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Aloft Tampa Downtown in Tampa, FL

Aloft Tampa Downtown in Tampa, FL


Raise your glass and say cheers! The WXYZ Bar at the Aloft Tampa Downtown is the new place to be and be seen in Tampa. Mix, meet, and mingle over cocktails, pinot noirs and pints, while munching on locally influenced appetizers.


Established in 2014.

In the lower level of the hippest hotel in town-Aloft Tampa Downtown Hotel!


Company Info:

Rating: 3.70

Address: 100 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL, 33692

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    Comments (37):

    1. Andrea T.
    Modern style and beautiful view of UT and the river. Unfortunately, the food was lacking in originality, quality and taste.  The waitress was very nice and accomodating when we asked to send our food back.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Shezad M.
    The Wxyz Lounge this last Friday night was full of life and what seemed like all the pretty people.  Definitely a place to enjoy the ambiance and crowd.  They could use some seasoned true craft cocktail bartenders as the ones on staff that night were a bit green.  A $12 cocktail should be well made and delivered.  In defense of the staff, the place was slammed, it's brand new, and the trial by fire was in full effect.  I will be back for sure, and I look forward to the lounge growing into itself.

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Siobhan S.
    Very modern, colorful decor which I enjoyed.  Definitely not your average hotel. Many seating areas in the lounge, along with a bar and a pool table. They've a decent infinity pool that also features many seating areas for groups and modern pop music playing outside and in the lounge area as well. Rooms were clean and comfy but there was a fair bit of traffic noise at night. I'd stay here again though.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Tracy T.
    Could be nice.. Someday...Just don't go now. Way to many issues!!!!Changed rooms twice, construction by the pool.  Not with it!!!!

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Jennie W.
    Great spot in the heart of our fabulous downtown Tamp! So happy to see Aloft arrive as it feels familiar to me being as though I've visited the Aloft KC many times. The did an amazing job at hosting opening weekends at the WXYZ bar and with a DJ spinning a great mix of trendy music and plenty of beautiful and helpful staff. I love how spacious this location is with the bar area, the more quieter sofas just away from the bar... But not too far (still have to be close to your cocktail refills)! Then of course there's the out pool area with great views of the city and fun trendy bright seating that would surely accommodate large gatherings or happy hours ad other social events. On the menu, plenty of refreshing cocktails and decent priced drinks especially during happy hour. I stepped out and tried a mix that included ginger beer, not a fan but it seemed to be popular amongst the rest of the crowd. They had good specials as well but I didn't try anything as I over heard they were workin out kitchen kinks, I'm not worried they just opened and I will surely give the food a chance next visit :)

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Alessandra A.
    The poolside tables are the best! Such a great time for drinks and small bites. I love that they carry my favorite gin and make great drinks with it. Will be back soon.

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. J T.
    Great professional staff. Very hospitable! State of the art facilities with a hip modern vibe. Great music and friendly atmosphere. The rooms are amazing and very clean. The bar, lounge and pool areas are top notch and fun! They even have a very nice pool table. An assorted variety of DJ's, performers and weekly themes keep things interesting and fun. This is by far my most enjoyable experience as a guest.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Patricia S.
    The hotel was really nice but the service we had downstairs in the bar was ridiculous.  The tables were so dirty. I asked the bartender (Kaitlin) if they could wipe it down and she handed me a wet paper towel.  Which okay, that's fine, not a big deal. We ordered our food and she just kinda dropped everything off on one end of the table and then left.  The only waitress/bartender who ever came by to ask if we were okay was Lindsay.  It seemed like they thought they were too good to offer good service. Oh, yea, and Zoey was rude enough that I complained to the manager of the hotel.  I would never come back here and I would def tell my friends not to either.  Oh, and don't try to use your Straz tickets for the free appetizer like they advertise if you want your ticket back.  My husband had to get into an argument with Kaitlin so I could get my ticket back even though we were told we'd get them back. You'd probably get better service at your local dive bar but at least you won't be paying $12 for a cocktail.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Ellie K.
    Was excited to check out the new ALoft and found nothing but disappointment. The hotel staff was very young and untrained. Empty glasses left everywhere, the lobby, common areas and the pool. There were plenty of staff but they were spending more time taking with each other than helping clean up.

    And if you want a drink...this is not the bar for you. Bartenders were scrambling, making drinks incorrectly, delivering incorrect checks, and just simply a mess. After waiting 15 minutes to order a drink, I had to ask one of the bartenders to please stop chatting and assist me. And then the drink was incorrect.  Lastly, when opening a new venue, for  heavens sake, stock your bar! I've had parties as a 20 something with more visible alcohol that this bar.

    I will not be hurrying back any time soon.

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Janet S.
    Oh Laws, the walk from entrance to elevator is loud and clubby, the music starts at breakfast and continues until late.  I am too old for this.  The decor is kitch, I guess ALOFT came post W without the sophistication (tee hee).  Staff are nice and friendly but please valets open the door for the ladies with luggage - dont just say hello.  Brekkie is cheap and fast.  Rooms small, TV lamentable and beds so so.  Is it for me, well no methinks not.  15 min walk to convention center, just enough steps for the day.

    15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Monika K.
    woohoo for the baby sister of W! I really dug this location , its view and surroundings and their staff! the lady checking me asked me what Yelp was and I explained in thorough detail all while thinkin in my head" have you been livin under a rock x 10 years" anyway  I digress, she was even nicer to upgrade my big balla status to a suite which was que nice! sister and I had our own comfy beds and the view of dt. the bar and pool area looked very nice. modern trendy simple luxury. Me gusta!

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Todd A.
    After being wooed by their website and spending $200 for one night, I expected more. Parking was mandatory valet only, with an additional mandatory $20 fee. After checking in, I went to the room to find my beautiful view was of a wall and a ceiling vent. The air in the room was stagnant and there were no ceiling fans, anywhere. There was one air conditioning vent for the entire room, placed very near and above the thermostat. Regardless of how low I set it, the temp never dropped below 72. I called the front desk and asked if there was a floor fan available. The gentleman apologized then offered to send me his office fan. To my surprise, he must have meant that metaphorically, because a few minutes later a young man came to the room to check the air conditioning. Needless to say, we woke up sweaty. There was also no ice machine whatsoever in the room labeled ice machine. I had to go floor hoping to find ice. Not a good first impression Aloft!

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Karen K.
    The fact that they are dog friendly and do not need an extra deposit if you bring your dog gives it 5 stars in my book. Their staff is phenomenal very nice and tentative to your needs and the needs of your dog. Upon check in Gus my dog received a bag with a ball and biscuits. They later brought up a dog bed and bowls for him. The room was clean and comfortable. There is a dog friendly park within walking distance where your dog can run and do his business. It is very clean and well kept.  The park is Curtis Hixon 2 blocks from the property.  I did not use any of their facilities outside of the room, so I cannot review on that.  But if you need a dog friendly hotel, this is the place to stay.

    10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Trinidad T.
    Great modern, hip and cool hotel. The staff was very attentive to any and all of our needs. Rooms are spacious. Comfortable beds and very clean. Highly recommended this hotel and any Aloft hotel.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Chris R.
    Very good place to stay. If you are out of city, please make sure to take a daily pass to trolly car. That will help you to go around the town
    Hotel has a very nice ambience. Music is good. I wish they added the parking with stay but its ok as its downtown and for the price you cant find a better place to stay.

    Will stay again

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Adam C.
    I mean the bartenders were fast for us. The waitress was awesome about squeaking in before the bell on happy hour. Which you know most waitresses HATE when you ask for specials.

    So onward, anyone who gripes about jitters on the opening is a moron. You have a brand new staff you are learning about.  there is so much to consider and workout. I went week 2 and it ran like a clock, we decided to check it out because malios treated us like shit for the last time. The cocktails are pricy. Treat yourself to one and then stay for some basic stuff. Great view, it rained and it was still cool. Highly recommend for a good solid place. Expect crowds because its good and they just opened!

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Kate M.
    We were kept up to loud music until midnight for some event both nights. When we notified management they acknowledged the problem but offered only excuses and were reluctant to tell the party to turn down the music. After the music ended the party continued on the pool deck until 3am. This seems to be a common theme with this hotel.

    We could clearly hear our neighbor through the vents so much so that we  heard him every time he was pooping/farting/burping/coughing/singing.  We were also able to hear anything going on in the hallway.

    As we were checking out we were greeted with an ice cold shower to wake us up as the hot water was not working.

    The valets were rude and pushy. One asked us to move our vehicle they had just parked as we were loading our bags when he had just handed it over. Inexperience/lack of training was evident.

    Elevator was broken upon checkout so we carried our luggage downstairs. No problem for a young couple but might be a huge issue for those less capable.

    When we presented these issues to the clerk upon checkout were were given the "well we hope your next stay with us is better" line. Is that acceptable? I do not think so. Please be aware of the non-existent customer service upon booking this hotel.

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Jessica G.
    This review is long overdue as I stayed here a few months back, but don't worry, I remember as if it were yesterday...

    We arrived around 4 on a Friday afternoon. This location is great, you are able to walk to many restaurants and bars, as well as along the river. Unfortunately with a great city location comes some not so great confusing parking. This isn't the hotels fault, they definitely handle it the best they can. To park at Aloft your only option is valet, and the small valet area gets pretty jam packed and confusing, but the valet staff is running around like crazy making everyone happy. They were even nice enough to get my charger from car for me after they had parked it and I realized it was missing. I know I couldn't handle the stress of parking all those cars in a city atmosphere, and they do it with a smile.

    Check in went smoothly and the staff was delightful. We took the elevator to our floor where I immediately got confused. I could get lost in a wet paper bag so it's a good thing my boyfriend was there to direct us through the hallway. Don't get me wrong, I like the decor, sleek and industrial, but every corner looked the same and I probably would have been circling for hours by myself. Entering the room I was impressed. The decor is sleek and everything was very clean. The rooms are not huge, not a lot of room for activities, but they have everything you could need and they don't feel cramped. There was even complimentary bottled water. I have to say I LOVED the bathroom. They were smart enough to do dark tile. I hate white tile in hotels, because let's be honest, no matter how much bleach they use and how well cleaned, white is going to start to show it's age, and that will gross me out, but this dark tile will always look clean and sleek. Their toiletries weren't so bad either. Their shampoo/conditioner combo did a better job with my long hair than I expect a combo hair wash to do. When it came time to go to bed the beds were quite comfy, and the shades created complete darkness in the room.

    As far as other amenities they have free wifi, a bar, and a cafeteria with ready made fresh and frozen items.  We also had pizza delivered to the hotel and the front desk was great about it.

    This is a great option for a place to stay in dt Tampa. The prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly, and everything is clean and nicely decorated. The $20 a day parking does suck, but that's the case with any city hotel.

    05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Kathy D.
    I am a huge fan of W, so when Aloft opened, I thought it would be a good excuse for a girls weekend.  The lobby, is quite different, with the circular reception area. Chek in was quite easy as the reservations had been made. We met up outside the hotel so we could stow a few vehicles and not have to pay the $20.00 per night, per vehicle hefty price. Tampa is not New York City & I personally find the valet fee to be a detriment to the hotel.
    There were 6 of us and we had 3 rooms on the same floor. I found the hotel to be very laid back, quirky and fun on a certain level. The hotel rooms are tiny, what I would expect in NYC. The refrigerator is a nice touch, but too small to be useful. The bed was very comfy & I had no problem sleeping. The sheets were either poor quality or something & I just found them bothersome throughout the night.
    The free wifi, blackout curtains, big windows and terrific views were appreciated. The bathroom was nice & I personally appreciated their green philosophy. For all 6 of us to get together and talk in 1 room, proved to be quite a challange & too tight of a squeeze.
    Overall it was a unique experience, but I think for the purpose of our get together a different hotel may have been a better choice.
    What's a girl to do? I love trying new places and getting together with my friends, live & learn.

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. D O.
    The room is clean and thoughtfully arranged.  I'm staying for a few days, so having a little fridge is nice. I love that you get water for free in case you need it. The gym is basic but spacious, very clean and facing out over the river patio, so you can look out and watch what's going on. For me this is a big plus as I find watching tv on a treadmill depressing. The outdoor patio has comfy seating and a fire pit. Love it! Overall I am very happy staying here.

    The only downside is the food. The bar serves good snacks but you can only have flatbread for dinner so many times. They sell a decent variety of snack in the lobby 24-7 too, but again, not dinner.

    Oh yea, almost forgot, the parking situation... Valet parking is expensive so if you plan to be out during the day, just park on the street overnight. You can get a spot for free 8pm-8am and it's 75 cents per hour the rest of the time.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Mark B.
    It's like staying at an Ikea. It's true seeing this place in its glory. Everything is brand new and when we checked in I almost excepted to also get an Allen wrench and a few screws. No need for instructions I'm a man. The place is really sweet with very modern furniture throughout. I really like the beds fluffy yet firm. The il lows are soft and my head was very happy last night. The valet parking is nice to and the guys are really quick with your door or to fetch your car. You also have to check out the infinity pool overlooking the river. All I can say is this place is pretty sweet hotel to stay in.

    04/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Linda B.
    This location is fairly new. It is super clean and comfortable. Very modern and upscale feeling. Love the furnishings which are very chic and looks very stylish. The glass shower in the room with rain head shower was very relaxing. We were a little confused about the fact there was a coffee pot and no coffees only tea bags. We asked the staff in the hall when no coffee appeared in the 2nd night either. We were informed it must have been an oversight and given the packages for the next morning. There is pricey coffees available in the lobby 24 hours a day, as well as various snacks ect. The hotel has valet parking 24 hours a day. Located on the water, the pool deck is beautifully decorated as well.

    04/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Matt B.
    Stayed here Friday night.....had a great time.  This was our first stay at a ALOFT hotel and overall it was a good experience.  The rooms are not spacious, but they are clean and very nicely decorated.  I think that's the point of the concept...the hotel room is your place to sleep, but ALOFT is much more about the friendly and open lobby, bar, pool and social areas.  The view from the outside terrace and pool area is beautiful.  We were lucky to hang out for a bit and see a few dragon boats practicing on the river for the weekends dragon boat races.  The XYZ bar area had tons of comfortable and trendy seating, we tried a few different areas around the room.  

    I think the location of the hotel is particularly difficult on a very traffic jammed corner of Tampa and getting in and out with your car is very hard.  The hotel charges $20 to valet your vehicle.....it's not really a option its something you must do because you have no other alternatives.  They might think about making this complimentary to guests and just charge the people coming to the bar.  

    Overall it's a nice experience, and if your staying in Tampa it's a laid back place to hang out and a short drive to so many great areas of interest!!

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Nick S.
    I was very excited when I found out that Aloft was opening in this mid-century modern bank building in downtown Tampa on the Hillsoborough River. The finished building delivers with Aloft's characteristic stylish modern boutique hotel concept. Even the signage looks cool above the river as you come into downtown on Kennedy.

    The one in Orlando is a former power company office building and this one is a former bank that was empty for several years before being refurbished into this hotel. Amenities include a smallish infinity pool with modern orange recliners overlooking the river. The interior decor is fun and playful. The reception and lounge areas are fun to explore and hangout in with lots of things to look at, even a rubiks cube.

    The architecture and design are very modern and striking. There is a hotel XYZ bar. Plans for a rooftop restaurant were apparently shot down by the City of Tampa, I think.

    Aloft Hotel in Tampa is super cool, but it's not a full service type place, and while there are snacks there isn't a full restaurant. There are plenty of places nearby including Bamboozle, Molio's, Sono Cafe at the Tampa Art Museum, Fresh, and Taco Bus.

    This place is definitely more my style than the more staid fancy place up the street. :)

    21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Amanda M.
    The room was clean and nicely decorated and to me clean is very important. The room was quite small but we weren't in it much. The bed was very comfortable.

    The pool area was very nice, overlooking the river.

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Andi P.
    5 Stars because yay for a great downtown hotel!

    I have been waiting for a chance to stay in an Aloft hotel and finally got the chance. As a self-proclaimed urbanist, I love this downtown concept.

    The rooms are compact but feel luxurious because of the large bed and huge windows. It's really remarkable how well the rooms are laid out! All of the decor is modern, clean, and consistent.

    One really neat aspect to the hotel is the kitchen-like area by the lobby where guests can purchase fruit, snacks, and drinks.

    All of the staff was extremely friendly, including the valet fellas. By aware that valet is absolutely necessary and costs $20. I notice some reviews mentioned difficulty getting into the valet drive-in, but I checked in late at night and had no problem.

    The only issue I had was that the uber-modern shower drain wasn't draining well. This was not a big deal though and otherwise it felt like I was at a pretty fancy hotel.

    All in all I had a great stay at Aloft and would definitely stay there again next time I'm staying in Tampa.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Allie A.
    This was my first time staying at an Aloft property. (Even though I've been in a few for events.) And knowing it's the little sister of the W (which means BLISS products yay!) and that it's a animal friendly facility, I was super stoked this was our home for the weekend.

    Aloft hotels are modern, hip and efficient. Yes, the rooms are small, but they do pack a lot into the space. I loved the shower.... and the smooth tile felt so AMAZING on my feet. I also dig all of the sliding doors... great use of space.

    This location had such a beautiful view of the river and downtown. The pool are was absolutely gorgeous, and made for the perfect back drop to hang out and chat to folks during happy hour.

    The valets were super prompt and on the ball, and I had no issues with any of the staff, everyone was friendly and accommodating.

    The only thing (and it's a little one) that would have made the stay better, is some softer sheets. They were a little scratchy, but I'm thinking it's possibly because they are new, and haven't been washed into oblivion yet.

    I'd still stay here again in a heartbeat, and recommend it to others, as well.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Cassie G.
    My second stay at an Aloft and I can confidently say I dig their style!

    My room here was very similar to my Aloft Orlando abode. Large bed, reliable blackout curtains, nice shower and urban decor. I only stayed here one night and, while I was the epitome of exhausted on that one night, I slept super well in these beds. The Bliss products in the shower were great and as always, I appreciated the free water bottle (and free wifi).

    They have a convenient shop in the lobby to stock up on snacks and beverages, as well as the W XYZ Bar which we were given a free drink coupon to upon arrival (and sadly never got around to using).

    The staff was friendly, the valet efficient and all in all, didn't have any huge complaints. Would definitely book here again and am starting to think about making an Aloft tour around the world!

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Blue A.
    I swear the bed here was made of clouds - I floated away to dreamland in a matter of seconds. Granted, I was dead tired - but seriously this was one of the more comfortable stays I have had in recent memory.

    The Aloft is trendy and hip - but still super comfortable. The lobby has some nice furniture and leads back to the pool and the bar. A nice area back there for private events or just to grab a drink.

    The room wasn't the most spacious, and had a different layout, but it worked great. With the exception of pretty much flashing the entire valet staff and folks across the street when I went to shower late at night (there's rumors those folks are now blind) the bathroom was spacious as well. I kind of want to remodel the bathroom at home to look like this shower but that's another story. The shower itself had a nice oversized shower head that rained down - and there were pumps with body wash and shampoo.

    Valet parking was a little pricy - but that's expected. The valets were all super young (or so they seemed) but for the most part always got my car super fast (I had a lot of in and out). The one time they took a little longer, was because all the guys were fumbling over each other to help out a fairly attractive looking woman - oh teenage hormones. No biggie, I get it.

    The highlight (besides those comfy beds) was the staff at the front desk. SUPER helpful - one of them went SUPER out of her way to get me a bandaid (in a back room) - always smiled, and always greeted us back to the hotel.

    I'll likely be back when I return to Tampa!

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Joel H.
    Aloft Tampa Downtown is one of the newest additions to the Aloft family which now claims around 100 hotels worldwide. The hotel chain tags itself as a "destination sensation with loft-inspired design and free-flowing energy." In simpler terms, Aloft is a hotel designed for the Google/Apple generation. It bucks the system that has been created by traditional hotels in every way imaginable.    

    Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to experience this "destination sensation" firsthand. Downtown parking can be a bit problematic but Aloft takes care of that by offering a valet service that is charged directly to your room. This makes everything so easy because when you pay for check out, you also pay for your car. Upon entering the hotel I was immediately floored by the multicolored lights, the crazy furniture and the upbeat trendy music that was being piped through the speakers. It is definitely a much updated (and needed) look to the stuffy old hotel lobbies of the past.

    Unlike traditional hotel reception areas that are built in a straight line along one wall, Aloft's reception area sits right in the middle of the floor. The desk is rounded, making it appear futuristic. It makes the experience less like waiting in line at the bank and more like preparing to spend the night on a UFO (or at least what I imagine a night on a UFO might look like). We had not alerted the front desk when booking the room that we would be bringing our sixteen month old so we inquired at the desk about a crib. A man waiting at the desk cracked "Do they have a crib? They better. I mean they offer pet beds so they should have a place for a real live human." I'm not sure if he was joking but he seemed serious enough. Pet beds? That's they kind of place Aloft seems to be. The receptionist immediately radioed someone that we needed a crib and before we had even unloaded our car, a crib had been placed in our room.  

    When we arrived to our Aloft room, a standard sized one that looked out towards the Downtown Art Gallery, we noticed a number of unique things. First, there was a recycling bin in the room. With the way that recycling has become so prevalent in certain cities I can't understand why more hotels don't offer this option in their room. Score one for the conscientious traveler. The room also offers a safe with customizable code. We didn't use the safe but my daughter loved playing with the buttons. The room was decked out in IKEA style furniture. The shower was all glass and had dispenser for shampoo and body wash (greatly reducing the amount of plastic that is used by hotels I assume). There was a flat screen TV mounted on wall that we didn't get to use but it had a nice placement. To the left of the television was a window that stretched from the floor almost to the ceiling. This really amused the little one as she could stand there and look out at all the cars and people moving around. I also loved that there were outlets for almost any kind of electronic gadget you could imagine and the retro alarm clock was pretty sweet.

    The negatives? Well, there weren't many. One thing was that the standard room is pretty small in the bed area. This was probably made more so by the fact that there was a crib there as well. Don't try to squeeze more than two people and a baby in the room because I could see it getting uncomfortable quick. The refrigerator that was in the room was very small. It was hard to fit our Taco Bus leftovers in it. The shower, despite looking really cool, drained extremely slowly. This could've been user error, but I couldn't figure out a way to get it to move faster.

    Aloft Tampa is in a great location. It is within walking distance of a number of fabulous eateries as well as Curtis Hixon Park. It makes checking in and parking easy and offers rooms that are funky and relatively functional. Throw in the fact that there is a swanky bar in the lobby and a place to purchase round the clock food and I can't find many reasons why someone wouldn't want to stay at Aloft.

    06/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Anna M.
    Such a Beautiful Hotel! I was only in the hotel to meet some friends at the W XYZ Bar, so I unfortunately did not experience the accommodations of their hotel rooms.

    I love the modern contemporary look and the wide open snack bar which I was proud of myself that I was able to stay away.

    The only staff member we were greeted by was the valet, but he had no choice since he had to take my car to park it. Overall, he was very friendly.

    Valet Parking for overnight guests is $20 and for non-guests it is $10. However, of you spend $10 at the bar, your parking fee is only $5. You are able to pay for parking at the bar itself, and they will validate your ticket.  

    We were never greeted "Hello" or "Goodbye" by the front desk attendant who seemed to be attending to her cell phone instead.

    I loved the beautiful pool area and would love to see it in the daytime.

    I definitely plan on coming back in order to explore more of the hotel and possibly stay the night.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Primo L.
    Best thing about this hotel is its location - the hotel itself is no great shakes, particularly for one that opened so recently. I've stayed here twice and both times the room had a funky odor, was very small, and looked a bit dilapidated. The XYZ bar is a good place to stop for a drink and a bite. The worst part of this hotel is the parking - for some reason the valet parks offsite and even when I call ahead, it takes upwards of 20 minutes to get my car.

    08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. Miranda P.
    Aloft. More like Aletdown.

    I'm a super loyal SPG member and this is the worst experience I've had in several years. Ironically, when the stay needed to be extra special. (Where's Alanis when ya need her?)

    Admittedly, it was Gasparilla weekend in Tampa (last weekend in January) but I made the reservations well in advance the previous October, specifically requesting two adjoining rooms for my best friend's bachelorette celebration. When we arrived, they said the hotel was nearly full so we didn't have adjoining rooms. I would have been ok if the rooms were still relatively close but we ended up staying on completely separate floors!

    One of the rooms had some moderate issues: the Bliss shampoo & body wash dispensers were missing and the thermostat didn't work, so we were a little sweaty the whole time in one room. I like that the hotel is pet friendly but two of the girls in our group are allergic to cats & dogs and had pretty bad reactions to the rooms. Must have been some residual pet dander.

    It was also a tease that one of the rooms was actually an adjoining room. Just doesn't seem like it would have been that hard to just hold the room next door as well until we checked in.

    We were exhausted after the parade so we stayed at the hotel and ordered food and drinks from the WXYZ bar. Service was excruciatingly slow (especially paying) and they ran out of a lot of items on the menu. Drinks were delish but the food was just slightly subpar.

    I also had an important item either lost or stolen that weekend and I called the hotel a few days after checkout to see if it had been found in the room. No one answered so I left a message for the manager and have yet to receive a call back a week later.

    It's a great location and I normally love Aloft but this visit just didn't meet Starwood's usual standards.

    11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Jimmy P.
    The Aloft looks small from the outside, but the inside looks great and spacious.  It's clean and smells wonderful.  The bathroom are designed with a contemporary sink and a spa-style shower.  It's really nice!

    I like Aloft's modern and fresh look compared to other hotels.  It has a unique technical aspects and an atmosphere that encourages socialization.  Spend time in the lobby and meet other people.  Or have a complimentary cup of coffee and just hang out.

    They provide free wireless high speed internet access and also offer free wireless high speed internet access in public areas too. With all my gadgets, this is great!

    Guest services and the valet parking attendants were helpful and accommodating.  I think Aloft Tampa only offers valet parking which cost $20 per day.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Kelly Q.
    Two stars is sad... I hate giving negative reviews. But it's deserved. I would not recommend this hotel to any of my friends. Perhaps it was built too hastily, perhaps it is just poorly maintained. Either way, on my mom and her friend's stay, everything that could have gone wrong did. I booked this based on shining reviews, location, and style. I thought it was a cool, swanky place that would be a cool experience for my mom, and it turned out to be a nightmare. Thank god she and her friend have a good sense of humor.

    So here's what happened.

    The first night in the room my mom and her friend go to pull down the curtain over the sliver of a window at the far left of the room -- which, let's stop right there -- this thing let's in as much light as a prison cell I'd imagine, don't expect the room in the picture with those big windows and nice views -- so this window was sad to begin with, but when they pull on the curtain the whole thing collapses on them. They kindly call the front desk, very sweet girl who works down there, and she sends the maintenance guy up, who is also very nice, but he informs them that the window curtain was broken to begin with and not properly installed so no wonder it came down on them. After some apologies they pack up their stuff at 10pm and are moved to the same room but 3 floors up.

    In this new room they unpack and settle in, the curtain comes down without any hassle, so that's great. My mom decides to take a hot shower, but surprise, the water never gets hot. They call the front desk again and the same maintenance guy is set up again. They are promised hot water by the morning.

    So then as they are laying in bed, relaxing and reading, they hear a loud BOOM. They don't even want to go around the corner to see what it is, but they do, and the clothing rack -- which by the way only provides you with 8 hangers (so 4 hangers each for a room that is suppose to be double occupancy) -- has broken and fallen down. I can't tell you that I've ever experience a solid wooden bar to fall to the ground with only 8 hangers worth of clothing.

    They don't even bother call downstairs this time.

    Sadly the woes would not end there -- the walls were so thin they could hear not only the sound of their neighbor pulling down Their curtain, but partying neighbors that were up all hours of the night to the point where they gave up on sleep at around 630am. And that "chic retro" clock ticked so loud that my mom ended up unplugging it and putting it in the bathroom.

    On top of that, my mom's friend goes to shower with that hot water promised to them in the morning, but it's only mildly lukewarm again. To top it off, the shower drain was clogged and backed up so far she was worried it was going to spill over the lip of the tile. She took a picture and let it sit for and hour -- when she came back the bottom of the shower was STILL clogged up. So the maintenance guy was called up again to unclog the drain in the morning, and from that she witnessed the gallons of hair clogging it up.

    On top of this, the pool is just ridiculously small and only has 4 lounge chairs. Yep. FOUR. For the ENTIRE hotel. And there's just one complimentary small bottle of Dasani in the room - I mean ok, the complimentary part is nice but for a room with 2 Queen beds that could hold up to 4 people you better hope you don't get thirsty in the middle of the night and make sure you ration your water out sparingly.

    They were thankfully compensated free breakfast, free drinks, and parking, but this is nowhere near what they should have been compensated. I would say at least 1 night returned to them out of the 2 nights they stayed there. On top of that, my mom's friend left 3 voicemails on the general manager's phone that were NEVER returned. This is just bad business. There should have been a call even just to apologize for the series of unfortunate events that happened.

    With it's terrible quality of rooms for the high price you pay, this place just fell flat on living up to it's expectations and promises. The only reason this is getting 2 stars instead of 1 is for the incredibly kind and awesome people they have working at valet, the front desk, and the maintenance guy. Either way, I'm booking my mom somewhere else next time. Good luck if you take a chance on it.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    36. Andrea J.
    I must preface this with saying I'm a Platinum Marriott member so my view might be a bit different than most. But I was disappointed in this hotel. I was really excited to stay somewhere other than a Marriott property as I have always wanted to stay at an Aloft. I've heard they are hip and modern....which the lobby was! I really liked the bar area and the general seating. Very cool.

    However the rooms were disappointing. There were 5 of us that stayed here and 4 of us complained about the SMELL in the rooms! It seriously smelled like raw sewage. You got used to it after a few minutes, but it made 2 of my coworkers change their rooms (which weren't any better). I got a view of the valet, which sucked because I'm sure the river view is pretty. Everything else was basic, although I wish they had more hangers and a pen/paper available.

    The hotel gym was a basic gym, had a few cardio machines, free weights and a cable machine. The staff was nice. The breakfast area had only pre-made options, but they sounded ok (didn't actually try anything).

    28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    37. Corie K.
    I stayed at the aLoft downtown Tampa for a business trip, and as expected, was uber pleased. The staff was friendly and bar was busy every night with 20-30 something's enjoying their stay. Had I not felt under the weather I would have enjoyed my complimentary drinks.

    I love the modern, simple decor and the beds were clean and comfortable. I love their towels, so much I wrote down the brand in hopes I could buy them for my home. Of course the bliss products are great as well.

    The only improvements I could imagine making my stay more enjoyable is coffee available in the afternoon- only available in the morning and different lighting in the bathroom- the bulbs at the vanity were a bit harsh.

    I would stay here again if/when I travel to Tampa.

    12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0