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Doubletree Guest Suites Tampa Bay in Tampa, FL

Doubletree Guest Suites Tampa Bay in Tampa, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.15

Address: 3050 N Rocky Point Dr W, Tampa, FL, 33607

    Address: 3050 N Rocky Point Dr W, Tampa, FL, 33607

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      Comments (39):

      1. Wesley J.
      Very clean, nice and reasonably priced.  Good location too.  Will stay again if in the area.

      22/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      2. C H.
      Decent hotel.  Probably not their nicest, but clean and nice view.  Cookies were yummy as always!

      07/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      3. Carmen H.
      Arrived rather late at night so I didn't get to really enjoy this nice
      property as much as I would have liked.  It is a AAA three diamond suite
      hotel, minutes from Tampa International Airport and convenient to the port, Clearwater, and multiple Tampa attractions.

      The two room accomodations were very nice with extremely comfortable beds and I LOVED the chocolate chip cookies at check-in.  Next time, I hope I arrive early enough to enjoy the pleasant surroundings - this stay, I luxuriated in the opulent bathroom, slid between the sheets and was soon fast alseep.  Great mattress!!!  And that was all this weary traveler
      wanted that particular visit.

      22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      4. Gavin Z.
      Staff was friendly and nice. Gold Hilton status doesn't get you a hot breakfast, only the continental which only includes bagels, fruit etc. The free breakfast at a Hampton Inn is better than this in my opinion. I've stayed at Hilton Garden Inn's for half the price and gotten more three times as much with the same breakfast coupons.

      Two of the 5 nights my room ran out of hot water in my shower. I showered at 8:15am and there was hot water later in the day so there was no issues plumbing wise. They just plain ran out of hot water.  I've never stayed at a hotel where they ran out of hot water.  When I asked, I was given a free breakfast, but since I'm already a Gold member, I'd rather have had a hot shower.

      The room was nice and spacious.  A two room suite. Very accommodating.  Wifi was only free for Honors members.  Again, I've stayed at other Hilton places where it's free for every guest where you only had to put in your last name and room number.  Free for me, but wifi is a service that, in this day in age, should be included.

      Overall, I just felt like this wasn't a good value for the price. A hotel should never run out of hot water.  I've honestly never had that happen, let alone two nights in a five night stay. I was disappointed in the value and wouldn't stay here again.

      22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      5. Sterling L.
      Really nothing very wrong with this Doubletree other than it's a bit difficult to get to. Took us a few tries before we really got it down.

      We paid extra for the bay view hoping to see some sea life, but there's no balcony, and for $20/extra per night, one side was halfway parking lot, the other was not much better. I certainly wouldn't pay the extra again.

      We do like the Doubletree cookies though. That's always a plus. Although I'm pretty sure I've gotten them elsewhere, these guys said no Hilton Honors points if you bought through expedia. Restaurant/bar didn't seem like much, so we didn't try it.

      Again, no complaints, but since the kids typically think of the hotel as one of the highlights of a vacation, and weren't particularly impressed by this one, I give it only three stars.

      It did look beautiful from the outside though, so perhaps our expectations were set a bit to high when we drove up.

      29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      6. Alan B.
      This was a tough one to rate.  While the staff were consistently 5 star in their attitudes and service, and the room was quite comfortable, the fact is it was very inconvenient simply because I hadn't driven there.  And though the shuttle they provided (at no additional charge) took people wherever we wanted to go, it was just too isolated from most everything except a couple restaurants within a half mile or so.  

      Of course, being a typical hotel billing itself as high quality, combined with the isolation factor, the price of the food in the in-hotel restaurant was stupidly way higher than it should have been.  $18 breakfast buffets are just not very pleasing to me since I don't eat like a pig.  On my last morning there I got wise and just ordered from the menu, got the same mid-quality eggs, bacon, and potatoes I had gotten in the buffet, and saved $6, though even $12 is $4 or $5 more than it should cost.  

      I ordered dinner the first night and asked for a well done burger.  Apparently the cook thought I had meant -cooked so long it's shoe-leather dry-.  

      They have a "business center" with a few workstations (with extremely limited access to the web forced through a Doubletree branded browser that didn't allow me to do much of anything that wasn't pushing Doubletree / HIlton offers).  Fortunately I had my laptop with me.  The problem I had was when it came time to print out documents.  They have this stupid functionality where I had to upload my docs to some generic web printing service.  

      That in turn got me some six digit code that was supposed to allow me to print - I assume on the one printer they had in the room.  But it never did work.  And since I was doing this on the morning I had to leave at a specific time, I ended up abandoning the printing attempts.  

      Our event was held in the wedding tent they have near the pool.  Yes, it's a big wedding tent.  White, with white interior, with chandeliers for lighting (really?  Chandeliers?) Oh - and they had white christmas lights spiraling up the tent poles and along the wall/ceiling areas.  Fortunately those were left off for our business event.  

      The tent has air conditioning (Extremely loud, by the way) - and when it was on, it pushed it's air up, over the pitched roof of the tent and down onto those of us sitting on the far side.  Which meant we were freezing when it was on, and the people sitting directly next to the air conditioning were actually sweating that whole time.  Sad.

      Overall it was a great stay because I was there for a business conference and so my experience was biased due to how much I enjoyed being with my peer industry friends.  And the staff really was helpful in the few things I needed them for.

      09/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      7. Thomas P.
      This is probably one of the better double trees I have been to. The staff is 5 star. Their attitude is excellent. The restaurant had good food and the rooms are clean and very comfortable.

      The place is only a 5 min cab ride to the international mall. Which is a great place to shop, eat and for night life.

      18/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      8. Denise B.
      I used this location to eat lunch between business meetings in a building next door.  I had take-out from the restaurant.  I found the food very good but slow to deliver.  It took about 15 minutes between the time I arrived, ordered and got my food to leave.

      11/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      9. Karen S.
      My husband joined me for a business trip I had at this hotel.  Overall, it was awesome.  Upon arriving, they gave us both chocolate chip cookies which my husband happily gobbled up!  We then saw our beautiful room which was immaculate.  It was so pleasant and the bed was soooooooooo comfy!  There was also a fridge and microwave which we did use.  We ordered dinner (steak w/ veggies) which was awesome as well.  The steak was cooked to perfection.  The following morning, we ordered breakfast through room service.  It was equally as awesome.  I also liked that the hotel offered cucumber water.  It was really delicious!

      07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      10. Matt L.
      Very nice room. Suite was well nicely decorated and very spacious. Shower had great water pressure and plenty of hot water. Staff was friendly but not outgoing. On the contrary the breakfast servers in the restaurant were very nice and provided excellent service. However I'm not sure the buffet was worth $15.00. Had dinner at nearby Bahama Breeze and Whiskey Joes. I enjoyed both. They are within walking distance but I chose not to. Lots of remodeling going on in lobby and front entrance. Grounds around pool looked nice but I did not used pool. I would probably stay there again due to the excellent location but next time I may try the nearby Hampton Inn. At least I would get a free breakfast there its closer to more restaurants.

      09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      11. Laura L.
      Rooms are nice with plenty of room to move around. Disappointed with the view because the windows are so cloudy you can barely see the water.

      22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      12. Michael R.
      I am a seasoned vet when it comes to travel.... hell I travel once per week for work so I know my stuff by now.

      This hotel is dated, the decor could be better and it is nothing fancy.... with that being said though, the staff is very friendly and accommodating and the hotel is clean.

      They have a pool, which is right near the bay. We had an event there and the staff was great. The food was great and everything was very enjoyable. However, the same can not be said for the restaurant inside. Service there was slow and the food was just ok. Nothing special.

      The area here is great. There are some bars and restaurants close by but the hotel feels secluded, yet it is right off the highway.

      If you aren't that picky, then you will be fine here. If you are used to the trump, then look elsewhere.

      28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      13. Huntting B.
      OK doubletree. Nothing really too special about the place other than the view from one side of the building. It is in a really pretty location, though it is hard to get anywhere by foot.

      One of the people at the front desk seems to have major issues communicating in english and then gets agitated rather easily. Top it off with the fact that they were fully booked and completely ignored my requests to not be on the top floor, or near an elevator when selecting a room for me, and I'm not too killer about the location.

      Oh well, at least I still earn rewards for it

      30/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      14. Steph M.
      Check in was efficient. Physically not so great. A bit rundown. I ordered a burger from room service which arrived promptly however the meat was weird and square.

      Oh almost forgot - directly above the shower head on the ceiling was a 12x12 vent of some sort that was wide open and not able to close. Kind of creepy.

      15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      15. Jonelle T.
      Check in staff was very nice. But when I got to my room on the second floor there was jack hammering going on. I called the front desk and they acted surprised and said they'd send maintenance. Then no one came.   After an hour of the noise I asked to be moved.

      Dinner in the restaurant was disaster. 45 minute wait and only 10 in the dining room. Then the fish was too spicy and the soup was cold.  There was supposed to be mango salsa but it was really tomato salsa. Wait person was great. He tried to make up for everything, but really not the quality of food I expected for $17.99 meal.

      Just so not impressed. A shame as I used to like the Doubletree brand :(. Next time ill stay somewhere else.

      One redeeming quality. The shuttle was very efficient and driver was very helpful.

      28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      16. Paul J.
      Everything was under construction and kind of sucked as of December 2013. I would recommend calling and seeing if they are done with their renovations before staying here.

      02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      17. Charles B.
      The DoubleTree Guest Suites Tampa Bay is an all-suites hotel that despite having some age on it has undergone a nice renovation. It is located on West Highway 60 near the airport. Unfortunately, not much else is located near the property.

      Each suite is spacious, very clean and having undergone a recent, very nice renovation. The only complaint I had was the smallish bathrooms that despite the renovation were not that great. Overall, a nice hotel for a decent price. The location, while being away from the hustle and bustle of Tampa traffic, is good if you want to get away and rest, which was great for me as I had been traveling all week and wanted to just work out and catch up on some reading over a weekend in Tampa. That being said, there is not much around this area so expect to travel 10-15 minutes say if you need to go to a Walgreen's, etc.

      As previous reviewers have mentioned, The Castaway restaurant located across W. 60 from the DoubleTree is a nice place to eat. The views are spectacular, the food is pricey but ok.

      One evening I ordered room service from the downstairs restaurant The Galerie and it was surprisingly good. It arrived fast, the server was efficient and it was much better than some.

      I cannot comment on the breakfast as I never partook. I didn't have many dealings with the staff but they seemed efficient and friendly. Overall this DoubleTree is in a great location, with a recent renovation, clean with nice views. For the price not a bad value. I would stay there again

      02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      18. Dottie K.
      We always stay here when coming to Tampa 2-3 times a year.  Centrally located for what we like to do.  The rooms are large and comfortable and love having two TV's.  (no fighting over the remote!!!!)  Chris and Jimmy are the best bartenders and keep conversations lively.  The pool is clean and seeing the dolphins play is great.  The only issue that I see is that breakfast should be included with room.  Keep up the great work and see ya next time....................

      07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      19. Jim C.
      Very nice, clean suites, in a picturesque location.

      Unfortunately, on our one-night stay, the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. Twice. Imagine traipsing out into the cold night air with all of the other guests, going back inside after they discover that it's a false alarm, fighting to go back to sleep, and then have the same thing happen again.

      Since the false alarms were the result of some sort of equipment malfunction, I would have expected some sort of compensation for the inconvenience; all we got, however, was comped breakfast (which was mediocre at best) -- which we wouldn't have known about if another guest hadn't told us that they got it after complaining.

      28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      20. Sara W.
      I was very happy about my stay in the beginning. Very nice room, comfortable bed and clean. But I was very disappointed in the second day because no one came in for housekeeping. I left the room at around 11am. I did not have "do not disturb" sign on my door and saw the staff was still cleaning the room when I left. But when I came back around 4:30pm, the room remained the same as I left. Very disappointed about the service.

      24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      21. Jaymie F.
      My fiancé and I are staying here now since the laser spine institute is a short walk away. The staff are friendly and the room is nice and clean. Comfy bed with plenty of pillows. The hotel is right on the bay with beautiful views. The decor is slightly outdated, although they seem to be doing a full renovation. Complimentary coffee is nice, but $11 a person for a continental breakfast is a bit pricey for me. Overall I enjoyed my stay and if I'm ever in the area again I will definitely come back.

      29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      22. Charles M.
      It's cleanish. About all it has going for it. Not convenient to anything and the service is terrible. No one is willing to help you with anything.

      08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      23. Thea H.
      I've been to this hotel twice. Once was for a birthday with my husband (his birthday, before we got married). The second time was for my wedding.

      Guest perspective- The rooms are very spacious. The bedroom and living room are separate and there's a wet bar with a refrigerator in the living room. You get a lot of room for the money. Everything was comfortable and clean. The one downside is the age of the hotel. It could use an update.

      Wedding perspective- First, getting a block of rooms was very easy. We didn't need many rooms in the first place and we didn't have to put any money down for a block. That was a relief (weddings are sooooo expensive). My husband and I took a tour of the hotel and were shown a regular guest room and an executive room. We booked an executive room for the day of preparation. We were also told about packages for day of food which was great for convenience because who wants to be running around for food on their wedding day. There was enough room for me, two bridesmaids, two hostesses, two mothers, hairdresser, hairdresser assistant, and a makeup artist to work with plenty of space. The executive room has a boardroom-type table with eight chairs and a half bathroom in the living room area. The guest who had a room enjoyed it for the same reasons I did: large, comfortable, at a reasonable price.

      I highly recommend this hotel. Make sure to get a room with a bay view and don't forget your fresh chocolate chip cookie.

      27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      24. George F.
      Great Location right off of Highway 60 from Tampa International Airport and Clearwater right on the Water. This is a no fills Hotel with clean and large suites. The rooms are clean and quiet. It is right near several restaurants and Hogan's Beach. There are minimal services but for the price of $125 per it was perfect. The beds were comfortable and two TV's in each room. I did not eat in the restaurant so no review of the food.

      24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      25. Jc J.
      The check-in process was fast and easy. The bed nice and firm. Pillows are ok. Very clean room however the bathroom shower area had some mold. I expect better from such a hotel. The airco was a bit too loud when it kicks in.
      Great location though.

      02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      26. Geoff P.
      Great spot to spend a couple days in the Tampa area. Lower rates than some local hotels, close to everything, bar is open late and they have warm cookies for free!

      Rooms are a little out dated, but comfy and the staff has always been too notch. I would recommend a stay here if your looking for something in the area!

      15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      27. Leslie N.
      Jimmy the bartender made our wedding night a little more perfect !! After driving in from our Morning wedding, we were both ready for a relaxing drink at the bar. Jimmy was great , ready with jokes ( like the fact that he's a Clemson fan), and good football banter. Thank u for making our stay even more enjoyable :) our room was nice also. King bed, separated from living area by double doors. warm cookies on arrival. Free shuttle to airport. Thanks double tree

      02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      28. Sabrina W.
      I stayed here back in February while visiting with family. This was the second leg of our trip having just left Orlando and the wonderful world of Disney. I was very pleasantly surprised by the size of my room.

      Check was simple and easy. Got lots of nice gooey warmed chocolate chip cookies for a night-night snack. I would definitely stay here again. I am a veteran traveler. I've stayed in 5 star hotels, old dated European hotels and even some cheaper motels on last minute excursions. This place is very clean and neat. The staff is very well mannered and eager to serve. I did not dine in the restaurant but ordered a really tasty plate of nachos.

      I also happened to get a really nice view of the bay. I guess Hilton Honors membership has its privileges. :)

      01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      29. Sarah W.
      I stayed at this hotel on Saturday night, April 5th. My brother was getting married the next day, so the entire bridal party stayed here.

      Before I even checked in, I had been informed by my parents, who checked-in Friday, that they had evacuated the entire hotel at 4:30am Saturday morning due to a fire alarm going off because of something construction related I have a child under 2,  so I was already unhappy thinking about the potential prospect of this happening again.

      Upon checking in, we (nor anyone else I knew of) did not receive any cookies that Doubletree gushes about in their advertising. Construction was still going on at the hotel (even though the expected completion date had already passed).

      Our room was good for the most part. We did have a large red stain on the carpet in one place and the box that the bed sits on was pretty torn up. The bed was still fine to sleep on. The provided iron was totally worthless. It spewed out rusty water and didnt get hot enough to use. But apparently, we must've hit the jackpot on our room...

      My parents had to switch rooms after water began pouring out of the vent that is directly above the tub in the bathroom; it was dirty water from the room above.

      A friend's room had a very ragged pull-out couch in their room that one of the guys was sleeping one he said it was not comfortable.

      The bride and groom stayed in suite that literally had no working air conditioning. The girls used the suite to get ready for the wedding, it was hot and rather miserable. After telling management about the room, they neither offered a switch to another room nor did they send up anyone from maintenance.

      Lastly, the breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant was really sub-par. It costs $17 a person! My parents wanted to have breakfast there with my brother, his new bride and my family. Seriously, go to IHOP, Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel and get better food for less money.

      The only positives I can give this hotel are:
      1. The bartender in the bar was a great guy. Great service.
      2. The coin laundry worked well.

      Do yourself a huge favor: don't stay at this hotel. If I could give this hotel zero stars, I would. I stayed at a Ramada and a La Quinta during this same trip and my experiences at those hotels were much better even though they are not as highly rated as the Doubletree. Just because the views are nice doesn't mean the hotel is worth staying at.

      10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      30. Keith K.
      Very nice hotel even though it's not near (walking distance) from area restaurants. 15 minutes from the airport with hourly shuttle service. Hilton honors Myers get free wifi while others have to pay for it.

      02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      31. Sammantha H.
      Everything about our experience was excellent. My boyfriend and I stayed here for my birthday. When we checked in, we asked for a room with a view of the bay and promptly received it. The guest services lady, Dorca, was awesome! Shortly after arriving at our room, complimentary bubbles and strawberries arrived with a birthday card - very cool touch! The view was excellent, the room was clean and spacious. I would definitely recommend this place. I will be back!

      18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      32. Oliver R.
      This is a nice hotel located right on the water. The furnishings are dated but well maintained. The views are awesome.

      The hotel bar and restaurant need to be updated with new chairs, paint etc. Luckily there are a few restaurants that are walkable.

      The staff here is nice and willing to help.

      I'd stay here again.

      14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      33. Bret A.
      This is the location I would stay if I needed a Hilton hotel near the airport, but not stuck in a commercial area.  It is a little older hotel, but the rooms are clean and comfortable.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  The pool area while small has plenty of seating and faces the bay looking at the sunset.  You can walk to Bahama Breeze or any event at Hogan's Beach area.  Very laid back and restful.  Great poolside food and beverage service.  There are a few patio suites on the first floor that open on the pool area. No balconies in the hotel, but you can ask for a bay view for a scenic view of the sunset over Old Tampa Bay.  Convenient with a pretty view and quiet rooms.

      18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      34. Danielle F.
      This was a convenient location for a two-night stay while on a work trip in the Tampa/Sarasota area.  The hotel was located within a few minutes drive to the airport, which definitely helped as I had a 6:00 am flight out of TPA and that drove me to stay close to the airport.  Pulling into the hotel, it is located in a business park where there are other hotels and the area is generally pretty quiet.  The parking lot was ample in size and never had a problem, even later in the evening, to find parking and it was well-lit as well.  

      Check in was easy and efficient.  Successfully resisted the temptation to take the cookie (aka caloric fat bomb).  I was lucky enough to get upgraded and was told the room would have more space than I would need.  Ok, sweet, thanks.....but it's just me.  I take my key and make my way up to the top floor to check out this room.  Lots of expectations after the front desk staff member chatted this thing up.  Room 702, here I come....

      He was totally right!!!  Check out the photos I attached.  Place was huge!  1.5 bathrooms, conference room table, kitchenette, bedroom suite with a huge counter top for plenty of toiletries.  I see why the room exists, but I definitely did not need it.  I slept like a baby both nights in a comfortable bed, had free wi-fi that worked extremely efficiently, and the housekeeping kept the room exceptionally neat.  I definitely think my review is skewed by the upgrade.  There's only one of these rooms in the hotel as far as I know.  I am super grateful to have gotten it, but am curious what some of the other rooms look like and whether or not that would change my impression.  For now, ignorance is bliss!!!

      28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      35. Darcy W.
      Well lets start with the positives. It is conveniently located by the airport. A nice but cold pool. The rooms were clean and you can tell they had fast renovation. Curly the bellman was awesome. Helpful, wanted to make your stay enjoyable, and certainly a very kind gentleman.

      Now let's get to the one star... I am a diamond member but certainly not treated like one. When I was checking in I was not offered my waters or the famous double tree cookies. I watched other diamond members offered these things? Just like many times before I visited the business office to fed ex a package. To my disappointment they did not have any priority labels, so I grabbed a ground label and brought my package to the front desk to schedule a pick up. To my disappointment my package never left the hotel. I spoke with Shelly yesterday to be lied to as she told me she would see to my situation. Thanks for the call back Manager Shelly! I asked for the manager and she was it! I'm so upset that my cool stuff I was bringing back plus my clothes are all gone. Super glad you can take time for your loyal Hilton guests! So shipper beware!!!!

      We got back to the property around 8 the night we stayed there. We were tired hot and wanted to grab a pizza. We saw the sign in the room. They were out... Disappointed again.

      Gotta say in all my Hilton stays I have never been treated like crap or lied to... Way to go Tampa Double Tree!

      26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      36. Mischita H.

      The hotel isn't difficult to find but doesn't appear to be in a location that is central to anything.  It is practically hidden from the main road and appears to be surrounded primarily by corporate businesses.  It might be a good choice if you need to be near the airport.

      The complementary warm doubletree cookies, duh! Other complimentary items include Wi-Fi -- in the room and in the lobby -- and parking.

      There is fitness room, a business center, an outdoor pool and an onsite laundry facility. I didn't use either of these during my stay (the weather was too cold for "sunning at the pool") nor did I see anyone else using them.  There is one onsite restaurant & bar -- named Galerie.  Breakfast is not complimentary but served at Galerie, along with lunch and dinner.  Galerie also offers happy hour 7 days/week.

      THE ROOMS.
      The room was nice but not fancy.  It was very spacious and slept up to 4 people -- the "bedroom" was separated from the "living area" by faux french doors.  It had most of the bells and whistle of a suite sans stove and dishwasher. The bed was very comfortable. There are two TVs - one in the "bedroom" and one in "living area" (for the poor souls that would be stuck on the queen sofa sleeper). I suppose a change of decor would be good for sprucing up the place but everything was in good, working condition.

      The staff was very friendly. When I inquired about nearby restaurants that delivered to the hotel, I was given 2 menus - 1 for pizza and 1 for Chinese.  

      As far as I can tell, some of the 7th floor rooms have a decent water view, other wise it might just be a view of buildings and the parking lot.

      It seems like a number of people choose this hotel when getting married - there were 2 wedding parties during my stay.  When I inquired about the frequency of this, I was told that they average approximately 2-3 wedding parties/weekend, of course some weekends are busier than others.

      For the right price (this stay was on the house), I would probably stay again.

      27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      37. Kai B.
      We had a really loud airconditioner, which didn't work at all. The upper levels were to warm and the housekeeping knocked from 8:30am at the doors to clean the rooms. I jumped outta bed to tell them we need 30minutes, unfortunately after 10 minutes they asked it again and gave them the same answer.

      The next day we placed the sign at the door, but because they were loud and the doors were slaming, we woke up ealy again.

      The view is nice and the hotel is a at central location. We went two days to the beach in Clearwater.

      We experienced better.

      13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      38. Darius S.
      Two of us stayed there on a recent Saturday 4pm till Tuesday 10am, prepaid via Southwest Air reservation. I'm a new Hilton Honors member, too. I'll list the good and the poor:

      Good Experience
      o Great location, near the airport and on Tampa Bay
      o Has an outdoor pool, though it's small and shallow
      o 3 of the hotel's 4 sides face water. We got the one water side that didn't cost extra (see below)
      o Plenty of surface parking
      o The King room was spacious with kitchenette, dining area, living room, bedroom, makeup area, and bathroom with single-sink vanity with shower/tub.
      o They provide $5 restaurant vouchers if you forego maid service for two days
      o The room has two 32-in flat panel LCD TVs
      o A/C was central air type and kept the room cool with adjustable digital thermostat
      o Staff was pleasant and helpful

      Poor Experience
      o Pre-paying and Hilton Honors meant nothing because they were about to give us a room on the top floor on the one side that faces an office building, and they had plenty rooms available. WTH is that?!
      o Also, when I requested a room facing the bay and pool they had the nerve to (attempt to) charge a ridiculous $20/day extra as if those are some kind of great, postcard views! Well, they're not, and we wouldn't be extorted for that.
      o The complimentary in-room wifi is pathetic at 1-Mbps down, and 0.6M up. It's capable of 48-Mbps but they want to squeeze you for an extra $10/day to approach that! This is just horrible customer treatment. It's like attempting to charge extra for hot water or for using the microwave. My cellular connection got me 10M so that's what I used. On the contrary, the Tampa airport provides FREE wifi at 45M up and down!
      o The two TVs were cheap, no-name Chimei LCDs (poor picture quality) with remotes that only, I kid you not, provided power, channel changing and volume. There was no guide or channel info function! And though it provided a good set of channels it was missing animated favorites like Disney, Disney XD, Boomerang, and Niktoons. There weren't any music channels either like Sirius radio channels.

      These poor experience areas are what I expect from a discount property like Holiday Inn but not a premium Hilton property. Hilton, you should be ashamed of the half-ass customer experience treatment you provide at the rates you charge. If I consider staying there again because of the positives we're going to have a discussion about correcting these poor experiences, because I don't want to have to post another review like this for a Hilton property.

      15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      39. Leslie S.
      The hotel was pretty nice and comfortable with a friendly staff and great view.  I only wish there had been a hot tub.  That would have made it perfect!

      Rooms were comfortable.  Air Cond was located in bedroom and was kinda loud when it kicked on but still manageable.  The king queen was perfect!

      Room service was reasonable as well.  No issues at all.  Everything good.

      04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0