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Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection® in Tampa, FL

Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection® in Tampa, FL


Sometimes, to make something great, you have to start from scratch. We're crafting a foodie's paradise, a wine lover's dream, a place for connoisseurs of life to come and indulge their appetite because there is no greater homage to life than to indulge in and explore all the flavors that it has to offer Awaken Appetites Unknown.  When something is made right it's experienced by the soul. And that sensory moment, though here and gone in an instant, echoes in the heart for a lifetime


Established in 2013.

"My father created Bern's as a place for people to enjoy excellent food and wine. And Epicurean Hotel is going to be an extension of that. Whether you're visiting for the restaurant, spa, cooking school, wine shop....or just to indulge in a little bit of everything. this is going to be a place like nowhere else." David Laxer, Bern's Owner & Restaurateur


Company Info:

Rating: 3.93

Address: 1207 South Howard Avenue, Tampa, FL, 33606
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Comments (43):

1. Herbernita J.
Excellent experience. The staff was extremely friendly. The dining was excellent. I ordered room service one night and had to download an app to place the order. I received my food within five minutes! I would definitely stay at this hotel again. The artwork in the rooms was devine. The rooms were spacious and airy.

29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Ally W.
The epicurean has potential...but needs time to come in to its own.

Our party of 10 booked rooms for NYE and were so excited to experience this new property!

Upon arrival (three hours past check in) one of our rooms was not yet ready --despite a confirmation call the day before.

The decor is middling--unsure if it wants to be industrial or modern--and leaves you feeling a bit as though you are in a property still trying to find its niche.

There is one mirror in the room, so not much space to primp for a night out.

The water pressure is not good...save the hair wash for another night in another property.

It is a shame as the potential for the location is immense. Hopefully they can work it out, but let them experiment on others!

31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Joe P.
From the moment we pulled in to the undercover driveway to the time we checked out, we were treated exceptionally well.  The valet park attendant (valet is the only option) welcomed us enthusiastically and pointed the way to the registration desk.  Upon registering, Rachel escorted us to our room, explaining a bit about the hotel on the way.

The sliding glass door at the back of the 2nd floor room opened up to a very large terrace that is shared by many rooms.  There are tables and chairs all around.  There are electrical outlets outside as well (you may want to bring a laptop outside).  The room is beautiful and spacious.  A lot of little details:  electrical outlets that aren't buried behind furniture, a doorbell, push-button do-not-disturb, a master light switch.  The bathroom door is a sliding wooden door, hung on a rail.  The shower is nicely sized with two shower heads (traditional, on the wall, and overhead rain shower).  The bed was firm (good for me) and comfortable.  There were two stools at a high counter, instead of a traditional desk and chair.  The artwork in the room matched the artwork throughout the hotel -- food themed.

TV was a good size -- without all the hotel "stuff" (pluses and minuses here - no way to check out from the TV but also no turn-on-the-tv-and-see-hotel-advertising).  In room coffee was Gevalia with a Tassimo maker.

We loved the decor throughout the hotel.  It's different and themed around food and wine.  Edge - the rooftop bar on the 4th floor made some great cocktails.  Seating was plentiful and comfortable.  Again, the service and friendliness of the staff was excellent.  We didn't have to wait long for service.  Lighting could have been a little better, making it easier to read the menus without flashlights.  

I'm excited we have a place like The Epicurean right here in Tampa.  We will take advantage of the cooking demonstrations and classes in the kitchen classroom.  We would stay here again.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Mark M.
Nice new place. As foodies, we enjoyed the Epicurean theme, wine tasting, and restaurant. We will have to come back to stay longer in future.

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Lenore S.
The food was outstanding! The waitress went above and beyond!!! The chef even came out and spoke with us and gave us recommendations. I can't wait to go back!!!

20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Chris N.
A very cool concept from Marriott. The hotel is brand new which is always nice and not too big or too small. As the name suggests, the hotel caters to food and wine lovers with the upgraded hotel bar and restaurant. A cool touch is the cooking arena which let's you channel your inner iron chef.

20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Victoria B.
We arrived to the hotel Memorial Day. The valet was friendly and efficient. We checked in an hour early and were pleased this was not an issue. The brunette who checked us in helped with my bags and was "all smiles." What an innovative and impressive thing to walk guests to their rooms, make sure everything is to their satisfactory and use an ipad to complete the process.
    The room was gorgeous and the beds were so comfortable!! It was clean and a winos paradise! We were so excited to explore the hotel so we dropped off our bags and went to the Elevage' bar. My husband was thrilled to see they carried Jefferson's bourbon and the bartender was able to make me a crafted cocktail with a gin I had never tried before. So far everything exceeded our expectations.        
       We  were disappointed to see that EDGE was closed due to weather. But the hotel was able to arrange a driver to shuttle you to any place within a mile or so complimentary!  The next morning we decided to lounge on the patio and in the hotel lobby to enjoy some wine. The general manager of the hotel stopped by to ask how are stay was and introduce himself. We loved how hospitable and genuine he was and were intrigued to learn about the "Steak-cation" concept.
        We asked the front desk where we should go to lunch and simultaneously both girls said "Jackson's!" Of course we listened to their suggestions and had a fantastic lunch. My husband and I were planning on leaving Tampa after lunch but because of the service and great experiences we decided to get our shifts covered for the next day and ask the dog sitter to stay longer. I have never extended a vacation longer than planned until now!
         We got back to the hotel and asked if we could stay an extra night. The gentleman at the front was happy to accommodate us, provided us with the same rate and even upgraded us to a room with furniture out back. We were thrilled with our decision to stay longer.
         Before dinner we went back to Elevage. Again the bar staff was very friendly and greeted us immediately. I listed to the bartenders suggestions and order the Pork Belly and Fish and Chips appetizers. Food was incredible! It didn't take much thought to decide on Side Bern's for dinner. And the fact that there was a shuttle to take us down the street made the decision even easier.
          Overall, it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long while! What a great "steak-cation!" Great food, people, hotel and staff!

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Chris K.
This is a really good boutique hotel, it has quality food and drink outlets, the rooftop bar is especially good with knowledgeable friendly bar staff and unusual drinks brands. The location on South Howard "SOHO" is a plus too. Rooms are modern and comfortable, and there's a small but well equipped gym. A good find, I'll stay again ..

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Rebecca J.
My husband and I are frequent diners at Bern's so we have been excited about this hotel for over a year. It is so close to being perfect, but not quite there yet.

We checked in Saturday and I loved the greeting and mobility of the concierge/ front desk person, who came out to meet us. Even though our room wasn't ready, we spent an enjoyable half hour in Chocolate Pi (you MUST go there) and when our room was ready he came over and got us. A nice personal touch. However, we had requested a feather free room far from an elevator. This information is connected to our Marriott rewards points, and I make sure to put it on the actual reservation. Luckily, I re-inquired as none of this information made it to their system. Changing the room seemed easy enough, but getting different pillows took an additional phone call and explaining that, yes, we actually need something else, as I am allergic to feathers.

The room was beautiful and I loved the shower! But there are a few things missing. No information ANYWHERE about the hours of the restaurant, menus, room service, phone extensions, other restaurants or places in the area, amenities at the hotel, nothing.

We had late dinner reservations, so spent some time at the rooftop bar, Edge. I cannot wait to go back to Edge! I loved the cocktails and the original spin on everything. The only reason we didn't spend more time there was the weather, but will be going back soon! Dinner was very good, but we had to repeatedly ask for water, and search for someone to help us if we needed anything.

Going back to the room after dinner, I was very surprised to see housekeeping still cleaning rooms so late.

Another thing missing from the room were extra blankets. I called down to get one sent up, and no one ever arrived.

On the whole, this is a wonderful hotel, but they need to either train people better or add more staff, including waitstaff in the restaurant. Knowing the hotel is affiliated with Bern's, I had very high expectations of the kind of service I would receive, and it's just not there yet.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Greg S.
The staff is 5 Stars for sure!

The staff at the Epicurean makes this hotel. We presented them with a few challenges that even an older Marriott would not have handled so easily. The rooms are also very nice, but as the other reviewer said, there is only one mirror. A full length mirror would be nice in preparation for a big night out. An option to self-park would also be appreciated and I don't necessarily want to be walked to my room, but that's not a big deal.  No room service yet, but I think it is on its way.

As for the rooftop bar, it is very nice and the wine is dynamite. One significant problem is that you can't get a Jack and Coke. You can only get a Jack and some funky homemade soda. I get what they are trying to do, but the soda ruined the drink.

All in all a great experience and I appreciate how the staff when out of their way to ensure we had an awesome stay. Oh and I can't remember the last time I stayed at a hotel of this caliber and it had free wifi!

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Wally C.
Great place to get drunk and run around the hotel like a frat boy. Miserable place to spend the night after dining at Bern's. Should have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express.

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. Lady H.
I can't say enough positive things about this hotel. It was absolutely beautiful and everyone from the valet guy to the front desk person were overly accommodating. We're locals but we stayed overnight here for a local event so we didn't have to drive after drinking. We will most definitely go back for a weekend getaway.

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. A S.
The property was very nice.
The manager was cruel and service horrible.

We were made to feel out of place when we asked for simple cocktails instead of picking from the list.

The venue is looking for a specific clientele.
Our European friends actually felt they were unwelcome because they were foreign.

What shame. We had great expectations for this new addition to Tampa.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Undercova A.
I still find the Epicurean difficult to describe.  Is it a "W" wanna be, or a chic gastro destination?  Now there are pool parties at the hotel on Sundays from noon to 5.  Loud, crappy, trance music, a bunch of buff men and women with tramp stamps.  Are these  ringers brought in???  I saw an Escalade pull up and take them away.  UGH.  Not what I call elegant or upscale.  Don't like the idea of non-guests coming in...and, the drinks, etc., are not well priced.   BUT there are plusses:  the staff.  For example, Belen.  She's so efficient, cheerful, energetic,  she makes me forget all the other stuff.  The maintenance guy who kept saying "ma'am" no MATTER what my comment was, the valet staff, the maids, etc.  Also, the area around the hotel  (known as SoHo with Hyde Park -  for South Howard Street) is rather interesting and not far from the water.  There are far better hotels in Tampa and the Epicurean is still finding itself.

10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Jade Y.
Let me just state the facts:
I enjoyed my "one night" stay-cation at the Epicurean so much that I extended another night. Facts stated.
There are a few things that could be considered glitchy-for example, for a hotel that revolves around food and wine, the in-room fridge is too small to hold standard take out boxes.
But, the fact that there is a fridge at all is a bonus. So I guess I'll call that one a draw.
Another slight oddity- there is no fan in the bathroom, which makes the fact that there is only a sliding barn door real awkward when you have bathroom privacy issues and are staying with your boyfriend.
So the good things.. Are just about everything else. The neighborhood is the greatest, the beds are so incredibly comfortable and heavenly, the staff is great, and the hotel's amenities are pretty special. Not to mention in the retail section of the hotel resides the best Confectionery Everrrr. And I do mean ever. (Chocolate Pi).

26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Raini F.
My friends and I were anxiously awaiting our stay at the new Epicurean hotel in Tampa. Upon arrival we quickly learned that we were the beta group for what has the potential to be a destination spot in the Bay Area.

The guest rooms are not ready for guests. Tv's don't have cable, no roll away beds available, some rooms have a mini fridge and some don't. Needless to say, I saw the handyman in the hallway visiting several rooms during our 1 night stay.

The staff are nice but haven't really learned how to manage the operations sufficiently. I may give the Epicurean one more shot in the future depending on the feedback I get from others.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Justin R.
This hotel room was remarkable. The architect and interior designer put thought into every detail when planning this hotel, making it circle around the theme of food. The furniture is all pretty amazing, the door to the bathroom, everything about this room was great, including the mini bar. The rest of the hotel is just as spectacular, and the restaurant is one of the best places you can dine in Tampa. If you're looking for more than just a place to sleep and love cooking, this is where you should stay.

24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Gillian M.
I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to the Epicurean, the Evangeline Spa and Berns for his birthday. From the friendly front desk staff (who take you to your room to check in with an iPad - very cool touch), to the amazing spa staff (shoutout to Jessica and Karen, best massages we've ever had!), to the adorable bikes we rented to ride to Channelside - the entire experience was flawless! The rooms are beautiful and very clean. One of the housekeepers even ran downstairs to find us as we were leaving to return the necklace that I had left on the bedside table. Fantastic staff, fantastic service, fantastic experience. We will be back!

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Samuel P.

Since my initial  posting I have been in conversations with the hotel; as a result I will give them another try in a few months. I am hoping it will be a better stay. Stay tuned for more info.

20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Betsy M.
We just enjoyed a terrific holiday stay at The Epicurean Hotel in Hyde Park.  The service was impeccable and everyone was thoughtful and welcoming.  Because of the great location, we could walk to great restaurants, bars, and shopping. The rooftop bar, The Edge had great tapas and even stocked our favorite gin!  
    We also enjoyed using the up to date technology apps to check in and out.
    What a nice stay!  We'll be back soon.

25/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. John W.
We had over 25 guests staying at the Epicurean for our Wedding in May, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON had an incredible experience that they raved about for weeks. The Epicurean has a knack for making each guest feel like a cherished customer with personalized, attentive service. I cannot speak to how much we enjoyed our experience at the Epicurean for our wedding weekend in Tampa. We secured a wedding block for our out of town guests, and the hotel subsequently became the "Home Base" for all weekend festivities.

Firstly, Brandon Marshall and the entire customer service experience was accommodating, warm and welcoming, which made us feel comfortable recommending the hotel to our guests.

Of course, the entire staff made the stay an incredible experience for our wedding party and guests. Management went beyond the call of duty to accommodate our guests and to make us feel like valued guests.

The Epicurean is a provided us with a premier experience we'll never forget.

Thanks again

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Nick V.
A very nice stay. Great customer service and very nice rooms.  Got lucky and got the room at a significant discount.  Make sure you visit Bern's steakhouse across the street.  The only downside was Edge, the rooftop bar.  The good quality and selection was sadly not up to par with the rest of the hotel.  Otherwise a wonderful stay and I would be very happy to return.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Gigi S.
Liked the mixologists here so much that we ended up here twice within the same weekend. So who cares if you have to travel a rat maze to find a crappy rooftop view? I don't. The drinks are great and made with patience and precision at the rooftop and inside as well. The valet guy we dealt with twice was even awesome. All around impeccable.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. B W.
We've been here before for the rooftop bar but came today for the first "Splash Sunday" at the pool.

This Sunday the event was free, but all future Splash Sundays will charge for admission. I don't think we would pay to come back to this. The crowd was...interesting and the drinks were expensive. When we asked for water, we were given bottled water for $3. We would have been fine with just a cup of water but weren't given the option! The beer selection should be adjusted for the hot summer days. The lightest beer they offered was Stella.

Though they were well organized for a first event, we probably won't be back. They should have probably kept it free for a few more weekend to establish a younger, trendier crowd before beginning to charge.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Stephanie V.
Of course this hotel would be the coup de gras of hotels in south Tampa. Located across from Bern's Steakhouse and walking distance to many great restaurants and Tampa nightlife, it is convenient and is staying with the current style of modern and minimalistic complete with flannel-laden wait staff.
The concierge/welcome desk has a wonderful homage to the Florida cigar culture with a wall of cigar boxes as it's backdrop.

We visited both the lower level and rooftop bars. The bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable about ingredients and didn't hesitate to provide my friend's wife with a sample of liqueur that would be used in her drink. The rooftop bar was smaller than I expected but was non-smoking which was a fabulous surprise. Additionally, although one could hardly call Florida "cold", there were heaters.

If you are looking for a nice date night or place to stay where you will be "in the scene", this is the place (or for gasparilla!) . I did not stay or see any of the rooms so I cannot speak for their size/quality or the hospitality.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Andrea T.
We're back!!!!  Great boutique hotel. They pay attention to detail. We were met outside by an employee with an iPad. He took us right up to our room. Nice personal touch. We will definitely keep coming back.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Alyssa D.
Absolutely beautiful and very clean place to stay and burns steak house is right across the street which is fantastic so if you want to go to the dessert room and have a couple drinks or wine and then stay over at the Epicurean it's perfect everything is new and very comfortable

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Jessica M.
Best hotel hands down for wine & food lovers. We had the best customer service from each employee that we encountered & they were all willing to go the extra mile to make your experience extraordinary. The Spa is also tied into the wine theme & we had wonderful treatments to finish our stay there. Can't wait to go back!

10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Andy K.
Stayed here this past Sunday night following a great meal at Bern's steakhouse.  Very nice hotel and proud of their property.  Don't understand why Tampa fails to have a Rtiz, Four Seasons or the like but the Epicurean is Tampa's best.   If you are used to 5 star hotels like the Mandarin, Ritz, four seasons, or the like you will be disappointed.  but this place is still excellent.  Comfortable beds, large showers with great showers heads,  would definately come back.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Laken G.
Staff and service were both top notch!

Our room was awesome! Definitely put a lot of unique touches. We walked all over the Bay Area from our hotel.

You can also use the complimentary bikes in the lobby to stroll around on.

We will definitely be staying here again!

30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Steve A.
Spacious, modern rooms and nice bathrooms are the highlight at this hotel, located conveniently right across the street from Berns Steakhouse. I'm not a fan of the hotel restaurant, which is too austere, but the rooftop bar is great.

16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Denise M.
Erected in a field that was once known as Bern's overflow parking lot, this small pie-shaped spot sandwiched between SoHo and the Selmon Crosstown Expressway now houses a luxury hotel complete with 137 rooms.

But it's more than a hotel. The Epicurean is an experience. Complete with a stadium seating Theatre, a Bern's Fine Wine and Spirits wine shope, the Chocolate Pi pastry shop, the Élevage Restaurant, two bars (Élevage  and The EDGE) and Spa Evangeline, the Epicurean elevates Tampa to a whole new level of food, wine, art culture.

One step in the Epicurean and it will excite all your senses with marvelous smells and fun sights to behold. Every inch of the hotel has been carefully planned from the reclaimed wine crate paneling to the corks and herbs mounted  on the walls in the spa.

After spending a few short hours at the Epicurean Hotel Open House, I highly recommend stopping by for a bite to eat the Élevage Restaurant, having a drink at The EDGE or to even perusing Chocolate Pi for a salted caramel macron and a homemade soda. You will be blown away by the hub of activity happening in such a small space.

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Amy W.
POOL REVIEW: Went here to check out the afternoon pool event. Supposedly, it will cost $15 to spend the afternoon at the pool if you are not staying at the hotel but they had a special event with Moët. We were allowed in free but drinks and food were still pricy. $18 for a glass of Moët Imperial. The pool was nice and had several umbrellas for shade. The "cabanas" were just different colored umbrellas with lounge chairs with cushions. Not really worth the extra pricy $50plus fee I believe they are charging. The clientele was as expected...normal South Tampa crowd with a handful of Miami DB (t-back bikinis & obvious fake boobs & muscle heads). But overall it wasn't bad but not my scene.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
34. Jason M.
The 'Epi' has the social scene down like Bill Nye over a beaker full of dry ice! Berit and I were invited for a party and were very pleased with the ambiance and ease of getting around. The staff of the hotel are very well trained and prepared to make our evening a memorable one.

The vibe is relaxed with a hint of glam. Lots of nice looking people wearing nice looking clothes but I say, as always, come as you are and leave as you were!

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Andrew M.
My wife and I just completed a mini stay-cation at this beautiful hotel.  We were upgraded to an executive suite/room with plenty of room.  We immediately hit the Elevange bar for a hand crafted cocktail which was very nice.  We hit the pool for some sun and were able to have a great night of food and drinks on Howard Ave completed by a trip to Edge (the hotel's rooftop bar) for more hand crafted drinks which were unique and delicious.
The bed was amazing and allowed for a great night of sleep.  Breakfast the next morning in Elevange was perfect.  The free continental breakfast for elite Marriott Rewards members was able to be used for $16 off (total) ordering a la carte.  It was delicious and well worth the extra few bucks to have the amazing made to order omelets.
Great new addition to the Marriott line up.

05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Hagen P.
I do not like to write reviews but I want to warn u about this hotel. It is beautiful and has great food and drinks. The staff is very courteous. The location is terrible with bad views out of every window. Zero good views. The worst part of the hotel is the SOUND. I stay in hotels 300 days a year and this is the loudest hotel I have ever stayed in. You can hear every car, motorcycle and truck near by. I actually woke up twice thinking a window was open or I missed something. The hallways- u can hear ever step and voice in your room. It's absurd. The really went cheap and did not sound proof the hotel properly.
Eat here, drink here but do not waste your money trying to sleep here.

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Todd W.
This hotel was the site of a promotional event that I was attending recently and my valet parking experience alone is the reason for my comments.

First of all, I do not like valet parking. This is Tampa, not Manhattan, South Beach or San Francisco. One of the many reasons I like living here is because I can drive to where I need to go and park my own vehicle when I arrive at my destination.

So, why does this hotel force valet parking on customers when they are parking vehicles in their own garage? Somebody want to explain that to me? It isn't like the valet people are parking cars blocks away and offering an obvious convenience.

Also, I did not appreciate the attitude when I arrived and calmly said, "I'm here for a promotional event, do I have any other options other than valet?" The response was a swift and dismissive, "Nope!"

After my event, still irked by the attitude of the valet employees, I presented my ticket, paid my valet fee and then simply said, "I'd like my keys please. I'll find my vehicle. Thank you." I learned from previous bad valet experiences that they really have no legal right to refuse giving you back the key to your vehicle if you ask for it when presenting the ticket.

I walked up a couple flights of stairs in the garage, then past a bunch of other vehicles parked neatly in spaces and then discovered that my vehicle was illegally and awkwardly parked against the wall of the garage. NOT in any actual parking space.

Hey, I may not drive a "Look at me car" like some of these STD's (South Tampa Douchebags as so aptly named by my fellow Yelper Anna M), but that doesn't mean you shoehorn my vehicle against a retaining wall where it is more likely to get smashed by in/out traffic.

As if I wasn't pissed enough from this experience, once I arrived at my next destination a few miles away (where I could easily park my own vehicle properly and safely), I realized the woman who cashed me out at the valet stand charged me twice as much as the posted price for the service.

Needless to say, I will be passing on any future promotional events or social gatherings at this property with the same swift and dismissive attitude that I received on my only visit.

25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Anna M.
NOTE: This review is based on Splash Sundays at the hotel pool only. I still have PTSD from an God awful experience I had at Elevage in December and still need time to heal before I give the restaurant another try.

I was invited as a guest to the first three Splash Sundays at the Epicurean Hotel Pool. If I hadn't registered online, it would have $15 at the door. That seems a little pricey to me to hang out at quite possibly the smallest pool I have ever seen at a hotel.

Also, if you want to pay $250 for Splash VIP to reserve your own area: "Each of the four exclusive VIP areas will enjoy a select location bordering our swimming pool and will feature comfortable seating, sun umbrellas, dedicated service and a chilled bottle of Moët Ice to get the party started!; maximum 10 people"

I hate to disappoint you about the VIP area, but they are just different colored umbrellas sectioned off with quite possibly maybe 1/4 more shade. Definitely NOT worth $250.

The staff at the Epicurean was very pleasant. I have had several good experiences with Brittany, who is very friendly and always smiling.

I wanted a cool Moët glass, so I was "forced" to order the Sparkling. Was a $20 glass of champagne worth it? Sure...I have used it...oh...zero times since I have brought it home. The other drink prices were quite reasonable, but please note you don't get a cool glass!

I didn't really get a chance to sample too much of the food with the exception of a hot dog. It was a good size hot dog for $4 and it was pretty tasty. The food prices are very reasonable and if we just hadn't come from brunch, I may have ordered more.

The crowd is the typical SoHo STD crowd. If this is your scene, Splash Sundays may be for you!! Like I stated earlier, the pool at the Epicurean is tiny. Small pool + SoHo douchebaggery = an hour tops for me at Splash Sunday.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
39. Mailoha A.
The hotel is in a great location and my room was nice and clean. Room service always did a great job. But I really just wasn't a fan of the hotel itself.

Breakfast is not included in your stay. You don't even get a free bottle of water in your room. Everything you touch in there, you pay for. There is also no parking, valet is your only option. Yes, they do expect a cash tip every morning when they give you your car and every evening when you drop it off.

The check in process is very weird. After a long day of work all I wanted was a key to my room. Well when I walked up to the counter with my suitcase, the gentlemen at the counter said he would check me in. He came from around the corner and gave me a tour of the hotel - lobby, restaurant, etc. After the tour he guided me up to my room, opened my room door for me and walked in behind me. He gave me a tour, yes a tour, of my room and then proceeded to finally check me in on his iPad.

25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. B M.
From the minute we arrived to the minute we left ... the stay was perfect.  Staff friendly, beds comfortable, valet quick.  Everything was easy ... as it should be when it's your "home away from home".  Cant wait to get back!

16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Amanda M.
We didn't stay in the hotel. But we did go to the Bar downstairs and the restaurant.

Everything is very clean and the employees seemed to take great pride in their work.

Our Bartender, Roger, was extremely knowledgeable in all things to do with his craft. He made my boyfriend an awesome rum and banana drink. Absolutely ridiculous.!!! So delicious. He let us try some different rums to see what we liked.

I had a cucumber gimlet which was so refreshing. He said it is there number two selling drink.

We will def go here again. You should too.

27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. William S.
Five Stars!! Why not. Had zero complaints and all raving reviews!!!

We had out luggage brought up by two employees. Friendly, knowledgable and very helpful. Room nice modern and very clean. Room stocked with plenty of snacks if needed that goes with the wine options available.

The lobby very cool decorated for Xmas with a wine enthusiast mentality. This hotel has a theater room that fits about 50ish people for cooking to drinking classes. Also, huge wine store and the restaurant Elevage is a must go. The rooftop bar is open when the weather is cooperating. So we will have to go back for that visit.

I love the experience you get at this hotel. The lobby, stores, restaurant, and closeness to Bern's Steakhouse makes it a mini destination weekend stop.

Merry Christmas and Go Knights!! St. Pete Bowl here we come.

25/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Tiffany B.
Came here for the Scout Guide event with some colleagues and was very impressed with everything! We were on an outdoor area on the second floor for the event, which had beautiful tents and tables set up.

The food and drink was provided by the Epicurean, and if that's indicative of the food  they serve daily, I will certainly be back!

They had a charcuterie station, which was good but probably my least favorite. They also had a mac & cheese station, which was serving 3 delicious varieties of Mac & cheese- black truffle, pimento, and seafood.

The other hot station was a modern paella, made with crispy rice, mussels, and shrimp and a wine broth. So good!

Lastly were the passed hors d'oeuvres- a cherry tomato stuffed with mild goat cheese and topped with crispy ham and a small fried ball reminiscent of devil crab.

Everything was great & I'm sure we'll be back!

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0