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W Atlanta - Midtown in Atlanta, GA

W Atlanta - Midtown in Atlanta, GA


The W Atlanta Midtown Hotel offers the coolest stay in the heart of Atlanta's hottest neighborhood, conveniently located near the Fox Theater, Piedmont Park, and some of the chicest clubs.


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Rating: 3.07

Address: 188 14th Street, NE, Atlanta, GA, 30361

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    Comments (222):

    1. R.J. R.
    Horrible stay. I had two back to back reservations. The first was for three nights followed by a thirty night stay. Upon check in I discovered that the only parking that the hotel offered was valet for $28 a night. I was able to park in the lot behind the hotel for $16 a night, but still steep. The room was kind if amazing itself, even though Internet was an additional $15 a day. I went and signed up for clear for $30 a month. The worst part happened the next few days. After getting back from work I noticed that the room had nit been cleaned. After bringing it up, they asked if I wanted it "styled." At first I said don't worry about it, but as I left for dinner, I asked them to, which they did. I thought nothing about it as people do make mistakes. The next day I returned from work and once again, the room was not cleaned. When I called the operator, they seemed to not care about the problem. At that point, I cancelled my second reservation and checked out. I can't believe that this high class of a hotel gets by on trendy-ness alone.

    25/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Lydia A.
    I came here last night for the Horror Hotel Party.  Btw, I know that this is a review for the hotel, but that party was a ripoff and wasn't what I thought it was going to be!! Moving on to the hotel review: It has a really nice contemporary feel to it.  The check-in process was very slow though and I had to stand in line for about 20 minutes.  But when it was my turn, the guy helping me was very friendly.  I stayed in the "wonderful room", which was pretty decent.  The only thing that bummed me out was that the iPod dock didn't work.  With all the things for sale in the room, it kind of felt like a convenience store!  My room view was great and I loved looking at the view in the morning.  There is a flat screen in the room, but I was sad I didn't get Cartoon Network on it lol. Also, in the bathroom there wasn't a full door to the shower which was strange.  So, when I took a shower water was splashing all over the bathroom.  I loved the Bliss products!  I wished I had time to check out the spa.  The pillows and bed here were very comfy.  It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to turn off the lights by the bed though.  The bars were really expensive though, so you're better off just BYOB if you must drink.     Parking was confusing.  There is valet, but I chose to park in  the deck beside the hotel.  The overnight rate is a ridonkulous $22.  However, once in the deck it is confusing where to park to go to the hotel and there are NO signs.  I had to flag down a security guy and ask him what level I should park on.  But when I finally did park and found a door to the hotel, my card wouldn't work to let me in!  I had to call to have them let me in.  Overall, this is the first time I have stayed in a W hotel and I will definitely stay at another one.

    31/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Julia B.
    You know, I just thought it would be more hip and homey.  Rather, it feels like a convention hotel that's trying to be hip.  This is a bummer since W is one of my favorite hotels, when done right.  Love the one on the lake in Chicago the most.

    14/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Oscar A.
    I decided to finally check it  out this past weekend and had a great time. I thought the design was interesting and the crowd was total glam!  The upstairs club was off the hook!  You must check it out, I also liked that it was a very mixed crowd.  The drinks are kinda expensive, but thats to be expected.

    20/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Anthony S.
    I had a good stay here a few months ago.  I was only passing through on a trip but it was cute.  I had a definite charm to it that gave it something a little different.  I would stay again if I did move to Atlanta.  Concierge was real nice. ;-)

    02/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Jeff S.
    No problems with reservation or check in.  To get in/out of the parking garage for a daily rate they require you to Valet.   There was also a rough thug crowd staying there with a smell of marijuana.  Wish we stayed at another hotel in that area. When our group tried to leave early and relocate to another hotel the managment started to give us a problem.  They eventually met our request.

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Kasey N.
    The only reason that this place doesn't get 5 stars from me is that I didn't stay the night and therefore didn't experience all of their services. I attended the Teen Charity event for the Atlanta Bow Tie Society and the accomodations were great. Beautiful ballroom and wonderful service. I am sure this would be a great hotel to stay in!

    23/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Brett L.
    I've stayed at other W's and always thought them to be very nice- in there own way.  I expect a younger, louder crowd. I know the halls might be loud ect.  That may scare or upset some people, but I am fine with that.  What I am not fine with was the staff.  It was horrible- from start to finish.  I can say, at least they were consistent.  
    When we first arrived, valet brought us into the main lobby and told us to wait here for the next free agent- the lady who became free took two people first that obviously came in after us.  Finally when another guy took us, he checked us in asking if i wanted the news paper. I said yes to both that day and the next morning.  Nothing- never got a paper.  

    when my wife and I left for dinner it was raining.  the valet not  only didn't use an umbrella to keep my wife dry, they also forgot to unlock the car, so she was getting soaked.    

    My wife also tried to get a manicure in the spa, she phoned and they had time, she said she would phone back in 5 minutes, she just had to make sure that the time would work.  She was told that was fine and that they would hold it till they heard back from here.   The time worked and she phoned right back, they had given it away.  

    my wife also forgot her toothbrush they charged her three dollars.  
    they also provide no free wifi in the room, and issue that I have, but cant hold that agaisnt them, however, i ran down to the lobby where it is free for an hour, and they had already checked us out, so I couldn't log on.  

    I won't be going to the W anytime soon.  not the one in Atlanta or any other one.

    18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Casey M.
    We chose the W in Midtown for our 4th of July weekend due to its location. Although my bf and I live in Atlanta, we had a good deal and wanted to feel like we were getting away without committing to a long drive.  It worked!

    We stayed in a "Spectacular Room" on the 23rd floor.  Yes, the rooms are small, but this is typical of the boutique hotel experience.  I love the décor - sexy, sleek, modern.  Our room was clean and comfortable, although I do agree with previous reviews - it is silly to have the entire area around our television "for sale."  The mattress was comfortable, but I would love to see W upgrade their sheets (350? Wal-Mart sells higher threadcounts than that now.  Sorry, but I'm a snob when it come to sheets).  Service overall, from the check-in process to the valet, was excellent.  Handled reservations for us for both nights and even called back to ask about the parking situation of a restaurant near Centennial park on our request (again, it was the 4th)  Yes, the hotel is loud in the lobby area, but it is meant to have a club-like atmosphere.  It was not a problem on our floor where we were so happy to be able to see 5 different fireworks shows on the 4th.  

    The pool was small, but nice and I enjoyed the cabanas.  Johnny, the bartender, made yummy frozen drinks with a heavy hand :-).  Also enjoyed the Bliss Spa (triple oxygen facial and Blissage 75).  Something fun about not having to get back in your car and just head up to your instead.  All in all, a great weekend.

    07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Bee N.
    I must be getting old because when I went to the W last Saturday night, I thought it was quite hilarious.  I say its the place to be seen if you want to pretend you are cool.  When we got there, there was a velvet rope and some big bouncers that reminded me of secret service men.  The service was terrible and I thought the cocktail uniform could have been cute and sexy, but they were instead cheap and cheesy.  I must have also missed the memo about the sequins and boots.  The actual bar itself is beautiful, of course, with a swanky bathroom and the outdoor seating was awesome.  The weather was perfect for admiring the skyline.  You can also order a bottle of Jack Daniels for over $300 or a bottle of Macallan 25 for $2,000.  Ladies, if you are looking for a sugar daddy, there were none to be found here...just a bunch of people trying to be seen.

    08/10/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Kelly T.
    Overall, I really enjoyed this hotel.

    The restaurant (I think it was called Spice Market?) was truly excellent.  Great service, and great food.

    The lounge area was very cool as well- we did a little bit of work upstairs the second night while having a bottle of wine.  The cocktail server really had no idea what she was doing (in terms of wine service etiquette) but we weren't too picky.  We were glad they let us work there.

    One issue I would point out is that there is no clear understanding amongst staff on when the bar/lounge areas close.  The first night we were there, we were hoping to work out of one of the lounge areas, but when we asked for the closing time, we got three different answers from three different people.  Weird.  In the end, nothing was open and we had to figure out where to work.  My team ended up working on our laptops pretty late (~3am) so we moved to the business center.  Hotel management realized this, and they kept bringing us fruit-infused ice water throughout the night.

    We were also able to reserve an Acura ride pretty easily, which was nice.

    Overall, a very good experience.

    Note: I am on a personal mission to stay at every W Hotel in the USA (and then hopefully branch out to worldwide!)

    27/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. J J.
    Positive: great service, friendly staff (I saw no attitude that others observed). Comfortable bed, great air conditioner.

    Negative: both beds had stained sheets and pillow cases. Housekeeping came up to remake beds with...another stained sheet. If you get a room next to the elevator, CHANGE IT! You will hear the elevator all night!
    Pool closes at dusk, lights out. Pool water was quite chilly. Only young children and drunk guys swam.

    I usually stay in 4 or 5 star resorts or hotels. This was my first time in a W. It didn't measure up to 4 star, much less 3 star (due primarily to the sheets). There were some other boutique hotels in the area that I would be inclined to try if I stayed again in that area.

    05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Randy G.
    W Hotels are great.  On the one hand, this one was a bit understaffed.  On the other hand, the available staff was attentive, friendly, and focused.  Extra credit to housekeeping.  It appeared to be a one woman show named Belen working 24hrs a day.  My room was immaculate each time!  Room service: the usual 30min turnaround and the food was just fine.  For most, a bigger staff would make a big difference.  I don't need so much hand holding! So, four stars despite the short staff.

    04/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Matt T.
    Wow.  What a nice hotel.  Really friendly staff, great room, and the much sought after government rate.  I'm a huge fan.  Clean and comfortable.  The beds at the W are wonderful.  A bit trendy and hip, but still a great hotel.  Be sure to check out the views from the top floor!

    10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Sara V.
    Based on my experience at other W hotels, this one falls short. The room was right by the elevator and all we heard was loudness going in and out of the elevator.  We dined at Spice Market and was disappointed with the service.. Very slow and unattentive and the food portions were small.  We stayed here last year in November, and loved it so much at that point we decided to book another nights stay last night and had such as different experience.  The room even smelled of cigarette smoke.

    26/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Deb K.
    Posh, posh, posh, posh, posh!

    A beautiful hotel in a beautiful city with beautiful people! This W definitely lives up to it's expectation. The inside is vibrant with loud music and lots of people--definitely made for a younger crowd. However, as you go up to your rooms, it gets really quiet, so if you need sleep, then you'll definitely get some! Also the Whiskey Park, one of the best bars in Atlanta, is upstairs so you can socialize with beautiful people before heading off to bed. The hotel has a ton of security, and the staff is very helpful although not always very quick. Definitely a hotel for party people. The rooms in this hotel are also VERY clean which is a big bonus in my book. Inside everything is super modern, and the showers are so cool! I was definitely amused and impressed by this place, even though I live in Atlanta. Hah..

    05/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Daniel R.
    Super modern, super clean room with an amazing view. The front desk and room service were also very helpful and punctual. The bathrooms might have been a little too modern, specifically the toilets. The showers were quite nice, however.

    30/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Beth Ann L.
    I've stayed in Atlanta a few places... but this has been the best. I wanted somewhere in midtown, not far from the High. I don't usually stay at the W (Fairmont for business, boutiques for personal) but this was a FANTASTIC stay! I took it off a package with Expedia and was certainly not disappointed. I stayed on the 18th floor, king bed, great views. The staff was very attentive when I called for assistance. I felt like a queen there - loved the appointments in the room, etc. They also accommodated a late check out, happily! Will def book next time I am in town!

    18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Kevin K.
    They get one star only because the Bliss products are nice, the Spice Market food was decent, albeit overpriced and the doormen were professional.  Otherwise, it was a comic disaster.  In fairness, had I called the manager, I might have received compensation but I was too busy and frankly at this price, they should not need me to manage them.  Sink was clogged and I had to reassemble the drain fixture.  The washcloth in the shower was nicely rolled in the basket with a glaring yellow stain on the top.  No soap waiting.  Anything that was purchased from the mini market in the room was not replenished.  One day the bathroom was barely cleaned and there was an extra pillowcase folded on the bed.  The internet service was slower than dial-up unless you paid a ridiculous rate.  No in room coffee but you can go 20 floors down to grab a cup in the lobby.  Breakfast averaged $14 for 2 eggs, sausage and potatoes.  Could not stay in the bar because the door to the patio area kept opening allowing a windy draft.  After closing it 3x myself, I gave up.  Service was unapologetic and marginally attentive.  Meeting rooms could not be found without directions from someone.  A Fairfield Inn would have been embarrassed to deliver this experience.  Never again.

    10/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Barney B.
    this is quintessential W material.  if you walk in, and hate the volume, decor or vibe, then W ain't your thing - and that's cool if that's true

    the rooms are cool - and if you are lucky enough to get upgraded to a suite, they are pure pimp-daddy.  granted, the 14 person shower is completely exposed to the bedroom, as is the toilet - so stay here if you are inhibition-free.

    luckily, I am (apologies to the condo building outside my room's window....)

    04/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Christine R.
    Great business location and the friendliest staff ever in life. The modern decor is pretty cool too. They have great toiletries (by Bliss) and comfortable beds. The gym is pretty awesome, they hand out free headphones, keep everything super clean and have every machine/weight you could need. I adored all the furniture in my room! The plasma TV was a nice touch. The only complaints I have are that the shower has no bathtub--not even a handle to put your foot or hand on for shaving-- and has NO DOOR. You're basically freezing your ass off and risking cracking your head open. The toilet scared me, as it looked like a public restroom toilet. However, everything WAS clean.The only other thing is they tack on all kinds of additional charges for room service. Breakfast for 1 can cost upwards of $30.

    09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Rachael S.
    Exemplary service, outstanding design, room service food that actually tastes delicious and this place is dog-friendly? No wonder it's my favorite place to stay in Atlanta!

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. C J.
    I hate Ws for business trips, but had to stay here. The room service was awful and the guests were less than classy to say the least, which was surprising for a W.  Also, my room was right on the street side and it was extremely noisy.

    10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Michael L.
    If you want to pay $300+ just to stay in a modern-style room and a busy lobby, not minding a sub-par hotel experience in almost every way, here's your place.  

    the bad:
    1. Clueless front-desk rep, had never heard of East Atlanta or the Earl.  Knew less about Atlanta than me (which is not much). Charged my card twice and caused it to be frozen, then called my room asking me to come down to fix the problem that my card was getting denied as I guess she tried it a 3rd time.  When I came down she was nowhere to be seen and another desk lady said there was no problem and didn't know why I had been called.
    2. Called front desk for a cup of coffee from the breakfast, they said no problem, not mentioning they were going to bring me an entire tiny french press (about 3 cups) and charge me $25.
    3. Bad view from room.
    4. ipod dock doesn't work with iphone.
    5. TV is very bad and frustrating, menu system so slow and freezing all the time you can't use it and almost ordered porn by mistake, probably costs $50 too.
    6. Location not THAT great, you still need a car to get to almost anything and it's very hard to get in and out.
    7. Parking costs an extra $15 even if you do it yourself and the garage is enormous and very hard to make your way back to the hotel.

    The good:
    1. lots of people in the lobby.. Guess it's interesting to see for a minute but not my thing, hip-hop kinda crowd.  Weird to have to go past a bouncer to get into hotel at night.
    2. decently cool interior design.

    room is fine in terms of shower, bed, basics like that, but I expect more from a $300 hotel, this is worth $150-200 at best, and staff should really be better.

    04/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Michele T.
    We were fortunate to have booked an reasonable rate via Hotwire ($94) which was a deal...but the hotel was just mediocre  The king room on the 19th floor overlooked an ugly roof (so much for the view) and upon inspecting the room, the carpet wasn't very clean.  The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was cool.  Nice that thet offered Bliss products in the bathroom (one of my favorite products from NYC).

    Upon check-in at 3 pm, I requested that the Clerk contact room service to have four coors-lights delivered to our room...they arrived at 6:30 pm (which was well after we had left our room) at a cost of $45.  Ouch.

    At 4 pm, we headed to the patio bar, which on a Saturday afternoon wasn't terribly crowded, but it took the Waitress A LONG TIME to notice us.  She was sitting/chatting with two women while drinking champagne!  SERIOUSLY.   After our first cocktail, it took her A LONG TIME to approach our table to offer a refill.  Rather than wait, we got up from our table and ordered at the bar, and rounded up our check.

    Later that night, we returned to the Lounge/patio bar area at midnight and they were hopping.  Fun people watching, but the service was not much better!  It seems the waitstaff are "encouraged" to sit down and get involved with the crowd VERSES PROVIDE EXCELLENT/PROMPT SERVICE...wow, I don't understand that.

    Our overall experience at this "W" was okay, if we had paid $200+ I would have been really disappointed.   Lot's of items to purchase within the room (bar/snacks) but no coffee maker for the guests.  The check-in and check-out process was fast and easy, the hotel room was cool, location is good, but the service was mediocre.

    30/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Tracy L.
    Visited W for a friend's birthday party on a Thurs night.  It was nice since they had a private room upstairs.  Sometimes they have private events so be sure to check beforehand since they sometimes close off access entirely, which happened to us last time we tried to go.
    Atmosphere: very chic, ostentatious, very Miami, club-like (loud music, crowded but not too crowded, dressy crowd), lots of space to walk around, dark/dimly lit.
    People: seemed quite diverse in race/age
    Drinks: overpriced but very strong - I just had one - red MF (They don't have the blue MF if you're wondering).
    Parking: We parked in lot by 14th/Crescent area right next to Opera for $5. It's a 3 minute walk literally.
    Overall: I had a good time.  Pretty chill.  Very nice place to catch a drink or people watch.

    18/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Joel D.
    I was underwhelmed with the bar at the W...mostly the service.
    I wish i knew our bartenders name because he was HORRIBLE. He overcharged us for our drinks, then when asked (since the guy I was with ordered a Goose and tonic just a few minutes later and was charged $10) made several excuses (that didn't make sense) and pulled an attitude and said something to the effect of calling us cheap. No buddy, I'm not cheap, I just know that a goose & ginger ale isnt $18. You know that too. And I know that you have a bad attitude. You suck, and should be fired.

    The decor was nice and there was a lot of open areas to mingle. It'll be interesting to see if the bar remains an attraction after the novelty of being a new bar wears off. And if Atlanta can actually sustain a cool hotel bar scene.

    07/04/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Ted H.
    I got totally screwed by this hotel.  They overbooked and refused to honor my pre-paid reservation.  They would not even put me up in another hotel in town.  I've never been treated so poorly and would not recommend anyone deal with these people.

    29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. D K.
    Club hotel.  Might be nice for a romantic get away.  Not very family friendly.

    16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Jenny N.
    I've stayed in several different W's across the country and this was definitely my favorite (although Atlanta is one of my least favorite cities). Hotel is very clean and rooms are actually quite large. Had a business meeting all week and the meeting room was perfect for our group (meeting room was a bit chilly, but that's usually to be expected). Staff was always very pleasant & helpful. Had appetizers and drinks at the Spice Market, and hung out at Whiskey Park in the evening.  If I ever have to go back to Atlanta, this is definitely the hotel I would stay in.

    19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. jason h.
    Arriving early is always a good idea. Before the valet lane crowds with self-appointed VIPs. Before the lobby becomes an overflow room for upper-level club mavens. Before an alcohol haze bestows its graceless sensibility on the premises. Around nine is a good idea.

    A quick orientation: The Living Room at the W Hotel serves as a kind of ground floor antechamber to the Whiskey Park disco upstairs and Jean George's Spice Lounge a half-level away. Parking is either valet or Midtown sidestreets or nearby decks.

    We arrived early and slipped easily past the necktie bouncers. Behind us I heard a pride of twentysomething men being denied entry, most likely for having committed the inexcusable sin of not having a young woman in their midst, as my New Yorker friend astutely observed.

    Once inside we found an empty couch in one of pod-like areas that ornament the lobby. The atmosphere is agreeable--you get the twin sense of being in a comfortable lounge and in a spacious foyer with a fresh flow of posers to keep you entertained. Comfortable couches, backlit photography, tolerable trance...

    The drink menu is the most expensive I have seen in the ATL. We paid $13 for each martini and no less than $10 for a glass of wine, whose pedigree I could not verify. If the goal is to make you feel like you are in New York or some other hyperpriced cosmopolis, mission accomplished. In any case, we put ourselves on two drink limits and relaxed.

    For two hours the room was ideal--just enough people to make it lively but not enough to clog your airways. Then the clock struck eleven. The valet line began to surge with monstrous black SUVs. The lobby's population doubled. The noise level bumped a decibel or two. The temperature surged into the mid-seventies. The air grew sticky and thick, as perfumed and pinstripped herds of clubgoers invaded the tranquility of the space.

    Our server, friendly and prompt, cashed us out and bid us adieu. The patio offers a thin but pretty stream as a buffer from the valet lane. The stream offers scant isolation from the valet bustle, but maybe that was the idea--to have The Living Room and its patio serve as a kind of Roman amphitheater from which to view Atlanta's derelict party crowd, as its crams its fastidious self into the city's latest trend factory.

    07/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Jo D.
    Overall the hotel provided decent service, as is to be expected from the W Hotel chain. Unfortunately all the good vibrations fell flat as I was checking out, since I found an extra parking fee charged for each day I had stayed and a $70 room service fee. Problem? I never ordered the room service. I had to check out at the front desk and raise the issue with my bill. They took the parking fee off, since it was reflected in their record that I had ONE car, and one car only, but I was being questioned for the room service charge. I understand this happens sometimes, but don't treat me like I'm lying to the point where I have to point out that I have witnesses who can account for me not being there to order said room service. It took 15-20 minutes to clear up, which is ridiculous, and after writing an email to the Genera Manager Michael, all I got back was an email from an account person saying I got credited for the charges I didn't incur.

    I am not one of your ghetto-ass clients who try to charge things and not pay for it. DON'T TREAT ME LIKE ONE.

    17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Elisabeth Z.
    Loved my stay at this hotel!  The room was gorgeous, and  the bathroom was full of Bliss products!  I had a great time at this hotel, and my stay was fantastic.  The staff was great, and the Living Room Bar made for some great memories.

    17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Lori F.
    Wow, this W has a lot work on.

    The "Living Room" bar was underwhelming.  You'd think they would at least attempt to make it look inviting, but it just looked like another extension of the lobby.  The service was terrible.  Our bartender was some surly toothpick of a girl who refused to make eye contact and mumbled.  

    The drinks were horribly overpriced ($4 for a club soda!), and then the bartender cleared our drinks away before we were even finished while we were standing right there.

    The restaurant's bar upstairs was much better for mingling.  This is just another example of Atlanta trying to be something it's not.  Stop trying to be pretentious and stick with what works.

    30/04/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    35. Sarah H.
    Having been to Miami recently, I felt a little prepared for what I might encounter in this place-- and this place delivered on many levels.

    It had the attitude.  We were next in line, behind the velvet rope.  We could see all the glorious people inside mulling around, looking amazing.  And then the bouncer did the requisite "give these people are hard time" antic.  It wasn't too bad (I knew they'd let us in).  I guess if you're not a guest of the hotel or have a reservation, they want to make sure you know that now they know, but no permanent scars.  I guess it makes the moment they take down that velvet rope even more amazing as we bounded into the bar/lounge.

    It had the decor. Wow and wow.  Explore a little when you visit, you'll find all kinds of nooks and crannies.  I love the couches.

    It had the expensive drinks.  Yes, they were $9 each but dang they were strong!

    But what I liked overall is that while it had the attitude, it was toned down to what you could get in Miami.  I will definitely go back with a group of friends to start out the night talking and having a drink.

    14/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Claudine S.
    This hotel is beautiful.  Everything from the music they play in the lobby to the decor and the landscape out front was amazing.  In the morning there is free coffee and tea setup.  I'm a coffee snob but this coffee was amazing.  In the afternoons there is cucumber water setup.  OMG, soooooooooooo good and refreshing.  The lobby is definitely a hot spot.  Great music playing, colored lights, comfy chairs and plenty of trendy people around.  The rooms were nice and spacious.  The couch was comfortable and the shower was to die for.  This hotel is posh but not pretentious.  I loved being here.  Plus the nightlife comes to you when you're staying here...the bar turns into the place to be for meeting people, grabbing drinks and hors 'devours or just people watching with your group.

    31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Dennis M.
    This week was my first stay at the W Atlanta, after coming here for several years for meetings.  

    I arrived after 10 PM - and initially they didn't have a non-smoking room available but were able to have one cleaned in about 10 minutes.  

    The room was comfortable and fairly quiet.

    04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Jean K.
    This is the recommended hotel for my work and I can't honestly see why.  Yeah, it's like only 1/2 mile to the office but so are a lot of other hotels.  And even with the corp discount you gotta wonder what kind of value you're getting.

    Probably used to be a nice hotel but is a little worn now.  My carpet was stained in places and the bathroom was rather dim.  On top of that my shower was either blazing hot or lukewarm/cold.  Not a great way to start out your day when visiting for work.

    Plus breakfast in the cafe is like $22.

    The only good thing is that it connects to a minimall next door where you can get other food and such.

    14/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Michelle C.
    This is a good review because of the Priceline price.  I got the room for a steal ($65).  Hotel is trendy and I like it better than the Intercontinental or the Westin Buckhead.  I still give Westin Buckhead the trophy for the dual showerheads.  The waterfall shower just didn't do it for me.  I need a little more power.  

    All employees were nice, even the valet who my boyfriend missed tipping once because the valet was gone by the time he went upstairs to retrieve something and came back down.  We tipped well next time we saw him, but he didn't look like he had an attitude because we forgot... lol.  

    I will be back.

    19/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Scott M.
    The verdict is probably still out on this place as far as I am concerned.  I went EARLY...like when the W first opened.  

    It definitely carried the "W" brand pretty well.  Not a place that you stay on businesss trips, but definitely a place for the social traveler and socialite.

    I actually was pretty impressed with what i saw.  The crowd was pretty damn cool/diverse.  I actually fell in love with their bar snacks.  They do these spicy peanuts and some sweet peanuts (i think they are peanuts), that are pretty damn amazing, and pretty damn free.  Thats something I always love.  Although I am sure I ate way more than I was supposed to.

    Bar service was pretty quick and pretty efficient.  Drinks were a tad bit high, but hell what do you expect this isnt Taco Mac.

    The Whiskey Bar is upstairs from the restaurant, and although small, I see it being a pretty cool spot to grab a drink on a random night when you dont want a big, traditional bar.

    Definitely an impressive place to take Atlanta visitors.

    14/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Amy D.
    It's a nice hotel, with some annoying qualities.  Why does the shuttle service only take you one way?  Why is the pool so tiny such that it is impossible to use for exercise?  What is with the urinal style flusher on the toilets?  The knob to switch the water to the shower head came off in my hand on my last day here, and a bad shower ruins my mood.   The housekeeping staff threw out my half full water bottle and coffee, but there was a used tube of toothpaste on the floor when we arrived.   Grr.

    It was nice that there are TVs by the pool, and free coffee downstairs, but not free coffee or pastries, even though they have ants crawling on them.

    05/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Kathleen M.
    Although I've never spent a night at the W Midtown, I have spent a decent amount of time in their rooms and lobby.*

    On the verge of being over the top, the design of this place really stands out, especially in Atlanta. Ambient lighting, couches built in to walls, and a grand staircase all lend themselves to the uber-hipness of the place. This isn't the spot to put up your grandparents, that's for sure.

    Service was consistently friendly and helpful, if a little slow at times. The rooms were good sized with nice views of the city: I especially liked the mirror and table outside of the bathroom: this means two people can get ready without invading each other's privacy: woo! The location is perfect with Colony Square next door for quick eats and the great restaurants of Midtown just a few blocks away.

    * in the words of peter d., this is not a euphemism. I swear I'm not a hooker. Really. I promise.

    ...but hell, I may become one if these are the kinds of places they get to hang out.

    15/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Jennifer R.
    3.5 stars for the hotel and ammenities
    4 stars for the Whiskey Park (the club/lounge upstairs)
    4 stars for the on site Bliss Spa
    0 stars for the Living Room (lounge in the lobby area)

    It's a fairly nice hotel with all the ammenities you can imagine.  A clean room and Bliss products in the bathroom.  Of course, I had to enjoy some spa time at Bliss - kudos for the amazing in house spa.
    I do have to agree with T.H.J. on the flashing telephone; we had no messages but just can't turn off that light.

    The Living Room Lounge in the lobby had the WORST wait service.  We were with a group people enjoying a night cap, the waitress never came back after bring the first round of drinks.  When we finally got someone (management) to get her attention (she was sitting down talking to some friends) so we can pay (I've never tried so hard to give people money), she came back with an attitude and said that we lied.  Worst of all, management didn't care.

    On the other hand, Whiskey Park, the lounge upstairs was a much better hangout spot, we sat outside under the trellis and the waitress was very attentive all night and made some great martini suggestions to the ladies of the group.

    18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Jon M.
    If this is representative of the "W" brand, I will stay clear!

    Very disappointing stay to say the least.  They are trying waaay too hard to be trendy at the expense of customer service and an enjoyable experience.  Maybe I'm just old now (mid 30s), but everything from the music in the lobby/elevators, the valets, and the check-in staff were in "cool" mode and it was a big turn off - it did not make me feel welcome at all.

    The room itself was okay.  Nice view, for sure.  Crap (and I do mean crap) is plastered all over the shelves in the room for sale (toy truck, hat, condoms, etc), but no in-room coffee maker to use!  What?  My wife was NOT happy - I was able to stumble out of bed and into the lobby for some good coffee, but I hate having to take a trip just to get coffee that is standard in-room at every hotel in America!

    The furniture was very "contemporary," but was of very low quality.  Wobbly table, etc.  On check-out day, I had no less than 4 different housekeepers knock on my door trying to get my room turned over.  I told them all I would be out at noon, but they kept knocking.

    I do stay in Atlanta about 10-15 times a year.  Enough so that I've had experience with other nearby hotels of the same class.  I am SPG Gold, not that that means anything really.... and maybe that got me a nicer room (not sure) and an offer for late checkout.  But, I would not go back to this hotel again.

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    45. Katharine A.
    It is a Sheraton but it is soon to be the W.   The hotel officially closes on 6/15.

    This place REALLY needs to be renovated.
    Things are falling apart.  There are stains on carpet and some hot/cold water issues.

    11/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    46. myka b.
    So I've been to the W Midtown a few times for a drink both upstairs (Whiskey Park) and downstairs (The Lobby). While the atmosphere is nice, I'm often surprised to see it empty (or at least not packed) on a Friday or Saturday evening.

    I was recently there on a Saturday night and after having drinks with my hubby and another couple downstairs we decided to head upstairs. At the base of the stairs we were told that the bar was only open to hotel guests and/or reservations. WTF? Really? We asked if the bar was full and if there were tables available. Of course there were.

    What is it with places that want to keep paying customers out? I don't get it. Isn't a bar more fun when there are actually people there? I won't be going back....and now I know why it's empty.

    18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    47. Nate D.
    Like any of the W hotels, this one is very trendy and good for young adults.  Just a few blocks from Crescent Ave (Opera, Ri-Ra's, Flipflops) and other bars in Midtown, the location can't be beat either.  The parking is absurdly expensive, however, at $22/night self park or $30 valet.  I drove around a little bit and found somewhere a few blocks away that didn't ticket on weekends, and saved myself 3 nights of parking fees for an 8 minute walk.  Worth it, to me.

    The line at check-in took a little while, but the receptionist was very nice.  Everything else is pretty in-line with any W you stay at... trendy, modern decor and pretty significant mini-bar/snack selection in the room.

    The beds are awesome, shower robe is awesome, but the shower head left something to be desired.  It just kind of pissed water out... I think it's going for the "waterfall" feel but it wasn't pressurized enough.  Other than that, though, everything was awesome.

    Oh and Gretchen, one of the bartenders in the lobby, was very helpful when we asked her about local places.

    Overall a great place to stay (Oh, and a very reasonable military discount, by the way).  Will definitely return.

    14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. T.H. J.
    Very disappointing. Poorly run, and the staff was not responsive to two simple requests that I made. Over priced. You can do much better.

    I stayed at this hotel for three nights. I asked two things of them:

    1. Turn off the blinking message light on my phone, which was blinking when I stepped into the room. Still blinking when I left.

    2. The first day there, I asked that the room be made up before 10:30 am. It was made up at 4:30 pm

    It's the old Sheraton refitted with W lipstick.

    The last night I was there, it rained hard, and the outside elevator was leaking.

    Their bar is called the "Whiskey Room", but the signage at its entrance states the "Hiskey Room"

    16/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Tim W.
    The amenities have seen better days.  The decor is outdated and worn.  Furnishings in the lobby were threadbare.   I went to the front desk and every attendant was being yelled at by irate patrons for one reason or another.  Late on a Saturday night the lobby was pretty sketchy.

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    50. YY A.
    amazing location

    + 3 minute walk from Piedmont Park, highlight of Atl
    + close to nice brunch / restaurants
    + close to highways, nice neighborhood etc

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Ed R.
    One of my favorite places to stay in Midtown.  Uber-sheik, uber-cool.  Rooms tend to be a bit on the small side, and I'm not a huge fan of all the junk in the room that begs "Buy me, buy me please!" but the lobby, the bars, the ultra-hip crowd is worth the extra greenbacks you'll need to spend to hang here.  The pool is nice BUT it can lack significant sunshine in the afternoon due to its location...The sun hides behind the W tower as the afternoon fades....

    08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. A M.
    Decent place. I've stayed here several times  because of the hotel's proximity to my Atlanta office. The building used to be another hotel, so it doesn't have the newish feeling that I have come to expect from my experiences at other Ws. There was an unfortunate incident in the news a couple of months ago that made me decide to stay elsewhere on my last several trips to Atlanta. I feel like Starwood can invest a little more money into this property and it could be easily improved and reflective of the standards that Starwood has come to be known for.

    16/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    53. James B.
    trashy hotel, lots of noise and partying all night long. room service trays were left in the halls for over a day, another crew member found blood on his sheets

    10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    54. Megan F.
    I went here for a spa appointment with the Bliss spa. I have lived in atlanta for a while, but I had never been to this hotel. So I pull in.... and I guess because I wasn't driving a bentley that their valet thought it was okay to ignore me. I stood outside of my car and yelled to get their attention " IS ANYONE GOING TO PARK MY CAR?". They finally came over.

    My Spa appointment was great. Careful though... because they don't offer to give you a parking voucher whether you public park or valet park.

    So I come out of my appointment... again... I had to ask someone if they could please go get my car for me. Then they charge my card for valeting... which I thought okay maybe 10 dollars tops... I was only here for like 2 hours... no my parking bill was 20.00.

    and then the guy had the nerve to say oh Miss... you forgot to add a tip!?

    honey after I have to ask you to park my car, and go fetch my car, and then you charge me 20.00 .... there is no way I am tipping you.

    08/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Moistnchewie L.
    Location: 3-4 blocks from the Marta (train)
    Restaurants Nearby: Few (you have to walk down peachtree)
    Service: A-
    Perks:  Acura MDX to take you anywhere within 5 miles of the hotel.  Remember to make reservations.
    Things that stood out:  24 hour gym that's clean and stocked with cold towels, Bliss face wash, pretty good service
    Things that sucked: limited items on the room service menu, could use softer sheets and towels

    16/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Lazaro C.
    Nicer than some of the other W Hotels I've been to. The lobby was very cool looking and playing Claude VonStroke (extra points for that). I was checked in fairly quick and got a room in the 24th floor. The room was very spacious with an amazing floor to ceiling window that gave way to a great view of the city. The bathroom was definitely bigger than most hotels. The complimentary bliss bathroom products are always nice and the bathrobe was a pleasure to wear. The overall decoration of the room was something up my alley....very modern & minimal. I thoroughly enjoyed the desk/tv area, very comfortable to work in and watch tv at the same time (just like home). The TV has HD channels which many hotels are lacking surprisingly. I'd say the main perk here was "whatever/whenever", just call and ask for whatever....whenever. The good service is there down to every little detail.

    28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Raven G.
    LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE this place!!! I booked a room here for my sisters birthday and they treated us like gold!!!! Alog with the fine eye for detail the service is phenomenal! they upgraged us to a spectacular room on the 21st floor (there are only 22 flrs) and we ended up having conecting rooms with the R&B singer Jeramih (the guy who sings Birthday Sex) which was nice because he came in and sang happy birthday and took pics. they also place a really good dessrt and a bottle of champagne for her birthday!  we also got to layout by the pool whhich is phenomenal and had breakfast at Spice Market which was brilliant ( everyone should try the french toast with the home made vanilla infused whipped cream *heavenly*) im definately coming back!!

    27/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Rachel M.
    I love this W Hotel. It's in a great place to do business but still close to the MARTA. The decor is so hip and trendy. Being a Gen-Xer, I am so sick and tired of the dated Marriotts and Sheratons. I decided to start booking with Starwood and haven't looked back yet! This hotel has a lovely little pool albeit small, it was still hip and refreshing. I was in love with the furniture in my room, so modern and sleek! The flat screen TV was a nice touch.

    One of the drawbacks was the price for extras. You are dishing out premium rates at the hotel, the extras should be at least reasonably priced. Room service was delicious but again overpriced. We ended up eating in Buckhead in the evenings. I was tempted to go to the W at Buckhead, but the proximity of the midtown location to Piedmont Park and the business district won me over.

    The bathrooms are amazing. I love that they 86-ed the tub and went with a large stand up shower. I hate hotel tubs! I never had to crack open my shampoo and conditioner I brought as the hotel provides bliss spa products and refreshes them daily! Awesome!

    Overall, this place is wonderful. Less than a block to a Chick-Fil-A, night clubs in the hotel and close by, close to business and the park. Stay here!

    14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Andres Z.
    This is another place that I would give 4.5 stars if I could just because the rooms were not excellent.  Having said that, though, the hotel was stupendous.  Great crowd, atmosphere, location, restaurant(s), bar, car service, etc.  Even scored a great deal on Priceline with the Negotiator, so the stay was waaayyyy more than worth it.

    27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Chris Z.
    This is a very nice, upscale hotel.  I've stayed here a few times and the rooms are always the same... well appointed, latest techology, very modern.

    The restaraunts and bar areas are all upscale as well.  Very trendy.   Service is always stellar.

    02/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Darren H.
    This hotel has a very European feel, a European feel in downtown atlanta (odd). I'll have to agree with Rick F. that this place does have a strange feel, Whiskey Park is attached and the whole place is dark pretentious & I had a friend in town from Germany & they agree this is Europe circa 2000.  Time for a reboot.

    03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    62. Len H.
    W is crappy. Lousy service. No shampoo today, no.conditioner, broken lighted mirror. Yuk this is a W!!!!


    15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    63. Joshua L.
    So I arrived in Atlanta like 9 pm and got to my hotel close to 10 pm.  I walked in and thought I was at a club.  Dark, hip, decent music playing and lights and stuff.  

    The room was very modern and the bathroom was cool.

    Not the best place I've stayed but I liked it.

    04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Christopher C.
    Gotta love this place.  I've had the pleasure of staying here about 5 or 6 times and I will continue going back.  The location is great.  There is a variety of restaurants and clubs within walking distance.  

    Rooms are clean, trendy and modern.  Furniture is cool and chic.  The bed is comfortable - not too soft, not too firm.  The shower is interesting.  There is no shower curtain, nor is there any real way to be completely enclosed while showering.  There is a glass partition that covers about 60% of the shower area.  Just another way of being modern and artsy, I'm sure.  It took some getting used to (during my very first stay here) but I like it now.  :-)

    If you're a vampire (like myself) and enjoy a room with black-out curtains this is the place for you.  These curtains don't let a bit of sunlight in.  Furthermore, the hotel is super quiet.  You'll sleep like a newborn.

    Hotel staff is friendly, professional and ready to cater to your every desire.  They really go out of their way to assist the guests.  It's clearly evident that customer service is a top priority here.  I especially enjoy calling the front desk and hearing "What's your wish, Mr. Craig"?  Makes me feel like a King lol.

    I'm a fan!

    04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Blake I.
    I do like this hotel as I've stayed four different times, but I will admit, they don't make it easy. This property seems to be popular for the "think they are somebody" crowd so you see lots of full of themselves-types in the elevators, or primping in a mirrored glass somewhere that someone else can see them. Also popular with the getting married crowd so if you stay through a Friday, expect to see a gaggle of giddy gals staggering toward an elevator giggling about nothing.


    Rooms - always quiet, always clean, always comfortable. This is the property's saving grace.

    Desk staff - usually very nice, but the wait to talk to one can be oh so long. I've learned to never be in a hurry to talk to someone. The concierge is hit and miss. When you can find one they are great.

    Location -two blocks from Piedmont Park, nice and quiet.


    The charge to use computers in business center is outrageous.

    Self Parking - no in and out (pay per trip), you will pay $22 overnight, not the $11 you see on a sign when you pull in.

    Valet - is just not worth it, you wait forever for someone to get your car then there is a touch of 'tude when you get it.

    Free morning coffee - it's free, it's hot,  but it is not good.

    26/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. d'N'L m.
    For what it is, I give it four stars.. The W is a certain hotel, with a certain style.. I am not judging the style, I am judging their execution of the W's style.

    The W Atlanta is certainly in keeping with the W philsophy.. Super modern, super sleek, and very comfortable.. I arrive to the hotel and see a bunch of young guys in the classic W garb. Lots of  guys standing outside to let you out of your  taxi, to take your luggage, to just look young and hip and helpful..

    I go to the desk.. Another young cool looking guy.. With no aire of judgemental pretention, just sort of hip pretention.. Turns out I am a starwood  gold member.. "Would you like a 4 oclock check out?" he asked..   We do a little banter, he tells me about the place, and then says a few pleasantries, I grab a fresh green apple from his desk, and I am off..

    The rooms are large.. Larger than the Ritz.. It's modern, there is a nice couch, there is a stocked mini bar, there is a huge shower, the bathroom is filled with bliss products, what the hell else do I need?

    The bar downstairs is stocked with fake chested women bartenders wearing skimpy outfits pouring complicated mixed drinks.. There is a Jean Georges restaurant in the hotel, there is a really shnazzy Whiskey Blue or Whiskey Bar in the hotel, there is also an attached office building with a food court.. Bagel places, Blimpies, Chik-Filay, and a few other places are there if  you don't want to blow a lot of money on shitty fake Asian Food..

    Whatever, I was there for a night.. If I was 20 years old and looking for chicks, I would have been happy.. However, I am thirty years old, married, and just wanted to sleep in a comfortable room,,,  They had that too..

    It's a W..

    11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Felix C.
    Whenever I have traveled to other cities, I have found the W-brand of hotels to be a consistently good and enjoyable experience.

    I went on a Thursday night to the Living Room. It was not crowded when we sat down at a couch but were consistently ignored by the wait staff for a good 15 minutes. After watching the staff stroll on my several times, we decided to pony up directly to the bar and were served immediately.

    If you do decide to go there and venture beyond standard or well drinks, make sure you know what you are getting yourself in for. A single milagro anejo margarita was twenty-seven dollars (Yes, $27!). And it was not one of those enormous margarita glasses you'd find for a drink special. It was a low-ball glass like you'd get for a regular gin-and-tonic. Naturally, that led to a certain amount of sticker shock for two rounds of drinks.

    Anyway, its a cool-looking spot. Be aware that you're paying Manhattan-like prices.

    15/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Roxanne L.
    Worst hotel experience of my life. Bed bugs, only one expensive restaurant option (which I couldn't even eat at because it was a Thai restaurant and I have peanut allergies), freezing conference rooms, unhelpful concierges, AND for room service, I was given an apple crumble after I was assured by the woman taking my order that she checked with the kitchen that it did not contain nuts - turns out, after my reaction and the phone call from the head chef himself the next morning- it's MADE with nuts.

    Plus, the hotel and rooms were so ridiculously modernist that the bed frame looked like something out of a dominatrix's chambers. Creepy.

    03/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    69. Sia G.
    Great location. Friendly helpful staff. Fun Rooms! Need help in the bathroom design department tho...

    24/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Justin P.
    I stayed at the W last month and one thing has completely ruined it for me. I valeted my car for two days when I left the hotel I drove home and noticed that my passenger side rim had been severely curbed and there was damaged on the fender totaling about $1,000 in damage. USA Parking is the contractor that manages the valet services at the W. USA Parking claimed that since I left the property the damage is 100% my fault!!!!! Also I emailed the GM at the W with no response and only until I called the W did they put me in touch with a manager that said they could not help me work with USA parking and that the W would not help me in pursuing my claim. This has been the worst example of hospitality / customer service I have ever seen because everyone is pushing back claiming I can't prove anything. I will NEVER stay at this hotel again or use USA Parking again! If you stay here be careful and inspect everything before you leave because the small consumer is all alone at this hotel!

    05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    71. Katherine G.
    The hotel was really nice, loved our room, bed was comfortable, shower was great, and we had a decent. Living Room (the bar) was pretty fun for people watching, best mojitos I have ever had, not so good when we moved to Whiskey Park. I liked Living Room a lot better. The staff here is exceptionally friendly and they were very sweet to my puppy while I stayed there.They do allow dogs here so that was a big plus. Overall I would come back, the location was great to get to good restaurants and the Aquarium.

    19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    72. Amrita J.
    I figured it was time to update my review, since my previous review for the W was based on it's bar/lounge: Whiskey Park.

    Well I had the pleasure of staying at the W Hotel, this past weekend, and figured I could give it a couple more stars after the stay.

    Overall, W is one of those hotels, that no matter what city you stay in, it carries a certain persona with the brand name. It's always a trendy, upscale place, with beautiful decor. Well this W hotel was no different.

    The standard double bed rooms are pretty small, but still nice. The beds are comfy, and unfortunately, for the ladies out there....the bathrooms are really small, and although they have an area outside of the bathroom to do your "hair/makeup", it's very dimly lit, so you can't really make a good judgement of how it looks. LoL! That's a slight downside.

    However, I've also been in the suites, which are AWESOME if you can drop the money for them. The suites contain a huge living room with a nicely sized room adjoining it. The bathrooms in the suites are much larger, with a shower that allows you to play "peek-a-boo"  (ie- the glass door for the shower can be seen straight through from the bedroom)....haha   Or at least was the case in the suite we stayed in.

    The staff is friendly, it's a great location for a night out in the city, since it's within walkable distance to all the Crescent Ave. clubs, lounges, and bars.

    So if you are coming to Atlanta to party, I would definitely stay here if you can. It saves the hassle of cabs, driving around, and parking.

    13/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    73. Beth B.
    I went to a hotel party, that ended up being not much of a party, BUT I did get to see the inside of the lobby and one of the rooms at the W.

    When you walk in there is a screen that actually has water markings that follow your movements, pretty cool.  The decor is ultra modern, which I love.  

    The bathroom in the guest room was beautiful and looked exactly like the pictures on the website.  It's a beautiful hotel.

    03/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Andrew J.
    Nice location in Atlanta! The rooms are moderns and are like any other W Hotel you may stay in throughout the country.

    The restauraunt is alright...I'm not a huge fan of asian fusion, but we ordered samosas and had a few drinks which were fantastic.  

    Whiskey Park is a bar/lounge/place to flaunt your money.  I usually like Whiskey Park establishments, but this one was unusually empty.  Drinks were good, albeit overpriced.

    Great place..would stay here again IF I didn't live in Atlanta.

    13/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Stephanie H.
    I have been traveling to Atlanta a lot over the past year and have now stayed at all 3 W hotels in the Atlanta area. I like the Midtown location - it's easy to walk to dinner locations, the staff have always been very nice. When I called down to Whatever/Whenever and asked for a big iced tea, they sent me up a pitcher. Made my night! The rooms (and I have been in several varieties) have always been comfortable, only I wish the desk chairs were more comfortable (not just this location though!). The lighting is a little weird - spots instead of overhead.  This has become my regular Atlanta hotel - it's been consistent and comfortable. Plus it's next to this mini mall where the weary traveling consultant can get snacks and drinks!

    17/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Bonnie L.
    Oops, I hit enter before I was ready to post this thing. I'm going to rush so not too many people see my empty review.

    I have not actually stayed at the hotel, but went for drinks both nights last weekend. This review is therefore limited to the lounge.

    -lots of space, indoor and out
    -lots of furniture
    -decent crowd
    -not too loud

    -WAAAY overpriced
    -badly mixed drink

    So let me explain why I listed the decor as a pro and a con. As you walk into the hotel, this dazzling display of ball lights hanging from strings of varying lengths greets you. Gorgeous! The rest - well, it's interesting. It doesn't exactly go together if you ask me (but I'm no interior decorator - Lauren S., what do you think?) - too much mixing of warm and cool color, and round with square.

    The outdoor furniture will get blown all the way to smyrna when the next tornado hits and is deceptively comfortable. By that I mean it looks comfortable and is not, especially those plastic woven-looking silver "couches." It looks very clean and trendy, though, and is a pleasant outdoor atmosphere on a warm evening.

    The indoor furniture is more comfortable, and they have two gargantuan ellipses lined with something velvety and hanging by chains. That's right, you can SWING on these things! I enjoyed this. There are also two large ellipses on the ceiling that have backlit murals of trees. When I looked at it from directly underneath it sort of made me feel like I was drowning in a body of very clear water. This display sustained a twenty-minute conversation between me and this guy I don't know very well.

    I would recommend this place for a birthday party - there's just a lot of room and it's kind of classy. But I won't be going here regularly, as they can't mix a gin & tonic and still charged me a huge amount of money for it. (Admittedly, I only had one drink, and perhaps they're better at other things. Next time I will try a specialty drink instead of my norm.)

    05/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    77. Kim P.
    fantastic!! the service is right on par with the rest of midtown Atlanta.

    the rooms are great and the lobby is super for meeting people

    whiskey park is a bar pretending to be a lounge and is nice albeit fairly often empty

    you can walk to a lot of near by lounges and bars and a CVS and starbucks and breakfast food all day long.

    I've been to several W's and this one was extremely good.

    19/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Eileen F.
    We (my boyfriend and I )stayed here for Valentines Weekend.  It was my first time at this W location. When we arrived we had a wait a little while to get checked in. I only wish someone would have greeted us with a "hello we will be right with you" when we walked in instead of ignoring us until they were done with what they were doing at the check-in desks.

    The room was nice but small  (less than 400 square feet, we had a non smoking spectacular room on the 20th floor) The hallway smelled of smoke (and I don't think it was cigarettes) It was a bit cluttered with "stuff" you could purchase such as drinks to gummy bears and even a first aid kit.

    The room service was spot on from the ordering, to the very fast delivery. The staff was amazing and the food was fabulous! (We are big fans of Chicken Cesar Salad and it did not disappoint PS you can screw up Chicken Caesar Salad...trust me)  

    An extra perk that we enjoyed was a complimentary Acura service where we had a driver take us to a local restaurant. Unfortunately it was limited hours and they DO NOT pick up.  They may want to re-think that idea and add the pick up to make it extraordinary. Just sayin.

    The bar on the 3rd floor was noisy and weird but the living room lounge was perfect.
    When we checked out the same thing happened! Everyone was busy at the desks (not with customers present) but no one greeted us or took the time to tell us we will be right with you. To me spending more than 250.00 a night at a hotel I expect that level of customer service. Let me know if you agree.

    All of the staff we encountered added to the enjoyment of our stay. They all came across sincere and professional once we were acknowledged at the check in and out desk.

    Overall the weekend Sat Afternoon-Monday Noon was outstanding. Truly a first valentines day to remember!

    22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Kenny C.
    For those of you who remember the Sheraton Midtown you'll "see" subtle reminders of what the hotels drive, entry, lobby and second & third floors.

    The property has a Kelly Wearstler designed feel. Its eclectic, chic and fun.

    The check in pods are very nice and the staff very accommodating, upbeat and for a new property, knowledgeable about the SPG program.

    The Common Areas of the hotel are clean modern and well lit. Lobby is bright and airy. The living room is a little busy and seems like it might be too much space. The outdoor living should be called the "parking lot". It's location directly in front of valet and the car parking. There is no separation and at the time of my stay, the parking activity and the street noise, are conducive to having a conversation and just enjoying the space. Not sexy! Points deducted for that.

    The elevators, elevator banks and hallways are typical W - dark and mood altering.

    Guest Rooms are hot!  My first Impression: Hot damn!

    I walk through the door and I enter a two room suite. To the left is a table the serves as a desk or dining table. Along the wall there is a built in credenza with a ton of storage space. The one thing I don't understand is why the chairs don't have wheels? They are heavy so the floors are going to show signs of scratching or will crack sooner or later. Rooms are wireless and electric sockets are spaced throughout the room.

    Walk a few feet forward and to the right is a closet with a safe and then you're in the living room. A large wall mural and a great view of Piedmont Park, downtown Atlanta, dominate this side of the room. On the wall is the TV console and related equipment. The room has great natural light along with overhead lights above the couch and a floor lamp. One thing that was weird is a door to nowhere.

    Turning back toward the dining table, to the left is the entry to the bedroom. . Walking through the entryway, you walk right into a lighted vanity table. On the left of the room is the sleeping area and on the right is the walk in closet and bathroom. It has the same TV console and view as the living room. There is an iPod docking station and vintage alarm clock. The bed is super firm with standard W hotel linens. In the corner is a nice chaise lounge that offers a view of downtown. There is no "work space" in the bedroom.

    Walking back toward the entry, you pass the vanity and there is a large walk-in closet. Pass the closet is a full-length mirror and then around the corner to the left you enter the bathroom. Prior to enter the bathroom there is a second vanity table and mirror with drawers for storage. I'm not sure why this is outside the bathroom? To me it would have made sense to enclose this is the bathroom proper and make the sink larger.

    The bathroom was a bit strange to me. It's VERY LARGE bathroom and lots of space to work in, if more than one person is staying in this suite.

    The bathroom is surrounded by glass. Once you enter the vanity sink is on the right. The sink is nice although not a double vanity has good counter space. The faucet gave me a lil trouble as it was to "over designed" to be simple. There were both glasses and plastic cups. All the typical W toiletries. Lots of towels and every thing was fresh, new and fluffy!

    Turning to the left there is a huge walk in rain shower. It's HUGE, you could fit a mini cooper in it! There is also a built in seat. The temperature and water pressure were perfect. I found it odd that there is no tub, the room is obviously large enough for one as there is wasted space they filled with a teak bench. Although I liked the bathroom, I don't understand why there are no double vanity Seems to me that they could have enlarged designed the counter differently, added a tub and wired the bathroom for audio input, since you can clearly see the TV while showering.

    I had no housekeeping issues as the housekeeper was very attentive, all items were refreshed without asking.

    This property does not have a Club Level or Club Lounge

    The Bliss Spa and gym are in the basement. Nice equipment and cardio machines and free weights, but it's really cramped and the "bliss" blue makes it feel as though the place is going to close in on you - in an Alfred Hitchcock sorta way.

    The pool got a minor face lift. In the next few weeks they will be adding cabanas.

    There are two fun concierges on staff, Free wireless in the lobby. There is a $14 fee in rooms.

    Valet Parking was very fast. I called for the car prior to going out and it was there before I got downstairs. The hotel offers free Acura transportation (at Acura Experience Desk) within a two mile radius. Service runs until approximately 8 PM. This service will soon roll out to more Ws.

    There is a w store on site as well.

    05/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. David K.
    This year my company hosted our annual retreat here (instead of The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, our usual haunt) and since now I can speak on more than just visiting the bar I thought I should update my review.

    First, I really wanted to give it more than 4 stars (actually, it was a stretch for me to rate it this high), but a few things kept me from being able to give it my top rating.  Before I get to that, let me say that the rooms are amazing and I honestly can't believe that this space used to be a Sheraton because everything is now 100% W.  I had a room on the 8th floor that didn't really look at anything special, but it was nice and some of my co-workers that were on higher floors could see Piedmont Park.  The HD television was pretty cool and quite user friendly (for the most part it operated normally and you have access to more than just a few channels).

    One thing that kept coming up was the smell of cigarette smoke in the hallways.  I thought it was just me, but I heard it come up a few times from people staying throughout the hotel, so I would assume that it's a problem all over.  That's not really a big deal, but for $200+ per night I think it's reasonable to ask for fresh air.

    Housekeeping didn't seem very consistent and they missed my room on my last night (again, not really a big deal, but at this price point I expected them every day).  I took some time to check-out the pool and after eventually finding it at the end of the 5th floor hallway of rooms it was a little disappointing.  It was just a square with a few chairs around it (in their defense they were apparently installing/upgrading the cabanas while I was there).  I got some good sun, but this isn't the "destination" pool I anticipated.

    Hopefully they'll be able to figure out how to provide better ventilation and dress up the pool area a little.  After only being open for a few months I guess I can't expect perfect (yet).

    03/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    81. Jennie K.
    Only visited the bars here, both on the first and second floor.  The bottom floor is much more chill, nice outdoor space, but a beer will run you nearly $10 and small, easy drinks $15 (maybe I should have challenged the bartenders more)?  There was a cute waitress, but I've forgotten her name.  She chatted us up for a while when they were near closing.

    The upstairs was trying really hard to be a club, but it wasn't.  They would check our ID every time you walk up the gigantic staircase (we were in and out a lot), and the crowd was an awkward mix of people trying to makeout in reserved sections and dance in hallway leading to the bathroom.  Bleh.  

    I'll see you later, W.  Not.

    24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    82. LinLin L.
    I loved everything about my suite here. The suite was immaculate with everything upscale you would want in you room. Furniture was trendy in design. I even had a small little fancy kitchen.

    The downstairs lounge area was nice and full of energy. This is just one of my favorite hip hotels I like to stay in.

    01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Miriam W.
    I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later; that my occasional nightmare of booking a flight or hotel for the wrong date might actually befall me. And in Atlanta last month, it did. I turned up on July 16 at the W Midtown expecting to check in. The hotel was buzzing with energy at 3:30 in the afternoon so I didn't think anything of it when I was asked to take a seat while they sorted my reservation out.

    Moments later, George F. appeared with the email I'd sent him inquiring about a two night stay and sure enough I had accidentally asked him for a room for the following week. He explained that the hotel was completely booked (that's what happens when a Microsoft sales meeting descends on your town) but that he would do everything he could to find me a place to rest my head.

    Soon I was in the back of an Acura SUV being shuttled to the Westin in Buckhead. George and the rest of the staff at the W Midtown really went the extra mile for me!

    The next night, after a few MSFT salesfolk had checked out, I returned to the W in Midtown and checked into an utterly spectacular room with views of the entire city. Numerous staff members addressed me by name and when Deanna J needed a toothbrush they sent one up right away.

    Never in my life have I received better treatment in a hotel. The entire staff here is a class act. If I'm lucky enough to snag a room here for under $200-a-night again, I'll consider myself a very lucky woman.

    15/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Tamica S.
    I couldn't give this hotel more stars. Ok, I am inflating my rating because a couple of things happened to me on the way to the W..
    I have zero sense of direction. None. I mean nill. I went to the public parking at the hotel and somehow got lost. In the parking garage. With my large, overweight bag.  
    As I spun in frustrated circles I was almost hit by someone backing out of their parking spot. As I say to myself "can this get any worse!!!" the hottest of all hotties rolls down his window and apologies for almost hitting me even though I clearly almost walked in to his car. I must have looked as dumb as I felt because he asked me if I needed help and when I admitted that I was lost in the flipping parking garage he gave me directions. Because I must have looked even more lost he gave me a ride to the hotel. Handsome and nice. A hot, handsome southern gentlemen. So by then I'm loving all of Atlanta...And no people, I did not get his number, hook up, any of that. I'm out of practice oK??? So anyhoooo when I checked into the hotel I was told that I was randomly selected by the conference that I was attending to get my hotel paid for and I was upgraded to their WOW suite. I didn't think that was that big of a deal untilt he nice bellhop let me in and I literally said, Holy F*%$#@& S&^%. No joke. Rockstar room. LOVED IT. Now the entire state of Georgia has my love and no matter what else happened that entire week, I have only good things to say about the W midtown. It could be because they thought I was somebody special and could actually afford that room, but everyone was nice as all get out to me and I wish I could send them all a damn Christmas bonus or something. Seriously.So all in all, best hotel stay ever. Oh, and those Kobe beef slider, hella good!!!

    19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. Seve' M.
    So I was planning a business trip back to the A and got a chance to pick my place and had heard good word of mouth about the W. Then I look on Yelp and for the most part, the reviews weren't that good. But digging a little further I realize that most people that didn't think too highly of this place didn't stay in the hotel and just went to one of the three bar/lounges inside. Once you get that key to the door everyone is as nice as humanly possible. The "Whatever, Whenever" mantra is quoted by every staff member.

    Check in was very late because of meetings but everything was ready for me when I walked through the front door. I didn't have to lift a finger, which when the rooms are this expensive you shouldn't have to. Rooms at the upper floors have a great view and the outside elevator is amazing.
    The Acura Driver service is great if you have a meeting close by and don't want to drive.

    Because you are a guest at the hotel I didn't have to run into the mean bouncer guys giving up attitude, but I did see that they were being a little mean to the group that tried to walk in right after me. From the downstairs bar to the Spice market to Whiskey, all three bars were packed by 10:30. Fortunately they had a party upstairs at Whiskey and someone had bought out the bar so I snuck in for a free drink before I headed out on Saturday. Even with the rush that a free bar gets the bartenders were still on it and definitely were heavy handed.

    All in all I had a pretty great weekend staying at The W-Midtown and it is on my top lists of places to stay when I go back to visit.

    My only problems:
    1.Am I the only one that had a trouble finding this place? I guess because I never had anything to do on 14th that I wasn't very familiar with the area.
    2. Even when the company is paying $28/day for valet is ridiculous. Unless you are washing the car it's highway robbery

    24/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Justin H.
    Second time to stay here and we love it. Rooms are very plush, great views, Tivoli system that syncs with your phone. Pool was very nice and a great bar there.

    Our biggest frustration was the parking situation. It's basically $50 per day, as every time you leave it's $11, plus $22 for each overnight.

    However, we will continue to go back to this hotel. Very much a treat to stay here.

    16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Caesar M.
    I like the W hotels in general. They offer great customer service and competitive rates. I have only stayed here a couple of times. A lot of my experiences are from coming into Whiskey Park or their mini bar downstairs for a nice stress reliever.

    During the summer I come here for the Indulge event which is a mixer of local people around the area to come and network. This past week they had a fashion show which was entertaining and actually gave me some fashion ideas for this upcoming summer.

    The drinks here are really expensive. I know, I know! it is a 4? star hotel. It's expected to pay about $12 for a vodka soda.

    I am a fan of the chain and would recommend it to a friend if they had a wallet deep enough to afford it.

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    88. art s.
    I'd stay here again.  

    I don't know Atlanta well at all, but the location seemed pretty good.  Easy ride in from the airport.  Handful of restaurants and bars w/in quick walking distance.  

    Room was standard W room.   In-room dining, though, wasn't having a great morning.  Mixed up my order and I heard they also mixed up my colleague's order.  

    Also, not sure if this is a new W-wide thing, but the "limited bandwidth" access for free is kind of cheesy.  Either make access free or don't.   And once I do go w/ the free version, don't put a NetZero-like frame at the top of each page I'm viewing with an 'upgrade now' call to action.  L-a-m-e.

    27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    89. Sam S.
    I am a business traveler and an SPG Platinum member.
    My work is in the Midtown area of Atlanta, and my client has a corporate rate with this hotel. Just makes sense right?
    This place is a meat market and looks pretty, but if you are a business traveler, meh.
    The rooms are no better than aloft, just different materials.
    When you walk into the room, it looks like a convenience store with price tags on everything. Cans of Pringles, booze, snacks, chips, bottles of water, all for insane prices. It's ugly. Likely relying on everyone coming back to their room, drunk as skunks, from the admittedly pretty outside bar.
    Thank goodness for the corporate rate, because paying $300 for this would be offensive.

    21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    90. JR R.
    Let me start off by saying I didn't stay here, I just attended a conference here.

    This place is just amazing!  The conference room on the 27th floor has a view to DIE for.  I was so freaking inspired!!

    The rooms were great, the service was good at the bars and the place is just awesome.  It's almost as if they thought about every sight line and how to make it pop.

    If you like modern architecture you'll love this place.

    29/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. BD M.
    This is fairly decent hotel in the heart of Midtown.  The room I had was fine but nothing special.  The carpet was quite worn and the bathroom needs to be re-caulked.  Everything is very pricey. 10 mins and 6 pages of printing in the business center cost me $11.  A hamburger with 3 beers ran me $50.  That includes a 22% service charge for the pleasure of my 70 min wait on a Tues night.  No, I was not in NYC.   The staff is very nice and tries hard.  There are some bars and restaurants that you can walk to.  The subway is a 10 min walk as well. The W is worth considering if you need a room in Midtown.

    12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    92. Kevin N.
    Oh W Hotel Midtown Atlanta, how you vex me. Actually, that's not really true - come to think of it, this moddish upscale W, wedged into the middle of what I've been told is a typically bustling Midtown area (though decidedly less so on Sunday night and Monday morning), brought the expected amenities. I'm not an architect, but I feel like I'm really getting the feel of the subtle differences from W to W, and I liked this one.

    Aesthetically, there are common threads that run throughout Ws in general, from the evening forward color palate to the walk in showers and the like. I found the staff helpful when I had questions, and getting around town with this hotel as home base made things pretty easy. My stay here wasn't revolutionary, but it was certainly fine. And I'd stay here again - no doubt I likely will.

    02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. wayne w.
    Like most W-Hotels, this place is uber-trendy and services a wide variety of clientel ranging from airline flight crews to couples on weekend retreats (why anyone would visit Atlanta for vacation is beyond me).  

    I stayed here for 3-nights for a work thing, and the rooms were well decorated, mini-bar was stocked with higher-end liquors (no, I didn't break into it), and the location is in midtown, and near several good restaurants.  I'd definitely stay here again.  The valet is somewhat slow in getting the cars pulled around... I'm not sure where they have them parked, but typically I'd call down from my room about 10-min before I wanted to leave, and they valets were still fetching my car when I went downstairs... Ergo, 4 of 5 instead of 5 stars...

    17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Joy R.
    I've stayed here quite a few times, and been here for a few events and I'm always pleased. #1 I always love the way W Hotels smell! And the staff is always eager to please. Valets are great too...I like how the good customer service starts right when you arrive! The rooms are comfortable but minimal, I never understand paying for their rooms. Fortunately I've never had too... But they have a lot to offer and the decor is beautiful! They do a great job hosting events too! Very helpful even when you're not staying there. Just discovered the food court area that is connected to it, at the last event that I was at. So that is another plus. All in all, always have a good experience here. Will be your choice to say if its worth the funds or not...

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. Lifes G.
    Room was flooded from an issue above my room, clothes were soaked, and staff did nothing to recover or follow up. Things happen beyond control, but no attempt to rectify the situation? I came back at the end of the day to fans all over the place to attempt to dry it out. No note or follow up from the manager? Best part, upon check out the clerk said, "We did cover the cost of your dry cleaning". Have stayed everywhere on business and this was the least effective management staff I have ever encountered. Things do happen, I get that, but they also give you an opportunity to recover....you W Hotel Midtown Atlanta failed miserably.

    21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    96. Julie W.
    From the minute I departed my taxi, I was greeted with a smile and helping hand from the bellman. And it didn't stop there. Upon check-in thru baggage delivery every employee made sure things were gong well. I requested a coffee pot and it was delivered to my room in less then 5 minutes. I couldn't get on the internet (they spelled my name with 2 b's) and were eager to help when I called. They even followed up with a call ensuring I was connected. Convention services were as polished. Eager to help and efficient. Food was great.... buffets had interesting fare from the saffron chicken to the goat cheese veggie stack. As my husband came here for work over 6 months ago with a very negative experience, it was a great to have a wonderful one!

    28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Monica O.
    No free in room Wi-fi, really? Pretty ridiculous.  Expected from Marriott, but the W--step it up.  The decor misses the mark (not to mention the peeled wall paper and cracked bathroom wall tile).  Had a burger for room service and a sparkling water for $37 and it was bland to boot!  I've seen W Hollywood, W Times Square and W New Orleans...guess I should have known Atlanta would not be up to par.  And my room had no hot water--ghetto--and forget a free upgrade or anything.  They put me in the same room with less amenities.

    14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    98. Regina R.
    If I could give this place a Zero Star Rating, I would.  I can only say the Valet service was great!  However, when we made our way up to the restaurant for LUNCH we were told there was a private party and we were invited to eat in their other dining area, just down the steps from the restaurant.  I have named this additional space the BLACK EMPTY DUNGEON.  Everything was dark, black and unfriendly and it was sunny and 80 degrees outside but you never would have known it.  Not a plant, any color or windows were in this space.  We were also the only people there.  We received some song and dance from the waitress about a new restaurant opening next month (like that could help my hungry tummy at the time).  Anyway, we ordered food from their limited menu.  However, my guest's sandwich came with mayo when she specifically asked twice, please no mayo.  Anyway, when I dared to order ice cream, I never thought I would receive a small chinese food take out container which held freezer burned vanilla ice cream.  It was harder than a brick.  I left it on my credit card slip because no spoon, fork or jack hammer could have penetrated that permafrost.  Anyway, stay away from this dump.  Thanks, Regina

    10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    99. Dru M.
    I haven't actually stayed at this W, but I've had friends and family who have (so I've seen the rooms) and I've been here several times for dinner and drinks.

    The design of the entire hotel is pretty neat...and very standard for the W brand. Cool lighting throughout, couches built into the walls, high ceilings and an impressive staircase leading to the upper level where Spice Market and Whiskey Park. I'm a big fan of the downstairs bar and the front patio. It;s full of comfortable couches and the service is very friendly and pretty quick. Even on a busy night.

    The rooms - pretty large, comfy beds, clean and I love that they have Bliss products in the bathroom.

    Note - pets are welcome for a fee. This is a bonus since most Midtown hotels aren't pet friendly.

    Overall...great location, awesome atmosphere. I highly suggest making your way to the W Midtown whether it's for drinks, a meal or a comfy bed for the night.

    22/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Chris R.
    Modern and trendy, but comfortable with great service.

    We got a great deal here from Priceline ($75 a night) and were very happy. The entire place feels a bit like a night club, but not in a pretentious way. We were greeted with friendly faces as we pulled up to the valet and the friendliness continued to the front desk. We told them that this was our first stay at a W and they "upgraded" us to a higher floor. I think they may have given us a suite if there were some available, but they were completely booked it sounded like.

    When we arrived in our room we immediately noticed the great view of the city through the floor to ceiling windows. The decor was still trendy and hip throughout the room with an iPod dock next to the bed, flat panel tv, very nice desk area and martini station which was a classy touch. When checking out the super cool bathroom though, we found that the sink was clogged. Within just a few minutes they sent someone up to fix it and moved us to another room which was just as nice. They also comped us breakfast at the Spice Market for our trouble, which was delicious! We also had a little trouble getting out of the valet, they couldn't find our car for some reason. When we noticed that they didn't charge us for parking though, we were very happy. It's normally around $30 or $40 a night I believe.

    The location of the hotel is perfect if you like being in the busy city like I do. Right in the heart of the midtown area within walking distance to some great looking restaurants and only minutes away (driving) from the park, coca-cola and the aquarium.

    There were a few hiccups in our stay, but the staff made sure that we were taken care of and not inconvenienced. We loved the feel of the hotel and definitely plan on trying other W hotels.

    14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Raquel B.
    I would never stay here again. Atlanta's crowd is so pretentious!! this is a place for people who desire to be seen and the wanna-be's. Overall, the place looks worn and old.

    19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    102. Melissa T.
    The hotel is trendy and hip, the rooms are luxurious, the bathrooms are big and filled with complimentary spa products, and we had a full window, floor-to-ceiling. Why the 3 stars then? The parking was $22, the lounges (Whiskey Park & The Living Room) were overpriced and staffed by idiots, and the crowd at the hotel was just dumb. I suppose I'll write a separate review for the lounges, but considering that they are a part of the hotel I thought I should include them here.

    The parking sign reads that the max charge is $11, but come to find out upon leaving, there is some mice-print somewhere that says overnight is $22. There is also no where else to park in the area, so you're pretty much a captive audience.

    I would come back if I was in the area because they DID have nice rooms. I just wouldn't go to the lounges again.

    14/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Miranda B.
    Everyone says the "W" hotels are cool. So it's like the Emperor's New Clothes - no one wants to be the one to say "I don't see it."

    The lobby is ugly - industrial concrete and low dim lighting, kinda like a parking garage in terms of warmth. Corridors are dim, and so are the rooms. Low lighting may be appealing in a club, but I want some decent lighting in a hotel room. Dark carpet and black fixtures add to the vampire feeling.

    Bed is comfy; bathroom has only an open shower (cold) with no bath. A vanity with magnifying lighted mirror (didn't work) sits just outside the bathroom.

    Housekeeping was abysmal. They made the bed and that was it. No attempt to wipe down the bathroom counter, push in a chair, or neaten up at all. Saved me the trouble of tipping but it was a drag to come back to a messy room. Maybe that's part of being a "cool" hotel.

    $30 per day for valet parking; $23 if you park your own ride. Friendly doormen.  Easy to walk to a number of good restaurants close by, and easy freeway access. I like the location but will look for a less grungy place in midtown on my next visit.

    15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    104. Rick F.
    Strange People, Strange Hotel! Everything about this brand is so 2000 and LATE!

    It's time for the next great design, brand and name change. The W-Hotel has ran it's course!

    A couple of suggestions:

    Hire valet attendants that have a higher IQ and understand the customer is important and customer service is even more important that how you look.

    Someone needs to turn the lights on in this place, I can't see shit!

    The chefs, the manager the decor, your all trying to hard to be original and unique, it's not working!

    I do love the the rooms, the price and the 27th floor party room, very cool view! Nice Vibe!

    17/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    105. Alex L.
    I've stayed at this hotel around 5 times now in all my travels, and i'll say its one of the nicest hotels to visit in Atlanta.

    As i'm here for business travel, I mainly care about a few things:
    - Bed
    - Food/Drinks
    - Shower

    Bed: Amazingly soft, and they actually make the temperature warmer in the bed room than the living room

    Food/Drinks: Spice market has some great options, but the bars are amazingly lively (evidently, lots of celebrities!) and have a patio when the weather is nice

    Shower: Well, it's large and has pressure (TWSS!)

    It's a very trendy location, not unlike any other W hotel, but they do a great job with service and I have yet to have a problem here.

    If you're in Midtown in Atlanta and not camping out at Chik-fil-a, make this the place you sleep.

    29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    106. Paul Z.
    Had some friends from out of town stay here last week (sweet corporate discount) and they loved it. The lobby is sophisticated and the rooms are posh (for the price). The hotel also connects to a mall with restaurants and is right next to Piedmont park. Really can't think of a better hotel in Midtown.

    20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. David G.
    Let's start with the positives....great price at $130 per night for "W". My wife and I were excited to get to stay at a W for that price. I've heard about W hotels for years and have always wanted to stay at one. It's got a pretty cool decor but nothing to write home about. The room is modern with some cool features in the bathroom.

    Now for the negatives.....

    #1 before we checked in, they made a major mistake and sent an e-mail out to all guests coming over the next few days. Unfortunately, they didn't hide all of the e-maill addresses. Now hundreds of people we don't know have our personal e-mail address.

    #2 about 20 minutes after checking into our room at 7:00 PM at night, 2 ladies knocked on our door to replenish our mini bar. Couldn't that have happened during the day when the rooms were being turned over? We had just settled in.

    #3 the hotel has great floor to ceiling windows. But, there are window shades that cover the windows. I tried pulling the chain to roll up the shades, but the chain was stuck. I called the operator and they said they'd send the engineer right up. 4 hours later after we had gotten back from our night out, the shade is still stuck shut. Either they totally forgot or they couldn't fix it and didn't leave a note. Bad form on either count.

    #4 the walls are paper thin. Laying in bed, we could hear people talking in the next room. They weren't yelling or partying hard. They were just hanging out and having fun. Not what you would expect from a luxury brand like W.

    #5 the main light in the room is a big floor lamp. Ours doesn't work. The incandescent bulb was burnt out.

    In summation, big let down. This is not what we expected. I'd expect this out of a cheaper motel, not a W.

    28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    108. Zvi C.
    Trendy and Hip- a great and convenient place to stay or just to have a drink in the lobby.

    03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. Tiffany L.
    I decided to stay at the W to be in midtown. Midtown is greater than Downtown.

    PRO: the hotel is very nicely decorated, the rooms have their own fridges (so feel free to bring back leftovers), free wifi (basic), and everyone was very friendly.

    CON: poorly equipped gym (5 weight lifting machines and a dozen cardio machines) and lack of a lounge.

    Hints: Don't touch any of the food/drinks in the room unless you want to pay triple the amount you would at a grocery store. Also, to get to the gym/Bliss spa, take the elevators to the right when you enter from the lobby. Those are the only two elevators that will go down to the lower level.

    08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    110. Primo L.
    Really enjoyed my stay at this hipster hotel. I felt at home and that's the best compliment I can give a hotel.

    One suggestion, though. The room is stocked full of stuff to buy, but rather than baseball caps and gummy bears why not sell something useful that travelers forget, like a razor or toothbrush?

    09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Kenny H.
    I have stayed at many W hotels and SPG properties over the years and this on was the worst W Hotel of them all.  Showing age, stains on the carpet and mattress, .  Room was not cleaned 2 days in a row - had to call to get someone there.  Would NOT recommend staying there unless you need to.  For the money and the brand I expect much more.  Security did not seem to have their act together as impromptu hallway parties were happening each night.  Had to move one night as there was an obvious smoker near the room.  They were trying to mask the smoke smell in the hallway with some sort of machine.  Parking is 30/day plus tip.  Gym was nice, pool was average.  I did not eat there so cannot comment on the food.  Checked out a day early out of frustration.

    07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    112. Anthony L.
    Staycation at this W a few times only because I'm brand loyal and I fell in love with the W hotel in New Orleans since 2002.  But I have a difficult time every time I come here. I seems like they can't get it together at this location which makes me want to pledge allegiance to a new brand. The duck at Spice market is the only thing that keeps me coming back. I had a drink wasted on me by a new waiter who took forever to get order right. (Ohhh it was the wrong drink he wasted on my suit.) And as I sat there smelling like Dolcé and Vodka the manager of the resturant finally made his way over at the end of my meal to tell me to drop off my dry cleaning bill. WTH. And forget about getting your SPG points without following up. This location doesn't have the capabilities of modern technology to keep track of your points. They have to enter it in manually. With the exception of one short hair young lady who's a manager at the restaurant that works her but off to put out the many fires in this location I'd say only visit if your options are none. I wish I could recall her name but she cleans up the mess that the other managers of the hotel should be doing. I'm still waiting on my SPG points from two months ago... Hell it's such trouble to get them I didn't show my SPG card this time. Before you sit any of the locations ask them before they take your order if they award SPG points. After todays experience of the waiting game I think it may be time to part ways.

    07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    113. Ashley P.
    Holy S*it balls, this place is skanky!  I'm from out of town and stayed here when a friend was getting married.  I was really stoked to stay at the W until I got into the room.  It was underwhelming.  The bar is STOCKED.  I mean like full sized bottles of Makers Mark kinda stocked.  Like you and your basketball team could get wasted kinda stocked.  It was an alright experience until I found the pack of condoms and LUBE with a note from the W telling me to get lucky.  Then I thought of the hundreds of people that stayed in that room before me and how they probably DID get lucky.  On the bed I was going to sleep on.  I know, it's a hotel, it's what happens.  But damn it don't remind me of it!  Eeeeeewwwwww.  

    The staff was very professional and nice.  But overall the hotel seems like it's just trying too hard.

    20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    114. Dave L.
    The W Hotel (Midtown) is a great property to stay at whether for business or for pleasure.  Upon arrival I was greeted by a delightful staff waiting to help me with my bags.  

    My main reason for my visit to Atlanta was business but instead of booking my hotel through my convention website, I opted to book via the SPG site instead and WOW, what a difference.  As an SPG gold member I knew there were some perks but the way I was being treated started to make me feel like I was Platinum status!  

    The room they put me in was nothing short of Spectacular!  The room was a large suite with a great view and all the amenities anyone could ask for.  (Think large living room, dining area with table, and a separate bedroom.  Bose stereo sound system for the living room.  

    The only gripesI had were:
    -My initial room had a maintenance problem (Leaky AC unit leading to soggy carpets) but was quickly resolved by moving me to a suite equal in size.
    -No one mentioned the mini-mall behind the W that is accessible via the 2nd Floor next to the Spice Market.  There's food and a convenience store in this mini mall so you don't need to travel far to get what you need.
    -The Acura "Whenever, Wherever" service stops between the hours of 11am to 5pm and while the car is there, the person that drives it is not working so no one else is allowed to drive you anywhere.  This sort of goes against the "Whenever" theme of things.

    Aside from these small points, my overall experience at The W Hotel Midtown was very positive.  85/100.

    26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Willie D.
    WE had a good rate on this hotel and said hey let's go for it ! The W hotel is know for it's hip but posh class and it lives up to  the name for me.Our room was large and very modern I pod clock radio,37" flat screen,ultra modern bathroom and a loaded wet and snack bar.Check in was great 3 minutes and done I couldn't get my credit out faster than that! Your room key has to be inserted into the elevator to get to your room and to go down it's not needed.Parking is where you get "hosed" so be prepared- 90 mins = $9.00 but all day is $11.00 - go figure.Bliss,Spice market,Whiskey Park and Bliss spa are in the hotel which is connected to Colony Square which has The club Shout,Moe's grill,Chick-fil-a, and a few other stores in there,but Moes and Chick-Fil-A are only opened Mon-Fri.I would stay here again but not at a min of $180.00 per night and no breakfast included,but at a rate that I feel is reasonable-$125.00 per night.If ever you want to pamper yourself or your other half,this is the place for it not for you and the fellas to do keg parties.

    28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. Michael F.
    I have stayed at this W Location three times now and each time it left me with a very general sense of being underwhelmed. While I get a great deal at most Starwood properties, the price and location have been the reason I keep coming back. The modern styled lobby is fun with a few nooks and crannies to have a little private fun are a definite perk.

    I enjoy being able to walk down to the restaurants on Peachtree or over to the park. It is in a great location for getting to pretty much wherever you need to go, minus the typical big city valet parking costs. The clientele, many times, not always is comprised of many middle-aged men dressed in Affliction shirts and people who are more interested in being seen somewhere cool, than actually having a good time.

    If you can get the government employee rate, it's worth it in order to be able to walk. I know...I'm one of those weird people who would rather walk to where I want to go as opposed to drive.

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    117. Summer P.
    Good experience overall and pretty typical of most W hotels that I've stayed in. The only thing a bit off on this visit were the maid services in the room. While it was clear that there was someone coming into the room each day to "tidy" up, it never really felt like the room had really been cleaned; moreover, on the last day of my stay, no one came into the room to clean. Super bizarre.

    I understand they have a Green Program - which I love and think is a great idea, but I hadn't actually signed up for that (didn't even realize that it existed until I mentioned the room cleanliness issue to the staff).

    22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. Roy H.
    Bet these reviews were from employees I wanted my glassware that I used to be replaced with clean, nobody seemed to understand that.

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    119. Allyson R.
    Well, I can't really say anything that hasn't been said already.  We booked this hotel to stay when going out in ATL one night.  On priceline we were able to book the room for $75 a night, compared to the $185 price tag on their website.  When we got to our room, it looked like someone had been laying on the bed, and had then changed rooms and they didn't tidy up after.....so we did the same thing.  Our next room was clean and wonderful.  

    We ate dinner at their restaurant, Spice, and it was very tasty and had great service.  I highly recommend it.

    Then we took their free shuttle over to the going out area.  The drive was super nice and filled us in on his life story on the quick drive.

    I would definitely stay here again!

    23/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Annie W.
    This was definitely not the W experience I am familiar with. I booked multiple rooms for this trip and mine was OK but the other had items hanging out of the wall and the bathroom faucet didn't work properly. We could hear almost everything through the walls including doors slamming and people being intimate.

    I've been charged for all kinds of fees that is taking an arm and leg to figure out and resolve. No one knows what is going on. I am really disappointed with this hotel and will not be staying here again to say the least.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    121. Ashley A.
    The W Midtown is awesome. You're greated by very friendly and helpful valet men, once inside the check in people were also very nice. I was very pleased with my room, the decor was young and quirky and the branding of all of the little Bliss items was genius.  The large window was amazing. Everything was very clean and even though I was right by the elevators it was not unusually loud which was great since I was here on business.

    The downstairs lounge is a great place to relax, everyone (guests) was well dressed and looked very content and happy. All of the staff there was great, we met a lot of nice people there.

    "Whiskey Park" upstairs bar was also excellent. Our local DJ friend Xavier Blak was spinning that night so we went up to watch him and the atmosphere was great! Especially nice to be in the VIP spot since it's less crowded and you have places to sit down. The decor was amazing!  Only downfall is that someone stole my point and shoot camera, I dropped it, and literally turned around and it was already gone off the floor, but that's not a hotel issue.

    The location is perfect! Walking distance to a lot of great places in midtown as well as walking distance to park (which is beautiful). Just a cab ride away from everything else you heart desires!

    20/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Kathryn B.
    We honestly didn't take advantage of any of the amenities that the hotel had to offer. We were in town to go to a Georgia tech football game, so it was conveniently located to everywhere we needed to be, campus, midtown bars, and not too far from Decatur.

    We got a great rate on the room, which helped us enjoy the place even more and we got valet for free. The one downer is how long that the valet took. We were even there and the Duke team was there staying and our hotel room was super quiet.

    The quality of the rooms were great, very modern. The bathroom was nice and updated, with a waterfall shower head and a vanity outside the bathroom. The service was very friendly.

    I would definitely recommend this place to stay while in Atlanta.

    27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Elizabeth V.
    Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this hotel. Service was great, as well as drinks, food, & my room. I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing weekend. The Bliss Spa was wonderful too. I would recommend booking a massage there if you have any free time & are staying at the hotel.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Jess C.
    Beautiful W. Love that they aren't stingy on the Fiji waters.

    I wish I had a chance to check out their pool.

    14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Bobbin W.
    I wanted to be one of the cool black people dancing at the W last night so badly. In perfect sync, they dipped, jiggled, shook, kicked and steered their heads - how do they know all this intricate choreography? The dudes looked so bad-ass in bowties and pinstripes and cardigans and Converse.

    I stared at them for an hour while barely sipping my Kir Royale. Then "This Is How We Do It" came on. I ran through their group so I could sway strangely at their periphery. But this hot chick in an orange tube dress grabbed my hand and pulled me into the center.

    For a fleeting few moments, I felt cool and black.

    Then my fiance and I forgot where we parked and had to be escorted on the golf cart in slow motion until his Honda lit up with his car key's unlock button.


    25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Peter D.
    I slept like a dead person at The W.

    No no no, LIKE a dead person, not WITH a dead person. You must be confusing me with another Peter. Yeah, well, lots of people look like me. I've got one of those faces. Yeah, well, lots of people have this shirt. It was a popular year for...our high school basketball team.

    In any case, this W has a tremendously comfortable bed, and the best blackout curtains I've encountered in a hotel. I'm an old man now, and I rarely sleep past 8 am, but I nearly missed my ride to the airport because I kept going back to sleep, thinking it was the middle of the night.

    And like other W Hotels, they offer a nice assortment of Bliss products that I like to keep at home with me. To give to my girlfriend at a later date to make up for being a terrible person.

    "I'm sorry I got drunk at your cousin's wedding and slapped your aunt across the face...here's some Body Butter."

    Works every time.

    07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Amanda M.
    I had a room block with this hotel for my wedding weekend that I signed over two months ago.  As the day I'm getting married conflicts with another large event in town that weekend and most of my guests are traveling from out of town, I wanted to ensure everyone would have somewhere to stay before signing contracts with the venue and vendors.  Once the room block was confirmed, I paid deposits to several vendors, comfortable that there would be no issues with the room blocks, and I even communicated to many wedding party, friends, and family members that we would have plenty of rooms at the W Midtown.  Then, I received the following email:

    "Hello ******,

    We have attached a cancellation letter in reference to your Wedding Room Block - *** - ***, 2013.

    Warm wishes,


    No explanation, no phone call, NOTHING but this email!  My sales contact at the W only called to apologize and explain the hotel made the block not realizing they were oversold AFTER I issued a formal complaint with Starwood Corporate.  I work in client service role, I would NEVER imagine breaking this type of news to someone via email - especially when it relates to one of the most important days of their lives!!

    Also, how could they possibly not known they were booked this weekend?? All the other hotels I called when trying to block rooms were very aware of the other big event scheduled that weekend.  I will never ever stay at another Starwood hotel unless I absolutely have to.  

    Thanks Midtown W, I really appreciate the terrible experience and the additional stress I now have to deal with because of your oversight.

    13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    128. Deidre M.
    I would strongly recommend NOT staying at this hotel.  I recently stayed here with a group of friends and we were very disappointed with the service we received.  We had an issue with the key to our room not working, and had to visit the front desk at least 5 different times throughout the weekend to get it re-keyed so that we could get in to our room.  This was a huge inconvenience, but we do understand that stuff like this happens and it is out of their control.  We wouldn't have been as upset if  the front desk staff had been more understanding and apologetic.   They acted like we were wrong by not inserting the key the correct way, and that we had put the key up against our cell phone or another card causing it de-magnetize (which we explained that we did not do because we know that makes room keys not work).  They were just SO rude about the whole issue and acted like we were being so aggravating by asking for some help to get our room key to work.  Also, we rented a cabana at the pool, and the service was OK.  The supervisor was very nice and friendly, but two of the servers that were helping us were terrible.  We had simple requests and they would either forget or act annoyed.  We ate dinner and had drinks in the Living Room and the service was SO slow.  We were one of a few tables in the restaurant at the time, so it's not like they were super busy.  It took over 45 minutes to get our food and the server wasn't good about re-filling our waters or asking if we would like another drink.  It also annoyed us even more because most of the time the employees working in the restaurant were standing around talking to each other.  The only good things I can say about this hotel were that the valet team and housekeepers were very friendly and cared about making our experience a good one.  I would take your money to a hotel that has a staff that knows how to properly treat guests.

    01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    129. Anup S.
    The usual.  Nothing special or unique to this W.

    My room was smaller than my last stay at the aLoft.

    13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Leonard H.
    Man, i don't know.  This W just doesn't live up to the experiences that I have had at other W properties.  My last stay at a W was in Taipei, which is maybe the nicest and coolest hotel I have ever stayed at.  The Midtown W, on the other hand, just can't compare.  It's like they have given up on the details.  The carpet in the hallway outside my room was full of stains (12th floor) and the room just had a lot of small details that weren't up to the usual W standards.  I think you can find a much nicer hotel in Midtown for the same money.

    23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    131. Brian P.
    You can check out my review of Spice Market to get an idea of the in house dining.

    I've stayed here a number of times for business. I like it in the summer/spring due to its proximity to Piedmont Park. It's a great neighborhood, close to Opera nightclub and a number of fun bars/restaurants nearby it.

    Rooms are better than the rooms at the W Buckhead. However, you might not like the possibility of flooding; the bathroom showers have this partition that doesn't close, and therefore water can get everywhere.

    The gym here is not bad, it's in the basement so you kind of have to ignore the lack of fresh air/ air freshener over-compensation. It's next to the bliss spa, which is one of the only in-hotel SPG spas in ATL. So I would recommend this hotel if you have one of THOSE workweeks.

    I must say these are really cool suites if you get them. The shower in one of them has a great surprise: a translucent window panel that views into the bedroom. Interesting when you're there with people who are NOT your significant other.

    The patio lounge/bar thing is great, and also there are tons of fancy little hideout nooks all over the lobby and public floors. It's very sexy, and you can completely get some serious work done in one of these nooks, or bring people in for an intimate one-on-one conversation.

    It's populated by a lot of consultant types but there are a fair amount of younger people here to just get away or have fun.

    16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Valencia W.
    I held off on writing this review until I gave this hotel a second chance. If I had wrote this review based on my previous visit it would certainly be a -1 star. However, due to my complaints, and telling them I'm a loyal SPG member and nobody should experience what I had to experience I told them I'd hold judgment until my next visit and I'm glad they did. I'll start with my first visit -- my first visit was a hectic one. I entered the hotel lobby and found that it was very busy from guests trying to get things settled to hotel staff trying to help them to where they needed to be. The staff were very helpful getting my reservation taken care of due to a last minute change from a business standpoint and I apologized for having to bother them. For my first visit I had to have visited the lobby about 3 times and I have 6 hotel keys to show for it because they were recycling keys that were trash. I only found this out from seeing someone not throw them away but putting the key that wasn't working in the 'pile'. I told the guy why he would make life harder on staff and harder for guests -- throw that crap away. Nothing irritates me more and I guess common sense, isn't so common these days. Upon looking in my room I found a bug, chilling on the window enjoying the fact that he was inside the W Hotel and I told them about this little inconvenience and the guy smashed it effectively. I was minus a few towels (face towels) and asked them if I could get more. More inconvenience. The beds are comfortable and the rooms and shower is nice but please keep up with the room and think that some people need those towels. I returned from work the next day at 8:30PM and found out my room wasn't cleaned when there was no indication that I didn't want it to be cleaned. At this point they were at 2 stars. I woke up the next morning to find out I had a check out bill with 4 nights of valet service attached to the bill. What the hell were these people doing? I clearly went outside every day to take a cab?? Frustrated I spoke to the manager and told them that riding on the W name won't get you any points. You have to show that you pay attention to those little and in this case expensive details such as this 4 day charge on my bill. I was told valet was absolutely positive it was me and I told the guy that he's simply wrong. Why would I take a cab when you see me and say HELLO for the past 3 days I'm here and i've asked to take a cab? Once again, common sense? I left the hotel and told the folks there I would reserve judgment until my next stay....

    My second visit which was about 3 weeks afterwards went so much better. I don't know what happened but it was a different experience for me. The lobby was just as busy as it was before and everyone seemed to make more of an effort to help guests from what I had observed. They did make another error and not clean my room but I called the manager and they mentioned that they would figure out what happened -- yeah, they aren't planning to call me back but they did comp my desert that I ordered. Ha, I thought that was fair - I'll let that slide. There were no critters and the days I ordered room service I received my food. One of the omelets were soaked in oil but other than that it was enjoyable. I had to return a key once but I had another spare so no big issue. I found that the shower was leaking water which I did not experience in my other room. It was weird and they should check that out since I pointed it out to them. Other than that, I think they improved from 0 to 4 based on my second visit just by doing the little things. I wouldn't mind staying at the W again but if they had another Sheraton closer - it sure would be interesting.

    08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Mike A.
    Don't write a lot of reviews, but I will take time out of my day for this disaster with the hope that it may help someone.

    Run from this hotel.  If someone tells you to stay here, they are either messing with you or haven't been here.

    12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    134. Riccardo S.
    I want to love this place...it has so much going for it, from the views to a truly engaged management. But - if you need to get management involved to get things done, we have a problem.

    Upon arrival, the Bell staff are excellent. Quick to the car, exceptionally helpful, and always gracious (never have I left the hotel without being offered a bottle of water for the road).

    Front Desk are appropriately nice and welcoming, but somewhat detached. There could absolutely be better planning for staff coverage during peak check-in/check-out hours.

    Whatever/Whenever is where this hotel falls down, and badly. iPhone app orders have been routinely ignored (even had a manager apologize to me stating that a rep didn't have the application open to receive orders). I've had wake-up call requests ignored, making me late to a meeting (and even when they call once, they ignore the request to give a second wake-up call shortly thereafter, which every other W I've ever stayed at is happy to do). Most unusual is that the hotel doesn't even stock all the items listed in the W app (and which are found at other W Hotels). Last, but not least, laundry charges are an absolute travesty.

    Room service is quite good, both for breakfast and late-night, as food and service are spot-on there.

    Wi-Fi isn't worth using. Terribly slow service, and realistically not worth paying for. Bring a Mi-Fi card.

    The bar/lounge area does get high points from me. The bartenders are delightful, engaging, and attentive to the mood of the guest. If you're in the mood for a chat, they'll be glad to reciprocate, or give you the space you want if your desire is to be left alone. The manager of the nightlife venue is quick to welcome, and very happy to ensure that guests leave happy.

    I've stayed here a few times in 2011, and am already solidly booked for a few weeks in 2012, as the location is right where I need to be. I look forward to the issues I've had being resolved, as they are not insurmountable, and I really do want to make this a favourite spot to come back to.

    22/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    135. Mary-Nevin H.
    Full disclaimer, this review is for the wet deck experience, not the hotel. The W is one of the few hotels that allows non-guests to buy a pass for the day. My fellow and I tried this out on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and were very disappointed.

    First off we were told to check in with the concierge upon arrival and had to wait 10 minutes for someone to come and take us to the pool, I was fine with this I get it, hotels get busy and so on, we get to the deck and there were way more people than chairs, after awkwardly standing around for 15 minutes, were were able to find a few feet of pool space to stick our feet in. After ordering a drink, we asked for towels and were told they were out. At this point I was a little annoyed but tried to be understanding. Then the girl came back and said there would be no towels for 3 hours, when I asked if my husband and I could share one that was in one of the 3 empty cabanas(with no upcoming reservations) I was told only if I paid for cabana service could I use the towel. Again, I get it, not her rule, so I asked if we could go to the spa or even a service cart for a towel so that I could swim and she said we'd have to wait for the pool towels and that it would take 3 hours. Also she had no idea why or how that happened. Yikes..

    The pool itself (as well as the surrounding area) is way too small for the number of people they allow, I understand that hotels can't know who is going to want to go to the pool when but if you're going to offer pool passes or a scoutmob to the general public, I'd hope that the establishment would be a bit more prepared than this. I recently stayed at a hotel in Boston that had a similar pool deal and even with a full hotel and 2 parties on a Saturday, everything ran much more efficiently than this mess. After an hour of the pool only becoming more crowded and only looking worse for the wear I decided to take the $60 hit and call it a day.

    I will say once I reached out to them on twitter about the experience, they responded within 5 minutes and asked me to follow up with them, I was impressed and even sent out a positive tweet about their prompt customer service. Sadly however, that was where the customer service ended, I let them know about my experience and it has been radio silence ever since..guess I should've kept complaining.

    Save your time Atlanta folks, there are plenty of pools that cost less and have much better customer service.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    136. Jj S.
    Nice hotel, great staff and room. Very comfortable stay vibrant lobby and bar scene. Valet was on point. Room service was fast. Definitely enjoyed the stay. Would recommend and come here again.

    30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. Lane L.
    The absolute worst hotel experience I've ever had!!  Can I give negative stars for a rating????  This would be a -5 stars for sure.  The staff.....wow. Totally unhelpful, actually, downright rude. Was staying here for a family members wedding, with multiple suites and rooms rented. One of the thugs, yes thugs, literally guarding the elevator told us "he was here to make money, not for our convenience" when our hotel keys would not work to activate the elevators to take us to the rooms that we had PAID FOR. Ummm, yes, actually, that is why you're here as a hotel employee, to help your guests when your completely incompetent system fails. The intimidation tactic by the hotel employees went far beyond the elevator goons. Every experience with a hotel employee was as if we, as hotel guests, we're graced to stand in their presence. Also, it seems as if the rooms were last touched and cleaned was circa 2000.  I would rather stay in a tent. My worst nightmare would be to have to return to the W Hotel Midtown.

    05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    138. Tommy B.
    The W Hotel in Midtown was OK. We were a little disappointed with the room. The tub did not drain, which maintenance promptly fixed. The furniture, doors, and doorways all were beaten to hell with scrapes. Housekeeping woke us up 2 hours before our checkout time. That said, the restaurant/bar in the lobby has a patio which we had great service and very good drinks. We enjoyed watching people taking pictures next to not the fanciest cars I've ever seen in the valet area. I'm not talking 1 or 2 people either, but a constant barrage. Weird. I don't think we'd stay there again, but it was nice enough for one night.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    139. Thuy L.
    I really enjoyed my stay at the W Midtown hotel. Great location, conveniently located by the Arts Center Marta T-stop.  The rooms were nice and comfortable (as most W hotel rooms are).  Amenities were nice, free wi-fi, and super friendly staff.

    The Acura car service was nice, however it was on a first-come first-serve basis rather than by appointment which was a little annoying.  Also, the car service is for travel within 6 miles of the hotel.

    There are 5 bars located within the hotel. The bottom floor was nice and cozy.  The spice market was okay too (great appetizers).  The top bar was oddly shaped and seating was really strange. They have the DJs booth right in front of the VIP section, and the dance floor/bar is away from there so really hard to maneuver.  

    Can't wait to come back!

    13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Karen K.
    Absolutely the worst experience at a hotel that caters to business people ever.  First couldn't find my reservation.  Wireless didn't work when I got to my room.  Gym is hot and dirty.  Room service arrived 15 minutes late and breakfast food was terrible... at least the coffee was decent.  But worst of all is the attitude of the staff. You feel as if they are all doing you a favor, and that things working or being on time is not their job.  Really?!?  Not sure they have been trained on what being in the service business really means.  So many other great Atlanta hotels, skip this one.

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    141. John I.
    I've stayed at this hotel numerous times. The rooms are nice and comfy, lighting a little too spotty (in this case, concentrated rather than lighting the whole room, not that it didn't work) and the staff are fine.

    A few things I would note:
    * Sometimes the service is a little much. Sometimes when I arrive by taxi, I feel like the staff is like a puppy dog, panting outside the window while I pay, waiting to earn a tip for taking my bag. I just dragged it through O'hare and ATL; I can probably get it to the front desk myself.
    * There is a card in the room noting that coffee is free in "The Living Room" downstairs. What I really need is coffee now, to even have enough energy to get out of the bedroom.
    * They try a little to hard to be hip, with the thumping ambient music by anonymous (or too cool for me) artists, their cutesy names ("The Living Room" is a bar, the "Wet Deck" is a pool, "Sweat" is a pool.
    * At these prices, do you really need to charge for internet? Even Starbucks makes that free, and they're not exactly a charity.

    I gave them one less star because I once ate something from the "Munchie Box" (really? the chips & nuts in the room) and went to the check-out desk & told them, while leaving, to get a final bill. Lo & behold, I got another bill with them added a second time. I wrote an e-mail to the address they gave on the bill, and it took two days to take the charges off (granted, I sent it on a Saturday, but hotels are 24/7) and no note with it to apologize.

    Then again, I like my Starwood points and my business is in Midtown; so I haven't stayed anywhere else in town.

    04/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    142. Dana V.
    As a huge W Hotel fan already, this location in midtown exceeded expectations. The hotel as a whole is trendy, stylish, clean (other reviews make me very confused) and the amenities are awesome! During my stay, I used the FIT center (basic but clean, yoga mats, towels, water, green apples provided), visited the WET pool (small but cool vibe: music, great cocktail menu, plenty of space to tan/hang out poolside without renting a cabana), The Living Room (bartender and cocktails are consistently incredible- try the Spicy Paloma for tequila fans, the Lemongrass Martini for something sweeter AND the lounge/lobby area looks so cool, check out the ceiling and mismatched furniture setups) and Whiskey Park (their nightclub on the second floor, which is free for hotel guests). Concierge was so helpful and nice (met Kennedy twice, who offered neighborhood suggestions and gave us extra Bliss products so my friend and I could both wash our hair with the nice shampoo...this is a big deal, as any girl with long hair knows). The W just puts thought into extra details - like elevator mats that read "Good Morning" or "Good Evening", the kaleidoscope in the room, the green apples and flavored water everywhere, the complimentary coffee bar each morning in the lobby - and each staff member I encountered was helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this hotel - if you are the type of hotel guest that expects a Ritz-Carlton (like some reviewers here) then don't stay here (stay at the Ritz) - if you want to stay in a pretty, modern, cool setting, check in (and sign up for the Starwood members program and get points!).

    12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    143. Edward L.
    I really liked the W. Honestly, there are still a lot of things about this place that I really still like. I like the comfortable beds and I love the "whatever whenever" button. I gave the W a good review the first time I stayed because I had a nice romantic weekend, but had an issue of smelling weed throughout the hallways. The W was quick to apologize about the inconvenience and I thought nothing about it. After my second stay, it came to my attention that the W is just known for having problems. I was up to 4AM because of the noise throughout the building. Thank God I had Pokemon X to keep me company during my case of sudden noise insomnia! I don't really understand the point of calling the Valet Parking to have your call pulled up because it honestly would still take me 20 minutes of waiting before they actually got my car. I also had to wait 20 minutes for the elevators due to a malfunction. Oh no worries, just take the stairs right? NO. The stairs here are absolutely disgusting. You get the movie theatre stick sound while you walk down the hall. For the price you have to pay to stay at the W, I just expected better.

    14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    144. Natalie G.
    If want-a-be chic is your thing then this is the place to be. To start we called to make a reservation and were told one rate, called back later that day and were told a much higher rate because "the hotel is now full" and "...whoever have you that rate was mistaken." Because we were attending a conference bring held here we followed through with the reservation. Once we checked in and settled into the room at a much higher rate we observed the following: the room was right next to elevators and could hear the elevators go up and down all night long, there were literally tears and holes in the sheets, food crumbs in the bed, and the air outtake flowed directly on to the beds. In addition, the bathroom supplies were not consistently replenished and room cleaning was not thorough. One evening we attempted to eat in the hotel, we're told it'd be a 10 minute wait, we waited 40 min to be seated and then another hour before our food arrived. On a positive note the entire staff was incredibly nice and service focused. The accommodations? Eh, not worth the price. You're paying for IKEA quality chic.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    145. Cecelia K.
    The amount of cockroaches was topped only by the quantity of hookers crawling through the halls of this place. But, my room was pretty nice.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    146. Angie P.
    Absolutely in love! I stayed here on a busy weekend for Atlanta...as there was the A3C festival (which I was here for) & Gay Pride.  Needless to say, the hotel was packed & full of people milling about outside & in the lobby/bar area.

    The room itself is gorgeous, as is the view from the window - which I was on the 11th floor. I love having the Bliss Spa line of amenities; however, I was taunted by the bar setup, snack shelf, & fully stocked mini fridge with more alcohol - including some of my favorites! - with mixers. Bad temptation! :D
    The bathroom is full of design & the water pressure in the shower was great!

    The bed & pillows were so comfy, it was hard to get out of bed the next morning.

    While the hotel shares a public parking deck, they do have valet service, too.  However, it was like $22 to park in the deck yourself & valet was like $30+. :(

    The staff here is very friendly & helpful.  They have a bar, "living room" area, a restaurant, "Spice", & several meeting room spaces.  I love the complimentary tea & coffee service at the bar in the mornings.

    I'll definitely be using W Hotels in the future!

    18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    147. Jennifer S.
    This was a very disappointing experience. My husbands and I love W hotels for the hip vibe, modern rooms, friendly staff and of course high end amenities.

    The W Midtown missed the mark.  

    Our room had ripping pealing wall paper (we alerted the front desk, who thanked us, but didn't seem to care.) The business center computers didn't work and no one was willing to help us get something printed out. We had to call the front desk several times to get a bucket of ice at 6 am since the ice machine on the floor wasn't working.

    Our first room was next to the VERY loud elevators even after specifically requesting a room far away from the elevators.  

    For the cost of a W I expect a LOT more from the hotel

    05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    148. Ana M.
    Came here exclusively for the wet deck last sunday and had a great time. The pool itself isn't that impressive- just a square, tiled pool. There are four nice cabanas with TVs on one side (generally requires bottle service or other minimal consumption limit to occupy) and lounge chairs all around. Some are sagging a little but that's forgivable. Food options are regular bar fare, and surprisingly at regular bar prices- chicken tenders with fries, for example, are about $8. Cocktails can be more interesting (ginger margarita, for instance) and cost around $10. Same for wine and bubbly. There are two restrooms that are kept pretty clean. Pool towels are provided and are nice and plush. The vibe is young and chill, with some lounge music in the background. Nothing that will blow your mind, but for this girl without a pool, it's nice to know that if you spend a $20 tab per person on a Sunday, you are a welcome patron, no need to pretend to be a guest ;)

    28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. Audrea P.
    Very pleased with out W Wonderful Suite on the 26th floor. The view was to die for! The bar is pricey but the drinks are quality, as is all the secret lounging areas along the bottom floor and the peaceful outside patio. Concierge staff was great!!! Especially Terrance

    23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. Asma A.
    Elegantly decorated
    Loved the small hidden cozy booths around the corner!! :-)
    Did not spend the night here, just came here to enjoy an evening out .

    If you want to have a chill night sitting on the couches and being able to actually have a conversation with your friends then come here...Overall, I definitely enjoyed the evening here!

    13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Wen L.
    Nice clean location, always come here and get the marvelous suite. They do a great job of remembering me and expediting my check in. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a good hotel to stay in and for $600 a night for the suites they are pretty cheap.

    18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. K F.

    Now aging TACKY worn contemporary, Veneers peeling, chipped. Slow internet service even when paying for upgrade (I benchmarked it at a third of what they claimed). Service was mixed with some truly great service and some truly bad service. There is no coffee service in the room. There is service in the lobby, but not kept full, so expect to wait when both carafes are dry. No "usable" clock in the room, They go over the top covering every spare surface and the mini fridge with crazy expensive liquor and candy. They got pretty rude when I asked it be removed from the room.

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    153. Mark O.
    We were looking forward to staying at the W Atlanta Midtown for a special event and we were very disappointed when the sales staff, Gretchen and Pranisha, did not honor the rates advertised online.  There was an obvious communication problem because the sales team did not check the website to make sure the deadline was written to inform customers of the cut-off date for this special rate.  Further, it took three attempts via phone and e-mail to even receive a response and assistance from the sales team, which is further evidence of communication problems within this department. As a result of this experience, we decided to take our business elsewhere and we would not consider the W Atlanta Midtown for a future stay nor would we recommend it to a family member or friend. Overall, we were very disappointed with the customer service.

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    154. Maxwell H.
    Although the hotel has a nice sheen on the outside, a cool patio bar, and friendly staff the overall accommodations leave something to be desired. Plumbing issues, old ratty furniture, and key cards that constantly disconnect are at odds with the W brand. Keep in mind that on weekend nights the hotel lobby turns into a nightclub that you can hear up to the 18th floor. The bed may be comfortable but for the price I'd rather stay at a Best Western than this particular W again.

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    155. Ken K.
    Probably the worst hotel I've ever stayed at, especially for the price. Pretentious, incompetence, and ignorance are three words that constantly came to mind during my 3 night stay. My stay started with a fight in front of the lobby by the valet. Then at checkin their system was down for 30 minutes. Finally got to my room and smelled like cheap perfume trying to obviously cover up smoke from a previous stay. At first I was told not other rooms were available. After talking to 3 different people and another hour another room magically appeared that luckily smelled normal. The room seems outdated and cheap, asked for an extra blanket, they have none and brought a bed sheet instead. Very small fridge filled with random overpriced drinks so don't plan on using it. No coffee or tea in room (Ordered one cup of tea for $10.)No microwave. No bath (not even in the up charged suite.) I was excited for the pool, but it ended up being a small pathetic area, they didn't have towels available for over an hour, and there's no hot tub! No discount was given, barely received an apology. If you want to be surrounded by people who like to pretend they have money, or enjoy overpaying for a subpar hotel experience, this is the place for you. To say the least I'll never be back.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    156. Steven S.
    Top of the line in hospitality w/ great features & a nice room.  Parts show a little wear & tear in basic features of the room but overall, they have kept the rooms & common areas in great shape.

    Standard pricing for Midtown Atlanta but along with a high end experience like the Four Seasons, I was impressed with the friendly staff at the front desk, valet parking & even maintenance (who I ran into in the hallway).  Those type of "little things" help create a friendly & inviting environment for an overall great stay.

    We had the Fantastic Suite & had a great view of Midtown & Buckhead from the 25th floor.  One thing we were upset about was that we could not access the outdoor, glass elevator that we have seen numerous times driving by.  We were told it comes "randomly" but throughout the night & next morning, it said it was on the 3rd floor the whole time.  This was something we were looking forward to but we were a little disappointed that we couldn't take a ride up in it.

    Thank you to the team at Whiskey Bar & Spice Market as well, for enhancing our experience while staying at the W.

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    157. Forrest M.
    One of the best Hotels I have stayed at!  Loved the location, the style and overall vibe! I will definitely stay there again.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. James W.
    My 2 night stay was very pleasurable. I would give them a solid 4 star rating as far as luxury. I did not eat at the restaurants but the lounges were nice and customer service all around was excellent. I also didn't use valet because they add charges to your bill so I parked in the parking deck and still paid $37/night. The location is prime with Piedmont Park a block away and many local restaurants and bars in the immediate area. Great clubs like Opera and Cosmo Lava are right around the corner. I highly recommend The Nook to eat, drink, and watch sports.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    159. Maggie C.
    My husband and I decided to stay here to celebrate his birthday! The hotel is very hip and cool with a colorful, lounge feel. We stayed in a standard room and we were pleased with it. The furnishings have a wow feel but for some reason the overall room didn't. I think because even though we were on the 18th floor, we didn't really have a view. The hotel doesn't get five stars for two reasons: 1) the hotel needs some serious sound proofing. We could hear street noise and at one point someone's phone going off. 2) The pool shuts down too early. We went out there about 7:30 and there wasn't a soul out there and the bar was packed up. I feel like it should stay open until 10, at least on Fridays and Saturdays.

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    160. Brad M.
    Stayed here from Friday to Sunday in February

    + the hotel is conveniently located so taking MARTA from the airport was really easy and cost $2.50.
    + when I checked in, the staff was really friendly and upgraded me to a suite, from a basic room. Amazing!
    + the hotel is connected to a strip mall and had a convenience store in it, so stock up.
    + if you like to party most of the bars you'd frequent are blocks away, so you could Uber it or walk.

    * don't really have any negatives but just that the hotel seems to have been around for a while so things aren't so new.

    I highly recommend it.

    10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Carol K.
    What a nice hotel!  I rarely stay a the W Brand but you can bet on my next trip to Atlanta- this mid town location will certainly be at the top of my list!

    I arrived and there was a bit of a snafu with my reservation., somehow it had been made at the wrong W hotel.  But Emily, the front desk person took it all in stride, apologizing along the way and quickly finding me a room.  She even called me about 30 minutes later to make sure the room was to my liking! It made me feel like a valued guest and took the pain of the hassle away!

    The room itself was perfect.  Large work area with free Internet, soft comfy bed and Bliss products in the bathroom.  I also liked the playfulness of the brand.  Things are labeled in a fun way (like the word "wish" on the room service menu or "back up plan" on the extra roll of toilet paper).  It brought a smile to my face every time I discovered something unexpected in my room (like the kaleidoscope)

    Room service was a mixed bag.  I ordered a salad upon arrival and it took over an hour.  I got a call apologizing but I really just wanted my food.  They did much better on the breakfast execution.

    Rooms rates are competitive and if I had a wish- it would have been to have coffee in the room, but that's just a pet peeve of mine!

    All in all a good experience.  Oh and if you go?  Check out the mats in the elevators.  They change throughout the day from Good morning, to good afternoon, to good evening.  Now I wonder whose job is that??

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    162. Paul T.
    Hotels have become so cookie cutter over the past decade.  The W strives to break that mold.  The front counter isn't some 40' long granite countertop, the rooms aren't beige with 4.5 pieces of art.  The tv isn't a retrofitted cabinet that was designed to hold a monster tube television.

    The W Oozes cool, I hope more hotels go this way.

    The rooms aren't quite as cheap as the Marriott but you get what you pay for.

    04/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Gail R.
    I had reserved this hotel on Priceline; the hotel room was decorated very modern. When I got to my room the door didn't open, but the concierge went down stairs and got me a set of new keys; Which was nice. I was on a hurry because I had tickets for a comedy club and I was barely just on time, so when I saw the dirty bathroom, dirty towels, used shampoo bottles and soap, no trash bag in the trash can, and a used razor in the shower, I hurried to get ready and stopped by the front desk so I could let the manager know; she seemed very concerned by the fact and asked me if there was anything she could do to make it better, I replied that all i wanted was someone to clean the bathroom and that I was on my way out to the laughing skull. She replied- well let me give you two free drinks so you can start your Friday well! I thought oh wow, that's nice. Got back at midnight and the bathroom was still a mess, next morning I had tickets for the aquarium, so I took all the dirty towels threw them on the floor with all the empty Bliss products (which where trash) I came back to just two towels and the empty bliss bottles on the sink. I felt infuriated, seriously a dirty room, no wonder she gave me drinks you must be drunk to just want to stay in this dirty over priced hotel. Not only that, their parking is 32.00 American dollars a night. And the bartenders are terrible, the drinks were too strong., making it impossible to enjoy. At least the two bad drinks were free. I will never come back to this Hotel. I'm a well traveled person and I know good quality, this is far from good.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    164. Jeanie F.
    Stayed in a penthouse size suite Friday-Sunday that they accidentally upgraded us to.

    They realized their error and after our stay refunded our points for both nights due to the inconvenience..

    Yep, it sure sucked staying in the penthouse suite.

    13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Tricia H.
    It's like Gotham in the middle of Atlanta.  Seriously - it's giant matte black skyscraper.   Stayed here for a few nights while shooting at the Turner campus across the highway.

    It's not one of the better W's - the one downtown looks nicer and more like a W.    The rooms are nice and the beds comfy.    But over all it's nothing spectacular.

    02/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    166. Jeff W.
    This hotel was quite good. If you are a social butterfly, Friday and Saturday nights are really the happening place in the lobby and at the club upstairs. I stayed at this hotel for several nights and had a great time. The drinks at the hotel bar are a bit expensive, but the Free chips are home made every night and are addicting, so be carful. If you need something a little more filling than home made potato chips you can't go wrong with the Tots! The Tots are perfectly cooked and there is more than enough for two people to share.

    24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    167. Cindy P.
    I was skeptical about staying at this hotel after reading the reviews but I had no choice as an event I was scheduled to attend made it mandatory. I'm pleasantly surprised to say that it was wonderful. The location was great and within walking distance to several restaurants and Piedmont Park. The room was large and comfortable with very responsive temperature control and faster internet speed than I was expecting. They even supplied me with a complimentary fridge upon request that was delivered promptly.The bars and the restaurants were great in a pinch and the staff laid out plenty of free snacks and drinks throughout our event. Service was excellent. The complimentary shuttle was really useful. The highlight was the hospitality of the staff...they were warm, friendly, caring and totally accommodating. The downfalls are that Saturday night, I was awakened at 1:30 AM by the thumping in the club and the decor is strange and downright ugly even though I know it's supposed to be trendy. If it wasn't for the color theme, dim lighting and plastic-y uncomfortable seating all over the place, I'd give it 5 stars!

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Iain M.
    A very pleasant experience. Staff were amazing. The W strives for a young, cool vibe which is mostly creates. Had a great time. No complaints.

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. Robert T.
    Maybe I expected a little more from The W, but sadly it did not deliver.

    The room was a Robert Taylor dream come true (although the touch of purple silver wallpaper by the bed was a little questionable) with a simple design esthetic and BLISS Bath products. The bed was very comfortable, and the bathroom was very well laid out.

    The front desk staff was rude and un able to provide me with change (her excuse was that it was the weekend - which made me think that is when they get the most people and they should have double the amount of change available).  I had to ask 3 times for some extra towels.

    Room service was a little pricy adding about 30% worth of charges to the food for tip, surcharges etc, but that is the price you pay for fancy room service.

    The bar was not very crowded at all on a Saturday night, which makes me think that the W Living Room is no longer the cool place to be.

    All in all for $20 more I could have stayed at the Ritz, but I wanted to experience the W; unfortunately it wasn't all that it had been cracked up to be.

    23/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    170. Kathy O.
    If I wasn't here for work would not come again. Service is not good, food is not good, property is rough around the edges. If it wasn't for the bed and for the fact that it's fairly quiet for a city, I'd give them a 1 star

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    171. Ryan L.
    Pretty standard W Hotel with a cool atmosphere, hip bar and good food. This particular hotel is in a very cool part of Atlanta and is walking distance to some really good restaurants in midtown.

    Regarding the hotel, I had a very good experience. Comfortable bed, decent shower (could have been more water pressure) and clean room. The workout facility is in the basement (no view) and does not have a scale nor does it have a bench or squat rack, but not too many hotels do. They were remodeling "Trace" while I was there so that was a bummer.

    Net net, a good hotel if you can get a decent rate. When all the remodeling is done and with a few fixes could become 5 stars.

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    172. Ryan B.
    This is always my hotel of choice in Atlanta when I'm home visiting friends/family. I love the location, love the views and really enjoy the atmosphere. It's a brisk walk to restaurants (LOVE the Flying Biscuit) and Piedmont Park plus super freeway accessible. The rooms are standard W rooms with a good size bathroom, comfy beds and nice views. We ordered room service (after a fun night out) and found the menu full of items we actually wanted and it was delivered quickly. Seems small but I love how they change the elevator mats 3 times a day (Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening)

    See you next time I'm in ATL!

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    173. Melanie B.
    Worst hotel I have ever stayed at.  Security banged on our door because we had 2
    More people in the hotel after the bar closed. We spent $ 1800
    Never again.  Worst stay ever
    Dirty. Gross.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    174. Benjamin G.
    The W is always an experience regardless of city. Flashy, modern, chic, chock a block full of odd things in each hotel room (i.e. "sex kits" and other insurmountably priced snackfoods) and no shortage of jaw-dropping views. I loved our hotel room here as the view was a wonderful 180º of cityscape and all the way to Stone Mountain.

    The service at the desk(s) was great. Rather helpful folks with smiles ear to ear. Happy to see us, in fact.

    My only gripe is the parking situation. Boy, oh boy, is it difficult to traverse that garage and figure out where you can park without getting towed. Also, for $27 a night, I can't help but imagine there is a more affordable place to park in the area.

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    175. Basit M.
    The worst hotel I've ever been to. Do yourselves a favor and do not give a single cent to this hotel.

    17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    176. Russell B.
    I stayed at the hotel this past weekend on business. It was perhaps my fifth stay at this property in the last few years and the experience was one of the best.

    I'm probably aging out of the W's demographic, but often it's the nicest hotel at the price in cities I go for work. And though I'm not the least bit interested in the lobby thunka thunka disco thing, when I stay at a hotel, I really use it - I valet my car, eat in the restaurant, order room service and at Ws, use the Bliss Spa.

    I did all except eat in the restaurant this trip and was pleased. My car was always ready when requested, room service was timely and better than average and my treatment at the spa was terrific.

    What made the experience special were the people - the valets, the room service staff (both those who took the orders and those who delivered them); the spa attendant and the technician; the whenever/whatever phone operator. They all made me feel like a valued guest at every interaction. That is no small thing and something so many businesses cannot manage. It's the reason I will return.

    PS. Speaking of aging out, it's probably time to re-womp this hotel. It's clean and not totally beat to hell, but the interior could use a freshening up.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    177. Biff P.
    This is the second time we have stayed at a W Hotel. The hotels look nice but once checked in I see that it is really cheap furniture and wall paper. Both hotels had horrible views even when I paid for the best room they had. It's like they buy crappy hotels and try to make them hip. This is not a hip hotel. Far from. And this one has a crappy dj too.

    30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    178. Charlotte S.
    Pros (Wonderful King Room)
    -Modern decor
    -Floor to ceiling windows
    -Lots of room service options and mini bar
    -DVD player and AV set ups under the HDTV
    -Black out curtains
    -Great View
    -Bliss Bath Products (AMAZING)
    -Plenty of outlets
    -The robe they provide is old and itchy
    -Furnishings are all scuffed up
    -All the apple hook ups are for the 4 series
    -Some of the lights didn't work
    -Noisy at times
    -The bed and pillows were AWFUL, I looked at the mattress and it was like motel quality mattress with a feather topper on top.
    -The bedding itself was poor quality
    -NO BATHTUB, just a shower with half a glass panel
    -Everything was pretty close to being on its last leg

    I feel like the more expensive rooms must be a bit nicer with working fixtures and and nicer beds and bedding and amenities with more space.

    I will return for a nicer room with a "soaking tub" when I have more funds or there's a better deal and I have more funds.

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    179. Jason F.
    I am a huge fan of all W hotels but this has to be my least favorite one i have stayed at minus the one in dunwoody that went out of business. The staff and especially the manager who is tattooed from head to toe and has  a ghetto flair to her that thinks she is above the customer psssh I am a gold plus starwood guest and I have seen them all and the staff overall thinks their SH** doesn't stink.The rooms are pretty nice a little dated and the overall atmosphere is still hip and modern, this place is huge so going down the elevator during any type of rush will take 15 mins to get down stopping on all 50 something floors gets a little annoying. 3 stars is not what a W hotel should be i my opinion.

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    180. Hay D.
    We stayed here in 2014 for a long weekend.. It was very pricey, but we wanted to stay in Midtown Atlanta.

    It is an okay location, with lots of neighborhood joints. But inexpensive, 24-hour public parking is difficult to come by. You can park in many lots for most of the day, but signs say they'll tow you away between certain hours. So, we got valet at the W, which was convenient, but again, expensive.

    The room was nice enough. Nothing to get too excited about. The view wasn't much. We were high up, but it basically looked out at the black rooftop of another building. The bed was nice, and we slept really well.

    We did not use the pool, gym, or first floor bar/restaurant. However, the latter seemed to be popular for the late-night partiers. Seemed to draw in a "Housewives of Atlanta" type of crowd.

    The elevators broke, and we had to walk up and down numerous flights of stairs. The stairwell, actually, tells a tale in itself. Clearly the tall, thin building is not new by any means. The general decor seemed more like an older structure that had been spiffed up quickly, and it wasn't nearly what I was expecting from the W brand. Friends told us ahead of time that it wasn't their favorite. I'd have to agree. Kind of a let down.

    It's not terrible, but we would have to try somewhere else for the amount of cash we put out.

    21/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    181. Morgan F.
    All style and no substance.    Dirty room w stains on furniture.   No coffee pot or microwave.   Mini fridge only for sale items.   $5 water.   No proper soap.   Dated electronics.   Small room.   Looks like a trendy hotel for people who don't know better.   Wish I went to a holiday inn express or Hampton in.   Kind of seedy.  Room comes with make out music.   Lots of alcohol and an intimacy kit.   Kind of grosses me out.  Don't want to touch anything.   Will never stay here again.  Poor value.   Decor black furniture w chrome and foil wallpaper.

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    182. Dave W.
    Ok so here's the deal.Most people are adults here right? We know when check out is. So why in the HELL does this hotel have some little ethnic woman going up & down the hall tapping on every door waking people up a solid hr & a half before checkout. I wanted that extra half hr of sleep dammit. I was in a great mood. Oh & by the way. The showers are so sweet in the W well @ least in my room. 3 people fit great.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    183. Bonnie G.
    worst check in experience EVER, but it eventually got better. Room 1913 several issues, phone didn't work, ipod doc/clock didn't work, dvd player wouldn't stay connected to the back of the TV for the picture,  Not at all the 5 star experience my boyfriend has become accustomed to staying at the W chain around the USA & World.

    Fortunately, at check in Reggie stepped in and helped iron out the credit card situation, and because I had sent two emails and several phone calls leaving messages at  the hotel which all went unanswered to set up room surprises for our romantic valentines weekend, Reggie also offered us a bottle of champagne and chocolate strawberries.  Great.. That fixed the check in issue and the issue of non responsiveness from the concierge .  (save your emails and phone call history to the concierge Reggie asked to see them).

    By the time my boyfriend got to the hotel in the early morning hours (1230 am) he was exhausted and frustrated with what i encountered at check in . The next morning we spoke with Stephanie, who also stepped up to the plate and really made things right. We were upgraded to a Marvelous suite  2302, which was just what the doctor ordered since my boyfriend ended up with food poisioning from Oceanaire  Restaurant (see my review) .  The suite is wonderful, (except lacks electrical outlets in the proper places like the kitchenette area and the dressing area but has an outlet in the safe??? Wth?) room service and the drivers and the concierge and bell people are super at this hotel. When when we really needed them when Tony got sick, they were there for us 100%.  Thanks to the staff for really helping when we needed it. They were great all around! You will meet people from several different countries.. it was sort of like being on a cruise talking to the locals.

    the good , Bliss Spa toiletries , large showers with rain soaking shower heads, quick room service, quick housekeeping staff when you order extra towels and fantastic bell staff and the best hotel hair dryers ever. The dryers in the suites even better. In room safes easy to use. They have a driver who will take you around locally in emergencies. Valet, Meh.. I've expereinced a lot better, especially at the price of $32 per day.. twice we ordered the car and had to wait. fortunately the bell lady was on top of it and really took great care of us while were there after Tony got sick.

    the bad,  houskeeping doesn't clean your room, only make the bed don't change the sheets. nothing was refreshed, toiletries, or towels. had to constanty call for towels and toiletries. The showers have  only a half glass door and seemed to soak the entire bathroom floor each time we took a shower and if you are shy with your boyfriend or whom you share the room with, this is not the hotel for you because there is zero bathroom privacy - even doing personal business.  Mushy pillows , even the 'foam' on the pillow menu are flaked foam and not firm pillows.I got a body pillow the first night and the pillow case was for a king so only covered half the pilow.  The ceiling in room 2302 over tub was blistering & peeling and looked as if  the suite above could fall  in at any moment , wall paper right  out of 1980 , thread bare bathrobes need serious updating  and past guests steal the batteries out of the remote controls (we had to keep switching the one set of batteries we had with the TV and DVD player ). the airline boarding pass station is iffy so make sure the concierge is avail when u print your passes . Screen kept showing site not available all the way thru check in & i needed assistance.

    overall when the important things needed were attened to, they were taken care of professionally,. its the little details they skipped and skimped on until we called them out on them. . We will probably return to this  Chain but maybe in a different location.   The food at Spice Market ..CRAZY  . who puts a asian thai fusion menu in a classy hotel restaurant? It takes a special palate to eat thai food and mine isn't into that , I can't imagine I am the only 1% that doesn't agree with this choice of restaurant.

    The mall attached was a ghost town and CLOSED friday -Tuesday  the entire 4 days we were there so dont count on it even though other people yelp about it.

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    184. Ryan J.
    I'm an SPG member and love W hotels.  This one is true to form with great service, things to do nearby and good food.  The rooms have modern hookups and fast wifi.  Only ding was the thin walls, I'm still blushing over hearing the next door neighbors go at it all night...

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    185. Erin H.
    My husband and I chose the W Midtown for our wedding block after being pleasantly surprised by the super low room rate.  I have never before, nor will I likely ever again, stayed at a W at that price.  Unreal.  

    Though I must say, I would have paid way more for this place.  The lobby and other common areas are stunning.  Tons of cool wallpaper, awesome chandeliers.  Our suite was extra sweet!  It had a gigantic sectional sofa and a see-through shower.  That part was a little strange, but definitely sexy for a wedding suite.  

    Everyone we encountered was extremely helpful and friendly.  As we checked in, I was experiencing some bride stress, and said totally off the cuff, I need a drink.  Two seconds later, I had two vouchers in hand for free drinks at the lounge.  Now that's service!  We also came home to a mini bottle of champagne and a tiny cake.  These were great little touches, and speak volumes about the hotel's commitment to being awesome.

    The W earned itself a lifelong customer thanks to my wedding experience there.

    02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. Ashley S.
    The W Midtown stays true to its brand in every way. It's sophisticated, yet trendy; swanky, yet inviting. Excellent service, friendly staff - starting with the valet. They make a great first and last impression.

    The rooms are clean and modern, and the beds are extremely comfortable. We didn't try the hotel's restaurant or bar, but there were lots of people enjoying cocktails on the patio.

    Its surrounding area is nice, too. Not far from nightlife options and fun restaurants. There is also a large park .2 miles away with large fields and (I think) a running path.

    When I visit Atlanta, I will most certainly stay here again.

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    187. Lynette R.
    Back in the day, like.....hmmm.... somewhere between 4 and 5 yrs ago....the bar area was a small spot where the DJ played old school and few people knew about it..... That's when the W was bangin.   Fast forward about 2 yrs ago, and no more old school hip hop in a hideaway spot- now it's like a mega dance party for 21 yr olds.   Yeah... I'm miffed about it  but I like dance music too so I wasn't too mad about it.... uh... my 30 and up crowd is not here... oh wait, yeah they are peppered in... eh.... okay for once in a blue moon, need to lounge let loose or whatever.....
    The W kinda has everything  even if you aren't staying in the W.
    The Spice restaurant.... meh... whatever......  but here's what I like about the W (fast forward to 2014).  Say, you're kinda done with lounges but you actually need a chill place to go to study..  Yeah, you read right. Study! Well,  here's the chill place to do it.
    On a Monday night during the summer,  you can't go to the public library because they're closed around 8.  You can't go to Tech's library because unless you're a student at tech, you only have access till 10pm.  Georgia State's library....too complicated to find parking, walk to the library, etc..... AU center.... bit of a drive when you are already in Midtown and looking to stay there.
    Light Bulb Moment:  The W has a lounge area to study in.....
    In the W,  I'm wandering around looking for a conference center but I stumble what looks like a conference room but really isn't..  Hey, the lobby was kinda dark, I may need glasses, I digress....  Anyway, there's this outdoor patio area completely empty mind you... with these lounge chairs I like that are usually kept in the front patio area.  I hop in, grab a spot and take out my books.  This spot was perfect because I'm the only one in here but there is suitable outdoor lighting for me to see what I'm writing and reading.  Plus during the summer night, I had this nice cross breeze going between the buildings around the W  so it's not like I'm sweltering on a hot summer night.  Perfect for wanting to be outdoors and get your study on.  I wouldn't come around during the day though... probably would be too hot to get any work done.
    Oh, the staff is pleasant,   While studying,  the night auditor comes by and I'm thinking he's going to kick me out.  Instead, he politely tells me that he's locking the doors but leaving one open so I can get out when ready.  Nice. I get to finish my work.  There's occasional foot traffic from kitchen staff that are cutting through to leave the building but the number is low- 2 people.   Another auditor comes by and locks the doors and I panic for a second until the person behind him opens the door to let me know, "I told him someone was outside but no worries, you're not locked out."  Kinda cool that they were watching over me like that because the inside hallway lights were out and unless they were on, you would probably not know someone was out in the patio.   I was able to peacefully work for about 3 hours in a non library like atmosphere.

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    188. John M.
    We typically stay at W hotels wherever we travel, and generally like to stay loyal to Starwood and especially W Brand. Midtown Atlanta hotel will be an exception. Room was not ready at check in time we left our number to be called when it was, never got the call. The following day valet lost keys, no apologies or explanations. Seemed kind of unfazed by it like it was a routine occurrence. Given the cost of the room, we would have expected a higher caliber of service and professionalism.

    19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    189. Brea R.
    It was my 5 year anniversary and I booked a room to celebrate. I paid a lot of money for the "romance remixed" room. The room was absolutely nasty. The head board was all scratched and there where stains everywhere. I was so disappointed. The doors the the bathroom wouldn't shut and there was peeling on the walls. The room came with a 50.00 dollar credit for breakfast. When I checked out they still tried to charge me for breakfast. They didn't even pay attention to my bill. There is a lot of staff doing absolutely nothing but walking around trying to look busy. The pictures will speak for themselves. Don't stay here, don't waste your money.

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    190. Amanda B.
    We never had to leave the hotel which was nice since it was so cold out!

    Check in was quick and staff was nice. Lotion at front desk from bliss is a nice touch because my hands were dry from the cold weather. Also nice bliss products in bathroom.

    The room is very trendy and hip but a little dingy, dust on shelves and from the other reviews looks like we were missing wine glasses and martini glasses with our set up. Furniture was a little beat up but I blame drunken stupid previous guests for that. On the desk was a kaleidoscope which was random but cool, haven't seen one since I was a kid! Also the room has a great selection of snacks, drinks and alcohol for a charge of course but definitely convenient. There were also condoms and lube provided, maybe this was just because it was Valentines Day but at least they promote safe sex! ;)

    The bathroom door slider was broken and robes are like sandpaper!! Probably the most uncomfortable bath robe from a hotel ever. We called for an extra robe but it never came, but probably for the best! I also asked for ear plugs because our room was right by the elevator (people talking loudly, ding sound of elevator call button) those never came either but I slept well enough. Earlier in the night though I asked for band aids and those came quickly! Guess it depends on whose is working/time of day.

    We ate at Trace which was delish!  Chicken and Waffles, Hushpuppies, Pork Loin wrapped in bacon, Pimento Mac and Cheese, all recommended! Staff was fun and friendly. Bourbon drinks will put hair on your chest!

    After dinner we hung out in the "living room" which is a lounge type place in lobby but it was chill. We played  tic tac toe and had some drinks!

    Later we went to Whiskey Park! I like the staircase that leads there, since we were guests of the hotel we got to enter the VIP/Bottle service area. That was nice.

    In the morning we ordered room service. I recommend the breakfast sandwich! So good! I wish I had another!!! But my fiance's toast was ice cold and overall our food was luke warm at best. It took a while to get it which was probably to blame.

    I would like to come back when it's warmer and check out the pool!!

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    191. Dani O.
    Great location! Walking distance to many shops, restaurants, and lounges. 3 different restaurant/lounges on site.

    Rooms are small and a bit outdated. But staff is very nice and helpful.

    I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Atlanta. The location is perfect!!!

    02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    192. Michael S.
    Great hotel!

    I stayed here for 3 nights in October for Atlanta Pride (they were the host hotel). This is by far the best W I've stayed in. Much better than the ones in NYC and in my hometown of Washington. I booked this through Expedia as part of a flight + hotel package, so initially I didn't get any SPG points. But when I checked in the attendant was able to get the points I would have gotten added to my account. Bonus!

    In terms of size, this is a pretty big hotel. The lobby is nice and there's a lot of lounge space and couches, which I really liked. If you're ever bored of your room you can come downstairs and relax there. They also have a couple computers for you to use to print your boarding passes so you don't have to at the airport. Very handy!

    The restaurant is pretty decent as well. I had breakfast there one day and it was nice--no crowds at all, but that could have been because of Pride. The room I stayed in was huge and even included a little vanity area. There were no weird smells or anything "musty" that you sometimes get in a hotel. It was all very well done. One thing I didn't really like was that they were very slow about clearing away any room service leftover items from the hallway.

    One of their elevators runs outside the building so the back side is a big pane of glass where you can see outside as it's going up and down. Really cool! The staff and concierge were very nice as well and were very accommodating. Overall the Midtown W is an excellent hotel and I would definitely stay here again.

    01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    193. Mary Locke M.
    The W Midtown is like all W's I've ever been to - urban, swanky, modern, trendy, not my style.  I met out of town friends here at the bar on Saturday afternoon.  Their patio is very cool, as it should be for a $12 glass of wine.  The cocktail waitress couldn't have been any nicer.  I felt kind of bad for her that her uniform consisted of a barely there, skintight dress more appropriate for a Cheetah girl than a W employee.  

    I can certainly see staying here if you are an out-of-towner looking for a trendy spot with location, location, location.  You're right in the heart of Midtown within walking distance of everything.  But for an Atlantan who has tried to hang out here least four times now, it's just not worth the cost hotel bar drinks or parking.  The W Midtown is by no means bad, but to me it's also not remotely worth the cost or effort.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    194. Stephanie W.
    When you are booked at the W Hotel, you do not expect a lackluster experience.  I actually think that the word "lackluster" was created to describe the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.

    Upon arrival, the hotel seems very small.  The lobby and 2nd floor with amenities are appealing and the internal clubs and restaurant seem decent from the outside.  I was more excited about the connection between the hotel and the business plaza that included a small wrap place and a Chick-Fil-A.  

    The room itself was very tacky.  There might have been those few years in the mid nineties that it was okay to use shiny metallic wallpaper but those days are over.  It seems like this entire hotel needs a rebrand.

    Everything felt sticky and over - laundry detergented (if that is a thing).  

    The gym was really nice despite it being in the basement, which felt weird.   I didn't want to go to the basement at 5AM and go for a run which would have been nice.

    It was however a nice place to visit for a work conference and the catering staff is on top of their game.  I get the sense that is why anyone would come to this hotel in this area.

    18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    195. Gary G.
    Good location, flashy room but you could do better that this, keep looking. Sort of like sleeping in a gift shop. Everything is for sale. The fridge is useless, it is full of things for sale. Nothing special about this place and for the price, you could get a cheaper room with more. However the area around the hotel is nice. Try Loews or any hotel in the same area.

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    196. Pearce D.
    I had a terrible experience at the W Atlanta - Midtown last month. I stayed in both a Wonderful Room and a Fantastic Suite.

    Sleep quality was really poor due to being on the same floor as the pool and close enough to the ground to hear street noise and people hooting and hollering at the hotel bar, all the staff acted in a generally unprofessional manner, cleaning staff didn't clean my room one day for no apparent reason (and no apologies given), and I had a number of issues with the hotel's laundry service.

    Rooms are also looking very tired, dents and peeling paint found around the room, no central lighting control in room (and a few lighting fixtures were even missing), and very inefficient elevator system.

    You'd be crazy to stay here. There are far nicer hotels in Atlanta and in the Midtown area.

    06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    197. Lawson C.
    Dark, Dingy, Worn.  Comfy bed but otherwise the accommodations felt gross; stained towels, stained couch, nearly all the furniture has scuffs and scratches.  It's a party hotel that looks like it went to spring break in '04 and never left.

    Complimentary drink wasn't for the lobby bar but the restaurant after ordering food, thanks for nothing.

    Lastly, the parking (not run by The W but their name is in the garage entrance) pricing is a scam.  We checked in late in the day Sunday and parked for about 16 hours.  Expected $11 but since we didn't exit the garage by 459am we got tagged with an additional $16 for Monday.  Got it, parking in the city is never cheap but the way the pricing is described on the kiosk is easily misinterpreted, just valet.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    198. Greg R.
    I am convinced that this is the worst W hotel I have ever been too. I don't like to ask for a room change as I feel if you pay this much money all the rooms should be nice and well maintained. But after 2 days I got so frustrated I felt like I need to share my feelings with the general Mgr. I found out her name is Beth and I asked to speak with her. I was told her assistant Misty screens all of her calls. I left a message on Sunday and was told she would return Monday. Left a message and guess what happened? Nothing no call back no message in the room zip. Monday I tried to call her again at 4:30 pm I asked for Front desk Mgr explained my situation and extreme frustration. And asked again to speak with Beth and again I was told that all communication must go through Misty? Did you not just hear a word I said I asked. So the bottom line the is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL and that the GM doesn't talk to the lowly customers that pay her salary. If I could give this place a negative 5 star I would. Go to the Ritz Carlton where they still appreciate their customers.

    11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    199. Jon L.
    This hotel is sooo tired!  Rooms are very worn out, gross stains on sofa and peeling leather on headboard.  Staff told me the reason the rooms are so worn out is that they recently took over the property, even that story seemed tired.  Staff was friendly but confirm your room service order multiple times if you want to eat your food while it's still hot.  TV went out 2 days in a row, repair man said it was because they haven't updated all the rooms yet...story is still tired.  So many more things to mention, but now I'm tired.

    Won't stay at another W again until they update the chain.  There are other really nice hotels with better rates throughout midtown.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    200. Suraj M.
    The impression I got from checking to check out and everything in between was this this hotels run by an amateur.  Everyone seemed like they were in training and didn't really know what they were doing. The hotel rooms felt slightly dirty. One small panel in my shower I had rotted away and had not been replaced. I felt dirty. I hear the W Atlanta downtown is significantly better and not that much further away.

    18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    201. Erica M.
    I'm giving this hotel 5 stars mainly for the awesome customer service and the view! My girlfriends and I stayed here one Saturday night for my bachelorette party. I wasn't too sure about staying here due to the reviews, but my maid of honor booked and paid for it. Who am I to argue?

    My friend told me that once she reserved the room they asked her what time she wanted to check-in. What?! You mean no standard 3 pm check-in time? Awesome! So we decided to check-in at 1 pm so we could settle in and explore midtown before the big night!

    Valet service is pretty quick when we got there. Valet  costs about $32 per day. There was a slight line at check-in, but the wait wasn't too long. The front desk attendant was very friendly and answered any questions that we had. We were given our room keys for the 26th floor. We were excited about that because we knew we would get  an awesome view. There's only 3 elevators so you're not going to get an elevator too quickly. TIP: make sure to insert your room key in the designated slot, then press the floor you need in order to go to your room. This is our first time staying in a W hotel, so we were not familiar with their procedures.

    Once we got to our room, we were super excited until we realized the room wreaked of smoke. For me the smell of smoke in the room is a deal breaker, plus we reserved a non-smoking room. We went back down to the front desk notified them about the room smelling like smoke and asked to be switched. The front desk attendant apologized and was more than happy to accommodate us. She even gave us wo complimentary drink tickets for their Living Room Bar! (I'm sure they give those to a lot of people, but we didn't mind)! She put us on the 22nd floor so we could still have the great view.

    The room was a decent size with all the same amenities that any other 4 star hotel has, but no free Wi-Fi. I really like W's modern decor and I think that's what sets it apart from other big name hotels on the same level. There are plenty of snacks and libations at your disposal (for a price of course.) The one thing I didn't like about the room was the bathroom door. It is a heavy sliding door that does not lock, so there is not much privacy. This is not much of a big deal until your friend decides to open the door while you're using the bathroom just because they want to talk to you. I feel bad for anyone staying in this room with kids.  Not a fan of the sliding door!

    Overall, my experience with this W hotel was very pleasant. I'm anxious to see how the other W hotels are in the area and around the world!

    30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    202. Courtney G.
    We checked into a dirty room covered in dirty towels and trash everywhere. They were polite to immediately give us another room, but the bathtub drain didnt work and was covered in hair. They moved us to another room and once again the shower drain did not work. They offered to take half off 1 nights stay:.. But at that point it was beyond. Will never, ever go back...terrible experience.

    09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    203. Kelly W.
    Had a great overnight stay at the hotel. Everything from the booking, to the check in, to the check out went smoothly.

    When we arrived, we asked about local restaurant recommendations and were given a big list of places and he also pointed out some of his favorites. Great way to find a good place to eat!

    No complaints about the hotel itself really. The room could have used a bit of a deeper cleaning/dusting, but everything was overall clean and we both slept very good after hours on the road!

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. Tom E.
    I am starting to wonder if someone hacked my account and took my review down of this place- I even looked at the flagged reviews and it wasn't there!??!  Am I going crazy?  Who knows- I just know I have stayed here on soo many occasions, I could have swore I have written a review.  Now that that is out of my system, on to the review.

    I remember back in the day in Colony Square (located at 14th and Peachtree) housed a Sheraton.  I remember my sisters going to homecomings and proms here over the years, and that was about it.  It then transformed into the second (the first one being at Perimeter Mall, aptly named Le Meridien now) W Hotel Atlanta had to offer.  There is also one in Buckhead, and Downtown.  I frequent this location the most.  Why?

    To start off, the location.  You are in the heart of Midtown.  If you can't walk 5 blocks to get whatever you need, MARTA is a 3 block walk.  There are plenty of cabs as well.  Also, there is an underground parking deck the size of Manhattan that will hold your car if you decide to take that route.  

    Second of all- the transformation.  The Sheraton was a plain white stucco building that just needed a facelift.  It was sore to the skyline.  The W is now jet black, along with a remodeled front along with running water and plenty of shrubbery to accent the building.  When driving on 14th (from the park), driving by (or pulling up) is always fun- as you can always catch flashy cars and potential celebrities here (hell, last night someone with a Phantom was parked out front- must be nice).

    There is a valet, and a self park option- but honestly, I always stick to the self park.  Valet is hit or miss here, and when it misses, it misses big.  I would just walk to my car and get it, and go.  

    Check in is the same way.  As long as there are no events going on or you check in when everyone else does, it is pain free (yesterday it was a breeze).

    I like the lobby, with all of the lights and such.  They have hidden rooms as well, along with a lobby bar, a "night club", and a restaurant.  There is a Bliss Spa downstairs (along with the gym), and a pool (they call it "Wet") on the fifth floor.  However, the pool was not open yet, so I could not take pictures.  Along from all of the meeting spaces they have as well, there is a ballroom on the top floor where my cousin got married- there you can capture great views of the city- but I am not sure how easy it is to get up there unless there is an event (have not tried otherwise).

    One other thing is there are only 5 elevators to 25+ floors.  At peak times, this can be a headache.  Also, given the nature and location of this hotel, there are usually a lot of drunk people in these elevators at any given time as well.  This can be a bad or really good thing.  Usually, it's just annoying.

    On my many stays here, I have stayed in the Wonderful (the base), the Spectacular (the next up), and a Wow Suite.  Honestly, the Wonderful does just fine.  The beds are comfy (my bed in Memphis is a W bed!), and each room has plenty of snacks, drinks, and desk space.  I have noticed though that every room I have stayed in, they all have different lounge chair furniture- not a bad thing, just an observation.

    Another interesting things are the bathrooms.  All of the bathrooms have sliding doors (with no locks) and some are slowly coming off the track.  Keep that in mind if you have privacy issues.  Some bathrooms have deep soaking tubs, others have showers only with a half piece of glass.  I have no idea if that has to do with room type or not.  I do know room 2021 has a deep soaking tub.

    I once had a wifi issue during a stay, but they fixed it quickly- so in terms of needing to rectify something- they have never given me an issue.

    Pricing can vary tremendously here as well- and I assume it has to do with events and what day of the week.  I have seen the prices vary from $129-249 for the same room!  So to me, that can be a hit or miss.  Would I spend $249 a night to sleep here?  If it was the only thing left in Atlanta and it was that, or my car. I probably would- but not for shits n giggles...

    28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Jöshua M.
    First looks at The W give the same mixture of awe and satisfaction that accompanies stays at any luxury hotel. The styling is modern and trendy, with the lobby and accompanying bar a cool place to hang out. Mix in the complimentary raspberry mocktail mixture that tasted stunningly good, and initial impressions were terrific.

    Because this is The W, the pool is on top of the 5th floor roof. This is terrific for the summer, but terrible for colder weather. I was a bit dismayed that the pool was closed, but this is an understandable tradeoff for trendiness.

    The room was equally impressive upon initial glances. The colors and furnishings continued to please all of my senses. I was slightly amused by the mountain of snacks and beverages available for typical hotel prices. They could quite easily bankrupt even the richest glutton.

    Unfortunately, there were quite a few outdated elements of the room that did not match the trendiness that the styling attempted to convey. I was slightly annoyed by the fact that there was no central light switch for the majority of the lights in the room. The bed was incredibly uncomfortable, rivaling those found in the seediest motels. The limited selection of channels on the TV felt unbecoming for a hotel of this caliber.

    3 stars - all is not what it seems here at The W. Beneath a superficial layer of trendiness lies a few troublesome issues. There's probably better for rooms starting at ~$150/night,

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    206. Trey F.
    The "W" Brand forecasts luxury, hip, fashion, style, opulence and as such I expect the property, amenities, services, and standards to achieve that level of expectation.  Unfortunately this property does not measure up.

    The place it tired, the staff is mediocre the service is forced like they went to the "hey if I use superlative words it will mask my bad attitude" school of customer service.

    On first look the room appears stylish and upscale but on closer look it is not clean.  There is dust on the shelves, smudges on the glass tops the W uses on all furniture, the back of the doors have hand prints and smudges and the light switches are dirty.

    If you can get past that, you then realize things are broken.  The Ethernet cable is broken, the bathtub drain is broken, the table is broken, the phone is broken, the door handle to the bathroom is positioned unlike a normal handle, the door itself wont stay shut the toilet paper holder will not stay on the wall and the list goes on and on.

    I phoned the manager and invited him to the room to review the issues.  He asked me to provide him the list so I emailed him the list and he promptly dispatched a maintenance man to address the mechanical issues.  The maintenance man was very professional and friendly and attempted to resolve the issues (although he did not have the list I provided) so I had to manage him to correct the items.

    At the end all thing appeared to be working but one I used the bathroom door the handle returned to the awkward position, the room was still dirty and the bathtub plug now installed will not allow the tub to drain quick enough to not be in a half full tub when complete with the shower.

    As a result of my service to the property the manager offered the kind gesture to send up a bottle of wine and a cheese and dried fruit snack and responded to my email with gratitude.  I appreciated the gestures but frankly I expect him to follow up personally to make sure the issues were resolved to the highest standards.

    The final issue was the "whatever whenever" service the W has when you dial 0.  They are friendly in the greeting but snarky if you actually ask them to do something that requires effort beyond transferring a call.  In trying to book a spa service they just failed to call me back.  This sums up the poor experience and attitude that shrouds this place like  a wet blanket!

    10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    207. Ben and Sarah S.
    I've decided not to hold this hotel against the W brand, but man, this place was lackluster! We were in town on business and got a corporate rate, and thank goodness, because I would never, ever, ever pay full price for this hotel. The staff were aloof; I don't think a single person greeted us after we checked in (which, by the way, we had to wait on line for 15 minutes to do since they had only one person working at reception).

    Like another reviewer stated, the property is tired. It looks fancy at first glance, and then you realize that the dresser is missing a pull handle, rendering the drawers inoperable, and that weird noise in the ceiling is, in fact, going to happen about every 15 seconds, 24 hours a day. It was something between a crowing rooster and the sound of metal giving way. Was it pipes? Who knows. What I do know is we noticed it right away and put up with it for four days because it seemed like it would probably be less of a hassle than trying to get someone on staff to care.

    We requested an extra blanket on our second day (since we had to leave the air conditioner running to try and drown out the strange ceiling noise). That was when the decorative pillows on our bed inexplicably disappeared. We couldn't tell if we actually got an extra blanket, but someone definitely made up our bed (even though we declined housekeeping services) and switched the pillows, and anyway, when we called a second time to try to get one, they were out. Awesome.

    Honestly, I was expecting hip and cool, but what I got was cold and distant. And at the risk of sounding old, can someone please turn a light on? It's so stinking dark!

    10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    208. Mike A.
    Yelp has a solid three on this and I do too. I also have a solid three

    ring binder that I kept from middle school.

    W hotels are all trying to be cooler than they are and sometimes they succeed. I think the oversimplified names are lame...I don't want to workout at "Sweat" and go swimming at "Wet". This isn't clever now, not sure if it ever was but if it was, no one asked me my opinion.

    The gym was actually decent, by the way. Small, but it had a good mix of things that you could actually do things with. Most hotel gyms are disappointing. So when I arrived in my Justin Bieber t-shirt and no one was in there, I was pretty happy. Mostly because I didn't want anyone trying to steal my sweet shirt that I got at the thrift shop in the middle of Tennessee.

    Bed was decent. Room was very dark, all the time. Shower tiles fell off while I was there. Unrelated to the darkness. That wouldn't happen because of the lighting.

    Bonus points for the house music playing a Bloc Party song when I was going downstairs to use the toilet. Always cool to listen to Kele sing while I'm hanging out on the throne.

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    209. Marty D.
    I normally don't do upscale hotels because I try to spend as little time in a hotel room as possible (so why spend the money), but when I was doing a recent work trip, we were requested to stay at the W hotel since it was near the testing facility. I hadn't stayed in a W hotel before but generally liked Starwood properties.

    First off, the W was a nice hotel overall and the staff was nice. But for the price point, I was a little disappointed overall, mostly with the little things that can really separate a good hotel experience from a great one.

    +1 Friendly Staff
    +3 Nice hotel room (clean, comfortable)
    +1 Very comfortable bed
    +2 Desk outlets that actually worked and kept the plugs in
    +1 Good view
    +2 Late night menu all night (with good selections)
    +1 Quality restaurants/bar
    +1 Nice gym/good equipment

    In general, it seemed like the hotel was focused on style to the detriment of function, creating some of the things that really irked me:

    -1 When WiFi and TV were being used at the same time, TV kept going out.
    -1 Shower didn't have a closed door so water got out everywhere
    -3 Shower would randomly switch from frigid to scalding - VERY inconsistent water temp made showers difficult
    -2 broken light by the bed, torn pillowcase
    -1 charge for EVERYTHING - at $269 a night, High-Speed Wifi shouldn't be $14.95 a night
    -1 No vending machines, and the 'food court' closes at 7:30

    So while I liked the hotel overall, it was those little things that really stood out. $5 bottles of water, the lamp I couldn't turn on, the mirror that hadn't been wiped down (I could see a previous visitors message on it). They didn't make it a bad stay, but seem like something you shouldn't see at a higher end hotel.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    210. Natasha N.
    I'm stayed at this hotel to celebrate my anniversary  we got a room with an amazing view on the 20th floor. I was so excited. We got settled and made our rounds, checking everything out. The room was HORRIBLE. Totally digusting and not up to par what so ever. We paid top money for this room and there were stains everywhere and the room was falling apart. I couldn't believe it. It was down right nasty. So it's clear that I will NEVER stay here again. Take my advice there are so many more hotels on this street with better service and a clean room. Don't get fooled by the fancy name it's almost a dump. The Loews Hotel has the same view and a beautiful hotel. Trust me! DONT DO IT!

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    211. Steve B.
    So, what do you say about a suspicious white stain on the furniture?  Not much apparently, because I went to the front desk and the solution was to give me a smaller room? Seriously!?
    Checked in and took about 60 seconds to discover a gross WHITE STAIN on the couch and a bathroom in need of basic repairs.  Went to complain and they put me in a smaller room and right next to the elevator. Will post a beautiful pic of the couch for all to enjoy.

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    212. Kevin Q.
    This is one of the nicer hotels I've stayed at during my time as a consultant.

    This is a W hotel, so the design is meant to be modern and trendy. You'll immediately notice a few nice cars parked outside the lobby with some rich looking people stepping out of them. The inside has a bunch of club like lighting, and is a nice change from the traditional Sheraton or Marriott hotels most people are used to. This even extends to the elevators, which has some weird club soundtrack. My main problem with this hotel was that the elevators were unbearably slow. I often had to wait several minutes for one to even come, only to have it move at a snail's pace once I got on. The rooms themselves are decently sized, albeit a bit dark for my taste. This is likely to fit in with the overall theme of the hotel, but I had a pretty hard time reading at night.

    I came here for a business conference, and was quite pleased with the business facilities. The rooms were spacious and carried sound well. We also had catering a few times, and most of the meals we had there were quite good. On some days we went to the adjacent mall nearby, which had some pretty decent options for grab and go type meals. Overall, this wasn't the worst place for a conference.

    The location was also ideal for people new to Atlanta. This hotel sits in Midtown and is near a ton of great restaurants within walking distance. It's also not too far from the World of Coke or the Georgia Aquarium, both of which I enjoyed greatly. Overall, this is a pretty great hotel to stay at, if you can afford it.

    26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. Ruthe C.
    Let's start on a positive note. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The hotel is modern, clean and interesting.

    Now, the complaints. These were apparently just an issue with my room as a coworker on the same floor and another in a suite had no issues. Traffic noise is loud and goes on all night. The door to the bathroom is on a broken slider. I could see where people have forced the door closed by jerking it and scraping paint off the ceiling. The shower stall itself is half open and the combination of the two made for cold showers. The sink doesn't drain well, leaving soap and toothpaste residue daily. The staff did clean the sink daily. There is a light under the bed. I found the switch behind the nightstand lamp with the outlet the second night. Yes, I should have called the front desk. I was too tired to deal with it and spent the night convincing myself I could sleep through it. I cannot recall my room number to issue an official warning to my fellow Yelpers, but it's the seventh floor, to the right, almost to the end on the right side of the hall facing the winter sunrise. BEWARE!

    The rooms do not have coffee makers although coffee is complimentary in the lobby. That's a long, uncaffeinated walk first thing in the morning. The rooms have several bottles of liquor, but no coffee. You're killin' me, Smalls.

    30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    214. Brian S.
    Came here for work, and wasn't the least bit disappointed about it. This was my first time coming to the ATL, so I was definitely excited to see what the city had to offer whenever I had any downtime at all (which sadly wasn't all the often, as business trips are just that...primarily for business).

    Anyway back to the "W". This a great hotel, especially for someone my age (23), and who appreciates the many modern amenities this place has to offer, such as:

    -Huge, well-equipped gym that's open 24/7 **major plus**

    -Convenient Midtown location with lots of nearby dining options

    -FOOD ALL DAY. In addition to the great in-house hotel options, there is a flyer you can pick up at the concierge desk that has a 20-deep list of restaurants in Midtown Atlanta that are within WALKING distance. Clutch.

    -Solid, free internet that actually works (trust me, that's never a given)

    One really good thing I noticed - there are outlets...EVERYWHERE. Nuff said.

    On the flipside, a few not-so-good things I noticed:

    -Rooms aren't very well lit (perhaps an attempt to be trendy?)

    -Towels/robes suck. Also the sheets aren't that "plush" and comfortable here, at least relative to other comparable hotels.

    But, to me, that's small stuff. I'll be honest, the gym sold me instantly, and the ridiculous amount of food options here is just an added bonus. If it was up to me, I'd gladly come back here anytime I'm ever in the ATL.

    03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    215. Cecille R.
    I love the Starwood Hotels brand and when we found a decent rate for this hotel, we jumped on it. We were only in town a couple of nights but this was a great choice for us in terms of location.

    We were driving in and unfortunately you have no choice but to valet park. For those staying at the hotel it comes out to $30+ per night to park your car with unlimited in/out priviledges. Once we pulled in , we never used our car once while we were in town. Keep in mind that if you do have your car pulled , have some cash on hand for tipping. Also, you can give valet a call well before you leave your room so that you don't have a wait when you get downstairs.

    The hotel is very upscale and trendy...lots of dark colors and just seemed ultra swanky ....like a nightclub!  Check in was a breeze, thankfully, especially after a long day of driving.  They require a credit card at check in to charge any incidentals but otherwise, our room cards were given to us right away.

    We headed off to the elevators where there are 6 with one of them giving you a view of outside as you are heading up. Best to avoid if you get queasy with heights.  Our room was at the far end of the hall on the 22nd floor and we were pretty impressed with our temporary digs. We had a fabulous view of the City. The room was spacious enough for 2 people with a super comfy bed . I'm picky about hotel beds and Starwood Hotels are tops on my list for having beds that don't have the "ick" factor" . There's also a small seating area for when you want to lounge but not necessarily lay in bed.  The bathroom is a good size with a walk in shower area ...only thing that threw me off was that  the shower is only halfway enclosed. The other half is just open with no glass door/curtain  so you are essentially exposed.  Oh, yes and complimentary Bliss Spa bath products!
    There are plenty of snacks and bottles of alcohol on display in the hotel room but expect to pay a pretty penny for. And that goes for the Smart Water bottles too.

    I did find that it was a little noisy our first night as one of the hotel guests next door to us kept slamming their doors and talking rather LOUDLY . The walls seemed a little thin too as we could hear their droning conversations. I'm just glad this didn't happen our entire stay.

    We did check out the hotel's fitness gym, FIT, which is located in the basement of the hotel. It's 24 hour accessible with your hotel key card.. I was expecting a few machines but was happy to see that there were an ample amount of treadmills, stationary bikes (they didn't seem to be working though) and some weight equipment. They also have complimentary water, apples and earbuds if needed and towels and wipes for after your workout.     There is a Bliss Spa located across the way on the same floor and if I had known in advance I would've booked a service.

    In addition, there is a farm to table restaurant called Trace located in the hotel as well as Rande Gerber's (Cindy Crawford's hubby) Whiskey Park which is a lounge/bar for the nightgoers. There is plenty to do in this hotel without ever leaving!

    There are also plenty of things to do within walking distance which is why we never had to drive everywhere!   If you're ok with a bit of a busier,  younger environment  then check this place out for your stay in Midtown. And they're pet friendly too!

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    216. Ayyad K.
    I have been to many W hotels in my lifetime, this rating is based on my comparison to all the other ones.

    Great Location
    Fun Bars and Lounges

    - Front Desk staff seem to be disorganized (managers dont seem to be there or always be with something else)
    - The rooms are literally falling apart (light does not work, plumping is damaged and leaking, doors do not close...)
    - Valet does not seem to be helpful

    I think they need to do some major renovations in this hotel, because the maintenance crew cannot keep up with everything that is breaking down. I fell like they just gave up fixing things (i would not blame them, I would blame the cheapskate owners for not investing in much needed renovations).

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    217. Molly C.
    I had a two-week work conference at the W and let me tell you, the facilities for a conference of our size were spot on. Though the conference rooms got a tad chilly, there was always a space available to fit our needs (smaller breakout sessions, larger general sessions, etc.). The staff did a great job setting out afternoon snacks and keeping the Coke coolers filled with soft drinks and waters. We ate all of our lunches at the Trace restaurant upstairs, and the food was always spot on! Each day followed a particular cuisine, but there were always many options - meat, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc. The desserts were wonderful and the staff did a great job handling our massive group.

    On to my stay in the actual hotel. The room itself was spacious and had a large area by the window to place bags (and a couch) and there was also a separate area by the bathroom where you could sit and do hair/make up. There were a lot of tempting snacks and drinks in the room, but be careful as they are not free. The bathroom was very odd - the shower does not have a full length door or curtain, so the hot air just seeps right out. The shower knobs were also very temperamental to get the water to the right temperature.

    One odd thing about this hotel was its incredibly slow elevators - I had to wait upwards of 10-15 minutes for the elevator to reach my floor, and many times when it did the tiny thing was already packed full of people!

    This hotel definitely has a "club" feel to it, and may not be great for families with young children.

    17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    218. Carolina M.
    I haven't stayed at this hotel before, but the rooms seems clean and decent with the usual offerings that the W provides: modern decor, fun snacks, and on-site lounges/restaurants that don't disappoint.

    My only gripe is valet. Valet is always convenient, BUT it took forever for them to bring my car to me when I was ready to leave. I parked there for about 3+ hours and was charged $20. There was probably other parking nearby that was cheaper, but honestly, I didn't mind. It probably took them about 15 minutes to retrieve my car. I don't mean to sound princessy when I say I expect it in no more than 10 min.

    There's really no reason for me to stay at this hotel, but I'd recommend it. You can try to walk to places, but it's in a safe part of town to make you feel like you're in the city.

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    219. Rebecca O.
    I live in Atlanta but had to stay in a hotel while my house was being worked on. If you're traveling to Atlanta, the W sits in a great location in Midtown- a block away to Atlanta's Piedmont Park (akin to NYC's Central Park), a few blocks from public transit (Arts Center Marta stop), the High Museum and Woodruff Arts Center, the big clubbing area (Crescent Ave), and a lot of quality restaurants.

    The hotel itself is kind of Vegas-ish. Trendy and chic with feel good pop and electronica music being pumped through the hotel.

    The rooms themselves are okay. You could tell the hotel was older and had some wear to it.

    If you're driving, parking isn't that great. $34 for overnight parking and everything is valet only. You can self park at Colony Square for cheaper but you'll need to haul your stuff up as this isn't apart of the hotel.

    We also had our pets with us. The pet fee is stupid expense ($100 for the first night, and $25 per night after that). They will provide you with a cat litter box which is super nice. They have a list of pet amenities on their website. The good news is, there's good green space around the hotel, at least relative to other intown hotels, so you can walk your dog. There's also an unleashed dog park in Piedmont Park if you don't mind the walk.

    Overall, the hotel was okay. Good amenities but for the money, I'd look elsewhere.

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    220. Elizabeth S.
    Stay equivalent to a motel 6.

    When u stay at a W you expect a high end experience and luxury. That is not what my parents received during the stay I booked for them.

    What they did receive was: no hot water for 3 days, a bathroom door that wouldn't close (sliding door off its tracks), no coffee, ratty vanity stool nearly falling apart, cold air blowing on them all night no matter what they did. On top of that they were charged a fee for their car ... They didn't have a car.

    Twice they were told the items needing repair would be handled and that a coffee maker would b delivered-why do u even have to ask for this? On the last night of a 4 night stay, the bathroom door was working and they got a coffee pot. Still no hot water.

    The hotel refunded some of their money but that doesn't really make up for the miserable experience. I'll never put anyone there again.

    11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    221. Chris S.
    I wonder why I stayed here again.  This visit was even worse than my previous stay. The convenient location isn't worth the poor service.  

    At least this time the parking valets were quick and helpful.

    But, I arrived about 8pm and there were four people ahead of me at check-in and only one clerk.  The person being helped at the desk was an airline pilot who was checking out but had some problem with his bill that was taking a long time to resolve.  After almost ten minutes, a second clerk came out and started checking people in.

    Two of the five elevators were out of service.  There was a large conference group.  It took almost 10 minutes for me to get an elevator up to my room. Coming back down was even worse.  Two of the working elevators were express only to the Altitude meeting space on the top floor.  There were operators who would over-ride the express setting and take guests to their floor going up.  But going down, there appeared to be only one elevator available. It was a wait of more than 15 minutes to get to the lounge after I dropped my bags in my room. All told, I arrived a little after 8pm but by the time I got checked-in, got an elevator going up, dropped my bags in my room, and got an elevator heading down, it was nearly 9pm.

    The servers in the Living Room were nice, but service was slow due to a combination of disorganization and the bartender apparently not being able to chat and make drinks at the same time.

    I ordered a club sandwich, which was pretty good--although I thought it a bit strange that bacon on a club sandwich cost an extra three dollars. To me, that was like charging extra to get a sandwich with bread. It came fries but was delivered with no napkins and no ketchup.  Of course, by the time I was able to get ketchup the fries were cold.

    However, the bar service was excellent on Friday evening. Vickie is a terrific bartender. She made great mojitos. The other bartenders the rest of my stay, not so good.

    The first time I tried to log on to the Internet in my room, I got an error message stating that I had exceeded the number of allowable devices.  I had to call tech support.  It was eventually resolved but was one of those things that should have been right the first time.

    When I brushed my teeth the first night I discovered the sink was clogged. Maintenance fixed it the next day after I reported it to the front desk.  But, it was another thing that should have been right the first time.

    The rooms are nice, standard for a W Hotel. Housekeeping (or "room stylists") was good.

    However, the bottom line is that I cannot recommend this hotel.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    222. Elisabeth P.
    Incredible service and lovely rooms. There is a club on the second floor so be warned. The club is thumping, thumping.

    Valet is pricey but it goes with the territory. Pet friendly for an extra $25. Our suite was well kept, very large with great expansive views. I was traveling for business and had many odd special requests that the staff didn't bat an eye at and accommodated.

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0