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IHG Army Hotel in Augusta, GA

IHG Army Hotel in Augusta, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.67

Address: 28436 4th Infantry Division Rd, Augusta, GA, 30905

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    Comments (9):

    1. Jermaine S.
    Definitely, by far, the best Army lodging I've ever used.

    15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Brian E.
    Fair disclosure:  I didn't pay to stay here at Griffith Hall (near Gate 1; hospital side), the Army put me here for the four months I spent at Fort Gordon for a school course I attended.  Ring Hall and Stinson hall are different places.

    - The staff are generally very polite and personable.  Perhaps because you get to know them after a couple of weeks.  Ask for help, and someone will try to help.
    - service and cleaning to the rooms is good, though it's hard to predict when they'll show up.  I don't need my room straightened every day, so I generally leave the Do Not Disturb sign out there except for one day per week (weekdays).  Sometimes, no one shows up, so I wait another day.  
    - Breakfast is free:  cereals, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, coffee, juice, milk, pastries/bagels/muffins, and breakfast bars.  Not bad, but not great.  0600-0900 on "school" days, 0700-1000 on weekends and holidays.  
    - WiFi is free and generally fast enough to stream movies, though you might get some buffering during peak times like 1900-2200.  There are ethernet ports available, and both of my rooms had cables in them.  Never tried this.
    - Internet kiosk with three computers, a printer, some basic supplies.  You can also get stuff faxed from the front desk.
    - Some kitchenettes, though with the south wing closed for renovations as of mid-Feb14, I don't know if any are available.  No stoves, just a sink and cabinets.  Nice for us long-stay people.  Otherwise, your room has a microwave and mini-fridge in a shelf unit.  
    - Flat-screen TV with cable
    - Small fitness area with 2-3 treadmills, a couple of bikes, and an eliptical, with a TV
    - Shuttle service, which I never used
    - Ring Hall apparently has some sort of buffet/social on Wednesday nights.  That's cool.  
    - decent pillows and beds; adequate towels
    - 2 laundry rooms with about 4ea washers and dryers.  Free, though you provide the supplies.  
    - small "commissary" with snacks, drinks, and laundry detergent
    - hygiene items and coffee replenished daily (if you leave your room "open")
    - "Day Room" setup off the lobby (where breakfast is served) is good for gatherings.  We used it for class movie night and class study sessions.  I've rarely seen anything else going on there.  

    (some of these are nitpicky and you might not notice unless you live here a while)
    - If you enjoy showers hotter than lukewarm, prepare to have your face burned off several times per shower if you choose to do so in the morning between 0630-0800.  The pressure is good, but if a toilet flushes in a 1-mile radius, you're about to get parboiled for 1-3 seconds.  In some rooms you can hear it coming with about a half second warning.  Not in my room.  This has reduced me to loud profanity on some bad mornings where I catch a hot blast in the face or somewhere more sensitive.  Thinking positive, this has enabled me to amuse myself in the most petty of ways when my loud-talking, door-slamming neighbor is in the shower.  Sorry, guess I was just really, really hydrated during that 10 minutes dude.  (goes to next comment on doors)
    - The doors.  The doors, the doors!  Have fun trying to take a nap in the afternoon, because every time a jackass within 4 rooms of yours lets his door slam, your whole room will vibrate.  While writing this review at 0700, I was reminded by my inconsiderate neighbor of why I sometimes plot to lay in wait for him and choke him out for his complete inability to simply ease the door shut.  
    - Honestly, the place is a bit run-down.  It's seen some hard use.  You'll get to listen to your neighbors talk, and the shower or toilet in the next room will probably wake you up because it's LOUD.
    - The thermostats break constantly.  I went several weeks with mine broken because of an upgrade.  Four visits later, it finally works, and occasionally gets the room down to 70 degrees.  It's Feb/Mar right now, with temps no higher than 75F from time to time.  Glad I won't be here in the summer.
    - The question isn't *whether* your mail will be lost, but WHEN.  When it does get lost, no one has any idea where it could be.  Turns out mine got diverted to Greely Hall's mailroom, which is apparently where long-term students can pick up their mail if they choose not to use the hotel.  Pain in the butt, because that mail room is a) not where I live, b) open literally 1200-1330 on weekdays, and c) likely to return your mail if you don't figure out that they're holding it for a week (or can't make it there during their stupid hours).  
    - Sometimes on the 3rd floor west wing, it just stinks like rotten trash.  No idea why, and I don't think it's from people staying there.  It usually clears up the same day.

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Joe C.
    Reserved a room in a entirely different building and was sent to some renovated barracks. Walked into a room that smelled like a kennel. Carpet was damp and furniture chewed up (probably from the same source as the kennel smell). Shower was dirty and there were hairs on the towels. I really hate sounding petty, and rarely complain about anything, but after 10 hours of driving this is not what I was looking forward to.  Thankfully I'm only here for a night. At least the sheets were clean, I think.

    27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Abie L.
    Stayed here twice.  Their facilitates are old and run down.  Yes it is clean but we did find dead roaches in some corners of the room.  They serve a continental breakfast.  your usual processed foods of sweets, cereal, and yogurt.  It was ok.  No big wow factor but for the cheap price you know you wont be in a 5 star.  We just needed a place to sleep before and after a hospital visit.  Also no wifi. Make sure you bring a Ethernet cord with you or stop by the PX and buy one.

    27/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Sarah N.
    Stinson Hall: We stayed in a one queen bed room for ten days , which was not too shabby. The staff is friendly, the rooms are clean, there is a little kitchenette, and  free laundry machines.

    Negatives: the door handle to the laundry room is broken, so it is left open. Therefore there are mosquitoes.

    The bathroom is super small.

    The desk is the only table  where you can eat.

    The door is locked to the breakfast  room, so you don't have access to any coffee, tea, or water.

    Positives:  The bed is comfortable.

    There is room too keep your dog kennel out of the way.

    There is tile in the kitchenette.

    Even though the bathroom is small, the bathtub is relatively large. A good trade off in my opinion.

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. rebecca M.
    We are staying in the Ring Hall hotel. Its nice. Staff is very nice.
    POSITIVE: they have 3 grills in the patio that we can use at any time.
    Free laundry, best time to do laundry is week days in the mornings.
    Free continental breakfast in the mornings.
    Good house keeping
    There is a shuttle, it takes u anywhere in the base. 5am to 930 pm.
    There is a out door pool. Up the little hill. $3 to get in. Fun for the kids in the summer.

    NEGATIVE:  whenever any one let's there door slam u can hear it. And feel it.

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Christina H.
    Reading reviews all over the internet, i booked a hotel room at Griffith hall. I was worried it would be awful. It's not amazing, but it's decent for a place to sleep/eat and shower.
    Pipes are old, you can hear them sometimes. You seem to hear all kinds of noises, the room I'm in is one queen bed. It's small but will do since its me and my toddler son. The bathroom is super small, again, will do though. I mean the room isn't bad looking. The hallway leading to it though is narrow as can be. The place will work for a place to rest bottom line.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Sarah E.
    Extremely outdated.  It was like going back to he 90s and living in the barracks.  Smelled like someone smoked in the room really musty. It took 2 hrs to get sheets for the couch. The trash cans were full in the hallways. No pots or pans however there was 3 refrigerators. broken tiles in bathroom. Glad it was only one night.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Andrew K.
    The hotel is just OK.  My main complaint is that you can hear everything going on outside your room.  If anyone is talking at normal volume in the rooms adjacent to yours or in the hallway you can hear what they are saying.  I closed my bathroom door and that helped a little bit with hearing what the neighbors on that side were saying.  If I had it to do over again I'd stay off base.  IHG charged me $80 a night (not including tax) here and just off base on Gordon highway there were cheaper hotels.  

    Everything was clean.  Internet wasn't spectacular.  I tried to play some online games and I got lag spikes regularly.  For normal web surfing it was fine though.

    The breakfast wasn't great.  90% carbs (pastries and bread).  No meat and nothing hot.  They did have hard boiled eggs, yogurt, and coffee though.  I wasn't heartbroken when I slept through it the second morning.

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0