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Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center in Atlanta, GA


With a premier location in Perimeter Center, and boasting a recent $23 Million renovation, the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter Center Hotel provides travelers with unparalleled service and Southern comforts. This modern hotel in Dunwoody features a vibrant Greatroom, where guests can gather in flexible work spaces. For those looking to explore, our Atlanta Perimeter hotel is minutes away from Cox Enterprises, fine dining, and world class shopping at Perimeter Mall and15 minutes from downtown via MARTA. Unwind in one of 341 spacious Dunwoody hotel rooms, featuring wireless Internet access, or visit the revitalized Concierge Lounge. This classic hotel in Dunwoody, GA offers exciting amenities including complementary parking, a fitness center and a stylish ''day and night bar'', serving savory regional cuisine that transition from morning to evening. Discover over 18,000 sq ft of revitalized meeting space for innovative gatherings. Experience a favorite amongst Dunwoody, GA hotels at Marriott


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Rating: 3.81

Address: 246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA, 30346
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Comments (27):

1. Eric S.
Decent enough.  I have stayed here a bunch primarily due to business purposes nearby.


- the gym is pretty good for a hotel
- it's near a marta train station (great for airport roundtrips and a key for me)
- there is food available, even late night
- the concierge room is great for breakfast
- tall building so can be away from noise if you get a high-up room -- request the ones that are on the opposite side of the marta line!
- the people that work there are friendly and definitely try to make the best of your stay


- could use some updating - tv's are old, carpets are ugly, but the lobby's okay
- food is expensive and not that good - worse quality than a chili's for you foodies
- wireless is non-existent or is inoperable

If you're looking for a place in that neck of the woods, the 5 minute walk from the marta station seems to me to be the best reason to stay there.

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Mark T.
I've stayed at this Marriott on a couple of occasions, both times during a multiday stay.  Overall, I'd say this is a pretty nice hotel.  It's not the nicest Marriott I've stayed in; however, it's also not the worst.  

The hotel has a great indoor/outdoor pool and nice workout area.  The bar area serves Starbucks coffee all day --which is always a plus, and has an onsite restaurant.  The location of the site is very nice.  It's in walking distance of a MARTA (Atlanta's metro system) station, and walking distance of great restaurants and shopping.  It's also located very close to the freeway which is always nice.

The rooms at this hotel aren't too bad.  They look a little dated, but again, not the worse I've seen.  Oh, and to Eric's point, all hotel carpets are ugly :)

The staff that work at this Marriott are extremely polite.  I've deal with the restaurant, concierge, maintenance, and front desk and every time I've interacted with them, they make you feel welcome and not like you're being a pain in the...

I'm certainly going to stay here again and would recommend if you need to be on the north side of the city.

21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Vickie M.
What?????? No wireless Internet access??   Wireless Internet access is no longer considered an "extra", it's come to be expected.  There is Internet access, through an Ethernet connection, for a fee of 12.95.  The TV appears to be from 1980, I'm surprised that it can even be operated by a remote.  Grout in the shower is black, I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be white.  Hummm not very comforting.  

I will say that the staff is friendly.

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Patricia M.
THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!!! The staff's customer service was excellent. I've never felt more welcomed and appreciated this much in my life. I swear the beds were heated. I felt so welcomed and everyone there embraced me as if we were all family. The jacuzzi= excellent, pool= even better. they have a fitness center. I wished I lived there and was really sad to leave. EVERYTHING WAS EVERYTHING there. The only complaints I have is the keys & wifi. Your cell phone deactivates the key, so if at close range, you need your key reactivated. you have to always be cautious about it because it's such an subconscious thing. wifi is only in public areas, such as the lobby. To have wifi in your room its and additional $12.95 for the first day and the rates gets higher for any additional day. Thats not enough to take away any stars from this place though. This hotel made me feel so comfortable, I'm ironically speechless writing this review. I was so overwhelmed and honestly this hotel made my entire trip.

19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Jason B.
Hotel has a lot of amenities. Concierge lounge, Starbucks and a full restaurant/bar.

Rooms are small for this level of Marriott hotel. TV's are outdated.  Whole place needs a face lift.

Location is great for the price point, and don't forget this place is usually competitively priced.  

If you are coming to/from the airport consider that it will take about 15 mins with no traffic and an hour and a half in rush hour traffic - no joke.

11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Josh S.
When reviewing a hotel on Yelp, I try to think of the review stars as being equivalent to the hotel stars. With that in mind, I would probably give this Marriott a 3-star rating. However, I'm giving it 4 stars based on the impending renovation, my lowered expectations, and also to counteract some of the unreasonably low reviews. Maybe my experience was better than some others, but I have very few negative things to say.

First off, the value. I was trying via Priceline to win the nearby Hilton Garden Inn which is a '3-star' property that I've stayed at in the past. I inadvertently won the Marriott and was a little bummed at first, but in hindsight the $55 per night(after taxes and fees) is a fantastic value.

Rooms are clearly outdated as even the most clueless person would notice, but they are obviously aware of this. No matter where you are in the hotel, they make sure you know that they are currently going through a $22 million renovation and basically to bear with them. With that said, our room was very well kept and wasn't falling apart or anything, it was just dated. The bed was huge and comfortable and the shower had great water pressure. TV is a dinosaur but the channels all came in clearly and the remote worked as expected, meaning it made me fall asleep while channel surfing. Beware that you may only receive 2 towels in your bathroom so plan ahead if you don't want to use your wife's wet hair towel and/or hand towels to dry off.

Parking is free and abundant, albeit awkwardly laid out. I like the perimeter area so location is a plus.

Pool area was surprisingly nice. I probably only call it nice because this is one of the few times I brought nothing to swim in, so I had pool envy.

We were able to connect to the hotel's wi-fi with no problem. I was under the assumption that wireless was only available in the public areas as evidenced by people with tablets and laptops scattered around the lobby. However, on the 14th floor we were able to connect with a pretty fast connection and for no charge.

The only glaringly negative thing I have to say about the hotel is the wait and the crowd on the elevators. Only 2 of the 3 elevators were working during our visit(because of renovation maybe?) and the hotel was pretty full, so there was always a long wait unless it was way off-peak hours like the middle of the night. Whatever, not a big deal I guess.

I would definitely return, though I doubt I will find such a good deal once the renovation is complete.

18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Allison C.
I've stayed here longer than I want.  I can't complain much except for the time someone on my floor left their dog in their room most of the evening.

Staff is very attentive.  I wish I could take them home with me.  I wish they'd stop calling me Miss C.  

Betsy at the bar is great. Ask her for the Spinach Quesadilla, which isn't on the menu.  

The lemonade during the week is a great refresher.

They keep my stuff over the weekends when I'm not here.  They get a little discombulated when I have dry cleaning over the weekends when I go home.  Generally, a decent place except for the slow elevators during renovation.

Wi-Fi in lobby/restaurant only.

I like my Marriott points.

05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Robert A.
I stay at this hotel a fair bit for business.  Updated nicely.  Rooms are clean - a bit small, but clean.

11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Kevin S.
Was back in town again on business.  This time, the Marriott Perimeter Center had the room for both weeks.  So I booked.

That was the best part of the experience.

My profile for Marriott says "High floor, AWAY from elevators and vending".  I know that's a tough thing to accomplish, but these guys didn't even try.  Rm 1003, right next to the elevator.  Was it a "high" floor?  Yeah, but the hotel has 16 floors, I don't consider 10 high.

The 1st week's checkin was easy and we laughed about my returning.

The 2nd week's checkin, was nothing even close.  I specifically reminded the desk clerk that I was looking to be AWAY from the elevator.  I got rm 803.  Yeah.  The second room they offered was next to a group room, louder than a screaming soccer match.  I decided to put up with it since I didn't want to have to explain the "cancellation fee" on my expense report.  Seems the Screamers were only visiting, and I didn't hear them again the rest of the week, but the room? Nothing to write home about.  5th floor, view of roof.

Wireless internet didn't work and the one that was available wanted to charge me.  I used my own wireless service.

DIdn't try the restaurant again due to time shortages.

I'm disappointed in this Marriott, and I won't be back.  The second time I've EVER said that about a Marriott!  And I've stayed at well over 100 of them.

13/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Des D.
I only stay at this property when i cant get into the Marriott in Buckhead.  I just don't like it.  It is badly outdated and set up - rooms, lobby...

The concierge food was pretty disgusting and what i might expect at a Holiday Inn Express (fruit in AM was rock hard, food in the evening was greasy and what you might find in a cheap bar). in fact the room service food wasn't much better.  Concierge area really needs redone and while the staff was nice they really went set to perform concierge services.

While it might be nice to have MARTA close by, the sound of trains coming/going make it almost impossible to take a call outside and often inside in your room you can't hear.

Rooms - showers and bed are typical high Marriott quality; TVs are about +10 years old; no MP3 connectors; tight small rooms (smaller than NYC Marriott properties); new carpets and furniture needed (I had no place to put a tray from room service.)

Gym is nice and bar is okay.

22/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. B E.
Very nice hotel.  Great staff.  Concierge lounge is excellent- the two women I saw managing it really did a nice job with decent food and attentive service.  Room was very nice and clean- good TV, wifi was excellent, etc.  The only drawback was the restaurant.  I wish it was a bit more of a sit down place, but they have it setup like some trendy club where you can sit on couches to eat.  That's not for me.  Room service was OK.  Fast and courteous, but I find that sometimes at Marriotts, their room service leaves a bit to be desired.  I'd give the room service food a B+.

28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Smilely S.
This is a beautiful hotel. The hotel rooms are very clean. Staff is great and provides assistance quickly. I loved the indoor pools and gym. The restaraunt has an excellent breakfast buffet. I didn't want to leave:(  Great Hotel!!!

30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Kaela A.
Back on the road and I have found myself in Atlanta this week. Our event hotel was the Marriott Perimeter Center in Atlanta, Georgia and I am a FAN. The entire presentation of this hotel is perfection.

Upon check-in, I found the lobby team to be enthusiastic and friendly. I had shipped a box to be held for my arrival. Sure enough! It was waiting for me at the front desk. Generally, I have to ask for help in having it delivered to my room, however the team had already made arrangements. Knowing I was in a rush as well, they had it to my room in under five minutes.

Our group hosted a reception that same evening in the Roosevelt Room. While we were close to capacity, the room never felt uncomfortably full. The bartender was attentive, and whenever I checked on the food, it was warm, fresh, and there were scarcely any empty/dirty plates. They were very attentive to our group throughout the evening.

I was a bit concerned when they gave me a guest room on the ground floor (I tend to be a light sleeper when I'm at an event site). I was understandably worried about excessive foot traffic throughout the night but my room was quiet, cozy, and I actually got a good nights sleep for once.

The bathroom was spotless, as was the carpet and the overall presentation of the room was warm and inviting.

Highly recommend that if you find yourself in Atlanta that you stay at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center.

07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Laura N.
The hotel is fine. But my recommendation is to save your money and go elsewhere. The check in process was A MESS. For a hotel that (per the shuttle driver) has been "sold out every day since it opened." They really should have a better system down. Our room wasn't ready 10 min before check in and we ended up waiting almost an hour for it. The receptionist said we would've called when the room was ready, however we never were. When I went to check I was told "oh it's been cleaned but they didn't switch it over in the system." Oh ok, I'll just keep twiddling my thumbs. No chocolates when we got here (I know I'm nitpicking but it's an expensive place!). The room is nice, but I wouldn't say it's at all worth the extra money. Hotel shuttle only goes w/in 2 miles. No stamps available (but I was told I could "walk to a gas station").  The pool area is ok but looks like it could use an update all around. Overall I wouldn't waste my time or money on this hotel chain again. Obviously riding on their reputation.

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. C S.
Ok, we've frequented this hotel since 2006.  We stayed recently since they updated the entire hotel.  Now, although the building is getting older, the renovations gave it a very much needed facelift.  The lobby bar area is amazing.  The decor is very nicely appointed as well the colors.  They introduced some metal accents along the wood structure sleek, modern furniture that completes the look.  Oh, and the food is good too.  I'd probably go in there for drinks even if I wasn't staying at the hotel.  

The rooms were very nicely done.  They updated the decor and bathrooms that give an updated, modern look.  It looks like the even replaced the carpet and lighting in the hallways to give a brighter feel throughout the hotel.  

Although we did have an issue with the water (I think they were flushing the pipes), they more than compensated us for the inconvenience.  The staff were very friendly and accommodating, carrying on the Marriott standard.

31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. E L.
This is a nice clean hotel. We had a room with double beds. The beds seems likd twins to me. Room came with mini refrigerator as well.

This hotel does have in-room dining. They also offer a breakfast buffet. I enjoyed the breakfast buffet while I was there. The have an omelet station in the breakfast area with many toppings of your choosing.

The staff always seemed professional. When we had questions, they addressed them immediately. In the lobby, they had a computer area where you could surf the net and print if you needed too. I've been in some hotels where they would charge an hourly rate to use the computers. Here, they did not charge.

The location of this hotel is wonderful. Less than 2 miles from Perimeter Mall. There are numerous restaurant choices  nearby, so you want go hungry. Even though the location is perfect, the evening traffic is horrible.

08/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Rich P.
Very nice hotel but the bar feels like an industrial production line.  The bartenders are cold and inattentive,  the lighting too bright,  and the beer selection slim.

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Lynn N.
It's always the people and how they connect and make you feel. A biz hotel in a good location for my local work. Concierge lounge, fitness center, easy parking. And then: there are Lauren and JJ. Lauren is food service she attentive to an evening tea drinker. He has remembered every night to bring me hot water and herbal tea; I didn't even need to call after the first night. And JJ at the front desk: kind, attentive, enthusiastic to greet a guest. So so eager to help me feel comfortable and at home during the five nights I'm here. Thank you, kind gentlemen. You have polished the Marriott and Atlanta's images. Management: retain these standout employees. They make this property memorable and preferable!

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Haley R.
Wonderful!  The staff were delightful, the hotel was comfortable, and the pool was clean.  Parking did not require a fee or a long walk to the hotel, and the MARTA station is within easy walking distance.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.

Hotel Staff - 5/5

Public Areas - 5/5
Lobby: Clean and Welcoming
Business Center: Two computers, No fee for Internet Use, Didn't have to wait.

Guest Room - 5/5
Cleanliness: Clean
Space: Bijou, no room for a roll-away, but plenty of space for luggage.
Noise: Not a single problem.

Comfort - 5/5
Bed: Wonderfully comfortable.
Linens: Also comfortable.
Shower: Clean, good water pressure.

Amenities - 5/5
Room Service / Restaurant: Delicious and arrived at time expected.
Pool / Fitness Area: Clean, towels stocked.
Parking: No fee, near hotel, no problems finding a space.

Area - 5/5
Proximity to Public Transportation: A two block walk from the MARTA - excellent.
Proximity to Restuarants: Four or five block walk to restaurants.
     Try The Pub in Perimeter Mall if you stay here!
Proximity to Shopping:  Three to four block walk to shopping.

05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Christina L.
Apart from the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center  which is very easy to get around downtown, hollywood blvd or universal studios, the location is also well served by buses on Vermont, Sunset Blvd, and Atlanta. There's also a shuttle to Griffith Observatory on Vermont/Susnet, so for tourist destinations it's defintely a plus. I took the sunset bus (and back) to Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center one day and the Atlanta  bus to the next. Expect a fairly slow/long ride (80-90 mins each), but cheap ($1.50) and an interesting way of seeing the city if you don't mind it getting packed and the diversity of characters on the bus (some aggressive characters and homeless)

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Heyward W.
I want to meet a client first thing in the morning there. Stop by a local bagel place to grab coffee and a bagel. tried to eat it in the common area was asked to leave. They don't let you eat outside food in common areas. Really?

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Jessica B.
I was attending a convention this month and I MUST say as far as Marriott hotels go, this is the cream of the crop in the Atlanta area!

  I was greeted warmly by staff upon entering and was very impressed with the complimentary shuttle service to the mall nearby.  Everyone on staff was so thoughtful and made eye contact every time I passed someone by!

  I was also very impressed when I found I had an issue right before a panel presentation in one of the meeting rooms. I couldn't seem to get online.  I was pleased at how quickly the staff worked together when I had less than ten minutes to go before show time! This for sure saved my skin for my big moment and I thank them sincerely for it!

 All in all, a great and clean atmosphere.  I will be sure to recommend this place to friends and can't wait to see future Conventions hosted here, whether I am attending or hosting a presentation!

Oh, and their room prices seem very reasonable and good for those events that are a bit further away but the Marta is right outside when you are ready to hit the next big thing from there!

 Thank you, Perimeter Center Marriott!

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Trina J.
If you are staying in this area you would be silly to pass up an opportunity to stay here. This was definitely one of the best full service Marriott properties I have ever stayed in. The rooms were immaculate and in very good condition. There is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub. The fitness center have quite a few options for those who want to keep in shape while on the road. I loved the fresh cookies and flavored water in the lobby . It was a nice touch.  If that is not enough to sway you, you should be impressed to know but there is a shuttle that brings you anywhere within a two mile radius from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. free of charge. This location sits right next to the Dunwoody MARTA station and the Perimeter mall.

The front desk agents and the shuttle driver offered some of the best southern hospitality a guest could ask for. I have the opportunity to be served by David and Mr. James. I also met a sweetheart in concierge but I don't remember her name.

As much as I like sleeping in my own bed, this was a great stay away on the road. I will definitely stay here again.

23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Nikki B.
I stayed here with my boyfriend for a quick weekend trip and I must say that this hotel was great. The room was very clean...it was located in a safe and convenient area with the perimeter mall being right down the road and downtown only a few minutes away. The reason I'm leaving a review though is because of the exceptional service we received during our visit. Everyone was so nice. One employee stood out to me though, I was unable to catch her name but she was an Asian lady working as a breakfast attendant. So nice and a very hard worker. I enjoyed my stay here.

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Aislinn H.
I stayed here on a business trip this week while in Atlanta. Unfortunately I didn't stay long but I was checked in quickly after arriving close to 1am (thank you delayed flights and terrible weather). The room was clean and the bed was cozy. I have to admit I really liked that they had shower gel available in the room as opposed to just a bar of soap. I hate bar soap.

They also have a great morning buffet and the sweetest woman who will "cook you eggs or omlettes anyway you like or a waffle, baby." Oh and they have biscuits and gravy and grits. Obviously.

My check out receipt was under by door by the time I woke up at 6am which was impressive.  All-in-all I quite enjoyed my 7 hour stint here. Wish it had been longer!

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Amber D.
The hotel was very nice.... They always moved quickly in regards to needing towels or any service... They were very welcoming.... Thank for making our stay amazing!!!

02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Jeanette M.
We love this hotel. We stay here periodically for a staycation. This tie was the best yet. Amazing staff! Beautiful updated hotel. The kids love the indoor/outdoor pool.

We especially appreciated Lonnie this trip, he drives the shuttle and is fabulous!

08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0