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Hampton Inn Atlanta Northlake in Atlanta, GA

Hampton Inn Atlanta Northlake in Atlanta, GA


If you're looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay while you're here on business, or on vacation, you've come to the right place. Our Atlanta, GA accommodations fit the bill perfectly.  We're close to all the fun and excitement the greater Atlanta area has to offer, as well as many major businesses. In fact, there's so much to see and do near our Atlanta hotel, you may not even know where to begin. Don't worry. The friendly team at the Hampton Inn® Atlanta Northlake will be happy to assist you.  Once you've arrived at our hotel, you'll find a lot of great amenities waiting for you in your accommodations in Atlanta. Every room has a 37-inch flat panel TV, and free high-speed Internet with handy lap desk to comfortably get work done.  All of our Atlanta, GA accommodations are complete with a microwave and a mini fridge.  When you're ready for some rest, hunker down for the night in our comfiest amenity yet, our Clean and Fresh Hampton Bed™.


Established in 1988.

Our promise to you includes a clean, comfortable hotel room. In fact, we have 121 of them! If you're traveling with your family, you may opt for a room with two beds. Or, if you're here by yourself on business, why not book a room with a plush, king-sized bed so you can stretch out and relax?


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Rating: 3.29

Address: 3400 Northlake Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA, 30345
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Comments (7):

1. Brad C.
This hotel does not give the Hilton Family hotels a good name. The rooms are tired and the grounds are not well kept. My biggest issue, however is with the management. My truck was parked in their lot in a well lit area and was broken into during the night. I should have guessed by the way the building looked that this was not a good location. I know that the management is not responsible of this kind of thing, and that it will happen on occasion. What ticked me off was that I reported the break-in to the front desk that morning and specifically asked to speak with the manager about it, not to complain but to find out if this had happened many times before.  I was told the manager was not available, but would contact me. I left an email and a phone number and waited three days with not a peep from the hotel. I called and left another message and was told someone would call me back. That was three weeks ago today and still no word. If the management doesn't care about their guests and won't speak to me about my unfortunate incident, I'm guessing they don't want to admit that this happens a lot at this location. My recommendation is stay somewhere else. Atlanta has lots of nice Hilton Properties...the Doubletree a mile away is my usual go-to, but they were full this time. Now I know why they fill up and this Hampton has lots of rooms available.

01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Nathan M.
Stayed here back in April and will be again for a few nights in September

27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Christina R.
This is such an awesome place! Got here after 9 pm and there was great coffee ready in the lobby.  Front desk clerk Kay Dee was very helpful and even corrected my mistake on booking.com .  the rooms are beautiful,  the bathroom has a triple mirror and there's a convenient charging area on the nightstand between the beds. A lap desk is available for working on a laptop and they have free wifi!  This is a great hotel with helpful staff.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Marcia Z.
Stayed here just one night, as my daughter was touring a nearby school.  Staff upon arrival was very friendly.  I was unhappy with the room, as I wanted two beds, he changed it for me right away, even having someone meet me with keys on the next floor so I didn't have to go all the way to the lobby.  Great start!  The hotel doesn't seem to cool the hallways, air was stuffy, and warm.  Its not the normal updated Hampton Inn I'm used to, this hotel badly needs a renovation.  The main reason for the two though, is a poor nights sleep.  The refrigerator made noise all night long, and it kept both my daughter and I up.  There was some street noise as well.  At breakfast we found a very crowded small breakfast area, We waited in line, but when getting to the food there was hardlly anything left in the warming tray, we decided to grab a coffee and go.  I would have stated upon arrival my unhappiness with the noise from the fridge upon departure, but the attendant didn't even ask me how my stay was.  I figure if they don't want to know why tell them, I just won't stay at this Hampton Inn ever again.
Not against the chain, just this particular hotel.  I expect a quiet room!

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Bruce B.
Stayed here three weeks (finding a place in Atlanta is ridiculous) while looking for a permanent residence in Atlanta. I could complain but the positives are more than enough to outshine the negatives. The area is safe, the staff is professional but at the same time friendly and helpful. The rooms are clean and the maids staff is well trained, size-able and punctual. In comparison of a few other places I have either visited / considered or have stayed in, this is the best bang for the buck (and they are not expensive, either). They include a pool, gym, office, breakfast,  a sort of happy hour where the guest gets free drinks and free parking as amenities. They also state they include wifi, but its pathetically slow and limited unless you purchase upgrades, which only apply to three devices per "subscription".

The negatives are uncomfortable beds (they are clean but you'll wake up with a backache). Breakfast is free (yay!) but much of the prepared food isn't that good (especially the eggs out of a can... blech!). Pool is small - and I never saw anyone cleaning it. There's a little old folks home smell to the place. The face bowls have virtually no water pressure and do not drain well. Some details could be upgraded, like sloppy painting over old construction and vents / access doors (I find that creepy in a shower). There is some kind of rough "pool" texture at the bottom of their tubs which makes a person not comfortable with taking a bath - who wants to sit down on that stuff? Yuck! All in all these are minor things (except for the backache every morning) that really don't make me want to take away any stars due to the positives - and most important to me; the cleanliness!

Edit: Okay, the rough pool texture I found is sort of a standard down hurr, I have found out. Even the tubs in my permanent place has it. I just have never encountered a tub with a built in tub mat (I'm assuming) in all the years of my life on Earth until I came to Georgia...

18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Shawn F.
I stayed at this Hampton Inn because I was taking a huge exam (MCAT) across the street early the next morning. I didn't want to fight traffic coming from the suburbs and wanted some good rest, so this was an excellent location to be in to just hop across the street the morning after to take the exam. I figured I would get some good rest, but this did not occur.

I checked in around 10PM, the elderly man at the front desk was really not friendly, just whatever. Didn't seem like he wanted to be there. No warm welcome at all. I went up to my room, Room 332 and it really looked more like a motel than a Hampton Inn. I realize this hotel has had some renovations, but it really seems like they did a half a** job at it. The hallway looks like an old motel, the carpet must be from the 90s. I walked into the room, it was nice, but the furniture seems dated. I had several issues with my stay.

1. The bed was very firm for a hotel of this level. I could feel the springs (I am only 120 lbs).
2. When I went into the bed and pulled the duvet down, there was a long strand of hair right below the pillow. This obviously couldn't be mine as I'm a man with about 1 inch long hair.
3. The internet is so slow! I did an internet speed test and the upload speed was 0.98 Mbps, download speed was 0.94 Mbps. wow!! Extremely slow!

These were my biggest issues:
4. The refrigerator in the room made so much noise, I couldn't fall asleep. I turned the fridge off from the inside but it was still making noise. I then tried to pull the fridge out but the plug was behind the tv cabinet. I ended up pulling out the furniture a bit and unplugging the fridge. It was making a rattling noise that was so annoying.
5. The shower had an annoying drip once I walked into he room. After I showered, it was still dripping from the shower head and kept dripping on the bathtub metal spout, it was quite loud. I tried tightening the water nozzle and all, but it still kept making noise. Darn leaky shower heads. I even closed the door to the bathroom and I could still hear the water dripping from the bed.
6. The door to the hotel room is not insulated at all, it must be a cheap door too. You can hear EVERYTHING in the hallway. It is quite annoying. Some people across the hall were making a lot of noise, I called the front desk and they seemed to take care of it, but you can still really hear everything in the hallway with the door closed. They should invest in some better insulated doors.

The good parts of the stay: pretty good hot breakfast, and good location off of 285.

The morning when checking out, I told the front desk worker that I did not enjoy my stay and wanted a refund. I gave her a note writing what I did not enjoy about my stay for her to give to the manager. She asked about everything on the list and was defensive about it, asking if I called the front desk to complain about all of these issues at night when checking in. I said I called about the noise from the other room. I guess she didn't believe me so she checked the computer herself. I saw that Hampton Inn has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so why does it matter if I called or not or what the reasons are, I was not 100% satisfied, so she should not of argued with me and got defensive about the things on my list. I told her I was not satisfied and was not going to argue any further.

She said a manager would call me about it. I didn't receive a call from the hotel manager, it was from the lady at the front desk later in the day that I checked out, I believe the front desk manager, she said she processed the refund for my stay. There was not really a sincere apology about my experience, I was surprised. She basically just said that my refund will be applied and have a good day, nothing like we are so sorry to hear about your experience and would hope you can try us again, nothing like that. It would have been nice to receive the call from the hotel manager to show that they really care.

Anyways, this felt like a motel stay to me. I came here for a good night sleep before a big test, and ended up leaving with a big headache. Not what I had planned for at all. This property does not live up to the Hilton Family Hotel Brand at all.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Jonathan L.
Very friendly and nice rooms. Fridge microwave and plenty storage.  Clean and roomy.  I'd recommend and in good part of Atlanta and nor far from choa if you here for that reason.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0