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Aloft Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, GA

Aloft Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.33

Address: 300 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA, 30308
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (39):

1. Frack M.
Food is not on par with the other Aloft hotels. They have a very slow elevator. They have no electric vehicle charging staton. Despite this the rooms are nice and staff are very friendly

24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Ed G.
Their computer lost the record of my prepaid room. I had my confirmation email and they had taken the money from my account, but it wasn't in their system. Front desk was 'unable' to help and management was unavailable. Corporate was downright rude. Ended up having to pay for another room then took 10 days to get my money back. Obviously, bugs happen but the inability of staff to communicate with each other or bend the rules to accommodate an error was frustrating. The hotel is decent for its price range, but apathetic service and $20 a night parking mean I won't be going back.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Mark O.
We stayed for PRIDE weekend and the staff was exceptional - friendly, helpful, professional and genuine! We'd like to thank James, Aronta, Janay and Cordell for making such a positive impression! Because of them, we'll be signing up for the SPG Starwood Preferred Guest program and traveling more frequently to your properties! Many thanks!

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Nick K.
Stayed at the Aloft Atlanta Downtown for Dragon*Con from thursday to monday, as is our custom for this particular con. Here is why I am going full 5 stars with this rating.
-Monday morning our prius was dead in the parking lot. This had happened once before, something caused the battery to drain (still not sure what), and we were dead in the water, on Labor Day no less. I went to the front desk and asked if they could help in any way, so the clerk called Tony from engineering. Not only was he willing to help, but he patiently waited for us to research how to jump a prius (it is not the same as a normal car). I felt like it was taking us forever but he didn't rush us or act like he had something more important to get to, we were the guests and he was helping us. It was that simple. Tony from Engineering at the Aloft was professional, courteous, and definitely saved us that day. Not only that but I tried to tip him and he refused to take it saying that it was his job to help us.
-The employees everywhere else were chipper and very nice, admiring our Dragon*Con gear as we paraded around the lobby in it. For a new hotel they probably didn't know what to expect for something that huge, but they handled it just fine. The rooms were spacious and clean, the rates were good, and everything was easy.

If you can stay here for Dragon*Con or any other reason, just know that this hotel really wants to make sure you feel taken care of.

06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Caitlin F.
The kindest staff I've ever met. They even sing - and WELL. They were always super helpful and we immediately felt welcome. Despite the city and hotel being super busy due to conventions and football games,  the staff never ran out of kindness and patience. The room was great and cooled and heated quickly as we needed. The shower is amazing and really cool. We ladies loved the extra mirror door for getting ready in the morning. The breakfast sandwiches they served downstairs were delicious. We didn't get a chance to try the bar or pool. But they looked very inviting. There was a bbq going on for something, as well. The entire atmosphere of the place is hip and modern. Really colorful! Pool table and board games are available downstairs. When I first walked in, I thought it was a really cool chic apartment. I'm not sure what the bad ratings are - never had a problem and we stayed during a busy weekend!

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Frost F.
Growing pains are there. Fit and finish of rooms still not perfect. Front desk is very nice but lines were present at check in. Bar should be open later. Sliding door in bathroom didn't close or lock otherwise the bathroom was cool and new. Nice big hd tv, beds are like futons kind of hard. Good parking price and great area. Very easy access to 75/85. Coffee maker and fridge was nice. Emailed manager upon booking requesting a north facing room but my email was never answered and we got a room facing the wall of americas mart. Ive stayed at most hotels downtowns and would prefer them. The hyatt and Marriott are both better options for the price.

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Brad W.
The hotel is in a great location and is very reasonable in terms of price per night. I understand it was recently renovated.
That being said, I was very disappointed in the minimalist lobby, the below average service and the lack of food options, (i.e, no room service, no decent restaurants in walking distance, very limited unhealthy options on the lobby).

In addition, there was a hotel employee banging on every door on my floor entering rooms (not sure why) at 9:30pm. The halls were very loud and I could hear people walking around upstairs as well as up/ down the hall all night.

I only stayed two nights, and I was only in the hotel to sleep, but for the short time I was there I was contemplating switching hotels and paying double to get a decent night sleep.

In summary, unless you are solely making a decision on price, I would select a different option.

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Ashley B.
Day 1: Very, very disappointed with this hotel.  We arrived at 2:20 pm with scheduled time of check in set for 3:00 pm. We went in and was told it would be around 20 minutes until our room would be ready. Yay, early check in....not. We waited, waited, and waited. After going back to the desk we were given a set of room keys, but instructed to wait because they were supplying the room with towels. I replied thats ok, we will just go on up. After making that remark the guy got on a walkie- talkie and said to wait. We did..we were then given a new set of room keys- to a completely different room. We lugged all of our luggage onto the elevated and entered the room.  The room was a single bed, there were four of us. And our room was supposed to be queen double beds, two tvs, and high ceilings. I went back to lobby (and waited longer, as the front desk is severely understaffed). I was given a third set of room keys, at least to a room that had double beds, but still lacks all of the other amenities that our reserved room was supposed to have.

I ask for the manager, who turned out to be the very young man, that I was dealing with. After another discussion he  comped our parking fee of $20. On his behalf he was very polite, but not sure if this staff (including him) was properly trained.

Also, as my husband is a platinum member they only acknowledged this benefit after I ask for the complimentary breakfast. Not really how you expect to be treated as someone who stay with SPG nearly on a weekly basis.

The pool is very, very small. And was completely over run with unruly children and one adult parent, who clearly was not supervising. Terrible pool concept. Period. And on that note there were no towels, when I ask at the desk, they stated that no towels were dry at that time. The desk staff said they would bring some to us and of course that did not happen either. Had to call the desk and ask for more, only for the staff to say that I was calling from a different room that the one I was physically in. I said, no I am in 311, not 313. So apparently their phone system also doesn't work correctly.

Also, the bathroom has sliding doors with no locks and huge cracks. No privacy.

The two stars that I am giving is only because the room was clean and although the staff is not properly trained and equipped they were polite.

Would not at all, ever, recommend this hotel.

Day2: I am updating my review and removing yet another star, as after I finished my my review yesterday evening trouble arose again. My sister and small niece were getting ready for bed and in the midst of taking a shower the drain was not draining at all and overflowed in a time span of less than two minutes.

I once again called the desk, this time not happy at all! After asking for the manager and being placed on hold I hung up the phone and went walked down to talk to her face to face. I requested another rooom- one that had a working drain. They granted that, but when I ask to have assistance moving our luggage yet again I was told there was no one available to help and that it is not a full service hotel. So then, I also inquired about all the other amenities that supposed to be in our room, and was told that those rooms did not exist and this hotel. Ok, so why are they falsely advertising it on the reservations?! She said that no queen beds exist, that they are all standard beds. They comped us two complimentary drinks at the bar (which by this point we needeed!). So we moved our stuff into the next room, which had no towels....again. I ask for some and she replied there aren't any available yet....again. It had been hours! So at 11pm she calls the room to see of we received towels....no. The security guard brought the towels to the room.

Ready to leave and never return lol, seriously!

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Rene A.
The good - Hotel felt relatively new, the room were very well insulated, the bed was comfortable and had a very nice TV. A/C works very well! You will get a good night sleep. Hotel is centrally located and clean.

The bad - hotel staff was note well trained, very slow and seemed confused at times. Several amenities were not available. Examples - during check in there were three people at the counter but only one of them was checking people in.  When ordering breakfast, there was no cheese left (at 7 am) and no egg whites.  The kitchen staff took 10 minutes per order. The business center computers were not working and no one on the staff could tell us when they would be working.

The best- Hotel is 2 block from the White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails restaurant - an awesome eating place!

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Ricki H.
If you perceive yourself as a neon, pounding beat music that never ends!, trendy& chic with no substance then this is the place for you. My room had a clogged toilet, the shower would not drain and nearly overflowed on to the floor, all surfaces had a sticky substance like juice was spilled everywhere and the staff didn't bother to clean it, no towel rack, toilet paper holder loose & would not hold paper,  ambiance cold and like a frickin warehouse, no restaurant or food, lousy coffee. Never again.  Positive: staff was very nice.
Like they tried to do a trendy motel 6 with W pricing.

17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Lacy W.
They must have improved things since some of these reviews were written. Our first time at this Aloft. (We've been to the one in Nashville twice.) It was fine. Easy check-in & late check out is good. Staff was helpful. No problems with the shower drain, like a few people on here have complained about. Main problem was, while watching TV when we were getting ready on our last day, the TV went out. About 5 minutes into watching the news, something came up in the screen that just said, "LG no signal." We tried many stations. Nothing. It never did come back on.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Heather H.
Its a nice spot with live music. I love this chic place as it has free wi fi and cool bar. Rooms are ok and the price ranges from $100-140 pending on whatever is happening downtown.

26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Gavin M.
I originally wanted to get our room at the W Hotel in midtown, but was told that they didn't have any more rooms available with king size beds. So I was referred to the Aloft Hotel. I asked if it was on the same level as the W, and was told it was. I got to visit the W and totally disagree. The W hotel is a much classier Hotel than the aloft hotel and both my wife and I were very disappointed. I will say that the service at the Aloft was wonderful, except for one individual who served us our complementary breakfast. This girl was rude. No smile, no good morning,she acted like she hated her job. She made us feel very uncomfortable...like we were putting her out. Outside of her, everyone else was very welcoming and sweet. One other thing that was quite disappointing; We needed to get to the airport for an early flight that Saturday morning. We had planned on grabbing a quick complementary breakfast, but when we got to the Lobby at 6am (we were told the comp breakfast was available from 6am to 11am), nothing was ready. So we ended up having to eat breakfast at the airport.

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. David P.
This hotel made for a great stay in Atlanta. The staff were very friendly and courteous and the room was very relaxing. I have stayed at many hotels in town and this will always be my first choice.

29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Bill T.
I'm wondering if I got the 'odd duck' room because my room was dirty, tattered and plain! I've stayed at other Aloft locations and loved them but this place is the pits. Toothpaste spots on the wall beside the sink and bits of nasty stuff on the mirror(s). A tiny Walmart frig that and a super all desk. A Dollar Store desk clock with s light that doesn't work. The shower and floor look dirty. Gong to have to stay three nights but going to walk a manager up herd tomorrow to see this nasty room. Can't believe that I'm getting jacked for $239 a night at this rat hole. Oh, such cool elevator floors.....whatever!

10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Sejal T.
Bad bad bad. I have stayed in many aloft across the country. But this one is bad.
Wifi is terrible. It's as good as not having wifi. Super slow. This is 2014 and in a major city!
Looks shabby and run down.
Pantry has hardly any options to drink. I reached at 1 and I thought I'll grab something but no options.
Store was out of stock of toiletries etc.
Lobby felt like a warehouse or parking lot.

17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Angie M.
I travel to Atlanta on occasion and always try to stay at Aloft. Great hotel and fantastic bar. I recently had to stay during the week for a business trip and had pretty decent dinner there. Best of all though was my trip to the bar for a quick dinner and drink. Cliff was fantastic! If you find yourself in downtown Atlanta and need a place to stay, end up at Aloft. Visit the bar and see Cliff. Ask for an old-fashioned. You'll not be disappointed!

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Brittani G.
At first glance this is a very nice hotel.  I beleive it is newly renovated. I really liked some things and other things I had minor problems with.

I really liked  that was clean and comfy. It had a refrigerator that actually works. It is easy to get to from dragoncon.  There is a small pool. Staff is great and accommodating for most situations even though everything was very hectic. Had cable and wifi. Has an iron, ironing board, and hairdryer.

Things I didnt like. They didnt have the room that I wanted. I booked a double bed and ended up with a king bed room.  The shower has a frosted window that you can see silhouettes through of whoever is in the shower from the room. The bathroom door is just a sliding door. And also there is no fan in the bathroom. There are not enough lights and when you turn on the bathroom light the hall light comes on. Which wakes up people if you want to take a shower while people sleep. Also the shower was leaking from the outside onto the carpet in the main room. Im sure this was an isolated incident though.
All minor annoyances but all in all is a clean hotel that has amenities that make it worth staying at.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Jackie F.
This place left something- okay, many things- to be desired.  The hotel and is extremely modern in style, which is interesting and unique, and they do offer free wi-if and plenty of places to charge up your technology.  And there's a pool table and some games, if that's your thing.  That, however, is where the good news ends.

Aloft lacks many other practical elements.  For example, as one other Yelper pointed out, there are no information books in the rooms.  I wanted to find out, for example, where the gym was located.  I thought perhaps they were going green and trying to drive people to their website.  However, I found very little information about the hotel amenities, local area attractions, restaurants, shopping, or anything really other than an ad for their lobby bar. They seem to overlooked the details that makes business travel tolerable or even, dare I say, enjoyable.  For example, I was working in their futuristic lobby and decided I wanted a cup of coffee.  Nothing fancy, just hotel lobby coffee.  They have a make-your-own-espresso machine with $4 espressos.  However, there was no plain coffee.  Not even for sale.

Let's talk for a moment about the room.  It was semi-clean.  The floors outside the shower in the bathroom-like area (it is indeed a loft) was sticky and just plain dirty.  This is the case for always packing socks, I suppose...  But, I digress.  And speaking of the shower, it had this huge drain that ran its length and was completely clogged.  By the time I finished I was standing in no less than 2 inches of water.  Just eeeewww!  I informed the front desk, but sure enough, during my next shower it was practically overflowing into the bathroom-like area.  You'd think they'd want to attend to details like a nearly-overflowing shower, but I guess not.  The bed was okay, not great.  I mean it wasn't lumpy or anything, but it wasn't dreamy either.  Also, the lighting in the room, if you can call it that, is practically non-existent.  Give me lights.  Make them CF to save energy.  I'll decide how many to turn on, thank you very much.

Then there was check out.  I'm not sure if it's because I am not a preferred guest, but I did not get a receipt. It was neither under my door nor in my inbox.  My colleague's was emailed to her.  I had to stand in line for fifteen minute while the poor, completely alone girl at the front desk printed out receipts for the ten people in front of me.  I told her I wasn't checking out, but when I returned to my room, my key no longer worked.  Back to the front desk for another 10 minute wait.  Ugh.  Not her fault- she was kind, attentive, and doing the very  best she could as the Lone Ranger.  But seriously, where was everyone else?  It was the last day of a conference and like a million people were all trying to check out at once.  Oy.

Anyway, I don't recommend this place.  I gave it two starts because it's a great location and the staff (the ones who were there anyway) were kind and courteous.  Outside of that, I'd say they've missed the mark.  Especially for frequent business travelers. Never. Again.

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Nick K.
Awesome place to stay! Great location in the core of Downtown Atlanta with walkable proximity to most points of interest. Very hip, cool, and comfortable with a friendly helpful staff, and reasonable rates. Enjoy the WXYZ Bar, gym, free WiFi, and overall cool atmosphere. Be advised: $20 parking / night.

16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Ada W.
I had been a fan of Aloft. They always offer reasonable price in a good location. The other Aloft I have been to also have great service. However, not this one.
1. Reservation was not ready even I arrive 8am for the reservation for the night before. Even they are going to charge me anyway (non-refundable), they canceled my reservation. What?! I told you that I was driving on the road and was going to arrive late
2. Asked for a king size room many times, and he told us it is a king size. Went upstairs, it's a double full-size bed.
3. Called me 2 days before my check-out time. Asking me why am i not checking out
4. don't expect them to clean up your room in a reasonable time. Ours were cleaned at least after 6pm every day when we were there
5. No towels at the pool. After I asked for it, the towels came 10 min later. By then I already brought my own towels from the room.

The only thing I like about the hotel is the gym is pretty well-equipped.

The hotel is pretty pricy given the level of service.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Jenny C.
Love this place.  I stay here every time I go to Atlanta, which happens to be quite often considering the nature of my profession.

I think the room rates are reasonable.  I like that the staff is friendly.  My room is always neat and clean.

The lounge downstairs has some cool drinks and friendly bartenders.

The floor in the elevator is SO COOL.  Its like a lava lamp type flooring that changes when you step on it.  

This place serves its purpose, its affordable, clean, centrally located, and brand new.  


07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Anastasia C.
I'm actually stunned that this hotel has such rotten yelp ratings. While staying here during the Atlanta Apparel show I made a pros and cons list for my review and seriously struggled to find any cons! Here is what I came up with-

-polite and courteous staff
-clean and updated rooms
-comfortable beds
-bliss shower products
-spacious room and bathroom
-nice breakfast and food assortment that is available all the time
-extremely close and convenient proximity to the AmericasMart - across the street!
-very green and earth friendly
-free printing and internet use in business center
-free wifi
-pool table and fun bar
- big gym
-close to Marta station
-free bottles water in the room!! Unheard of!

-small pool (though I didn't expect any pool so cool perk)
-no in room movies :(
Will obviously try and stay here every time we are in town for market!

08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Andrea K.
A week in Atlanta!
I returned yesterday from a week at the Aloft. The staff greeted me every time they saw me and I was welcomed by the asst. mgr when I arrived. I loved the shower and my big bed and having a fridge!. Despite the hotel being full, my room was very quiet(a huge concern for me during this busy week in downtown Atlanta).  The pool was great for lounging and cooling off. It was very close to MARTA both for arriving, leaving and my excursions around Atlanta.  And maybe not something everyone needs but there is a (pay) washer and dryer which I had planned to and did use during my stay. Thanks ALOFT ATLANTA ,  it was great

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Jai R.
Great space for events. The service staff is amazing and the chef is great. My event was held in the WXYZ Lounge and Loft area. The decor is very hi and modern, so people tend to love it here.

09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Melissa K.
This location is convenient to all things downtown Atlanta and easy to get to right from the interstate.  Win-win!

Visiting friends who are staying here and they have said the following positive things:

- friendly staff willing to help and to offer concise directions, etc
- clean inside and out which is no easy feat in a downtown metro area
- very comfortable bedding with lots of pillows
- private, patrolled parking lot with ample spaces
- quiet in rooms although the bar can get hopping and loud
- quick taxi service courtesy call
- safe to walk (early)

Now for a few negatives:

- food is expensive (duh) as are drinks but if you so choose you can walk or taxi just a ways for a different dining experience
- bathrooms are teeny tiny and have no fan.  That's not a great experience when you have a few people sharing a room.
- as it gets later the more people show up hassling you while walking near the hotel

I highly recommend you contacting the hotel when booking or right after you book to let them know any special requests.  My friends were visiting Atlanta for their anniversary and requested a room as far away from others as possible with a fairly good view.  While no rooms have stellar views here, the one they received had the best!

Wi-fi is super quick too!

28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Dea J.
Thank you Starwood! I've wanted to stay at an Aloft hotel but haven't had the opportunity or the funds until now (hey, I'm a full time nursing school student). They had a special going on and we got the nightly rate for a steal. It reminded me of walking into a hotel Ikea; modern, sleek, and colorful.

It was very easy to find. I didn't even have to turn around or circle around. Yay! Great view of downtown. We were within walking distance of a lot of places, but still chose to drive. Coke world and the Olympic Park were like half a mile down the road.

We were early checking in but the staff had no problem getting us in. Parking is self parking at $20 a night. You have to take a ticket before the gate will open instead of tapping your room key on the keypad. To exit, you insert your parking ticket and then for "payment" you tap your room key.

Loved the rooms and bathroom. Pocket bathroom doors. Huge mirrors. Glass door walk-in shower. Bed was super comfortable. We actually passed out as soon as we got to the room before hitting the town. Large flat screen TV. Mini refrigerator. Free wifi. We forgot our swim suits, but they do have a pool with a dial on the wall that generates spa bubbles/waves.

Only complaint I have is our neighbors decided to wake up at 8 and play music and talk loudly, waking my fiance and I up. We contemplated making a noise complaint but I grabbed my ear plugs and turned down the air for white noise. I'm assuming the walls are either thin, or we just had rude loud neighbors.

In sum, we would definitely return.

26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Williams P.
Nice hotel in downtown, close to Peach street. I found great deals online. The only remark is that if you sign up for the 'green choice' do not expect fresh towels every day ... You will have to ask for.

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Gill B.
Let's just say that this place doesn't quite give me the warm and fuzzies.  I was pretty unimpressed with the Aloft hotel in Downtown Atlanta when I came last Saturday for a little staycation fun with my friend.

Bright side: The hotel is in a prime location for touristy fun, just blocks from Centennial Olympic Park and the downtown strip of classic chain restaurants (Hooters, Hard Rock, Fire of Brazil).  We were able to walk pretty easily from the Peachtree Center Marta station despite the light rain.

They were apparently having some special cocktail party for the newly-opened property which debuted in April.  Outside of the hotel, next to the pool in the parking lot at the intersection of Spring and Baker, sat a sad and empty looking "Ciroc" tent with tunes pumping and not a soul in sight.  Probably because it was grey and rainy weather.  I assume the party had moved Inside because the lobby bar was pretty bustling around 4:00pm on a Saturday afternoon.  The drink girls in their tight white dresses worked the room (targeting the males) and pushed their fancy cocktails.  They didn't seem interested in approaching my friend and I in our t-shirts and athletic apparel as we wandered the lobby.

There was a pool table and relaxation area, but the concrete walls and dim lighting gave it kind of a cold vibe.  Very mod and urban, but in a trying too hard kind of way.

When we checked in, Diamond was super sweet.  She handed us our key cards and encouraged us to attend the little party that they were having for the opening with the Ciroc crew.  I had opted for the "Sip N Style" package when I made my reservation which was supposed to grant me two free drinks with my check-in.  When I first mentioned it, Diamond and the other staff member at the desk furrowed their brows.  "Sip and Stay?"  They inquired.  But no, I assured them with my printed out reservation confirmation on hand.  It is, in fact, "Sip N Style".  I found it strange that they didn't even know the name of their own promotion.  But they reviewed the information and politely obliged me with two coupons, one for me, and one for my guest (but truth be told, we were so anxious to not be there anymore that we didn't even end up using them).

The pool was tiny. More like a glorified bathtub with some mod seating around the periphery, like a little nook of egg chairs.  Even if the weather had been better, we would not have been enticed.  

We took the crazy, neon lit elevator up to our room.  Our room was FREEZING and dark.  Even after we turned off the AC (yes, it was that cold), we had to huddle under the covers for warmth.  The walls were a not-so-inviting dark charcoal gray. And there was no overhead lighting. Not exactly what you would call cozy.  But there was a pretty cool abstract mason jar painting between the beds, so that was pretty neat.  Oh and it was very clean, I must say.  Props to housekeeping!

We were on a staycation, so we had a general idea of the restaurants and sights in the area, but we wanted to check out some sort of guidebook for the recommendations.  No such luck.  There was a copy of Wired magazine, and a notepad.  Nothing else.  Not even a channel guide.  So we were left in the dark and not so inviting room.

We scoped out the shower scene and were only further disappointed.  Two in one shampoo and conditioner from a dispenser in the shower (always a negative - I am pretty partial to the separate shampoo and conditioner), and a body wash dispenser. So we went downstairs to inquire about the availability of supplies - any shampoo? Conditioner? How about razors? What do we do if we have forgotten or need any of these?

When we asked if we could get the supplies from the hotel, Diamond looked at us like we were crazy. "You can walk to CVS from here," she reassured us. Not quite the solution we were looking for.  How about a guidebook for the room with some suggestions about where to dine and entertain ourselves in the area?  She was baffled.  "No, we don't have anything like that."  She fumbled for some menus for local establishments and suggested that we just start walking.  She name-dropped the Hooters and the Hard Rock just around the corner.  Very helpful.  So we walked around on our own and ended up at our standby favorite in the area - Park Bar (quality place for food and drink, by the way).

We ended up checking out early.  It just wasn't the relaxing, comfortable, cool environment we had been hoping for.

Clearly this place is not the one that you want to come to if you are not familiar with the area. You won't find much help or guidance from the staff, and it doesn't really have that inviting, I wanna hang out hear and relax atmosphere.  But hey - at least it was clean!

27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Laura R.
Brought to you by Entertainment 720 and Tom Haverford: The Aloft Downtown.

I don't know... This place was okay. I stayed here for Dragon Con a couple of days ago, with 4 people to a room (my friend got two rooms next to each other). The amount of money 4-5 people spent here for 4 nights was the same amount 10 people spent last year at the Marriott. So MUCH more affordable. It was about 2-3 blocks from the host hotel, and generally only about a 10 minute walk from the convention. My main complaints involved the weird bathroom, and the air conditioning system.

The bathroom door didn't really close? It wasn't a conventional door like you're used to seeing, but rather a sliding door that always stayed open unless you slid it closed. This particular mini room was compartmentalized into two areas that shared the same door: one with a fridge and sink, and the other with the glass shower. You had to catch the door on a tiny corner, and initially, I just stuffed a wad of paper in the corner to get it to catch until I figured out it supposedly caught anyways. But despite this "closed door" there was about a two inch corner/side gap all the way up. I was a girl sharing a room with guys, so this made me feel a little uncomfortable... Like at any moment, the door would spring open while I was taking a shower.

Almost every morning when we got in (IDK... 5 or 6am, most nights), there would be some kind of pop/hip hop music going on downstairs that was so loud you could hear it outside. There were free pool tables to play with, so that was neat. Also, the bar was down there. It was like a mini club, of sorts. I guess that is some people's scene but not so much mine.
The staff was relatively courteous, but kept de-activating our keys... Like when someone accidently put it against their credit card, and had to re-activate, everyone else's key would go kaput. This was even after we asked them not to de-activate any other keys. Several liquor stores on the corner and block make good points of reference, but also attract the homeless and less savory characters of Atlanta.

THE VERDICT: This is the type of place Tom Haverford from Parks & Rec would have created. Sliding bathroom doors, free pool tables with dance music blasting, dim lights in the hallway, an elevator with neon squares that changed colors. It was a nice alternative to the costly Dragon Con host hotels, and not a bad place to sleep in for a few nights, if that's all you're doing. The beds were comfortable, the pillows soft, the air conditioning unit was either too hot or too cold. I'd stay here again, though, with a group of people who made me feel safe.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Amber M.
Just got home from staying here.
I booked a staycation for my birthday
April 18-21.

Convenient easy to find,

Up to date technology.

Free Wifi

Self Parking (20 a night )

Staff could be better some was great some wasn't.

Comfortable beds,
Large Flat Screen

Large parking space


Full Bar close at 12am

Pool Tables

Overall I would recommend this

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Traveler F.
This hotel is hip and cool with city vibe sophistication in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. It is nestled a block from famous Peachtree St. in close proximity to Olympic Park, CNN studios and many more attractions. The swanky XYZ lounge is housed in it's lobby.

As you drive up to the lobby, you can park under the porte-cochere for quick check in or park in one of the many reserved spots in front of the hotel, or back parking lot. I'm sure the hotel will fix your parking ticket. After check in you are directed to the back parking lot accessible with your room key. Just waving the room key in front of the sensor will not get you in. I seen many cars do this. So did I, on the first try. Put the key close to the sensor almost touching it, then it will work. Be careful pulling up the machine, it is a close fit. Once in, there is ample parking. A back entrance gives direct access to the elevator or a single flight of stairs put you in the lobby.

The elevator's floor is funky. I can imagine how  this would look after a few adult beverages. Might be some head spinning. The dimly lit hall ways with dramatic long wand like light fixtures guide you to the rooms. The bed was soft and comfortable. Pillows were a little too soft for my likeness. A single thick blanket was sandwiched between flat sheets with a fitted sheet on the bottom. Air conditioning vent is pointed upwards in front of one window, which takes away from sitting by the window. A desk/workstation anchored one window. These long windows allow light and gave spectacular views of Atlanta Skyline. Bedside lights are very powerful. Laying directly under the fixture tends to get hot really fast.

The bath room is wrapped in black modern rectangular tile with black grout. It appears as one huge slab of stone. Linear shower drain offset to the corner allows for bathers to stand on slightly pitched tile for a comfortable shower experience. Glass enclosure prevents water from splashing onto the toilet. The toilet is a suction type that guarantees everything goes down. The above-counter round porcelain sink makes for mess free usage. Ceiling to counter height mirror creates a sense of infinity. Although, the hair dryer occupied a single hook; no other place to hang face towels. A ceiling to floor mirror hang off a barn style sliding door that closes off the bathroom and toilet from the vanity area for privacy. Very thoughtful and modern construction.

I did not visit the XYZ lounge, but this place rocks. The music can be heard throughout the hotel. I'm sure there are quiet times or as they say, when in Rome or Atlanta, join in. Very hip, cool, modern hotel with friendly and accommodating staff.

Go check out my full photo album on Flickr.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Anthony S.
Booked a king got a double. Called desk they said they were out. Went downstairs talked to someone else and got a king room. ROOM THEN SMELT LIKE BLEACH.
told the manager were going to dinner well wait 2 hours see how it smells when we get back. She said OK let us know.
Came back STILL SMELT LIKE BLEACH. called the front desk told her and she gave me attitude.
She told me that someone went in the room and sprayed Ozone in it to try to make it smell better.
Then she was like if you don't like it go to a different hotel and so that's what I did.
Most disrespectful people.

11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Michael K.
I don't consider myself hip enough to stay at aLofts or W hotels even when I carry around my shiny metal MacBook Pro. If you have stayed at an aLoft before, you will not find any surprises here other than this one is ten stories tall sitting as an island in the middle of a full city block sized parking lot. The hotel is three blocks from the Peachtree Center MARTA station making for an easy escape to the airport.

The front desk staff were welcoming and quickly had me on my way to my room. There was a UGA meeting/event going on in the hotel lobby when I arrived around 5pm so there was a lot of activity around the W XYZ bar. The room was comfortable and quiet all night. I would have liked a nice chair in the corner of the room to sit and watch TV apart from the desk chair but other than that no suggestions to improve things.

This aLoft has a super convenient downtown location, has a very reasonable price, has loads of parking and provided a great night's sleep plus I earned another stay towards my Starwood status.

16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Jorge O.
Amazing service and extra friendly staff.  They helped me solve a problem I was having and were friendly about it.  Front desk staff is on point and quick to check in. Rooms were very modern and comfortable. Great layout and good shower.

21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Colleen B.
This is the third Aloft I have stayed at, Tampa and Orlando being the other two locations, and I appreciate their goal of reaching the younger, working class. This location is great, in the middle of Downtown Atlanta and the staff was friendly.

Love the lobby is all windows which makes for a great open space. The bar is located in the lobby as well so it made a great backdrop.

The King size bed was more than enough for me and it was very comfortable! I slept great during my stay.

WiFi was included and that is always a plus!

However, there are a few things I am not a huge fan of.

The lack of room service isn't my favorite, especially when I am there for work and usually exhausted at the days end or early morning and would just appreciate a delivery to my room.

Also, no bathtubs isn't always fun as I see hotels as an oasis of relaxation as traveling takes a lot out of you. Sometimes I just want to soak and detox from the day. Bummed about that. However, the shower is large and spacious with great water pressure so I appreciated that. The room I stayed in on the 3rd floor didn't have a working bathroom door though. It was stuck open, which didn't cause me a problem since I was staying by myself but not the most convenient thing.

There also wasn't ample lighting in my room. No overhead lights whatsoever, just lamps, which made great for relaxing if I wanted low lighting but not the most productive setup if you had to get work done.

Overall, I had a nice stay but it didn't blow me out of the water.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Cait O.
This hotel chain is made by the same company that does The W hotels.  This hotel chain looks like it was meant to be the hotel that is one step down from the W.  It has that same hip young vibe to the hotel & rooms.  The lobby had a little hang out area that had a pool table, a bunch of board games, some magazines and a bunch of comfy sofas & chairs.  Each night that area was busy.  If you chose not to have your room cleaned they would give you a $5 food voucher that you could use in the hotel.  We used that to grab breakfast from their breakfast bar area in the lobby.  The beds were super comfy & overall no complaints about the room or the service we received while being there.

The location was also great!  Short walk to World of Coke, the aquarium, Olympic park, the subway, etc.  Anything else we wanted to visit was a short subway or uber ride away.

I'd definitely stay here again the next time I find myself in Atlanta!

18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Stefanie H.
The building is a bit old but I can tell they try very hard to be as up-to-date as possible. I stayed here for a business trip and they were located close to WGCC. The place is very easy to find. The lounge/lobby/waiting area is spacious and roomy with a pool table and a small bar. The small breakfast area serves its purpose. A very limited breakfast option but it does its job. $9 voucher is good for a breakfast entree, bottled drink and a fruit. The entree is filling and served hot. They have a small gym and a small pool. The room is good size for  "a loft" - simple yet spacious enough. I do like that they have a good size parking lot in the back, VERY convenient.

Service wise was decent, at least the others were. I would like to give a shout out to Jade (written) or Jaden (said). - It shows that you care a lot about your job - good for you! - I'm actually not sure what the real name is as it's written and said differently. Either way, you were very accommodating. Greeted us well upon checking in and handled our concerns smoothly. Everyone else was just there to get paid by the hour. We were never greeted upon entering back to the hotel room through the main hotel entrance. I was sad each time I didn't see Jade/Jaden upon entering the hotel. By the way, I would like to add that Jade/Jaden was one-manning the check-out desk on the last day of the our show - which means the morning every one checks out as the show ends at 3pm.

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Tanya J.
Upon arrival we were greeted by Ciara, who was the most helpful of all staff. She took her time in helping us find places to go around the city and even printed out a bunch of locations with detailed information of each. I wish she was working the whole weekend!
Dante was also super helpful, I appreciate his honesty about EVERYTHING!

This hotel itself is in a great location. We were ~15-20 from almost every destination that we wanted to go, and we were withing walking distance of many attractions and restaurants. (peachtree st has a lot of restaurants and there's a mall) There are also two liquor stores on the same st, a little gift shop, and we were minutes away from the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park.

We were two blocks from Starbucks, CVS, Bank of America, hooters, and the Marta Transit system.

There is also a bar (WXYZ Bar/ Lounge) that plays live music and actually gets pretty fun! There is also outdoor patio seating. We were able to get a drink before heading. Since we were so close to so many things, our Uber fares were no more than $5 for nightlife!

There is a parking lot, but you have to pay $20 a day for it.

We opted out of daily house keeping and received a $5 (for each day that you opt out) for anything is the Hotel "mini store". Most things are about $5 anyways..

The hotel looks like the pictures, our king size bed was spacious and comfortable, and the bathroom was pretty modern looking. The only thing that I didn't like was that there wasn't a microwave in the room.

Overall we had a great stay at this hotel, I wouldn't mind staying here again when I visit Atlanta again. I gave it five stars because the location was perfect, not too far and not too close to so many things.

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0