room, a comfortable bed, and good service. Unfortunately this Ramada failed in all but one of my expectations and clearly struck out as an advertised three star hotel/inn.

    Checking in was easy as we had reservations through Expedia and the Ramada front desk attendant was very nice and friendly, but the Inn room as well as other missing amnesties and disappointments would prove to be the final result of my one star Yelp evaluation of this Ramada location. (see pictures; sorry that they wouldn't load upright).

    #1, The Room: after repeated attempts to get the door unlocked with the electronic swipe key (this would happen everytime we tried to get into the room), it finally unlocked and we where instantly met with a newer and yet very poorly painted room filled with worn, dirty, and/or broken furnishings and fixtures. We shut the door which failed to seal to the frame thanks to the worn out seals and sash (proved to be very drafty) and proceeded to get settled. As we would be staying here for four days, we wanted to unpack our stuff, but after looking at the TV case, which doubled as the room dresser, we noticed it was covered in a dirty film (the TV itself was smeared with God only knows what), and it was also easy to see that the drawers where broken (broken and jammed shut) and of little use; so much for unpacking.

    OK, we could live out of our travel bags easily enough, and after a long day of travel, we where really ready for sleep; this would prove to be a BIG letdown with this Ramada.

    #2, After the first nights unrest-full sleep due to very uncomfortable beds (amongst other reasons), I decided to dig into the bed problem (check out the pictures); the bed[s] in our room where some of the worst I have encountered in a Hotel/Motel/Inn: mattresses where bowed and hard with springs that would dig into every part of the body; these mattresses where unsupportive, stained/filthy looking, and simply worn out! They where produced in 1999 and Lord knows what they have witnessed! Really Ramada, you recently purchase this two-bit Inn and you spend a little money on a repaint and skimp on the MOST IMPORTANT PART of a Hotel/Motel/Inn's function; a restful nights sleep! Preposterous!!

    On to more letdowns with this Ramada!

    #3, The actual location of this Ramada is a real problem being that it is near the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport but at such a location as to be in a DIRECT FLIGHT PATH of the incoming and exiting flights; bring earplugs as the Jetliners and other flight craft will rattle the ears as well as the hotel walls!
    Of interesting note: A fun activity of this Ramada is to stand on the Inn balcony and wave at the airline passengers as the planes go by!

    Other problem[s]:
    #4, LOUD heating and air unit! Yes, if one wasn't bothered by the noise of Airport flyovers, one could certainly be put off by the excessive loud HUMMING and Tinny BUZZING of the heat/air unit; this thing is LOUD in all modes except for the off mode which didn't get used much being that a cold front hit us while we where staying there.  
    #5, Non fully closeable privacy and secondary curtains of which where old, filthy, and broken!  
    #6, A toilet that would run intermittently even after jiggling the handle!  
    #7, NO ICE Machine for ice!  
    #8, Hard and foul smelling water; this place REALLY NEEDS a secondary water filtration system!
    #9, Sporadic or non-existent maid service; I guess if they come by while the do not disturb sign is out while one is using the bathroom, they won't attempt to return at all for the rest of the day.  
    #10, Very SLOW internet service; also make sure to ask the desk clerk for the password as they won't give it freely.
    #11,The Tiki Bar was near our room and is open till 2:00AM so have some fun with the loud drunks as they stumble to look for their car or a nearby place to barf!
    #12, The advertised view is for a limited section of this Inn so do not expect to get the fabulous dockside waterfront view with most rooms; we had a great view of the parking lot, the hotel/Tiki Bar/ Restaurant dumpster, and the nearby residential neighborhood!

    OK, Bitch session over and on to some of the positives for this Ramada. As stated, the front desk staff was very nice and friendly, and this location does offer a small but limited continental breakfast as well as a decent Tiki Bar (bartender was great) and the available Bearded Clam Restaurant of which claims to have really good food although a bit pricey for the offerings (check out their website for more detail). The location is really easy to find and is directly on the N. Tamiami Trail just North of the Airport and Old Florida University.

    As to why we stayed here? Well, this local was "picked" by using "Expedia"; it wasn't our choice, but the online pictures really looked appealing, so we went with it and the ugly truth would reveal itself while staying for four days.

    14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Pat G.
    HORRIBLE! experience.
    When we were getting to the room going upstairs there was a horrible urine smell, dirty and loud, people smoking out the hallway, drinking and been very loud, I said excuse me so I can get to my room door people don't even moved.
    I was about to leave the Hotel but was sooooo tired after been running all my errands which was the reason for my business trip couldn't do any more driving decided to stay.
    Bathroom dirty, I felt very uncomfortable and unsafe with the environment specially I was with my daughter, so two woman alone is not very safe.
    The cost of this Hotel if any should be $25.00 then customers will know what to expect.
    DONT GO HERE......

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Alex P.
    Got a deal here through Hotwire, and stayed one night. Here are a few things that come to mind. The Pros: The room was OK and nothing out of this world. I found the pillows and bed unusually comfortable. The check-in staff was friendly. Has a nice view of the marina (if you get one of those rooms), the pool was OK, and the Tiki Bar/restaurant was OK , and nothing out of this world. They had live music the night I was there, and the crowd was older and lively. The Cons: I was bothered that inside the room there's a sign that explains how much each item will cost you (i.e. Alarm Clock, Remote Control, etc...) if they find it missing in your room. I was also bothered by the fact that you grab a towel at the front desk (for the pool, etc) and they warn you that if it's not returned, or found in your room after check-out, you will be charged for it. I can imagine that occasionally a towel might be taken but what kind of guests stay at this hotel where they have to worry about Alarm clocks being removed?? Check out time is at 11AM, and I *HATED* that I called in for a late check-out the night before, they are OK with me leaving at noon, and promptly at 11AM they cleaning lady is knocking on our door. We inform her of our late check-out request...and 30 mins later another employee knocks on our door, opens it, sees we are half asleep inside, left the door partially open (we had that door latch on) and doesn't even apologize or properly close our door.

    11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0