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Residence Inn Tampa North/I-75 Fletcher in Tampa, FL

Residence Inn Tampa North/I-75 Fletcher in Tampa, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.50

Address: 13420 N Telecom Pkwy, Tampa, FL, 33637

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    Comments (4):

    1. Don W.
    Old, noisy, hard....very hard bed. Too many options in area. Very disappointed. When alarm went off at 3:30 it got worse.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Bill K.
    In our "old age", my wife and I have special medical needs (lite sleepers, etc.) regarding a good nights sleep, so we reserved a two bedroom suite for just the two of us, so we wouldn't wake each other up going to the bathroom.  This motel charged us about $280 with tax for such a room (M-W).  We request an "Upper Floor" (Marriott's web interface won't let guests ask for "Top Floor") in all the hotels/motels we stay at because of past bad experiences at other motels.   I didn't tell Charles (Assis.GM) that, since upon arrival at about 3:45 PM, he told us that due to someone having a late checkout, the ONLY room available was room 105 (ground level floor).  Even though we were dead tired, we checked it out, and car lights from the parking lot would be pointed right in one of the bedrooms.  When I told Charles the room was unacceptable, he said that we would have to kill time for about 1 1/2 hours before room 205 was ready.  He gave us no other options, and basically implied that "it's room 205, or nothing else"  This all happened at normal check in time, with a motel that was never crowded the three days we stayed there, based on parking lot observations early in the AM!  So, we checked out room 205 after about an hour at Applebees, and only then realized that there is a third floor.  Since we go to bed very early and get up very early, we have had "stomping noise" from above at other motels interfere with our sleep.  So, after having to wait so long to get an acceptable room, we called down to Sandi (a good customer oriented employee), told her our preference for a "top floor", and she immediately gave us room 309, on the top floor.  If someone in room 309 checked out THAT LATE (about 5 PM), they would have had to pay for another night, in most cases!  Why Charles, and probably Robert (GM) try to keep the top floor rooms for other guests, we can only speculate that we don't have enough "Marriott points" to qualify?  We currently are "Platinum Members" of Choice Hotels (many frequent stays at many motels) like Comfort Inn and Suites, and we did have a great stay at a well run Marriott Residence Inn in Las Vegas, so we wanted to give Marriott a try again.  It would be hard for us to believe any excuse that Charles could come up with why we weren't given room 309 to begin with.  

    So, now that we had an "upper-top floor" room, we wanted to start enjoying our short vacation.  However, here are the list of things that we found wrong with room 309:  1.  TV had bad "tiling" at times due to cloudy weather and the satellite TV supplier.  2.  All remotes for 3 TV's had to be pointed, and buttons pressed, just right for them to work.  3.  Floor lamp in living room had base separate from top when picked up to get a better reading light position.  4.  Georgia Pacific 2 ply toilet paper was the thinnest I've ever used (I won't elaborate why that can be a problem).  5.  Old style toilets were very low to sit on, and the water level was high (can be a problem for some people).  6.  In two of the three early AM breakfasts, "standard fare" patty sausage was served, which the Las Vegas Marriott never served us.  Maybe our expectations were set too high by the Vegas Marriott?  7.  My wife heard voices through her adjoining wall when she was trying to get to sleep, so noise does come through the walls here, as opposed to the Vegas Residence Inn Marriott.  8.  There was no elastic on the bed pad on my wife's bed, so it shifted and was uncomfortable.  We got a new pad the next night, but my wife had to redo the bed pad and sheets, because they were not installed properly.  9.  My bedroom on the left had a large intake vent for the HVAC behind a locked door, and was noisy enough to make you have to turn the TV sound up to hear properly.  10.  The large/long carving knife in the kitchen had dried mustard all over the end of it that we had to clean before using (gross!).  11.  On the evening before we left, after getting ready for bed, we discovered that the regular coffee package was not replaced by the maid, even though we made it obvious that we needed a replacement.  My wife had to get dressed and go down to the front desk to get one.

    You may think I'm upset, and just trying to be a "nit-picker".  Well, the truth is that I'm a consumer advocate who stays at many motels, who was upset, but is now trying to warn other prospective guests for this motel what they might run into after a long days drive, especially if they are eventually given room 309 for $280 (incl tax) per night (M-W).

    13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. N M.
    This hotel is one of the local sites that works with Moffitt patients. I've stayed here a total of two weeks on two different occasions and I must say that this hotel seriously needs to work on customer service and cleanliness...and clearly has management issues. There are patients who stay here who are immunosuppressed and require rooms to be cleaned once a week, daily towel changes, etc. The day we checked in I noticed how dirty the air return was. It was caked with dust so I cleaned it off and the filter clearly had not been changed in some time. When another family member was here as caregiver, he filled five grocery bags with dust from cleaning on top of the kitchen cabinets. We've had to chase down staff to clean the room and replenish towels. We've even tipped them hoping that would help. There are a couple cleaning staff who have been super helpful and nice and got things handled in terms of cleaning the room. The front desk staff is awful. One guy sits on his phone playing games all the time and we saw another staff hanging out in the lobby watching reality TV. I'm not one to complain often about hotels or restaurants, but when I experience poor customer service, especially when it compromises a dear family member's health, then I will sure as heck make it known. All this said, if you or your family member are a Moffitt patient, I recommend you look into other area accommodations...at least until this hotel gets their act together. It's very apparent that the management is poor.

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Brian D.
    Spacious, new, clean, with lots of amenities such as the swimming pool and the free breakfast. This is definitely the place to stay if you're traveling with kids!

    16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0