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Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Atlanta, GA

Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Atlanta, GA


With its soaring 22-story atrium lobby and its prime location in the heart of the Atlanta, Hyatt Regency Atlanta has been a landmark in Atlanta for over 45 years.  Hyatt Regency Atlanta is one of the city's premier hotels and features newly renovated guest rooms, flexible meeting space and world class service. Located on Peachtree Street, the hotel offers convenient access to numerous business and cultural destinations.Valet Parking is $32USD overnight. 3 blocks to New World of Coca-Cola.


Established in 1967.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta opened in 1967 on Atlanta's famed Peachtree Street. Designed by legendary architect John Portman, it was the first contemporary atrium hotel in the world. The hotel has hosted some of America's largest meetings and events, and is today among the premier destinations for meetings, conventions and business and leisure travelers.


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Rating: 3.31

Address: 265 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA, 30303
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Comments (179):

1. Lori F.
This is a rather standard conference-sized Hyatt in downtown Atlanta.  The guest services were helpful.  My king room was very nice and well appointed.  The restaurants and bars in the hotel are pretty standard, too.

One of the best things is the hotel is connected to the Peachtree Center MARTA station, so it's an easy trip to the airport.

23/04/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. S E.
This hotel is nice, however, one big downside for me was the amount of noise coming from outside. The windows do not block sound very well at all so you hear every bus, truck, siren or car blasting music along Peachtree St. I was on the 15th floor and the noise is disracting at night. They charge for internet use, they do have HBO, and the fitness center is very good. They provide a nice basket of apples, oranges, and occasionally bananas in the fitness center.  The fitness center also has 4 TVs, two on each side showing CNN and ESPN. The bathroom had a small comp tube of toothpaste and my room had a small refrigerator. Not a bad hotel at all, just didn't like the street noise.

16/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Albert d.
I had an opportunity to stay here and loved it.  Granted the breakfast can be better.  The views of downtown were fabulous and ambiance of the lobby.  I had to come out for a business conference and this place was so convenient since the conference rooms were below the lobby and the hotel is connected to the shopping area.

12/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Gfiddy F.
A big old hotel downtown - cool atrium.

02/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Darvey K.
Nice location.  Impressive lobby and atrium.  Bottled water in room $6.50!!!  WTF??  Rooms small.  Some views of city not that great.  Probably will not stay here again.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Erin L.
The place is really not bad. I came here for a conference. The people here are nice, always greeting you with a smile. I think the best way I would describe this place is that it's classy in a very 70s way. This hotel is old but they keep it clean. =)

30/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Michelle T.
Great location, easily accessible from ATL - just a block away from the Peachtree Center MARTA stop. Typical business style hotel, with just about everything you'd need.

Rooms in the Atrium Tower are recently renovated with nice (if bland) furniture and a generous work space (though the TVs aren't modern, and the desk is awkwardly situated)...they're calling them "studio-style" rooms. Beds have nice down comforters and good down pillows plus massive body pillows, too. Most (all?) rooms in the tower have a balcony, which provides an okay view of the rest of downtown Atlanta.

Bathroom = small but functional. My shower's on-off temperature dial thing was busted, so it sprayed water every which way. Compared to the bedding, the towels weren't quite up to part, quality-wise. Nifty that Hyatt gives toothpaste!

My biggest gripe with this place is the HUGE lack of sound-proofing of the rooms, at least in the Atrium tower. Not only could I hear EVERY WORD of conversation happening in the room adjoining mine, but late into the night (say, 1 or 2am) I could hear constant din/shrieking/yelling downstairs in the atrium lobby...not sure if that would be less of a problem on a higher floor, but on the 4th floor I had a hard time falling asleep.

23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Barn M.
This is supposedly the original Grand Hyatt. The open atrium design was quite novel at the time, and though now old, this Hyatt still retains a taste of grandeur. I got to stay here for a conference, and got upgraded to a full corner suite, and that was very nice. The room had two rooms, with a door for each. How cool was that?

The restaurant was nice, and the staff was friendly. The neighborhood, however, is supposedly a little shady, so beware if you're heading out alone at night. It is close to the MARTA, so access is convenient even without a car.

19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Huong N.
Great Hotel!  I'm not really into the whole design of the hotel, but it could be cool if you're into this kind of thing.  I gave it a 4 star because of the great service, the cleanliness, and the wonderful staff.  Very attentive, friendly, and real southern hospitality charm.  I would highly recommend this hotel.

01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Edgar R.
I loved the Hotel. The Room was ok but we upgraded to Crown Suite expecting something amazing, and the room was good but the bathroom was so small for the size of the room. Would maybe stay again but considering Grand Hyatt or a Hyatt Place for next stay.

27/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Yan M.
Attended a conference in downtown and this was a very convenient location although the surrounding area isn't quite the safest(?) Well, all the reputable hotels are in the vicinity, Hilton, Marriot Marquis, Westin, etc but for some reason, just the neighboring streets are somewhat questionable. Everyone said it's safe to walk out when it's bright but as dark falls, just be weary and don't walk alone!

Overall a comfy and decent stay although there were some black stains on the comforter upon arrival.
Newly remodeled room, flat screen TV, modern furniture, it was all good.

13/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Tara A.
For $117 a night in downtown Atlanta, this hotel is actually quite nice.  The interior of the main hotel is quite bland, but the renovated Radius Tower is beautiful - warm and cozy, with only eight rooms on a floor and very quiet.  The floor to ceiling and wall to wall windows in the Tower Rooms make it feel like a cool urban loft, and make the rather small room feel huge.  We were there over New Year's, when the hotel was very busy, but the staff was obviously prepared - the check-in line snaked through the whole lobby but took less than 15 minutes.  The location is great.  Major complaint that so many cars had to be parked off-site and it took a long time to get our car.  At $27.00 for parking, this is not okay.  But otherwise, I would stay in the tower part of the hotel again.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Ross T.
Bad architecture, bad/expensive restaurant, nice personnel, WiFi not included.  Overall: sucks as much as the drummer outside my window. It would be better as a park.

15/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Michelle O.
This is a pretty nice hotel. I stayed here for Dragon-Con. Our room was nice. The beds are SO comfortable. Especially the pillows. I was tempted to take one back with me, but I didn't. I confessed my pillow theft fantasy to them at check-out. She informed me that I could purchase the pillows on the Hyatt website. This made my day! I don't think I will stay there next year though only because the elevator situation was a mess with so many visitors in town, but it is a nice place and I enjoyed my stay.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Casey C.
For the price of this hotel, i expected better.

Valet parking is $27/day (um..yikes!)

Internet is $10 for 24 hrs PER DEVICE (holy crap!)

Beds apparently don't have mattress covers on them..so after one nights sleep the sheet you lay on, which isn't fitted, is all bunched up and uncomfortable. Pillows are down pillows and extremely flat...so bring your own if you like your head elevated above the rest of your body or even parallel to your body.

Our room was on the 20th floor with a nice view, but we couldn't even open our sliding glass door to the balcony!  The only way for me to get a breath of fresh air was to go all the way down to the pool (down 21 floors) and sit out there.

Also even from the 20th floor, noise was pretty constant with emergency vehicles going by multiple times a day. And who could forget the lovely Atlanta drivers who think that constantly laying on their horn will fix their issue at hand. (As a side note, once we realized that the door didn't open we called the front desk to make sure we were right in assuming it was locked. They did offer to move us to a new room, but we'd already unpacked and didn't feel like packing up and moving.)

Also, tv stations suck...get basics like CBS, NBC, and then there's like 4 ESPN channels, and practically all the rest are news channels (CNN, FOX news, etc.)

However, the 24 hr gym is great...lots of treadmils/ellipticals, strength training machines, free weights, etc.

The staff at the hotel were very helpful with my requests and questions. I attended the Paul McCartney concert in Piedmont Park during our stay and was going by myself. They recommended I take a taxi instead of the MARTA (said it can run behind on weekends). They also have a taxi station right outside the hotel front doors.

I haven't eaten in any of the hotel restaurants, although our first night we did order room service.  Was about $45-50 bucks for a BLT for my husband and Whole Wheat Pasta for me..no drinks, no desserts, that's it.

We mailed a package while here...it was supposed to go out Priority, but I was told they can only send out via Fed Ex or UPS here AND they charge an extra $5 for them to mail it for you. The guy I spoke to had a think Indian accent and was difficult to understand too, which didn't help the process.

18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. Jayne H.
My room was booked over a month previously, so I had not only a confirmation number, but also my Hyatt Gold Passport number on the reservation. When I checked in (I was a speaker at the DoD Cyber Crime Conference), the woman at the front desk said she had a deal for me. Okay, what? Free breakfast. I informed her that I got free breakfast and lunch as part of the conference. She said they overbooked and only had a rollaway. I asked if that was a twin or double with a rollaway. She told me it was just a rollaway bed. Um, hello? I booked the room, a king bed, and now they want to put me in a closet with a rollaway bed? I told her, "Hell no" and that I was a speaker at the conference. She tapped on the keyboard and miraculously came up with a King-sized suite for $25 more a night. Since the conference was paying, I said yes. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn't like it. So the next morning I asked to speak to the manager, politely and nicely explained what had happened and he apologize profusely and said he'd take the $50 off my bill. When I told people about what happened, they said he should have paid the entire bill. Other than that snafu, the food was good, the hotel staff was nice and you can print your boarding passes for free in the lobby.

29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. William W.
I checked in here tonight - I'm staying here for a conference.  So far, I'm going to go with 3 stars.

I'm in the Rotary Tower, which has a really fun setup - each floor is pretty tiny, with 10 rooms around a central elevator shaft.  My room is very compact as well - small, but nice.  Mostly, it seems like the bathroom has gotten a lot of its footage chopped out.  I've noticed that the walls seem thin, and I can hear my neighbors better than I'd like to.

Others have mentioned the views.  Unless I want to look in the windows of the main hotel tower, I don't have much of a view. :)   Additionally, the windows are poorly insulated.  Tonight, it's cold (36 degrees F), and my windows are just about blowing cold air into the room.

My main complaint so far is that the hotel charges $9.95/day for slow, unsecured internet...  Now, I'm no expert, but I'd think that if the Best Western could offer free internet, so could the freaking Hyatt.  (It's ironic how, the more expensive the hotel, the fewer things are complimentary.  I think I'll stay away from the $5 bottle of water, thankyouverymuch.)

On the up-side, there's a 24-hour coffee shop downstairs.  The packaged items (bottles of soda and whatnot) are about double the normal price, but the fountain drinks are relatively reasonable.  The coffee isn't any more expensive than a Starbucks, and honestly I like it a little better.

The neighborhood doesn't seem so bad - I felt safe walking in daylight - but time will tell.  There's some neat stuff south of the hotel - the Peachtree mall, several restaurants - but not much for a mile or so north of it.

Other things... My room has a very large widescreen LCD TV.  Unfortunately, it's set to Stupid Widescreen mode, where all the regular channels are horizontally stretched & distorted.  The Setup menu is disabled, so I can't fix it, sadly.  Also, it's placed oddly - on the right-hand side of the bed, and not comfortably viewable from anywhere in the room.  Finally, it's an HDTV but the signals being sent to it are standard definition.  This means it looks like crap.

The bed was the best point.  They didn't skimp on the pillows, and overall it was extremely comfortable.  Nevertheless, the small room felt more and more prison-like as the conference went on.  I was pretty okay just by myself, but if my wife had come along, things would have felt extremely cramped.

08/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Gayle G.
I was really happy with this hotel for a convention.  It worked for one person for business purposes very well.

I stayed in the Radius Tower and from what I can gather, all rooms in that tower are the same. The rooms can best be described at dorm rooms.  They are very small with the entire outside facing wall of floor to ceiling windows.  The rooms are very efficient and organized.  No bathtub, just a shower.  The bedding was comfy and the linens are nice.  The room had WiFi and a cable for Internet service at $9.95 per 24 hours.  

The buffet for dinner was super fast and pretty tasty.  

Overall, this hotel caters to the business/convention traveller for Americasmart just a block away.  I would style here again for sure.

15/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Rodney D.
Great hotel that I booked on hotwire for $69.00.  Staff is great, location is great, and the amenities are great.  However, they force you to pay  $27.00 for Valet Parking.  This is about a third of what I paid for the hotel room.  If anyone has any suggestions about the parking quandary, my ears are open.

06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Stuart S.
Location was perfect (for me). The room was nicely done, beyond my expectations: clean, well-appointed.  It does draw huge crowds, though, so be prepared for that.  The attitude and customer service was outstanding: at check-in, at the lobby bar, etc.  I'd definitely return.

12/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Carla C.
Great comfy king room - great views - as noted by other Yelpers.  Close to Centennial Park, Atlanta Aquarium and Coca Cola.  Attentive staff - we played with the lobby check in kiosks, and the staff were attentive for those in our group who had a little challenge.  I usually use the  fitness room, and didn't this time because of the quick in - quick out business trip.  Didn't use any restaurants here this time - all meals were offsite!  A pleasant stay!

04/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Beverly R.
I have stayed in over 10 different hotels in Atlanta and this one is probably the best bang for your buck. It is centrally located in downtown Atlanta. Close to restaurants, other hotels, the MARTA, adjacent to the Peachtree Center, across the street from Americasmart and close to some attractions like Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca-Cola, Turner Field and Phillips Arena. In addition the staff is extremely pleasant, rooms are clean and perfect for business travelers and families alike. If you are a gym rat your workout will not suffer. They have a well equipped gym: 8 treadmills, 4 stationary bikes, 4 ellipticals, free weights, bosu balls, medicine balls, machines for legs, arms, and core. They even have lemon water, fresh towels and fruits for your workout fuel or after workout replenishment. I see this at gyms or higher end hotels so this was a very pleasant surprise.  They have a few restaurants to choose from and room service is available until midnight. They also have a market filled with fresh savory and sweet meals as well as sodas and coffee that resemble a selected few items from the restaurant menu at a much less expensive price if you prefer to dine in your room. The only negative is that you ARE in downtown Atlanta-not the safest place once you step foot outside any building here but overall a great place to stay if staying in downtown is a must.

22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Chriss F.
I would have expected more from a 4 star hotel than what I experienced at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on 4/15/11.  Yes, I got a great deal on Priceline, but the room they put me in was tiny- which it ok.... I am not that picky.  Anyway, their parking lot was full so I had to park down on 31 Baker street..not a bad walk- parking was actually cheaper there than the $ 29.00 parking cost at the hotel.  Still, that morning of check-out I got a bill for the $ 29.00. I explained to the desk person politely that I don't think I should pay it. She removed the charge. Anyway, after that...she didn't even say "thank you for staying with us."   A lot of hotels do not thank you anymore.  I don't get it.  Anyway, I know this is a big convention hotel but still..it was more of a 2-3 star experience.

18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Linny H.
They have no amenities. Internet access is $13/day. No self park, only valet for $29/day. Beds are uncomfortable and sloppily made. Only few upsides are the downtown location and it is close to a Marta station, Peachtree.

04/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Wai H.
Nice place. Stayed in the single bedroom.  Good housekeeping service.  Queen bedrooms are tiny.  Bar/rest downstairs was horrible, Idiot lady bartender didn't remember any part of my order.

They have a pretty nice fitness center. one of the nicer ones i've been to at a hyatt.

14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Erik P.
The hotel is nice, but I'm afraid I have to only give them three stars.  I've been coming to this hotel yearly for a massive convention each fall, and have had opportunities to stay in several of the various rooms.  If you're here for a big convention where there are a lot of people trying to move around the building, either don't stay in the main tower or get rooms close enough to the ground floor that it's reasonable to take the stairs.  The elevators stay packed, and rarely make it above the ground floor.  Getting out of your room, especially on the last day of a big conference, WILL take you several hours.  Plan on it.

The international tower tends to be much more calm, and less of a problem to get in and out of, but it's still pricey.  

To make matters worse, the bottled water in the rooms is a joke at $6/bottle, and the coffee shop on the ground floor in the lobby is way overpriced.  I generally spend very little time in the rooms anyway, so that doesn't make things too bad.  Overall, it's a nice hotel, they just have some issues with elevator speed and usefulness when staying in the main tower.  They ought to have a separate elevator or two just to handle the convention traffic among the bottom floors.

25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Kevin M.
I usually don't write reviews but I might as well... Hotel was very nice, kinda hard to find since at the time they were remodeling the front area.. Check-in was pretty simple, the front desk rep. was kind and nice to us... Anyways after checking in we headed to our room which was confusing cause our room was at the Radius Tower, which require us to walk towards the back of the lobby area to a some what hidden elevators...

To use the elevator we would've slide our room key to get on in, this is the area where they just got done remodeling the whole rooms.. Once we got to the room i was some what disappointed... I admit its pretty small but yet updated with new decors which I like... The room overall was good kind of remind me  of a  dorm, small and cozy. We had a queen size bed, but the one thing that annoyed my girlfriend and I the most was that big frost window that separate the restroom and the bedroom... If one person was sleeping while the other have to get up and use the restroom the blinding light shine thru and light up the WHOLE bedroom area... Bed was actually hard, I would've thought a nice hotel with a better comfy bed, but nope it was some what hard as a rock. Also the pillow that was provide was feather ( which i don't like ) didn't have support  so I called but they ran out of pillows. In other reviews I admit the restroom was pretty small, smaller than some houses restroom... The toilet actually annoyed me... when you flush, its so LOUD! Louder than i expected... One good thing is that the hotel is actually connected to the  MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) We rode the rail from the airport straight to the hotel stop at Peachtree!! save us TIME and MONEY!

Overall - Yes i would come back, I like the area of our room was at.. Quiet and away from the main lobby. Everything was walking distance or you can take the train and walk around...  Hotel is good!!!

22/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Anisha H.
Soo I had a wedding to go to..and let me just say....driving up this hotel blows your mind away! The valet is very helpful, they knew we were there for the wedding and the groom was about to arrive on a horse, yes yes a horse...and so they advised us where to stand and where to go so we dont miss anything..thumbs up...
After the wedding..we headed over to the bar before the reception started....let me tell you ..they had some amazing mango mojitos and whenever you order a drink, they give you free bowl of assorted nuts...yay yay..for all of us starving guest..hehe...
The decor was really nice and all the staff onsite were very helpful..a def recommended place to stay if you are ever in town..you will fell like a million bucks for sure!!! :)

31/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. K T.
I stayed here for a large convention.
The service/staff throughout gets 6 stars.
i had a recently remodeled room- very nice.
Highly recommend.

21/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Sondre Lerche And Herremannen V.
We all stayed here after our show at variety theatre...loved it!

12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Jennifer F.
The lobby is huge.  There are multiple towers to stay in as well.  There is a coffee market that sells Starbucks coffee and lattes .  However one block from the hotel is a real Starbucks so if you have a gold card or gift card for the real deal it's right here.  The food is good and the view varies based upon where you are.  My room faces the other round tower so not really anything to note.  The room is clean and has the basic amenities.  It also has a little balcony.  I am from FL so hot in Atlanta in the summer is just like home minus the beach.  During the day if you want to go for a walk or early am or after work commuter time, by all means go for a stroll.  However, this is not downtown Chicago or NY...I wouldn't go for a walk after dark.

24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Gene X.
Well what can you say - this is a pretty standard Hyatt Regency complete with a giant installation piece of the Olympic Torch or something like that.

Anyhow, it's a good business hotel - easy access via MARTA to ATL airport and the beers aren't ridiculously priced as they ofter are at hotel bars.  The water for $6 is a rip though especially since it's Dasani which is Atlanta tap water anyways (although of course filtered, etc etc.)

The burgers at the bar restaurant are pretty good though and the they get a bonus star for giving you a free tube of AquaFresh toothpaste in your hotel room (I also like their Portico bath stuff)

24/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Jay s.
I had the same experience as a lot of others.  Hotel is old despite the supposed facelift.  Room was tiny, water leaking for 3 days into my room  from the floor above.  I mentioned this to hotel staff.  Website said free transportation within a 2 mile radius, called to schedule and was told the website had not been updated and there was no such service.  Website states a heated pool.  Pool was ice cold.  Wait staff at resturant was horrible and food was totally overpriced for what you got.  The best part of all is I had $200 stolen from my wallet by someone in the hotel.  I can't prove it but the bellmans story changed three times.  Makes me curious.  I gave a review from the email I received from the Hyatt and asked for a call back to discuss my displeasure.  It's been 5 weeks, no call from anyone.  I would never stay here or at any Hyatt again

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Joshua N.
Overpriced and under delivered! The Internet was overpriced and slow and if you come for a conference, don't expect it to work. Really, just bring your own hotspot. The rooms are not terribly large. Bathroom was tiny - seriously, the closet is almost bigger. $32 for PARKING!  Also, bring earmuffs. I could hear everything my next-door neighbor watched on TV. Staff was nice for the most part. Had a little one with me, hotel not particularly kid-friendly.

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
35. Rita M.
We spent New Years Eve 08 here.  The place was mobbed with partygoers and bowl-goers, but despite the crowd, the Hyatt staff was like a well-oiled machine.  We were checked in quickly by a cheerful friendly concierge and were on our way to our room in no time.

Despite being an older hotel (constructed in the late 60s, I believe) this location is beautifully maintained.  Our room was clean and comfortable as well!

The large New Years Eve party didn't overwhelm the facility - there was room to spare.

Bravo, Hyatt!

05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Don Q.
The rooms in this hotel are nice and clean- no complaints here.  


(1) The mediocre food available through room service is outrageously overpriced.  In addition to the already steep food prices, they add an additional room service charge to the bill.   For example, a regular coffee is $6.50 plus a $3.50 delivery charge plus tax and tip.  

(2) The Internet costs $12.95 per day.  Are you kidding me?  Come on, Hyatt, we all know that it doesn't cost you nearly that much to offer Internet to your customers.  

(3) The area surrounding the hotel is desolate and sketchy, so you will need the Internet to connect with the rest of the world.  There are a few take out places in the food court nearby, but not much else.  I was warned by someone offering directions for the city not to travel too far along the main street.  Several very aggressive men followed me and asked me for money- very scary and annoying when you are by yourself.

(4) There isn't a convenient store or drug store within walking distance.  If you forget your toothbrush or dental floss, you are simply out of luck!  There isn't a store in the hotel where you can buy any of these items either.

(5) I was charged over $8 (per call) for calls that did not connect.  I called home a few times and just let the phone ring.  I was charged for these calls even though the person at the other end didn't pick up.  What a scam!  Be careful: you can easily rack up $100 in telephone charges this way without realizing it.

(6) The water in the hotel costs $6 per bottle.  And given that there is no convenient store in the area, you don't have much of a choice.  I would recommend bringing your own with you.

10/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Joseph K.
I was originally impressed with this hotel when I walked in. And that was about as far as it went. Upon entering the room which I was promised in my reservation to have a view of downtown or the pool, I discovered my "downtown view" was only a 20 foot gap staring into other hotel guests and some offices that were maybe 100 feet away, so much for the view. Got over that, only to find a dirty spoon on the floor. It was almost half wedged under the trash can, which would be kind of hard to miss for a cleaning staff member that I don't know, is actually doing their job. Got over that as well. Then when I was getting ready for dinner, I dropped something in the bathroom and it slid under the bathroom vanity. When I reached under to retrieve it there were clumps and clumps of hair and dirt and just general filth under there which I just stuck my hand in. Once again for such a highly rated hotel this was very unimpressive and not up to expectations. For the amount of money I paid I thought it was tacky to have all these problems AND THEN have the gall to charge for Internet. I have stayed in 2 star hotels that had complimentary wifi and also MUCH MUCH cleaner rooms. Some of the staff including a lady at the front desk were very unpleasant and seemed like I was interrupting their days and nights. I'm sorry I thought that was YOUR JOB!  I apologize your majesty. Then because I was unable to sleep because I didn't know if I had clean sheets based on the rest of the cleanliness level, I got up and went to the bathroom. While in there I noticed there was no exhaust fan AND that the ceiling was falling apart. Called the front desk, got an attitude from them and all they could say was a very loud and rude "Mmmmmm-hmmmmmmm!" And when I said whatever you apparently don't care anyway so don't bother. This was now late-night/early early-morning. Since I told the front desk to forget about the hole in the ceiling I decided to try to finally get some sleep. About half an hour after I called the front desk security showed up and pounded on the door until I answered to come take pictures of the bathroom ceiling. I also told him of the rest of my problems and he just kinda chuckled. Very unprofessional. THEN after all this he realizes his camera is not working and he can come back later once he figured out his camera. I instead took pictures from my smart phone and emailed to him. Lets try to sleep again. OH I CAN'T because the security guard called the room another 20 minutes later to say his email isn't working and if he could come back (probably with his broken camera) and I told him he can after I check out which will be within an hour because I cannot sleep here and am just in general disgusted with the service. I hung up and woke up and packed. Think the problems end there? GUESS AGAIN!! I paid 35 dollars for valet parking. I told the front desk to bring my car around she seemed confused and not sure it could be done as it was 5:30 in the morning. I told her it had better be ready after I get my bags and come back downstairs. Well it was at the pick up zone. However the check out clerk did not do her job properly so I had to go back up to her so she could give me what I needed to pick my car up. Will NEVER stay here again and encourage everyone to stay away and save your money and stay in a probably equivalent Motel 6 or something for half the price and might have nicer staff and cleaner rooms.

13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Steve G.
(2.75 stars) If the promo literature is remembered correctly, this John Portman designed motel complex is one of the largest in the world.  Everything intended to be viewed by the public is beautifully designed, sleek and opulent; guest rooms and other private facilities are attractive, but only adequate.  The open corridor interior setup and glass elevator are an experience!  While the Hyatt personnel are professional, the check-in/out process is needlessly complicated and marginally dehumanizing.  Rooms are adequately-sized and pleasant, but not commensurate with the room rates.  Yet, even at these rates, WiFi (VERY poor speed) is an add-on; both fee and quality are unacceptable in an expensive 21st century business motel.  Access by MARTA to/from the airport is easy, and the location is great (a bit of a walk to Georgia World Conference Center, but most conferences offer bus service).  In-room amenities could be much better-- the quality of the bath towels and cable television channel selection in particular.  Housekeeping seems to be competent, an unexpected plus in a property of this size.  A nice place, but nobody's idea of a value for the $$.

05/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
39. Liz S.
Hyatt Regency provided a first-class stay for us.  Once again we nabbed a great deal from priceline. While the Hyatt is under renovation we still had a very comfortable and accommodating stay.  We checked in early using the self check-in kiosk.  It was really easy to use and fast.  
One of my favorite things about the Hyatt was the Market.  We got in one night around midnight and the Market was open with a variety of snacks for us to choose from.  We picked out a pizza, kit-kat and some Cokes.  The Market is great for all late night snackers.  The lady running the Market was really friendly.  
The Hyatt is really an eye full on the inside.  I just wanted to look around and take it all in. Our room had a real balcony.  You could slide open the door and step right outside.  
Our room had a cozy bed.  I really like the new design of the Hyatt bathrooms. The bathroom mirror  was lighted from behind which made it really easy to put on my makeup. They have toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and a hair dryer in the bathroom.  The bathroom had plenty of towels.
The room service menu looked really good.  On our next stay we will try out the room service.  Parking is $29 a day.  As usual the price of parking  is a price I'm more than happy to pay.  HOLLA !!
They Hyatt is a hop, skip and a jump to MARTA.  Good price, great stay.

31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Holly B.
When it comes to value, this place gets a 1. I would rather go to somewhere like the comfort inn, econolodge, or other place.

The only option for onsite parking is valet, and they charge $27/day. YUCK.

To top it off the internet for just basic internet is $9.95/day.

To top it off, the bathroom walls were crusted with dirt and grime. Clean much? Apparently not.

The only thing it really has going for them is a good coffee shop, decent bar, and the restaurant isn't too bad.

The hotel itself deserves a 1 but the restaurants are a 3+ which is why it received a 2.

Save your money guys and go somewhere decent.

16/06/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. J S.
Watch out - TINY bathrooms in new section - we're talking, when you're taking a shower and you're over 5'8, it's trouble.  Vending machines have smaller water bottles than normal 1.50. not good.  
Very long wait at check in desk, staff is very slow. :-(  not good for a frequent traveler. Dirty Dirty arrival - cigarette butts all over entryway.

Bellstaff was great, the only nice thing I have to say.

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Bob P.
One of the worst Hyatt's I've stayed at.

The housecleaning was very poor. They wouldn't even take the dirty dishes out of the room; dishes that were stacked up and left by the door; and not just once, but everyday of our 5 day stay.  We had four people staying in our suite, but could never get them to figure out that we would need more than two bath towels. I had to call them everyday to ask them for more.

The rooms are old outdated and the mattresses felt that way; it was as if we were lying down on a cardboard box.  The roll-away bed we had for our nanny was more comfortable than the king size bed in the room.

The valet's would change my seat, mirrors and radio station every time I left my car with them.

The staff was impolite and made you feel like as if you were bothering them; even though you were asking them to do something they should have already done on their own in the first place.    

There's more, but I think you get the point. I've stayed at the omni a couple blocks away and it was way better. Go there instead.

08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Ashley B.
Very average hotel.  I was expecting more from a Hyatt.

Average looking. Nothing special.  Very white, bland, a cool statue in the middle of the hotel.

A plus for the 24 hour store/restaurant thing.

Rooms are very standard.  And average.  

Room service came awfully early and woke us up both mornings.

Elevators are very slow - I stayed when the hotel was sold out and I had to wait 10-15 minutes for an elevator.  

Nothing wrong with this hotel though.

29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Alicia S.
Clean room, excellent gym, easy access to everywhere. FANTASTIC eatery in the lobby level. It's a little pricey, but you'll melt when you see the plate of fried chicken! The bar is comfortable and the staff are friendly. If you're there, try the Duck Rabbit Milk stout. It's fantastic.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Freddie L.
I'm writing this review as a tourist. I wasn't here for a convention and I wasn't here on a corporate budget so let me just say that parking was expensive, no breakfast, and no free wireless. I understand that most of these things do not come free at a place like the Hyatt, but really, I guess I paid more for... the name? Ok, the location is good- right in downtown and close to the Olympic Park, CNN, Coca Cola, Federal Reserve, and Margaret Mitchell House (although I'm not necessarily recommending all those places)

As to the rooms themselves, they are clean but the bathrooms are a little dirty. And the bathrooms are the same size as the hallways.  I would have preferred a bigger bathroom and smaller hallway, but then again, I'm weird like that.

Next time: a little more research before impromptu bookings. What did I expect really?

21/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. Crystal I.
Stayed here for business.  Central location downtown,  modern rooms, really nice staff, good restaurant.  I'll be back!

13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Amanda H.
This hotel rules, it's gorgeous, and enormous.  I was here for a conference and stayed 3 nights.  Overall very accommodating.  Where do I begin..

The rooms: I stayed on the 6th floor of one of the newer towers.  The decor was very modern and sheik.  Huge floor to ceiling windows - not a huge space, but everything had it's place.  Built in armoire with iron, safe, hangers, extra blanket, coffee maker - everything you need.  The bathroom was very nice with one of those bowl sinks and clear glass all tiled showers.  Flatscreen TV (I never watched it, but it looked cool.)  Very clean room - my friend got goodnight mints put on his pillow every day after house keeping had come to visit.  Internet costs $9 a day - I found a neighbor who didn't require a password so mine was free the whole time - but others in my group couldn't get that signal from their room so it depends.  

Food: Not too shabby.  They serve Starbucks coffee in the little onsite coffee shop and sell fancy coke bottles (which are cheaper at the hotel than the Coke museum P.S.)  I had the breakfast/brunch bar - it's expensive $18 or so (includes juice, coffee, whatever you want) - nice variety of things and very tasty.  

Hotel Bar: Nice wait staff - patio to sit outside or smoke if need be.  Prices are reasonable to NY standards I guess.  $10 Knob Creek, $10-$12 mojitos and margaritas, $6-$7 beers, $8 Hot Toddy..  It was decent.  I wouldn't recommend going here unless you are staying at the hotel, or want to stop in for a nightcap.

Conference Rooms: Enormous and convenient.  I can't believe how many conferences were going on at the same time - helpful flatscreen TVs are all around to tell you what's going on where and when.

Surrounding area/Location: Right down town on Peachtree Street.  3 blocks for the Coca Cola Museum, near the art museum, children's museum, and aquarium.  The hotel is connected to an indoor mall that has strange hours but some good back up places to eat.  1 block from the public subway system MARTA - excellent local in that regard.  Liquor store nearby - open until 11:45 PM.

Everything else:  Service was great - everyone was super nice.  Concierge was helpful in gathering taxis and pointing you in the right direction.  Free lemonade, cokes, and cookies all day in the lobby - can't be beat.  Workout room was really nice - and they give you free fruit!

I would have loved to stay longer - would definitely return!

27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Paige F.
Day 1, first visit. You know how first impressions are lasting ones? I don't think this one is going to make a comeback.

Walked in to the lobby and was directed to the check-in desk. No smile, no greeting. Asked to add my member number to my room, check-in lady said 'OK' and handed me a key to the 7th floor. All right, figured I'll add my number later. Get directed to a strange tower around the corner. Find the elevators and am on with 3 others - we're going to 6, 7, and 8. Try repeatedly - can't get the 7 button to press. Get a tutorial on how to press the button - apparently I've been pushing buttons wrong my whole life?! Get off on 8, head back down. 7 won't press - but 6 does. I get off on 6 and find the stairs. That's right - I find the stairs and after being on planes all morning, I lug my suitcase up the old, dilapidated (and a little frightening) stairwell. Get to 7th floor door - of course. The door to the 7th floor is locked. Drag my bag and self back down to 6 and get on the elevator again. Wait in line to speak with a check-in person - get the same lady. I saw her less than 10 minutes prior - she's never seen me in her life. I tell her I can't get to the 7th floor. She looks in the computer and tells me she doesn't know what's going on - no apology, no sorry for your inconvenience - hands me a key for same weird tower, floor 18 now. I head back up.

The room is what I imagine Japanese rooms to be like size-wise but this is ATLANTA. Smallest room I've ever seen. I'm not claustrophobic, but I might be by tomorrow. No bathtub, no space to set up suitcase, 3 tiny drawers, I'm STUNNED this is a Hyatt.

Paid $20 for wireless - I get maximum 2 bars - and that's the good connection. There's no 3G access AT ALL in here. I'm at a technology conference bytheway.

Well here now. Starving. Call room service. Despite all-day dining, I'm told room service doesn't start until 5pm. Wow.

Here for a conference. Used conference rate. Had no idea this equated to a below-Hyatt-par experience.

21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. Mavis J.
Old hotel, but renovated! Great rooms! Great location!  Would stay again!

22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Miss B.
The management staff needs to take a "how to run a solid hospitality team with excellent customer service course". Guessing the fish rots from the head here as their staff across the board needs coaching on how to at least act like you like your job and are happy to service people. The housekeeping staff and concierge acted like I was bothering them. Beds are super comfy, balcony for fresh air which is nice, bathrooms are VERY small and semi updated, closet and drawer space not made for longer stays, inside of hotel looks like a jail very outdated besides the lobby. Internet service si super slow. am a Gold member so stayed on the top floor main tower, but doesn't come with much! I travel quite a bit, not one of the nicer places I've stayed, does the job if you're in and out for meetings.

12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Jennifer B.
Wonderful and friendly staff. Clean and inviting atmosphere throughout the hotel!  Updated rooms and decor. Centrally located and within walking distance to most downtown attractions.

13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Matt K.
I stayed at the HRA for conferences in 2010 and 2011, and for this class of hotel I expect better service. During my last stay, I received said expected level of service on two occasions--once at check in, and once during a chance encounter with one of the caterers. These times stood out in my mind because every other encounter can only be described as bad--not average, not mediocre, but bad--I was run into by staff pushing tables on two occasions, and received several other unsolicited snarky remarks from catering staff and housekeeping. The Plat/Diamond agent answered the hotel phone and HIS CELLPHONE during a subsequent (to check-in) query with the front desk.

During the conference, hotel staff noisily changed barriers on the ballroom level and literally DROVE A CRANE through the room in the middle of one of the most anticipated talks, nearly ruining it.

The hotel itself is in rough shape--the bar appeared to be under renovation, but in my opinion, that would have been money better spent on the rooms--old school CRT TVs in some rooms, stained linens, rusty bathroom taps, and a general feeling of uncleanliness.

12/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Robert S.
Not bad for downtown Atlanta, but I have stayed in better.  

I stayed in a regular room (not in the tower) but my room faced the tower so the view was cut off, just like the people in the tower rooms that face my room.  The room is nicely furnished and it looks like it has been recently renovated.  The atrium appears well-kept though dated.  

Did not eat in the hotel restaurants; however, the hotel bar serves great drinks and the appetizers were the best I've had in a hotel, which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 3.   Be forewarned, the drinks and appetizers are a bit pricey but they were worth the cost.

At check-in, the hotel parking garage was full, so I was directed to a parking garage a short block away.  It was cheaper ($10 per night vs $18) so I didn't mind.  The check-in kiosks are modern and I was preparing to use one when the girl at the check-in struck up a conversation, so I checked in with her.  The staff is very friendly and attentive as well.

I would recommend this hotel; I got a great rate at Hotwire so I did not choose the hotel myself.  Next time, I will probably use Hotwire again and if I get this hotel again, I will not complain.

06/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Martina E.
As you enter this Hyatt, images of an Aztec ruin begin to form in your head with tiered floors that were a resemblence of that time period.  Everyone talks about the elevator and its rather cool, but nothing to go crazy over..its an elevator for goodness sake....Hotel staff is great and as I stayed on the 22nd floor (penthouse baby) and loved my room and privacy....on the 22nd floor you have access to the Regency room which is stocked with continental breakfast and various snacks throughout the day so you dont have to keep stopping at the 2 dollar soda machine...(by the way, they're cans)

Now, I was not overly impressed with the city of Atlanta as I am a New Yorker, I just assumed ATL would be a lot more happening and awake...sooooo not true....im still trying to figure out what the hype is all about, but for a city that definitely sleeps and appears to be in bed by 10pm the Hyatt Downtown is safely nestled on Peachtree within walking distance to local eateries....the closest 24 hour food joint is the diner - will rate them later just two blocks over.....when you need to park, use the back parking deck that is only 5 dollars to park all day and never, never use valet....20 bucks for the first 8 hours....craziness...

The Kobe restaurant has a really great breakfast buffet and the bacon is killer....the eggs however are not real so go for the omelet.....im just sayin.....the hostesses take real good care of you and if ya run into a lady named Jeanette tip her well, she is awesome...

Service here was good, and daily... the rooms were fine, but no flat screen tv's....i didnt even want to ask what that was all about.....The hotel hosts a lot of conferences so get used to big crowds and the restaurants may be crowded...I was here for a week so although I would have expected more from a big name like the Hyatt, it wasn't all that bad...like i said, the service was great, but the hotel needs a new look....

i would advise a stay here....but then again, i didnt stay anywhere else....

08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Jennifer L.
Sure you need a public space face lift and the one you clearly recently received in your guest rooms was a discount affair (are those linoleum floor tiles making up my headboard?), but damnit, everyone has been so nice and you even had toothpaste for me in the bathroom.  The ONE thing that I was out of, and cursed when I checked my travel kit and * voila * just like that, you knew what I needed.  Aw thanks.  You're the best.

06/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Robin M.
The hotel was great, the locations was good, and the service way amazing. I think what also made it a good buy was the fact that we got it on hotwire for $70/night. The average price is over $120/night.

It's right off of the highway on the outerskirts of downtown, but its not hard to get where you need to go, its a great location. We stayed here with a group of bridesmaids, 4 to a room, and there was plenty of space. We went out for the baccalaureate party and then to get food, which was only 10min away from the hotel. And our party spot downtown was only about 8 blocks away. No it wasn't walking distance to downtown, but parking was not bad at all,

The hotel service was so friendly, down to earth, and welcoming. We had no problem with an early check and late check out. There is also a sky mall connected to the hotel with a billion and 1 food options, little souvenir stores, and vendors. I know my friend and I ate at this little Mediterranean spot, cant remember the name for the life of me, be it had really good chicken wraps for $5! They were humongous & delicious. we got them twice in one day.

Definitely recommended.

21/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Susan B.
Nice clean hotel.  Stayed here twice for work, conveniently located across from AmericasMart, walking distance from the aquarium, park and many restaurants.  First time I stayed they were starting to remodel, I stayed in the main section and the construction just echoed up to the rooms.  Second time everything was updated, I stayed in the tower and was impressed with the room and $$$.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Linnea E.
this is a hyatt... really?!?! omg... dislike! the people that work here are wonderful (mostly), but the place itself isn't great.  rooms are small. bathrooms even smaller.  the hotel is very old and it shows.  the bathroom is sooooo out of date.  sink is chipped, floor is dirty (i actually found broken pretzel pieces on the bathroom floor when i came in), the bottom of the bathroom door looks like it has been beat to crap and then re-painted way too many times.  beds was a bit on the hard side. it was made pretty weird, so i had to re-make.  i rather wish i hadn't done that... the "matress pad"... so gross.  covered with hair! ewwwwwww

i ordered room service - again, friendly guy.  food is expensive (no surprise for room service), and VERY salty.  had to have 3 glasses of water with the burger & fries.

i visited the bar on my last night, and i'd almost give them a second star for the margaritas - they were pretty good.  i also tried the tempura shrimp. i swear they are breaded in rice krispies... and are oddly good! the bar staff was friendly.  side note though... i really don't want to know about their work grievances.  those conversations should NOT be had in front of customers.

07/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
59. Dani C.
I stayed here in aug of 2011 for a work related conference & to my luck it was being renovated :-/ I stayed  on the 4th floor another bummer I could hear all the action going on in the lobby and I also had a view of the pool and that was nice but agin very noisy until the wee hours of the night & all the construction early in the A.M. All in all staff was friendly & it was in a great location.

08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
60. Joseph G.
This is our second experience at a Hyatt family hotel and I have to say I've been pleased both times!

They were doing some renovations while we were there. This made getting to/from the lobby a little interesting because we were in the international tower but it was minor, especially since the elevators are lightening fast. On the plus side, our recently remodeled room was very nice; cool modern decor, simple natural colors, comfortable bed. The bellman and valet staff were very friendly and helpful! We didn't eat at the restaurant but did have room service bring dinner up one night. Flat Iron steak sandwich with sweet potato fries was great, tortilla soup was different (we're from California) but good.

Just blocks from Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola, right in the middle of downtown...

Water was expensive at the hotel so we bought our own elsewhere. Hotel parking is $29 a day but with the parking situation downtown I felt much safer parking at the hotel than in some sketchy lot. Plus, you can go in and out of the hotel lot all day and still only pay the daily rate; nice if you are going around seeing the city or going out.

My only real critique is in regards to the concierge. We were looking for somewhere to eat out late night on Friday night. Maybe our options were limited but it seemed like they could have know the area a little better. Her suggestions, other than the hotel lounge/bar, were Hooters and Hard Rock Cafe. Seems like a big city would have more late night dinning options but I know how it can be. She did recommend a 24hr diner but we were hoping for something better...

Otherwise great!

23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Jennifer M.
The hotel staff was great. The first day valet was a cluster f***. It did get better after that day but we learned to call ahead for our car. Our room was nice and clean and the bed was comfy. However I found it odd that we only had one washcloth the first day we were there. My husband called down to the front desk to get more and they brought up hand towels claiming they were all out of wash cloths...we did finally get more the second day we were there but I've never been to a hotel that ran out of wash cloths. There was also little sound proofing. While the city noise didnt bother me it really annoyed me that I could hear the kids in the room next to us and that I was woken up at 3 am by loud drunk people in the hallway. Not the hotels fault per se but annoying since we were enjoying a kid free weekend. All in all the hotel was nice and we would stay there again. It's a nice location to the Hard Rock Cafe and about a 10 minute walk from Ruth's Chris.

18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Jonny C.
I was quite impressed with the Hyatt Regency during my most recent stay.
I was upgraded to a newly rennovated suite simply by the goodness of their hearts. The International Tower was fully updated in 2007-08, and the room was enourmous and beautifully appointed. Great location.  Solid bar, good coffee shop.

Wonderful helpful staff, although their switch board operators could use a kick in the ass.

Overall, a great stay.

20/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Patricia M.
This hotel is gorgeous! The entire staff was very nice and helpful. Just 2 things i did not like: rooms and bathroom are kinda small, and the extra fee for using wifi in your room. The wifi in the lobby was free, but its much more convenient to have access in your room as well. Beautiful hotel and great location :)

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Jay K.
Disappointing service
I had an overnight trip to Atlanta and wanted to stay more centrally. The Hyatt is on my company list and looked like a good deal. Unfortunately this hotel found many ways to make my stay much less pleasurable than it might have been due to many unexpected annoyances.

To be fair, I will preface my review with a comment that the hotel was under renovation (in May 2011) and that did affect some of the services (no room service and no restaurant) but that really wasn't my beef with this hotel.

On the positive side the check in was pretty painless and they put me on the 23rd floor. The room, a single with a king bed, was large and nicely furnished with the exception of the bathroom which was somewhat cramped. That said, I have been in a lot worse rooms.

Unfortunately the room did not make up for the many inconveniences.

The first problem I experienced was with parking. The Hyatt does not offer self park so the only option was a gouging $29 a day valet service.

That was bad enough, but when i tried to call down to retrieve my car to go to dinner the valet phone just rang endlessly. When I called the front desk to inquire about this, they told me to "just go downstairs and hand your ticket to the attendant". In other words, I should go down and wait instead of having the car ready when I got downstairs.

Luckily the hotel was not very busy so the wait was under 10 minutes, but it was completely unnecessary since every other hotel I have used with valet parking allowed (or even required) that you call ahead.

The next annoyance was the internet. Like many of these so called "full service" hotels, there is a daily charge for an internet connection which is an annoyance when you have multiple devices but I'm only here for one day, so what the heck. Unfortunately the internet connection was unreliable and I had to go so far as to reboot my system to get connected after being dropped off unexpectedly. The connection wasn't solid and my VPN dropped during the night as a result.

Annoyance number three was the TV. A nice 30 something inch flat screen TV. Unfortunately the programming was in standard analog instead of HD so the picture was grainy. The remote control was very unresponsive and hard to use. There was no printed channel listing, so I could only use the online channel listing which required scrolling through 3 pages of crap in the menu to get to the channel listing.

I wanted to iron my shirt for the morning, but the iron in the room was broken. I called to have it replaced. I understand that was probably broken in the past and nobody let the hotel know it was broken, so I don't hold that against them. Unfortunately the replacement iron they brought me had some gunk on the bottom that immediately transferred to my shirt. Grrr.

During the night some people with booming voices apparently decided to have an impromptu meeting outside my door which woke me up. I found out the next morning that the renovation will improve the soundproofing between the doors and the hall.

The next morning as I got ready to start my day (and check out) I hit a few more glitches. The first was no newspaper at the door, which I expect in a hotel of this class (and price).

Worse was there was no pre-printed receipt slid under the door. Great - now I have to go to the desk to check out. More of my time chewed up by sloppy hotel service.

I briefly tried to check out with the TV, but the TV menus were so slow and poorly designed I gave up in frustration.

When I went to check out. The sole clerk was occupied with a phone call and I had to wait for quite a while.

Another person (who was apparently not authorized to check me out) was very helpful by allowing me to use her terminal to print my boarding pass (no business center due to renovation). When I told her about my disappointment with the hotel she did take my parking ticket out to the attendant since I couldn't call ahead,

When the clerk finally freed up from her call. It turns out my internet was free (nobody had told me at check in) and they took the parking charge off my ticket too. The clerk said that they were not putting receipts under the door as a "green" effort. BS, they are just being cheap and sloppy.

So overall, a nice room and the corporate rate wasn't too bad, but it looks to me like someone is trying to run a full service hotel with a minimal amount of staff and the service is poor as a result.

The lack of attention to service put this hotel very far down the list of places I will stay when I go to Atlanta the next time.

13/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Hannah B.
We stayed here last night for a local getaway while celebrating my boyfriends birthday. The hotel is currently undergoing renovations, and therefore you can find a really sweet deal on Priceline.

When I checked in, I was put into one of the non-renovated rooms. If I had stayed in this room, this review would only be getting 2 stars. Older stiff furniture, dark, and those large old TV's. Upon my request, the staff changed my room without a problem.

They put us in the International Tower; the new section of the hotel. Everything was updated, modern, warm reds and yellows tones. We had a corner room with gave the room extra space. Upon entering our room, there is a little hallway with a large glass window. We also had a balcony.

Overall I was very happy with the room and service.

Towards the end of our evening, we decided to go back to the room, order room service for dessert, and watch a movie. I had the peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream, while my boyfriend had the chocolate cake... both were very yummy.  


I will agree with everyone else, that the parking is  expensive. Almost $30 to park your car is insane. Also, the bathrooms are tiny.

13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Sheri V.
Recently stayed here for dragon con.  For the convention this is always a great hotel. we stayed here last year too on Labor Day weekend. This year we had a king room in the International Tower on the 20th floor and it was very decent.  The thing I like best was the hotel's convenient  location to the convention activities and decent rooms.   The thing I liked least was the price (which was higher than usual due to the Holiday weekend).  Overall, this is a great hotel and I would definitely stay here again.

03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Chad Y.
The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is extremely convenient in downtown Atlanta and right next door to the Peachtree Center & the MARTA. The hotel is easy to get around the downtown core.

Rooms are decent and most have been recently remodeled (as of Feb 2009) and I was able to stay in the Radius tower. Rooms in that tower are on the smaller side but well appointed. Features the Hyatt Grand Bed, which I am a HUGE fan of. Closets are good sized and have a lot of the features built in(i.e. iron board). Bathrooms are well appointed.

Staff are fantastic and great in meeting your needs. They were able to provide fantastic suggestions to local areas and were quick and attentive.

The commons areas do show the buildings age, but its still fine.

All in all, a great place to stay!

12/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Michael M.
From the look of the hotel and the great valet service I think I would have given this Hyatt 4 - 5 stars.  But, that all went out the window the moment I was told that the room I booked over a month ago was sold to someone else.  So you all know I am a beyond loyal Hyatt guest.  My wife and I had our wedding at a Hyatt, I had my wedding shower at a Hyatt, and more business events than I can count.  In addition when I travel on business (which is all the time) I will go out of my way and pay more to stay with Hyatt.  Out of the hundreds of Hyatt's or any other hotel in my life, this was the most unforgivable thing ever done.  Hyatt you better come up with something big for me to forgive you for this.  12am and you kick me out of your location and put me into some 2nd rate, off the beaten path hotel.  Thanks Hyatt!

I really hope that manager gets transferred to some horrible Hyatt in Alaska or something so I never have to deal with his greed screwing up my stay again!!!

11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
69. Katy D.
Our group recently had a conference at this hotel, and I can't find a single thing to complain about... The service at the bars, restaurants, and catering were so attentive and friendly, and at 6:30am when you're beggin' for coffee and trying to find your conference room, they offered you a smile and a guide to the right area. The conference rooms were not too cold as is sometimes a huge issue. And the bar/ restaurant IS pricey, but you're in a downtown ATL hotel, so what do you expect?

My room was located in the International tower, and I couldn't have been more please with the quality of the bed and furniture. Street noise? A little bit, but hardly the hotel's problem. The PRIME location near a variety of restaurants (including a food court in the attached mall), easy parking, and easy access to Marta makes this spot a great choice.

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Lindy H.
New rooms are excellent!

01/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Denise H.
I had a great stay at this hotel. I reserved the business room with a king bed which came with some nice amenities including a free breakfast buffet at their on site restaurant Sway (which was delicious). Staff was friendly and attentive. My room was spotless with free Internet. There was a really nice vibe in the lobby/restaurant area. I would definitely stay here again!

19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Michael H.
Good hotel and good forum for event I was attending.

08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Kathy C.
So, I don't mind paying for the parking or the Internet service etc.... after all, if I use it, I will pay for it, and if I don't use it, no reason to pay for it, right?  So I know my room rate doesn't cover the parking fee or the Internet service.  And with the Hyatt brand and the price, I was expecting, well, a lot more.

I think we got absolute the smallest room ever.  We had one of those tower rooms so it's awkardly shaped (but interesting).  However, the size of the room is so small, I think I am staying in a hotel in the middle of Times Square!  (Actually, I've stayed in Times Square numerious times, I think most of the time, the rooms are bigger).  There are hardly any space on each side of the bed to walk around it.

I wouldn't go back, even for the excellent location (if you have business in downtown Atlanta).  For the a la carte price, I think there are many other better (and reasonably priced) places.

02/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
74. m i.
My wife needed to attend a conference at the Hyatt.  We are from Texas.   she thought it would be great for a family weekend stay.  I went to book online.  When I set it up for two days, I was offered stay two nights and get the third night for free.  So, I booked a third night an  we changed our plans, we each took an extra day of from work for the third night.  When I went to check out, the receptionist charged for three nights.  I stated when I booked online, it stated third night free.  She rudely stated that I had booked "AARP" package and no discounts applied "insinuating I had a "cheap package".  I again stated I was not aware, nothing was said about the no free night for discounted packages.  She just kept looking at me saying nothing.  I said "what are my options.  She just printed out the bill charging me for the three nights and handed it to me.  This upset me so I just took the bill , got my family as we needed to catch the MARTA train to the airport to catch our plane home.  Once home I went over the bill and then saw I got an additional charge of $95.00 for parking for three nights and we didn't even have a car.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL.  They do not live up to their agreements, rude customer service from receptionist and charge for items that do not apply.

25/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
75. Mallory W.
I stayed there just this weekend and it was beautiful. It's centrally located so after we parked our car we just walked to everything. I also love that the hotel is connected directly to the Peachtree Plaza so it's like having a food court right in your hotel. Also the beds were so nice and comfy I just fell asleep right away. I will definitely be going back.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Michael Z.
Spacious lobby remeniscent of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  The staff was extremely accommodating with an early check-in and were more than helpful throughout the entire stay.  Breakfast in the restaurant was standard, inflated hotel prices, but the quality was definitely impressive.  I was there over a weekend which meant few business travelers, but the Saints were in town so there were plenty of fans to keep the staff busy and truthfully I couldn't see any issues.  I would definitely come back if my travels brought me to ATL in the future.

17/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Natasha S.
I stayed here for a conference I had with work and it was great! Immediately upon arriving, I felt the 'Southern Hospitality' within the entire hotel. The front desk was very accommodating and friendly. My room was so well kept, clean and comfortable. Whenever I left the hotel, the doormen were extremely nice and offered to provide us with a cab if need be. Very often, I'm used to doormen completely ignoring us. So this was a nice change.

The same week as my conference, there was a Martin Luther King Gala which I thought was so sweet. African-American senior citizens dressed in fresh suits in various colors from baby blue to white with matching hats, plenty of bling, and a lady on their arm. I had a good time just watching them come in and being so in love. Very sweet!

There was a free breakfast buffet included which I was thought was mediocre. I mean it's just breakfast, nothing to really judge about it. The standard eggs, meats and grains. Borrrring.

Last, every morning I was able to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks in the lower level before heading to my conference. Perfect!

27/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Makakaualii R.
the best hotel I stayed at. the staff are great and humble. I had no issues of anykind. I want to say thank you to Conceier Carol and Desk Rep Scott for assisting me when had left my credit card and my glasses in the taxi. Carol you are the best and both of you need a pay raise!

24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. A C.
This hotel was conveniently located near the conference hotel on a trip April 2013. We stayed in the main tower and my room seemed to be right above the bar, so even though there was a sign that said quiet hours 9pm-9am, you could faintly hear the bar crowd well into the evening. This did not really bother me but something to keep in mind for others. The aesthetic of the atrium is lovely but somehow feels dated so I was nicely suprised when I walked into a very modern room. There was a nice desk so I could work a very small bathroom and two beds as described. My safe was broken but someone came quickly to fix it and my housekeeper never made my bed the entire stay and only came in to clean the bathroom once upon request- that I thought was lacking and why it is only an average hotel.
The bar 22 storys is really nice, has great food and very pleasant staff and management. Sway was decent for lunch but the market place had starbucks coffee and treats to eat as well.

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. J H.
In the hotel business, during a recession, with plenty of choices, details matter. I usually stay here when I come to Atlanta. Creature of habit.  Location convenient to my appointments. Solid property. Appreciate the cap x spending on an updated lobby and other areas. This time however, managed to time my visit with a change in internet service and my connection was horrible. They didn't tell me when I checked in.  Had work to do and this made it difficult. I complained. Firmly but not loudly.

Having said that, the front desk person handled it well and made every effort to smooth the rough edges around an inconvenient situation. She couldn't fix the Internet of course, but she listened to my rant without interruption and offered possible work arounds. She then followed up later with another suggestion that revealed a genuine effort to find a solution, rather than simply hanging up the phone and ignoring the problem.

As a result, I will not cross this hotel off my list.  It was saved by service.  Consistently helpful from check in to check out has been my experience and renovations show a commitment to keeping the property current and vibrant. Its a big place with old bones I suspect. Issues will arise. A well trained energetic staff committed to the guest experience is the real glue that will hold it all together.  Without it, I don't care how fresh the paint is.

Im bugged that I'm on a business trip and the Internet service was unstable, but I'm encouraged by the way it was handled.  It's lodging, but like most enterprises it's a people business at the end of the day. Good save.

19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
81. F. P.
3 stars.

The pros:
- Convenient downtown location - connected to the Peachtree Center MARTA station
- Stunning atrium/lobby with impressive high-speed featured, window elevators
- Nice gym that's open 24/7 (although I didn't get to use it)
- Generous breakfast buffet (especially if included in your hotel price; otherwise, rather pricey at ~$20)
- Within walking distance to Centennial Park, the Aquariaum, World of Coca-Cola and the CNN Tower

The cons:
- Horrible internet connection.  It's a big pet peeve of mine when high end hotels charge for internet (when other places rightfully offer it for free) but it's unacceptable when you hardly get a connection from your room (unless you're situated closer to the door near the bathroom).  Ridiculous.
- Price.  Over $200 for Atlanta is overpriced for what you get.

03/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
82. Katherine L.
Ughh!! this place is not what I expected from a Hyatt. The sink bowl looked old and had a big chip in it. I hate that the toilet paper is so far in back of the toilet! It was so hard to reach! The beds were also not that comfortable, especially the pillows. There is no internet or wi-fi here!

The good thing is that there is an ihome inside the room to play your ipod. The service desks are also very friendly. The only restaurant in the hotel is super expensive and it doesn't even look too special.

24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
83. Michelle L.
This place isn't as good as I thought it should be. For a hotel like hyatt, i expected the service to be much better than this! NO FREE WIFI??? Why? This is being offered at many other 2,3 star hotels.. and isn't this supposed to be 4 star..? It's definitely the MOST important amenity in my view, but they just need to charge you for that.

So, i ended up signing up for the 1 day $15 service. AND IT SUCKED! the connection was terrible... it was crawling like a snail.... in the end, on the day of checkout, i complained about the speed and refused to pay for it. good thing they honored that.

Also, when i was at the bell service area, i saw one of the bell men extorting a guy for tips for storing his luggage! OH MY. i was so shocked when he refused to give his luggage back unless he paid tips. i would've complained all the way to the top for hiring employees of such behavior!

Breakfast buffet at Sway was meh. wouldn't really pay $20 for that again.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
84. Brian F.
Rock-hard bed and street-noise (buzzing cross-walks), even though I was on the 10th floor, made for a bad nights sleep before an important conference.  Upon check-out the clerk apologized saying that they were renovating and I probably got  a room that hadn't been finished yet.  Oh yeah, the remote control on the TV which had good batteries didn't work for my TV.  Not sure how that could happen.

We used "Hotwire" to book the room, so I guess you get what you pay for.

On the good side: the location at Peachtree Station is a short 5 minute walk for Marta and a 15 minute very pleasant walk to the convention center.  The staff was friendly and courteous as well.

06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
85. Lance L.
Offends my sensibility.  Nickle and dime you to death.
Cockroach in the shower.
Weird lighting
$99 if I book on my own, but $209 at the group rate...

19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. Patrick R.
I stayed two nights at the Hyatt with my family for pleasure and it's definitely worth it's 4 star rating. Everything about the design of the hotel is amazing, from the lobby to the rooms to the city view balconies. We really enjoyed our stay. The pool was a great bonus after a day exploring Atlanta in the summer. The market in the lobby with Starbucks was great and affordable. The hotel also connects to the Peachtree Center Mall and gives you many choices for quick food options. I would love to give the Hyatt 5 stars, but when we first viewed our room we did find watermelon seeds in the floor, a used towel, and someone's left behind shirt in our room, just some small petty things like that, but I would have expected it to be spotless given its 4 star rating. Great hotel overall though with a great staff I might add as well. Every employee we came in contact with were very friendly and accommodating. Will stay again

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Ana G.
I really liked this place. I'ts actually the second time I have stayed at the Hyatt Regency and on both occasions it was for New Years and I have to say that I had a great experience on both times.

Because it was New Years Eve and the hotel was booked solid, due to the big New Years party they host, but line to check in was extremely speedy. The actual hotel manager checked us in and was extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about both the party and the hotel (as he should be). I think his name was Dave.

The lobby itself was not in it's usual splendor due to the renovations that they were doing at the time...hopefully when I come back it will be much nicer.

Our room was a little on the small side, but it was functional and basically just what we needed: Queen bed, large plasma TV, large shower, and great views of the city. The room was immaculate, and very tastefully decorated in a modern fashion. One of the great things about this place is their toiletries... which just leave your skin so smooth and has this subtle ginger scent that I just love!! But enough about that, back to the hotel.

The staff overall, not just the manager were incredibly helpful. This included the ushers, servers, bartenders, and security folks. The food that was served was very good for a buffet and the bartenders provided very stiff drinks.

Check out was fast and speedy...especially since everybody decided to check out at the same time. They had three options to check out, via the hotel TV, the check out kiosk, and at the desk. We checked out via the TV without any problems.

One thing that they could have worked on was having a more efficient valet pick up parking. Valet parking was $27 per night and we waited about an hour to get our car back along with about 100 other people (they told us it would be a 20 min wait). I felt that the car drop off was either empty of jam packed with cars...they needed to really time themselves right, but then again the rain was probably not helpful in this situation. I honestly don't know what happened this year, because 2 years ago there really was no problem with parking at all,...maybe they need to go back to that.

Anyway, overall I like this place, the service, and the rooms. A great experience and I'll be back. I just may gowith self parking next time though.

#Yelp365 10/365

10/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Linh T.
Room ok..bed squeaky even tho I was just doing sit ups. Checked in at 3:30 but no room until close to 5. Offered parlor with pull out bed with $50 credit. But I opted to wait for a room with a real bed. The hotel is connected to the Peachtree Center Mall, which at first sounded great, but the mall was more like a giant food court with a couple of small stores inside it.

On the plus side, fitness center was aweseome.

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Izadora L.
I come to Atlanta twice a year every year and I usually stay at the Marriott. This time I decided to stay ate the Hyatt and I had the most unpleasant experience ever. To start, when I arrived, I went up my room and the Internet did not work as well as the TV. So I asked them to solve the problem...I had two people in my room for about half an hour trying to solve it.... the TV was solved but the Internet connection was horrible and he could not figure out what was going on. I send them away because was late in the evening and I wanted to go to bed so the guy told me he would come back in the morning to try to figure it out. I left in the morning to work, he came back and worked on it for about one hour so when I came home from work there was a note on my desk telling me that the Internet was working. For my surprise guess what, the internet was still not working and worst the TV was not working again. So I ask the manager to switch rooms and he told me the hotel was all booked up and he couldn't switch me. I also had a package downstairs in the business center that I asked twice to be delivered and the package was never delivered. Also when I came to the hotel from work my room had not been cleaned so it's still had a tray from last nights dinner sitting in my room the whole day with food on it. I asked for the housekeeping to clean the room they said that they would right away so I went out for dinner and when I came back two hours later the room was still not cleaned.
I could go on and on telling you guys all about my terrible experience at the Hyatt but you just got to see you for yourselves or book somewhere else.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
90. Barry T.
There's certainly something historic about being at this hotel. First ever atrium hotel? Heck yes.

The rooms were cleanly appointed. Unfortunately I wasn't in the main atrium despite my platinum status, but that was sufficient as I was barely there due to my conference scheduling.

The Market 24-hour food stop offerings totally rubbed my foodie innards the right way: late night High Road Craft Ice Cream - prosecco and red berries sorbet - pimento cheese and crackers. Yum. Who needs the hotel bar (which was hoppin' on a Friday evening, surprisingly, probably due to a local conference) when you have a just-the-right-necessities-late-night-snacking-­stop right there?

13/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Edmund F.
Stayed at hotel for a week long conference.  Scheduled hotel reservation process was easy.  Check in and check out process was good.  Hotel staff very nice and room was clean.  Conference rooms were very well maintained with water and the food for breakfast and dinner was good.

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Lyle D.
Great hotel. Clean rooms a bit small but we ordered through hotwire and got a screaming deal. The most bang for your buck in down town ATL!

The gym was NIIIIIIICE!! Seemed like a real gym. Great new high tech machines with tv's!

I would def come back when I'm back in the ATL!

14/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Miki W.
Friendly staffs.  Restaurant at the lobby level serves reasonable and great breakfast.

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Cecilia L.
Beautiful hotel, with an open atrium, yummy restaurant, and modern rooms.  They also have many ballrooms and conference rooms available for events (weddings, meetings, etc).

The 24-hour "market" was well stocked with drinks, Starbucks coffee brews, and snacks (chips, small pizzas, sandwiches). There's also a small FedEx business center inside the building, which made it convenient to print and send things. The room was modern, with HD tvs, comfortable beds (although the pillows were a bit too soft), and all the amenities I needed (big plus for the travel sized toothpaste!).

The hotel is next to the MAARTA, so it was easy to get to the airport and other tourist attractions. It was also within walking distance to downtown (Olympic Centennial Park) and the Aquarium, etc.

I would definitely consider staying here again on my next trip to Atlanta.

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Jennifer S.
Nice, comfortable hotel in a good, downtown location!  Friendly front desk staff, clean room, comfortable bed and nice shower.

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Frank G.
Jim Morrison stayed here!

Your first impression of the hotel had better be the staff; they're definitely the best part.  Everyone is extremely polite and accommodating, even when their customers are being...not polite.  It's a very attractive hotel; the open atrium is beautiful, and my room had a modern feel despite the Hyatt Regency's 45 years of operation.  The hotel has a fairly convenient downtown location.  It's only a block or so from Peachtree Center and the MARTA station and about a mile from the Midtown area.  They have a really nice 24-hour market in the lobby that has just about everything you need, e.g. ice cream, fresh fruit, pizza, chocolate, granola...you name it.  Prices there are very fair for the convenience.  The also have a full-service restaurant and a bar & grill in the lobby.

I had a few issues, though.  For one, the bed was the noisiest thing I've slept on  since college, when I used to sleep on loud, uh, beds.  Every movement produced a squeak, a groan or a popping sound.  The most inconvenient part of my stay was some maintenance work that was being done on the lobby level, and the guy was moving around on a boom lift, which had a loud beeping alarm every time he moved it.  After hours of his apparent joyriding I was sick of hearing it, as the open atrium, the marble floor and the hotel's hard walls caused the annoying alarm to echo up to my room, and was keeping me awake.  I was told "sorry" and that the work was "necessary".  This was still going on at 3AM, so I didn't get much sleep that night.  Luckily, the maintenance crew's highly necessary task managed to avert whatever life-threatening crisis that was eminent in the middle of the night.  And finally, while I was very satisfied with the room's rate, the parking fee was ridiculous, in my opinion.  I've watched parking fees go up in Atlanta over the years, but I've never been able to understand why the hotels insist on charging so much to park there when you're staying at their hotel.

All in all, I thought it was a nice place with a great staff, nice amenities and a good location.  Drawbacks include street noise, atrium noise (even without a night-owl maintenance crew, the lobby can get rowdy at night, despite the stern "quiet hour" signs) and losing the shirt off your back if you plan on parking over the weekend.  I would consider staying here again, I'd just leave my car at home and use whiskey to help me sleep.

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
97. Londonbridge X.
Everything about our hotel experience at Hyatt Regency Atlanta was  5 stars! From the time we got out of our car and received valet parking. They were so friendly they unloaded our car for us and didn't let us do anything at all. The guy at the help desk was also super helpful. My husband and kids were so amazed by the hotel and couldn't even believe the price that i got the hotel for. We were on the 17th floor and had a great view of downtown. The room was super clean and I LOVE our bathroom. We were also very close to some good restraunts and a CVS to make some quick snack purchases for the kids within walking distance. I only paid $12 for valet parking with my hotel package which was not bad at all. We will definitely consider staying here again when we go to Atlanta.

19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Alex H.
/ Mid-Renovation Review /

I stayed here during a work related conference. I suppose I am a bit spoiled from the perspective of expectations for hotels. There is nothing wrong with the Hyatt, but there is nothing special about it aside from it's vast size. I love that the hotel has a very open lobby. Checking in was smooth.

Unfortunately, I happened to be staying during the renovation period. I won't fault them for this. How should I rate this? I'm not sure. Their pre-renovation state is underwhelming, pretty much a solid 3 star hotel. The room I was saying in was on the 21st floor, the "business" level. Check my photos for the pre-renovation appearance. The bed was hard, but not something that caused me from losing sleep, I guess I like harder beds. The TV was a small, old "big box" (CRT) unit. The channels were all mislabeled. The remote control had many unlabeled buttons. The bathroom was old too. Although they had Kholer fixtures, they were very worn. The door swing for the bathroom was also awkward where it the door almost hits the toilet when opening all the way.

There are two restaurants, one more of a bar than a restaurant, in the hotel. Check for "Sway" and "Twenty Two Storys" reviews accordingly.

The Skyway connects the Hyatt with the Peachtree Mall, Marriott, and Hilton hotels. Of the three connected hotels, the Hyatt (from the view of the lobbies) appears to be the mid-tier of the three.

Hopefully post renovations the hotel will be updated to "modern" standards. It's important to note that there is considerable street noise everywhere in the hotel. I was very high up and it felt as if I was near the ground floor. I almost wonder how much louder it is down at the bottom.

Room service didn't clean my room until around 4PM. Kind of a downer, but I lived with it.

Bottom Line: If you are visiting in early 2012 or after, your experience most likely be different. Nothing too bad overall.

09/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. Izanami N.
I was personally escorted to my destination when I arrived. Retrieving my car from  an exceptionally prompt valet, there were chocolates and bottled water in my car. It's the little details.

08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Misha W.
Got to stay here for a conference.  It was fantastic.  I stayed on the club level and that is mandatory.  The food is amazing here!  The Sway restaurant has delicious salads and the club lounge has breakfast to die for and late night healthy snacks.  The manager was very nice and helpful.  Housekeeping was slow.  I told the manager he was soooo nice and took care of it right away!!

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Carmela O.
I used to live in Atlanta, but recently came back for a work conference.  The hotel is beautiful for the most part after it's renovations (there is still some popcorn ceilings to be found...).  I love the big sculptures and the clean, modern, masculine decor in the rooms and lobby areas.  And, to be fair, I was there for less than 12 hours.  The biggest complaint comes from the noise.  The noise from the lobby and surrounding balconies and the saws from construction ran late into the night and started early in the morning.  Sleep was impossible.

02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
102. Jake K.
Quite a conference oriented hotel.  The good?  It's attached to the Peachtree Mall so you can go down and get cheap eats and do a little shopping while you're at it.  It also has some good treats from the catering staff - their omelet biscuits were a hit when I needed to settle a stomach that didn't agree with the previous night's activities.

The bad?  Very noisy - the acoustics of the main lobby are horrendous and you don't get the feel of a quiet or elegant hotel.  It sort of reminded me of an Embassy Suites in layout - where it would have the center courtyard open and then ringed the rooms around there.  Parking is also horrendously expensive for Atlanta - no effing way I should be paying $27 a day to park for a conference.

05/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Tim M.
Stayed here last month as part of a conference.

Fast, self-serve check-in. All you need is your confirmation number or credit card matching name.

On the way to the airport? No car? Peachtree Center MARTA station is a block south and 2 computers in the lobby allow FREE boarding pass printing.

I stayed in the International Tower on top floor. Quiet and very minimal foot traffic. Only noise issue is doors slamming can be heard in the room. Thankfully, the design of the room has the door, bathroom, and closet on 1 side almost like a foyer area as you walk through the room to get to the bedroom portion. Balconies - it's a 6inch ledge.

Commissary shop on site so you can grab bottled water and other last minute needs.

Bar went above and beyond as a friend and I entered about 3 minutes before closing. They invited us to have a drink and stay as long as we wanted. The cleaning staff didn't complain that we were still sitting there and hour later but instead cleaned around us and came back after we left.. Excellent job!

As an official hotel of conference (or they were holding a block of rooms for the conference), I expected the hotel to know more about shuttle information other than "the information sign is near the west door."

02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Kent F.
I do a good deal of traveling.  This hotel is in major need of a massive makeover.  The only real thing going for it is the location.  The exterior and interior are seriously dated.  The rooms have had basic cosmetic upgrades, but still are not up to a luxury standard.  The bathroom on the 21st floor - room 2142 has cheap tile in the bathroom and bubbling paint on the ceiling.  
I will say that service is certainly up to par.
Really nothing special.  
As a Platinum member, i do expect more.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
105. Dan C.
Horrible experience due to large party in the next room. Hotel claims to have a noise policy after 9pm but security refused to enforce it. Party lasted until 230 am with about 100 people in the party suite.

After numerous complaints, I was told they paid for a room also.

So if you are looking for a hotel that will let you party without being worried about getting kicked out, I would highly recommend this hotel.

If you are a business traveler or a family looking for a safe hotel to get a good nights sleep, avoid this place at all cost.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
106. Steve S.
Stayed at the Hyatt for four nights while in town for a trade show.  The hotel has recently undergone a renovation and looks really nice.  The lobby has a great open feel to it.  The staff I came in contact with were very nice & accomadating.

However, my particular room is where the Hyatt loses a bit. I stayed in the "radius" tower and I think the rooms a bit smaller in this area.  They really tried to get as much out of the small room as possible but it ends up feeling a bit cramped. The ironing board was  inside the small closet and folded out. But there was no "lock" and it just swiveled back & forth. Made ironing dress shirts a bit tricky.  The toilet was at an odd angle and very close to the wall.  Also the TV installed into the wall saved space but it stuck out and I banged my head against it several times during the night. Also, twice during my stay, the main room lights came on by themselves during the night. This happened to one of my coworkers in his room too. And the wifi was incredibly spotty and a bit expensive if you're not a high level Hyatt member.

Not a bad hotel overall but I would choose to stay at the Marriot Marquis or Hilton on my next trip.

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
107. Sanita M.
- Nice front desk area, beautiful design, the elevators
- Comfortable beds
- Nice and big gym, open 24/7 (with water and fruits)
- Many attractions are close by (World of Coca Cola, CNN, etc)
- Some restaurants and Starbucks are just accross the street

- Slowest internet ever. It was like old style dial-up
- $32.00 parking (very inconvenient as I like to have my car keys in hand)
- Swimming pool outside only (I couldn't attend bcoz of rain)
- Very small bathroom
- Little scary area, many homeless - bothering & questioning on streets

Bottom line, we did not like the area. When walking, many homeless guys were coming and bothering, asking questions, and specially during evening it was kind of scary, I did not feel safe around this hotel.
The hotel room and bathroom were small. Our fridge was dirty at the arrival but it was cleaned upon request, and we received an apology.
Main downside - PARKING. Had to pay $32.00 for parking where you have to give away your car keys and everytime we forgot something in the car, we had to go and wait for someone to bring the key, then they parked it at the place where we couldn't open the doors, so we had to ask them to move the car, etc. It was really inconvenient, so next night we moved the car just accross the street for $18.00 - but at least we could have our own car keys.

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
108. Justin H.
I'd give it 3.5 if I could. I stayed in the International Tower, where the newer rooms are, in a corner king room. The room, hotel and staff were good. It's valet ONLY and it's $32 A DAY for the longest wait I've ever had for valet service. On top of that, they screwed up and charged me twice.

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. Kerry B.
Very large convention hotel in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The hotel was extremely well run...like a well oiled machine. Very busy at all times of the day and night, but still functioned fine with no service issues to speak of. I enjoyed people watching in the busy lobby and I quite enjoyed the variety of dining and bars onsite. It also had a great pool area. The guest room was spotlessly clean and comfortable. I'd stay here again if in the area.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Deborah S.
This is not a luxury hotel! The lobby is cold and uninviting. The 22 Stories bar is right out in this uninviting space as is the coffee stand (not a cafe). The service at 22 Stories was so poor we got our first round free from the manager.The sooms are just that, rooms. They are all alike and only the view changes. There is NO FREE internet or WIFI!!!! Ridiculous! And don't think as a couple you can both get dresses or shower in the miniscule bath "closet". It is a good location to other attractions and thank goodness because you will definitely want to go out.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
111. Lisa L.
I stated here overnight in August for a staycation.  I needed a break from it all!  I caught the Marta to the hotel, for which I somehow got lost after getting off at the right stop. No fault of the hotel. I can get lost crossing the street, everyone knows this about me.  Once I arrived,  check in was fast and front desk was very helpful.  Once in the room, I fell in love with the lay out. It was not like any layout I have seen at a hotel. The bed was nice and comfy. I ate that night at twenty two stories,  however the best part of the night was Polaris. I had a seat at the bar and watched the Atlanta skyline. Great food, drinks and company.  There is a reason, why people come to this city Atliens!  The city is beautiful at night.  At the end of the night it was a great feeling to go back to my room and crawl (some what stumple)in that king size bed to fall asleep. I will definitely stay there again.

The location was great as well. Cvs was within a few blocks as well as several restaurants outside the hotel within walking distance. After reading other reviews, I have to say I never felt unsafe. Are there homeless people or people who "look" suspect yes.  However,  they never bothered me.  Again, I live here so maybe they knew I was a local and not a visitor.

I did take a star off because I asked for an extra comforter because the one on the bed was very thin. I was told I could not but I could have another blanket brought to my room. However,  it never came. ???

14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Keith B.
As part of a road trip to Atlanta, we wanted a night downtown, so we used hotwire for this first time and got a rate of $89 for an unnamed hotel, which turned out to be the Hyatt Regency downtown.   I checked the price on the website and it was over $200 for the same room.    It's so nice staying at a full serve hotel.    The lobby is huge and open, and in the center our 5 'space pod' glass elevators which my kids (and I) loved.  
The rooms were awesome...clean and very modern.   We even had a balcony with a city view.  The gym was great and had a lot of space and lot of machines (not a lot of free weights if you need that).    

What wasn't so nice was the parking suprise...$32 a night w/unlimited in and outs.  Tip here, TIp there...so all of a sudden my $89 a night bargain was at $150 before I knew it.    I did have to say something about trash bag in the hallway when we arrived that was still there an hour later (unacceptable for a hotel like this).

We truly enjoyed the experience here at this hotel.

24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Martin B.
Pros: Cool architecture, delicious breakfast buffet (gotta have the grits), nice beds

Cons: No free Internet / wifi. I've stayed at crummy roadside motels with complementary Internet access. I didn't stay here (my family did) but I imagine that the nightly rate for this place is a hell of a lot higher than your average hotel.

07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
114. Lysette R.
My boyfriend and I stayed here 1/16/14-1/19/14.  It was a wonderful stay.  The hotel was conveniently located to everything we wanted to do... CNN Tour Center, Atlanta Aquarium, Coca Cola, Centennial Park.  We literally walked everywhere we went, except for the first night when we underestimated how close a restaurant (Ruth Chris) was.  Parking was $32 a night at the hotel but we quickly learned that there are overnight parking garages extremely close so that's what's where we went instead.  We paid $18/night instead of $32.  This was a enclosed garage that always had an attendant.  We could have also parked next to it which was an open parking lot charging about $5-6 less.  We didn't realize that they allowed overnight parking until after we had paid at the other place.  The interior of the hotel was absolutely beautiful.  It was modern and chic.   My boyfriend is into fitness so we definitely got a lot of use of the fantastic and large fitness center.  There was always fresh fruit out and towels available for guest.  Around the corner from the gym, you could easily access a small shopping center... there was mostly restaurants like chic-fila, starbucks, and planet smoothie.  I think the MARTA was attached to it. I got it the room for about $70/night through Priceline which I thought was a steal because it is about double that on a regular basis.  We got a room with a fantastic view but I asked for it when we got there and the front desk/reservation clerk was able to accommodate our request.  Everyone was so super friendly.  Unfortunately we didn't get to try the restaurant or the lounge there because there were plenty of places we wanted to try outside the hotel.  There is a little refrigerator in every room so that's great.  My only gripe was that to be such a high end hotel, the bed was not very comfortable at all.  The mattress was way too stiff.

All in all, our stay was wonderful and we would definitely stay here again.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Cecily G.
Overall I was very pleased with this location.  If your budget allows the king corner room suite is worth the extra space, especially if traveling on business.  I was not overly impressed with the restaurant options on site, which is why I can't give it 5 stars.  The location puts you close enough to some of Atlanta's best eateries, which I would recommend instead.  Overall, a quiet and comfortable hotel.

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Sen C.
My husband and and I booked our room here almost a year in advance for Labor Day weekend- Dragon*con. There were a few mishaps.

First of all, price. It's downtown Atlanta. So expecting cheap parking is ridiculous, especially on a convention weekend. The hotel was pretty darn expensive in my opinion. They charge that rate because they can get it that weekend, but $250 a night is a lot to pay for what I consider standard hotel amenities. The con lasts for four days with a lot of people arriving the day before it starts to get settled. Because it's so expensive and most of the people going are a younger crowd without $1k to drop on a convention, people pack into the rooms like sardines and split the cost. I overheard one person say they had 8 people staying in his room. So the hotel is not only booked full, but crazy overfull beyond that. This makes it hard to do everything from getting into an elevator to checking in and out.

We were warned ahead of time by other con goers that the hotel was overbooked and that they were moving people. Sure enough, when we arrived there was no room for us. Luckily, my husband and I are pretty chill and we didn't care too much about getting moved to the midtown hyatt. They comped our rooms, refunded our parking, gave us free valet parking and internet at the new hotel and set up a shuttle to get us back and forth. I later found out it was a problem with the computer system they had used to book the rooms that had caused the overbooking. The hyatt regency staff was nice as can be about the whole thing. I know they were griped at frequently that weekend, but they never ceased being patient whenever I stopped by to ask a question. They really were trying to make the best of a bad situation. Whatever had caused the problem, I knew it wasn't the people manning the front desk that were at fault and I was impressed at them keeping cool through the trouble.

Overall, the staff were great, but I wish the hotel were a little stricter about how many people are staying in each room to help with overcrowding.  I might try for a quieter (and hopefully cheaper!) hotel next year.

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
117. Lauren B.
I had a great time with you last year at Dragon Con, and rebooked with you to stay for this year's event. You cancelled my reservation without notice and now I have a $400 plane ticket with nowhere to stay. The manager is completely useless and I've even talked to the corporate office and no one is helping me at all. If this disaster isn't fixed by the hotel management STAT, I will never spend a dime at your chain again. Thanks for ruining my day and my upcoming vacation.

30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
118. Tom K.
Completely offended by the lack of courtesy at this hotel.  I've created a yelp account specifically to vent about my experience here.  

Atlanta is a wonderful city and this hotel is located in a very convenient location in downtown.  However, upon arrival we were informed that we would be staying in the international tower, which allegedly, is a desirable part of the hotel.  My roommate would be attending a conference all week while I would be working from the hotel room.  

Immediately, starting at 9 am every morning, extremely loud and obnoxious construction was happening right outside of our room.  Drilling, hammering, banging, slamming every type of disturbing and distracting noise you can associate with construction.  Obviously, I could not concentrate on my work.  I let it go on the first day because I never go out of my way to complain.  However, on day 2 I simply could not take it.  I dialed for assistance where I was transferred to the front office.  I explained my predicament and stated how dissatisfied I was with the room that we were given.  The "kind" lady showed no empathy toward my situation and did not offer any suggestions to help accommodate us. I figured maybe a room change would be in order but I guess not.  For as much as this hotel offers, it is all meaningless if you do not get the common courtesy that we all deserve as paying customers.  Its as if we were purposely put on this side of the hotel.  Our was between Oct. 29 through Nov. 1, 2014.  So, if you have an upcoming reservation at this hotel, be sure you request to not be roomed on the international tower.  Specifically, a lower floor.

This was my first time staying at Hyatt. Never again.  What a joke.

31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
119. TravelingVeggie S.
The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta is a great hotel choice if you are ever in the Atlanta area. The location is fantastic and the hotel is walking distance from all of the major Atlanta attractions. Although our "Diamond" status greatly enhanced our stay, the hotel was extremely well kept and the staff was very courteous. One of the staff members at the hotels 24 hour Market went to the food storage room and was nice enough to give us an entire half gallon of almond milk as we were unable to locate any within walking distance. He was unaware that we were Diamond members so it was great to see service like that regardless of the hotel status you possess. Experiences like this one is the reason we will come back to the Hyatt Regency the next time we visit Atlanta.

The only drawback of the hotel is that they charge you $32 per day for valet parking. Although I know parking in a city can be expensive, I thought this price was a lot more than it should have been, especially because my car was misplaced for about 20 minutes. The parking garage is run by another company but it would be nice if it was a little cheaper or subsidized by the hotel. Thankfully rooms can be obtained for less than $99 at times so the total cost isn't outrageous for a nice property.

Overall we were extremely happy with our stay at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta and we highly recommend it!

Check out our full review at travelingveggies.com/hot…

05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Jim T.
Make sure you check the automated slip of paper when you register at the kiosk.  It will tell you which tower your room is in.  I'm a slower learner, I guess.  Room is clean, well organized and reminds me of hotel rooms in Germany, but this bathroom is bigger.  Quiet, peaceful, till Atlanta garbage trucks strayed their rounds.  I'm on 17th floor, but still heard it loud and clear.  Not the hotels fault.  I would stay here again.

10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Joseph P.
I am originally a fan of the Hyatt in Chicago so I chose to stay here when I visited Atlanta.  They had some up and downs but it was a pretty good stay for me which lasted three days.  The first night was an issue because the room that I had booked with hotels.com was not what it seemed to be.  This was a room located in the Radius Tower.  It was so small and had a rock hard bed.  The next day we went to the front desk complained and they upgraded us to a better room at no additional cost which was really nice of the to do.  The new room was spacious and the new bed was firm but I still had a good nights sleep.  The lobby of the hotel was really nice and had a fancy look to it.  The only issues is that the location of the hotel is not for tourist but more of for business type.  There isn't much to do after the sun goes down and you don't want to venture off downtown.

26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Scott H.
Good stay for one night plus conference. Was greeted upon arrival and was helped by a nice manager who could tell I was lost to find where my conference area was. (I was a vendor working to set up for the next day.) Check-in was polite, and they had noted my package for the conference had arrived and had it delivered to the conference area. Concierge desk was always helpful and friendly, and the staff managing the conference the following day seemed to always be friendly, courteous, and on point.

Room was a bit small but nice, but showed some wear upon inspection. Toilet was an old office-style toilet with the long handle, and there was a spot on he wall where the plastic that you will find on the wall corners was held up with tape. Still, everything was clean and fresh and amenities were adequate. Parking overnight here though is rather pricy.

A nice surprise was a beer-centric bar with several microbrews on tap and in bottles (see separate review) and there looked to be a rather upscale restaurant onsite, but I had food from neither location or at the conference.

If I could get the conference rate ($99) then I'd stay here again. My guess is the average stay here is much pricier though.

25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Dave W.
Great hotel and everyone is friendly. The reason for the 3 stars vs 5 is the valet. If you are paying $32 a night, you should be able to call to have your car brought around vs having going downstairs to wait 10-15 minutes. Kinda rediculous.

18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
124. Angela K.
Great customer service, very clean, and great location!!

This hotel was in the middle of the downtown area!!
Most of the attractions were waling distance.
This hotel is connected to the mall which led to the food court.
They have a 24-hour market with Starbucks coffee.
They have a full-service restaurant called SWAY!!
Great southern food, might I say!!

The decor of the rooms are very trendy.
However, the bathroom setup was bad. The toilet was really close to the shower and the faucet was way too far from the sink. The water was going on the counter when washing my hands.

They have a flat screen TV with all kinds of outlets that you can hook up to.

Overall, it's a great place to stay when visiting downtown ATL!!

02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. Dante V.
The worst hotel experience I've ever had.
Two weeks before I checked in their was a huge payment mess up on the hotels end and it caused me to overdraft my bank account (don't have protection so it was a hassle).  When I got to the hotel I was suppose to be charged with a 50% discount rate due to the mishap. Instead, later that night I got a Wells Fargo notification that I had once again over drafted because this hotel charged me MORE than the original price quote before the 50% discount rate. I was in NO WAY compensated for this, this time around. The next day I received a phone call around 9pm from the manager but could not answer due to the fact that I was at work... The voicemail said he would call back again the next day to reach out to me. 5 days later and I've yet to hear anything. This hotel experience ruined my experience and I will NEVER stay here again. Absolutely horrific.

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
126. Tomas B.
Hyatt Regency downtown was a recent 2 night stay for Work conference so we had some Rooms to review as well as conference center and event food.  

Check in quick and easy especially with hundreds of people checking in at once.  Multiple elevators all glass surrounding an atrium type setting in the lobby. Lobby bar was great with multiple TV's - and with massive amounts of people good service considering.

This hotel has been recently renovated, so the rooms are very nice, quiet, and have everything you need though bathroom was very tiny.  Good linens and mattresses - Internet standard more than suffcient flat screen TV's and built in Safe all very nice touch.  Marks off bathroom backed up twice from very little paper in the toilet  Also made walked into the room twice even though I yelled come back shortly... Either its so quiet or they just don't listen as I screamed DON'T ENTER!  

Conference center huge with multiple levels and rooms pretty well done with over 1400 of us there.  

Food at the conference was breakfast , Lunch and some parties which was mediocre at best.  

All and all a good experience for a downtown large corporate chain.

14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Suzanne R.
Good hotel. The room was standard. Staff was friendly and check in was easy. The market (for food and other items you may need) is open 24/7 which is a plus. The gym is super nice and even has headphones so you can plug into the cardio if you don't have yours. There's a decent bar and the on-site restaurant (sway) had a good breakfast, but the drinks were $4 a piece. Coffee shouldn't cost that much (you're not making me a latte!)

15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Samantha T.
The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta is a swanky place right in smack dab downtown Atlanta. The staff is extremely helpful and nice. My husband and I enjoyed speaking with Nicole this morning during check out.

We were here for the New Year's Eve party, Downtown Countdown, and were expecting the worst when it came to our stay and dealing with frazzled customer service and drunk people. We were pleasantly surprised by just how opposite it was.

Every member of staff was extremely courteous and willing to take care of anything you needed. The party was very organized and people staying at the Hyatt , who were not attending the party, were not affected by the hundreds of people.

Our room was located in the International Tower which was very modern and comfortable. It was spacious and had a great view of the city. The bed was ok, not the most comfortable in a hotel but when you're a few drinks in, like I was, you can fall asleep pretty easily. If you're not accustomed to normal city noises throughout the night I would suggest ear plugs because the sounds echo up the building. Also, you have no control of the heat or air in the room, just have a fan to control and even at 65 degrees, my husband and I were too hot while trying to sleep. We usually sleep in pretty cool temperatures, so this may suit others just fine.

Also, for your convenience and to avoid the expensive foods and snacks and water bottle prices in the room, there is a CVS at walking distance, a liquor store at walking distance and a Starbucks Coffee right across the street. My husband and I stocked our mini fridge (in the room) with Gatorade, waters, and midnight snacks. In the morning before check out we walked over to the Starbucks and had coffee to sip on while waiting for our car.

Overall, my husband and I enjoyed our stay very much. It was worth the price. The only reasons I didn't give it 5 stars was for the "eh" bed and that paying to park is expensive per night. I feel if you're paying for the hotel room at a good price then parking could be less than $32 a night.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Erin G.
Reason for visit: Conference
Visit date: March 10 - 14, 2012
First time? As a guest, yes.

If you know anything about my hotel preferences, you know that Hyatt hotels are my favorite and it all started with their pillows (my favorite pillows in the world). Let's break it down:

Customer service: Check-in was easy; I even got to pick my room (Yay for checking in ahead of the conference crowd!). Although, their welcome/front-desk staff were kind of awkward/uncomfortable. Check-out was just as simple...and awkward. But whatever, it's all about the room...

My room: King bed with FIVE of my favorite pillows, lounge chair with side table, desk and comfy meetings chairs, a semi-balcony (as in, you can step out for fresh air, but that's it), fridge and coffee maker, and an easy-to-use thermostat. The bathrooms come stocked with Portico products and fresh towels; the shower had good water pressure. My favorite part about walking into my room -- the scent. It smelled so good after being cleaned each day I had to inquire about the air freshener: Ecos Labs Oasis Pro Laundry Fresh, for those interested.

Room service: I ordered room service for breakfast one morning. Nothing fancy -- sausage, eggs, hash and toast. But I loved it! Who doesn't love room service?

The conference amenities: Lots of space and good sound systems. The opening reception was fully stocked with a variety of foods: shrimp and grits, roast beef with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, cheese bar, pasta bar, bar-bar, crudite table... The conference rooms had plenty of seating, though temperature control was off in some of the rooms (some were freezing, some were musty). Hyatt does a good job of hydrating guests too -- water stations and break times were stocked.

I hugged each pillow goodbye as I left the room to check out...

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. Carrie S.
This hotel has been recently renovated, so the rooms are very nice, quiet, and have everything you need.

Cab ride from airport is $40.  Take the Marta for $3.50 (2.50 for ride, 1.00 for card).  The Marta will take you about a block away from the hotel.  So easy,,,

The lobby area is a great place to hang out.  Lots of seats to sit and use the free internet, a great bar area, and a cool market place that has great treats (I'm not gonna lie, but I bought some Christmas gifts here).

The biggest plus of this hotel was the meeting staff.  We had a meeting here, and the staff was fantastic.  Great food, and they really took care of us.  Everyone checked in regularly to make sure we had what we needed, and its makes a meeting go easy when you can get help immediately.

04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Jerry M.
I really enjoyed my stay here. I have stayed at this hotel before and will again. It is centrally located and there are a lot of attractions in the neighborhood. The staff is hyper friendly and accommodating. The restaurant is excellent. They feature healthy choices, special orders are ok, and the service is excellent. My hotel room was clean and the furnishings were new. The fitness club is clean and the equiptment is modern.  No complaints at all, this was a first class hotel stay. My home away from home in Atlanta. Very highly recommend.

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Patrick D.
Soo my wife and I saved up our hard earned money for a weekend in town for music midtown.  Upon arrival I am told I will be paying $32 a night for valet parking.  Thats $64 for a 2 night stay!!!!!!!!  There really is no other option for parking in the area so they really got you on this one.  What rellay eerked me was when I asked about it while checking in the girl said "oh thats a different company from the hotel, so we dont control what they do".   Dont control what they do?!!!!  they are in your building!!

Then while getting my car each night I waited for 30 minutes to get my car when it was right next to the door!

second night while returning my car the attendant wont give me my slip because he was busy taking pictures and flirting with a group of girls.  When I asked to speak to the manager I was told that it was him.  

Soo lesson being Hyatt dont hide some huge fee I'm gonna have to pay for staying at your hotel.  $64 is alot of money for me.  And if you plan on strongarming me into charging that, at least give me good service.

26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
133. James D.
When you see that I rated this hotel only a single star, please do not assume I am some crazy person who just blindly rates everything one or five stars with no middle ground.  This is serious.

My wife and I stayed here over Labor Day weekend for Dragon*Con, a pop culture convention that is closing in on thirty years of operation (we work as volunteers on the Dragon*Con staff).  It has always occurred over Labor Day weekend and probably always will because the Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin and Hilton are all booked years in advance for this mammoth convention.  Tens of thousands of people attend this.  So, you would think that a hotel which was one of the original Dragon*Con hotels would have a grasp on what it takes to operate efficiently over this extremely busy weekend.  Apparently not, because on checkout day, this hotel turns into a gigantic cluster you-know-what.  I called the desk to get a bellhop at 10:25am (because checkout time is noon) and he said it would be an hour.  I told him that's fine because I know it is insanely busy.  11:30 rolls around and no bellhop.  I call down and no one answers.  Finally, my wife and I give up and load ALL of our luggage onto our persons and lugged it all to the elevator area--ON THE NINETEENTH FLOOR.  We waited 45 minutes to get an elevator.  My wife made it onto one elevator and I got another ten minutes later.  Then, when we finally get down to the front doors, they tell us the valet is down another three floors and to take an elevator.  I was about to scream at someone.  We eventually got our car and left, never to come back.  Total time from lugging our stuff out of the room until we left the hotel, 2 hours and 4 minutes.  2 hours and 4 minutes just to LEAVE.

If you are going to tell a guest that it will be an hour for a luggage cart/bellhop, then it better be an hour.  Don't say it will be x amount of time and then NEVER send anyone up to our 19th floor room.  I was put on a waiting list and no one ever helped us.  We could have left our room over an hour before we eventually did.  This also caused us to not be able to work our scheduled volunteer hours at the convention and it caused me to miss an event I really wanted to see, which infuriates me even more.

Also, the housekeeping lady needs to calm down.  Every single day we were there, she tapped on our door repeatedly for ten solid seconds at like 8:30 in the morning.  One time, she just let herself into our room while we were still in bed.  And she was never clear about what she was doing.  She would ask us something, we would give an answer, and then she would still come back or leave a message on our room phone multiple times.  I mean, does she have a clue what she is doing??

Also, if you are going to charge people the exorbitant prices you do, then you better give us free wi-fi.  It is insulting that guests have to pay for Internet usage.

The worst thing of all?  It doesn't matter what I type here.  Because the hotel is probably already sold out for next year's convention.  They don't care about how they treated us because they don't have to.  They don't have to have accountability when they are guaranteed to be sold out.  It is the height of embarrassment that this place, which has co-hosted the convention for almost three decades, still apparently has no idea how to properly staff their building for what has to be the busiest weekend of their calendar year.  This was the worst checkout experience I have ever encountered.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
134. Lundon D.
First off, let me say that the select staff that did offer authentic southern hospitality at this so called 4/5 star hotel were Brenda Warner, (who was so exceptional, I couldn't help but to spend my nights in the market downstairs in the lobby where she worked chatting and talking) Thomas, the tickets server at their restaurant Sway, Juncey and baseballs who doesn't even work at the Hyatt, she worked at the Marriott next door, she heard what happened and was an awesome person as well.

I stayed there for about a week and everything was ok until one night, a bellhop. Yes I SAID BELLHOP, THE PERSON THAT TAKES YOUR LUGGAGE TO YOUR ROOM verbally accosted me while I was in the market downstairs talking to Brenda because I assume he profiled me as a poor black kid soliciting or something. Told me to leave and made a big scene in front of him. I was astonished as to why he would even think I would be pan handling in my very nice and expensive attire ( as it was my birthday). Can you believe that? Yes I have very good skin and people think I'm fairly young but HOW DARE YOU? That is not in your job title nor is it your duty to approach a paying guest staying at the hotel. I couldn't believe it! So yes I very politely went to ask to speak to the manager and told him what transpired and he tried to offer me some gold points worth a free night. I felt as if nothing was done with the very rude bell hop and didn't even want it. I WILL never stay there again, and neither will any of my very rich and affluent colleagues in the entertainment business in which I work, for that matter. They were all appalled at the behavior and I'm happy to report I haven't been back to the hotel again. Atlanta? Absolutely but I take my business to the VERY GRACIOUS W HOTEL.

you should never judge a book by its cover, you didn't know who I was and who I knew to bring business to your hotel.

my 1 star is for the unacceptable way I was treated, being a guest there of 5 days.


30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
135. Chrissy S.
My recent trip to this hotel was perfect. The valet was nice and quick. Check in was painless and the man at the desk was very friendly. They asked if we had any floor preference which was refreshing to hear. The room was so clean. The Starbucks was efficient and open 24 hrs which is a huge plus. For it being in the center of Atlanta, it was very quiet at night. I was afraid I was gonna hear everything going on.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
136. JJ S.
Stayed here with my son for a couple days while doing a few touristy things in Atlanta. The hotel itself was exceptionally clean and unique with a bright atrium in the center of it all.

The fitness center served my needs, and the restaurant (Sway) had a great breakfast with friendly staff and great food.

The biggest reason for the 5-star review is the service and attentiveness of the staff. I had a minor problem with the internet service in my room, and before long, I had 3 people working together in my room to take care of the problem. When I mentioned it to a manager, Sean V. made sure we were well taken care of.

The location was perfect for the typical visitors like us - easy walking distance to the Aquarium, Olympic Park, CNN, World of Coke, etc., and a $10 cab ride to Turner Field (although it's just under 2 miles and walkable if you're up to it).

Other pluses: quick elevators (a big plus when dealing with larger hotels), attentive maid service, and a good 24-hour "market" for some basic food essentials anytime of day.

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Nicole N.
I wish I could leave zero stars for this piss poor example of how massively screw over customers without so much as a warning.  We booked our hotel room 6 months ago for Dragon*Con, but it was cancelled without so much as a warning due to the hotel running old credit card information despite an online update made a month ago with both an email AND telephone call confirmation.  When called about this, we found out there were no more rooms available without so much as an apology.  Needless to say, we will not be staying here in the future.  Thanks for ruining our trip!

04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
138. Jennifer M.
Our stay at the Hyatt Regency was amazing! The customer service was outstanding And the rooms were clean and fresh

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
139. Collin W.
Ughhhhhhh! I don't really know what else to say as I sit in the lobby writing a review. I know that I am upset, so please qualify my statements against that knowledge. I also flew all through the night to get to the Hyatt Regency and find out that my room is "not ready" and will not be ready until 6 hours from now. I went as far as to request an early check-in and even send my itinerary, but I guess that just goes into a "black hole." Anyways, I figured since I now have 6 hours to kill, I may as well write a review.

23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
140. Ashley M.
One of my friends recently invited a girlfriend and I on a girls lunch/tour of the Hyatt Regency. Upon walking in, we were very impressed with the open, clean feel of the lobby. Upon our arrival, my friend introduced us to the General Manager and Marketing Manager, who welcomed us with warm greetings.

We first stopped by The Market, where we learned of the history of many of the offerings there. The Hyatt Regency tries their best to source their products locally, which is an attribute I can certainly admire being an Atlanta-born native. We then moved on to many different floors and viewed a standard room and a couple of suites. The rooms felt spacious, clean, and comfortable and we were impressed to learn of the many services Hyatt offers to cater to their guests.

Walking around the building, we were introduced to many of the details that make the Hyatt Regency unique. Although the building has recently received a multi-million dollar renovation, there are facets that remind visitors of its rich history, such as a back wall adorned with Hyatt room keys that have been restored from decades past.

Overall, I think the Hyatt is a great stay, but if you have the time to learn of all the intriguing details of the Hyatt Regency, you should. There's much more to this story than just plain hotel rooms!

26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Sandra B.
Ahn (spelling?) was amazing at check-in! My husband and I booked a last minute trip for our anniversary and we paid in full on Priceline before arriving. We got a great rate so I wasn't expecting any handouts from the hotel. Upon check-in Ahn asked if the two double bed room was fine or would we like her to upgrade us to a single queen. I told her the either was really fine (the extra bed would just be unused) she was friendly and quick to answer questions about parking and the hotel. She asked what brought us to Atlanta and when she found it was our anniversary she practically squealed "why didn't you say so"! Boom we had a king room with a balcony and a city view just like that. Amazing. Room is well appointed with a cool decor and non tacky art. Bed linen is crisp and white. Fridge but no microwave. Lots of space. Electrical outlets close to bed for charging. Great!

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because like many others have said, the parking situation desperately needs to be rectified. I mean, we literally paid 1/3 of what our hotel room cost in parking. Also the dining options go from pricey ($22 fried chicken in the hotel) to bottom barrel (Mall Chinese, DQ, Checkers) with not a whole lot of in between . But as far as the staff, cleanliness, and accommodations go it was great.

19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
142. Joanna D.
The hotel was really nice and got upgraded to a better room bc something was wrong with the other room! Everyone was so eager to help us. We got a cab to turner field and had no trouble getting one! Very close to bars downtown!

The cons would be that the AC takes forever to cool down the room and it is so loud outside it is hard to sleep! Constant horns honking and loud music coming from cars.

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
143. Helen L.
First off, this hotel is incredibly photogenic. Beautiful art, beautiful interiors and great overall service. I had to stay here one night then switch to the westin next door because they didn't have all three nights available.

The Hyatt's rooms are bigger than the westin peachtree. The beds were comfortable with a really nice headboard and the bathrooms were really spaceous. I also don't typically see toothpaste at hotels, but the Hyatt Reagency provided them. The food options at the hotel were great. Sway is the pricier, fancy restaurant and I didn't get a chance to visit (dinner started at 5 and I wanted something at 4pm before attending a show). The 22 storys, another bar/food area at the hotel was awesome. Plenty of TV screens. I had the grass fed burger there which was cooked to perfection. The service was fabulous.

Two cons: 1) my TV cable went out  2) wifi is incredibly expensive (the westin peachtree provides up to 3 devices for 5mbps free).

28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Kischa J.
This is my second stay and I really like this place.  I signed up for the loyalty rewards program after my first stay and was upgraded on my second. The international tower is very nice and that staff cannot be beat.

The breakfast buffet is great and well worth the price of admission. However, the valet parking prices are on par with major northern cities. $32/day is way too much.

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Kathy V.
I was in, through and around here for several events during Dragon*Con 2013.
Even with the mass quantities of people, it always seemed clean.

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Daniel L.
What a horrible hotel. We booked 4 rooms for a conference. Apparently they oversold the hotel and they had to send 60 guests to a hotel 12 miles away.

Extremely shady business practices. No comps given. No remorse. Just kept telling us it's standard practice.

Never again Hyatt.

05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
147. Clayton A.
I got a room on the 22nd floor and thought I'd hit paydirt. Alas, my room was a little bit bigger than a closet and the view looked across to an ugly office building. Bummer.

The room was nice, clean and had comfortable bed. The shower was nice as was the bathroom. But damn, so damn small. To top it off, the lack of internet, since they charge that extra despite the pricey cost for a room, made the rooms the stuff of nightmares.

I did like the bar downstairs and found they had a great selection of craft beer, including many great local options, so that offered some redemption.

12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
148. Cruz E.
I stayed at this hotel a few years back but the service has plummeted. Specifically management needs to do something about a woman named Sonya who hung up on me when I kindly asked her to change a reservation. If you hate your job, just apply at another hotel or better yet learn some customer service skills.

03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
149. Lia P.
I got this hotel at a great rate but honestly I would think twice before returning. Location is great, walking distance to everything downtown and right by 75. The customer service was also friendly at the front desk, the housekeeping staff and even in the restaurant. But a couple little things keeps me from raving about this hotel.

First of all if you hate small, overly soft pillows- this is not the hotel for you. I woke up everyday with a stiff neck because there was simply no support. Also- terrible appliances. If you need to blow dry your hair- bring your own because their's is terrible. It barely whispers air with barely any heat. Similarly their clothing iron never got really hot making it useless, which is surprising with all of the business people that probably stay there.

Finally there was a glitch with the parking people claiming we didn't have a card on our room and that we also didn't pay for parking (we did). It got sorted out but still it's an annoyance.

Again, I appreciate the staff and the cleanliness of the hotel but I would have a hard time choosing to stay here again unless the price was truly unbeatable.

27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
150. Coulten H.
Visiting Atlanta for my birthday, I wanted to stay somewhere different downtown that we hadn't stayed before. That was my first mistake. I have enjoyed stays at the Westin, Omni (though it's dated, the staff is spectacular), and of course the Ritz. I am in my second night staying at the Hyatt Regency and it has been nothing but a massive disappointment.

First off, we were required to park about a block away in a parking garage that is "sketchy" to say the least. I thought that $32 for valet parking at the hotel was slightly high, but would have been willing to pay for peace of mind knowing that my vehicle was secure.

Secondly, there were no king rooms available (I understand this is out of the hotel's control so that is not my concern), but the gentleman working the front desk was not only unfriendly, but was downright rude when I asked if something would possibly be opening up the following night and told him we wouldn't care to move rooms. The immediate response was, "we're overbooked until Tuesday".  If the situation would've been handled differently, it wouldn't have been a big deal.  This response was what really solidified the negative experience.

Lastly, I do give credit to Hyatt Concierge for responding in regards to my "tweet" and attempting to improve the experience. I did receive a call from front desk management with an offer to pay for my parking, which is appreciated, but I do not feel is something that will be sufficient to make me recommend this location OR ever stay at this hotel again. I DO NOT recommend this location of Hyatt Regency.

The pros of this hotel are the location (which is great!), the rooms are nice and modern, and they have two restaurants on site. That being said, I will still not be staying here again. There are too many great options in downtown Atlanta to deal with unsatisfactory service.

09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
151. Carolina Z.
Stayed for business. Very nice rooms, clean, comfortable and friendly. Absolutely meets the regency name. Good variety of restaurants, bars and stores. It also conveniently connects to the Marriott Marquis. If you can afford it I highly recommend this hotel in downtown Atlanta.

08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
152. Amber W.
The hotel may be nice but they cancel reservations without warning.  Months ago we made a reservation for a busy weekend (for Dragon*Con) at the hotel and it was recently canceled without no warning.  They ran old credit card information even though it was updated a month before they were supposed to take out the deposit.  

We purchased other expenses for our weekend in Atlanta that we may now not be able to use because we had multiple e-mails confirming our room.  

The mistake was their fault and they did not want to admit it or help us find a way to get our room back.  

This also happened to at least 2 other people we know.  Its nice to know we are all without a place to stay now.

04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
153. Mirror I.
Loved this hotel I recommend the club rooms . super cool lounge with food all day. The staff (all but our maid) was great . a few issues were that housekeeper didn't wipe down the tables in the room. took robe didn't replace it with a fresh one, left instructions on the card for extra towels and bath supplies and the housekeeper didn't leave them i called the desk for them . after returning to our room on sat. we found the housekeeper had left our door open . the security officer made sure to investigate and provide a  small credit for our stay !

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
154. Dan H.
The reason why this hotel gets three stars and not five has nothing to do with the room, location of the hotel or the restaurants. I very much enjoyed all those things.

However, the hotel did two incompetent things. During my stay, approximately $250 was charged to my debit card for no apparent reason. The room was already payed in full prior to my stay and that was acknowledged upon check in. I was lucky I brought enough extra money to use for the rest of my trip. I brought the issue up at the hotel and nothing was done about it. It was not until I returned home and called the hotel that I was able to resolve the situation and get my money back.

Thankfully, the gentleman I talked to on the phone comped me for a breakfast I had (which was the only purchase I made at the hotel). But needless to say, it was a tedious situation.

Secondly, there was one night that there was no maid service in my room whatsoever. It was on the final night of my stay and I did not get back until very late, so I did not raise any hell about it.

Other than that, it was a nice hotel that is within walking distance of everything in downtown Atlanta, including great bars, restaurants, the coke factory, aquarium, Georgia Dome and the CNN Tower, among other attractions.

16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
155. Nathan G.
Nice place. Massive. Clean, newer rooms.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. d'N'L m.
A wonderful Hotel,  located directly next to the Atlanta America's Mart.  Also closely located to Olympic Park, the Ferris Wheel, the Coke Museum and the Aquarium.

The hotel is what you expect from a Hyatt Regency.  It has that classic Hyatt Design that was first made famous in San Francisco.  Large glass elevators and the open 20 story design.  

It never got tiring watching my wife, who is scared of heights try to navigate her way to our really pretty suite.  Like most hyatt's, for an extra 100 bucks, you can upgrade your room to a suite.  

The suite was bigger than what i was expecting, the room was nicer than what i was expecting, very modern and new.  The bed was ridiculously comfortable.  It also had two balconies..  This was one of the nicer standard suites that i have stayed in at a Hyatt.  

We arrived in town earlier than i expected so, we decide to stay here a couple of nights before checking in to our prebooked Orbitz Room at the Aloft right down the street.

My only two complaints, with one actually being totally valid.  

1)parking is 32 bucks a night.  A pro-tip would be, park down the street and there is 20 dollar parking per night.. if you are a city boy like myself, i had no problem finding overnight street parking and have been parking on the street for the last 5 days.. That's like a 160 dollar savings.

2)The Pool.. The way the hotel is designed, the pool is in the back of the hotel and the hotel blocks all the sun..   The back pool area is literally, the only place in Atlanta where the sun does not shine.  So, if you are in to shade, this would be great.  If you are not, than you will be freezing your ass off.

I ran in to a buddy of mine while we were here.. the guy looks like he has been tanning for the last 5 years straight.  I was like, where the heck did you go, he said, i spent a day or two by the pool at his hotel, across town.  I unfortunately, or fortunately, i don't really care, look like i was gently kissed by the sun.  

Staff was awesome, i think they have 5 dollar beers at the bar.  good work, Hyatt, i left totally satisfied. I was contemplating eating the cost of the rooms at the Aloft and staying checked in at the hyatt..  But, alas, my senses got the better of me.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Vince T.
My friend made a reservation for us and our kids for DragonCon at this hotel months ago.  He got word today that his reservation was cancelled without warning when an issue with his card showed up.  Without contacting him to find out the issue and get a replacement card (expired card, date, etc... could have been anything).   Now due to the popularity of the event 100% of the rooms in the area are booked!!  Thanks for the excellent customer service and doing the minimum possible.  I guess when you have people beating down your doors because of DragonCon you don't have to worry about providing customer service with integrity and excellence.  
Thanks for messing up our weekend with our kids.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
158. Nick S.
Stayed here for the 2014 Pastry Live event at 200 peachtree. If you look at my yelp history you can see that i'm very hard on hotels, especially ones that are supposed to be nice. If i'm staying at a motel 6 i'm easy to please, when i'm staying at a nice downtown hotel, i expect quite a lot more.

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta was one of the best hotels i've stayed in, ever. From the outside this place looks like a prison but the inside has been completely redone recently with some beautiful bars restaurants, and the rooms are gorgeous, especially in the international tower. The rate was reasonable, the corner king room was huge (the bathroom wasn't, though) and the view was very nice.

The gym gets its own paragraph because i never in my life would expect so much from a hotel gym. This place is nicer than the gym i belong to at home. Plenty of machines, free weights (only up to 50lbs dumbbells) and they provide headphones, water, towels, as well as cold towels.

Finally, the food. The first morning we went to sway, the southern place in the lobby and it was incredible. The room service salmon was honestly remarkable, better than anything we got from any restaurants nearby. Their pastries were delectable and like the gym, something much more than i would expect from a hotel. The next time i'm in downtown atlanta i know, without a doubt, where i'll be staying.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Roger Y.
Poor customer service, worst hotel reservation experience I've had in my life. This will be the last time I deal with this "hotel". I use that term loosely, because my observation thus far has been that they barely meet the standards one expects of a one star motel.

It appears they kick distant reservations out of their system in order to book at higher rates. This is the only logical explanation I can think of to explain how a hotel can, without warning or so much as a phone call, cancel a reservation made 6 months ago without any notice and instantly rebook it during the time of a popular conference.

Their customer service offered not so much as an apology for this.

I'd rather sleep on the bathroom floor of an inner-city Econolodge than deal with this hotel again. On the plus side, I'm glad I have a taste of how bad their customer service is before I was in the building. It's better to know now I suppose.

As I will tell every single person I know from this moment to the day I die, I strongly suggest to you:  AVOID THEM.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
160. Nao H.
We stayed here for one night on our way up to North Carolina. The location of this Hyatt is very central and is walking distance to restaurants downtown, Olympic Park, and the Georgia Tech neighborhood. Although we arrived at noon, the friendly staff checked us in and we were in our room 3 hours before the check-in time. We booked a compact room with a queen sized bed but were given a spacious room with a king sized bed with a nice city view. The room was clean, dry (we stayed in a very humid room in NC), and bed was very comfortable. We had a drink at Twenty-two Storys bar, and wished we knew about this restaurant sooner because the menu looked good and the prices were pretty decent compared with other restaurants in the area.

The valet parking (mandatory if parking at the hotel) is a little bit expensive at $32 and free wireless internet would have been nice but overall, we are very happy with our stay here and would come back again if we're ever in Atlanta.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Ike M.
- UPDATE #3:
In reply to the Hyatt-person who answered below:  maybe you did indeed attempt to call me.  I wouldn't know.  Because as I mentioned in our first exchange, I was out of the country at the time.  

I very specifically mentioned that I could not speak via phone. I'd no interest in a $50 transatlantic call.  I specifically requested that you follow up with me via email.  

And you did not.

29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
162. Roxanne L.
We really enjoyed our stay here.  Nice rooms, good view, and I loved the food at both Sway & 22 Stories.  Checking out Polaris is a must!  Say hi to Bartenders Veronica and Walter while you are there.  Would love to come back sometime.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Dana M.
I tend to stay in Hyatts wherever I travel, and this one did not let me down. I came for a convention with a few hundred other people also staying in this same hotel. It has the same feel as the Marriot on time square in NYC. Open atrium in the middle with rooms all around. The elevators run extremely slowly sometimes, but I guess that's just an issue with a lot of people going to them at the same time. The convention rooms were nice but when it came time for lunch, they kicked us out of the room and made us all wait outside until they were completed (the table cloths were already set up they were just putting food and drinks on the table).

With a few hundred college aged students staying in a hotel, it is bound to get a little crazy. There were security guards on every floor to keep the noise level down and to make sure everything was OK. The hotel is really big and the staff that works there are really nice.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Lori W.
Two night stay and wow...what a marvelous difference from my last visit a couple of years ago. Hard to believe this is the same hotel. Magnificent renovation and so inviting for such a large hotel designed by the famous John Portman.

the lobby bar is fantastic: Twenty-Two Storys. Ample room and delicious food!
The gold star to Hyatt for having iphone and Android charging stations / safe & secure and free.

Rooms are perfectly appointed and well decorated and maintained.
We were here for a conference and the genuine Southern hospitality was evident at this hotel. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

A special call out to Nancy at the Concierge Desk. This woman was managing two phone calls, answering questions for others while still remaining calm. She assisted me with two requests - like a scavenger hunt - i needed two oranges for a display and she disappeared for 5 minutes and returned with ...two oranges.

I didn't have time to visit the Fitness Center because I was too full from the great food.

03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Michael P.
Don't get the mixed reviews here... This place is very nice for the price.  Sure it is downtown Atlanta and I suppose some people expect to be walking out on the streets of Manhattan when they exit but most cities that grew large in the later 20th century do not have people living downtown.  This then makes it filled with undesirables after a certain time of day.  That is just how it is.  I have to say the city of Atlanta does put a large effort into providing police presence and people to help tourists.  But the fact remains that if you are in an area at night where people do not actually live it is a bad place to be.

The hotel is very nice for the cost I paid ($120)  We got a balcony to look outside, and also they let you checkout at a late 12 noon.  This paid dividends when we spent the night partying with the horrible nightlife around there.  It is steps away from MARTA so you can leave ATL airport and arrive at hotel for $2.50 and in 20 minutes not bad!  The employees were nice and they found a room when I arrived there quite early.  We stayed in the older tower but the rooms were up to date.  There are several places to eat nearby and the little that Downtown Atlanta has to offer is very close nearby.

03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Nicolas H.
The place is pretty gorgeous, and depending on what tower your in and what's going on that weekend, the elevator situation isn't that bad. Short walking distance from a lot of good places. About 30$ a night for parking. Service 4/5.

21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Yan T.
High quality business-class hotel in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Close to some very nice restaurants, local sights, and lots of bums (what are you gonna do). I talked to one and he was very friendly--far superior to NYC bums, who don't give you the time of day and your $1 doesn't buy you a personal story and a smile.

Anyway, I was here for a conference for the better part of a week and the service was excellent. The lobby restaurant Sway (separate review) is outstanding and the bar and grill is a nice play to hang out. The hotel is enormous, so it accommodates multiple large conferences nicely without disrupting the experience for other guests. Rooms were clean with just enough space in a basic single to make it very comfortable and cozy.

The gym was quite modern relative to other hotel gyms, and there were fresh fruit available both in the gym and at various stations throughout the hotel--bonus points! Staff, from porters to waiters to concierges and back-office workers, were solicitous and professional. Internet speed was mediocre (they cap the basic connection and charge more for real high-speed), but welcome to the world of hotel WiFi.

If there's one demerit, it's that the hotel is arguably too big for its own good. (As a cynical New Yorker, as soon as I saw the wide-open rows of floors from the lobby, I wondered where the anti-suicide/accident gates were). There's an adjoining hexagonal tower with a slightly weird entrance from the main lobby (where I stayed), but most travelers will be just fine finding their way around.

TIP: There's a semi-secret lounge with complimentary refreshments on one of the upper floors. I'll leave it to you to figure out where (mostly because I forgot).

18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
168. Lauren P.
Let me preface this review by saying I have not actually spent the night at the Hyatt Regency. This is only in regards to its event management.

I recently attended a conference/networking event at the Hyatt Regency. Although I only stayed for about 45 minutes, it took the valet 30 minutes to find my car! I'm not sure how the parking team screwed this up so badly, but when we all started to leave the event, the valet team got the keys mixed up. Some guests who were the first to pay for their parking were the last ones to get their cars (yours truly included). To make matters worse, a nasty parking attendant started shouting at us!

Talk about a total lack of hospitality. If the Hyatt Regency wants to be a premier event facility in downtown Atlanta, it needs to get better logistics in place with the valet team to handle a large group.

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
169. Shannon A.
Walking into the Hyatt Regency is a great experience. It is absolutely gorgeous, truly an architectural sight to be seen!

The hotel rooms actually open up to the inside of the hotel, which overlook the foyer..all the way up. No real hallways exist (see the pics). I was on the 19th floor and had a balcony but it was locked so I couldn't get out to experience the real view. Guess they are worried about jumpers?!

Check-in was a breeze, I walked into my room and "Welcome Shannon" was on the TV screen. I could order room service, view my bill, use my laptop, and browse the internet all on the TV! The room was spacious, and clean, except.... uh-oh, when I walked in to the bathroom, there were dirty towels on the floor. WTF?! I immediately called room service and they came to get them. I also was missing the bottled waters in my room. They were put in my room that evening when I left.

Other than those snafus, my stay was pleasant. I enjoyed the fitness center, and all of the bars, restaurants, and cafes available. It is also connected by breezeway to a food court with lots of food options.

I would definitely stay at the Hyatt again next time I am in Hotlanta!

23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
170. Ed S.
I spent a couple of nights at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta this past weekend when I was in town to go the Falcons game vs the Steelers.

My room was located on the 12th floor of the International Tower and although it was right by the bank of elevators, it was surprisingly quiet. I think this was due to the architecture of the rooms being well thought out -- the bathroom serves as a nice buffer zone between the head of your bed and the hallway. Kudos!

I sampled room service once and was happy with the quality of the food and service overall. You can order room service via the web-enabled TV -- very handy.

Another nice feature of this hotel was the ability to check out online and to have your folio emailed to you -- a good way to bypass the checkout lines in the lobby.

Transportation to/from ATL is plentiful and runs about $35.00 each way via taxi or hotel shuttle.

The only bummer occurred on the morning that I checked out -- lots of early construction noise outside the building and in the room above mine in addition to about an hour's worth of safety-fire alarm testing being conducted. Kind of a jarring start to the day, but shouldn't be taken as a reflection on the hotel itself.

Overall, I was very happy with my stay at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and would definitely consider it if I'm ever going to be back in the area -- it's a beautiful, well appointed, and comfortable hotel in a prime downtown location.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Adam B. J.
Great room, all with balcony overlooking Atlanta.  Mini Fridge, desk, multiple charging stations.  Pay internet is always a bummer, and parking wasn't cheap.  Great meeting spaces too.  I'd go back.  But come on, paid wireless?

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
172. Lauren M.
I have stayed here three years in a row for DragonCon, and each time was a wonderful experience. The staff was super friendly, the rooms very clean, and I have no complaints about any of my stays here.

The first year I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, I needed a handicapped room due to a slipped disc issue, and I found the facilities incredibly accommodating.

The last two occasions, I requested rooms as close to the ground floor as possible, and was able to get rooms that were reasonably walkable, and I very much appreciated that it worked out that way.

If I had my way, I would always choose to stay at the Hyatt during this particular convention.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. Tom S.
Overall the experience was ok.  The room we had 1953 needed a little TLC.  The chair was falling apart at the desk and the water spout in the tub was not secure.   I tweeted the Hyatt concierge and they said the hotel would reach out to me but they never did.  Compared to the other people we where at a conference with these we're mild issues.  More upset about the lack of concern for the price paid for the rooms.  They are by no means inexpensive so I was expecting everything in working order.   I would try another hotel.  Hampton Inn are in better condition, just as comfortable, less expensive... And include a nice hot breakfast.

23/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
174. Jen L.
We came here for the Annual New Year Eve's Party and it was pretty good. The party itself had many places to get a drink within the facility but the only vodka they offered was Smirnoff. For over $100 a ticket, you'd think they could offer a vodka of slightly better quality than Smirnoff right?! They had about 3 different dancing rooms to choose from  based on the music of your choice. Each room had tons of balloons attached to the ceiling waiting to fall as soon as midnight strikes. They also had another room with live comedians performing stand up comedy. We definitely checked that out and the comedians were pretty good.

The food offered was just okay as well. It was buffet style but tasted mostly like Chinese takeout food. They had egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken, and other interesting dishes to choose from. think I expected a bit more than what they offered in both food selection and quality.

The hotel rooms, on the other hand, were great for the price. When you buy a ticket for the actual NYE party, you receive a discount on the room there as well. The rooms were pretty clean besides the used hand towel left behind the bathroom door (the room keeper must have not seen it). The showers and décor were very pretty and definitely what I expected in the downtown ATL area. I'm not sure if the NYE Party tickets were worth the $119 spent but we had a good time.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
175. Vivian M.
Staying at the Hyatt Regency, would  have given it 5 stars if the revolving  restaurant  Polaris  was open, seems like  the both times we've been here they are closed  on Sunday's and Monday's, oh well!!!
Being on the top floor is awseome  for the great view of downtown Atlanta.

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
176. Lauren D.
Dude. Watch out for room service. They tack on $10+ in "delivery service" and "service charge" which is literally the same thing, and don't alert you anywhere about the fees. And they expect you to tip on top of that.

Overall the rooms are clean and the location is great but this is not a place to go if you're looking for a luxury room or anything close to it. Towels = sandpaper. :(

"Free wifi" is free barely-working wifi and you have to pay $10 to have a good enough connection for email.

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
177. Dave N.
Arrived at 9:30 pm, hotel had no parking available.  Had no attendant to unload car, was directed to get cart and take luggage to our room ourselves, which is fine. We loaded cart, wife went to check in.   I was directed to another Hyatt parking lot, drove around and could not find it.  Came back to hotel, where attendant admitted they do not have another parking lot and were just directly me to a random garage.  I was on my own to find parking at 10pm in down town Atlanta.  Two rooms for four days and the Hyatt could not offer one parking spot.
Wife gets inside and bellman grabs cart, she explains the person out side said we can take to room.  Bellman rudely states, with firm grip on cart either he takes or we can unload and carry everything to our rooms ourselves. Then walks off with cart stating it will be held at bell station until we decide.  She then goes to check in, understaffed, long line.  Get to front desk person, confirm two reservations for four nights.  Shared we did not need doubles as we heard other front desk stating they had a shortage, so we offered to takes kings.  This seemed to cause some confusion, after 15 minutes finally on same page.  Way too difficult to check in.  
We are tired, we have bellman bring cart to room, give him room number.  He takes us to wrong tower, must have heard room number wrong.  Bellman then scolds us for not telling him we were in the wrong tower.  This was our first visit so how are we to know it's the wrong tower. He huffs and puffs and takes us to the other tower.  Get to first room, unloads all luggage into first room.  We explain we have two rooms, even more aggravated he puts that luggage back on cart and takes to second room.  Very unpleasant bellman.
Get to rooms, after getting settled noticed blood on bed spread and head board.  Only after our daughter was laying on it.  Notified front desk, they brought up new key and moved across hall.  Manager offered $50 for our troubles and exposing our daughter to someone's blood.  It's now midnight.
Next morning went to club lounge, had to leave early, keys did not work.  Went to front desk, they rekeyed- did not get to use lounge.  That afternoon, went to lounge- key still did not work.  Took another trip down to front desk.  Daily had to go down to front desk and get rekeyed.  At no point did both rooms ever work at the same time.  Finally just shared the one key that worked between both rooms, after 3rd rekey why bother to try again.  
Housekeeping came first day after 3:00pm, called housekeeping requested they come earlier (9:00 am).  Next day 3:30 pm, still no service, contacted housekeeping, they said they would have someone come right up.  Went down to bar, had drinks and ate, an hour later went back to room.  Still not turned, called housekeeping.  They said they would have someone come right up.  Ask for manager to call.  None called, went to front desk.  Got manager, they apologized.  Offered to take half of a nights cost off our visit and offered club lounge access.  Shared we already had access, they offered credit.  Manager said the room would be taken care of immediately.  Went to club lounge and waited more, received call from manager stating the room was ready.  Went to room, not ready.  Call manager again, excuses, stated it showed turned on a tracking system, more apologies.  So finally someone comes, we go to the other room and wait.  2+ hours have passed.  We never received the half night off on our final bill or a credit for club lounge which was promised by management.
Management was responsive to our many issues, made many promises, excuses and apologies.  For all the promises made only one was kept, which was the $50 off the first night for the blood that was on comforter and head board.  The club lounge credit and half night credit did not happen.  This was the first time I felt this strong of desire to just get away from a hotel.  I know this is not normal for Hyatt Regency's as we have stayed at others, but the Hyatt Regency Atlanta location has to be the worst in the group.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
178. Stella M.
Fairly standard hotel with great amenities and service, but a little on the noisy side.

I really like that they have a 24 hour market inside of the hotel and that it connects to the peach tree mall without you ever having to step outside! -- perfect for us because it happened to be raining cats and dogs when we were there.

The 24 hour gym there is superb! Tons of top quality cardio machines and plenty of free weights to go around. They even have several stability balls.

The bars and restaurant are also quite nice as well and fairly priced.

My main complaint is the service elevator. It's extremely noisy and you can hear it all night and all day from your room. Annoying when you're trying to sleep.

Tip--- don't buy fruit from the market! Yet have apples and pears at the front desk as well as in the gym. The gym actually has refreshing fruit flavored water and bananas as well.

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
179. Michael K.
Stayed here for a single night to attend a meeting and was quite pleased with the experience. I took MARTA in from the airport (less than 30 minutes) to Peachtree Center and was happy to discover the hotel was across the street from the exit. Later on I actually learned one can walk through Peachtree Center Mall across a Skyway directly into the hotel lobby without going out in the elements at all.

In advance of my arrival, I tried to use web check-in but the process seemed to have failed miserably. The front desk staff though was very pleasant and welcoming and checked me in quickly. I was assigned a room in the tower on the 22nd floor.

Although the room with a single king bed was small, I actually felt immediately comfortable and appreciated the different but intelligent layout of the room. Not sure how long ago the room was renovated but everything was bright, clean and in fine working order. The bath lacked a bath tub (which I prefer) but had a nicely tiled and powerful shower. Though there was limited space around the sink basin there were two nearby shelves in the opague window that allowed in plenty of light from the sleeping area of the room and provided space to put things.

The lighted closet offered several drawers for storage, a pull out ironing board and a room safe with plenty of room to hang my clothes. Adjacent to the closet area were several additional shelves where a $5 bottle of water could be all yours, ice bucket and glasses.

The bed was very comfortable but lacked a thick blanket. The next morning I found such a blanket tucked in the bottom of the closet. Adjacent to the bed was a nightstand on one side with an iPod clock radio using the now ancient 30 pin connector and a nice set of outlets including two USB power ports. The other side of the bed had a small but functional desk area with lamp.

The unusual room layout and some of the materials used reminded me of your typical aLoft style room but not quite as radical as that. I love staying at aLofts and loved staying here.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0