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La Quinta Inn Augusta in Augusta, GA

La Quinta Inn Augusta in Augusta, GA


Now offering Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access in ALL rooms.  Located in the heart of golf country, the La Quinta Inn-Augusta is just minutes from the Golf Hall of Fame and the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club, home of the annual PGA Masters Tournament. Visit Augusta Golf and Gardens, the Fort Discovery Science Center, the Art Museum, and the Augusta Riverwalk, a wonderful park located on the picturesque Savannah River. Attend the Augusta Cutting Horse Futurity.


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Rating: 1.91

Address: 3020 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA, 30907
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Comments (11):

1. Kyle S.
The rooms are INCREDIBLY humid. I mean, the air conditioner is running and the temperature is nice, but everything is all damp and moist? Gross. What gives??

27/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. La H.
This was not the worst hotel I've stayed in, but it was certainly not the best either.  
We checked into La Quinta on a Saturday afternoon.  The check in attendant was very friendly.
Because we were running late for a party, we decided that we would go to our room after the party.  By the time we returned to the La Quinta, it was dark outside.  We decided to take the elevator to our room on the 3rd floor.  On the plus side, the elevator area was very well lit.  On the negative side, the lights had attracted a lot of bugs and mosquitos.  This made our children a little scared and uncomfortable.
When we got to our room, it was extremely cold, and it smelled of mold/mildew.  When I went to adjust the air, the carpet around the heating and air unit was saturated with water.  I went to the telephone in the room to call the front desk, and the telephone didn't work.  Therefore, I went back to the same friendly check in attendant at the front desk to let her know.  She was extremely accommodating, and gave us another room that was a few doors away on the same floor.
The second room smelled a lot better, and the carpet was not wet, but, this room had issues as well.  There were cracks around the lights, and in the ceiling; the wallpaper was peeling; there were water leakage stains in the ceiling; the telephone didn't work; the ironing board had paint stains; and it took forever for the bathroom light to come on.  The biggest issue with this room was during the night, the children had gotten up, so we got up to deal with the children.  Once we got ready to return to bed, we noticed two small black bugs in our bed!  We were glad that the children did get up, otherwise, we probably would never have known that there were bugs in our bed!
The next morning, I went to take a look at the outdoor pool.  It was cracked and chipped in some areas, and the water looked murky.  
I then went to the lobby to see what they had for breakfast.  It was a skimpy continental breakfast: muffins, bagels, bread, apples, packs of instant grits and oatmeal, school size bowls of cereal with cartons of milk, orange and apple juice machine, and a coffee machine.  Maybe I don't get out very much, but I was very impressed with the packs of peeled hard boiled eggs.  They come two to a pack, and all I had to do was peel the package!  
With the exception of the eggs, there was nothing impressive about the hotel's breakfast.  Therefore, we decided to go to Denny's which is just a few feet away from La Quinta.
All in all, we probably will not revisit this particular La Quinta Inn unless they remodel, or update the rooms, and get a bug zapper.  Like I said in the beginning, its not the worst hotel, but its not the best either.

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Aaron P.
Horrible place. The bottom of my white socks were black after walking the room for 30 mins. In the tub there was hair and pubes. It was disgusting.

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Melissa B.
I had never stayed at a La Quinta hotel before but I have to say...I am a fan now!!!
I would stay here again and stay at one of their chain hotels again in the future.
The room was great and the beds....killer!!! so comfortable, I went to sleep with no issues.
I am still recouping from my surgery and the room was on the second floor but they had an elevator and the pool was outside and our room opened out into the courtyard where the pool was located making it easy to watch the kids..

Had a little issues with some MEN drinking in the pool area and thinking my underage girls were women...Tony took care of that quickly..That was not the problem of the hotel so I can't blame that one on them.

The bathroom was awesome and so big.. I really enjoyed this hotel. We ordered pizza in for dinner and relaxed by the pool..watched some tv and cooled down with the AC..the WIFI was free and they had a great breakfast the next morning..

I highly recommend this hotel if you are ever in the Augusta Georgia area..

15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Nicole E.
The property is disgusting! Food was thrown all over the parking lot, cigarettes all over the ground, and dog poo EVERYWHERE! I am pretty confident that this is the most unkept property I have ever stayed at.

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Robert H.
While on the tail end of a cross-country travel I found myself at the La Quinta in Augusta, resting atop a small hill with a Starbucks within walking distance. This hotel chain isn't fancy but its cheap, clean and will let you rest your head for under $50.

- Inexpensive (dogs are free)
- Dog walk
- Pool
- Continental breakfast
- Wifi
- Elevator to upper levels
- Convenient location

The staff at this location was very accommodating, gave me a free upgrade and even found a room at a location where I could view my Penske truck at night (with lighting overhead). This was a huge sigh of relief when your life is packed into a truck.

I was able to make a reservation online with their iPhone app, saving additional money especially when paired to an AAA, AARP, senior or military discount. You can't go wrong with $48 a night. If you're interested you can even take your dog for a walk up near the old 20ft decom'd TV satellite for a little nostalgia.

The area nearby is busy during the work week so I wouldn't make your stay at this chain more than a night if possible. La Quinta has been great for single nights during a long road trip. Play your cards right and gain points for every stay to earn free nights (rewards club).

04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Kristin T.
Oh my word. I had a bad experience the minute I stepped in the door. The woman at the front desk was talking to a woman across the room and did not look my way to even acknowledge I was there waiting- for about two or three minutes. Finally she ended her conversation and only looked at me, like I was interrupting. I stated I needed a room, etc- I checked in. I asked for a receipt and he said they don't give them until the morning- so I asked "oh, I have to come down to check out then?".. "We'll, if you want a receipt I guess so"....what the hell?

I left with key in hand an drove around the building looking for my room- She hadn't pointed me in any sort of direction- three times around, I parked got out of my car and walked inside the courtyard area- found it. She could have jut mentioned I was in the courtyard- but ok.

I get into the room and the light switch does nothing- I walk through the dark room looking for a lamp that worked...nothing- finally I try the bathroom, worked. (By the way, a guest had called to complain about the same thing as I was checking in- another guess called to complain about the water not getting hot).

As for the "dampness" another reviewer mentioned- it is very evident. It just feels wet- even the carpet...come on. The beds are EXTEMELY soft- not ideal for a pregnant lady ;) I just sink...and it's hard to get up! :( the pillows are oddly small...

I am just passing through- thank god I don't plan to ever come back. With this experience, I will not be staying at a La Quinta again...sad because they are pet friendly and don't charge $25 dollars a night extra to have my pup stay.

19/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Forrest O.
We acquired enough points for a free night and as we were passing through Augusta we took a room at this LaQuinta. It was the worse Hotel room we have had in years. If a hotel chain advertises free room they should at least give good customers decent rooms.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Gloria S.
Kyle S had it right. Our original room was so damp and smelled like mildew. The second room, we requested one upstairs, and it was totally different, as if we were in another hotel.

The only reason I give this place 2 stars is because it allows dogs,  its location and the staff is nice. Its is literally steps away from a Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. It is also across the street from a cheap gas station and right by the highway. Although it is very congested, adding the Denny's next door also helps.... thats cuz their free breakfast stinks.

Not much available in Augusta, but thats ok, I hope not to come by again.

04/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Sandi I.
Didn't even make it in the door ! Rude staff at the desk ! I'm traveling across the country California  to Virginia  and have been staying in La Quintas the whole way until I hit Augusta :( . Don't get me wrong I love this hotel chain because they are almost always super friendly but best of all I have 3 LRG dogs and none of the hotels I've stayed at have had any issues with my dogs this hotel stated they only accepted 2 dogs. Not a big deal but on top of it the front desk staff was rude !

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Mary Locke M.
La Quinta: Spanish for next to Denny's and your toilet runs all night.

I'm old and responsible and didn't want to drive all the way from Atlanta to Charleston in a night, so I split up my drive and stayed in Augusta.  I booked a room online for $60 and arrived at around 9:00.  The really nice lady at the front desk was expecting me.  I guess no one reserves at room in advance at La Quinta unless it's Masters week.

Apparently I'm sheltered because I realized this was my first time ever staying in a motel by myself.  I've stayed in many a nice hotel for business travel, but this was my first ever Days Inn-esque experience so I was going in it expected to be cut up by Norman Bates.  Luckily it turned out better than expected.  My room was older obviously, but it was spotless and had a flat screen TV.  Truthfully I wasn't expected that luxury for $60 a night.  The toilet kept running all night.  I'm an incredibly heavy sleeper, so a toilet at the base of the bathroom door solved that.  It would have definitely been a problem for those without Rip Van Winkle sleeping skills.

They have a mediocre continental breakfast and a Starbucks in their parking lot, so I was pretty psyched to start my morning off with espresso and coffeecake rather than Raisin Bran and motel coffee.  All and all, the La Quinta was just what I expected for the price.  It was clean and sufficient for $60.  You get what you pay for, and I felt like I got my money's worth.  I would never stay at a La Quinta on vacation, but I would definitely stay at one again if simply looking for a place to sleep.

28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0