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Courtyard Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, GA

Courtyard Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.63

Address: 133 Carnegie Way, Atlanta, GA, 30303

    Address: 133 Carnegie Way Northweat, Atlanta, GA, 30303

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      Comments (27):

      1. L M.
      This is what I shared with the management.

      Heater vent blew directly onto bed with dry dry air, fridge either too warm or would freeze everything, no microwave, coffee maker only for one cup, not enough towels for four people, bed did not have mattress protector - only one sheet between me and mattress is not hygenic, sofa bed uncomfortable, sheets come right off comforter also not hygenic as comforter probably not washed between customers, small bedroom, not clean in corners and edges of room there is lots of dust under furniture and behind, doors and walls have visible markings, internet sometimes drops off or is slow in room, cheap sofa, cheap fake vinyl floors, no amenities, sparse toiletries, no breakfast only sara lee muffins and oranges that was it, no mention of continental breakfast hours or willingness to help when we missed the hours, houscleaning did not make last call and did not clean room two of the days, one housecleaner said he would clean room and did not, only one wash machine and dryer and wash machine not cleaned or maintained inside dirty, pack and play very thin cushion not good for sleeping baby, my rate was changed after confirmation and i could not change it back, items available for purchase downstairs did not suit our needs and no store available within two blocks. did not report most of these problems as was too busy just dealing with them. only the breakfast did we report and got no assistance.

      02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      2. Catherine T.
      I hosted several events at this hotel last weekend and utilized about 30 hotel rooms for our out-of-town guests.  We rented out both event rooms from Friday morning through Sunday evening (the entire weekend) for my son's bar mitzvah weekend.  We hosted a Friday night dinner for about 70 guests and a Sunday Mother's Day brunch for about 75 guests.  They allowed us to bring in an outside caterer so our food would be kosher - they were the ONLY hotel I found that was willing to let us do this.  All of our guests were checked in efficiently and received the special hospitality totes we had put together.  Zola was our on-site coordinater who made all the arrangements for us - she was AWESOME and very responsive.  Although she was actually out of town the weekend of our event, she made sure that Marlon and Laurel (the managers who were working that weekend) as well as Scott (the general manager) knew every single detail of what was happening and I was personally introduced to them beforehand.  It was a complicated affair - we had buses picking up guests, dropping off guests, hospitality bags, a cocktail hour on the entire second floor, our caterer unloading and setting up, photographer arriving, linen delivery, etc.  Everything went off without a hitch!  Our guests loved the guest rooms and the event spaces we utilized and really appreciated the efficiency and hospitality of all the staff.  While setting up the Margaret Mitchell room, I would just pick up the wall-mounted phone and press "0".  It was like a magic genie or something.....  Room seemed warm, I dialed "0".  Phil, the facilities guy, magically appeared 2 minutes later and adjusted the thermostat to the perfect cool temperature.  Anytime I dialed "0" the entire day, someone would immediately appear to fulfill whatever I requested....  How do I dim the lights in here?  Can someone bring up some ice?  Can I get a bench moved up here from the restaurant for our cocktail hour?  Can I borrow a pair of scissors?  Can someone get me an extra high-boy table?  Whatever it was, they immediately responded!  The staff and management also checked in with me multiple times each day, just to see if we needed anything else.  The pricing they offered on our guest rooms was VERY reasonable - much lower than any other nearby hotel.  However, this hotel is run like a much more expensive venue - the service is top-notch!  Many of our guests were used to staying in higher-priced hotels, but they ALL loved this place.  The hotel is really interesting and is ANYTHING BUT a boring shoe-box room.  All the rooms are different and unique.  The historic flatiron building provides a very interesting backdrop for the contemporary furnishings and decor.  I would not hesitate to recommend this hotel to anyone hosting an event in Atlanta.

      17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      3. Jade L.
      This Courtyard has more artistic decor than most. The front desk were very pleasant and helpful. The room was comfortable and clean, but very small. I'm not sure if it was just the room we got, but it was about 1/3 smaller than the average hotel room. That was the only downside of the stay.

      27/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      4. Rachel S.
      I was here for three nights for a conference that was held at the Marriott Marquis (5 minute walk). This was great spot to regroup after a long day of meetings and since very few personnel from the conference stayed there, it made for an escape from the masses. At first the lobby isn't much to look at; we weren't sure if this was the check-in desk since it was such a small area. Checking in was easy and apparently there is parking in the garage across the street ($25/day), the hotel has some arrangement with the garage.

      The rooms have high ceilings and huge HD TVs. That's one thing I noticed on this trip, there are TVs everywhere in downtown Atlanta. At the baggage claim at the airport, each carousel had like four TVs-- and they all have CNN on. At the Courtyard there was a TV in the elevator area; there was no escaping it.

      There is free WIFI and there is a Dunkin Donuts around the corner (2 minute walk). It's loaded with Georgia State students but the staff hustled through a long line quickly.

      When I'm in town for conference, my hotel room becomes my office and I spread out with papers and my laptop everywhere. I usually don't have housekeeping make up my room more than once during a 3 night stay, because it's just me and there's no point in wasting water and energy. As mentioned, my hotel room becomes my office and we would come back in between meetings to regroup. Well, housekeeping is not the quietest at this hotel. With music blasting in the hallway while the housekeeper is doing her job, it was a little difficult to concentrate. I realize this is not a library (in fact, there is a library right around the corner from the hotel- FYI) but really, does music have to be blasting? This happened two days in a row.
      I didn't say anything because I knew it was a temporary noise and she would be moving on to other parts of the hotel shortly, and I really didn't want to spend what little time I had to work, talking with the staff. And at night, when silence is most important, I didn't hear anything at all.

      There was an afternoon of maintenance men on my floor as well. I know that whatever work they are doing is likely to my benefit, and they weren't doing anything inappropriate, but it just made for a disruption...

      Overall the hotel is satisfactory I would stay here again, but probably go to the library next time to work.

      11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      5. Jennifer T.
      I was not happy with this place. Mostly because of the managers being rude and did not care about customer's experience. I complained how my room was not clean, and I was given atitude. I just wanted a simple clean room and that was it. Marriott is supposed to be known for their excellent service, but not sure whats up with this location.

      If they just rectified the situation, then I wouldn't be posting a negative review.

      20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      6. Cory C.
      I spent a weekend here and was impressed.  The room was modern with full length windows and a large walk in shower.   The TV was great and the cable service included several HD channels. The hotel was secure and in a  nice location downtown.  

      The restaurant downstairs providing "room service" was disappointing.  There wasn't  a menu in the room and there wasn't any service; you call in to place your order and 30 minutes later go pick it up.

      The fitness center was sub-par, but included 2 or 3 treadmill to satisfy  basic needs.

      The lobby was nice, but the staff seemed to congregate around the front desk.  Not a significant issue, but noticeable

      I recommend using the valet service.   Only $25/day, which is about the same as parking in other lots around the hotel.  

      My review only seems to only point out the issues I had, But overall I was very happy with my stay.

      08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      7. Sharon P.
      The rooms at this hotel are really modern. We had a good experience from the time that we arrived until the moment we left. The staff was friendly, and professional. They offered suggestions on what to do for the weekend. They even reminded us that it was Pride weekend, and there were several concerts and things going on for it. (uh, we passed - but the gesture was appreciated).

      I would have given 5 stars, but the bathroom door is an issue. It is some sort of sliding door that does not close completely. This was awkward even for a married couple, so if I was rooming with girlfriends - this would have been a deal breaker.

      31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      8. John L.
      A recently renovated hotel with most of the amenities you need, in a great location.  Overall, almost every aspect of this hotel was great, especially given that the rates aren't too bad.  Because of the interesting construction and shape of the building, there are some downsides, but what hurts this hotel most is not accomodations, but housekeeping.  

      When you walk in, you'll find that the check-in area is quite... cozy.  It's tiny.  Connected to a roomy lounge and spacious restaurant, the slightly cramped check in area is a little surprising, but it gets the job done.  Here's where the great experience starts-- everyone is helpful and is aware of the area and what you might need.  Cheerful, quick staff will help you promptly even if it's a little crowded.  They are fantastic with providing you toiletries as needed-- this Marriott lives up to the reputation by not trying to nickel and dime you for every damn thing.  Free internet, reasonable parking rates, and everything you may need in terms of minor hospitality items starts a great experience.

      What happens next might be a matter of accommodations, as the rooms vary quite a bit.  They are all recently renovated with a laminate/vinyl hybrid floor that takes some getting used to.  All floors have a flatscreen panel by the elevators so you have something to watch while you wait for the elevators.  The elevators are not super speedy but nor are they extremely slow.  Second floor holds the conference rooms and gym, and here's the first issue-- the machines are a little clunky-- they're not particularly smooth.  Otherwise, it's pretty well equipped.  

      Back to the rooms.  Depending on which room you get (I suggest asking for a corner room-- anything ending in X10 and X11 is a good sized room) you can get either literally nothing but a bed and a bathroom, or a spacious studio setup with either a segregated living area or a large open room.  The rooms are nicely decorated, though if you want to use this as an office you may have issues-- the TV is directly over any desk space you have.  There's not a lot of closet space, but there should be enough unless you're staying for more than a week and a half.  

      A dinger was the lack of microwaves as noted in another review, but it's not unreasonable to go downstairs and use the microwave there.  The refrigerators are adjustable, but they don't tell you where the knob is (it's behind on the right).  Beds were fine-- not too firm, not too soft.  If you're particular, bring your own pillow as the pillows they provide are way too soft and crushable.  The bathroom sliding doors are interesting, but they're really only an issue if you are rooming with people you do not trust to not walk in on you in the bathroom (why are you sharing a room with these people?).

      Surprisingly, there's plenty of lighting in the room and both the Wi-Fi and wired internet connections are free.  It's not the fastest connection in the world, but it's not so bad either.  

      The problems started with the weird machines in the exercise rooms, and the weird vinyl flooring takes some getting used to.  What became apparent, however, is the revelation that housekeeping is not as thorough as it should be.  I found some things uncleaned and vacuuming does not occur regularly.  I know this because there were some eraser shavings that remained where they were for 2-3 days, uncleaned.  Housekeeping fixes the bed and restocks basic toiletries such as soap or shampoo, but did not restock toilet paper unless requested.  Other times, they would take away things and not replace them (cups for the bathroom).

      Aside from the weird floors, poor equipment and shoddy housekeeping, the biggest issue is that some rooms are just TINY.  For example, anything with X09 is a TINY bedroom, fitting just the bed, closet thing, and TV-- that's it.  If you end up in these rooms, you may not be too satisfied, but you will at least have a decent place to stay.  

      I feel the need to address one of the reviews here that whines about a crapload of petty items.  Sheets were not an issue for me, nor was a one cup coffee maker.  Breakfast hours are reasonable and if you miss them, spend the extra $3 at the subway around the corner.  The refrigerator is adjustable and works fine, you can always request more towels as room service is quick and courteous, there's a microwave downstairs with easy access, and there is a CVS within two blocks.  This is the Courtyard Marriott, not the Ritz-Carlton.  If you're going to cram 4 people and baby into a hotel room, then perhaps you might want to consider alternate accommodations.

      19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      9. Peter A.
      If you're look for a Marriott property in downtown at Atlanta this is an ideal spot. I travel into Atlanta a lot and my clients are all in and around the downtown area so it's either this or the Marquis. The hotel has a modern decor to it. The only catch is that some rooms are better than others because of the triangular shape of the bedrooms. You may want to ask about the room at check-in but the staff is very nice and Bistro at the lobby for bfast, lunch or a quick dinner. If you prefer there's a Ted's Montana Grill and some other restaurants nearby that are pretty good. If you're a Marriott person this is a good choice.

      12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      10. Natalie H.
      The hotel was fine.  Nice beds, safe, cute little bar area.  Our experience was a complete let down in the end.  We have a family member at Grady Memorial in critical condition.  We rented a room here for my elderly parents so they would be able to attempt a good nights sleep.  Upon checking in, we asked if there was an emergency at the hospital, if they could get their car quickly. They assured us they could have it in 3 minutes for any emergency.  The next morning, there was indeed a major emergency and they had to wait 20 minutes for their car.  The valet guys were not at all sensitive to their situation and told them they just needed to wait their turn.  (In a very rude way).  We will NEVER stay at this property again.  A total lack of respect  and could have at least been more compassionate to the situation.

      06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      11. Jill K.
      Bed and linens were super comfy and the room was clean and modern.The staff was extremely helpful and courteous throughout our stay. We will definitely stay there again when we want a night in the city!

      17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      12. Lillia L.
      I sleep in a lot of Marriott Courtyard hotels. This one is by far one of my favorites! It feels more upscale than most and I love the old library feel of the main lobby and lounge areas. This one has a HUGE bar in the cafe with ample seating for the Bistro cafe. The food was goo enough it didn't make me want to go outside the hotel for meals during a weeks stay.
      The king suite I stayed in was very cozy and comfortable. You could have a party in the shower... It is that big! The decor modern yet relaxing, the library motif continues throughout.
      The staff are all very friendly and the valet so speedy. During busy times of the day there are several so you don't wait long for your car. The only detractor is the ancient elevators that rattle, squeak, groan, and shake on their very slow ascent and decent. Each ride you wonder if you'll be trapped in the elevator when it dies!
      I look forward to my next business trip to Atlanta and plan to stay here again. Maybe they will give the elevators some love before then?

      24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      13. David C.
      I travel extensively and know the marriott brand expectations well. This hotel is clean, rooms are well maintained overall, the staff are on it and it only has one glaring flaw...no pool. If you can live without the pool, want a safe clean area of atlanta and want to walk to attractions to save on cabs or a rental this will definity fit your needs. The marta is .5 blocks away and the airport is only $2.50 away.

      25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      14. Jennifer S.
      Had a great experience here.  Nice clean room with free wifi and comfy bed.  Friendly staff and great little bistro in the lobby.

      05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      15. Jeff M.
      A very nice Courtyard downtown.  And walk around the corner to Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint for music and food.

      24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      16. Jessica W.
      As other reviewers have mentioned, this is a particularly nice and modern Courtyard.  Staff were nice and courteous and the Starbucks in the lobby was a welcome find.  I was attending a conference at Georgia State, so this was a convenient location, but if I was going to Atlanta for leisure, I'd probably stay elsewhere (Buckhead or Druid Hills).

      28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      17. Adam B. J.
      Booked with Priceline name your own price.  Our room was tiny, and they wouldn't give me two double beds since I  booked third party forcing me to share a bed with my dad.  Could have been worse.  Someone came in our room (with a key and said maintenance) at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday.  Clean, great location to a metro stop, and recently renovated.

      10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      18. Christopher M.
      Besides them only ever having one person at the front desk and the fact that you have to meet folk in the lobby to let them up/to get delivery, I really love this Courtyard.

      The front desk staff were always helpful and welcoming.  The place is clean.  The elevator bank is separate from the front desk area.  The entry way is built so that you don't get blasted with outside weather when someone enters or exits.  The place is quite modern.  The rooms are quite amply sized.  Loved the decor of the room.  Amazingly comfortable bed, with nice bedding, which wasn't all standard plain white.  Could definitely hear all noise from the hallway, and slamming doors nearby....but couldn't hear anything through the walls, ceiling, or outside.  LOVED the closet with the light which turned on and off automatically as you opened and closed the door.  Loved the fridge!!!!

      Then again.....well....maybe there were a few more things I'd like to see improved:

      - The free wi-fi was a bit spotty.  It always worked...but one minute it would fly; the next creep and crawl.  If I stay again, I'll opt for the $4.95 paid internet in hopes of consistent, fast speeds.
      - The outlet on the desk lamp wouldn't work for a hot minute in the morning if you left your stuff plugged in overnight.
      - The room temperature was rather hard to control.  The thermostat is there....but the bathroom was always colder then the regular room...and when the regular room would be warm enough, the bed area was cold because the bathroom was pushing out colder air.
      - The elevators can be on the slow side, with only two for the entire place.

      Still, I'll definitely consider them for future ATL stays!

      02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      19. Jessica C.
      We selected this hotel online because we were coming in town for a concert at Philips Arena and this hotel was within walking distance, and cheap! When we booked it was $119 per night, and we were on a budget. Our theory is, you sleep and get ready in a hotel room, it doesn't have to be over the top. However, we were blown away by the gem we found at Courtyard!

      We arrived at 11am and were allowed to go ahead and check in! This was so nice to refresh after traveling. We opted not to valet park, and parked in the deck adjacent to the hotel. For one night it was $32, so be prepared to either pay for valet or pay for the deck. The staff was extremely friendly and could answer most questions about that part of town, and some of the staff we spoke to were locals and could tell us more about certain places, not just the "recommended".

      This hotel is centrally located to several major attractions! CNN Headquarters, Philips Arena, Centennial Olympic Park, and World of Coke. We ate around the corner at Juke Joint for lunch, and it was amazing; traditional southern fare. For dinner we ate at Truva, which is a Turkish restaurant. Wow!! It was out of this world. Both of these restaurants are walking distance from the hotel. Also, the subway entrance (MARTA) is beside the hotel. This proved very convenient for us after the concert!

      Finally, the hotel is located in a remodeled building, which gives it a great ambiance!Our room had high ceilings, was very clean, quiet, and accommodating. The single king room had plenty of space for two people! The bed was very comfortable, and everything about the room made us feel relaxed. The shower is large and so is the bathroom. There are three mirrors! For me, this is a plus. Usually we are getting ready in a hurried mess because most hotels only have one mirror. The view wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either. We requested an upper level room so we could be above the buildings, and they gave is exactly what we asked for! We were in the 11 floor, almost in the corner. I read reviews before booking, and heard the corner room was more spacious. While the maid was cleaning the room, I asked to see it, and it was not much bigger than ours.

      Overall, this will be our hotel of choice when visiting Atlanta. Hands down. There are plenty of other hotels nearby for twice the price as this one, and Courtyard has everything they have and more. You will not be disappointed if you stay here, and you'll have extra money to experience the city!

      23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      20. Chris R.
      Clean rooms, friendly service and a great location in the middle of everything downtown.  What more can you ask for?

      01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      21. Gerald M.

      The rooms in this hotel are very nice. Mine actually had two rooms, a bedroom and a living area with a fold-out couch with doors separating the rooms. Each room had its own TV.

      There are many restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

      It is also right next to a MARTA station. If you're coming to downtown Atlanta on business, don't rent a car (parking is outrageous). Take MARTA from the airport to the Peachtree Center station. There are many hotels near there. I took my car back on the second day of my five-day trip.


      Ain't nothin' free. No free breakfast, no free snacks at happy hour, nothing.

      The Bistro restaurant is terrible. Don't go in there unless you are forced to. I ate there twice during my stay.

      Their beer and wine selection is minimal. The first meal I had was the ribs. They were not "tender" as advertised. They tasted like they'd been cooked in a microwave. Also, since when does anyone east of the Mississippi slather their BBQ in red sauce? I'm from Texas so I like that but I was hoping for some true, Carolina-style sauce.

      My second meal there (because it was raining and snowing) was the pepperoni pizza. $14 for a pizza that tasted like it was frozen ten minutes ago. Crushed red pepper for my pizza? Nope.

      There wasn't much of a selection on the in-room TVs either, mostly news and sports channels. The one news channel I wanted to watch just had a test pattern displayed.

      25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      22. Christy T.
      This is a very nice and decently price hotel if you are looking to stay in downtown atlanta! The perks of this place are that it's walking distance to the touristy attractions and centennial park, and it's quiet at night so your sleep isn't ruined.  

      I like this hotel because its very modern, clean, and spacious! Other than that..free wifi in the rooms! Another thing is that it also doesn't have that old musky smell some hotels have (which is a plus). Also, customer service here is superb.  

      We came here due to their aquarium package, and its a really good deal! So make sure to look at their packages before buying! The aquarium package included:
      - Aquarium Tickets
      - Free Valet Parking (with in and out privileges)
      - Free Breakfast in their restaurant (very filling, yummy, and not buffet style)

      That right there saved us lots of money. But make sure you check your bill when your stay is over to make sure they charged you right. I was charged for valet parking but they fixed it for me at the desk :). As always, if you see something weird on your bill there is nothing wrong with asking the front desk!

      12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      23. David H.
      What a pleasant surprise.  You really can't judge a book by it's cover.  When we pulled up the street and saw the building, I was a bit turned off.  It was a light brown unappealing brick building. Once we got inside the hotel was actually very nice. The receptionists were all very friendly and accommodating.

      We arrived early in the morning around 8am and we were able to get a room. At check-in we were asked if we had any preferences on rooms, we requested something higher up and got placed on the 12th floor.  The room was very spacious and moderately contemporary.  The bed was very comfy and we had a nice view of the ferris wheel from the window laying on the bed.

      The highlight of the room was definitely the bathroom.  Again, very spacious and the shower is separated by only glass.

      If you are looking for a place to stay downtown ATL, keep this place in mind.  They have some very reasonable promotions that may be available.  We had the Aquarium package that included two tickets, breakfast, and free valet (don't forget to tip the valet folks).  The free breakfast really did pay off.  Our stay was only for one night but they allowed us to grab breakfast the morning we arrived and the next morning.  Between the two of us the breakfast was at least $20 each morning, so it really is a nice savings.  

      The location is fantastic as all, you are only about a ten minute walk away from Centennial Park.

      05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      24. Tenofive T.
      Elevator cab rattles, there were no trash can, no lotion, no remote for the tv. Called front desk for a razor and they asked if I could come down to the front desk to get it. I came here for a conference and will recommend them not use this place again.

      16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      25. Stephanie H.
      This Courtyard is kind of eh.  My husband and I spent a night at the W, then headed to the Courtyard for a night since we had a couple of free nights to use because of my husband's Marriott status.

      What a difference from the W.  Upon walking in, we stood there for awhile, being ignored while the woman at the desk was on the phone.  Not even a smile or a "Welcome, please hang on a few while I finish up"....until a super friendly guy came up to help.  We were "upgraded" and yes, I quoted that.  We were in room 1010.  Have you ever heard of a shub?  No?  That's because we coined the term this weekend - the bathroom was SO weird!  There was a giant space with a tub and shower (hence the new shub term, a shower/tub combo) enclosed in glass.  It was so odd, I honestly didn't even want to shower because it was creepy and weird.  There wasn't much room to shower because of the giant tub taking up the shared space.  

      The bed wasn't comfortable and I am inclined to believe the sheets weren't changed.  The comforter had a stain on it, as did the sheets.  The sheets were completely wrinkled - not crisp, no fold lines like you typically see at a hotel where you've got fresh sheets on the bed between guests.  Needless to say I didn't get much sleep because I wanted to go home, shower, and sleep in my own comfy bed with clean sheets.  

      There was a strange water noise that kept us up all night - apparently the building used to be an old office space and the plumbing is just weird.  

      The clock was also stuck at 2:08 the entire stay.

      Overall, I am disappointed in this location and would not return, nor would I recommend staying here when there are so many other great hotels in the ATL area.  Management clearly does not care about maintaining this hotel.  It is in dire need of updates (both the room layouts, the linens and towels, and the bed for God's sake - give me a comfortable mattress at the very least with clean sheets!).  Comparing this location to other Courtyards, it's a complete fail.

      18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      26. Kelly G.
      Staff seems to be severely lacking here.

      First notice: Valet. Pulled up. No one came up to the car. Instead the valet attended to the handicapped person behind me first, which was fine, but he didn't even indicate what I should do. I ended up locking the car, walked into the lobby and found a valet to take my keys and give me a voucher.

      All I can say is, this happened multiple times over my 3 day stay. Was not impressed with the delays and lack of staff. I might try taking the MARTA in next time, if I stay at this hotel again.

      Second notice: Bistro. One morning I went in for breakfast, NO one was at the counter, so I thought it was walk in table service. Instead the lady that finally came out said, oh I can take your order at the counter. I awkwardly had to go in front of another customer who thought he was going to be attended to instead.

      Elevators were TERRIBLY slow. Card readers were also not very efficient. Sometimes it read your room card, sometimes you were wondering if it works at all. Unfortunately, also as a contractor, I noticed how terrible the finish work was in the elevator.

      Gym amenities were pretty good - fit people seem to be attracted to this hotel since every time I was in the gym, someone else was always there. Unheard of in my various trips to Atlanta!

      They charge you for water. Free wifi though. Decent tv channels. Bedding was comfortable, and clean looking.

      Service otherwise, is pretty good, when you can actually reach a person, especially the check in/front desk staff. I had left food in my valeted car and they were able to bring it to the lobby (which is fine, I'm not completely opposed to going down. Although outstanding service would have been to bring it up the room).

      16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      27. Diana P.
      Checked in on Sunday night for 5 nights. Will Be Checking Out Tomorrow.  I'm not always a huge Marriott fan as I don't have status with them and get nickel and domed for things like Internet and parking.

      From the moment we checked in here, everyone has been so friendly and accommodating.  The staff is great. They welcome you and say welcome back when you come in.  The rooms are completely updated with great partial wood flooring.  They gave us a room on one of the top floors with a view of downtown and the newer ferris wheel.  Location is perfect and so convenient smack in downtown.
      Internet was free all week and we opted to park on the street at night and it was free.  You do have to start paying at 7 am in the morning though for the meters.  It's literally across the street though so totally convenient.  

      I was concerned at first of the neighborhood for security reasons but they have valet attendants outside and front desk staff in the lobby as well as key card for elevator to keep strangers out.

      My room was spacious with a refrigerator and giant bathroom.  I do wish they had a bathtub too bit it only had a large shower.  Some other rooms may have bathtubs.  Comfortable beds and they have a starbucks in the lobby as well as a restaurant.

      I have lived my stay here and this was way more cozy and convenient than the big marriott marquis close by where you get lost cause its so big and parking is a hassle.  

      Thanks for having me!  I will be back.

      12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0