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Chase Suite Hotel in Tampa, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 3075 N Rocky Point Dr E, Tampa, FL, 33607
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Comments (22):

1. James K.
Great accommodations for the price. I reserved a room telling them I had 4 people staying there. Unfortunately,  I got a queen size bed and two chairs with ottomans. We had to improvise and request more blankets (only got one more set after request) from the front desk in order to sleep comfortably.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the maid came earlier after she learned we woke up at 10am in order to dodge having to clean our room.

Toilet kept clogging while their idea of a repair was having a man come over with a plunger.

Great location between Clearwater and Tampa (watch the Causeway traffic).

Crowded with older people.

My 3G internet is faster than the free WiFi.  

Would return again.

22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Jennifer B.
I've stayed at Chase Suite Hotel twice now and I've been there on a separate time for a dinner in the meeting room for a very informal event. Chase Suits always has clean rooms, friendly staff and it's private enough that I've never had to worry about people being loud.

11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Brooke K.
My husband and I stayed here for a week while house hunting in Florida. The hotel itself was fine, it met expectations. Our room was a decent size and seemed clean enough (a stray hair in the show when we checked in is my only minor complaint). If you want to be picky you could complain about the outdated decor and appliances, but everything worked so we were happy. The negative of the hotel is its inconvenient location. It's very close to the airport so getting there and leaving to catch our flight home was a breeze. Getting anywhere else was a pain, especially with the mess of freeways. Bahama Breeze and Starbucks are next to the hotel. Never had any of the food at Bahama Breeze but went there 2 nights for drinks. I can't comment about the food but the atmosphere is a lot of fun.

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. John A.
Your safest bet is to book a room somewhere else. This place is a dated dump.   The bathroom walls are peeling. The tub is one of those vinyl surround that has crack. I informed them that I needed two rooms both with sleeper sofas for a total of five people. I was given two rooms that they said had sleeper sofas. Guess what?? That's right one did one didn't. So I proceed to the front desk and inform them of this error and am told " that's why we don't guarantee a set room and we are sold out of other sleeper sofa rooms unless you want to upgrade to a two bedroom suite for an additional $232.00". At which point I obviously reply so you want almost $600.00 for two nights here, nope don't think so. Answer check back tomorrow and maybe we will have another room at which I replied and tonight the fifth person has to sleep on the floor?? I just get a shrug in response. The TV is maybe 24" and about 30 feet from the head of the bed. That's right if you want to watch TV in bed you better have the eyesight of a Hawk.   Let's see what else there is the rug is stained and lumpy. It gets one star and that's simply because the location isn't bad but plenty of other hotels around that you should look into before this one.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Amanda D.
Well, if you get stuck here thanks to Hotwire, it's not bad at all for $134 for two nights, with taxes. You just can't expect much, really. I almost missed the Best Western I stayed in a couple days before.

The manager who checked me in was pretty rude, but the woman who I checked out with was so much nicer.

The WiFi is HORRIFIC. It is so bad that if you have a way to use your phone to hook your laptop up to the internet, USE THAT. After 15 minutes of loading a 90 second YouTube video, I could only watch 33 seconds.

Parking is terrible, when I came back from downtown Tampa, I had to park in front of some other building instead of my own, but to be able to turn around to do that, I had to go all the way in the back, and not a single space was found over there so I feel bad for anyone who got in later than me.

The room was totally in need of renovations. It made my apartment look modern, and my apartment has some seriously old appliances. Nobody bothered to clean up the patio of my room before I checked in, so a Coors Light can was sitting out on the table the whole time. Just noticed all these little things that need repairs that would be simple and inexpensive, but whatever.

I thought this place was going to be loud and awful but it was surprisingly not so bad after all. I slept all the way to my alarm this morning without being bothered by noise.
Despite the need for some renovating, the bed was SO comfy.

I wouldn't stay here again though, if I had had the budget to not play hotel-roulette with Hotwire, I would have been nowhere in this area. There is nothing around. At least there's a Bahama Breeze next door if you're not in the mood to explore and get back on highways. (But good luck getting all your food in your to-go order.)

On the plus side, it's easy to get over to Clearwater Beach or downtown.

They offer breakfast from 6-9, I wasn't awake the first morning for that, and I wanted to get out so I could get home on the second morning, looked like the typical hotel breakfast.

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Jacob W.
Well I hope the only time you have to stay here is if your car broke down, cause otherwise avoid it that's all I'll say. It's old decrepit and the room cleaning is garbage. The hotel website is misleading so be careful.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. DaPimp W.
They had me sleeping on soiled bed sheets. Blood stained sheets. It took 3 weeks to get a response from the GM who basically told me it was my blood... So I left a huge blood stain on a bed when I had no cuts or blood coming out of me.... Right... This has to be a health code violation right?

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Brenda B.
WARNING!!!  NOT WHAT YOU SEE ON THE WEB!!  Booked a 4 night stay in a 2 bedroom suite for myself, my brother and mother and all were very excited based on what was described on the web.  When checking in, my brother took a look around and noticed the griddle from breakfast was greasy and covered in pancake batter and the person behind the counter was unfriendly.

Climbed the stairs to our bayview room with deck (yeah, right)!!  Climbed the stairs to our suite to find the living area had a beat up love seat, that's it, no lamps or tables, the 3 of us couldn't even sit together to watch TV.  The first bedroom had a dead bug resting on the sheet, the carpets were stained, the rooms smelled of mold, the TV's in the bedrooms were outdated.  When my brother attempted to allow more light to come in the dark rooms, the curtain rod fell off.  The burners on the stove were all crooked.  The pool was peeling and very small and everything was in dire need of a facelift.  We lasted about 10 min which was long enough for us to book 3 rooms at the downtown Hilton.  I've never been more disappointed.

THANK YOU HILTON for one of the best vacations I've had.  Saved the day!!!!!  They felt so badly for us we received free upgrades and free drink tickets.

14/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Erik A.
Nothing like what you see in the pictures. I was very let down. And I understand you won't get everything I'm the pictures but it wasn't even close. There were wasps in my room, the wifi was terrible couldn't even connect ended up using data anyways, has no hair dryer. And the kitchen comes without some of what I call basics. Like a spatula for example. Ever tried cooking eggs with a spoon? You'll learn here. Good things to point out tho is it's close to beaches. Like one literally across the street and international plaza is an excellent mall and the air port is also close by. In the end I will probably never stay here again. I would have rather spent more money and stayed at the Hyatt across the street.

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Parke S.
Wifi worked great, room was great.  No complaints really. I've been in and out of here for a few years and will keep coming back.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. S E.
We stayed here in October. For the money this place was pretty good. I knew I wasn't staying at the westin. We did have ants in our room, but I told the lady at the front desk and she had someone come spray the same day. Convenient location. The staff was friendly and helpful. This was about the only place I could find in Tampa that could accommodate my family without having to pay for two separate rooms. It's not horrible and it's not great. It could definitely use some updating. The breakfast was nice and saved us a lot of money. (Free meal once a day for 6 people was a big savings) For us, it was just fine.

10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Michael N.
This hotel was definitely not as we expected. I guess this may have been a good hotel at one time, but needs upgrading and repairs. We had a broken hair dryer that they glued together to repair it, and when we asked for a replacement they gave us an old dirty one. The shower curtains were too short and the floor would flood after you took a shower. The free breakfast was a joke.  The food wasn't appetizing or much variety. There wasn't enough room to sit if you got breakfast and the cleanliness left much to be desired. We just had coffee and wouldn't touch the food.
No ceiling fan or a way to adjust temperature, and the A/C was to 55 degrees when we got in there. We had to put the heat on for an hour to get the temperature up.  Very dark and dingy in room and not as pictured on website. My wife slept with all the lights on all night because she was afraid of bugs. Very disappointed. It's unfortunate, because this is a great location and view of the water with sunrises and sunsets. Would not recommend or stay there again.

07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Y. V.
Our room had Bed bugs and small roaches. We checked out a few hours after checking in. I have never checked out of a hotel but there were dead & alive small roaches in the bathroom & kitchen area. We were bitten while laying in their bed by bed bugs. We left around 12 midnight told the receptionist who assure my spouse we wouldn't  get charged but our credit card was charged.
I will not recommend this place to anyone.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Catherine R.
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly:
So, our family is on a budget. I booked our stay through Hotels.com , based on the price, amenities, and reviews. Did I check Yelp reviews? No I did not. It was an impulsive 'book now' moment.
The Good: Nice exterior..kind of a condo feel. Beautiful waterside area with dock and seating. We paid $10 extra per night to bring our dog, and still a budget friendly option. Every unit has a full kitchen. The bed is very comfortable. Wifi worked well for us - they may have addressed past complaints.
The Bad: Mildew smell smacked us in the face upon entering. Pretty strong yuck factor . Love seat stained and worn - have a seat, and bruise your tailbone on the bar holding the pullout.
We checked in, then immediately went to the grocery store for Lysol. What else did we need to purchase at the store besides our food you ask? Dish soap, a sponge, aluminum baking pans, dishwasher detergent, paper towels (1 roll supplied, 2nd roll denied) And a special stop for another blanket. We bought or made due, when the front desk denied supplying the following-
extra blankets - "we supply one, and that should be sufficient unless you have too many guests in the room"
Dish towels - we don't supply
Extra towels - again, we were questioned about our apparent excessive needs. They finally handed over the towels, but not without baffling resistance.
Paper towels - one roll rationing
Dish detergent, dish soap.  
I rewashed all the dirty utensils, plates, and bowls.
The Ugly:
Fitness Center/Jail cell. Four cinder block walls close in on you and the four machines offered... Two rusty stationary bikes, two treadmills.  The room backs into the pool pump room, and so the smell of chlorine is overpowering. No tv...just cream colored cinder block walls surrounding you. No windows.
Soft, rotting baseboard in bathroom area.
Pool needs repaving/repainting, although the water seems to be clean.  Appliances are throw-back to the 80's.. I think my Grammy had the same dishwasher back in the day.
So bottom line - can't expect a Waldorf Astoria stay at a budget-friendly hotel....but basic needs and considerations should always be a priority.

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Carol A.
I wish I had visited Yelp before booking on Expedia (which showed only positive remarks).  

I was looking for an extended stay option for at least a month and found Chase Suites to be an affordable hotel in a great location.  But when you consider the good with the bad, I did not re-book beyond my 2 night visit.  I wished I had only booked for 1!  

The Great
- Awesome location - easy access to freeways, great view of the bay
- Good price point for the location
- Breakfast and happy hour (hot food and 2 drinks) included
- Comfortable bed
- Village style instead of motel style or multi-level
- Dock with seating area
- Full size kitchen with bar seating area

The Not So Great
- Food runs out and is not replenished quickly during breakfast/happy hour
- Pool needs cleaning and updating; towels would be nice as well
- Shells are used instead of mulch or grass.  Walking a pet requires too much effort
- Wi-fi kept cutting out - impossible to watch a video/movie
- No cleaning supplies in kitchen.  Go to the Dollar Store and stock each unit with dish soap, dish towels, and oven mitt please. These items are provided in other Extended Stay hotels.

The Terrible
- Mold and mildew!  The smell hits you immediately and many people have commented on it.
- Very warn carpets and chairs.  
- TV too small and in the wrong location for the size/shape of the room.

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. Tim K.
Never again! Staying here during our trip to Tampa was a nightmare.

When we first called and booked the room we were guaranteed one with a view of the Bay. This was one of the biggest reasons we chose to stay here. Call me a sap if you want, but the one thing I wanted to do on my 30th Birthday (which is one of the reasons why we went to Tampa) was to be able to watch the Sun rise and set off the Bay. Upon checking in to our room and opening the curtains to our patio all I was able to see was the back of the unit in front of us. To say I was upset would be an understatement.

Prior to that the very first thing I noticed when I walked in to the room for the first time was that it smelled very musty and damp like an old persons home. Panning the room it looked super dated as well. The only modern thing in there was the flat screen TV. On the walls there were some framed pictures and my wife with a concerned tone in her voice called me over to take a look at one. Inside the glass were blotches of mold! In disgust I proceeded to investigate the rest of the room for other things and found loads more mold in various other places (pictures attached), bugs and cobwebs and the floor in front of the bed felt like it was going to give way and cave in as well when I walked on it.

I immediately called down to the front desk to let them know that this was not the room we were guaranteed and also of all of the problems we had just discovered. The lady had a very annoyed tone to her voice like I was interrupting something more important and instead of apologizing and offering to put us in a different cleaner room, she told me if I wanted a Bay view it would be an additional $30 per day.

We went back and forth as I felt that having to pay extra for something I was already promised was unfair especially after being originally placed in a room with severe mold and water damage. As she was not willing to back down and they had already charged my card and it would be a few days to process a refund (thus meaning going elsewhere was not an option), I took the hit and paid the extra. The new room wasn't much better. Yes we had a Bay view now, but it was just as dated and dirty as the other. The only difference was the mold. While we found some, it was nowhere near the same amount as our first room.

During our stay it rained quite a bit unfortunately. Nothing heavy, but enough to cause their spotty satellite TV to constantly keep going out as well as the ceiling to leak which was obviously one of the reasons for all of the mold. What I don't get is why do they have HDTVs in their rooms yet only offer grainy fuzzy standard definition channels? Also not all the channels worked properly and had a loud buzzing sound making them unwatchable. To continue on about the "awesome technology" offered by Chase Suites, their free Wifi is garbage. The signal was so spotty and weak you couldn't even establish a connection. It was as if they placed their router in the center of their property and felt that was enough to cover all of the buildings and units.

I guess one of the "nice" things the room offered was a dishwasher, but what's the point when there was no detergent to accompany it? There was no soap either to wash them by hand so we basically just rinsed off what we used in super hot water right after we finished eating. Housekeeping there is a joke too. Most places you stay at will start going around at 11:00, but they would come between 8:00 and 8:15 in the morning waking you up. Unfortunately we found out the hard way our first morning there. From then on we left the no service tag on the outside of the door. The one time we were up early and wanted them to service our room, when they came by we were just finishing getting ready to leave and asked if they could go clean the next room and come back to ours after. She said that would not be a problem, but when we came back later that day we saw she never came back.

During checkout the same lady who checked us in was working and I proceeded to tell her of the mold again and show her the pictures I took and that it would be wise to have it inspected and thoroughly cleaned. She just gave me a half-assed smile followed up with a short, simple "K..." response. I am far from done with this place and will be forwarding this review on to their management as well as contacting the proper Health Departments in the Tampa area to file a complaint about the mold.

30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Dave B.
Where to start? I'm here on business for 6 weeks and I'm on my 5th week now. Chase Suites gets worse with everyday that passes. Upon arrival at the airport I called for their shuttle and was told they would be there in 10 to 15 minutes and if not then to call them back. I waited almost 40 minutes before calling them back (like they asked me to) and was given a serious attitude by the woman who answered, advising me the driver was on his way.

Once I checked into my room, I immediately noticed that the plates, bowls, etc on the kitchen table were coated in dust. I then noticed that the tupperware in the cabinet was completely coated in what looked to be a white moldy substance. Right off the bat, this told me that A.) They don't clean & B.) They don't even look around to check the condition of things.

The next issue I ran into at Chase was the fact I was only given about 4 clothes hangers even though they know I'm here on business for 6 weeks. I went to the front desk and politely requested additional hangers. I was told they would be brought to my room. They never came. Over the next week, I requested clothes hangers 3 more times which proved to be futile. I'm 5 weeks in and still haven't received any.

Onto the next one! Housekeeping for some reason would only show up as soon as I returned from work, even though my room is unoccupied for 9 hours a day. I called the desk and requested housekeeping only clean during the 9 hours I am gone each day. I was told that wouldn't be a problem at all. I thanked them and hung up. Fast forward to the next day, I arrive back to my room after work and decide to take a nap. Within minutes of falling asleep - housekeeping arrives to clean the room. They clearly have communication issues here and/or just don't care about their guests at all.

Now, as I write this review, I'm still attempting to get my clothes dried after starting my laundry over 3 hours ago. Their machines use quarters - which is fine, except they tell me they don't have any quarters and there are no change machines anywhere on the premises. After arguing back and forth with the front desk, I was provided with quarters. I get to the laundry room and all machines say "Out of Order" except for two. I put my clothes in the two machines - one of which takes my quarters, gives an error and then would not return the quarters. I advised the front desk of this issue and was told i could "go somewhere else" and that these arent even their dryers. That's funny since you list laundry facilities as one of your guest services and its also attached to your lobby. After hunting down and borrowing more quarters from coworkers, I finally get my laundry washed and into a dryer. 45 minutes later on "high heat" and my clothes are still just as wet as when I put them in there. Time to find more quarters! Needless to say, I'm expecting to go back there in a few minutes and still find wet clothes and half of my Sunday wasted.

In short - I'd think hard before staying here. Almost everybody I've talked to here has had similar or worse experiences, including roaches crawling across their face in the middle of the night. I'm thankful I haven't experienced that - yet, atleast!

29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Kim S.
I thought this would be similar to the Chase Suites in Newark, Ca that I have stayed in many times for business. I would be wrong.

The first clue would be the laz-a-dazy attitude of the front desk. After an excruciating 20 minute check in process, I am given my key (only one per customer). My sister and brother in law walked me to my room to help with my luggage. I open the door, and there is unmade beds, and clothes all over the place. The room is obviously occupied.

Just as we are walking down the stairs, the guy from the front desk meets us, to say he has another room for me. No apology, says nothing. We go back to the front desk, and the girl gives me another room key, says it's a nicer room.

Another climb up the stairs, and get my room. Outdated is putting it mildly. The room smelled as old as it looked. Not that I was going to use anything in the kitchen, but noticed the microwave looked filthy. Old appliances, no soap to wash any dishes, which made me wonder, if they were even clean.

The beds were ok, but the pillows were older than dirt. By my calculations they were used down to about 1 1/2 inches flat. Obviously, way past time to replace. Bathroom was old and outdated as well.

I called for a 3:30am wake up call, plus set my phone just in case. I didn't get the wake up call, which didn't surprise me with the unprofessional, uncaring attitudes from the front desk.

4:15 am I go to check out, and the door is locked, another guest said to ring the buzzer. Close to 10 minutes later a guy opens the door and asks if I am checking out, and lets me in. He is looking up my account info and tells me that my 4:30 cab has arrived, gives me my receipt, and asks for the key back.  He didn't ask how my stay was, thank me, and basically felt put out that I was a disruption in  his morning.

This place is dumpy and doesn't have any pride of ownership, even the people who work there don't care.

13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Lisa J.
We were left stranded in Tampa last week. Southwest put us up in Chase Suites for the night. Yikes, the place was a giant dump. The chairs in the room were once yellow, I guess. It was hard to tell underneath the dirt and grime. Our toilet did not work, can't say I was surprised. The staff did quickly take care of it. The place was so dated, dirty, and run down.  The only reason I am giving this place two stars is because most of the hotel staff was wonderful, especially their driver Ivan. He is beyond awesome and hilarious. People like Ivan are a rare find these days, grateful to have met such a wonderful human being.

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Alex P.
It was bad. We were there four nights and house keeping came once. All they did was bring 4 towels. The floors were dirty, the AC didn't work well, the sink smelled, the pillows were old, the sleep sofa was basically springs. Also, apparently on Saturday nights this place is used by locals as a party spot. Cops came at 2am to kick people out. Our room must have been used as one of these as well. When we got there the peep hole was blocked off, the smoke detector had been covered with a towel and the floors were sticky. It was just a bad experience all together. So disappointed that I could of stayed somewhere much nicer right next door.

12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Randy J.
I have been here on business and in all will be here 6 weeks I am in my 5th week and let's just say the pictures you see online are nothing what you get.

Fist off the hotel staff are rude and snobby took 4 request to get hangers sent to my room, I actually had purchased some then they left hangers after a week of being here. Waited at the airport for 2hrs to be picked up. After being told it will take 25 min, and calling them after the 25min didn't help they just said 25 min again and hung up.

The hotel has tried to update some rooms. Rooms looks ok upon walking in however soon you will realize quality was not on there agenda.

The most concerning thing about this hotel is the cleanliness of the rooms and the hotel itself. I was In my room after work and they came in when I was there to clean ( who does that?!) the gave me clean towels and made my bed (didn't change my sheets) then began to mop the floor, this is where it gets concerning... No mop bucket,cleaner or clean mop.. She literally splashed water from the sink onto the floor and began to (mop?!) I stopped here and said excuse me do you think this is acceptable? She couldn't answer me because she like the other cleaning staff don't speak English.
So it makes me wonder what they do when you're not present. Another big issue is bugs  . I am here with a group of about 14 and almost each one has found at least one in there room. I have seen on in mine and informed the office and they shrug it off saying they sprayed... Nope.

So to the rating, i would give this hotel no stars but that's not possible. I will never stay here again and recommend you stay somewhere else.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Logan D.
Good things - Room was very very very clean, the location is excellent, good breakfast and a snacks and drinks social included in the evening mon-thurs, rooms are spacious with a very big kitchen.

Bad things - The room was not as described, not hotels.com mistake, double checked the hotels website before leaving, no sofa bed - rooms sleeps 2 not 4, no tub - the shower was a walk-in with no door, very difficult with a baby.

View in pictures is misleading, yes the hotel is on the bay but only 4 of the 20 buildings face the bay on one side (maybe 12 total rooms with a view out of 150 or so), our room was in one of the bay buildings faced a breezeway but our balcony was facing a balcony of another room across a breezeway 6ft away, not private at all at least a third of the rooms are like this. I know that not all rooms are gonna face the water in any hotel but usually at least 50% of them do if it is a featured thing. Even 25% wouldn't feel like a lie but really less than 10% do in this hotel. There is a little dock area to go sit by the water but it's not enough to accommodate the number of guest and was always occupied.

Not enough seating to accommodate the number of guests in hotel for breakfast. There is a sign saying you have to consume your food there. People took food away anyway, no choice. Had to go somewhere else to eat the second day because we couldn't find a seat.

Room needs to be updated, you have to unplug the lamp or the alarm clock to charge your phone by the bed. T.V. is right over a window so it's backlit. TV reception is mediocre.

Our room was right next to Bahama Breeze. Their lawn service started at 6:45am.

The last morning the path from our room was completely blocked by maintenance working on pipes or something. I had to cut through the bushes, through bahama breeze, and back around to get my car. We had to park at bahama breeze and load the car there. Things happen but we should have been notified in someway that we were gonna be blocked in and if it was scheduled the building should not have been used.

At check out the man at the counter accidently ran our card when we were paying cash. He oddly seemed like he was both in charge and had no idea what he was doing. He had to keep asking for help. If he had a bad wig on, I would swear he was on undercover boss. When we were checking out an older man asked for help with his bags and the man behind the counter acted like he was nuts for asking.

Overall this hotel could be so much more. It's got nice layout in the rooms but they should be updated and as described. The property should be more honestly advertised. More accommodation for dining and recreational areas by the water need to be added. I don't even know what to say about the awful little balconies that face each other so closely but some kind of creative solution is needed there. I am sure if managment asked nicely bahama breeze could schedule their lawn service after 8am.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0