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Embassy Suites Tampa - Airport/Westshore in Tampa, FL

Embassy Suites Tampa - Airport/Westshore in Tampa, FL


The Embassy Suites Tampa Airport Westshore hotel is located in the heart of the Westshore business district with easy access to the Tampa International Airport. Relax in our two-room suites and complimentary amenities including free made-to-order breakfast and complimentary evening reception.


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Rating: 2.70

Address: 555 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL, 33609
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Comments (33):

1. Connie C.
NEVER AGAIN!! The only thing positive I will say about this place is that the rooms are extremely large.  Other than that, when I arrived my room was not clean, there was some sort of goo all over the bar area and down the front of the fridge.  Then I found a cockroach (my fav when I'm at a hotel).  Overall the hotel is very aged and shows it, and the whole time my room had this awful smell.  Finally the hotel offers a shuttle service to the airport which supposedly make it more convenient for their guests.  They are supposed to come every 30 minutes (or so I was told) I waited sooooo long for a bus to come get me, it was ridiculous.  I think the shuttle driver must have slept in that morning.  Regardless I was there on time waiting with plenty of time to spare, but never made it to my conference at the airport on time.

05/09/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Jeff S.
This place is a total DUMP!  Do not stay here.  Decor is early junk yard and the atmosphere is most comparable to a funeral home.  I am ok with an old hotel as long as it is clean.  This place was not remotely clean.  The furniture in my suite had dirt rings like "stuff" had been spilled and new cleaned.  The front desk staff was beyond rude and unhelpful.  I went one night to the managers reception and there was not snacks left (1 hr until the end time).  The bartender acted as if I had asked him to move a mountain instead of getting me a bottle of water.  Sleeping in your car would be a better option.

14/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Chili L.
ABSOLUTE CRAP!!!! I swiched after one night to the Hotel Intercontinental a REAL hotel!... The rooms are straight from the '70's no renovation. The happy hour was a JOKE and the food was groosssss. UGH

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Mrs. G.
The rooms are merely adequate; the manager's free bar is stingy; it's wrong to advertise free snacks during open bar because there are never any left; room service forgot the plates and forks - I had to go down to get some; the pool area is clean, but the towels provided are only the HAND towels from the rooms. "Free" breakfast was fine, but there were no spoons, bowls or plates to put the food upon! good luck.

18/02/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Andrew W.
I always like Embassy Suites, but this one was below average. My room was nice and large, well appointed and comfortable. When I had trouble connecting to the free wi-fi, there was helpful customer service.

However, the gym there was pretty pathetic and the place seemed a bit tired. I always look forward to the Embassy Suites breakfasts as I've had some great ones, but this one was quite lacking and I went off to work quite disappointed.

I suppose I could go back here, but I'd probably like to try a couple of the other ones in the area first.

13/01/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. rob h.
Yes, this ES is different than most others.

Staff is very friendly and helpful
Managers Reception is top notch
JP the Bartender very friendly and spot on with service
Nice patio area to enjoy the weather
Rooms are huge

Rooms are a little tired
Parking $8 wtf!!!!! Garage spaces are cramped
Wifi/ Internet not up to par
Fitness Center needs to be improved.
Patio is noisy with traffic noise

Overall this is a nice property. Staff is very good and the place is clean and neat. Decor and furnishings are a little tired, but not too bad.

The place would get more stars if the location was a little further from the highway. The nice patio is noisy because of the highway ramp etc.

JP the bartender does a great job and is very friendly

27/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Amy N.
This is my second time staying here for business. Each time I've stayed for a week long. Currently, because they are going through massive construction, the lobby area is not the prettiest sight and is quite dusty.  The staff are a lot more friendly and accommodating to compensate. I assume it will look more presentable when it's all done. The rooms are very spacious - large living room and kitchen. They have an outdoor pool and jacuzzi area with lounge chairs. I was satisfied with my experience and enjoyed mostly that it was located near two large shopping malls. My only criticism is the $8 daily parking fee. People usually have extended stays at an Embassy Suites and the parking fees can add up.

25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Clint U.
When will I learn to read Yelp reviews first before I commit to a restaurant or hotel?  

This hotel is more than tired.   It is in a convalescent home.   The lobby is pretty and the restaurant is ok....but the rooms are, as another yelper put it quite succinctly.......CRAP.   The sofa cushions dont even match the sofa uphulstery.  Black alligator textured vinyl cushions on a floral print sofa.   This isnt eclectic...its JUNK.   The bed was ok thank god.   The bathroom tiling around the tub looked like it was installed by high school afternoon detainees.  

The only saving grace of this place was that it is huge for a hotel.  Originially the hotel was built to be condominiums...but they went backrupt before it was finished....so a suites hotel bought it.   Over the years....Embassy Suites eventually bought it.   Looks like they never remodeled iti since they bought it.

One star for an Embassy Suites.  I hope this sends a message to corporate and shames them into remodeling this place.  

PS.   This place could easily sleep 9 people if you brought your own inflatable mattresses or sleeping bags....and still have room to walk to the kitchen or bathroom.   That is one of the few conditions that this would be an acceptable place.

12/03/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Andrew D.
Wow, I can say that I was genuinely surprised to see the reviews for this place having just finished my two week stay here.  It sounds like things must have really turned around here.

First off, I'm a business traveler and I try to stay at Embassy Suites if available.  I'm very accustomed to the level of service expected of ES and I can honestly say this hotel meets every aspect of that with the exception of room decor.  Yes, the furniture seems to be a bit out-dated, but other than that everything was fine.

Managers reception: One of the best I've experienced at ES.  Many other locations only provide pretzels, goldfish, popcorn, or vegetables, but this location had a nice variety.  Some of the selections included: pasta-salad, mini corn dogs, pigs-in-a-blanket, spring rolls, Asian meatballs, and mini pizzas.  The best managers reception I've seen Embassy Suites Waikiki, but hey, this is friggin' Tampa.  Comp. drinks were pretty stiff.

Bar Staff:  Awesome man here named Patrick that was top notch.  A group of us would sit outside and talk shop over a few beers after dinner, and Patrick memorized our time between beers, so he knew exactly when to bring another round.  Super nice guy.

Rooms: Could use an update, but they are not as bad as ES Miami. (Early 90's Florida, Ugh!)  Beds were very comfortable and clean, but they did have feather pillows.  They will give you a synthetic pillow if you ask.  House cleaning did a very nice job.

Service: Front desk was very speedy, I was able to swap rooms with no problem. I will say this: they tried to put me on the very end room of the 10th floor (1000). This room was almost half the size of a regular room and all it took was a quick call to the front to get relocated.  It seems that all rooms that en in "00", so go ahead and ask them for a change if you get one.  These guys even set up a six person table in our room so we could play poker!

Breakfast: Standard ES fare; Waffles, Eggs / Omelets made to order, cereals, bagels, doughnuts, sausage, bacon, biscuits, and gravy.

This place is very close to MacDill AFB, so most of the people here associated with the Military.

Overall, I was very pleased with my stay.  I know the ES downtown is nicer, but this is way closer to MacDill.  I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon!

07/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Rick W.
The staff was great. They remembered my name each time I came in. The room was fine, bed comfortable and the breakfast was a nice touch. Overall I would stay again. This hotel may have been upgraded since the last time people reviewed it.

12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Craig S.
My Room was disgusting. The odor when I walked in was terrible. They had put a very large air filter in the living room to try and mask the smell. The carpet looks as if it was molding in the bedroom against the wall - looks to be the shower wall. Must have leaked.  No iron had to call in am and wait. Oh btw when I called to have someone come up and check the room and the smell they never came - nice!  You know Mgmt knows about the issues and are avoiding them. I'm a Hilton and Marriott frequent guest for business. Man this makes me not want to give Hilton my business. Starwood is now going to move up a notch as  top two property to stay at.

Oh the power went out in the hotel at 6 am ish. Not their fault as the waffle house next door had it power off too. It was freaky though to wake up in pitch black. Thank god for iPhone flashlight app!!!

29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Dave L.
Lobby and grounds look like an embassy suites, but the rooms?? Looks more like Motel 6 but bigger. I suppose they are remodeling or something ....either to match the lobby or to become the swankiest motel 6.... Motel 6 1/2. We'll leave the light on.... Should have checked my yelpers before booking this one...damn you William Shatner damn you!!! May you get infested w Klingons!

15/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Denise B.
The room was very nice and I have to say that the omelet from breakfast was probably the best I've ever had at an Embassy.  The challenges were a non-working alarm clock and one day of cold water.  After talking with the management, I was compensated with Hilton points and my clock was promptly fixed.

11/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Holli D.
Loved!! Booked via Travelocity for a cruise leaving the next day. The had transportation from the airport & next day to port. They had a wonderful included cook to order breakfast as well as complimentary drinks & snacks the night before. We had 6 adults & were super comfy with the 2 beds & sofa bed. Bathroom was huge & extremely nice! Great location: we walked to the mall & restaurants. Staff was super nice. The place was very clean as well.

09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Laura R.
Great service, amenities, and rooms. The suites are comfortable and spacious. The happy hour is a great bonus with some yummy snacks and free drinks. AMAZING breakfast with tons of hot items and lots of options.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Mark M.
My feelings about this specific ES are quite mixed.  I stay at an ES several times a year.  This one is unique.

First, the rooms are massive.  The property was intended to be condos.  You could literally fit 10 people (somewhat comfortably) with air mattresses or sleeping bags. Showers would be another story.  The interiors are quite ugly and mismatched and the beds are average.  Nice flat panel TVs (one in living area and one in bedroom).  Bathroom is average.  The tub/toilet/vanity area are combined.  This lessens the convenience slightly--if more than one person is staying in the room.  

The free breakfast and "managers receptions" are much better than most ES.  The breakfast has the standard "custom omelet" station but also waffles, really good coffee, biscuits and gravy, and much more that most ES don't have.  On to the manager's reception--kickin!  They have some premium labels and if you smile a little they'll give you a double - and it's free.

Fairly standard staff.  We asked for some non-feather pillows.  It took more than 30 minutes.  We called and the front desk acted slightly offended informing us that "we only have one housekeeper and we're doing our best".

BIG POINTS OFF for parking that costs $7 a day.  WHAT?  And then Internet - $12.95 per 24-hours.  I can't believe in this day and age wireless costs that much.  Also, Tampa has plenty of space - why the cost for parking? It's not San Fran or DC.

When I role all of this together and look at the rates compared to similar properties,  you're getting ripped off at this ES.  Stay elsewhere.  If the rates were around 30% less and/or parking and wireless were free--three or maybe four stars.

04/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Elisabeth A.
Nothing special. Regular hotel with nice location, still for a price(almost 200$ for a night) like that you would expect more. Pools,food and similar services are ok, but it could be better. Also thing that annoyed me the most is internet wifi access, which is paid extra(?!).

03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Magnus H.
I think a lot of the reviews on here outdated. This place has been totally redone. The room was impeccably clean. The staff was great. It's not the 4 Seasons, but it's totally acceptable.

The manager's reception has an open bar with cheese for two hours. My wife and I had a couple drinks sitting out on the deck overlooking the pool. Not bad.

The breakfast the next morning is out of this world. Made-to-order omelets, cereal, bagels, waffles, bacon...anything you could want.

If there's a better bang for you buck in Tampa, I don't know where it is.

21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Jerome B.
My quick summary of this place:
Location - Nice
Staff - friendly, and remember you... go out of way to make sure you are happy
Hotel - a little dated...
Rooms - My god!!! I have yet to have a good room here.  The range from just a general musty smell and uncleanness... to a outright - holy#@)($*#@$ i am living in black mold stench.  Also, its not the best to come into a room and find that the cleaning was halfassed - pen caps on the floor, nail clippings on the floor.... just gross.

Again, the people here are good (not including the cleaning staff - at least my rooms) - but they are dealing with a facility that really just needs a massive overhaul.  There are other locations nearby (Hilton) that are much preferred.

24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Joe G.
I've stayed here a number of times for business in Tampa. It's got some things going for it and others against it. In it's favor is definitely the location, right across from the Westshore mall, so there are plenty of options in walking distance for food. The rooms are nice big suites, which are to be expected from the name. The fitness center and pools are nice and enjoyable after a long day in the office. I always got a poolside view room, but the back of the hotel looks out on 275, so there might be noise issues there. The bread pudding from the lounge is spectacular.

Against it is the TV's are nice and new, but the signal on them is terrible. Wifi and parking cost here. If I'm paying almost $200 a night, it'd be nice to get those toss in for free. The breakfast buffet is middle of the road, not a huge selection or as good as the Double Tree around the corner, but it's decent. If you have a problem with it, there is a Panera and Starbucks right down the street.

I ended up spending most weeks based out of this hotel, so it's not awful, but I ended up trying to spend as much time out of it as I could and just sleeping and keeping my stuff here.

09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Mike L.
Airport pickup never showed up after an hour and multiple calls. Hotel stopped answering the phone.  Very poorly managed.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Harvey D.
Embassy Suites. Oh, Embassy Suites.  Where have thou gone?  
This place left a lot to be desired.  The room wasn't great and the tv was old and their cable package is horrible because you don't get a lot of stations.  Was the room clean?  Yes.  Was it up to par with other Embassy Suites? Not even close.  The bed wasn't that comfortable and I actually had some trouble sleeping even though I had been to Busch Gardens during the day and was exhausted.  The room did have two tv's which was a good idea although once again, both tv's were outdated and need to be replaced.  The bathroom was very small and not conducive for more than one person at a time.  
I don't think I would stay here again unless they update the rooms.

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Juan M.
Kinda dumpy.
It was okay - maybe it was just the fact that we were expecting to come south and find warmth instead of the freezing hell it turned out to be!
Truly, it was an average experience - you get what you pay for.  Though decent, the attempts to be something it isn't (a "Manager's Reception" that was some drinks and potato chips) are worse than if they went with a cleaner, more streamlined version of something upon which they can totally deliver.
Can't talk to the pool per the above stated reasons.
It is in a good geographic location.

02/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Brad S.
Boy, did I think I had picked the wrong hotel after I read some of the other reviews.  Don't get me wrong it's not the best place I've stayed but it's definitely not the worst either.  I found the beds to be comfortable, the rooms and plenty of space, the bathrooms were in decent shape and overall it was quite and the breakfast was good.  They definitely need to renovate areas but overall I was pleasantly surprised.

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. R K.
This is a good location, near the airport and two malls.  The staff is great, facilities are good, but the rooms are worn and old.  The lobby and other common areas of the hotel are clean and updated.  I just wish they did something with the rooms.  They are in worn and need a much needed facelift.  Plus most places now have free WiFi...not this place.  Hilton chains still try to work you for a WiFi.

Like I said before, it's a great location because of the malls and plenty of places to eat very close by.  There are other hotels in the Westshore area, so I'll probably find another place to stay when I go back.

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. Sherri S.
Nice place but not what I expected. Breakfast is not what I am use to with embassy suites. Staff was very friendly.  Rooms were clean and I have a nice view of the pool. There is a fitness center 24 HR access.

28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Lisa M.
I'm only giving 2 stars based on past experience at this embassy. One star or LESS would be sufficient for today after speaking with the manager on duty . My husband and I have came to this Embassy , for  many years and loved it. Last May however , was a disaster.  We arrived to the Westshore Tampa Embassy suites,   from Seatte , with a ton of swimming gear for us and the kids ( one of our favorite things to do in Florida) to find the pool was closed! This was not even listed on the website, ( not until i brought that to their attn, then they listed it) nor told to us when booking, Immediately , that spoiled my check in, the staff was acting as though it wasn't a big deal and said " they were unaware the pool pieces were breaking off into the pool, until  days prior " The "new " manager said we could take the shuttle to another property to swim whenever we wanted.  Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. What a pain, really.  We did that one time in 8 days. We always have a rental , and no intentions of packing all of our swimming gear to some unknown location, and it was an uncomfortable feeling,   knowing this isn't where you are staying anyway.
Upon entering our room, it was dirty and not cleaned yet. It was around 5 pm . With an entire rack full of 4 people's luggage, back to the elevator we go, and  we were moved to a "new upgraded" room. Well this room was half the size as our usual room !?  He (the new Manager ) informed us that "he apologizes, but he is new here and didn't realize the room was half the size". So once again , were back in the elevator with all this luggage and exhausted after a 11 hour day of flying.  Finally we get to our room! But there is NO towels. Not one. Let me also mention we are certain to always book a balcony room, and fyi, the balconies are locked closed now? Also not listed on the website) They inform me that "they Apologize but the balconies are unsafe now and are being repaired soon" .. at this point I had to called  the front desk, 5x and we had been here a whole 45 mins!? Made me feel like such a pest, but what else do you do!?  I had to do all this?? Wow. . One can imagine the frustration at this point. Let me also mention , they were closing down the breakfast early as well- 4 of the days 20 mins bfor it was over, leaving limited selection.   But it gets worse.. on the evening of mothers day ,after we arrived back from dinner about 8 pm,  my husband seemed upset. I asked him what's wrong? He informs me that he had preordered some mother's day gifts ( chocolates and flowers) through Embassy, upon booking,  and apparently the items never came. Again WOW. !! At this point I Cannot believe this place! I call the front desk, they apologize yet again,  and offer us a discount.. But still acting as though none of this is a big deal. To be perfectly honest, the  "discount" did NOT appease me. I would have rather paid full price , and got what we came for . After returning home,  I was still bothered by all this. Basically ruined our vacation. I called Hilton customer service, they gave me some ticket # and emailed my husband stating " the manager of that Embassy , Westshore Blvd. will be contacting him very soon". That never happened. Well our annual trip is booked again , and immediately I'm remembering our hotel experience. This was our favorite hotel for years, now what..? I actually considered giving them another chance to improve our stay, in hopes that the renovations were completed and maybe they have gotten things back  together by now.  Also thinking that they should consider giving us a discount to return and try them again, to see if it's back to what it used to be and make for a nice stay - minus all the drama!
When I called Hilton today regarding the " ticket #"  & all the issues, she had them listed in her system,  etc.. after being on the phone with her for 43 mins,  while she looked for the "email the manager sent my husband about all this" , she could not locate this supposedly sent email. We never seen one. .Ok to the final point, she transfered me to the Embassy,   this  "manager on duty" says he's been  there for  7 years, and proceeds to inform me that our discount was sufficient enough and they will not be doing anything else for us , the customer.  Wow!! Now I'm on yelp ! I asked him this " So you actually feel and think that giving us a discount last time for all that trouble, really made the stay better"? He replied "yes , I do, I definitely do". Well guess what, I do not. I feel they should have offered SOMETHING , to make for a nice stay! Being a business owner myself, I took offense to this "who cares  if we messed up big time  and lost a loyal customer"  attitude.  That's no way to conduct business ! Get it together ! You have lost a loyal guest and made me go on Yelp! Thanks again!

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Rebekah T.
I was lucky enough to visit the Embassy Suites in Tampa twice this year. I'm working on remaining the check-in "Duchess of the Swimming Pool".

Although it's an older hotel, it has it's perks with the larger rooms with kitchettes, complimentary breakfast and a free manager's happy hour from 5:30 t0 7:30 every day. Plus the rate was affordable for our longer stay.

12/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Vincent Y.
The best thing about this embassy suites was the location, as it's situated right off of the interstate, allowing you to get anywhere quickly. The room suites were extremely spacious (newer properties are rarely so spacious) and the outdoor breakfast patio overlooking a huge pool was awesome. There were some minor issues, however. My room had a shower faucet that was super flimsy that its handle almost broke off. Also, my toilet had a small leak, and was super loud when the tank periodically filled back up in the middle of the night.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Erica M.
Stayed here for a week with work. It was very close to the airport and my office. I used the self-park parking deck without any issues. The valet staff was very friendly, even though I didn't use their services. They spoke to me every single time I arrived and departed the hotel. We used the shuttle services each night for dinner and had friendly/engaged drivers each time.

The lobby staff and cleaning crew were pleasant. I received great service from the folks in the breakfast area. They had a great selection of breakfast food, including a waffle maker, hot food bar and made-to-order omelettes. The manager's reception each evening was the icing on the cake. They offered complimentary hors d'oeuvres and you can get any drink (not just cheap wine and beer) for free and enjoy it inside or on a nice balcony. My coworkers and I enjoyed meeting there each day instead of being cooped up in our rooms. We also had a chance to meet other guests.

I never used the pool but it seemed nice and other guests were there. I did visit the gym which had just enough - a couple of ellipticals/treadmills, one weight machine and a few free weights.

The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because the building is very old and there were some issues in my room. I had a stained tub, hole in ceiling, lampshade with water damage, lampshade with holes, the bedroom door wouldn't close & mis-match paint in living area and bathroom. It didn't feel extremely dirty, just not fresh. They need to update/clean up some things and it would help. The size and layout of the room was good. The lobby and dining areas seemed well maintained and decorated well.

Despite the few issues with the old building, I would still recommend this hotel and I would stay here again.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Monica W.
Stayed here for one night prior to cruising out. Having access to the shuttle to pick my group up from the airport, take us to a restaurant for dinner and Walmart was absolutely great. Richard the shuttle driver kept us in stitches. The room was clean and neat. The breakfast was wonderful. Ms. Jenita's buttery grits were the highlight of my breakfast. Next time I'm in Tampa hands down this will be my go to hotel.

15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Lo S.
Although I live in Tampa, this has been my pit stop\Home base for the past few weeks, So I feel like I can give a pretty good review.

I'll discuss the bad first since I only have 1. The rooms I have seen need an upgrade in the worst way. You know...replace the carpeting, that 80's furniture, a few coats of paint and VOILA! There are nice features in the room LIKE THE FULL CLOSET, HIS and HER SINKS, The comfy beds, the incredible views, a table to dine on in the room and the kitchenette area. All of these amenities outweigh the slightly dated decor INSIDE the rooms. There is absolutely no evidence of this anywhere else.

The real winner here is THE SERVICE and attention to detail. They sent my friend cheesecake for her birthday, for all of us!! I thought that was one of those mythical above and beyond gestures we hear about from time to time. Everyone that I've encountered, Jesse, Javier, Jeremy Robert, All of the valet guys, are always upbeat and fun to encounter. They are always on point and it seems as if nothing is too much or a burden to these guys! From what I hear, they have a happy hour every day for their guests!!

They have an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING complimentary breakfast that runs until 10:30 on the weekends. There's made to order omelets. I SAID MADE TO ORDER OMELETS!!!!! With EGG WHITES AS AN OPTION!!! Ugh. This breakfast is stupendous and it's never over crowded or depleted of food.  I don't know if they're having the sausage links shipped directly from Heaven's personal chefs but uh...I can eat them by the case. This is one of the best hotel breakfast offerings I've had in a long long time.

It's located a stone's throw from WestShore plaza, South Tampa's best dining options, I-275, and all of Kennedy. I'd say it's pretty hard to do better than that. Even if you don't have a car, you could cross the street and have things to do AND a cab or Uber ride to International would be inexpensive.


Overall, I think this is a pretty Great place to stay!!! However, Valet is $15. Ummm, it's $36 in New Orleans on Canal. So...yea. Valet is expensive everywhere.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Steph H.
An older Embassy Suites, centrally located with easy access to many Tampa locales. We did have an issue with the room location when we originally checked in, but the front desk was able to room change us quickly. The room was quite large, but again is a bit older.

Best part of the stay for me was the complimentary breakfast! A great hot breakfast spread, including a made to order omelet station, my favorite. The breakfast room was nice, with indoor and outdoor seating options.

Parking at this property is in a garage. It was slightly awkward to access, but the free parking was definitely appreciated.

It suited my friend and I's visit purposes and was convenient accommodation.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0