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Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, FL

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.04

Address: 5223 Orient Rd, Tampa, FL, 33610
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (222):

1. courtney a.
My boyfriend and I visited the casino for his birthday and had a great time. It was our first time here and I had already read all of the reviews on here prior to going. It was much larger and more crowded than I expected. We arrived around 11pm on a Saturday. We walked around for a while and did see the main bar/lounge area with the DJ. It was happening and had a very eclectic crowd. We waited a while to get a drink but had fun dancing and talking with people around us. We had read that there were $10 Blackjack tables but only saw $25, $50, and $100 tables. We finally settled in at a $25 table and spent about 5 hours there. We loved our dealers and the folks at our table. Shana was our hostess providing drinks and she took great care of us while we were there. We were sad that the bar/lounge quit playing music so early as we were there until about 5am and the music stopped around 2:00 I'd say. Regardless, we had a great time and will certainly go back again! Oh, never even tried out the club because the lounge/bar withe the DJ was so hopping! Don't waste your time on the  club.

13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Connie C.
A gamblers paradise..well at least in the tampa bay area ;-)  (it's definently no las vegas).  The hotel and casino are very clean, and they have a great decor fun decor.  You can get a hard rock membership card (this card can be swiped when you walk into the establishment and you have the opportunity to win prizes.  Also when you swipe them at the machines it keeps track of your money and also gives you points that you can redeem for different items).  For those of you who live in the area if you sign up for the membership, which is free a lot of time they will send you coupons for free meals at their restaurants.  They have Floyd's which had a lunch buffet and serves regular meals at night.  There is also the Green Room that serves a little bit of everything.  The food is only okay.  Nothing spectacular.  But the Casino is a good time....but please don't lose your SHIRT!!!

02/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Kristen F.
I did not stay at the hotel but went to the casino.  I actually left with a couple dollars more than what I went in with which doesn't happen everyday.  I wandered around the casino a few times and I think I saw mainly slots, no tables, or if there were any, they were few and far between.  The location is convenient to get to from anywhere in the Tampa/St. Pete area.

24/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Zad I.
Growing up near Atlantic City and having a feel for what Casinos are like, I can say first hand that Seminole Hard Rock Casino SUCKS.  The only reason we even go there is because that's about the only casino around here in the Tampa Bay area.  As all the other reviewers said, they have no craps or roulette.  Their food court is absolutely atrocious, anyone who eats there probably has no problem eating burger king and mcdonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Comps are horrible when playing on the table games.  Drinks cost $5!! Other casinos usually offer them for players gambling for free.  Also, kids are allowed to walk near and around the gaming floor and slot machines, that's a first for me.  Restroom floors are always flooded with urine near the stalls. Always a trip just to find a parking spot there.  They have two garages, one outside and inside.  The only good thing is they don't charge for parking.  Other then that, that's all I can say for our casino experience.

27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Justin R.
Not that I'm a big casino goer, but it was way nicer than the river boats we went to when I lived in Chicago. Tons of slots, and not too pricey either. Lots of restaurants, well decorated and clean. They are well staffed in case you needed help. They had ample parking, and lots of signage. Overall a good way to span time if you have nothing else to do. And since it follows the Hard Rock modus operandi, they have all the memorabilia to boot. Check it out if you have never been to a casino or have nothing to do...

06/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Dan B.
I always have a good time at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino because of the Texas Hold Em tournaments.  On the downside, there is no blackjack and everything costs a fortune.  Some of the cheeseburgers in the lobby restaurant are $30!  I got fooled once into buying one and never again.  They have great lobby gift shops and a great DJ in the lobby bar playing good music.  You can stay here all night and have fun, no closing time.  Have a good drink and get your gambling on.  I've never stayed at the hotel so I can't comment on that.

28/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. James K.
I go crazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy everytime I go here, which is atleast 1nce a week!!!!!!!

05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Nacho C.
Stayed here for work.  Nice rooms, pretty swanky with the sliding bathroom doors and frosted glass.  Great view of awful Tampa from the 12th floor and the pool.  

Room service took less than 20 minutes.  It was annoying always having to show the security guard my card in order to head up to my room.  Being there thru spring break calls for that I guess.

23/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Dave S.
We visited looking for the Hard Rock Cafe, NOT here yet! Just a dumpy food court. At least they have the store to buy a HR bottle opener ! Then there is the cigarette-smoke filled casino, it was packed. Is there no other entrainment in town? I think this casino is bigger than some that I have seen in Las Vegas.  Parking in the parking structure was convenient and covered.

28/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Ryan M.
I should probably give Seminole Hard Rock a review; back in my going out days this was a regular stop on the weekends.

Center Bar- Great place to start the evening. Centrally located in the center (duh) of the casino offering a birds eye view of the action.

Lobby Bar- The place to get the night off and running. Three great ladies serving the drinks behind the round circular bar w/ DJ Joey Jam Spinning the tunes. No cover charge.

Floyds- 3am time to go home? Not at Hard Rock, head to Floyds to see best local and national DJs spin to 6am. Sign up on Floyd's text mailing list for reduced cover.

Green Room- Need a bite to eat b4 you head home, the green room is open 24 hrs.

31/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Josh M.
I do not even consider this place a real casino. Once you goto Vegas nothing compares. But I always end up here at 5am drunk. Don't know why....Very very very gigantic. You can easily get lost in this place. Becareful for dirty escorts when you are playing the slot machines. Guys, if a random chick talks to you while you are playing the slot machines SHE DOES NOT LIKE YOU  so do not get all excited and think this is your lucky day. She only wants to jack your money.  Beware of the 65 and up crowd strung out on diabetic medication playing the slot machines. And look out for beligerant red necks on the slot machines. YEa just pretty much avoid the slot machines.

13/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Rebecca N.
five stars because it is a casino. They have lots of slots.. everything from a nickel and UP! I play the unicorn slot machine because it reminds me of the unicorns, my favorite band. I usually walk away with the same amount of $ I spent-- I make enough to buy a round of drinks.

Brittney Mullen is the best cocktail waitress. She is the fastest and nicest cocktail waitress ever. Request her many times.

03/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. M M.
Fun hotel with lots of fun gambling!!!  Great place to visit in Tampa FL for Gambling.

05/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Christina F.
It had been a loooong time since I had been to a casino, and I am willing to say that the time until my next visit will not be so long. Great place! Tribal casinos often suck, it is not their fault, but all due to zoning and state regulations, that often force them into alcohol-free tents in barren helltowns (I'm talking to you Oklahoma). This was not the case here, not only was the layout great, with plenty of snazz, but the machones were new and fresh and fun. I had to wait several hours to play the new sex and the city game, but it was fun. and we did very well on Star Trek, and by very well I mean that I started with $20, was at one point up to over $200, but than left with my original $20. I had fun.

11/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Sinnamon L.
Beautiful property. Comfortable King size room. Non-Smoking actually was, non-smoking. Free wireless in the room that actually worked. Ordered a lovely bottle of Shiraz from room service late night that was appeasing.

Gym was clean, working wide range of equipment. Spa looked good from the exterior. Paid for a 50 minute deep tissue massage, (roughly $110) and received ore of a deep swedish. Definitely NOT worth the price tag. Tried enjoying the spa facilities afterwards, but the steam room was boiling hot. Open locker/ changing area, with the exception of the bathroom stalls. Food basically sucked ass. Seriously. Then to top it off, the car service the concierge arranged to take me to the airport the next morning arrived over 15 minutes late.

I wasn't terribly annoyed about needing to repetitively showing my key and having it swiped to get upstairs, but as long as you know that going in, you adapt rather quickly.

I'm a professional traveler so I expect more from a hotel of this caliber.

24/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Jon M.
This place is Fun.  Win or win, you'll have a great time. This place is just a hotel and casino not a cafe~you wont get your NY style steak. Yup, dont find it out the hard way.

25/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Anthony B.
Fun place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. Drinks can be kind of pricey but that's expected from the Hard Rock.

08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Mark L.
Great Casino with greate restaurants The Green Room serves hughe portions of delicious food the Chicken Pot Pie is awsome, Fresh Harvest is one of if not the best Buffett in Florida, Hard Rock Cafe is typical of the chain good food decent prices, Council Oak is an amazin high end Steak House very pricey and well worth it amazing food amazing service, the food cour is much better than the typical mall food court I recomend the Latin Food and the Chinese there is also a pool side bar that serves food and a sushi place outside of Fresh Harvest called Rock n Sushi these two I have not tried,  Overall the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a must vist for locals and turists alike,

09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Brian S.
Well I can't really understand reviews that complain about losing at a casino to be honest.  I don't know why anyone would build them if they were paying out huge jackpots to everybody.

My beef is with the restaurant, specifically the buffet and the hotel.  The buffet has steadily declined.  It's just not even cafeteria quality any more.  They really have let it go.  The proteins are tough or dry.  The desserts are sub-par.

The hotel needs scrubbers to deal with the smoke.  Also, they need a place for you to put your clothes when you get to your room so that you can still go to a business meeting or something the next day.  The smell is overwhelming, even in a non-smoking room.  Non-smoking is very different from smoke free, I get that, but seriously this whole place reeks.  I didn't even open my suitcase until I needed clothes but the stench had permeated the luggage/clothing.

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Les L.
Not here to review the casino or hotel. I did however try the buffet. Matt, our waiter was as friendly and helpful as possible. Had 20 people in line before us so there was a ten minute wait. I noticed the sushi bar while in line and was happy. That was until I found that the sushi bar wasn't part of the buffet. It's connected but just not part of it.  The tables were small which meant that only one person at a time could leave their plate on the edge of the table. Nice assortment of food. The steak is cooked on an open fire. Good fire taste but not a marinade flavor. Salads were very good. The line for crab legs could get long. Only served cold shrimp.  Did have sushi but only raw white fish and a California roll. Using chop sticks would cause the sushi to come apart in the soy sauce, every time.

24/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Kelly F.
A must do for visitors looking to try their luck or party the night away.

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Shana M.
Fun Times!! Great Hospitality!

02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. M-C R.
I'm a fan of this place. I don't live in Tampa and like this place more than some of the more well-known party spots, I feel that I can come here and actually meet people. It doesn't hurt that Hard Rock is not beholden to the 2pm closing time that every place else in Tampa (or Florida?) has to adhere to. Drink and party here all night, y'all. I also like the fact that the median age here is closer to late 20's / early 30's. Smokey as hell. Never actually stayed here, so I don't know how this place holds up as a hotel. I DO know, though, that they have personnel positioned at the elevators so that only hotel guests can go upstairs.

15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Tad W.
I really enjoyed this place. I went in looking to see what Table games they had and did not find the one I wanted. They have recently added Blackjack and the smallest Table minimum is $10.00

The place is mainly filled with slots and i was there during the day so there were many older people. I was there for a couple of hours and didn't spend a dime. I opted to take part in the free Blackjack instructions.

The instructor was very helpful and he was very eager to answer questions. It was a great way to pass the time.

I signed up for the perk card and i do plan on going back. For people who expect a Vegas experience let me suggest going to Vegas. But if you want to go have some fun and spend some money then have a good time!

10/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Nick B.
This review is ONLY on the poker room part of the casino.

Recently went there a few times over several vacation trips.  Was pleasantly surprised at the high quality poker room.  It was a VERY large room, with probably 60 tables.  They had alot of action going on all the time.

Wait lists were handled very efficiently.  Dealers were very competent, save one dealer who consistently deals 5 hands per down (we all know who that is).  Really happy with the speed of the dealers, brush, etc.  

Aside from the wacky state rules that limit your max buyin to $100 (Which makes for a fun 5-10NL game), the overall experience was very good, and its an enjoyable place to play.

03/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Toni D.
I'm not a big fan of gambling. But I would agree with the other reviews that this place doesn't seem like a real casino. I haven't been since early last year but at that time all they had here were slot machines and poker tables.  I hear now they have BJ tables or will in the future.

21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Allen M.
Gambling is for losers.

But, it never stopped me from having a good time at a casino, especially the HRC - typically stumbling in after a night in Ybor City...

Grab a drink and people watch - slip into the Lobby Bar for some free dancing to the DJ...

The Rock memorabilia is everywhere - it's more like a museum of Rock 'n' Roll...

My personal favorites include Bob Mothersbaugh's guitar and Gene Simmons' cod-piece.

And Floyd's nightclub is OK for late-night dancing - staying open until 6am on the weekends, dress code enforced...

15/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Darrell D.
I like this place alot. Since I have moved here I have found myself here alot. I have come here more that I should have but I have been lucky here.

The casino has a Las Vegas feel, it is not like you are at the typical depressing indian gaming casino. There are two main bars and club so the place is action packed even if you are not gaming. People are of all ages and races. The place is always lively now matter what time it is of the day or morning.

This is a place to gamble. I like to play poker, black jack and pai gow. I tend to stay away from the slot machines, but it always looks like the machines are very packed.

Black Jack tables are a main attracting here, the dealers so far have been very nice and helpful especially when you start to get intoxicated.
I would suggest if you play this game you stay away from the lower limit tables of $10 a hand, go to alteast $15 or $25. There are always some idiot player who messes up the rotation, does not care about the other players or its their first time playing. My favorite place to play black jack here is the back room. Unfortuantely you often need to wait for a seat. On the weekend of late night the average table is $25 a hand.

Poker, the Hard Rock is a great place for players. They have a large poker room that always seems to get filled. They are very big into no-limt here. The tables will always be full or action and you can get some major pots. Ive played against alot of loose players here who would over bet, re-raise or call for no reason. This is not your typical home game, come here to play. They have sit and go tourneys htat go on all the time. I am typically a fixed limit player but they only have 2/4 or 5/10 fixed so get ready for no-limit. be prepared to put your name on the list and wait.

Bottom line is I like this place. The drinks are not free but its a very short drive from Tampa, which may be dangerous for me. The people are beautiful, the place is nice, and money is green. Come here with some luck and be ready to play hard.

07/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Pete O.
I'M ALL IN!!!!!!!!!

Not your usual old people's bingo hall in fact far from it. As i first walked in from the garage parking lot west side i thought whoa this casino is small. Then i come around a corner and it completely opens up and even though its 3 pm people are very lively (could be the 24 hour liquor service). Quick tip stay away from the food court it's worst then your worst mall experience. Instead if you hit a jackpot or have deep pockets check out Council Oak I luckily got to take a walk through and this place looked great on the outside as well as the food on the inside. Hard Rock Cafe looked something out of a movie pretty women and a new updated bar. They don't just have slots they have bacarat, paigow, blackjack, all table games with a live dealer not that machine blackjack crap. If I could stay at the Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa and go Busch Gardens that would definitely be an ideal vacation (not to mention hitting a big jackpot for one of those slots). It's very clean so clean in fact I saw a patron drop a napkin look down on it walk away and not even 10 seconds had passed and 2 employees were there to pick it up 1 being in a suit Allen. The customer service was great very warming if I had a question an employee would smile an either answer me or help me to find someone with the answer.

If I do return to Tampa to stay I definitely without a doubt will stay at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

ps. The new additions look great can't wait to see what it looks like when it's complete. Check it out thanks.

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Glenda C.
My second visit, hoping things had improved......NOT!  Slots tight, cigarette smoke choked us. No drinks offered. Not friendly at all. Our waiter in the Fresh Buffett never returned to refill our drinks, only picked up our plates and acted as though he wanted us to get finished and leave. My last visit here...I'll do my gambling in Biloxi from now on!

20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Nicole F.
I've gotta give this place 5 stars all the way. From the time you valet your car all the way until the day you check out, the employees there are great at making your stay enjoyable.
We stayed here because it was close to the Amphitheater across the street. One of the perks of staying here is that for $5 you can take one their shuttles over to the show. They drop you right off at the front and pick you up at the same spot when it's over. Not having to deal with parking?? Yes please!!
Here's the best part, if you go to get yourself a Players Card inside of the casino...which is free...you can always catch a ride on the shuttle...for FREE! Even better!
The casino itself is so big that you shouldn't have any problems finding a table you want or the right slot machine. I won't be telling you which one...I'd be giving my winnings away. :-)
The rooms are pretty big and the room service is 24 hours. The food is well worth the wait and cost. You get your money's worth, that's for sure.
They are constantly expanding the place and now with the pool and more parking. I'm coming here again...even if I'm not going to a show or get my free drinks:-)

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Mike R.
New poker room is great. More tables more space. Let's see if I get the same old cards....

25/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Elle L.
We went here on NYE and it was packed. While gambling is always fun, this HR casino disappointed me. The minute we stepped into the elevator vestibule from the parking garage, everything smelled like a stale cigarette. I think they should really think about getting some new filtration because the one they have doesn't work very well. The crowd was also really intense that night. It didn't seem like the HR did anything to ease bottlenecks in thy regard. I don't think I'll visit this HR again for a while.

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Gary T.
Made a stop here one afternoon for an addition to my Hard Rock T-Shirt Collection. The t-shirts here are a little different in that the logo in the middle of the shirt is purple instead of yellow and it fades pretty badly after you wash it once.

I went to the food court and got something to eat and it was basically like you average mall food court. I looked around some and I thought that the casino itself was pretty nice but probably not as good as Vegas. If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, I would stay out of here, this place reeks of it but that's to be expected in a casino in my opinion and it didn't bother me that much.

I agree with some of the other reviewers in that it did look like a good place to party, if I would have discovered this place ten years ago, I could have gotten into a lot of trouble here, LOL.

24/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Tom A.
Of all the casinos I have visited this one is the worst.  Every time I go here they seem to have a problem with their computer system which makes it hard to put the tickets you receive from wining into another machine to play.  The waitress service is horrible your lucky if one walks past you.  The place is overcrowded and filled with old people who are miserable.  It's funny to watch them fight over the slot machines.  The only good thing about this place is you can still smoke inside like a normal person.  If your into slots this place is filled with them but if your going to play table games good luck you will spend a lot of time waiting.   Go later in the evening because if you go during the day it's wall to wall geriatrics.

Two stars for the horrible computer problems and the over crowding and the lack of waitress service.

11/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
36. Ruby R.
I'm not really a gambler, but if you have an itch to gamble in Tampa, this is the place to go.  If you've been to the Hard Rock in Vegas, don't expect the same thing here.  It advertises itself to be "young", and "hip", but the reality of gambling in Florida is the majority of the clientele are 60+ and smokers.  That aside, it is clean, and has so many rooms you can get lost.  The room near the garage entrance has the lowest ceilings and as you walk further into it, it feels more like a modern casino.  The drinks at the bar had Hollywood prices, at $10/specialty drink (increasing by $1 after 11:00pm).

11/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Carlos K.
Having blackjack here is a good thing.  Without it, this place would be useless.

Get someone to put $5 tables in this place please.

12/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Pony t.
And forgot.  We went to the pool and couldn't get a towel without finding a manager.

01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Kristen M.
Big huge floor full of slot machines. If you play slots, you will love it here. However, if u like roulette tables like I do, u will be very disappointed by this casino. They only have one automated roulette table - which means there was no socializing. It was just a bunch of people staring at their own screens gambling - very boring! Also they do not provide free drinks as is customary. Also, if u r a non-smoker, be ready for a splitting headache the next day. It seemed like everyone there smokes! If u like blackjack, there are plenty of tables for that - only they have $50-75 limits so be ready with lots of cash. The casino has decent places to eat but no clubs or other activities. Honestly, I wouldn't go to this casino again if I return to Tampa.

31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Marlyn L.
Busters took my money!

Haha. This was a fun place, I must say. It was something different. They had some live music in the corner, the really old people who looked miserable, some young people with bad hair. Fantastic. I didn't eat or drink anything, but I spent a good 3 hours winning money and losing it back on the slots. A great variety of machines. I went with free parking rather than valet. I might go again in a few months, but I'm not a big gambler. Should probably try one of the tables and try my luck there.

28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Kim R.
The casino ambiance is great, love the rooms, restaurants and the machines, but the smoke is ridiculous. I walk out of there feeling like I need to be put on oxygen every time.

14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Jessica M.
LOVE the DJ area at the Hard Rock.

If you want to come dancing late night in Tampa for free with a bunch of amazing and talented people, COME HERE!

You will pass the nightclub first. Note: There is no dress code for ladies, just no white tees. Ladies are free before midnight, $10 before 2am and $20 after 2am. They close at 6am.

Now we just kept walking till we got to the bar with the DJ and boy did that scene get jumping. There were dance circles, people of all age, race and ethnicity getting together for a good old time.

And get there early enough and you may find yourself in what feels like a Cupid Shuffle music video dance line!

F - U - N

.. Just don't gamble after 3am. It can make your "cheap" night mighty costly :(

01/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Vic O.
This review is about the casino only.

If you have been to Vegas, Tampa will not do. But it's not just the location, it's the facilities. Hard Rock in Tampa has a bazillion slot machines. I had 63 consecutive LOSS spins on a slot machine. That is ABSURD! That means it's time to stop playing and not go back. You have got to wonder what they're thinking. I'm thinking I was robbed!

Game tables are way overpriced ($25 a hand for Black Jack). They have lots of Baccarat (who in the USA plays that? those tables were ALWAYS empty), and no real Roulette (a handful of computerized 'roulette' slot machines, not the same). Who is planning for this place?  

They allow smoking in the casino. Less than 1/4 of the clientele smokes, but when they do, the ventilation system is so crappy, it can't filter it out (unlike Vegas, where it doesn't interfere like it does in Tampa). I believe if they eliminate smoking, the smokers would still return to gamble. In the meantime, they expose hundreds of thousands of people to proven harmful 2nd hand smoke for no damn defensible reason. The Poker room is 'smoke-free', but smoke drifts in from the rest of the casino, who thought that up?

Don't go there, it is simply not worth it. You won't win, and you'll get cigarette smoke like crazy. It's just WRONG.

20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Jonathan A.
The days of all u can eat crab legs everyday for one set price are over! Now they want to charge 10$ for a lb everyday except Fridays! Then 35$ for all you can eat on Fridays only. These new rules suck! Guess the Indians will get you some way or another. Careful!

01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
45. Ryan M.
So it's a casino... which means it's full of smoke, and people are donating their money for entertainment but think they're earning income.  So besides the base principles, it's a pretty nice casino.  Pretty new and even so re-designed recently.  Lots of nice bars for meeting up with folks.  Main downside is the smoke - it's been so nice being able to leave bars and not smell like an ashtray.  But for a casino it's a pretty good option.

30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Stephanie B.
This is about the bar/night life, not the gambling.  This club isn't the worst ever, but it really does suck for being super conservative. One, they pour drinks using shot glasses so they don't over serve, which is fine, but you would expect the Hard Rock to be a little cooler than that. (I think that's pretty lame anyway.) And last night the bartender was a complete jerk when I ordered 2 shots, which he said policy is he can only serve one at a time...he made me feel like an a-hole for standing at the bar to wait until an appropriate amt of time lapsed before he served me another shot and opted to lecture me about the friend I had met there. Apparently while I was off dancing, she was "cut off" and she just up and left.  So he was questioning me whether I wanted the 2nd shot to give to her and I had to "promise" to take it in front of the bartender. (yes, I'm totally serious.) So don't go to Hard Rock expecting a hip and happening place and certainly don't expect to get drunk in their "restaurant turn night club...." (yeah really cool Hard Rock.)  I didn't know this when I decided to go here, I would have just gone to DT St. Pete, but we decided to try something new. Lesson learned and maybe you will pick DT St. Pete instead of this stupid place.  I guess you can take comfort in knowing you can OD in their hotels without hassle (Anna Nicole Smith, John Entwistle), but you absolutely will not get drunk at their bars.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
47. jack c.
This casino is mediocre at best.  Table mins are too high for the location and clientele.  Do not come here unless you want 21 yr old kids messing up your blackjack hands all night.

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Linh L.
Pretty big casino. I only played one side the whole time I was there. Overall I had fun, was lucky enough to leave with 50 bucks extra in my pocket while some of my family lost 1,000 here and a couple hundred there. So I came out on top :)

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Thuy H.
Maybe I'm spoiled but I think Las Vegas has ruined it for me... let me take that back because Harrah's in Nawlins was just as good as Vegas.  The poker tables is in the back and walking in there reminds me of a senior citizen all you can eat buffett country restaurant.  It's smokey and dark no matter how much light is there.  The main floor has the Vegas style slots and some table games.  There is an addition added by the East garage that is a better gaming atmosphere.

The drink service here is aweful if you order a non-acholic drink.  I waited 30 mins for a bottled water and I had to go look for the waitress.  I had to complain just to get a drink.  I guess the waitress thought that people don't tip for water or these heifers don't make enough money on non-alcholic drinks and they think it isn't worth their time.

06/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Bob L.
I guess I'm just a local coming to the defense vs some  losers. I'm not a gambler so I come here to eat and socialize wth friends and relatives (one of whom won a Cadilac here).  

Tampa is a blue collar town surrounded by a retirement region so if the casino floor looks like a giant game room it is just that.  I wonder if half the town's Social Security money is spent here.  This isn't Las Vegas and shouldn't try to be Las Vegas.

Still, there is a good dose of poker and other card games and the Hard Rock people keep a close eye on what to add and change.  Everytime I have been there people are trying to clean, but it is hard to keep up with the traffic.

The person who said the casinoi is small must not be a good judge - with the new addition this is bigger than Bellegio.  I'm glad Floyd's has been replaced with something to attract "young actives."  The other restaurant is where I go with all the freebee meals my friends get.

The food court at every casino I have seen will not win food awards.  Hard Rock Tampa seres its market well and the volume of guests show that.

27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Pinky T.
Besides the fact that I lost a cool $10k here playing in probably the greatest poker game in the history of poker games, it's still a great place.

The poker room is huge, games were running at all hours, the casino was hopping, they had some cool cash giveaway promotions...

There's late night food at the Green Cafe, but the food is very meh. The food court food is also absolutely terrible, I couldn't stomach it.

For a casino, though, I felt like I was home in Vegas. Well done, Hard Rock, I actually had a great time.

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Mike S.
i've had many of great times at this establishment how can i count the ways?  1st the poker room is huge  w/ lots of action and a great selection of games... ultra friendly poker room staff & cocktail servers....also great promotions... 2nd the rooms are very nice,clean, and comfy .also im a fan of the cuban sandwiches from the food court. and have also had a few good meals at the green room...... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++   only downfalls for me are beer could b cheaper and need to improve the buffet (its just not very good)

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Lourdes W.
This Hard Rock looks almost identical to the property in Ft. Lauderdale except for the clubs, shops and restaurants that are attached to it. I must say that this casino has it's pro's and con's.

Pro's: Plenty of nearby parking, a variety of card games and tables, a huge slot machine floor, easy to find and close to Ybor City.

Con's: Valet parking was disorganized, the card game tables had high minimums, and the dealers were not that friendly.

I saw so many more different tables at this Hard Rock that I've only seen in Vegas or Atlantic City ie: Bonus Texas Hold'em and all the Asian games that I can't even spell or pronounce. However, on the three-card table there was a $20 minimum, so to basically play one decent hand was a an investment of $45-50 dollars. Needless to say, I lost money fast, but after a change in tables, I quickly recovered.

Here, they also have the one-hand rule where you can only hold the cards with one hand which is just about the most ridiculous rule I've ever heard. They also were not lenient with sharing card information with other players unlike other casinos because it doesn't matter...you're playing against the house.

One of the hotel bars had a jumping 1980's crowd dancing like sardines in the small space, while another bar had some live music with less than 10 people listening. There are dining options here, but we only came to play.
There was something for everyone at this casino especially watching Tampa's interesting characters.

14/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
54. Ryan N.
I visited the Hard Rock Seminole to hit it big on the slots!!!

Well, as you can imagine, that did NOT happen.  But then again, I didn't lose money either!  I was able to play for free by finding a $30 free play coupon in a brochure rack at the Embassy Suites!  Losing free money is so much easier than losing your own!

While I didn't walk away with a car or other winnings, I had a great time with friends and dined at the Hard Rock Cafe which was on par with the others.  There is a good bit of smoke, but it's not too overwhelming.   The best advice is to walk away if you are ahead!  And don't play the blackjack table...

23/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Matthew S.
So, I'm from Atlanta GA writing this review as someone who otherwise has never stepped into a casino. That being said:

The Casino is BIG. I walked through an awkwardly winding hallway, down the escalators and found myself in a huge room of slot machines. I really can't put that feeling into words. It's pretty crazy, With thousands upon thousands of machines flashing all around you and playing different harmonies, it gave me quite a buzz of excitement.

But, while the Seminole Hard Rock is huge, I found it really difficult (as a new comer) to find my way across the casino floor. It simply is not well labeled.

Being that I wasn't in a mood to pour money into the casino, I decided to go to the food court. Maybe I am simply not accustomed to the high prices of Casinos, but I felt that it was vastly overpriced. I got food at the faux Asian station. $9 for a smaller plate, and $2.50 for a coke. I am fine with paying that at certain places, but a food court is not one of those paces. What made everything worse was that it was pretty horrible. I really have to give it to the cooks, but they managed to make the lo mein tasteless. I have had lo mein at hundreds of places and while sometimes the lo mein tastes subpar never has it been so tasteless. I feel that the cooks must have some talent to achieve such a tasteless state in their lo mein.

The bourbon chicken was simply bad. And any pork that people in my group bought tasted horrible. It was as if I had taken off my shoes and started chewing on their leather.

All that being said, I enjoyed the General Tso's chicken and got a free milk shake for visiting the casino for the first time that was totally delicious.

The Seminole Hard Rock is a little smokey but nothing compared to what I have seen in clubs and bars back home.

This place is certainly exhilarating, but way expensive, and for the most part my experience wasn't even delicious.

18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
56. Jennifer L.
I'm from California so I have different standards when it comes to Casinos (Vegas!) This was my first time inside a non Vegas casino. Slot machines and tables look typical...it's waaaay bigger inside then it appears from the outside...I was there on a week day in the late afternoon/early evening and it seems like it was an older crowd...Weak drinks from the first bar when you walk into the casino....the bartender at the steakhouse restaurant towards the back (I forgot the name) poured a way better drink. The sushi restaurant upstairs looked like it could provide a good time, but we didn't go in there. I probably would not go back here, but it was a satisfying way to kill a few hours on a rainy day.

14/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Ari B.
A super large casino, and it needs some super large games. No roulette and no craps - I was done as soon as I walked in! Oh, and drinks near the casino (that you actually pay for) are way over priced. We had better prices inside the Hard Rock Cafe - what?! So yeah, smoke filled and slot machine filled casino. Some of the architecture is phenomenal! Eh...They know I will be back! haha

22/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. Maria G.
Nicw Hard Rock establishment. The casino itself has a nice floor size, although i would recommend a bigger non-smoking area. The hard rock cafe was ok... just like any other Hard Rock cafe.. food same but waitress makes the difference. She was nice, attentive, and also made recommendations. Overall, when ur on the casino spending diet, the food part comes second!

27/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Tom E.
ive been  going to the hard rock for years im not a big gambler but my wife is. the smoking sucks it should be banned , the machines are horrible they dont pay. its a shame they take advantage of people . but on another note,if you play it smart and enjoy this place for people watching which at this place is very comical and enjoyable you can have a good time .ive never heard of a casino that doesnt give free drinks while your throwing away your hard earned money at a great neck pace. how cheap.the food is awesome, and you can hang out by the pool .the key is to play it smart and enjoy the little things  the hard rock has to offer. btw the rooms are awesome if you stay the night you wont be disappointed go to the green room for breakfast its awesome!

29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Andee S.
I really dislike this place.. Theres NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO DO!! (other than see machines eat your money)
well and drink, but I'm not an alcoholic nor a gambler.. so after one over priced drink and a walk around the money eating machines I'M DONE)

If you go to the one in Hollywood, FL then you will know what I'm talking about.

This place is just a casino, I mean if you are looking for just playing.. and wasting ur money YOU MUST GO!

If you want to have fun, and have a drink and look for things to do.. DONT GO!

Its better to stay home.. really theres nothing to do...

Well other than eat.. (the restaurants are pricey but good) thats the reason I'm giving 2 stars...

But I'm never gonna go there unless I get invited...

(ps: almost forgot.. theres only like this lil corner that plays music, and the quality of people there.. ewww... its like you got sucked into a black hole and ended in a parallel tacky universe. I was even almost molested walking through there)

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. Stephanie C.
I haven't spent much time in casinos outside of RI/CT, but the smokiness in this place WAS a little over the top.  I mean come on,  there are girls that around selling cigarettes and I haven't seen a cigarette vending machine in YEARS til this place.  Other than that, it was a cool, if not a little small, casino.  I wish there were a few more things to do if you wanted a break from gambling (yes I know that's the point, but I think sometimes people need a break in order to go back and keep spending money).  I love music, so the lyrics and photos and memorabilia was pretty awesome, and my husband encountered some very friendly dealers who know you're more likely to spend money/tip when your dealer has a little personality (at least that's how I feel anyway).  I had no idea you had to pay for drinks, I didn't bother to try or ask but I did enjoy a cafe con leche from the food court because I was SUPER cold. I also made the mistake of going in the "smoke free room" which was about the size of my kitchen and of course my ticket got stuck in the machine and I had to wait around for service.  The guy who "helped" me out was a little rude, interrogating about what happened to the machine like I had murdered it (I put the ticket in, the screen paused, it said call attendant) and then I was almost afraid he wasn't going to give it back to me when I mistakenly said it was for 94.54 instead of the actual 95.45. All in all it was a pretty cool casino, a  good way to spend a few hours out of the heat/sun/random sheets of rain!

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Corey G.
Keeps better all the time.  And now they have the roulette game without the dealer but the real spinning wheel.  I love that thing.  Went to Vegas & saw them there & 2 weeks later here it is in little old Tampa!!!

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Marsha B.
If you're in to second hand smoke, constant belligerently annoying sounds, burn outs rocking pleather shorts and muffin tops offering you cold coffee, come on down. It's not my thing and it makes me feel dirty to come near this place. I have to escort my grandmother here though, so all personal preference aside, the service is depressing and the food/drinks are overpriced and not very good, once you're here there's not much to do besides slots and a few card tables, neither of which will ever pay out much and the machines are grimy on the reg.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
64. Michael Z.
Manage your expectations.  You will come out smelling like stale cigarettes, don't expect free drinks and lower limit tables can be hard to come by.  This doesn't make it a bad place, just not a good comparison to places like Vegas, AC or NO.  The facility is relatively new with plenty of flat screens around and decent food options.  Is it a destination location? Probably not for most.  Is it a great way to be entertained and beat the heat and humidity?  Absolutely!

26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. patrick c.
NOTHING like vegas at all

no craps, no roulette, no free drinks = no fun

A buddy of ours lost 5+K on casino war. Obviously his fault and there is no one to blame besides him but WHERE WAS THE COMPS? He was up $10k at one point and then went down lower than $5k with such a huge swing you would think the casino would comp him something... instead they comped him.... 2 rounds of drinks. WTF? he wanted more but they said with the amount of money he gambled that was it... uh seriously?

the food court is disgusting. just foul

however the group sales staff was fun and nice.

but if youre looking for vegas style casino look somewhere else. This is not the place to go.

21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
66. Gerald M.
I recently moved to Tampa from Houston. If we wanted to gamble we had to drive about 3 to 4 hours to the nearest casino in Louisiana.  It's pretty cool that I have one just 20 minutes away from my new place. The drinks are good but don't expect any free ones while gambling. When you get tired of gambling you can walk around and look at the memorabilia.  The pool area outside has a bar where you can go hang out and listen to a live band playing caribbean style music. The cafe has some really cool walls that are large computer touch screens. Pics of different items float by and you can touch one to enlarge it. Then tap the top of the pic for details about that item.  There is also a large stage where they often have shows. We had the sampler while at the cafe. It had buffalo wings, stuffed potatoes, southwest egg rolls, onion rings, and chicken strips. It was really good.  It was a little over 17.00 but was enough for two people. This is the perfect place to go for a day trip.

23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Adam S.
It's great to have a local casino.  I lived near Atlantic City for years and by their standards, the restaurants at the Hard Rock are quite disappointing.

25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. Steph G.
Pizza at the food court is AMAZING. Great for people watching, just leave your ATM card in the car! Hard Rock Cafe is pricy, but good for a girl's night out or a date night. Drinks are cheaper at Center Bar.

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Lisa G.
First time here last night . Enjoyed every minute. Music, prizes , night club. Great drinks . Food court. Definitely going back.

31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Anna C.
I have stayed at the hotel 3 times at this point. The rooms are very nice and clean. The bed are extremely comfortable and I could sleep all day in them. I have ordered room service many times and it has been exceptional and on time. Wifi is decent. One of the nicest hotel rooms I have stayed in. If based on just this I would give them 5 stars.

However, my main complaint is the price. I have paid anywhere from 250-400 a night for a room and as nice as the rooms were we decided we would no longer do our yearly trip there and do something cheaper. There are just better options out there that are just as comfortable.

The casino is fun and they did add more vegas style slots, which is cool, but I wish they had roulette. Also, the minimums are very extreme on the weekends. That can be a bit of a rip off. Also, no free drinks and the ones you do pay for are gross.

People spoke a lot about smoke and I found it was not too bad. I have allergies and asthma and did not really have any issues. I was only in the casino for 1-2 hour periods though.

Also, avoid the steakhouse. That was such a rip off. Outback is better.

26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Mark A.
Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale. This one measures up in terms of what it offers, but that's my problem with this particular establishment. Hotel and Casino and a few scattered restaurants. Where are all the nifty bars? The clubs? The shops? I took it all for granted when I lived in South Florida. Now I have a new admiration for what it offers.

29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
72. Jake And Brittany S.
The rooms here are nice, but they can be overpriced depending on the day.  If you play enough to get a free room, though, then the room price is just fine.  :)

The casino has recently expanded with more machines and more table games.  We've repeatedly heard that the slots are tighter here than the Hard Rock in Hollywood, and all we can say is stop while you're ahead.  LOL

They also recently reopened the pool and it's very nice.  Overall, this is a fine place to go if you feel like gambling and don't want to pay for a flight to Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

07/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. Heather B.
If you are looking for a place to "get away for a while" this is it! You can have dinner & drinks, gamble a little (or a lot-whatever you are into), shop till you drop & if your tired get a room and "sleep it off". They even have a spa (massage, pedicure or facial anyone?), or when you get a room, you can enjoy yourself by the pool! Woo hoo! Mini vaca!

17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Jason H.
Just wanna say the only thing good was the restaurants. I've been to a lot of casinos Mohegan sun Foxwoods Seminole ny Atlantic city. Not one time have a ever seen bathrooms that are so dirty like hardrock all you can sit bare ass down not worry then the bars floors were covered with spilled drinks. The paying of a 7 dollar beer just crazy common for people playing games should be cheaper at least . Third black jack tables minimum bet 25 they maybe have 1 at 15 a bet can't you have less then that once awhile. My favorite is the slots hmm all casinos have quarter machines you did away with the 75 cent max bet machine made all max bet on quarter 4.50 a bet your cheapest be 3dollars on a 1 dollar so why makes such high odds against players and charge outrageous drink prices? I'd say you got ton better odds on a cruise ship plus they comp drinks after so long.

19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
75. Cristina P.
The restaurant was awesome, great food, great service, ask for Freddie!

However, the casino is like every other...cigarette smoke everywhere, rude people walking into you and the shops along the casino had the worst customer service.  

If you are looking for a night out, a few drinks and slot playing, you'll have fun...just don't loose too much money!

20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
76. Colleen B.
Terrible customer service for sure and to me that is HUGE. On that note, it wasn't the worst experience I have had.

We made a reservation via a discount travel site for a night's stay last Wed. We were hitting up a show at the Amphitheater so it's a perfect location since it's literally a hop away.

Since the concert started early and we were driving from Orlando, we called the day before to confirm an early check-in and were told "sure, just arrive at noon and you will not have to wait more than an hour to check-in, there are tons of rooms available" so we thought we were good to go. Cut to the next day at noon when we arrive in the lobby and are told "Our system is down for maintenance so we can not currently check anyone in." Really? So it's routine maintenance and you didn't know this was going to happen yesterday? Fail. So we were told to wait an hour, which was reasonable... we will just go lay by the pool and relax... OH WAIT... The pool is under construction FOR THREE MONTHS. WHAT? Who fixes their pool in FLORIDA in SUMMER??? Huge fail. And on top of that, since we booked through another site, we did not receive the note that the pool was closed, which I think is also the hotel's fault for not making sure it was clearly stated. Also, when we called to get early check-in, they didn't note the pool closure.

Well, one hour, ok, we will go grab a drink, check-in an hour later, we are told it will be at least another hour, so, being so passionate about customer service, I approached the third, yes third employee to discuss the situation and I request a Manager so I don't have to keep repeating what we have been through communication wise. The manager was clearly un-phased and did not offer anything to compensate for our terrible experience. Think about when you are stuck at an airport for a layover and they offer meal vouchers, nope not here. Not even a drink voucher.

Then we check in again... YES, almost 4 hours we had to wait... so by this time it was regular check-in time of 4 pm... are you serious??? We asked for an upgrade since we waited so long, nope, just told "no." Jessica R was with me and she took the time to call home office and request that corporate be aware of the situation and she was assured they would contact the hotel. We never heard anything about it during our stay. Another customer service fail.

So beyond the terrible customer service, which they had various times to try and recover from, the stay wasn't all that bad. Yes, there is smoke EVERYWHERE but it's an old person mecca because of the gambling and lack of nightlife in the area.

The room was very nice but had a horrendous view, just the roof of a part of the hotel. The beds were very comfortable and a lovely tub. Other than that, pretty normal.

I am still so underwhelmed due to the customer service and no huge selling points. Bad customer service makes me so sad.

If I ever feel the need to stay at a Hard Rock Hotel in the near future, I am heading to the one is Fort Lauderdale!!! And if I need a place to stay in Tampa... this ain't going to be it folks!

02/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
77. Primo L.
I have to give Seminole Hard Rock a five star rating because every time I stay here, they confuse me with Primo the famous rockstar and upgrade me to a jacuzzi suite.

I can't explain the treatment any other way. I've never played a dollar at any of the slots or table games, other than some poker. I don't have a players card, and I don't have any connections at the hotel. Yet every time I'm there I get the upgrade, and that makes Primo so happy.

The jacuzzi room is awesome. Mini hallway leads to a huge bathroom with rain-shower and giant jacuzzi with sliding windows that open to the bedroom. Plush robe, bath salts, loofah and green-tea soap products... I'm in heaven! Did I mention the two guitar-shaped chocolates on the king size bed?

Although I'm a big Starwood and Hilton points collector, I easily forego that for the awesomeness that is Seminole Hard Rock's treatment of Primo. I'd gladly be their spokesman, I like it that much.

Primo has but one suggestion: Add an iPod adapter to the awesome stereo A/V system, and this room would be complete.

15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Sara K.
This was my first time at a casino, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it was somewhat disappointing. I'm not a big gambler and we just played slots. When I first started out, I was winning, but after that I only lost. I understand that when you go to a casino you don't expect to come out richer, and I expected to lose money. However, I would think that normally you have some times when you are "up" as well as "down," but for us it was only "down" after the first few spins. When I did win, it was usually only the amount I bet or less. Maybe we are just unlucky, but I do feel turned off from this casino because it is not fun to just lose the whole time. I enjoyed the size of the casino and the variety of slot machines, but it was depressing that there was no natural lighting in a sunny state like FL. I liked the ease of printing out your ticket and putting it in the next machine and then being able to get your money from the machines when you wanted to cash out. The parking was convenient, and as a non-smoker, the indoor smoking was not an issue. I was surprised that we were never at any time asked to show ID despite being only a few years over the minimum age requirement... take that as you wish.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. W H.
I've been to many hard rock hotels,  my favorite being in San Diego.  They are clean, modern and with an edgy luxury that is hard to find. The Seminole Hard Rock was not up to par.  First, the smell inside is terrible.  Between cigarettes, cigars and dog urine there just didn't seem to be relief.  Furthermore, the best and only coffee shop, the rise, doesn't open until 10! I prefer my latte before I start my day.  I wouldn't waste my money staying here and am sad hard rock puts their name on it.

13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
80. Darren B.
Stayed here in August of 2012 and was blown away by the accommodations. Awesome room with great amenities. Very stylishly decorated with a great sound system and stocked bar. Watch out on bar, if you pick up a bottle out of the fridge you get charged automatically so drink up and enjoy because you just paid for it. Reasonable prices though really. However, unlike other casinos Ive been to, there are no free drinks so regardless if you just spent hundreds on a slot, you still gotta buy your drinks for $10 each. Gets pricey. Thumbs down on that.

The Casino itself is quite large with tons of parking and offers a huge selection of table games, more than Ive seen in many Vegas casinos in fact. Decent  food options, awesome room, and great overall rock n roll vibe obviously. If you are staying in Orlando, its about a 45 minute drive.

28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Ian W.

777! 777! 777! Yelp Review 777 for me! Everyone playing the slots would love to see Lucky 7-7-7 for BIG MONEY!

While I was in Tampa, I decided to check out the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. The new South Parking Garage had just opened when I was here. I didn't stay at the Hotel, so this review is based on the Casino.

Oh man! The floor was very busy and MOBBED with a sea of old folks, with most slot machines in this big casino being played. I felt very young, like I was walking through a huge and glitzy senior citizen recreation center. I think to myself: As a current working class taxpayer, I really hope those folks are financially stable and not gambling away their Social Security and Medicare checks. (sigh)

The Casino also has poker tables, Texas Hold Em tournaments, bars, nightclub, restaurants, food court, and the Hard Rock Retail Store. I saw the food here was on the pricey side and it's good that I ate lunch before stopping here. I did some shopping at the Retail Store and picked up some cool Hard Rock pins and t-shirts. This store does not accept the Hard Rock Cafe All Access Card (points program), but they gave me a 10 percent discount for showing the card.

Overall, it's not Vegas, but it's a decent place to play the slots in the Tampa Bay area with very easy highway access to/from I-4.

07/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
82. Joel R.
The place is branded as a Hard Rock and having lived in Las Vegas, and now living near the Hard Rock in South Florida, that has a certain brand image to live up to.  This one did not live up to the hype, but what is one to expect out at this end of Tampa.  I guess and if your in the mood for some poker and blackjack, where the heck else are you going to go?  My review is likely not going to stop you.  And the next time my degenerate gambling friend says, hey, let's go to the hard rock, I'll likely go again with him.

It's highly annoying that they charge for drinks at the tables.

It is a rather large casino though.  They have all your basic games and more slot machines than a hot chick has friends on facebook.  Still wish they would push and get Craps approved in Florida, that would likely put me in a better mood while I pay for my drinks at the Pai Gow table.

19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
83. Drake M.
Local Casino gets points for not making me fly to Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble.

that being said the casino is a bit small on the gambling floor side of things, only a tiny bit of tables and it's hard to find a penny slot machine.  

I play penny slots more for entertainment than to win anything, if I'm looking to make money I'll play blackjack.

the restaurant selection is weak though, the Rise is flavorless and lackluster.  I have yet to try this particular Hard Rock Cafe but I have been to others and I can't imagine it's much different.

18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Thao N.
Came here on a a Saturday night and this place was packed! It was difficult to find an open spot  anywhere - tables and slots.

Our cocktail waitress was friendly. How she remembers orders and faces? Beats me.

People are allowed to smoke in here. Not sure if that's a standard in FL, but I'm not used to that in Philly. Then again... I don't frequent casinos. There's a vending machine for ciggs here.

All in all, I didn't run into any rude people. Everyone was pretty much doing their thang. By the end of the night, Mister got a nice sum of winnings at three card poker. Thanks, Hard Rock!

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Travis P.
I used to live out in the Tampa Bay area and as far as casinos go there isn't much of a selection, but this casino is by far the best! It's glamour and shine lives up to the name of HardRock.They have a huge guitar in front at the entrance that is really cool. Plus they have a huge poker room that is mighty inviting to those looking to play some cards.Definitely a must stay and play if you are in the area!

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Dora B.
My husband and I are locals and decided to try the brunch buffet for the first time this Sunday. What a great time! We got there shortly before brunch started and were seated immediately, and were really impressed by the food. Everything from bacon and eggs to sushi to pizza and more is available, and all of it is cooked perfectly... the eggs Benedict I tried had a perfect liquid center to the egg, and the piece of fried chicken I got was moist and flavourful. The seared skirt steak was cooked to a perfect medium and tender and juicy. On the downside, they only have bottled beer, and while they have a lot of items, the variety TO those items isn't huge... for example, they have waffles, but only whipped cream and vanilla sauce to go with them.

The entire place was spotless too, including the restrooms, and every single employee was friendly and hard working. Definitely a great choice for food, especially with the player's club discount.

26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Cola D.
This place is huge lots of choices entertainment and food could do without the smoke!

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Shelika B.
I've only been to their casino and I love that its only an hour away from Orlando yet it feels so far. The atmosphere is typical of most casinos with the exception of over priced burgers and fries at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I had some luck on the Breakfast at Tiffany's slot machine and as a lover of the movie, it was a fun one to play.

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Adrienne K.
Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.


After visiting Vegas, Mohegan Sun, Pechanga, & other International casino's, this pathetic Tampa location should have it's tail between it's legs.

It's filthy. Literally dust and grime wherever you sit or stand....Dirty carpets...FILTHY bathrooms...ALL bathrooms...FILTHY...

No COMPS...No free cocktails as you play, no complementary players club buffet or discounted rooms compared to the other casinos.

Not to mention the huge ATM & Valet fees.

YUCK! Wish there was a negative star scale!

Get your act together Seminole!

15/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
90. K.L. R.
Very smokey, but they have added an area that I have discovered around the 5 dollar blackjack tables that is fairly smoke free.  The hard rock cafe is really good.  They have added a lot more parking in the last couple of years. Unfortunately there are no free drinks which I think is ridiculous and they also don't give very many comps for food or drinks for regular players like me.  There are lots of options for types of games to play and lots of slot machines.

15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
91. Michael W.
Don't like their new one hand only rule.  We used to be able to hold cards with two hands and can do so in Vegas.  So I don't see how a Tampa casino is stricter than Vegas casinos.  They don't comp drinks like Vegas either, although their new ads claim they are just like Vegas.  

Still, a decent casino to go to.  Not as nice as the one in Ft. Lauderdale and really smoky inside.  They have casino war now, three card, let it ride, pai gow, black jack, baccarat, slots, poker.  Just no craps and roulette basically.  

Most the dealers are nice here, and just like anything, sometimes you're lucky and get a really cool dealer who tries to help as much as possible and have fun with you and make losing a more enjoyable experience!  

The sad thing is that most people come here expecting to win.  It's a casino, if that were the case, there wouldn't be any.  

I recommend coming on a weeknight as the tables are a lot easier to get into and have lower minimum bets(usually around $10-$15 minimums).  On weekends, you can expect $20-$25 minimums, one table of black jack with $10 minimums which is always full, and a very crowded, congested casino.

08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
92. Maggie D.
Since I'm pretty sure I'm the reason they have the new wing, I would like some royalties.  This place can always turn your frown upside down for a while to people watch, tap on the machines or rub it like buddha, then turn it upside down again as you walk to your car with empty pockets!

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Ryan S.
After being emboldened by a Bloody Mary and 1, 2, nevermind how many mimosas, and at the urging of the rest of my group, I attempted a little gamblin'...  I'm a cheapskate so stuck to the slots and video roulette.  I didn't win but my fiance pocketed about 90 bucks.  We also had some drinks at the Poolside bar.  All in all a pretty good afternoon.  It's not quite Vegas, but pretty darn close.

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Max G.
From what I hear, the Tampa casino is nothing compared to the Orlando one. C'est la vie. They charge you for every drink (which are overpriced), the food there is pretty sub-par and the amount of VIP crap is annoying for a person who likes to go casually. Their parking is a nightmare, but at least it's free. People always say "while you gamble, the casinos take care of you." Not true. They take forever to get you drinks and when they do it's $10 for a Bloody Mary. Comps only come if you spend half your paycheck (and lose, of course).

Save yourself the trip. Go to the beach or something.

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
95. A P.
Don't even waste you time and energy to go Tampa Hard Rock Casino. This is a dry and worst place to be specially on Friday or Saturday nights. The management of Seminole Hard Rock Casino needs to wake up and  fire along with the current President by the Seminole Indian tribe.

Actually this place have gone from good to worst after they stopped the Hard Rock dance club.

02/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
96. Collin S.
For poker players, the room always needs a separate review from the rest of the property. And this is certainly one that needs a full discussion.

There is so much that is great about Hard Rock poker: The size of the room, the ability to game select because they do so much volume, and the lighting and comfort of the chairs are all excellent. It's one of the few places in the Southeast that can get a 2-5 PLO or a 5-10-20 Hold 'Em on a weeknight. Plus the average player skill-wise varies between bad and mentally incompetent to stand trial, so you'll never find a softer field at the lower limits. And recently they've made an effort on some promotions that have some value. This July 20 hours of play between Sunday and Thursday in a week will get you a $150 gas card, which is a very sweet deal by any standard.

But there are so many places where they could improve I don't know where to begin. The rake is 10% up to $5, plus a $1 drop for the jackpot even without a flop. And that jackpot pays for quad 10's or better cracked, with pairs only in your hand if playing quads, and both hole cards working if playing a straight flush... so, ya know, simple (riiiiight). But hey, enjoy the $500 for a royal, because that'll totally make up for it.

The quality of the dealers varies as widely as you'll see anywhere, as there are some I wouldn't let deal Go Fish at my kitchen table, and others that would be fine in Bobby's Room. The same goes for the floor: some get every call right, and others do things like say "well I don't know who wins, so we're gonna roll this pot over to the next hand." And yes, that actually happened. The comps also stink (0.60 an hour for 1-2 and below, $1 per for 2-5 and higher), and as in the rest of the casino, the booze is by purchase only.

Plus they are full of silly and pointless rules like you can't sit backwards in your chair unless you're getting a massage from one of their massage girls. And you can't get your first buy in from the table, but rather must use the cage. You also can't buy the button. And the silly betting line is 100% live and any chips that cross are considered action, even if they're in your hand and you're cutting your bet. Which is just inane.

A lot of the staff remains from when you weren't allowed to wager more than $2 on any street (yes, it was $2-$2 limit Hold 'Em, it was like watching paint dry), and they still treat the room the same way despite the fact the stakes and play has increased exponentially. There are so many people that don't understand how a major poker room can and should promote the game, as well as treat players. However this is the only option if you want to play 24 hours a day in Tampa (the dog and horse tracks are forced by state law to close 6 hours a day), and they've pumped a ton of money into the facility. It should be one of the best places in the country to play, on par with The Bike, Borgata, or The Venetian. But they continue not to get it, even though it is better than it was just a year or two ago.

So come for the marshmallowy soft play, which is by far the room's biggest draw for a seasoned gambler, but don't expect the same perks or treatment you should be used to if you play with any regularity. As of now, the Hard Rock continues to be all hat, no cowboy.

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
97. Robyn B.
I never walk out of here a millionaire ,,, minus 1 star ... ;)

The place is nice, pretty clean. I've never had a problem with service or anything else really. It is quite large and pretty easy to get lost in. I've done it a few times, I enjoy coming here, if only for the pure entertainment of people watching. That's probably my favorite thing here!

07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Randy H.
I've only been here for the Casino on a Friday or Saturday. This place gets really crowded on the weekend (naturally). They have all sorts of slot machines and tables. I'm pretty sure every major (and maybe minor) card game and machines are in this casino. The one downside to this casino is that the drinks are NOT free when you are playing. Another thing is the tables, the minimum at a lot of tables are at least $20, maybe $15 if you are lucky. Another thing to be aware of, just like most casinos, you are allowed to smoke in it.. So even if you are at a "smoke free" table, definitely expect to smell it and get the smell on your clothes. Overall, not bad. I would rate it higher but I was here strictly for the casino and did not experience much else in the hotel.

03/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. Kay W.
Of course we know it is not Las Vegas, but per Tripadvisor figured it would be worth going. To sum it all up, it's a castle of secondhand smoke!  We are non smokers and have gone out to clubs which had smoking and could tolerate it more than this place!

We were very disappointed that we could not enjoy ourselves for all the smoke. Soon as some hit the door, they were lighting up cigs. SMH.. Why not invest in some of  those high power fans to vacuum some of this smoke out??? We were not the only patrons cutting our visits short because of this.

Nice looking hotel and heard the buffet was delicious, yet sadly we will never know... Doubt we will  ever come back unless it changes to non-smoking or clear divisions of smoking and non-smoking areas. Oh well, can not win them all. Maybe if some happy competition moves in town, things would be interesting.

11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
100. Tom O.
I mean, it's a fine casino, but there isn't much else to do besides gamble and stop at a bar.

It lacks the shops and dining experiences offered by most modern casinos.  

However, there are tables with low minimum bets if that is your thing.

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Robin T.
This place is nice and parking is easy but NO ROULETTE, NO CRAPS and NO FREE DRINKS. No thanks.

01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
102. Mark L.
We recently moved to Tampa and thought we'd swing by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I love the Hard Rock for all the rock-n-roll memorabilia they have. Though we found this place not exactly dropping the coins like you hear in other places and the prices of the beer was a little steep. Most casinos that I've been to offer free drinks to those gambling, Not at the Hard Rock!

The hotel looked nice enough and the pool area was very inviting with live bands performing made us want to grab a cold beer and relax by the pool and unwind. The staff was very friendly from the casino floor to the restaurant. Our food was delivered fast and looked and tasted great! We ordered the sampler plate and didn't waste a bite, it was all good but again it was a little pricey.

A large police presence in the parking lot made for a welcome visit as I felt safe leaving my car. I don't know the history and probably don't want to know but I felt my property would be secure as I played like a kid in a candy store at the Hard Rock.

14/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Chad N.
This is my first review on Yelp; but not my first review about Tampa Hard Rock Casino. Trip advisory wont post my reviews cause they are getting paid off to write fake excellent reviews and never post the bad ones. I am telling the truth 2 years ago on Tripadvisor the Hard Rock Casino was rated the highest and a terrible category: yes terrible was rated the highest for that place so then they had to do something about it have a new employees write reviews paint TripAdvisor to have fake reviews put up this casino is the worst casino payout in the nation I'm not lying go ahead and Google it yourself. I'm hoping this post will get posted what they're doing is there trying to open more casinos in other states which the Seminoles aren't really allowed to do to leave their tribal land so they hide behind the name Hard Rock International and have this frontman CEO Jim Allen run it. These people are Liars and thieves. They are scandalous and you will not win at the Hard Rock. you don't even have a chance to win and that's the truth and they treat you like garbage. the reason why you won't win it's because they have all their slot machines on a computer Central Station, basically it's called a bank station basically they can control any slots to whatever they want to payout.that's the truth I'm not lying to you, other casinos do not do that and if they do change the chips the gaming Commission has to be there and over see it. these people have no game commision so they don't answer to anybody and they get away  with it..  it makes me sick. people if you think about going here to gamble do not come here!!!! Go Gamble  on the cruise boats go to the Port Canaveral you have a way better chance of winning cuz here you will not win I promise you. you will not win.also on this site I notice it says 35 reviews not recommended on the bottom, there the ones that never got posted, those reviews are the truth. Cause all of them are telling you how greedy the Hard Rock is. they are nothing but liars and Gina Morales who is there public relations is the biggest liar of them all.I'm so sick of these people.

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
104. Rachel M.
Pretty excited to find out that the hotel and casino is dog friendly. My parents came out to visit and we dropped them and their friends off at the casino. It's pretty nice in here. For me, I am not a gambling person. In addition, if you are sensitive to smoke, just note, that smoking is okay in the casino and you can definitely smell it. Glad that it is in the area. It's not my thing but if I know I have friends and family who want to go, I will definitely take them.

06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. Mike H.
I guess you could call this slot machine heaven, smoker central, and definitely not a Vegas casino.  Drinks are expensive, the table games just OK and the poker room way too isolated.  Oh but there are slots, slots everywhere!

19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Rob W.
After having been here a number of times and frequenting the casino, bars, restaurants and the club, i rate this place as a 2 star, bush league place. The staff can be extremely unfriendly at times for no apparent good reason. It does not live up to what you expect from a Hard Rock establishment.

20/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
107. Mark H.
I'm not a regular gambler, but I've dropped some coin at the Hard Rock a few times in my life.  I usually just do it because I'm already there, and "might as well."  Over time, I think they've got me for about $60, so I obviously play smart.  I think the real deterrent to gambling for me is the look on people's faces who are in there.  No one really has the look of someone who is constantly winning, so that's pretty much all the warning I need to stay away from it.  But, I digress.  The casino itself is very nice.  Everything is always very clean and orderly, unlike some places I've seen (Harrah's in NO for one).  The staff has always been pleasant, and the bars out in the lobby are great.  In fact, if I'm chillin' at Hard Rock, it's to listen to the live music in the lobby and hang out at the bar.  It's a really good place for that.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
108. Claire K.
I'm seriously considering making this place my air conditioned cardio route on a regular basis. My pedometer could go off the carts for a really entertaining walk around this place! The people watching is nothing short of SPECTACULAR. Good music laying throughout, giant "walking path" over a large expanse of space....plus, shops, eateries, entertainment (aside from just straight up gambling). Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!

16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Michelle M.
I had my Bachelorette Party at the Hard Casino and Hotel and we all had a blast.  The hotel and casino have a very cool rock and roll vibe and you can find rock memorabilia throughout the lobby and hotel.  The hotel rooms are very modern and clean.  The bathroom was large enough for three girls put on make up at the sink at the same time (major plus).

We had an amazing steak dinner at the Oak Lounge which included complimentary glasses of champagne for myself and the bachelorette party.  My one gripe about dinner was that we had dinner reservations and still had to wait thirty minutes for a table.

They removed one of the main night clubs and replaced it with a Hard Rock Cafe which has a dance floor.  We arrived too early so their really wasn't much dancing and the live band was cheesy.  If you are not a smoker you will be disappointed to know that the entire downstairs area allows smoking.  By the end of the night I felt like I had smoked a pack by breathing in the air.

Very impressed with our breakfast.  It was reasonably priced and very good.  Arrive early to avoid a line to get into the dining room.  The pool was great.  Arrive early or be prepared to not get a lounge chair.  There are cabanas for rent. The pool is only for hotel guests, but guest passes are available for $30 and includes use of the showers and steam room in the hotel spa.

Overall, we were pleased with our experience.  It was cheaper than flying to Vegas and a fun spot to hold a bachelorette party.  I am not sure if this is the type of hotel I would want to go to with my husband due to the heavy smoking, long waits, and expensive prices.  That said it was a neat spot to try once.

23/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Ken H.
I'm reviewing the casino only as I've not stayed at the hotel as of yet.

Do you love slot machines, black jack, and poker?  Than you may call this heaven.  Wall to wall to even more walls of flashing, blinking, dealing, etc.

There must be a million slot machines in this place, plenty of them for low-ballers who like the penny slots. Any type of theme or tv show you can think of has probably been turned into a slot game here. All slots have the paper voucher cash out too so there's no pouring quarters in a bucket.

I'd never played much black jack or poker before, mostly because I have a hard time blowing at least $10 per hand but they have since added more $5 tables, however they are always packed. They also have a new virtual roulette which I still haven't found an empty seat on.

The staff is generally unfriendly but I might be that way too having to put up with thousands of greedy, smoking, drinking people every day. There are also several quality restaurants inside that I should review separately.

23/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. RE A.
Lots to do at the Hard Rock. Both the Lounge and Cafe are great. I enjoy stopping on the casino floor watching the action. Also there is a large variety of food available at the buffet, make sure you check it out for the weekly special.

07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Phil H.
I'm sorry but I just don't get all the recent negative reviews of this place. To me it just looks like a lot of people seem to find things to complain and whine about.

Hello - it's a CASINO. Not everyone wins.
Hello - it's a CASINO. People are allowed to smoke there in Florida.
Hello - it's a CASINO. On weekends most tables will have high limits.
Hello - it's a CASINO. In Florida. Agreement with the state is to not give away free drinks since it is a Native American facility.
Hello - it's a CASINO. They are in the business to make money.

That all being said, I had a fun time here this past weekend celebrating Father's Day with my parents. Contrary to some of the previous reviews here this casino does offers some great comps based on your level of play and frequency of visits. That is how it is determined to whom gets what. My mom got free rooms for both of us, we were compted on all our meals, and even received a nice discount on the poolside cabana we booked for all day on Sunday. Make sure you join the players club and use your card on all slot and table games to build up your points. I have only been here a few times before and received mailings for free rooms, free slot dollars, and free meals already.

This casino is huge, tons of machines over multiple gaming rooms, and table games of blackjack, poker, and others. Table limits are in the $15-$50 range on weekends. Live band and DJ plays in the small bar/ lounge area up front by the check in desk. Mixed crowd of mostly older 20's up through seniors. There are a few bars to hang at. Gets crowded and jumping on weekends.

The rooms are terrific. Nice size. Super comfy bed. Large flat screen TV. Great bathroom and toiletries. Tivoli stereo system. In-wall safe. Bath robes. Very clean. Cool decor. Rock star portraits on the walls. The whole casino and rooms are in the process of being outfitted for wifi in the next few months. Also has a nice little gym to get a workout in that is free to use if staying there. Spa services too.

The pool area is wonderful and chic. Long rectangular pool surrounded by tropical plants and trees, cabana's all around, bar area, hot tub, waterfall, waitress service all day, and lots of lounge chairs to kick back in. I partied all day Sunday with my dad for Father's Day there. We had a cool waitress who served us a lot of beers, bloody marys, and shots throughout the day. Nothing like hanging out in the cabana with cigars, cold beers, and the ball game on our flatscreen. Not to mention the fun people watching at poolside.

Had burger platters with fruit delivered to our cabana for lunch. Burgers here are pretty tasty with applewood smoked bacon. Large fruit cup in a large martini glass came with it. Also had dinner at the buffet. As most buffets go it has its pros and cons. Nothing special here but nothing too bad either. Reasonably priced, but line to get in can be long. Mom got a casino host to usher us right in - yes! Had breakfast at the Green Room which is their diner. Breakfast there is always good. Large farmers omelette with grits and an English muffin. Tasty coffee too. There is also a small food court to grab a quick bite, a steak house, and a sushi bar.

Staff and service is nice and attentive. Most I have come into contact with have been friendly. I thought the casino floor and bathrooms were pretty clean overall. Can get a bit smokey, but that can be expected at a casino. Rock music is playing all day, and there is a lot of music memorabilia to discover everywhere here. Slots can be tight but my mom won a good amount over the two days. Sometimes you just have to be lucky with what machines you play. Blackjack was fun and I broke even so nothing to complain about. The casino is bright and hopping. We all had a great time here. Is it Vegas or Atlantic City? No, but it does a good job as a gaming spot for the locals in the Tampa area and surrounding towns. Will definitely be back!

20/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Arthur A.
Sixth-largest casino in America?  Something like that?  Anyway, it is pretty big ---- four different "wings" of gaming areas.  Minimums on a Thursday night were $15 (maybe one or two tables had $5).  Saturday there were more $25s than $15s in the "cheapest" areas.

Drinks are NOT free when playing.  Even playing at the non-smoking tables, you definitely get smoke on your clothes.  Be warned.

There was something totally boss about getting a shoulder and back massage while playing blackjack.  Amazing.  It was $2/minute (you choose how much time you want).  it was quite pleasant.

Lastly, there's a blackjack dealer named Ashley, who looks just like Brittney from Glee.  Uncanny resemblance.  Super-nice though (Ashley, not Brittney).  And McKinsey was by far the most polite dealer I've ever had.  Good times overall.

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Kathy C.
Ok, I am a fan because of the location (i.e. in Tampa, not Vegas, Atlantic City etc).  Given that gambling options is very limited in Tampa and surrounding area, I think Hard Rock is a very nice casino.  We've been there several times in the last couple of years and every time we went, we were entertained  We try various slot games and it has a large enough variety to keep us entertained for hours.  Yes, it's true there are not a lot of table games (especially heart breaking for me that there are no craps tables), but I mean, it's not a gambling city like Vegas.  There are limitation and given the constraints, it's still a nice establishment with lots of entertaining games.

09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Billy N.
Some of these reviews kill me.

"It's too smokey." -- I'm not a smoker, but come on...it's a casino. I would expect nothing less. I think it's part of the ambience of a casino.

"Drinks aren't free if you're gambling." -- This isn't Las Vegas. You want to gamble in Tampa your choices are limited. This place is in business to make money, not feed booze to penny slot players at no cost.

"There aren't many (or any) $5 tables and on the weekends the $15 tables are full." -- Once again, this is Hard Rock in a city that has no other viable options. This isn't Lady Luck on Freemont Street...bring a bigger bank roll and ummmmm...GAMBLE!

"The ATM fees are high." -- Seriously? If you use an ATM machine at a casino you either forgot your money (in which case you should pay a convenience charge and it should be steep) or you lost all your money and can't keep yourself away from trying more (in which case you have bigger problems than worrying about ATM fees). Either bring enough cash with you (preferably an amount you can actually afford to lose) or get with the casino about a marker.

"The food is overpriced." -- There's a Steak N Shake about 1/2 mile down the road. Go there and quit blocking the aisle.

"The slots are tight. They don't pay. They're rigged." -- What person in their right mind comes into a casino thinking they're going to leave with money? I'm all about going in with a good attitude, but realize that you are paying for entertainment. You may win. You may lose. But for sure, don't to play a slot machine for 3 hours and EXPECT to go home with anything but a sore ass.

Try going with this attitude: Be Happy. Prepare to have fun. Prepare to possibly lose everything you bring in. Prepare to smell like smoke. Prepare to pay for everything you consume.

27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Jane D.
Pros-- free parking and close to I-75 for easy access.  The one floor attendant I asked for directions to the non-smoking section was super nice.  The one bathroom I visited was clean and well stocked.  The food court was tolerable; got the stir fried chicken and vegetable bowl and that was $7, not an outrageous amount for what amounts to a captive audience clientele.

Cons-- This place is a one-way ticket to the poor house. I am not a regular gambler, but I did used to go to the little mom 'n pop internet cafes in Florida when they were open and I've been to the casinos in Reno and Atlantic City.  Florida shut down the little mom 'n pops last year so places like the Hard Rock are the only game in town if you want to spend some time feeding your paycheck into a slot machine. Actually, their customer base seems to be feeding their social security and pension checks into the machines.  

At the mom 'n pop internet casinos, you could play for a couple of hours for a fairly modest investment and you'd win back enough to continue playing for a while.  They also provided free beer and snacks.   Not so with Hard Rock.  I had an unexpected day off of work, so I decided to drive up and spend the afternoon with what I had in my purse.  I counted it before entering the casino and I had $149 on me.  Arrived at noon, money gone by 1:25 and that was with modest playing.  The fact of the matter is, no matter what machine I tried, it just continued to eat the money and give back zippo.  Usually when you lose 4 times in a row it is a good idea to change machines, but they were all a one way ticket to sucking your wallet dry and offering nothing in return.  Maybe it is because the geezers all got their checks at the beginning of the month so the machines are particularly greedy during the first couple of days of the month, I don't know.  It is also snowbird season and Spring Break, so I think they have calibrated the machines even tighter in anticipation of larger crowds and a bigger profit margin.  What I do know is that I will not be back to this "adult entertainment" venue.  Sure, you know walking in that the odds are against you, but a smart casino would occasionally let the suckers win back a little if only to let them play longer.  To have it be a one-way money suck is to make the customer feel like an idiot.  Well, I guess I am an idiot anyway for wasting my time and money, but I did used to enjoy the mom 'n pop casinos and could usually hold my own and break even.  I did not enjoy this visit and felt it was not the entertainment venue it claims to be.  I was also shocked to see how many of the slot machines were based on cartoons, tv shows and dopey fantasy games.  They did not seem geared for adults yet a place like that is certainly not for children.

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
117. Bob B.
I have only been here on a couple occasions and I should have stopped after the first time.  Not because the second time was bad just because I wasn't as lucky.  But in all seriousness Betty and I came here for my friend's bday and we gambled and drank here all night long, probably 5 in the morning.  Then we stopped in the restaurant for some grub with all the other gambling drunkards.  Good times were had by all and I would come back, third times a charm?

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. Brandi M.
Nice and safe place to hangout and gamble. A fan of the slot machines, they have lots of space so overcrowding is never an issue. The night clubs and restaurants are great and not too expensive. Good place to hang and win money.

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Misty S.
Probably one of the worst casinos I have ever been to in my life. Awful service. Horrible bars and nightlife. The restaurants, which they claim are award winning, give me a break. I have been to Vegas numerous times and having lived in LA for 22 years been to many casinos in Palm Springs and this doesn't even hold a candle to them.

I was so excited to come here having just moved to Florida but now, having visited I must find another place nearby because I will NEVER be back. Ever. Ugh. What an awful place. Even the concierge were small scale rude.

Apparently Gina spends a lot of time on here responding in a politically correct way to everyone's review while not actually caring what they say. Her responses are usually "we appreciate you spending time with us" or "thank you, have you visited one of our 7 amazing dining areas" ?  Perhaps she could do more of her job and actually try and look into the issues everyone has. The casino sucks. The smoke sucks. The rooms and service are horrible. The bars are not even close to par standards. Nobody wants to stay because you can't play for more than 15 minutes. My guess is Gina will want to write back something on here about "oh please come back and thank you for visiting. As you know, it's a casino and you might lose money, but have you tried one of our 7 restaurants?"  Haha. I would rather FLY to Vegas than go here. Even their ATM machines and voucher sections were terrible.  I would rather play for 10 hours than 15 minutes and not even get a good meal.

In response to Gina's comment about yet again, their restaurants.  Woo hoo that you have award winning restaurants.  Who wants to go to those if everything else is terrible?  Vegas has a ton of award winning restaurants and so does Palm Springs.  If that's the only thing you've got going for you, that's pretty sad.  People are going to spend a ton of money at your "award winning" restaurants and have an awful time.  Bummer...FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO PEOPLE.  All you have to do is look at al of Gina's comments on the other terrible reviews and it's clear as day they have to say these things to hide everything else.  Btw. Zagat?  Do people even use or read that anymore??!!!

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
120. Frank U.
Nice casino. Only shortfall is they don't comp your drinks

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Denny S.
LAME!  I had heard that this was the best casino in Florida.  Save your money and go to Palm Springs or Vegas.  Just moved to Florida form Cali.  My wife and I decided to do a weekend get away.  They wanted $1000 to stay in the hotel on a Saturday night so we stayed close by.  My first complaint, SMOKE.  If you do not smoke, this place is awful.  Second, the slots give you no love.  At least in Cali or Vegas you win enough to keep playing for a while.  Here, no.  It's almost as if the machines are greedy.  Card play was nothing special.  A lot of inexperienced people.  Does not offer a lot in the way of dinning.  The bars are pretty standard.  I tried to get money out of an ATM and it gave me a voucher.  I had to walk all the way around half the place to go to a cashier to get my cash.  Total pain.  Anyway, we will never go back.

In reply to Gina below, 7 award winning dinning, that's all you got?  Do you think that is going to get us back?  I can tell you, I did not see it at all!  The food was nothing special at all!  My wife and I, use to go to Morongo all the time and being small scale, it was AWESOME!  Next Vegas, which over rides you to the end!  They take care of their guests.  Get over yourself!  You are a red neck casino!  You are small time!  You are a rip off!  Oh, apparently Gina, you are in denial about the cigarette smoke in your place.  Despite what you think, it is awful!

Again!  Below is Gina's cut and paste answer to everyone complaining!  You must receive too many complaints for you to type a genuine response, so you just cut and paste the same response over and over.  Joke!

"Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy yourself. With seven award-winning dining options, it's hard to understand how you didnt' find something to enjoy to eat? We are sorry you didn't get lucky and that the smoke was an inconvenience, and we understand and respect your opinion. Thanks for the comments".

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. Stuart F.
I saw an advertisement where this was called the 6th biggest casino in the world. It is in outer Tampa, so I guess they have plenty of room and cheap land. Specific to this casino, I've been disappointed with the high limits for table games. Last I was here, I think the minimum for blackjack was $10, but those tables were (1) packed and (2) very hard to find. I assume they have a monopoly on legal table games in Tampa/St. Petersburg (but not in int'l seas where some gambling cruises go), so they probably feel no competitive pressure to offer more low-stakes games that their customers want. I also remember there being gambling areas for smokers- maybe it was everywhere- which I wish they would ban entirely.

More broadly, I enjoy games of chance (though I wish they offered games of skill or knowledge like UK pubs!) but I am troubled by the research that shows that although casinos add a few jobs to local economies, they generally also bring higher crime and suicide rates. Compulsive gamblers also generally make up a large percentage of casino profits. How that relates here is that I really hope this casino works very diligently (meaning above any beyond whatever the law requires) to counter any negative effects the typical casino has with the (I assume) massive profits they are making.

Update: I appreciate that the casino listen and responds to customer concerns! This alone gives me greater confidence that they are tackling the problem of gambling addiction seriously, and I'm more likely to return to the casino to enjoy some of their games.

24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
123. Violet E.
Stay away from the buffet restaurant ! I have never been to the worst casino buffet restaurant like this one ! The food selection is poor ( sauce like ketchup and 2 kinds of mustard were on the food stand as "food") and the service staff are miserable ! The cashier of the restaurants check ID and membership card as Strict as TSA in the airport ! Stingy restaurant !! Getting worse and worse !

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
124. Chelsea J.
My sister and I went to check out the Hard Rock Casino. One might think that I am really into gambling since I went to two casinos in two weeks but I actually don't gamble at all. We just went to check it out and see what the fuss was about.

We paid $18 for a martini and a raspberry vodka soda at the bar. Not surprising that the drinks were expensive.

On the menu it said the cocktails go up in price $1-2 each after 11pm.
Who does that!? And also, at least have the decency to set different menus out when 11pm hits so ppl don't know they're getting screwed. I thought this was really lame.

The casino was pretty inside and had lots of nice light fixtures and decorations. I got  a picture with Lady Gaga's cape!

We had lunch at the Rock n Raw sushi bar. We were skeptical but it actually ended up being pretty good! Prices were reasonable and we got plenty to eat. Service was friendly.

The casino is huge and kind of a maze.

We left smelling like smoke of course. We got in some really great people watching!

I'm glad we went to check it out but we both agreed once was enough.

04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
125. John S.
This is a really nice entertainment complex.

They have probably 6 or more different restaurants - Asian, upscale, food court, hard rock cafe, and a few more.

We had dinner in the Hard Rock cafe one.  Very nice looking restaurant inside.  Later a live band got up and played a bunch of summery songs (Bryan Adams).

The food was just what you'd expect from a Hard Rock cafe - perhaps slightly better flavor and quality.

We had a great time and would go again if in the area.

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Cher T.
DISCLAIMER:  Review is about the casino only.

Not crazy about cookie cutter, gimmicky places.

Example:  Planet Hollywood.  Margaritaville.  Hardrock Cafe.  NASCAR Experience.

You get my point.  

Basically, any restaurant you would find along Citywalk or Pleasure Island.  Started to like them even less, once I found out that most of the "memorabilia" in these places are not exactly authentic, but mostly replicas. I mean, honestly?  How many of these restaurants can have Eddie Van Halen's "original" Frankenstein guitar or Judy Garland's "authentic" ruby slippers?  Cute as a novelty, but that's about it.

And, that's what you get at the Hard Rock Casino.  A whole lot of inauthentic pieces of nostalgia hanging up all over the walls of the casino.  The casino itself has a cool vibe to it, very rock and roll, with quotes from some of the greatest singers and songs in rock history all over the walls.  However, it is hard to see them from the heavy, thick layer of smoke all over the casino.  My husband and I have been to Vegas a number of times and do our share of casino hopping.  We're not big gamblers.  Dump some change in the slots, maybe a few hands of black jack for fun.   But, nowhere, in any other casino we have visited is the air in the room absolutely unbearable and hard to breathe in!  I don't know if it is a poor ventilation system or if it is the amount of people in the place, but even a heavy smoker would find this place irritating.  

Aside from the rock and roll theme that really isn't more than decoration incorporated into the overall vibe of the place, there isn't a whole lot the the Casino has to offer.  The restaurant off the Casino is your standard Hard Rock fare.  Burgers, sandwiches, wraps.  The dance club is always empty.  It's labeled as an exclusive VIP club, but really, it's just a roped off area to stand around, watch women on stages dance, have really annoying dub step played by a DJ who looks so beyond bored and higher priced drinks than in the casino itself, a mere 10 feet away.  

This brings me to the Center Bar in the middle of the casino. Good luck trying to get a table or a drink for that matter.  I've seen lunch lines in middle schools move along quicker than the lines for a drink here.  The waitresses are scarce and the bartenders seem completely disinterested in the fact that you have been standing there, money in hand, tongue hanging out, slowly dying of second hand smoke inhalation and dehydration.  I also find it unusual that this casino charges for their drinks at the games.  Most casinos don't.  Also, I have NEVER seen a casino charge for soft drinks or coffee for designated drivers or those trying to sober up.  Very peculiar to me.  

Because this is the fine town of Seminole, the sign out front that says "Dress to Impress" as you walk in is blatantly ignored.  Why bother putting the sign there if it is okay to be ignored.  There are people in the casino who look like they just got done working on their car.  Dirty shirts, cut off shorts and baseball caps.  Then, in a really bizarro twist, you'll see women there who are SO overly dressed up that you'd swear they just walked in from their Senior Proms (even if prom was in 1974).

Kudos to the security staff though.  In the few minutes I was standing outside waiting for our car, I did see them turn away:

1) people with questionable looking ID.
2) those already trashed upon arrival.
3) a girl who punched her boyfriend in the face (charming)
4) a woman obviously in her 40's or so, but had no ID.
5) a barefoot patron.  (god bless central florida)  

In the three times I have been there, there has always been some sort of fight.  Drink throwing, cursing, fist fights.  I NEVER see this in Vegas.  Ever.  Actually, that's not true...the ONE time I saw a fight break out in a casino in Vegas, about 50 security men, each beefier than the next, swooped in and ripped them apart carrying them off to opposite ends of the casino, never to be seen or heard from again.  Gone in LESS than sixty seconds.  

There are very few table gaming options in this casino and FAR too many penny and two cent slots of the comical and silly variety.  Match the Mermaids.  Cross the Kitties. No roulette there at all, at least not the live variety.  They have the electronic variety, but for that, you might as well just stay home and play on an online gambling site.  

And of course, this whole unremarkable experience is topped off with a huge gift shop as you leave the casino.   Hard rock t shirts, shot glasses, teddy bears, tank tops, wallets, pins, etc.  

If you are staying in the hotel, I guess the novelty of having the casino and restaurant right downstairs if you find yourself bored at 2 am is a fun thing.  It's also a cool place to go after catching a show at the amphitheater right across the street while trying to sober up before making the drive home.  Other than that, I don't think I would find myself going out of my way to be there.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Bryan B.
Not a bad place been here 2 straight days and managed to win 1500 total. My only complaint is the 2 sides make it a lengthy walk back and forth

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Katy S.
Well honestly, I had lived in Tampa for 8 years and had never been to the casino and I really had no desire to.  I hadn't heard very good things and I'm not a HUGE gambler (although I can easily be persuaded and become addicted).  Seminole Hard Rock exceeded my expectations.

First of all, this place is HUGE!  I couldn't believe how sprawling it is and I was glad to be with a friend who frequents the casino so that he could point me in the right direction.  I joined The Players Club (which, by the way, gives you a $5 credit to spend on drinks or food) and was on my way.  I promptly lost $20 in a slot machine.  I then won that plus $60 more back on roullette!  At this point, I quit.

We stopped by the pool bar as it was FREEZING in the casino for the $5 mojito special of the month.  The bar was out of fresh mint so she gave us bacardi drinks instead.  Definitely not a bad deal, and a very nice pool.  The Hard Rock is a good Vegas alternative in the Tampa area.

06/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Jay Y.
This may be one of the last bastions for smokers who miss the days of lighting up whereever and whenever they wanted... I would recommend that the casino spend some of the earnings from myself and others and invest in a new ventilation system, cause the cigarette/cigar smoke here is horrendous.  I've been to Vegas and Atlantic City before and no where is the smoke this bad....

Besides the smoke, it is nice for Tampa to have such a nice entertainment complex with plenty of bars and restaurants along with a very cool hotel.  I liked that they expanded the gaming options, have plenty of food options, a dedicated poker room, and plenty of parking.  Most of the casino floor, like most other casinos is full of slot machines and other gaming machines.  There aren't that many table games but probably just enough as they're usually completely full.  

I've had dinner at the buffet (Fresh Harvest) and the sushi place (Rock N' Raw Bar), both places offer an enjoyable "less smokey" area and a great selection of food all reasonably priced and pretty good... Really besides the cigarette and cigar smoke, I'd probably come here more often...

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
130. Katrina P.
This is a fun place to not only get a taste of Vegas gambling but also eat and dance with friends. My only setback that is larger than most is the allowable smoking in the while facility. We went with friends and when I got home I smelled like an ashtray. If only there were designated areas versus the entire casino being smoker friendly we might go more.

26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
131. Lara B.
Came here with great uncle. Nice casino but the smokers ruined it for me. Disgusting! One of the few places that allows smokers inside and does not have designated areas for smoking. Cant tolerate the smoke so can't enjoy the casino. Yuck!

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
132. Erik A.
A decent escape but not enough to occupy for long.

We were only there for about two hours, but when we left I felt like I bathed in a giant ashtray filled with cheap cigarettes and stale beer.  Patrons of all walks of life, all shapes and sizes.  Not unlike Vegas, it's a peoplewatchers dream.  

There are several styles of new machines, including a video blackjack with a live (recorded) dealer, and a heavily-computerized roulette and craps set up.

Urban legends say casinos pump oxygen through their air vents to keep people awake longer and spending more.  Hard Rock doesn't even need to because there are so many people there who carry their own; toting their oxygen tank in one hand and a lit smoke in the other.

There are several rooms of games, and it seems like the slots go on forever.  A lot of the slot machines don't let you choose the lines you want to play, you just have to play max lines all the time, so beware of those, if you're not the full-bore kind of gambler.

Did notice the food court sporting some good food and some reasonable prices - less than $10 for a burger/fries combo, so that's a plus.  Didn't dine there though, the smoke was so heavy all I wanted to do was leave.

Showered that night, woke up the next morning and I could still smell it in the hotel and in the car.

24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
133. Sherri T.
Valet when possible only $5.00 with card. Payout on slots is really bad, so know that you will most likely lose what you play.  Hard Rock Cafe is over priced bar food, but good atmosphere,  the oak council is a very good steakhouse, pricy but worth it, however you have to walk through the casino to use the restroom......

Overall great place to people watch and have some fun!

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
134. Alicia P.
After a trip to Vegas earlier this year, the casino fever is more appealing than ever.
A prior trip or 2 wasn't so exciting.

Recently, however, we're finding the right games and in the right parts of the casino.
We try our luck on the fake roulette and craps tables and find they are alright in a pinch since FL doesn't allow for real table play.

Typically, there's nice enough people you can chat with.

There are plenty of bars, there are usually multiple musical acts around to sit and watch or listen to.  It's always busy, it's always great people watching and you can lose your @$$ but play it smart and you can break even or even win!

There's lots more to do than just gamble too.
Restaurants, bars, music, shops, etc.

The one thing that is terrible is you can't find a cocktail waitress when you want one and you don't get free alcohol no matter how long you're sitting/playing spending money...

05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Leigh S.
Great selection of slot machines...from the old style Double Diamond to newer video Wizard of Oz.  They also have a large food court with Mexican food, burgers, and Chinese.  

I thought the floor attendants were really nice.  It's a fun place to go, yes you can smell cigarette smoke but no more than any other casino you go to.  They had a live band when I was there, and they weren't very good.  This didn't piss me off, but provided a lot of great laughs and extra fodder for my review.  When they sang "sweet Child of Mine" it was so bad I almost spit soda out my nose.  :)

04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Ann P.
I love how this casino is set up. Very nice! It's one of the nicest casino I've been to. They have plenty of slots and tables for everyone. Bar in every corner. It was a great experience! Give it a shot!

07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Carla L.
Had a great time playing the penny and nickel slots. It's a big casino with lots of different slot machines to choose from. They had many new games and also some older games, so it was a nice mix. The staff was very friendly and also very helpful when I had a problem with a malfunctioning ticket redemption machine. I even walked out a winner. Would definitely return when I'm in the Tampa area.

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Amy Z.
Love all the new upgrades.

01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Jennifer K.
If you like to drink and gamble, it's a good place for you.  I'm not a gambler so I waste my money mainly on booze and some slots while my husband plays the black jack table.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Francisco M.
I may be biased in my review because I won some money. This was my first time at Hard Rock and we enjoyed ourselves. They have tons of slots, everything from a penny to high wage machines. We decided to come here after our delicious dinner at Bern's Steakhouse. It wasn't too packed so we were able to walk around and check out the property. Everything was very clean and the staff was very helpful in explaining the various games available. I look forward to visitng their sister property in Fort Lauderdale next weekend.

23/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Brian T.
I had a great afternoon at the casino with my girlfriend and her family. Service in the down stairs dining café was a bit slow but the food was good. I had the Texan pulled pork sandwich.  Prices are a bit high but that's to be expected at the casino.  Lost some money at the slots, hopefully I'll have better luck next time.

23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
142. Bill M.
This place sucks,$4.75 for a beer..Tight slots.Been to Vegas ,Foxwoods,Turning Stone and this place is the worst.

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
143. Diane H.
Lots of games to choose to play but smoky through out the whole place.  I found the slots to be very tight.  I was here early in the day midweek.  Shouldn't have smelled so strong.

16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
144. Robert F.
The employees when you check in are rude. You have to buy drinks while you gamble and the rooms aren't very nice. I would never stay here again.

06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
145. Ken D.
I really adore this place, to look around and see all the nostalgia from stars past is amazing. you could spend hours just walking around there's lots of places to eat that are not expensive. The hotel itself is just gorgeous and clean. The only reason I gave it four stars is I'm  always leaving there with a lot less money. gambling is fun but you know how it usually works out.

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Don L.
Love my late nights with my lady and friends at the Hard Rock! Play the Automated Roulette game and usually do well- Better than any other game I've tried my hand at! Food is good, drinks a bit pricey but at 4:30am who's complaining??? The crowd can be a little seedy at times but I always have a good time when we go!

29/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
147. Kris B.
Let's start by saying your rewards program is absolutely horrible. Guest services wouldn't tell me how much I could get max for a meal. You have to pay for your drinks. The food is mediocre depending on where you go. Now you can't use your points for the food court. Council Oak has great food but 9 dollars for a side of corn and their pricing is way overrated. The slots are good. Tables have a lot of people who have no idea what they're doing, these are the 25 dollar tables because that's all they usually have. I went on a Sunday morning at 7am and the tables were 25. It's the only casino except for the casino boats which are better sometimes but seasonal. There's about 15% of table dealers that actually have fun with you and have great customer  service. From the north and loved Mohegan sun.  Get it together Tampa.

12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
148. Kelly W.
I have never stayed at the hotel, so this is purely based on the casino.

Yes, it smells of smoke like whoa.
Yes, it's waaaay different than any Vegas casino (ie. more $$ for certain slots)
Yes, you have to pay for drinks.

That being said, we enjoy going for a hour or so since it's not too far from our house and it's just a fun little get away to hit up the slot machines for a bit.

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
149. Michael D.
This place was below average for a casino buffet. They have a sushi restaurant when you can come to the buffet and get unlimited for 22 dollars. A better deal unless you want some crazy stuff. Just stick to the meats and fish to get the most out of your money everything was just avererage. I found a moldy chocolate cake and the manager was brought over to "resolve" the issue. I'm not one to kick and scream for my meal to be free and make a scene. But I said no thank you I was just looking to make sure no one else got to these. He didn't even offer to insist or nothing for guest courtesy  just quickly Said ok then I'll let the chef know then but I should try a smoothie! I just had moldy chocolate why am I going to get another possible moldy item..... Still paid 22 dollars for my meal. And here I was going to gamble tonight too.... I don't want another dollar going to this place. Ruined my trip to Tampa.... Thanks

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
150. Shelley P.
It's a casino. It's smoky.   It can be loud.  It's filled with slot machines and a few tables.   However, they have a very good selection of restaurants.  I have a friend who is a frequent gambler and he takes me about once a month to use his points on meals. What fun! Yes, the casino always gets a little donation from me while I'm there but I've been good the last few times and was able to walk right by those electronic games.  I recommend it to people who come to town and want to gamble. It is fun looking at all of the rock 'n roll memorabilia.  They have quite a collection.   I've never stayed at the hotel, I live 10 minutes away. But the pool looks very nice and they have really improved the grounds.   It must be dog friendly too because the last few times I've seen guests out front with their dogs in a dog walking area. That makes it a five-star hotel for me.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Lauren C.
Well, this is the only major Casino in the area, so if you wanna gamble, this is where you gotta go.

I've only been here once due to 2 reasons:
#1 I'm not really a gambler and the one time I came here I lost money. I guess that's the "fun" of gambling
#2 It's far from my house and not really convenient for me to get there. If you live closer to the area, more power to ya!

Since I am not extremely familiar with casinos and this is the only one I've ever been to, I don't really have anything to compare it with, but I will say there were some things good about this place and others not so good.

They had a few bars/clubs playing music and a small dance floor area. Plenty of options for places to get food or drinks right here in the casino, so they make it "convenient" for people to stay here for hours! The parking situation is okay, normally pretty busy though and it takes a few minutes to walk in. The line to wait and cash in money tickets was pretty long as well.

I might come here again with some friends just for the sake of having a good time, but I dont imagine doing any big gambling here any time soon.

17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
152. Duane D.
If you are desperate for a casino, I guess this place will do.

My biggest problem with this place -- it reeks of stale smoke throughout the casino.  I've been in lots of casinos all around the country, and this is one is bad.  I couldn't take it after a while.  Then they spray some kind of deodorant product that makes it even worse.  Ugh.

There are lots of games that they don't have here -- craps, roulette, etc.  Unless you count the electronic versions... (I don't).

There are lots of slot machines, but not enought of the cutting edge new and fresh machines.  I don't personally think they pay all that well, but that is just my experience and I may have had a bad day.

We were there on a Wednesday night after dinner, and the table miniumums were pretty high.  I saw a few $15 min, but most were $25.

Oh -- and no free drinks on the gambling floor.

After an evening, I pretty much had my fill of this place for the foreseeable future.

10/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
153. Cat P.
In area for business. After long week thought I'd have some fun gaming. I agree with other reviewers, I felt like I was in an ashtray. I expect smoke in casinos, but expect smoke eaters to do their job.

Service was near non-existent.  Slot machines inhaled my money. I expect to lose money, but usually while having fun and playing for awhile while doing it.  It was like putting money in toilet and flushing.

I've been to Vegas and other great gaming areas. This is not one if them. Captive audience and they take full advantage of it.

24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
154. Michael B.
Took my son here to play poker for his 18th birthday. All of the dealers and staff were very friendly. The poker room was very clean. Thick cushioned chairs and quick access to restrooms. Really excellent experience all the way around. Thank you!

22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
155. Jessica L.
It's a hotel/casino - it does what it needs to do. It is full of plenty of slots and some tables as well. I did not get a chance to sample any of their dining options, but they had several and the smells were delightful from some of them. And if you are a hard rock store fan  - you can pick yourself up some merchandise before, or maybe after you win or lose big!

19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
156. Robbie C.
If you are a die hard gambler then the hard rock will fit the bill. I'm more into tangible spending but have dropped a few $$ in the slots. When I come here it's usually with out of town guests.

Not as nice as Foxwoods in Connecticut and doesn't compare to Vegas but will serve your desire to live the dream. No free drinks and no ventilation. If you walk about a mile you will find its a bit cleaner and newer towards the hotel side.

Lots of slot machines and poker rooms for your donating er um gambling pleasure.

16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
157. Kim O.
This review is just for the casino. I like it. But I don't love it. I am not rich but I love to play blackjack. On Saturday nights they eventually change all the tables to at least 25$ minimum bets. That is way to much for me. I prefer $10 tables but will play $15 dollars. When they change to 25 I have to get out of there. Which sucks. The waitresses who bring drinks are all very nice and pretty fast. But I also don't like that they charge for drinks when you're at a table. Most casinos I've been to don't. Whatever. It's fun to gamble there and there really isn't another casino close so.....yeah.

10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
158. Ian M.
I like what they did with the place but the tables are too expensive to play for regular people. $50 blackjack is ridiculous.

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
159. James P.
I have been to the bar and the casino here literally hundreds of times over the past 10 years.

Thusly, your experience will be based on the particulars of who you interact with.  Some nights were so memorable I still tell the stories to a rapt audience.  Other nights I'd much rather forget (or have completely forgotten).  

That being said, the place is huge enough to meet anyone that groks with you, so have a good time.  It's damn expensive, though.  Experiences may vary based on how willing you are to talk to drunk jerks.

19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
160. Cat G.
This can be a very fun night out. The drink prices are very reasonable, attractive servers, good service. Food is great in both Council Oak & The Green Room. The hotel prices are wayyyyyyyy over priced, but you are paying for the brand. I highly recommend it here

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
161. Darren J.
Family fun for the adult crowd... our family is making a tradition to celebrate birthday w a fresh harvest meal. Upstairs at massive Buffet Diversally prepared.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Jonnabel S.
Cool spot if you're into gambling, not so cool if you're not and you get dragged here with friends who play poker. It's not like the one in Ft. Lauderdale where I can go hang out at a nice bar away from the casino area while my husband plays poker. They do have a wide array of slot machines and game tables. I've been wanting to try their noodle bar close to the high-limit tables room, but it's always so packed not matter what time it is.
Having experienced both locations, I'm quite disappointed with this one. It just doesn't compare to the one in Ft. Lauderdale.

01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
163. Elizabeth A.
I have visited the Hard Rock a few times now and like coming here. The casino is decent in size, nicely air conditioned, rather fresh and has all the games I like. I play a few machines that are my favorites- rarely switch, unless I need to. I like coming in on the slower days when there are no lines for my favs.

Aside from the Casino, my playing here before recently gave me a couple of nights complimentary at the Hotel, which is highly appreciated. We had a couple of cats with us and absolutely love being able to bring our babies along for a short stay. The pet fee is acceptable, especially on complimentary stays. The staff (housekeeping etc.) is very accommodating when asked to not come in for housekeeping or turn- downs, with regard to the pets being in there.

The rooms are spacious, nicely furnished, clean and neat. The bed is super comfortable (not better than Hampton Inn though.. ;)

The Buffet is great- don't miss a visit there!

I recommend Seminole to any casino- lover visiting in Florida; it's also a treat if you are able to stay at the hotel.

A 5- star rating for me would happen if the drinks in the casino were free, or, at least cheaper, as the current prices are actually higher at the machines than going to a bar.

Thanks you Seminole! :)

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Dianna B.
I -wish- it was non smoking.  The moment you hit the door you can smell the smoke and the stuff they use to cover up the odor. It was rather.. strong.

Inside though, the light is phased out and the bells and whistles of the machines come up, There is an odd sense of euphoria that seems to weigh over you as you approach and you sit down at the slots.  I played the $0.02 machines (Really more like $0.40 -$0.80 machines based on the bets you have to play) and did fairly ok.

The one thing I can say that I do not like is the inconsideration of the staff when they stand RIGHT behind you, quite literally nearly touching you when they're helping someone out. This happened twice to me. It makes me very nervous and very .. uncomfortable.

24/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
165. Bob J.
I've visited the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa on about 5 occasions and have been to dozens of other casinos in the states and I have to say that this place has the tightest slots, by far. This is not a bitter slots loser talking, just an astute observer. This place also needs more bj tables and a better air system to remove the smoke.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
166. Ameesh P.
For all the years I've lived in Tampa and driven by this place, I finally had my first adventure here.  If you are a non-smoker, be prepared to deal with the smoke filled air on your visit.  Overall, this place is huge with high and low limit tables and a plethora of slot machines to suit anyone's fancy.  The roulette tables are electronic with no dealers, which was a tad different that I had experienced in various casinos in the past.  The dealers at the rest of the tables are very friendly and make the experience that much more enjoyable.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Doug M.
Typical casino. We heard some good music and good drinks. The place was packed. Unbelievable amount of smoke in some parts of the casino. Somebody needs to take a look at the ventilation system.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
168. Robert W M.
Its a casino, people. .....the chances of winning are not in your favor, but its still worth the trip. This place is not just gambling.  There are quality restaurants and music memorabilia. Live music, several bars with reasonable prices make this a great meeting place. There are cool hotel rooms for overnight stays. The staff is friendly.  Go out and enjoy yourselves.  Have a good time and people watch.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Miguel A.
My brother and had a reservation for the hotel in the casino for the weekend. Despite booking on the phone for this hotel they booked us at the hotel location on Hollywood, FL. THEN told us we'd be unable to get our room reservation refunded. My brother had to talk to the manager to get anything done. Terrible service at a nationally known brand. We expected more.

21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
170. Andi C.
This review centers on the casino.

Love the music, yes it's smoky but no more than any other casino.  The place is clean someone is always cleaning the floor the wall, the space between the machines, etc.  Bathrooms clean.  Lots of different table games.  The dealers and Pit bosses are friendly in fact so is everyone that works there.  They are genuinely happy when you have wins (Tip accordingly please) There are a lot of negative reviews mostly because people are mad they lost $$.  Here is the thing, go with a budget and have fun.  Bet with your head and not over it and you will have a good time.

Tip:  Get the Beef Pho at the Asian restaurant (Jumbao Palace?) - Delicious.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Carly A.
This meat be the worst experience I've ever  had with the service industry. When I went to check in, the clerk did not have my reservation on file. He then told me that I was booked at the hotel in Hollywood... Even though I called and reserved directly to the room Seminole. And to make matters worse, he said I would still be charged for the room I couldn't use in another city!! Obviously they have some problems with their phone system, but it really mess up my trip.

21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
172. Tom A.
I have been to the Hard Rock Casino at least five times in the last couple of years and always look forward to doing some gambling and HOPEFULLY winning some money but I never have that luck.

The place is HUGE and they expanded it more, the parking is easy and plenty of places to park but make sure you remember witch parking level you are at and witch of the two garages you are at.

They allowed smoking inside witch I think is okay as long as they are not smoking on top of me other wise it does not bother me at all because I am so busy playing with all the machines and playing Texas Holdem at the tables.  

They really need a map or app for this place so people can find there favorite machines and there way around this place, must employees do not even know were they are at or how to tell you directions or to get to another place.

I am yet to be lucky enough to leave happy but have one a few bucks here and there and even won at the table but always leave loosing money but it is still fun.

My rating is based on how expensive the place is as and how expensive beer and other alcoholic beverages even though we are in a 'Indian reservation" and it suppost to be tax free well make it cheaper so people drink here.

I preffer going near by to a bar and then coming here drunk then buying anything at all here even the food is over priced so for that and that it is hard to get around this place and employees are confused when you ask them for direction, I think giving this business three stars.

Not a bad place to come and have fun but bring plenty of cash and they also have plenty of ATMS but they charge you a pretty high fee($4.00) to take money out.

Most employees are friendly but some one ask us for our ID when we came back in after being lost and trying to find out were our parking garage was.

24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
173. Travis P.
This place is an absolute joke.

First off, the hotel/casino is on Indian land (obviously) and practically had it's own laws. The "police" at the casino are completely out of control and out of line. The security is the same.  Nothing but rude staff and disrespectful service. I take my money to Vegas where they know respect and hospitality!

I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
174. Brian J.
It's ranked 16th in the world for its size and the design layout of their floors never stay the same.

Various locations to eat throughout from a buffet to a food court.

Plenty of parking options and locations as well to choose from, mainly three parking garages and one large open lot.

Their ceilings change color to give it a Vegas-style of casino like the Caesar Palace  

Would recommend to anyone who is from out of state and/or never been to Vegas as this is as close you can get to it!

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
175. Anna-Marie W.

Do not snub your nose because of the term "food court"- this was not greasy fast food, it was fresh, quick and half the price of the menu in the Hard Rock Cafe, located a few steps away in the same hotel. Read on my friend....

I am always on the hunt for a great veggie burger and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.  There is an actual Hard Rock Cafe located inside the casino as well as a handful of other dining options like the Rise Kitchen and Bakery and the Rock 'N Raw Sushi Joint.  However, I opted to try out their food court, unsure what to order.

There are a few options from burgers and fries to pasta to ice cream.  I saw a veggie burger on the menu at the Shake n' Burger and decided to give it a chance.  With a soda and fries the total cost was just over $8- pretty good considering the $15 price of the veggie burger if I would have eaten in the Cafe.

I was expecting a frozen little veggie patty but like I said, I was pleasantly surprised.  The burger was huge!  I couldn't tell you what veggies were actually used in the burger but I think I saw carrots, squash, zucchini and red peppers.  I have eaten a lot of veggie burgers in my day and I think this could be one of my favorites.  Topped with guacamole, tomatoes, sprouts and mushrooms this burger could not have been any more perfect.  And it came from a food court!!!

The burger was so big I could barely even finish it.  I was full, felt healthy and happy.  I would probably stop here on my way down to Tampa for just the burger.

What made it even more prefect was the ice cream shop in the food court.  A perfect topper to a great lunch.

My only reservation is that it is still the Hard Rock.  A place known for playing loud music.  Add that to the loud noises of the casino floor and this is not a place for a quiet meal.  But you probably already know that if you are familiar at all the Hard Rock brand.

Give the food court a chance the next time you head over there.  While it is still technically considered to be fast food, there are healthy choices and the prices are much cheaper than eating at the Cafe.  And in my opinion, the veggie burger was better than the one I had at the Cafe in Orlando recently.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
176. Jimmy P.
This review is for the poker room only.

I used to frequent this place often and I really enjoyed this place. Good action. Friendly dealers and drinks are always arriving relatively on time.

What I can't stand is that management allows blatant collusion. Tell me this. You have three friends and family sitting at a table when there are multiple tables going on right now. They joke on how they are trying to take each other's money but they sit across from each and raise and reraise to wean out some players and force them to play in a big pot. Then none of them folds because playing the percentage, any two cards will win.

For example:

I was playing short stack about $100 when I got AQ. Short raise and I was cutoff man. I pushed all in, the big blind thinks for a while and calls. UTG limped and went all in. This other person calls. UTG had AQ and the big blind called with J7 suited. 7 hit and I was like what the fuck are you calling 98 more bucks with J7. He goes it's suited.  He had only $2 invested before he called my all in.

Then one more all in situation and that happened again. Same two players calling me.  Same result.

I didn't think of it it anything at first but there was a guy that sat next to me and started talking to me. Then the lady goes "are you guys friends?!  Are you guys colluding?!"  I was like wtf???  I just met this guy. Then she got a bit drunk and told the guy who was the button with J7 out loud "why are you kicking me, I have the nuts" when they were both in the hand.  At the end I found out they were married.

Majority of the time people don't know how to collude and it's usually fine. Like the example above. But the three man team I was talking had it down pat. One was the joyous loser, the other one solid, and the other one was raising hands the solid player was on. They min bet their good hands and the three players were always in the pot.

C'mon management. You have to put them in different tables. No matter how much money they are going to take from each other. Don't you know that's pretty bs??  The "solid" guy walked off with $2400 and had to leave because the loser was his ride. C'mon guys. I love this game but you guys have to put that shit in check.

26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
177. Kristen P.
Yeah. This place wasn't for me.

My Dad was visiting my aunts and uncles in South Florida. We couldn't be in the same state without seeing each other. We met here a nice a halfway point.

It started out okay - free parking, wasn't expecting that. There aren't many spots on each level so it took a bit to find a spot that was available.

I walked on to the casino floor and was hit by a wave a cigar smoke. I some times forget I live in Florida and smoking is still allowed in indoor public venues. I'm so used to the DC area where the smokers have to go outside.

In any event, after located my Dad (whose instructions to me on his location was, "I'm in the middle." Thanks Dad. This is a giant casino that goes on and on and on - I have no idea where "the middle" is.), I watched them gamble a bit.

The Wheel of Fortune slots are a family favorite. My aunt was doing really well - She was up about 100 dollars but didn't realize it and ended up gambling it all away. My Dad and my uncle struck out pretty hard.

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe - because, duh - It was great. Good food and service. A smidge over priced, but the portions are huge so I guess that balances it.

Then we gambled a more. My uncle gave me a 20 and I lost it in less then 10 minutes.

I had a blast hanging with my family. But I'm not one to piss my money away. I probably wouldn't have gambled at all if it weren't for the money my uncle gave me. I also didn't appreciate the inside smoking. I smelt horrible on the drive home. The people watching is a bit of an adventure here.

If you like gambling - sure.
If you like smoking - sure
If not - maybe not the place for you.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
178. Frank N.

I originally was going to do this review for the food court here but I'll probably include some casino stuff, sorry.
As many casinos have a food court, this casino also has one, it's limited, but it's there. There is a burger stand, Italian/pizza, Cuban, Chinese and ice cream. They are not independent operators but part of the hotel/casino. Are they any good? Its hit or miss. The Italian roasted chicken is outstanding but the pizza...meh. The Cuban food looked pretty good but the counter help was so slow I gave up. Another thing I can never understand are people standing in line for a good five minutes and don't know what they want when it's their turn. Prices are steep, you're a captive audience so they don't hesitate to gouge. Which brings me to the casino. I've been frequenting casinos longer than I care to admit. Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, cruises, Indian places, on and on. This is hands down the tightest casino I've ever played in, ever.
Anyway the cafe is decent but wife doesn't like HRC food.
We come here only because it's all we have, but not very often.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
179. David L.
This is really for the Poker room, with some points taken off for the overall environment.  The poker room is in the very back of the casino.  You have a couple minute walk through the smokiest casino I've ever been in.  The casino is huge by the way with all sorts of games available though I didn't stop to look at limits or anything.

The poker dealers were universally friendly and some actually conversed quite a bit.  There was a couple young guys that seemed to up to some collusion and they were separated which was nice to see.  One of the dealers was the fastest dealer I've ever seen in my life.  I mean so fast that it was almost unreal how fast the cards were delivered.

Soft drinks were available for a tip.  Not sure if alcohol was available gratis but I got the impression that it wasn't as no one was drinking.  I didn't ask cause I had driven in from Orlando and had to drive back.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
180. Nikki A.
I love heading to the Hard Rock for a fun night out in Tampa. I like to get my gamble on, and this venue is the best bet in Florida. They are constantly updating their slot machines, which makes it new every time. My favorite restaurant is the Noodle Bar at Jubao Palace, if you are lucky enough to catch a seat. An honorable mention goes to the slices of pizza at the food court; these biggies are cheap and delicious. Strangely, the drinks are cheaper and the staff is much more friendly at the Center Bar. The only major drawback in this place is that pretty much every other person is smoking it up, which makes it tough to breathe for the non-smoking types.

14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Lex D.
Casino review only!

Strolled around the casino a couple of times. It's not as big as I thought it would be but big enough to enjoy yourself.

Seeing things from the stars past is amazing and interesting. There are many slot machines, one will definitely be calling you to play. I won a little bit my first visit so I was happy about that.

Want to hangout for the day... check out this casino!

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Matt W.
Fun way to kill an hour or two and put your laundry detergent to the test.

We came here on July 4th. We are no casino aficionados by any means, but we have been to one or two casinos. It took us a few minutes to remember what we were doing.

It was very busy during our visit. Parking was no trouble, and we got in with no problem. We surveyed the whole place to start out. Endless, endless rows of slots, with some blackjack and poker in a few spots. Also a food court, a few restaurants (mostly closed due to the late hour of our visit), a couple bars, a Hard Rock restaurant, a t-shirt shop, a Native American gift shop (looked more like stuff you'd see from western tribes like the Lakota, but I'm no expert), a smoke shop, a jewelry pagoda and, I'm sure, other opportunities to be parted from your money. Oh, and there's a hotel. Don't know about that.

This casino has a player's club, of course, but we didn't bother with all that. There are plenty of machines to break cash into smaller denominations. And, of course, once you put that initial money in the machine, you can get up and hit "collect" and get your remaining balance on a printed card that can be carried around with you.

There are plenty of slots of all denominations. LOTS of $1 slots, followed by two cent and penny slots, and also nickel slots (which were my preference but harder to find). The frustrating thing about penny slots and two cent slots is that, a lot of times, the machine will make you bet "ten lines" at a time so that, whatever the machine says, you are really playing a 40 cent slot machine. This is no surprise to casino veterans of course, but just a warning to the wary novice gambler, mind gone foggy from smoke inhalation.

I did check out the smoke-free room, and actually did find some machines in there that I liked pretty good that would let me gamble ten cents a pull.

Speaking of smoke - well, it's a complaint at nearly every casino I've ever been to. So you really ought to expect you are going to be a bit irritated and smelly if you are not a smoker. Seminole Hard Rock is no exception. The smoke free room is at least a partial respite. But like my opening sentence suggested, you will need a good shower/launder when you get home.

So, if you are in the Tampa area and want to try your luck, so to speak, Seminole Casino is a decent venue, particularly given its competition (ain't none).

I don't like to spend too long in casinos, they're kind of a bummer when your there too long and really start thinking about the whole deal, but go for a bit, win a little dough (I won over $100 after spending about $5 and then stopped) and then go enjoy the rest Tampa has to offer.

10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
183. Julie D.
The house took the pot that night; however, I will try to let that bias my review. The only gripe I have is that the drinks are not complimentary if you're playing and lowest black jack table started at $20. We stayed for hours and cycled through several dealers; none of which were personable or wanted to converse.

31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
184. Ashley M.
We stopped here for fun the evening before our cruise and wow, what a great addition of entertainment to the Tampa area! I've been to the Hard Rock Casino in both Biloxi and Las Vegas and if you've ever been to any of them, you know what to expect. The décor, style, and atmosphere of the casinos are very similar, with famous memorabilia displays, rock music, and cute / funny quotes everywhere. One addition I did especially appreciate here were all the dining options. In addition to the food court with variety of diverse options, there's a sushi bar and buffet upstairs, a casual café, and another Asian quick eats next to a separate area of baccarat tables. I'm sure I'm missing some more dining options here, but those are the ones I spotted easily.

I grabbed a quick meal at the Asian place in the food court and for $10, I ended up with a pile of food--enough to feed two people and then some. Great deal if you are hungry!

This casino is also huge! The entrance is in the middle and there are slot machines on either side upon walking in. There are also separate rooms with more slot machines, non-smoking slot rooms, and various other rooms for if coming with a group, it's very easy to get lost and not be able to find them! Also pay attention to parking--while waiting, I noticed several people were asking about how to get to which garage, which can be tricky once you've had some drinks in you! Overall, a fun, enjoyable experience with quality comparable to the other Hard Rock casinos!

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Sue N.
This review will be for the Casino only.

If you like the sounds and lights of slot machines then you'll love this place.  Loaded with slot machines, there's a game for everyone.  You can play from two cent machines to the high roller rooms.  They also have many card tables with Blackjack, poker, pai gow, etc.  I find the tables extremely expensive so never play them.  I will never understand why casinos don't lower the cost so the tables fill up.  You see lots of dealers standing at empty tables.  They are adding new electronic tables on the floor with games like roulette and craps.

There are several places to eat here as well.  A pretty good food court (try the broasted chicken & vegetables) and salads are huge and very good, small bistro restaurant, a new Asian restaurant, the Buffet, and of course the Hardrock Cafe.  Hardrock Cafe is expensive and not very good.  Would not recommend.  If I eat there, I go to the food court.

Restrooms are always clean.  Casino is clean.  Smoke is under control.  Employees are kind and helpful.  Be aware that at this casino it will cost you for alcohol if you are playing the slots.

It's a very "tight" casino, so winning doesn't happen too often.  But I have to be honest and say when I think about it, I believe I've won much more than I've spent.  This time I was very lucky.  The attendants seemed excited for me when they counted out my winnings to me.  Be smart, think of it as entertainment and allow yourself so much money to play then get out if you lose it.  

It's a pretty good place.  Nothing will outdo Vegas which I've been to many many times.  But for a local place to go to to have a fun time...I recommend it.

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
186. Geno K.
It's the best casino in Tampa.  It's the only casino in Tampa.

I've lived near Vegas. I was a regular at Foxwoods when I lived up north. As casinos go, the HR is a bit better than average.  Would love to have another option though.  Too few blackjack tables unless you're a $50/hand player.  As is often the case, the ratio of tables to machines is annoying... if you're a machines player, the popular games are usually occupied but the unpopular ones will be empty for rows.

The buffet is good, but a bit overpriced.  The steakhouse is excellent if you are lucky at the tables.  The Cafe is a good bar environment, but can be a bit loud and smoky if you're dining.

25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
187. Bob B.
Slots review. Trust me when I tell you it is an unregulated gigantic scam. The slots will never pay. Stay away. You may be more entertained by throwing your cash out your car window as you drive down the highway. When you lose all your money and can't pay your bills you'll feel like a shit head.                I'm no dummy. I've seen the payouts when the casino first began compared to now. Your hoping those people and memories will just go away.

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
188. Deb C.
Nice bars but expensive. Slot machines are tight deceiving. Minimum bets are high, packed but I'm not sure why. Felt like non smokers were second class citizens. Would not go there again.

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
189. Michelle B.

I worked an event at this casino a few years back, and my experience was very poor. I had an okay time at the casino itself, and the food was okay. I probably would have walked away from this with a forgettable experience, except that my last day of my stay I decided to use the spa and facilities.

While staying here, I received a gift card to use anywhere on premises. Why not use this opportunity to treat myself to a nice massage and visit the sauna! So I made my appointment. Upon checking in at the spa front desk, you are required to put down a credit card that will not be charged until after services are rendered and the bill is settled. I did so letting the kid at the front desk know that I would be using a gift card once I was done.

I had a nice massage and went into the sauna. Because my flight was not for another few hours, and I had plenty of time to kill, I was probably in there for about 2 hours or so. Apparently that was too long for them to wait, and they did NOT bother to make a round to see if I was still inside. I came out to find that my card was charged!

No big deal, I thought. I'll just have them cancel the payment and I'll ring it up on the gift card instead. I received the voided receipt for the card and a receipt for the services. It was not until after I was already on my way to the airport that I realized the mistake made. Apparently, after voiding the first transaction on my card, the person at the front desk applied all charges to my card AGAIN. Not only that, but he took my gift card as well. So it was as though I was being charged double for the services rendered.

I called the spa to dispute, and got nothing but an unprofessional game of avoiding my calls and ignoring my messages on their machine. When I disputed through my credit card company, the credit card company required I provide a receipt to prove my case. But the receipt did not prove anything because of the spa's mistake of charging my credit card instead of the gift card!!!

It has been a few years since this incident, and I still have the sour taste in my mouth. I have told EVERYONE I know to avoid this unprofessional business, and I will continue to write poor reviews. I am absolutely disgusted that this is how customers are treated.

03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
190. Cece C.
I have been to Vegas a few times now for field work in the surrounding desert. Every time I walked through a casino I thought to myself, wow, I could totally get addicted to this if I was around it all the time.

That's why I for the most part avoid the Hard Rock here in Tampa. I am one of those people who will win a little right off the bat then think I'm a winner and proceed to lose it all and hate myself. Because that's what you're supposed to do. Just like the lottery, you're not SUPPOSED to win, and the games are rigged so that you don't. But we all know that!

Anyway, I still proceeded to go here and lose some money recently yet had a decent time doing it. Slots are plentiful and they have a good variety of card tables and other games as well. The people-watching is excellent. Rednecks smoking their lungs away, eccentric old people sitting at the slots for hours, rich-looking mysterious foreigners at the high stakes tables... the Hard Rock has it all.

Smokiness seems to be an issue with yelpers in their reviews. Yes, it is smoky but no you can't see it. You CAN smell it. If you've ever been to a bar, and most of us have, then that's what it's like.

I'll probably be back but limit my spending. I had fun here but I'm way too poor right now to be wasting my hard-earned money gambling. But it's still fun and the people are generally pretty friendly!

Check it out... join the Player's Club... have a budget and stick to it. Have fun. That's all I have to say!

26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
191. Amy Lee H.
Not so impressed. Nice facilities but staff wasn't super friendly or helpful. Asked for a wake up call & didn't get one. They sent someone up to BANG on our door & try to use a key to get in... No idea it was a hotel employee thought someone drunk was at wrong room. Lots & Lots of smokers everywhere & no nonsmoking Casino area.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
192. Rodney D.
I use to love going to this casino when I move to Florida. It has gone down hill. I use to play on their rewards card and was often given good reward credit to eat in their nice restaurant but they have tighten them a lot.

I would recommend going to Miami for more casinos and a lot more choices. Tampa only have the one land casino so they can do anything they like. I have lost a lot of respect for this casino and their business practices.

22/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
193. Gustavo P.
This is for the Hard Rock Cafe Inside the casino.

The restaurant is in the center of the casino. The interior design is a modern/retro mix that gives you something to look at. But don't look too long because even on a busy night the drinks and food came out surprisingly quick. The pulled pork sandwich was juicy and crispy, as it's supposed to be. Servers are relaxed but they know what they are doing. All around a great place that really is for everyone.

11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
194. Shuné D.
I'm not a gambler myself, but I enjoy the atmosphere at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel. They make sure they cater to people from all walks of life. From those who are willing to only spend a few coins on the machines to the high rollers. There is even a non-smoking section for gamblers to enjoy. Though there are smokers in the main game rooms, you barely smell of thing. Probably from a good exhaust/air exchange system going on. For me it's just the people watching and hang out experience. All in all a fun experience

07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
195. Natasha F.
This place used to be fun. I would visit very regularly BEFORE all the greedy changes. I was typically there a few times a week. I was a platinum player. I earned that status. I would get weekly free play, invited to redeem free gifts, and usually 1 free meal for 2 at any restaurant.  Then they changed. The slots changed. You cant tell me they didnt change the payouts of the slots.  They put in place some crazy point system that earned you a few bucks in free play. Nothing else in the mail.  I used to feel appreciated. I would blow my cash, but got a little in return. Any time I was invited for drawings or gifts, I always spent money.   I continued to go- for a while. Once I finally realized that this was a permanent change, I was done. I read an article online basically stating they were trying to attract super high rollers. They werent interested in the locals. I know, after to talking to casino employees I am friends with, they are trying to get rid of the nickle and dimers- the people who got $5 in free play a week, who would ride it out all day and night, and walk out with $100. So that was it for me.  I pass this place daily, and dont feel the pull of adventure like I used to.  
I know the house always wins. The fun of gambling is the thrill of the chase. But when you lose $500 in 30 minutes, when it used to last for hours and hours, its time to quit.  They are the only game in town. So, if it comes to a vote again, get out there and vote to open up gambling. Once they have competition, they will BEG us little people to come back.

06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
196. Kevin D.
Smoke, smoke, smoke. That's what you're going to breathe the second you walk into the door
AND you will leave smelling like an ashtray!
We have every reason NOT to go back until it's 100% non smoking. This place stinks!

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
197. Bonita B.
Smokey (to be expected - minus a star as a non smoker with allergies), several dining options (prices varies), beverages (all sorts for a nominal fee, of course), hotel (pricey), parking (FREE), entertainment (various), ATM (scared for some people who may not have self control), and yes gambling (tip: don't gamble if you're bit willing to lose it). Have fun even if you are an observer (like me).

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Brad S.
I've never been to Vegas, nor do I really care to. I have no interest in gambling. However, I've visited this casino a few times out of curiosity and looking for some entertainment, in the people-watching department and of the live musical kind.
Now, you would think that a casino that pretends to be some sort of shrine to rock music would have great live music and present it in fabulous formats all over the place. Well, there is a lot of live music in three different locations, but almost no one pays much attention.
Full disclosure, I'm a local musician and I've actually played here, and most of the musicians are friends or people I know. Typically, the lounge stage gets the most attention, followed by the main stage in the Hard Rock Cafe, and trailed by the stage in the Council Oak Steakhouse, where virtually no one ever seems to notice the two live musicians.
For people-watching, you can't go wrong. Of course, you could also just go to Walmart because most of the clientele here looks like they came straight from there.
The parking is another horror show. Good luck remembering where you parked, because it will be miles from wherever you end up.
I've only eaten the food from the faster-food outlets and the Fresh Harvest restaurant. Both weren't bad. Fresh Harvest actually is far enough away from the rest that you won't detect the odor of smoke which permeates the rest of the casino. That's really disgusting, but  I guess it's par for most casinos.
Supposedly, this casino is importing lots of high rollers from Asia, putting them up in the hotel, chauffering them around town and generally trying to cater to them with high stakes games. Whatever. Most everyone here seems to be the type that plays penny slot machines with a cigarette hanging from their mouths.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
199. Mel F.
Not A Happy Camper been coming here on and off for the past few yrs ,The machines are tight as can be,Back in 2012-2013 you had a chance ,But now Its just not happening,Sorry just being honest!

16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
200. Karen W.
We have been coming to hard rock tampa for a couple of years and love it.  We come on weekends and get there early Saturday so we can start with the 5 blackjack but by end of day at 25. Fun!! And dealers are great. Slots are okay. Have won have lost. That is how is goes. Love love council oaks. Actually just arrived Friday nite will be there tomorrow have not been able to stay at hotel as not high rollers. But stay in brandon at a great embassy suite. It's iur weekend away place

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
201. Patricia H.
I've been reading the reviews (just curious) and would like to share my imput. I've been going to the Hard Rock for many years and have been to many other casinos nationwide. The HR is a great place to unwind, people watch, and have their delicious steaks at Oak Council, they're the best in Florida, bar none. There have been changes and as explained to me by a former host, the valet parking went from $5.00 to $20.00 in January. This did not make me a happy camper. After being ticked off at the casino, I today learned that the valet packing is sub-contracted and they have no decision in what their contractor charges for the valet parking. Also, you used to be able to use your comp dollars at the food court and can no longer do so, as they are also sub-contracted out.
The Plum Lounge was one of my favorite places to sit back and relax after many hours of playing, and since I usually come alone (widowed), I didn't want to go to a restaurant and eat by myself. This is now set aside for the elite players and no one else. That is something management needs to reconsider. If I'm going to drop $3000 to $5000 bucks, I think I deserve a little more consideration. The servers are losing out on my $20 tips, too!
Paying for drinks. Okay, if you play the High Limit slots you'll receive drinks on the house. I play High Limit slots and have no problem with it until I go to a different area and play $3.00 a spin. In my personal opinion, if it counts, anyone gaming should be getting free drinks while gaming. Give the server a tip, always. If your not gambling, then no, you shouldn't be getting free drinks
The hotel rooms are superb and I enjoy staying the weekend. If you're looking to go somewhere nice and spend a couple of nights, this is all in all, a great place. I just hope someone in management takes my personal opinions to the powers that be, give a rebate on valet parking for great players and free drinks for those who are actively gaming. This will induce players to skip going to Biloxi and Vegas, and keep our gaming in Florida.

19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
202. Scott R.
Fellow Yelpers,

This is my honest opinion on the casino, I will not add any info about win/loss complaints.  The casino itself is nice and very big. There are many table games and slots to chose from. However they do not have regular roulette or craps.  You can find a couple roulette tables that are automated machines with the balls still spinning just without a person spinning it. I personally don't trust it. The same goes for the craps games. They offer a dice games that's automated too. As for "free drinks" while gaming. This applies to everywhere in the world, EXECPT HARD ROCK TAMPA. You can get free sodas, coffees and waters,  however anything else is a charge, and a high charge as well.

Comps:  unless you bet really big and a lot. They don't offer anything to you. I believe this casino does not like to give back. I have heard a host telling a man he didn't lose enough money to receive a complimentary food ticket. And when I say bet big. You need to do this for a long time. Placing a $5,000 bet 1 time or maybe 2 consecutively would not get you anything.

High minimums:  they table games get raised to high minimum bets on holidays and weekends. Especially at night. It's hard to find a table for less then $50.00 a hand for blackjack. Sometimes even $100.00. If you go early enough it will be less but usually never less then $25.00 a hand.

Friendliness: I don't see the customer service in the casino that I should see. Their slogan is " we are the only game in town" if you don't like it. Go next door!  Well clearly you can't go next door. But you can travel to AC, Biloxi, or Vegas. Sometimes your better off really. Some dealers are great! And some seem completely miserable. Not even a smile on their faces. Very serious. Lighten up!!

Food: you have a couple options. All very overpriced but not bad for the food. They have a great buffet called fresh harvest its upstairs, if you like seafood they have a special only on Friday evenings. It includes all you can eat crab legs. And everything as well, it's set up with 7 different kitchens to chose from. It's very big. I think Friday night is the best night to come here. They also have a diner called the Green room. It's just like a fancier version of Denny's or IHOP. But they do have a lot of menu items. They only have a food court area that offers pizza to Chinese and Latin foods as well, plus a few other things. Finally they have a steak and seafood house called council oak. This place is nice. It's their "fancy place"

Valet parking: free if your a elite player. But not worth the wait. Sometimes you wait up to minutes for your car to be returned to you.

Smoking: I don't think it's too smoky inside like a lot of people complain about. I don't smoke and it don't bother me. In fact if you sit first at a table game you can request it to be a non smoking table.

Over all: the place is "ok". But if I had the choice or option to go to a different place I would. Because they don't give back much.

What I really don't like about this place is that they bend the rules for a lot of people and depending how much they play. Myself a big player and they allow other players to bet larger. The max bets are extremely low. Most casinos allow 10,000 max. Here just 5,000. Sounds like a lot but if your down a lot of money, wish you the best on recovering with the low max bets. The system is designed for the player to not recover their losses.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
203. Steve E.
After our delicious dinner at Council Oak Steak House, my lovely date and I decided to try our luck at the casino, and so we ventured out onto the main floor at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. For those who've never been here, the property is located off I-4 at North Orient Road and Hillsborough Avenue, about 10 minutes east of downtown Tampa.

According to their promotional information, SRH is the world's sixth largest casino with 190,000 square feet of non-stop gaming action, including over 5,000 slot machines, 110 table games, and about 50 live-action poker games. As with most casinos this place is lively, energized......and very very smoky. As non-smokers, my date and I were both struck by the heavy smell of cigarette and cigar smoke throughout the casino, and the eventual burning sensation in our eyes and throats really turned us off as the evening wore on.

I am a frequent business traveler to Las Vegas, and have spent many evenings exploring the various casinos, restaurants, and clubs throughout The Strip, but certainly do not recall the same feeling of "walking through an ashtray" as I do at SRH in Tampa. Frankly it is overwhelming, unnecessary, and a real turn-off to non-smokers like me.

Brittany took a stab at the casino's slot machines, and had a lot of fun playing the newer electronic games for a bit. I went looking for a craps table, and sadly learned that they don't offer live-action table craps. Instead I found a friendly blackjack table with a reasonable minimum, and sat down to try my luck.

After about an hour we were both feeling the effects of the smoke and decided to call it a night. We won back the cost of our dinner, plus a couple of tanks of gas, so it was a successful trip to the casino. Had the air been "fresher" I am sure that we would have stayed longer since we were both having a good time. Instead, the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was take a long hot shower, and throw my clothes in the washer.

The casino is very nice, and I'm sure that a lot of people enjoy this place. However, in my personal opinion, I have to say thanks, but no.......I prefer not to inhale second-hand smoke all night.

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
204. Savitre S.
I am only reviewing the food and the environment, not so much the casino as I am not a gambler.

First of all, more on the pricier side. But what can you expect?  Most of the people coming to the Hard Rock are high roller types who can spare a few extra dollars for food.

That being said, I ordered the chicken arugula salad and Justin ordered a steak with waffle fries and green onions.  His green onions were okay but the rest of the food was quite delicious.  And what can I say, I ate all of my salad but it wasn't spectacular.

What I do enjoy is that the whole place is just oozing with music videos, music lyrics, costumes from real rock stars from real concerts, and that is what brought J and I together.

I look forward to hopefully staying at the hotel one day- in the meantime, we've made plans to get married at the Punta Cana location (yes, in the Dominican Republic) and I CAN'T WAIT!!

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
205. Ashley M.
Here's the thing- I don't gamble. But I'm from the west coast (see: close proximity to Las Vegas) and the casinos I am used to have night clubs, bowling alleys, aquariums, family events, concerts, video game arcades...the list goes on and on.

Seminole Hard Rock has.... Boredom...the smell of smoke and bad food. Just go to Vegas.

14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
206. Esther Z.
Back to one star. I am here now. I followed Gina Ms, the managers' who wrote me, advice and asked at the door for the none smoking floor. The doorman could barely conceal his dismay when I assured him a manger told me there is a none smoking gambling floor. Nope, nada! It does not exist, he said. Was that a hoax email, I wonder. Does a Gina M exist? If Gina exist did she figure I would never return.
So again, as a none smoker I had a 12' x 12' game room of slots. When you walk out that door you are blasted by smoke, cigarettes and cigar. You'll smell like sh***y smoke by the time you leave. Phew! Cough. Here smokers rights prevail. HR disrespects none smokers. That is it for me. Never again.

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
207. Klein N.
Review is for the Vietnamese/Chinese food area. Awesome place with awesome food. Loved...loved how quick the food comes out and great service also.

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
208. ChowHound Z.
No it's not Vegas, but it is much closer and a quite a fun stop for a few hours of entertainment and people watching. Sometimes you win (quick - cash out and keep the moola!) and sometimes  you loose (quick - stop feeding the machines and go feed your tummy at the Greene Room or the Fresh Harvest buffet upstairs - both are quite qood!).  :)

As you can see in my photo's, sometimes I loose (Winner Winner Chicken... Nugget) and sometimes I win (Winner Winner Chicken & Waffle Dinner!!) Whoo Hoo!!!  ;o)

As with any casino, you should know your limit and not go over it - if you do, you have only yourself to blame. Just have fun and only bring your play money (not your mortgage money ar ATM card).

Sign up for the players card - you can use your comp money at the restaurants and the Casino also loads free play money on the card for play and for special occasions like your birthday.  :)

14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
209. Todd W.
Geographical fact: I live 11 miles from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa and 2,320 miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

So what does it tell you that I have been to Las Vegas six times in the last 12 months yet have not returned to the Seminole Hard Rock in almost two years?

Saying the Seminole Hard Rock offers the Las Vegas experience is like the rube who says sitting in the last row of the upper deck at a sporting event is a better experience than holding a ticket for the same event in all-inclusive premium seating.

Let's compare Las Vegas to Seminole Hard Rock with some facts:

In Las Vegas, I can play table games of craps, roulette and have legitimate odds on video gaming machine payouts regulated by the Nevada gaming commission.

In Las Vegas, I can always find any table game offered with a $5 minimum bet. (Sometimes, even less)

In Las Vegas, I can wager on NFL, college football, NBA, or any other sports event worldwide and watch it on enormous big screen televisions.

In Las Vegas, I am offered and enjoy free drinks while gambling at every hotel and casino.

In Las Vegas, I'm a member of various hotel rewards programs which offer perks such as meals, rooms and show tickets without requiring ridiculously high levels of monetary play.

In Las Vegas, there are minimum 50 shows to choose from on any night of the week whether it is live music, comedy, burlesque or production.

In Las Vegas, there are multiple retail collections (both inside and outdoors) featuring a wide variety of shopping options in visually appealing settings.

In Las Vegas, people actually go out of their way to take pictures outside of various hotels, casinos and attractions to capture those impressive images.

The Seminole Hard Rock offers none of this. Zero. Or any other term for nothing that Lily uses in those AT&T commercials.

Because of their deal with the state of Florida, the Seminole Hard Rock has no threat of local competition in the casino industry and therefore has no motivation to offer any of these things.

Off my last visit, I actually filled out an online survey which described an incident at one of their restaurants where we had to leave immediately afterwards because of a problem. This survey clearly asked me if I would like a telephone call to offer further details of my issue and I agreed to receive that call.

I'm still waiting for that phone call.

No, I'm not. It was never going to come, because they honestly don't care about your experience and what you think of them.

They know they're the only such option in town, which is why I'd rather get on a plane at Tampa International Airport holding a boarding pass to Las Vegas every couple months because I always have a much better time.

21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
210. Lori L.
The casino employees were VERY helpful.  Anytime we needed to find something they would actually take you directly to the slot machine, bar, etc.  I was very impressed with everyone we met.  4 stars for the employees!

This comment is directed at the casino management...who the hell raises the valet parking charge to $20?  My Mom is disabled and always used the valet for $5 until this time when as of 1/1/2015 you raised it to $20.  I can understand raising it to $10 but $20 is highway robbery.  I REFUSED to let her pay that extortion rate so we slowly walked from the handicapped parking to the casino.  She used to come here twice month so I doubt she will ever be back.   Zero stars for management!

I was on board with your Kenosha, WI  casino until this entire valet incident.  If this is how you run a casino then I hope you don't get one in Wisconsin!

13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
211. Christina M.
I don't gamble and I certainly don't smoke. The only reason I come here is for the food. I've been to Council Oak Steakhouse, Rock 'n Raw Sushi and Fresh Harvest. Great service and food each and every visit. I will go into further detail on each restaurant in their own, separate reviews. For this review it's based on the combination of my prior visits to the restaurants and my stay in one of their rooms. The room was non-smoking which was a nice change from all the smoke downstairs. (Extremely disgusting for us non-smokers). I don't enjoy my hair and nice clothes smelling like I've been rolling around in cigarettes. They really need a non-smoking casino area but anyways...The room was clean, modern and upscale. They add little touches here and there which makes your stay special. A bonus if you're a frequent casino goer is that they offer free rooms depending on how much you play. (Too bad they don't offer the same deal for us foodies).

The Hard Rock is fun to go to if you have the right crowd or are easily entertained by the games. For me, it's about the food and endless oysters.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
212. Jordan C.
So, I was bored before coming here and I read the reviews...

I've decided it must be tough managing yelp reviews at a place that takes your money. Everyone who reviewed this place poorly is just upset about their loss...

1. The smoke is mild at most. There were places that were so smokeless, I thought it was the non smoking section.

2. I didn't even see a valet, but the parking garage is spacious and accommodating

3. The bathrooms are clean. Very clean.

Those were some of the bullet points I read from others. All in all, it was a good time. For the record, I lost $300 and I'm still giving an honest review. My only complaint are the 2 cent machines are in abundance and the 1 cent machines are rare like a unicorn.

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
213. Marinda H.
The visit started out horribly when we pulled up to valet park and saw that it cost $20. Apparently, this is a new feature added in January 2015 to 'welcome their guests'. For $20 you would expect the valets to greet you quickly and be friendly but that was not the case. Since my mom has sciatica we had to valet.

Onto the rewards center to get our cards. The rewards employees seem to not care at all just like the valets - not friendly or in a hurry to help. Because the noise volume in the casino is SO LOUD I had to hand write all my personal information on pieces of paper slid back and forth because I could NOT HEAR ONE WORD the gal asked me - ridiculous.

Slots didn't pay out at at, no big surprise. There were hardly any drink servers on the floor and they too didn't seem to care about being friendly or quick when you could flag them down. The 5 stall women's bathroom on the left side of the casino was run down looking, not clean, and constantly had a long line. There is a gorgeous much larger women's bathroom far far away at the end of the left side of the casino where no elderly woman would trek (near the area where they cater parties) - very thoughtful casino scum lords.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
214. Gail B.
This place was fun. You gamble with a free credit card that fits into all the machines. If you are awarded free credits, you can spend it in the gift shop or food areas. The player card gets you $5 off of the $20 buffet.  The merchandise is pricey but I found a $5 clearance pin from last year. We didn't time our visit to eat for lunch but the employees let us take pictures in the restaurant. If you have key chains from other casinos, bring them or buy one in the gift shop. Bummer that they allow smoking.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
215. Tiffany B.

As soon as I walked into the casino I was hit with a thick musk that smelled of bleach, stale cigarettes, and old people slash mothballs.

I can't even remember why I came here in the first place, but I will not be back.

More assaulting to your eyes than the god awful carpet is the sad vision of hundreds of old fogies pissing away their retirement checks, desperately trying (and failing) to win big.

The house always wins, Grandma. Grab your walker and let's get the hell out of here.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
216. Dita D.
$20.00 to valet park? How 'bout you wait to screw me until I walk through your doors? I swear, I'm a sure thing but can you at least romance me first?

Slots tighter than a *insert gratuitous virgin joke* and limited gaming options.

The blackjack dealers were fun but no craps, no roulette, no Wild Cherry slot machines. Yet somehow they were still in greater abundance than a server when you wanted a drink.

I reeked of smoke and futility when I left.

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
217. Lisa W.
Always a fun night at the Hard Rock!  I love the Council Oak restaurant. Great food and service. The buffet and food court have both been hit or miss for me. The last time we stayed here was for the Journey concert. We were surprised to learn that the only restaurant still serving food was the Green Room. My burger was cooked perfectly and hit the spot.
The restrooms are clean. The majority of the staff working here are friendly.

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
218. Andrea M.
The casino was pretty spacious and nice looking with friendly staff. It had too much smoke in the air though. I didn't hit the betting tables, but I heard that the minimum was set pretty high, some tables starting at $20.

FYI: There's a parking deck if you want to escape the harsh heat.

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
219. Amanda C.
Live fast. I couldn't choose a decent machine all night! I did look and see a few winners probably 20k in an hour. So they do pay out.  The drinks, wait. You pay for drinks? That's a star.  This place is monopolizing Tampa and surrounding because there us no direct competition.  Good for them, not for me.  The casino is so split up by class, that it makes it easy to get around. Cheap seats by the pool BTW. Enjoyed getting out, wasting money and all that.  If a band
is playing, it's cool, they have huge monthly pots and that would be amazing.  I always feel like I'm going to win every time I gamble.  Not here. I know I am only going to lose.  .... shop, people watch and get a cuban sandwich.  There are restaurants and a night Club as well.

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
220. John T.
It was cold and smokey. My Ceaser salad was equal parts mayo to lettuce. The grilled shrimp add on was decent. Some others in our crew ordered burgers that looked very good and they enjoyed them. If I ever go back that would be the route I'd take. Decor was cool with some large interactive displays to see memorabilia from around the world.

This was the restaurant attached to the casino in Tampa bay.

07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
221. Lou F.
This review is for the food court only, not the whole casino.
Food was mediocre at best. We waited in line for 20 mins for a philly cheese steak only to be told when we got to order "sorry we're out of cheesesteaks". How about having a sign saying what you don't have. Fries were so drenched in oil they were inedible.
Just wish the casino had an actual roulette table not the digital kind.

26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
222. Shellie D.
I am a gambling woman and this casino satiates all my gambling needs. Slot machines, roulette, and black jack.

The casino could use some updating (the one in Ft Lauderdale is nicer), but it gets the job done.

Lots of restaurants inside the hotel too.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0