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Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel in Tampa, FL

Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel in Tampa, FL


Our hotel is conveniently located in downtown Tampa near the Port of Tampa and Raymond James Stadium, home of the Buccaneers. Onsite we also have over 12,000 sq ft of meeting and event space.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.08

Address: 200 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL, 33602

    Address: Ashley St, Tampa, FL, 33602

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      Comments (65):

      1. Christina F.
      Reliable inexpensive and clean. No problems, no miracles, cheap cab to Ybor. would stsy again if the situation dictated.

      17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      2. Lauren C.
      Leaves a lot to be desired. While the guest rooms are comfortable, there's no room service after 11, not even a late night menu. The common areas are outdated and drab. Not all was bad - I did enjoy the large patio off our room. But in terms of downtown hotels, stick with the Westin on Harbour Island or the Embassy Suites.

      23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      3. Holly K.
      Great hotel! Great rooms, the balcony overlooking the river is just lovely. My only concern was the front desk. I went down there three times during my stay for general needs and had to wait almost ten minutes for service. Not because there was a line, but because there just wasn't anybody there. Not sure if they were understaffed or what, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one that was annoyed

      10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      4. Kay D.
      I was a guest at this hotel overnight on  Dec. 23, 2013. We stayed there as part of a AAA package to see The Rockettes perform at The Straz Center.  EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE  was there to serve ... in a timely manner and with a pleasant disposition.  The valet people, the shuttle people who transported us to and from the Straz Center, the front desk personnel, ALL of the Ashley Street Grille personnel (including the chef who came to see if we were happy with our choices - there were 9 of us) to a random (don't know his capacity as an employee) Sheraton staff member who helped me print a boarding pass in the business area, were there to do whatever was required to make our stay a pleasant one.  Our room was a standard one with a comfy king-sized bed and the usual TV, internet, coffee accoutrements. The food in the cafe was very good and reasonably priced. We did not have dinner but some had appetizers, some had seafood chowder, some had dessert;  breakfast this morning was a buffet with a wide variety of options.  I would highly recommend the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel!

      24/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      5. Jacqueline L.
      Decided to ring in the new year last year in a hotel in town and we picked this place.
      We specifically asked for a river view when we booked. When we checked in, the front desk clerk confirmed we were getting a river view.
      We get up to the room and, although the room is nice, we did not get a river view. We got a view of some graffiti and the entire roof of the parking garage for the hotel. If we leaned far enough over the railing of our balcony we could see a little bit of water in a far, far view.
      Not the biggest deal, but if we're paying extra for a river view, I want a river view, damnit. Be sure to book your room above the third floor if you want the view they promise.
      Also, there is valet. It is not optional and it is $10 a day.
      There was a party in the room next to us that went on until we checked out the next morning. Two calls to the front  desk to have them quiet it down did nothing. I guess some drunk brats next door in a suite were more important.
      I understood that it was NYE, but after being awake to the door constantly slamming, loud valley girl laughing and yelling all night, we just wanted some peace and quiet. Considering we put up with it until 8am before calling the front desk, we were quite nice about it... too bad the hotel staff was not.
      Their restaurant Ashley Street Grill wasn't as neglectful. They were kind enough to give us food poisoning!

      15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      6. Mike S.
      The rooms with balconies are quite nice. Beds and pillows are lovely, the staff is friendly and accommodating. My only complaint is the location. Downtown Tampa is dead after business hours and your dining/drinking options are limited.

      28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      7. Chad H.
      While probably not the nicest downtown hotel it is probably the friendliest and because of that I will be looking at the Sheraton first when I go back to Tampa.

      Friendliest staff in town
      Rooms were HUGE
      Convenient to Channelside, Ybor City and Raymond James Stadium
      Free shuttle to anywhere within 3 miles

      $16 a day parking

      03/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      8. Richard G.
      Stayed there the week between Christmas and New Year.  There was an issue where the valet people mislaid my car in the parking garage, but other than that tweak it was a nice stay.  The staff was very agreeable and helpful.  The desk person, Tracy, was freaking awesome.  He had fantastic suggestions of where to go for dinner and a really great willingness to be helpful.

      Only other con with this hotel is that being a rather short hotel you can get some road noise on the street-facing side.  Try to get on the other side of the hotel.

      29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      9. Ben P.
      You know what I haven't done in awhile?  Taken a review and wrapped a song around it.  You know why I haven't done that in awhile?  Because it makes the review really long and I think it annoys the fark out of many of you.  See?  I DO care about you people from time to time.  But that doesn't mean the mood doesn't strike me from time.  So, let's reach a compromise.

      Step one: you open the linky youtube.com/watch?v=vAdD… in another tab.

      Step two: you pause the video and just wait for the whole thing to load so it doesn't stop or anything while you listen.  No need to full-screen it or anything, since you'll be looking at this with the music in the background.

      Step three: I'll write, and the handsome guy will sing.  You read when he's not singing (which will happen) and you listen (and stop reading) when he is singing.  (Or, you know, you can be really daring and try to both at once.)

      What on earth am I doing in Tampa?  It's an interesting story, and I'll tell you sometime.  Aristotle and others have expounded on the fundamental forces that motivate the actions of humans (fear, greed, revenge, etc.).  All I can say is that there has never really been any question about what my fundamental motivator is.  It seems odd to have most of everything you do explained by one word, but there's a reason these theories are several millenia old and still analyzed by the learned professions: they hit pretty close to the mark.

      Now, that's not to say that, once you put your finger on your fundamental motivator, everything suddenly becomes clear or makes sense.  Not that simple, I'm afraid.  Thus, for example, sometimes you find yourself at a Sheraton in Tampa.  Now, you may have booked the Sheraton because you got steered towards the Embassy Suites and recoiled in elitist horror, and instead booked what you anticipated was a reasonably upscale hotel.  Ha!  Fooled you, sucker!  All I can is that the key cards brag about the Sheraton chain's "$6 billion makeover," and my only reaction is to wince thinking what the place must have looked like before.

      Now, the room is clean, and the people thus far have been pretty nice, and the location is really very good if you have business is this part of Tampa.  But for $230/night, I really do expect a bit more.  Now, if I wanted a nonrefundable, pay-in-advance rate, I could have saved maybe $30/night, but that still doesn't equate to what I'd call an inexpensive rate.

      The drinks in the bar are reasonably strong, although I can still type.  As soon as I find something in the restaurant that's actually pleasantly edible, I'll let you know.  What I know thus far is that you can cross the chicken casadilla, buffalo wings, and club sandwich off that list (and, honestly, how do you screw up a club sandwich?) (I've had a few meals here, so don't get the wrong idea).

      As for the song, all I can say is that if that's what they carve on my tombstone, I'll be okay with it.

      22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      10. Richard G.
      Great location for a good price, even better if you are a Platinum member (the parking fee is waived).  The staff was nice. Ask for a water view and enjoy the balcony.

      02/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      11. Susan M.
      We recently had our company's Thanksgiving luncheon at the Sheraton Riverwalk.  The hotel itself is beautiful with a gorgeous view of the river.  Since I didn't stay at the hotel I can only comment on the food and service we had at our banquet.  And I was not impressed.  The food was average, at best. It was standard fare, a slice of ham, a slice of turkey, veggies and mashed potatoes.  The ham was dry.  The turkey was fine, but there was nothing outstanding.  The service wasn't great either.  One member of our party asked for tea and it took about 30 minutes to get it.  Our food wasn't served all at the same time, and our servers were not friendly at all.  The food and service did not inspire me to want to come back and try it again.  But the pool and the view might tempt me....

      11/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      12. Marc N.
      I stayed here on business in 2011. The housekeeping staff is beyond sweet (to name one in particular: Sheila is awesome), the views of the river are charming, and the location is close to many attractions.

      27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      13. Janene H.
      I liked the fact that this hotel was only a short walk from the forum and right on the water (even though our room was street view). All the employees we encountered were courteous and accommodating. The room was clean and the bedding and beds comfortable. The AC kept the room nice and cool but even on the 6th floor we had no trouble hearing every fire truck and police car that passed on the street below, siren wailing. The sound must have carried up from between buildings.

      The hotel also seems to struggle when near capacity; the valet was often overwhelmed as were the restaurants. At one time the line for check in was to the door! Cars waiting to be parked were hanging out into the street and the line for breakfast was 20 deep. Needless to say we walked toward the forum to the Marriott for breakfast and got right in for a nice buffet. I also noticed while in the Marriott how much nicer it seemed from the lobby (they had a Starbucks!). I think we'll look into staying there for our event next time!

      18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      14. C M.
      I should begin by noting that I stayed here for work--I'm not sure I'd recommend it for a super special vacation or a wedding or something, but for business travel it was totally satisfactory and an easy  walk to the Tampa Convention Center and downtown.

      The rooms were not the most modern in colors and decor, but they were large, very clean, and had extremely comfortable beds.

      What made this hotel worthy of 4 stars was the great service and complimentary amenities available. Not only is the wireless internet free; they even have a FREE shuttle that will drop you off and pick you up anywhere in Tampa until 10:30pm!

      The river view from the pool area is really nice, and I enjoyed watching crew teams row by while working out in the adjacent fitness center. The staff at the front desk and at the restaurant were extremely helpful and friendly. The breakfast buffet was pretty "meh," but the lunch options at the restaurant were surprisingly good for a hotel restaurant. Overall a very good experience.

      12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      15. Emanon V.
      Was at the hotel a few days the end of May 2013 - the staff was very helpful and friendly; the valet referred to me by name; the wait staff at the breakfast buffet didn't know the word 'no'.  They recommended a couple places for a massage and gave me a complementary ride on the shuttle.  The rooms are a little dated but nice flat screen with good channel options and a very comfy bed.  Didn't have river view though  - would stay there again and would recommend it.

      Have seen posts about the staff - which I never encountered - I never called for the valet and they apologized when I had to wait (and this was when they were 4-5 deep waiting for cars).  

      The front desk personnel recommended the Marriott for a massage and it was wonderful - one of the wait staff checked on a pool hall for me (I play pool leagues) - and this was on her own after she learned I played; another let me sit at the bar and watch the French Open during breakfast - every question I had was met with 'Yes, of course'.

      I should add that during my stay they had a rehearsal dinner (with wedding guests staying there); a junior high dance and people in town for a multi day concert - so they were definitely busy!

      27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      16. Arthur G.
      I was in  Tampa for a Convention.  The Hotels for the Convention were overpriced. The Sheraton was close to the Convention Center.  I walked iit was about 3/10 of a mile.  The walk along the Riverwalk was convenient   I also walked city streets also very easy.  The staff at the Hotel was the friendliest and most helpful I have experienced in a long time.  The Hotel also has a shuttle service but I did not use it.  I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Tampa.

      The Hotel is a bit dated, but the room had a king size bed, hi speed internet, a flat screen TV and more than met my needs.  A boat tour leaves from the dock on just outside the Hotel.  Unfortuanately due to bad weather I soulc not take the tour I wanted.

      I read some of the comments about the staff, but I did not experience those issues.

      03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      17. Lisa P.
      This hotel is "meh" at best. I am staying to attend a four day conference in the area and chose it because of the location. I wish I had read the reviews more carefully as I am experiencing several of the same things other reviewers have mentioned. I am especially concerned about the bed bug report by one guest because I felt something crawling on me last night, a few times - no bites, though. Regardless, this hotel is definitely overpriced, which they can get away with because of the location.  The rooms are very dated, the bathroom in my room was not cleaned properly, and the person who checked me in was snobby and condescending both upon check-in and when I called down a few minutes later. The valet-only parking is $18 a day, and the breakfast is $13 plus change.The internet is fine, a little slow but it will do. The only positive things I can say about it are that the fitness center is nice and open 24 hours, and the view of the river is lovely. I would happily give up both for a better overall experience.

      27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      18. Walt C.
      Review based on 5 night stay on 4th floor.

      In town for a conference at the Convention Center.  Usually stay at the Embassy, but it was booked.

      Decent hotel, though the distance to the convention center is just a bit too far to walk in the local weather (depending on your attire).

      Free Internet
      Nice view of river

      Noisy (Lots of noise bleeds through the walls and window)
      Small TV
      No fridge (Spoiled by the Embassy)
      Room/bathroom on the small side (Bathroom seems really cramped)
      Free shuttle service up to 3 miles

      For the most part, the staff was friendly and pleasant to deal with.  The thing that soured my experience the  most was the shuttle service.  Really hit/miss.

      They have one complimentary shuttle that will take you anywhere within a 3 mile radius.  Normally, I think it probably works out great for them.  However, if your customer base is mostly from Convention Center traffic...when there is a convention/conference in town, one shuttle just doesn't cut it.  Have waited up to 30 minutes for the shuttle to come for a pick up (after calling and being told it would be about 5-10 minutes) at the convention center when I've seen shuttles for other hotel chains in the area that are located further away come back twice in the same time span.  I know its not a personal taxi service, but seriously, provide a good service or don't provide one at all.

      I do have to caveat that with two instances of employees going the extra mile.  Chuck had punched out for the day and saw a few of us waiting on another driver to come back (Shuttle was in the waiting area, driver was MIA).  So he hopped in and drove us to our destination.  Austin was on the morning shift as far as I could tell and had been shuttling folks to/from the convention center.  On one occasion, he pulled back to the Sheraton and parked the shuttle against a wall (look like he was going to take a lunch break) and there were only two of us waiting.  As he walked by he asked if we were waiting on the shuttle and took us to our destination.  5 stars to both these gentlemen for taking care of us.

      The main problem seems to be the surge of traffic for the shuttle and valet services when there is a big conference going on.  Would recommend Sheraton surge the personnel during these times and possibly get a second shuttle or figure something else out.  Because of the poor shuttle service, it gave me (and a few other guests that I had the opportunity to chat with) a lot of time to reflect on my experiences with the hotel while I waited for the shuttle to either come back to the hotel or for pick up in one of the locations within the 3 mile radius.

      I would not recommend this hotel if you are in town for an event at the TCC and expect the shuttle to be your main mode of transportation.  I would still go for either the Marriott/Embassy due to their proximity to the TCC and walking distance to Channelside.

      11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      19. Tara C.
      The service here is exceptional. Everyone seems to care andi like that I have recognized many of the employees.

      Bad things: basement flooded (equipment issue, not weather) and left the hotel without water for two hours, as well as made the water Luke warm instead of hot until it was fixed.

      My bathtub is kind of moldy, and the valve in the tub faucet was broken so I had to ask for a repair man to fix it so I could shower.

      Room cleaners are okay.

      I'm traveling for business, so I'd stay here again. But if I was visiting Tampa on my own money, I'd look for somewhere else.

      Also, I LOvED my huge balcony facing the river, so maybe it'd be worth the price after all.

      16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      20. Dave H.
      Very friendly and helpful staff, large rooms, comfy enough, but terribly maintained; everything was either broken (thermostat balcony switch kept us non ac for a day), stained (headboard, shower curtain) or dirty (tub, toilet, balcony chairs, carpets...and ridiculously sticky breakfast tables...ewwww). Just some attention to maintenance would pick this place up a star or two! Great room rates, as well, and free wifi throughout, though $18 overnight parking is a bit of a rip. Ok to stay but they really need to systematically fix everything.

      26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      21. Eileen S.
      Great location and, for the most part, helpful & courteous staff.  The rooms are "worn" and definitely in need of updating but clean and quite acceptable.  I booked through Hotwire, so I was OK with price paid, but had I paid full price I would have felt overcharged. Our rooms were on the "city view" side which consists of a view of the street and the buildings across the street - the balcony went unused. I had requested a river view upon arrival and was told that other guests could request that, but I would have to take whatever was "left" since I booked through Hotwire. :(
      We had 2 rooms and both had ongoing problems with the keys working. We had to get new keys almost every time we wanted to enter our rooms.  After we went to the desk a few times, we were told we could call from the phone by the elevator and they'd be brought to us - keys were delivered quickly when we had to do this.
      Our location near the ice machine was unfortunate, as it is loud and we could hear guests using it at all hours.
      We stayed Fri -Sun. The shower was slow to drain, resulting in water rising to mid-calf level while showering (unpleasant!).  We let the front desk know as we left for the day on Saturday, and it was working fine upon our return.  However, I also discovered a bag containing most of my cosmetics/brushes (nearly $200 worth) were missing from the bathroom. Staff was ultimately helpful but unapologetic and said I'd have to wait until the next morning to see if it had ended up at their laundry facility. Indeed, it had, and the bag was finally returned as we were checking out - after I completed a claim w/their ins. co. It would have been nice to have my makeup for our Saturday evening out, but I was relieved to finally get everything back and in good condition before we left.
      Otherwise, our stay was enjoyable. The downtown location is convenient, the pool was clean and refreshing, and the patio well kept with a nice view of the UT and the river.  The rooms were a decent size and the beds comfortable.
      Charges you may not be prepared for/aware of include valet service & water.  Valet is not optional and is $18 per night. Also read the "fine print" on the water bottles! The small bottle is included but the large one is $4 - we were surprised by this charge at checkout, which is especially irritating because I just used it for the coffee maker and didn't drink the rest.

      29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      22. Sarah B.
      I stayed here for a work event. The rooms were spacious and clean. Each room has a nice view of Tampa and I didn't hear any traffic or street nosies at all during the night. The staff up front was very friendly and attentive. During our stay my friend forgot her toothbrush and they had someone up at our room within minutes to provide her with one. The event space here is great and the views of the Hillsborough river was beautiful. The light up Tampa Bay bridges project adds so much to the views of Tampa.

      18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      23. Rob B.
      Nice place overall. Phone in my room did not work. The bathroom fans did not work as well. I stayed 4 days and the room was only cleaned two times. Conveniently located but that's about it. More wait staff is needed.

      26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      24. Cosmo W.
      Nice stay, short, but sweet. Room was fine, bed was comfortable and it was convenient to downtown. View on the river side was spectacular! Parking was ONLY valet, which really annoys me when they were attached to a large parking garage. Lost a star for that.

      27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      25. Brittany C.
      I originally had a reservation at the Marriott which i regret not keeping. This hotel could learn a thing or two about customer service. People were just plain rude and not helpful. The room was fine so ill credit housekeeping for that. The view is nothing to write home about especially since they are doing construction at this time. Their "free shuttle " service is a joke. I never even saw the shuttle and after being told 3 different times when the shuttle stopped running the manager of the valet/shuttle was quick to argue the next morning over where it ran to and what they would or wouldnt do. I was also told how it was just a complimentary service and theyre not obligated to accommodate the requests.... One night i asked to have a taxi called for me and was told to "just walk over a few blocks to the HILTON and theyll have a cabs for you"...umm okay, so i walked over there and yep no taxi anywhere around. Also its NOT OPTIONAL to have valet or self parking...online it doesnt include that you have to pay valet if you have a car there. I just thought it was an option not an added expense. Overall I would not choose to stay here again and will recommend so to other people as well.

      09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      26. Joyce L.
      It wasn't till a recent experience that I realize Sheraton Tampa Bay kicks ass over some of their sister establishments.

      I stayed here in August 2011 during the International Dragon Boat Championships (yes really, there is such a thing). There were also a few other events in town during that time, and the hotel was at full capacity.

      The staff at this Sheraton did everything they can to alleviate crowding. One example, there were waits of up to an hour for breakfast on day one of team practices, so the next day they implemented extra lines AND an express line where you can pick up your buffet items to go.

      They were also very generous in allowing teams to congregate at various parts of the hotel - this was really important as that meant we could hold nightly team meetings.

      The fitness centre and pool/ jacuzzi is sensational, and the rooms are extremely spacious.

      One criticism is that free WiFi was only available in the lobby so often the lobby was quite crowded... even in the middle of the night when some of my college age teammates are catching up on homework.

      In combination of the onsite staff's attentiveness, cleanliness and convenient location - I would absolutely stay here again if I'm in Tampa.

      01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      27. Bronze M.
      Preface:  I'm a hotel snob.  I know this, I own and I've thought about seeking professional help for it.  Did I also mention I'm a hypochondriac?

      I was at this hotel accompanying a friend to a work function.  No, I am not an escort.

      The hotel room itself was very nice.  The beds were comfortable, rooms spacious and the bathrooms clean.  

      The hotel is located in Downtown Tampa on the river.  

      The decor is very chic, crisp and clean.

      All of the facilities are nice and well maintained.  The gym has all of the standard cardio and free weight equipment.

      The ballrooms and the conference rooms are some of the best that I've seen at any hotel.  

      The view from the waterfront area is amazing - especially at night.  It overlooks the University of Tampa.  There is also special lighting that changes colors - from blue to green to red - and is a beautiful sight as it reflects from the water with the University of Tampa with its minarets and Moorish domes are truly breathtaking.

      I would recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the Tampa Bay area.

      B. Major Grade:  A

      25/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      28. Heidi C.
      Stayed here last christmas with my husband - we felt that overall this is a really nice hotel. It's located right on the river walk, so every morning we had our cup of coffee out on the porch, watching the rowers go by. Very peaceful! Also, the furniture in the rooms, the bed and the sheets, these were all modern and nice.

      There is a pool outside, and you can jog or walk the riverwalk so it's nice to be in such a good location. Also, directly across the river is the University of Tampa, and one of my favorite stores in the world, the Oxford Exchange!

      The only things we didn't like about this hotel were the dirty old carpet, and hallways that are way too gloomy and need renovation.

      17/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      29. Marnie D.
      Paid $130 for a room with plastic solo cups, and a single bottle of complimentary water. Room was clean, valet was polite, no parking other than valet. Housekeeping barged into our room after I made it clear that someone was occupying the room. A/C doesn't work. Patio furniture on the balcony is old and dirty. This would be a perfect room for $80/ night. I wouldn't stay here again at the same rate.

      22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      30. Super D.
      Really loud. Thin walls. I could hear security in the hall with their radio turned up in the middle of the night. Lots of outside noise. Sound travels from room to room. Maids knocking on my door(do not disturb sign was up) waking me up. Key timed out before I left, had to rekey after my workout. The hotel itself was ok. Clean. Heat turned on in my room when I checked in, and it was scorching hot. TV didn't work. Starbucks coffee. Free internet. Workout room was nice, but @ 78 deg. 5 treadmills, a few recumbent bikes and elipticle machines. 3 benches and rack of dumbells. A cable machine. Fit balls and rollers. Decent location. On the river.

      25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      31. Gregory W.
      Great location with a beautiful view and spacious rooms. But that's about it. Staff is lazy, from the front desk to the valet to the restaurant. Two stories:

      1. Called down to have my car brought around, told them 10 minutes. I came down and waited at the valet for another 10 minutes before a staff person even came around to help. My car had not been moved. Why there was only one valet? No idea. Later that night I wanted a taxi. Valet allegedly called one. None came. I called one which showed up almost immediately.

      2. Ordered room service. Waited an hour and a half, food arrived cold. Complained to front desk (because no one answered the room service line), front desk started arguing with me.

      Both times their excuse was that they were busy. Your business being busy isn't an excuse. If a hotel books some event, whether it is a conference, prom, wedding... the hotel is expected to maintain their service level. It is clear this staff does not know how to do that.

      It's a beautiful hotel, just staffed by lazy, unfriendly employees.

      16/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      32. Brandi G.
      I think that I should probably start with the positives of this hotel, since there are only a few.
      1.  They have Starbucks coffee and tea in the hotel rooms.
      2.  The beds are clean and comfy.
      3.  The shower was hot with good water pressure.
      Onto why this place earned 2 stars... and I think I was being generous.  
      1.  They include a doggie bed and treat bag when you travel with your pet.  However, I did not receive either (even though I called the day before to confirm).  When I called the front desk to ask why it wasn't in the room, like it stated online, the desk told me that I could "come down and get it".
      2.  Mandatory valet that charges $18 a night.
      3.  Bedside phone did not call out.
      4.  No Bible in the room.
      5.  When I called to request the shuttle, I was told that they were in the front of the hotel waiting.  I literally told them that "I am on my way", walked out the door, got to the lobby and the shuttle had left without me.
      6.  In the morning, I called for breakfast room service.  I was told it would be up 30 minutes or less...over an hour later I called to check on the status of my omlet and OJ order.  The desk said that it was on the way up to my room this minute.  15 minutes later with no food/drink, I called to cancel.  
      Last, but surely not least, when I upgraded to a room with a river view, I enjoyed looking over a building's roof rather than the water...unless I stood on my tippy-toes.  
      Sheraton really dropped the ball on this on this one.

      08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      33. Will C.
      Avoid this hotel if possible. My wife and I stayed at this hotel while she was taking the Bar exam. The hotel is overpriced. The location is great if you have to be in downtown Tampa but I am sure you can find nicer accommodations. The rooms are worn out, our tub didn't drain and the noise that comes through the rooms door is ridiculous.

      Lets move on to breakfast. Holy ******* **** breakfast is expensive. I mean you get a walk up serve yourself breakfast for $20 a person I spent what I would have going to a decent dinner for my wife and I on breakfast that served warmed meats and fruit that wasn't completely ripe. Not to mention the coffee tasted like junk.

      We stayed at the hotel for two nights. One of the nights I went downstairs and got a double tall captain and coke. I could have a bought a handle of captain for the same price.

      Overall the staff was very friendly but the hotel is just not worth the expense. I was going to say something to the manager on checkout but you can imagine a bunch of people preparing to finish taking the bar are not exactly patient at checkout so i decided to pass.

      03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      34. Tu-van L.
      Nice hotel at a good location downtown (though not much at downtown) with nice rooms.  If you're a Starwood Preferred Guest and have access to their upper lounge, the space is nice and offers pretty good complimentary breakfast (with warm eggs even!).

      I was here for a wedding and the space was really nice.  Can't go wrong with a Sheraton for a wedding venue, and this place had the perk of being on the river (they could spruce up the views and add more green space or even some trees though).  The event planner we worked with for the wedding Renee was amazing.  She was attentive and kept everything moving in a military-like precision.  Which you need to when everyone goes crazy around wedding time.

      Parking is kind of a pain that only valet is available and it can be a decent wait of lots of people are getting their cars.  Parking is included when you are hotel guest, so that's nice.

      16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      35. Josh H.
      I have not actually stayed here as a guest in the hotel, but from a vendors perspective who has done many wedding receptions here, this is a very great place!  I think the staff is very friendly and nice.  The hotel itself is very clean.  Paul, the catering manager who i have mostly worked with on my events is so good at his job and knows exactly what he is doing!  

      This is a beautiful space to have a reception or party.  The ballroom over looks the Hillsborough river and when the sun has gone down reveals a beautiful picturesque site of the Tampa Skyline.

      13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      36. Chris B.
      Nice hotel in a great location on the river. Couple restaurants and bars a few streets over. The hotel itself is a little dated. They were doing some refurnishing last I was there, so it's possible it's a little better. Parking was pricey, but you can park on the street north of Kennedy for free at night.

      25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      37. Marc C.
      I was in Tampa for a conference at the Convention Center.  The two host hotels were full (and overpriced.)  I found a room at the Sheraton at the govt per diem rate and was very pleased.

      The property is older with a few dents and dings.  That being said, it is still in very good shape.  The common areas are quite nice and it has a great location on the Riverwalk.

      My King room was spacious and had a well set up desk/work area.  Wireless internet access was free and worked well (a rarity in higher priced hotels.)  The bathroom was nice sized and had killer water pressure in the shower!  My bed was comfy and had a nice assortment of pillows.

      As previous reviewers have mentioned, I could hear traffic noise from my fourth floor room but, it wasn't overwhelming.

      The hotel is a 5-10 minute walk to the convention center.  I'd suggest walking along the river during the day.  Very pleasant.  Not so much at night tho, given the homeless population that has taken over downtown Tampa.

      I arrived early in the day and called for an early check-in.  Samantha was accommodating and told me to come on over.   I arrived to check in about 12:00 noon.  Samantha remembered me from my call and sent me directly to my room.  Great service and a friendly attitude, what more could you ask for.

      Highly recommended.

      22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      38. Katy S.
      I liked this hotel a lot.  When it comes to hotels, I am pretty easy to please.  Have a comfortable bed and be clean and I am usually a happy girl.  What is so nice about this hotel is its location.  It is walking distance to everything in downtown Tampa.  My job had a work event in the ballroom, which was also very nice.  The service staff at the event were really nice and the food was great!

      As for the room, we had two big beds and plenty of room.  There was an IPOD dock on the alarm clock, which was awesome.  All in all I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel and would stay here again!

      21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      39. Angela C.
      I stayed at this Sheraton while in town for work. The staff was very friendly and the valet staff were above and beyond. There is a free shuttle with a nice group of guys that are knowledgeable about the city, and again, very friendly.

      The rooms are comfortable and the beds, pillows and linens are amazing. My only complaint about the rooms was that is wasn't as clean as I'd like. There was someone else's hair on the wall in the shower my first day (eww) and there was what looked like make-up on an armchair. It made me question the germs that I couldn't see.

      The rooms weren't sound-proofed too well either and my first two nights I stayed on the Ashley street side and was awoken multiple times a night by sirens, garbage men, and horns honking. I was on the 5th floor and I could even hear people in the middle of a Wednesday night down on the street. Once I moved to the water side, I had a great night's sleep and there is a great view of the Hillsborough river and UT.

      The continental breakfast isn't free. I found that out the hard way on the first day I ate there. You may have to see the front desk for a voucher. I'm not sure. It was awkward for the wait staff and for me to find out I was being charged $14 for some fruit and a muffin. I didn't bring down any money.

      The gift shop was very well stocked and has just about anything you could want. They sell beer and wine in case you want to stay in for the night.

      Room service was pretty tasty. I had the portobello mushroom sandwich and it was fresh, tasted great and well-priced ($10) for room service. The veggie lasagna wasn't as good. It tasted old and re-heated, was a little pricier and not up to expectations.

      Above all, the staff made my stay comfortable and I would recommend  the hotel based on them, location and price.

      18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      40. Lee A.
      When I booked the room I knew they were doing renovations and as it turned out that had no effect whatsoever on the hotel or the room.  There are several pluses and more minuses then pluses about the hotel.   First of all, I will start with the positives.  The room itself was nice.  Clean, comfortable and good to go.  The staff was friendly and courteous and the valet was very  accommodating.    

      That being said, we checked in with my dog which I had called ahead twice to verify they knew was coming , and according to their website a doggy bag and a doggy bed were supposed to be ready to go at check in.  It was not.  

      Next,we called the shuttle service from the room and were told that they were downstairs and ready to go and will wait for us. Great!  We left the room immediately and got downstairs ( we were on the second floor) and awesome, the shuttle left us.  The hotel kindly offered to call us a cab to our destination. Hah.  They weren't paying for it so yea no thanks.  So it begins.    

      The next morning, and this is the best part, I called room service for breakfast for myself and my lovely girlfriend ( 30 minutes or less they said--- for ONE omelette and orange juice)-  one hour later nothing.  Called and asked for the status and was told "they are bringing it up now".......They never came. We cancelled the "room service" and packed our things and left. No apology no nothing...

      The last complaint I have is the view.  Paid for a deluxe river view room and unless I was on the 5th floor or up, maybe we could've seen the "view" which consisted of nothing more than a roof covered in cigarette butts.  

      Not impressed with the hotel or lack of customer service. Also as I write this I checked my bill. I prepaid for the room which is not uncommon.  This hotel charges you 18 dollars a night for valet parking, which is your only option, which  is also a ripoff, but they charged my card 25 dollars.  The saga continues.   I wouldn't recommend the Sheraton nor will I stay there ever again.

      08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      41. Jessica G.
      Stayed here for the Tampa Bay Comic Con Convention early August 2014 and had a great experience. Checking in was fast and the front desk was very welcoming. The room was spacious and clean. We had the King Bed room with the river view. Sunsets were beautiful each evening! Microwave and refrigerator were included.The bed was so comfortable we didn't want to get out of it each morning. Housekeeping was very accommodating and left the room in perfect condition each day. The hotel has a free shuttle that takes you to different locations throughout Downtown Tampa {Nice addition to have!}. The only thing I did not like about the hotel was the parking. To park in the hotel you have to valet and pay for it. If you don't want to valet there's street parking or a garage located down the street. I wish the hotel provided more convenient options for parking. All else was wonderful and I would definitely stay there again when visiting Tampa Bay.

      27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      42. Miranda P.
      I had a "city view" on the 6th "Club" Floor which sounds promising but really just means that you're staring at the concrete across the street and you'll get woken up at 6 AM by the garbage trucks outside whether you want to or not. Opt for the river view if you can.

      The rooms were clean albiet dated and the beds were comfy as usual. I love snuggling myself into a little sleep-nest with all four pillows provided. The breakfast was pretty lackluster but it was complimentary and it was better than starving. They also have complimentary internet, if you don't mind long load times and lots of buffering (you have to pay for more MB.) Another inconvenience was the lack of outlets - there was no ideal place to charge my phone next to my bed without unplugging the clock or the lamp. Valet is your only parking option at almost $20/night.

      I wish this was a pleasure endavor instead of business trip and had more time to enjoy the poshest parts of the place which were the first floor lobby and the pool.

      BOTTOM LINE: Decent for downtown Tampa.

      10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      43. Melli B.
      This stay was A LOT different! My room was different, the staff was different, even the pool area seemed very different. Amazing what a year will do to a property. Upon check-in, there were several staff members hanging around the desk but it seemed only one was working and during a busy check in time. It took about fifteen to twenty minutes before I made it to the counter however, the girl at the desk was so sweet and friendly. When I got to my room on the fifth floor, it had an almost musky scent...as if the carpet had been wet and dried incorrectly but the odor was faint and I only smelled it in certain areas of the room. The room also looked a little run down and especially the walls, and the tub/shower (which is usually a dead giveaway of being upgrade time). The beds  were very very comfortable and warm. This hotel has the strangest room service menu I've ever seen and there are no on site dining options available late night or overnight. That's weird to me since the hotel is located downtown where lots of businesses close early. We dined in the restaurant downstairs and had very mediocre food but the bartender was also a super nice guy. Food service downstairs ends at 11pm. I was in town overnight to work an event at Curtis Hickson park and was starving when I returned at 2am. I ended up having to wait for valet to bring my car and drive 5 miles to a Denny's for awful food when I would have preferred room service in my robe. Valet is mandatory with the hotel and the fee is $20 per night  (I think). The pool area looked a little run down and unkempt. They should really consider updating and especially in the common areas, exterior building, and pool area first. This was an ok stay but not as nice as the last stay where I had a room with a balcony which was a bit nicer as well. I know I come across as a diva or a hotel snob at times so I will say that the room wasn't dirty just a tad old but overall, it wasn't a bad stay.

      06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      44. Kris E.
      My room had a beautiful view of the river with a nice patio to sit and relax. The hotel lobby and restaurant were being renovated during my stay but I can see how it will be very nice once the renovations are done. The rooms are pretty large compared to most hotel rooms with a nice big desk for work. I really enjoyed the patio, you usually only find that kind of set up at beachfront hotels.

      Parking is valet only but because of the hotel's location in the middle of downtown Tampa, I was OK with that. There are a couple restaurants within walking distance if you don't feel like eating at the hotel and all the staff were super friendly and helpful. There is a small pool downstairs but I didn't use it. I will definitely be back to the Riverwalk when I need a large room with a view!

      12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      45. Doug S.
      Staff is very friendly and very helpful.  River location is awesome, especially if you have a balcony overlooking the river.  Other than that, this hotel has some very disturbing features.  (1) If you have a car, parking is VALET ONLY, no self-park.  This means tipping the valet each time you want your vehicle.  (2)  If you plan to stay a long period of time, a refrigerator is a great convenience, right?  Get some breakfast foods, drinks, yogurt, etc.  Not here...a reefer costs $20 per day.  There is a gift shop that charges $2.75  per bottle of water.  (3)  Restaurant has a breakfast buffet, but food quality is mediocre.  Waffles and pancakes are usually ice cold by the time you sit down.  Sugar Free syrup is awful. Only cereal, good selection of milk, and oatmeal are  (4) Downtown Tampa location on the river is OK, but limited restaurants are open downtown at night.

      24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      46. Monica S.
      I had a quick overnight in Tampa last week and planted my myself at this downtown hotel. I booked the riverview room, which, for the price, I expected to be just a little nicer than what it turned out to be.

      While the lobby looked new and freshly painted, the walk to our 2nd floor room proved otherwise. Frankly, once I stepped out of the elevator the slightly popcorned walls suggested a datedness that was hard to ignore. Then, into the room (albiet, very spacious room), I also found a rather dated interior with more of the popcorn effect.

      Other comparable suites I've stayed in (Hyatt, Intercontinental), have offered a lot more for a similar price. Despite having a balcony, the view was underwhelming. While I don't rule out all Sheraton's after this experience, I find my funds are better spent at the Intercontinental or Marriot.

      30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      47. Mari C.
      I reserved this hotel on hotwire.com . I was a little sketchy walking in because of the very mixed review it had. When i walked in it was beautiful, the hotel was clean and in a great location.
      The front desk gave me excellent service with a smile. I could have not asked for better service.
      They even upgraded my view to a riverview on the 6th floor, it was so pretty.
      I don't really know what people with horrible reviews were expecting the Sheraton is a great hotel, if you are expecting a large clean room, with a plush bed, a beautiful view, free breakfast, 5-8 pm appetizers and all you can drink beverages are served on the 6th floor only (which is where i stayed and it is a great value), they have been completely remodeled, so its beautiful, if your expecting everthing i mentioned then stay here.
      If you are expecting the ultimate high end experience, ridicoulusly high priced rooms, and gold rimmed wine glasses this is not for you!
      The only thing i considered bad is that i have to call back because they charged me 25.00 3 times for parking when i only stayed two nights, but its ok nothing a simple call cant fix.
      Definately stay here its a must.

      25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      48. Bob K.
      Nice pool and nice front deal staff.  

      VERY LOUD on street side of hotel.  It is almost like there is no door at all.   The room door is useless and you can hear people in the hall like they are standing in your room.

      The free shuttle service they offer is really just for cruise ship passengers.  I received the run around numerous times trying to get the shuttle to take me or pick me up from various locations nearby.

      Bathrooms are tiny and terrible.  Furnishings are ok, bit no HD on TVs.

      02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      49. Fast Eddie F.
      Tired old hotel.  Fire alarm at 0200 last night. All guests out onto the street.  Thankfully no fire. Heavy barge construction on the river.  I'm talking pile driver noise. YIKES! And the project has a very long way to go. Breakfast buffet was same old same old. And the check added an arbitrary 18% tip to our bill for a group of six. Pretty stiff for a serve yourself. We would have tipped and tipped well however this was a bit over the top. The facility is well staffed with friendly smiles. Other than that....blah.

      01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      50. Candyce B.
      We had a wonderful stay at the Riverwalk! We were upgrade to a room with a riverside view and it was beautiful with the lights changing on the water and the University of Tampa served as an excellent backdrop for some beautiful pictures.

      All of the staff we encountered were delightful, no matter what we needed they were happy to assist us! Whenever we came in for the evening or to eat breakfast in the morning we were greeted with a smile and warm welcome. The valet staff always asked if we needed directions and opened the doors for us, they were all just really great!  

      We enjoyed free Internet, which was a great feature! Also it was very convenient to museums and tons of restaurants in the area. For dinner often we could just walk up two blocks and find something great to eat.

      I would definitely stay here again! Loved the location, the views and the people!

      20/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      51. Ameesh P.
      I recently stayed at this hotel due to a work event that was being hosted here.  The block reservation allowed for a cheap rate and free valet upon our stay.  The check in process could have run a bit smoother as they only had one clerk on duty helping customers on a Saturday afternoon when I was checking in.  The room was very clean and had a great view of downtown Tampa.  My first impression, however, of the room was that it was very small compared to other hotels I've stayed in before. Overall, our stay at this hotel was pretty standard and the speed of checkout and valet delivery of the car was great.  

      I'll include some information on the event I attended as well if anyone is looking for ratings of their banquet service.  Overall, the staff and location of our event was great.  The outdoor bars afforded a great view of the Hillsborough River and the changing lights of the Kennedy Blvd. bridge with the University of Tampa backdrop was amazing. The food was pretty standard but the desserts were definitely something to look forward to.

      18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      52. Matthew W.
      No.  No.  No.  Unmade king bed.  Desk clerk lied to me quoting that although the rate had increased to 12 she would match the six dollar a day rate to store my car while we are on our cruise.  When I tried to confirm this, the rate was set at twelve dollars a day by the front desk manager.  I was accused of lying about the other clerks statement.  15 dollars apiece for a shoddy continental breakfast, plus tip for you to bring yourself food.  Oh, and 170 a night for no microwave or fridge.

      08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      53. Marsha C.
      I've stayed in this hotel twice now on trips to visit my daughter at UT.  Location couldn't be better for UT, just walk across the bridge and your on campus.  You can tell they have remodeled and the rooms are comfy.  The staff could not be better from the valet attendants, bellmen, front desk and management.  The pool is nice by the river and really enjoyed sitting out on the balconies (once river side, once city side - both good).  Like all other downtown hotels the only parking option is valet which can be a bit chaotic.  Free wifi. I would definitely stay here again.

      25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      54. Jillian P.
      I stayed here for two nights. I had a room on the river side, which had a great view. All the staff I interacted with were really helpful. The bathroom wasn't as big as you'd think it'd be and it didn't have a fan which I thought was a little weird. The rest of the room was fine, the bed was very comfortable and it seemed clean. I had room service for dinner one night, it was okay.

      Note: the shuttle to the airport isn't free ($10) but it is cheaper than a taxi.

      02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      55. Jessica B.
      BED BUGS

      I stayed at this location for one week, 4/20/2014 - 4/26/2014 in rooms 537 and 621.
      I received multiple bug bites while there. On 4/24, I spoke to the front desk, who disregarded my concerns and blamed the bites on Mosquitos since the location is next to the river. I spoke to the front desk manager that then moved me to another room.

      Upon finding additional bites in the morning, I spoke to another manager that ordered a pest control company to look into both rooms. The hotel also arranged for me to stay at another hotel nearby at their expense.

      The pest control company found evidence of bed bugs. 2 dead bugs, but none alive.

      The hotel has handled this well and is doing everything to accommodate me, including dry cleaning my belongings.

      I am now awaiting to hear from their insurance company to further assist me.

      27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      56. Sarah W.
      We stayed here for a work party. The actual party was handled fantastically by the banquet staff- all of the waiters and attendants were very friendly and helpful. Alissa, the banquet manager, was so friendly and didn't hesitate to jump in and help. The hotel room was great- very big with a great view of the river. For some reason though, we both woke up I the middle of the night sweating in the hot room even though I had lowered the AC down to 65 before going to bed. Opening the balcony door helped cool down the room. Overall a great stay and we would return again.

      15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      57. Drew P.
      Do NOT stay here.

      I chose to stay here because other Starwood hotels were booked up for the Florida Bar Exam. My 2 night stay was an absolute nightmare.

      On the first day, after checking in, I was told they were out of the rooms that I had specifically requested. (1 king, due to the size of the desk and study space) Instead they gave me a smaller room, with a tv stand/ catch all with a chair in front.

      The shower was clogged up with someone else's hair, and when I went to take a shower, the hair over flowed back into the tub. Furthermore, there were sugar ants on the bathroom countertop.

      Thinking I'd be able to relax before my exam the next day, I tried turning on the TV. Nothing... Both the TV and the alarm clock radio were broken.

      I reported the shower, ants, TV, and alarm clock to the front desk that night.

      After returning from the first day of my exam, none of the problems had been fixed.

      This time I went down and spoke to the manager, Raquel Mares, who said it was the first she heard of the problems, and she was sending engineering up to fix it.

      It took 2hrs for them to come up and look at the problems. I had went down to a local coffee shop to find a place to study for the next day's exam.

      When I came back at 10pm, the valet guy was asleep on the bench and I had to park my car in the valet garage myself (no big deal, however, this hotel only has valet parking and charges for it)

      NOTHING was fixed. The only difference I saw was the "engineer" had removed the drain plug from the shower. But, there was still hair in the drain backing up into the tub. And ants on the counter.

      I called it in a third time. By the time I came back from the exam on the second day, nothing had been fixed at all.

      I never had a decent hot shower, I became friends with the ants, and I just chalked it up to bad service.

      When I spoke to the manager (Mares again), she had acted like I was making up all of these problems, even though I had shown her pictures.  She begrudgingly offered me a few dollars off and 1000 Starwood points ( which is appx. $10). But a week later, I noticed that not only was I having to pay the full price, they overcharged me!

      Never have I felt so unwelcome in a hotel. Seriously, do yourself a favor and stay somewhere else and save yourself the frustration and disgust.

      07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      58. BeastMan J.
      Restaurant is oddly under-staffed. Otherwise, food and service was ok.

      Notable: You must pay for high speed internet access and parking (valet only).

      Nice waterfront location. Easy access to the boardwalk (cement unfortunately) run/bike path, which has several pull-up bars, dip bars, etc.

      08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      59. David C.
      As a service to my fellow Yelpers.  If you are considering staying here, don't.

      First, you have one option for parking.  Valet.  For $18 a night.  No thanks.

      Despite the extensive renovations, my room was tired.  Wall patches.  Old dirty bathtub.  Old caulk.  

      I had a street side room.  I heard every car all night long.  The very old sliding doors block out no noise.

      TV was low quality.  Picture quality was low.  This is so easy to get right.  But they missed.

      The free wifi was pathetic.  Unusable.  Seriously.

      The biggest offense to me was their false advertising.  They advertised an offer on their website for free breakfast, stay through July.  Nowhere did it say you had to book through a special link,  I spoke to two employees after checking in to get the free breakfast.  Both said sorry, not included for you.  I said look at your website.  Answer was sorry you had to click that link.

      The proper response would have been sorry sir for the mistake, take a free breakfast with our compliments.  Instead, they have lost a customer forever.

      Finally, I joined a friend in the Sheraton club on the sixth floor.  What a joke.  They charge for beer and wine.  Breakfast was a sorry joke too.  

      Go to the hilton down the street and be happy.  Never again.

      21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      60. L L.
      There were construction near the front entrance when I was there and did not give me a good first impression (or curb side appeal).  

      However, the friendly staff changed my mind - from negative to positive.   This place was about 10-15 minute walk to the convention center.  One of the mornings as I was walking out of the door, the front desk staff voluntarily offered me umbrella without me asking (as they saw my convention badge).  They saved me from being drenched by these sudden Florida showers    

      I had a room facing the water and enjoyed the view.  The room was spacious and well kept - and the house-keep staff did their job well.  

      Highly recommended if you have business in the convention center and want a place with good value.

      08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      61. Ashley S.
      My favorite hotel in downtown Tampa! I love the rooms, and even more after the remodel!!! The restaurant is amazing, try the seafood chowder, ropa vieja and xanga xanga!!!!
      The pool is on the smaller side but gorgeous. The view from the pool is really great because you overlook the river. The rooms are all recently remodeled and are so much nicer now. Very BIG rooms, and a large balcony too!
      Things to do, hop in the complimentary shuttle and head to Ybor or Hyde Park!!! The Straz center isn't far, Curtis Hixton Park, glazer children's museum, the aquarium... There's a lot of great options!! This hotel sits in the middle of it all!!!

      08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      62. Kathy D.
      After a wedding and reception downtown, I decided to treat myself by staying downtown. The Sheraton is a nice hotel. You gotta watch for where to pull in to park or you will miss it.
      The rooms are a fair size and everything was in good repair. I paid the extra money to have a river view. If you stay on the downtown side it can get noisy with the street noise.
      Overlooking the Hillsborough river is serene and quite tranquil. I enjoyed my short respite, the bed was very comfy, staff could have been friendlier and the room could use some upgrades for the price. Overall it was an enjoyable experience. Parking is a joke and way overpriced.
      What's a girl to do? Take a quick break and don't look back.

      20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      63. Lynsee T.
      Was a little wary after the mixed reviews but overall was a very nice hotel for the price.  We booked a room in a block for a conference and we were automatically booked in riverside rooms.  The restaurant, River's Edge, was surprisingly tasty.  I would recommend the crab cakes--they were dense but yet light and fluffy.  The staff; from the breakfast waitstaff, the valet staff, room service waitstaff, and the front desk staff, were all very friendly and helpful.  
      I was going to give a five star review but the deck was covered in a layer of dust and the room could use a few cosmetic touch ups. But overall, very impressed.  Oh yeah, and great location!

      21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      64. Gloria H.
      We stayed at the Sheraton Riverwalk while in town for the YMCA Gymnastics National Competition. Overall the experience was great. The rooms are nice and so is the restaurant and the pool. One thing I would like to have seen was a bigger pool... We had to wait for quite a while to get lounge chairs to sit in and the pool was so packed with people it was not very pleasant to swim. This wasn't always the case, however, and when there was room the pool area is very nice.

      We loved being able to look out over the river while dining in the hotel's restaurant and being able to walk back and forth to the convention center via the river walk was vey nice. We also really enjoyed having a balcony room to enjoy a nice view of the river and other things below and across. We even watched a really cool thunderstorm!!

      If ever in Tampa, I would stay here again.

      One thing to note, although it's unrelated to the Sheraton, is the lack of people and things to do in Tampa in general. Everything seemed to be closed!!!!!!!

      07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      65. David K.
      Stayed for two nights while visiting Tampa. The hotel was very clean, my room was spacious and a nice view from my window. Tampa is currently installing a beautiful river walk along the river and the hotel sits comfortably on the river.

      The hotel is just a few minutes away from several museums and just a 15 minute ride from Tampa airport.

      The housekeeping service providers were very friendly every morning, quick to say hello and ask about your day. Very cordial and friendly.

      The Sheraton had a nice gym and swimming pool, however I chose to go for a run along the completed parts of the river walk. It's also very beautiful at night.

      I only eat breakfast at the restaurant, but both mornings the food was good and the servers were friendly.

      This would have been an easy five star, however the only inconvenience was I could not change the room thermostat, it was locked at 74 degrees and I found that to be a little to warm for my comfort level.

      05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0