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Baymont Inns & Suites in Tampa, FL

Baymont Inns & Suites in Tampa, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.71

Address: 9202 N 30th St, Tampa, FL, 33612

    Address: Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL, 33602

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      Comments (7):

      1. Carlos H.
      I once stayed here with my father and did not find their service to be all that great. There was a swimming pool, but it was not heated, and I thought for the high rate that they charge they should at least have a heated pool for the winter time. They also did not offer any sort of transportation to the nearby Busch Gardens which I found to be a letdown. They did have rental movies and a built in game system that had Nintendo entertainment system usage to it, but it cost my dad way too much for those services.

      19/07/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      2. Melissa L.
      I only stayed at this location for a business trip. The hotel is located right near Busch Gardens, had a nice pool set up, television with pay per view and laundry facilities, however I wasn't interested in those amenities.

      I first got a non-smoking room that smelled like smoke and the bedroom floor was wet & the front desk had no problem in remedying the situation. I was glad because the new room smelled much better.

      The room was a King Suite and had 2 rooms with a kitchenette. The quality and space of the room was certainly worth the price which was incredibly reasonable. The room was was clean and a great space to conduct work. However, the Internet speed lacked and the faucet for the shower was confusing to use & it looked like the shower head was going to fall off.

      The other reason I rated this hotel a 3 and not a 4 was the neighborhood seemed questionable. I parked my car under a light and near the front desk but I didn't feel that secure. I did see security guards so that both instilled question and confidence.

      20/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      3. Kevin M.
      Disgusting.  Period.

      We were with a group so this was NOT our first choice in lodging!

      Rust in the bathroom, water in lavatory and wet bar area was hooked up backward, front desk was indifferent and took FOREVER to take care of problems.   Had multiple rooms in our party and half of the keys didn't work the first time they tried 'em.  Carpet is threadbare and the amount of mold growing in the A/C outlet would have made any petri dish proud.   The front room had an odor which we never could figure out so we didn't bother to use that area at all the entire stay.  Breakfast was non-descript.  Towels were so thin you'd think they were tissues.

      Yes, it has an elevator, nice landscaping and plenty of parking but that does little to offset the spartan conditions in the rooms.

      Try elsewhere.

      24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      4. Phil N.
      POS!! Stayed here primarily for the price and location. 1 star for that. Everything else was NASTY! Room is gross. Carpet looks like someone was murdered and left to bleed out. The toilet is ALWAYS running. There were ants all over the room. We tried complaining to the front desk and her response was "well this is the time of year they move in". Really? Breakfast was free...but disgusting. I would not stay here again.

      13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      5. Mitch G.
      A group of three of us began our stay here for a business trip.  The check-in was incredibly inefficient and despite having made reservations, they did not have the type of rooms we had booked.  I seriously took 25 minutes to check in three people, and they couldn't even get us rooms near one another.
      Upon getting to the room, the carpets were stained in multiple places and the whole thing smelled somewhat of mildew.  The layout of the room was a little strange too, with the sink in the corner of the bedroom area.  
      The bed was uncomfortable and the climate control was hit or miss.  I'm just glad I was here in December and not in August, because it didn't seem like the A/C worked very well and it was loud.  The free breakfast was not very good, even for free!
      The second morning of our stay, I found out that my colleague's room had been broken into while he was asleep!  His laptop got stolen, and who knows what the culprit might have gotten if he hadn't woken up!?
      The manager was unhelpful with the situation, so we decided to check out and find a decent hotel somewhere safer.  The staff didn't even apologize for the inconvenience!

      Bottom line: if you are staying in Tampa, stay someplace else!

      18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      6. Payal P.
      This was hands down the WORST hotel I have ever stayed at. Please DO NOT come here.

      Let me start off with the room when we walked. I stayed here with my family for 1 week. When we walked in there was this horrible sewage/death smell, after a day or two we realized that it was coming from the sink. The smell was incredibly putrid and made me sick to be around. We told the maid and she said she would get a maintenance guy on it and no one ever came to the room. We told the hotel about this 3 times and each time they would act concerned but no one would do anything about it. Moving right along. The bedroom had toenail clippings on the floor, which were NOT from us. The comforters had dried brown stains on them and the wifi did not work.

      The 7 nights we stayed there a housekeeper only came in once to clean after we complained that no one has come in 5 days. We had to chase someone down to get our trash and give us toilet paper and to change our comforters. (The new ones also had stains). To top it all off one day we came back to the hotel after being away for 7 hours and our room was OPEN. We immediately called the manager and she gave us a whole dialogue about how this was not acceptable and how she would reprimand the housekeeper and how she would immediately write up a complaint. When I went down the next morning to see what had been worked on, no complaint was ever filed, there wasn't even so much as a note on the file of what happened. I demanded we get some compensation back and we ended up getting just 2 nights back.

      We called and complained about the room and the hotel services numerous times and only got 1 person to come to our room. We even called about the wifi and they said they would be sending someone and no one ever showed up.

      On top of that the guests did not make me and my family feel comfortable. Every time my sisters and I would go out we would get strange guys hitting on us and asking if we could talk. We couldn't even go down to the pool area (which seemed nice from a far) because the same family occupied the pool and bar area every night playing loud music and dancing around like it was their own personal club.

      All in all this place was absolutely grotesque and its employees and managers were rude and unprofessional. I will never ever be coming back and I will make sure no one I know comes back either.

      15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      7. Rachael H.
      Stayed at this location about 6 years back & remembered it was close to Busch Gardens which is why I decided to stay here again. Definitely regret that decision. We got there around 11 at night and were given directions to our room. We go inside and are instantly hit with the smell of smoke. I don't know if all the rooms are smoking rooms, but even the bathroom had a smoke stench to it! I had to spray perfume everywhere! I needed a drink of water and decided that I should use the coffee maker to steralize the tap water...the water that came out of the coffee maker was brown. It stayed brown even after 4 times of doing this process attempting to clean out the brown water.

      Oh, definitely saw a sign in the room that read something like " we appreciate you for not smoking in your room".....right.

      Highlight of the free breakfast buffet? the make your own waffle machines. Other than that it's pretty standard. Cereal, Coffee, toast, juice. No bacon...which just doesn't make for a happy visit. Wifi is free, but not very reliable.

      The hotel itself is in a little bit of an...odd area. Kind of industrial & run down. But it is right by Busch Gardens and about 5 minutes away from an Outback & Carraba's.

      02/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0